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Hl'x -bs -a-,
Km ji4tthl AMM iV'M rubllihtng Conumnv-
Kf oS to 03 PlK How, New Yens.
B in i
Hn (Including Postage) ;
K? VOl.SS No. 11,330
B Mt J ti lb. Poel-Offloe t New York aecond.
Hh '' ' matter.
WBjtk WOH1D UP10WK OFTICK-W17 Beoabway,
j' fcetareaa (lit nd 83d ate.. New York
LSj' ,'tTOlLD HARLEM OF-fOE-HUia Bl. Ain
wH HaomomAte,
fi- MltK)KLYN-309'WHHTlatonST.
B PHILADELPHIA, F-I.rro-ii BciDixa. 113
rfp kVj (!-; Bt. Wahhinoton-io HibHt.
Hy MMOOR omOE3- Oocssr-n St.. Tnani.-
HL't m "
m 'Midsummer Groivth.
W&j A Comparison of the Num
K' $r of "Worlds" Printed
W$& ' wet Julys.
K?- iionth. "worlds" PRINTED.
b July, 1884 2.314,113
Wk, July, i886 5.870,328
pJUly, 1888 8,427.731
BL jjniy 1890 9,350,200
VJtiIjf '1892 11,779,529
&' The Record Per Day.
B July, 1884 74,648
B.Jt i886 189,365
pf Jtljlfc "1888 2 1 yU6
pJulf. 1890 3,6i9
W&'My, 1892 379,984
.. p
Kk?i, ytBM WQRLD Kill nor, tindiT nni cf rnmi.
&" 'jfmt ((HtrrvMaruXUMykn-(A return
BgfTViiliiliiaiir anv rejected mamitcitpH
EjRerjSfcefei, of whomever character vr value.
EC? Xitmeipltont will be made to this rule with
H&j' '"farei la either letter or Incloeuret. Xor
Hrl'wUI ,11k editor enter into corretponaence eon
vK'v tornwo unavailable mantucrfpf.
mf ,: .
M ,fc(vnlB World Prints luo
HK ahitM rreea Nawa.
Mfc-- ' ' '
Bfe-N otaM" ceased at Bnffklo. Law
Hfi n4 Mdu bAre pnTailed in to f ar M they
Bn ''? tb PMC of tba community Ul
Kawff tk urofctlon of property. There in
jftioppojrtanity now to consider another
Bp,1 pk ot the cenermi trouble whieh hai
K bn VTMented through testimony before
Kk' " 8U Board of Arbitration.
Hpif 'f It U charged by men who were engaged
BRf ! tha atrike, but who denounce the riot
JS; v la, that the Ton-Hour law aa applied to
' th conduct of ateam railway n. waa tIo.
K tyd T corporationa agntnst which the
m Hk was directed, lhia ia a matter
HtX' whieh lstereata the publlo even moro
BJLi Tltally than it does the railway laborern.
HU" 9fo w6rk employeea on the roada for such
Hj Bostianoui length of time that they fail
Ks paqralcally under the atrain is to menace
BS'!'' t "T6 o' paaaengera. Many times be
Kf' imnowancb overwork and auch falling
E s fcYra led directly to fatal accidenta on the
Wt$ Ik charge made at Buffalo against the
Htf i WW way eompaniea muit be fully lnvesti
. If t u true, the steps prescribed
K hf tew, scalnst the corporations, must be
HkH VMBptly taken. In no respect are em
KL toya toy leas bound by the statutes than
m& thalr employees.
HEi Under the personal direction of Dr.
ftr 'BtSBK, of the food inspection depart
HpK.mant, a raid waa made yesterday on many
Kay fraitaUndainthe east side districts and
tg. laK quantity of decayed and nuripe
J.7fr4t waa seized. Undoubtedly tho
gX raid achieved a good result for tho
jty-tiaMB There Is the possibility of
faa. airi miachief in every unfit or
"xmrlpa pear, peach or apple sold at any
Kf' atiavi or atore. To prevent the sale of such
p ' wara ia a duly of the health officers at
any time, and is just now in line with tho
K, , strict precautionary measures being talon
R; against a' cholera visitation.
Bb But, to be thoroughly effective, such
Mt inspection as was made yesterday should
fc be made daily. Visits once a week even
c' would not bo enough to insure perfect
Hj. wwlts. There should be no opportunity
B& or aalera to dispose " between times"
BRt1 ' blr unhealthy stock.
Wj If the law requiring tbe photographing
Kj; ef Ohlnsmen waa passed because China.
KL Men look so muoh alike that it is next to
Mfrf, iaposalble to tell them apart, then there
mttfr eaa be no hope that the measure will add
Wkif WtWwt to the art resources of
BW oonnr. Were it not that the
fcja Government wants a aouvenir of every
K "?-JdsonofCo!fTucTcswithlnitbor.
sMA. dmiatbeehape of a cabinet photo of
ft . on Bowery achievement in the
B f''o'tTPo,0 1,na would aufflce for all.
jt IIold be passed from hand to hand
Mffi va '" """i Chinaman was reached,
BiV ? t might be filed awsy for future use
Bai -T "" Wft "I farther Photographic
Mwisttisaeat of tbe heathen.
BSi'if ls.thero cannot be much variety
B?WJ Mongolian rogues' gaUery which
BajP Jo have in Washington. Theauto
BVP"? 'UTar.but the same bland smile
VPPttnforsa Innoconca will characterize
bWBFTv?..;!,,V ai 'rou w,ht U try to
I Individualize Ihelr pigtails or parse a red
I slip sentence in laundry llUmturo as to
aayofyour own knowledjio and beliof
from their counterfeit presentment which
is Ilcch Sing and which I Won I,ung.
And whit differrnco doos it matio to any.
body anyhow?
