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Willard Pruden Arraigned for
I Abandoning His Family.
Vound with a Handsome Brooklyn
Girl In Albany.
FA. Willard r.uilen, yhn formerly lived
at 376 I'nlon stmvt, Brooklyn! was very
uncomfortable this mornlnic- He Was
jf brought bnrk from Albany yeiterda) by
HI Detective Mahoney, of the Brooklyn
Central Mice, to meet his wife's charge
i Of abandonment. PrudenB wife. Mr.
M Rose Pruden, was in Justice Tlghe'a
i Police Court this morning, accompanied
M by her sister. She Is a very stylish-
looklllK little woman, but she seemed to
be much eareworti.
Truden is a salesman about tnentv-
eight years old. Ills wife : a year or
M two younger She his i , children
Pruden was very reticent this in irn-
JB '' He i.ilk iilsiiit thi'
W case, when arraigned he mm .ludKe
M Tlghe that he had been unable ihus far
'VH to get the advlee of counsel. Judge
K Tlg-he enleie.1 a plea .if not gulltv for
him, and put the ease over to Nov. 8.
K He required Pruden to give a bond of
H .lon. His brother, Kov Pruden, became
his bondsman.
law When Mrs. Pruden came up to appear
I, against her husband their eves hardly
met. The meeting was painful and wa'sl
': Boon over.
Pruden lefl his wife and family last
April. His wife has he.n looking for
him ever since, she finally located him
LB In Albany. She went to Alhanv early
In the week and located Pruden. she
was surprlsisi to find that ho was living
there With another woman, who had l
H just borne him a child,
i The young woman, who has been Pru-
den's companion in Albany. Is said to
' be Vivian Ingersoll, daughter of Wlll-
,H lam II Ingi Cingregu-
i B tlonal clergyman, who lives nt 31 Ash-
H land place. Brooklyn. Pruden admlti
1 W ' that he never married Miss Ingersoll.
Pruden. knowing Miss Ingersill's deli
cate condition, thought disgrace for her
, and her family would be lighten,. 1 by
providing a home for her out of the city.
Miss Ingersoll Is about eighteen years
old. and very pretty. Some time ago
Blanche Ingersoll, her pisier. married an
actor without giving the customary no
tice to her friends, lloth girls are well
. known In amateur dramatic circles in
V Pruden has been a salesman for a New
V York dry-goods house for several years.
fl Clothing and Honey Taken from
0 Houses During the Night.
i Mri. Mary Murphy, of CPn I.lvlnjrutnn itrrct.
L Brrxikiwi notlfW.il the poll i (hli m rnlng thai
H thieves had entered ht-r room on the econ-l
, H floor during the nlnht airl itoltn $75 wnrth of
; clothirut. Thp tblvVtS lsn rnterrfl the horn
9 j of L, Hoaennate. nn the thlnl floor, atul ttolej
'.' ! clothing rallied nt J- n
f' ' IliirKlam fnrcp.1 an entrance to the tallorlnn e-
H tabllahment nf Michael Teller, of GGO Fluihln.,
R avenue, early this murnlni anil stole a suit of .
i clothe valtiAj at J.'. i
i 8jb Muring the nlnht the apartment a of Edward
W Flloome, on thp lhtrl fl.vir of fCO Sumnt r avenue. '
II were entered by burglars, who CBITlad uay l
Ml Jewelry and clothing worth $40.
Hs Declares There Was an Agrse-
mtnt About the Commercial.
p After consulting with John W. HoiSS, Deputy '
;L Attorney-General, Lawyer Qrsves this mornlriK
H derided to consent to an adjournment until Tues
day before, taking the Court o wind up th af-
falra of the wrecked Cotnmen lal Har.k oC Brook- ,
I f Lawyer Ilarrett. Counsel for the bank. hen '
aeen by an "Kvenlna; World" reporter. Slid that
LS Mr. tiravea aatd w hat was untrue ' t h h( an Id
be did not consent to postponement; that an
Ssreement was reached by the two law yen.
L Thsy Ask thst Their Nemos Bo
JWy Placed on the Reg-lstry Lists.
An application WM made to Justice Pratt, in the
ljA Supreme Court, Hrooklyn. this morninR. for an
order requiring the Inspectors of election of the
Third District nf the town of fastleton. Richmond
WB County, to put th' nnmin of Mnward It. Hoyne and
I forty-seven other olers OH the Kglatry list of the
! district.
, Mr Iloyne asserts that he le belpg fraudulently i
dlacrlmlnated aKalnst.
m Man Arrested In Iinffland Is Wanted
B la Elizabeth, N. J.
H It was learned thla morning by an "EvenlnfC
9B World" reporter that William Wendell, who wfts
B srreated at Southampton yesterday as he stepped
Hk off Hit ateamer Kuernt Itlsmarck. from New Tark,
D le BTWSld Houteinan
fff llouteman la wanted by the police of Kllzabeth,
B K. J . for an alleged defrauding ot the Humtiurg-
&B American Steamship line
BS The niBtrlct-Attorney f Kllzabeth hat gone to
ftg Waahlnjcton to arrange for I'oiiteinan's extradition.
HK The amount Involved could not be learned.
tBr' Cable advlr, say that the prisoner waa taken
W to London and thence to the How gtroot l'ultctj
7 Court, mhere he was remanded for a eek.
H ins rlrsa... gltua l r-. S. m r . . ..:
A M P. U.
Bandy Hook 9.02 S-35
Governors Island 9 24 9 :2
Hell Gate 11.17 11.45
gandy Hook 2 47 124
H Governor's Island 3 19 3.68
Hell Gate 4 47 6 26
Te flag Eastern Standard Time, subtract fjur
Steamer Columbia. WilhelahaTen Oct. 19,
Southampton 20, with merchandise and 93 first
116 second and --1 stcerafte pabenKera to i: J.
k Cortia
P Steamer Capac. Sun 1. rl.tnl Oct. 14 In tiallast
to W H. drace k Co
Steamer Clt) of Si Augustine. Jacksonville Oct.
23 with lumber to the Yellow Pine Lumber Com
pany, vessel La Warren Hay.
