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Celebrating the Quadri-Cen-,
tennial in an Elaborate
Tea Thousand Publio Sohooi
Boys March Like
Ex-President Cleveland the
7 Guest of the
Gray and threatening clouds obscured the
j, sEles this morning and tbo air was chill and
raw, but these things did not discourage
Brooklyn from her determination to celebrate
the Columbian (Justin-Centennial In a man
ner worthy ot the occasion and ot tho foarth
J city In tho New World discovered by the in-
trepld navigator.
Grand Marahal of the Columbian Parade.
Ihe proclamation ol the President was
quite generally heeded In the City of
Churches, and Oct. 31 Is a holiday In Brook
lyn. All public offices, the courts, the banks and
roost stores and factories are closed, and the
)coplo are devoting themselves to tho ob
servance of the day.
It AJt
w, n. MAiwrn
Marahal of th Publio School Dltlalon.
1 lags float from every peak, and it Is a poor
citizen, Indeed, who does not display at least
one flag 01 a bit ot bunting on his bouse front.
'1 he city Hall, court house, police Head,
quarters, itpglstor'a Office, I'ost-Ofrlce and
other public buildings aroone mass of flutter
ing colors.
of courso the chief evont In the celebration
5 was the great parade, and In tho early hours
of morning the sound of me and drum was
heard In every street, and uniformed bodies
oi men marched to and fro In every thorough
fare. vv M1
K Capt. Oacar Patera, Co, Capt, Chaa. P.. Towaon,
" ll, Boya' Hlsb Kohool. (Jo. 1', Ao. 15 hcllooL
It was the greatest parade Hrooklvn ever
bad, and the streets were early crowded wlih
the tnotuers. sisters, wives and snoetuearts
ot the parnders, together with tln-lr New
lork lelatives and all tho inulu population
,q hot engaged In tho parajlc.
' i Crowds of Slulilarrra.
Those who bad faith In Unelo Jerry Husk's
weather bureau were gratified by the appear
ance of thu Autumn sun In all lilt glory be
foie u o'clock, uud in half au hour tho skies
S) were cheeriul aud cloudiest.
the tleurlug bkles brought thousands ot
lf- 'ue more timid people out. Tho fcast Itlver
' bridge Locarno the route of a proeesalon irom
new ork, and every train on tbu Long Islaud
Hallway br ugh beay loads ot passengers
, ,. m the outljipg towns, so that by lu.uo
lO u clock, tho hour Bet for the start ot the pa-
lade, lirnokl) n's streets were crowded with
slKlitsecrs. I
, , r-.ii ly in the rtny, too, the First Al I Corps of 1
JO "'0 i nun.' jlen'a Absotlallon, ot .Now York,
H Iui-mt! uvtr the bridge under command of
B tK-orgu i. i nbi hcbelden, i Uloi of orps, fully
H li;id to rcudcr alii to tho Injured along
ID ne .me ot tliu :olumn of the parade, fjr
l" yili -eivlcotliey hauvolunteercil. '
-Mayoi hoody hid ImlUrt i-x-l'resldcnt
H iv.Jt..ln',tu e',,lntl w,ll u,m 0I the grand,
mt stand tu the rrosptet Park plaza and rulew
H i iPa,a' "H 'hi Invitation had.beu
K f'hP-monu, brtueMwiiamtnuu-nitlittD.
'" '';Le,r,,t0 a reception at tho club-houso this
morulug prior to tho arrival ot tho paralf,
m n torn wmrfmwii
and this biought an Immcnso crowd about
tho doors 01 the club.
Ily tho otder ot the (Iraud Marshal, Malor
di'ii Isuac i. Catlln, tho coniiuanders
of all organizations leporttd to him at his
headquarter-, corner ol Second placo and
Henry btrett. at n.,10 o'cleck, and tho old
warrior never mulched nt tho head of a moro
creditable army uf Americ an citizens.
It was Indeed a worthy parade, ending at
tho muln entrance to beautiful Prospect paiU
and becoming there a part of tbelmmono
audlenco gathertd for the ceremonies of the
dedication of tho magnlllcent Soldiers and
Sailors' Arch, which Includes tho singing ot
patriotic hymns by tho United oer man Ulng
mg societies and tho High school boys and
addresses by Mayor lloodv, ltov. T. Do Wilt
lalmage and ltev. l)r. V. V. McCarthy, of ht.
Auguitlno's Church.
Moro than thirty thousand Brooklynltes,
young and old, participated In tho demon
stration, which formed in tho vicinity of
llenry and Pact lie streets.
Therouto or the pat ado was from Pacific
through llonry, ltemson, com t and Scheruier
horn streets, Lafayette avenue, south Oxfoid
street, Hanson place. Fourth avenue, Worren
street, Fifth avenue, Prospect place. SHth
avenue, Union street, Klgbth and Flalbusb
avenues to the Prospoct Park Plant
Tho reviewing stand was rrecio In tho
Flaza, facing the Memorial Arch, and II and
he other grand stands wero crowded with
peoplo long bo oro the parade arrived at that
poln', more than ten thousand being seated.
Tbo plaza and tho sidewalks all along tho
routo of the paradu vvcro packed with spec
Orator of tu Dar.
Order of tho I'aradr
The order ot tbo parage as as follows:
lSiaida of Mounted Policemen,
Srut John 11. Jolimun comtuaudinff,
Itefrinient f Police,
Iniptotor J. II. McLaiiKttlln command. nci 8U
J. P. Whitf. AdjuUnt, and Thomas C.
llumphrtr. hirtffaotMjor,
First Corupauj.Capt. William J. McKeWej, Fourth
Second Com pan, Cant. Patrick 11. Leaver, Third
. . Precinct.
Third Company, Capt. Mutin Short, Fifth Pre
cinct. ! Fouith Oompanj, Capt. James Uonii, Sixth Pre
. oinct.
Filth Company, Cant. Jbomas Marpby, Eifbth
tilxtb Company, Capt. Thoraai L. Druhan, fif
teenth Precinct
SeTenth Coiipsny, Capt, John Brannao, Ninth
Etgbth Con pan 7, Capt. Henry French, Sixteenth
Ninth Company, Capt. John W. Eason Second
Tenth Company, Capt. James Dunn, Fourteenth
Ilia Honor the Myjr of the city of Brooklyn,
David A. Boody, the iluard of Aldermen in open
I . Brer. Major-Uan. I. 8. Catlln. U. S. A.
AoJt.-Oen. ant Chief of Htaff. ttobert Arery, Brer.
Major General II. H. A.
Aides 4 Camp.
Major Tranols M. Crafts. U. S. Volunteers.
Pay Director John it. htetenson. U. & W,
First Ueut. Dartd Price. Firat Artillery, IT. H. A.
