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T rfi iisimv ii"i i'imiiii " jj i .TTTTT 7. . C ,1Tt .' .7TrTCTrrVt 7T1 1 Lbbbbbbbbbbb.
IS WOPHH, BflHSIDEBtTE? I ... . bbe. " -1 M
y 1 Read the arguments for i r PBsyS irjl Qml jiv : One of the most popular of fM U
Last sin;
Celebrating the Qaadri-Cen-
j, tennial in an Elaborate
Ten Thousand Publio School
Boys Maroh Like
VQ Veterans.
P. u.
Ex-President Cleveland the
f Guest of the
swlfa this lnrrnluir anll'tuc alrwos chill ana
;S. raw, but tbcnc tlitngs did not discourage
'ritM. Brookiyu from her determination to eclobrato
the Columbian (juadri-Ccitunnlal In a man
Pfl ncr worthy ot thu occasion and of Ihc fojrth
UU rllylntbu New World dlstovcrei by the In.
tic-j-ld navigator.
rllKN. 1810 B. C1TIIK.
Grand Maratial of tb Columbian Parian.
1 bo proclamation ot tbo President was
I quite gonerolly hcoded In the city ol
Churches, and Oct. a I Is a holiday In Brook
All publio ofllces, the court", the banks and
most stores, and lactones are closed, and the
people are detotlng themselves to the ob
servance ol the day.
Mrehl of ttaa Publio School Division,
Flags float from tvery peak, ant) It Is a poor
citizen, Indeed, who does not dlspla at least
, one nag or a bit or bunting on bin bouse front.
The City llall, court house, Police Head
quarters, Register's Office, Posuofflce and
other public buildings aro one mass or fluttei
Inn colors.
Of course the chief event In the celebration
r ?.M "h8 parade, and In the early hours
. 2D ' morning the sound ot tile and drum was
nesrd In every street, and uniformed bodies
or men marched to and fro In every thorough.
I '
' fK CiFt0't.,.'..,'"-. . Capt.Ohaa E Towaon,
, ,Ut " Boya' High School. Co. F, No. 15 School.
v.", vi,D8 Breatest parade Brooklyn ever
f9 an the streets were early crowded with
ins niotnerB. sisters, wives and swoetuearts
U' v l PAry-der, together with their New
?iLrelallve8 n1 " ho male population
' n ,cl "gaged In the parade.
. .i" Oowda of Mshtkrera.
I ..,? wno n,d '"" I" Uncle Jerry Husk's
i. anrtl .,.J?ur.eau w"ru uratltlea by the appear.
inr. .?' '."? Autumn suu In all bis glory be
' I 5ri?."clock uaa half an hour the skies
T,?.c",ccr,ul au(J eloualesc
. .' in e clearlug sklca brought thousands of
... lirirtSi0, llml( People out. Thu East Mver
.Ol Si,;1? leoawo tho route or u proceslon Irom
wiiT,),0,'11"11 every train on the Long Island
I from M.brLU.,!"1 "" 'oail ' passengers
1.10. ride TiVi'T. Uo.ur set tor ihe start of the pa.
I ilUtierfc Mrcet were cr0,vd(!l1 wltu
,'. I tDBrlX,I." xhe d.a,i t0. -no Flrrt Aid corns ot
Wl tu.M 3 Mori Association, ot New Vorlc,
. ,JU H Jsed over iho bridge under command ot
tuinnrt,.nb,',,c,,Ml' t-nle' ot ,:nrl'' 'uy
T 1 the iinSanl. If lu,r '' w '", Injured along
tn ftl Whirr, .'. tUo 'oluion ot tha parade, for
. alO M "JLorylce they bad voluntoercU.
CletVi.u.00djr '" Invited ox.l'resldent
tanQlr??h?nUB,1 w,ln Wm the grand
: Iths Ba?.lrt." iP61- 1'rlt P'al -" r"'r
II SDnr.an!S?k5, luls IhTitatton bad been
OS aer Sfal?1 bJ'.DOMontau Club with an.
. ,04 aorhlnSSre1'ion the club-house thU
ortaos prior to the urUia of the rvaUe,
Ifilafil afaaKiai'"irtflfiiiflf lA-tfijai&LJagijj
i.n.n.ai1,ls blm,Fnt n" Immense crowd about
j the doors ot the Club.
by the order ot thv drabd Marshal. Major.
Jlcn. iRiac H. callln, the conimaudcra
of all oiunnlzntlons reported to blm at bis
headquarters corner of Second iilacoaml
Henry street, at 11.30 o'cKck, and tbo old
w""'0' "ever marthed nt tbo bind ot a moro
cndltablo army of Amoric an citizens.
It was Indeed a worthy parade, ondlng at
the main entrance to be.vitltul Prospect Park
and bccomlnit there a part of the Immense
nudlence gathered for the ceremonies of tho
dedication ot tbn magnificent Boldlora and
bailors' Arch, nhlcn Includes tbo slnglns of
patr otlcbytnnj by the llnltel Oerman Sing,
ing Societies and tho Mali school boys, and
addresses by Mayor lloodr, ltev. T. Do Itt
lalmago and Itev. Ur. K. W. .McCarthy, of St.
Auirusttne's Church.
Wore than thirty thousand Brooklynlle-,
joungand old. pirtlel aud In the demon.
strutlon, which formed In tho MclnUy of
llrmy and Pad tie at reels.
'Hie route ol tbo paindi mi from Paclflo
through Henry, Keratw '.c'vurt ui.d chcrmer.
horn streets. J.arayctt nvniiui", south (ixtonl
street, Hanson place, l'oui th nu'nue, Warrmi
street, ntth avenue, Prospect plari'. sixth
ntenue, Union street, hWlitn and I'latbush
avenucH 1 1 the I'rn-irwi Park 1 lain.
Tho reviewing si in I an vteaiv In the
plazi. iactng tbo .Vcmi) tal Arch, ntid It and
the other vraprt stanJi crc ctodcd Uh
people long bo ore tlm pnrstte urrlvini at that
polo, more than ten thoii'and tiring seated.
The plara and thu nidewalks nil along thu
routi ot tho pnrade were parked Him spec
tators. 1II.V. T. DB WITT TiLUAOE.
Orator of tha Dar.
Ontir of the Pnrnilc.
Tho order ot the paramo wai as follows:
Siiuada of Mountad PolUfman.
Sergt John II. Jobn.on romniandiog,
Haalmeitt ot Police.
