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K J'J H7 17
K Sunday, August 28.
Bfl'' At thli tlmo ono million men nt leant
Mfe M Ulklnc about n lertnln well.Vuouu
R&V' cMmh of thin Itcpub'.io niul iiiarussiiii:
B? Wi chance of BitccbHS In n coining cou-
Hrc$ tcit. Orovcr Clovclauti 1 not tlie mnn'n
Hfff Mun. nor is hia tintno llctijniniti liar-
B1 riton.' Tlie man who ie-cti)tc hundreds
of ihouuads of adult minds mid spurs
K,X Umall loj b to noble cudonvor ii Mr.
Hk John L. Hnlllvaii. It is not nny c-
H? Irt to add to man'a fondnrss for fiRht-
K ' Ins that has induced The Hcnd.iv Would
Kp, to preptir for to-morrow such an account
H, of Mr. Sullivan as shall reako crerj- man
Hji3j, who studies it feol that ha has seen tlie
WlS ftxhtar under a microscope. Far from
pr that.
B' Mr. ltemlngton Is an ni tut whose wur
HlS ererr ote Looirs. llo Is tho only ninn pir-
HKi baps vrbo makes e err crcaturo that lio
HL';'' draws look as though ho wero alKo and
Hfe1' doing his. best. Ills palntlocs ut tbln-
Bw legged bat vicious Indians; of top-hemy
BK?- bisons, ana ot bad, tall cowtio) s am so
Kfet, true that they make the Impending iliv
E?, appearand) ot those specimens from tbo
Bf'1 earth's aurface a matter ot slight Impor-
Bxv Unco. Mr. ltemlngiua is fond ot tine anl.
Enjgp tnals and men. With Arthur llrlsbane be
H?1 spent two days btudyluj tbo physical
Hk" make-up ot Ur. bulllran, tbu one man
Bi ho could knock down a covrboe and bin
Hm pony, throw an Indian about as tar as tbe
$' Indian could throw a tomahawk, or she a
BaS," bison a severe beadaclio with one little
H.v puncb. Mr. Hemlnaton 1ms sketched.
Hefc- hat he saw, and tbc pictures, a lino lot
Hjrc of them, will be publlsbod la 1 uu Sunday
Bfrg WoKtn to-morrow. Tncy rivo a far bet-
BjU' ter Idea ot tbo wonderful nchter tbau
K'S? anytblng that ha over been said or writ-
K, ten about blm, and every man wltli nctlvo
'A blood will delljbt In studUic these artu-
Hi'f tlo impressions of thn man wbnso ureit-
BS", aess rests on this nolld rock: "lean lick
B any man on earl h."
Kv' When, In tbo bcglnulnir, the race to which
Kt . Mulllvan belongs was domonslrntlutr to
R'';. the rest of mankind that It was meant to
lff?4 rulo this planet, hat wis It that cuunlcJ
R. 10 the Btrufglo? It wai nut the tine
B)S poetry In tbe Anglo-Saxon, nor any non-
PJU. sense ot that klud. It was tbo sort ot
Br muscle that at this mament Is lucked
Bft away in great bunches in tbe nclghuoi-
Bf,?-,i hood of John L. Hulllvan's khunldcr-bladoj.
Bi. 1' Mr. lUchard Watson Hlidvr Is writing
B(, poetry to-day, happy In tho consclouoncii
Ewi! ihat ht belongs to tboconqucilngrncc,
Kf" It la because In tho beginning that rnco
B-r consisted largely of HUUhani. There ioio
B" tvery man, from a poet down to a banker,
BflV y and should feel Interest and tnko
BK'-. prWo in John L. HulllTan. Ihcso things
Bj., art explained fully by Arthur lirlsbune
tm in the article which he has pruoarcd
K , With Mr. Remington. Mr. lirlsbune Is
Bj? peculiarly nttcd to explain to luan-
Bf kind what a great man John I.
BKf" 8ulllvan Is. it was bis pioud prlvl-
Jf lego to behold Mr. Hulllvan as ho
By, coaversed in friendly tones with tho
Bt Prince ot Wales ; to study bis proud bear-
Bjfcfrt'i lag as be Drat came in sight of the sboros
BR" of Irtland ; to aympathtzo with his strug.
U4' ' wltn tno French Unguago whllo
BJ& training In Franco; to witness often that
BEf.''' ' operation which Mr. Hulllvan good-
Btl! naturedly describes as "knocking a
BKtv man a mile," Mr. Brisbane, wltbn tldilliy
Beg that most unquestionably trouble llns.
Bi' well In bis grave, lays bare to tbe publlo
B;A the eoui, the mind and especially the
BJfv muaclea of Mr. Bulllran. This story by
HJj? Remington and Brisbane will probably
Bry aattafr the moat ardent seeker for knowl-
fffs df about the hardest hitter on earth.
Bj'1',, This dlitlngulshed man, who writes for
Bfcl Tata Soxoat Wontu only, and who not or
BJf falll to instruct and entertain at tbo tunio
BKi' time, writes this week on tbu subject nf
H: clubs. Clubs came to ui from England,
BjHT' d Mr. McAllister explains bow luinnr-
B5, t"1 they are to life hero below and vt hat
Br?" they should be. Old members of tbo bnlou
B; Club will dellgbt In Mr. Mc.Mlhici's
BJf- remlnlscenscs, und oung men who expect
HJP;; to be members when tbryget rich mil
BfU (eel that tho object which they hare In
Bi-'j.', mind la Indeed worth v. 1:11c
BjK'. Tub ackUAr Would, for tbe amusement
BjT'iJ15 of It readers, will publlbU complete In to-
Bk1 morrow's edition Kipling a novel, "'lhe
Bfi; Light That Failed." This In a btoiy tnat
BjpJ;; has not lor Its moth o abuse ot tbisgieat
Hr1 country, and ilr. Klplluc In wilting it
B& was apparently not tufrerlug from I mil.
Bj, geslloo, as ho usually Is. It Is a good
BS- story to read and cast aside. It will In-
BJS- tcrest without worrying tbe leader.
Be, Every man, after readlug t hu an tclo w htch
Bf$ Helen Watterson has wrlttiu for this
Hi number ot 'I iiBbfMiAv Wokmi, Miiprob-
BjtS1' ably take better caro ot himself thuu hu
Bjhlf baadono hlthcito in tliii nay ot tutlng
Bj!, and thus mid many ytais to his life. A
BjRr Oerman tiroof-remler with u turn for
HF'3.' patient Investigation, calculated tuu if
Bjjj one Hundred '1 hu:aud men would ucl on
B tho ndWce given by llclin Wattcraon that
BJJ. each would lhe tno ; ears longer tn an
Ukl average than would utlierwlo bavn been
B; thocaxe, tud that many millions Hill lu
4 added to the wealth of the nation by these
m&" added years of effort on the part ot highly
b" lutelllgest men. Ibeartlclo tells that a
WjX man'a body Is like nn engino and his food
HrCi thelueL Whatscleuco lias to bay about
BJpy tbo fuel for tho engine Is attractively set
Bja forth. Moat writers would do mcli a
BB Piece of work differently n cm Helen Wat-
BJi terson. tibe makes eery lino of it inter-
fp cstlng.
Bjtv InTUk bVNOAV Wbr.ui tu-i.iuiriiw, Mrs.
Bt" ' v,u Hensselaer continues her dc.crlptlon
BE'i-' "'the World's rulrwcndeis. 111. a grail.
Bro'" fflng tribute tolhciouv(.clng thaiaelrr
Bf' of Mrs. Vau Hct.sseiatr s trillclsm tlmt
Bf- Chicago should have recognlud tho truth
BflK ' ,b3 keyero teniarks ublch sho was
Bb compelled to roako on Chicago irclil-
BJFl.! tecturo. Hlsannotbluitobeiecogulzed
Bf4 the best art crlllo In America, but
BBMf ?"' admirers of Mrs. Van Henstolaer'a writings
Wyj? WU1 feel a new pildo on learningtli.it
BMJ Chicago, tbe cnerjetlo but untutored,
BT'' howa humbly before her wisdom. v
BjBy ' TM English writer, who produced
BBjar Mtttage-Laud" and Three Men in a
jBjBjMi Soot,'' has written a short story lor The
BBV Eouav Would. Americans who Delicto
BjBjBjBi J" ,,'orK9 Washington no more sincerely
BjBjW than the betlve that an Eoglimmaa cia.
