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The World's
Average Circulation
November, 1893,
A Gain Per Day cf
A Over November, 1892.
I Gsln In Number of Advertise- t
menu Ovsr Nov.. 1892.
I , .
J rnr nil , 1 1. ,. '- , - -
Tin WOJllJi will not under in clrcumstancee,
bold it eel f reepbnilMe for !.- return or aafs-keep-lag
of Airy rJ-tti1 manuscript or pictures, of
s-hasorer character or vgrue. No eg'eptlnns will
b bi4i to IM rQla with r.ir.'F.. . ' letter
' ot inr lnaur . Nor will th editor enter Into cor
respondence concerning unavailable majiuv riptm.
The Evenino World's
Net paid bona fide actual daily
Average Circulation
ft greater than the combined dr
" ' tubtion of the
-': : Eveninf Sun,
nail and Express,
Evening Post,
Commercial Advertiser,
Evening Telegram.
They were thirteen those ihaken-ti
police captain.
Congress will keep neither the tariff
n r the people watting.
Mr Bland's courage In too good an ar
ticle to be wasted on the free silver
Comparatively rapid transit Is not the
thing. Absolutely rapid transit Is nhal
New York needs
fable communication between upper
and lower Broadway Is subject t'i loo
many Interruptions.
"As the city of Xew York hHS 1111 police
patrol wagon service" How much longer
Is this reproach to be possible?
An army of friend Is anxious for a I
Chance to rejoice over a reorganisation
. and restoration of the gallant Sixty-ninth.
Dr. Parkhurst's crusade I producing J
the usual result, it Is the outcast ,
women who are suffering. The guilty
men escape.
It would he only a trltmte of fact t 1
the Kaiser's good yachting lisle If the
story were true that W'Uhelm Is t ryliiK
to buy Vigilant
Vice Is driven out of the Tenderloin
and adjacent precincts to be scattered
among apartm'-nls and neighborhoods
hitherto untainted. Ik this reform?
New York could get from Chicago
in-ill. 1, . iieiter tl an World'! Pair odds
and ends. That Is th" Idea for a com
plete polke signal and patrol-wagon r.cr
f vice.
t.otmrh Valley employees are entitled
to another Thanksgiving, in that their
etrlkc is settl, i. It Is good, too, for
the Comnany and the public that the
trouble Is over.
It couldn't do any harm if Mr. Cleve
land were o lake the country Just a
little hit more into his confidence on this
Hawaii business. Nut even Executive
dignity would Buffer.
tlrports on the SOft-COaJ-smoke nul
aance are to he made to-day by the
Board of H.alth Inspectors, The smoke
will make Its own report If prompt
measures are not taken against the es
tablishment of the nuisance. Don't give '
It time.
The claim Is made by the Third Ave- 1
' nue Hurface Kallwuy Compuny that with I
Improved grips and safety fenders mi
Its cable curs It Is prepared to up, rate
Its line with a minimum of delays and
of accidents to people crossing tin
tracks. New York will be Intensely
gratified If the Company proves Its
claim. Then let Third avenue give
points to Broadway.
Bellevue Hospital doctor are accused
of at least hastening a patient's death
by having her transferred to the Char
ity Hospital on Blackwell's Island at a
. time when her Illness was at a very
critical stage. Charity Hospital physi
cians and others aay the transfer wan !
made In this case, and has been made in
many another case, to keep down the
mortality records at Bellevue. It Is fur
ther alleged that Bellevue thus plays on
the Charity Hospital the same ga.ne
which other Institutions ar cnnftr.ually
playing Ofl Iiellr us Itself. If the :
statements an not true, they are moM
scandalous. If they ar founded on I
fnrts. th facta t 1 iQtt dla.iKracfful. I
An ii " fi-.t'i-ifi u hi' h ahaU 1- tnot
Barchtna: nnl Th'tnimh U lmrnrntlvrly
'lmanIH. whthT tt In tru'h or ltHf4f i
that ti.. s-t.i'.'iin : 1 rontatna. What ac
tion I npr-irv I ha reauii of. fttl't
Ifsqtflrjr win fhnw.
A tariff hill - a me.ipur In nlil h W If' i
ftaluiCell an! upidlty are too npt to i i- -vail
ovf publlo - -.'I' 1 . 1 1- - Whtn
th principle of protacUori i rtcogtilt
nV'-ry Imslm-M In eaajer to Rrur th
Injuntr otTCTCd bJT th uovi-rnnrnt for
ttlt OWH alHMtHR-. Ittl'l VAt '"llililllii
Uont raault, ambraclng naftfly ail tii
traip ani comiTicrcc "f th countn
The protci ti in!rj't-, bajidc 1 toffath?r
for mutual a'lvantiiK-. ar- t.i DOWttful
for BtntMnuuiahlp tnd patrlotlam. aii l
thr rfult in a rjntan Of dutlM not Im
. acd with a vtw to the r'-allzatlon of a
UlTloU tit rvfiiu-. for Ihe encnuraa;'-
mnt of ntetnufaoturan, or f"r the bcntfll
! of the people at liira; hut with the fle-
ign f enriching the few at the axpnM
of the many, antl with the effect of
tiiuMihf up monopoiieM an i ancottrnglng
The M Klnley bill had itf trlKln In a
comparatively Hiiiall hut v enlthy an i
powerful conspiracy to conflnn the
1 grasp of crtrtin corporatloni on the
; principle of hlajh protection. Hut un
, on ii it t bjwi t wax unarstoodt every
; Her ator nnl Keirenentativt in Congress
RSgdS a grab for o share of the i--i
j for the partleular hunine or Ihdustr)
In which ilia conMtituenis vrers engngod,
t mi they bad ail to he taken Into the
McKlnley schedule in order t' secure
I their Votes. The reinlt Wfll the pmdUC
tion as a law nt the DlSJil of .TlC0nsld-
ercd and pernldoui protectlvs dutlei
known iih the McKlnley a(. a sort of
I n neral "combine1 "f Individual Inter
ests against the public good.
The framing of a Tal iff law f .r the
Uxatl-m of the while people, lUCh at
eiae itatesmanshlp prompts and the best
I inieroHta of thu 'a hole nation demand, re-
quires in a peculiar degree ths exercise
1 ttf un;elfiHh patriotism. Men must con-
sent to lay aside their Individual a l-
vuntuK' anl accept a Ihtw which provides
only for the general good. In such n
i Hpiiit only can a wise ami aatlsfactory
Tariff law he secured.
There Is ho question a to the neces
sity for tariff reform. ThS people have
decided In favor of such a policy again
and again. To secure It, a President
Cleveland nay. In a duty Imported on the
present Congress h the voters of the
whole nation. The patty cannot refuse
to make uch reform without dishonor.
