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W ' f able, for It' had been fastened up to make
S1 roc for the painters, ana there was nothing
7 to prefect tho names irom shooting out into
Iff .,, the auditorium. ,
a r The hrsl alarm, which was ecnt out from
V the private box In tho business odlce of the
?j theatre, ws received at headquarters nt n.','5
a. at.
fjr Four minutes later camo a third alarm from
f "- thebox at Broadway and Thirty-nlnib street,
J and this was speedily followed by a fourth
j alarm and several special calls as Boon as
Chief Bonner arrlcd and fair how serious the
P I situation was.
.' These calls brought about flfteon engines
ij, and halt a dozon truck companies, and tho
JT firemen wcro soon at work on the burning
' Opcra-House.
,j The black smoke of the engines filled the
i atrcets for blocks around, and grcnt crowds
' collected In Broadway and hevonlh nventio
fj, and the side streets to watch tho work of do
I The Whale rttrartnrr In Flume...
j ' .At thlstlmo flames were burtlnc from the
i falling cinders and ploces of burning scenery
1 w nlch were dropping down on the stage on
nil slurs.
"A moment more and ho could not hare
been sated, for nu ono could possibly have
reached Mm.
'The Isd vrns Immediately taken In an am
I) i! I. in co to Hcllcvue HosplUl. I do not think
he can lire, for besides being terribly burned
he was crushed and mangled b his fall from
the lllcs."
Vlneaarr AlilirT it Henry f.oaer.
"Do you know what tU. Abbey's loss will
"1 harcnt tho least Idea, lie Is In Viii
1'raiiclsco anil has been telegraphed tu. I
believe he has tho costumes for tho operas
Ihatnrntobo produced stored In tlio build
I lit, and It so they m 1st bo totally destroyed
cither by lire or water."
'I bo umount of lnsuranco "as said this
alternou.i to hate been only $10,000. Tnls
was on tho tapestry and stago appliances.
Iho building was supposed to bo fireproof
and II Is not yet known tor how much It was
4, MI.IROPOl.lTaN O KlU-HOlHt-.
I (ho .Seventh uic
bulldlug and
rs on that sidy
thick black smokn
op of tho building
hour after the lire
lOfnr tho stage fell
ndlng up showers
forked tongues of
ndred feet Into the.
earns of water wero
mlldlng from every
i mako tho bltghtosl
furnace within,
ro taken In through
i and water was
n In Hoods from the
ro was ruined, and
u sides of iho itigo
t over the orchestra
own with chirred
I grout piece of
len down from the
ho was sei'u by an
, hiUJ that the totul
i 1, 000,000.
to an Krrsisu
he Ore was gotlrn
oss would coriululy
:tl nhout tho lnsui
rassoino Insurance,
continued, has
Tho building, tun-1
i.l.non.ooo, hut the ,
1 where noar tint
n had been dropped
e been confined tu
of importance) that
i Opera Houe can bo
,e season cannot bo
i latter part of No
in it,AMi:s
il nnd llriilaed and
It Die.
age carpenter, was
hung when tho flie
1 started.
:atro about an hour
nn i:k.mmi Wnitin
rklng op the stage
named Baxter nml
10 far as 1 know, w. is
Mnter's boj. who Is
II, the bconlc nrtlat,
platforms and rig
rn, and this extended
turn. Iho tire proof
loke burst out from
nth street eldo, Just
ch. It wus followed
f Dames, and wo all
btrect entrance.
it to the private flre
lilnd tho stage, and
d with drops and
s spn ad with such
ist llko an explosion
terwards it was lin
o on the stage.
'alut Koom.
e flro started, but I
In the paint room,
missed as noon as wo
g. He. had gone up
ijust pernio the fire
-wards that he hail
son tho landing of
he had jumped to tho
lo artist who repre
uu painter, hadjmt
iso to begin hU work,
irtn of nre was glvcu
r paint boy n as mes
on In at the lldm.
Iho Flame,.
UlDg for help In the
aw Cornelius on the
; plteousl) for assist
rora all rscape on one
o other by the well.
lOld on for a minute,
street to the livery
When 1 returned a
Im lying unconscious
im ot the well.hole.
had been standing
1 In names. I had
out ot the way ot tho
The loss in stage wnidrobes Is estimated at
from $100,000 to tino.ooo. ,
Srriiftry That Was llurneil.
The Kcencry for twenty operas was being
prepaid! by 1'alnttr lloyt and was nearly
r nmpleted. Among the operas for n hlch the
sccnerj wits being prepared were tho follow
ing: "lion Giovanni,' "Trovatore," "lllgo.
letto," ijucen of Hheba." " 1,'Atrlcatne,"
" Hlenrt," " Flying Dutchman," " Ft
dc llo," Faust," Hamlet," " ITophete,"
"Lukmc," "Mlgnnn," "Tannhaucser," "Lo
hengrin," " ltholngold," " Siegfried," "flot
terdaemmerung," "Die Watkcure" and "Tris
tan and Isolde."
In addition to these lloyt had painted
sccnerj for Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter," to
bo presented hi Mansncld at Dale's, and ror
" rieurd'tiiniige," with which the Casino Is
tu bo opined hept. l,.
Tho scunerj tor the- "Henrlet Letter" was
espi dally valuable.
Scenery was olso stored In the building for
some road plas. among which Is the " Plant
ti'H Daughter."
T he boxes In the parterre were burned and
water-soaked, and will Inuo to beietilmnird.
'Iho boxes wiio lilted out by the owners.
