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1 EXTRA. 1 iff iWWnif ififtflllo 1 EXTRA. I
Saturday and SundayWorld?s House and Home Bays, j
Greeted Upon Her Arrival in
Jersey City by a
Great Gathering,
Gannons Boom and Whistles
Shriek as Her Steamer StartB
Aoross the River.
The Royal Guest ot the Me
tropolis, onored on the Way j
to the Hotel Savoy. j
Princess Eulalla, the Spanish Infunta,
Is the guest of the metropolis.
Her arrival at the Pennsylvania depot
In Jersey City at 3.01 o'clock this after
noon was heralded by the booming uf
big guns from the Spanish warship. In
fanta Isabel, which lay cut in the river
Just opposite the ferry-hcuas.
The Princess left Washington, where
she has be in receiving the courtesies
of the Government due to her rank and
Importance, at 10" o'clock this morning
by a special train on the Pennsylvania
Ilallroad, She will be the, guest of the
clly of New York until she starts for
Chicago, on Friday of next week.
Her departure from Washington was j
the occasion of a grand demonstration, i
Th President's coach and four was
placed at the disposal of the royal vIM
tors, and Princess Eulalla. Prince
Antolne, her husband, and Secretary
of State Gresham rode together to the
depot. The other rhembers of the Prin
cess's suite followed In carriages. ,
Four troops of United States
cavalry escorted them through the city,
and Washlngtontans turned out gener
ally to do honor to the representative:
of the Spanish throne. At the depot
there was a large gathering of the
Diplomatic Corps, Including all the mem
bers of the Spanish Legation, who had
assembled to bid her good-by, with
t.'ol. John M. Wilson, of the United
i States Army, who represented President
When the train finally pulled out of
tha station Princess Eulalla appeared
on the observation platform of the rear
car, and waved a farewell to the crowds
which formed around the railway in
tho depot.
A great shout went up as the multi
tude recognized her. and there was
cheering and waving of handkerchiefs
until the train was out of sight.
It was just 3.W this afternoon when
the train bearing Ine Princess and her
party drew up In the Pennsylvania de
pot at Jersey City. The train consisted
uf three Pullman, cars and a combina
tion coach.
The trip from Washington was made
in exactly live hours and four minutes,
which was pretty close to the scheduled
A hot axle-box caused a delay of
fifteen minutes nt Trenton, which was
made up on the run to Jrraey City, the
llfty-sevcn miles being reeled off in one
hour and one mLnule.
Englno No. 1. one of the fnstest on
the road. rmndM by Thomas Smith,
brought the royal train Into the Jersey
City station.
A large crowd gather?.! at the depot
an hour or fo before the Infanta ar
rived, and It rapidly grew ho much
larger that the detail of Jersey Citv
police had Its hands rull blocking up nil
the platforms.
The crowd Vns evidently there to
glv.j the Princess a rousing reception,
mid when the train came to a standstill
there was a general scramble to ret
near to the royal coo.cn us the lines
drawn by tho police would allow.
The Special lieceptlon Committee of
the Committee of Onu Hundrel wns
represented by Gen. Horace Porter,
lianlfl K. D.iyne. Cornelius X. Wish,
Walter Stanton, Hownrd Carroll, Whit,
law Reld, Jumci W. Tnnpan. U. S,
Cockey, August P. Montant. Arthur T.
Hulllvan, lsi lor Straus, J. 1. c. Oinrk",
Gen. I'ltzffernlU, and Major II. It. Van
Uusen. All wore a button-ho.e dtco a
Hon made of fllk, woven In u.o Spanlsj
colors, surmounted by ,t h .tall silver
bailga, on v. Inch v.m, Inscribed, "Com
mittee of One Hundred.'1
Thn Admiral and tteff of the .Spanish
iron-or-ivar Infanta Irnbfl, nil in full
uniform, were ilno present, an whs
Spanish Consul-Clmera! Arturo licjv
'""P. and two attni-hc: of th Consulate.
While the train w.v.t paling m. nncn
were formed for the rereptloi of (he In
fan a The Span n Admiral and his
I officers, nil ab'n" In g.-U lac- .mil rd
mill yellow, h.med the lino. The l enme
tho .-spanlsh Consul nn.l then t.ic lie
ttptlon Commlti
The Infania roue n the last each of
J ho train, and :n a moment or two after
me i.-.i.itn'.i cased ci.mc out from th
rear of the cat
riho was verv simply dressed In a
white wc.'illeii tiT.viilllni, suit, the lacltet
of whicn v,a extif i ely looo.
"n hi-r ht.nl was a inali, ornwn straw
sailor hut, with iv small bunch of little
re i (lowers In front. Over hor hat and
face was drawn a thin white veil.
Commander Davis, of the United
Mates Navy, who Is tho otllchl escort
deputed by President Cleveland to
wmt qj the Infanta, banded her from,
the enr, and then, offering her his
arm, proceeded down tho platform, tha
Infnnt.i's husband with Gen. Varr.im,
of the Reception Committee, at his side
und the rot of the royal party bringing
up the rear.
The Itimnta was moat gracious to
the receiving party, ah" bowed to the
Admiral and his staff, v,io bowed low
as she passed.
With a pleasant tmlle she bowed to
the Spanish Consul, and then shook
hands with each or the members of the
Municipal Reception Committee In turn
us she moved on down the long plat
form. A detail of police cleared the way to
the large elevator at the end of the
platform, which waB reached In pro-ces-slonnl
form by the party,
The Infanta and her Suite, leading tho
Reception Committee, were followed by
the Consulate officials, the Spanish Ad
miral and officers falling In behind.
When the lower floor of the ilipot was
reached, carriages were In waiting to
convey the party to the steamer Gen
eral Slocum, which lay at the lower
Desbrosses street s'.lp.
The Slocum was lavishly decorated
I with flags of all nations, and looked
very pretty.
A little higher up the river lay the
Spanish cruiser, the Infanta Isabel, with
nil her colors spread and her sailors
manning the yards.
As the Slocum left the slip at 3.20. nil
the ferry and tug-boats In the neighbor
hood blew their whistles, and the Isabel
i fired tho regulatl' n royal salute an the
Slocum passed her.
Tho Isabel, when the Slocum was well
clear, raised her anchor, and, setting a
couple of Jlbsalls. followed In the wake
of the royal purty.