M'tron oh tqr keadiso itoatios,
" This cannot hao the effect of ohsng
'nu or dlHarranging our trafllo arraugo.
ments in any way. Those arrangementa
aro so obviously ndvnutageotis to both
purtles thnt iit'lthor could afford to Inter
rupt or change tlioni. 'Che l'hlla.
dolphin anil Heading R011I nnd Iron Com
pauy will coiitinuo in the future. Hh tmsi
iics.1 of putting its rnal on tho markets at
as fair pricea its it is able to secure. "
This is part of tho comment of Presi
dent Mcl.ron on Chancellor Mrdiua
decision azahiKt tho ltending combine. It
will be nnttcod that there is a lack of ref
erence to nuy arrangomonts " obviously
advantageous " to tho public or to price
for coal as fair as the people ran secure.
lint these things will ome.
Tb point has been icached where, to
tho outside public, such recurring storios
ns that of tho burled minors in Wales lose
their iuiiuedlnto suggcKtiou of hor
ror. Hut In the wites and children and
friends who are bereft every timo one of
these underground tragedies occurs there
is just ns fresh and poignant ami awful a
grief as if the same thing had not so
many times fulleu to tho lot of others.
It is unfortunate that there should be
that story of blackmail on the police bcut
Patrol to recall in connection with Capt.
Cabpznteu'b application for retirement.
Tbe Captain is among tho most genial of
men and hai dono more than twenty
3 ears of good service on the force.
Kven Voor Yorlck'a skull never did
such ghastly service as the cranltims of
the murdered Hohdfnr will have per
formed if thoy aid in establishing tho
Fall lttver police theory ol a ilanghtor'a
awful crime.
Chicago's beer war is ended and prices
will go up to tho old figure. But iu a
city where the drinking wuter needsdilnt
iug before taking, tiio malt product will
doubtless remain still the chespest beverage.
Nearly a generation has passed away
since President Joiinhon sturted out 011
the famous tour which n immortalized
iindor the title of "Hwingin' ltoutul the
The health officers inspecting the pear
and apple stands for decayed stock urn
literally carrying out the old ndago: ' ' By
their fruits ye shall know them."
FazuiRici Oaylohd ,wlll not succeed
In convincing anybody that bis jump
from High Bridge waa meant (or a leap
into fame rather than Into eternity.
Bevolt Is unseemly In the Salvation
Army. The warriors should remember
that old church hymui "We are not
divided, all one army we."
The Injunction against the Beading
Combine does not seem to have any effect
in preventing the Combine from putting
up the price of coal.
The Annexed District people still have
the courts, though the Mayor and Alder
men have failed them. Fight the trolley
menace there.
That cleanliness which is next to godli.
ness will stand even nearer the top of the
list among pre entires of a cholera
Tho Wilkesbarre married man who has
eloped with a milliner doubtless got his
inspiration from a bill for his wife's new
London appears to have extonded ou
invitation to the oholera to pay a visit
and these invitations are always accepted.
Chicago takes to a new steam motor for
its North Hide surface railway rather lhau
introduce the trolley to its streets.
Nobody wanta tbe cholera; yet the
health officials will be on the keen jump
to locate it, if it comes.
Fatal yachting accidents are making a
fair place for themselves in the list of
marine casualties.
A great many men will find to-day that
they have bought wrong futures ou tho
TJnoalled For.
f Von Trl.
Ethel I had a lteailacho to-day, and I read
a lot of your old letters.
George Did they euro tbe patn ?
Hthei-lhej aid; 1 altt)a l,nd relief In
Tbe Helaht of Meanness.
Ilron 11 J-Bill.)
" Well, If that ain't mean 1 ' exclatmod the
prisoner. "Every une o' ilienionos in thu
1 paper liioy'vo gimme to read Is to be con.
ttnuoov An" me to be uuaj next nreKI"
riom rruiA. 1
Mrs. Bwaybsck-Whai is meant by the
phrase " The church militant f "
bnoyback I suppose 11 has somo reference
to the cuuoDS ; dou I oil r
Rather Hard on Himself.
I fro li.l.Dil..)
Bald tho lecturer: "'lue roads up theso
mounla'nsaru too steep and rocly ror eu-u a
donkey to climb; thei e.ore 1 ill J not attempt
, the ascent." "
Cut That's Another Btory.
Trom l4 tloilo Cvutlir
Voice from tho Attic Mrs. sitfnntrl Mrs.
Skinner I
Volco from the ltaiement Well, Mr. Never
pay, what's tho matter uuw?
"ltold Katie this rooming to put somo olt
In my limp, and sho never did It, and now It's
gone out. ThU Is tho third tlinu it's hai
I pencil."
I stories ' lboulfht 50U ,aM 'r. Kipling's
. "What, in heawn'B name, liavo .Mr. Klc
Ungs stories got to do with my lamp:"
' H hy, that's 1 he Light '1 hat Failed.'
At a Veatry Meeting.
Ito HI Hill. 1
The Cbslrman-Tne Chair will not dispute
the point wtth Mr. carter.
Mr. CarterThe Chair bid better not. un
less be tskes bis coat off. '
Tbe Chair did nor. , ',-
111 1
I was much amused last evening by a dia
logue I chanced to ov, rrmsr on tho Warren
Mrret station platform of the Ninth avenue
l'.lcvated Knllroad. 1 Im speakers were two
young wemen. "This talk about men giving
up their rests In nowded tars to girls Just
t,ecano they aro pretty Is all Losh," nild one.
I'm not a bit good-looking, and I know It,
but I'rt-hstl seats offered to me whenihere
weriilnlf a dozen prettier women standing
up In tbe simo altlo. It's all In knowing lion
to play utroiihe sympathies of thn men." "1
wish to goodness1 you'd let mo Into the se
cret, then," said the other, nrnrll, "lor 1
have hud to stand up on I lie train night after
night." " I'll do It," said tho other. "You
lust watch me."
'ihe train cams along and they were swept
wtth tho stream of huminlty Into a car lti
which thero was hardly elbow room. I man
aged to get In Just behind them, w as to mako
a mental noto of the proceedings. When
fairly In tho car tho girl who bad nrst spoken
heated a prodigious sigh, rolled ur her eyes,
pressed one hand to her bosom and sisggered
so that I thought sha was about tn fall In a
faint, and 1 Involuntarily put out my hands to
catch her. She rewarded luo with a smile
that teemed Inexpressibly sad. Two men
who witnessed tbu per.orrnnnce sprang to
their feet and made a tender of their seats.
