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tH Wortd'a Situation Day is TUursdv. THE WORLD: SATURDAY EVENING. JULY 15 1891 ttenaay Hde Wantei Ate. Repeats ti TU WHm Werti Fffae,
Aooused with Her Manager of
Selling Stolen Tickets.
A Forged Stamp Wat Used in Con
nection with Them.
Otto Ltmpk 1i Now Doing Tim
for the Theft.
Mr. Harriet Webb, the wealthy and
well-known railroad and steamship
ticket broker, ,of 217 Broadway, together
With her manager, Mr. '-Louis l.ev.son.
were held In 11.000 ball each In the
Tomb Court this morning on a charge
of larceny and forgery.
The prisoners were arrested yester
day by Central Office Detectives Heidel
berg and Nugent on a warrant which
had been sworn out on June 21 by
Frank Loomls, general counsel for the
New York Central Railroad,
On that date Detective Heidelberg pur
chased a ticket from New YorK to ( hl
" -cago from Manager T.pvIsod, which bore
a forged stamp, of the New York Central
Railroad. , ,
It was one of a batch of forty-four
tickets which had been stolen from the j
New York Central ticket office at Ioek
port In April last, and for which mo
fiery Otto Lampke was arrested, tried,
convicted and sentenced to three years
In Auburn State's. Priso-j. .
Although there was abundance of evi
dence showing Lampke's guilt, the
tickets were not recovered, and no trace
of them was obtained until they turned
up In the returns of nccounts In the
Orand Central Station six weeks into.
An Investigation was Instituted
with the result that Informntlnn was
laid with Inspector Mclaughlin, and
.Detective Heidelberg whs nsslKiied to
the case wltn th. knowledge that one
or more of -the tickets had been pur
chased at Mr. tj"ebb's office.
The Company , was delicate about pre
ferring such n, serious charge ngnlm"1
Ither Mrs. Webb or her manager, and
waited over a -Month before' causing
their arrest;. -.)
! "' Mrs. Webb declares the tickets were
bought already stamped from a scnlper.
and that she had no knowledge of any
Hee office were thoroughly searched
last night, but no trace of the bogus
K stamp war. found,
the Is a middle-aged woman nnd re
puted to be worth Sr.nD.onn, When her
husband, Dwlcht K. Wehb, died, several
L years ago she continued the business
with equal success.
For a long time the f'omp-iny hne- honn
picking up forged tickets along the line,
but have not been able to locate lhe
guilty p.rtlei A forged stump was util
ised In the process of beating the Com
pany. and ft was through a defect In
this that tne crime was first discovered.
A few days ago the Company eauaed
the arrest -of two or three people at
I-ockporf, N. Y., who were PAtighl by
the Hallrcad Company's detectlvea,
where wnti . first discovered the defec
tive stamp's work.
Through evidence gnthered at Look
, & port, the werk of the .swindlers was
I traced to this city.
In Mrs. Webh's safe was found n
quantity of tickets In an Incompleted
form, nnd they were retained us evi
dence against Mrs. Webb and Manager
The people arrested 1 ti the western
part of the State are 111 durance, await
ing th" result of the capture of the two
New York prisoners.
And Hla First Nlg'ht In America Came
Near Palhg Hie Lest.
Hugo Robner, fifty-two yenrs old, was
found unconscloun In his room at 2'VJ
Broome street, from, the effects of es
caping gas this morning, and was re
moved to Gouverneur HoapltBl.
He nrrlvei! here from ESurbpe ) ester
day with his nineteen-year-old daughter,
and they hired two furnished rooms
frcm Morris Horowitz, at the ubove ad
dress. About s o'clock this morning Miss
Robner knocked at hep. father's door,
but got no response. She t M Hi rowltz,
who smelled gas.
When the door was forced open Itob
ner was found unconscious In bej. The
gas was escaping and the windows were
tightly closed.
The ambulance doctor from Qonver
neur Hospital worked over ibe uncOll-
aclous man until he hroiurht him around
all right. He will be able, to leave the
hospital In a couple of days
It waa thought at first that llooner bad
attempted suicide, but his daughter said
that her father never used gaa bi lore,
and he always slept with the windows
dosed It Is supposed be Idee the gas
out when he went to bed lasi f.lKht.
Health Board Proceeding Aga'nst
The Board of Health has declared the
Btablrs at 3u8 and 310 West Sixty-eighth
street, GUI Water street and the one at
the southwest corner of One Hun Ire 1
and Third street and the Boulevard to
be public nuisances, and ordered them
to be vacated.
There is it nesf of stables In shanties
at KB and 310 West Sixty-eighth street,
which if, on the corner of the HoUevard.
There is no drainage, and the foul odor
Kfrom the place have oauatd many coiv
plalntfl. The property Is owned by Amos
R. Heno. .John F Itehlnter is the lessee.
The stable ut M Water street Is In a
rear building. Orders have been Issued
to vacate thuse placet within five days.
A Defaulting County Treasurer Gives
His Bondsmen Hla Troperty.
TIPTON. Ind., July 15. 8, K. Arm
trong, the defaulting County Treasurer.
turned over all his property to hit
bondsmen late last evening, ioy,tht;r
with JS.000 in notes. There Ih but IS,.
01)0 in property and S3.000 of tha
notes are thought to be worthless, tie
money having been loaned to horsemen
In Chicago and St. Louis.
The shortane will reach 131,000,
and the bondsmen are prt'irirlng to
w. pay It.
Harry Rogers Could Not Olva Bonds
, to Support Hla Wife.
c Harry lingers was unable to give
:j bonds to contribute :, a week to Ida
J wlfe'a support, and was sent to the
Work-House for six months by Justice
'i i Ryan In the Essex Market Police Court
'.. this morning.
1 1 His wife. Blanche, a comely little .,,-
lliw nurn f nineteen, says that he failed to
Klve her one cent during tin; yur they
ave been married, und that he has
H frequently ordered her to ku on the
street and earn u living.
EB Coming Event.
Hbftfsl lefts Qathaai Aaaociatiru it a., iv,,,; , r i.
WP L. July 10.
Wmm lor .araui frellaal .nil riiaqurra't. nirlr fit
MtBBt '' vv.etiiitetou Circle So. 1. .',40 i u( Uo
,lflrg ataadroa eud Pli,j-aecoud etreet. Jul lit.
'fM. i MueloonHie Mali. Crural Fere, Ir Itoin.i
kJBgJL A Mad tnlb ftftMDeon sf 4 o'v'ook . st St. M.jr' l'r.:
H P b l.let.oitf. I Slid lie. all ,i, 1 l V.ii
K B OertUoat l'rk b i lunle , baud, altlio aaiuo
g Si Seur.
LbbbbbbbV tioft'a Aaoclatlun outing. Foist VUtf Maud
DfBB, 7 HsUl, CviUmo Foiut, lo-morroo.
Mnt . bawond MMralsa of lbs itu.aau.k wliaalswu
Bel I ' una att ru sen.
K4- t-iilauiai -inrlit Ir.li.al of I ,.i,i Vt a-i.n. No.
Ht 111 1, A. O. I,, Lluu I ork.il, ia. n.ui,-, Ju
bbbbbbW owl I I
ir I'lMEl !S DEAD.
"Little Sammy's" Bullet Finally
Proves Fatal.
He Wanted to Mvs to rqu ire Things
William O'Brien, known to all the
rounders on tin.. Bowery and most of
the downtown pOlltli lans as "Kid"
O'Brien, died in tlouverneiir Hospital nt
3.io o'clock tills morning from tin- effects
of the shot fired at him by Sammy
Mills, alias "l.ittie Sammy," during a
misunderstanding which they had at
Chatham Rquarc a week ngo.
The "KM" survived his wound a little
more than a week, although the hospital
doctors Raid win n he was brought to
them he couldn't live more than twenty
four hours. Hut his good physique aided
He was delirious most of the time.
