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Harried Belle at Omaha Shoots
. Her Lorer on the Street.
Say She Tried to Get Him to
Confess to Her Husband.
Attribute 111 Influence Over Her
to Mesmeric Power.
' I
OMAHA. Neb., Oct. 27. -Mrs. Klla
Rudlffcr, a prominent and handsome au-cli-iy
lcndoi. wnlkxl Up to Hdiry J.
Reiser on a busy thorough fart of South
Omaha last night. Ilre-l a bullet through
hiH brain, and followed thn murder with
an effort at self-destruction.
Reiser was a well-known young llngle
nit., and a member of u number of pop
ular Omaha social clubR. He who con
nected with the muutgereent of John
Cudahy's packing Interests In Omaha.
Mm. Ella Tludlfcer In the wife of a
well-known Omaha resident, who is nlso
connected with the Cudahy Interest! In
this ctty.
It waa 8 o'clock when three shots from
a heavy calibre revolver startled the
hundreds of people pusslng the corner
of Twenty-fourth and J streets. Im
mediately following the reports the
bodies of a man and a woman, hand
somely dressed, fell to the pavement.
r-- She was within a foot of her victim.
-""'The firrt shot, she claims, was tired to
O&use the young man to turn around,
but he did not turn. She then sent a
bullet Into his body.
The excited woman gazed at her awful
Work and then placed the revolver at her
bead and pulled the trlggi r. The ball
graced her hair and dazed her. Hhe
talked freely of what she had done and
continually asked: "Is he dead yet?
Tee, I shot to kill. It was for my hus
band to do, but he would not. and so I
' did It myself. The wretch haH given me
enough cause and I hope 1 nave ac
complished what I undertook.
"I ha -t known Mr. Reiser for about
two years, but intimately for only
about one year," she continued. "1 ,
loved the man tit first, and do not
deny it. My conduct has worked on
mv mind until I concluded to make a
clean breast of It to my husband. 1
did so.
"I then wanted Mr. Reiser to admit
.4 jur relation to my husband Ul order
that be might get a divorce. This Mr.
Reiser refused to do. He denied every
thing to my husband. KeUer used to
talk to me about running a way with
him but of lai' ho had not.
'I watched for him when he passed
Up the street this evening. We met on
Twenty-fourth stre t and talked for
about thirty minutes I urged him to
go to my husband and make a confe.s
slcn. but he refused to do so. As we
were about to separate I drew my pis
tol, which I had In my pocket, and fired
one shot In the Bir. In the hope of mak
ing him stop. When he nil not stop or
turn around. I fired to strike him
"When he fell, i placed the weapon at
my own head with the intention of end
ing my life and pulled the trigger. I atn
sorry I did not succeed no, I am not.
eli her I am too good a woman to die
a ' for such a fiend as he wai."
Mrs. Rud'-rer wrote a long letter a
few hours before the tragedy, in which
she explained that Reiser's Influence
was the result of mesmeric power, and
she could only break the spell by kill
ing him. She Is now In jail.
The "Evening World's" Btorj
Exoites the Maritime World
El Cld's Past Performance and
Adaptability for War Service.
The purchase of I he Morgan line
steamship HI t'ld by Charles It Flint &
Co., as exclusively reported in yester
day! "Evening World," fr some South
American Republic, presumably Bfatll,
was the talk of the hour In maritime
circles this morning Those conversant
with the record and capacity of Kl 'id
wore unanimous In the opinion that hie
could be altered Into a very fust and
i PAclent warship,
She coul be easily armored and with
some changes in her deck plans could
be equipped with a powerful but light
armament out of the guns recently
purchased by Charles R. Kllnt & Co..
two 65-pounders, one N-pounder, twelve
8-ponnders. two 10-p.mnders, twenty 1
puiinders. and eighteen torpedo tubes, a
very formidable battery could be se
lected for 1:1 Cld
Char) a it. Flint, when seen this morn
ing, was not in a oommunlcatlve mood.
It aeenu that you have bought ESI
rid " said "The Evening World' re
porter. "Well, what do you want me to say
about It," replied Mr. Kllnt
"What will be her destination when
she leaves New York, and tor whom
have you bought her?" asked the re
porter. "I don't Care to say anything about
the matter." said Mr. Flint,
Kl Cld is one "f the largest coast
wise American steamships afloat. She
' was built in L893 by the Newport News
1 Ship-Hull ling Company, of Newport
News. Vu.. for the Morgan Steamship
line. She Is of 4,M0 tuns register, built
I of steel, and her letig.. is Wi feet over
all. She Is forty-eight feet beam. Her
depth from the keel to the upper deck
is thirty-three feet, she ii.is three decks
and an Oliop deck forward.
