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The Vessel Lay in the Fort of
Santos Three Months.
1 poUoto Beads Me to Europe to
I Buy AmmuBltlon,
I Th British steamer ThetK which ar-
I rlvl Ulla morning from Brazilian porta.
I 8 In he port of Santos over three
I months, sni while thrre was obllffnii to
I ay (900 ittrtlnf for wharfaRf. Throe of
I Efl trow also dtorl while In port.
1 Cap'- H"K. the vossoI'h moHior. a na-
1 Hyp nf Mlytho, aged forty yoarp, died
1 July M from yellow fever. On Aug. iu
I John Nloblon, a sailor, died In the tlOI
I riUfll wlppre he had boon sent for treat
..irfit. on Aug. 28 ('. Ue Ulppe, another
$ejinr, ftllO died In the hospital of yrllow
fever- There has boon no other sickness
ghoarl since that time.
Tn vessel proceeded to I'ornambuco In
i pftllait. where nho took In part of a cargo
of OUf&r, sailing from thence for Macelo
Nov. 2. While In Pernambuco a strong
feeling existed In favor of Mollo'a cause.
Two small gunboat were In the har
fcnr. These vesseU' crews espoused the
cause of Medio, but were unable to get
away from port owing to the lack of
ammunition, provisions and other sup
plus. A nrpeito boat, which was dally ex
pectei. had not arrived from tSualand Up
to tlie sailing day. Capt Smith Intended
fringing a crew of thlrty-'iw men flOltl
panto to man this torpedo bo.it, but at
thf IhsI moment declined to lirlng the
mrtW, fearing trouble Hhould .ino of Mel
Jos vowel ii overhaul htm .ift tv U .wing
port The crew, however, was taken
aboard the Indian steamer Rden which
landed them safely at 'Vinimbuco Nov.
rapt. Smith brought as pa een tret to
pernambUCO two army ofnVnr, Colonels
c.f Pelxoto's army and toacera in the
itio Military Academy. Tlviy ttv barked
at once per Royal Mail stimor Tor f.ls
Bon and a French port. They were sent
fcv President PelXOtO to purchase ;miniunl-
i . ilnn and lUppllCI for tils army i.i uUhtr
Franca or Germany
The steamer Carlbee reports that on
( Nov. 8i off the harbor of St. Thomas,
t the Hrazlllun cruiser Nlctheroy vs sron
f landing on and off. apparently practising
) her guns and crow.
I Corrdnff Events.
An original buriMqnt H1 hr produH thfi
artnlng at ataanaaachor Hall. uiniir thr dtrertion
r of l.ln.oln J. IVIIauk Ilia "Soldier's Motto" Mil
- fc sunn for the Unit time.
w Grand Hnmiftl lull of the Mi had J. McCaulty
k AisoelatloB will ho bald at thr Lyctttm Opera
Hoaat, Third avaaua and Thirty-fourth atrcpt. this
twning. Uraad march comntocM at 10 o'clock.
a rat Volunteer Plranta! Aaaot latton of the
W Wty nf Now York will kc the tenth annual lmll
. In ad of Its charitao.0 fund thin evening at lu
u niton Avaaua OMraHouta, I'lftj-t-ighth ntrtots
r prof. nant will rurnlsB thr music.
k banjo, ftultsr :ind mandolin concert ill i1
P ilrtn at Carnegie Hall, Plfty-Mvonth itrati ami
F"pnth Hxpnue. thin ironing under 'he direction
A of c. Bdgmr Dobeon and Jmeph H, Shew. Among
P the pertlclfMDtl Will he the Vienna Stringed yuar-
C Ut and the Columbia College Banjo Club.