Among tho boxes of nich the furnishings
vrns totally ilourovcd wern thoso of Jar
(iiulil, (leorgfi 1L Wairen, William I'. Willi
no, Cyrus V. Field, Jernmlali -Mlllli.nk, e'. N.
t'urih, Ilmo flews, Austin curnln, CulMn
Ilrlir and I nruellUH Vnudcrlillt.
KiimiirN Thni DxplniloiK Oeeurrrd.
liiMiuii lleiirj. of tho liitimntlt' Minur,
claims Mint wlihn passing tho building nt
n 10 ii'i lock them were two explosions liihldo
' tho biillillug in iiilck succession. Ilo sayx ho
noillled n pollceinnn, but thul no Investiga
tion uiisiiiiule.
Mr. Hiauton, who has bcon Secret nry of the
Unci torj, resigned last May and vai sue
ciedidbi Mr. MiLareu. 'ilin latter ttatid to
en KvKMvo Woniu reporter that Iho lnsur
amo would coier tho Ions on iho building,
llo leliisca, though, tn stale the amount of
Insurance, or tho companies In which it Is '
Il t'usi bi,U)0,(M)O to llulld Ii aud W oa
Thimabt lo Up Fireproof.
Tho Jlctropolllan Opera-IIou'-o was built
at aucxpensoof aboutf.',loo,ooo by seventy
stockholders, each of whom subscribed
.10,000, aud each of whom became tho
owner of one of tho scanty boxes, chnlco of
which was decided by lot.
llesldcs tho lniestment ot ano.ooo, box
hollers have hnd to par an assessment cierj
teasou nmouuttngtii from tl, Son to $.',r.oo.
I tMichSlr. Abbey got his leaso of tho opera
liuusuat tho end of lnt heason It wasmndo
a umdltlon that tho assessments, should
i case.
During tho past nlnejears manj chiuges
ha o been made In tlm list of box-holdera and
stockholdei-s. Tho most recent list Is ns lol
lows: I'nrterre I. Ogdrn Ooelet.
". Jay Uouli)
!l i.eorgj Featiody Wittnore, Ihj Misses
iigdeu, Wednesday ; Fly i.inldard.
I. (Iiorgo l'rnbod Uituioie.
B t sihcruierhoin, ilondiy; w. 8.
I Oiirnee. Wednesday; Fgcrton Wlnthrop, Frl-
11. Sirs. A. . hherman, Wallace c. An-'
dres, half siasou.
i x tjrus , I icld, it, (,, Dunn, Wednesday
T Wll.lam t. tthltic, S c. Harriott, Mon
li. Mrs. William A stor, '
10. Mrs. osbotn.
11. John J. Wjsong, Monday j W. storrs1
I Wells, Wednesdaj; J. ll. Ucckmau, 1 rIJa),
I". Miss enllumlii, Moiida) aud 1-rlday;
ilrt. J. .Mlibank, Wednesday.
la. George N. Curtis, James A. liostwlck,
E. T. Knowlton, Monday.
14. Henry Clews, Monday; W. If. star
buck, Wednesday; W. II. Inman, Frldiy.
in. Adrian Iselln, DaMd stunit, Wednes
day. 1 id. Auttln Corbln.
17. William n. sloane, II. McK. Twombly.
IK. II. n. ltemsen, Monday; clarence An
drews, Wednesday; ltobcrt Ooelct, Friday.
IP. II. K nicker backer, Monday and Mats;
J. II ychirr, Wednesday; McCoskry Butt, Frl-da)-.
M. ltobcrt OoeleU
vl. F. u. French, odd performances; Kusscll
Uoitdlcy, even performances.
'.'il. (Ico. Ilenrj Warren.
y.l. .1. Hood Wright.
u'-t. (leo. Ilolmrt Warren, odd performances;
J. Augustus Hamilton, Henry T. Moanc, oven
perform mcca.
iU Flbrldgo T. (Icrry.
'.'it. I uther Kounte, Mrs. 1'aran Htcvons,
creii pcrloriiianecs.
.'7. I'. ('. Morfatt, Monday. P. I. Lewis.
.1. F.. Mexandrc, Wednesday. Thomas Htokes,
1 rlday.
UH. W. Seward W ebb.
;n. I. J. filter, Monday; .!. T. rarlsh,
Wednesday; C. C. Ilaldwln, 1-rlday.
:io. William K. Vanderbllt,
ill. (leorgs Do Foroit, Monday; Thomas
Hitchcock, Wednesday; F K. Ounther, Fri
day. M. William Rockefeller,
i .i.e. Calvin R. Rrlcc.
I :U. Ileber II. nishop.
3.1. Cornelius Vanderbliu
DO. Oeorge S. Bowdoln.
:i7. liradley Martin.
' ait, The Director.
si'.' Miss Catherine Diexel.
44. ticorge Hemp.
41. ncorge F. llaker, IIJ c. Fahnestoek.
4!l. Mrs. Marshall o. Itobcrts.
40. James Harriman.
AT,. J. C. Barron, M. I).
47. Dr. Jackbon, Monday ; F. N, Sharon,
4H. II. U, Marquand.
no. .
4ti. Mrs. 3. C. Ayer.
51. 11. T. WIIbou.
r,'.'. Walston It. Brawn, odd performances
Adrian laelin, even performances.
5;i. Hubert L. Cutting.
fi4. Miss McKckron, Monday; C. If. Han
ford, Wednesday; Addison rammack-, Friday.
r. James A. Roosevelt.
r7. James Htlllman.
.Ml. D. (I. Mills.
ill. W. I. Ilreese.
ll. I. o. Ik .Icnnlngi, odd performances, a. U
Haven, even performances. John K. Parsons.
Titl. J. i'lerpnnt Morgan.
tin. Hamucl D. Babcock.