An Incident that seemed to please
the Infanta greatly and brought out a
. new wealth of smiles was the cheering
and kindly salutations she received us
she pasted down the railroad plat
form from the non-ofllclal spectators,
of whom the ladles were especially dem
onstrative. There was a gathering numbering
many hundreds of n'en, women anil
children at tho pier at the foot of Went
I Thirty-fourth street to witness the land
ing of the Spanish princess.
j As for the people who had been driven
oh the pier by the police, they had be-
I come thousands, and they lined both
sides of Thirty-fourth street from the
North River to Fifth avenue.
I Every window waj filled with people
along the route to the Hotel Savoy, and
: the buildings were decked with flags,
I flowers and bunting.
Sergt. Hevell, at the head of a platoon
of mounted policemen, on high-stepping
buy horses, had arrived at 3.0G o'clock,
followed by Troop A, under the com
mand of Capt. Roe.
There were ninety of the troopers. In
cluding Troop A's band of sixteen
pieces, led by Director I.edorhaus.
Soon afterwards fourteen carriages
and the Hotel Savoy stage had driven
up to the pier. The footmen and coach
men wore costumed In uniforms of blue
coats, high hats, buff trousers and top
boots. Each wore a boutonnlere of red
and yellow roses.
Whttelaw Reld had tendered his car
riage for the use of tha Infanta, and It
had been accepted.
The tooting of whistles down the river
gave the first warning of the approach
of the Princess and tier party on the
Tnere were half a dozen kodak fiends
on the pier, and tltey got several snap
shots of the Slocum through the smoke
of the saluting guns on the warships
In the river.
It was Just 3.10 P. M. when the Gen.
Slocum came alongside the pier.
The Infanta Eulalla was on the upper
deck, an Interested watcher of the
throngs on shore.
She came ashore on the arm of Com
mander Davis, who assisted her Into
the waiting carriage.
Gen. Horace Porter and the Prince An
tolne. husband of the Princess, entered
the carriage and It started for the Hotel
Comptroller Myers rode with the
Marchioness Hermosa, the Spanl3h Min
ister, and the commander of the Infanta
Isabel In the second carriage, and
Jcseph J. O'Donoghue, with the other
Spanish officers, in the third.
The troop divided Into two files, the
carriages passed between them, and the
procession moved In that fashion, the
troopers riding beside the carl rage, to
the music of "The Red, White and
All along the route to the Hotel Savoy
the Princess was saluted with huzzas
and hand-clapping by the multitude on
the sidewalk.
She received this attention gracefully,
smiling happily on her new-found
friends, not like a scion of royalty, but
like a true woman.
After the Infanta haa dined, she will he
sm-iuulfil by representatives of tbe Siianlnh
colony lu tlili city. Headed bv the SaruipiaMi
IIani. a procession of rtpatilsli.Amerlratui carry,
inn torch., lll form at Forty-first street and
l'lflli avenue and inarch up Klttli aienue to tbe
Hotel Savoy, nhern tbe serenade will bf
Klion. The Infanta will appear at
the window or ber parlor which ortrlnuka tbe
At tho conclusion of the serenade, prmlded
the Infanta l not to wearied, the rrarul partv
will be drlren to the Harden Theatre, where
boxes hsie Leen set aside for their uac. It la
nut considered probable that sho will reach tho
theatre until n o'clock.
The Reception tV'inmlttee announce that on
Suu.laj iiir.mtuc. at ln.80 o'clock, the Old Cuard
rill form lu line at the tatoji and eiiit the
ITliKfss to thu Cnth'dnil. where the will attend
hlsh niaaa. la the evening n reception will bo
linn ber hj the embolic nut, n West riff
ninth street, from tl to 7 oYlm k.
In brief the pnrnnime for tho remainder of
the Infnnta'e stay Is tis follows:
To ni'.ipiw Trip on the Dolphin In the morn.
Ins and n ilrlie In the iftennsiu, In t!iu e,n
Ine the ball at Madison fViuare Curden given h
tbe Clrculo Colon Cenantea.
..iturda Lit ui stun mi steamer Mouaioutb to
West lv.ln'.
Miiiular High mass at the Cathedral at 11 A,
M. . rcccptUi at tbe Catholic Cl ih In the evn-
jiond.i A ilslt to fllnckwcH'e, Ward's and
Hand ill's Islands In the inoniliic; n drlre In
the iifteri.i-'n nrol the Squish concert at i'ar
ni'de Mulo Hall In the ewiilnc.
Tuesday-A drive In the morning; fonnal re
ception at the finio shtn bv Conimandrr
lmvl for the Mayor and tbe Committee of tine
Hundred, e to it an 1' M.: In the ctenlng a
visit to the fifth Avenue Theaite.
Wcdnerdn -KlhlMtl' n of the New Yrrk Kre
Heiiartincnt. nnd .1 vWt to tho Normal ("Here;
In the iifternion nnnunl review of the iioltrte: In
i'v- Me.ilng, ffila jer'nrra.irr- at the Ititmdway
1 hursd.ir Visits to H'OoMyti P-rldse and busi
ness tort l'i of tbe city In th morning, nnd
to VorrU nil M'c In IV sfttmon.
Trlilsr, .Tene 2. -Tie inf.'ntn will pmb.ibly
start for CI lioco In tbe nftentnii.
CUD Clieilleneer Dofeatod In th
Rovnl Thnmo club Poiatti.
LONI'ON. Vny ;.. The Prince o' WnlrvV
cutter brltannU wen tt" Uoyal Thames clt.b
nira'U lo-iiay, nnd the l'llncf et ira-cd
liluiselt btjlilyfat'&lid wllh 'lie performance
ol t.ls Uonl, which was one ot the three
t-cotth i liners iccently lullt.n the I'.yuefor
tins season's racing.
o.ord llunutrn'M new yacht, the Vall:j rlr,
waii the lirltatmla's clil-f coinpetlfnr In tli
lac . TLe Vul!..Ml was bulp to race for the
Amirlca'i cup on fills side of tbeAtlnntlo
IVrviii h'-enjo'i
'llierntiiBi' hps from (irsvpsend round tV.e
Mouse llgutslilp ai d return.
The Tn V- ot ihf A. i U. W,
MtmVers r.l Harem I.odie. SC3. A. O. U. W.,
air sil l Hiking if Us erentfol v'slt psl I th-m
'l'ueils nUht hr tits (ban I Masts- Workman K,
O. Meif.id blasntltasuif of d nirl.l usputles.
A collstloo at liolliuder's Jt)l.owd.
Bsscham's Pills irltha dt.o'a of ustsr momlmi,
I Much tittw tluu Blawu natar. . I
,.-r.,. ..... 1. a.ll
II I Dwy3r Reported to
Have Plunged and Lost
Heavily Yesterday.
"five favorites went dims.
Pat Sheody Casliod Some Bis
Tickets as a Result of
j Otbmar's V.otory.