Ihe young woman gavo each the sain? sad
sort of smile she had bestowed upon me and
dropped Into one of the seats, whllo her coin
paulon took tho cither. " My, but It works
llko a charm," I heard No. '.' whisper In u tone
of admiration as 1 turned away to hide a
Horace J. Colvln, New knglanJ Passenger
Agent of Ihe Canadian I'aiillc Kallroad, Is a
frecment visitor In this city, and few railroad
men have more friends lnthe fraternity.
the OAVi-iioN iuar.
(Jroto Thl Murnlni'$ WnrlJ.)
Tho yc8tc Campaign Kmul yester
day passed the $2l,000 murk by more
1 1 inn half u thousand. Th total to lint
night was $20,610. Nearly one lmn
drcd Democratic newtpapcro aro now
co-operating In the good "work, mid its
MicuesH nceinfl assured. The Western
Democrat meet the. help with contribu
tions, the E&Htcrn Democrats upprove,
Ihe Southern Democrat applaud, and a
vigorous national campaign will he the.
result if till give who are Interested and
able. Jlarj ymt hetptd the caut t
ticUnlliU thtt a laboring man dnrloc tla; '
work cunttimt ri? ouuin of maioulir tltiu
Jlcrbtrt .Spnctr, tb ptiiloiupbtr, li k to L ft
ruu of ilustiilar motlvsty. "wltti a Knt1s Tulca aud
aliiHiit ferutnlo fi (,."
harab Htrnhardt ) fortr-tlgbt jeart olJ. BH
wai i.brlitii.l 'Mtotln," but chaugad bar nam
to Harab for a taaion kuown 00)7 to heravlf.
xla latattt ttilaheva tbattba ttma la not far dla
taut wbau t-raoi wlllagaiu taka up aruia agaluit
Aa ao oiarapla of tba amount nf gold In tlia
world, th ruln of Naw aalaud bava aloua pro
duca J $ ioO, IU 0,000 wurth uf tha precf oua matal.
BoDar to t,h Gfovr.
Ob, ft ong to tha ctorar,
Ibatawtat 0ld ro?tr,
w hloh tna taaa riot ovor
'iba.r tbirtt to aUn
Id wboaa dtpttaa tho ahr plofar
wotro maldan snd loror
And cblldrvn atrar.
Ob. tho cool, fragrant plaoai
btiowo wttb thograroa
-,( tho pink aud whlto faeoa
ltreatnlng parfurua;
Wharo tha vuuutry wind raeaa,
ljkdu wltb traoaa
Of aoptuvr apaooa
Of 1 lotcr bloom.
Atte Townttntt .SfaNfivfi, in Tw OrUami Titntt-i;k-irraf.
Const Impudence,
Nw Kngland malda aro chlttlar,
Tho Hunt barn !! taulr,
ChUagn iaaldna Hilar,
'I hau glrla uf talirornia.
- Sun frantiieo AVtri LtUtr
& Beaat o.' Burden.
ISha didn't know FraDch, and aho didn't kuow
rran ro,
Ana ah wondered oft, in an Innocant way,
Willi a iwoet llttla tnaouoiant tort of a glanio.
Wnjr ,mntbr" waa ' mero." aa tho branch
paoplo aay.
But anno through tho Fronoh rural diatrlcta aho
And wao ahookoi at tho burdono of poor woman
And aho thioka now aho knowa what tho trito
In dotcrlbiug a uioihar at moral; ft raaro.
VhUuyo Mail
A Bummor Woolntr.
Tho wtod woot wooing tho roaoa,
For tho rou vraa fair.
How tho rough wind woo, who knowa?
Hut tidied her thr.
Far awa, from her pool, bo blow a,
Xota tho frv wind oaro f
Lou in CkandUr Moults,
The Body of the Nobleman to Be
Taken to Franoo for Burial.
It was tbo body of " Mr. It. 3. Wllktns" that
was removed from tbe Man entrance of tbe
Hotel llclvedcro to an undertaker's wagon In
tho dead watches of tho night, but the canket
Into which It was afterwards put bore tho
name of llaron Ilogcr do Bailllere, and a mass
was said to-day lor tho repose of bis soul, la
tho chapel of bt. Patrick's Cathedral, only
his brother, llaron Maymond do betlllere, and
his w lie; Viscount u'.buc, the Flench con
HiiMlpueral, and tho clerks (rum the consul
uie surrnuiidtiig the casket.
The boat wlllbtf taken to France, where it
will bo Interred in the family chateau of
Thus end" the slnjular career of tbe deaf
and dumb nobleman who had wandered up
uml don n the cm Hi almost continuously dur
ItU his lliu ol nft)-two jcors. He rtleu of
Hi Ighl's disease. miie IleHedere, w hero ho
had registered under tho uamo ot U.K. Wil
kinson Aug. IT. ud taken to his bed.
lie was intended Iu his llliicts by hts pri
vate secretarj. V. J. Mattery, and Jlrs.
, rl iltery. lie died at sundown, Wednesday.
'1 here was no appjre lit reason cor tho secrecy
oi ais moteiniiiiK, jet his own brother, com
log em irom .Ne'Aiiori, was obliged toiall
uponhupi, li rut-, to aid lilin in muling tho
plain w be re the it, nil man lay.
Immensely wraltby, Huron ItOfer leaios
ai iitui-r bnii her. r rancols de belllere, of I'm Is,
and u hlsier, lilncess Ue Sagan, rellis
ol tbo uoblllt) of the Napoleonic creation.
Cappe, Will May In Central and
Lolboldt In 8t. Mary's Park.
fappa's hexenth llcgtment Uand win giro
I the usual coucert on tho Mall, Central Part,
thlsatterneon at o'clock. The following U
Ihe programme
Mar.SpsDcltd Ittnotr.-
Msrili , ,,." Blla"
Uirrstur ... " I utn lo'iU.cn.r.
lirtutl loelon BotwmaaUIrl"
tupooolum solo.