BBS '4'
BBBkiW.r;,, ,
BBBBBBBBBefHaaiiri J m' i i T
not be funny wilt mm It Mr. Jerome's
style with surprise, pciliaps.
Kach week Irtic H'vuat Woiilu rrMens
tbo painful lafcon of the prcftssloiial
humorlstt. .Tokri and plctiucs aie If
slewed, and to each ulnctcentlMrnlury
Jcultr bin dm1 li inctcdnitt. Words of
wisdom accompany this icvlew, und of
criticism ah Moll. Mr. .Moody, who writes
thBicvlpwloi ibis week, concludes tht
thhv.ould bii a gloomy trld If we had
nothing hut tho week's work of funny
men to clicirus. Ho rralsrsMr. Taylor
und censmes London I'muli. lie Is se
vere, but Jnsu
IIip raring tout Is a tyou spilnglngup
In this laml and multiplying as betting
ftmis. llo Is nc.irelcsq, huppy creatine,
welt worthy sti.uy. Mr. 1'aklus, who
knows more about mclng and rncing ani
mals, horses and men, than any ouu else,
describes tbo da) 'h life of n Oplcal tout,
snnio day the great Alncilcan noicllst
will lomo along und surprise everybody
by making a good tloiy out of plain
linmoDpei. If the gnat American nov
elist Ins nlieady discovered himself lie
will do well to keep .Mr. Kaklns's witlings
on hand, 'ilioj will bo good to paste lu
his novel.
Mr. Ho Kocn, In the lau(iinge of chaun
eey Uepcw after dinner. Is a man whom it
it unui-cessarj to Introduce to an) Intelli
gent audience. Mr. Uo Koen writes fur
Tub Ni'Mitr Womu, and for no other
paper on musical topics. hery ono who
is liiloreled lu Miotic will wsut to know
what Mr. Do Kovcn has to say In Tun
bi'aiiAT Womu to-mcrrow. Ihoso who
do not know much about musto In the ab
stract should read all that Ml. He Kocn
ba)s. If onlv out ofgratltudo for the solid
comfort they find In singing his song,
"Oh I rrnmlsc .Me that home Day Aou'll
11i iiLuna nro but n few of tho features
of this good number of The Sumiav
Woiii.ii. 'L'lio same nuiuber tells of koiuu
iMiudarlr.1 ciil v.lui uro coining to tun n
niul wlio t-au kick nuil otborwisu iierform
in n way to mo nny pcKsimist. Their
jiicUirca nro nltntctlo niul mt has rciro.
I liucon them in Tuu AVoiii.n faitlilullv.
Tho cholera is n nice, crceuy topic now,
lit bag not been ni'clcc led. Thoso who
likn lo ahuddurwill be nblu tu Rintify that
llkiug in moderation by rendingTiii: Hux
day Wnnui'H grucaomo remiiiiseenoes. A
new How cry Is discovered and described,
Tho JiiugeriinutK of lileiiitiirn, otuciwiHn
tbo furnmlns with which ikIiIoih of nil
kinds iriibli tho mhiIh of inrorrluililo
writors, aro (iriutod in nil their heartless.
ess. lluilil Doble, who cun ilrhe u trot,
tins biirou bnttcr t tin 1 1 any ouu else, is
held up to nubile mlmii.ition. ho uro tbo
itreut trotters Hint huso Bbacil down tho
boeomlH in the inllo.
(let Tin; Hitndav Wor.i.n, rend it all.
and ,ou will blehH tlm modest writer of
this iimdeituato uhcrtisomout.
A Philadelphia Man Pats a Bullot
Into Hib Head.
Word has besn received from Philadelphia
from tho relatives ot William II. HobcrUon,
who committed suicide In front of 40 Vcsey
street last night by shooting blmselt In the
Tho despatch say a l hat llobtrtnon has two
biotjicis lu rbiiviclphtB I'orry A. ltobeit
son, of loan South blxth atreet, and Charles
T. Itobcrtson, of J n 17 boutn sixth atrect.
I Hnbertson was n press-feeder In tho office
of tho .iirtes' II inn Juuinul. Iloboaidodnt
lll'.'Uhoulh blxlh street with bit bii.etirr
l'errj. Ills sweetheart, LIUlo Hhsfer, only
lived a few blocks away nt tbe cornir ot Hlxth
' and Hoffman streets, tiho was very much
affeetod on hearing of t ho traglo death of lu r
lour. According to tbu reports from I'hlla
dolphin ltotcrtsou was much addicted to
Last night at T.'JO o'clock Officer Noonan, nf
Ihu.SLcotid l'recluct.waaoii eey street near
Unite li street. Hu huard a pistol shot and
, ran In the direction of the .sound. In irnut of
4) ctcy sticet ho found a gooddoukliig,
neatly dressed young man, about ltht)-no
lears oiu. with a bullut-bolo In ids right
temple. Ileroro tho ambiilnnea fiuui ( luin.
Ijcis Mriet Hospital uiuvcU tho liuu bad
brc.ulKd his last.
'I he body was romoveo to the Church street
pollco Ktatlou, where It was louml lu be that
ot Itoberifon. 'Hiu man bud trj tew ni li
lies ubout bis clothes nstdu Hum tho revolver
Willi which he took hit, inc.
A letter was found In his coat-poektt ad
dicshed lo bib trulber 1'viM, In winch ho
said be was " lc ami tliclnt Now ioik"
ami would leave for l'lillidclp.iui at ." o'clock
this alleriiojn. In Ids trousers pockot was u
eeitlticatr W gcod cuarnelrr from I', llcnuetl,
Ot tllUy IfflfH' 111 iw. Imii mil.
'I here n as u policy bom: or the Vetiopn'.
Man I He IH'Jiai'ioCoiiipaiij.thuwln, weekly
payments or tlo nam April 1 lo Aug. M. 'Iwo
well-bUiu'ci'iil Icau-pcnclls compli'ted tho
oittu. 'Jhti.inai not a eeut of minir) In his
pockets, iliu LeUj In nuw al Iho .Moiguc.
In the Stntlonnry Business Do fore
Hla Orilnat'.on.
'Iho Itev. rather James r, MrUvoy, otht.
Ix'o'a i huich, IrMngton, .N. J., is rtjaii. l'u
was for many juarsln tho Mntloncrj biul
ntvj with Id brother In lids ritj, M jears
:uo hu was erdalned a prlut and ailgued to
tit. Patricks parish, Newark.
Ho bad Uen liaslor uf n. lcos church
IrMiigtou. for the past fom cuis.
I'nlurr Muhiur haslxin u gicat sufferer
fruumtliial tiouhltH lerjoars, and was lie
(tuentlj ineapaeltatid for bis prlcsllt duilis
by hisaniletiou llettledisteidat aitrrnou i
ut tho homo of inuu Hjaii, Jiri. mmu
btreci, Jersey f'lty.
j Pell Out of Window While Aaloop. 1
While nsloiji early this morning at a win
dow on tho third r.oorof lu.l huim.ni ttrect,
John Ltuahan, titty j c ira old, lolled out and
tell to thp sidewalk. At M. Miireiit's llosul-1
lid tbej ay he- is Buffering nom . i fi let uro ot
light hip bone and lauiatloti o, tiube-alii
and loui.
j Chief or tlio Eleaoton Indians Dericl.
I 'in moiiTFii run. I
IIiipw vs ai i n. Minn., An,-. yr.-(i il.rlel
ItenMlle, aed teuntj.rldrt i'f IbuS'seto'i
Indians dlid jebleril.i). At tliu tlinoot thn
Mouv, m.ivHiuie In 1MI' l,o had i funot
.1,000 hoick near tlm prnint elij ofi.iau
Mlla in iho M iii.cmi! , iht. III. llUliiemo
m alrtiiisli.n usiu m uupiue tl.e e-uiai-tlou
ot Iho imluu".
, Shot Her tor Refit- nt: to Marry Him
Inv iblioi UTl p l l.rs. I
, t'UICAllO, 111, AUT. '.'T -l'l auk . hllitsih.
man, a pitnler, ha Uen iutu.i-1 by .Mm. Ida
Ilaucill on an u;er..ge of i nco ur month
Ifcrtwojtaiu KHUelimnu had his i sunt
luck again lut night and ihnt the wnniun,
I Inflicting a wound width ma) i jicialal.
