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Fw Want "The LighrTFMid'TarGoeslWTdor7m"sWorU
,r, Terrific Fire in a Paper-
;: Box Building on
i Wooster Street.
I til
Scores of Girls Caught
Behind a Blazing
, Flames Spread to tho Prince
Street Police Station and a
Tenement House,
" Four Alarma Boundod, While En
v. gines Were Hard to
$ Obtain.
-" .
jj k Fireman and a Girl Fatally Hurt
"u Several Other Persona
Severely Injured. -
one o: the fiercest fires In tbe history of the
arj.gooda district broke out at 10 o'ctoet toll
morning on the first floor of the five-story
U. brick building at 120 Wooster street, ocou-
pioa oy tho United states Frame and Picture
J U'lnpany.
Klve iicroiis nro known to have been seri
ously injured besides being burned.
J) Tho Injured.
' Mary gcnkxzo, seventeen years old, SIB
, Thompson street i employed in Wagners
paptr-box factory ; badly burned about tbe
J nee and arms while alternating to pass from
tnewladnws of tbe fourth flooi of No. 124 to
bi.se ot 122 Wooster Btreet; taken to Bt. Vin
cent's Hospital.
Mart km.br IIanlt, twenty-three years
old, ot 2" Henry street. Burned about tbe
i, luce, bands und body whllo trying to pass
' from tin? windows nt 124 to those of 123 oh a
l.irj;iei , the Haines reaching her from the win-
Urn , oeloir. Taken to St. Vincent's Hospital.
Wn i UM 1). Britnnv, atred forty-eight, lives
In Tompkins nrenue, Brooklyn. Employed In
.o1i1It-j"i United states picture-frame shop.
burned and bruised. Taken to SL Vincent's
Jacoii Lanoweiser, fireman of engine 33,
med forty years, was Injured about the head
and face, nut was able to walk home.
Morris Stack, fireman of engine 27. burled
uoqcr falling walls, and taken out bruised
and bleeding. He will probably dlo.
The building in which the Ore started Is one
' ot three big buildings, 182,124 and 120
Wooster street, extending back towards
Greene street nearly one hundred feet
and occupied principally by a papcrbox fac
tory and small tailoring concerns.
The building xo. 120 is ono door from the
corner of Prince street.
i Tho appearance of smoke issuing from the
i first floor ot tho building attracted tho at-
tentlon ot Sergt. Harry, on duty In tho l'rlnce
; street station, directly across tho street.
He sent out an alarm and roused there
serves from their beds In tbe upper stories.
Copt. .Mccullagu was In tho station-house at
tnotlmoand ho telegraphed for rosertesot
tlio Ninth, Tonth and Fifteenth Police Pre
cincts. 1 Hero was some delay before the firemen
armed owing to the nro which was then
burning In the Metropolitan Opcro-Uouse
hating callod most of the flrcmon below BeT-inty-s,econd
The flames soon spread through tho build
ing and to Nos. 124 ana 122.
Crowds began to pour into Wooster and
l'rlnce streets and tho wildest excitement
Ibe poopio in tho burning buildings rushed
into the street, and those in the upper stories
ran over tho roots ot tho adjoining bouses.
Tnonlaims for engines were followed by a
'bird, andwhon tho engines from tbe lower
Part of the city reached the sceno of tbe nro
ine three buildings were ono roaring mass of
Nearly two dozen streams of water were
. irected "L'alnst the red-hot mass, but for a
'one Urns they had no apparent effect.
J bo names soon spread to tbe old f our-story
wick dwellings 120. 122, 124 and 120 l'rlnce
The north wall and front of the Wooster
'ireet buildings fell at 10.30 o'clock with a
"Mil that hurled some of the flamtng ma
"al UM "ealnst tbe side of tbe station-house
Meiv minutes later the three upper stories
"IUl0l' lce street buildings collapsed and
"U'npej tons of brlolt and mortar on tna
nlU!?' nic1u. o' tho second Battalion, by
'l!l"""rt on " scene and ho et
Halt a dozen special calls for anginas.
or then arose that than werwover oas
hundred girls in tbe paper-boi factory at the
time tho lire broke out.
Next it was rumored that nearly halt ot
them bad been caught In the building and
were suffocated.
('apt. Mccullagu sent a roundsman and a
squad of policemen around tho neighborhood
to scrlfy the report.
A few minutes later two policemen brought
Into lh station-house Nary Kllon Hani)-,
whose face and clothing were burned.
Dr. Edward J. Donlln, of Houston streot,
examined the girl and lound that her injuries
were probably fatal.
My this time reports of more persons being
burned and otherwise Injured caused capt.
McCullagh to summon ambulances from BU
Vincent's and the Mew York Hospitals, and
with tbe arrival of tbt ambulances camead
dltlonal crowds of men, women and children.
