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L j o MCALLISTER on Mferf A lfWffflnf ftlflMP , LTsatSwyS A
Saturday and Sunday World's House and Home Days. j
James Oleary Shot and Killed by
Polioa Officer Cash.
Result of a Midnight Election Row
in Wllliamsbridge.
Cash After Arrest Boasts of HU
Skill with the I'Utol.
WILLI AM8BKIDOE, N. T., May 27.-James
( Cleary, a prominent politician, died at 6
o'clock this morning, Irom tbo effects ot a
bullet wound Innlcted by Patrick cash, bead
ot tno police ol this place, caih Is locked up
in the Wblte Plains JalL
The shooting was the outcome ot political
jealousy, which had gradually developed Into
a strong antipathy, and ultimately Into a
leud between members ot iho Cash and Cleary
families, i
The father ot offlcers cash and ot Cleary
hid been etreet commissioners, and a bitter
rivalry sprung up between tbem which cul
minated in tho murder ot Cleary on the occa
sion ot a Bpeclal election held In the village
last night.
The question of raising so.OOO tor. Im
proving roads was submitted to the voters
and the proposition was carried.
During the progress ot the election Officer
Cash and cleary were very prominent at the
polls, working hard among the voters to se
cure their franchises.
In consequence they met frequently and
I every meeting was the signal for Incipient
quarrels that portended blows, but no one
I Imagined tor a moment that anything inoro
serious would result.
Officer Cash was In full uniform at the time
and on duty.
Although bloodshed was not anticipated,
the friends of both cash and cleary strove to
keep them apart and prevent a row.
In this they were successful until shortly
tefore mldnlght.when Cash and cleary again
jneU.oa the White Plains road.near Mc-
urk's store, and entered into a controversy
over the election Juat terminated.
Lawyer David Hunt, tillage counsel tor
Wllliamsbridge, was with Cleary at the
time, Sua In vain tried to reason with the
Tbe controversy became more and more
heated until cash finally made a taunting
allusion to Cleary's father.
Cleary retorted hotly and Cash drew his
revolver and fired point blank at his op
ponent beioro Lawyer Hunt could Interferes
Without a word cleary tell to the ground
wltb a bullet in his loll temple.
Tlie thot was heard by Deputy Sheriff Dela
hanty, who was near by, and promptly placed
CusU under arres.
hushing to Cleary's side. Lawyer Hunt dis
covered taint signs ot llio, and with the aid !
ot other villagers who cutne running up. car
ried the wounded man into thu hotel not lar
away, where his lamlly and a physician
were immediately summoned.
.Medical ii Ul proved unavailing, however,
and alter lingering until 5 o'clock this mem
Ing floury died without recognizing any ot his
Meanwhile Cash was taken to the village
I Coroner Frederick Drews was summoned
from Jiuini Vernon, lie took cbargo ot
the body this, morning and proceedrd to
impanel u jury.
.M tne direction ot the Coroner, Cash was
taken, Mill in lull uniform, to the county
aa ui w mtc l'lalus, where he was locked up
on a iburgc ol muruor.
lirioie leaving be said to tho coroner that
the reason lie shot cleary was that the latter
had Insulted lil'ii. 'inch lie added boasliully;
" I utn a good shut. I une been practising
at shooting bullies tor weeks past."
Cash then surrenueted his pistol to coro
ner Ures.
Cash's st atetpent to tho coroner Is regarded
here is an Indication that he was preparing
hltn,clt inr any posslUe trouble at last night's
election, and thut ho Intended to bo ready lor
any emergence.
rrlcuas o Cleary Insist that the remark
will go tar towards piovlng tbat cash's
thuotliig ot Cleary was premeditated.
'1 he real cause or tho encounter was said
this irnrnlng to have been ade-dre on the
part at the lathers or each to secure tbe con
tracts lorlbd nork of improving the high
t uj autborlred by last night's election.
According to ono version Cas-h had been
drinking when be met (Ueaiy and accused
him ol trylns to prevent the elder Cati irom
securing the highway improvement coniruct.
Hot words ensued, and cash Is said to have
remarked, just as ho snot Cleary:
You attend to jour business and 111
attend to mine."
The fchootlng has created the raostlnter.se
excitement throughout nil tbls pirt oi the
county, liolh the Cash and Cleary lamllles
lire widely known and have beun prominent
In polltlca for years.
cleary was a man of reputed excellent
habits and did not drink.
A resident of WIlllamsbrldBe gives an
other voiilon of the shootlnc. He says
that during the election, Jumes Cleary's
father. Patrick Cleary, got Into an ul
tercatlon Willi Police. Olllcer Patrick
Cash about 11.30 o'clock. The trouble
4 arose over the political differences be-
tween the two families.
IH Accordlns to this Informant, Cash
! wus ilrunk nt the time. Finding he
IH was jetting the worst of the nrgument
j-aincK iienry. unsn remembered
that he wns Chief of Police, in unltuim
find on duty, nnd undertook to arrest
Patrick Cleary.
There appears to have been no just 1
ground tor the arrest. James Cleary,
the son of Patrick, remonstrated with
t,asn, telling him he could not arrest his
father, who had not committed any
breach of tho peace.
Cash proceeded to drag Patrick Cleary
away to the lock-up, and Jumes Cleary
undertook to prevent him. A light then
envied, nnd Cash drew his revolver and
deliberately shot James Cleary In the
i atTalrn0r DrewB ls Investigating the
! T,S.'r,ITJ': I'l'AINH. N. Y May 27.-
. ca Olllcer Cnsh was Been In the
unite Plains Jail this morning by u
' reporter. HIn face was cut nnd bloody.