Aotrnas Hav Itund'o Is Unad.
Actiesi ltay ItunUlo died at Hellcvuo Ho-i,iI-tal
early this morning irmu lllniss lesiililug
from i railway uct-idrnt eu rul witkaaga
blio was laH'o to the UuiplUI inm lur hriu.e,
at til ti Dtcanil uipiiuv. esipidir, 'IbuAt-
ter1 fund Society r.u bout c
I Should American Women Be Lu-
i trusted with the Task ?
The Question Debated by tlie Goldcy
Literary Society.
Arguments, Pro anil Con, Concerning
'I Ills Vexed Subjrcl.
Interest In the Chinese hunday-scbool
question has becino so general lAat Hie
doldcy l.lti rarv Such ly tool: thu subject tor
dtbalo at its regular weekly meeting at H
West I'ouricintli htreet last night, and at tho
(b.sn decided bv a ote. In which were only
twu negattcs, that .Unci lean iiomen should
not teach Chinamen,
'the UolJey mm let y has a member.hlp of
' Mxty bright joiuig men who haw ncclud
training in oiatoiy through vlitis to thu
Miclety of such men nscluiumiy M. Uepcw,
Itev. l'allu i lluccy und Col. Itobert CI. Inger
soil, only timely hitbjcau arcdebatcd.and tho
(luertlous are always handled with skill that
w mil J ao credit to Washington statesmen.
i Tor scleral weeks tho labor trounles have
received tbc forensic nt trillion ot this Society,
and before the debato last night n member
gave his opinion of tl.o pi unable effect ot the
Homestead strlle. lollonlug that the I'rtsl
(lent, Mr. V. It. I.ove, stated tho question for
, dobatoas (allows:
j LttalttiU That km tlo not favor tho teaching nf
f'tilnwo Id our Huuilar-aotiooli by Ainarlrau
. woiueu,
Iho Picsldcnt called attention to Tun
F.tiMsu WoiiLb's Ireatment of tho question,
and said : I'eoplo have stopped laughing nt
I Chinese Sunday-Schools, and havo begun
I thinking about them, and as the Goldcy Re
bate only questions of general Interest the
bubject Is timely."
I '1 ho debato was opened by John ,t. Corbel I,
who was gUen twelve: minutes to outllno tli
argument In tho nnirmallvc. Tho speaker
did not contlno himself simply to nu outline,
however, Lut .started In on a logical argu
ment, which ho presented In u fuiclblo and
pleasing manner.
Newspapers illect publlo opinion, ho sild,
and ho nikcd thu spcakeison thu negative
sldo to pulnt out ono lepulablo newspaper
which was willing to defeud tho present sys
tem oltcnclilug lu Chinese Hundaj-sUiools.
"All newspapers that bao piovcn lliem
tcHcs to bo tho friends of humanity aio
united In tbo detensa ot American woman
hood," said Iho speaker, "and thoao most
I friendly mo tho most constant In rhowlng
tho degradation that results from American
womon te idling 3 ellow heathen.
' 'lhe Chinese, us a race, do not anstmlluto
with Amciicans, except for prom. '1 hey aro
opposed to Inventions; they aro opposed lo
tun civilization or tho West, except Insomuch i
as It furthers their selfish Interest!."
Chinamen will not becoinu Christians, tbo '
speaker held, because the teaching ot Chris-,
tlanlty reveals to them thn doctitno of futuie
punlBhmcnt for sin.
1 hey do not like christians and Christians
do uot llko thorn. Ken tbo girls who tench
tbom do not at tlrtt Iil.o tbolr pii Us, said .Mr.
Corbett, but they waul a tad.
Tbo heathen aro willing to bo taught, not
for the purpono of becoming Cbrlstaius, but
in order to learn tbe English language estab
lish themselves in tho social world and get
good suppers and Christmas presents.
TLo upenker ridiculed tbu claim that young
girls, without kuunlodgo of theotog), could
teach the astute Cbluaman the djctiliicsot
Christianity, 'lhe chlnebv, ho declared, aro
adocepilie, cunulngince.
I. K. riulllvnn opened In tho negative.
Tho trainings ot tolllon, im claimed,
should not bo confined to thu boumlarbiH nf
i thu United Ml ales. Ho pointed nutthuttue
question was whet her " American women,"
not " young A met lean women," should teuoh
All tho teachers nro not young nnd bloom-1
lug maidens." ha bulJ. "Alanof them aro I
older than tnelr pupils. Women uro more I
hueccsrtul as toachew became they better .
inuieistund tho untuturod iiilud. 'Jeo mother
I uimteaeau chlht tiottor than Its father, aud
so can a woman teach a Chlnamun tuoiu sue
ecsbtuily than u man."
1 AIM n riuuimuis, the noxt sponkT, said that
thn Chinese a a race tend lo retard elWlir..i
I Ion. bemuse Chluamcii uro nut pi ogresslvc.
I ' They lower wnius und liny presort e the
dlsgrncoof tho opium habit," heeontlnued.
"Iho question Is hliull Americans permit tho
women, ot whomthuy arONiiproud.tocomo lu
contact with this wmst elnssot limuatilty r
'iho men who make the laws of this country
luivo Mtn tin dangers of association with
biieh uiaionnd havo enucl'd slatuies th it
piotcnicblnamoiiiiumlnhilii gun Auiurlcau
soil. I
"If American women Mt'it inlsiouary '
work to do, why dJii't they weiK In iliobluuis
of our own city, wheio theio aie thoiiK.imlsuf
our own race wliu luvo netei heiiid Iho
laachlngsof clulsior know IhittheioUsuch
u being us a mtsMuiiaiyy" ,
K. A. (luiliiJii tollowiii In tho iiegntlsv, and
tried to illspotou! thu armtu.ent oi .Mi. Mini,
mors b the iitulcmeiit that Chlnatucn do not
eheaiien labor. UuttuAK'hl it an Insult to
American women to Ultimata Hut thuy
Miould nut bo permitted lo attend chlnco
'1 Ho iiom speaker, Andrew Iliirne, objei ted
to eontcrilngAuierleaus lu the hluiuKwlin
a policeman n elub, und bending l'lllh uteniio
ladles Into ilutt and I'ell sueets to lulK
Hlioiit li.c t.oluen Itule through opium sluuke
that would Hugo tho wlugH oi an niuel.
American womsn uugli', to lookout for
thu w hllc race," hu Laid.
Mr. 1', A. llruu based his argument on the
ilalm that as Lurope.ins biul Uilioduceui
iiilum liuu china, it is tuu am) ot the cau. i
cablsiiracoioii'doem thu Chinese.
I- V. Jlcl auihllu luvoicil mlmloniry work
among thu Cliliiiior, but nut by American
we me o. lie erring to tbe toplo uf lutt-im.u-ilairuj.lio
raid "In the iiitun wodoiiul want
to h.nn Willi us n rucu without u nuiiie,
In Iw bhiiuncd b all and go iniungli Inu
burm ue-.l Willi udlsgiacc that was tbo result
ut nineteenth century lolij."
laiius LoMns.ni and Jiiium lliltmanu con
t luiled lhe ileiutu with interollngauumuiita
on iHtbtb1rn. President Iiwuliuii gap hU
ill clslon on the merits uf tho Kruuments lu
lator otitis. iniiiunihr,
A mmu ot thu iiiidicnco was afterwards
takeium lliitiui-iiiMiif thuqtiol Inu, and onlv
two pei -".is weio leconlcd lu taiorof Amoil-
an woii.o'j teaeUlug ILu Chlucbo In funda)
Mrs. Llolitonstoln Chnrirert with
Iilbnlllnur Counsel Noble.
A policeman Hits morning Meat to the
lnus of .Mrs. AunI; IlcMeusteln, lu Lung
islaiidtltj, and sened n warrant Issttel by
liisllii' luanagli, charging hi r with eilinl
mil llbtl upon eoipoiiiiiuu counsel bolomjii
U. Noble.
Mr-. UehenM' lu lathe wlte of Postinasirr
William I Uoensti in. und Is pruprlelrissur
tie l .uiiseount) ;( .ii'il.iuuutiedlti lu,'
Island nt), "
Stow of tho I'rownlnp of I1, v.". I
Sibiey nnd Party i Cnnnrd. '
llil iriHMTIl I IU I
lloi iii Mii:, Mi1,: ','r.-'lh l ,,mn ii.it a
teligi.im riom lllrm W, Sbln Ka)in; he N
sati, and a special btai.ug ihat the tepurt ot
tlm wire king of thejjelii Wapiti l i.i canard.