Bark Atlintl' Stettin r.4 dava. with merchan
dise to order ease t Theo lt'i-r x- Co
Blear e- ti- lie t. Hsmburg tscL U wli rr.ercras
dlse anl pasengeri to II I Cortia,
Steamer oil Dominion, Richmond Oct. 14, hh
merchaii'iise nn i passengers, to oid Dominion
Steamship Companv
gteamer I- W Mrune. Baltimore, with merchan
dise to H. C. Potter.
El Monte. New Orlssns.
, Kansas City. Saami;ih.
K Yemaaaee. Charlext p
WW TO SAIL Tom i'ii: W
Malta , ; .- Vssaell sail.
Campania, Liverpool 330 M 7 " A. M.
H La Champaicne. HSTrs 2 10 M t 00 V
A Elbe, nren-.en S 3d M 9.00 1
P Pumeaala, Glasgow 1.00 1.00 A M
Kdam. lt"tterdam ,., LOOP, M 8.00? M
Baraioaa. Havana 1 1 M 1 - 1' M
Nsonoenee savannah -- g. on p y
gaglnaw. Ian lomiiian 1 00 I'. M .Ail I M.
Nue-es Qslveal n : 04 P M
El Mar. New Orleans . 31.. p y,
Louisiana. New Orleans 3 uo ' M-
1 Muriel. St Kltts Oct 16.
California. Gibraltar Oct 1
Maastlam. Pl in . Ii t It.
Olympla Gibraltar O4 t It,
Amain. Hamb irg ct 9
Caraceua. Lajtuavra Oct. 21
Ponbatan. Gibraltar Oct 12
New York. Southampton Oct. Jl.
I mli r la Liverpool Del 21,
America London Oct 1.
OseX Dusdee OeL le.
Aged Ticket Agent Handley Tells
a Strange Story.
lis Also Accuses tbs Poller of ltc
nmrkabls Action.
Hampf'ui Handley, a nlirlit ticket aRint
of the I'nlon Elevated Railroad, who I
1 rtatloned at Broadway and iHkk ave
nue, Wllllamsburir, modo a jferloup
change ti)ttliiHt the police of the Fifth
I Precinct to-day. In effect, he itccilBen
tlini of arreatlns; a man. locking him
nil and discharging him without the for-
. mnlity c,f an arraignment In court.
! At .1 o'cl ick this morning, Mr. Hand
ley says, he dlMeoerei a man lvlm?
across the tracks- in hucIi a popftion
thai he would undoubtedly have been
killed by the next train that cams along
With the assistance ef Michael Ureen.
a signal man employed by the railroad
In Kant New York. Handley lifted the
man from the track. Qreen th.'ti went
for an officer. While he was gone, the
stranger, who ha-i appeared tu he very
'lrunk. revived.
ii- grabbed Handley, who is an old
man. and endeavored to throw him from
the platform into the street, Handley
struggled as hest he could, and just as
he was ahum used up Qreen and the
officer returned
Then, according to Handley, the man
was taken to the i-'irth Precinct and
locked up. Handley and Qreen were
told to appear in the I.ee Avenue Court
at 9 o'clock to-day to prosecute They
waited until nearly noon and then asked
Justice QnettliiK why their case was not
The magistrate looked over the papers
and could not find a record nf any such
''!""'-. I ""'" advised the men to go to
t a- Firth Precinct and get an explana-
Sergt Klernan who was on duty, snld
he had no record of any such case. It
happened if it happened at all when i
he was on duty.
Natural Causes at First Assigaed
for His Death,
Now the Corsner Is Maklag a Cara
ful Investigation.
Ccroner Kene, of Hrooklyn, will make
a riKll Investigation Into the sudden
death of Henry L". Frelst. a chemist,
forty-seven years old. who lived with
tits wife at 103 Uutlleld street. Frelst
was In the employ of Pfelffer & Laven
hurK. of IH5 William street. New York.
According to the story told by his wife,
he came home at 10 o'clock Wednesday
nlR-ht. Shortly afterwards he went to his
room, ami In a few minutes Mrs. Frelst
heard her husband callltiK her. Khe en
tered his mom just as he fell, with hla
lat-.d clasped over his br.-ast. Dr. ben
jamin M. Brlggs was culled, but the
man wan dead.
The case was reported to the Coroner
yesterday morning. .. Deputy Coroner
Kellj heard rumors that Frelst had
committed suicide by taklnw polso,vnnd
e visited the, house yesterday after
Mr. Kelly sail this morning that he
nod been told that everything Muted
to the supposition that death was due
to natural causes. He questioned the
Inmates of the house as to whether any
bottle had been found, and received a
negative reply. He concluded, however
i" fytvean autopsy performed, and Dr.
J. M. Clayland was selected to perform
tile task. In u report of the uutopsv.
submitted this morning, Dr. Clayland
says he found the heart In a normal
condition. In the stomach there was
about half a pint of fluid of coffw
color. he fluid was removed, and will
he subjected to a chemie.,1 analysis.
nr. t layland also forwarded to the
oroner a small bottle bearing a label
on which was printed a skull and cross-
ln''",- .'.n'1 ,lK'- ""r'1 "Kft" (poison).
The bottle was found In the house, and
It Is re-.rte,l that Mrs. Frelst said the
bottle contained cyanide of potash
Dr. Clayland refuses to give his opinion
as to the cause of death until after the
contents of the stomach have been an
alyzed. Mrs. Frelst declares that her husband
. i o, ur,f'as"!!, tnat w,uld Prompt him
to kill himself.
. Scfcaffer, the- Alleged Gold-Dust
Bwindlsr, Still a Prisoner.
! Ji-ob s hiitr-r. the hII.-k-.i sold cluit mlndlfr,
dliirhargiHl upon a rlt of baliran of crnm
I'etc.ro JuiB Ijinlon. In th nrooklyn Court of
Ojrsr Slid Terminer, tbla m..rnln It was con
CMM that tho facia In the- complaint did not
r.inMllutf a crlma. He a Immediately re
arr.i,tcd op a charge of arand larceny.
ijifj igi g gir
Turned Upside Dow n Is j'our
borne in thin sad plight many
arc and houbo-cleaniiiR does it.
Cold meals and no comfort, sour
tempers and aching backs, hard
work and too much of it, tired
women and "mad" men all
from house-cleaning. And it's
all needless. Don't make such
a fuss over it. Take a littlo
Pearline, and have it done
easily, quickly and quietly.