H7. Fdward Cooper.
tg'. CharlcH Lanier.
on. Jnmesflordon llenctt.
no. W. II. Tllllnghast, odd performances;
William M. Klngsland, even performances.
o.'. r. p. iiuntlngtnik
04. W. F. Connor, (I. P. MoroslnL, Wednes
(la). 71. ueorge Illlss, odd performances; Levi
F. Morion, oien performances.
on. Adrian Iselln, jr.
73. 1'. C. Lawronce.tleoru'e s. Scott, wednes.
05. Win. Ilhlnelandei.
70. James C. Parish.
7k'. Fiederlcdoodrldite
llrserlptlnn arib llulldlua.
The Opera-llouse, which Is a huge wulte
building occupying tho whole block be
tween 'lblrtj. ninth aud Fortieth streets,
aud between llioadway and Seventh avenue,
covers a plot of ground yoo by auo feet, or
4-,'.ooo riuare feet.
'Ihe exterior Ihot pressed buff brick, with
dressings otterru.cotta, the design being a
simple treatment or the Italian Renalssauce.
Thcio are buventeen entrances from
the stieel, and on Thirty . ninth
nnd Fortieth streets nnd on Broad
way thtro are laigo vestibules, with
hut and cost rooms ndjnlnlng.
l hu foyci Is ;m bi N'.' feet, with a parlor
connected In such a manner that the focr
can bo converted Into n concert or lecture
room, with tho parloi for a stage.
The uudltorlum, Willi Ills said to be the
largest In the wcrld, contains throo rows and
a halt of boxes, IT! In all, with each ot which
Is connected a salon twice tho sire ot tho box
Itself, In which refreshments may bo served,
wraps left ana visits received botneen tho
The stagn Is oil feet wide, Til feet deep, and
VM feel liLjn, ll also goestsonio aojteel
below tho Hour, making the available space
about 1,'iOlcot.
Tho building was alwavs said to be thor
oughly Mre-prnof as possible, brick aud Iron
entering utmost exclusively Into Its composi
tion. It was oponed for performances In October,
lhs'l, under tho management ot Henry
Slmo the first sea-son It has been devoted
chlctl) to Herman opera. Man) ot the Wag
ner operas havo been produced here recently
with great splendor and effectiveness. Il Is i
also the scene of tho ttreat balls each season. I
Tho Metropolitan Opera-llouso w is opened
In octobor, 188.1, with a xoason of Italian '
opera, under tho management of Henry K.
'I ho following year the directors decided to
Inauguute (icrmuii opera, under tho leader
ship of Dr. Damrosch, who was succeeded af
ter his death b) Anton SeldL
tiermau opera held the boards hero for
seven years, such works as "Die Walkuere,"
" Hhclngold." " Mcglrled, ' " Die Ootterdaem
incruug," "Tannhiuser" and other famous
I ,e rmau operas receli lug their first interpre
tation In thtscoiiutr).
M . Abbe) camo to the front last year and
gno a successful ueason of Ficnch and Hal
Ian opera, and last Intel secured n lease o
the Opera.Hou-e for three season".
Mr. Abbe) made extensive preparations for
the coming season, which promised to be the
most billllant In Iho ht9toryof the Metro
polltan, aud had engaged an exceptionally
fine company, besides preparing an linnieusc
amount of new scenery and costumes.
Thought PlrtnUs Killed HU Mother.
Michael McDermott, aged thirty-three, ot
217 East fceientr-tourth street, was com
muted for elimination as to his sanity by
Jusiteii Talntoi In orkvllle court to-day,
McDermott bce-ame violent last nlgnt through
the hallucination that ho had seen his mother
murdeied by pigmies.
Funeral of DenJ. O. Clarke.
The tuncral ot Benjamin O. Clarke, Presl
dent of tho Thomas Iron company and a well
known figure In Iron and steal business
circles, who died In Antwerp, Belgium. Aug.
Getaway Day at Brighton
a Good One for
the Talent,
Johnny Lambley Leads In Winning
Mounts at This Meeting.
The Brighton Beach Racing Association
brought Its inetilng to a close yosterda)
afternoon, and It wan ono ot tho best get
away days ever known to the talent, thai Is,
from the talent's standpoint. The wcathei
was simply miserable, but nevertheless the
usual crowd of regulars lurLcd out to witness
a fairly good card run off. i he Me ssi s. Lnge
lnan, perhaps, wore the most pleasant smile
of nil, ns the meeting has been me of tho
most succc-slul ever known to llrlghtou
Heacherie, nnd to Secretary suss Is mest of
the credit due, as his untiring efforts hate
in ado tho programmes what the) were.
Favorites al meet iiiaelu u clean sweep of Iho
purses, ludlgo being the only one that did
not land tho mono). 1 ndoiibtedly the most
popular win of the alteruoou was Jluilii) Mc
1 aughlln's hoy West. T here Is baldly a lurl
man nbn has not u warm spot In lilt heart lor
the one-time greatist of America's jockeys mid
one and all aiu inoio than glad to see his eol
orslntheMiu. Key West Is u grtatl) Im
proved colt slncuJImui) has taken him, nnd
will give pretty near unybody's horso un nigu
tni nt, "Hilly" Lakeland landed tho big pursu
with Crotchet, and the Dukcol llrlghtou must
havo won a barrel ot money over his filly's
victory. In this laco India Rubber, with a
better boy up, would havo beaten Crotchet,
but CofTe), as usual, was sntlslled lo tako tho
worst of tho start, and was lengths out of tho
race on the back Btrctch, but rounding Into
the stretch he brought tho Rubber horse, as
many trainers call him, up with a rush, and
was catching the fast tiring favorite nt every
Jump, but could not qulto get tip.
