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So Doctors Say of the
Gravesend Disease.
gut London Still Fears the
Asiatic Hague.
first Police Bulletin of Cholera
in Berlin.
Baggage Disinfected on Steam
ships Owning to New York
London, Aug. 29. What wltn tbe asser
tions and denials made regarding the pres.
tne ot cholera in England, It would be bard
to decide whether tbe cholerine cases
that bare occurred havo been true Asiatic
cholera or not. In Bonio quarters It Is post
tftely asserted tbat tbero Is no doubt that
true cholera has looted an entrance Into tbe
country, while on the other band It Is Just as
positively asserted tbat tbe disease Is nothing
tit simple cholera, from which no danger
teed be apprehended.
Dr. whltcomb, the sanitary offlcer at
Oravasond who '"Inspected tbe steamer
Gemma, which arrived there from Hamburg
oa Thursday last and three ol whose passen
pri subsequently died rrom what was said
to be Asiatic cholera, emphatically denies
tbat tbe disease was the dreaded Kastern
tconrg. He attended all three of tbe Tlctlms
lathe hospital and says tbat they died from
He further says that the emigrants on tbe
Gemma were not of the poorest clasi, but
were greatly superior to the general run of
inch people who arrlTe here.
Dancer Net Oaly In the Bteeraae.
In some quarters It Is held that It Is uon
Moeforthe Quarantine omclals to act on
tbe sappo3ltlon that it Is only tho poorer
ilasaes ot passengers nho can coureytbo
tontsglon. It Is said that even nrst-claas
piuengers from cholcra-lnfected porta are
utas likely to conrey tho germs ot the
disease as thoee who trarel In the steerage,
,acd that tho disease Is not generated on tbe
Ucamer, but In tho cities from which the
passengers come, and there is no possible
) of telling whether or not somo of the
Sret-class passengers may not hare only re
cently left a house In which somo person has
fUlcn a victim to the disease.
The people who argue In this way claim
tbat tbsre should bo no partiality shown as
to what passengers should be landed from a
Reamer, and tbat to have an effectual
Quarantine all should bo dotalned for ooser
tttlon. It is now declared tbat the sickness on tbe
ileamer Luura was due to acute diarrhoea,
tod not to cholera. Tbe Laura Is the vessel
tta arrived at Lynn on Friday last with two
Kuplclous cases of sickness on board. The '
tenth omclals would allow none of the
Pingcrs to land, but ordcrod tbe Laura to
put back to sen.
Mure Excitemom To-L'ar.
withstanding tbe denials made of the
presence ot cUolora In tho country, the resl
Henbotoiaveheud were thrown Into a state
,'leicltcmentitMiayby tho arrival thereof
two emigrant btcaniers, ouo of which was
from Hamburg, while tho other, as was sub
equonllr learned, was bound lot Hamburg.
Ihe s e intr from Hamburg was tho I'ortla.
He was aubjected to a mom rltflU cxamlna
"on und .ill tlio paBseugers woro mustered for
ledlut exauluatlon. Not a tiaco of cholera
ts louud.
The tttaMei's physician roportea the death
M a Dab on tho voyage, and thu news of this
pread among the townspeople and oo
"cloned much alarm, the universal belief
wiuz that li was another case of cholera,
j-atent was found tuat the child had died
"fin some infantile complaint.
As the I'ortla and h. r forty pasbengors
"ere found to be ireo ot Infection all the eml
J"nts erc allowed to land at Tilbury.
"Pposite Uraipbend. Tbcy are all of' tho
poorer sort ot immigrants.
A London nrm has rccslYdd an order from
, e atborltles ot Hamburg f6r 38,000 gal
cm oi duiniectlng nuld and thirty-five tons
Ulslniectlng powder.
ti ,VVould "'op Imlrtlon.
,. iat attttr o.Veuij has reopened tbe aglta
n against tbe entry of pauper aliens. It
Mraands tbat tbe OoTernment issue an order
JPrecnt the entry of Import or Immigrants
"Oin chaiirt.lnfected porta.
H adds thu several ot the Immigrants from
"e steamer I'ortla ha;e now gone to the east
M or liodon, wuero they will probably de.
Jop cholera In the next few days and be
we centres from which death will spread
uiroughout the city,
ClieUrnlo Dlnau la Paris.
rrt AU(t' "' TwantJr persons suffering
"imchoieraie disorders were admitted to tho
"O'PUata here yesterday.
"t ,'etcra, the head physician ot one ot
;"ts'lltl. declare that tbcre bare been
ot Atmio cholera to farts. He says he
believes tbat the disease originated In the
Materro Poorhouse. i
Vhelera Belletla la Berlin. 1
Beklik, Aug. SB. Dr. Harris Graham, an
American physician who has had wide expo. 1
rlenee with the cholera in Syria, Is organlilng
tbe American modlcal student here into a
body to act as assistants and nurses In the '
cvont of cholera becoming' epldemlo in this
In accordance with the policy decided upon,
to mako publlo the health condition ot tbe
city, concealing nothing from tbe residents,
ho police this morning posted a notloo
throughout the city announcing tbat a
woman who had Just arrived from Hamburg
bad died from Asiatic cholera.
Appended to the notice are full instructions
for the treatment of cholera.
.'IM Work at Meathampten.
SocraaiirTON, Aug. 38. Many complaints
are being made here that In view ot tbe
danger of infection to, tbe transatlantic and
other steamers, as well as tho port, the au
thorities are not taking adequate precautions
to guard against cholera.
Fishing vessels arriving from Infected ports,
such as Havre, enter Southampton without
any Inspection ot them or their crews being
Thirteen Fatleata la Breaeu.
Brsmiv, Aug. 20. Thirteen cholera pa
tients have been admitted to tbe hospital
Five of the cases were certified to as Asiatic
cholera. One ot the patient died.
Haaaate ea the Arlveaa and America
Therenahlv FaMlaated.
