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wmmmmnMmt yj1 H
berated in court.
H tun
K .
E Diamond ' Broker Kauffman
Bt Tongue-Lashed by Mrs. Gomez.
H Shu Called Him "Liar" and
Hl Thief " and He Grew Pale.
K i
B:' VM " Huibnnit She ! Held on
Mmmm"'' vl Seventeen CbargM.
HLKf i The elimination In t be cnsc ol tneOomoz.
H'f' KfiMnun alleged diamond ".wind o, which
MMJMir' VH MJournel from yesterday afternoon,
MMmK ctAfl up beforo Justlco HcMalion in the
K; Tofabs Court this forenoon.
W twjer Louis btecklrr appeared tor KanfT-
B nM ana Mr. Le Utrbler represented the
HB eaezes.
Kf It look most of Mr. La Barbler'a time beforo
Hfc tbicow called to prevent Mrs. Oomci
Fv taftlng too much. The flippant manner
MmmMi" Wich bta'characlcrlied that lady's deport-
MmmEti mentneretoiore was not so noticeable to-d&j,
Hrrf tJtBOUgh she docs not rot seem to fully real.
Kk ttitba seriousness of her position.
Hd There was a sceno Just before the case was
MMmJ& cWfl Jeweller Kauflman was standlnz by
MmmJ1- tl&lrall, near Mrs. Gomez, waiting to testify.
MMml' Efyeral times their ryes met, and ca:h time
MBM Et)fTmn'3 glance fell beforo the gjia ot tho
Ev- lrwnan.
MmMl ynable to contain herself longer, Mrs.
K Oottez broke out In a furious tirade.
MmmMib' fLook at him, tho miserable thief. He
Bv? Ww not meet my rye.
K, lie knows that be riot me to pawn tbe
MMMM' Jajrela, and that be got all tbe money.
MMMMr jllls object In bringing this charge Is only
MMMt- tget tbe things from the pawnbrokers with-
R nt paying for tnem. I
H, JThuthltll Tbellarl" I
H Kauffman turnod pale under Mrs. uomtz's
MMttft acitblng accusations and got aws from her
BJLv TWnliy as quickly as possible.
BBB;V "Justice McMahon then called Kaurimai to
BBBK;. ub stand.
Hv The broker's story was substantially the
BSSSSBlvv Mine us has been oiieady printed lu Tits
BBBkT,! He. aid thai be llrcd atiao EastMneiy. '
BBBK! Snth.iiot.andhadadeskln the ortlcnofll.
BBBBBK7 and K. O. Bollals, manuinciurlngtenrlleni, at
BBBfT MMonn street.
BBBff? -He first met Mr. and Mrs. aomezajrarngo
BSSSSBtl Use June at Mrs. Jackson's Doardlng-houxp,
197 West Tirent). third street. '1 lie landlady
BBKr,. uwodnccd them.
BBBm On June 'JO tbe first dealings with the
BJJJJKv. couple were had. Ho knew omy that they
BJJJJJBjb , claimed in do wtil conueued and lu a pirnf.
BJflflflMM' tjgp Jf place large urilrra anu-ny raltby
kkR. 'ihire was never any written agreement
E3BK.'J. tgtween ihem. It wnsTerla.ly agreuj that
iBuK," Ilrs. uomez anoulil I'nrry arounii tun jinu-lry
BJBJE, ndsell what f he could ana return tha res'.
H; JCauffman took n mcianrniidum of the
BflflflKp i troodn, but made no note of who tha tu-
BjJJBJEV tomers were
BJJJJJ&;.. lie denied that Mr. (lomez irnve hlra three
Bf promlssrry not'a to pay tor th'.1 JsimIs, two
BflflJflEai) of wblcbumiirz rluiins tnhavn pud,
Bflflflflfin Kauffman could not say uhetberur not any
(Vf of tbe Jew eiry liad ever been unid.
Kf.s QnrL1UUU IUe k'as' Da l,IJ " 0Tcr
H.' Ibe lint that le Knew that the dlimonds
m,S StredM8 " C- 17' w,w l' rt-,
bbbbbKi aT,rbI-rk.llckJ,on..edBel1 h receipt of
B'i 2,(isr, raid htm bv Mrs. Uomez. but denied
LbbbrbW' V l.U.IS :?kW ' bV ""'fey was t be proceeds uf
B'J pswolnif the articles.