Col. John Hueger.lateN. C, H. N. Y.
Lieut.-(Jul M. l-niniet Urell. late U. H Volunteers.
Capt Charlos Hhoet ox. late U. G. 3. N. Y.
Lieut. Q. P. Bajcnail late W. G. H. N. Y.
Col. William h. Van Wvo, Mz-Colonel buth
KeeimeotN. G.H.N. Y.
Col George W Brown, Lieutenant U. 8. N.
Major John A. Olarry,
Major James Mills
Cltlteu aides to Grand Marshal.
United bUtM Army.
Co). Loo ml a I. Laoicdoo. 1 lrt Artillery, U. S. A.
Band and Battalion lirt Artillery. U. S A ,
Lieut. -Col, A. G. Wildrtck, First Artillery U. IS
A., commander, and three battrriis irotn Fort
Hamilton, two batteries irtt Artillery. U. 8 A,
from Fort Columbus, two batteries from Fort
Wadsworth and two batteries from Fort hcboiler.
Light flattery K. First Artillery. U H. A., Vort
Hamilton, Capt. J. W. Dillenback, commanding.
umitid STATca natal briuadc.
Commander Horace Elmer, U. S. N, , cem-
mandiDK :
Navy Yard Band.
Flrat Battalion, Lieut John Garvin. U. H. N.,
commanding. First Company, marines from
U. b. h Piiilade phi; Kocoud Company, blue
tickets from U. 8 bJ Atlanta, Third Company,
lue jackets from U. A. H Atlanta, huurtb Com
pany, blue jadketH irom U. 8. 8 Atlanta.
Second Battalion. Lieut. A. ('. Dillingham,
U. 8. N,, commanding, I'ir-tt Company, U. 8.
paral apprentices, Porttmonth; Hecond Company,
U. 8. naval apprentices Portamoutb: Third Com
pany, bluejackets. Veaovus aud Vermont.
Third Battalion. Lieut. John BrlgK. U. H N.,
oommauding, irst Company, blue jackets,
Pbiladolphia Second Company, blue jackets,
Pbtladelphia, Third Company, blue jackets,
Philadelphia; Fourth Company, blue jackets,
Brigadier-General James MLeer. commander.
Signal Corps, Captain Fred T,!lgh, commander.
Thirteenth Regiment. Colonel David F. Austen,
Fourteenth Regiment. Col. Harry W. Mitchell,
Tweoty-thlrd Regiment, Jonu N. Partridge, com
mafiJer, .
Band. .
Forty-seventh Reflmeut. Col. John G. Kdoy, com
mander. Seveneeenthbeparate Company, Capt. Bell, com
ma P'.er,
Third Battery, Caot. Henry S. Rasiiuin, com
tieu. L. B. luwler. -Jar thai commaudlng.
A. B. troet, Chief of htaif.
Tenth Regiment, N. Y.H Volunteers, George M.
Dewey, oommauder.
tourteenth Regiment. K. Y. h. Volunteerf, C.
Mahoney, commander.
Fortieth Hegimeot. N. Y. b. Voluuteeis, Edward
Reifly, commander,
Fortj-eightu Regiment. Y. b Volunteers, Her
man Sihulta, eommander. . ,
Slxty-aeventh Regiment. N Y, 8 vols , Major
Mills, commander
Ninetieth Roglment. IS Y. 8 Vols .Charles Smith,
139th Regiment, N. Y b Vols., Aadrew J.Ljooe,
168th Regiment, N. Y. 8. Vol., William Furey.
173d Regiment, N. V. b. o ., JohufJ, Arnaud,
Naval Veterans, William o. liurLert, commander.
Ki&th Ueglmeut, N. V. S. Vols , Matthias Joan
oo, ciiramander.
col. M J. Cuunnlngs, ma thai.
Mansfield Post, No 33, Commande Mirtfn bbort.
One nun Jred girls in in , whit ana blue
U. b Grant 1. st, No .1 7, Thomas W. lopbam,
Tbatford Post, No , rum lorpi, James H. Mc
Kenua, oomiuatidr,
Rankin Poat, No lu. lruu, hie a d bugle corps.
A trod I Wilson, oicmaudir.
Barbara Frietcbie Post, 'o U. drum corps, Harry
Pearsall. touimaiiUr.
U. B. Grant Post, No. JJ7, with band, Thomas
I rpliaro, co nrnander
Frank Head Pst. No. 10, drum corps, Peter
Nealis, commander.
Harry Iee Post, No. -il. urnm torpa, T, T. Dono
van, cmiiiauder.
Henry Miller Post, No. JJ. baud, Fred Cocbue,
A vommanuer.
HritLong Islaud Post. No. 8i, F. M. Crafts, com.
J. IL Perry Poit. No OJ, drum corps, Charles H,
CJ ayton, commander.
German Metternli.li IVit, No. Ui, baud, 1. W.
. Ouennler. Kiminanicr.
Devi n Post, No. 148, drum corps, Harry Draper,
Kerswtll Poit, No. HJ, drum corp. John Norton,
i couitn ui tr
1 L. M. HamUtcn Post a L"U. William WaUon,
I unin aniter
I Drum l orp
W.8.Ford Post, No 1M, John nlan, commander
h. F Dupont, Nik MT, 1 C. falter, commander.
Wtnchestrr Post. o. 17. J. J. Ojrbilt, wm.
mander. ,
T. S Dakin post, Nu. 'iut, Ibomas Flnnrgan.
Drrtii orp.
""" iContl'iutJ Tttita rag.)
Disease Makiu Rapid Progress
in the Left Lang.
Her Wonderful Vitality May Stts
tuln Her for Onys.
trr aaociATFr ra.l
I V'AEnioroN, Oct- 21.-l)r. Gardner visited
I the White Houo shortly after 8 o'clock this
morning nnd bpent about halt an hour at the
bcdildo of Mrs. Harrison.
1 ho only persons with her at that time
wero Mr. Dlramlck and tho professional
nurse. The rest ot the housobola. Including
the Presld nt, were at brtafctast. They aro
all terribly depressed In spirit at the sudden
chaugo for the worse In Mrs. Harrison's con
dition and seom to dread a recurrence ot tho
alarming sinking spells which munllcstcd
themselves during I ho night.
Iu response to a hasty summons, Mr. James
11. McKce, the President's son-in-law came on
from Boston and arrived shortly after mid
night. Judgo scott, ot Washington (State),
Mrs. Harrison's brothor, Is now the only ono
of her relatives absent from the city and ho
is sn far away that ho will hardly bo sent tor.
ns It Is doubtrul It he could reach her lu tlmo
for her to sec him.