You'll have it done better, too
you won't have to rub the
paint o.'f t get the dirt off.
You can save half your labor
and half your time, if you'll
clean house with Pearline and
everybody in the house will bo
thankful for it. Millions mo
nothing but Pearline for wash
ing and cleaning.
Tufa"! "" "','. - T- Slid Kr.cerai
I 111 II S o tell Mil ' thla la is kiI
er Hi aunt ii. I'.ft Iiii-
the Key ?&BSFmiwaHmi
e .
Objflotions Made to Alderman
Coffej's Disposal of Plums.
Kiimori thnt le)Minr !! Boiled
from Mayor Iloody.
It ipnkM out in Hrooklyn thlK morn. tin
that thorn Is trouble In the Twelfth
Ward, and it is h..m on k-u authority
that unleu matters are adJuateJ before
election day that section of the city.
whirh has always been a Democratic
stronghold, will poll a Mr? vote for
Charles Bchleren, the Republican
nominee for Mayor.
The wanl Ir presided over by ex-Alderman
Michael J. Coffey. The tnut'i
h.ta been caused by the way Mr. Coffey
baa doled out the offices, confining, it is
mii. at the easy positions with large
salaries attached to the nv moors of
one or two families.
Tho disgruntled Democrats rite as an
Instance ths cose of Alderman Prank
Hennessey, who succeeded Mr. Coffey in
the 'ommon 'ouncll chamber.
Alderman Hennessey draw s $2.o a
year as Alderman.
His father is keeper -f public baths
in Smith Brooklyn, whleh nets hlni from
11,200 to $1,500 a year.
The youngest son, John, Is employed
ns was Inspector, un office created for
him. whteh brliiKs him an Income of
12 IN HI Jl vi-iir.
Two other relatives of Alderman Hen
nessey, named Casey and McKeogh are
bartenders, but they also draw $- a day
from the city as dump Inspectors,
Hut the Twelfth Ward regulars, who
have worked for the party for years,
say that Mr. Coffey went loo far
when he Appointed two Republican
members of the Hennessey family as
bridge keepers nn the (iowaims Canal.
i iit-se men are named Wallace, They
are brothers and are Alderman Hen
nessey's COUSlns. They are open In their
deelaratlon of never having voted the
Democratic ticket. They em-h draw
$1,000 a year from the city treasury
Many of the ambitions ofllceseekers
are i utluent la I. They have. It Is said,
Joined f i trees and are determined to
turn down Mr. Coffey and the Hennes
sey family If such a thing Ih possible.
They have gained the support -f 100
of the 2uo saloon-keepers in the ward
This fact Is plven as the rtason for
the slim attendance of saloon-keepers
who were called together by .Mr. Coffey
Wednesday night.
The antf-Colfeyltes declare that of all
thn voters registered in the ward the
office-hold era facton, ns it Is ail i.
htm lost several hundred.
Politicians at Democratic headquarters
in the Jefferson building this morning
expressed their surprise over the P sl
tlon suddenly taken by John Uelmar
against .Mayor Huudy
Delmar Is one of the strongest leaders
of Kings County. He owns a Brooklyn
newspaper known as the "Itlng organ,"
which has always supported every i lllce-
1 holder In the city government.
Yesterday the leaders were surprised
to see the following paragraph ui the
I "Itlng organ."
"Th' re tvns nn" thin Which apt'tnod tn have
llppM tho min la of ih.- Mttnllat mint at era
Th.it U that whi! Mivtr Doody mimpwhai pom
pnnnlv hi. i. .1 th! -'. Mill he no interna
tional pritt-flaht at Cnney Inland, wh.-re he has
nn a'lthorlty. he duet. BOt aay a nrrl aaaltiAt the
hratn! oshlbltlOM hl h he allow to te heM In
Rrftuklyn. whi re he inn authority, at Iraat, to
toncilt hla maatt-r aa to hln ixirae "
Mr. Delmar was not at headquarters
this morning, and there wns consider
able anxiety caused by his absence.
It was rumored thf.t there was trouble
among the leaders and that Delmar had
bolted H ly
At Grand union Hall, corner of court
and Harrison streets, this evening.
there win be another large ratification
meeting for Bchleren, under the man
age ment of the Sixth Ward branch of
tho Clt (sens' I'nlon.
Mr. Bchleren O is morning received a
letter from Joslah Pen field, stating that
all the members of the New York
Produce Rx change who voted in Brook
lyn, had declared, irrespective of party,
to eupport him for .Mayor.
I Customs Inspector Testifies In the
Famous Lsroux Case.
The third ilay of the trial nf the Le
mux diamond rnae opened shortly before
noon to-ilay before .Indue Heneillct ami
a Jur' In the l'nlte.1 States Clrrult
Court, nrooklvn. with Henry Whelan,
a customs 'Inspector, oh the witness
He tesllfle.l that Wnllrlncer had sl;ne.l
the derlartlon In his presence on the
steamer New York His property, he
claimed, consisted of household effects.
Max olomon, a clerk In the Hotel
Transatlantlque, in west stnet, was
next cnlle,). He Identified nhotographs
of I-'Innimnnt and Mrs. Klammant. The
photographs had previously been I letitt
fled ns those of wollkrlnsTer and the trirl
Wltn whom he had eloped from Paris.
eJweller Henri lie LaCour was re
called. He produced a letter In Woll
krlnKer's handwriting received Sept. is
last. Mr. Johnson said he wante.1 to i
prove that Wollkrlnuer was In Paris on I
that date. The letter was ruled out.
Evidence Apa'nnt Nearly 800 Given
to the n strict. AMornsy.
Foster I, liackus called on Dlsirlet
Attorney Rldgway this morning nsklnK
that several hllndret cases of Illegal
registration in Hrooklyn he laid liefore
the Kings County Grand Jury.
I Mr Il.H k uk said he had evidence
against at leajii 300 persona who had
registeril fraildulet) lly.