BBBBBsWr .5?yu,.lueu ,aiu Mr. nnmezhad told blm
iHEfi'' Sat ". ue would return tbe $3,uo3 hn
bbbbbbW'V iffi?.?.' w"J"a nlm lnd tickets lor all
m--f tn diamonds pawned.
bbbbbbbbV-, Justice MeMabon thought that be bad
B i.V enough to Justify film In holding I ho J
prisoners for trial. Accordingly the couple
were neia under 1,014 ball each for theOeu.
eral esslJns.
There are serenteen charges Id all
agalnat them. All tbe Jewelry has
been turneii oier to tbe police by
tbe pawnlrokcrs, but this was not
done until fourteen new complaints had been
drawn, covering each piece or Jewelry
panned by the uomercs not already surren
dered. .Mrs. Julia sharp, who, acccordlng to the
story told by n conlctcd thief to Detec
tives Heidelberg and Jacibs yesterday, was
connected with the dlipoiil of KauRman's
diamonds, Indlgnanlly denied the accusation
when seen to-day at her flat, 4!l KatTentr
third street. Mrs. blurt) said that she bad
gone out of tne Jewelry business. Mhe ad
mitted knowing Mrs dome, and started to
tell the reporter how that lady once laltedtu
return a roll of silk Mint Mrs. tthsrp had given
her to dispose of, when a gentleman who was
In tho room spoke to her In Orrintn, warning
her not to talk about Mrs. tiomrz, saying she
might be called as a wltntss at tbe trial.
AfL'r that Mrs, Hharp refused to talk
lurihtr about the matter.
m '
Durkhalter & Co. 'a .took Iteplev
lnad by Creditors.
A email army of deputy sheriffs Is In charge
of the big wholesale grocery store of c. tlurk
halter &. Co., of 1U1 and laa Hudson street,
Home of the unprcferred creditors bare be
gun replevin suits to reenter merchandise
dellvrrsd to the firm, uhlch failed yesterday
with 1700,000 liabilities and atout f AOO.uoo
nSfOls, gttlng preferences! $183,107, nnd It
Is to look after tbese Interests that tho KnerllT
lias taken posnesslon of the stock.
Tbe largest replevin was In favor of Fleming
& Crooks f or a 1 a.S on. oi her w rlts were sued
out In fuvor of Jam h It. fmlth ,V Co. for
12,070, .lamis II. biout & Co. for 1,10'..',
Adolph Uttlnger, 80 Henry M. Day, I0J0,
and Jacob D. Nordllnger & Co., H7.
Neither ot the partners In the firm was In
town to-day. Charles Burkhaller, the senior
partner, who has been 111 lor tome time, was
sail to boat bis home at East Orange, and
John II. Ilurklislter at bis home at (lion
Ulrtje, N. J.
The latter was In town last night and de
nied very emphatically the atorles that were
In circulation to tbe effect that the firm had
sold $100,000 of I'h paper within the past
two days or that tb n had been any question
able transactions ttbalever.
It is said txlay that some of tbe unprc
ferred creditors still believe tho stories and
arc preparing to prosecute tbe members of
tbe firm
( harles II. Fancbtr. President of the Irving
National Hank.saPl this morning tbat be was
not yet prepared tn give any ileiinlte atittv
inent with regnnl to osse s and liabilities.
Anilgnec Hnncher saya that he expects to
satisfy all the creditors of thi linn, wblcb
bad been doing a largclr Increased butlnosa
oi late.
Added to Football's List of Dead.
Irv upenriATvn rnr. l
I'ooonsszrsin, Oct. SI. Jose I'orez and
otner students ol Eastman co.lege were pluy
Inlootinll yektrrday afternoon when I'erez
aine Imoitari wl.h ono uf the other pla
eniin.l mux thrown Mo entlr to the ground,
retviviug tu;h Injuries tb it hedpd last night.
3 BOTTLES tj;jj
RiIist 1 mi of a M?f re niool tronbla. It hftl also
ru.drar halrtn Btowont itiln, It hid liaen
falllna out hj th handful. Attar trjlni many
phnlclana la rain, I am to happr to And a nnr In
B. 8. R. O. . FI.NKRT. l.aU.Unn, Tl.
SPIIRF Djr forclncoutaarmaof dla
uwnto aa and tba polaon a wall.
t3rlt larntlralr vaaatab and harmla...