Early Blossom opened the fun by galloping
the distance In the first race and winning
easily. Four to flio was laid against thu
Blossom's chances ut tho opening, but the
money came In so fast that her prleo was
soon cut to l to '.'. T aklng tho lead at the
first Jump bho was never headed, winning
pulled up by a length and ft halt. Indigo was
tundc n h"( lavorlto lor tho second race, bill
ho was never In It, tho W oodland Stable's
useful filly, Josopnino, making a runaway
race cf It. The third race was perhaps the
most spirited betting affair ot tho afternoon,
" lather Dill's" Alcalde nnd John Cavanagh
being etpinl choices at 3 to 1, while. Zeuobli
aud Foxlord each received good support.
Ilollvnr cut out n worm clip for a quar
ter nt a mile, when enobla went
to the front, and Johnny I amler was working
hard with Dnli'moll. In the stretch enobla
lommeueed tntlre, and Lamb ey b) vigorous
riding gut Alcnldo noino llrsl by linlfu length,
lack Mi Donald brought lloideuux mei from
Monmouth l'nrk and entered him In tlm lust
lace, lor liiildcns. nt Hl aud a half furlongs.
'I hen hn procecdod to get back his losses on
Chesapeake by plunging heavily uu tho eolt,
getting as good us "ii to 1. Bets wi ro dc
i lured on on account of the scratching ot
Pauline Hall and the Maggie Me rrlll colt, and
.it tho end Jack was forced to tnko 7 to 5 lor
his money. Bordeaux won, but only by the
narrowest kind at a margin, just i at chin
Ulorlana on thu post.
" Father William" Dal) heads tho list nt
winning owners at the Bench, his horses
having placed $in,37."i to his crodlt, I tilo
Inning JJ,400 of It. Billy Lakeland comes
next with itl'.'.aoo, u( which Lord Dalmeny
got (4,000 nnd ( rotchet a,4.'iO. That unoiiiI
little home .luck Hose put CMiOO In loin
Harret t's pocket, and had ll not been for inn d
luc he wuuld havo got ten l,oooinoic.
M. F. Dwyer has sold the running qualities
of l'oteimao to s. Sanlord K (wd, nml Chesa
peake's big brother will race undei their
eolorsln tho future.
Major Thomas's good llllv, Rejection, his
gone wrong and will not start In tho Futur
ity. Tho hopes anddollaisof luanvof the
Kentucky Colonels wern placed on this
daughter of Longlellon-lllfllght.
Johnny I.ninbloj rodo an excellent race on
Alt aide yenerda). J. Whaliui bet lots ot
I money on thncolt and won hcnvlli, but ho
e an luauk the bo), Lambley leads the list of
winning joekc'jsiil Brighton.
Dolnh W heeler got all his friends down em
(ill) all In thu last race yesterda), and th
haven l gotten up ) et, aud from thu w ay t.uy
ulltan never win.
A Midwife Suapoctotl of Belntr Im
plicated In a Woman's Death.
Mrs. Margaret Naudervocr, ot :i7 Dean
btreot, llrookl) n, was held this morning w Itti
out ball for examination In tho Butler street
Police Court on Tuesday, on suspicion of
being Implicated In tho death ot Mrs. Mnrj
I Htebo. thlrt)-ono jears old, of 4.1'J West
I rorty.nlutb street, New York.
Mis. auelevcer Is n mldwlio and conducts a
I) lng-ln hospital. Sbo holds a diploma irom
u New ork college of surger) , aud has uo e r
been In trouble previous!).
An an opsy on Mrs. Itlouc's body will be
made this altcrnuon.
John Morlarty Committed to tho
Inobrlate Asylum.
John Morlart), furniture dealer, was ai.
rested to-day on complaint of hU brother
l'hlllp and "lie Margaret, for being au habit
ual drunkard.
I lie was takiln to Jefferson Market Police
Court and wascommltted to tho lort llamll
on Inebriate As) turn lor ono month.
A Williamsburg Shop closes Owing
to Thefts of Machinery.
James McLaughlin ana Frank Donnelly,
aged fourteen years, were la thoLeeAvenuo
Police Court to-day charged with stealing
headers valued nt iioo from George II
Reeves s planing mill, at 157 Creene street,
The work of tne shop was si hindered by
tho loss of the headers, Mr. Reeves said, that
the factor) had to closs don n for a da) .
Tho bo) s stld the headers ut Frank Acker
man's junk store, k'04 Franklin Mreet. Ack
erman was held In t'ltio bonds to answer lor
receiving stolen property, aud tho boys wero
held for examination.
In Touch with the Beet.
fV lh Imlamd frtntr,
Although the pickpocket may sot enjoy the
Third Case of Cholera from
Union; the Gemma's
Other Exposed People Are in the
City and an Outbreak Is
Dearth of Doctors in Hamburg
Nurses Striokon Down
by the Plague.
The Pestilence Has Entered Rotter
dam Despite the Strict Pre
cautionary Measures.
Iosnos, Aug. '17. Another pneitnger who
nrrlved at tiravoscnd Thursday on the
Hteumer (lemma from Hamburg husdlcdliom
I cholera at tho lirnvcf-nd Hospital.
There1 is deep Indignation at the careless-
i lirssut ilia luedlenl oniccis who Inspected
I nnd passed tho (leuiu.i, partlculaily In Mew
lot tlio fact that the) had been ordered
to to muit searching In their cxamlua-
I lion of vonscls from Infected ports Iho
, whole affair shos Uov, titttrl) useless quar-
' antlno regulations are unless tho oniccrs
charged with their enforcement aro Intel-
Ugent enough to know tlw danger to which
thoyexposo tho wholo peoploltthey do not
properly fulfil the duties Intrusted to them.