Itraoiu. to tbx avenue woau 1
Q0iMHTiN, M. i., Aug. 20. The steamship
Arizona from Liverpool passed quarantine at
9.30 o'clock this morning, she carried 154
first cabin, 108 second cabin and 480 steerage
She arrived at 10 o'clock last night and was
boarded at sunrise to-day by Deputy Health
Officers Tallmadge and Sanborn, who after
examining tbe passengers began tbe fumiga
tion of all tbe steerage baa-gage and passed
the vessel.
The steerage passengers will probably sot
be landed until late this afternoon, a the
baggage will not be released until a o'clock.
Tbe only sickness found among the passen
gers was a case ot chicken-pox, which was
sent to North Brother Island.
Tne America, of tbe North German Lloyd
line, which sailed from Bremon Aug. 17 with
four cabin and 330 steerage passengers, wa
detained from 7 o'clock this morning until
nearly 11. There was no slekness aboard
during the voyage, but the baggage was nev
ertheless horougbly disinfected.
Two tramp steamers, the Alvena, from Port
Llmen, Venezuela, and the Darlal, from
Flushing, Kngland; also tho bark Douglass,
from Philadelphia, were passed early this
morning. They carried no passengers. The
Frleeiand, from Antwerp Aug. so, and the'
Polynesia, from Hamburg Aug. 14, are due
Dr. Jenkins Is apprehensive ot the former,
inasmuch as tbe health regulations In force
at that port aro not as stringent as clroum
Htanees would seem to warrant. Antwerp is
not on tbe list of in reeled ports, and for that
reason Dr. Jenkins believes that more than
tho usual number ot emigrants from Infected
district! will embark there and escape tbe
restriction In force at Hamburg.
Health omelets Tekln Freramleaa
Acalnst the Asiatic Securer.
The Quarantine officers of tbe portwm
have plenty to keep them busy this week.
No less than bait a dozen steamships, bring
ing over large numbers ot steerage paaten
gers, will arrive here within the next three
days from tbe cholera-infected districts ot
one ot these is due to-day, tbe America
from Bremen. To-morrow tbe ttaale from
Bremen Is expected to arrive, on Tuesday tbe
Frlesland from Antwerp and the Polynesia
from Hamburg, and on Wednesday the Lahn
rrom Bremen and the Veendam from Rotter
dam. Dr. Jenkins, the Health Offlcer, and his as
sistants are preparing to make a most thor
ough Inspection ot all these vessel, and their
vlgllanco will be redoubled, for every day
tbat passes now brings tbe danger ot the pes
tilence nearer.
Steamers which sailed from the Infected
port last week are more likely to carry the
germs ot the disease than those which have
yet arrived, lor It wa only then tbat the
cholera reached Its epidemic form In Ham
burg, Antwerp, Bremen and Havre.
In tills work the quarantine officials will be
aided by Dr. Cyrus Edson and tbe Board of
Health of this city, whose co-operation will
prove Immensely valuable In detecting cases
ot tbe disease and nipping tbe scourge In tbe
bud, should It make Its appearance.
The latter are on the lookout also to guard
against tbe Introduction ot the cholera by
way ot tho railroads from Canada und from
other parts ot the United Mates where a pa
tient may slip in unaware and bring tho
germs of the disease to this city.
Tbe array of Inspectors and sanitary polite
who begin, their work under the orders
Issued by the Board ot Health last week ore
3tlU busy, and have already accomplished a
vast amount of good union? tho tenement
bouses ot tbe city. They are scouring tbe
plaguo spots In " Little Italy," and tbe dirty
quarters on tbe east side down-town, where
in 1BC3 tho scourgo fcund lt first foothold
in this city.
They have found a great manv places
already which ought to receive Immedlato
attention, and the owners ot property In
many case3 have been ordered to mako re
pairs and renov&to and clean tho premises for
which they aro responsible wltbln twenty
tour hours. It they do not comply with these
instructions in tho required time they will
bo prosecuted as delinquents.
There are cases where tho premises are In
an extremely Uiby eondltlon. In ordinary
casas the law allows five daj s, wltbln which
the owner must comply trltb the orders ot tho
Boird of Health.
Mayor Grant Is well satisfied with the pre
cautions which have been taken by the (uar.
antlne authorities for warding off tbe danger
of the epidemic. He visited tho quarantine
station yesterday, accompanIM by President
Wilson, ot tbe Board of Health j Police Com
missioner Martin, quarantine t'ommttslone I
Charles F, Allen and Dr. Charles T. Kobcrts,
Chief of the Bureau of Oontaglou Diseases.
They afterward took the-ijuaranttpf tuS
and went down the iar to Swinburne and
Hoffman Islands, where they found every
thing In readiness for tbe reopptlon ot cholera
patient In oase the disease should bo brought
over by any ot tbe ocean steamships.
Tbe steamship Sorrento, which arrived yes
terday from Hamburg with 231 steerage
passengers, wa Inspected thoroughly, and
no traces of disease were found on board.
Tbe vessel wa given a clean bill oi health.
She sailed irom HamburgonAug.il, which
was some days before the epldemlo made its
appearance In tbat city. Tbe baggage o all
the Immigrants was carefully fumigated and
dlalnteoted lest It should contain any germs
of tbe dreaded disease.
This week the orders ot tbe customs au
thorities relating to tho treatment ot rags,
skins, hides and furs from cholera-Infected
countries go Into effect and will hereafter be
stringently enforced. They win not be per
mitted to be discharged on any account with
out tbe necessary Inspection, and no baggage
or goods belonging to Immigrants will be In
spected by tbe custom-House officials unless
the Health offlcer has given a special permit
passing the goods or baggage.
Besides tho vessels expected in from Uam
burg, Bremen, Antwerp and Havre, there are
Bteamshlps from Kngland and from conti
nental porta not yet Infected with cholera
due wltbln tbe next few days. They will all
be Inspected by the Health Officer with the
same care tbat Is employed in the case ot ves
sels from the cholera-Infected ports.
Now that tbe Hamburg-American Packet
Company ha decided to Discontinue Its steer
age traffic' entirely during the prevalence ot
the cholera at Hamburg, a source ot much
danger has been removed. Tbli policy, how
ever, only goes Into effect this week, so
tbat all tbe Company's vessels arriving here
from Hamburg within tbe next week or ten
day must be caret ullr watched.