Mr Hidgway t.xik the documents from
Mr. It.ukus and prom'sc' that all Un
cases of allegi-l Democratic floaters
would he pla.ed l.efor- the pr.-sent
Orand Jury and In.ll.iments ,ikei for,
J President of Freeport Dies Suddenly
In Jamaica.
j JAMAICA, Li. I . Oct. 27. Carman Cor
nelius, aged sixty-seven years, dropped
dead in the Surrogate's court here
this morning, while rendering Ids ac
count ns nn executor He told the
otllce of Deputy Treasurer of Querns
County, and had been Tre&mrer 'f Hi
town or llrmpsi, id, mid a Bupt r Is ,r of
tho county, He was also president of
ths villus.- of Freeport, uhire hi n-
"The Idler" t the Columbia.
"Th.. Idler' n" prodttrts' b, tbi i, , its
Theutra c.-mi-any at thf ' lm.it. ia Th. on- Mr ,'!
in lasl nii-M Mi rbert Kal is Mark rrm
Klwarl J lla". h!T,' in S.i J tr, llirlii.K ,,. ,.,,
Carrss, aa l.ai iiu!..r ,1 ,, mlrahli work
nr I m. -,- glvpn rnaiv , i r, I I , n . ,-
i si Ii mi h tugad r ,, ,;i i fi. ..,
bv iiiesentrl
Chicago Embezzler CBUfll',
Ati ,-rt haw a trsvslllsi ssletmss n pi -i
b) Hubbard, Usrtleil d -pun -, ...,,, hard
fs i dsalsra it Cbl ata i r. :-.B) i. i in d- ,
Ti tl i i ii - i tbls it i nh i. r,, wiii
smbssills, f: f th, Arm mi ii ,
srrasu I lust mtn on a tsleanun Imsi ibi i bl
, an , Ii. ,
Sab 1 by a Won a.
Marti! I ... i, f ,p ir, i , f -,
K:m atrial. bald It us SSIISS IS th,-
t-rr.ia,,, Mark-t Polla, Pearl thin swrnlas
, ho.'-t ultb pial.lilns ilaepav PBatar of ': I south
nrih aia in WedBseaer. H aatt ., sub si h n
with ui aSUSS, liul bti ln-lt, I llul hr ha I Ii p,I
to cnltr bar room, and thai ar.e rtftcuiltd bat I
salt Ika bUs claim la baaw bar.
1 1 ml i I m I i ''m' i
arrived, folloi i i n momc nl lot, r hi
Isanl liiih entered itu stnblv through
the sruttle-hole K me nf ilmn had .1
dentl) gone down to ihe same flour
nh the Hun, fur he set nn I ills n bi I.
and colllil be hi ml lumping nh nit til
terlng fierce, blond-curdling growls.
At about In o'clock linstock nap
pi ati d
" The I rule Is ugll.i- Hian ever," he
said, "and I don't km w wh.-i to do with
him "
"I know Jusi wbnl to do with him,"
sal I i n,i llnllaghi r. whn hem I Ihe
rem irk "This neighborhood," he con
tinued earnestly, "hns I-, .n In a fever of
excitement rind ilreud for twenty-four
hours, I mean thai this thing must
stop. The streets are blocked an I I am
ovei helmeil v.ith com pi dnis
"If thin l, .n 1- it.. i caged by 1 o'clock
I'll Kill him Ii Is i lungcrous n risk
i" allow him to run loose In this r.nn
shnckle born am longi i "
Later i-.ipt Unllngh i dm Ide I to giv
Vr. linstock umii evening i" rt move
Ihe obstreperous beasl
A t.ill pi.ui lih a bushy lienrd ns red
as a danger slguiil and a twang as wide
as ih., comedy character In n border
drama, ellsnveil Ids way ihrough the
crowd towards Manager Rostock lust us
he started towards the corner
"I say." said the newcomer, "I'm n
cowboy, I am, an I I'm In hard link I
kin catch thai i,.-gasv, beast In a
h lv mlnnlt' i I don t. h km have inj
skin fur a lum h."
"How'll vou catch 'lm"" iiuerle 1 Hos
ti ck
"I. ass, m, of course I kin lro a
r..p to heal a Naval,,. I kin. 'sld, - th.
beast ain't hair as ugly as you fellers
snj I've had doings with mounting
lions and done up tlg-r ens mnny's
the time, an' I guess 1 kin master lids
animal and il in t you forgll n "
The cow bo was In earnest and had
his lasso coii. i over his shoulder; but
Uosl i( wouldn't let him beyond the
danger line.
"Thai animal has killed three men. al
ready.'' he said, "and 1 don't want him
lo kin an, ,th, i
"Don't you weep about me, boss." re
plied Ihe cowboy. "Thai animal won't
make any more funerals If I gel (his
string around his neck 111 make blm
cry real tears for madness, I will, whin
I tighten mi his larnyx."
Th.- cowboy attracted stn-h n crowd
that the police removed him. but ha
nromlsed to come back and show the
lion-tamer a trick when they had given
the Job up.
Ammonia, which was tried yesterday,
having fallel. It was determined to try
wai, r to-day. and accordingly at in
o clock a heavy stream was turned
nn his llonshlp. lie didn't seem to like
it a bit. and howled and capered hk
mad. but he didn't enter the cage to
escape the shower
Lions, it Is said, are as nfrald of water
ns Park How vagrants, and It was
thought certain that the maneater could
i be forced back Into his cage when the
stp'itm was turned on. but the hope
was soon blasted.
Dr. I). W. Washburn, of ,2 Irving
Place, was engaged by Capt. Gallagher,
In the event of all other methods fall
ing, to ndmlnsier some kind of anaes
i thettc, and thai falling to render the
1 boas, helpless, to kill him by a quick
Messrs. Conklln nnd McDonald. Hon
tamers attached to Itanium - Ralley'a
circus, arrived from the winter quarters
at Bridgeport I his morning. They were
equipped with ropes, chains nnd several
queer-loolng devices, with one or the
other of which they hoped to capture
th., lion this afterno in.
The Bridgeport men got to work soon
after ii o'clock They were joined by
Buckskin Joe, a Montana hunter and
1 1 upper, who has been frequently seen
in New York museums, He proposed
. to cut n hole in the floor above the lion
nnd. after lassoolng him, hoist him in
the air and tin u bind him
When he learned thai Itanium's men
had their tackle with them, he tunn-d In
, ai :d helped I hem
The lirst thing the lion-hunters did
was to begin th. removal of tl arcoafl
of the dead horse, which still had
charms for Wallace, although li emitted
mi odor thai was distinct across Ihe
, street, By in o'clock noon (his was ac
complished. The car -ass was hauled up
stairs to the second floor, and Capt.
ilallagher secured a permit for its re
moval to the honeyarn.