Mis uniform wits dusty, nnd- ohowed
. Mgns of n wtruKKle, nnd he presented
. !' "PPenrnnco ut n man who had been
i drinking hp-ivlly. Aside from the bruises
I "la face wn swollen
: Cash's cut nnd bloody face bears out
the assertion that he not Into nn alter-
ration with JumcH Cleary regarding
i the arrest of Cleary's father, nnd thut
: 2-r,'1G ,,he "Bht he received the cuts
"d bruises uuon his face.
1 .: .
John B. Riley, of New York:, Is Ono
and Bs Goes to Ottawa.
WASHINGTON, May 27,-The President
to-day made the lollowlng appointments :
WKNDHLLA. ANDEIIsON, ot Wisconsin,
to be Consul-General ot the United mates at
Montreal, Canada.
JOHN B..H1LKY, of New York, to bo Con
sul General ot the United titalcs at Ottawa,
J. COB SLEEPEK, ot Massachusetts, to be
Secretary ot Legation and consul-Ueneral of
tho United b talcs at Dogots, Colombia.
PK0V1NCE MCCORMICK, ot Vlrglula, to be
an Indian Inspector.
QEOltOE C. WADDELL, of Arizona, to be a
Commissioner on Hie World's Columbian
Commission, vice Wm. K. Meade, resigned.
he owns the" i WO CITIES.
Hoffman's Hallucinations Oat Him
Committed for Examination,
Slxteen.year-uld Andrew ifbtfman was ar
raigned In tbe Tombs Police Court this morn
ing. Us created a lot ot trouble in the Home
stead Lodging-House, at 400 Pearl street,
last night. Ho ran amuck, entering the
sleeping rooms, pulling tho clothes off tho '
lodgers and behaving in a very wild manner, j
The proprietor aud halt a dozen of tho in
mates finally caught the lad after along
chase and took him to the oak struut police i
station. I
Justice Martin committed tho boy to tbe
Commissioners ot Charities nnd correction
for examination as to bis sanity.
When be nas being taken downstairs ho
told the ofllcer that he owned New York City
and Brooklyn. I
Dr. Rellly Doesn't Think tno Factions
Will Be Much Longer Apart.
DETHOIT, May 27. Kct. Dr. Charles
Itellly, ex-Treasurer of the National League,
in an Interview says : "I returned from Ire
land last July. I was called there mainly In
connection tbe Parts fund, over wblcb there
has been so much discussion and wrangling
for tbe latt two years.
' If tbe Irish party spilt ls not adjusted the
case will come up about two months from
now. I don't bellleve the two partlo will Lo
long kept apart. I know a very good leellng
1 now exists between tbem. Mr. Hudrnond. ibe
I Parnelllto leader, Is certainly, next to l'ur
l nell, the greatest leader the lrlea havo had
in Par.lament In this century."
$2,500,000 IN GOLD SHIPPED.
Th Trare and Btrurla Carry tbat
Amount To-Day.
Tho North Qerman-Lloyd steamship Travs,
which sailed for Europe tbls morning, carried
1,000,000 m gotd and aui),(icKj-jn. Kflrcri
I The cunard liner Etrurla carries (1,300,000
1 In gold.
Arrangements hare already been completed
for tbe shipment ot 1.000,000 in iroldoarly
next week. This shipment will probably be
maae Tursdiy, and ls likely to be tncrcastd.
Tbe Treasury statement. Issued to-day,
shows tree gold In the Treasury, including
the reserve, to the amount or UH,80-l,4UD,
Eo Is Accused of Fracturing- George
Lynch'a SkulL
The polleo of tho East Eighty-eighth street
station are looking tor a man known as
Dick Cotfey."
During an altercation In front of ISO East
Ninetj-elghth street last night betaeen Oeo.
Lynch, aged twenty-six, ot 201 Ea3t One
Hundred and Eighteenth street, and Coffey,
the tormer n as struck on the bead with some
blunt Instrument and bad his skull fractured.
He was tuken lo l'resbyteilan Hospital.
Coffey escaped.
Btranglod and Buried In the Mud
Near Harlem Bridge.
rollcemnn nils, of the Horrlnanla station,
last nljht found tho Ixxly of on Infant burled
li tho mud at thi north tiulkl.end of ILirlcm
DrhUe. There wai a piece of cord found
tlKhtly tlcl around the nick, ahowlnc that
the chllil had been strangled. Tho llr oa
ho much decomiKised that the nex could not
he ascertained. It was sent to the Morgue.
The 1'illce lire inaklnc nn Inicstlsatlon.
Took Pari Green and Lives.
Mrs. Lizzie Torton was reported by tho au
thorities ot bt. Catherine's Hospital, Will
iamsburg, to be still ullvo to-day, despite the
quantity ot Paris green she took with suicidal
Intent last night. Mrs. Torton resided at 3&0
Melrose street with her husband and two
children. Lait nlKbt, after a wrangle with
ber busbind, sbe drunk tbe poison and then
went to ber sister's house. 12 Yates place,
where sbe announced what she hid done, and
was taken irom there to the hospital.
Beat Father and Son.
I conrad Uudln, of GO South Second street,
I was held for examination In the Lee Avenue
I Court, Williamsburg, to-day on a charge of
asault. The complainant Is Ilenrr Elbe, of
oil houth s-econ l street, who snys that yes
terday afternoon Hudln beat Klbu's ten-ear-
old boy, and wben Elbe remonstrated ltudln
I choked and beat him.
Walter Charged with Tboft.
John Welsh, a waiter, ot Stl Grand street,
Williamsburg, was held In tbe Lee Avenue
Court to-day on a charge of grand larceny.
Welsh was discharged by bis employer, lacob
Weiss, and went to bis room to get bH
clothes, lie ls charged with stealing a oalr
ot troupers, silver watch, gold chain, fill In
cash and a gold ling.
, i
McCall Association's Outing.