STiratU en fllovl and Kkln raallad fiaa
SWIFT 81'KOIHO CO,, Atlanta, Ga.
London's Poisoner Promptly Oon
vioted by His Jury.
Tit Revolt In Argentina General
Foreign Nerve by Cable.
Lonpok. Oct, 31. An Immense crowd gath
ered about tbe Old Bailey tbts mornlnz,
anxious to gain admission to the court-room
to bear Justice Hawkins sum up tho Nclll
murder case. Hundreds were turned away,
but many of tbcui lingered lu tho vicinity to
bear the fato of tho f rlsoner.
Notwithstanding tbe totnments made by
counsel In the case yesterday, reflecting upon
tho morbid curloslt 'hat led women to flock
Into the court-room, thcro v. ere It anything
more women present to-day than on any pre
vious dsy of tbe trial.
Nolll did not appear to bo at all disturbed
by his position, and after taking bis scat ho
looked nbout the court-room with great com
posure. Justice Hawkins renewed tbe evi
dence at length, saying tbat tho jury win not
to expect the prosecution to submit mathe
matical proof of the commission of crime.
The Jury returned n erulcl of guilty. They
were out tire minutes.
Justice Hawkins at cno sentenced Nclll to
be hanged.
Citizens Enthuslaetlo Over the Buc
oeas of tbe Hebela.
Iit aasoriAT'ti raiaa.l
Lonpok, oct-Sl. A special despatcn to tho
TYniei from Buenos Ayres says that tho re
volt In Santiago del Esterc bad Its origin In a
land of twonty-nvo citizens, who were
headed bj Uarcla, tho leader of tbe last out
bieaktn tho city.
They made an attack on tbe Cablldo (City
Hall), which was defended by a number ol
troops. The latter fought desperately lor .in
hour, but tbe attacking force compelled them
to surrender.
The loss on both sides wss five men killed
and nine men wounded. Thu Governor and
. Vlce-Oovernor wero raptured by tho rebels
I The Tlmei correspondent says the retolt
Istneresnlt of n well-matured plan to oust
the provincial government The city Is Ulet,
but great enthusiasm prevails among the
people at tbe success of the rebels.
Two Brlt'ah " Mutineers " to Serve a
Year and Be Cashiered.
iht jrroriATrn rssas.1
London, Oct. HI. The, two men Ixlonglng
to the Thirteenth Company if the Army
KcnlceCorpi nt Portsmouth who were ai-
rrstttl lor their participation lu Ino mutiny
that look placo there nn Oct. i:ihavobcen
Hentencel each tonne year's Impilaoumotil
and tu be Ignumlnluusly mshlcred.
'I tin M i inuu lu n leading nrtlclo I oports
thai a few cases ot hnrnenn culling lnio re
cently ocnirnd nt tho Chcheu barraiki,
wbero a delnthment in thu Army Hen leu
Corps IsB.utlouiU. Iho colonel, unaiil- to
discover the cul. rlts. gavu uiil-ra that tho
I whole company be couliuid to tbe barracks.
I Joint Meet of Three Canoe CIuds.
To-day and Saturday and t-unday the
lookers Knickerbocker und tlnboken nnce
I Clubs will nave their Fall uitel on thteust
shore of tbo Hudson lltver above Dobbs
Ferry. Theie will bo camp-fires at night,
audit Is ex I ec ted that on etinday a large
number, f tnucunoemons frlendt ulllgoup
Horn No t Yo-k to spend ibotlay with them.
Sensational Story of tho Doughtys
Sirs. Bradford Adopted the Child
and Told Her Husband It
Was Theirs.
A most sensational tale of alleged be
tray td honor and confidence by an old Inmlly
friend, claimed lack of maternal affection,
palming off on an unsuspicious husband of
tbo Innocent cause of all tho trouble, and
counter charges of murderous Intent against
the fosiGMnolher-grow out of, Eleanor
Doughly's writ of habeas corpus against
Mrr. .May llralford, demanding her to pro
duio the petitioners unnamed Infant before
Hupremi court Justlco Heath next Monday
Hail It not been for the Issuance ot this
writ a bouncing boy baby might lu another
ucek havo been christened Harry Ilrad
ford Notr his fate Is much In doubt, andjt
may bo months beforo ho has even a name.'