The lion-hunters then took nn Inter
mission for refreshments.
-Ar h-asi 'l.iin persons were in the street
and Irving plnee at 12.30 P. M., and an
extra detachment of police was sent for
to k. .p the cron I ),a,-k.
The noise ,.f frequent pistol shots the
rattle of clubs .ml the commingled
shouts of the qulntcl of men on toe
llrsi Moor, served to stir up all the ex
citement of the niiiliitil t-lde. and
t i arouse their curiosity to the high st
tension. The score or more of police
ha I their hauls full In keeping the peo
ple from I, leaking down the doors In the
eagerness lo crowd up I the building,
The unret ei mposed of Messrs lins
tock. Boccaclo, Conkling and McDonald,
attacked the lion from the north end of
the building where he lay crouched over
a big bl I spot . ft by 'the dead horse.
They drove him back a few feet when
suddenly the vicious brute turned and.
leaping by .McDonald. Jumped over Into
a pen under the stairs
The lion was becoming more savage
and It was deem d advisable for their
own safely, to give him a few minutes
Another attack was made. The man
eater jumpid over the pen straight at
Boccaclo, and stood as If challenging n
combat, In the middle ,,r the door
He was allowed to sit there a moment,
1 and then with pistol shots, veils and a
din thai sounded oul on the street as If
pandemonium had broken joosi Ihe men
charged again, forcing the Hon up lo the
j ,,,or of the cage which st.,d n-ir the
. d nible doors opening on the street.
Another moment's n-si and the final
and fiercest charge was made. A dozen
blank cartridges were iind from four
pistols In rapid succession, with more
yelling Wall hue, I against Un
stable doors They trembled and threat
ened to give wav before his weight
The glass r.n in a shower on the side
walk, and the braces creaked ominous
ly. This was a signal for a police
charge upon the spectators, for th, y
feared the brute would escape into the
stri -i
Hut the Hon hunters knew their busi
ness, and f, , nniug a i, mi i inie around
the now fnlU enraged Ii p they laid, d
him with Iron-pronged poles and ii i - 1
I I ink cartrl I; es Into his foci until he
finally turned and leaiied Into his ragi
The i .r was closed up ,n him and
fast, -ii.-. i in uulrker time than n takes
i" tell It, and il. gnat uiitnni ,1 in in
enter was a prisoner again it was usi
1' I M
Tie- i : i. . was stifling from the stench
of Hi horse nnd thi I im if ammonia,
ah I Ih barr.e id. .:., I i Ii down Sll 1
tie- .! i us thr iwn pi a i a imlt fr sh
a r.
The cri w Is, nnxlous to so the i i i
of so III II h II',, ii, I, .111 I nnxlel rushed
fl l II I III SI He of tl I !, ,. Ullo
I ii Ii i il Ir lillll s Inln tl... - maolm
and i in h f thi f n nest, nn i ;l
ti it t mi ' i; mini il
A little r aigli in i o- however s I
t , i -..im-, i in, curl mii ,f thi i , le
U '. i , a, t ii retll I
. iii . i he lm resti I . , tators was
P I (' II Pirl. .1
Tv I minutes nfter ihe Hon wns
causrhi Sop' ' ' - te i--u I , t o : r
to 1 ; i . WIKIa nn to i -1 t -,
No Cor.flnnnt on of tho Allsrsd Tlot
Hec'lverl bv I'nv'-i Coni.'.
i n .' ' 1 1 i ! lUual : ' II li , i ,
, .!':,, , ' I ,
l n, lb o l liubt thai
' ii iii-in the slpl.tns , ( !,, .
tli'xamli !' i : n i o i ii- Tlburon i I i
I rdlns u s stori s morn It i rsaapai
ti i oi a. nt don in a oii.i loatea i ' .,
I. n : in, n I Ih,' , oil ., . ,i,t to
He b Ion 1 1 pail stents il Uan Uaslgat, n,
i, , ' 'i i . ' ,i narj , . I aj . ,
rasrs hn i as blottlni Lb ovenbi I ,
' Hi, : I ir
It m, alaa a'a'-l ''iai Ihe I'raslil, ra. upas
lrart.ini ihe (ana baslasad Qaa Jaaa i; las
Ke-rnarv of iha Navy, ami St. Mania' Uuii.i
M.ulsur a l ,.i. a. '
I 86 BOWER 88 j
Our Magnificent Stocl of Fine
im Ktrsfys, li:ivcrn, Cheviots, Chinchilla, Vicuna and trtahm
MFrlcue, manufactured to sell ;if $18,00, $an.aa and v-",-B
B.i.so single and Double Breasted Suits, made from finel
B Imported woollens,
H rajsjssjjsjjsjMsjjtJjs im , r -w ! wisj m 1 111 11 R
1 ggggggggggggMsaaSaJMs
Failed to Indict Linden Township
Committee ior Corruption.
.Judge an Sjrkal Olves the Jurors
a I. ci line on the ttulcjrrt.
ELIZABETH, N. J. Oct. IT. Judge
: Van Byckel ihtn morning again huiii
nioncil the l nlon County Grand Jury
before hlni and delivered a strong lec
I lure in regard to the allegcl bribery
charges against the Linden Township
1 The Judge sail the jury hiel evidently
mlsapnreln ndel his charge, lie j-ro-i
e,ie, t, analyse the presentment made
of the Linden Township Committee In
reference to the granting of the license
to the Jockey club, and went on to
show that In the very language of the
jury's presentment th- Township Com
mittee had he.n guilty of a serious of
"The w rlH of the presentment," saM
Ihe J retire, ate that aueh action on the
1 art of the Township Committeemen Is
fraught with tie most .lane. 1 : con
sequences to ihe community, an! cannot
he too severely condemned, Mere In
effect la an Indictment of th--ir con-
"If. as hal been declared, thev donate,!