It la believed by many that the only effect
ual means tbat can be taken to avoid tbe
Introduction of tbe cholera Into New York is
to stop the immigrant business entirely for
awhile. No other steamship company, how
ever, has jee shown any disposition to cut
off this profitable source of revenue even for
a short time.
Bev. H. M. Tyndale, of tbe Broome Street
Tabernacle, yesterday warned hi congrega
tion not to put too much faith In the Quaran
tine. While they were guarding tho front
entrance the cholera, he said, might easily
slip In at tbe rear, lhe authorities, be
thought, would do well to expend moro time
In Improving and purifying some long neg
lected part ot tbe city. Immigration, be
aid, should be stopped entirely during tbe
prevalence ot the epidemic abroad.
Aatea Petaal Had a Severe Attack at
rlNiaaer UUeraer.
All doubt as to tbe nature ot the disease
thought to bo cholera, with which Anton
Potiel,- 'Austrian tailor, wa Buffering
when Policeman qvlnlan, of tbe Kast Fltt3
Orst street station, found him In the street at
Second avenue and Forty-ninth street and
sent, him to Bellevue Hospital, was removed
this morning when Dr. Uamlen, the bouse
physician, pronounced bis aUnicut a severe
attack ot summer complaint.
Tbe man's statement that be bad called
from Hamburg la one of tbe German b tenn
ers on July S8 wa sufficient reason tor exer
cising every precaution, and be was promptly
Isolated in the tent for contagious diseases.
When Dr. Hamlen visited Potzel this morn
ing he lound the cholera-like symptoms had
entirely disappeared, and tbe patient was up
and walking about tbe tent. Ho had also de
veloped a most extraordinary appetite.
Dr. Hamlin will watch his case another aay
so as to be entirely on tbe safe side.
Pat7el'case U the second cholera scare
that Bellevue has experienced lu tbe last
forty-eight hours.
Saturday evening, Simon Blddulpb. a Balti
more stoel-worker was taken to Bellevue
from Gouverneur Hospital In an ambulance,
suffering much from cholera-like pains. Yes
terday morning tbe deraded symptoms bad
all disappeared and Dr. Dillingham ot tbe
Board of Health pronounced bis ailment
a common one and he was discharged.
Dr. Jehn Abhett Deeen't Thlnka America
ethoald JCxpert la Bscaae.
Chicago, Ht. Aug. so. Notwithstanding
the statements to tbe contrary, I tear we
shall have a cholera epidemic in this coun
try," said Dr. John H. Abbott, ot Fall Itlver,
Uasg., who Is stopping at tbe Leland.
" Everything points In tbat direction. It Is
more or less nonsensical to Ulk ot perfect
quarantine protection. Such a thing Is not
likely to be obtained. In Kngland, where the
' regulations arc much stricter than they aro
here, two cases have already crept In. Do we
expect to be more fortunate !
" Apart from this question of quai antlne,
you must recollect tbat there are means ot
carrying tbe dread disosso to our shores
otber than those which attach to passengers
or freight vessels entering our ports. If jou
wcro absolutely to cut off all personal con
tact with the countries where tne scourge
prevails thore would still be danger of Its
reaching this land.
" The germ travels by sea snd land. It may
come to us through tbe malls ana through
the, thousand and one otber ways which are
tbe result of our commercial dealings with
all nations. Therefore, tho most reasonable
thing to do Is tn hope cholera will not attack
us, and at tbe same time to prepare to resist
the attack.
With reference to this preparation, a
word will not be out of season. Food and
drink ai o perhaps the tno things tu which
each ludlvtdual should attend. Let every
one avoid above all things fruit about which
there Is a suspicion ot taint, lho street-
I vender should be shunned and canned fruits
are not safe. After fruit como icjetoulcs,
and the most extreme caution should be ex
ercised. i 1 recollect about six or even year aco
reading a Icwttliy dMuslun among tne
' medical authcrltica in trance lo lliu cuoilo
producing qualities c a certain class of green
poas, and it was generally admitted that
green peas wero a source ot considerable
banger In time ot cholera. Among the other
things to be eschewed, however bard It may
seem, are lce-cre&m and iced articles of erery
as to Intoxicants, you must bear In mind
1 tbe tact tbat tbey have a tendency to repnss
' tbe system, and anything which brings about
' tbat rosult Is bid. In addition to the hints
which I have thrown out, every one should
1 give lull appreciation to the aavloe of the
German philosopher: Keep a cool bead snd
r jourfeevywro.'"
The Champion Goes to Brooklyn
and Oorbett Gomes Here.
Both Will Glvo Sparring Exhibi
tions To-Night.
Corbett Start To-Morrow and 8ul
' Mwaa on Thursday.
This 1 a red-letter day In puglllstle circles
in this city and Brooklyn. Champion John
L. Sullivan will be In tho Clty.ot churches to
night and Pompadour Jim" Corbett la al
ready here.
Sullivan will arrlvo In Brooklyn lste this
afternoon. He will rest quietly at Casey's
place, De Grew street, until about 8 o'clock,
when he will proceed to Clermont Avenue
Kink, where his big show takes place. Every
body who can get In will havo an opportun
ity of seeing Just bow tbe big fellow looks,
and It will probably be the last opportunity a
good many will have tor some time to come.
Of course, the event of the evening will be
the star's boxing exhibition with Jack Ash
ton. John L. will be arrayed In his new colors.
Thesu aroot silk with aw tilth background.
In the centre Is a likeness ot the wearer who
standi with arms folded. An American flag
and a sunburst aro In opposite corners. An
Irish harp and a shamrock In tbe other cor
ners complete the effect.