Dr. Gardner mado a brief statement ot the
camafter ho had made his examination this
morning, it appeals that the end Is mcrelv
a question of time, but whether ot hours or
j days can be determined only by tho progress
ol events.
'1 he doctor said the dlseaso Is now making
rapid progress In the lett lung and tho patient
Is getting weaker a-d wenkir all tho Unit.
Her pulse Is tciblc, respiration "o and tem
perature 103. Her coughing spoils aro more
frcciJent and aro follouod by periods of great
exhaustion, from which she rallies with ex
treme difficulty.
Bhi waswaketulnnd very nervous during
tho greater part ot the night, but seemed to
be n I rill o more comfortable this morning.
lr. Gardner said there Mere peculiar features
ot tho case, which rendered it impossible, for
lilra to say with any degree of certainty when
the end mlgnt bo expected.
Ho could not say posltlv cly that she w ould
not pass away within a lew hours, nor would
ho bo surprlsoJ lf she lingered for weeks. Her
vitality Is something remarkable, and may
possibly withstand the Inroads uf the disease
for some time.
There are no new complications and her
pn sent condition Is simply the result of the
natural progress ot tbo disease with which
sue Is afflicted.
Ho said he would make another visit about
noon, but added that It was possible that bis
at tendance might be required before that
soon after breakfast the President returned
to Mrs. llarrlson'b bedside, ubeie be "111
doubtless remain through the greatir part uf
the day, as of late ban been his custom. On
nicount of tho closing ot all the I'.xecutlve
departments and a general suspension of
business there wero no callers at tho White
House up to 10.30 o'clock.
Mr. Halford was at bts desk dictating cor
respondence, and two or three of the exctu
tlvocletks wero quietly attending to their
'1 his morning a telegram was sent to Sec
retary John wC Foster at Chicago inrorralng
him that although .Mrs. Harrison was weiker
and had passed a iistlesi night thero
was no reason for any decided alnim,
and Mr. llaltord In speaking of Mis.
Harrison's condition said that she had paxsod
a nervous, restless nlgnt and was weaker'
to-day, but ho did hot think her condition
was such as to warrant any particular fear of
a sudden termination ot her illness.
Open Winter and a Leader May
Start the Ghost Dance.
lr ji.poc iatfd rnr.'
Sioux City, la., Oct. m. tleorgo llartlett,
tinned mates Marshal at Pino Itluge, who
hail been in the Government bcrvlcelutho
falout Itescrvatlon for elgbtem j ears, nays
that the Indians aro talking very freely of
I engaging In t'ho ghost dance again, and that
thero Is imminent danger of au outbreak.
They are very much dissatisfied, ho says, aud
all that Is needed to start them Is somo Im
pulsive eliltf with the nervo to take tho
' leadership.
short null and Kicking lle-ii, two chiefs
who were piomlHiit In tbo uprising Inn
years ago, "ere vwtu Hitflalo Hills show until
reccnllv, aid ucie detained at tort r-hcildan
for fear they might prcctpltulo un outbreak
on their return.
'ihev aro nu back on the reservation, and
Mr. llartlett thinks that ull that Is ueided to
si art, truublu Is falrvvcalhei. 'I ho Agents
arc taking no measures to prevent nn nut
break, ho savs. ihey are reiving on tho
ndlan pollc, half of naonwoull undjubt
cdly tolu t tic hostlles.
(jboct shirts aro oroughtlnto the agencies
by the doen. 'Ibere aro UH.OOei Indians on
thercservotl n. Of thesoT.oou are narrlors
and fully D,&oo aro apt to go Into the dance.
Tho Traction Company Gobbles An
othor Cross-Town Road.
The IJroaaway Traction company has ab
sorbed another cross-town hlreet-cur line.
The late ac.ulsltl'in Is tbo Von j. second and
Grand Street t en y line, and the deal by which
tuo controlling stocks weru obtained was
consummated ieslerdnj.
Hie Ury Dock, Lant liroadway and llattery
Itallro d I Compan) aud the t hrlstnpher and
'Jeuth Sirpct lorn am the ouli ivwi crusi
tnwti lines n' that me net controlled b) tho
Tractloj comi any.
Conducto-Put Ou of a CarWIndow
Iu the YorkWIlo Court this morning John
Donncll), ot i!17 West hlxty-slxth bticet,
was lined 410 fur thruwlng conductor II ti
slmmous thrnu.b tho window oi a blitli
Avenue l.lcvntcl tialn at the ll'tj. ninth
street htnilini, about lM.tluo'elock ibis morn
ing. Donnelly, the conductor sa)s, h.il
been insulting a w man on the train, and
1 luimtnona tried to put him off.
Sevan Men Loat In the Wreck of a
Bpanleh Finhlnir Boat.
BT iiRoruirp rnraa.t
M mum, Oct. SI. A v lolent storm prev ailed
last night along the Spanish Mediterranean
coast. A fibbing smack belonging InVahn-
! ela was lost lu sight uf tho lit) und seven uf
her ten men weie drowned.
A Hompstead Man Has Vanlshool
JltMrsTiAi), 1- I., oct. 21. W. W. llapel
yea, a prominent cl!zcn and business man,
lias myet'irlouily disappeared. Ills family
rrtujo to give any Information concerning
Promised To-Day to Address Two
or More Audienoes.
Chaunc:y Depcw's Description of an
Irish Election Inspector.
World's Fair Issue Pleaded to the
Western Kepubllcau Knrmors.
Itrpubllcan Natlonil Chairman Carter bad
another conference with i vboeretary llliili.e
this morning, after which he made the oniclil
announcement that Mr. lllalne bad consent! d
to make two or moro speechos during the
I When and whero the spicches would be
made has not b.-en decided upon. Mi. lllaluo
said ho would leave tho an angemouts en
tirely In tbo hands of tho Isatloual Committee,
USIMJ Till: ffOHIill's rAIU pi.ka.
Apprnls to Wehtrrn I'nrinrr. to te llic
ICcpublkiiu 'I If lid.
An Interesting ltepubllcan circular has
fallen Into tho bands ot the Democratic
Committee, lhe document calls upon the
I farmers lu llllnol", Iowa and tho Isonhncst
gcneially and especially Ihoso who inle
1 dalrj products, to volo tho llepubllenn ticket
became tbo ltepubllcan part) brou.hltbo
World's lair to Chicago, which conseiiucull
would give them a convenient murder.
' '1 ho Hepubllcans nro lot dlstilbutlng tint
doeument atnoag tho farmirs of oiauge,
Dutches, Hocifland, Columbia and other
counties of this Mule, to whom tho Woild'i
I Fair uccordlng to Dr. Dcpew, nn eminent
ltepubllcan autuorltv, would hni'ici n norm
u ooiisluernblo Bharo ot the $300,000,000
whleh rho talr would have brought to New
York It Mr. Piatt and Mr. Fnssett had not
given it away.