'I hit the white pail) Is sale. nut will join the
)aiht o'l .'icmlay.
loi:cuTP, Aug, ::. lhe report firm ms.
nawot tl.o dloiuter to the yacht Unpin, m
tbo (.rcrglan Ujy, u a wicked cuunl.
'Ihojacbt la now bately at author In ccl
llngwood Harbor.
.V a.Yjucui has taken place anduolltei
ncruloju i
Dealers Will Demand 25 Conts
More a Ton AiW Sept. 1.
Rending Combine's Intention to Defy
tho New Jeraey Law.
Itetall coal dealers In Now York have taken
prompt action upon the decision of the salcH
agents of tbo authracltc coal producing com
panies w bo voted Thursday to ndvaneo tho,
price of coal. At u meeting of the llctult Coal
Ucalcis' Exchange held last night at Fiftieth
street and Lexington uvcbif. It was decided
to add !N5 cents to the retail price per ton of
coil, tbc bamc to take effect next Thursday.
It was staled that stneo Jan. l last, tbo
wholesale dealers bad advanced tho price of
Movo co-il Sl.llt) per ton. '1 ho only corre
sponding action of tho refill denler.s up to
the present time had been an Increnso In re
tall pi ices; of a.", cents per ton, lcuvlug the
dealers 1.0. to the bad.
It was announced after last night's meeting
that, beginning next 'IbursJj), the prlcuof,
"red ash coal, nil tles," win bo tik'j.'i per
ton. A year ago It was .".'. " White ash
coal, allslzis," will rost t"." 3 per Ion, Instead
of t.l.'J.., as last year.
Another meeting of the Kel.ill Coal I'.x
cuango will be held ne-.l Fildavnt width it Is
expected that !.'." cents iiinrowlll bomucied
to be added to tho price of cool. 'I he dealers
claim that even Ihcn they will bo behind tho
Hen'ets In coal profess to believe that the
dctlidon of Chancellor Medlll. uf .New Jersey,
Declaring tho Heading comblno Illegal, will
have no effect upon coal pilces. In fact; tho
President of the ltcadlngh)bUm, Mr. .Mclod,
sainrbe older of Hum hanccllor will haveno'
I morn luiluenco upon his con. panics than If
, addressd to an llullan. i
'lhe railroad comp.inles.lt Is understood, I
i will appeal Inun Chniuellor Mi Hill's de
cision and test tbo caso In the highest conns
ot New .lerse) and, possibly, lhe rcilor.il
courts. In the mean time, l'resldent Mel cod
r nay i. tho derision will not affect the iiml
I trade ns corluuefd b tuo companies tu tho
'I no Injunction ordered bv thu chancellor
will remain In forte. It Is said bvlawjcm,
inu II inviised by thu ( ourl of I.rtois nnd
Appeal'. It cannot, l.c revoked or stayed, but
It Is said tint tbo rullwny coinpaulcswlllget
mound It by changing somoot the details of
j their plain of opi rations.
tins Mnnngerl-vl Aspirations Other
London Theatrical Notos.
Inr AirociATrn rnsas.l
Ionpok, Aug. UT.-The Ualoty Theatre
closed on haturd ty last and will not open
ajaln until October, when "Cinder Ellen Up
'loo l.nle" will bo again presented. 1'rcu
I csllo will return to bis original role, but 11 Is
reported that bo nsptrcs to management and
high comedy. It Is likely, It Is said, thit he
wilt retlio from burlesquo and leave his placo
to Arthur Itoberts.
ttegardtng a rumor t hat has been In circula
tion tor souio llltlo time past that she was to
become tho leading lady at tbo Claiety
Thcatic, Miss Minnie Palmer says she knows
nothing about It. bo It Is safo for tbo present
to say that tho rumor Is unfounded.
Hmry Irving has accepted a comedy, writ
ten by Mr. J. It. llanle, tbo author of
14 Walker, London," which has had such a sue
cossful run at Toolo's Theatro that Mr. Toolo
was forced to forego his usual vacation.
HIgnor Logo has engaged llaclntyro and
Eugene oudln for his Autumn opera season
at the Olympic Theatre. He Is also trying to
sccuro lime. Albanl.
Mr. II. l'ottluger blephous and Mr. I.'dward
Solomon are engaged In writing a nrjiv opera
to bo culled "Tho Spanish Main. ' Messrs.
Stephens and Solomon nie logethor responsi
ble for n scries ot comic o eras, beginning
wltn "lllllco Taj lor," which Is ttlll being
played In tho piovlnces; ami bcslCci the
work already mentioned, which Is being
written to the order ot a big llrm of nuslc
publisheis, they have la preparation a comic
opera founded nn tho old English ballad of
bally lu our Alloy.
The Manhattan A'.hletlc Club'a An
nual Carnival.
The Hecond annual c) cling carulval ot tho
Manhattan Athletic club, to bo held at Man
hattan I'leld this ntternoou, gives promise of
ci llpblng all pro lous met ts of tho kind.
'Iho track Is so hind and compact that tho
rain of )osterday did not Bolton It much, and
unless them Is luoro rain to-day It will prob
ably be lu fair condltluu. Nearly all tbe
, crack riders lieieabnutB aio rnteroif.
'l Uo cnlivllbl lualuiles W. Wlndlc, Oeorgo
Taylor, 1'. .1. Uerlu, c. M. Murphy, tleorgc A.
Ilaiiker, A. 11. Illch, Curl Hess. C. K. Modman.
J. W. Judge and tinny Hawthorne.
Thu incuts inolude a qunrici-mllc open,
lislf'tullo open, hill nillo handicap, one-mllu
open, enc-iiiilo Imudleap, two-tuUn open and
ilve-mllo hastorn i hsmplnnshlp handleap.
Iho prires Im ludo iver) thing from a grand
piano io:ishalng.inug.
Mlnnto Sollffman's Husband Will Be
i Hr Lisadlp.jr Han.
I At last Hubert Livingston Cutting ts lo be
a ic.il live acluronthepiofcss'ou.il stage. He
IstopLi) Saeha, a fiery, Cashing, handsome,
henrt-entranrlng )oung UiisIan ofllcer. lu
tho pj) ".My imiclal Wife," In which Mluntu
Kellgman. the yoe.ngsweU' recently acquired
wlte, phijs the Heroine.
Thu i nnt rnet wan entered Into w 1th Manager
l'r.ink W. saiucr jisteidai
"Mv nnicial Mf"wilf havo its nt st pre
sentation lu I htlartelchla net. til, Meantluin
the leading man and the heroine nre Mud).
In their lines In concert in Uuig llrunrli,
and t.oiii reiusa to Bay how much Hob Is to
get as salaiy.
Pour Boya Chnrood with Theft
Mlchatl Dtmpsey, sKtcen years old; Frank
McCormacu, twolvu; Joseph New come, foui
teen.nud Henry lluttucr, twelve, were prle
onersln llmicin court to-day, chirgetl with
ktrallng brass plates from 'third avenue wti
f icr.c.irilooisalthestutloh un Ono llundiert
tiiut 1hlrtl"lh sireit. ieinpy was In lit In
liilio for 1 1 tal. and lhe others wrieiommlltcd
lo the caio of Iho ( hUnien's boelety.
Death of AroiI John Lows.
n v mci huv prrss.
I Iriei.V. ., tiir. ,'(i.lohu Lowe, el .Sew
ll., a tiimber of tho ?unvork 1'kMuco
i l.xrliange and writ kuunn la llnmicl.il clre es.
dieil in Luwvlllo ti-dJ). llo was h-Viiitv
i .i i s old.