Among others who wUl SDpear are " Brook
lyn Jimmy" Carroll, Harry Newmelr, " Billy
Dacy, George slddons, "Tim" Murphy,
"Danny" McBrlde, "Tommy" Dantorth,
"Jlmmle" Larklns, "Paddy" Smith and
Corbett got In toe n from Loch Arbour this
morning and went at onoe to Madison square
Garden to meet Domlnlck Mccaffery and
complete arrangements for their tonr-round
contest later in the FalL
This ovenlng corbett will spar with Daly
andMoVay in tho Madison Square Garden,
Garden, and from appearances even tbat vast
auditorium will be none to largo to bold the
admirers ot the Calltornlan. He will wear
the same costume that he will have on when
ho enters the ring at New Orleans Sept. 7.
Corbett's exhibition In tho evening will be
followed by social bouts between Muldoon's
" Cyclone" and the " t-uban Wonder," " Har
lem Coffee-Cooler " and Mike" Brennan, ot
Montana ; ProL " Tom "Stewart and "Andy '.
O'Connor, Joe " Hopkins and tbe " African
Sailor Boy," Harry " Livingston and "Jack "
Burke, a six-round contest between " UU1
Cohlli, tbe strong boy, and " Bnll" Madden ;
also wrestling by " Black Sam " and " Mike "
At 3 o'clock this afternoon Corbett will play
a game ot handball at the Garden with ex
champlon John Lawlor, and at 4 o'clock will
exhibit bta aunty In punching the bag.
There Is talkol Sullivan's coming over to
see his opponent punch tbe bag and play
handball it he gets Into Brooklyn In time.
Manager Braay ears be will see tbat the big
fellow la weU treated It be does put In an ap
pearance at the Garden.
corbett will spend the night at tbe Cole
man House, and return to his training quar
ters to-morrow afternoon. He will remain
there untU Saturday, when be will come up
to Jersey City, whence hi "special" leaves
at 4 o'clock irum the Pennsylvania depot
He will arrive In New Orleans Monday even
ing and stop at tbe hous ot a friend adjoining
the Olympic club. He wilt keep nt at tbe
rooms ot the southern Athletic uuo.
After lhe Clermont Avenue Hlnl exhibition
to-night Sullivan will return to Casey's,
and until 'ihursdaywUl stay quietly mere,
playing handball and punching the bag.
On Thursday he win leave in his special ear
"Traveller" lor New Orleans at 5 o'clock by
tbe West shore road.
The Traveller Is a tine Wagner car and
has been used by President Harrison.
ihero are two staterooms with two double
berths in each, wardrobes and wash
stands, with hot and cold water. The
car will comfortably accommoiate ten
or twelve persons. Tn re is also a
large toilet room, with bureau and ward
robes. Its Interior Is finished throughout in
solid mahogany, and the oras, chairs, Ac,
are richly upholstered In dark brown plush,
wltb draperies and curtains to match.
The parlor Is IS leet 14 Inches long and
baa an extension table, at which twelve per
son may dine.
He will occupy one of the staterooms. That
Is to say, he will take his nana there. A nne
spring bed will be put up In tbe parlor tor
him to sleeD on. stateroom No. a win be
used by Johnston and Wakely. The other
occupants ot the car will be Trainer Pbtl
Casey, Jack Asbton, Billy Morgan, Billy
Pond, John's Japanese valet, Phil Lynch,
supervisor W. v. Malloy, of New Bocbelle;
Matt Clune, " Yank " Sullivan, of Syracuse,
and Prank Moron. SuUlvan's manager.
Bar IKad, L. L, Aug. SO. Huillvan, ac
cording to present arrangements, will leave
Canoo Place Inn on tne 2.14 train ibis after
noon. He and bis party, consisting of Ash
ton, Casey, Morgan and the Jap, will arrive
at tbe Matbush avenue station, Brooklyn,
at 4.r5 and will bo driven to caoey's place
on DeGraw street.
Cold Rains Destructive to Wheat,
fur iMociiTin mix. I
KAKflO, N. D., Aug. so. Tho rain that has
been tailing here has turned into a oold drlz
rle. It win destroy much wheat tbat has not
been cut.
Mrs. Donnellr Fell from a Window.
Hannah Donnelly fell out of the second
story window of b:r home, 004 East Thir
teenth street, into the yard early this morn
ing. Mrs. Donnellr had her legs fractured by
thi-1 all, and she was otner wise internally In
jured, bhe was removed to Uellerue.
I'axl, Paxl, Past, Faxi,
Btt t alMobacco eigsrcttM, 10 can pr pockMft. '
m m
Car Fare
Tho World Postal Card.
i i i i i
A Boston Suit-Artist Nominated
by the Sooialiats.
For the First Time la It Illitory the
Party Go the Whole Ticket.
Simon V log, a Boston tailor, finds himself
suddenly famous tu-day a a Presidential
nominee, to run In the race with Cleveland,
Harrison and Weaver.
This is tbe result of the Socialist-Labor
party's convention, held yesterday In this
city at the Labor Lyceum, S5 East Fourth
Eight delegates settled the question, and
without pomp or noise, and wltbln two brief
hours, reared aloft to the most towering
height ot political glory In their power, the
names ot Mr. Wing for tbe ITestdeaeyaMot
Charles II. Matchctt, a Brooklyn carpenter,
for tbe Vice-Presidency ot tbe United States.
The eight mem upon whom this task de
volved were Henry Glyn and Hugo Vogt, of
New York; Abbott Jeremiah and August
Lang, ot Pennsylvania; Joseph OiUlar, of
New Jersey ; David Taylor and Samuel Wing,
ot Massachusetts, snd Faustln Seward, ot
These delegates represented not only tbe
Mates Irom which they respectively hailed,
but were clothed with a representative capa
city by other states, so that Socialist of the
whole United States virtually declared their
will In the adoption of Wing and Matcbet as
tbe standard-bearere-in-cblef of their party.
There Is no socialist Just now sang nine
enough to hope for victory In the November
elections, although one enthusiastic candi
date gave vent to his belief that, tbey would
poll 100,000 votes at least.
This is the first time tbat the Socialist
have nominated a Presidential ticket. In
1880 the party indorsed tbe Greenback can
didate, James B. Weaver, but came to near
being split on tbe Issues Involved, that they
determined to run a candidate of their own.