I Spare Pearline
J Spoil the Wash
Sometime ago a Hllor who had lur eight reap
walked in position u afaown ahova railed loaea
ii and told his story. Said ha had a weakm-as In
smnllof bach for yearn, atidmoda "htle doing
some work in rigging it "caught him and he
fell to the rttck and had not been able to straight
on -inn., one of our DR. kandkn ki.k thic
Bi:i,ls cured him In a fawweekl and ho Ii as
atrong and straight BJ ever. Miip nut uf every
ten men nnd women suffer fmm Hili I a ma new and
weaknaaaof the hack which It tha forerunner of
Hrtglit's Disease. Ilinhi-u-s. Nervous Itetdllty. Pre
mature Decay, die, and neglect it. nnd what t
the conaequencef untold mlaecjr, and with man
poverty fiom paving coutlii ladoctora Mils and
medio) nee. To theeeaufferenwa offer a positive
remedy in our Mr. Ranrien Rlectrlo Belt, which
silently hut surely furnishes lu.lnre s ou n remedy
withoui drugxlng. and will curt when all other
remedies nave fulled.
geaaiifM Thee hell mir hi
J" SUk' tlk.0 ' vr Rhrnnitttlsni,
F' Vif- ' J I liMl.MU.lt. , ,nl, -,,
kJ B tHJjjjll.uttie IIimK. A'e., A'r,
rnr t I it. n it h ii hrtta.
Over 7,MH) tesilnioidals from this Rtate alone.
nit. Ai.sAMiKN DearHlri trorldyearal wag
troubled with a weak back, and waaao ban thai i
applied for a pension, which whs granted me. In
my nualneaa, which iaboattnitH le neceeearytq
nnagreal deal of it rung, which greatly diet reewd
mo. The verdnvl commenced with the Belt
the pnln hail left me and I have not ttoen tmuhled
sinee. I rerominend It In till who sutler ns I did.
Youra truly, ai.vix K. aixhwokth,
, PAouth at., .X. V. city.
None can poaelhly form any Idea of tna wonnpr
fui eurrents prnduceo h tbeaa rxnty batterlet
without axarolnlng : therefore, if you ran, cull as
our office and nee and tentone;!! not our illue
trntod hook Will penent free. sealed, by nmil.upon
npplirHtton lo Inventor ami manuraetiirpr,
Ilr. A. T. HA R,Nta Hroaduay, . V.
OFFICE HOfltH, H toH. H1XIIAVH, lOtol.
Ruealan Inaaranoe Men oppose. New
York: Orgranlzatlonn.
The i:n" i.ni Oovernmont neemfl rtls
poaed to apply the much vaunted "Mon
roe Doctrine' to a branch of busliteei
which go-altead Americana have been
gt lr ring to the depthe In the land of the
The New York Life Inauranco Com
pany ami the Equitable Life Aaaur
ance Aaaoclatlonj of thia city, aro moat
deeply Intereated. During the last five
yearn, thesn two companies have Intro
duced their tontine and the mutual
dividend aharlnK plans, and have built
up a business of $ld,0OO.u00 a year.
Now the Russian life Insurance com
panies, viewing with apprehension the1
extraordinary progress of the American
j Idea, have addressed a circular to the
, Minister of Finance, In which they ask
If the present operations of the Amerl-
can companies In KuhsIh isn't against
the Interests of Hnssta. and BUggeit that
the Invaders ought to be driven out of
i the country.
Thev claim that the tontine plan Is a
i gamble, that the McKlnley tariff Is
against Hnssla. nnd that if America Is
for Amor lea lis. Russia ought to be for
the Russians, und the Americans driven
President McCall. of the New York
Life, admits that the controversy has
gone to the- extent of an exchange of
briefs and a presentation of elaborate
pamphlet arguments by each side to the
Minister of Finance.
"Th pauae Ol American life insurance
companies la our cause." said Mr. MC
Oaul. "ami we shall stand by the Kqut
table in this fight. Ye hope that the
pressure brought bv the Rusian stock
companies will not be kept up, however,
and that we shall not be interdicted."