Inapector J. tl. Mcl.aucnUn colnmandloft Karat.
J. P. Whit-. Adjutant, and 'Ihoruaa C.
Humphray. SarK-ant-Maior,
Ktrat Coropany.Capt. William J. .McKaliajr, Fourth
. Praclncl.
Sacood Ccmraor. Capt. Patrick II. Laaaey, Third
Third Company. Capt. Martin Short, Fifth Pre-
. tloct.
romth Gompanr, Capt. Jamea Ennla, Sixth Pre
cinct. Fifth Companr, Capt. Ihomaa Murphy, Eighth
Slilh Companr, Capt, Thomaa L. Druhan, Fit-
Uenth Precinct.
JUwnth Oorapaar, Uj.pt. Jobs Breonan, Nlilth
, . . Pretinet.
Eighth Company, Cant, lianrr French, Siltunth
... Precloot.
ninth Companr, Capt. John W. taaoo. Second
t Precinct.
Taoth Companr, Capt. Jamea Dunn, Fourteenth
Ilia Honor the Mayer of the cltr of Brooklyn,
Da-id A. Boody, the Hoard ot Aldormen la open
, Brer. Maior-Ocn. I. 8. Catlln. U. S. A.
Adt..Uen. and Chief of stair, Robert Arery, Brew.
Major General LI. 8. A.
Aidca da Camp.
Major Francla M. Crefta, V. S. Volonteera.
Pay Dlreotor John 1L Hletenaon, U. 8. N.
Flral Lieut, Darld Price. Firat Artillery. IT. S. A.
Col. John Hueger, latsN. O., B. N. Y.
Lieut. -Uol. ht Emmet Urell. late IJ. S. Volnoteora.
Capt Ctiarlea Shoenok, late N7 O. S N. Y.
, Lieut. O. P. Baguall, lata N. O. 8. N. V.
Ook William K. Van Wiei, oi-Colonel Sixth
lief iment N. O. S. N. YV
Col. George W llronn, Ueutenant U, S. N.
Major John A. Clarry,
Major Jamea Mill
Citizen aidea to Grand MarahaU
United Statea Army.
Ool. Loorala I- Lancdon, Hint Artillery, U. 8. A.
Band and Battalion Firat Artillery, U. 8 A.,
Liut,-Col. A. O. Wildrlck, Urat Artillery U. B.
A., commander, and three batteriea from Fort
Hamilton, two batteriea Firat Artillery, U. 8 A.
from Fort Oolumbna. two batlerlea from Fort
Wadawortb and two batteriea from Fort Schuyler.
Light Battery K. Firat Artillery. IT. 8. A., Vort
Hamilton, CapC J. W. Ulliooback, commanding.
vx'tcd ailTia atl iinuitil.
Commander florae Etmer, U. 8. ft., com
manding t
a ffa-y Yard Band.
Firat Battalion. Lieut. John Oar-In. LT. 8. N.,
commending. Firat Company, marine from
U. 8. S. Philadelphia! Beoond Company, bin
iacketa from U. S B. Atlanta; third Company,
blue Jackota from U, 8. H. Attentat Fourth Com
pany, bluolacketeirom U. 8. 8 Atlanta.
Second Battalion, Lieut. A. V. Lilllngham,
U, S. ,. commanding, Firat Company, u. 8.
naral apttrenticaa, Portamouth; second Company,
U. 8. uaral apprenllcea, Portamoutb; Third Com
pany, bluejacket. Veen-ioa and Vermont.
Third Ueitalion, Uaut. John Brlgaa, U. 8. N
commanding, l-t t Company, nlae jacketa,
Philadelphia F od Company, blue jaekete,
Philadelphia, lrd Company, blue jacketa,
Pulladelphlal irth Company, blue Jacketa,
ura- muoADZ, . o. a. . t.
Brigadler.Uenbral Jamee McLeer. oommandar.
Signal Corpa, Captain Frd r.Leign, commander.
Tulrteentb Regiment. Colonel David E. Aoiten,
FoorUanth Regiment. CoL Harry W, Mitchell,
Twenty-third Regiment, John N Partridge, com
Fortyreoth Regiment. Col, John O. Eddy, com
fierenecenth SaparaU Company, Capt. Bell, com
mander. Third Battery, Capt. Henry S. lUiquln. com
Ocn. K. B. Fowler, Marahal commanding.
A. B. rroat. Chief of Stall.
Tenth Regiment, N. Y. B. Voluntccra, George M.
Deway, commander,
tourteenih Bealmeot, H. Y. 8. Volunteer, C.
Mahoney, oommandar.
Fortieth Regiment, N. Y. s. Volnnteera, Edward
Kellly. oommandar.
Forty-eighth Regiment, N, Y. S Volunteera, Her
man bchultx, commander. .
Slity-aeruth Itegimeot. Y 8, Vola , Major
Miita, eomroaeder
Mnetlelh Regiment. NY. 8 Vola .Charlea Smith,
139th Regiment, N. V. Vole., Andrew J.f.yona,
ltath Regiment, N. Y. U. Vol)., William Furey,
lTJd Regiment, N. Y. S. Vol. , Johp fj. Arnaud,
commander. .
ffaral Veterana, William u llurtert, commander.
1651U Regiment. v- " V01 Matthias Jonn.
aon. commander.
Cnl. M J. Coniminfa, inaiahal.
ManaQeld Poat. No. 33, Commander Martlo Short.
One hundred girla In rJ, white and blue
U. 8. llraut Peat, No. .117, rtiouiw V, ropham,
Thatford Poat, No A, arum vorp, Jamea It. Mo
Kenua, oommandar,
Rankin Poat, No. 10 drum, rite and bngl oorpa.
Aired V Wilaon, rommauder
Barbara brietchte Poet, No. 1), ilruincorpc, Harry
Pearaall, roinroandar
U, S. Graut Puat, No, it', with band, Thomaa
lepnam. commander I
Frank Head Pwt. No IC, drum corpi, Peter .
Nralla, comitiandar, I
1 Harry Lee Poat, No, Jl. orum corpe, T. T, Dono-
van, commander. .....
I Henry Miller Po.t, No id. band, Fred Cochue.
I 1 Irat Long laland Pfet. No. SI, F. M.Crafta, com
mander. J IL Perry Poit. No Hit, drum corpa, Charlea II,
U aylon, commander.