Tbe Socialist-Laoor plattorm 1 a follows:
octal, tixmaua.
I. Redaction of the boars of labor In eroportloa
to u prof nu of prodaotlra.
J. . n. Uatttd SUU. shall obUio stMowioa of
tho rmllrosdi, caun, u nplu. toltphenM s
II otur am. of psblotruuportetloo ad com.
Baoloatloa. j
, Tho BtiaieiparitlM to obtain poMMilooot lho
iooal railroad, lorrlu, etUr works, tu works,
olMtrlo plant and all InamtrlM nqalrln muul
olMl franslUM.
4. TbopuDilo lud to b dMlrvid nlinblo.
IWTodatUB of all Und (rants to corporations or
individuals tl conditions of whlek bv not beta
eompllod wltn.
Xal Inoorsorstlon b th But of loeal
trsdu unions whtofl nv bo National rssatu
Uoo. . Th United BttMto!aTethtclulvrlht
te Imii mono.
7. OonsroMtousl loiiilattoa prorldln for tho
olratlSo nuuninl ol forasu ajd watoTwars
ana prohibiting tho watt of tno nsisral nosaro
of tho country.
. . InnntiM to bo fioo to all: tho inroalors te
b ronvmoratod bjp tho nation,
i 9. Pronraoair Inoomo Ui and Ui oa Inhorit
1 aiioost tao snatltr Incomes to b osoatpu
10 Bcboolo ooationofall obll4rn uador four
toon f ran of a to bo conpilaorr. (rata too and
aooOMtblo all bjr t-nblio M4UUHM In mosU,
olothln, books, e., wbtroroeossarr,
II. Ksdmi ot all jpanpor. tramp, conspiracy ssd
sumptuary lawk Tjnabriaf sd nhl of commonl
cation. 1 J. Oraclsl statistic conesrotn tbo condition of
labor Prohibition of tba ompiorraMit of cblldron
of ssbool aco and of tbs traploymont of fsmalo
Ubur iu oocupslluns detrimsnlsi to btalth or
morillu. Abolition of tho vonrict labor contraot
7 torn
la. All wstsa to be paid In Iswful monaor tho
Unitad BUtaa Kaualizatton of soman's waxes
wltb thnte of men where equal aerrioo Is pert otmed.
li Lswa for tbo protection of Ufa abd limb in all
occupations, and an efficient employers' llablilt
rouTicaL Dim:ua.
1. Tbe people to bare tbe rixht to propose laws
and to tote ,ipnn all mea.nras or importance, no
oordlugtoth Ruerenduin principle,
'i AlolUiou t the I're.ldanc, Vic-e-Preeiitencr
and Seuste of tbe United btalee. An Ktecutl.o
Hoard so be estsbliabo 1, whose members sre too
elected, end msr st snr tiro be recalled by tbo
llouae of HeprentatlTea, sa tbe only lean latlvo
bodr. 1 he btfttos snd muuiclpslltlee tu adopt oor
rw pon'lo amendment to tbeir oonitltutlona snd
s Muclclpal Keif.gorernmenl.
a. Direct rota snd secret ballots In stl e'ectlona.
UsLarilt and equal rlsbt of auttrsge without re-
rrartl to ro or, oraed or sax. Llecttoo Cars to bo
real boll tare. Tbe prtoupleof mlcontr repre
aeotstl it to be Introduced.
6 All pulitio oOuers to be subject to recall br
tb-lr reapectlfe rcaatlt euclaa
6. Unltormolrllandcrltrinsl awthronthoat the
United Mates. AduiinUtittlon of juetlie to be tlr
if charge. Abolition of capital punlebuient.
Vast Plans to Convert it Florida
Bwerop Into a Plantation.
ihy assuefsvED raxss.i
Cincinnati, o.. Auc. SO. Tbe irrigation
scheme being pusued in Honda by capitalists
of this city, Philadelphia and New York Is to
be thu greatest North America ha has ever
seen. It may develop Into tho giant suor
monopoly of tbo world.
1 bo Lorsuany bas secured at a few cents an
acre a tract ot swamp land on tho St. John
and Indian rivers eigbty.three miles long and
trom three to six miles wide.
The entire cost of tbe improvement Is esti
mated at 14,000,000 and two years, the time
ncietsary to complete the work, it Is be
lieved tbat on this reclaimed swamp enough
sugar can be raised to supply tho whole ot
Hurtli America.
-ytrjj- .i ..h? , .,..3 f'-1? a-M.f t-ami ,i-ylifrw"nsciai
Dash Stakes, for Two-Yew-Olds,
the Feature at Sheepsheads
Dr. Haabroack, Raoalaad and Other
Barlater Ara ta Meet.
The card at Sbeepshead Bay to-day 1 not
blgn-class, but, neverthtleta, wUl prove Inter
esting to tbe spectator, who desire above
everything good fields and smart betting.
There I only one fixture down tor deltoo.
This la tbe Dash Stake, tor two-year-old,
with such good one a Doctor, iAwlete,
lata Bey, Comanche, Uncle Jess, Spartan
andrJeUegarderxamedtoeompetn. Taeopea.
lor dash Is likely to produce rea-hotraos
between Dr. Hiabrouck, xelaad, Gold Dol
lar, St. Felts and Candelabra, la the third
I Horner look to hav an easy talac ot It. la
UM otber eveoutker las aavorot the U-ing-plater
about the enarte. ana, ttouca the
races may be exciting, very Uttti Interest
wtu be excited. Tne track will be dry and
fast. Tbe entries and fraleoUce are as fol
lows t (
First Rao. A sweep for tkraa insi sis
sad npwsrd st SIO swon, with il.000 424. of
wkleb W0 1 th mo4 sad 1N te Ike tadre
Fatorlty awan.