According to all reports, yesterday's racing at
Oravcscnd cost Jllke IJnyer dear. Tbe Urouk
lyn plunger Is a quiet, reserved sort of a fellow,
who never tells uuy onu his business. His torn.
mlstdoncrs, however, are well known, aud,
though no real estimate of Dwer's plunges can
bo made, tbe beta lu tbe ring ginerally irlv c
one a line on the Itrnoklu turfman's doings.
Yesterday Jfr. Dwyrr'a losses immntcd up In the
thousands. He rarely bets leta than u thousand
on a race, and '5,000 la an ordinary wuger. On
Hurlliigbani he plunged henvll). He nlo put a
coinmlsaluu on Conianche, nnd his own horse,
Harvest, woa tbe race. He was credited with
liking (5,000 on Nomad In the fifth raue, sud
the Duke of Tlef's defeat tn the lust race cost
blm several thousand more. Mr. Dwer had
many partners In misfortune, boncvir. Thut
portion ot the public nhlch plays the favorite lu
ever- race went down heavily. Only ope of the
tlx choices passed the Judges a winner. The
fortunate one was lfower. In the second race.
He was a 7 to 10 shot, und did not help out
very much. Favorites have been very i-onststcnt
of lute, and backeia can urToi'd to have one bud
rr' i
I" Jumes It. Keene would have secured it liar
gain In Iilsnoiint ir .lames II. Hindlet had ac
cepted his liter of V3.0O0 for tbe ion of Deielr r.
The colt .vesterilay iiuud hlmseif to be high
class rrwu the manner In which he handled Sir
Kicrss und Hurllughutu. If the form displayed
hy the latter Is tnie, tluu Haltou Is not so gooil
a colt as many Imagine, for Hitrltnghitui foroiil
him to a hard drive mi the occtislou of their last
I meeting.
... ,
I Another Idol has. been shattered In Bo-sers. He 1
was bcllevi-d to be nojnila better tluni any of his
company In the second ruc yesterday, but Prig,
tbe entry ot the Messrs. Morris, who liaa not
shown uny great speed up to date, forced him to
run bis best to wfn. The experts, however, say
. that bowers will lioproxe.
I t .
I Otbmar won the ruce for luielens lu tlerer
' sljle. I.lttUtleld timed his rush verv deverly
aud nailed LhtzerwoiKl, who loryked till over a
, a uluner, In the stretch. Covington got rat-
tied, and irsle a htiugllr.i; finish, otbmar wns
a ver- fair two-year-old. list year be was
ailing all tbe season und did not start. Ills
race yesterday nus a very creditable efTor:. .
... I
Tho inly feature of the fourth event wn th
mentioning vena the easy lace which Addle
received. The fact that she was giving uway
lumps of weight to her competitors does not
excise her Mulshing last. She should have beiu
close up with the leaders. Tbe nice, however,
did not deceive shrewd oiserrcrs. ninl when th.
ljjrlllnrd commission goes on tho talent will
get aboard also.
Patsey McDer.iiolt rodo u very tlerer race
on Joe Kelly. His friends nil had a bet down
at Juicy odds, and McDerniott took u great mnnr
chances. He crawled through holes at the risk
of his life, and Anally won the race hy crowd
ing between Nomad and tbe fence. In doing
this l'atsey scraped his foot on tbe rail, but did
, not hurt It bad!). ,
! Milrinone vroikcd six furlongs lu I. IS yester
day, righting for his heud all the way. He will
be wortb a bet on his nrst start.
I ' '
' Pat Shptly won very hwivlly ov Othn.r'
vlc(rrr. He oatthe. wvpral Hclrii- tirtikf.
M.'-'OO to $l(Vj. SbPtHjj-'n lliioh arr rant iu
mtl plncfj thpw it.i. Ht- ban lKittu nearly
ory long nlwt of Ibu uipHiik.
DrCitt iIp Mr Artbur with jxrjr Jinipmrnt '
but i.nfHumably to onlers. ''PllUlrirc Phil"
backrU hi mit heavily, and n (lo.int kjip
rv2fttt onlrn to an to the fnmt aDd iitjij ihrr
If nmfII)1i. Mr Arthur collflpi'rt at th Iiph1 of
tho utretrh.
U.-imlltKi. Situ ai.fl Covluplnn wtp r-nrh fined
S.jsi at tho rtoflt lu the fonith rac, .nit a
offl'-hl n)tlficatl'ii mis rvvlvM by the ClerU
of tho Sorilfs, in ull proltAtilllty tb Ilii'-t ntre
reailtttnl, Thl fret ol dl5( Ipllnlnp Is worse
than uono nt all.
Mrnrihitto wns iroliij; very wtrmn; nhen he
frit. Ilergni h I'CKlniiln: tn inuU- him mme,
and .Tmk It-we nci'lctentjillv jogtlcd hW uiount,
Moplfitu- immPdlJtti-ly irlwl to tilte .lurk Id we.
hitt In dlnc h croRSfd hln U and nn thrown.
Fortuimtrlv rt-r?e:i wh not titjiiifd
The rolt nnie hn bt-rn fniind It Man s-jp. ,
thit he hail Iupn dlclni tit ljoiilsxllle. i
(iidfrn & Tuly wcr- refindlle Uc Ihr I'linv
on t hr ("artnf u rnlr Tnrr idn rd ns m
runner nt the tvoL'R would tiike. utid wore ktchi!
dts.ifi-.Inted whvn the cdt tiiilfchid third. The
Cirmvu rolt Ium piulMhlf iNt theso Ri-ntlerm n
moie than nny nther l.nre In thf ulal'lr-. Hr
is M'ie Trppv, nluMyi ti rntn; Hl Munpli tf
ciake .it. lt fu 'm n t t'm.
C'rlM IV" .-.ijfd a I.ok kllllt.2 with Van
Pne In the but rac'. The till,, ran up f'r
three fiirl'i'Wi, and "ni t -ri lmtitd Int" b
C'slandi and tii to the Trar
Itt-rctn rertapdy pctf h l.enp nut ot a hop
In tl.nt list "tiarttr. VMf'diy. ihonch r'l In
front ul'li tliri( ln p-in.ltt-( h!n urn.nt tn
rt'tn li'ir' tn hiit (.In't'. A siiiO'i ;o thov
til;'hteiir.l wit In th trM"h, ho pi -J,'d
Har 'ip and tni I- 'Mnr 1 tut ah-ns vi-n n
IiivtutUuI m- v 1
Imv .Tfihii' n i i .. timn 7 I" 2 fl't n
l to 1'. Sho finished a Imd last
j The Tounrr Mnrr od Couplo Con.