German Metternlib Peat, No. 13, band, 1. W,
Oberinier. oummanuer,
Derln Poat, No liK, dium corpa, Harry Draper,
Kerawlll Poat, No. 14V, drum corpa, John Norton,
L. U. Uamllloa Po.t. No 1SJ. William Wauou,
Drum I'orpe. .
W.8. Ford Poat. No llll, John Nolan, commander.
H. r. Uutont. No. 187, f.O, VValteroommandar.
Wiichcater Poat. No. 197, J. J. Oorwti, com
- mander.
T. B. Dakln Poat, No. 908. Thomaa rinnegan,
lirnm Corp.
(Cbnfinufd en TMr ragtj
.. ...
Disoate Making Rapid Progress
in the Left Lang.
Her Womlcr'ul Vitality May Stti
tuln Her for Dnys.
ir rforiATrn riiraa.t
Wasuinhtok.ocl 21,-J)r. (i.irdnor vlMtcd
tho White Hou-o shoilly alter 8 o'clock this
' morning and spent about half an hour at the
tcdildoor Mr llarrltou.
I 1heonl persons with her at that time
were Mrs. Dlmmlck and the professional
nurse. 'I be rest f the household, Imludlng
tho Presld-nt, Mere at broakfast. They are
all ttrrlbly depressed In spirit at tbo sudden
chango for the worse In Mrs. Harrison's con
dition and seem to dread a recurrence ot tho
alurinlotf Muklng spells which manifested
themselves during tho night.
In tesponse to a hasty summons, Mr, James
It. McKee, the President's son-in-law came on
from Boston and arrived shortly after mid.
night. Judgo scott, ot Washington (State),
Sirs. Hairlson's brother, is now tho only one
of her relatives absont from the city and he
is so tar away that he tflll hardly bo sent for,
ns It is doubtful If be could reach her In tlmo
tor her to see blm.
Dr. Gardner made a brief statement of the
cabo after he had made bis examination thU
morning. It appears that tho end Is merely
a question ot ttmc, but whother of hours or
days can be determined only by tho progress
of events.
The doctor said the disease Is now making
rapid progress In the lettlung and tbo patient j
la getting weaker a-fl weaker all tbo time.
Her pulso Is feeble, respiration 00 and tern
peraturo 103. Her coughing spells aro moro
frequent and aro followed by periods of great
oxbausllon.-orawhtchBho ralllos with ex
tremo difficulty.
Sho was wakeful and very nervous during
the greater part ot the night, but seemed to
bo a trlflo more comfortablo this morning.
Dr. Gardner said there wem peculiar features
ot the case, which rendered It impossible fori
him to ssy with any degree of certainty when
the end might be expected.
Ho could not say positively that she would
not pass away wltuin a few hours, nor would
he be surprised If she lingered for weeks. Her
vitality is something remarkable, and may
possibly withstand the Inroads ot tbe disease
tor some time. t
-TBeTt"iVnOnew complications and her
present condition Is simply the result ot tbe
natural progress ot the disease with which
she Is afflicted. ,
Ho said he would make another visit about
noon, but added that It was possible that bis
attendance might be required before tbat
Soon alter breakfast tbo President returned
to Mrs. Uarrtsoo's bedside, where be will
doubtless remain through the greater part of
tbe day, as of 1st has been his custom. On
account ot the closing ol all tbe Exeoutlve
departments and a general suspension of
business there were no callers at the White
House up to 10.30 o'clock.
Mr. Ilaltord was at his desk dictating cor
respondence, and two or tbreo of the execu
tive clerks were quietly attending to their
duties. .
1 his morning a telegram was sent to Sec
retaryjohn W. Foster at Chicago informing
him that although Mrs. Harrison was weaker
and bad passed a restless night there
was no reason for any decided alarm,
and Mr. Ilaltord In speaking ot Mrs.
Harrison's condition said tbat she had passed
a nervous, restless ntgot and was weaker
to-day, but be did not think her condition
was such as to warrant any particular tear of
a sudden termination ot her illness. f
Opan Winter and a Loader May
Start tho Qhost Dance,
try AaaociATfD ran.!
8I0DX cut, la., Oct. 21 George Ttartlett,
United States Marshal at Pino ltldge, who
has been In the Government service In the
bloux lteservatlon for eighteen years, says
tbat the Indians aro talking very freely ot
engaging In tho ghost dance again, and that
there Is imminent danger of an outbreak.
They are very much dissatisfied, he says, and
all tbat Is needed to start them Is some Im
pulsive thlet with the nerve to take the
short Bull and Kicking Bear, two chief
who were prominent lu the uprising two
years ago, were wltb Buffalo Bill's show until
r-cently, and were detained at Fort Sheridan
ror tear tbey might precipitate an outbreak
on their return. , ...
1 bey are now back on the reservation, and
Mr. Bartlelt thinks tbat all that is needed to
start trouble Is talrwealber. Tbe Agents
aro taking no measures to prevent an out
break, hu says, ibey are relying on tbe
radian pollc-, halt ot whom wjuU ualoubU
edly join tbe hostile.
nbost shirts are orougbt Into the agencies
by the dotan. There are 28.000 Indians on
the reservation. Of these 7,000 are arrlorsj
and fuily 5,500 are apt to go Into tao dance.
The Traction Company Gobbles An
other Cross-Town Eoad.
Tbe Broadway Traction company bis ab
sorbed another cross-town utrtet-car line.
Tbe late acquisition Is tbe Forty-second and
Grand Street Ken y line, ant) tbe deal by which
too controlling mocks were obtained was
consummated yesterday. j
The Ury Dock, Fast Broadway and Battery
ltallroad company and tbe Christopher and
Tenth Street Ferry ars tbe only i wo cross
town lines now tbat are not controlled by tbe
Traction company.
Conduotor Put Out of n. Car Window,
In the Vorkvllle Court this morning John
Donnelly, 0217 West sixly-slxtb street,
was fined CIO for throwing conductor Fltt
Simmons through the window or a sixth
.wenuo Elented train at the l'lfty-nlntb
street station, about r.'.UO o'clock ibis morn
ing. Donnelly, the conductor says, bad
been Insulting a woman on tbe train, abd
FlUlmmon tried to put blm rff.
Seven Men Lost In tbe Wreck of a
Spanleli Flsblncr Boat.
PT aaaoriAif d rsr.ee.
MAhitiu.0ct.21. A violent storm prevailed
last nlgbt along tbo Spanish Mediterranean
coast, A fishing smnck belonging In Valen
cia was lost In sight of tbe city and seven of
ber ten men Yit-ro drowned.