Tho annual excursion ot tbe John T, Mc
Call Absoilatlon, ot the Twenty-second As
kerobly District, will take place next Tues
day. The steamer Pomona will leave
Eightieth street, Knst lllver. at o o'clock In
tbe morning and proceed to Urand View
drove, on Long island r-ouud.
LnwysrJ, a!. Way, of Coston, Dead.
HOsTON, May 27. Join M. Way, a pioml
neut and wealthy lawyer of ibis city, died
yesterday at his rrsidence.nn 1'opeland street,
ltnxburj, agrd Ully-four jeurs. llelcuvea
wl.r, thiee sons und a duugluor, tht latter
wllo ot hUltor ciiinoviltli, of a New Yirk
uen sparer.
Tnree Younsr Ven Drowned.
LAKEVIl'.W, la., May 27.-11. Corj-, ot Lake
view, and (ieorge Ilurgess nnd Itert Cory, ot
odbnlt. all young men, wers drowned yester
day In ihe ilcerest pari bt Will Lake, where
they went to tlsh. The ntrrtiirnc.l boat was
tound and the bodies have been recovered.
llMchim's Pills corre. t bid tiTsvts of artrsatUf.
' A tot UssvUaiu's. 'liks us uttasr,
Many Noted Passenger on All the
Btoaraera ealllnsr Tr-Day.
Among tbe passengers on tho American
line steamship Chester, sailing for Southamp
ton today, were A. W. Terrell. Minister lo
Turkey, and Mrs. Terroil : Hannls Ttylor,
Minuter to Spain, and lamlly: Hear Admiral
Luce, of the 1'nltcd States Navy; Miss Ethel
lhtnun and Cecil Sharpc.
on tho Utilou lino stcamsh.p Nevada, for
Liverpool, among others wero John llurrows,
Murtay Woods, A. Ilallantyne, W. J. Cornell,
llernnid Dyllyn, Wrlulit Llvlngstun nnd Miss
b. K. Crawshow.
La Touraino, for Hare, had on board Dr.
and Mrs. c v. llunuin, Horace innings Wells
Cbaiupney, Walter liouglas, Mrs. Deauh
(Irani, Dr. II. J. II. (louhell, Mrs. Lawrence
Kip and .M1-.S Edith Kip', H. P, Knocdler, Mr,
pastor and James 11. Hiubblus.
Tbe Travc, for Hremon, had Count von
Sponreck, Danish Minister, and Countess von
Sponreck: Count Loill and Ills wilt. Mine.
Scalchl aud Lieut, nn J Mrs. J. i:. Drake.
Jtev. I), c. ltuuerls, D. .. sWnorta Maria
ltlzzt and lleut. K. Vreelnnd, I'tibedStates
Arm), sailed on tho Werra for (icnoa.
Another Warrant Issued for Bis
Arrest on Hla Wife's Complaint.
LuU Ilohwclsner, of RTO riusliwlck avenue,
Willlamsliurg, furnished ft.oOO Umils In the
Lee Avenue Court to-lny. Justice Ooottlng
Itnvlnff held him to uwalt tlie action of the
Grand Jury on a charge ot nrson. J
Hohwetser Is a flsh dealer, and his wlfet
sajs that on Jan. 12 he deliberately burned out!
a rlral who hnd n store isi the same Mm'k,
J:llns aa a reawM, that there was not room
oe Inith of them. t
After the matter had been disused of, and
the irtles gone away, Mrs. Ilohwclsner re
turned to tell Justice Ooetttng she nas afraid
she would he murdered, us Ilohwetuner hail
said he would kill her If she ever rive htm
away. Justice (Joetttnjc thereupon Issued a war
rant for the man's arrest.
The AtbUto Asks tbat His Fathtr'o
Eatnto B Valued.
Malom V', Tord, th well-known athlftf.
nRketi Justice Itartlrtt In the Supreme Court,
Urcoklxn, this morning for an onler directing
I Ford's t)rothcrs, Worthlhgtna C. and laul L.
I to flle a Htatement of th value of the estate
of thflr father, (SonUm I Ford, I
Mr. Ford riltnl rtnme time tigo and left bis
pmjrrrty slmn nml rhare nllke to sU of bis
chlldrtn, dlslnherltlnc Mulconi. i
On the promise of his brothers and sisters 1
that the' would glie him his share he did not
ironfeBt tl.e will and allowed It to he probated.
The present suit Is said to be n friendly one ,
to determine the legal status of tbe case.
Taken to Astoria where Offlcers
Cannot Find the Child,
The Health Department was notified
to-day of a case of small-pox In the
tenement-house 1234 First avenue. An
Inspector went there and found that the
patient, Mary Nek, asred one year, had
been removed to Astoria. A health tn-
spector accompanied the father to that
place, but the latter represented he
could not find the house.
The health offlcers In ffolnp through
the tenement-house found that two
other children had been 111 with small
pox, but hart recovered. One wns n ten-month-olrt
baby In the Narok family,
and tho other was Antolne Daniel, six
years old.
The house was fumigated and the ten
ants vaccinated.
They Waive Examination and Go
Before tbe Grand Jury.
Edward Hoerner, who shot irreen-roods man
rhllllps, and his hrother, Ilohcrt, who was with
' him, walfcd examination In tho Kwcn Street
Court, Williamsburg. tn-iUy, nnd were held to
snail the action ot thu Croud Jury on a
charge of murder.
The trouhle which has limiutht these two
young men to Jail occurred on May fl. and ever
since they have been uwaltng examination.
Wlnflald Bcott and Henry Murphy
Remanded This Morning.
In the Tombs rollce court this mornlncr
Justice Martin remanded Wlnfleld Scott and
Henry Murphy uack to l'ollco Headquarters,
at the request ot Detective Serjeants Mulvcy
and Mulry.
It was told that the men were arrested for
a big roooery.