I Lost Ilia Itlght Arn
i William i link, lit New aoik, whunas nu
plo)ed .,i the laitmliy cuunccted with tlio
ll-aih Houbj.U tcat.iri, X. J Lad his right
arm out off und was. tcveicl) bruised about
ihu head this inornlng while altnnptlng lo
bund uuuiihuard boui,d lialn. lib arm hail
to le ainciiiale'd. (
P.otbolz to Bo Tried for Stealing the-l
Charls IlaihoU. of 101 Kast Ope Ilundrrd
and Iwrulj.Diirlh ktreet. His )iungman
WLo, It M allrgfil, stole a diamond ling b
louglugtu his sweetheart's slater. Mls Mar
gaiyl A. .McK.e, of 17a rail llpu lluiilird
IJ!1' I vventjr.xcund Mruet. was tiMia) teld lu
tTUO ban for trial at special bckslous. (
Tammany Leaders Exercised Over
tbo Local Organizations.
Chances Hint Full Tickets Will Ue
Kun In Sovcral Cuuntlei.
ltencwpd Interest Is manifested by politi
cians tot ha progress of tho organUnllru of
Uertnnn Cleveland and btevenson Clubs.bc
causolt Is said that the movoment Is backod
by tho Antl-snappcrs. Tho activity. of
tho May Convention Democrats lu tlie
local Held Is looked upm with suspicion by
politicians of tho 'llger sttlpe. The movi
mcut Is professedly In tbe Interest ot the
National candidates, but at the Mime tlmo
lis promotcis aro building up a powerful
local orgnnlatlon.
From a remark mado by Senator l'lunkltt,
Iho 'lauiuijii) leodci ot the Klghtccnth As
sembly District, It Is presumed that tho lg.
w n tu Ins taken cognisance ut thn movement. I
" iVi'll eatch up with thoe lelluws befoto
bept. IS," In tall.
There will bo landings ot tho Tammany
Hall committee on Organisation and the
(icncr.il Commltlee early next month, and
tho status of tho antl-Hnapprs may bo In
quired Into then and they may hear from the
'l bo work of organisation by tho Antl.inap
persbasliegun In Ilrookl)n. An active pie
parutoiy campaign Is also lu piogrcfs In Now
York, Frio and Onondaga count Us, nnd
eotiiirms the statement that full local tickets
aro tu be pluecd In tho lltl.l Ir. ever) largo
count) In this Htate. Provisional headquai.
ters havo been opened lu llrooklyn at iu;i
Montaguo street.
A call was Issued to the clubs formed prior
to the May Convention to lc-cnrcll them
selves as Clovcland and Stevenson clubs, and
up to this morning thu clubs lu tho
following wards, claiming n comblnod
membership uf l.r.oo, have Joined tho Antl
BnalperLc.iue Flibt, 1 Ighth, Fouitccnth,
Httecnth, Mxlconth, seventeenth, Llgh
tecutb, Tweullelh, T vvcutv-tlist r.nd 1 wenly
lllth Wards.
It Is pioposed to eMcnd the organization to
every ward and to establish a central govern
ing body to hive chargo of the managoment
of tho campaign.
An enthusiastic meeting ot German Antl
bnappsrs was held In Welidel's Casino, Kort)
lomtli ntreet niul Ninth nvcnuo, last night,
at which a letter fiom .Mr. Clovcland
was read. Tho letter was In loply to
n communication Informing tho candldato ot
the proposed oiganlallon of a Cleveland
(Tuo. Mr. Cleveland expressed his npprccta
lion of the correspondents' iffoits In the
cause of Uemocrncy und complimented tho
Herman cltlens for their zeal in his behalf.
Venezuelan Insurgents Violate an
Amorican Ship.
Capt. tVoodrlck, otthc Kcd "" line steam,
ship Caracas, trom Veneiuela, reports that
whllo at l'orto Caoello tho revolutionists
forced him to surrender bl.t Venezuelan Con
gressmen, passengers on his ship on their
way to this country.
The six Congressmen were refugees. The
Btearcer was boarded by lien. Urdaneta', an
tnsuricctlonlst vrbo Is conducting a little
I icvolutlon of his own, nnd the surrender ot
the rciugees was demanded.
Capt. W'oodrlck refused on tho ground tnat
tho men woro under tho protection ot tbe
United mates flag.
I llu scut for tbo American cousul, Mr. ltllcy,
who sustained his position.
In thu mean tlmo (Jen. Uidaneta collected
an aimed loreu and thicatencd to board
tho vessel It tho Congressmen were
not given up. in older lo avoid
danger. It is said, the refugees went ashore
without being taken. The American consul
agreed to protect thorn If possible.
Probably Fatal Cuttlnjp Affray Fol
lows a Game of Pool,
Anthony Merrall, twenty years oldjjls lying
In tho Xow York Hospital with five, stab
wounds In his Luck, two of whlih may prob
ably cause his death, all Indicted, It Is allogod,
i by William ci.urles.
harlcs, who is said tobo a waiter, resides
with hts wife at UhR Mih avenue, and Mer
rall. who Is unmarried, boarded at :.'07West
TwuiiD-suihsiieet. In a saloftn at thetoi
lur ot 't wcutj.aeventh stront nndeevunth
nveni'e, last ulght I hey dUagi eed oi er u game
of pool andcamo tn blows.
Merrall, being tho bUg.rot tbe two, was
'coning the best of the fight w hen cbarh s
drew a, i.wir. Morrall ran, but ut tbo cornir
ot Tw cut) -eighth street was overtaken and
Di'tectlvo James Sloaue.o' lhe West Thir
tieth street stailon, arrested Cbarlis.
Mayor's Reasons for Flgnlntr the
" Huckleberry Ordinance. j
The action ot Ma)or Ornnt In slgulug the
"'lrulley"uct, which will grldliuu the An
nexed District with railroads, Is tho subject
ot a gitai deal of comment today, sotnu pec
pie denouncing it In unqualified terras, whllo i
others socm to regard It as perfectly Jusu
Mii)or Grant gives these reasons fur his
I 1 libt, that It Is tu accordance with Ills prc-vlou'-lv
expressed views.
eLondly, bceaiibu the l'oord of Llectrtcul
Ciiiitiolilueldeil somo time ngu upon us ad
visability. II. lull), ixcaiiso rapid transit u greatly
ueided lu the Anueed Dibtolct.
Fi.urthlv, beCHiin' mm) nt the property,
owni i along tho lliiuut tho niuposua roads
tavor tlicHCliKiue.
I 1 Uthi), Lccauiiu ho thinks that the price of
land along those routes will bj enhanceiL I
i . .m... I
Got tho Bullet In Hla Ank'e. '
j txbastlano lladlce, a liquor dealer at lur i
Mulberry street, was cartlesM) handling a
loaded icvnlver In front ot hlsetore whon tho
weapon exploded and lladlce- mii wnunjrd in
the left ankle. Ills injury wasdres'-cd at tho
Mulbcliy sticet tlatluu.
1 vum:ntLmrmLux, mi iiii sis'
ol ise il.alii. ironi uUtri.iral trniiLU am tha r.ault I
f Hie Ijiin.ul.lu.n i.l rolU. Aikmu lulie l..
air.lo Ifrm.ul It LMiuinia lu .i.n. oilmt a puain I
.".' LiWii'i'y,J.,'"l,,"',,"'''--. Willi In. u
fha r, lillAKLVa l.HrAai li MIEltll, .tl.
.."i..V H'"P'I "! rlnnUr lo llhl.trll.LU. '
HceJOVefi.N UJ HI tlud. n jfti Vyrt, (
in1lii''iaV''fit' 'jjCOltrJj,.1L'. lijLiit.t . f-jri
Tho Buoceaaful Obesity Specialist.
Mro.AlIre Mar'e, 0"on, Mo. Welchti I!'for
trtstPi'Ut,:.'."ill.. i ftfr Iratlm.ut.lMllm.
The follonlnir paraout ha.A taken treatment nf
Dr. Snldtr, ulth una ot wrlght aa slfan Pelow.
'1 hot mil rhetrlullj anawer all fnauirlta if atampa
ar Incloaed. . . .....
Welsh Wflaht
Ufiira. After. f.nf..
Mra.ttachal t'.Johrann,
l'aclHcJutictluii.Ia..... 323 lb. 147 lb., ITS lb.