A Hempstead, Man Has Vanished.
IKimrxAD, L. I., Oct. 21.-WT W. ltapel
yea, a prominent citizen and business man,
has mysteriously disappeared. HI family
refuse to git any Information concerning
Promised To-Day to Address Two
or More Audioncoe.
Cliauncy Dcprivy's Description ol an
Irish Election Inspector.
World's Knlr lsaue Plrntled In the
Western Republican Kiiriners.
ItepuUlcan National Chairman Carter had
another oonterenui with ex-sotrotary Bluluu
this morning, after vihUbhe made the official
aunouncement tbat Mr. lllalne had confuted
I to make two or more spctchea during the
I campaign. ,
' When and where the speeches would be
made has not been decided upou. Mr. Blalno
satd ho would leae the arrangements en
tlrely in tho hands of the hatlonal Com.
Apprnl lo Wralern Farmer to Vat the
Itepnbllran Ticket.
An interesting l'.epubilcan circular has
fallen Into tbo hands ot tbo Democratic
Committee. The document calls upon tho
farmers In Illinois, Iowa and tbo Northwest
geuorslly, and especially those who ralso
dairy products, 19 vote tho ltepubllcan tlokct
I because tbe ltepubllcan party brought tbe
I World's Fair to Chlcagu, which consequently
would give tbem a convenient market.
I 'Ibo Republicans arc not distributing tbat
document amoag tbe farmers of Orange,
Dutchess Rockland, Columbia and other
counties of this State, to whom the World's
Fair according to Dr. Depew, an eminent
ltepubllcan authority, would have ienn worth
a considerable share ol tbe 1300,000,000
1 which the Pair would have brought to New
, York It Mr. 1'latt and Mr. Fossctt bad not
given It away.
More Insight Into Hnpubllcan methods has
been revealed by a letter, a facsimile copy of
which was published In Tun World this
morning. This Is tbe letter 1
RrymiLiaxri Stats CoMMitTM. 1
NKW VOKK.. Oot. 17, 1899
Mr Dun But: I endow 10a a check lor O00.
ThU la to tMuaed in tatting lU yestatratioB In
yourcountry dta.rtot. I don't elpeet any of it to
ben.ed In tt cltl", yoa vtwiild awfa .
taken rare of by tbl lime. Plftit acknowledge
rroelpt. Youre truly.
C W. Hacutt, Coalmen Eaacutlr Committer,
Ilium Ukadt, Keq , SchonMUdy.
According to Lleut-Gov. Sheehan'a es
timate (200,000 has been distributed to tbe
state by Mr. Ilackett for the purpose men
tioned. .
on the face ot it the use of tbe money ap
pears perfectly legitimate, but Mr. Sheehan
thinks the real purpose ot the Republicans is
to persuado pomocrats to retrain from regis
tering, A Targe fund, amounting altogether to
1,000,000, l said to have been distributed
in cities for the same object, but now tbat
the olot ts exposed Mr, Sheehkn hopes to
frustrate It- . .
Chairman Ilackett, when seen by an Kvim
ino Would reporter to-day, admitted tbat
the letter quoted had been sent to Mr. Bradt
at Schenectady, and tbe check for $300 was
inclosed. The money, he said, was Intended
solely lor perfectly legitimate purposes, and
would be used only In a proper manner to get
voters ont to the places ot registration.
Mr. Ilackett declined positively to state
what amounts had been sent to otber interior
cities or countle, or in what proportion the
money was being sent out-
" If you want 10 know how ltepubllcan
money is being spent," be said, "you will
have to nno out from somebody bettdas me."
Chairman Murphy, ot the Democratic State
Committee, came down from iroy this morn,
tog and says tbe schemes of colonizers In tbe
interior will not be successful, and that
ample precautions are being taken by the
law officers to prevent fraudulent registra
The Dclor' f'enteanptnen Account of
UU Experience In Krilatcrloa;.
Irishmen, Irrespective ot party, were very
Indignant to-day after reading this Interview
with Cbauncey M. pepew, which appear;! In
Whltelaw Ketd's rribune :
" I obeyed tbe rrfeNn.'aoommaad and regtatered
tbta rooming. 1 h booth waa juat around the cor
ner Iron my hmao In Flltr-lourth atreet
Noomber tin wlat Filty-fort' etreet, did yer
ear fMnqulrtd lb gentleman in charge.
' ' No"' aald I. 'No. '..,,
" Fwat did yer aay yer middle latter wua-S V
Ho.M.'.eldI. ., ,
" ' Horn In die country I' aaid he.
" ' Ye,' aatd 1, ' unfortunately for ray political
ambltiooa t waa not born In Ireland. '
" Rati I' aU be, and I waa dtly regtatered "
As the Interview took place in the presence
of Whltelaw Held just before be and .Mr.
Pepew started for Chicago, Its correctnesi is
pot doubled. Tbe offense Is all tbe mora
aggravated. In the opinion ot Irishmen, be
cause the 7rfm and Its editor, blle mak.
tng a bid for the Irish vote, could not, restrain
expressions ot contempt for tbe Irish people.
'I he remark of secretary Foster, wno play,
fully 1 e erred to tbe Irish as " clarr-Tiouthed "
and "flannel-mouthed," is recalled In this
Somebody has been keeping tally on Mr.
Bhuue's utterances and is pursuing blm with
the " deadly parallel," as will be seen from
tbe following communloallon from Portland,
Me., received oy tbe Democratic National
Committee, Tbe Committee verified the re.
Eon and was Informed that Mr. Blaine Is
ere quoted correctly. The occasion was a
public meeting In Portland's city Hall, called
to express sympathy wltb tbe cause of Home
Stule tor Ireland. The meeting was addressed
by both Democratic and ltepubllcan speakers,
and the only reference to American politics
made by either is contained in tbe conclusion
of Mr. Blaine's remarks, when he laid :
t have only eae word mor to aay, and that word
la, tral tho IrHhmen of thia country abould keep
tbqueallon fte It baa torn kept lhua lar. out cf
our own po itlcal atrugf le (applauao) and mark any
ruan a. at emnltr with their oauae who aeefca to uan
t for iwreooal .r lor parttaau advancement,
(lire at applajea).