J.''.'m. or any pari of the money received
for the license, to a private cornorntl m,
they were guilty either of bribery or
malfeasance In office, i.oth Indictable
'The corruption coni-Hii In that thev
required a monetary consideration for
their votes, and It ma. I. no different
whether they gol the money themselves
nr pom,, private corporation, sueh as the
Roselle Land Inprovement Company, to
tun;,! a sewer.
"Prom the atatrments made l.efore
you by two witnesses, the chrl; of the
1 imtnlttee an a committeeman, the In
ference is to he drawn that 1 ich .m
the case
"l shall regard It as a public calamity
If a ilrnn! Jury should fall to brand II
as a crime. Bhould you deslr? to ex
amine those witnesses again the prose
cutor win bring them b fore you.
"This, gentlemen. Is all I will say to
you ,.ii this subject, as I consider I have
lone my duty. If you want lo he ,iis.
charged to-day, to-morrow or next week,
and feel you don't wish to o nnv further
In this mailer I stand ready tn ,s
charge you. Gentlemen, you may now
Th,- lury file, I slowly out with serious
looking countenances Twenty minutes
later 11 returned nnd ask-.i to i dis
charged. Judge Van Byckel promptly l.l so,
unl thus en, is the nlleRel bribery scandal,
A nobolcn Painter Committed Fu'
clda by Hang-tnr.
niarira Rlmmltskr, ptlnur, r mn Withlni
ton -u-.t. Hobokea ammltted iul 1 1 iv hariK
init hiniMii .irns- nm (i Blibi or tblf morning '
iv pli who wtrf nn tt'-ir wty I huiln tbla
mnrnlntt hile paialnit nliiiK V;tsthlin;i-.n pt r t
hnfl ih. r attention attracted 1 11,. 1,. 1 1 . 1,
of n ruin hl h a aiiapfn1 I I . r ; . f
thf ii ,n vTnnnu i . ai.ri incla 1)1 ir
nf 630 VVaahlnxl n atrn I '. rgi Ma h notll I
th.- - ii.- .r, I thf I .Ii ir ut 1 . 1 .,.,1 ...
motf1 in ttii MnrQjje i waa IdantlDH ai thai
'f liiroinlttb) Th. , .n.i waa tnarrlH t n
'ti'i not livi bapplh with bit if- ir Ui h,
hn 1 Li -t'li 'Ii inklriK h ,i I
Arreaited wi'.h Confcdarhte El!U In
HIb Pocket.
A luppoiail r nfldtn t nperal r itvloi hi nani"
, j bn IVllann." of Nrwarh S J aa tbn '
mornlni arrratni in .'. ( . fit) t 1 t .
1'H !) l f !i i't ,""iTI II tf 1 I I .
h ti - .1 1 - irnt-at fntrraila 1 an !
1 n: ,-. 1 Ii, m , f) t' f. ., u . :,. ,. 1
j .in nr tn irormv . . . -t
' la i 1 ijri 11 . n rii - - .
; , 1 .... . , ti
1 ' j j ' .1 Ii.' - in k lie bail
1 k iv r ' rL 11 ,. . , , ; U
1 r t ai ;. t. -
Inroroftf', in Ve'V .TariV.
T . . tnr ii - - - .'
il 11 . !- ntj S I .. m
I 1 1 y I ;iv
''' 1 In mum
ti. I. ml .th m . ai-it .1
: ,
Sw Willi. im II I
!' Witt M'n -
ic.ih II I f M
I - . 1 .
t . . , 1 - .
1 - 1 . . ; 1 . r 1
' 1 - l ' 1
rt j ;
v h 1 1 , : 1 1 ' I . . , 1
''. ' :.,.(.
, at-
wil ..... 1 Inn - ri - - 1;.
I 1 .. . V ri, Ir 1
Hit) . I J! . ms. .1
1. impui
. ha ui ra' ra at v N
Vnrh M. aril I, ii la : . .-. ; .. ;
l'i. if '.,-.
'Ill 1 ' 1 v 1 ,
1 -.. ' t ' 1 1 1 a 1,1 b .ire
Mara! . r II. 1 1 II n
.. :i ai I 1 . r , 11 rei ' -
Potmuatir ft utt to P. KxrTrinrt'. I
i:v. Kllti S J 111 fnite-l
- tu Wbi'ib4 ' it'i H 1 Ui held
.1 1 -' pt. Mid
dlaoei unt) in II. OW 1 4. ; t an raaminaiit
on Nov l "ii I hi haii,- ' '. . i,
K ill at BUnbstr Of liuiikixrUti- n 1 in t'.iPter.l
and it la tlltagcaj thi ISisUnuol r Blmi i , ru I '
rrlaUrU lalUia Irtlun.-g tu eviu vt Uai.
Miss Amy C. riiyfe Gets a Fcro
c'osure Vacated.
She Dei-Inns She Dirt Not Know
:", y S gu a Sloitgige Deed.
Bi-Jurtge William II Arnoux r,-, is very
lure to-day over the ordei which was
slKiie.i yesterday by Justice Barrett, In
the Supreme Court, vacating n Judgment
of foreclosure which ho obtained against
the property nl 83 Houth I'lfih avenue,
iiinler a second mortgage held by him
fur 116.000.
The order waa granted upon the npiill
catli.n nf Miss Amy C Phyfe, In whose
name the property stands, who alleged
In her nil!. l.uit thai she knew nr no sec
ond mortgage upon the property, and if
she hinI slcne.i any such pn,er It was
done with, nn her knowledge of its con
ti nts
In fact, sh,- claimed that she had he.n
til, k.si ,,ii deceived, and that she had i
never been asked lo pay a cent of Inter
est .ui th.- mortgage, Blthough it w.is!
clnimel that ii hail been In existence
several years, an. I that she knew nulh
Iiik nl, in the fore, Insure suit brought
by Judge Arnoux until Judgment had
been obtained She naked thai the ,!
rault I..- reopened an, I ihe right given
her lo untie in aid defend the still.
i rus riglll 11 Il.i Ki.in,-, liv i i-.ii ,.