James A. Sad Iter's Funeral.
The body of the late James A. EadUer, the
Catholic book publisher, lies In tbe Holy Cross
.Cemetery. Tho funeral took place yesterday
from tho residence ol Mr. i. Cassldy. nil)
Maalson avenue. The pall-bearers were Oen.
A. C. liarnes, Messrs. I. J. Kenedy, r. Col.
Her, Lotus llen7leer, Krwln stolnuack, Joseph
Corrlnau, Francis McCabe. Aueustln Walsh,
i'rof. J. Madison Waison aud Dr. F. II. Ber-mlusuam.
Swiss Envoy Goes to Investigate.
CHICAGO, May l!7. It the Swiss exhibitor
who sold a brooch a lew days ago without
paying duty, ana was arrested tcr It, can stir
up a row between Switzerland and the I lilted
btatesbn intends to do It. At his request
Alfred De Ciapatede, tho Swiss Minister at
Washington, has corao here to maWe an In.
vesication, und ic-day will hear ull parties
,to the controversy.
BltrnmNt Traced by His Pension.
SAMN, Minn., May 27. lly Benrculns: tno
1 pension Men at Washington, William Mo
Clory capture 1 Samuel billlwell, a blga.
mist, on tho streets oi l'nrro, X. !.. yester
day, Billlwell married Mrs. Abstn Coatos at
I lienneitsourrf, N. Y..IU IHHO, but Mon tired
ot her aud eloped with n neighbor's wile, tiio
latter lenvlnc a misband and three children.
Mcciory has worked on the case for nvo
k'Jx a
' House Paturoay
Isfl AMI 'wk AND
j lloaae and Home Ads.
in tho Mornint World
an Saturday and Sun
1 day are repeated in tho
A Evening World FREE.
WANTS $20,000 BALM
Widow Monroe Says Dr( Shrady
Courted Her Seven Yean.
Then Jilted Her, Owing to Dreams
of Social Prestige.
He Was Arrested To-Day and
Placed Under 95,000 Oall.
Dr. John Shrady, of HD West One
Hundred nnd 'Twenty-sixth atrcet, a
brother of the celebrated physician, Dr.
Oeorge Shrady, whose step-daughter wns
married Oct. 26 Inst to Edwin Gould, son
of the late multl-mllllonnlre, Jay Clotild,
wns arrested this morntnK by n Deputy
Hherlff on nn order Issued Monday by
Judge McAdam, as a result of a suit for
J20.000 for breach of promise of marriage j
brought by Mrs, Sarah J. Munroe, of 60S
Lexington avenue.
The doctor went to the Sheriff's office,
where bull for $5,000 was ftirnlshi-d by his
brother, Dr. (Ieorge V, Shrady, and C. A.
Marsh. Trial of the suit Is set down for
tho June term of tne Superior Court.
The plaintiff asks for damages,
not only ns a hnlm for
The plaintiff 1b Sarah J. Monroe, of
COS Lexington nvenue. She asks for
120,000 dnmnges, not only as n balm for
lacerated nffectlon, but as Indemnity for
expenditures made In entertaining the
doctor for seven years, nnd complying
with his expensive recommendations
with regard to style of dress and living
befitting the person who should become .
the future Mrs. Shrndy.
She Is the widow of the late Philip J.
Monroe, formerly a wealthy cloth mer
chant, and late Third Auditor In the 1
United States Qunrtermnster's office In (
this city. He died about eighteen years
She comes from an old nrlstocrntlc
New York family. Is distinguished. look
ing, refined, and evidently of high cul
ture. She ls a third cousin of Dr.
Shrndy, nnd a sister of Mr. George In
ness, the well-known landscape painter.
Mrs. Monroe Insinuates In her allldavlt
that the doctor was persuaded to Jilt her
by the family of his brother. Dr. Oeorge
Shrady, and adds with marked asperity:
"A member of defendant's family has
lately become the wife of one of the
wealthiest citizens of this city, and, as
this deponent Is Informed and believes,
consequent upon this sudden and In
creased prominence of the Shrady fam
ily, said defendant, has been Induced to
abandon thus wickedly and undeservedly
this deponent, and violate his sacred
promise to make her his wife, solely be
cause she Is without fortune or particular
social prominence, such as said defend
nnt might appear to be entitled to lay
I claim to- and exact In consideration of
this sudden and. unapecledilncreaso,
social prestige."
I In her complaint she alleges that Dr.
Shrady began his courtship In June, lSSfi,
aid continued It until December, ISM.
I ny acts of .tenderness and spoken words
' of endearment, he frequently testified to
his nffectlon for her, nnd repeatedly
1 assured her of his desire to make her
' his wife. . . .
I Ilelylng. according to the complaint,
' upon such assurances, she accepted him
before the world as her afllanced. He
I called two or three times a week nnd
frequently remained until midnight,
sometimes 1 o'clock -In the morning, nnd
she was obliged. In order to avoid gos
sip, to announce to neighbors and her
landlord that her caller wns her be
trothed husband.
In 1888, she alleges, she asked Dr.
Shrndy to name the wedding clay, nnd
did the same In 1689. On both occasions
lie asked for further time. Early in
18D0 alio asked him again to fix the date
for their marriage, nnd he agreed to
, redeem his promise before the end of
the year, but failed to do so.
In January of the current year she
1 appealed to him again to fulfill his
i promise, when he liatly refused, and
I two months Inter she placed the matter
1 In the hands of her attorney. Lawyer
Ingersoll Iickwood. On April 11 the
complaint was filed and the defendant's
counsel. Shrady fit Shrady, brothers of
the defendant, filed the answer, which
ls a general denial of all the allegations.
The answer declares tnat tne aerenn
ant had no knowledge as to assurances
held out to the world by the plaintiff
that he was her afllanced husband.