Moro Insight Into Hepubl'can methods has
been rev ealed by a letter, n fac simile copy of
which Was published lu Tun Would this
morning. This Is tho letter:
KCA VllIIK. Oct. 17, 1802
MvDCAn8ta: I enclose you ilinik for tJOO.
Thla If tubau'.diti KQttlng a lad regl.tratlo i in
Touroountrr dlatrlota. t don't rzpeot any ot It to
Dpub.il In tl . eitlea. aa ynu a ould liafe tlinte
taken car. of bj thla tltna, Pl.aa. acknowledarn I
. reaeiuL. Yjmra trutj. .
O W. Haikktt, rnairnanFa.cnttVe Co'tnmlttoi. I
I HSNliv Hraot, Kari , rictianectadr.
I According to LIcuL-dov. bhechan's es-1
tlmate tL'00,000 lias been dlstiluuud In the
btate by Mr. llackcti lor the put pose men
tioned. on the face of It the use of tLe mbney ap
pears perfectly legitimate, but .Mr. -hoehan
ihluks tho it al purpose ot the ltepuMicans is
to porsuade Democrats to refrain Horn regis- i
A targe fund, amounting altogether to
$l.f 00.000, is said to bavo been dlitrlnutod
In cities for the same object, but now that
the plot Is exposed Mr. bheehan hopes to
frustrate lu
l Chairman Hackett, when seen by an Kv ts-
I lo Wuklii reporter to-day, admitted that
the letter quoted bad been bent to Mr. Ilradt
at fcchetiectads, and tbd cheek for MOO was
Inclosed, 'lho money, he said, vna Intended
solely lor perfectly legitimate purposes an J
would be used only In a proper tuannei to get
voters out to the places of regl-tratlou. i
' Mr. Hackett declined positively in b'ale
what amounts had been sent to other In enor
(ItUsoi counllu", or lu what proportion thu
money was bt lng bent out.
If yuu want to know bow Itepunilcju i
money Is being spent,' he said, "vouvvilt
have to find out from soniebodj besides me."
Chairman Murphy, of the Dcinnerutle btnto
Committee, came down Iiom noyihls morn
ing unci bays tho scheims of eolonl7eis lu tho
interior will not be suecesstul, und that
ample precautions are bdng ukeu bv the
law ofllcers to rrcvenl fraudulent reglstia. .
HEI'KW AMI T1112 Iltlrsll.
The Dortor'n t"otitrajiliiau Arrnunt nt
111. tfxprrlciiee in ItmixtcriuH.
Irishmen, irrespective of party, were very
Indignant to-day after reading this Interview
with Cbuuncey M. Dtr tw, which niipeared lu
W hltclaw Hold's Irtbuur :
"I obeyed tun TVili'ti-'ncoinmiind and rejtlfcttfriil
thla morning. The booth ha. junt atouiid mo tor
per Iruiu uiT hotiHo in 1 llu fuurtli .treet .
' ' Noomber tin V l.t lllty-lort' .treet, did jer
.ar V inquired I tio gentleman lu iharKO
o,,ail I. '.So. 1 I '
' 1 at ilid ycr aay yur mldillo loiter wuz h V
aalrl he
-No. SI.' .aid I.
" ' Hum In die country ?' aald lie.
' Yea,' aald 1, unfortunately iit my political
ambition. I w.a not born In Ireiund.'
" ' Hat!' aald lie, a id t vra duty regt.tere 1 "
As the Interview took place In tho produce
ot Whitelaw Held just bttoiu bo una Mr
Depew stalled for ihleago, Its lorreetuest is
nut doubled, 'lhe oITtnso It all ihu mrro
aggravated, lu the opinion of lil-liinen be.
cau-u tU u'nieaLd its tdltir, ubllc mak
ing a bid for the Irish vote, cuuld nni rt'Vr.ilu
expiesslonnot euiittmpt li the Irlili people.
'i he remark ot urn tnij loir. nliuplaj
fully ,e orredtJthf Ilislin'i'HIair.ii'jiuhei '
aim "ilaunel-mouthed,1 Is no bed lu this i
Homepody lias bein keeping tally on Mr,
Hlaliie's utterance, and Is pursuing htm with
tho "deadly iaialld,"as will be hern from
thu following louimtiutc aion nuiu l onlunet,
'd rtctlvtil uy the in moemtle .sati nil
Commune. The committee termed the ic
lori and was lUiormid that lr. I, aluels
here quutid coiuelli. Tho ociuslou wis a
put t mioiliiglu I ortl Hi's 1H5 I1..II, eul ;I
to nxpri ss svmpathy lth the eau.u of lluuio
Itnle lor Ireland, lhe iwullog unsnd e-sui
by both Democratic nnd liopublliansp kir-,
and lhe only rolerence to Amulea i p 1 lis
madn b i Itlier Is cmtalned In thu con lilshn
uf .Mr. Hlaliio's remarks, hen no sal i '
Ihateonlyo Herd moio to fay, and tliatiMit
ia, t at thu lilth nen tltlii n nliy .uoutil Ue p
til a tatluu f.it it 1 He te n kut t a ar. i.t
oer own do ilka .trr'ite lalMHaa-al auu maik ah
man a bt eoinlt Willi ti ruau-e who aeeic. I u.o
it foi teiaonat n ti-r purttnan aJai.itiueiit
itireat unulAu.e).
lhe above quota! Ion Is inn j Hie piibllst.id
report uf tho lunland ih, I' im iucpue.ll
cau) u Juno '.', It hi), nnd will riaut '"
re ailed 'iy iliutliiusamls who aj plaudi the
retiliinent It vnus tbo luiue i cc.iMnu on
wbhh Mr. lllalnobtlgmatbel U rd halUburv
as "Impudent," "liishnt ' una "truial,"
aud nltlilu ttut)-tour hours In aletier to
tho Kenncbco Jt-miiui ileuied lli liuth of
the repoitei's truiierlptlon.
A hlsbpetch was lupoitcd by thu ofllelul
stenographer oi the Mipeilor couri, ami
anotbir. and their rei,orl vcrlltd by the
thousands uno beard hltii, tbo rl nlal pioved
nothing but Mr. I lalue i thiractsrlslle and
rapacious lucoiiMbtenc), which Is ouco more
illustrated b) hlsattoiupt to drag the que-.
tlou which no other American has ventured
to bring Into the arena of local politics.
C Ifornln'a Henstor.Wainta )m I'uab Ilia
!.aiul-I,eaa Hill Through.
AptrrjATfli "a.