The above quotation la irom the published
report of the Portland Unllii J'rrn (Republi
can) 01 June 2, issu. and mil readily bo.
retailed iy tbo thousands who applauded tbe
trnlluient. It wa-s thu tamo occasion on
wblcn Mr. Blaine stigmatized Lord Salisbury
as " Impudent," " lust li tit " and " brutal,'
and within ienty.tour bouts In a letter to
tbo Kennebec .i-wimiI denied tbe truth of
the reporter's transcription.
As bis speech was reported by the official
stenographer or tho Supeitor court, and
nuctbtr. and their reports verllied by the
thousands who heard him, tho denial proved
nothing but Mr. Blaine' characlerlstlu and
capacious Inconsistency, which Is once more
Illustrated by his attempt u drag the ques
tion which no otber American has ventured
to bring Into the arena ot local politics.
Co Ifornla' Jcntor Want ! I'aiab III
aud.Lenn Dill Tbrouab.
ban JTbamcmcOj Oct. 3 .-Senator Stanford
liro 00 mr fe K.o:l.
,1 a 0 0 rifel5"
stated to a reporter that ho bad reconsidered
his determination to resign from tho senato
on account ot 111-henltb it tbo next State
Legislature should be Republican. Ho says
bis health Is much Improved, and be wants to
remain In the senato to push his land-loan
Ilousr-to-Iloune ltepubllcan f'nnvfiNcr
O'llay Thrown Uowrndnlr.
John O'llay, one of Supervisor John I. Dar.
enport's marshals, who has been engaged In
tho Republican hause to bouso canvass,
handed In hla resignation this morning.
O'Day was a sorry-looking object as he
stood before bis superior and begged to bo
exousnd irom further work ot t4M.-klad,4iat
Davenport bad mapped out for htm. ,
" I struck a lodclng-house at 0 Chatham
square yesterday," explained Mr. O'Day,
" and not along nloely euough, rooelvn.fr
fairly civil answers. When I asked; 'Are
Sou a Republican r something struck me, I
on't know where, but It seemed to como
from every direction, and landed me squarely
down tbe stairs into the street.
" I don't want any moro of It," concluded
Mr. O'Day, as he shifted a plaster from one
eye to the other.
Lawyers Bay that while Davenport Is al
lowed to ask any question pertinent to 1 0
registration Itself, he has no right nor ts it
lawful for blm to inquire as to the political
complexion of any p rson.
Mr, Donne Abandon Ilnrrlasn.
C, W, Doane, of Union. Broome County, a'
prominent Republican, wbo used to make
stump speeches with Maine, has declared bis
Intention to take the stump and voto for
Cleveland. Mr. Doaue'a accession to the
Democratic party is said to be worth at least
four hundred votes tor Cleveland and Steven
son In Broome county.
randldat Ullroy lo HptnU.
Harlem residents will have an opportunity
tr- light to hear commissioner Thomas F.
Gllroy, Tammany's candllate tor Mayor, and
oen. Daniel E. Sickles. They will speak at
the mass-meeting of tbe Harlem Democratlo
Club in tbo Harlem Theatre, One Hundred
and Twenty-tlttb streat near Third avenue.
It will be a rousing rally.
A maea-moetlng of Democrat 1 to b bold to
night In Mojnt Vernon, t which apeeches will be
made lu Geima and In Englleh.
Aaaamblyman William Bulaer. Henry D. Parr or.
Commioelooer Loul J. Heinta and othero raade
apeecbea taat ollbt at a Democratlo meeting In
Tremonl. tbeThlrti.lh Aaaembly DUtrlct.
The Thomaa Jalteraon Democratic Aaaoclatlon of
th Fourth Aaaembly Dlitrict wltl raiaea banner
bearing th name of th reenter Demooratlo Na
tional. But ad county nomineea to-ntgbt t 90
Eaat Broadway.
Mayoralty Candidate Gllroy. Oea Slokloa, Oon
rreaaman Flteh, Aeaemblyman Wbatr, Daniel
P. Ilayea and nthera will addreea a metlng at the
llarlem Theatre, on Eaat One Hundred and
Twenty-fifth atrect, to-night, undef the upica
of th llarlem Democratlo Club,
Tbe label of Typographical Union No 6 ia found
on poaiara announcing Democratic meelluga. but
it la atd it baa not appeared yet ou Republican
ltepubllcan Mayoralty Candidate Edwin Klnatein
Jaa estabhahad hado.uarter at the Colemau
louee which will be opened Monday.
Th German American tllavaland Union held a
ratlrloatlon minting laat nlgbt at 313 rt HerenlV
Urat atreet. Speeobea war mad m German.
It ia reported that Prof. Starr Hoyt Nicbola.
whoa conreraion to Democraoi baa cauaed conaid.
arable dticuaalou. haa been diaulaied from bia
position aa aaaoclat editor of tbe .Social conv'
mtil, protection paper.
A campaign meeting ot tha Youbg Men'a Inde
pendent Club et theroome. lie Eaat Flfty.niuUl
atraat, next Monday evening, will beaddretlel by
Benatora Caotor and llagan, Cogretmu litch,
RollluM Morgan and Joaeph O. Vol(.
Beta made by Billy Edwarda at the Hoffman
llonea last night Included- 9, 000 aren that liar
riion will bo elected ndS9,00U agaiuat 1,600
tbat Cleveland will carry this State.
Th Clvll-bervioe Reform Aasoclatton haa ap-
ROtntedaW.Wateon, U riatt Fllly-niBth atreet,
. 3, Mlnturn, tS William alreat, and S. II. ord
way. 31 ftaaiau atreet, a ontnmittee to receive and
Ivstiat any report ol il rl political ease.a
uente. All communloatioos wilt bs consider!
She Will Go with the Doarlor.
Abraham Mbosbltr, of .14 Attorney street.
In t'ae Kaaex Market 1'jIIi Court 11 -Jay, said
that slnte Joseph Baron had boarded with
them tbefo had been nothing but trouble be
tween bltn and bis wire. Justlco llogan told
Mrs. I Ibosullz tbat the boarder mum leave
and sho said she would tell him to dona On
leaving the court, sho mid that she would
accoinnany Barou.
When Children Tiny with Matches,
Mamie Klllrldge, three years old, ot It. '10
Second avenue, and ber brother Michael,
live years old, were playing with matches
this inernlng and Mamie's clothes took tire
and she was badly burned uboul the head and
body. Sho wasiemoved to tho Prcsbjlcrlau
Uelcla's Immlprants Cannot Land,
Tbe ,105 steerage passengers from tho
steamship Ilekla, who ate being held on Ellis
Island lu tbe absence o( permission from
Washington to land, will In all probability
have to remain another da on the Island.