Air Vsris Musi W. Tlin Nni f "
Wl'i K.l.di.Bllos"
Cu.ituir... " Ihe.Sl.j.ol ..tlnth"
Mrsiran llsuci 'iblo."
Intrwluctiou lrt.ui eh, optri " jiierr,lnct "
V.,,,&;v.vp;v,,... 'M,"", -fi.io--
"Hill, CJuluraliia."
a hero will be music In 8t. Uary's Part by
I.elboldfn Twelfth lleglment Hand this after
neon nt o'clock. Ihe lollowlng Is tho nro
crauiinei Th. Hist SpDfl,d Bsanrr.
lri.b "Roitl ali, in."
J.iifli .'Mera.nbl.tur"
fi.enC.fe: "P-or JoD.taan"
?,",! v , Bl.lbUlmlr"
..t" ..,...s'Snilo" ,
'$238,18 MORE TO-DAY
Now Tbore Is $13,485.44 in the
Sick Babioa' Fund
The Good Work of One Liltle Long
Island Woman.
Fairs and Kntertalntneuts That
Yielded Valuable Uesulls.
All Irtlera reutlnln monew fr ih
ffrk rtnbT Fund shnnU be aSdressed la
Ibe t'aslit.r T Ihe .Nenr lark Warle,
I'ulllitr llnltdlna.
HonalloBs af clnthlnc aVe.. ahuald be
seat la .llrs. Kaberls, S4T V. J-ert
alnlb ktr.al.
PrM liin' aekasaldsail flS.'JIT 2(1
Mrs Ad.l.llunu.ll, Pursslli. I, I.... S3. HO
Ham 'I hrilr., K. AdeitjPark IK. 73
A K, .iMiurna, Mmitlcallu, N. V !I3.00
llrrtha HaniutU, OiMlitn, N. V '.(I 10
Mrs. J. II. klrklanJ If. 00
Kalratf.lL.rtx, N. V 10 nil
Fjur Mlllo MIJ ii, Hruoklin ,. ,. 4. It
(lu,ItuiidtJauil3lit,fulliirt fair t SO
Id. Ul.uk toJMil.K.rler i.'tr,
V. P.M. I' 5 10
.l.ntjCllr t-slr 4.6'J
TwoHchoultuja . , , II. Bft
kair. Iloutf, ArvarDfl bv.tlia-Nea 'J. fO
KatltHchaadlar, Bartha NoTniau '.'.'25
rannUMoKaana J.00
Madlaonavanuaparlr '2.00
1 dltb Vowoll. Hallla Biadorf i 00
Fuurttoutli Hilar clrla 1.76
l'o.ir Piiia(M.J.)lrl IIS
1)11,. V. P., Ilruoklj 1,00
John Jama a Klttar J. CO
II. M 1.00
Kloljaiil aud Klotanca 1.00
Mlllr, Jaok luJIumm; .01
What one llttlo woman can do Is sboivn
here pretty plainly. A bumnier.nlght enter
tainment at I'earsalls, 1. I., h leu took place
ou Aug. U'U aud added SSXV.'i to the Kick
llables' Fund, was arranged and managed en.
tlrely by Mrs. Adele liimncll, of liast Itocka
way, I. 1. Mho canvassed the sunoundlng
villages and gathered an audience which In
number and i legance surpassed anything
that has been known In that loiality.
Mrs. Dunuell not only took upon herself alt
the duties of a manager, but added to her
financiering ber ten Ices as sit artist. Her
recitations were tbo feature of the evening
aud elicited deserved recalls. t
Mr. and Mrs. .luhn Klnlsyson aud Miss
Florence Dunnoll helped acct ptably to nil au
hour's programme, assisted by the kind
hearted portion of the ltockvlllo Centre Hand,
whoso iiiuilc, under tbe leadership of .Mr.
Alvord, was excellent. An orchestra having
fulled In Its promise to provide music for the
darning, which took place from u to 11'
Messrs. Hill, logalln, Curtis and Myers v,,
unteered tholr tervkes. and tbo close of ,,,
evening waa as brilliant us Its opening.
Mlas Dunuell gracuiully disposed or ,h
nowera, whlcb had been donated by Dr. HPir
ui I'earsalls. and Master VWilttler, with
friend Master Kisher. sold "help tbe poor anVi
needy" lemonade. Walter Jones, ofitoct
vllle Centre, gavo the uso of the Lyceum.
Among tho prominent patrons were Mrs.
V. V. Myers and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. l! it
Kosenfekt and Miss Besl Myers, oi iiock;
away Beacbi Pr. Urlswald and col. J. j. cir
nett, of New York; Dr. White and famtir
and Mr. and Mrs. Nelmann. of Pearsalls'
Mrs. Jirrettand Mrs. Blottnor. of tiast Itoct!
away, and Mrs. Vincent, of ltockvliie centre.
Mia. Dunnell offers her sernoji to anr
charitable benefit as a reciter. '
Tea Money Divided.
r ( rJititr- ;
At an entertainment given at Long Branch
for the Sick Babies' Kuuil and Hebrew Sani
tarium, the sum of 18.SB was realized. We
take pleasure In Inclosing SH.I3.
itivvoND ltornsraiN, I. Lrvsst.
Llllle and Llzie.
Tottt Hitor-
We send you, herenltb I0 asa contribu
tion to the 8lc Babies' Kund. 'i his umount
Is tbo result of a fair held last Wednesday at
108 West Mncty-sovcnth street. Many of
the pretty kntckknncks sold ncro made ana
donated by little girls, whoso sympathies had
been aroused by the stories told In Tiir. Kven
inii Wohlu about ihe BUITerlug children of
this city. Ten dollars is not n great sum. but
we earnestly hope It will holp to relievo tho
distress of the poor little tots.
. Lti Otiiri
175 West NIneiy-sorcnth street.
Lilms KioTTwan,
17a West Nluety-aeveuth street.