At 10.40 o'clock a portion of the rear wall
ot tbe Wooster street buildings fell, and
Firemth Langwasser, who, with another
fireman, was directing a stream, went down
with It.
Several brotber-nrcmen went to his as
sistance and extricated blm from tbe mass of
debris. He was found to be suffering from
burns and cuts and bruises, and he was taken
in an ambulance to St. Vincent's Uojpltal.
At tbe time it was thought tbat the other
fireman had been caught by the falling wall,
but he was afterwards found to hayo saved
himself bj jumping.
During all tbls time the fire raged with
such lury that the firemen began to fear that
It would spread to the buildings Nos. 107,
100 and 111 Oreebe street, directly In tbe
rear ot the Wooster street buildings.
Flying sparks, together with tho Intense
heat, bad already melted the tin covering on
tbe root of the stfttlon-house. The bricks on
the l'rlnce street side of tho building were
scorching rapidly and It was necessary to
keep a constsnt stream on tho building to
prevent lurther damage.
At ll o'clock the firemen were re-enforccd
by two more engines from uptown, and tbo
work of saving the buildings in the neighbor
hood tbat stood In danger ot Igniting from
filing sparks was vigorously pusbed forward.
Twenty Thenaaaa Hpectmtere.
At 11.40 o'clock there were not less tban
80,000 people gathered In the narrow streets
tbat lead to tho scene of tho fire.
The air was black with the smoke and
stifling with tbo fumes otthe burning wool
on the first floor ot the building mo and 122
booster street, occupied by Belt, Butler
The fire bad extended by an "L" to the
buildings Nos. iuo, 1S2 ana 124 Frlnoe
street, occupied by small tradesmen and as
tenements by their families.
But the Bremen had bigger gamo to light
for od the Wooster street side, for the great
warebomses and factories were In Imminent
Andes the fire was permitted to lick about
the timbers ot the bulldldga in rrlnco street
which had already collapsed, and a painted
Indian standing among the debris In front of
tbo ruins that was once the Widow Weinman's
cigar store, was, slowly robbed ot Its paint by
tbo flames.
MeonUlle Cbluf Donner stood at the
corner and watched his men struggling to
master greater conflagration In the Wooster
streot hives of Industry, and struggling t
save tbe corner building, in which was tbe
saloon ot Charles Kern.
As Bonner stood watching, forces ot men
from Bngtnes 27 and 33, who had mounted to
the roofs ot the buildings and were pouring a
flood Into tho seething cauldron below, there
came a warning r-r-lff I
Fall of tbe Walla.
There was a cry from on the roof and a re
sponding sbrlck from the gathered thousands
on the street as tbey scattered, and then
there was a mighty roar and a crash.
The front walls of No. 122, 124 and 120
Wooster street had fallen in a heap.
Fiom tbe heap aroso a great black cloud of
dust, but ere It bad cleared away tbo firemen
on the street were rushing pell-mell upun the
new-made mound, which might be the grave
mound of their fellow flre-nghters.
As the air cleared a halt dozen firemen
clambered down tbe fire-esoape on No. 120,
and as tbey descended yelled tbat some of
their fellows had gone down with collapse ot
the building.
The nremen became sappers and miners
and worked with lightning speed on tbe heap
of debris.
Firman Niaek Hroeaht Oat.
Tbe crowd closed In upon tbe workers and
capt. Mcuullagh and his men could not drive
them back till, after ten minutes' work, tbey
dragkod out tbe bruised, bleeding, uncon
scious form ot Morris stack, a fireman ot
Knglno 27.
But there wcro more, and hllo men car
ried stack to tbo police station oter tbo way,
others continued the digging. Ibey soon un
earthed Fireman .McCoy, 01 Kngluo 'SJ, but
bt-forn they had a ennnco to examine him he
was at work with tbo rest. He was unin
jured. Another man was liberated a moment later.
He bad a badly bleeding band, but bound a
handkerchief about It and resumed work.
The whole pile was turned over, but no
other Injured man was found.
Kxlreme IJudlon nfrrrnt.
Stack received extreme unction from a
priest of St. Anthonr'H Church. He was
taken to St. Vincent's Hospital, Buffering with
contusions of tbe bead und back, a broken
left leg and probablo internal injuries. Ho
may die.
The Dumas.
The buildings Involved In tbo flro were oc
cupied as follows:
Belt, Butler A Co., large hahdlers of wools
and raw furs, tbe whole of the nvestory and
bosoinent buildings 124 and 12H Wooater
stieet. stock completely destroyed. Loss,
100.000; insurance. aiu;i,omi.
(lolaberg's United States l'lcturti and Frame
Coinnany, basemont of 124 atd 12(1 Wooster
street. Loss about 620,000.
M. Bloomcnstok.manuiacturerntclotb hats
and caps, second floor ot 124 and 12U. Loss,
(75,000; insurance, 440,000.