The doctor acknowledges that Mrs.
Monroe asked him to marry her In
Jnnunry last, and thut he refused, but
denies he ever asked her to become his
wife or that he ever gave her any rea
non to suppose that he Intended to do i
BO. 1
It Is said that efforts were made
after tho filing of the answer to settle
the case and keep It out of court by 1
paying Mrs. Monroe $000, but the offer
was refused.
Dr. Shrady hns two grown-up daught
ers, who are well known In society. He
apears to be aboutp fifty years of age.
Mrs. Muiroe also has two daughters,
one of whom Is Mrs. Irving. The other
Is single.
Mrs. Monroe was out when an "Even
ing World" reporter cnlled at the house
to-day, nnd Dr. Shrudy denied himself
to visitors.
Chareed with Extortlntr Money from
sohool Children.
Charles Hshr, alias Nnileon Wood, twenty
six years old, of ..Ol West Ono Hundred and
Torty-fourth street, was arraign"! this morn,
lnc In the Harlem Police Court on charges of
' linpcrsnnstlne a truant odlcer and extorting
money from chml children by threats to arrest
tlieni for playing truant. He was held to an
swer by Justice Welde In Jfl.Otm ball.
W d's bn ttier i an.e .n o court d unlc nnd raised
such a commotion thut he wm arrested unit
nn.,1 JIO.
Wood, or Hshr, a few years fljo sot up a
srh'-ne to liulld an opera-house In llnrlem
tthl'-h proreil unsuecsHfiil. Ills fatheMn-lsw,
1iuls Pricier, of 307 West line Hundred and
Twentieth street, sunk nearly all Ids fortune In
U'rt.l Is not untinwii to the ,illce. He has
hffti arretted many times fur alleged !!!-(rt!
liihiinrs. In--ln- II) rue. knows hlui well.
Hid M does Chief lh.u.ian. of HoIkJo-ii.
Tlvsicli charged with icroniilng n truant
officer and eilorlbsi the irr Society has nun Ii
graver aceiifrutlons acntn.t llahr. Vht'le.ile
vrruitwn of i-cis.ll children Is one of tins,..
P cton, th Runnlnsr Horse Dond.
COLNCII, 111.1'Kl'S. In.. May S7. I'lcion,
tho groat runnln-; horse irom Stanford's I'alo
Alto ranch, died liero ycstrrdii. I'lcion, wno
was r njraged to start In tho American Derby,
wltb other I'alo Alto stock, hid been
l-aseii for the racing season W Thomas I'.
i Williams nnl Ihe buries were on the way to
clilcii. Ii teen tnoutaod dollars had tecu
I iciuscd for I'lcion.
The Talk of the Town.
Ths spUnllil llljsirst ods which ?trr '
sloru ihs hundsr Ilsreury. Nothing Ilk. It his
r.rb.forbMn s.n In a we.klj n.wir-spT. U.t
copy lo mono sol Juilx. for jouricll. .
Doctors Croker and royhaby Is making a great deal of noise, but
he won't live till Fall.
Secretary Herbert Congratulates
Him on the Review.
Admiral Ghernnll, who has been relleTed from
sea duty, has rceelwd a communication from
Secretary Herbert congratulating him on the
successful conduct of the naral review. The
communlcutbm Is as follows:
WASHl.MSTO.V. May 20, 1SU3,
' Itear Admiral Hancroft illivrunll.
Sir: l' Issuing the order detaching you
from command afloat, Ihe Iemrtlnent desires
to express lis high appreciation ut yoiir ernehnt
nnd valuable services while exeril'lni the
ivmmand fromwhlrh youare now rellered Sines
the creathsi of the rar.lr you so honorably enjoy,
no offlcer of the 1'nlted Slates .Nary has cv-i-r
held command of a fleet for o ling a periiai
as Hint which will be terminated by Ihe Iie
pnrtnient's order of this date. ou hate lunl
the singular felleliy of riming yum- rareer
afloat lit orginttlng nnd siiccessrullv conducting
nn international review und land parade at
once unique and In msnv resjiects uunreorilento.1.
The Department congratulates ynu uisi the
manner In which you Imve discharged the dim
cult and delicate duties Imjswed ,l'n yrai by
this noiel undertaking. With best wishes,
. I am yours respectfnllr, ,-nri,T
(Signed) HlLAin A. HCTItnitT.
Secretary of the Ivary.
He Broke Adolph Paroutaud'e Eye
Glasses to Avsnie His Honor.
Tleno Strettl, bandmaster and orchestra leader
at the Casino Hoof Oarden. wns arrested this
morning on n charge of assault.
Tho complalaint Is Adolph raroutaud. a
' young French actor, who says thnt Rtrettl lilt
him In the eye and broke his glasses, and
, that a piece of glass hstgod In his eje.
I The- fight occurred over a quenllon of honor,
land but for the action of I'nroutnud, In swear
ing out a warrant, n duel would have resulted.
Stretll sajs that was what he expected whin
ho struck the blow nnd that was what ho
"sirettl claims that raroutaud went about
among the Kronen cohsiy nnd stated that he
wns not a lYenchroan. and he vvslilod satis-
faction, as any Insurable Frenchman would.
I Strettl was bell In .Hsl Imtl to answer at
Jefferson Market Court to-day.
Tight Money Causes a Suspension
at Puyallup, Wash.
TACOMA, May 27.-The Hank of Pujallup,
at Fuyallup, closed Its doors yesterday morn
ing. A notice stated II hnd closed on account
of the stringency of the nusiey market.
A. O. Matthews flldl suit here yislerday
asking thnt a receiver bo appointed, slating
that the liabilities of the bank were ISO, 000.
Matthews deposited $l.M0 Thursday aud at
tempted to draw It out jeslerday, but was
j refused.