Tlcrt of tirn-d Lrcinv.
lb" fvilcnce In tbe III I f.f .) lia Ehlrr
and Ills retty li.i.le, Dn.i I lil'i's, of .ii!
til and stieet, i:r.:ouin for tfratnl inrrrny
van roini Iced la-ro e .tint t- .Mr ore In Uio
court of ,;h-t n. lirpoi.-yn. this m rnPu.
Tli" f:nler Indli tid ht alraiini; iluo
wir bo. J vr Iryatit in 'te v trnin .Vrn. lm.
1st Allyii. m -ITU y U iivcii'ic.
nr.s. I librs i.n ili ila,, suit tier litijh.uui
au I le rself bad be. i hi ii wui; fnr luurdiys
lii-fnre Biievo ivl P n In Mrs Allyn'.s
Inr.ii ' -. n il iiDt'M ! Mie it t li" tn.. lb '
jew rlr to l.i. i'p li r li ihb.'ti'l fio n ilvlti .
A otter w. Intro jrcirt on tln trial, how.
, cvir, nbl'Mi shows that tin; rubber) was a
uc.lbeiaiclir pi inn ! atialr.
The tur. t louubt In ,i x idict o Ktilitr.
-till No S'ows of 'lie- A'lmtn.
WAhlllNdTOX, .Mnr yi.-fp to noin to I
day llicHiuy Dcpnrtmi ii. Iind nut been ad- i
Mm.I ot lb arrival of llio Atlanta atu it) I
tow, Mcsrsaua,
S 1
Don Alonzo Did His Best but
Could Not Catch the
Son of Longfellow.
The Maturity Hnndicap Wa3
Taken from Illume by
May 25. The breezes were URaln from
the south to-day, untl the visitors to the
Drooklyn Jockey Club course spent an
other comfortable und plmsunt after
noon. The Brooklyn Derby nnd the
Maturity Handicap were the features
of an excellent, proprnmme, nnd they
attracted a large crowd of speculatively
Inclined people.
' The trade was In excellent shape, and
everything was In nccord for a great
afternoon's sport.
A race for two-year-olds at five fur
lontts was the first event on which the
public were called upon to guess. So
prano and Glance were the choices, and
they were backed, to the exclusion of all
' the others.
Glance was third. Soprano won rather
handily. She was always a slight favor
ite. Ellen, from Green 13. Morris's
string, ran a creditable race nnd finished
I a Koorl second.
I Longstreet, probably the beat horse
In America, made his appearance In the
second race, but he proved to be as dis
appointing as he was last year. Then
he wns thought to be a sure thing In
the Drooklyn Handicap. He finished a
bad last and wait beaten once thereafter.
These races, however, did him good.
From that time on nothing could touch
him. His work up to to-day has been ex
cellent, and Richard Croker, his pres
ent owner, thought the old horse good
enough to win. He finished a fair third,
and was closing fast at the end. He
will be a hard horse to beat In his next
. race.
Pickpocket won rather handily from
1 Blltzen. The winner's price was quoted
i at 14 to
Don Alonzo was the favorite In the
'Mrd event, the race for the Drooklyn
Derby. He was never In It with Rain
bow, who wpnt off In front and, setting
a terrific clip, kept It up In tireless
fashion. Ah the talent put It, " he
broke the hearts of the others."
I Dr. ltlce went all to pieces, and bo did
Comanche. Don Alonzo held on for a
time, but the Longfellow colt In front
was always going easily and won In
hnnd. On this form Rainbow looks to
have a mortgage on the American
I A swecpstikos of 11.' each, with 1.000
added, for iwo-joar-old allies; five lurlonus.
SMr(r. ..,'. UttUM'lf .
Snursuo 11 .Tsui.. .4 lb 1
Ell li 110..Coli gten. 7 4 ya
ll ante II,. .MrDeno'u It r. '.U
Tsrio 110..t.tll 1 3b 4
N.lnns lltl..I.ltiettsld. R K A
rictlon llll. .Sh isn t
Kollle 110. .Mms. 'J 7 7
Micnuc J leen 110.,1'osr-tt .. II St 8
Hr.t Hetting oorano.6 to ft and 1 to 3; (ilsnoe, I
i fl fo 5 at,d 1 'o 0: fsa' ins. 7 to 1 sud 8 to 5 . Ho
1 tljo. 'Jl'sedC; nileu, lluandH: Micmso Oueen,
Oil and 13; l.ull.le, 60 and 10; Tarrock, MO.ud
l 30.
I Tarrock- led for a quarter and then care
1 way to t-oprano. who lea tl e ret of the way
and won handily bv tnro lengths tiotn KUen,
ulni was three lengths lu front ot Glanre.
Time l.o:Hj.
i Mutuela pull: Straight, tu.SO; place,
I 7.U5. lilk n pain tHti.no.
I A aweenstakes i f Sift each, with 11,000
' added; handicap; one mile and a sixteenth.
A'crtsr. ITiorAr. Jrkiti. titrt. Bit.
Piuspocset 106. .Sims . . 'i U
Blltt n 106..l'oftt. .. I V
I. on street 1't .i.smrdsy 'A 4 3s
I Hello 104 .J.LamliW a IK 4
l'.it petlin l.orirstreet. 11 to 5 snd ont Piek
r.s kl. 14 to Sand J lo2i liillze.i, H to 1 and 7 tn
t. Klt.llo, lOaut 3.
M Iellorut out tli runnluc, with Dllizen
second, I'lcKpockel thlid nnd Lonst reel last.
TrUumder pievalled to tlio inr tttru, autre
n iello cut It an l Illli7en forced me pace,
fulloncd by pickpocket. '1 he latter closd on
Ml li .in In tim n ret .li, and. pHs-ing htm
fnsllv, on byto lengths. Loiurst reel was
ra ciilni lllltrr.n last at the end, but the
Inner staved lent; unotii'u to nel the place Py
n neck. Time -l.4HV4.
ilittucls paid- MraU'lit, $14. -'.'; place,
tt. 10. l)llten paid tlO.'.'O.
minu sac:.
1 ho lin.oklyn iitrbv, for thrcc-Tcar-oIdj;
IIimi escli, nttli t:,,"00 added; one mil and a
quiit IT.
.sf.ir'-l. H"S'. Jn'lt'V. Stnrt. 7o'. H
P.llllow I'J! Ilttler.eld 1 I' H
II. in .slin , . 1 l.a i. tiler . 'i M
foma-iese l'- .mi, .. 4 Vlt 31-
Dr. lie o 2'i merton .. :J 4 4
Poet Pettier Don AlTBto, C tn S srd 3 to .1,
Pal'ibvu, 'i io H so I 3 to o. l)r. ltlce, 2loAstid.l
to 5 . t'otnanihe, '0 to 1 soil t In 1.