I Hut lo paSS a io-t anil honest Tariff law
t requires mi exercise of unselfish and dls
l Interested patriotism rare among ordinary
politicians it remains t'i lie seen
whether do- Kifty-thlrd Congresi is equal
: tu the task.
Patrol h.ii, iiM are not a fancy addi
tion to a Police Department. They are
not luxuries or extras, like a COmmbt
loner! ko1i shield oi the gin band on
ii captain! dress cap. They nre an en
sentlal if not an absolutely necessary l
addition t.. every weii-appiintd police
force. No city should he without them. '
In nearly all American cities, where I
the police system Ih not nearly o per-1
feet as our own. the patrol wagon ia a
most Important part of the police ma
chinery, and th! horses are kept In con
stant readiness for a call In the houses
just the same us the Kite Department!
horses are kepi In readiness for an i
alarm. New York Ih behind the age, and
Is w Ithoul th'-m.
This i-. n matter of stnptlse for sev
eral reasons. PI rat, we have good cause
In other resp i is to be proud or our
po.iie force. It is admirably disciplined,
is composed of as brave, steady, relia
ble and trustworthy a body of men,
considering iheir number, as can i
gathered In any city of tin world, ami
the people have always been ready to
deal most generously with the Depart
ment. 't, we have no men to pare, and
but for Hie Important (jmstion or econo
my we ought to have a larger number
or patrolmen ami shorter heats than at
Again, the precincts, especially In iome
parts of the city, are extensive and the
ii t dices considerable, making commu
nication witti Hie station dlltlcull and
ri iii . the charactei f our popula
tion is such thai tiic scenes enacted In
dragging refractory or drunken pris
oners, men and women, through, the
streets to the police station! are calcu
lated to i xclto disorder, to prompt res
cues and to Injufu th.' public morals.
Kvery consideration, thi refofV, de
mands tlie establishment nt once or a
complete and sulBclent patrol wagon ser
vice. The efficiency of tin- force would
he largely Increased h Ii The men
would i"- relieved from degrading and
humiliating scenes. Injuries to prisoners
would be avoided, Public decencj would
be subserved. Arrests would be tnoie
1 promptly and more quiet I) made. The
power to concentrate large bodies of men
at any spot In the city on short notice
would greall) reduce the danger of rifts
and prevt it the gathering f mohn
sufficient supply of patrol wagons would
be equal lo an increase of fit) pel i nt
in the fone
The people nre willing that a patrol
wagon system shall le established. What
Is the mater with the Police Commis
sioners that they da not s ure it .ti
Sin i ClaUS has sworn off It- I in
wait for the new year, i' miny gettth-
men of l'u!s city will, unJ C , r .... rl)
every year, hut he has joined i;vj - n k .-
if th. i'r ihlblttonlst! already, and I -load
tills cnr.stmas will b conipon i x
clustvely of toys that chew a.i 1 ..nogs'
Unit d i nut It t KIC tt
ITie dear Xalni la a uil old ftlUw, tu l
ws n. r th ught ttit iw did him i
any harm bj itopp ntf a' the road notiMfj
on his way f om th icy ' n:i fir a i "t
toddy or "w. !' is jtrd tlpi lnl of a
hlgh-tlddv Idt, round h UM, rolllcl mg
souled old char that nae warm di nk
woud lit nit wl'houi ttralulog a bu'im
or Mushing a chc rk, Hit i f swer tnoe
from hl custom try loP4 ll yn.hg to
make any dlflfen n i in ills n i.ire or
good fellowship, tl e WOdls W i.l will
regret It iACccllljly.
Hut he has aworn off, and there's
nothing; more to say about It Just now.
lit) will take no load home with him
Christmas Day. and Mrs. Santa CTaus
wi.: not have the trouble of keeping him
from winding the parlor clock ninety
nine times an hour, or frappuylng his
burning; brow the next morning. He has
notified the New York and Hruoklyra
sMoon-kcpe-s shout his reformation.
and they hav sent word to their cos- '
tornera that there win t no free bottles
Of wine or whiskey for them this Christ
The men who hgvt Iwn saving them
selves up f.ir a Yule tide hat will h
very mmh disappointed when they do
not find jigs ir. their stockings on the
ircrntngof Dec 26. They have oor gym
Michael Itlckey, nn Illegal voter, prose-,
to -1 and - onvh i by the Com nitt-e of
Fifty, in tiii ity, was yesterday sen
tenced to .' year's ImprtsofunenL There
an- mire nam. I 01 th- Committee! list
A total of JT1 Indictments for offeniea
like Hlckey's were found by the N'ovem
Ifer (iraiel Jury. Not one of theae men
should escape If guilty. Fraud at th.-fs-!N
should !' made si peril us ttiat ni
man will d ir sttempl It.
Mayor-elect Rchleren, of Hrook'yn. has1
alresd) announced two of the appoint -ments
he w hi make those of Commls
iloner of Public Works and of Corpora I
tlon Counsel It! t-gln well. It Is el-
dent tn it good cltlsenshlp, rather Lhan
partisanship, has been considered in his,
choir.' of m n f .r these lmsirtHiit places '
May hi last appointments be a good '
as th- first.
The hlg spectacle (ailed "America."
that ahoite In Chicago during the hunt
i nous months of the World! Pair, conde
scended to Bctntliate at the Metropolitan
I Opera-Houie last night, for its glories
i were not dimmed in tic West, and It has
I plenty of sparkle and glitter left. It is
' certainly a gorgeous spectacle as gor
geous na anything that N. w York has
ever Seen, mid it tills the hlg stage of the
Metropolitan with a turbulent sea of In
toxica ting color thai sidfts and kaleldo
scopes Itself incessantly.
Little boys run mound and tell you
j loudly that no words are spoken and thai
I you hud better buy a libretto, In order
to understand. Those little hoys do not
speak the truth. YOU had fai latter not
buy the libretto, for the beauts f the
whole spectacle is that you do not under-
st md. The book gives yon a lot of trite
Information about progress ami liberty.
It assert a that ' on I) In the Bacchic
madness is there gladness,' and that
"only in the whirling measure, perfect
pleasure." It says other thing" that are
lust iih superfluous and seriously Inter
feres with the one-night! festival that
you have promised your eyes.