No Need To
otR new iitKDir BvarnsM or k it-
BV Willi II TO PVRiilall THEIR lloMl-S
CURTAINS, tc, &c.
nri.ow ai.i. coMPKTi rioN. notice ors
Two room flat, HI .04. fin w..k,
Threa " " n l :.
Four KlOfl " "
Kle " " . "
NIk ..-. "
(terra " Moo "
1313 to 1315 Third Ave, ,
Bet. 73th and 76th Sts.
Klrratcd Tlllh hi Opn Hflturdayi (.ill 101. M.
Promlnant Men Win Banquet the
Retlrlna- Dietrlot. Attorner.
RsCoRiraodorfl EHblillffe T. Orrry. fl.
(5. ilavon, Hrrnuin Oeltichfl, Henry H.
Beeknutn hihI ltnhort Qoelet, ;, com
miitoo of number of prominent eitltem
of thi city, hjtve completed arrange
mrntn for a trjllmonlHl illnnrr to be l-o-iirrod
to Dlatrlet-Attorney Nlcoll nt Del
mohlco'l Tnurflday, Dec. -I.
The toaatmakeri will Include h num
h-r ftf Wellkn0Wn speakers, who will
unanimously praino Mr.NlcolPfl aitlo proa, i
ecutlon of crlmlnali and thr honest ad-l
ministration he haa nlvrn thr county.
The Invitation! are now Im'Imk 'tit "lit
and the indlcatlonfl ar- that :ioo Kurwta
will be preient. Mr. Nlcoll'n iaff of a
Hlatants will be preient, and they arc
preparing hrlef ipeechei which contain
onl a r,li c praise for tltflr chief.
-. aav come (rum
fA PaJV healthy ninth
JKayF "aaJM A ii
m W mothers
T afft avaaataVv certainly lie
IH CW liiciiii
V W they'll
M " A m Dr. Pierce'i
W "A m Favorite Pre
4 a M Rcription.
Nothing can
qual it in bitildinK up a woman's
trenfrth, in regulating and attainting all
her natural functions, and in putting in
perfect order every part of tne fomalo
system It lessens the pains and hurdens
of child -bearing, supports and strength
ens weak, nursing mothers, and promotes
an abundant secretion of nourishment
It's an invigorating, restorative tonic,
a soothing and bracing nervine, aud a
guaranteed remedy for women's ills and
ailments. In every chronic " female coin
plaint" or weakness, if it ever fails to lu
etlt or cure, you have your money back.
Thousands of people, with worse rases
of Catarrh than yours, have Iwen per
manently cured by Dr. Rage's Remedy.
There's 600 reward if you can't be cured.
Wholesale l'ricrs
$9.00,$ 1 0.00 & S 1 2.00.
Your Choice
7 and 9 Waverloy Place,
TWO HI. in h III i ou NINTH T.
Furniture, Carpets, Bedding.
Stoves, Pictures.
Everything for Housekeeping.
193 to 205 PARK ROW, N. Y
Aal.HKQ CREDIT aa ran be ultra on
(M)lt l.(i(IH nt l.ov nili is aafl
VI . .-ulv or inoalhly paym.nta.
Heaaonatile estenaloaa of time.
FPU KV1.UV MAffi U.M.Y 11
H. II, I'Vlikli; Ma !-. No. 4 IIhIHim-Ii
t .. tlnalotl. Mn-ii.. I he in not rniitiru!
!' I ii I Ui Iu iiirrlrn. ralnhlUhrd In
I niio. rhlff (oii-.mIi htu physician ol thr
renhntlv I ril i n I tlliitr l h wm
'.u i-ii tiir L'niii iiipitnt by ii" nitoniii
l-i1ii nl itti iiniitii for i In I'ki.k l --
mi txlutiiHirtl Vlmtiiv, Airiph. Nervntio
uii'l I'hvnlriil llrbl.li. bikI nil ltnrnr ihmI
Wniliiu-" ol Man, i I I-.-, thi- young, the
w''Mtf-iiftft and "' ' I'ntmultntlon in i" twn of
hv inter. PnpiMM l""i. wuli tftultiinmaU, l i;i i .