I Considerable uneasiness has been created
l by tho knowledge that soino of the Gemma's
passengers are In London.
The whereabouts of all of them are not
known to tho authorities but a strict watch
will be kept by all tho medical and sanitary
i onicisls tor the llrtt appearance of the
It Is considered that an outbreak Is Inevita
ble. 'lhe .St. ,nniM'i uuutte ha)s that two
I cases of Aslatlo cholera havo occurred at
illasio. 'iho patients, a man nnd a
woman, who were among a part ot (icrmau
. emigrant? on their way from Hamburg to the
Vulted mates, have been taken to a hospl-
I lal. 'ihniinrtyot emigrants In wh1:h tho
man and woman were travelling havo lieen
Isolated and a closo watch Is kept on them.
Ilrarlli of Hoi-torn In llambnrs.
Ilriais-, Aug. '17 A despatch to the Vo-
ttihr lUuwitiam Hambtug, says: "There
Is no apparent decrease In the cholera in
hplto of the cool weather.
1 ho disease has appeared on the Islands In
the l.lbc. Hundreds of wealthy people hare
i minted I lie cltr.
Iliuiiriio, Aug. :'7. The ofilclal cholera
statistics show that on Thursday there wero
l!." new cases of cholera reported In tho city
aim l.io deaths. Up to noon yesterday there
wero 1H3 new cases and 7H deaths. These
figures Indlcato a large Increase In both new
cases and deaths. All the schools are now
'Iho llour.se to-day was thinly attended
and tho general business ot theclty Is be
ginning to sutler from tho presence of the
Kottrrilain Rrts the Plague.
HOTiitiuiiM, AUJ. 7.-Kery precaution
has been taken to prevent the introductlm
of cholera, but notwithstanding all the efforts
of tho authorities the dlscaso has effected an
entianeo Into the clly.
lhe Hist death from thodlscawj-tbal of a
woman-occurred here this morning.
"The deurth of doctors Is sevcicly Iclt.
feeicrnlnur&eshaiodied. 'Ihoscbool attend,
auce has dwindled to only 40 per cent, of the
usual figures."
I.oumr Dratb-Kulln In llula.
far. FiTKKSBcno, Aug. 27. Iho official
returns show that throughout Itussta
jestcrday thcio weio reported 0,053
new cases of tholcraand .1,5(W deaths from
thodlsoasc. This Is an lucrcase of mil now
cases and yKl deaths as compared with
1 1nur5ilu)'silgurc.
I In fcu Petersburg 10R new cases of the dls-'
leaso wero reported yesterdoi. 'Iho deaths
numbered 27. e ompared with lluiisdai's
figures this Is nn Increase of ;, new eiscs
and ,i deaths.
Vlf New (' nt Aiilnrip.
Asrsiur, ug. 'J7. Hio new eases ot
eholcruhave Ucu reported htroblnco )cs:cr
d.iy morning, ono death In tho sumo ttmo
has been reported. 'Iho authoiltlesdonot
coiiilder It necessary to ooen u laz.iretta I
ll Kulrri. ihr Dnnube'H irm (intra.
Iifiuri.sT, Aug k'7. boveial Hungarian
newspapers declare th.it n number of cases of '
truo Asiatic cholera have occurrod at the
Iron dates ot the Danube, and that the out
break ot the dreaded disease has been con
cealed bj tho authorities,
Siimmnrr.Vlensarrs Under Conslderntlon
by Mramahlp Coinpanln.
The cholera bcare has now reached such a
Simply Awful
I-fiflQtV "I had mil tli. doc
aaQMB ten i.l'fj ihi v nrat
L VjPJ ik oi frefuln they
W T wR "er ,,,,' " ai on
bo K'J '"5 arms. fr and ne:k,
Ha, tJ and wa aimply avtfult
Vt i Flit jenrs aro I xmn
BMMhjbaitpnrllla, and found
laaBWHIflK torn irradiially b
lro. V . Tururr. aantoh.al. 1 took tan
bottlaa and waa perfacUr cured. Forth past
four yrarsl bava bad cart health ami no
1 aarca." O, W. Inn, farrotr. ttaTwajJM1.
1 ikSia'is&aF,
' pitch that there Is talk of putting a complete
stop to emigration to this country from the
Infected districts so long, at least, as the epi
demic provalls.
Kcrctary of tho Treasury Foster sy that '
although Immigration Into tho United Stales
cannot be prevented, w e can make such regu-1
lotions for our o vn protection as will com
pel thoso who do not comply with them to i
return to their own countrj.
As the epidemic Is Increasing In vlruleneo
every day at tho Infected F.uropcnu i
ports, tlio necessity of taking tho most
stringent measures to rrevent It" Intro
duel Ion here Is becoming mure and
tnoro apparent, and the health authorities
have nearly come lo the conclusion that an
cntirp suspension of the Immigrant traflle
may bo demanded should the situation shy it
no change tor tho better.
1 hn North Oermnn t loyd Company has to a
certain extent followed tho policy of tho
Hamburg line, and has announced that It will
hereafter tarry no steerago passengers who
come from Kussia so long as the cholera pre
vails there.
At the present time, this' Company la exer
cising I he greatest care In t he Inspection of Its
steerago passengers before they are allowed
to emoark at Uremen. They are compelled to
remain under observation In specially desig
nated houses In llremen for five days before
they can go aboard ship, and on each day of
their quarantine they must submit toa special
medical examination.
fir. llamlllnn Suva Tlatllanri and Nat an
Alnrm la llt-muoderi.
tv A.aociAim rukss.1
CniiAoo, Aug. 27. John N Hamilton, ex
surgcon.tleneral of the Marino lljspltal her
Mtoaud at present In tho Marine Hospital
"ervlco here, sounds a note of warning to
those health officials In the country who aro
doing much to convince the public that
cholera Is near at hand.