W. J. Kelly, printer, third tloor of 124 and
120. Loss, 1O.000.
Tbe two top floors of 124 and 12(1 were used
as a paper-box factory by 11. Wagner. Loss
Tbe next was tho corner ot l'rlnce Btreet,
occupied on the ground floor as a saloon by
Charles Kernes. Tbe other floors wero used
as lodging-rooms. Tbls building was bndly
damaged by water.
In Prince street tbe first bouse back of
Kern's saloon was 124, occupied on tbe
ground floor by an Italian barbor shop and
the Widow Weinman's little ilgar store,
while tbe famllle. 01 these iwople lived
above. Loss, a 10,000.
Tbe building 122, one story, occupied by a
shoemaker, 1'lsvne I'ordon; loss about
No, ieo was tbe tbree-atory brick renldrnca
of Charles Kern. Destroyed. Loss 10.000.
The store No, lis u J. Uugo'a tauery,
wnich was flooded by the flr.meu.
At 1B.IW tbe Are was under control
TkeKMMarMtl8iat4tobe sto.Ooo 011
theTmlwing, whiah were old structure, and
about lao.ooe oa their content.
Wins the Futurity Stakes
of '92 at Stieeps-
head Bay.
The Tims 1-12 1-5 Lady Violet
Runs Second to the
Excitement Intense as the Young
store Oiroled the Traok for
tho Big Prize.
BnKErsnEAD Bat Hack Track, Aug. 07.
Tho Futurity stake ot 'OS has been won by
Lady violet was second.
Belladonna was third.
Tims 1.13 1-5.
This Is a new record for the Futurity event,
though not for tho distance. ,
Fides ran a full three-quarters of a mile at
tbe New Yoik Jockey Club's track May 31,
1800, in 1.10M.
Ibis was a tour-year-old's performance,
however, while to-day's winner was, as the
race conditions requlrod, a two-year-old.
The first and second horses In to-day's
Futurity were Kvkiino Would tips as they
HxcltfMrnt laterise ae the Ysanarsters
Nped Araaa the Track.
rsfrrtAL to inr ktiimhb wnnt.n I
SnrBrsnsAD Bay Race Track, Aug 27.
The excitement was great when the young
sters came out for tbe big Futurity contest
at this track this alternoon and each was
greeted with applause.
Tbe Kbret pair were first on the track, with
St- Domingo following closely. Hammle, Pat
Malloy, Jr., Gov. Foraker and bpartan came
next In short order.
1 bo applause was deafening wbon Morello
slowly paraded by tbe stand, Billy Hay ward
holding tbe great colt steadily and looking
very determined.
Then came Uncle Jess, Plutus, Mirage, tbe
Belladonna colt, Lovelaoe and tbe rest.
As Lady Violet came along again the ap
plause was great.
Morello was a big favorite, Lady Violet
second choice and Lldgcrwood third.
Tho were kept at tbe post for a few minutes
only, and the starter caught them well
bunched and sent them away to a beautiful
Lovelace got away in front, and Undo Jim
second and Morello third.
At tbe quarter tho Belladonna oolt bad tbe
command by half a length and held It to tbe
Morello was second and Lady Violet third.
Hounding tutu tbo stretch Morelllo moved
into tbe lead and Hayward hit blm once or
twleo wltb tbe whip.
Tbe big colt responded gamely and, draw
ing away, won by two lengtbs.
Lady Violet, under Garrison's vigorous tid
ing, boat The Belladonna colt a uock for tho
After tnc race tbe winner got a terrlllo ova
tion. When Hayward dismounted and weltbod In
tbo crowd lifted him Into a big floral horse
sboe. Tbe following tablos shows tho positions ot
tbe horses through tbo race i
Tbe Futurity, a uweopalakes for two-year-olds:
2."i each; all starters to pay 210 addi
tional; the coney Island Jockey Club to add
12,r00; Futurity course.
Marirr. irin. Jirkni. flrl. lilt. ri.
Mm In lia,,ll.;w1rd, h" 11
1.iiolt llS,.u.rrUoii,. s 41 -i
IoIUDomci.coM. .116..1Uinlltou.. I In SI
AnnlF. colt US., Him. V 6 4
hp.rt.u ,llS..Ht.n.bn,10 7 &
lii...., 11-' .l.ml.ni-u s r,
Unci. Jim., Uli,.UotfH... 2 8 7
Lld.on.ood HI8..Klo.u. .... 1 'in N
l!nd Ja 113,.lll.ka. B I) I)
piuiu. ui..(;i.itiu...io in io
ll.uiml. llH.X.mhl.r ..II 10 11
tilrlr.net lln. Nr.lo.. 13 li I'J
Hot. 1 oraker .. ,.HA .1'ort.r, ...l.i IS U
P.tM.llo;, jr 10 4 .A.Uutinst'nli li 14
Max ...... li..K.r.... . 1 15 11
i.ot.. lilt liiroj IS 19 IS
8:. lloinln.o , .llH..U.fSn ...it 11 17
Poll llettlnff.-Mor.llo, 11 to band 4 to & Lady
Violet, a and.r.n.