To-day being a holiday, the Custom.IIoute Is
cloned and it is doubtful if any official tele
gram will be opened until to-morrow.
For Trial In Now York Nov. 0 -No
Aotlon by the Synod.
Iht AftenciATKti rv .
Albant, ecu 2i. In tho Presbyterian
Synod this morning, In the matter of Dr.
Brlggs's complaint, a substltuto motion by
Dr. Willis J. needier, ot Auburn, was uc-1
copted, by which tho case goes back to tho '
New York Presbytery for trial No. 11, with- '
nut the Synod taking any Bland whatever on
tbo questions In dispute.
Horjoken'oTncertnMlB "N'ot Soto
Places for Strangers with Money.
A well-dressod man, wbo was found drugged
In Hudson street Ilobokcn, last night, Is
lying unconscious in st. Mary's Hospital to
day. From naturalization papers found In
bis satcbel ho Is supposed to bo David Mai, ot
Chicago, an Austrian. In tho satchel (31 was
also found. He Is believed to have been
drugged and robbed in some concert hall and
then thrown out In the street.
Two Moa Rescued from Drowning-To-Day
by Policemen.
reter O'Neill, of 81 Madison street, fell over
board at tbo foot of Market street, East Itlrcr,
early this morning. He was rcscuoj by Po
liceman Calhoun and sent to Uouverneur Hos
pital, John Dwycr fell overboard from tho canal
boat Rosenthal at Pier As. i:a.st River, to-fiaj.
He was pulled out by Policeman coffey, ot
the Delanccy street station, and taken to
Uouverneur Hospital.
Bis Last Transatlantic Dory Trip
Probably Cost Ills IV to.
Boston, Oct, 21. Capt. J. W. Law lor, who
sailed from Boston June Ula-t lu a 12-foot
boat on a transatlantic toyage, and who was
last beard from at North Sydney, c. It.,
about ttirto months ago, has ocen practkally
glteu up by bis irlcuds us lost-
An, Immigrant Girl's Tale cf Cri ol
Christina Zaboka, a Hungarian Immlgtant
girl, who came to this country May 15 last.
Is In the hospital on Ellis Island suffcrlu
from Injuries which she alleges were Inflicted
by Henry Rudolf, a larmer, ot l'resh. l'ona.
Sho claims sho went to in e In Rudolfs bouse
and that, after betralng ber, be beat her
cruelly every day until Monday last, wheu
sho leu blm.
al m
Logon Is AccuHod of TJalnrr His
Fists. 1
John loan, colored, ot 44 Wallabtut
street, Brooklyn, was held In tho I co Awnuu
l'ollie Court this morning, charged with
beating his wllo. I
A year ago Logan married lolot Adau s
the belle ot bis neighborhood, and recently
began to suspect her fidelity.
Last night be thought bo bad proof otber
Infatuation for a baodsumo arttnt with the.
whitewash brum, and, ll Is allrguJ, poundoa
her with Mi fist.
Stld Un Ilnd Boon Murdored.
An evldeutly Insane mail, nho sad bis
name vtas John lutliuia), 01 511 West
1 wcnty-lxtn street. New York, was ar
raigned before Justko u'DjulcU In Jerse)
tlty this morning, lie had been wandering
almlessiy about thu lit lest lil.'lu and
claimed thil bis whole family. Including htm
Mir, had been murdered. llio.Jiutkedlitc.UJ
that ho l mut back toNev. ioik
Tlmothy J, Campbell's Father Bur
led. j
1 bo funeral of Thomas Campbell, father or
congressman Timothy J. tuiiipbeil, was held
alio o'clock tills morning nl Ids late resi
dence, 2UI! Ilt'laneey slieel, 11 iW at M. llue
of Llmaachurih. In I'atiuon Uriel. Ihetn
tcrment was at can ary 1 1 tnelci y.
Alleged Bostonlan CharsoJ with
A man who said be was John F. Callslun,
of Boston, Mass., was held for examination lu
Jersey city this morulngon a charge of steal
ing a puree with considerable money Irom
Un. Alice Wilson, ot so Woodhull street,
Brooklyn, while on a train Irom Philadelphia.
Ho Aclcnowlodsrea Onn but Itopudl.
ntoa tho Other.
Two colored women each claim to bo the
wllo of Wtofleld l'op, "f 241) Seventh avenue,
a whlto man, and horsc-traluir by prtfes
slon. I Pope was In JoUcrson Market Pollco Court
I w 1th both ot tbem this morning. Ho charged
ono of them, Sarah Black, who calls hrsclf
Horn Pope, with drawing a revolver on him,
and tho other one, Nellie Pone, appeared ts
a witness for the complainant, who acknowl
edged that hhe was bis wllo.
Dora waa held In f 1,000 ball for examination.
Now Yorle er-tt Rock-away Mariners
Will Win Their Wafer.
ifx AMor.tATrn raree.1
Boktov, Oct. 21. Pror. Toble.of New York,
and Capt- Albert, ot ltockaway Beach Life.
Saving station, In their dry-giods box, or
cortlo-shaped boat, armed at Hull last even
ing nod rriuilneJ oter r.uht.
Thr silled for this cltj at No clock this
morning and are due to arrhu early this
ulternojn, aitay ahealor thuspecltltd time,
furty days irom ltockaway Bencli to Boston,
on a wager ot $.100.
Dr. Donald T)oldes to Become
Phillips Brooks's Successor.
Despatches Irom Boston announce that
ltev. Dr. K. Winchester Donald, for many
5 ears rector of the Church of the Ascension,
on Filth avenue and Tenth street, has at.
cepted the call to Trinity "hurcb, Boston.
'ihoreciorbblpof Trinity was leu vacant I
when Ret. Dr. Phillips brooks was in ado
Dr. Donald wont to Boston yesterday
morning a'ld will not be homo until late to-ulghL
A Lotter-Carrlor Attacked Suddonly
by n Fntnl Homorrhage.
Lcttei -Carrier Thomas Llddell, ot 210 East
Eight) -first strcu, was taken ill with a
hemorrhage In Irout ot 1507 ThlrJ ntenuo
earljf this morning and died beloro an am
bulsnce arrive t. I
'l he body wn3 removed to the East tight,
eighth street btatloh-houie and tbo coroner
n as notified.
Etarved Though Nobly Connocted.