The doctors t-alil this eas because he
had been a heavy drinker, and his brain
had been affected somewhat.
ii'lirlen in his lucid moments express
ed toe hope that his former pal. Sammy,
would nut be punished by the law. as
he wanted la "get enuare" himself when
he was able tu leuve the hospital. He
didn't belle, e he would die.
Th" shooting IpoS place at 10 o'clock
on the night of July 1.
Neither n lirien nor Mills had the best
kin I of a t cpumiioti, and the row be
tween tliem wiitt said to hsve been
caused by the urtfmr illstrlbutlon of the.
proceeds of a robbery in which both
bed been engaged.
An soon as he shot Ills companion he
ran away, ti'ltrlen staggered up lhe
street and fell Into Hut nrnm of u pn.
Ileeman, who rang for an ambulance
iilnl had him sent to the Imspltal.
'I'll., bullel went Into bis chest, on the
left .slle. nnd lodged. It was believed, In
the kidneys,
AJthougfi the police found out at once
whi had shot O'Brien, they couldn't
tlml Mills; II kept ,iui of their way.
Then he L-rew hold enough to write
to the newspapers explaining (hat It
wasn't his fault thai he shot the "Kid "
that be had to do It in self-defense.
i in Wednesday night two detectives
from Police Headquarters who were
Watching for Mills arrested him on
Second avenue. He was' taken to the
Tombs i 'unit and remanded. He win
now have to stand trial oh a charge of
She la Expert at Ordering Goods
Without Intent to Pay.
A very pretty eleven-year-old girl,
whose bis hazel eyes fairly danced with
mischief, was n prisoner in the Harlem
Police Conn this morning, Bhe said
her name was Lilly Wegleln, and gave
her address a.- us East Eighty-fourth
Miss Lilly has been annoying Harlem
storekeepers of late. She would enter
any store that look her fancy, and order
a large bin of goods, which she would
have u, ut to a certain address, which
usually proved a vacanl lot.
The messengers who were sent with
the gauds used to wonder at the little
girl who seemed to secure sn much
amusement at their failure to ilnd the
person in whom the goods ware ad
dressed. Complaint! bains lo the East Eighty
eigiiih .in-, .1 police station, from Henry
Itnah. a wins dealer, BI IMl Third
avenue; Btern Bros., furnlshere, 159s
Thiid avenue; Henry Hchwegler, baker.
ihj Third avenue: Mies Kelly, notions,
lt8 Second avenue; Kenser Mullur,
grocers. III., Third avenue; Calhoun.
stationary n;...', M.'.ii Third nieinie. and
William Pflster, of 11;:, Third avenue.
Every storekeeper told the sami sto
ry. Th" girl was poorly dressed, hut, in
nider tu avoid suspicion, sh would sav
thai some person had sent her on the
Lilly's father, John Wegleln, Is a pho
tographic operator. A favorite address
given lo hei in ordering goods was that
of Mn. .11. 1,;. inn v, ,,r ;;; Kam Eighty
third str I ili.rliii. Hie past ten
days, there ha.- been a 1 nstanl stream
of ilellverymen with goods ordered l
Lilly to lie ,!. ii . n I there.
The ch,id seems not 10 have enjoyed
any Of lhe 1; Is she purchased. She
seemed 1.1 lake suprems d. luthi In is-
11111B the stores In Hie nel.iiili.ii ho id of
her 1 irne, examining g Is of all hurts
ami "sh ipplng" witii nne feminine
M Miss Kelly's sli" ordered n varied
. arsortment ,.r goods, ranging nil the
way from n yard it' rubber cord un to
tli- material for a gown. Mm MImi
Kelly thought Muneth'ng was wrong,
and did 11. 1. attempt t 1 deliver the
Th. most singular of nil of Lilly's
purchases, though, was two bottles of
llouor which she ordered tu the store
of Henry llsab, to b .leliv, red as usual.
ih. child's mother, a respectuhli
woman, n much affected by the ,is.
grace lhe little girl had brought upon
het'seir. and wept quietly in court, but
Llllj seemel t. e iiuy the situation,
although she had never slept away
trom home nil lust night, which she
spent as a prisoner in the r oms of the
Oerry Society, at Fourth avenue and
. iventj -third tire. t.
.... .-!.,,,., ..,....,.- ..,, iin.e.i j,ae was
": : I was that of shoplifting, the
complainant being John !'. O'Neill, lint
.dr. il'Nolll tvoula not press the charge
Mr. O'Neill says Lilly snlered bm fur
llishlng goods store, I1.1H Second avenue
yesterdo) and selected about a dollars
worth ,,f neckties and handkerchiefs
.'.L-. O'Neill !:.. 1 occasion to visit the
rear end 1,1' the store, and when I,.. : .
turned the goods and his little customer
had dlsopp urnd.
.M11 111 Mi me. nf the Society for the
Prcventlt-n of t'rueltj 10 Children, naked
Judge Eeltner t. remand the little giii
t.n to-morrow, end mean time he will
It Is not bellevod that the chill
really bad or M lous, but Is simply mis.
chlevous. Sh'- went smiling out of court
and back tu lhe Society rooms
Ttmy Inc'uda Many Ofllc'n'.o from
Ireslde-t Vsr. Jlorr.o Pown,
I TACOMAi Wash., July 1;. It Is leam-
I id tha' the I'll. lei Stales Orand Jury
indicted not only President Van Home,
of the Canadian PacJUe. but nil tha
leading ofllckils from the Prisldeiii down
t 1 the l.iel Bgetlts of tills lit".
I Vote for Hood's
fnr I nm siti-ri'l it . pp ncnl'pnt rone I),
lllieui. itUui Su lilt tiet'k, liti'K, Iftni iti . mcr
SJ. p, I! 1. tot. u e tor y.-.r-..
mL f f 'y I Knu.tttm ny riirat
1 J l I itrm iim. btQ 1'" lmno
A iTj$ ",r " r " " AUor
IP' a Jtiifaf ? i m$k " my rliiiintnm iitif
vBS3SiWi' i' il" -u; l"'" a 'ik"
JtfTSE- - S. ' I..U1J uil,r,S(flM-.
j Qy 'JLg2t ir)luit.ri torlbtv
Css&sssatS 1 con a imul f- rtl iU
1 MflL 'iaii l-i'li-o'-sl CbUrOb to:iy yo-ri-UnM'
I bwi'H troulilu . wltb ti si'p 'Uu ritn M.11 tU-
! Hood's6" Cure?
loi- IJo-i.i'H Hnrssi irlUl tny IppftUtfl hm bM
yoo4 too I t.t nWit Will "nt I lit vo'.Miiiil evorl
poOtftet" Kcv. W. 1.. f. iiir. J.KU.url. Vt.
Ma..;. I- PI'U tu.e Co;.tipatioa bvm'o h.
Uia ivuiauc ftcUua ut the lUf4lU "
Said to Be Primarily to Blame
for the Newburg Accident.
Kallroad Company Win Not Cause
Any Arrests.
Section Foreman Dyer is held printer.
dy responsible for the Went Shore
Hallrond nccldent at Newborn Thurj.
day afternoon, in thloh seven passen
gers were killed and about lwentyflve
Injured Al least that l M'liiil llerei.il
Manncer I,aynp, of the Went Shore, said
lo-day, and bis conclusions wire based
mi a personal Investigation of lhe 'ii
aster. Mr, Lsyns returned from New
burg late last nlRlit. and va seen I '
an "Rvanltlft World" reporter to-day at
hi.s office, B Vanderbiit avenue,
"My report at !t o'clock ibis morning
from tleneral Supt. Bradley, al New
hurir." isald Mr. I.avnc. "shows that
the injured passengers are doing nicely,
and are recovering as rapidly as nuld
be expected under the clrcumstancea.