Paint oiv went oft In tiotit and sot a clip,
pin.' pace, i lie o.Ucrs laid vr!l up It r tor
iiii.it trrs i n I then ii'u'iii 1. 1 rtiiip oti'. Dr.
Hue ai the r.rst to siiicnmb, ni.it Hi n
t oiiintirlie eavn in, tli" luiie. Dun ,p no
ivcni i ii a'ter ItaliilmH. but wai tieier ui.ln
to c.iti li lilm, I he. I.ilter witir. lilir rninlorlelilj
li r lenu'ili ninl " I. u I Irn.n Hon .tlotu , who
b ai c plCHClle -IX le-i'.'t! s. Ht-ie-'.'.OIHl.
ini.fls paid- Mialv'lit. tl.'iO'i: plate.
Ml. 1 OU Aloli70 aid pi.a.'i.
IPt'KTH ISl'r.
Tbf Maltiilty ll.inuic.ip. for lour-.vear.oids,
f.'iti ciicli, nun tl.AOO addel; i ne mile unu a
d f.t'. . ti, ittii. ri.
I,imi.lll.-hter t'Ji -l-ns... .1 !, .
II I 1 ' A"l e .... 1 4 '.j
I lists :e 1' H tils, e '1 31, s
I, o. swell U'.'. Ilos-cell .4 . I 4
M- l.s I), i.t 'I .1 l it
Peii.eitl u , snii looter. 1 t.i J n'ld oui : I.e.
o is .!-, 7 io s it 1 . J. i I s s l. 111 i i,u t
n. t . II umr. l:tilii13tol i.Mill.i. 40 lu 1 s ..I
C to I.
i niiinll.litei oineisili, Ijiim race I npirii;
Pen.iij unit u:in .illi- Mi'lli.-, !,en:iinvi)ll nii
II ti uio mi o.i :.c ruiii. In,;. 'i tie Uttr
shmvei in Irnnt at fl.e lieau of the
in teli, hut "iilv lor i iiinirieiit. suns
Mwd mi "lih I.n'iiplllitcr, and, ra-Miitf
limine wuiioui an i fiirt, noil ty Hire" i ai is
I a cut; li. Illume w.in the s.n.ie iihianco
c te cii.ira.li', 1 mi l .." '4.
Mutui 1- paid -i rni.;ln. 4tl.P.". tlace, 16.70.
lllilu.f pild Slf.T'.
nt'tH pur
hwiv st.iku- ol tl" each, wlto tl.000
lid lul; M lilli,'; tlx HI. I ll's.
.Miir't . 1a l rlfi, yt r ', '. .
II. .-T It; . I'sjrl.ir. . . J ,ll It
A I .lie 1. 1" ,J am.lsr C. 4 '."
llaiumlr 1 H .m lr .. II n IH
III. .it I'um ujII... 107 itrfe 1 7 4
;ing.,ck lull .Dim. il. .5 e s ,
'osr.l toj., tlu A 7 A .
i,,A. J-U....U I j
" El Eveninp; World " prcsenta sus respctosiiriai y le da la
bienvenida a la Ciudad dc Nueva York. Cuanto pucda contribuir a hacerla agradable su
estancia entre nosotros deseamos le sea tributado, csperando que quede complacida con
el cordial recibimiento de estos habitantes.
l.umbermsu 100. ..V. Hill. 4 In A
Ussutlli l Bills JS..Critnn ... 7 'H '.'
.lohnelts Illi Kuble. . .. M lu 10
'loin i r-uonue... . 10.,MoU'ni9tt, 1U 11 11
Post llsllltif iistninle. an. 3 to &. Onward. 7 1
ts'JandtltotiiDeautltulBslls. 0 sod 2 to 1,
lout 1buIius(j to 1 andS to 1; Jubustts. 30 to
1 sad 10 to It Psnl Joust. 1011 to 1 and 40 lo 1.
tiosi. f) ana 'J i Kluc tos, 8 and 3: lilt et Doux
eo t. 10 ana 4 1 l.umijsrniaD, au a.id si Alcalde, 'ill
and a.
I umberman made tbe running Into the
stretch, wbern iloiy camo turuugii and won
easily by iour Irngths irom Alcalde, nbo beat
liamrule a nei k Time 1. His.
Mutuels paid: felrnljhl. S0.y0; place,
S'.'j.UO. Alcalde paid HP. 10.
flXTU t'AJI. '
A sweepstakes of Sl.'t each, with 11,000
aaaed, for mree-ycar-oids and upnaid; tlx
l.'ll nq
Stmrttrt. tr'Ar. Jnrlcv. llralilhl I'lnr
I'rtime (leorie... . 1 10. .I.smliier. ... 1-i 1 '1
hnshra'iaer U7..I'. .lonss ...,lal 5 I
lls'lstn ll'J..Mi'l)imoIl. .. 7 ! J .1
Sirocco lU'..laral 6-.1 -J-i
Prince George won.
Sirocco was second.
Harlem was third.
Con Lucy and Artillery W,n the
Flrat i w i Events.
Ihe races run Lere to-day reauUed as lot
Mrn nnce-Hx furloncfi. Wou by cor.
Lucrjr, 7 (o : and a to .Mtiyi-r Ji. bccona, h
tu n tor place; Andrew D., third, 'lime
Second Hnce Four and onr.hoH furloncs.
on by Arf 11U ry, 1 to y and oui ; tu second,
1 io a lor place; I.lttle Alice lUlru. Uniu-
'I iiird Hace Four and one-MK rurlonija.
Won by Nattln IluThrd, (1 to 1 and M to 1 :
Hed Elm second, v to for place ; Mauds otT
tliir.1. Time 0.57
Fu..rtn Kaie Mx tunonKft. -Won by Mln
nesda. y lo I and 4 io t apu llnrumpr he- -nnd,
h to ft lur place; Itustic tbtru. Time
miDAV. MAT 2. j
Pclocit t.rifD(l, 2.30 P. M.
Pnlott Mt'ftdrmlnook, (
Morri PrK Ja nriiuii Clutt tourmmut.
bisi bali -Ph1ltdh)hU lull n-t .N Y..rk, at Polo
(.round, Dim llundr ifamj Flf iif rutli ktret
aud J.lirhtb Atniif, IP. M.
lUcipf at (irafiiiil 'J HO P M,
Poutt tfdrtwbrui--k, I. I
MnrrU P&rx laiwri' rcnni Cub tnurmmrnt
tixerrt'l titlt 4inttir iiimvt t tim Ittrkrler
().'. '.',s,0 P. M.