Atlantic Cirv, N. J Oct. 21. -Mrs. Dr.
Be seymlte, the ccoentrle old woman who
died 01 starvation Wednesday nlgbt, Is sup
posed from a number ot ber letters bearing 1
the royal senior oermany to havo OuIuikci
to a prominent lamll) In tbe old counto. In
ber delirium she calif 1 out tbe name ot
count oppenbeimer, whose name was on
some of the letters. It Is mid that tbe
woman pawned diamonds and Jewelry in
Philadelphia a ) ear ago to tbe value ot ev. '
eral hundred dollar:. 1
Overoont Thief Nabbed.
John 012, or 23U Chestnut strict, Phlialcl
phln. Is bellei rd to have stolen set eral thou
sand dollars' nortb ot clothing In this city.
1 Ho was putting en an overcoat as be caaio
out ot a bouse corner ot Fourth avenue and
oenu-second street andwas arrested, ills
trick wits to ok tor tbe lady ut a hnuko and
mnkuu.T with thecunirnts 01 tbo hall rack
whin the mi taut left him alono to summon
1 her
Cole Cleared of llurilor, Van Nest
to Be Tried.
souiRvair, V J., Oct. 21 .Jacob Van
Nefcl, thedrug;lst wbo I alleged to bate cold
polsm to sliunu 11. Colo 10 bo gltcn to
1 JoxMihlne Hater, ot Nortb Reach, was put on
trlil la-t night fir eompIIUty In the girl's
death Juit Utore the Jttiy which bad tried
( olo tiou.'bt In a terdlct at'iUUtlog thu
Htli r t an .Sett's trial was then uJJourntd ,
, until "-ut. 4.
Run Ovor by n llarlem Train.
Tlio'oa Joi'C, twelve years old, of 532
, 1 al 0110 Hundred and Port) -eighth street, f
I was run oter b) a llarlem River train at One
. Jluuditd and Port) tourlh atnet this morn
ing Hu was tul.en butuu lu a dy lug coudl
Police Matron tn tbo Last Shnke-Up. I
Matron Uabolla Hsynes has teen tr.ins
firnd from Uorrisana to the Lldrldie strict
police station to into tbe place of Matrou
hate M. Cole, who was recently removed. A
slUht blukc-up has occurred among tha
roundsmen, seven having teen sullied around
to dlftercnt precincts.
lbonlydl8erne between a Havana cigar ajt4
1 ' i .lgHgHalnalal
Improasivo Dedioation of tht 9H
World's Fair Buildintrg. WM
1 'eBanBaai
15,000 Troops Drawn Up to. Re- H
ceive the Distinguished Guests. ''"g,!
Vice-President Morton Hides at tb 'gggggggj
Head of the Procession. sgtgsl
Irt taaociiTrn rnisa.l 'sxelelell
Cnic'Acio, OcU 21. lntho preMtce cf 100 J dgtxaxei
000 people, and amid tbe echoes ol the rlgg!
largest chorus assembled In the history ot IbbbbH
moJern times, tho World's Columbian Expo- " rsxelaH
sltlon was formally dedicated to-day by the ;jelelaze!
dignitaries pf the nation. " ,saH
At 4 o'clock this morning a gun out in tho 1&IH
darkness on the Lake Front Park began to ' 'IbbbbbH
boom, as tbe dawn broko tbe tklsi were 'esafl
clear. Provldenco had drawn dowa below aaBaBBBaai
tbe horizon Hue every cloudy curtain, and tho t'gggggH
reddenlug East brought lurtber assurance gtxaxi
thai the day would bo clear. ,wgtx9zi
Michigan avenue, irom tho Auditorium to rsaalaH
Fltty-tuurihstioet, was fringed with people ,aai
as early us 7 o'clock, and In tbe streets gtxaxi
tbrougu which the great procession should asMwza
pass and out on the Boulevard people went tgtxaxfl
curly to get good ground for observation. tggggB
soon attcr s o cluck this morning there Was . gtxcsal
a clatter ut bonis and clank ot sloearma along 'iagtxani
Michigan avenue, southward. Troops of gtxtxgti
Unliid statoa cnvulry irom tho military ctmp snataBaal
at JacKkOU Park were on their way to the 'gtxaxal
Auditorium, tvbeuco they should escort note. gtxaxH
ule guuvis to him Columbian dedicatory cere .'JgegggH
monies nt Uaihlngton Park, seVen miles 'JanBaanaal
away. XsbbbbbbbI
Behind tho troopers there came pounding 'Ibbbbbbbb.
alou the lake shore several mounted oat- ..jbbbbbbbb!
tertcs ot United States artillery. Taking pu.U 'bbbbbbbI
linn near tho Auditorium these iTgulais , esegsBl
awaited the appearance of the dignitaries '-Cbbbbbbbb.
up in whom tney snould attend. I'.bbbbbbI
Shortly other horsemen wheeled Into tbe VwsbbbbbI
broad avenue. A tall, soldierly officer rode WIbbbbb!
up at thu head at a troop ot seventy mounted . abbbb1
men. It was Capt- Hoe, of Near York City, Jbbbbbbbb
and Ms command, who were to escort GOT. bbbbbbbbbI
FlOtVei , Ot New ork. 4vbbbbbbbbb
At 11 o'clccx the guests and their local dvlo " ' bbbbbbbbI
escorts cotcrej their carriages and tbe stare .bbbbbbbbb.
w aa mode,! he cavalry troopers, the artillery- -bbbbbbI
men and t he dtountecleacbru taking up their iwnBBBBBBa
march of attendance. 'A halt was made at Sbbbbbbbbb.
the home 01 li. N. lllgginboihsm, President bbbbbbbbI
ut the World s Columbian Commission. -gga
A party comprising Vice-President Morton, bbbbbbi
the Joint commltteo on Ceremonies ana of 'bbbbbbb.
the Columbian Exposition, with P. A. B, IfBBBBBBBi
idener, lu Chairman ; tbe Local Commit -sbbbbbbb.
tee, under Its Chairman. Edward F.iLaw. ''.Sbbbbb.
rence; cx-Oor. Thomas At. Waller, of Con- uJbbbbbbbbb
necilcut. President of the centennial Com- -sbbvbb.
mission of isTtl. and Ferd. W. Peck, First ,''bbbt9
Mce-Prt'sldcut of the Columbian Exposition, -isBBaaBBBi
in six carriages, took position at tbo head ot . 'sbbbTw!
tho line, nhtchresumod lis way along Mlchl- , "gHH
gan atenue. '-bbbbbbI
Behind the Vlce-Prestdentlal party rode ths ssbbbbi
momticrs of President Harrison's Cabinet, Jsbbbbbb.
with Assistant secretaries Holey and Dawson Cbbbbb1
snd Lieut, lie Pray. After them came fifteen ssbbbbbi
carnages, containing tbe diplomatic repre- isbbbbI
bentatitcsot Italy, Russia, Turkey, Austro- 'nisbTbi
liungafy, Switzerland. Helium, Nicaragua, 'iibbbbbb.