H.irieit gives K .lull;.. Arnoux. on the
other haul, said ihfH morning Unit his
claim .ic.ilnst the estate w.is perfect I j
well-estnhllshe.1; th.n the mortgage had
i en slgm i h Miss f'hyfo in the n gular
way hi I ultli full knowledge nl ihe
facts In 1830, and he showed the paper
with her signature attached
with reK.ir, in th,- assertion that he
ha'l never demandi I Interest on this
mortgage, hi said Hat Ii was not true
lieiuani had retM-atedly been made by
him upon John l I'hyfe, the lather ef
Miss hyfe, nnd hi had iml'l certain
inns ai Intervals, although he was far
In arrears He w.is fuity Informed of
nil Ihe circumstances
The win,. transaction grew out of
certain suits which re in lughl against
thi tei ui ,i- ,,i in. , hi ii.. .,, in, ate
Wl'lhim Campbell, and the property In
Question was deeded ! Miss I'lnf,?
simply fur ihe :.iir;..,s.. ,, enabling
in mi y to be raised on H I . me ins (
mortgages to satisfy these claims, as
the executors had no power i" mortgage
A tlrst mortgage of 115.000 was given
in I the icy mis. . ,., , .., i . , over to
thi estate. Then n second mortgage of
.!'. wis ghin tn Judge Arnoux In
I iti-f.ii t..ii of ills , i ,im The lait.r
la-dny ilenli I i.i isl t iphatlcnlly that
there hml l.i.-n ,u trickery or deceit
it. i :!,., I in securing this mortgage, an I
he was perfectly willing t., have all the
Inis in , nn,. ii ,, Wt! ih,- rase cnmel
l,( fore thi publli
Lawyer Nirklnson, who represents
Miss Phyfe, paid ,,t to Judge Arnoux
H.is morning Bob, the amnuni "T -,s
and dlsbursem nl In Ihe for. losun s n,
up I,, the t, res, ni time, which was the
condition named by Justice Itirr.-it as
the consideration ,,f his setting aside
tin Judgment and oienlnn the default,
Mother nnd Six Children Fo n 1
Crytr.if nn-1 Dssytut-.
I: -.1 V ; .-. ' v, -1 I . - , x !r n a ,
'i rylns and in fl nil n . , , n -h,-"i,
r ihe il.i -, em!:., iai ater i,.
waa this i ntna srnt t ihi ialsn ! It,- t. i
llran ar- allh th- i :. rps s. .. , ,, Jni , , P r,
will l,i raa.la to , .. i ...
sl., b ,la,p hi ... - i . i . i i,- ,-
. il .,i ' : . I , I .1 I - . . r nil!, th-n
. ' It,, Kt wurlt si
n tin i-.liii '.,., ura ' .
IIpI rra '..ii s ,, ,, . , ,.
si i ii ,- ic t,. . . , I tl I ,! Iran u
si. ',. ' i witac
c n I ' r I , ,.rn . . p,
" i alr.i-1 - , .,
aaiil '. i a , ' a
' I -. a, ,.. , ,. , 1 ...; M.
M, '.-, i
ara . . . :
...,,. a ill ti.,l i
Cn.l n Mi gful nf .lewelrv.
M' I'lllA I
i ' . ' ...
I ..', '
I ! I ..,
. I
rrs ii i xai nut's anous'n
-v that you ?' it. 1 on v.iih
J u i ! i . n cold, and
Jr J i blwxl impure. Out
f A u' J': ' " ii I ' .ic u
6' if ' ' ' ' ' : '
0 B M A " ""' l'"s ' Sh!" :
f J In Hi ' -I.,.-, , I
jrKl e ( l; ' '"' '" '' '''" ' ;"'
hm ii ii'l ' ' Hint lend I
a yi it. I i i, , -1, la, n ;,i, i
.,. U M overy is a cert an
i U4 elj ,A 1 :, ,: I!., 1. 1 fulcu,
'';' ij A,,;" lion of tl 1 : u
. v scver) tlicr loi'in tScn t-
m Vvi "In, .1. 1 . . u ii.. it. In
'A n . ill, , : .. - ' :.. I;s,
.'-J i nil I.:- t., I ml, II !, i'. mid
' Vl' I .;, 'i. il . .r I cv-
j "D 111 lis. t! it 1:111 lai
1..1 -qiHl ili.sl, tl i lord,
f Is t'lf onlj 'i 'In iue s., eii ue 1, .1: it
nn 1st miai mli ii if 11 d ai t liiuilt
i" euro, "ti hive your Diouef iii..
SVrvous prostration r.r 1 debUitjr iu"
i.ii.. . 1 1 ;. it.
Kvcn vrish the wurt MSCslol t';itnrrh,
i.'ter you've trusl c i ryt'.ic.g alts, tlia
uukera of Dr ,Saf,-e'(, licnclv a, n., to
IMKy juu Cam tf tney cou't euro Juu. j
Whnlessle Wsremnms, t TAtl.im simi"s.
on an, I 11411 llmailwsy 1 18B,lM,lS7f'nisbyst.
The Largest Mansrscinrers in ihe tVsrM
or Ilea's lllghestatiraite nveresat'
leg. I Istrrs &r.
('ur wlinleanle Inniness is the hrest of
its kinl in tho world, ami until this sea.
son wo li.ii,, slwsvssnlil in the regular
wnv all the Oier.oit.. Ilaters. Ac. . that
W c u'.i! Riftko, Hut tins Fall nistiv of
1 U' larReat customers. Iiecoiiiiiig unduly
fiiglitiucil In- the Rtrincent t lues, enn
ratleit their orders given our travelllna
salesmen months nhen.i nul left us with
1111 enormous surplus stuck, which wo nro
retailing nt less 1 ban wholesale prices In
order t" sell quickly.
hi: win, MBl.ti
U 1 50
m m
WlmJ THE IHI.lMKr,,n,,j
I tV AMiI.-i l.M-. All s..,.
MJ Now9.
Single and Double Breasted
75 R
Niiiu' Knrn.pr'a RaUl
llnr.i nr 1 miiifWfKii lined j A
hii .TlthHnUnMlwve i.inin m
nnd Deep vlv?i t..i,ii-t; !
fttro $10.00 ftl wboIam( 'f, 1
.$.2.00- J
Blue and Black
VKBY siiit. WARM Kn
FINK I'Allllll K...1'
I.IMH. MI.IC -II l. I.
I. IV SUB, if l.nN.i AM'
W IT I I'K.I.I' ',,11 Us
111,1 V. II. t Mil KMl K
"1 It HAT "If WIII'N
KA 1-1 I'. U I III ea, AI'
j He 00
Now .
v will tit anJ please you perfectly, or
will return Y"ur money.