There .n four acts, slutted full of
magnificent icenes, that begin with the
departure of ColutnbUB on his Voyage of
discovery, and end with the triumph of
Columbls at the present time. There are
I ballets, and processions ami pictorial ac
cessories by Hie score, one ballet Is of
Arts and Sciences, another ol American
Inventions. Then there Is a Maypole
dance, and a couple of premieres dan
I senses in the conventl ami tarlatan
excuses, and the equally conventional
beaming facial expressions.
ine specialty artists inciuue tssaco
and Roberta, who work very energetical- i
ly. and the Sch offers, a marvellously
clever acrobatic family, the juvenile j
members of which were not allowed to
io anything but stand on the stage
Of course, this cast a dan. per upon the
Schaffer specialty, but th" few Bchaffersl
w ho did tumble were npplauded vet
1 vigorously. The eldest. Sylvester Bchaf
I fer, did some astonishingly unusual jug
gling in the second act. The dexterity
of thetie people has not been exaggerat
ed. They are an entertainment In them-
The weak part of "America" Is Its
music, Httld to be the work of Angela
I Venansl It is very weak and stupid.
and recalls Unit used nt the open-air
spectacles on Btaten Island ami at Wee
hawken. In fact, you have but to shut
your eves and listen, and you can al
most feel the mosquitoes, There Is also
some singing that might bfl omitted ad
vantageously Miss lea belle Crqufhart
sings the leading role. The angry shades
of Mel ha and Calve must haunt the
stage while sin is so engaged, The other
roles ate Intrusted to Carlotta Oilman,
ciara Burton, Florence Malcolm, Bpencer
Qracey, and s Gordon 13d wards The
glories of "America1 should be partlcu-
I larl appropriate this holiday time.
ai.an DALE
I'nrtliiff Kick nt u (treat 4nuie,
tu ItlBUISnri circles Ihip. In Ui'V n ai u t.'iuh I
yrai n areldfal Inmraoea oomnsnlsi Psrbapa
' ihf) loaded tu wlih too many risks on football I
plari if l.eui nit- rnnrl'i Joitmale
-in aiiiaa af a Tax on Cards.
Ti i i' n rards 10 rrnti n r '.. under tbn
ne' Internal Iterenun law leemi Mk gtvlns fffl j
Ul send l n 1 1 th.- tlmedionored provteton for t--
Mil i ii n 11 ' :
Nana' nt - - U i ti i i n In Peril.
- I m we ii- told thv w'aelilngton was
bard ii nkn Prettj ,n -ri4ii probablji lee n
thai i hi father of om countr) h Popul l
Kree-Bltverlte and favi i ! tt trotle) lyatetn
traoill i nl i !U II
Football and rtienlnjo.
Princeton l Preabyterlan rollegf. e:.l '' in
i ' ngregatlonal mllegc ehl h i i is net wall) to
i , ie .i ' U then onytblng in tie- ( ilvtn
iMi.- doctrines ond4i li ii at I llajll!
!; beei -r Pol Bpn i
llrasll's tonfiito ni Ntorlrs,
It li dlffl Ii i" t. ;t rai is true s-id bi !i
fi is n Ibe rep i from Hraitl ir the t lllgr
nht tintf u ' ti Ihn it (hrr w ltd
hi - i -i an " i to I hi ,- i I ago Doit on
.i irnal
Istaddeglng llstvl al the Truer,
I ' lb !- I vi uf Ibe new Tsrlff bill's
i pulertt) li lb the uicsr Trnet is bnallnc
i i i The tu. r n ft hi ., i , tte m re tbe
i ale like. It.Uuffala Tini'
Col. N.ro Was a Cefnul'er and
Dlew Out Ills Bra n..
Illy A,...- its, l'r,-i t
i pa muster In the v ar I u : irtmi nl
in this city, shot and killed tilrru if
Hi- v. r its i' iter. I' l is brother ai d
Hens ii oa i and K ulero. and I n
ble ins brain, out .iih plat I it
win' fuund Hihi h was a defaulter in
in- nn of iii. ut $.;,. no
'i : Kavo .i!i .i a ill, r - ', the M
Guard, a urn. friend of Juares, ii.,ni
In- followed in all hi. checkered career
and ". it iwa -: . ni,.. as .in Incur
rupl bis patriot ani gentleman Bevern
arrests liavi- been made In connectloi
Villi Una affuli. Im liiiln ulllcem i
A Bad Fxample.
(From Tcit. Siftln,. i
"Sam Jones says he believes In livln.
so that your children may put theli
feet In your tracks anl be honorable.
i remarked (ins De Smith.
Yes." replied Ilostelter McOlnnln, h
I fore Sam Joined the church be used ti
walk en both fides of the sir.-et ni
he went home Ht nights, and that u, .
bad habit fur child: en :j acquire."
The Chrigtmas-Tree Fund Has'
Begun to Flouriob.
Cornelius Vanderbilt Send3 His
Check (or SI 00.
A Little Letter That (il.ouM Touch
Ever Heart.
I.etirra rnntulslnex saosey Tor Ibe ( h rlst
nm-..rr I Mini shoal! he Ntlrler ,, I
M sablerof Tbe VYorlS, Pulltxer limia
Ink. fw York Illy.'
All SSMTeelS or yurltaRM roslslnlns; lo-
ii.iiion ..( n.,...i..ihinv, in.ou- or iithrr
.i ii. ir, wbniiltl He itihirri. a to ihr
" MsniiRrr t r nlsg, W nrhl'- fcrlst- '
aejMswTraa, loo i.n sm street.
I he- AmrHrsu, atlons.l. I nllrd fltatOB
nil Hr-i.i.o lliyrfis 4 osapsnlra will
ronfP) ll iHil.stt' ,ri ,,! -fl pounds
li'- of h:ii n".
Ih. .Nets York TranslVr I'oMpnny
DSnssVS BspresS IVttl Still lb ad deliver
ln laniies fi-re of SbsNTSje on nut l ft ui ln
Tbi Brenlng World 1100.00
I'r v louet) knowledgad "' ! I
t'ornelitii Vanderbilt ioo
Mile. Rsusa Cahrl 10.00
Pair n Sompter street, nrookiyn I.oo
rVgSee, stsrjr an-l John Hsgao. Brooklyn 1 W
Prlead, Flftb arenue Mi
K n s 1.00
Uraodmoiher, rort Rlchnoad, c t 1-00
William II VaS li-refit 1.00
Kleaaoi l 00
Jeante M BanTler 1.00
n K and it Mi
lira Marl- Llnbarger, Plalnfltld, N J '-'.'',
LI I lie '.lat'ts-in .20
Ms s II plsjer, M nt Varnon. .tt
flora Lovy, Itaveratrtw, n. v t"
Ueorgte. Jr i"!