Six Fkakcisco, Oct. yi. -Senator Stanford
terms- i WlHHinnPt?oL w
j jJ4cSitpt jfeii'lips ' Sk VwPBraol8li! i' IY' I "(; (llllLLn
stated lu a reporter that ho had reconsidered
his determination to resign from tho betialo
ou account uf Ill-health If tho next btate
lecjsluure should be liepubllein He bays,
his health Is much Iniunted, and lie w tins tn
ii main in lho beuato to puMi his land-loan
Hi,ir(i;i:i iim: hi' .ioiin i.'t vii:.N'
llnuir-'o-llnuan Keiilihl'citM f'nliv nsnrr
(I'llay i hrmvii l)di ii-lulrn. i
John O'Hav, one ol hupcrvlsor John I. Dav
enport's marshals, who has been engaged fn
tho lteptiel.etn hauso to houso canva.b,
handed In his resignation this morning.
O'Day was a sorry-looking object as ho
stood before his superior and begged to bo
excused irom further work of the kind thu
Davenport bad mapped out for hlui. j
I " 1 struck a lodging-house ut tl Chatham
squarp-jtstuday," explained Mr. o'Duy,
"nnd got along nlccl) enough, rccelvli g
fairlycitll nniycrb. When 1 akcd; 'Aro
' you allcpubllcaiw something struck' mo, 1
don't know w belts bu It seemed tucomo
rrum every all Lotion, and landed me Sipiarely
don u tbo stairs Into thu Htroet. ,
"I don't nam any moro of It," conrluded
Mr. O'Day. as he shlfttd aplusier Irom ono
eje to tho other.
lainytrs say that whtleDavrnportls.il.
lonodto ask ans question penlnent to tho
registration itself, ho his no right nor Is It
law tut for him to Inquire as lu the political
complexion of au) person. i
.Mr. Donne AbiimlunN Iliirrlanil.
c. W. Doanc, of rnloii Broome couuly, a
prominent Kopubllcah, who used lo make
slump siecches with ill line, has declared bis
Intention to tako tho htiimp and roto tor
Cleveland Mr. Doanf'n ncciHsion to tho
Demoi latlc ratty Isbalo o 1)3 worth at least
imn hundred votes lor Cleveland and utev en
ten lu Ilroi ma county.
f ntifliiliit i I iiy li pen.''.
Harlem res donts will have mi opportunity
ti- U'h in htar Commljsloner Thomas P.
tillioy, Tammany 'd eai ullaio tor Mayor, al d
Gen. Datilel H. 'lekles. They will bptak at
the inui'.iuieilugi)! tiie llarlom Diin'uruila
(lllb in tnu Ha I m '1 heal re, one llutidrel
mid '1 e tj-nuli stteet ncar'iblid avenue.
11 will bo a rou-lnginll).
A niam-nitjv'tii'ie n( Demnciili ia to lie lieM to'
tiltiht in Mo ml V rnon, at tIjIu)i ptsfcbia mil be
made Id dolman an J In ,iilh. I
Anttimbl)iijn V itllain aSuUnr, llenrj I) Pnrrnjr, I
Coninnsfcluiipr fuuli .1, UnuU ami oilier made
hpeeclie lat nlulit at a ituocratlo metlti(lu
trpinui.t. thu Dilrti'tli Amt ly DibtrUt.
Tl 1 hoinai JftTeraon Domooratio AnaiHlatlon of
t be Fourth AaHfinbly IMurlct will rant a baouer
bfarltii; the nnnwa of the regular Doiuoiratlo a
tiuna'. State ana lojiitjr numiueea toulsht at VO
J.nbt HroahiriT.
Ma)orlt) ( at,liilate (lilrof, drn hioklea, Onn
ftrrrtlinaii J'llcli, Ann ml Ijiuati ettfr, lanlrl
1' fa)eiai)tl ntnera wll adilrea a mftini ot tlm
lltrhm llieatrt, un Kat One H nnd mi no 1
i weiitytt(iu Htreft, to-nlifht, under tha auiptcet
ot tfce llarlem Deinucratia Club,
ill ta I of Typographical Union JSn f ti found
nn iuaii auiiouncine Drinocratia uitrllntf. hut
it It aald it I aa not arpiared jet on Hwpubltt'au
t oaten
llepubltcau Mayoralty Candidate Kdwla ' luateln
has etabhahrd hfadquaitiTa at tbo Ouleruao
Uuutti whku will bo optfiud Monday
Ihn Oerman Am rtcan ()lTlant Union bell a
ratilicitiin in et njr taut ulttlil at 31 J I at rcreaty
rirnt kir'tit. h, e o les ware uiado tu druit.i).
It ip. irportol thai Ti f Mrr llnyt Me licit,
w)ioe con era un tu l) ui t-rc) I ihmJ root hi
erab o Ut i unHian, )ia wu dtfiu d d from hU
poill ti an A4uoi.late editor ot the btttit ttono
mi'f, a p utectiim piptr
A(-ampai u nieoii ijf o( te Vuurir Men'a Inde- I
pen lunt ( iu at tlturounii. lift l4t rtfiyulutli
treet, nest Monday im diiik, -w 111 l e addteiit 1 ity
heiwtortaCa 'nriul Manan, t unyrf'ii.au 1 itch,
Jlouh. M M rKau a id JovRLiti t Uulff,
llvta male by Hilly dwarda at Ibe Hoflmau
Iliuea I nUUt luU iilcil W.i'UH cm tbat liar- '
rUon Mill tn -'"art rml .-, J.Uih KlnU il.CUj
that Ct ft nit nd wi Harry thl Male,
I r 1 v 1 1 - TiltH llXoiin Atnntlo!) ha an
nolntrd '. S Wif)n, 4U v e t I i ti unit irrei.
It, r M tituru. 0 W 11 lam iryt. and Jl, rd
vva), ii tl tuniriH .n ninil i9 ttir fUufiiiil
liMfNti(f' ai y rp it oi i v jI ti lli.tal ,!- .
mut Ml -0ium4tiiLiMLi mil ij iou.iJviel
cuuiidrutlai, .
Sin Wit Go wl'li tho BoRr'lr,
AD ftluin U io-j.17. Mi mrnty tjircrt.
Ii t ti isstx ari J' o r t -d j, a tl
11ml Ml n J scj ll lUr i i .u u r od It 4
them llu re. juU Iti ti i.o.blti; Out t. ii'j c U
iwieii Mm rni'l liH wi i. .in-ittn jiiL'jrii hi
Mis 1 Ibos'ilt ib."X u.c luan'tr b.ust lt-avo
ar.'i 5Uo KHii Ui- woul I toil lilia to Ho .. ou
ltal'iL' itc a urt, flu muI lliat bho woulU
ticioiu iau Itur u.
When rijildrnn Tla" with Mfttchn.