Ltds.rwood, QandQi UnciaJ..., ISandfi.
lt.ll.donnacolt, IS.ndO: Lor.laoa, ISandS,
hlr I'raucl.. 2b nu i). ll.uiml., .11) and to
num., luao'l 111: AinUr. colt, so and 10.
Unol. .1.... tO to 1 and 10 to 1 1 Dpartau, 40 to 1
p.l Maiiujr, ;u.,ei and SO 11: Mir..., TSand
35 to 1.
Frluv, 60 to 1 and W to 1 ! (Jot. Fot.k.r, 69 to
land VOtol,
Mutuels paldi Straight, 17.00; place,
$10.50. Lady Violet paid ls.:o.
Wlaaers, Jaekeye aad Tlase af Raaaiaat
a Bbewa fey Ibe Itecarae,
1M8, jVroctOT Knott, rldasn by Bane, car.
t7lng 113 lb., won in l.lo 1-3.
The band of Indians who have declared for Harrison should be added to Mr. Clarkson's collection of "ladies
bicyclers and school-children." World Editorial.
1881). Chaos, with Day up, carrying 100 lb.,
won In 1.10 4.5.
1800. Potomac, ridden by Hamilton, carry
ing 11C lb., won In 1.15M-
1801. His UlghneBs, ridden by J. McLnugb
lln, carrying 130 lb., won In 1.1J 1-3.
Thrcf Brilliant Hlnkn Kveula llrsldc the
ItrcctAi. to Tnr rvtiT wo woRtn. 1
SnxxrsnKAD Hat Hack Track, Aug. 27.
When tho buglo called tho horses to tbo post
for tbo Drat lace at bhecpshoad to-day tbo
weather was dark and Bloomy. About noon
the sun tried to peep through tbe clouds and
lend a inoro pleasant aspect to things, but
only for a few moments did It succeed. Then
It bid again behind tho leaden-hued clouds.
Early In tho day peonlo commenced gather
ing in tho grand Bland, and tho prospects
were good, betoro tbe great erent was run,
tor a mucb larger crowd than was at first an
ticipated. A big gang of men wero kept busy harrow
ing tho track all during tbo morning, but It
was atlll very deop with mud, and It became
sore tbat tbo Kulurlty of IHI12 would bo tbe
first to bo run over a bad track.
Tbe card for tho day was nn excellent one
as a whole containing seven well-fllled
events, four of which weiu stakes.
'1 be stake ovonts beside the Futurity wero
tho Average, at a mile and thrco-slxtecnths:
tbe Dolphin, at a mllo a and furlong, and
the Green, at a mile.
Jacob Kuppcrt added bis colt St. Domingo,
by su Blaise Lady Primrose, to tbe Futurity
list late in tbo afternoon. Tbo oolt was to
carry 10s pounds.
Thirteen horses wore originally namod to
go to tho post for the opening race, but lx
wero withdrawn. Pot omac was a hot favorite
and was never beaded.
'1 lie light tor tno place hntwoen Gold Dol
lar, Tormentor and llooj was 11 good one, tho
thrcii flnlsblng necks apart In that order.
Klgbl of tbe original seteuttcn starters en
teica In tbe sccouo race at tlvo furlongs, for
two-) ear-olds, wero snatched, leaving nlno
to race the starter. The Morris illly, Mlnne
huba, was a but invorlto anil put tho talent
In a good humor by simply gulioplng all tno
way, winning under a pull by a neck. Lady
Belmont, nn outsllcr, wai second just as
easily, Proclda II1I11I.
Gideon and Daly finally refused to allow
ritrpatrlck to rldo Morolloln tho Futurity
and Hayward got tbe mount.
lurluien roundly cundemnid the action of
Gideon & Daly, who were understood to
bare loaned Fltz's services for this event.
Fltz hsd ridden Morello In all sbls recent
first race.
Sweepstakes for three-year-olds and up
ward, with (1,000 added; live and u halt
Slmrlrrl. KttohU. JuJ.v.. flrl. Hlf. rim.
Potomac, IOH.,Latnllir.. 1 n MM
Gold Dollar .ll'tl. Mtup .1 4 'Jn
Torm.ntor Vii (Mrrl.on 11 a jh
Hoar, lUH,.llaniiltou. 'J :i" 4
Lallail 103..J, UmDIfj 4 1 6
llamiuot. .. tOH ot 7 7 0
Georgia. l(H..l,lltlttld li 0 7
Plu betting-Potomac, 7 l 10 and out, Tor.
raenlor, fl to 1 and H to ,s, Hold Dollar, K and 2 io
It Uanqu.t, sand 'i to It Georgia, Vi and 4 to 1:
lo.r. .0 and a to 1 , UlT.h, 70 and '.'0 to 1
After a short delay they wero sent away to
a good start.