Oranremen Pass In Review Before
Lord Salisbury at Londonderry.
LONDONIlKIlltV, May 27.-Lord Salisbury
received to-day a number of deputations,
who exprtsied tbelr appreciation of his
lordship's service! to tho Vnloulst cause.
Lord Salisbury did not dcllrer nny address In
reply.but alterwnrds reviewed a procession of
The btreets wero crowded with peoplo,
and gajly decorated with riavjs. Lord Sails,
bury will depart thlt altcrnoon for Olenbam
castle. Larne, tho s.u of the Knrl of An
trim, and will leave for England on Tuesday.
Eldorado Concert To-morrow.
I The management of Kldorado announco an
1 other sacred couctrt lor to-morrow altcrnoon.
The entertainment will be coni mucin from il
until 11 P. M. At night tbe grounds will bo
lllumlnaiod by electricity, the Illuminated
lountaln wilt play and other teatun-s will be
seen. In addition to the famous HJorado
Hand of fifty pieces, cotiducted by V. W.
l.owlt?, Slg. Mlchele (iuarlnl, tenor: Mr.
lonrad lienrens. bo; Ms Hosa l.lnde.
aim: Mr. Iliomas M.mi, cornel virtuoso, and
the lldorado Trombone ijuarlet will appear
tin Memorial Dav a d nine uperallc concert
will be given aiiernoon and evenl.ig.
New CneB of Typhui and f?mall-Pox.
The Ilu'eau ot contagious Hbca'ci re
ported ono new case of i) phus lever nnd
three of small-pox mis morning. May sulll.
Ivan, need thlrty-el?ht, fuuud at liellcvuo
! Hospital, has typhus. The small-pox cases
are Frances sinii'ky, aped two and oncnalt
jearn, ol 4(1'.' I'ast seventy. nrt street;
, I'nth'ilce Ucurl. of HU I'art; striei. ati l ;tto
I l'r-er, of 1:1 I'.asi Thlnl Hect. All v.vio re-
moved to Ncuh Hrother Islaud.
Visit IIixik's " Riverside " fountain and
get a glass of ihe finest seda In the cliv. Tho
largest lountaln and purest sjrupslnlbe
l ulled MaUai Kukk'b, -J si. anu Dili
rc. V
The Latter to Mrs. Mott's Hus
band Started a Divorco Suit
She Gets n Decree To. Day, as Does
Sirs. Abby J. Heath.
Justice Cullcn presided at the divorce
trials In Supreme Court, Brooklyn, to
day. There were nearly a dozen cases
on the cale"dar.
Fun..le E. Mott, the"cTftUEhTer of a"1
fireworks manufacturer, living nt 191 1
Cooper street, sued her husband, Frank
S. Mott, for an absolute divorce.
Tho couple were married Jan. 9, 1884,
and have ono child. It wns brought out
on the trial that Mott wns a fugitive
from Justice, having left the city to
escape belnir called upon to defend a
cliitrifo of forgery.
In AiiKUBt, 18W, Mott and his wife
and her sister, ICiniuu, went up In the
C'ntskllls. While there ho received a
letter, which he refused to show to his
He tore It up, but Mrs. Mott cathered
the scrnps uinl put them tOKcther.
The letter was from n woman, who
told Mott not to spell her name Ivlpple,
but to address her us Mrs. Kibble. She
said he was a "nice boy" to send her so
many nice presents, and told him to call
upon her Saturday, and not Wednesday,
as he Intended.
Jnmcs Sweeney testified that Mott had
told him thnt ho hHil cnlled to see the
woman. Sweeney had also seen her
call at his employer's store, nnd had
seen .Mott kiss her. The suit wns not
defended, and Justice Cullcn Kranted the
A decree of absolute divorce was also
Kranted to Mrs. Abby J. Heath from her
husband, Samuel Henth, They were
married March 22, l&Sl, and have one
A witness snld he had accompanied
Heath "on A toot," and they visited sev
eral disorderly reports In the lower part
of New York City.
The? Include tbat of n B! Elarator
Company at Buffalo.
ALBANY, May 27., TUeso companle
were iQcorporAicd u-day:
Jlh Kftiltrn Kltvator Companr to conduct
raml -leiftttitfr builnr tt ufllo, etiiltfcl
l.OUU.100, tud dirtctf-rt John C. Untn, Wll
ifttn I. .Sufibrup od Uforg A. To tirt-
fimd dlrvcior nt th Corn nt or ubteiibft for
6,000 ihr of Ihf Hock nt tho Oompuj ind th
ether twuillrvclor lor 3,601) tbir oh.
Tii IHoQih Ktlits AnociHion, ot the Cltf of
Youk'tD, for Iho lmrrot'iiirni nf rl Miatirapi
tI "5,0uu ami nrector ItlchTl U. I hil.lpi,
Jfttne nfl'ofk, Uttllam V Klnn. Jmufi
nu Uoodkle tutl Jo ho JartltD, Vonker.
Yountr DufTy Tolls a Tale of Adven
ture to Garry fioclaly Dotecttve.
At t.30 thtt nu'rnlnjr, DOWr HarVl.ij- nnl
Siliml.H, c.f (ii.rr'n N'lMy. r'Uiul u hrU'lH.
rUMy fniM Niy mi Mxth a'nuo. H stUl
wns Inincry nnd ttili, tint! h.il iihuhw with
n Iitcti tu nx'un fi 1 ur 1 elUitf. Hi n
t.iK' ii In tin- Sm It ty'M n-um, wliro h ni!J
hi- iint.it' a J'tlm huffy, fotirlftn jr.tr nf
Mill liJs fiiHrr fltnl nimhor illl In Till-frrf-nln.
it ii t ili.il wlih ft nf Y.U 1-7 In' wnit
Ut i'h Ion jit ni.l ilini l't I U wav In New
Vnrli. A irr.tnm.in irii- Iiiim nit mrnpr. whldi
lit wiliI vwi !) u fniu Mm j int.r-l.ij . lie
tu liiktiu f.r u tititUirr, Uiwri'inv, who 1m u
I nrlirr.