Prof. Hamilton takes the view that unnec
essary and repeated warnings nie liable to
pioduee a panic nnd result lnjui lously.
Prof. Hamllten s-ald: "I think there Is ab
solutely no occasion foi alarm, although
theru Iscveiy leaton foi extreme vigilance ,
on the pirt of thoso Inlrustid nlth the man-'
ngement of our sanitary matters.
" 'l ho National and local authorities have
better sanitary arrangements than over co
lore, the laws arcinoro piactlcal, and sani
tary science has more resources than for
merly. 'Iho sanitary officers throughout the
country aro fully alert but some ot
them seem to forget that one of tho
most Important duties ot an officer charged
with sanitary administration Is the preven
tion of panic, which paral)zestho Industries
' and dries tip tho channels of trade, and does
almost ns much harm ns tho epidemic Itself."
I'asarnaers an I,a Touralnr, thr Uillrrt
and Other Kblpa Examined.
Qi'ahantink, 8. 1., Aug. 27. La Touralue,
the French line steamship which sailed last
Saturday from tho cholera-Infected port of
Havre, has, contrary to the expectations ot
the quarantine and Health officers of New
I York, escaped tho unenviable distinction ot
being the first ship to Introduce the plaguo to
I the Western Continent.
(leave apprehensions have been felt by
I (Jiiai antlue officials because advices had been
received from Havre that Immigrants who
had travelled with those who had secured
passage on I.aTouialne, and who had been
compelled to remain in port on uccount, ot tho
crowded condition of tho steerage, had been
sclrcd with tho cholera before the bhlp loft
alio harbor. The suspicion that thoso who had
taken passage mut necessarily bo infected
aiidthat thoshln would be plague-ridden be
lore reaching this port appeared to be well
founded nna was shared by the health au
thorities on this side of the ocean.
1 ho Quarantine officials w etc fully prepared
to find some ot the 41A stceraco passemrers
on the French Unci sick or Infected.
When laTouialne dropped anchor oft
(Quarantine at fi.net this morning, Health
oulccr Jenkins and Deputies Talltnadgo nnd
hunborn boarded the ship without dcl-i).
They found ship's Surgeon M. Derrecagalx
1 waiting at tho ladder, his face wreathed In
"No plague hei e," said the Surgeon. " We
aio all sound and well, thank Clod."
'lhe surgeon reported that thciewas not a
caoof sickness on board other than mal do
iner during tho o age, and that the steerage
passengers! In particular were In an unusually
good stato of health, tapl. Fiangciil pro
duced a certltlcat", which was attached to
the bill of health given by tho American
l Consul, Oscar I. Williams, at Havre, ceriltv
lngthat there wcro no Italian immigrants
I aboard condugfiom am cholera-Infected dls-
trlols In fnci , none coming from points south
. of I eghorn, and that passage tlckots were
Issued from tho imme dlnlu neighborhood ut
' iho places from whence the Imiulgraniscamo.
I No iclert'iiee whalevei wasinadeloltusslan
Inimlgiauts In tho captain s ccritiicalc.
An, lu, the day preceding the sailing of
'tho vessel, consul Williams certified thst
guod health wasunJo)ed In the low not Haiie
nnd the adjacent counlrj, without any sus
picion of plague, cholera or contagious dls
le mrcr whatsoever. '1 his certificate was also
attached lo the other documents, constituting
the bill ot health, and is deemed cxlraordl
naiy In flevt of the concession of tho authori
ties theio that tlio cholera Is prevalent.
I 'I he bill of health, with iho additional
Consular certificates, did not, however, deter
Dr. Jcuklus from taklug extraordinary pre
taut'ons. At his request the 2J(i saloon passengers
wcro lined up, Inspected carefully and passed,
the ill) second cabin passengers ro sub
jected to similar ticatiucut, and then the
clcerago wasMsllrd.
Ibcro was a tctal number ot 415 Immi
grants, uiarly all healthy looking men and
woraeu. They wcro examined individually,
and epietttons wero put unfl answered satis
factorllj. Not a s)mptor of dlnrruecal
trouble, the most suspicious Indication of the
etrcaded disease, cuuld le round and the pas
sengers were accordingly passed
1 hen the dlslnfertlug vault under the Pur
ser's office was visited and found to bo in
readiness for the fumigation of tho baggage.
I)r. Jenkins personally supervised the oper
ations, and had all suspicious-looking pieces
or baggage taken apart, spread out In tho
steel-lined, ali-tlght vault and the steam
turned on until the heat registered 21U de
grees. Iho baggage was kept In the disinfecting
room for two hours. Then the malls, as an
additional precaution, wero disinfected both
by steam and sulphui, as lhe leather hags are
deemed e3petla ly aaapttd f r eoncea.iug and
pretervlng disease germs, fhs moio bu.
plelius pieces were kept In fumlgator for at
least five hours, and when the ship
wcljued anclnr and Marled for her
pier at 8,45 o'clock a quarantine
Agent went alcugtosc-e that Dr. Jenkins s
Instructions were carried out, and that no
baggage was landed that bad not been
When the tugboat bearing the Quarantine
officials tnd an F.tinisu Wolo reporter
lei', i Touralne and steamed away
for the dock Dr. Jenkins and hta
deputjea were profuse in congTatnlatlug
I each other otw the d'Uyed arrlrai ot lb
-m-3 UatiAQsiit ma
' plague. Each declared that he bad telt aV
most sure of finding the disease aboard the
" I can only account for La Touralne'8 es
cape," said Dr. Jenkins, " by the fact that the
s'camshlp authorities arc honest, thorough
and persevering In their endeavors to
keep out the disease. They aro cer
talnly earning out my euggestlons
at Havre and dlslnlectlng all steerago
baggage and subjecting cat It Immigrant to a
i rigorous examination. I do not icllcltnte
mjbelt, however, that tho dlscaso will not yet
come, but I feel much easier since I found tho
Irenclimcn all right.