Carrie Kelber, Brooklyta i'1 j
Iannis C Mason. HunilnRton. L I 10
.- I Deuel I ... ...... H
Ullee K Besaioni lesipetod, I. I . 10 1
is one or many hundred! of lot -
ters addressed to "Santa Claus' bj pooi
child ran whore only hope of holiday
joy Ih "The Evening World' Christmas
Tree. People, whose hearts are touched I
by .his letter, which is printed as It was
written, will please bear in mind that'
it Is not published for the purpose of!
calling attention to Katie I- alone. ,
who Is only one of a vast army of
wretched little ones In thin and ad
jacent (ItleS
The letter gives a glimpse of the awful
misery that exists In Poverty's homes.
There are thousands and thousand! of
Katie I - s In New York, all hollow -
eyed and haggard, dependent upon the!
kindness of the charitable, for one day's
respite from the desperate doom that
shallows their young lives.
"The Bvenlhg world SM Christmas
Tree win try to cheer them on Christ
mas morn So as has been said before,
if Katie 1) 's little letter makes you
j feel that you ought to do something for
'children like her. sen 1 your Contribution
; to the Christmas-Tree Fund, and she an 1
I all the thousands of others like her wilt
' hear from Santa Claus. and he made
I happv when the great joy-day arrives.
This Is Katie's letter:
j Deaf unta Clans;:
I i itft uf your kiiein.-m to poor blldreen and
t sm a. i it 1 1 an-l ii rears old and w are i"
ihMi i think v'mi win aend i- soma ticket for tbe
ehtiatmaa irer m vnthr baa I I tula hiMifpn
: M'it ..-I i I Uiva. 1 bsve n iirntln-r ll yeara old
1 wtiii tint, une arm, iid m. :' litilf stair ar vt-r
aleh no farther i lu prison for "n year r-r
It.-.tilnir m M..ll ao it you Could oblldga me
nh H.. in Heketa foi m) Brotbera and alaten ve
sill Up too poor to art an tlinner for bnat
m4. sn) Motaer cant blty any toys Ur th-m
KATIK l . Waal 10th ati.'et
A LlUla Wblt.
The small boy who wins the Christmas-Tree
Fund prize can have an out
fit like this If he wants it. The coach.
nan's coat Is made ot cardinal red
! ip
bos 'loth, with three capes and i illar, a
tl -front and two cavernous pockets, The
I ft hat Is mule of felt, the color of the
1 1 hip, and ornamented a Ith a itttH
: c icfc i !'. It can also be ha I In plain blue
and fancy mixtures.
Cornelius Vanderb'.lt Fenda lOO.
Mr i m Hue Van lerblll wtiiei
. am plaaasd lo Inrtoae th k for li0"' loaardi
'The Kven n, Wi rid ' enn isl t fi-i"nait Tree.
ire icn truly. I ANDBRBIKT "
Mr 'aoderl i h fir anii rare tew: r-a-
i smh hin ibaraetertatli afntrfwin 'c
i aim W rld'i rbSlitlea ant bti n le ei
smpli s 1 u '", be totlowed tih ximtUr dona
1 le of tlofl Hit la ih- that for the chrtatm.s
free Kim 1
On, for an aiaddln'a Lamp.
1 . th- 1. In r
I I uh j tt n tna I v AluMIn !th hi
i wonderful I'tni i i r . ;,ii wish, Hnd rub
I wlab. until .til tn toyi in New York niar bed
I wo Uroodwa) lo Tbi World" building 1 th nk
ih-r would ! s larger mwj oan ibst around
Mary 'a Indun . urni iit-n tu see hoiee f eaady
I with I. as on th-m. each carrying ita uh tbe
Ina rlptloa ' H rrsh foi The BvenlDg werM'a
Chrlatmai Tr r n i ' (lowed ' brigade
.! twenty-dollar gold p' ea ea h aurytni Bft j
dollar i ill for a baaner Tta-n a brigade 'f illrar
il liara eapb naa carrying j tee-dallai in f a
banner fhr iwo t Kprtard ot ' le
i " of hat ana, roali ll mis.mii mlltfni) tn-l
a : i - other thiQga thai bo tad c rls lore tt
.1 ; ie n famous war .. iuei au h i thoa
little lets In St i'ork aa Sberroaa'a
Ma- b' m Mir rouatrj but I am not AUil-
pUMs Utile girl b an stab vary
i ii t ! i hi r mita for t t.-ji-tat tree tuat
... n i - ii . i
V: r.:...;mfiei.i itrfct. lUb',:.rn. N. J.
I , ,
flotb Is a Good Boy.
Tr ttt Elltor.
I am s little boy levsn )eara old I isad 20
inj to th ycjr t:::n-1 I tend It eo tby
an tt eomtlblns for Chrtitmaa Your little
11 Ocsta place, tJrookl)B.
All Bbe Had la the World.
To the Editor:
I am a gtrl tblrtesn years old and 1W In ths
i ec mtry 1 am gitng to try for the pr'r that
i pps rr-ed SSSSl la "The Evaolng World." I
uover bad a chance to go to Nc York to awe
tbe rblMrwB'l rartstma Tr-e Pnnd. but 1 trust '
t' him tht ilnrt. all things sr-:i that I will rt
iiir r -m n i i rati yt i will reetlre :
fhe ami fn ! rh r '..-I'-. BOOf ours to he
mi I. hsi p 1 will w t,n 1 bars In th wofM I
wht-h ' : eat ltiin I witl reeelea rh
prlae in I arltb mv love tn mr little rnrs I will
iftrlaftasd, U 1. '
A Little Poetess's Thoughtff.
T-. th Rditori
tr I aed t'lfasa And II etStl I hope i will ;
rrakf some child happy. I hate rt rn mit sv
rral times ttfore, but never ilerd my nam.
but as ll ii a prize. aoatoSt I Srtll try m best
lu ? I n i
t om. i rn aids your p iraee
i io i ' i- at iuiis . "n 4ii ipare
Tic World'e" Xma fund is ope!
l ..r gefreroui hnti t-. sbrf.
Comi ha ten all oiir lots to pfOrt,
i IP le 'bil'lren poor.
Wbo h re no'iRht bat pain and M1TOW
'1j greet ih-m at tin-ir door.
Hi. luaty routh and qslrtrlsg k:
The Xmat infi'i t. xs.n.
Thai Tit- henla w-iltl 'may win th pa e
r.-orn u.v grsteral beans that tn
God blast Th Wottd" anl may Its ptaa
KJ' h fd- um-fig ' b- i i h
For --r on a m-to ran g!ve
To fin ih ma Tree
i:mm Ll l i. ata f irtass y-ars.
i'l'll Si OSd atiu. I
A Brooklyn Fair.