I ;ii'.r iHMik, Thr Mciriir nf l Mr ; nr i-ll-lrrrrvailnn
tli pnn riy. VtVDp,, l'
InYUUftblfl prMenpttotll f'r unite :u"l i lii i.,ii.
dlnoMn, (nil ullt. only 91. (Ml. liiiililfHrpil.
Itr. Turner's workn :in the bent, on ln nhjcti
i I'-iticit i v 1 1 i' i - j r -. i : . 'i in i Iih f hi! BDormouiMili
thi uiLi'itiri this country and kukUiwi. iiohi thrn
now, Hint ifinn tn ic iiiiii. ilfnri'iu unO
innnlv. li-iil Tbyaefl. HOOloarRil Itw.
i ' i i i in 1 1 j ,i:'j
Our establishment is located in the centre of the Shopping Dts- If not ready to buy holiday presents HOW pay us a viit of ;ll
trict and filled with seasonable merchandise at PRICES OVEft- inspection and satisfy yourself that our assortments of BRfC-A- sjfll
Fairs will find our assortments of Toys, Books and Games to be all HIESE GOODS. LEATHER GOODS, JEWELRY, Ac, are the BEST '!l
0 claim for them and cheapest. "fl
FURS- great CLOAK sale. 1
Harris & Russak's Fine Fur Garments Sacrificed. To c,ose out the halance of our winter aarments. some of iljh
. ,. ., the most wonderful values in Capes and Jackets ever offered. a ill
FmcBt (unlitv Hftum Martm, HauuRomeit quality of IVrsinn .,,.. ,. T 'Ml
Eastern Mink and Persian Lamb Lamb rains, large atorm-eoUar, Blnck Ch,V1"1 ft'"1 Diagonal Ladies Hlark Diagonal and Cheviot fj IJ1
Muffa, heavy aatln lining, Harrii & heavy brocade aatin lining, Harris Jeta, plain and trimmed in fur, Cloth Jackets, double breasted, 'Ml
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lonV' lsrfrn Rtor,,, not in. long, aaa quality, and navy, large sleeves, in fancy Hercules braids, - Iff l
ft? 0rkf ;' : !. co oo te.omTiu.'d 75.00 ai?' w'thfi98 wcSfii ifl
edge tribmed with DOl Ki. J RuJsak's ' Jl 155af"r ! w,""! ior fe :M
dark tails,HarriH A Hus price s-j.vnii to IIIMF-A A tifl
Hk's price si-.;:. 11:1. ir $llil.ii, ai H s)KFS. .ACI'S ' !
P""hjj fSt ffe f"5 EBS In department wo are ji'jjl
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ftT.f.f.m.eafr- -T- SDm SSim. m W m adies use bandsomoh em nccs 1Ul.lll(ing t:hoic, ;tr
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titles for presentation to Fairs P B V8 twM ill
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vols. .08 3.98 m B fJP mra VK ii 11
Prescott's Ferdinand and (Jeorgo Eliot. 0 vols . . 1.48 ava st .falfe m mfc tafa ''-10
Isabella, 3 voln 1.08 Cooper's Leather Stocking .fafaW HP' ahaP Bafa iiV
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,.,. .... . . a.. a pold st the lowest prices ever quoted In T. t.i -, . r . 3 V" DL ID fill M I ul i liV I r
putedand put up In fine p.o.h, ned Q . fl . Q S. .w York. HnlldU GlffS tOACK DtUnUUIVI UJjLjJJ from wnl, h may he ,el.cted ..ft. th
box.. The stock was made exclusive All J lllljl K 1 1 U S. J-ZW ,'"1"'' '"""' -'ck llh IlUllUaV UlllJ. l PY VI J ure userul. appropriate and alway.