H nAbAil - vin riltnd Atbktm Club ttmt
ht'n K and frkWct t'lu'-. at (.it in fton, ... 1 ,
P M . t .Iprnejf Alh ft i iub iiluf t nilp
wood Hld i lull, kl I ne moixl, .1 , ' P. M.
J'h i ftt it.m Lsltjt ,Nw York, hi I'nlo (iruiiNi1
(Ont Muiidr''! ml r lit; I i tl re-'t nl
t.ichtli ft-i'jf'. ft 4 P. M, Utrl m tiii(u
Am ti4ttim tiifa tin J.inrf! tiif(.c (' iK. a( (inn
H n r. t. . tr.th t rii a id I.if t.th atennf,
t 4 PM.
Crt kft ,Nw .larstr Atli'ei t nl i.ilnii Pit tr-
nil, it llrfn t.n it. .1 (rir-i "tioi) ,
St it c li k Mid A l Mr! I c cUSt K If" IViiitit) M.
(irf, nt Vki Itri tli n. i I. 'i u hcmj '
,)etf a nift r 3 n t Kink' Conntrht.
iifp k i ai e hi) f.tiMn . Morri Vxk
r1lit Hrmik' ii. at Prrirf VrV . Mto !
U't i ilCsv' ( I AktmM Man1 I'li'i (frooiid
'm-fof At Protpft-'t Pr b t i i P. M.
Peln ht Mdo.ito'i. . 1'. I.
(ao rw at 1, 2 P.
9lAll f.iw ork aai t i i.it-initjii, at Poln
(trtitin f in II .ni'ir t ini Pi l.-f uti. flrt?wt
u-l I tirhlti ititnu. 4 'it. . Itro lu auai.ui
l.otjuf hi i irt r i Vir, r (I)ti, 1 p. Al.
71 KI A", , MAY .iU.
Hue. ni-llHKt Anth annual rca(t m tJi llarVtu
-Cl.lt4 Aitu ulion. u i fio liatltni (itr
nu t wi I M an a rebuilt h
P-iio (!ner Atulfir li.itiuc Aocial oa, u
It v Pi a it- KWf, nt Nrwurk
Pol r. ' du tl IOJ.. la
cl e at Hrhtt ' . n p M uloin 't .
Iiiiiip' t ttii Jif Att.lfii: ( iu.i. at Ptrir-ii
l'.tnt. 1 I.
Ilt rlinu tft u Milburn n I raff, U A.M.
X w tint 'i-U iuim in f.
Y ht."C n na Atiistuaa Y ht f'liit,
Mtl'oo Po.i' . V. I f i lis y . kt AttantU' ,
it riuii. Pty Md.K N Y (...fnneila) At- !
la 1. 1 1. a. ht t.i ib. t.ricifn l Pay, ,v, ,
Artt Cr.e iv fcanaAtton in
MfiBftohtt't-'trt Mllltnrv C rclen
M:vnrnTom Mi . U s. -a c rrM.it
if tho (uniliil it niin.iilrit. ihi- Ix-iJ. tf th
Yh'uvli Mill, of tttiMi .1 AllM-rt ! Il. if
ibf IZIitti ili Krvlmtir hnn i rt i r t
uiM iilii-- ruti'L-t. thi t'otn I n iin t-l miller
UllVf.t I'MblJ.
I lif k liNft alrpid. (oiind n r-Uir i.ijt.' uf
$1. 0'i, but the tUtuh utiiiii in (lporti-d t.i rtfti-h
it iiKun Utir U4M111.
Cel. Mills, wtm Ii nnlr eti.inl .if lit 1 .
ditii-f. miirtMCM hU v.illi
'llio nuiHki lift uiMti th- urrrtl ntcd u
rrrt tiuvitluu. m th tvlnl l in. ml-,
sent la aoclil and mtlltuy ixclei. j
SpeakB To-Day for the Equity of
the Presbyterian Discipline.
It Would Bn Undermined hy tbe
ICntertiilnlng- ol That App.nl.
WASHIXOTON, .May '-'.l.-In the Trebsr
tirlaa Geueral Assemtljr tills aorolai; the
loltoutaK tesMullon was prebetited by the
Judicial Coiniiilltee :
II.o.dIv.iI, rust a I'rsshftsry has ths undoubted
rUlit nf listltlnn tn t'. lisnsisl As.emhlr as to all
ustters re siiiik to tlia iiolitr ot 1't. I'tiuri'b l.ut
Ian of 1 rtnta trom a I'rsshyt.rr ad'l.ina th. Assam
I Is bsl sullcu ti " ll it b. tssso by sslil A..mDlr
In a i ill m Judicial cue 1. an Irr'fiular and UD
nrsre leut.d scolsissi lest priM'stlarr.
I fc.v.ry l'r"lntr j hs. tba runt slid tbeoppor
tunltytn lisss tl nptulou ou s psndlna J.idiolst
rsse i-sprsKf.l ttirmii'Q Its com i.sioners on th.
t'o r ot ihs s .mi j ul it h.s Dot th. ncht hr
otettors to Ir. toio . iour ths uoct.iCD of tb. As
srmtily i n an tisn. ins Indicia. rse.
lw, tturvurs, recummsii.1 that all aucb os.t
turss. In so lsi as I sr relsle lu action of til.
As soil If In any rise uus p-ni b bslora It, t
laid iln . tlr t bis.
V lurtlt. r rfcommsod that thst part of ssl 1
oiertarrs rsiatinir to a thanss of tbs booL of dl.
rlplinv so as t . prosl I tnst on aA4 rosy in tb.
fntu.e he tascn l.y - ppssl fill .ctly from tbe Pr.
briery to the l.rnetsi A..lnbl), oe referred to tbe
ijum mil tee on l. lurch t'clity.
'I no As-finhly upiiuieuilr uns rdy toac.
uiHtitlie report, for a motion to a rcpiltand
ado, t ilif U'cuminc aalions us protiipily
modi' and atlupitil ulih no dissent. Tlir rrso
lutp n Is, ol course, taken a bcailus dirrctlv
i ii t hu ma 1 1 er ol t hu i,crlui tt reaf n ltd lu
tlir tl lllS-1.
Muted rier- lloberts nflfred a rcsolu.
Ion pp lniltik' a loniiulti.r. consist.