Potomac, the favorite, was In front, and,
remaining there to the end, he won handily
by a length and a half. Gold Dollar was sec
ond, a neck before Tormentor. Time
l.os 3-n.
Mutuels paid : Mralgbt, 8.10; place, $7.20.
A sweepstskes for two-year-olds, with
11,000 added ; Are furlong.
Marf'fi. I1.AI, Jatlw: ,srf, Hlf. I'm.
?lln&ohaha 113 .LmVllold la ! la
.adr lielcuojl lit .l.I.antil. 7 'in VH
Proclda ion., II. Ml ton 6 3" J"
OotnwolUu l(S..Hr-ill ... 'I 'I 4
aladlii, lOh .llriaut .... 3 7 fi
PailanlhropUt... .110. .Ilia... nor.
..Iron. oolt. 10. .L.mul.jr ,, 4 4 7
Uarvnllu. KO.Jt.rTlo.,., 0 5 H
APanaojllljr........ S7..Pyon.,,.,., S H II
Foil B.tilna-Mlnn.h.h.. s to 5 and 3 to5
Proclda. 4 tan lu l tliroll colt, d and It Mai-
Sillo.. and iiitaladln, vQ and Si Allan. n ally.
laaJ li UdrUiloMat, Va.jR Ooaimotion.io
aud lOl rCluiaioelf tV l aad 19.
The favorite got away in front aad wa
never caught, winning) under a stirr pull by
a neck. Lady Belmont, nn outsider, out-footed
all tho others, getting tbe place, a length and
a hair before Proclda. Time 1.03 4-5.
Mutuels paid, straight, 910.00 ; place, f 8.B5.
Lady Belmont puld 20.7S.
Tho Kcllpso Stakes,a sweepstakes for three-year-olds
ami upward, with $1,000 added;
ono uillo and tbreo-slxteentba.
Stariir: Hf;AI.. Joekt: Urt. Hit. In.
In ir.jr 10(l..llinll.on.. 3 31 1'
llecKoi )2l..I.lttlin.ld. 1 4 ih
Kimtoa i'J..l..mblfr,.. 4 '4 Un
Lcp.nlu 101 .J l.amlil.jr a S 4
Hlalpnur... ,..... .100 .Doii.lt .. 11 5
1'o.t llattlnc Klnt.lon, s to Sands to tlSl.lp.
nor. 'i and to 6i Ta Trar, 7 to 2 aodat.nl
i'Fokoii, 15 and 8, Lapanto, 20 and 4.
Tbo talent wont back Into tho ring to get
some taoro of tho bookmakers' money In the
third race by making Kingston tbe favorite
and slelpner a closo second choice, Billy
Lakeland had a good thing in Tea Tray, how
ever, and won very easily by night lengths.
Kecknn beat Lepanto a length and a half for
tho place.
Tbo Dolphin Stakes, ono mile and a furlong.
, A.rffi, ,
Slartm. Whl; Jrirkiv: girmlt'l rl"',
Kntro HO,.HInoe IJ 1 4-1
Kllk.nnr 110. .Hamilton .10-6 4 -
Annall K..rnn.,, s-1 M -1
Rjllrr..., 1111 .Liltl.rtald ...911-1 7-1
l.oiiiiawail 117. H.rrlion.... 13-0 4-0
Faralar 113. Rar S-3 4-0
linlla li7,,(Jl.jln 12-1 4-1
Won by Leonawell, Anna B. second and
F.ntro tblriL
Olenmcnnd Captures thn Opening
Dash at Olouoeeterr,
l.rrciAi. to the irrMia wnm.n.1
uixiOOESTKR Rack Trace, Aug. 27. Tbe
races wero contlnuod hero to-day with six
events. Track heavy; attendants fair:
First llaco Purse $.'100; soiling; four and
rmt'-hnir furlongs Won by ulentnound; Pat.
tie cry second, Plckldene third. Iluio-o.r.Hi-fr
hn ond Raoe Purso $1100; soiling; five fur.
loiii B, -Won by lloderatc. lllcbard T. second,
Llti in Nell third. Time l.oflHj.
1'ulrd Hate Purse e.'ioo: rolling; soten
and a half furlongs. won br Vma, Golden
Heel secund and Pocatclto third. Time 1,40.
- m m
The rolumn daTotril Io Turf matter
will bo found on the Heruntl l'ge
- m mm
Bho Camo from Ilambura' Augusta,
ViotorlR Sighted.
r.rrrr!. To Tiir vrrHiso wnst.al
QbARANTtNr, S. I Aug. 27. Tbe steamship
Iliissla, from Hamburg, arrltcd at quaran
tine tbls alternoon at 1.:jo. Tlio health au
thorities lxiarded ner and remained until 2.30,
und found no cholera. Hbo was thoroughly
disinfected before being allowed to proceed to
her pier.