The youngster first saw light at 28 West
Seventeenth street Aug. H7 last. Ills mother
U Eleanor Doughty, twenty-one yours old,
who nujb tho baby's father Is Stephen s.
Vrcelaml, an advertising agent, of ir0 Nas
sau street, who Mv.'S at 1 ompklnsvllle, S. 1.
1 hey nro not married.
Dr. Mortimer W.fibaw. of 147 Ureenwlch
all eet, wlin wdH engaged by Jir. reclano to
attend sibs Doughty, told an l.vt'MNd Worn n
reporter this morning that thu young
wo'nati, beforo tho child whs horn, told him
lint shn wanted some good family lu adopt
li as It would ruin ber for life If any ono ku'.w
of her t rouble.
Dr. Htiiiw says ho secured such a party in
thu person ot Mrs. May Ilrndfurd, ot 1H1 Weil
Mxt)-tbtrd street, whoec hiishuni lsacom
po lmr rarnlnt; good wages and In talrlr
coinfurtabiu tin umstances. Mrs. llrauiord
bad no children or her own, and desired to
adopt a healthy boy.
Khesaiv Mies Doughly's child snd took It,
with tba understanding that the mother was
to sign papiri making u full surrender of
tbe child. '1 his was delayed, andpluco theu
Miss Doughty, her mother mid lwjer
DenslDW have tried to get tbo child back.
Mrs. Ilradford incurred her husbands dis
pleasure by bringing homo a boy fur adop
tion of u hoso parentage she knew nothing.
Hhc tec.imo atta.hed tn the youngster, hon
eicr, and to keep him then told her husband
that I' wis tliolr own offspring and had been
boi n durlug his alsence from the city, during
an lllniss which h knew ot but attributed
losomeihlug else, ana that she had put It out
Much u cnnsuuimatlon Mr. llradfrrd had de
voutly wished lor and, despite his wife's first
storj. he belleicl th.' twinnd. nun the baby
boon bocjuiu luilulku In lit s nlTicllons.
When, leu dij Hugo, .M3 D u.hly refusid
to hlgn thu lulenw pat er-. on taking legal
ndiu Mis llrmllonl agnlu vturtltd her mis-
bnuJ by a(.uiowleda'lng that she hud tlbbed
mid lhn buy was not their ovwi llcsh ami
blood but uii udop'eil i bllil.
1 Mr. HiuiliU'd. ihniign sheiked, determined
I nllu his Ifu that Iss uoiighty hiiuuld not
' havu theihlMcxcepi lu n legal manner, mid
tho) riMUvd i tunlury cflers, they say, irom
Julsi Dought) Hinolhir. Then nunc the writ.
Ah the muiter Is mix In toiirl Mr. and Mrs.
Iliudinrd are somewhat nxeise loutcplug lhn
baby Ixcauscnt thuholnrkt Hut hhS urn
given them. If thu Conn oideri It Monday
they will give up the babv.
Mis. lirudloul nuuManilnled tho foregoing
KtiUementH in an Kumvu Wimin le.uiui
this morning an I milled :
1 admit that I Hi tl to tn) husband, bill It
was lor iho bib) 'h sake. When he oojoacd
to keeping tl I leok li bick tu Mlts Dought),
, but sin. leliiheil to take It.
Whiil could I du I 1 couldn't nbnmtun the
,bali). even though Its rkhtlul niulhtrwaj
so iiiimoim to part, with It. t-o I lied tu my
husbuiid, huplng to make n man mil nt the
boy and suvu lilt reputation when he
grew up.
'1 he charge ot (iiandmot her Doughty that
I was preparing for Its burial In case It dVd,
t The Greatest Day i
t of all at J
il . The
j Great i
5 Food j!
I Show. ;
J The big doors j
iwill open at 1 1 A.
M. and close at 1 1 5
p. n. j
Seidl and his en- 1
larged orchestra t
give two grand 5
concerts at 2 & 8.. 5
Miss Parloa lectures 5
to tbe ladies at 3.30
t P.m. J
a More to soc- j
J More to eat than J
i ever and all for 50 cts
f admission I J
K Come as early as you k
can. The quicker, the
jj richer!
as I expected It would, Is wickedly faUe.
I ho chilli would have tile J but for me, for It
1 had' inarasmus, nnd Its bead wusVllseased
because ol Its lack of tereatmont before 1 got
him. He's well now, thouxli."