To h B4ltor;
iiHas Bad in losed f. for th CbriatauuvTree i
Ciin-l from a fair h Id at &i Surop'tr Btrett,
Brooklyn, by tso little a'ris in blsa nami Ms
r-nl May BtOter, a-tiei!! by lour more r.f tbflr
Kir) fmnds nam') Italia Ma ItlSUSih, Ms tattl
Kit. Moehlaloab and Usui whit: also b)
tv . little boys named Wlllla iriKsn and John
i irgeraofi lioar Ranta Claus, 1 aend m oiTiin?
(.. you from a fan bold ' mv boose, "' Bumpttr
ureal by m h"i iiater Mary, aacd nine -r-an-t
myself, aa.i twelre yean Th doaatioai we
received from mnv of our frit ntls MoiJina It
:M hf r man- poor little atrlg and boys and I
make tbm bapp) who annst a I .murium or
h no on to Sis Hirm nnv prs-nttt Imi ih
giKi "Brent Bg World' a" '"hriimat--Tro suhd
and dar Santa I I- HI M) ti wishea to all.
h ipinn erery on win be made bappy by m- iitt'
ofTtirlna Oood-bl Sants iaus L'oinpostsl and
iitt.-o hy me.
in BANTKR. aged twetrt yars
U Humpter street. Mr-- W1 n.
Jeanle'a Lsttsr to Snnta Claus.
M n nr snnia Claui: You are s., ro..1 to little
giils and boyi t'i gf them prei n s. ili you ;
ma-it Tbe KrtnlnB World" i putting this it- i
ter n. I ul Ftnd yoi three nalla f rberrlei '
wticn they in,r Will ' i lend some little girlt.
out '" play nlih n. aitu Claua, ploaaa tall
ibe dear ' Rrenlng IVorb to rnmo and sf m-.
bi'iLiiee I love tnr- dear r.-rUi World" for !-
lilt; au l''h! to t hi poor Hot gtrtl .out loa 1
tiiinit "T'. BvenlnB World" is t h,- beataet pspr
This la rv orlae letter. I m air: vnij uld. .
Your llttli friend, JKANIB C. Hart. I
r:n Chestnut itrael Brook!) n. i
P ? Mv Rrniflpa gjif m 15 etnta for this
li tier I give It to ou.
A Kind. Hearted Little Girl.
To th Editor:
I am a llttl girl five yean old and T send you .
j;. eenta for aoma lttti gtrl or boy, when i aet
it little blfiRer I am U'insT to try and do all I
an for ihe ioor people, for my mamma savs It la
n-irr- tjlcsfcf.l to kIi- than to receive.
Little Charloy'a OfTaring.
t'o the Editor:
I am Rnlng to srnd 25 cents to hvlp one of
tli poor children, and make them a merry (hrisi
maa. I um a buy (n year old.
1J ii. tan plst-e, llr.M.klyo. I
Gladness for Little Hearts.
To the Bdltori
Inclosed And tl M to make anme Ilitle heart
Klad Your llitt friends
yt Monitor atrett, ltnoklyn.
In His Name.
Tn the Bdltori
fleas fnl In. losed $!, with the wish that It
m make aoma little on happy at Christ man Ida.
I send it In His nam BLBAKOR, j
Jennle'a Contribution.
To th Bdltor:
I n-1 need pleas fin 1 11 nhlh I send hopinR that
II will help lo make BOOM httl on bappy, 1 alM
liHe some Looks wht- It I will at rd.
3H t"x One Hundred ami nineteenth airtet.
Jor for Some One.
To 'ho F.llt'.r
I tn'-toae s tmill sum for the t'hrislmai Tree.
,ik It v III be hard enoUBb lhl Winter fur poor
fithrM ti keep their rhU'lr.-n f r. m bfint raid
arid hungry, let abate th tuning of Chrlatmai
prraenta for ih- liule ones, so if thia will give
a doll to aoma poor llttl gtH or a tin hum to,
Mima small bO) who lev n noinr. thim making
aoma One a lltlle happin -as ti flirlstmac Hav
I mitll In more than a Ih'iusand llmt-. repaid
VOUn Mm er I; ,
MMH H. ri-HKU. lb. item years old.
na South Second avenue. Mount Vernon, N. X.
Happineaa in Poataga Staxcps.
To the Editor:
!.! i i. find ti renta in pMtaga atampa
fi r the Chrtattnaa-Treu Kund from friend, i
nope it maj' Make aoma Hula child bapp)
noltv LEVY llareratraw, N. Y.
A Football Game.
To th Editor:
Ineloaodj ploaaa fin I ti towards your Chrlatraaa-
Tree Kund. The above amount in the m-t remit
r beta un the all Prl i lon came. Am aorry
I it no mote, but hope that it will do n llttl
"l S, U. S.
God Bleea t':e Tree.
To the Editor.
I am a Ii:te girl, nin years old. and would
like to h" a present. I am In the fourth
Reader, ai.d I h.iv.' rn) leaaoni almoal every day.
aid I aiw.i tt. to anywai Thia is the firsi
tim' I hav swnt a letter away, b it this vear l
on anlng in t. nod hlp the M-jr as nui'h as I
r I would H to aee the Christ man tree of th
poor and would like to give tiim all a present
I eipert ttt ill h.tv. a grand time (hat merrj
U) t.-l bleoa tour i"hrlstm-Tre'' Fond.
OLIVE K BBS8IONS, Hempstead. I. I.
From a Grandmother.
To the Edlb r
incloaed please fn-1 tt to mae a happy t'hrlst
maa I r f.me of the nnle ones.
ORANDMOTHBR. Feu Itlrbmond. S. I.
Pranont for a Poor Child.
To Ibe Edit r
Mr ran.' gavi rr this '.: cAnts to pit In mv
bank, ri I I v 111 and It lo you i at some poor
loll child a p-sent for I'hntimj Your little
PlalnBeld, N. J.
A Little Friend.
i ir- Bd tor
In I ed Bad o rents In atamp My papa ki
Th. World" evary Sunday. I love 10 read the
. hlldr us Tajt I Will try and do nil t nn for
ih or lull tots I will snd you some mor
tn naj in n few days I slab vou a Merrv Christ
mas and a Happy New Ye.tr. From a friend.
::; East 'n llusdrad and sun fifth itraat
Paul Du Caaillu says that the man who In
rented the whl waa the areateat of sll the
art ri! I Investor! BBd benefactors, for from the
mill to the railroad the wheel la something n.:.n
annot do without.
i rSaoa'B full name la Robert Iiuis rtalfour
BUvenaOS. The. nowllst dripped tbe third imim
frm his signature eara iSi
T?ie sar of the rebellion waa the most disastrous
-f all modern wars OOSUng R30.000 Uvea and more
test seven billions or dollara.