V'U run no risks and neither do w.
IO ll'ill'IK.
Tarty of Tn reaves Pittsburg- In
Tl rse PmaU Boats.
riTTsIII R ' Pa . Ot fi rapl Aar r.
Ktni f alifornla at i a parti nf ln Mi
' ' 1 la) In ihrfa amall vrawli, the
1 ni 11 rroll UUnJ In th
' ' 1 I 1 an .1 il -: mill n r:h , f
- ' J i' !
iti in 1 1 eiti ' larirr than d ordlnar)
- ' '.',' K . n 1- Rfl Ii 1 1 of ihe- '
i'. ' - art
r-tanka '. , iliar
alma will prcvai
'." '.-',
Vr m v Iimuii w 1 1 1 1 lo n
' ' '!.. ' !
tmris a g I
. - 1 - ; ,-.
. i : .
Kitipi - Mil
II , ankta . , i
m am iHei
' ' : i - -
' I I , ' A .. I I
In a Pi tink b huje He Nnrly
KUlsd r Worn ao.
In !vi" !" - M - 1 Poll r mrt to
1 1 Justio rhiii hi I 1 la mi i Qalvin
f pi v yearn old i Ifd i 'herry stn t, In
II do bah : awali th- ri iuli I I I irti I
I .1, I t 1 have ini!: i. 1 m his
fi v title hi w 1- Ii unk 1 1 night, at
tl : itPari tnt n i lhi s .' hi I
w p broken bj ivi-k Hhe now Itei
in Hi tlevus M spltal in a i carious con
. 1 1 . 1
Roass Kaoorted with Carea.
t i i:i.'- Ti.u . M-.Ft. 01 If. Tha Bsrafltll '
1. r t ih ii, hi tiflliT of their Aral dtn-lat m to
fu rt nl,:, nn Bsajaj ihrouh Ih. attveta last
11 ( t PSrrylSS ansa, iontrary to la Kit Ii man
t'i ai v. a an, msirai ol a gun. aad all waa
pHM ta4 utauitaa whert UvubU waa c.tpda4.
Batnrdax, Oct, 18.
Boys Cliin 1
All-wool Suits,
$3.25 1
Reefers, j
! All wool $ A fC
fast dye, .O
velvet collar,
Flannel Lined, j
All-wool $yf 'yr
Overcoats, t O
Ladies' French
, Kid Gloves.
4 button with three row
embroidery, largo pearl buU
Black, Pearl, Tan, Brown.
Mode, Red, Navy and Green. j
95 cts. 1
1 Agents for the Celebrated 3
Kid Gloves. J
Dent, Allcroft & Co's PI- j
qi.it' Gloves. I
'I lie Genuine Foster lacing 1
Kid Gloves. 1
LorrI& Taj lor 1
Broadway & 20th Lt.
lliil yon ever Upst or tell of a Convafw 1
...i'i. 11 (Imir for $;i.lS? We have them I
upholstered In Hroraielle vith plash 1
triimiiiicv seven-inch frinije ton and hot- '
tom, I. in v centre pie e in 1' ick uml Hpnnc
rile sumo ii- above in loruer Chair.
Cur liiruy I'onohcs, all rotors, with
I'rini .lu'. t.tM. niul all i it her styles of
Furniture at comparatively low prices.
Ful oi St., Corner Saliatin p1.. Brooklm
Help Wanted Male.
A KUs - or ilsbt fli-si-iiiy ht.M'k pavers
win li-li'. Milium r.' i.ir iv.rk n ih i .r i I.knau
r. .,i..n i n i i ior: wmi be expected to )nio
Ml.K'U AVi rs' I nl. .n Nt. I. .)( M.i.iim tn-. If not
ii iu in- iiit.. r- tl tluit union: lnitiutnni fr $.):
i. ' l ' . ',': i - 'rtt 'tu; i nit Iti t inn ft-e- w.ll h pi. Id
v i itn'tvor 1'ir humi wlm ntiH their Plssss.fi
i ., ! :i the work uutll romplstsoa of
k pAvliis '"l tilt t .r-'tit J .in : warn, JS4-sV for
Mi"Hf, ( j .j t.' ) I'M i.r.i Iv Pn-sblrnt nf liJtM-k
lir- l tils n N 1 f .iii.itt'i jmviT (r to K,
-- ttd r, rjll) l'i ;iQ-lvtiniave.1 Bl-
. Ml
II Hent-h I.?d to His P.oalmatlon
Ce.ftplf.ta o t Srnt.
The Rev Dr. .T :. R. Pax ton, pastor
f the West Presbyterian Church, whos
reslnnation as thaili in of the .Seventh
i: iclmeni has lus bten announced, isaid
this rnornini; thai ht i:.t I itttn content
1 itina .tkii -,- such a c ursi for soms
llm M n as sorry to sever his rt-la-
tlons ith the rew-ment, ut his health
will n t permit h!ir to continue aa
i 'li.il'i.ttn .!ii i inaer Por several weeks
; bi 8j rinu he ". conilned to the hos
I'Ual, afi r under; inu .1 severe opera
tlon. What 'trnt?th he has now will
l '. ! exclusively to tht- paatorats
r hi cliur h t'ol Appleton r'Mi tant
y nccept ! thi resignation, which has
i - .-!i forward I to headquarters
Im Pax' n had been with the Seventh
l. rim ni str.ee ls" He s-rvtd all
thro (fh th. war. entering ihe One Hun
rl rt.-. I and Fortieth Pennsylvania Voluo
teers as prh t- and rose ti the rank of
t'aptaln No one haj yet het-n nelertetj
I, take his place hut t'u- name of Rev,
It dec rtfi it Van de Water, of Rt
Andn w - i.i-i- t . 1 i church l-'ifth av JH
nue and One Hundred and Twenty-ssV"
enth street, la mentioned.
Oo Dt and Countesa Sattt.7s.n7t
An.DiiK Ibt sftMcnKcrt ho trrltftl on the K
1 hi.) 1 i.luinl'i v fMtn SeutbeUnptoa tu 4, Vlft
U t-wwut ft4 Couattts UiUj tvAf a

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