for the llnest Jewelry trade. We are iisswfl MK plslted backs, large sleeves and I TVI f Qflp TLet.LsLjgJy ceptaule. 1'
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jf ff 1 Ji ll'SSSKV, ' Ladles' .ladtets. plain and fur VlTCctL UlSptUy Ul I , 17 1 1 -, bj, v, ,, ( H.,Ui CirT' ZLji ' ""-
' 1 Ouis' I M- -'(J- 1 1 'ivlwAVT) ' :'l I I Irlnimed, light and dark coloi . U u - (j piece ol fiiruiture "paaticxijc jn-afP18 fj if;
fmm&mmaa9F' :0-" ($7: I ' LtSp' If Wmjl&2' fl j mail of verj g I materials, in Q iQ . 1 , I ! , cuiurstiveb J '. HI L rf ( .1
Iii fr fl r r ' 'JJ vy V v'J' v lal"e varl,,y' entlre lot at n P tf I L"'1 '" "" ":" .s5!1 'wf 'l''l!lllilllPll"r!l!HIPI'il
4fWnvJ-ViW ' " Lhi loVomVaJuwtMto" uicjs rdriciDj. L- ' t SiStJai! , lftrJun II llll' 1111
i3Es. SS I A(- For tne Holidays-Great sale-Thou- a With full umbrella skirl, and It Is solid Oak. an- ' jj H I Wk i I I ! Ji Illi f
J V l JS sands of solid gold Hinge, purchased by derby capes with stu:. . collar.. ti.U Kl..ss Huisli. &BBjbmXi I " I I I
HI IVHl 11 VI U8 Kt s,e'" weriflWi fuU-iklrled en.vlofJaekU 2.000 Dre.s ratterui. in Sstc-ens. JW u'1 '" " 1"'- I 'ID llBlUuI
(fyWfr..-.ll Great Sale of Sr0-wvr7 GlneUo fll?.VZ -J Ul 1 if
' k W J W4 Wl Children's Solid Gold Rings, set QQ trimming, ail t one price .Jjfl . tf for. kuI,1 at ...y- . J J af Mliif P '
1,- with aned stones; worth .. p. WatcheS 5 1.00,1.25,1.50,2.00 g iffi HS". "K f ,5 0 00 ffCT Sif(
" ' S 5 oM Gold Ring,, set with assorted J7 1I1C VV CUA.I1C&. .HX A II 1 e" " '" ' ' '3 98 (i S83 If
stones; worth ll.a .4 V Rf, llPfltPr Tntair.it ' 1 ' till
riplf.pu:a Coffee Spoons, per 00 Solid Gold Rings, set with a.eort- E ' Watches within the reach of all. We a N 1.000 Dress rntterns in Hen- UHO IIUUlUlUl y&S TL W7
""rM!c DO I ed stones; worth $1.60 .00 ' plttce on sale 10.000 fine Swiss Watches. g!JS ll rietlas. all colors, also Csm.l'. c, Cyllnd.r O.s Hs.t.r. I'"""' """" VZ. K'? U Tl
TPle-plate(J Orange Spoons, I EQ Solid Gold Rings, set with assort- MpurohMed by "'r representative In IU ! FW Hair each nt H1 with cast- 1"""'"",h'"" j ' T'ffV -. m lT7 S Jft
Ml Ml of Us I.OU; eI stones; worth 11.76 .03 (fl slA Ja T tfL333! Iron too and bau ,"n"1 f'te mlr- ' " - W atTUl Vk Vl i
1 , . Switzerland nt a savins nf per cent. WeSV"' 7N aaamaH ' ! ?f"-i? " ' M B - . I h4iicH Vl
Jrlpls-plated Nut-1'icks, per DO Solid Gold Rings, set with assort- 00 111 NX ' I J1C 0 00 OEfl 0 00 nlckellsd, i d-rall ror on top and ,'i W y W HI