I made a personal Investigation of the
accident, nnd It did not take me Iuiik
to reach a conclusion n- to the re
iponilblllly of It. uf ciire. 1 can
not now state the result uf my Invest I
gutltion out ti courtesy to the t?oroner
nnd Jury who nrr nov. conducting an
official Investigation, hut 1 win wiy
that the responsibility lies between Bee
lion foreman Oyer and Switchman
Doooghue, ,
"I will Bay further. Unit I lyt r Is pri
marily responsible, f"r no matter
whether Donoghtla threw the switch 111
such a way that miKht cause nu accl
dent. Oyer made It possible by taking
oui the bolt of tlie switch.
"The Coroner's Inquest should iinisii
to-day and their conclusions should he
soon reached, of course. I am unable
to say what their findings will he,
We. however, have made up our minds
as to who Is responsible tor the dis
aster and rhall take n 1 action until
nfi"r the Inquest is ended. You may
say, however, thai there is absolutely no
truth In the published statement thai
we Intend to cause the arrest of any
person for responsibility of the accident."
All Are Improving -No More Deaths
Hiptn Probable.
NEWBURO, duly IS, The wounded
victims of tlie West Shnre wreck passed
a fairly comfortable nbtht In St. Luke's
Hospital. Marked Improvement la noted
in nil this morning.
The most serious case Is that of
Engineer Holland. Last nlKht for the
first time be wua rational enouah to
talk to his Wife, Them Is now strong
hop of his rec ivery.
mihs Jennie t'ook, of Cataktll, who
wan not expected h live through the
flrst night, is considerable Improved, and
Is now expected to recover.
Bumham 1.. Rverson, of Betauket, 1,.
I., is hearbroken over the loss of his
only child. His wife, nlso in lured, has
not yet hecii Informed of the death of
the child.
The Michel family are doing well,
Mrs. Bverlelgh is KetunK along nicely,
and the condition "f the newsboy Nel
son in considered favorable.
Tlie first patient to leave the hospital
was Miss MmiKie Hutchinson, of lto
chestsr, who started f,.r home to-day,
Registered Letters and a Small Bum
of Money Stolen at Pelham.
I'HI.HAM, N V.. duly ir,. Fltrly this
morning, burglars broke into the post-
iilic... which is situated In the railroad
station at Pelham Manor.
About .-.si a. M. Postmaster Joseph
English heard n noise In 1 1 1 -- pest office,
and on entering the building herd some
one slim a door, English looked out of
a slndow mid sv.v n strange man run
down the railroad track.
The postmaster, who Is lame, foil iwed
th.- burglar for about half s mil ', but
coul I not overtake him. lie the'i re
turneil lu th. post office an. I f.nind Hint
1 number or registered letters had b ei
rltlel of their contents it nil a small sum
,if money taken from the drawer. There I
'..,-.. t'1', 1,1 alumna lo 1.. .1, ....-.. I....
these were not stoien.
Ii Is believed tbal hi least iwn me i
were enaait'd In i he robbery It..,'., re
going to th. port office th 'hi ., broke
lot ' the house of l.iuvvcr II Moran. ,1,1 I
the Westchester turnpike road, about
about half 11 mile fr im lhe rnllrond I
station. 'I'll- v were frightened away,
and th only article tin V to.tk with
them "a" an umbrella. This ihes left
In the post-ornce.
Sslllor Hetrived Mlas Stelnroarirer
nnd She D gd from an Operation,
MOl'NT ind.l.V. N. .1 July IS. -Son-excitement
was created here to-day by
the confession of .1. Miller, a stone
mi on, who admits he is the father of
' 'an ie Sti'lnnec"! r's child.
Mi" Hlelnnegger, who waa young
nnd prett Qerman girl living at River
side, died last Sunday under peculiar
clrcumstancea The ,:;l:. before her
death an pern Hon was performed upon
her With n ue, ,,f hiding Hie fact that
she was about lo be Mm,. ., neither of
an Illegitimate chill, The operation
was unsuccessful, however, end the
child was luirn bin a' the com uf I's
mother's life The child also died after
a ery brief exlsti 11
Miller aekue.wle.1ged he betrayed the
itlrl under promise of marriage, but
claims 'hat he could not carry out the
contract because she was a Catholic
be helna a Protestnnt,
Miller was present In the hoitjf at 'he
time of Mies Stelnncgger's dctuti. The
state attorney has Instructed the Cor
ni.T to make a thorough Investigation.
111.11: CK8TER RACE TRACK, July
is- The entries and probable starters
f ir Mond iy's rn are;
First Race I'lve furlongs; selling.
,1 'ii. .s ,..1. ,-,ue u.eiri ..eeiuiS. Iiooeill-
lan. Rlchal, Criterion, llki lhe each;
Mayor It. Tartar, idea. 101 each; 1 'nt -iiionit,
SSlngara, i"l each; lionnls Luss,
Second Race six and a half furl mgs;
thrasyear-olds; selling.- Sue Ryder coll,
VVarsaW, I'd I'is each. .Miss Nannie, ti.'.
''apt. Spencer, star:.:' 1 ' -l tin .-ill Tea
verse. Ataman, D8 each; forgot-Me Net
Thirl Knee seven snd a half furlonts:
riling. Hlenloehy. U3 lbs; Olgo, llil;
Orel nwlch. i'.i Nne. nil. ,ltj; II url,
107; Airsh.ift. MiK.e-ict, 100 cab, Sa
maritan, Jack Star, Harry Irelani, Flit
ter, Hen. Gordon, 101 ej 11. Magg.e II 111
t -i lla. Marvel), l"'. Andrew r., ItrJ,
K.uinh Race Five furlongs; selling.
Vuung lottery, arapuh e. I'neertalnty,
Pentance, Red Kim. Icj each; Fleurette.
rifth Race Five ' rlongs; lllni
Vt 1. '.hi. t'napman Bolivar nil II 1 ich
Cspulin Mnrksl me, r... - . '.. My Craft,
Alarm Bee. 1".' t.-h . Mel.nda, Come On,
'uven d'Or, '.'7 each.
sixth Race Four and a half furlnngj;
sellllH . .-ilil'ltfl, l.ll: ' ii. .- King
I c'.rre. lloland. Rallston, lleiurt, t'ues.ir
Moonstone, Voltaro, Dunham, Thad
Rows, i-'oxliall. Nubian, i'l.imhoau. li)
ibi, et'h; American Lady, 03
B'Uen 'n tbo Face) 1 v To -.
kUmlu C .rllea, four yeara ill, of VI WH'
latllS uveliUF. 1 l".iin. ggSlOadSy lit ""1 la
tin- face by 11 dOgiWasdl'J a wsiclut'au '
Beedleatou k Worm Ireweiy. he no -
a ii io aii uiioi.o, aait-cti aud lue doj;
1. kk aeo
Occupants of a Tenomont Arou;.e
from Sleep by Fire.
.Some Leaped from the Windows
Loss Nosrly $30,000.
.-.1.I',.I'.F",TH. N. I.. .Inly IS, KilM- j
bnthport van ihe scene of nu ex, iting1
t nent-house fire early this morning,
and Ihrllllng pen. 1 were enacted,
Qeorgs Neurit r's big row, comer
Mir hall and Third sines, was discov
ered lo be 1111 l.le at midnight, Til"
building is 100X60, and three and a half
st.rles high.
The ground floor was occupied by
Tbum'a drug store, Anderson's shoo
store. Fishbotigh'a 1 utcher shop nnd ,
Amine Orouet's confectionery and bale
It was in the latter store thai the fire
broke 1. in. and It sw,pt rapidly through
tlie IiIk building, In Hi" "i r doors of
which dwelt a dogen famines. I'he ten-,
Hiit.i were .-.II In Ik I asleep, and It is a 1
miracle Home of them were not burned 1
to den ill.