All Under Fifteen.
r Ihi Jtilltor ,
An entenalnmebt was given on Monday,
Aug. 2g, at the Pavilion Hotel. Far Hock-away,
and aio.ua realized, through tbe efforts
of tho unaerslgned, all under nitoen years ot
ago :
Jknmi McUavirr, KaiikDowiiko
Uabel and Qrao'a.
Inclosed please nnd 60 cents for the Sick
Babies' Fund, the proceeds of a small fair
held at 77 Ilslsey street, Brooklyn, by Mabel,
Hose and Oracle Fuller.
Mabil and Gsacu.
Myra's Pennies.
f" tht roller
Inclosed pleaso find money order for SI, tbe
amount saved by Myra Harmon, agod the
i cars. She has saved her pennies for two
Two Llttlo Sympathisers.
r ir rMxon
We ore two tittle girls aged eleven, we
sj mpathlzo so much with the poor babies we
thought we would try anJ add a mtto to
'tbetrald. so we btldasmall talr and send
f.l. tho proceeds. ewbhlt had been more.
llarltn. I.unna and .Minnh.
' a
Eight Woodbourne Qlrls.
To 1 I thlmt
WcherewlthtDcloseachcckfor S3.B0, the
proceeds of an entertainment gnen by tbe
chllJreu ot the Merrltt House, at Wood
bourne. Please deoto the saino to the Sick
Babies' Fund.
Ktta MsaalTT, Maihk Makikv.
Maski. Bksras, MoliibUiniki.
Lottis Mever. .Monica ManitEr,
Klsie KfiiKAsr, Vivian Padst.
Sadls Sacrificed Her Zither.
Hadle Tucker, ot auo South Second street.
I Williamsburg, Is a pretty llttlo girl, nine
years old and a fernut admirer of The Evkk.
lau Wonm. When sho read In 'Ilia Kvimno '
Woriuoi tbesunerlngaof tbe bablts whoso
parents aro too poor to take thimtothe
country, she determined to help tho mud or. ,
canned in Ihelr bubalf. out of her slender
store oi pocket money sha bad ilckets prlnteJ
oiierlng as the prize n r a rattle hrr choicest
posseMion-a pretty harp zither. The rafno
was biought off lost night uud tho inclosed
are the procecls of tho sale of tlckits.
i Miss luck-er waster) fond of her zither, hut
Is reconciled to Its los by tho thoughts ot tho
good the money wilt do tbe sick babies.
Tnra Olrle, of Brooklyn.
Inclosed please find (go for tbe Blck Babies'
Fund, the proceeds ot an entertainment and
:mAWt. f- . a.Vn Ti '"'fa"'-"-'"'"'-'
Sullivan and Gorbett to Start Soon
for New Orleans.
The " Ulg One Will Uo Next
Thursday, Corbett hitter.
1 hose two gladiators of tbe roped arena,
John 1. sulllvau aud James J. Corbett, for
one of whom the night of Sept. 7 will be make
or break, are both weltnlgu through with the
auluous part of tbelr training.
Preparations arc being made at both canoe
Place Inn and Lock Arbour to break up camp.
In a tew days both of lbec scenes of great
Interest the past ten wcoks will l descrte d.
Unless tho coming contest ends In a draw
O'le ot them will be famous as tbe place
where the champion of tho world did bis
Hulllvin will shake tbe dust ot Good
Ground from his feel next Monday morning
at least that Is tho time set by his backer,
CharleyJobnston, for his departure. Johnston
will not tell tbu exsct time that Sullivan
leaves, as be wishes to avoid any crowds that
nay be cm band to get a gllrnpfo at the
champion when be arrives at Brooklyn.
I Johnston will go down to tho unlet Long
I Island village Haturdaj night aud accompany
I the party, which will consist of Sullivan,
I Jack Ashtoo, Casey, Billy Morgan and tbe
Jap, Hulllian's valet, to Brooklyn.
I tin thu arrival of tho paity larrtages will
be ou hand to convey them to I'hll Casey's
place, near' Degrnw and Court streets, Brook
jlyu, 'Ibis will be the big fellow's liead
. cpiarters until be leaves for Now Orleans.
I He will remain pretty quiet at Casey's on
I Monday until after supper and will adjourn
i to Clermont Aientie Itlnk about H o'clock
to his testimonial benefit. After the show
' John I. will hie lilin back to Casey's.
Tuesday and Wednesday will be devoted to
playing handball and puuchlnr the bag.
The Intention Is to have the big It How do
jasteuouguwork topreent hlra accumula
ting any additional weight prior to starling
1 he departure will be made at A o'clock
ihursduj afternoon from the West Huoie di
pot In Hoboken. As has ulready been told a
special train will carry the biilllvuu cotorle
I to New Oilcans. A car will be titled up with
training apparatus and other things neces
sary tor the big pugilist's comfort. Ills person
) will bo sacred ou tha wuy down, only the
Inner circle bating entree to the private car.
'I here will bo u supply of Long Isluiid water
and eatables bejldes a cook to prepare Sulli
van's food, 'ihe party will consist nf those
alread) named and Frank Moran, Sulllinn's
theatrical manager.
'ihe crescent t Ity will be reached Saturday
evening, the route being by way of Buffalo,
Cleveland and Cincinnati. 'Iho SulUian head
quarters Iu New Orleans will be 45 ltampart
street. He will do bis work there at the
I oung Men's Oymunslttm.
I 'Ihe Sullivan party will have arrived at Its
destination by tbe time Corbett and friends
start south. The latter will remain at Loch
Arbour until tbe last minute, corbett will
come up to tbe city Monday morning, how
eier. lie Is 10 meet McCaffrey at Madison
Siiuare Garden at lO.DO, when arrangements
will bo made lor the tour-round boxing con
test between the two whloh is to come oft in
this city after the return from New Orleans.