'Ibe steamer AugUfttR Victoria, also from
Hamburg, was algbtud OIT Fire Ulaud at 1.4 N
r. i.
Louts C. Englnhorn Shoots Illmsolf
TUrough the Head.
Ixiuls C. UelLorn, aged tblrty.socn ycar. a
German brewer residing at 070 Mrst arenuc'
committed suicide to-day by shooting himself
through the head. He was married.
Death of a Baltimore. Judge.
Irv amociateh rRr.M
BtLTiMORr, Aug. 27. Judge William A.
Stewart, of tbo supremo Court ot this city,
died ) csterday at bU homo, aged slxo-soven.
Has a Load of Silver Coin.
Tbe steamship Ems, which sailed this morn
ing for Bremen, carried 875,000 ounces of
silver and 20,000 Mexican dollars.
Ronald Defoate Salonloa In the
Kentier Btakea To-Day.
races were oontlnued here to-day, with nve
events, including the Kenner stakes. Track
soft, attendanco fair.
Purse $000, for two-year-olds ; fire and
one-bait furlongs.
f'arl.ra. Walt, Jmrmtmt. Ktral0hlitMtr.
1 Klk Knla-ht 101 Morn. 7- 0
2 Marin.rlt 100 T. Flrnn, , 6 0
J Mnoa volt . ... UJ Gillllu , . ..... G- 1
Springbuck, Pntnani and Cbl.w.ll al.o ran.
Mnoncolt took tho lead, with Marguerite
second, (in tnelowor turn Klk Knight forged
(o tho Iront and won by three leugtba from
Marguerite, who was four In front ot tbu
Nluoncolt. Time M2J.fr.
Purse $000; six furlongs.
Vmruri. might: rorltvt, 5lr'.af S.frln.,
1 Toa.no 113 Muni 'J-l
3 Llirtta 100 ..-iMiir li-1
S Lord Aarrr ... 113 .J. Hrnn 1-1
Man.l IM.nn, InfaraoandZampoat alao raa.
Toann led from flag to wire, and won easily
from Llzetta, who beat Lord Harry four
lengths lor the place. Time 1.17H-
Handicap; purse 7."0; one and one-sixteenth
Rtarltr. HW.AI.. Ja't.yt. Ktritiw hi t.llf.f,
1 lllllioi lot. II. .lone. 7-0
1 Hiiin too .F.Doan. 0-3
3 (J.mhl.r , HI ,1 tl;b 13-1
ldr Superior .nd P.ii.lon al.o ran.
Blltzen was first away and held It to the
wire Ave lengths In front of Hedge, who was
lour lengths better tban Gambler. Time
Tno Kenner Stakes; one and three-quarter
Starltr: HftfAr. Jttrktitt, tlrf)hl mitttmit.
1 flonald U9.,Morrl 11-0
I halonlca 110 I Duan. ,. . .12
3 Itlo Grand. 110 .D.Tll ... 0- 1
HtoJ Grande was first away and ted to tbo
quarter. In the last f urlusg Ronald look tho
lead and won by a length fruiu Salonlca. Itlo
urande was beaten off. Tlme-3.21J4.
rirTH race.
Purse $300; six furlongs.
StorUrt. VTttmhl: Jt... &rjht hittlnq.
1 UtUIi. 10.' Morrl. 3- 1
'J lolloit.de . I IJ f Do.ti. IS- 0
3 1acllrlao 113 .Flint ...... rl 0
.lloll.l, Lltllbctt, Ul.l.c, Fr.nk 1,., 1'aragou
and Panway al. i iaj.
Latlih started off In the lend and main
tulned It easily to tbe wire, winning tho race
from Cottonado by three lenutha, who nn
Ished two lengths better that Tactician,
third. Tlme-l.ll).
mm aw
Paper -Mill Owners Unite In What
Looks Llko One.
lirrciAL to Tnr r Bursa wonr.n.l
Tkkstot, N. J., Aug. 27. A company lnror-
poralcd beru tc-day, Mho jo capital la $3,000,.
000, baa tbe appearanco ot a paper trust, it
will bo know u as l he United Paper compnny
uud tbu Incorporators are all aoncerned In
Sapor mills In New Jcrac), New York and
Ibey are: Itnbcrt Fulton, of Monlchlr,
N. J.; I'. F. Gunkel.nf Mlddletown.G.; L buries
V. Aery, of I'lia-nlx, N. Y.; J. F. Kenjnn, of
llaldwinaville, .n. Y.; A. J. smart, of Aerlll
Park, N. Y.: J. C Kane, oi LUhart, Ind., and
Kllsba M. Fulton, of New York. It will bo
located at Paterson.
m m
Sixteen Suicides In Ton Days Be
caueo of Heat in Trieste.
ht aa.ociATiu rng...1
Tkikptf, Aug. 27. Within tbo past ten
daysslitecri persons bare committed suicide
hero while laboring under mental derange
ments brought on by tbe excessive heat.