Her boilers are three In number and
of the double-ended Scotch type, measur
ing twenty feet ix Inchei in length by
thirteen feet in dl im er. . . i - Her
ha sis furni n The total gral surface
Is 4'W nauare feel and me total heat
ing surf ice io,t .1 soui re feel
The engine piston! have no tall rods,
but are ntte i Instead with adl istabie
followers. The ValVCI are of the pls
ton -slide variety, placed on the front of
the engine, and close to the cylinders.
The surface oonderfser has 6 ' square
feel of cooling surface, water being
furnished bj an Independent centrifugal
circulating pump, The crank shafl Is
I sixteen Inches lu diameter, and it.- pi
pi u r i- four-bladed, and of the built
up patti rn, nv itsurlng elghti n feet in
tlfametrr. and with a pitch of h ntj
t . r
CI Cld has a l-unker capacity of about
LOOO ions of coal, and she does not or
dinarily ronsume mire than sixty tins
a day. Propulsion Is provider h verti
cal expansion engines, and th cylln
ders measure reap i v 1 y fur hlrh. In
terrm Hate nnd low pressure ... fa and
8t inch i
Rl id has steam steering gear In the
f pwnrd j'ii"i houee an i scren han I gi ir
in the art r he;: a steam a inul i
an l steam npstan are provided for
i andllng am hoi and haw si i . nnd
then is a complete electric light plant.
with 11. Incancl scent lamps, nrnttei i
through the i nglne-room, deck-house and
quarters occupied hy the crw nnd cargo.
A powerful search-light is located on a
stand on the forecastle.
El Cld in well qualified for the de
mands of an armed cruiser. She In one
of the fasten; vessels -f her class ever;
launched On her maiden voyage from
New I irb-aiiK to New York she made the
run in the fastest time on record, mak
ing the trip from Mississippi bar to
Haii.lv Hook bar In four day.;, two hours
and fifteen minutes. The best previous
run was made by I--1 Bol. of the
same line, in four days, two hours and
thirty-nine minutes Muring hei record
bn afclng voyaifi Rl Cld ma le the
following days' runs M8, 876, 46(1, Ml and
I Mi knots. The total distance was i,i;i:
kn its. and the average speed per hour
wiM Hi :t-4 knots,
This showing is regarded as remark
able, as i;i cld was built as a freighter,
and fifteen knots an hour was almost
the maximum of sp I hoped for. L'nder
more favorable conditions she could
ere. illy e(-ed Hie :. . 1 . f her faiUOUS
maiden trip Her machinery was de
signed by Horace Bee, a naval designer,
1 who Incorporated Into her mechanism
many features peculiar to warships,
Fon - ten tv nervi s and sood ileep nv
niinuo-s rrzKii. Uoatalni no And I'yrlna
Tho Drowned Woman Still in the i
Morgue Unidentifisd.
Keeper White Says that In Life She
Was IScniitlltil.
Tiie body of the young woman taken
i from the ISosi tilvvr at the foot of Kast
fourteenth street h still at the Morgue
unld ntlfled. Morguo-Ki i per White
. Me woinii: tvu ones beautiful,
although four da a in the v.alir have
dustroyt -i all evlih uces of beauty,
The clothes worn by the woman In
dicate that she had been in good cir
cumstances. Hhe had small hands and
Albert Thomi son, in Is In command
ol f iho !! scows, discovered the
body Minting In th water u. short dlS-t.in-
e off thi I'oort. i nth sire -t dump,
gusl of v. ind caught a long tree, of
dark-brown hair, and Thompson then
know it was a woman s head. An eddy
made by the strong tide brought the
body to the surface, and it floated with
hh entire length visible. A mass of
brown hair floated about the woman's
head, Thompson got into a boat and
towel the body to the dock.
Policeman Law lor. of the Cnlon Mar
ket station, made an examination of the
(..thing but found nothing thai might
lead to an identification except h pock
et book with the letter D In steel on the
1 Hap. The pocket book contained $8.66 and
1 a small key.
Th bolv was taken to the Morgue.
wh re tiie following description was
A l tout 1 wnty-thn- yrpt oM. five fert lx
In hes in height rjr inn urk brows hair
BSvtml lerth on ib lefi iltfe ol the inwrr jaw
mlwlni. wv'atit tboul 1 1" pound
The young woman wore a black cloth
sacque trimmed with astrakhan fur.
Her waist and skirt were of blue serge.
The trimming on each was black s.itln.