Mrs. Ilradford brought out the youngsterto
show his now healthy condition, and uls up
ponranco certainly corroborated her.
Mrs. Ilrad old denied that she wanted
moueyforthc child, and Intimated that It
I was the Doughlys n ho wero looking for
lo offset Mrs. tlradrord's statement, .Mrs.
Dought), Fleanors mother, showed the re
porur this letter:
hET Yon, Oet. 30, '03.
II. Itnttgktv
Call to mrrow and brtnff nfleivarr ehthlnrto
take jour ihlld Hith you. if yon da notbeadlhlt
1 wi'l takalt Id til ChS'lir and Corrautlun, aud
will adopt it. NK. e:. M. KKAliriuili
l "My daughter never wanted to part with
I Iho baby, uut Mr. Vreiland, tho man who
ruined her life, although nn old tilend of
I mine, did, and he hired tnls Dr. bhaw to llnd
I a plHte lu put H."
I " Alllrst 1 wanted to let II go beforo It was
born "put la .Miss Kleiinor.
Mrs. D u.'hty admlticd ibat she wanted
ret land tu support ber daughter's child.
" Ho neer denied Us paieinlty," she said.
" I would lutber not say whelhcr wo will
endesvor to liuve blm marry hleanor Just
, now. Wo want the chill llrst."
Iir. Shaw sas the i-u Iden wl.h ot Mrs. nnd
Miss lioiiirhty lo regain possession of the
I child Is duo to tbolrdcMio to foico Vreeland
i to make souio kind of a Kettlement with
I them, nnanclal or matrimonial, and lulded:
I "1 never goin tent irom Vieclind or nny
one else tu connection with the adoption of
th bally."
Happy Tbouprh Marrlnd.
,(r7i5n(j,"Krni.e In VonlMv.1
'the M'atdapThen you llnd married life
The Wife Ves, but then I seldom see my
I husband, you know.
Sill fill )o,", Serrlceable Alt-Wool
sl9 nn l,lnrk nA L'elorx (-'lieTlot
IO nn Fine (lay fllafonnl Coat Bed
)UiUU Vest, cutavrnr.
Otr nn Cheviot, Scotch, Dlaaanftl
tIP nil Fine Worsteil Halls, plnln and
4IO1UU1 flunreil. IIU mixtures.
On rn et.1.U0. Sl.OO. 93.00, ST.00
liUU men's I'nnta. U lib rvrrr pair
our written ajinraulee.
Our nle of K7.8U Combination Double.
Ilrrnatril Overeont, lioiiblr-llrrnsted
(Suit, rxlra I'anti nnd lint, tor Hays.
Mill rontlnnca. A lame variety lo arlrct
froBi..Jvrrv boy ruatoiner a handsome
present. Open evening till Ot. Malar-
3I4, 3I6, 3I8, 320 GRAND ST
T&kon to Newburcr to Be Tried for
Bwtndllner a Farmer Out of $5,600.
The n llpcd bunco sharper, rat Davis, or
" Hod Austin," tho story of whoso arrest In
front of tho llorrman House yesterday after
noon was told exclusively In last night's
E kviko World Sporting Extra, Is to-day a
prisoner In ho Newburg JnlL
Although Davis showed fight when arrested
by Chief of Pcllco .James 11. Harvls, of Kew
burg, who was assisted Dy I'atrolman Hhyn
ders nnd Detectlvo Wood;, he was quickly
overpowered and was soon on his way up the
The cmrge against him was that ot swin
dling nn aged and credulous farmer named
trowcll, who lives abou' ten miles from New
burg, nut of VOu by I he ancient gold buck
game Dec. 14 lust. D.ivis. it Is ol cged. aid
his pal went to the Qunssala Hank nlth tbe
old man, Mho drew the monoy and exchanged
It loi tho brick.
On the way homo the sharper kicked their
victim out uf (be wagon aud, drlMiu back to
Newburg, escaped ulih the plundir.
Hlnce then Duus hai not been been In the
Mdnliy ot rewbu g, but v as nnally tainted
In hew Vork. When lie arrived in New b.ng
lust nlghr l'uhna only f.'i. In liHaJosaesslon.
He is said to lnuo teen an lutlmatTi assocla'o
of O'llrleu, the king uf bunco men.