After tbe show Monday the big Callfornlan
will pass tbe night at tbe Colemau House,
returning to hts training quartera the next
afternoon.' He will resume training, or. at
any rate, do enough to keep him ntand feel
ing welt. Ho andlils party will leave Loch
Arbour In tlmo to catch tbe "Corbett special."
which leaves from the Pennsylvania depot,
Jersey city, at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
" Pompadour "Jlin will nls have a special
car, fitted up with a punchlng-bag, weight
machine and other devices to keep htm on
eago; also a special cuisine, so as to guard
against any Injury to the Inner man. Our-1
bett. Manager Brady, Traluers Deinner, nil
Ion, Daly and MoVev, Mlko Donovan, his aog I
Ned and probully corbett's father will make
up tbe pirty. 1 ho run to New Orleans, It is
expected, win take about foi ty hours, unless
a stop should be made en route, nerbsps
somewhere In Vliglnia. I
In New Orleans tha man who hopes to whip
Sullivan will uut up at a private residence,
that of a irlend whose hoime adjoins tho '
Olympic Club. Ho win work at tho rooms or I
I ib southern Athletic Club. Corbett trained
I hern for bis contest with Kllraln, his nrst
battle away from home. i
on tbe night of sept. 7, at 0 o'clock, botb
men will repair to the rlug of the Olympic
Club unit then .
a a .
Policemen Fall to Locate It In the
Haunted Oceanic Hotel,
Policeman Gallagher and Detective Wis.
tanco wero very Mgllant, but they tailed to
catch the gbost of the Oceania Hotel at West
Brighton, ana therefore were unable to carry
out tbo orders ot cblct ot Police McKano to
"give It a good clubbing and bring it to bead
quarters, If you can."
Whether It was the ghost of tbe man who
Is ssld to have been loully murdered in room
:io of the Oceanic, right over the parly, or
somebody or aometblng else, guest of the
hostelry Insist with chattering teeth that
Romethlng has been stumplug about the
balls nnd poundlnc on tho walls of that floor
In an uncanny fashion at all hours or night. '
Chief McKane is sceptical, and hence hts
order to Dlub tho ghost li ) ou can catch It
and bring it to Headquarters."
Legal Technicalities May Let a Mur
derer Go Free.
San ThANcisco, cat., Aug. ss.-Jonn Mc
Nulty, who has boon In Jail hero for four
years under sentenoo of death. Is "Judicially
dead," and yet he may nover have tho lope
pi iced around his neck.
I McNulty was to bo banged yesterday, but
tho Governor's reprieve old net specify the
time for execution aud tho prisoner must bo
Judge Murphy says ! "Tlmo of execution
having passed.MoNalty, In contemplation of
the law is judicially Head. My court Is etono
with him. H Judge Murph) adheres to this
opinion tue murdeier will bo ct tree.
Their Camp Is Broken and a City
Fears an Epidemic.
II jtasociA rrn rnr: I
CEDar. KArms. Ia.. Au;. ST. While Graco
Church choir, slxtj.flro m number, was
camping at Decorah ono of tho members was
taken down with scarlet fover.
The Health Officer here wired Dr. Green to
keep the boys by tbemsilves until on Inspec
tion had been made.
For some reason the order was not obeyed
in, "ie, " wnt to lanous parts of the
city. The Health ofllters are alarmed ft tho
prospect of an epidemic
Took 10,000, Left a Block of Wood.
1st associated rsisa.
Tuscola, III., Aug. S",. Three-card monto
men swindled Farmer Ephralm Dressback
out of 13,000 of his hard earned money yes.
"fday, leaving u box containing a block of
Oov. Eagle Has a Chance for Life.
Locisvillk, Ky., Aug. '7.-Ui. T. Stuckey,
who has just returned from the bedside of
Gov. Kagte. at Rlehmond, says that tbe Gov.
ernors condition Is critical, but (bat he baa a
chance lor rccutrjr. ' "'
A Season of Sashes.
Satbes ot everr description, In soft, rich
tones and talut, cloudy tints, are milled
about the waist with a careless puff behind,
or bound tightly across the hips and knotted
at one side or directly In front, Many of the
very delicate sashes are tccured like Kwls
girdles and, passing under tbe arms, are car
ried high up In the centre of the back, where
a huge spread bow gives tho finishing touch
to this original design.
One of Worth's most dashing costumes In
some odd, gold-threaded oriental fabric Is
fundshid with a plqunnt sash diuperylu
warm led, ollie and golden shades, which
starts at tho arm-holes, nosses on th?busi,
Is curiously wound around the ngurc and Is
nnully brought forward from the hips, where
It Is cfTeciliely looped Iu the Cleopatra mode,
the fringed edgo falling almost to tho foot of
' the skirt.
Another parlslau fancy pltnts a huge bow
upon the bust, the ends of which, after wind
tug twice about the waist, cioss behind and
! take a forward aud downward course to the
! fool of the skirl Iu front, wlieio they finish In
another big bow.
' m
J BOXDAT. Alio. 38 S
f BBEASriST. )
( CouipoUof PaAra. r
jMuutdad t'trloa. Craara.)
t liub (Jliop Sliced Tomatuea. I
I Bruwu Bread. e off., J
( nsHSa. (
s Craata uf Corn Soup
Yoaas Duok. New Turolpa.
) Baked Tomatoes I,
(Cbleien Croquette Peas t
) Lettuoe Salad.
I Wafers Cheeae. (
. lee-Cream. )
' (Jullea. f
) surras. S
Hardluee. liam Sandwlehea,
Frail. Cakee, t
Icea Tea, f
Kansas Girls at Home.
If the mothers ot the girls who wear glasses
could get together and compare notes, they
would pinbably discover that for Borne reason
It hurts tbelr daughters' eyes a great deal
moro to sew flvo minutes than to read an
An Atchison young woman uses wr'tlng
paper wttb "Stand I'p for Kansas" engraved
In one corner as her motto.
No girl who w ears suspenders should scream
when a bug gets on her.
ouly seven gtrls In AUblnson succumbed to
tbe suspender style. Hurrah. .Ifc7 son
(Kim.) (tide.