Ilia onlr dlffaranoa b.ta a tla.ana algar aad
BiwaxaxuAcis aU.clMMciasr.tttUaiaa,v '
aate!.-rtA.A .tA ...
Moro Than 20,000 Persons at tho
Great Tournament.
turret At, to tre veiro world. 1
Manhattan Field, N. Y., Aug. 37. Nearly
20,000 people attended tbeOrand CyoUng
Carnival of tho Manhattan A. C. whlctt was
was bold al the Field at One Hundred and
Flfty.fltth street tbls afternoon. Despite
yesterday's rsln the newly prepared track
was in splendid condition and Just before the
games wcro called the threatening looking
cloud banks wlilcn overhung tbo Bky all tbe
morning broko and tho sun shone out
All tho famous local crack cyclists were on
hand to take part In tho sports Including
Wlndlc, Barber, Bcrlo. Hess and Taylor, but
tbo absence of Zimmerman, who bad an
bounced his Intention to compete, was a
Tbe officials of tbe day weru :
Referee, 11. F. Raymond. B. B. C: Judges,
George W. Carr, T. A. MoKwen, C. II. Lu
comb and A. 11. Curtis ; 1 liners, C C Hughes,
Kugeno Van sehalck and George A. A vary;
Umpires, Jainea K. bulllvan, K. A. Powers,
James T. Halghtand Leon Jlatzar; Clerk ot
the Course, li. L. Bloomneld; starter, W.
UeF. Bostwtck; Official Handlcapiier, F. P.
1 ho committee in charge of tho games con
sisted of Robert U. Muueypenny, chairman ;
V. II. DeGraaf, J. li. Anderson, J. A. Atkin
son, F. II. tlowlaud. uud L. L. Betting.
Cappa's Band, wblclt was stationed In tbo
centre of tbe lawu, rumhbed inspiring music
for tho occasion. l"he races wero started at
2.15 wltb the one imlo buudlcap, which was
tun in three heats, in 2.28 2-3, 2.27 l-s and
2.27 4-3 respectively, after a closo contest In
each case.
Tbe winners were c. S. Thompson, Mercury
H. C, in tbe nrsl beat ; II. C. Wlioelcr, M. A.
c, lu tbe recoml. and P. Grosch, tirance
Wbuelmen, in tbo iblrd. W Indie, who was
scrauh nun In tho llrii heat, dropped out
after two laps.
A limit of A minutes .IO seconds was placed
on the second oteutibo mo-mlle open race
frumthescr.itcn. The only ones in tho raco
wure Taylor, lit rlo. Hanker and 1 1 ess, tho M.
A, c. cracks, 'ibe llnish was exciting, tho
last quarter l 1m; mtde In 33 4-6 seconds,
equalling tbe ti.ick record.
'laylor un by 4 tiel from Hanker, with
llerln n closo t bit d. lime Sin. 44 1.3s.
1 he half-mile handicap brought out twenty
eight Manors and was run in three beats.
'I lie llrst beat was won b N. K. Townfcend In
l.os 4.3. hemnd heat, George II. Shannon,
Pro-pccl Wheelmen, In 1.01) 1-3. 'I bird heat,
c. h. '1 hoinpsun, ilcrcury Wheel Club,
1.0!) 1-3.
1 bo quarter mile open scratch raco was won
George. F. Tayloi, M. A. I'., In 35 2-3 seconds,
after mi exciting brush rlth Willie Winnie,
w bo got second place. Peter J. Berlo was
I ho final beat In tho one-mile handicap
was wou b) C. s. Thompson, Mercury
W. C, Willi 170 yards start In
2 minutes 23 1-3 second.. Durant .McLean,
limjurds, K. c. W. second. 11. C. bklnner,
100 yiirdit, K. o. W. third.
1 uu oue-uille run, 2.23 class, bad six start
ers. 'I bo tlmo limit was tlxed at 2.40.
Georgn A. Hanker won In 2 44 4-3, but
tlio limit wits exceeded, and It was
decided tbat It should bo run over. D. Con
nelly, M. A. C, fell on tbe last lap and was
badly cut about tbu face and legs.
In the one-mtlu open racu for a lot in
Sherman Park, and an additional prize
of a sclltalre diamond to winner
If ridden in 2.3u or better, brought
out eight starters, among them Wlndle, Berio,
llcbsaud II. c. ,Ybeler. Tbe race limit was
fixed at 2.33. Wheeler came In Drat in 2.40 1-5.
but it was no race, as Wlndle, Hess and
llcrlo wero each atrald to set a fast pace at
tbe start.
'i he race, 11 wm announced, wonld not be
run over again. The nntl In the balt-mlle
handicap was won by c. KThompaos, Mercury
W. c, too yards handicap. In l ruin, it eecs.;
A. C Watson. Union Roadster, no yards,
second, and N. K. Townsend, M. A. (X, 100
yards, third.