In.' oi Itrv. Dr. t'raii (tue Moderator),
lirrrlik" .lolitisoii, uf i Ulcauo, nnd llaker, of
1'IUlJdelpniu. und Klders Kilcuum, in Nw
. .rk, unit law, oi coiorado, to Mill ibe
proper oniclu.s nun P-arn nhellier or no ll
a- t In Ir HitetilP'n to o ierrf Hie require,
meiil tl. at tbe Worln's I air hliould l rluaea
(,n Mitinay. Tli it holut o i was sdotiled.
I r. Huberts. speaking of tlm resolution a'.
terurds, s.ild thu World s K.dr f iiund uns a
bund' d waii house, ami that It was entliely
eo.iipeteiit tor srorelary t-.inlse to cluae tho
cuti s a' d linn tue key uu aiurdav ulu'lit.
.Misl rator i rul', then irsolv, d II. e As-em-Lilj
urn a ui ilcjil cm.ri. ntul Hr liiltgs re.
hllUied Ills spierll III e eiiai Of tbo action of
tin-New Yurk I'leBby.ery in t lit cue ol Die
I to ei utliiu acaiusi nlm.anil m oppoaltlnn to
tin eiiienaliilui; of tbe xppi al irun tbe Jll'ls
luenl o. tiie I resbyiny inrrron.
lie reviewed ine liMon oi tlitj rasctnrouuh
Its vat toils i.ik' s in i irsb.Ht ry aim Oeneraj
As-rinbl, shi'tvlu,' tlie illsiiitssu ol tllo
iliilVa In IM'I -in. an acquittal In
IMC'. " n .i ciiint," ns be sum, ' wblib
suuiied-o rvlilrnlly, to a tbe least, 'bat
ti.ey nerpimt nused lu las.Tof lir. lirlf.'s.
iiud nlilcli v. a i.ndfr the external pres urn .
oi tb'- ti'iiuT rs' le .ii lion uf the tno tieneral
Asseir.r.lti", and iWilcli was corn i alien to
acquit iiitn In llH'efllc re III tbe case.
-Is It iquliabli- to put t lie rteianitant III
Jeopardv iwaiii fir the i flenses clurk'ed
ntmns: li'm N"n eltll court ccild r.o mh h a
nrm.. it yioiilo lsntiew ntvi an IDltUltous
I ri e uent In i -i ilesls-tli.il c mi I.
- Tils' cull nitlllb llllk'lit tee. etimi elled, In
tbe lntereib uf iqi.lty, tn IbtTpse. I'lie
(,1-ni ial A-M'lnlill i.inin.l rnteilaiti I U Is a
I I at l limr 'loin." Mm me in tt.e -eii uf
rum Htiloi. is exhlM'e.l in 1 he Ounatl titl 'ti
oi our c untrv. In tin' r.iaxlinmf cumiiu n l.tir,
In the s ii ntesnr cut c ii.rnuiinesitli ai d in
the piscine nf u'lr c til courts, wim.
nit es at ll-btr.k' nn entirely n ir aud datuer
ii'is i iece P lit in erclef I 'sllcil lau.ni liout
iiuini: li.iiisih't' fi tlir ileffii inn' and to tlm
I'lfst jls vni N- n urk, and mtli mi un ler.
mil. ii..' pui I uiiiin in e iu ius equity of tl.e
I lesli tlllati Ulaiiipllbe " j
Must Pav Cvor J100.000 ns Bonds'.'
mii't 'or Wiaeon"'n Troamrors.
Mli.WAI KIX. Mi) t".--i: Sena'er sirjrr
ess 111 thn ill) .'tr-dj.v Slid ttatisl 111 so lu
icriiew i t'-a t lie 'sie bis cliei'li 'iue..liy f. '
f.it.tssi to lay tbe utuiiMiit die tie State from
biw li Inti'. st us (MMnU'uan tor ?it;ito Tri'usurer
M- -iiny-r ii is I ni-ilstn.-iti nlsu f(r Kl.'h.sr.l
itr.il lit r i U. ii tun iitln u.is T. eiisiiri-r. .ni-1 it
Is . .'Ini'.d li qi In- oWlinl in nearly '
. lik). o si fm tin, titlit-r.
Cn'timet Vlnor Heturn to Wort,
I'Al.l'.MI.r, )Ikti., May 33 -Hie Caluni.t nd
llrcls .iiloe s rise cudd ytterdev rf enlnc. Kjcb
trsiutnr. as tbe C'omp ny earned were taseu bsck,
Wutts a numbfr ol liadsra srar. discfiaritd.
Hs Cau.oa - Sansatlon In Brooklyn's
City U.H To.Day.
A sensation was created In tbe Drooklyn
CUr Hall this mornlnit hen Lawyer William
J. Oaynor called un Co ninroller Corwln and
asked to bo shown tbe books containing- the,
vouchers received from Hartley French, i ho
City Ooreug-e Conirictor. and also the v. ueb.
era Irom tbo Oas companies (or street lamp-HjhtlDk-.
Mr (iaynor found that Contractor French
bad not rrcclvc I any money lor five months,
and tba. eotae .50,000 was, duo him for scr-
Comptroller Corwln told Mr. Gaynor be had
j 8Vo,ooo on hand to pav for street
UsatliiK. but that be refused to pay
such bills until tbe companies pie
aetited the Itemized bills enumeratlne
fl' ecltleally the number of latnDs lighted by
them, a the law made It a misdemeanor to
pay any bills tor such w orlt unless properly
made out. i
i Mr. naynor refused to stale the reasons for
his lnioiK'Otlon, built 13 presumably made
In tbe Interests of the local reform move
, racnt.
. Drain War Between Our Public
Workn Board and Mount K'.co.
Tbtrra otV7 pnihaWIlt)- nf a llrHjr fipht
l-rcn tbeNV'u- Yfk r'p.irtuiont ut Public
Wniku anl thf Pnl nf Iltnlth of Mrnint
KNiy.. prftMpltntM by tho a'thi rf Irolilfnt
Ont h Am jcMcriln.v lu rfnlrrliu a dtnln uptoed
uhlrb run Into nn of th trllmtnrlo if Cmt.-n
leO-c A a crniixwuco of chlup tha drain,
the eel U n of r,-Tprnl hsMinci, v.tr' tlrxdrd,
Ct)tuniliuir P.i1t men tmtereil tb drain
rl(cd aptln. Put Prhlcnt .rjh.mi threatfiip-l
to hue nr ooe am-t-t hi Aarvd tn carry
triit i hi nnler.
'lhat l bM tht matter stfvl bfii fhtff
EtifinpfT UlnlMll hivird alit thl ra'Ttilnc.