W. M. Barrlek's Dr. Hsebreoak... f
?!?'" avrtTs' " III
Plssuat vallei tbls leJaa.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'' 1M
BurrldgBrts.,-84.feli.,. JW
llackeM Stable's Geld boiler 104
fw. U. Dsl's Nubian... lei
J, MsOaffwtr's aLvb 104
, S-eene's Usodslabr 100
Gold Dollar ha so moan tbe beet ol the
weights In the opening event that the writer
shall expect to see him win. Dr. Hasbrouok
and Itaceland. who la a sprinter ot ne mean
order, may fight It out for tbe place, with tbe
chance la favor ot the torsatr.
. Soooad liao. TkDeh Blakoai a ewaiaeaisae
for two-xear-olda. of o0 oseb. tl lorlsit, with
I 1.J0 added, of whlob 30 t theeeosadi tke
third to rocelre (100 ot oi tk sukesi Ive fat
tongs. Empire SUbleeOomsnae...... . in
Vsl ej Fsrm Stable's Unci Jess. If
trookwoodSublo's Kltrs , II
Burrldg Bros. ' Doctor It
J B ColllBS'e tewltas It
it. Htranas's lUgTnalnT. IS
w. M. Barnes's Emm tier - 10
W a Dais's Prison Ueorgf. 10
riideon Dsl's Leers Gould soil 1
WsloottACsmpb.M'a Spartw.... jo
r K. 19 f Of a Ut Ba I aflf.. ..................... OT
MiOB tabies Ossutakl tt
Burrldg. Bros 'Simmons 04
. Msicnspslr's JUsitewaf M
I STA. fkrsVa Bunjo , 4
J. A. Xa. B. MerrU's CerUmt, 51
- S- LVf,,i,.,tt H
B F. Wbfpple'eT-or Mi
Preknes Siabl's Uhbiast 04
WsabliigleaTstakle's Sport Oi !
Blemtoo Stable's jtMleeard. 01
l KeodllBtble'eQeeIald Ol
A. u MoTalirtr-sTearlsW 01
Simmons na a big pull la tbe weights la
I this event and may win. Spartan may ma
second and Lady Mary, who pniiiem a great
turn of ieed, may be third.
I Third Be--A eweepeukeo ley tlins raaa all
I sad upward of M . wltb el.OwOaefdsdror
which i0 to th osoend; tk tnJr Is rwswir
J 100 nwt of tii aUsee sa mil.
L. Rsmsdall'a Uom.r 11
W. jMBiaa'a Man Rob ISf
Mrsua Dalr'sslr ir 101
J. iloffsssa's Joe Carter M
J. Marphs's Abb M
Homer ought to win this eventeeally It he
run up to bl Sarat-iga pertormsnees. Mary
stone may be the runner up, and Falrplay
should not be worse than third.
. Fourth Bao. A awsepeUkea lev thro rear-elds
! sfSlOeMb. with Sl.OMaaVted. e7 which 0100 te
tbe second and Si 00 lo tbe third ruturltr oesree.
sreus Dslr'sSir slatUew , in
, ,. K. Dwrer'a Dgonet..... Ilx
I I'lesssnt Valler Slsble's Psrrsnn lot
Burrldge Ures.s Bt iui 104
FUsu bUbls's Hnasbls WhlsSj 104
O. II. Morris's King Mas....,,., 104
J. fc. Pepper Co.; Lord Motlar 104
lUscocss Stablo's Joy 9t
j' keene't WhIU tvoee i
W. Lnkeland'sCrttchet tft
W.CT Half's LsugnlogWaMr Vt
St. FeUx looks tho best ot the lot In this
event and be may be tbe first under the wire.
Dagono. ought to ret tbe place money and
blr llattbew should beat the others.
Finn IUe.-Pure 1,000, of which 0100 t
tho aeoond and 100 to tbe tairdl ontrnne SIO,
of whlob twothirda to the eeoond Bod on third
I to th third bone i the wlnntrto b sold! auc
tion, aereu furlonga.
SI. f. llwrara Koine J no
M. Jordau'a hilfer l'riooe,.,,. .,,.,,,,,,.,,, 104
K Alrord's Raporlence 104
W. fakr-lend a Iird Dslwsnr 104
IW. Jesnlsgs sOrst(3uos 103
J. McLsuahllo's KT West , 101
NlietCeid Rlable'e Uucle Sim SS
VV. 'i. palj'a Crnoaure s
H. VT. Htrat'a nenltnient S-J
A. U MtCsfait; s Hr D f
U. rorbeaa BsUman IS
Nomad, Cynosuro and Lord Dalmeny look to
lie the pick of tbe lot In this race, and the
n rlter prefers tbem In tbe order given- Great
Guns, li good, bas anexcellent outside i hince.
Slitb usee A awropetakee for th -rsre!ds
snd upward, of alt eeb, with fl.vOU addej, o(
which 41i0 t.i the second and f 100 to the tkfrd:
one mile, on tori.
Kraoire bisble a Trestle 143
V. K. Over's Air. haft , nt
Panroeaa Mable's ht-lsctlte 134
tllmisr.Stabls'sPsrsuistts 12J
W. M Barrlek's Tom Hogera WU
IP. J. DwjeriPon'a Madrid.. lit
J. A. A A. 1L Morris's Anna B 114
Tbe cloatDg event may be won by Fare.
ma.ta, wltb Tom Itogers second and Anns 11.
not worse than third.
aioacester eleotlone.
First Kace Katie C, Jackstaff, Bonnie s.
secoud luce Moderate, lriabtown,sweeUa.
Third Uace-MolUe, eingars, AnarcbUt,
Fourth Kace May, On way, Samaritan.
Fifth Kace-oueen d'Or, I. a u., Atmcoeder.
Sixth Kace WaUace G., Easter, MMU.
POLITICS. Ill IT. 101.
New Afpeot of tht Ttyr in Oar
Lady of Mt. Oarmtl ObvoL
Tho ItallM IstMvelar aVkil emavew
OrMt FMUeal tftrnw.
Tbe strala4 Mellno betweaa ttv ltawlem
and Isglkih PilaK coaMafaata at taa
cataolUCurehot our Lady of ItetnU Cer
met, tn last one Hoaered aat llfteeatt
street, a poMUbed to Tp Braanre Wvjaui
last BAttsroay, are aswailag a aaUteetl as.