" VrirniiiiiT--iiiliri
saata i,sam
The Metropolitan Opera
House Gutted by
Entire Contents of Hie Stmc-
ture Said to Have Been
Engines Summoned to the Scui fm
by Five Alarms from All Parts m
of the City. fl
Interior of the Most Boautifol Jjfl
Playhouse a Mass of , $'M
Smoking Ruins. m
The Lots la Estimatad to l J
Not Less Than a Million M
Dollars. & " M
' M
Tbe magnificent Metropolitan Opera-Uonee, r?iiPJ
the pride ot Now York, is In almost total , ,M
Fire broke out there about 9.80 o'clock thbt jatflM
morning, wthlch gathered headway wltb such jfgJB
rapidity that wltbln leu than 'an hour after vsH
tbe alarm was Bounded tbe entire Seventh aMt
avenue half ot the building waa demoUabed. I'Jf-jM
The roof bad faUen In, tbe walls were tot- JW
terlug and tbe entire apace which bad been "?$M
occupied by the enormous stage, the largeM y'M
of any opera-house In the world, waa a roar-, ftmt
tng furnace of flame. '$M
Tbe Immense auditorium, with Its band- VfiJ
some decorations and rurnUhlngs, was also ,p9
conpletelr wrecked, and it was only with tbe 'J?iM
most persistent and heroic efforts tbat tbe :.'
firemen were able to prevent tbo flames fro "twl
extending to tbe apartment-bouse section of -K'-J
tho building on tbe Broadway tide. .:fj
Mci-nle I'raprrllea Uratroyed. sifl
Besides tbe great loss to the stockholders ot s 'sjfl
tbe Opero-House, a vast amount of valuable n-,9
scenery, properties and costumes, which It ,AH
has taken years to accumulate, have been fSu
totally destroyed, together wltb all tbe must- H
cat scores and other valuable works which jfl
belonged to the Opera-Housc. 9
A very largo part ot the scenery and cos- . .j'jH
tumes and designs for the new worka to be jJH
produced at the coming opera season be- J-S
longed to Mr. Abbey. 'Jmt
The work ot preparing this scenery has 9
been going on all summer long nndertbs 'fl
direction of Mr. lloyt, tho scenlo artist, and Jw
a large part of It had been completed. -wjH
It Is estimated tbat his tosses alone will SjlB
exceed (100,000, and will possibly reach . ,t!M
lto.000. '-lIS
Besldos this, alt the scenery which was to $Mu
be used tn tbe new ballet wblcn Is to be pat "Jjpj
on tbe stage at tbo Casino waa being stored 'SB
in tbe upera-Uouse, where it bad been JM
painted under Mr. Hoyt'e direction, and It has
now gono up in smoke and flame. This alone JH9
was worth $13,000.
New scenery tor " Tho Tempest," which Is V;
to bo produced by Augustln Daly at the open- jM
lng of tbe season, valued at $10,000, at least, Sm
was also consumed. ipB
Ilurnrd Out the Ilia Ntaae. PM
The stage at the Metropolitan, In fact, has i'?B
been an Immense scenic workshop all Sum- jfl
mer long, und wltbln the short space of a T:mt
single hour the result ot all this labor was '$fM
completely destroyed. '"rV
No definite estimate ot tho total losses can
yet bo made ; but as far as can bo Judged 'tsH
tbey will considerably exceed halt a million !ftj
dollars, Including the damage to the building; .&j
Itself. r3M
There were only tour persons In the build- -'H
lng at tbe time tbu nro broko out. These -vM
were Capt. Scattergood, the engineer! yH
Charles Brown, the stage carpenter; another ,tJ&jH
carpenter named Baxter and Cornelius Mann, ' i -.)
a boy ot sixteen years, who assisted the scene 'M
painters. fsfl
I'lamra Appeared an the Nlaae. sl
The three first named were on the stags fU
when they were startled by the bursting out $Mm
of names aud smoke about halt way up in tbe j'tiB
flies near tho front ot the stage on tbe Thirty- H
ninth street side. 'iksI
1 ho stage was closely bung with drops, and i'sM
both new and old scenery was standing all lWM
around the lllos. "jsal
Tbo Are spread with terrible rapidity ."iH
through tbe massot tnflammaule mateilal i'kyPH
and the three men Oed for their lives. I SjH
Nothing was seen at the time of Cornelius 'AM
Mann, tbe toy who had gone up to tbe paint 'Jjpfl
room some time previous- )sal
Food lor the Flanea. ' 'fJMM
Tbe st ago Itself was fitted up with scaSoM i Stflsxl
log for the scene painters, and la lsaJtaSM JJH
than it takes to tell it the flames tunped to (JH
the light wooden structuro and rWging , and v, mM
the whole state was autre. JQ' MM
Tbe Sre-vrcot drop-curtal wm m( W)$'m
i A &$mmamm

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