Hr ua In a flsrltt tntr n;..l. nml when nbkeil
wlmi lu a pilnc tn do Uiu It rfplled.
I .nf told inr mu to r rljtht on, Irrr
lritic of what Mr Orain may d-i fr ny. If
b attempts anj nirt' lutf rfcrt-tuv Mtli otir
rori. the Shcrirf will hitpM hltn
"Into thU drain nhlch in ha openM four
re.-i n. nine nuthwie. empty their filth.
We did nr rLW the drain i-uttrely. WV almply
led It into a four-fnot bank of pr-rel. In nnlei
(nt frttiit t the defterloii matter mttbt be
Alterrd mit f the water In the drain.
Th hefllrb mithrltle hao no Men of
the ncfisltle of the orr.iMnn. It any ncl
neer rr unli-rlan gn tip thre. aud he will com
m'nd nbit nr hate dune."
Cblcatfo Fo'r to B. Enlolned on Be.
half of tho Un't.d States.
t'UICACO: Hay aft The first shot In the
Sunrtay opening fcht hash -en fired. United
Mates lilftrlct. t Tiey MllihrM, follonlns 1
a c inference wtth Atlornej -tiei eral Olney In
waslilbR'on, bus sent a lepjtny telc;ram of
lustnictluas io Aflstant Dlslrlct-Attorney
Hand in Cbiraa
That mucin., hJ9 already he;ua the work
of preii.irliiw' bill lor an Injunction to te.
s'r.ilri the W orld's Fair ofilclals trnin ppenlnif
the. Kate mi Mind.) ''he appllcs'lon lor on
Injunrilon will I e Pled In ite I nlteil Mines
Hlstrlet i nun ns suuu as computed, nlilcli
will be 1- rluuy or aiurday.
CI.EVKHXD, May S.V A special trcin
Urns, O.. fays: l'..irly Ihls n.ornlns west,
bound ireliiht train No. Tl cn tho fcorlt,
FiriWa neanl Chlcasn roml was wrecked
near Imnklrk, stventeea cars telus plied up.
A number of lumps are reptrttd to havo
teen killed. ,
Leag-ne HuSHbrt'l Games. i
si v s,urtt. 1
Phradslnhls 1 li 1 tl 1 -
,N York 10 0 '.' i)
H.itirrU'S'.Keete and Crine.t., Italdnlo and
Kel y, I'mp.rt l r. Ilurat. I
AT lislTlKonr. I
Itsltlinore It U 0 0 -
Urookijn 0 0 10 - I
1 slfl a -Mi-Nsliii snl Clarke, Stein sad Kid.. I
low, Umpire .Air. )lfl.auabiiu. i
Clover Loaf Caltfornln Wines.
BMIttomtitlesrlDtt. Acu,S)uu.stCoXiII.
SfliV - ' 'tgj't ---s-sT- '.-sr. sis. .-.
'"" a
Antonio Biancbi Revenges
Himself on His Faithless
Wife and Her Lover, j
Raffiele Uertolino, the Paramour. J'
May Linger Lone1, but His $
Death Is Almost Certain. ,
Awful Culmination of a Ro- J
manca Begun in Sunny
Italy Years Ago.
Abtonto ltlancfal, twenty-six years old, A
tailor, at 7H Mulberry street, this morning:
shot and killed uls faithless wife, Teresa, and ?
totally wounded HaDaele llertollno, ber baud-
borne paramour. 1 5
Tbe tragedy occurred In one ol the tens- A
meats oorderlntr on the notorious Cat alley,
opening; Irom 10 Cherry street, a narrow , ;
alnry, foul-smellliiK plac wiuch bat been tb j
scene ot other bloody crime.'. -3
Sif'' .
Mrs. Blsncbl "as shot twice, one Ifc
through the h art, uud died almost Instantly. '4
Uertolino was shot lour times and was re-
moTed to Chambers Street Hospital, wbere, j
his wounds were pronounced fatal, though
bis life may be prolonged for teveral days, '
perhaps weeks. '.
Tbe only witness to tbe sbootln; was Bosa
someralli. who occupied tbe two rooms eom
prislhk the apartments nltu tbe fatthles
and murdei ed wlio ana her handsome lover.
The btory slio told to tbe nelnhbora beror -sne
was put under arrest and locked up ask
witness was mil of dramatic Incidents. , '
CulmlDnilon n- n llomanee
The double hhootintr.lt appears from ber .
story, was tbe culmination of a romance
which ba t tu orl.'in In Hair six years Ago.
Illaticht was a taiur'a apprentlie In tb
pretty ullage oi (ielendo. the rtelhjht ot Win
ter tourists, In the province otSulermo. II
was poor but Industrious.
' ' 'i i 1 ' 1
Trnrsa ruse biakcbi.
Teresa I.llse retrucclo, the murdered '
woman, tvab then l.lue eeu and lb. belle of
the village. Her parents were ivell-to-4o, and
when Ht uanco paid her court they bad no ,
objections ti. offer, but on tbe contrary, urced
tbe pretty, but teir.wllIed.Terejatoacce.pl
his suit. r
liatlai-ie rerlo'tno, the man now dying la
trie ho-pltal, was the son ot a wealthy
merchant tho r-ecret i.norlte of leieta, but
her parents ouu not permit blm to rule .
tb.'lr house.
lilitichl was Jealous, and featlni that bis ,
wt a thy rival would persuade his tdamorata i
lo marry him In sec re , lllanchl luduced t t r
paients lo loiuiel her to marry blm torn '
years auo.
Tbe defeated rlral'a wealthy father bad
trld In vain to dt-couraso his con's liiraiua
tlou lor i be poor buthannsitue Teresa, and J
ent hlin av ay to anotherpartof theccuntry.
Ii was dm Hit his absence that Teiesa was C
made nn unwlllllii: bride.
Miekentupa clandestine correspondence jf
wiiti her absent loicr aim planned at bis
siiftestii n to send her nenlj.wedded bus-
bud off to America to make a b'jxr lor bar, i
lliislmuil Col dm ofiue Vay,
it His two yesrs u this month that i
he landed in Sew Vork. While tba ;
liiisluua as jet nn the ocean Ber- i
to.lun let rued n Oelendo and, after si
securlnt," it sum of money from bit i
wealthy laiber en tbe preiene of lolnjfto f
hi unci , took tue trUe of his now thorounly ;
li.iied ilval, and went lu live with ber In a I
ueljhbcniiir viuaje.
Tue .aitliiess woman meantime kept up a J
correapondenee with berabsrut nusbnna, ana i
during the first year be was in America, ana
wuue siui UTiig wan Iter butbaaa't tumft L

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