Liuring the past thirteen yoSTS the parent t.fT, .
baa arantetl -.:ax patnta to women
Frame haa had BtSty-fOVOO qi.eeni. of whom
thirteen, on odd number for lu k, led happy
Robert Grant re fen. tn his latest story, tn a
Martigny" cocktail. la thla the way to apell tbe
MgM ot that entiling beverage
Kvery member of tbe Osaac trib of Indiana
li worth 116,771.
One of the old remedies for nose bleed waa to
put a drop of vinegar In tbe ear. Deafneu waa
auppoeed to be curable If a dn a of cabbage Juice
waa deftly Injected Into tbe ear.
The remarkable statement li made that tbe
average Englishman uaea forty pounds of salt a
Some Southern rlltes attribute ibe 1i.tr1-ji-tlon
of moeuUoes toallway core, cip.iall the Pull
man eleeper
f77f enrvnn a Baf AS awassgf of reSJsjSsfy ay I
I-om n mmptnint tn inoir, n ffrfrianrtta rVtVi'
infrrmnftnn fo (jtrr, n aaaSjBs! to 'lit or a pui'
SrMtOf to Qckot'Mg, nd itkj SSJJ paf tht BaVl
no !ru Omn iw uur U. Lung itUert cannot 6c
prtsttf, ,
Domtnlck llcCsffray's San'.tarlum.
To 'h Bd i
t sln.erel hop th.it Iinr.ir.i' V M Tre. 'i am-
bit Ion to aiatt an Institution ti bi SSSd as at
aanltartum. a, atgtsd 'n 'The BrenlBg World" of
last nlgbt. sll i f iifliud at should the eagrgrS
be lee anywhart near rasseasbla b will s-
plant) nf patlsnta.' Ha will thui benefit ltaou
sii'Ii of voting and mlddleagSd men. wbe.
i aotker from dhdncllgatloB or novert an t 't
mmler of an ol the man athletic asao. tatlr ns,
and do not net a rhan to tol a three or four
mmitha' eouraa of tralalna seen as prefaatlongl ,
trsisers atone ess gi- sad fc. n the only
ihlng that enable! puglllatl to n lur the awful
punishments tfcey neatve In Bgbts. Tb wealth
of s nation !s in Its it. en Just as mu h, if not j
more than In Its woman. Sad should Mr M - :
CoJre) a idea pay, there la lota of cant let lying
around loose to bmid manj more luch Institutions;
than the ipectat i preaented to our ayei ea- h de
; weak, i r. , dobllltgted men of from twenty to
fort Mjrn of ake, caused by nothing else than
I lose oP , .. i. ii'.. ri O' tlpa' lODS. sic . BlOp
pittg to smoke a cigarette baton going back to
work after a hasty lunch, Would In a few vear-l.'-om
ure. one thing is a r. h ran safel
count on a. F CAMPBBLIa.
Girls Work in the Country.
To the ISdll -r
Th cnances are that E It Dsy, of East Isl 1 p
I. I , doea not know hove to ttat a girl when
aba bai one, or there la so much work that It
ecerea gtnl aav. Sh m-ist have a very poor
opinion ot the modern New fork girl to think she
would d , ail ttt extra work in a country house
with country1 Inconvenience, for lnn waxes than
in New York, whlfh la usuall the case. Would
sh be witling to pay a girl a fate whnever she
had a dav off and would she te'l her girl to
start iarly enough to have th earn am mnt of
time to apvnd with friends In Now York that che
would huve if tth lived right ben? I am a ser-
taut girl from choice not neejlt - but I will ;
rot work for any one who inula me as a mental '
or thinks butter is too dear for mv bread, nor will '
I work Irom 1 A. M to a H. .M . I like a feu
hours rest eeerj dav the vm as every ctvlJUed j
being. i..i k n iii- nnawer this ir Fh can
M. Ml I.I.Fn. M Eighth avenue.
Enainsera and Explosions.
i To the Editor;
An rg'nr of forty-five yanra' Tpe-i"i e ir.
this country nnd Cuba has looked up the cause of
boiler explosions during most of that lime, and
finds In nine cases out of ten that tbe cause has
been Incompetency on the part. ! thoaa ho run
them they ( annot be i. tiled engineers Fifteen
yean ago he ras In Charge Of a CorllS engine.
whr h. bad been fourteen years (Mng disabled
by Blcknees, another man waa gives charge, who
was no engineer, and In a fan months bail s bre.ik
shb-h tout the company $t00.00n. A young man
who giaduated at 1 ifts was asked Immediately
after graduation to go to New Bedford to help test
some boilers. On entering th boiler-house he
ordered the Ittandani to Rhut down, ns thre was
danger The troubb was a slight matter, but tbe
engineer did not know What It waa or how to rem
edy it until told. Those ar th pari who are
trusteil with valuable machinery and life. They
work for less rronev than a competent person doea.
I an give you names and places If desired.
J. A. I)., Drookbn. N. Y.
That Third Track-.
T.i tba KiHtrr-
While everybody tn th city is howling for rapid
! transit, th Elevated Company la trying to meet
1 th demands of ihe people bv building a middle
tr.1-1; on th Ninth avenu road, nn whbh to run
i evpre", trains and thereb) shorten the time from
the Battery to Harlem to twenty minute. But
with what encouragement do they meet? The
people, standing In their own light, do not want
th ' I." people to build this third tra k. Hut for
what reason t '-annot toll. If seme of theae people
who are maMng steh a kl k wo.ild tell me why, I
would b greatly obliged to 'hem. We ought to
be only too glad that the "la" people are going
to give, us quicker transit. Thla third track will
a-e the forty -flv e-mlnute ride to Harlem and re
duce It to twenty. Hoping the third trak will be
built without delav, and tWOOt v-mlnute express
. tmlns running wltbin a month. I am. yours sin
cerely. WB8T-SliiE HARLEMITB.
Ara Husbsnda Ever Spanked?
To the Editor:
1 ordiaJly indorse th sentiments nf "'Winds"
in "The Evening World" with regard to the
woman-spanking epidemb'. Can any of your
readers Inform me why It i that thrugh we ura
alonally bear of wives and frown daughters being
punlHRed in this way no i n-- ever beard of a
: grow n run or a husband being .- uij- - to a
Ipanklns by mother or wife? U this because the
men deserve punishment less tans the women.
or because i h aie utiong nnd will not sub
mit to Itt In other words, Is the whole rorpor.il
I punishment the 17 not a creation nf rowardlre.
of which only weak women and hlldren are the
victims? LOUIS L. BARNES.