Th" tlnincs cut "ff the retreat of ;.ev- .
ernl. but Ihev were rescued by ladders. I
Must of the people gol out with only,
their night garments on, Several lost I
watches, money and other valuables,
and noli" of the tenants saved anything
but their clothing,
A couple In their friKlit ienped from
a second-Story window, but escaped se
vere intui'les.
The neighborhood is thickly built up.
and it was only by the hardest kind I
of work t lint the adjoining houses were
saved from destruction. The firemen j
wer several times driven back by the
flames, end experienced much trouble
frill the electrlC-llght wires in Ihe
It was nfter 1 o'clock this morn'.nir
before the flames were uinilly under
control. Nenrlter's loss, it Is estimated,
will be about 130,000, covered by Insur
ance. The losses of the tenants will approx
imate .112,000 lo SIS.OOO more, only
partly covered by insurance. Charles
Wettiin'B house was damaged over i".
Save Two Lad.os from Death By
a lMinaway Horse.
l.OXU BRANCH. N. l.. July ir. Ben
nle l PeyBttr, the p.irhtnrn-.v-arnlrl
nephew f len, I e Peyater, f Now
York, h looked upon to-day hn n hero
by all who saw tits bravo rorue of two
wonin from almost certain Kith In a
runaway accident last rvniiiK-
Vuuiik '" Peyater was walklnf; with
his mother on cean n venue about 7
o'clock when htn attention waa attracted
by th- rapid beat i f hnofi on thn nv'
nue. TumlnR he w a Htyllsti T-cart
containing two ladlea being firn'Kf.i
aiontf at a terrific pu-.N by a frightened
There wan Imminent danger or the
vehicle being dashed over the high bluff
north of th- United States Hotel, Al
ready one man, Andrew .1. Hughes, had
bren knocked down and his i,; broken
by tho in ml i in if.l animal.
As the horses reached n paint oppo
Mr.- young l I'eyater Iho lad darted
from his mother's Mil-- and sprang like
a tlaixh at the brittle. Un naught thn
horse's bii-i haln. nnd bv n superhuman
efTori turned the an'mal from his course,
which was directly towards tfi edge
nf ihn bluff. Harry Mann, the New
York theatrical manager, here came t-i
I" Peyster's nhl. nnd the horse was
brought to a atandatlll.
The occupants of the cart, t!it Misses
Ryles, of New York, were prostrated
by fright, but were physically uninjured.
Tin rnrt was a wreck nm. the horse
finally hurt.
Mortis Raised a Disturbance ar.d
rardovl In JaV.
NEWARK, N. .1.. July 13, -Charles
Mcrtlc, forty years of ige, was held for
the Orand .Jury this morning on a
charge f threatening tu kill Ills wife,
Mertle and his r.'lfp have not boon liv
ing together for some time on account
of domestic troubles, Mrs. Mertle se
cured a place as domestic In the Kspcx
Club, I- I'iir'i nlace, a I'wcll organisation. I
biM rlghi Mertle called there, und !
wanted to st"1 his wife. Hhe a' flrsl re
fused to . him, but finally consented,
Mortb- then att icke 1 hi r. and threatened 1
lo shooi hot Ho was arrested, however,
before he did any trouble,
Mora Trouble Looked For at the
Jdonmout.li Trrtc'r.
WK8T END, ' . Ni ; BRANCH, N. 1.
July I-. It i; I'ui.ini'-d here this morn
Ins that warrants have been Issued f r
the arrest of Plnkerton men al Mon
m luth I'e.rit. whleb are to be served tbli
nfiern i.m if Ihe Plnkerton m?n attempt
t . siin-.i' ativ authority.
The ruclnn ussoclatlon hn-e bad the
local lustl f iIk peace on the siriuinds
for the past few days lu untlc'.piitlon
nf such ii nn .vi . Ii is said tlie Justice
bin, his pockei nil. .1 with bull b nils
ready to release any Plnkerton men a.'
rested. The warrants r la sold, were pro
eured by Chef .r Police Haeaerty,
who objects t" the presence of the
1'lnltertotir nt the rnee trieV.
The local lustloe lefi for the rnee
track early this morning.
Newe boys Awntem Flaepers and
ritu-b asbt-.rr Parii Conere.
ABItt'RV PARK. July IS.- Mayor Ten
brcch h.is Issued a notice lo all poiire
men Ii prohibit nwsboj's from crying
out their papers, particularly on Bun
day mornings. Bummer cottagers com
pi itn they are awakened early by them
i. est Hunday morning Ucv, br. i:. (,
Bcudder. nf 'se u, forme 1 I'iituvh. was
romoe led to stun In the midst of hli
prayer nr.'ll romc men from the eon
Uri .'atoll weir out en I r, -nested the
nrwuboya to stop shouting their papen
in the vicinity of the church.
V.enaisrit OOBiOhlng Trir.
coaching party rganlsed hy Benator
lies, .-f Connecticut, hca returned to
t!i! ens fr im an int'r sting tour
through New Rngland. During the
journey " ''; mllei were traversed
Ths party consisted of Commissioner
" lake ' Hess u id Ife, Mr nnd Mi-
KiaiK Touni ; . Ml ' i' and a Ite,
Mb i Bty '' is .if I VV Leousrd. ol I -i
bin ill-. Putney, of the l! le
M n .pole ei -I ' le . Ins. Btonn
IV, Had .: ' UlbUI V Bl llltfi Pi r' a.. I
I'aireeld. Al Hi t ' r ,.'.e I ll'.e
tourl is v.er.. me i i.v . detention m
, : I, i .. too': iher.i through ihe
i a '.'. Ill 1.1 villus s an I feted thi ti
Mary em tu Wlsalav,
1 He .le.t.ry ' Ii..' rollus have been gaged W
look far Mary Ann smith, i-eveti een years ol
age, diug ii er "t Main gmttlho, nog fork
street, iiii- oily. ik sniitu glsaopvared
ir la le-r nOMv uiy.lerioiisi.i un 1 uembiy l,v.
R)S l "' ItJaTt ! lilUbeS hull, II. 'at iolllll,-v I Hi,
tig, l.roiva h.ur si.d vy nnd woman. to
.-..I raVtortsa und straw uji ain.utiu.cii
jj bgl ul.J.,1 si iavo.
Adolph Ccnrad Perhap: Fatally
Injured in Jersey City.
Toased Into a Tree, lie Held Un
1 nlil Itrsi'llod.
AdOlph rorrad. forty-one ; e-irs of sg,
employed by Charles Rriini,erhuff, n j
Stock breeder on 'West Side nvenu. In
the weatern dlatrjet of .rsy City, wss. i
it la feared, fatlly it -rd by a vicious
bull thla naming,
lie rnf lending the animal to pasture.
nnd while p.'ir.rlng through n Krove the
bull suddenly attached C'onrgd, and
Bored blrn badly under the right arm.
and iosf,ed blm In the nlr.
Conrad rnn. and the bull followed him.
nnd before going many yards again
caught Conmd nnd gored him on the
rlirhi side of hli abdomen. Inflicting a
wound wlih-h Is likely to prove fatal.
This time the bull tossed Conrad nev
rrnl feet In the nlr. nnd the injured man
saved himself from further attack by
seizins the limb of n tree. He man
nired to hold on to the limb until as
sistance came. Some farm handfl las
soed the bull and securely tied him to a
I'onrad with the assistance of the
farm hands got down from the tree
and was taken to the city Hospital in
an ambiilntice. The la' tines protruded
from the wound In his nbdnmen, und
the doctors at the hospital thoucht
there was but little chance for his re
covery. aai -
Says He Was Iaduoed to Marry
Miss Smith While Intoxicated.