Mlot 03. ed stones; worth J.- .80 UdlM' Nlck.l W.tche. a.40 Ua fl 1 , 0, IM, I, Q U, O.UU SW3J rentier. with pretty burnlahod ' N X JJ
Misses' and children's solid goM i . , WZ a. aiiaiatliTn ,, , 'Jj!;S OV i t
Rings, set with one genuine dla- J1Q Ladles' Solid Sliver WaM,, 2.08 VM "7 sWy, 1 ' lla Iron drum . br... ornaments W
gr? ..V"V S Ml mond chip, worth 11.75 .00 rio.-Solid iUver Hunting Caie 0 X ,. y 5g? JL "as un '"""'" ; In front, worth . I f
"m ! ' 1 Watches U JO N- I '7 hr-e Oc ' 101 m re . if th, .so comfortable Oak . ,
VVJ I Children's solid sold Rings, set waui... v.uu XL L Jk PflBT ll I 0 00 '"'' C Rocker which wUl Del sold while I il
g TPl I assoVtedrr."!'': .07 Hoy.sobd Sliwr Hunting .as.OO ,(K)0 I)1(KHS PATTKHK8 , ' U,.- I j .. " 4 4g V"---
Sg J'f- " I o 0M "'"- , wh four n, wai ,; PhntOranhfi WL LLAM ','1" " '" 'k "'"" ' ' -'" Over J other - . of wrlUng K -' '. J ffi f -
grti, ET...... ! Photographs ilWfltlwm S - . 3 10 Jg ai:2h sS?ctBSs
HrT'P'fl L.IM wld ummlii Blnn get aentlfmen's Oold-Fllled Watche. Reproduced in Miniature on : ?Q& - r rice 7.o. .t V. 10 from 3.40tofU.UU aao
1 :OaaTasf J r 'I with turquoise and genuine J Bl with fine American movement. mjua.,... ra:i ao sOl.DO Mall Orrters lmmiily Hllwl. U"VT ." TABLES AND
l- - VJ - - ..cans, worn, ., un 1.00 n0 n nn iq aa Watch DjqIs. S2. i n i n niiino ' ', ', '"",. TT " T ?&&&,
B 30 9 30 1 Hft POMTivKLY woiiiii ioo . RINIlS " ' ', v v'T '.' SHa''TPgwy
. , 1 Mid gold Rings, set with tur- , , ,'. ,v , ' i The r-produotlon of a Photograph , U,VLU 1?1 M& i - i.e m n,-w, ,k Gold mSbA t.
duc.ise. emeralds, garnet,., sap- Gentlemen's s.-.iidG-id watcher , One lot of boye solid gold RtagB, t'ha Irs und Cab nets, uphoiitored RS5gS
; IPI"- l,.el oyster Forks, perl ifl phlrei and six genuine diamond with Elgin Wallham n,,.ve-M EH I , , ,. set w Ith , . ... .. .. v an I in- , :, rsUenJ, Writing Deeke, Q T
f -itof.u .. 1.48 chips: also eluster Rings of sis "' IU.H. W.M sndM. , Tne ,,r fnr ,,,. ugllo. worth from U.3 to R.M , t ite.u and Bllppcr Boxes. K 0 Vf 'lj
" i ute,i Herry spoon. B8 diamond cWns, worth from oentlemtn's Solid Silver Watches. 7 00 faeiory piece of work ha. CQ OR qnfl 1 9Q ' ',. ,i cTu uf 'na't'o S 00 F liiKI2ii
'"i '..tod "m,p K" 149 toW " American movement! 1, 03 varied from ttU to .M We 2non , ot(MB, - .,.., ., .09, '30(1110 l.0 bwofceis Table, at 98 to IU.UU lhsBBP
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. "r ,'e1 Poll Meat F.km O I
Bloomino;dale Bros, 59THHd!vlTrgET& Bloomingdale Bros, M
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