Sir.. A I Ira Maple,
Orotl, Mo. 330" 1C8 " lOU "
P. II. Cope,
Omro, Wl 310 " 505 " IHO "
blinton Van Wlukla,
Iranklhi, III 421 " 293 ' 120 "
Mrs tlaorua I'rearaan, . ,
fort llldnell. Cat. . ..213 ' 17J " IUU "
Mra harali llaraer,
1J11H 6th.t.,batfa.
worth. Km ., 27J " 170 " 103'
CcnflilontUI. Ifarnilc.r, and nltti noatarrlnir, la
tunf.nlcncn or had elfe'.t. I or particular.
tail or ailclrtpt, with Ce. In atainps,
Dr. O. W. F. Snydor,
McVlckcr's Tlica're Building. - - . CHICAGO
Ibe wonderful renie.
ff;i toiruiitrr to erne
ull nervous rtl.eaaes,
meh u tVeak
Meianr, l.oas of
Urn I Poner,
Uen.lr.ehf. tVake.
BLI0IU.:.u4UKl3.Mu lolltV." ISc'l'TOIIa'
neaa, I.naattufte, alt drains and Iok uf power
u.ouf totmteo, npliiiu nr ytlmuliiitii which boon
lend lo tunnntty. Consumption and lnaultr. Unt
up convenient tn enrry In vtt pocket, ftil per
paeknicu hy nmlli nfur.'.. With every Vi orderno
Klvu n ieriftn owintiilefi to cure e rriinrt tht
tmmrr.'cilctitarrree. 2crvr fleed Oo.,Chlcni;o.
For Bale at lluir.ut'a Vb.rmacy.S18E way, N. T.
AtWrn Wilton'!. 106-410 anifl3tl B'way, If, Y.
4t Adrian Faradli, 191 Fulton St, B.-cohlyn, It. Y.
10 Stalls, 100 Feet Deep.
with Mounn.N istrnovrnENTs. all is
0, 12S El'ItelLN ST., NKAll UOYriT.
Watat, ra anil fuel Included In rast, wtilcrtt. -vv
aorablaf rnoa Hcbt and ventilation. Men cettlnea,
with a aupermr VVAOON VV'Ahll, carrlata eleva
tor j ato-ace for from 30 to&U wifua on aacoad
floor; oat-bln and bar'ott over atabla; all called
with yellow pinei noduat orliarseetl; ground floor
futiilahcaplrntyof coach aud carriage room.uve
ttlinaluvag office and llxturea, with large, ploa.au
coaebman'a room on taird flour: brine In central
location, conreulant to t ridge and ferrloa, fa ve-
dealrable for a UUARUIM1 bTAIU.K, I IVHUY
alio lor Laker, rrreer or milkman; would alio
Kl AOU bill)!', aa oua entire aide la lighted bv aav
eral window, looklns out on vacant lota, ottering
nooLatructlon toiight and ventl atlont Ibettable
part would mike a good BLACKSMITH SHOP;
tbo leave rum to alar, 1SD4, with the privilege of
renewal for tno jetra more. Inquire of or a4
(U.i. . l.KOllUr. II. LKULlU, fuhttar llultdlng,
AVaw aor akeuuii vaiaou uluurlaea lu oiaAa
AyVJr0"' ,n 4N bourn w I hunt A I
iK49 ricuuvtnlenre. nnrctlooafMinV 1 1
5 'el" ""' '"lecllons fall. V U
Mj Chltiticr i.iij,u unuima uraaaV
Pennyroyal pills.
fOploinal ftnd Only Genuine. A
r.e, tiw.j. r.ll.Mc. eaDiaaa.k ST
UrillSl'l r 'V'lrr. irnalI,tjV
Pi iwiiJ Brand In Jied and t.aliSK9
(U.allM tKltrl. .-.I.'4 win, bl i. rltl 5T
l. Tto no .trior. lfi$ V
il.Hcroe. .lit.r.iblin,,. CJ I., tatim.
At nri ccl.t. vr ..ut It, In .lamr. ftr
ptlli-i.l.r., irulliiioul.li au "l.-r
ur I n.llca," In I.iict-, It relnra Mail.
MI,oOf T.iilMnl.u Vjw.f.V.
Jjl..lM,if r . lirraloul C., lladl.on Kuar-a,
tout by .in iMi.i nru;'.i im dad..!'.
Direct l.lne ti Magara Fall.
All tralni arrive at and depart from Oram! C'cn.
tralMitlon, tne only railroad .latiuu lu the oily uf
JSv Yurk. 1'ralnii leave aa Irillow.i
tS.UO A. ,tl. bUfllti: blAlii KXI'ltLSS-
eaatrjt train In tlie uurld. Nueittaiare Ar-
rliealluBalOD 10 P. M.. Illajnon 4.41 l. U
0!,U A.,.l.-kAsl' lAll-lur Albauy, Sara-
toja, fiiica, KIcMl.ld bpnu, ftracu.e, llo h-
e.tr, flataila, llulTalo.
w,'v,.A.'.Ji;-;?A,"A'l0"A' i-AKK (iKoiuie
AM) MU.NTUUAL bl'H lAl.-l'.leept hmidaia,
tor .-.ril.iji. Adlroudack Mouultlun, ltutla id
and Vlujlrel
10 00 . ll.XltW JOI'.K AMI CIIICAliO
r.ollBJI.i'. LIMIIXU-Uue at LI kaguat IMS
A . i, oil da;.
IO..O A. .M.-IIAV UXPIlHSS.-Uallj eicert
I.. O I'. .vl.-IAIUToqA I.IMtTUI) (haturdar
nlj) Uiu Ir.., 3 lu I'. 11 , haraleja, o. Ill .
MMIIKII-llne Ciuolnnatl 11. in, luillauai o'i.
11. ii A. M. , ht. I.oul.. 7.15 . m ' '
I..H I'. .VI.-VVUHLIIh I'.UK cPIX'IAl.-Uua
I nicagr... UUP 1. neiti'av.
pit. IAIa l.mutbiudaia, with throe ji Uri'i.
lug.ltroin Cam.
..''JHIeU-.UueClneaan, 4. .10 ! M. nun day.
"' ,IT!,A?.T..W,:',,., INl'UI-hN-ilie
Culi. no, y l (J I'. M , M l.oun, 7.IJ . Jl
7.11(1 I'. VI.. SlUnilllt.'V.lVI.. - Due
Jlciiticalat , 111 A ll..l.urlnlun. 4 J,!'lalt.
lo''. Ulcouili gJa'i, I0.J8, Mara uo Lik.,
".till I', II. HUH All), SIAt.AUAKtt.l.SAKU
lllOtfsAXl. IbLANIl'liVlCIAI. UuV ItA."
D.46A J ' N",W'"-' " J A M ""'I Ctayleu
'.'".A'jjf. ''.l'.v.-A,l',",Af'i;, AND
lllllllSANl) ISLAM) alM'l.lAL-l)io I'lil
hialth'a 10U3 A. II., Sara!,.v, 1U.4U A. M.
I .ipuvr Uka. II fVi A. .VI , t .il',l.,l. u.ju A.
U. . Uailn'Kl.ruil I. anil.), &. A. 1.
i',! i".ihr,,T f'T, "K.ln!"'". " '" L ldl i
apnii., y.r.o m. , m, im, 7. , -, j, i
Il.tDI-. .VI -ILM.ri.lirAhr -MAIL- Mteplug.
car pa.sa.igara fur II.., he.lrr only..
I'llTriHU.I), LKMl.V .Mllli'll AHA .1 NU
IUU IIMlKSIlllU. ,II Li 1 voChriMrll lrli
'IKAI.-tJ.ni V. vi ,ii,ui, t.hru 1 lu i. Vj
Ailth AiOiitia'J.uO l J. t I ,"tU r. VI. 11 l'iti!i'
'."J;!!1. "W.i ' ; ... i111 v . '.'I.V.
Belli C "SI' ,'""ll,1,"Ml",ril, airlvolMl.
J or II.1.11 o'l Kijl Iriinv llcl.n mt ..
atll'-ill 41.1. 1H, I'tJ linn HH7.V.13I iilun.l ,4
V'.V ' !.! '.' 'A'"1 "' ' " I 'SSUi .1. .lall.ui. .,. v
Ion., .:.i ivaaiiiiieii :-ju rultun i. u.id 74
Lri.j...), I, I)., lli.ii.iiyi,
TDalieeiieithiiuitii lllher Irclna i"a!lr
Abuve IMli a, e.,. pi Ih. vlu a, h 11 j in
;'ii,,;V,i-V,-v;;,,il;,u"u,,',-'"'l,u"' .!