Social Courtosloa Extended by Lead
ing; Citizens.
courtesies are being bestowed upon Admiral
do Ubran nnd his officer", of tbe French war
ship l'Aretheuxe and lluisard, with a lavish
hand. Latt nli'ht an elaborate banquet was
tendered to thein it Delmonlco's by the lead
ing Frenchmen ot the city. Mr. M. J. Thoron
presided, nnd Iaw)er lrederle 11 (oudert
made th Important speech of tbe evening.
An original poem of welcome, written by
Charles llenauld, in French, was read with
great success. All the Bpcecnmaklng was
In French.
" 68TH ST. AND 3D AVE.
Solid Gold W Solid Silver
BOO Gantva ir.avemea', .tKXL I.COOChalalalnr, fX90
600 Geneva m0,eJne.n,:(, JKSSuif'i BOYS' V AT CUES, I on,
Watches for Geits. llmhf 'rn..w.4,l.h a I
1,000 Genuine An-e-lcan HpafitewSiSOlV 1.000 W llham and E em I
movement $25 00 H5al,aK2sM movemen', , $10.09 M
BOO Howard movtmsnt. mSBE&fcuJr 1,000 Wallham ard Eloln I
All our Watches are carefully regulated. We give a written guar
antee with every watch (or three years.
LAMBERT BROS., Cor, 53tli St. and 3d ave.
' L " Station corner fifttli Ht.
Every Man to His Taste.
From Tru'A.
Gentlemen, come up and take something.
What II you have J"
" A good drink of uhlskey."
" A drink of good whiskey."
" ext?"
" A gooJ drink of good whiskey."
Ah I all the orders In. bartender, gimme
two good drinks ot good wutskty."
No Further Uso for Them.
iTrtm rNflf.1
"1 he doctors have given McJunkln up"
"I'nor lellowl Is hens HI as that?"
"Ino: he has got we, 1."
Eeyond Kven a Bishop's Powor.
trom l.t'.
She So the Dlshop ha) made Cbolly Dude
kln and .Mabel ma'i and wife?
He Well, Mabel Is lertnlnly Mrs Dudekln,
but 1 seu uu change In chol'y.
Vory Like.
I from Ji0: J
" This cap of mine reminds me of a yacht
race I was In once."
" How while cap ?
" No ; It's such n bandy cap."
rrom Tritlh.
She Yhls Is the portrait of my grand
mother at teventy-nlne.
He (delightedly) What a strong resem
blance. It might almost be taken for you.
&gr See Our Easy Terms -&&
Furniture, Carpets,
Bedding, Stoves, Etc., Etc. '
Dnrnble 4Snnil. l,or Trleea. I.nteat
Ht lea. duly Kll'nil HUNT, tl AMIDUVVN. ;
.No ilepuali when I.ipujj 'line la Not
anted. j
Parlor Suits, (Jhumber Suits, j
Diuing-Room Furniture, Bed-
dinp, Stoves, Folding Beds, Oil
cloth, Linoloum, Mattings, Win- '
dow Shades, Curtains, Por
tiores, Itcfrigoiators, Lamps, c
I Clocks, Baby Carriages, Pic
tures, Desks, Ofllco Furnituro.&c. y
f?rali, roa. weklj, or SJ3 parmoathot 8?s X
trrah, 91.00 ireaklj. or 4)4 per montSoa I5U
0 cah. 91, lb wrklr, or CA per monthoa $73
J 10 cub, 1.60 wMkljr, ar 6 per raonthoatlOl ..
UUraaU, 4J.S5 weakly, or U per monthoutiO F
Larari auiounu tame rate. Alkolermamada toaiu
1193 to 205 Park Row,-l ",
The Leading AmericliTrciothiersI "" " "" 7 " " " jfiT In '
m MM M f M A M Jf ) f J Always stand at the head of the list of BargainDpro- jj T T(
A MM Mm M mm M M ' Jr M M M viders. Competition amazed, paralyzed at the enor- . I L ll
Mm Fm) mm M mm M m mmi M mm mous Bargains we offer. The high-profit system Hy n ( N.