'I will not feel Justified In assuring tho
public that tho disease will not get to this
port until Immigrants from all Kuropcan
ports, whether I nfoctctl or not, are denied d
lnlsstou. " It Is tho tnobt advisable safeguard, and
In vlow of the awful ravages of Iholcra In
Kuropo and the rapid spread ot the disease
there, I would recommend such a courso tor
the present at least.
" If immigrants are not brought here they
cannot bring the disease."
The F.dain, of the Nethcrnnds Une, from
Itotterdam, was passed tlr a morning. Bho
had no passengers. Iter cargo was fumigated
and her crew examined.
'I bo St. Honans, from Liverpool, a freighter,
was also passed, nothing suspicious being
found aboard.
Tho .Manitoba, from Liverpool, an Atlantic
transnort shlo. was closely lnsnccted. al
though -lie sailed prior to tho appearance ot
the cholera there.
The oellert, of the Hamburg-American line,
arrived off Quarantine at 8.30. She had
morn than live hundred passengers aboard,
and bad been out slxtcendaysfrom Hamburg.
Tho Augusta Victoria from the same port
has not yet been reported, but Is due to-dn).
(Inly the Ueturna Train Ilaanbnra'a Fpl
ilrmlr Itr cued To.llay.
luv AS.ociATtn rsi hi.I
Washington, Aug. 27. The only Informa
tion In regard to cholora received at tho State
Department up to noon to-day was contained
U a despatch from Consul Johnson, at Ham
burg, who cabled that there were 205 new
cases and 1:10 deaths from thedlseaso In that
ell) yesterday.
Precaution! Taken lo Keep the IH'eaar
Out of the t,'ll.
The heads ot the several departments of
tho Health Board wero at their offices very
early to-day. They were arranging the de
tails connected with getting the city In tho
best possible sanitary condition to cope with
the cholera should It make Its appearance
President W llson was In consultation with
Sanitary Supt. Dr. Cyrus Edson.
Dr. Charles F. Itoberta, superintendent ot
the Bureau of contagious Diseases, and Major
Bullock, Chief Sanitary Inspector, were also
In the conference.
President W llson said : " Everything Is be
ing done that we know how to do. We aro
working hard to get the city as clean
as possible. It Is In a fairly good
sanitary condition, anyhow. Wo will put our
whole force ot Inspectors at work to-day and
to-morrow. They will work for tho most
part south ot Fourteenth street.
" The Inspectors hav o located the worst
spots, nnd wo will proceed to clean them up
as provided tor In the resolution passed Dy
the Board yesterday."
Asked it the Health Board could by any
order on Its part close the port to Immigrants
from Infected districts, President Wilson re
plied: "N'o. The Board of Health could not do
that. Tho Health Officer of the Port might
possibly do so. Wo can keep tte vcssols
nt or below- Quarantine, and make our In
spections so vigorous as to practically mako
the work as effective as If Immigration was
"What do you think," he was asked, "of
the action taken by tho Executive Commlu
tco of the State Boards ot Health at Indian
apolis yesterday, at which n committee was
appointed to lslt he v arlous ports along tho
Atlantic nnd Pacific coast and Inspect the
effectiveness ot the quarantine.
I I know very little about the meeting at
j Indlar apolls," he said, " but I Judge that tho
' plan Is a good one. Anything that will aid at
such a time as this cannot be otherwise than
President Wilson declaied that he would
attend to the work in hand all the rest ot to
dsy, and would go to Quarantine to see
Health Officer Jenkins this afternoon.
Dr. Edson said : " 1 think wo hare things in
pretty good shape now. Thorough Inspection
Is going on all tho time, and Is being pushed
j inoio vigorously all tho wnlle."
Dr. Kdson, In commenting upon tho action
I of tho Executive Commlttco of tho State
Boards of Health, said: "'Iho peoplo In tho
Interior cities arc entirely at the mere) of
' tho authorities In the seaboard cities. They
I aro naturall) nnxlous to know what Is bclug
douo In tho waj of kccplnj out the
cholera. I th'nk their plan ot send
ing a eoimiilllee lo osamlno Iho
Quarantine sjsteins nt the seveial potts is
u good one. I think they will uud that cterj
thlng Is being done that can be done In other
cities. 1 know they will Hnd It so huic."
, Major nultock. chief Sanitary Inspector
wns busy sending out his corps of Inspectors.
The Inspectors hav o orders to proceed accord
ng to tho line laid out by Mayor CI rant and
lhe Hoard ot Health.
Clrt-ulnr iMurd In Ihr Police Parre
To. Dm.
Health Commissioner C.rimu, of Brooklyn
IssuoJ the following circular to the Brooklj n
police at nojn to-day:
I It barn i ram. lo my Ituowledia that the tarma
of a permit imdUI hr Ikla Department for thalm
, mediate tramftr ol rana arrlrhu at a llrookl) n
pin hate been i Mated, f raquet that you will
ii.ueaa order requiring police ctllcera to eolonea
alrict cornftllanca etithauch pcrmila
Iho lo-alble Introduction of cholera makea It
nece.pary to adept the moat rl.ld precautlona, and
with the purpose of aiding the Department I invlta
i your co-operation.