.101 .N.M llll'il v., l.tlUK.iMI HAMI'LS,
aiievnl MAna.'er l.en'1 I'aa.i ai;r Aiaht, I
Same of tlie rV.ngors Were Fa3ucn-
Kern on the Oellert.
bCTeral tnenibcr4 uf thn Arlos Society, who
bavebvun traveiim tliroiieii Gennaay lor
the past six wei Ih imd rceclvlnc nvutluns lu
every elty.airlvril tht4iiioriiliiir on tho btenrtv
hhln ocl.eri. 'Ihej- ore t m llrt nf lit Arlune
to return. 'I be oihem will romf bek iti Uit
icrout pirtlvsuurtuc thtri.f.i ivru wteks.
;.A..'Jf-ly.S2ji.'ilJ?.i.-Wl'C.V'... t . y
X CJIOJCJS LOTS 1'ltOM $100 'JO $2,70,
T by the O-rman-Ainerlotn Ileal L'atate title elutrantee Co,
! Free Excursion Sunday at 10.55 A. iii. j I Free" Eiearal'on Daliy at 2.15 ?'."vi, ''
A mmtmtmttmmmtmmkmmmummammmimtwmmtmmmmt mt ! Iaw i mmtn iw iimii aiini g ,
V from Harlem Ihllan (irand Ontral Vt n&t, ! t from Hit. cm Dtrislnti (t to rul Centrtl I)pnt
A : and Iron Mott JJatvu htatlon 10 ultimo '. . mil from Molt Hatuti httloq 10 iiiluulet :
m tatrr. litnr. ; j
&r Tickets to Be Had from Our Agents at Either Depot,
Iron Steamboat Company,
TO-DAY'S Tlflli: TA1II.1!'.
Toil CONhY IHLAND-lrom West S3llt , N
It., U.UO, 10.00, 11.1)0 A. M. , 17 M , l.ur, II',,
V.SU. .1.111, 4.11). B '.', O.llll, 7.00, H OD. V.liOF.
M. t'ro.it 1'ier tnerr) No. 1 N, K. Inoir Ualterr
llaee elation elevated roata), l.UO. 11) tlO, II. .Ill, .
A. M.j 1X311, 1,30. l.lb, d.Oi', J. 4,1. I 40. P 311. '
r. :to. i.ao, fl..to, ti iu I'.il. iiriruitNINO Flut
CO.M".V ISLAND-lli 40. 11,40 A. It. I 1?.0,
1.40, i.tll. 3 21, 4.10, 0.00, S.46, .40. 7. 41),
U.IU. 1.40, 10 40 1. it.
Oll Bhl.lih.N IMIKr-rain Urldge Do-l.,
(Irooklin, U.IIO, 11.00 A.M.; 1,00, 1.00 6 on;
T.00 l". M. lrora.llit i.. h, H., o 51. 11 "J.1 A,
M.I l.i6, 3 'JC, r..'J5, 7,'J5I. M. Vrom 120!h at.
!'. R,, II 611. II. Ml A. M.j I. BO. s no, Mil
at 11.00 A. M. i 1 00, J.UU, COO, 7.00 and O.UO
1'. M
J.xniraion tn Coiier Inliinil an Onto.
I..rnilnii lo llelilen l'olin 40 C'cnla.
Erie Lines. Every Sunday.
Simla cibd, $1.
107 ml'ea from New Torlr. nn th bank, of the
I eantlfnl Delaware Itlver. 1,000 feet above the ai-a.
Leave Chamber..!. D.J0A.1L, Weat'ildaLSI 'J5A. .
M. Naarl Ohouraal llieule'e lli'lne b U.OO F.M. I
Greenwood Lake, w
44 mllea frnrn New York In thamldat of aprimeva ,
forrat, 1,000 feel above tide water. Leave t'ham
1 era at. 10.00 A. M 23d at. V.bi A, 14. Un. ur
7.2aorD.J7 V. Al "
zr Island
TU. 'intb.it., Mouth Jtrnnhlrn l'errj. loot
oi blteball t., at Ilrtiterj. Knot hrtilse
romieciliic wltb LlcTutei Iralim IiiiUb to
TUB WEST END ROUTK rnna throngh the molt
plcture.qje aeetlon of Ing lalaud and lam a )..
aenaera near .Paln'a llretiorke. 'lialn. lunneot
with boaia aa followa
LeAVl.NKWyuKK7. 7.30, 8, 8 30. 0. 9.U0,
10. 10 30, 11 SO A.M., 12.30, loan half hourly tu
' nr. u..i. loi'. m.
. KKi UllMMO, lut train Iravea Conaj laland for
30lhM. lerrj and Union Depot, llrooklju, l'J
Excursion Tlchcla 35c. rbrnpeat of nny
and College Point
T (I - .11 O It 11 II V. N V N.II A Y .
Twenty mlnntoa' daliebtf ni aall bj elegant eteam.
boatalrom loot Ka.ttt'Jlh at.tLlavated UK.toll m
tWtliat., both lid and ad avta.lfor Collece 1'otnt
HIIIJIII.Y.from 7 A. M. to 0 1. M DoaU tn
,.Ir.,i,.'.,.r. NorI1 Doh IHUIUI.V, Irrui 7
Af.l.!f.lAA5,r'- ou 'Ijcnat onlv, tban I1ALI'
iKllJUI.Y tllfll 1-. It? Uat boat from Norlb
lloacli 10,30 P. 11. I'nrr III 1,'eiila.
lo NOltllt IlKAOti alao br elegant 8ummer
hor.erar.vla Ka.s 34th at,, and hieetrle ear. ru
1 a.t'JJ.Iat. fernea. Ull. l-ui e fi fent.
, ,MitV II4Y SU.ljrtTviT( 111""'!'.'
.,n..";:,.r."",1.!1!,.,.hc, 1I'MNIIU HUDSON to
STEAMERS LEAVE f 3th St.. N. R..
landing at 34th at,, N. R., ttve mlnnta. later.
llOII.tl.V r IJOll A. M. -I'll It) i', .11.
llrand ltound )lcurlon, 2i. Mnnr'ai. Ana. Jn.
JIJITM.NOW IM'!'. i'OIM'I.Atl'l'KltJJ r;
blranier. leave l.llh at. ilandlnir a Jlth.i , N
L-.. 10 nilnulva later). "J, !!', 11 A. Jl , U M.. I
i. !l. M..Jll, ;. 8 .10, 0 llan.i 11 I'. II. Leaii
lortL.e'7. 'Nlll.MI A. Jt , 12 At , M. S. M.
I.JO. e. '7. IS. h.JO a id 10 JL Lull -atc. all
Intermediate lmllinr are made. Wmiiur. aud
Dallj lime, Uthat , 10, 3, 4.T, Hand It) IN 11.
BUKtlAY I'XrUllMON Hleamerv hea Hint and
Alliartfna will leave New Vorkirot of I lanklin
at hniday, July 'J4, lor Itlelilanii. and llliililinil
Ilea; h only at fi Oil A. 11. lur lllil.lan l, IIirIi
land lleacb.llel Hank and Inle.-iiiBiiiatn landl.rira
..' ,..3U .Vi V; Iii1"'!,1'" Ie He I bunk e'1'.i.O
V. M.. HluliliMd. it 3. JO and 4,30 IN M. I'nur.
aion, Ztic.
S2( I'nRHIS'TO 7''St"P01N T. NewbTng and
I'ougnkeeiule dai'y (eacut cm .lir by Aibiny
Ia-liiie.tcaiur.ut J A. It frum W. aid.t.vlcr,
ni . .'j "ltXK i:i.i.
1 Ire large.!, Umai aupointed and l.ivett prlcvl
I ril.ela.4 Dental toncern In tbe Utiitotl Slate..
I ttraiting ulth ii ro lrh gei lnudo..i the i.rcm.
hra j.vr day) fu ., mttiout am, 35.. 1'tllii.ic.
inrt. 10. hi, i..lj il 60up.
rei I If. if il. I it, Mret.t rr Hmnlnv.
?f.')J.Xi!,J.K--W "'' ,ltiJrrlielnnl4lliaL
,i71.,,)J!,!.IjVT,"! ' ,""M' ", "tr Kim pUce.
.II.HHLi LU Y-Ouruer YorL end t.rufo t..
('n-m, x-mwtrr" rfr'rrf I'nltlii:;!