TMortitaoftaotrovals wewww.svavsgTaaat
reToealot rather Carate y, u Mall ffrka
and rector of the church, to iasajst M, the
rMsc4 ii,aoo uikea la at aa eatertaav
Iiseat given by th Itaiiaa. pariaatwaafaaKha.
BAUottasehtvcbtolsssi,- . ,
Father canaody ma4 oobm oaaatte re
marks la reference to th eirartai retrtra
from ueh Mg receipt, sad laarser aacarst
the itaiiaa tacuon, imiliily Ha ttgowsr, A
toalo Petraxil. Matter vw.oaaawaf t a
botUag pout, whsa th nasiptaaaiarol
thrUsioaecrtswruaervnsaaaieM tho
little chorea l coadnotowl rfivel Vather
carmoay toaLeseoa aarlsh m4 4t to Mo
stead Vatser Aloyato MaaaoelO'a laatar,
with rather Beaks, aa Irlsva fwtotor A
toalo,BltaUaa,aa4rstvsrWvMar, a ttor.
ataa, as lassstists.
Aa rather Aloyaraskiet Itaiiaa aamataa
ht father' side a4 ot KafllBw. ea hat
WMconstoered Tory dlflrsaitle, aada ifimy
reeoaclUsUea wa looked tor.
But tbe fact ot rather Aioratas iseklac
Xnctlah witbotrt a toreifa acorat, imtataa
tbe Italia who rsswedthmsmtwseon to
hi Itaiiaa paternity. BssHn, betas; fstltsa
by right of his ne4ber,B was oisttksvl byta
So.rnatUrsrroabeugbU bscsaw worse,
unui the spirit ot sMUgereacy mastlsstea It
sen opesly last week ay aa altsok aaoa
rather Bank.
Iiallasa, alwUeh Aafoal retraSs I van.
Antoalo aad them aeaatorl ca aa rathor
Baaka, whsa the latter IsfeSMBed to the
rescue ot his brother priest or. afxorwtof to
anewbswverstcsa.asbavlaf atad thoalaMIt
onrially aaoa rather Saaa allhoa aay
provooauoo whatever.
Hovrevtr talslaay ha, rathor Baaka rerasse
to BToerouU Petrtual tor sessaii as Battery,
altVougb the Utter has aahshhataohalar.
setting forth htoowajnstUttnti aaisatorf
lavapoa the eaipahilMF oc rathar Baaka.
TtroabthAve BewarrlreaattaMMSs
UuttheehurchtotaoaauvU to oaatatothssa
aad they have hhbltovar tato thaOoauto
All the taatjaaas it ess, ereTaaaWiiyttea,
th peiaa w 'HiSajTsWh'' t eawswtee a
capable ot tswohlag seffaTwhll) aotainy ea
aged a a isaOoa-keeBST at Oa aaart4 east
Tenth street sad First aveaas.
Petruxr lAfluanos. it is ttarat by the
Tssuaasy leaaers, will he vrietdedUke raor
attaaessslBf elexttcw ualess hat asrtarbod
ssirt Ups before tbsttlate.
Heaoe. strtBBoua ofloru at betaf ataoe to
get the ItaUaas to eead tor worahlp from
the church basement, which they buttt, to the
body ot th cbureb, built by th Oenaaas isi
the Irtah-th commlngllag of the eUisaU
being oontidered 'he first step 11117 to
general reooncUUuUr.
Ucraiatr Papers Mlsottasia.
at saurasiAB bat.
First Race Oold Dollar. Dr. Haabrovek.
Second Race Isala Bey, Uaele Jess.
Third Race-Mary stoae, Falrplay.
Fourth Heo crotcket, Suriaalo Tteleksy,
Firth Hace Nocoad, Lord DeiBBtay.
suth Kaoe Anna a, Meatstv
First Kaoe Dr. Raabrouck. Geld Dollar,
second Race Llieboat, Prince George.
Third Race Honor, Mary sHeaa.
Fourth Kace King Mao, Crotchet.
Fifth Hace Kxpefience, Lord Dalmeay.
sixth Race Tom lifers, TresOe.
First Race-Dr. Ilaabrouck, Aloha,
second Kace Prince Oei rge, Dootor.
Third Kaoe Homer, Mary stone.
Fourth Race crochet. White hvoaa.
Finn Kace-Nomad, Key West.
Sixth Race Trestle, Toe Rogers.
First Race-Gold Dollar, Dr. Haseronck,
second Race Emtn Bey, Uncle Jess.
Third Race-Mary Stoae, Homer.
Fourth uce-crocbe(, St. Felix.
Filth Race Nomad, Key West,
sixth Race Anna B., Stalactite.
rlrat ltace-Raceland, Gold Dollar.
rVooad Race Hrisee George, Minntnab.
Third Race Joe carur, Mary 6ton.
Fourth Race-White uoee, st. Fen.
Flf.b Race Nomad. Lord Dalstesy.
sixth Race Anna B., Tresti.
aratova Foraoa
First lUOS-BerU B, fill, eWMbhOk,
Naphtha. V
seoona Kace Lester, Beau BruauaeT, Mt.
Third Kaoe watterscn, Mabel Uleaa, Ler)
Founa Raee-Lowlaader. BUtren. Btni.