A Real Gypsy Queen.
ljueeu Siberia, absolute ruler of 8,000 gyp
sies. Is tw eniy-;lht years old, with bold and
striking mien. Her balr Is raven bluck
a'orned with many ornaments ; her features
regular, eyes bright, teeth as whlto as snow.
Her country seat at. Oxfordshire, England, Is
as good as mon-y can command- Her 8,000
subjects each pay her $7 yearly, ner mother,
tho old queen Britannia, died' noar Newark,
N. J., about two years ago.
Chairman Garter's Wife.
Mrs. Thomas n. carter, tbe wl'o of the
Chairman ot the Itepuullcan National com
mittee, was a Miss Ellen Lillian Galen, tho
daughter of Hugh 1. Galen, of the rrm of
Thomas 11. Power A' Co., hardware merchants.
Sho was born In tho vicinity of Pugct bound,
nnd most of hei life preilous to nnd since h-r
marriage has been spent In Helena, Moa. U
was there that fhe first met Mr. Carter, who
was practising law In that clly. Her mar.
rlege to him took place :n the W Inter of 1880.
X 1W
Ne'lle Golen, as sne was colled by her Intl.
tnatia, was iducalcd in tho convent of Notre
Dame, In Indiana, whence sho was graduated
In music In 1 UNO. ItiiSK'jsbo flnlsued Iho
i acsdemlc course and was awarded the medal I
for excellence) In the French language. Iu
addition lotbcs? feminine accomplishments
Mrs. carter Is a capital shot and an expert
horsewoman, lining acquired eniclcncj In
both these branches while j et a mcro child of
s lenor right running about on her lather's
ranch. Mia. Carter bus ono son, John Galen
Carter, who was born about two years ago.
No Wedding Cake in Italy.
A very pretty custom was brought to my
mind the other day on tho receipt of cards
announcing the marriage ol a young Italian
friend. Wedding cake Is an unknown quan.
tlty In that peninsula, bonbons and comfits
taking lis place. These sw rets are served at
the en,', of the wedding breakfast or dinner,
and each guest carries away , generotu sup.
pi. The amount destined to be taken away
Is put up In cithern fancy cardbosrd bo-,.
In silk bugs, tha bonbons first hail.) h'oi
iVrapped Iu oil papers toproic-it tbcin Irom
soiling the dainty souirnlr. 'lheso bug, are
often ery elaborate nnd expensive and allow
of great display. They uro sometimes mnrto
ot choice bits of rare old silk and brocade, but
more often ureof !ieay whlto satin, either
embroidered or pnlnled with tbo monogram
ot the ut.ltl.iB couple.
Caramel Pudding.
Make a plain boiled c stard of a pint of
in 111;, one egg, aud small tnbhsioonfulof
loin starch. When thoroughly teuked let to
uuo side ot the range und make the caramel.
Put a cup of sugar In a small frying pau, and
sllroier the Hie until 11 melts und gits a
dHrk brown, but It must not burn. When
caiameltd, bring tho custuid lonvard anJ
pour thecal amel la with one hand, Mining
quickly with the ether. 'Ihe luiaincl steins
to bar Jen nloucc, but continued Stirling will
make It as smooth as custard, cUckoUIo III
color, and a peculiar delldous lla'.er. Putin
ulsiies aud s ro very cold.
"Blood and Iron's " Boss.
It Is hlulol by thosa In authority that
Filuiess Bismarck Is largely lespniiilblu for
the present attitude of her husband toivaids
Hon. ion Cnpihl.at whom tho loyu! wl'o le
furiously indignant on no count e f tbe dlsiuls
sal of her husband In tho Geneial's faior. If
this be true we may yet witness another con
flagration lighted by tho bl.io ot a woman's
A Baih-Rocm Dainty.
A delightful addition to bath-room dainties
Is secured by thoroughly mixing together ono
ounce tlneturo benzoin, one of orris Uncnuc,
ten drops oil or lemon and tcu or nerolL A
tablespouful dropped Into a plutuf water will
le sunii lent lor tho oath. First wash thor
oughly and wipe dry, then apply by means of
a soft cloth or spongo to the entli c surface of
tho body. 'I bis preparation nil! not only Im
part a fragrance to Ihe skin, but add ma
terlally to Its beauty. Keep tlnctuiej well
corked. Until water Is added It will not bo
found so pleasant as an odor.
for Fair or Dark Women.
'Ihe pretty young lady In evening nttlro
wenrs a gown or polo blue satin, tilinuied
with yellow roses nud bands of the same
shado, and a frill of ecru lace aiound tho top
of the bodice. 1 ho fan is y ellow. '1 his con',
binatlun is equally becoming to fair or dor,:
women. ,11 the prettiest dresses worn by
j o ung wearers Just now are of satin or surah
or watered silk- with ltue-strlpjs.
One Comes, Another Goes.
Ills wife Is back!
No more at night,
When seems the town to him a sombie sight,
Too aull and gray,
.May he go forth with paint to make It bright
He's bad his day ;
UU wlto is back l
But who is that
With glossy hat
And step as springy as the step of fawn,
Who leaves nt night, returning wtth the
It Is the other man whoso wife's Just gone.
He'll see tbo painting dono 1
He 11 have thu fun !
The town shall novcrstay
So dull and gray ;
His wife has gone I
a .
Pineapple Souffle.
Pare and grato enough pineapple to make
oue pint ; add one pound of granulated sujur;
mix well and squeeze In Julco of ono k'inon.
To half a box of gelatine add half a glass of
cold water; soak until soft; then Bet trier a
kettle of hot water. Beat tho j ollcs of thrcn
eggs with egg-beater aud stir Into tho pine
apple; when gelatine Is melted add to tho
pineapple nnd pour all into a dish nnd set In
a pan of cracked Ice; stir slowly until It gets
thick; then add one pint of whipped cream;
turn into a mould which has a cover; put a
thin cloth over tho top; fit tho cover down
closely over the cloth; pact the mould In a
mlxturoof chopped Ice and salt. In two hours
It will be rcnely to sme. In the centre It
will not bo frozen, but the outside portion
will treczcall.de.