A Dangerous Dead Wire.
To th Elltor:
A .lead wire h.-.ngs loos on the corner of Fifth
..venue and Titirt -sixth atrevl. It la suspended
In mid-air. and inn day th wind will blow It
I down canning it to strik" iwim hers. T.hih win
he-ome frightened and run away, perhaps ending
, ia a loas of Ufa READER.
Orel nary CHIzena Don't Eoem to
j To the Edit ir
la it not time to put a atop to the ever "nrreas-
tng danger Of -able cars? How manv mTfl people
must be triishet to detth or maimed ard crip
pled for Ufa before a ha!; la tailed hr universal
pUblli ladlgnatlont Perhaps it is ne-eosart that
I some Influential polltbain's or nlllionalrea fam
I lly is ihrown into miserv and sorrow bv an ac
Icldent in the cable rood before laws win b pissed
to compel the .mpanles tu adopt prevent I. e mess
' res Th death ir erippling of an ordinary citl
laen reirrs to ha.e little InlUSBCS towards that and
A Poaitlvo Cure for Catarrh.
j To the F.lltor
. This Is a positive rure for catarrh. In answer
to 'Merrv. Yosken." Hu a bulb nasal dom-he
1st drug Store, price & rcsla, with which spray
l ha noe with warm, freah milk, adding ghoul
I six dmpa or best gl)rrine. Hold bark the head
In doing this so aa to fe-l it tn back of throat.
Fill the bulb twlca ah time and apply three
tlmea a day. Must be applied regularly and for
, aoma time to havi- effe't. Clfgg th- doucbl after
Answers to Questlona.
I Young Mairied W .m in -Your husband cannot
, gt a dlvoroa from )ou on tbe grounds atlted In
your (ommunb atlun.
Speculator - It ia contrary ti the rulea of "The
l'venlng World' to give ad.be t,i reyard to the I
j Inveatmetit of money.
j r. H. Vou oaanoi not I act a board bin from a
, person who haa no propartj upon wales to levy
when you Rl a judgment again him.
J. M-'ti - "When a grand un I di-a and Waves
no will, are all hi-, relative! cntltle.1 to a share
f his monev f" Sometimes they sr not.
II. J. M - Lord Cavendish and Mr Hurke were
killed in I hot-ntx I'aik. about half s mile from
the gate near tbe main drive we) leading to tbe
vice. regal lodge.
A. T. ll. in inbbage the plav waa: Ace,
three five four ipeg ), n (peg 4). seven (peg b).
two ipeg 7t. a e (pvg 7 ,, -. t nu tbla cor
' rect? It was
A. When at tbe end of a game of pinochle
I the cuum shows that on aide baa won the game
, It la not neee&inry that that aide should win a
trbk on a new band befoie tt -.an claim out.
J. M Your written marriage contract waa a
I valid manlage contra t. The courte of tbla Stat
lecognlze only a common law marriage aa valid
' betauae there li no statute law marriage. There
I i annot b any other than a tommonlaw marriage.
Nc coram ia) mal.fi a marriage ualeaa It on
j tains slibln It. and aa a part ut It. a common-
Isw marriage-a contrail am-b aa youra. No
i lergvman or magistrate .an 'marry'' the con
tract tag parties, Hy their a i they merry oae
Lnoiher. the clergvman or magistrate being wit
1 neaaei uucly wf their aiL
ui fgnsssriL"
7i Bab rmrrf.
The present f"hion to hnve a smnll
card with the baby's name In full nni
ilHte of birth tied to the parents' curd
w Ith a tiny bow of white ribbon. The ,
lurge. (ar I bear! the names uf both
parents, thus:
while attached to H is tbe wee one J
Horn November ;i". ism.
The cards nhould be engraved and sent
u SOOn as possible after th'- birth of tbe
Child, They Sfd Inclosed in an envelope
the Bit! of the larger one.
I arl ffVSfllBf Tnilet.
A visiting: toilet of bengsllne -ilk. ame
thyst colored, tbe skirt encircled with
graduated volants of the silk, arrans-ed
If!,;: If-'
to curve upward on on1 slile. The ijoflire
Ih iirapeii in most becoming folds, with
festoons of jet taught across the bust.
Stirred Walnut trtaiits.
Two eupftllS of coffee-irii!.'t sugar
two-thirds cupful of boiling water, one
half saltspoonful of cream of tartsr.
Hull until II thre.i Is. ciol slightly until i:
begins to thicken, then stir In chopped
walnuts and drop on died paper.
A't.r Collar.
The fashionable small pieces of fur
this season are called collars, but are
almost large enough to be considered
capes, as they reach over the shoulder
tips, and many are pointed to the waist
In front and back alike One of the
most effective and becoming pieces is
the double collar of mink cut very full,
reaching over the sleeve tops, p ilntlng
to the waist In front, bu: round and
short across the back, an 1 finished with
a flaring high collar. The gay brocaded
or moire lining is an important feature
of these collars, as they are QUlcaiy re
moved when in the house, and their
rich lining Is en evidence, other larger
collars pointed to the wais: line In front
and back are of sealskin, edged with
chinchilla. Double collars are also made
of black velvet bordered with fluffy black
fox fur. with also a high flaring collar
band of fur. A novelty Is a collar of
I sage-green velvet edged with Jet. and a
Shoulder ruffle of moire Persian, the top
I having an Kllzabethan frill of the black
1 fur Inside a high battlemented collar of
velvet and Jet.
Sweet l-i,ttti'r . Southern Style.
Sweet potatoes, baked Southern style,
are nice at a Christmas dinner. Peel
parboiled sweet potatoes and cut In
thicK slices, arranging them in a baking
dish with a seasoning of pepp.'r, eac'.i
layer well sprinkled with cinnamon and
I brown sugar; dot lavishly wllh bits of
butter, and when ready to bake pour
over half a cupful of hot water and a
gill of sweet cream.
Menial Employment.
At well-known women's club lately
the discussion came around to the idea
of ladies earning their own living by cer
tain sorts of rather menial employment.
i One woman present, a literary light,
asked : "The trouble Is. doesn't she put
herself In the way of being snubbed?"
To which another ill, rary light rc-
I marked, with dignity: ".My dear Mrs.
!.So-and-Ho, a Christian gentlewoman
! never snubs anybody." This broad
statement was somewhat weakened by
the fact, notorious to must persons pres
ent, that the speaker was u woman of
great dignity, although of great kindli
ness to those who were her friends.