Mninlo KlUrltlffo. tltrc u urs oig.otUUti
tttotnl aeuLo, tad btr Liuther MlcliacJ,
no jtrs old, wort' (lU.lti null muiciifa'
llils in rMiu ami M link's rloitiet K-ok Un
hod sin) --.is bi il) U'lrned aUttil tlif lit .'ilourt
Lodj, hho iiuii.opJui me riiboyuiiji. t
liv si.uai
UoiclA'n Imnilcr vnta Cannot Land. I
'iho u't fctecran ptscLfftr" front tin
6ipnmaU!p UKln. wln aru beluw lcM cu r,Ui-
IsUhd lu tbo uWucu or portubu,kn (rum '
Maliicton toiand Mill In all probability i
bc to r.-unalu auotUcr day un tho island.)
To-dny bt'lui; a liull lay, tbu Ctistouinouc li
iKbeUond u la doubtful lf any ulMcl.tl tcll-i
Emm wilt be opcucd until tomorrow,
For Trial In Now York Nov. 0 No
Action br tho Synod.
It T AMi'CIATrn l A
AinNV, Oct. yi. In tho Presbyterian
Synod this morning, in tho matter of lir.
llrU'ES's couiplatnt, a substllulo motion by
Dr. Willis J. llceehT, ot Auburn, was ac
cepted, by which thu eabi) goes back to tho
New ork Presbytery fortrlal Nov. 0, with
out the Synod taking any s'and whatever ou
the questions In dispute. I
I Hobolcen Concert Halls Hot Snfo
PlacRS for t-transera with Money.
A well-drebscd man, who was found drugged
In Hudson street, lloboken, last night, Is
lytnc uncmsclous lu st, Slary's Hospital to
day, l'rom naturalization papers found In
his satchel be Is supposed tu be David Mai, ot
eblcago. un Austrian. In the satchel 131 was
also round. He Is bellevtd to have been
drufrvcd and robbed In bourn concert hall und
then thrown out In the street.
Two Men Rescuoet from Drowning-To-Dny
by Policemen.
1'ctcr O'Neill, of 81 Madison street, fell over,
board al tbo fool ot Jlarket blreet, Labi Itlver.
early this morning. Ho was resettoj by I'o
llceinan Calhoun and sent tol.omerneur Hos
pital. John Dnyer fell overlioarJ from the caunl
boat Ilii-iiillial at I'kr fiK. 1'asl Itlver, to-day.
He ii a -i pulhd out oy Policeman tonej.ot
the Delancey street station, aud takcu to
oouvemeur lies, dial.
Ills Lnsl Tranaatlnntlc Dory Trip
Probably Cost lilu L to.
pv mirijiTin raras. 1
IIoston, Oct al. Capt, J. W. Lawlor, who
sailed Irom Hniton June ll last tu a la-foot
boat on u transatlantic voyage, and who was
.last heard from at North Sydney, e. II,
about thne months ago, has oeeu practically
fit en up by bis irlmus ns lubU
An Immlirriint Girl's Talo of O- al
LhrlsilnnZaloka, it Hungarian Immigrant
girl, u Iki c nuu to ibis country .May 10 1 ist, j
lb lu lho hospital cu Kills island suffering
from Injurlts which she alleges wero Inflicted
byllinry lti.ilolr, a lanuer, of Fresh Pond.
blietlalmsslKi Henl to lhe in Hudnlt's huuso
und that, tiller buraylng ber be beat Per
cruelly every day until Monday last, when
sbo lett him.
nw I
Logon Is Accuaod of TJslnir His j
Flats. j
' Juhn Lo.-an, colored, of ! Wallabiut
Ulieet, lliookly u, "as held in the Lea Avi ouo
Pullu i.ourL this iiionlug, eliared with
beating his "lie
A j a jgo 1.1'Riiit married Violet Adan s
the bel'euf his mlglvboru od, an 1 recently
ti gau in tispec i er Ii i ity.
L t 1 1 Ii, he ihuufchi lu bed proof other
ttimt mtil ii I r it band', nn urtixt ului me
l lit .ih . bl tl-ii, ii u I, It la alie'a'e'J, poundod
htr wllhhljllbts. '
Sstrt Ho Kttil Poen Murdorod, I
An evidently luaii" man, who had hlj '
uuuk a- J inn laliulj, ui .Ml st
mtuti.slxtn stieel, .S Vo k, was ar.
1 .l.'iad leloie Millie I'D until L. Jcr y
Illy thlb I'tornliiK- lie ban Lcn wuiidering
atuilibsy aLiiiit fie ity Ium iil.u aud
cl.ilme I that lili w hole lamily, Imludln.' huu
Ml , lud b"cu m link nil. i Do .In .tuo on ecu. I
that ho bjstnt Luklo.Ne.v v. orb.
Timothy J. Cumpboll's Futlier Bur
lod. I
1 ha funeral of 'llioiuasrampbcll, ftther of1
( oiigrebbtunu 'llumthy J. t ampbell, va3 In Id
ut 10 in Its k lids mm nlug at bU Into rul
iieliee, aiui.Delatiiiy street, an I at M. ltoe
nt l.lm i's t bureb. Ill eai eon atpet, 'Iheli.
lei incut t.aj at t attarr eeiucler).
Alloc,l Hostonlun Cliarsei with
A man nlio -a.d be was John 1', ( alUhsu,
of lioston, Jlasr., v as held for examination In
oersey City this moiulngon a chargo of steal-1
In; a purse with considerable money Irom
Mt . Albe Wilson, of t0 Woodbull street,
Dioukly u, while ou a train Horn Philadelphia.
Ho AcknovvlodeoB Onn but Eopudl
nlos tho Other.
Two colored women eaeh claim to be the
wlfootNWotleld Pope, of'.' IU Hevcnth avenue,
a while man, and horsc-tralner by profes
sion. Pope wns In Jefferson Market Police Court
with both ot them this morning. Ho charged
one or them, barah Mack, who calls herself
Dora Pope, with dranlng a revolver on him,
and tlioouiTono, -VI He rope, appeared is
a witness for the complainant, who acknowl
edged that she v. as his wile.
Dora was held In f 1,000 ball for examination.
Now York: ard Eockrtwar Marlnerd
Will Win Their Wnffor.
trr a.pnriATrp pnre '
Hostov, Oct. SI, Pro'. Toblc, of Ken York,
and Capt. Albert, of llockanay lle.ieh Life
having Elation, In their dry-g nds box, or
cufllti-sbapid boat, arrlvid at Hull last even
lug and remained over nljliu
They sailed for this city at 8 o clock this
morning and aro due lo arrive early this
alternoon, a day ahead ot the pectin d time,
forty days Irom Itoekawuy Death lo Uostou,
on a w agor ot s.0ei.