Uanr Dulldlntra Wrecked by a Cy.
c'onn In I'llnoU,
VM'rvl.S, Ind . M.. -7. A lerrll le nlii'l
Hum' U.M..I till- i--:illlv yt-tent.ij. Upi-In,-
iri'es it is. 1 MIliiK luiiw unil f.'invs.
M l.nrrli-etlll 111, tlio ititlue of Ihe Cmirl
.ntl p.'i;H', ii-.p pin' iluep iliu -e .ui.'ij
oMrt lo.tii mi I furniture. Ti.u tmslu -s. Imii.ts
i w, n- il '.Iniirtl.
l:,.ir. 'ie titled fn-lll llisises Slid sulMrr.,1
nil mer Hie stl.els Many P-sl.l, II. . wire
' luill) wre.Vi'.l hy Hie "Uiil Ull4 Kre-ll tlaill
i iix,',! t'j iiii r.
Died Wltpovt'. M.d'cnl Attendance.
Mrs. Daiildi. aged flit). lite, of '.Nil Kst.
Klftl-nlnili stre.M. di d suituriib, without
' mivllc i i attendance, at H o clock tlili muri.ln
I while nt erk In lilooinliicdile's store, orner
of riliy-.iliitn atrei i and Ititrd uenuc.
I Clover Loaf Caltlornla Wines,
B.it Jumt.ltcslu... Acaia.UtsaiLLJt Co.npit.'
Xnelneer and Fireman Narrowly
Escape Death In Her Last Acoldent.
Freight F.ngtne Na 3S, on the New York, ;
Susquehanna aud Western Katlroad.lsbecom
lrifr notorious for tho number of her mlinsps
since sbe was first put upon the road seren
years a;a Ebe ls now called by tbe railroad
ers a " hoodoo."
Last nlgbt at 8.30 o'clock sbe met with an.
other serious accident at tbe North Patrrson
Yards which completely oemollsbed tbe cab,
twisted tbe machinery and nesrly caused tbe
death ot tbe engineer and nrernan, wbo are
now laid up with severe bruises.
A switch at the entrance of tbe yard had
been left open tbrouzb carelessness, and wlien
No Si came alone -&.tull pm4iurwleir '
long train or freUht cars, sbe lumped Ihs
rails and went ploughing tbrough tics, rails
and Jersey mud for a distance of several rods
before the train came to a standstill.
John llsrtow. tbe fireman, tumped just In
time tnsae his Hie, and bad a ery narrow
esiare. Ho was liaaly bruised.
Hoyd l'olllson. tuo .nirlneer. stuck to bis
post, and wis pIcKod out of tbe ruins ot tbs
cab alive, but very badly Injured.
A surgeon was sent tor, ho dre s1 e 1 bis
wounds, and be was sent back lo bis home In
Iilalrstown. N. J. Tbe snltcbuian whose
carelessness caused tbe accident bas been
suspended from duty.
Maciarlane and Dunn Clovated at
the Barce Office To-Day.
Wallace Macfarlane was tbe only memcer
of tbe custoic-IIouse lcTcstljatlnc Commis
sion who vhlied the llarn Ofllce this morn
ing. He had a blgDUudleot papers under
bis arm wben be came down shortly arier 10
o'clock, and bad a lot of others taken out ot
tbe safe after bo had locked himself In tbe
prtfate room.
lie said to an " Evening World " reporter
that be was -oobusy arranging matters for
tbe opening of tho public sessions, which
begin on Monday, to do any talking this
rooming, but ail Jed tbat tbe preliminary
work was progressing favorably, and lbs
Commission hoped to have eerytblng In
readiness to commence tho taking ot testi
mony Monday morning.
It Is expected tnit .Mr. Maclnrlane will con
duct tbo examination of witnesses who will
appear beti.re tb- CoinimsMou, and for this
reason be lias been studying up tho ques
tions IntolveJ In the investigation.
Tbe commissioners will siart in wltb the
Appraisers' stores and if hall of the rumors
that re floating ttout are true some exceed.
Intlx sonsatlonal facts are likely to bu
broiuht out.
Everybody will then learn something ded
nlto about mysterious Hepburn report which
i has figured so prominently In tbe recent
I discussions regarding affairs at Appraiser'
' Stores, and which tiss been burled for the
last two yesrs In lbo vaults of tbo Treasury
Department at Washington.
comint-sloner I'nlndrxter Dunn came down
to the Harge onice later In the morning and
was closeted with Mr. Macfarlanr.
A Great Park: Provided For Prohi
bition to Be Put to Popular Vote.
TOIIONTO, tint.. May ST. The Ontario
I t'jlslattire was rrorogued to-day.
I Among tbo bills passed during the session
and assented to by tbe Lieutenant. Governor
Is. a bill pn'Tliliiig fur the establishment of a
lan:s Natlnnsl park of I'.'.OOO square miles In
lie noriliem pail'f the pro.mce mil a bill
ppiviJInr t' .it a pleDlsene oe taken In Jane,
ary next on the question of p'nutbltlng ihe
Iniporutlon, nun i aclure or salo ot Intox
citing liquor as a beverage.
Opposite Herald Office.
Opposite Post-Office.
Opposite Astor House.
Opposite St. Paul's. I
To Ictsr, from 10 to 30 jcirs, build- I
' ins at northeast corner of Ann Street I
md lurk. Row; 40 feet on Park Row, I
fo feel on Ann Street, Possession it I
once. AiMress
! D Box 3-13,
j World Office.