Portugal, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Spain, sbbI
Mexico, unat Britain, Cores. China, UawslL IbbbI
Peru. France, Uermany, Costa Rica. Argen- '.irsti
tlnnltepuudc and chllL To people on tne) SIS
route tho Dlplomatlu; Corps, all agllttrr -i'sBi
wltb billllant uniforms and Insignia 01 QlUcc, sH
became a centre ol Interest. gaBl
'in Judges of Mxe United States Supreme .SSbbbI
Court role nct, but they were scarcely !
known to the crotrds, who were most alive lu -rB
the uniform and trappings ot mUltary and ,M
high diplomats. 'IIsbbb.
alayor Washburne, with ex President m
Hayes and lymun J, Uage, tveru recognized. -bbbbt
and the party was trequently applauded. At. "K
ter them came a stretch ot fltty.iwocar- gaB
rla0-es, contnliilug "TV. T. Baker, of Chicago, jf-B
wltb Members of the United States senate "IbbbI
utid House ot Repreteutatlvee. ?
Tbe army and navy were represented by cbbbb
(len. scboneld, Uen. John It, Brooks, U. S. A.; 4bbbb1
uen. Prank vt ueaton, U. s. A.; Capt- A. U. u, ,PB
ouayaud Lleut.-CfmmanderU. T. Uutchlns, 1 $U
Nett there was a string of carriages, bright '
with gold trappings. 1 hey were occupied by '
tbe (iovcrnora ana their staffs or ths States JjSS
and Terrllptlesol thu United States, In tbe . -bbI1
I older ot their entrance Into tbe Union. The AbBI
Kxectttltes ot Ohio, Massachusetts, New VbbbII
ork and ol low., were most cheered as they IbbbI
p.is-e.l along, each bowing his seknowledg. VbbbU
ment ot tho greetlugs. . . wbbM
Alter them rode tun orators and chaplains laagaH
as follows: uuuop Charles H. Fowler, of ca !
tornla; Henry Watterson, ot Kentuokyt bbbH
cnauncey M. Depcw, of New York ; Cardinal ;
Ulbbons. ot Halllinore ; Iter. II. C. M. Cook, of . '4 !
I'lillauelpiila, and Mrs. sarah C. LeMoyne, ot JsbbH
New York. sfgt'l
1 lrieen can lages containing commissioners hMi
or lorel;ii ooternmants at the World's fTMl
Column in Etponitlou came next, louowed "
closely by tlte carriages with Cousuls from .VM'i
loielgu potters. Thirty carriages werero- 'f ?
quired tu carry the Columbian commlssloo- bw',
ers st-large and those ot thu States. Ths i'M?
Boiidot Lady Managers. Mrs. Palmer and Mi
Mis irautmnn. of New York, fct the bead, KM
followed. A woman repiesentatlte from &,m 'J
'elctenuttbe original thirteen states of tbs rl'j
ledcral Inlon were next In the riocesslon, a -Mi
as follow s; J :Wfl
(.orglt. Mist Cornelia Jackson, Atlanta; '- ma
1 Deluwure, Miss Mary canby, Wilmington; ' . "
! Pcnuyzlvanta, Mrs, E. U. Ulllosple, pntladel- f
pula; Rhode Islan I, Mrs. Ellas c. chase, -L
i'rutldeiice, Maryland, Mrs. John QUI. Baltl. t "
more, North Carolina, Mrs. M. M. McPbeters. ' i
Ralelgb: New Hampshire, Mrs. btopbea ;
1 Hecaiur, porlsmotitb; Connecticut, Mrs. ElUa
T RoLlnton liartrord; New Jersey, Mr.
Emily tl. 1. steteus, Oiange; Virginia, Mrs. f,
I ucy Preston. Br ale: New York, Miss Louisa 1
L. -cbuyler. New York City.
T ou carriages contained the Board of Dlreo- . .;.
tors or thu world s Columbian Exposition,
headed by the Second Vice-President thereof, -,
and the Director or Works; Directors of tho ,
World's Fair, Herbert A. Walter, second
ice-President ; and P. II. Burnham, Director '
ot Works. After these tho Board or the Man- .,
agersofthe Lnltcd states exhibit at tbe r;
liilr tilled three carriages, Edwin Vv Hilts, tho 1
chairman, being at the head.
Seven carrlagos carried the sixteen chiefs ; u
of departments In tbe Exposition, and ths ,';,
stan ot tho Director ot Works occupied fi JM
cUhteen otlor conveyances, along with tbe '.. !
artists ot ths various Exposition bulldlnm. ''Si
Finally aud last, as a el via escort, redo the H
seventeen Aldermen of Chicago. -
Tim troops nl Washington Park as tho , tsAggl
head of tbe procession approached wrre rWfi
termed by 'jilg ides In lines 01 massrsonthe ,'-lM
cast side ol the green lotel. As tbo tedersl .'.Ml
representatlte beared the park the first of 1 W
twenty -nno kuns, the Presidential salute, . al
boomed ronh as tbe Vlce-I'resldent's carriage ,VI
reacboJ the aonth open jrrecn. i-zm
la- Vlce.Presldeuts carrlago passed be- ifja
tween tin lonv; column of troops, tvhu pre. H.JJB
sentrdarms. TVs iroopa massed In review ,
numbered l.VOOi) men. :"Wi
Among tbe tlrst to enter the dedication hall ff-U
were tbe members ot tbe graad dedicatory '; M
cborua ot 6.uU0 rrotces, who were heated on i 'M
the reserved stand at the south end of the & -mW
building. A lew tnlnulea later tuo band ,-J jHI
struck up, and 5 JSOO voices loaned lu mUeaVv . "i !
lSUrpncU0eMUt-)dJAMr4aV'. . , '?W1
$ 'rlriff' "Am ' TLlJl.,. "jZkMiKiii

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