I I augfost that the police throughout the city
I be directed to .oe that yarda and alley, are kept
Lli.ii, sutler, aaept, partlculaily la tenement
dl.lrlcta, and that no accumulations of filth be al-
I lo ted In the atresia, and generally no violatlona of
aan tar ordinances be permitted."
If t'holrrn Apprara It M II Be Promptly
Dealt Willi.
Iho Health Board of Jersey City has taken
active me nsures to prevent the Introduction
ot choleia Into that city. Particular atten
tion Is bIng given to the ma'.ter of securing
cleanliness of streets und jards, and the In
terior of buildings is being looked after.
lhe police have been crdere-d to assist the
Health Board In erery possible manner.
Preparations have been made to isolate any
cases of cholera that may develop.
Preparations of a similar nituro hare been
made by the Health Board of Iloboken.
1 aa
fro TV.IA.l
Judge Durfey You are charged withiteaJ
log chickens: do you want a lawyer?
Nose Snowball-No, Yer lionah.
Judge nurrey Why noU
Mpse 8nowball-H it please de Cot, I'd like
terkoeptlemeWcJtenimyse'f, alter Ubbii?
Jitetrubblorgtmn,,tJu, ' obib
aT afcalaV ' ' V iji iPi ' T ' ?T' fVfr
Mora of Bridget Sullivan's Taethaa.
in the Borden Murder Cm.
1st aaaociATZD raaaa. I
FAtbltiTaK, Aug. '.7.-At tho Borden hi,
Ing this morning the examination of BrlgV
sulllvan was continued.
1 W Itncss said t "Somebody was alck at u
houso tho night before the murder, j
Borden said she and Mr. Borden were tick,
night. They had been romltlng and loot,
tick. B
" When LlHle came down she said eat a,
been alck, but I did not notlco that ai
levied ro.
"Miss I.Lzrto had been moving about etghti
nlno minutes when she went upstairs to .
The District-Attorney asked the wltnen i
tell them again about tho words used by u
zle about going out, locking the door ai
Mrs. Borden receiving a note.
objections wero raised, but were ova
Witness said when she came downstai
Miss Lizzie told her she heard her fan
groaning wnllo he was In the back jar
When she came In tho screen-door was wii
titio recognized the laugh In the upper tu
way Rpoken of yesterday as that ot Ml
Llzzto Bordon.
Slnco the tragedy occurred she had nen
seen Ltzzlo Borden crying.
Guests Flee for Their Lives Soul
Dublin Market Burned.
bt ll.ociiTlD ratal.
Dublin, Aug. ST. The South Dublin Marl
caught flro to-day and was burnodtot:
Adjoining tho market was Warren's Bot
which wus crowded with guests. The tu
communicated to the building, und In a aha
tlmo the wholo structure was wrapped!
The guests were panlc-stilcken and Bed i
every direction, many narrowly escapti
with their lives.
Luc icy Escnpe of a Union Pick)
Chased by Confederates.
A Ithoele Island soldier, while on plcli
Kuarel, was rtislioel upon by n party i
Confederate cavalry. Ho fired at ll
foremost of them and ran. Before hi;
was an open field about f.fty rods acroi
i bour ded by an old log fence, and beret
. that a thicket of briers and underbruil
For this busby retreat the soldier start
, a half dozon horsemen after him.
Fortunately for the fugitive the nil
1 bad softened the soil, and the hor
slumped through the turf so badly ta
pursuit was slow. A, pistol ball pain
I through the runner's bat, but ho reaeht
1 the fence, nnd with ono bound landed c
I top, intending to give a long spring ahea
I bnt the old fenco crumbled beneath k
I weight and down he went.
Bat luck favored him again, for a bo
I had rooted out a gutter at this plaoe, at
at tho moment was lying in it The to
i dler fell plump into the hole, and U
I frightened hog uttered one squeal ai
, scampered iuto tho underbrush, learn,
tho newcomer in possession of the walla
ami buried underneath tho debris of II
I fence. A ininuto more and up dashed U
horseman. Hearing the rustle of tl
' fleeing hog in the bushes lliev suppc
it to be the picket, savi the YouWt 0
i jxmioii, and dashed through the gap I
tho fenco and hastened on. When tat
were well out of sight the fngitii
crawled out of the mud-hole and ran bat
to camp.
Tho following day one of the saa
horsemen was taken prisoner. Our hn
recognized him at once.
, " I say," he asked, "did you catch Un
hog yesterday?"
" NVe did that," retorted the priionn
"but it wasn't the one we were after."
m m
Woman's Curiosity.
I rrom Lift.
"John," she said, as they left the soda fen
"Wasn't iftccntsa good deal to pay fori
glass ot sarcaparllln;'r
D scouraglng.
Frnm net.
"This Is the first poem I crer wrote," ul
the maiden, as sbo untied the pink rlhM
and smoothed the rolL
"Ah!" replied the unfeeling editor. ai h
went over the lines; "and it Isn't much oil
poem either."
In the Orchard.
fon Lift.
He How the trees aro moaning and slgblni
Hhe-Ro would you. It you wcreasfulU
green apples as they arc.
An Easy Victim.
from Fuelt.
Temperance Worker And what cus
jour downfall, my good man?
Horrible Kxample It was this stage nil
Ism, mum. I was acting the drunkard U '
temperanco play, and the manager Insist"
on my using real whiskey, mum.
JgKF you should
happen to
get a package im
perfect from any
J J".f Oatmeal
Take it back
and get your
money again.

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