The Trip to West Point Aban
doncd This Mornings
Our Royal Guost Will Pass the Day
More Quietly. I
Her Indisposition and the Weather ;,
Disappoint Many. '"U
Dona Eulalta was pale, nervous ana India
posed tbls morning, and wben, after arising, xl
bbe raught a view of tbo gloomy sktes front ,1
thu window ot her apartments at tbe Hotel -JH
havoy, sbo decided to abandon the projected
trip to West Point on the Monmouth. 1
This decision waa a severs disappointment l
to those who had expected to accompany tier
on the trip, and as well, no doubt, to the' '1
cadets of the Military School wbo baa ex 1
rectei to go through a number ot intricate
warlike manoeuvres for ber special entertain-
meat. M
Tbe Infanta was out of bed unusually early tW
for her. She aroto shortly alter she bad beta l
served by her maid wltn her breakfast ot , I
chocolate and rolls at 8 o'clock. She wa j;
much fatigued by the nail of last evening. '
Tbo mornlog papers brought Forecaster
Dunn's prognostication of lowering skies aid
showery weather. From brr open wlndoir 'j
sbe could feel tbo rawness of tbe air. and at
ready tbo sklos werd overcast. M.
DavU In I'.vlritnce Afjaln.
Commander Davis, nho told tbe Prlnceai
yesterday tbst tbe three newspaper reports ":,
ers permitted by htm on the Dolphin were ;
caterers, went u.) to her apartments at 8.30
o'clock. 1 j
The Infanta at that hour bad not definitely , f
decided to abandon tbe trip to V est Folnt, ,
and commander Davis could not give out 1
much information as to ber Intentions on hla'
return. f
" The people of tblr country don't seem ta
'Timtersunil-luMr-to-deal with royalty," he y
" Tbey have announced tbat the rrlnceea
would leave tue Hotel 8avoy at u.,10 o'clock 1
and would go on board tbe Monmouth at the j
root of West Twenty-fourth streot, ready for
the start at 10 o'clock. (i
"Now I shall make 'it later. If srie goei'at J
all, because It there were nobody on1 board "
when tbo Infanta arrived tbt vessel would 1
have to start at'once. she must not be made ,'
to wait. i!
" ltoyalty must not be made to Watt oa ''i
other people. All the rest of tbe party must !
be on board before she embarks, sothattha !
start may bo made Immediately." "i
The arratgementB had Ken made by the ;
"West i'olnt Sub-commlttee" for apartyot 1
1U0 citizens wltb tbelr wives. There waa
tbe cstnmlttco of One Hundred and tbe sev
eral sub-commlttecs and special committee,
and each bad the privilege of Inviting one'
2i.eu J
commander Davis did not attempt to' say ?
how many newspaper representatives should
go the Monmouth. He said tbst was In taaf '
hands ot tbe West I'olnt Committee.
" Well, I should say so 1" ejaculated Gen. A1
1 Horace Porter a little later, wben tho con. "
veraailon was repeated to him. ' ;
I The Inlanta'a Decision Annnnnrtd.
At u o'clock, after another visit to the
' apartments of tbe Princess, commander
Dals nnnounoed:
l " We have decided not to go to West Point
on tbe .Monmouth to-day. Her Hlshness
! dreads the cola atr and tbo prospect of lain.
; Tbo trip will be postponed till Monday.
j "The Inlanta will devote tbe day to rest.
IEhe may attend a performance at the Casino
this evening."
Tbe Infanta bad also Intended to give
1 Moreno, the pnetograpber, a sitting In the
afternoon, but It wns sal I tbat sbo baa beea
. loduccd to postpone the vistr.
Ken. Horace Porter, Chairman of the Ho. -.
cept ion Committee In tbe entertainment of
! the Infanta Eulalia, had arranged that if It
was decided to carry out I lie j rogramme aud
take tbe Princess to West Point cn the Won
mouth to-day, Hags suould be bolsledontbe
Hotel savoy, the Union I esgue Club and the
' I men club at o o'clock", us a signal to tbe
; city. The Hags wero not raised. '
i (ien. Porter, as socn as be learned 'he
i Inlnnta's declslnn, sent a messenger over to
the foot of West Thirty-fourth streot to tell .'J
the j eopio there taat the trip bad been post- ifj
pone d until Monday. '.i
The Hotel savoy was tbe place of gather 1
Ing of a number ot citizens In thu early morn.
Ing hours. ,
Among those In tbo lobbies ot the hotel
! were Oen. I'orler, Judge P. H. Dugro. Oen.
scbuyler Hamilton. Edward F. Lauttrbach, ':.
J. J. O'Donobue, Ueu. Fitzgerald, Isldor j
Straus and Mr. Cocsey, ot tbe Monmoutb "$
committee. i
ct rural Office Detectives Frlnk, Titus, Vc
flojkey and Armstrong, n ho have tbe duty -f.
ct guarding the ITIniess during her stay In ?
the city, wt re omnipresent, but none of the
Spanish rarty appeared. &
The rumor got abjut tbat tbe reason for A,
tbo abandenmentof the West Point cruise
was duo to the serious l.lnessottbe Infanta js
Eulalia. 5
! A note was addressed tu tbe Prince, her M
J bushanJ, and ho said, through an Inteiw y
i preter : k
Cniiclllloa of Ihe I'rlnetss.
The Infanta Is cot ill-only exbausted, i
It Las been a sovcre strain upon her. Sbo Is iw
not strong; not muscular, she ls but a bun. Jfc
die of nerves. Ihe beat and tbe excitement $jJ
experienced In Havana was too much lof her,
and the constant strain and excitement la
New Vcrk has been too much. $
Shots unstrung, not 111, and II Ij at my 'ij
BSUcltottoa that siodeTOttaUU day Wal 4

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