ATLANTIC CITY, X. .!., July 15. -Harry
Squires, alias il. VV, Cromwell,
of New Vorl:, -ho wns recently held
here under bonds to answer before the
irnnd Jury In September on a charge
of sttallng two bicycles, claims lie is
being persecuted by bin wife's relative".
BqulrB was arrested on the complnlnt
"f a representative of the bicycle firm
of Peek & Snyder, e New York, who
claimed younrv Bqulres hired n wheel
from h'.i firm ar.d then sold it to a
person in Atlantic City.
Squires blames Albert Lehman, who
accompanied him to Atlantic city, for
all hla troubles. He claims that while
Intoxicated l,ehmnn Induced htm to
marry Miss Florence Smith, of rhlla
tletphla. He says he met Mis." Smith
at Snyder's Hole1 In Atlantic City, and
after the marriage ceremony lived with
her but one day.
Young Squiies. in speaking of his
troubles to ;v reporter, said: "It la mv
impression th-i the woman I have
. marrlpd und her relatives are trying
to bring me to terms in thin way. They
reside in New Vurk. and it was my
Intention to work my way home when
the officer captured me on a wood
schooner a' Tttckahoe."
Squires saya that he left town sud
denly baoause be was afraid the pro
prtefor of Snyder's hotel would sue
him for a board bill of Jl.'i.
Bqtltreg Ir nn attractive looking young
fellow, tweniy-threo years of age, of
light complexion and has n small,
blond mustache, Ills bride lins gone
back to Philadelphia, Bnulres does not
show any Inclination to follow her.
Voting Lehman, Bqulrea'a companion,
han been tnken to New York by hla
The Ftart to Princeton Mndo from
Orange With 113 Mar.
OrtANCIE, N. J July IS. The grent
100-mlle road race '." Princeton nnd re
turn, under the auspices of the Atnlatirn
Wheelmen, was started nt fi.,1'1 this
morning in front of ashworth's Hotel,
Central avenue and West street, Blast
i ii auee.
The course was through Central
avenue to Centre street, Orange; thence
to South Orange, Mtllburn, Bprtngflsld,
plalnfleld, Dunellen, New Brunswick,
Critnuiin Park, Kingston nu-l Princeton,
rettirnlng by wny of Blawenhurg, Plain.
ville. Belle Me.nl. Somerville. Hound
Brook, Dunellen, l'lsiniiei.i. Bprlngfleld.
M nil, urn. South Orange, Orange und
jasi Orange to the starting line.
There were in starters, six of the
riders were allowed ti 4'i-mlnute hninll
cap; fourteen n l3mlnute handicap,
forty-two n w-mimite handicap, twenty
n IrVmlnute handicap, eight a l.'-mlnute
I anillcap. Ave a M-mlnute handicap, nnd
three a .',-mlniitc handicap.
There w''e six ncratc'.l men. as fol
lows: H. H. Wyile L. I., i '. : K. Walter,
Indlnnapolls; J. W, Llnnerman, P. B.
i' w. Vim Waggener, s. a. a.: f. m.
liamnman, O, c v,, and B, s. Thomp
son, nufnlo.
The ofllcliils were: Starter. Carl Yen
laceerkr: 'ler! of the Ceur.e llivr.
Wadeworth; nefeai'. T. Mercies, Jr.;
Timers. W. B. BeiKnap and James 8.
I in1 -nes. Jr.
The roads are In splendid shape, and
the conditions are favorable for a goo I
Col. Dowd ar.d the Paymaster Arpue
Over the Method of Paylne tba Men.
Col. Dowd, of the Twelfth Iteslment,
and Paymaster .lu.lsoti had a nilsun.ler
standlng this forenoon regarding the
payment of the regular weekly sallow
nne to the members of the regiment,
Col, Dowd Ordered, his men to go to
the paymaster In company formation
alphabetically. Thla wns objected to by
lite paymaster i-n the ground that It
was not lu aogordance with the gen
rral ordert, nnd he tefu-aed lo pay the
members "f the regiment.
Col. p-'wd ar l the paymaster bad n
lively t.lt. but nether w, nil budge from
the stand he had tnken.
.uelitri Reeticont snd Tenth Battel.
-M Keturn Hon, To-Dar.
July t'.. -The Twelfth Regimen I and th"
Tenth Battalion finished up their work
tais merging and will lie relieved to-dny
by ihe Hhfhth gnd Seventy-fout'ih Repl
i'.mii gild " detauhnv nt of the Second
Battery, wnlea will occupy ths camp
lurln - tie coming a e-.k.
i Thia forenoon th Weather was siil'ry
end thre.iie.iinB The departing tro a.
were in good heilth. and during tne
eat re week the general health of Hie
camp fit. r.aod.
A Relarnti Su vsr In Wilmington.
WILMINUTOX. D.-l.. Jsly 1.1. -A slight
! pim-r i he a,, wiiuiitiiuii sod M.iultj 'ibeui
Uai:.riuit lile'dMk yvstenlsj a teroooo. It
easnot i ,,'id.. ei ., ,ii esrlliqiisks M.oek
. Ural, tiut no oilier e.i a lur ths tieoior.
ii. ai ii.t j about, two secouds, bx been
Bears Soon Rally and Depress
the Market Fractionally. .
tllg Gold Sht mint from Europe
to Tbla Country.
The ettrly rabies from London re
ported American railway itcurltlei be
low th pnrlty of our Inst night's clos
ing, r.nd th Impression on the stret
was that the beara would succeed in
breaking the market. The bull leaders,
however, concluded that London quota
tions had hrn "rliraed" from thla aide
and were prepared to give their special
tics support. In the first ten minutes
prices were rushed up 1-1 to 7-S per cent.
The pa"e was too rapid lo suit the
rhorts, nnd tliey made a sudden attack
on Nor: invest, following this up with a
raid on General ISltctrlc,
The farmer declined 112 to W .1-4. and
the latter l 7- to S3 3-8. The rest of the
Hat yielded 1-1 to 7-8. but the dealings
were small and devoid of animation.
According to hla friends James R.
Keene has ngnln espoused the bull side,
nnd was a benvy buyer of stocks ven
ter. lay. It in understood that certain
leading capitalists are working In unison
with him. The bears are Mill full of
pluck, nnd nre not disposed to give up
the tight without n Struggle,
Thla morning they had the advantage
of another batch of fallurcH out West.
The total shipments oi" :?nld bars to
L. Von Hoffmann Co. on the I'nrls.
which sails from Southampton to-day.
Is 23,000. The house has not beard of
nnv other consignments on the Paris.
Private cables state that fltSO.OOii addi
tional gold will be shipped from South
ampton to-dny. The advance In the
price of bar gold In the open market In
London to T7s. 10d., nnd the firmness of
sterling exchange here, leads to the
Impression thnt the Imports will not be
very heavy Juat at present.
L. Von Hoffman Co. stnte there Is
no truth In the report that they secured
Hii.on'1 additional gold In the open market
In London yesterday.
rmports of general merchandise at
the port of New York for the week were
only K.MLiSPi against SIO.IIP.SKI last week.
No coffee Is in the CuatonvHouae
manifest, the prevalence of yellow
fever on board vessels having cargoes
has prevented them from making clear
uni es,
The toinl bank clearings of all the
Clearing-houses of the I'tittcd Btates for
the week ending to-day. have been 8W1,
OSii.Mii. an Increase of $02, 71,234 over the
previous week and a decrease of 1215,001,
611, as compared with the corresponding
week last year.
The grosa earnings of the Atchison
system for th Mrst week In July ncre
t7INI,M2, nn Increase of 83.1)30.
The lift earnings of the Union Paclflc
for May were 89j9.803, a decrease of
Oross earnings of 1.3 roads for the
month of June Increased 82,208,128 on an
Increased mileage of 1,018 miles. For
six months 143 ronds Increased gross
earnings $12,146,122.