Dr. Donald Decides to Become
Phillips Brooks' Succnssor.
Despatches from lioston announce that
ltov. Dr. 1- Winchester Donald, for many
years rector of the Church ot the Ascension,
on Fifth avenue and Tenth street, has ac
cepted the call to Trinity "hurch, lioston. j
'ihorectoishlpot 'Irlnlty was lett vacant
win n ltev. Dr. Phillips brooks was made
Dr. llonild went to lioston yesterday
morning and ulll not bo home until lato tonight.
A Lottor-Carrlor Attacked Suddenly
by rt Fatal Heniorrhnffo.
l.cttei-Carrloi Thomas Llddell, of KlOfast
Mghty.rlrbl street, was taken ill with a
hemorrhage In iront of 1507 Third avenue
earl) this morning and died bolero nn am
bulance arrived.
'lhe body was remored to the F.iH I Ijhty
t Ightb street btatlun-houiu nnd me Loruuer
n us nollued.
Etarved Though Nobly Connected.
ATLAhTIC Citt, N. J, Oet. yi. -Mrs. Dr.
Do bey tutus lho eccentric old woman who
died ol btatvallon Wednesday night, Is sup
posed from a tumber ol her letters bearing
the royal seulot t,ei many to bavo beiiiicd
to a promiueni tamlli lu the old country, in
ber dt Hi turn she i illel out the um- of
Count iipiienbe-i ner, "lu.-u name "as on
borne of I be letters. It Is i-ald that the
wuuiau panned diamonds and Jewelry in
l'lill i lelplda a ,cm ago tu thu value or feci,
eral bundled doilais.
OVfrcoat lluot Nabbed.
Jnhn oiz, or a.iu Clu's nut Mreel, Philadel
phia, Is believed to have stolen several thnu
sund ilo.lars' "oitn of cloUiln- in tul city,
lie was putting en un otercou as he camo
out of n house c truer of lour,h avenue and
M-ttnly-su'oini btrtet and uas arrested, his
trick was io a-k i ,r the Inly uf a bouse and
ma i,1 "IUi thee uienls m the li.iil rack
when the sonant lcil nlm ulom.- lo summon
hir i
Coin Cleared of Murder, Van Nost
to Bo Tried,
ovirRViLii, N. J., oct '-'1 Jacob Van
Nest, ihodrugeUt who 1 all ged to have bold
pols n lo Mm u li. in.,, to bo given to
Jo.epblne llav r, ot North Heath, w is put on
trial last nigni I r loin. Iiuiy lu lhe glils
death Jut betore the juiy nliltit hid tried
eole bioiijit In a w lu t aeiulitlng lh
Litlir. Van Nesl'strUl as thin alj urutd
uutll,.v. I, 1
Hun Over bv a llorl'm Trnln. t
iho'uas Jo e-, tivtlvo Jt.us old, of 3 1!
luittiue iliiudie'd and lorty-elalph strtet,
wus run nvei bt a II iilem itlvei nam at Ono
Huudiid and 1 orn-tniinli Mitel this morn
ing lie una taken home lu adyiU"coudl.
Pollen Matron In tbo Last Shalce-Up
Matron Isaltlla 11 yr.es Has beon nan-,
firnd nom Vorrlsanla to the hldrldgo btnet
p dtco station to tao tho place of Mauou
Rate II inle, who vtas recently rcmovtd.
oil. hi bhakc-up has oecuned among tho
ruULdsmeu, seven having bcciibhllleJ around
I to UlfTerent preclude
llioonlrdlftrrancattatnnn a llafaoa clfar a4 i
Cinru vur. AeTa all-tobacc claaf.ua ia utaa.',' j
Improssivo Dedication of the .fl
World's Fair Buildings. l
15,000 Troops Drawn Up to Re M
ccivc the Distinguished Guests. fl
i ea
Vice-President Morton Hides at lata AM
Head of tlio Proecsslou. -H
Ii v A'fociiTrn rnrta.l JlH
Cutctno, Oet. al. In the prosecco it 10o iS
000 people, und anld the echoes ot the 'SH
largest chorus usbombled In the history o( 'vB
moJern times, lho World's Columbian Expo. Afl
billon was formally dedlcutcQ to-day by the, vH
dignitaries of thu nation. ?
At 4 o'clock this morning n gun oat In toe Q
darkuesi on thu I. ike Front Park began to H
boom. As tho Uatru broke th rklei were .JM
clear. Providence had drawn dowa to.ow T.'U
the norlon linoovcry cloudy curtniu.nnd the fjH
reddeuliu 'st brought lurtucr ussuraace .H
tba i lie uay would be near. jH
Mlehlgnu nvenu", irom the Auditorium to -S
l'llty-lourih niteil, "as irlnged nlth people ;
its ear.y us T a'elock, ami In the streets ;;
througu which the great proeCSflan should tH
pass .in J nut on tho liouluvard coliIo wcut
early to get good gi ound fur observation. 4M
huu alio. Moeiucic this mornlug there was
a clatter of huols auu clank of tldearms along? '
Michigan avenue. Mi itlnvard. 'IToops ut -,
1 lilted btatts cavalry i rum tho military camp , !.M
at JnckbOii P.irK neie on their way to the vH
Audiiorluin, " heneo they should escort nota- PJ
blu true, is to tlio Columbian dedicatory cere- .PJ
monies at SVushlngtoii Park, seven miles H
uway . tpj
i behind the troopers there came pounding1 v '4H
uluug the luko hlioie scleral mounted bau !U
lerles ot United Mates artillery. Thklug post- iU
t on near thu Aiidtttu-ium thesa rezulara . iJlJ
uwnlled tho appeal aiiLe ut tbo dignitaries ' ?K
up u n nom they should attend. '
' nliortly other norsemen wheeled Into the jPJ
I broad mime. A tall, soldierly officer rode .
I up ut the head ot u troop of seventy mounted 'M
men. It wus Capt. itoe, of New York City. 'M
'uud his commaud, who were to escort Oot. -;!
Flower, of New ork. ,.PJ
Al u u cUci the guests and tbetr local clvlo ',
escorts entered their earrlaies and the start A
w as made, i he Luvalry troopers, the artillery- K
men and the aiuunteu ecoru taking up their -,
march of attendance. A hall wae made at ?..
thu humo ui 11. N. JUgglnhotuauuvn'C3ldent U
oi thu n urll s eoiumlnau CermmPiSloft. v ' "'
I A party i uniurlMng Vlie.Presiaent Morton, ,w;
the Joint ommltteu on Ccremonlea ana ft ,'.