Bebe R bbon as a Trimming.
Bebo ribbon Is n much-used variety of tho
many widths of ribbon bo greatly nnooo vari
ously employed lor trimming dresses, ton
net, parasols, Ac, to tay nothing of luu
oecorallon of lancy work, where ribbon or
this tort ngures conspicuously. Bebe ribbon
trims admirably evening gowns of soft tilt
and combines well with lace, enhancing tho
ught effect of that larllcuiar dcciratl-n.
bhecr wools uro olso suitably trimmed with
narrow silk or velvet ribbon, wulih Is put on
in straight rows or mude up in a terles of
loops more or lest long, or lu tufts or pom.
pons, and when these are placed In Juxtapo
sition on a gown, to hold laoo In place, they
aro frequently connetiteel by two or thrco
s rands of tbe sntnc llbbon.
A Novel Window-Coanar.
A new wlnJow.clcancr has Peon buggestej
as an Improvement to the old-fashioned a rip
of rubbnr, fasten J on a baud of wood or
metaL Tho great.trouble experienced pith
these bands seems to be the dimcutty of ap
plying uaUr. The sew suggestion la to at
tach a rubber ball for holding water to tho
IA cl&Um.. ,'A
handle cf Ihe wlm!ow-c!eincr, bv means of
which tin wlniiuwH mny to vlzornusly
sproj cd t ucli an arrangement as this would
certainly savj tro.ible, lliou;u the average
hniic-scii ant prc'rii a chamois to any rub.
ber ivin I'W.dcnr.ei'.
An English Newspaper Woman.
Miss Marli ulalCe Bcllcc has a pair et
ellmpUs ebutsho lo.tud useful In overcoming
tbo continental pi oJiCkc to inttrt lowers, for
Miss Belli c is ai Jiilish literary womsn,
who began her career Ij ntcurlng for the
I'altMiill Gatiilf s-omo veiy valuable Inter.
Mows from prominent Ktiropenn statesmen,
who-o exclusli clicks, lnv ulncrnblo to mascu
line) Inquiry, mltcd beforo Miss Belloei
i grace. ul questioning.
Although Miss Roll')- rejoices in a " career,"
she is lut Just past twenty, hhe possesses
nn advantage over most writers In that she Is
equally at home lu both 1'icnch and Kngllsh;
lu Iati,oiuo of her IvM stories, those ot a
piquancy moro appreciated lu Prance than la
l.nizland, havo appeared In Parisian maga-Inos.
Monday, Aug. 29 C
irult, )
Grits. Sugar and Cresm. C
I ncauee of Dried Lejf. baruloja Corns.
f Holla, collee,
t I ui en.
( Old Duck. Marenpalae of Tomato.
I lblu L'read aiiaBuXLT.
) """
( niHsxa. (.
Cream of Pea 8onp,
Broiled Rlrluli. Tomato Sanest
1 ranch Fried Potatoea. tstrlot Beaue. 1
I ... . Letttue Salad. (
v W afera. Ciioeao. J
( Chilled Watermelon. (
3 Coffee. 1
A New sMexico Woman.
Near the town of hlto Oaks, N. M., lives
ono of tho most lcmaikablo women even of
this most remarkable age. Th9 house In
which sho lives, a low whltcwallcd adobe
building covered with green vines and filled
out with rich carpets, aitlstlc hauglngs
books and pictures. Mxeiuislte china and silver,
and nil tho dainty belongings with which a
refined woman loves tosunouna heraelf. was
built with ner own hands. Tho huge ranch
on which It Is located, with Its 8,000 cattle,
Is managed entirely hy her. It Is she who
buy s or takes up thu land, selects or controls
tho men, buys, sells and transfers tbe cattle.
Sholsalsoatkllf.tl and Intelligent prospec
tor, nnd 'found tho valuable silver mine on
her territory. In which Bho now owns a holt
Interest, bhe sings charmingly, accompany
ing hcrBell on the piano or guitar, and handle.
a cambric necdlo or a water-color brush aa
dexterously as fho us.es nu adzo or a Jack
plane. Sho entertains delightfully at her
home, whist parties, llttlo dances and even
an occislonal german. Her name Is Mrs.
Barber and she has been twlcoanldow. A
woman who can run a ranch, build a house,
manage a mine and engineer a successful
german desorvos a prominent place In th
ranks of women of genius.
The angel sleeve large, wide and loess,
one long puff, one short one 'and a deep
A laige, sbort puff sleeve with no trimming.
A loese puff gathered Into a long, plain cuff.
Lengthwise puffs to the elbow, finished
with a bbort sleev o baud.
A Urge purr and closo cuff to tho wrist, with
n fall of laco half wny down tho sleeve.
Tho deep fall of laco reaching below the
elbow lu tho back and opt n and short tn front.
A full sleeve gathered Into a band ot velvet
below the elbow und finished with a fall ot
When Will This Be ?
Whoa the sparrow has a toothache
And tho bluebird tears ber gown,
Ami tho robin mill to bobbin1
U a chipmunk tumbles down,
Tint day a mole and a bat may see
A co iv Jump over a drltd-applo tree.
I'oulA'e Compaefoa
Scmoi Expensive Things.
'lhofrnther or tuft ot feathers at the apex
or tbe 1'ilnco of Wales's crown was taken
i Irom tho lull of iho ferlwab, of the bird of
pai adlsa species. '1 lu-so feathers are tho only
' outs or their klrtl, and are valued at $50,000.
It tool, twenty years to got them, and caused
tho death of mcro lhau twenty humors be
foro they wero cbtolnid.
Next toman, tho mine, one of tho Crackle
species ot birds, found tn tropical and Bub
tropical countries, excels all othor animals in
Its Imitative powets, and particularly In tba
Imitation of human speech. When domesti
cated theso Mid j far excel tbo parrots in
their dlbtinotuf is of utterance.
Tbe Sultan of Morocco owns tho most ex ,
pensive btcycir'.tha wholo or tho framework of
which U, nlckel-pUted sal which coatnaa
3,000. ' I !

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