Tba Closing Quotations.
P".. fflaa, a.,, rft.
mnean Tnh. . 8 81 fil SI
Asasnesa Baas Kef,... 8'H it t"ii
SSIsr. MiarHt.r-t... t-01, Hl MM !
Amiriun feitoa llil... 311, S 1 i ll't Sit,
A m- .an i ill OH in. 11- ' '' K'i ti
Alrh.. Ton. . .... I0M IlifH J0W Silt
Osssspsskag oaio t ism i! 111,
linear 1 1. a. ('. tH Olta r-:
Bile., Bar a 'Joui.,.. "'.'I, KH :ja Hif,
II un,'. A Norl !.!. .. I0P, 1111', ll'jil, 10 I
i.hi,.. inn. tM.rui.. nm r. IJ (Hi), s(in
I'll,.. M'l. a Ml. P. sraf. 113 113 113 111
I hie. Back 1. a I'M ... 'il', ii.', II Cit.H
UaiC A li.lrni HI 6-0i fiHA, !..?, -4
l.'SlS. . F.aat. 111. lral. ., .'. 9 f US
I. 1....C. I . A ht. I. ... .Hi, I'M 3D .!'.'
to.niel H ti 'in ?0
1,.,,.1,'M H-a HC's lltSj t'Jel lifH
i'.. I.ae'.. A w,t Ill 144 IM 144
1'almar. A llu.l.oa Ill lit) U"l 11",
,.... .............. n.i a, on en an
l.-ii ., nu. 'ouiiiK- pr,t ii Ti 2(1 '.'0
ih. A i a' la lead 14 I'M '.Ml. IfU
Urn. RlSStrlS 's S"'4 ' OX
Huni.iK '-.i.lra 9n'l Ci'H in., H.'y,
l.anleila i.a Ii 1 IS IS
Ilk.NOora ll'W llm 11TK 11 IM
I .mmilla ..aac .'in, ."" , o",
Maaaai'aa Onnanl 1211, lil'4 l.'ii lln
Mum .t .-'.!.. ,.Mo.. ft !'! DTa 9H
Miaaaun PulBS 3il 30 39H ..'Krt
Nat. 1-eadLt SH T VZ
Nut . i,, ' l.'n. nrl SS S8 SS fs
New Jsraer Osatrsl WW MM WH '""i
NrwYorltrantr.il 101 ltli 100 ion
N. V. A . inmanj.. On i. u im !;'
r,. l.. !., in- w. . 144 n"i 1Mb lis,
N. ... bats, U'4 I'M IM l-'i
eo k., 1'Ua '. A IV. ,,io. ho "S f'S &
N-.rlh.ri, P.elBo 1 H ll 1 IH l"i
tint Ihari Paolbo prof. . -I)', :u H ''.;i "'.'7i,
statin e Ana'. !! l', II 1..
Iliiorii illillil II 0 11 I)
PteiScttall 14 Hi, 14 14V,
II.iii.1I..'. mil H l-'l l.tf M'.
h. . W 1- I'.r 9(J M -'H 'JJ,
tt. I'ul t Oluatia 37 37 3C' 3r.t
laliai . ertlruat.a ; 73 ,3 7il 7:1
bssthsru Paiaiio T-H - H y-H 23H
r,a. I., ml .... II 1) 9 II
USISS Psnlttil J'M 1M ai 31
I'liuai , a.'.llrli. A 1, ill 7 Hi i 7W
Wsbtsantsl IbM 16(2 ItU 1&'
Ion. Isms I at 7WV '.04 7flJ Iffi
Wlii.aliutAl.akaK.iirt. 4:04 4d tlti 43..,
Mining Stoogs.
1 tie fotior lr.w- tie tascluslu quorvlon, ot
la.'tiini stocks si lbs CunsuildsioJ Kxcbsoge
Kid. Asked. I r,r. Aaka.t.
Asierioan tlotnaatake T.un 1
I lac 01 Horn -llasr S.0U
A 10a Jl) - Iras 811, ar. .16
A.iaai.. ",.1 .'26 "- Iron Mill.. .18
A'ini.11 A lainratun
:. .111. 10 - Al'ainb.. .10
I'.Fl.l.at 'Jo - Lai:r,e.. .'i3 .113
ll.at t d.eail. Can. .11
LlFlcliar.. .60 - i.aiip' 11,: .16
I'.euir Ue -'Maaioen... ..'.0 -
ll.riKloea. ,ee Meullon... .'20
la-,, - .SO.tlntario ... 7.00
Bauneat .. ,1S - Oslib 7
1 eledoats i'ii-ii''..'.i .03
it, 11 r.n - p jmoiitii . . ,co
t liollar 'ill Pliceall 1,. .15
l o. a fa .DA PlltonIX h.
ll.r.aalite. .13 --' farta 28
vel.Osa... .i.ni'eii, na
t on. l.'el. 1 l.'ne - .10
aVa. ... 1.10 -Sa.SF HI -
t in mock sierra alev. 16
ntoc 01 - Si indent., l.i.i
Scrip 10, 11. 1 -Mormount. .4i
llniiai. 1 II -Ibautiaito... .40
1'e I'miuii taa asose
larra.... 1.00 -- Han .14
la :p..a "., .'.Hi Mi.ar I'nr t .1' .20
i.liiijti, ., .06 Saiailllo-. ,.i)
ralliMr lie shoaaue,. .Si.
Smel 13 Viova .!
1,1,1:. I & 1 .... 1 , .:)
lur,'. 30 Wanleoi. .14 -
PsleAXee iVaulajtn ss
.im, 10 !
And th M., K. n4 T. Roftd Menn..
to Rc.Vr Them Warmlj-.
PRDALIA, aMo., July Ti- Tralnmon in
from the South last pvonin report thai
M.j-iur., Kivusas ami TftXftl ofHrials nre
antlclpfttlnf raiil by robbttra ;t flihr
Btrinirtown or Atokft, 1. T., within the
mom nfirht or two.
Tlu htihi-up VII oxfi'ioil Wednesday
r.'.cht, it ml nrmei puurdf wrrt plaootl
AbOJsVrd south-bound express train No. .1
nt Parsons, Thin fn-1 la Mllpved to
nava baan communlratc-l to the robber.
Th Company'! oflltials do not i'rop.se
to be catlgnt Mapping agnin If It ran be
prevented, and If a raid i n.n.ie it l
believed the Rar-R will cither be cr.nured
or exterminatf-d.
-' ' "-a aseS
Detectives Expsot to Return with
hn A'.lersd Mvirdrrers Next Weslc.
Dstectlva Barftti. ln Qorlchten atirl
Tr.llP.or. nf Inapectr Mcl.miptlllln's staff.
ftho srs on their way to Detroit for Ih
p.r, OH,, of bring ng -d this o'.ty Dr. Henry
i- Meier and 1. 1 allaasd nrlfs Mary, ac
fused ef several murders In orler 'a c .1
leM "I- insurance, "III arrive In thai
e'.tv soms time to-lay.
lust shM the two olTlcerr woull re-
turn "i'.i 'heir prisoners Inspect ir Mr
! l.auahlln was unable n -ell this mornlns.
hit If 'here Is no del la the praeeedtng a
IbeV a ill probably rt.irt sonic time nes;
Wsnt the fSaiman Law Repealed.
MllAV'AUKSB, July 15. At a meel
Ing of the ll4VfanAalta, AsBoeimlon yes
terday resolutlrns were paesrl f.ivorinc
the repeal of 'he Bherman Silver law.
Ananaements were made for the cir
culation of a petition throughout the
State for the purpose of getting ss
many t jinvurts as possible.