Ine petticoat had a gray and white
Stripe running through tt. On the
chemise there was some fancy needle
work. The stockings were .1 very light
brown. The corsets were white and
Blue. The shoes were buttoned and of
e, 1 quality. In the pocket or the dress
was found a pair of tan kid gloves
M irmie-Keej.fr White says thai the
body had been in the water four or five
lays. All but the face is comparatively
well preserved. No marks of violence
were noticeable on the body. It Is sel
dom thai the body Of a woman so well
dressed is missing n long without some
Imiulry being made, but thr police say
thHt no report has been turned In of
the disappearance of a woman answer
ing her description.
The body Is In one 01 the new Ice
boxes recently built at the Morgue. It
will be kept as long as possible before
being burled In Potter's Field. ,
To Prevent
Tbc (trie, Hh.'iiir !i'i "ii Catarrh, rinunmnta
and the numerous ills made epidemic tv
cold damp weutliernf autumn, your blood
nuiHt be pure, active and your body In
health) condition Nothing "iuaU Hood
hap-lii'ii: i.ln lu; Mi- pUtlOCStlOU ami Vital
.. ot"ii of the bloodi ftad to sIVS vlireroUB
health. It n thn Favorite Fall aiedirlne.
Hood's Cures
Bold hy alt drnMtlM. I I U bottle for A.
llnml' Pill euro llvor III. Jntinrtice.
blHonailSMi ick h,.l(-he ,nl imllirpstlon. Sfie.
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Cheviots, Worsteds, Cassi- jj Q flQ
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grades at $22.00. $26.00 and S30.00.
Send for Our Illustrated Catalogue.
8th AVE. & 42 ST.
Court of Appeal Deflnen Tho'r
Privilege on 6tdowa!lts.
Th" I'nurt of Appeals Vaa J'iwt handed down
a vrry ImiHirmnt di-- l-l( i affCtlS the rights
,,f j riritrlana to the ticlltllvs use uf the ulde-
Kiank Ioff. a boy thirteen year nf age, while
walking, through Jay itrsat on Aug. 12. 1890.
na flni-k ly a wagon belonging to Frcl-rl-k
Ah 'is
He brought milt through hl- rounnel. Alfred
no 1 fharl.-Ji Stei kler. an-1 rerovered a verdli t
aalnm Akeri In thi Superior Court rnr II.OiiO.
N!r Rtecklsr rlalme-l ihil the f i Idcnt having
lipt"uri tti (ha biiltwalk ty tto- bo) tit-lng miight
bctwwn the (la i-rm Mil the re ir eod of the
wagon, it whs ntlllgsni on the part of tb
drlrvr to CORK on the nldvwalk in ditrL'iard of
th" rights of pedewtrtan".
tv- defendant appealed to the Superior Court,
r.pnrat Term, anil that Court affirmed the Judg
ment. Tba defendant took the nse t') the Court
of vppeala and ihut irt to-day banded down a
decision upholding tho rlsbt or ih public to
the use of the t r t , and that the atdewulk
In longed to the pedestrians.
Arraigned While in Uniform Charred
with Abandonment.
Policeman John J. Churchill, of the Went
Tw'-ntleth atreet station. In full uniform, waa
brought up in the JenVrann Market Pollrt f'ourt
thta morning on -'-mplntnt .if hln wife. Mary, who
charged him with abandonment and n 'ti support.
The pair have not lived happily together for
yeara Mm t'htir hill aald tier husband gave. ). r
2i tenis recently to buy conl. When ahr naked
htm tor money to puri haie tood h told her to
eat (he nwl
('bin hill denied his wife's Story, and said that
he had a flat at 271 West Kighty-elghih Htreet, and
that ahu wits wolcome there.
'I he examination in the eau wui adjourned until
Monday, The polbem.n whs paroled.
William O'Neill Dies a Vlct'm of H1b
Own Carelessness.
William O'Neill, twenty-one yeari old. of 440
I'leaf.Hit avenue, was ftund -: I In bed at blH
home (Iila morning He had been auffo. ated by
Ineellgitlon showed that tufere retiring last
night lie bad failed to turn thw ga off.
Porter Schopke and His Wife Con
fess to tue Bobbery,
Vuntlnr .V o. Syateiiiatlcully Plun
tlered for Months.
Ptjtoctlvos Reap and liollani, of In
pector MoLatlfhUn! ntalT, arraigned In
the Tombs Police Court this morning
Krnnt Hchujke, thirty years old, and
hla wife. Amelia, thirty-eight, of 378
Willis avenue, on- the charge of grand
larceny. They pleaded guilty and will
be arraigned to-morrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Schopke were Jointly ac
cused of robbing the firm of Vantlne &
Company, ot 79 Broadway, In which
tirm the man has been employed as a
porter, of J5,U00 worth of bric-a-brac and
costly silk goods.