Hit (.nlumUlaii hxposltion, with P. A. Ik ,f
Wldeticr. bs t halriuan; tno laical commit
tee, under Its chaiiman. Kdivard V. Law- H
rei eo ; cx-tiut. Tbomis M. Waller, of Con- f.
ncc icui, Piesldrnt or thu centennial Com-
mission of 1H7I1. and Ferd. W. Peck, First A
lec-Presldeut of tlio Columbian imposition, (,
1 In six earrlages, took position at the head ot ;3
lho Hue, "bleu resumed Its way along MlcaW
I gau aveuue. ,J
, liohlnd the Vice- Presidential party rode the -l
l members or President Harrison's Cabinet, ".
I with Assistant secretaries holey and Dawson
I ami Lieut. Do I'rty. Alter them came ilfteea ,.
I carnages, contulnln; tbo diplomatic rcpre-
beiitatncsoi Italy, liula, -turkey. Austro- t.
Hungary, hwltierlaud, Uelglum, Nicaragua,
Portugul, Denmark, J a pan. UrailL, Spain,
.Me.vUo, ureat llrltain, corea. china, Hawaii. f.
i Peru, h ranee, (lermany, Costa ltlca. Argen- '.
, tluo ltCMUb.le und chllL To peoplo on the
route thu Dliildinstlcj Corps, all aglltter
with brilliant uniturms nnd luslguia ot office,
becamu a eenliu ol luterest i-
Tuu Judges ot thu United Slates Supremo -'
Court rojo ue:t, but they wero scarcely I
kuuwn to the erowds, who wer most alive to
tno uiitiorm uud trapplugs ot military and ,i
high diplomats. 'v
dayor Wmiiburue, with et President M
Hayes und I yman .1. Oago, wero recognlMd.
und lho party vtas n equently applauded. At- M
ter tbem earns a stretch ot titty-two car- i
rla,'es, cont lining . 1. llaker. of Chicago, .
with .Members ut the Inlted States benata i
aud HoUbe ot Keprejentatlvef. V
T he army uud navy were i epresented hy j
(en. sclioileld, lieu. Jonu lb brooks, U. S. A. -i
(un. Frank V neaton, U. b. A.; Capt. A. 0. U t
Quay nnd l.lcui.-eouimandcr U. T. Uutcbln. -
i;. h. N. 4
I N'ett there wasnstrlngotcarrlages, bright vi
with gold trappings, l uey w ere occupied by r
the t.uteru irs ana their staffs otthatitales t?
aiidTenltorlcsof the United States, in the
older of their entrance Into the Union. Th a
Kxeeullves of Ohio, Massachusetts, New jf
York and ot Iowu wero most cheered as they 4
pas ed along, each bowlnj, his acknowledge :
I ment of tbo greetings. ,g
Alter them aide tuo orators and chaplains a
! nan 110" s: iil'iiop Charles 11. Fowler, of Cat-
lornla; Henry Vattersan, of Kentuclcy: '
Cuaunccy M Depew, of New York : Cardinal y
(dboons, ot llJltunore; Iter. 11. C It. Cook, ot v'i
1 hilaneliinlu, and Mrs. barah C. LeMoyne,ot 1
New York. ij
Hf,een carrltges containing commissioners wj
ot loitlgn t,overumants at tho World's fi
column iu hvpo-iilun came ucxt, iollowed &
elo-elv by lite cairlages with Consuls from 't
iuieigu power. Thirty carriages wererc-
iiulud tu rurry thu Columbian Commission- ,
ei at-latgo aud those ot the States. The '
lloaiil f lady Mauagtrs, Mrs. Palmer and
Vis iraulman, ot New York, at the head, jti
fidlowed. A woman rcpru-entatlve from ft
ile.en ortlio oi Iglual thirteen htatesof the if
Icdtrui I ulon viere next In thu procession, .
as fallows: . . ij
liioire. Miss Cornelia Jackson, Atlanta; ,j
De.at, in, Miss Mary canby, Wilmington;
lenuyslviula, Mrs. E. D. Olllospie, PhlladeU A
pjla, Hhmlr 1-lnnl, Mrs. .Ellas C. chase, j
l'rotldeiit-, Maryland, Mrs. Joan 0111. Haiti- W
more; North t nrcllua, Mrs. M. M. Mcl'helera,
llaitlgh Ntw Hiimpshire, Mrs. Steiben A
DfCtutr, Portsmouth: Connecticut, Mrs. Eliza if
1 liciiln-on Hartiord; Now Jersey, Mrs. 3S
l.mlly t,. li. Stevens, Orange; Virginia, Mrs. ,
Luey 1'ieston, Hi ale. Now Vork, Jllss Louise J
I. bclniybr. New uik City jp
To i caiiian'sioiitalned the Hoard of Dlreo-
toib ni the Worlds coluinb'an Kxposltlou,
head I by ibe second Vict. President thereof, 45
aud lho i hecto oi Works; Directors of lhe .
vorld's lair, He'b rt A. Walter, Second S
ici-l icbldent; and 1). II. lliirubam, Director tti
oi Wurus. Afier these tho t'oaidoi lhe Man- ?
agersottiio Inled Mutts i blbli at the 3,
lair Piled three carriages, Kdwiu W tlllts, the V,
Lhtiiuiii, leligat tlnihead. 4"
seveiuarmgi's einled tho Hxtoeu chiefs vfc
ot ile-.iarinitnls in the Kxposiuw, and the .
bt.ifl ot thu Dlititirof Works octuplfd TjK
l.'hteui otli'i' louieynnies, along with the A
ar Ists o! th' vailoiu Lxpobltiou buildings. -St
I l.uliy inJ last, as a clvid eseort, roeto the V
bev utoe Ml-ruien of ohleiito Hi
Thu tiuiib ai Wiishlngtuu Park as the
head of the pioeiwhm approached were 1
luuied b) brig ides In lines oi massiSonth Jfj
eat idcoi the gieu level. A lho rederal fl
i. pitb ntatlte nt ar d th" park the first of , Jjpj
twenty-oil' uus, ttu Presidential talilte, M
b nun d for h its the lcc-1 lustdeut s tarrluge kJM
rettledthe siiuth p.i.gretn. .JIB
lh- Mtfl'itsiiteiita carrUge passed be- Mm
tween tho leiu e" umuiif triMps, whipriv. jJiJB
bellied turns. Ih i roups luaascd In review m
numbered is.tnioraeii. . w .. ;ivB
r Aiuuiig the lli. id enter the dedication hall '
were tho members ot the grand dedicatory ?
chbrusot ,'i,.iuu voices, who wero seated oa 3BJ
tho reserved stand ut the toutli end or the M
bull Hug. A lew minutes later tlio band BJ
hi rue in. and Ji.ooii voic-s joined lu rreiiin CM
I miry i r ittlJc oi tue dtfiKa.loa ode, mt
v y.''JPj1

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