UiM.i. ftr n- ii ml 'r lie list A '. t
tiiiLtiiAr lot limiavUt'u.tliif-,
i I'ti tiln. tfiiit ot rrmh. I 1 1 i , i
, t'fl H'n AVI',, I
'. vine iiimiiit. . iAi::.jnsr
taUBNTAM I I. liiriilliirerraTlv autT ulMiuul
rl.ali dtinrili lorre'-t eieht v.veu. MU'IiUju
I'llllilttile AkOlit, 'JiJ Weil 'JJtal,
nTi:NOCiTtAl;llVamt typewrllini; lewonv it 111
l.loaueaj,A, '. , li l u.a 41 er vea tied ur wriv.
JLilTlll r PAllfSlhiiTri of tl.rae room. In iJvitl
on C4th .1., Iie.wten loihaim 11m avv.. tiliex
nouaei Lave I f an lorniifbly cuvated and are In
tlrrt'claa. orttari romatime a a to tlUtorra t in
klftlowSII. Abilal SU Ye.t l)4l a.,W. P.
JUo A Lu.
100 Choice Lois oil Seal Eslax
GEORGE W. BARO, Auctioneer
I vrili sell tt itrtion on 8ATURPAY, Rfptimhi
n. 1H'..2. i2l M . In Dip prrnitxn. undtr ln
Intit, tht 1 tun lot K(1ofniric thn well know
.lOM'H nu MnCVOY -.tt In the (11Y .
.MOUNT Vl'It ON, niilh Kbit U-ufn lUHrou:
Ati'1 wooDLvWaN.ou t.io llr.ra ltallionl.withl
41)0 re( fl the linr.ectr line in MuJut rao
on a .(r'ualkti, Speclnl trainn on 1ar u( at!
Tilled m aramoctl and mured free of oort. Kl.ti
moth ttrfi Inmh m-rfi-il itrn-. msuF, phot,
urapih, full particular.! Ami liases of l.TOKO
U. I1AKII, Auctlop". Mtuiit Yernnon. N. V
ami , J OH IS A. AMIJNl)au.V, Homey, HCUroa.
way, Ntnr Ycrt City.
at Tine lew, N. .1 . only 93 and upward App1
to i.lt;i: iV: CO.. 341 Yl'eatODIIiat.
Long Island Railroad'!
Manhattan Beach
fill.JlOltll'H lA.tlDDX UONLXllT
Al Ti:itM)(). AMI rVKNlM'.
I pavk poor UAr :14m st.
n.20, S.40. 10.10, 11.10 A. M , 1J.40.1.40. '3.IH
J.tiU. M.&u. .". 10. and halt linurlV lhnre.lt
lroniO.lotoU.40P. -M. AUUIIIDNAl. T1U1
en naturdaya, 3.10, J, 10, 4.10, 6 10 P. M. I ni
i I. .1. I . laioua) . l.'.lll I. 111. j 10. :i.lll.4.1
r. 10 P. M . Kundaja, H.10, 10.10, 11.10 A. M
13.10. M.20, 1.40. '2.-20, 3.40. '.'..il). J.40. 4.3
and li.ll r nourlr Horn 4.40 tu 0.40 P. M.
WlllTlill LI. MT.. icrminu. of all elevati
roada and .treetcar line, hr urly from 7. 10 A. ?
to l.lo P.M., and ball-hourly from 1.401OB.
P. .11. AUDlileiNAL TKA1N batnrdaya, li
P. AL 1 on !'. 1 .1 U race day., 11 4U A. A'
I J ot' M.ibundaya hourly from 0.10 A. 11.
9.10 P.M. ,
lTheaetralnaare faet eipreaa. Time, 30 ml
ntea from I.. L Olty. Noatoi.1 IParlor ear. 1
ah trainr.) ,
Every rrentre at t.HO, except cunday Jl Monday
AD.lIlMSIO.-y. t5 C'KT-.
Oriental and Manhattan Hoials.
pim: Kiie).is-i;.ci:i,i.u.NT titusiM
11, T..I5, tl.ir, 10.05, 11.10A..M.I 1.'. 00. 1.0
1. 15, 3.00. 2,i&, a.05 4.0J. 0. e.08, Mil
P. 15, 0.U0, 'J.JO, 10.35, '1U 55 P. SI, Maturdaj
hunday. T.l.', 0 19, 10 13. 10,45, 11. OG. 11.1'
ll.ro A M.i 13.15. 1.05, 1.35, 1.45,!
V.r.J, U.10, ;t.4t, 4 15, 5.15, P.15, 0,4d, I.IW
7.33, 7.5J. 8.11, 8.3'i. 0.10, U. J3, 1U.3J P. AL
ITAVP lOOr KAST S4TII ST., N. Y.,lt.ll
7.50, 10.50 A M. 1 1.30, 4.30, 5.30. 5,50, 0.5.
10.00 P. il. Rundaia, 8.40, 10 3D A M. ,1'i.it
1. 50, 3.50, 3.CJ, 4.5J, 7.U0, 7.50 P. M.
Wlivp liKUiUTO.'J IIC (Ull,
110A1D 111
Bay Ridge Ferry,
Ctunpcting at 17 UHc ttIIi
Culver Route and
Sea Beach Route,
leave foot of Whitehall at., termlnne nt eleven
li'Lds, llriradrray and 7lb are. Una, and Ualt llai
tourlylrom 7.10 lo HMO and bait Hourly try;
10.40 until 1.411 and 10.30 P.M. hundeya, H.H
V,lUand,40, tnj lull Hourly to 1. 10 P. Al. "!'
evarv 30 minuio. to 0.10, and at 0.40, 10.11
10.40. fait tralua leave Couey Jalaud daily a
11.01, hunday., II. '.'0 P. U. Lacuralou llckeU
lunula, lime, 40inluete.
lA !. DVIt.MVAl, OI' VF.MflE A
I. t Oil I lltltWOItUo
At We.t Drlgl.tju every nijlit etoept Alonday.
3T77iSV3-r '",, '" '
-rfcV7)lYv&w niagnltlce
& SwHIriJIU. r""r ''I II
?ZSil fM ?dl:5kWV llgMllllaalll.
fi &l 'Ovy iVWl , 1) OVi '" ateanieri
Kfl-i&ffi&whm EJSjWoutieifuih
ra ff4fi fetr W?irrV''enual
SvaKV' n.i.lm. !
Iri anl ll'lianlv, rteain I annjlua ocuu'r.
llllii l.'alid ll.alnlil,. Dinner a Ut'XTte.
I HOfl I llTT.Vs"lVl!l.l."'V,.:ilJlal.. ,.
0 i 0 5, 1M4J. A. V. i 13.00H.I L.10,-.J
SI. ill. MM'. Il IM)M nail Ml'.. IVlv,J.(
)U l II, iu.,1 l, II, JO A. It. 13.45, 3.1 i.l:K
4 1.1. s f. v. si m in ii mi nr, miimM.s
'.".IS U 10.01, II 0A. M i 13.30, 1.8", J.W
.Ml'. J,5) 1'. V. UtOM III.KN lBLAHI'. I''.
A. SI, lur )li II up I Uil at. I 11,411, U "
Pler.lniil ALL LA.M)lMe). J, 5,8.30,.
and 1,11 P, l ,.
lie.- -i. I UION TIC'KKT"7T;Ilfj
lllll IIOA'l.l HlJ..l)AVnANlljaiLIUT3
J.hirin. liMie. ,uot ul .la e t,t . li. II. . v
A. V. I eavaa L.-nc hraacli 4 P. SI. i."
llilila ,'Uie.itv, -
a..-di"iiii: AMrnicA nittNt. .
luu luatfiiit c til U'ua. ii i oiuiuodioea iteanar
, UAYqlMX,
I a tain ,1a ie Lvnen, ,.
will rvi.'iee tho Totehe.ier an I male Ihv revl
him ii lit. a iii AKMllUIUI. . ,,,i,i
Uu.llrij.t Yonleu, Lin. I. land and Meitl';'."'
IvarluK tlnd. Uma, Br-otiin. ,iu A. SI.j ""
llllh at., .. II . 0,11, ll.il 31 .!. . I'.'.J. "
liatlanyltle, lilitli.t.. 111.00 ,
Daierrl 41pi ltelnw.t Hand In rtiiUerej""
tarjltlieeir4uaiiiur.ioa, OOceout,
. f . . - S hi

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