The stealing has been going on for
more th.in twelve months, the guilty
pair confessed. Two weeks ago a rep
resentative of the firm reported to the
Central Office that goods were dlsap
penrlng mvsterinisly from the store.
Detectives Reap and Holland were
riven the case. Last evening they fol
twed Porter Schopke when he left the
store carrying a bundle, to a Bowery
pawnshop, and there saw him dispose
of some rare bric-a-brac.
Schopke was arretted He first denied
the crime when charged, but when
brought before the Inspector confessed
The husband implicated his wife. The
detectives nnvle a search of the
Bchopke house later, and found a
wagon load of costly goods, all of which
I were taken to Police Headquarters.
This morning three employees of Van
tlne & Company went there and Iden
tified the property.
A number of pawn tickets, calling for
goods dlsp led of. were produced by the
guilty collide. A large part of all the
stolen gopoi will be recovered.
I Thin dorr ft pi flgTMIf ffft MV WtOkt ftothei toft
thr tinif u trt't nttfa p pi
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coats H
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his time you ought to.
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cident again :
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England, invented a new
fabric for men's clothes. It
was made from Llama wool,
which is naturally black. To
prove that its color would
never change, he fastened a
piece of it to the masthead
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during an entire round trip
from London to Australia
and back.
And he did prove it.
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,,," n .. . . SS3C" 200 Lalio. Fn.t Wack IB TUC PRC AT C Al C flC K'Huda.id n-ld ''nndl,'.. 1ioo top. Imperial Photo FramM? fit '" a . , v ' , i, ,V ,, ' ' 2 c. and $1.00 Wool . Ar J
$2.79 Per Roll or 8c. ,ard. OEwh ' M IHh UKtAI 5ALt Uh , fttii ...". -s .,,s- .05 MTT "t!Xl Drcss G()0js A QL i
UPHOL STFRY AND BFDOiNR ' d- V;i-M-'1(JI A J C I Q ' ,.,.,. ' -28 i;;;;; ;-; rry:::::::::: Mr.rr,, ,,,, 'n vervflnt; ' 4vd Ul
UrnULOILni RnU DLUUmO. Beautiful Line Crepe Cloth, In all -lll:11" TiJ0 tM I I W T 7 Silver-l'latod Tablespoons, CO r,,,.- Vhii. box of 100 29' quality, m m-ariet. black, blue, nr very fine, y U. H
LacCurlain. flo pair up the evening shade. W W Wm Wm V j 4 dotn for .00,; , i: v. ..,.. box of 250 a4 ","?, TaJrSv J A fl
Clwuille Curtains a.4K mQ anft Tj0jj. if. TAlt HK . o Silver-plated Knivos, each. . 15 1 BmboMl Choclwr box IO Men uprfinS nllh Cayh- QQ 50 pieces fine S -tf (1(1 M
Otou.ll. r...... rvo, B8..CU T ' ' A RC hr, i n, . Copper-bottom Oval Wash , vDCPUK IM N iTIflM P' .-' "'""'. ' Velvets, in new M "" A
Lluei.Hto.le.. 6x3 ft 88 up M . , -jr AtJ Continues. jo.ler, worth $1.10, for ft ' OrtUlflLO 111 HJIIUIIO. nW. Mm$i " .gftj . Fall and Winter ,
Window 1'oIm (complete. .10" yQ- 250 Ladies' Knit Jackets . i I 0 ... .., . ,. , oc . en . ea.'h , HI Fancy wik darter Kiatic. all col- ic ,, eiKht. Hiik'iinisb. made m AH shades, very desirable, A VU. MM
L tS&ZSL - h ,0 car8 "r Apron Check a,n- Bhoul i m. 0er dOO Titles. Worth from 25 to 50 ctt. He8t clotut.slin(, per yard. .0 1 ABS'S !j? '.-. qq
RSKSKS: 111 hms' jw . ": " CQ , nn I Saturday Sale of f;7t8st 30cko"OH!r--- Wi&u'n? 53 rsJ.i. .39 n ps aC
an rt. 1 7K Jm I C nM ZLM KM . I . mj . . One lot Btranaky s Blue and khik mo- an 1 spool -.tton. .pool .64 1 .. ' .. .r ... - H IB J
!RS2i.:::,j:::::::::: 1:15 - Zl.'H ' ' M " ,,uu Jewelry at special Za wui. worth d&imfi8ittLi8 -.i SmmJiW ,n 7Vf, m
Dpnoi.un.dOou 1.85 T2 yd. , 0 RR R Rfl Prices. mm.m9lMw' 70 fib&frel 'U 370- new colors. A y0. I
Fther l'Ulows SO ' J"" Heavy Shawls. . .JU to II. UU I eaoh .w Blockin IB I

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