Snubbing, however, was not an un
known art to her. Moreover, the un
fortunate fact was linked that the wo
' man who tries to do nny sort of work
I has to come In contact with all sorts of
; people, and cannot limit her clients to
I "Christian gentlewomen."
Iirlfioum Orange f ake.
Hub thoroughly to a cream two cups
i of sugir and two-thirds of a cup of but
I ter. adding three eggs beaten separately,
BqUeesa the Juice of two large oranges
! into a cup. adding enough water to fill
it. Stir this Into the mixture, together
I with three and a half cups of flour, two
even teaspoonfuls of cream-of-tartar.
i one of soda, and a little of the orange
I rind, grated. Hake In layer tins. For
I the filling. ue one egg. yolk and white.
I Urate a little of the orange rind Into this
and the Juice of half an orange, adding
sugar enough to thicken.
Table Vciimrr, in Arqentlna.
"We encamped near a swamp." Bays
a gentleman describing a meal he had
j with some cart drivers In South Amer
ica, "nnd supped on sliced pumpkins,
boiled with bits of meat and seasoned
! with salt. The meal was served In
genuine psmpa fashion, one iron spoon
) and two cow's horns, split In halves.
I were passed around the group, the mem
bers of which squatted upon their
haunches and freely helped themselves
! from the kettle. Kven In this most un
civilized form of satisfying hunger there
le a peculiar etiquette, which the most
lowly person Invariably observes. Each
member of the company tn turn dips Ills
spoon, or horn. Into the centre of the
stew .md draws It In a direct line
towards him, never allowing It to devi
ate to the right or left, lly observing
this rule each person eats without In
terfering with his neighbor lteing Ik
in ii jiii of this custom I dipped my horn
Into the mees at random and fished
about for some of the ulce bite. My
companions regarded this horrid breach
of politeness with scowls of Impatience.
They declared, with some warmth, to
the cook the foreigners did not know
Mow t eat. I ap.ilugiz.-d ns well as I
could, and endeavored thereafter to eat
according t. gsucho etiquette."
I loiil Hath.
A warm foot bath with an ounce of
sea salt Is almost as restful as a nap.
Paddle In tiie water until it cools, dry
with a rough towel, put on fresh stock
ings, have a change of shoes, and the
woman who was "ready to drop" will
have a very good understanding In tea
minutes. The quickest relief from fatigue
Is to plunge the foot In Ice-cold w'ter and
keep It Immersed until there is a sensa
tion of warmth. Another tonic for the
sole Is a handful of alcohol. This la a
sure way to dry the feet after being out
in the storm.
"i""ii' Drope.
The rind and Juice of one orange, a
pinch of tartaric acid. Add confec
tioner's sugar until It Is stiff enough to
form Into small halls the size of a small
marble. These are very tine.
As regards colors, marron d'Inde. a
dark russet brown. Is worked up Into
many new and striking combination,.
Purples have lost none of their popularity,
especially In velvets, and are often com
bined with dark green, very dark blues,
faded reds and black. Various shades of
brown seem, however, to predominate,
such as I'outre, beige. Havane. mordor.
chestnut, dos de llevre (a reddish brown!;
then there are puce and tomato red. Dark
greens will also be In favor and be seen
In velvet, plush, velours du N'ord, ic.
Evening dresses are beint, made of Lyons
velvet: the skirts long and enhanced with
Superb Genoa point applique and em
broldered with a light gold thread.
,i cSrlstmas fruit ca'te.
Cream together one pound of brown
sugar and one pound of butter, writes
Frances K I.anlgan. in December La-.li-s'
Home Juurnal. Beat the yolks and
v hites of ten eggs separately. Add the
yolke with one pound of seeded raisins,
one pound of currants and half a pound
Of sliced t Itron, one-lhlrd of an ounce
each of ground cinnamon and nutmeg,
an i . n.'-uiiarter ounce each of ground
mace and cloves, also one pound of
Hour that has been slightly browned.
Add the whites of the eggs. Mix arm
beat well. Turn Into a mould and bake
for five hours In a moderate oven. Be
fore using, Ice and decorate with can
dled fruit.
For I-'rtektre
Tillle A simple lotion to remove
freckles consists of three grains of borax
dissolved In live drams each of rose
water and orange flower water. Another
harmless remedy Is equal parts of pure
glycerine and rose water, applied every
nlgth and allowed to dry.
How to I. 'l.l II ill., ll, ,
Among the many ways In which kero
sene may be made to serve as a cleans
ing agent Is In the washing of windows
Into a basin put two tablespoonfuls of
kerosene and two of water. Take a soft
cloth a liule larger than the hand, dip
it lu the basin, half wring It. and wash
your windows, iwth sash and glass. Then
rub dry with a soft newspaper, and pol
ish with a soft towel. This process will
remove fly specks and dirt from both
glass and paint more easily and quickly
than snap and water, and leaves the
glass with a bitter polish. The quantity
given Is sulllcient for washing two ordl-
nary-slsed windows.
Daintu caltarettee.
Very dainty arrangements of lace and
crepe de Chine, or entirely of lace, are
for sale in the shops, or can easily be
made at home to wear with old silk
gowns which need brightening up. A
high stock collar fastening in the back,
made of the lace or pale-tinted crepe de
Chine, pink, blue or yellow, as best suits
the complexion, from which depends a
full deep ruff of either material, or of
both. In the latter case a thin, coarss
meshed lace being used over the other.
Is one form. Another Is to have the
lace gathered or the crepe finely plaited
so that it hangs In crinkles sewed only
across the front of the collar, and so
deep that It reaches to the waist and I.
there tucked inside the belt, forming 1
vest, over which the sleeveless Spanish
jacket may be worn or not, as one may
Lentetn VropB.
One cupful of sugar, Julee of two good
lemons and a very little water. Boll
until they will harden In water.
Modem 'i.iiiii.
The gun-carrying woman Is not e
well known In the t'nlted States as In
Kngland. Across the water she has
quickly developed from the passive posi
tion of an onlooker, to an active partlci-
1 1':' fndES&
pant In the sport, and natty costumes
are devised for her use. The Autum0
fashions were full of designs for shoot
ing costumes for these modern Dianas.
There Is great fascination In the pastime,
and it is very popular.
i , . ..,.. , ( .,'.
One pint of granulated sugar, one-h1'
pint of water, three tablespoonfuls of
vinegar or one teaspoonful of cream of
tartar, a piece of butter the size of s
hickory nut. Boll without stirring un'11
It threads, then pull ns soon as It can W
handled. Yellow and pink sugnr can W
obtained where a variety is desired, sal
the effect le very pretty.
, laaaasllli

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