Jfitth Roe-Axraw47aalaioo, Atokav
r? v' " s. t "
. . . -1- , i, r.5", iiS2BBnJBBBBfcir .
so'olook; ,. I
Me. .i em Z ijU
: ' m
Few Buflilagi m A M
Arenue Wnobd lj TlMtm. 51
i -&
InmatH f Out Nchm Urttf 9mtf- I
fesTtsva NolCkkwTC rilHIJ J
Tkatr irwnltara to Ik mil, fm
j -' '8
Flrenttedarowefthrre traaM MasviS "
oa Amsterasm aveaae early thloaraBBf
tv4aartrcyatroyaa aaothar Bvdkswriawsv
the ottstr. ' y:
ThOaroarwlMetHtoMo.'KCO. H0WIHBr fe
llehert Bstaer, a ooralee ana akylsrht atahar, t$,
who had hi ahoy there. Tho bbbbbbbVIsV. 3
rsUilaJnv tbe flames greet avevavrwar' '' M
thtrBtw4to no. ?OT,to Mm, aa-eaa-' m
uyl3uiMtugs,aB4to3002, a IsVsW . m
tor. m
No. 07 wa occupied try B. W. VhsBs7. Jt
as adwatttag aad No. 3070 waa a kwaHoao-' M
The Baa. were tmteartrt at U.gt, mk
eTretMBsasa.ratriek JMcgas, awjBt. 'M
Tt -liiltisuririfu iiMilhiisaiBsn, "-
DrjprM tmt to swalawm areas tawhte j&
eorasr ot Oa aatvetsl aasi atassjaaBB -Ji
street sssfi ASBSSsssmsa awaswam, f
wssww BWBB mswBWTWBMVS oWmenSBW t 4u
Botaro tho fir. tuilvM BmVawhTBBBaV. M
la war bskTBtafBir aa fata BatafaBB' 5
BOvaTst BwBwh Of th 'aWhlaBXwrBwBaBBBB' l
isjnaan olaimal stwl at) ahtaT amwBawBBwi i
aaotototaoatifat. ic .
WeMml BBwBMOTM,aram avfT sDawBaWsBBwl timval MBa jV
BBrWtavrewtvhtesOwat aiBjiaBtWOBJB , 'aiS:
thoaSaot four .iXmSiTiXV M
MMia!noq?lBoaB ., Vj
raheBBBBB BWeSam raaBaaaaBtBt4LBBi M
tho toaaat wsrw wsrTsBa, aaOilSaV 0M
theeyMrUwIUhhTotS.' ' " , '"TTT $M
Tats esmrafetssa, aajai Br. tMastoKalfM'' .?M
owi-sr -fflr ,
JsSBBBBwlalarai waa ravast -wFaWwaawhsn 'Vi'ia
tB75wi0Biiaiif havo TaBHt''arBi' -&
The gstttre loss win aa foiif 'ffcijaV bbb 4M
or etrsBB a hwaot tw.ioo7is5aaataiaBa iiM
omiiii at list) nsu nati mmmmWl '?
isTBgw gtkO4BtoTBaiatBBejKg StSH
tatiatoairBtoBTWBiBBBrTttovnaB' im
Hans saiiBat to aat troo aBvaart, - v9
Jfae "BBdtaa wbioowbo, hr oaahaV fia., j&I
kBMaadtheX r. sbbb. bbh, aat eamt7 . mm
refetrodlsTtioo. -" m
i &m
Omm Woaaai Die amy! OMsor bMbksb) iB
An attotMMr bkjvw4l. jS.fM
Fewawrrnxa, IHeh Abs xejt-w,iBBxV' ----l!
cattouechBreh thro mtmm Mm bbbbb' f
waa destroyed hy fire ymirlay,aa4 .sBBa, " $TM
Tin" Qustla wa tatsfly haw H ! avei bobi v V$M
an r ar. ' . . tarM
.uiiam eraat aaf bIib, jMAaaitBmr ,&m
rcoiTarlesMiajBrtos. V , v
the BjsO rwh aw th aoaiBBsatBBOWMBJPv tfM
stolssMhereassae aM wa owb 1
tho is. . -s23
" OW Mat" Wawha bm fWB- 3M
fltvr fa- tk Cawstoast WmT ' 'tlM
m-hssla W BTnamsfmewm wsam swr swwnw 3wl
awmBBwa r aememssmwa, VSBBV BV4TW .BSSBK, jiSHwl
hrateduaserthe wHesMOs avMrtk Wtm
la adTenutat to Tsnt Woaia Mr a. aBaxtr "M$m
with a tow liiBOial awar to ibbbvObb ' ' 'IgM
roctauraat orgiteoiy bwabbw m hi rear! ' !
street -'. u m
Whea totervswWwa ahoat H "OH WtrnV.' "M
afcl that ttto to lforwTortawpaamBai , VM
aertoukeesueoThUBsaBaesa walks to woM jM
to Beotoa to reaitxe ht Orisaaief tan iSg' JM
boMttioi Mas aad eaMarattaf Wwmfmi S
P. iTni
OrM KxpatrtotlOM Bar gaBWBB l&M
WUltaa tMttt JaT4BrwtBBV ' VtiM
IaiSBiic, Ifc, Aag. to totoiBahjhv b&xM
BseUooahOeat uat NaasvyaUBWBaloBBW, '''
tor reoord on Weslneesay to B.OB or hethahU la
Martha wiiksa, is tt priBMla. wn bwbwbb9: 'PM
alitak.OB. m
JW Eye see wtu to atateC Uhraak M --?-.Sbbi
rBtotwAnoortthUwosk. ,ir
A Haw Tork L4r hteeb ev4hxiit9
la BBtaaaoaafc aaty. M MwLA
lira AtwrefAtasi sbbbs.1 ' Jij5aH
HAT HSAb, L. L, Awg. to llUfalllB hto .vKB
yost bom roostve tor ta ttooSaMhtoi M-U
Mrs. A. a BBtteraes. at aiImVia' v9
drewtodtoBhtaaaooakBar- '.JyaPJ
KtUa4 By Baejwar BOTBbVv ' 'wM
for 4ecuras raaaal ' ' 1 v .v'avaB
HorxiitsTiLi,yAB. to, BoBB-k AvCsM
refused to leaa Haary Jottta, a nilewd mmtk . If-JSmt
cini,iMeeats,wakB1ffiar wm ehUehr bbb ,, J-("vM
hy Junta last nkrbt. ZSLLaSJB
Itotoarlat t J. p. W!-. l7$$SM
Memorial aartteM to metaery !, 'Vfl
Joseph D. wslartok. B-TTwartt !-' j
atiaUcr,B r"! m
air Braaa. b AlliTiitaiit BfskBMaoT '.k; WM

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