A New York Passenger on the
Steamer Umbria Drowned,
lie Accidentally He'.I from tha
N i.O'in Heck Vfiirnl.y,
QfBEKflTOWN, .Tuly 1B.-Th Punard
line itaamer t'mbrla, ('apt. McKay,
Which sailed from Nw York on July H,
for Liverpool, arrived here at 8 o'clock
this morning, She reportn that one of
her paspenjrf. Atelier Welnete.n. of ftOfl
LexlnttOll avsnue, New York. fll over
bnaid from the BfllOon deck at 8 o'clock
y eater day morning.
Th" ptcemer W6I etopped aft coon ae
poaalble, and a bont went In ftearch of
Welntteln. but he was not found. It Is
preiURied that h- foil overboard acciden
tally. A half hour prevtoufl he left hip room
mate and Companion, a Mr, Ptmmonft. In
their RtaterOOm, and waj then in fOv
eplrl'a. Hli money and valuable! were
on hla person when the aceldrnt oc
curred. Mr. Welnittln WSJ a rral-eetnte agent.
Itls family nre at Long Branch, Mr.
Blmmoni will return to Naw York on the
steamer Rtrurla, which .all? from this
port to-morrow.
Mr. Welnetetn was fl large rral estate
operator, havlnpr his office at 60 Liberty
fitrect. During the past two months he
hafl been unloading much of his prop
erty, and when he sailed for Europe
had only a small amount of real estate
on hla hands.
He had the contracts for constructing
the biff atore at 258 and 260 Grand street,
and a mammoth livery stable at l';t
and in Bast E31ghty-Beoond street.
He was thirty-eight years of ae. and
was one of tho most successful operators
In the real rotate business. Four months
ago his health began to fail him. Over
work was said to be the cause, and his
tlbvuii'! i r i .i , i" !) 1 him to I .1 h .-- a I hi"
vacation and lay business carea aside.
He decided to go to CaflSbad, and mide
arrangements to fend Ms wife and five
children to their cottage In Long Branch.
Blakeslee Barnes, Mr, welnstaliTs con
fidential secretary, was seen at the lat
ter' office this morning, and said:
"Yes, I have Just received reports that
Mr. Winsteln had met with an accident,
hut when 1 called at the ("unard line
ohMe they Informed me that they had
received no advices of any accident as
".Mr. Welnsteln derided to take a rest
some time ago, and In company with a
friend of his by the name of Simmons
left for Carlsbad. Intending to be gone
until September. I To was carrying an
Immense amount of real estate until
tv.D monthfl ago, but disposed Ot nearly
all of it before leaving.
"He wns e great home man, and was
not a member of any club, but belonged
to nearly all the Hebrew benevolent
Societies, in which he took a great In
terest. "His family nt Long Branch have
ns yet not been notified of the accident,
but I shall go down Immediately and
Inform thorn."
Mr. Welnstein Will leave an estate es
timated at about ll-jO.OOO.
UflfMai 4.43 ISuSMts. "" ' : M-m rU?.
'it'H WIIEE 10-AT.
A.M. P. ST.
Smjr1o-k S.1J 8.14
Defrperuuad 9- If ' 5
UeUGatA 11. US 11. IS
iew vatii io-uat.
SaairfletS 239 ?.RS
BfJ.Oaf 4.00 4,60
Ma4 hKtterD bUntiird I'nun mb'iwl tu.ir
Stemir Arrprim, (ipt. PoftTc. London Julf 1,
with mir-lmn.-rrt to K. W, J. tin rat.
.--taiii-r A ii i.i It 1,1 p: K mo it, H !:!'! i r- Jun ?9.
with nerobaaillfta and PtntytU:o t'-fTif.-- pn-
fngt'to PvinoH, idf l Co.
Stri-nnr KMhu Th-ittifon. CV-t. Hnn, Rich
mnii'l. V. , with m irohftSdtM to tld Dntntnion
i'nni ti p Comritiiy.
Stiier wartllo apt. Rm liuli July 1, with
m-riian i t ' Banderon a S.ot.
Steaiusr Santiago, Najau,wit i mrfhinili-f and
ptaiesgeyti . ,
S'Mnc- li ToanlnKi ript. pransavl, Julf 8,
aitfa ii". - h,i ..: a nn i ) ri to A. Purset.
OUTUOlltO griAMBgli
Mill' TO'DAT.
Aino. Klagitan,
Ari'n'iii, I irarpool.
Aurauia, I.i riMHiL
Hi Bnl, :w OrleauB.
Fold, tieooi.
Frniii, OlsMfnW.
La Cttttapianf. ii"--,
LanpiiMis Uilfatoo,
M-iT'lnm. Kftterttau).
NttiOOOUt, KsTsUnih.
Now Vni-K. Southampton.
NsitOiI.'i.mi, . .t orieana.
prlMDA. Havana.
8aa c, Urrmeu.
PoeMMt. Oibriltr Jnnnafl.
Annrli.a. bnndon July 1.
Manelio, Uv'A .lu y I.
Atiriatx. I.IVMrpi-ol Inly .'i.
i iiatf ui i 'i,n.-. Bordaitti .l'y 3.
LsaTouraiDo, HaviJ.Iuly3.
pc Tou-maosf.
Atnix'i'.. Hamhur ifUDI 29.
Alamo, Onion .Inly P.
I'lirci.tt'iia. .ii i iiiir July X
Or-. ma. Ounrtta JUDt 9 f.
i t'lK-pia. Qimiow Juira,
Diinoco. ttTmt:da July 13.
D'.etreas.nc Sk.n Dlaer.ea from Birth.
Cured In 0 Wraks by Cuttcura.
Now Healthy aa an Be.
.Mr bahi- tn hal hren aufforinir; from hirth wlltt
ton." iort of an t-riptmn. Tha dnctora cattail it
czenia riii littla naoL mint and IPOtM
maun ot rad, inllamtid tiaah.
lu ar no aid aCfOM an 1
liudiir i.ii tliiKht, vMiirair
tha fat Uetih luada a i.-:.!.
vara junt tLs rame. tor
four wttrka aitor htn birth
ha iBfftra J with thii i'nii
tlta, r 11 I unt i - I el tua
tTT.ri ha Eianantai,
tlin- n Litis -j. m. Im
any one In Ave H h
wat ooinpl4tly circd. Ha
viiDinnwarkirll J'sjh. .
nd you ouht to ken hU
km new, - n. . .1. ..,.,
and a . .'I'lt in.l pink .n.i whlin roior. He ti n
ii- ii : . ai he uan b, 1 be (i'i irt'hA Kpkolvkht
na xifei "i in ton,', vigor and atreotftb. I loctoio
aVM. aV UaVUOHBB. 1S4 E. 133d et.. Kew York.
From the ae -1 tvo months my hby mtered
Willi the n.eiMua on her face and bodr. rioctorad
althobt avail. Uaad OVTIOQSi HRMSDIVa t'ouud
il 1 tn avry r -, .-. aatitfit(rv. I ha nb.ld haa
1..' . e Maori 11I akin anil i cured. V charfuLl
I. 1 I'.I .Ml ',.,! I . '. e ! , M Q'l.it
Mil. J, Ki'ii.i NBLlUi. liii.Uri.ii . N. T.
Hate 1 (7ct'd the nioet won orfu' a 11 "aa of tortur
,ii "' -i; - nt- . 1 . aa 11.. caJp d ia iai ot In
tan t a -id ill iidr-u iter le :rrdd. Tha. affoid in-
tuui rails4, petal t ' and alaap. and p -mt to a
p-ed) c ire whan the l.e- r pttyelciaoa tall, l'ai -ronta,
aae our t-hUdren year or na-d ea aiiflar
ii.r. Curat ... : 1,1 childhood ara peruiaaant.
Stild thronrhout (to world. trlca. CtTtrr ra.
&'). . So i-. "JJie. ; R:tm.vMT. 1, ViTa DaOO
am 1 aaM. - ii - . Boil I'ropriatora, 11 atou.