M M M M M I W MM ' t i lf knocked higher than a kite I We ask you to inspect fiwMK (i)
Mmm M M M M Iff f W V M H M E these tailor-made Suits and Overcoats. AMU 111
627 and 629 Broadway, near Bleecker St. J u HJ (?) "'
K Jlv as any tailor can make for $8.00. ... " PUCVlflT TUC nifrn vnil EUCP. V For 8ty"sl AH-Wool Sunday Suite, ( dt
MMf A and you can bco nt onco how ours pt,u,,v OIIITO nieciicDr pdcitcct llVrR- Jcfrinnc l 1 TAILOR-HADE rilTAWiV? WAIVIUG i-.. nnutDTc mndo of fino Worsteds and 1 sa!
I 'I "--o- SMS-SUITS " f s s fT "v A 1 I HS38 quits W Sover-cheS, "--ss? f
, T SiSo'X"? S IS Tbea, garment, are our own make and can no. be purchaaed at mj-5r The re5a no olher BroaS house who manufacture tn.lr own ".."tot"?, t5t .K"w f &'
HI ill Being short of room, vc Wc suit thousands of gen- Jjj There is a great'Tatisfac' ' Tou TavTTi!r' """nam"" BOYS LONG PANTS SOUS. T( I lbb
H (?) BOYS' R APF nVFRRO&TS offer 5,O0 Mcns Stylish. tlemen every day in Fall Kn tion in buying your suit your style, color or shape S5S OO (1)
K "I UU""IL ,UUH,U- Tailor-Made, Regular $20 Overcoats, and wc can please flUf when you know the goods coat, and you will find it in For anAU-Wool SuitTneat pat- W tin
MM (A) t x,.8, , "5: Suits for the above price. YOU! We have murdered JIK&W are fel,able ur twenty our stock. We make it a terns, agea 13 to 19 yrs. They're i ,Ml
Mrh T Jn t8 sale buys a nobby All-Wool Thm,' in ,- f ti. ,:., r n 1- n r- . 1 WW vcars experience has taught point to have evervthinir worth all of $8.00. ( ..
:: - 1 Cape Coat, sold usually at $5.00. They re in any of the desira- pnees of all Fall Coats, being fWi , us how to make goods that that's in style. You'll finS ftfBr I
m ' IBS-'T'S ble styles Guaranteed per- determined todispose of them , W 1 are ...simply right." This that our Top Coats fit. Finer grXWcotches i u
MWi . I Ib very little money for tho beau- lcct ,n ,lt and make- Don l all before the season ends. J t?Jft great special Una at the They're comfortable and and Ca3simoro Suits j worth 810. T( H'
Hf ' (I) jful.BtylfiS wo show, made of fine rush off to some tailor and So we've chopped off profits ?ZVfS 'M above price includes the serviceable. We offer sev- Cfeff c4tr ill .
M . f lrrCaidamiylylea,Vk'rih pay him three times what a on 2.000 $.8 and $S9 Over- . very finest Imported Clay eral hundred at the above Thi8 ff"S beautiful T
M 'ft S4-00 Suit is worth until you look coats, and offer 'em at the $ p4l5 agonal, tlomespun, Scotch PRICE, which we usually colors of the finest all-wool and Jll 1 w
K ! T Even 25rra.se in price makeB a over our big special offers. above price. They're in 3 QL P ail' or Kl nEI' sell at $22.00 and $25.00. besT wearing cloths , worth easily fl
HI )1 difference iu value. This line usu- w. dmw ,h nii,i ,u r-i . -r a mi, !. r ., ancy Pattems. This, of course, makes it an 12.00.
HI' A) ally Bells at S0.C0. ,Wc show absolutely the Cheviots, Tweeds, Meltons. gT Many are silk lined and are object for you to buy one S10 OO ill
BewJT A fine lino of ULSTERS. Early largest stock of 1 ailor-Madc Covert Cloths. Worsteds. !&f ahead of the average Custom now. That's whv we nut t?- t,i ,VT , W I "' '
H) SmoiOUUl tak tU hiut awd W C,0lhCS iU fc. lmcd and made ,n the SlfcMTffl C,ot,lCS hieh cost three down the price. ? SSSTSitadMffiJ II -J
mMMBmW baT0 ,n"0- . . iV"lr'C.a be,t custom style. M R times our special price. made ( worth $15.00. (4)1
W- ffl M YI Wife ft(tf Si 41ll reTBROADWAY, fM)(f IU
MMBSMBlBMBsWlstlii l.&jr.HtJ, i vii.. . v. u W.ntxisIvuZx Z:.yi7MUJZt..-f7r.... rrurT T ' Jrsrt rrrS-rr3? ' " MA

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