K3T " '" ' tiCura Hk'u Ulaeaaer," mailed fiaa
n ID Y ' v kti and 8clp puriila 1 and heautlne .1
DSD I 0 1 . : 1 1 1. . r.-Ai-- Abaolataiy para.
fBJ Ix nm. atiWUTK Tut. t uilrurat Autt
fL f'Hiu II uliT rellOM rlnuniilf,
t 'i' i' . hip. kldnay, ihaat ajtl nu-
AV iv.uar palua od Hmmuat.
All Who Apply In PsrSSl Will De Ex- I M
nmltifd, IVcmtIImmI fnr and Trrmind 1 H
I'po.i Tbclr Flrai Visit I roe of All I H
nnrfii . 4 H
roctora MeC iy od S iow announce te great eat J I I
opportdalty to tba public that haa erer beau oAarwd H
by any apanaliat 10 tbe raed.eal world. f B
Thla offar la in tha form of a fra. taatof ibair plan PP
of treatmfnt for tba cure al catarrb and all other B
ourabla rhrnnic ltaaM-. PV
All wbo apply ip peraon at their office. 6 Faat f:
Porty-arcond atroet ant n.vt Droadwav, will ha ei- Ui
aniined. priorlltM for and t. rated upon their Arat 1? R
lait freeof a,l .:hare. In additioo to this thor- 'f .
ouahfionaultation and advlca willbegiven toall fc
who apply, without a penny to pay. '
Thla le a taat which tba pa'ient ran maka uae ol J 1
wltboal tteklng a aingla ce-it i.r at .im-netion, thfj M I
flrat treatment, coni Ititloi , adtico or medicine. V
Remembar. thla taat. will afford H actptius nnd tP H
diacouraged pa'iint an opportunity to judge for ty H
themaeWae, free of all co-it. nho-e eyatem of treat- l la
iitent la tha moit ale tlie, whnh don tore . tire nil 4
which dootora aim ply pat catarrh to alaap only t Mft
again. MM
Dootora McOny and Rnow -in-r t'lia free teat tr WjM
tba public aa tha anrat and faireat a a ' of to itlno- Ml
Ing arerylwily that their pian ol treatuieui la tha 'aKt?
Tr-rT iint kno?n to medical It ill It w an honeat, 7Tr
ttralgbtlorward wry of beotiraifu a iiiaintM with
tba great number of peraonn who haro blindly I
bought and paid dearly for their eiperiancj
Doctor McCky and Hnow believe t bat auytjjr I
which will uot ataud tbe acrutiny of a free 0 I
trat muat be lacking In itn offec:lvenei, kUdJa S
thjy offer thq aarerent teat that any phjw- I
could be aubjeoted to. and await tha verdict- H
public without the lemt fear of fillure. T " j
' -I
Off ret: B'Fut43d afreet, near Orand Centrtf, j
pnt, and M flroadwav, ootner of 14th atraet, a aft
I turatic gewiug Machine building, .New York Clt ' ft ,
j If yon live at a dfetance write for a Symptom ' I ,
U.ank. Addraaa all letUra too l:aat 42d atraet. l
Offici bonra-9 o U A. M. . 2 t i 4 P. M. , 6 to 9 ' I
V. II. daily. Snndava. 10 A. If. to3P. M. A
e -! -S 999 B'
r nrf In tit e .Ii-wrlrv bllalnraa
nrl guod rtroplei fnr vnti c know, :
188 Droadtrva! ,9
Rl avatar on Juai it. 1.B
"DnwiiloMii Iftrun." I iH
do nctTsuffer
With That Pain !
Venetian Liniment I
At'TN I, IKK A (II A It .11. BL
All druffsiata, Price 25 eni 110 uente. aM
Till'. Al (il'WT PAItT OV Bj
ii2 irf& B
T young ladies; I
the nraT jiiikmi. FOB i,adiki w
A..l I V'lll. -. ' ' oi : III. I.AI'I'-P
AND 11F.ST KaMII'iN.V l-ltitl 'iMiLY II.LL'S-
T'lATtK. A MA.MMIHII I'nl.ill'.KD MTfl.K.
aTOatRH ot b orlilni; mt ra.t; ami the la-cianio. m
I e NEW AND ilHUIINAI. ..i.iiiai. hiilKY, mM
eDtltleil, M
(.eiidee Nrn II ail 0, BUBROIDBBY pESIOlfS, M
Ao. 'J'l.r iiii.-t i if, ii,- i niAgainn for ladies pub- BBBB
li-.Ued. 1'iii'i- .id rrni-: .irirly )S1 i.-.-.u.i- BBBB
inytbe (brintmaa number. AM nt-wtsdealere and BBBB
Allroioli'.atc in tlie AUGUST number of tM fl
Family Library Monthly 1
Of a I Namdajalan, and B
The International News Company. New York. .H
( ontaining a tbri llin ujvul, new and original. BB
ft.iinrl -HI If H-0(kNU U l( IU l-l .'
t'limplrtr in n Q. AiiKat, now ready. m
I rift- lO raaia, t al i.e.radeateraaud
S3 & '.." O untie i., our door raat ol'H'way
C e bubaariplon r eived for any Periodical. H
r'oraigu or Oomegtie. i ,1'
"religious notices. 1 I
ai 4 i "utr-(. 0. n Tyn laM. " Pnmouad m
atr anl utner a i ..i . .. )'i. r ' ia the l'rakuda 1
tu4.SKKjio: ON AlY.U. l.ib P. It B M
fPdliKT KTiiUKn. wiih indiondeut rellara, fl g 1
othoe,.. atii lif i i "i'n lur mihinara.dreaamakera.
alnrtuiak Al llgi:( '! " '-' I"'' " ""'- lu 'lie! BJ
ln..t-"in- i' i .ii. -i, 11'. Wait 4itn at. ; a, I roounBj M
.a '4-i and iik' t. wiih (.-,..' Ueat and aatiarataB. BF
t iiirt rii'iui- , nnv open fin Ingpeollon : i ALL i.N-B W
Hll.lt. I
rIIF.RWOO. Huddeuly of mriubranoua oroup.fl VA
OleAJlSVCS Pali , j'DUiigest cbillof John W. f
od L'arne W. Uheraujd, ige 3 yeara ai.d '
1 month. BJ
Notice of funeral In Run lay's Herald. H
O'MKARA. -On Jniy 13, DaN.ii. O'Measa, tha gfM
i ai.tfi buebaud of ii 'in. .. ii Baaofalaer,
Kel .thai end ii Hilda are ie,,to(-tlully invited
toatie.il tite tuni'r&l from tut lata resldenoe,
?n Mo.i! ..I, it., no Baodl, iiu'y IA, at l 10
1' Si. A '.r, i ii.ii i in - o Hubert 1 inuii't,
Couucl.l I.O0S, of A. 1 . if II.
Part of the lllmetalilc Plan OfTaral
by 8enator ljan.lnaiu.li.
devils i,aki:, ti. n. July i3.-seii-
et-.r IlaiislirniiKli ilillvirorl a rather
sirang- aililrens brfuio the t'liautiiuqua
Ahs-mbly yMtardfiy, lit uilvucattal Ul
i in 'inlllc riirivnrx', colnago to b.
liirltei1 In proportion n tiroiuiotlon, and
I Hii ratio to lie refttilalaa fram llmo to
time as tin- ralatlve rate ot production I
iloiaaaoi 1
Korelgn riiilllon shouli! he excluded, or, 1
nt least, lis importiitton should be regu- I
tiled by a high rule ot duty. 1
The (Irrnlr.l i limit . KshlbU. 1
I, lo be Mi, In the I'. io,,,i,.i, HailrseVl'e
lluld -i at Ilia V. ilj'i lur. Il I. uleueelf laa J
tereellDg, .' '

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