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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 15, 1893, BROOKLYN LAST EDITION, Image 7

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Situations Wanted, 20 Words 10c )
jRATES. Help Wast , WrdS ,
Boarders, Houses, Rooms or Apartments to Let, MnrinR ,rM '
14 Words 80c o (
) Write your advertlaement on above blank and aet to "The World." or leave at "The Warl.'a" Uptown Ofice, (
) 1)67 Broadway, near 3t street; "The World's" Harlem Office, 125th street and Madison rwie; "The World's"
1 Brooklyn Office, 309 Washington street, Brooklyn, or any Branch Office. S
It'NN-CORTELYOU.-On Tuesday evening,
Dec. 1, 1008, at Christ's Church. Bay It Mir.
N, V., by the Rev. Bishop Falkner, Ua
TRrnK Berobr, daughter of Peter I Cortel
you, esq., to Walter V. Bunn.
H0OE-TAYLOR.-In Brooklyn, on Dec. 13,
IM3, by the Kev. Dr. i. R. Day, of New
ork, LoriSE Brandon Tayi-ob to Will
iam L. Hook, or Aaaconda, Mon.
IAsmln nn,l,.-Ai the home of the bride,
Dec 12, 1893, by Rev. M. K. Preston, pas
lor of the Presbyterian Church, Dr. AuaaosE
Kamon and Cabmk Williston Hull,
daughter of the late Hon. Henry u. Hull
and Clara Wllllston Hull, all of Rath, Steuben
County, N. V.
CAMPBELL. -At his residence, 108 W. 12tb
St., Jam. CAUPBK4.L, In the 86th year of his
Notice of funeral hereafter.
"ARR-On Dec. 14, at th residence o' his
brother-in-law, Jobu M -t.'onnlrk, . Kast
138th st.. alter a long Illness, James Cars.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Newark N. J. ) papers please copy.
tfcMAHON. -On Dec 13, at Bellevue Hospital,
Thomas M Mahon, of County Cavan. Ire
land, aged 44 years.
MACKINTOSH. -Entered Into rest on Dec. 13,
18B3, of apoplexy, Catharine ANTniNKTTE,
wife of Angus Mackintosh, of Elizabeth, N. J. ,
In the 58th year of her age.
Funeral services on Saturday. Dec 16, at 1
o'rlock P. M., from M. John's Church,
POM'. At Wellington, N. J., Dec. 18. Arra
Hav Post, Jr.. aged ,V) years. 11 niontbs.9dsys.
Relative and frteods are Invited to attend
the funeral services at his late home, Ander
son ave. , Wellington, N. J., on Sunday, Dec.
17. at 3 P. M. Interment at Cedar Lawn.
WARM. -On Tuesday, Dec. 12. at lw6 3d ave.,
John, well beloved huahand of Helena
Catherine Quarm, aged 30 years and 10
BYER.On Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1803, at her
residence, Mount Pleasant, N J., Mrs. Mary
Rver. relict of the late Thomas Ryer, In her
bid year.
Funeral Saturday, Dec. 10, at 3 P. M., from
her late residence. Train leaves foot of t'ort
Isndt at. l.lOPf M. Carriages In waiting at
Matawau. Relatives and friends respectfully
Horses, Carriages, &c.
iCt'OCNT DEATH must sell 3 horses, 35 up
ward; ton. open wagons, harness; expressman.
(13 East 7th st.
HOrND YOUNO HORSE. $85; cost $175";
bargain. MRS. MACK. 1H (alyerst., Oreeu-
point, 1st floor.
4T3TCND YOl'NO HORSE. t6ft; ton'wajinn and
harneev separate; bargains. RCTCHER, 137
l-ranklin st. . orecnpolnt.
flORsK and wagou. fs5t),seTr separately; puny
and sleigh cheap. OROCER, 6V Went With st.
LADY must sacrifice sound horse, new single
truck, barneas; Canadian pony, $flO. It,.". Free-
hsu St., (ireen point.
Ml !8t HELL t wo horses, top wagons and harness;
teparately or together. 30 East 8Uth St.,
ground floor.
VERY HTYUHH e-yaar-old hore, wagon and
harness! almost given away. 243 Reld ave.,
2 FINE HORSES and" 2 Splendid" u-pwSoa7
hHrness, he, will Iteaold cheap on account n(
retiring from hustneaa; also store fixtures for sale.
71B and 7 lft Broadway. Brooklyn. F.. D.
One Tiwe, tflc. per line, fernnd Time. ttc. per
ha; Third and mbiftpuM Times, tOc. per line.
A" extra rtinrpt nn Stnidtipt,
BANJO, maud oil iT insTrucrion. fS"'aiirse; llg
snd clog dancing taught; circulars. DEAN'S.
632 3d ave. .near 41st at.
K. KNOORAPHY and Typewriting School.
816 Broadway, N. V.; fl week. Caul or write.
For Sale.
fne Time, ff.v. i-fttwe; t-erond Time, ttc. per
ftti. Third nnd Htfrnqiunt Times, 90c. per line;
fr.j-cr line rxtru an vntiays.
CUT THIS OUT 'nn!!,Pn,.Mh
areas. Axfnt callft with numiileiint uke. nieu
ur. No a.posit lou n.
A'lnrcsR Metropolitan rants o. . 141 Allen at.
.-rri,i,M"AliKT VAi.iiK faiii koTi
."TOKkh AN hTKl'KH K WKlt
(T nit nii.vntii eiTrtHJTI.Y CON.
' Al -"'WAN- '"
III! V II!-.
RnL?r!r-' j-id.,iu.5(i; aH-ill..fa;lalell,
2 t. all new and warranted; win keep If de
"' i- made until t'lirMmaa; only a limited num.
traltheabovcprlce. THKURII. HASUKOLXK
1" W West 'iWiiL, ii. 1. 1 "Hi ave.
IJANDf4P. HOI (.11 l prfk HPOl'
f AMI. I I'KNAMII . 303 JtAHT 4811.
:r,.; - I'HKBh AN l Mf jlCKH OF M KR.
.A'HAMUsi mniilll' Ml It I'llT
laML VOIINI1. SStlill AVI!.
Ji.v ,IOHK lilt Mill K .IIKIrrllAN--""liniKlitlorcttsh.
NAAHDK.V.ldl KTOthst.
., , "I'.HIMi 31 Al II IN KM.
gd ina-hliies. (it i0 h; new. til to a.": pw-Ul
ii.'i'.Vel a), ,t.
'.?.INI!' ''"KkThTpiaNO. law months lined ;
ffl 'BUM parlor, elianlher and dining-room
iii "v. loiiliin-bed, aewluK-maehliiD: aacritlce.
.rLHI 4Mtli St.
aTi.'d ".',' hr' 'tinirt"u"re"(Tr boona, UMiUrMI
"lore illnpoalug wnd ixxdal.
j- JIKl.MONT, 77 West lOlitit.
irr.' 'PJAi.'l Y buying oanUDtaaf dwauinn,
llBw...".'.?.1: ; clt' or couutry. Call or address
- est a'jd .t.
nS 7 ' R. Kfl'HNITrHF. of dwelllun, Hals,
"VU, plauoa, fcr. , bought. Address
4 L" KlNrfn.EK. WlVHtbave.
iini,ll'.'AIN',"ol,1 unre, Sue' parlor suit.
P'r i,.. . Ulnlngauti, folding-bed, nmulel and
aim i .' 'anpfts. upright piano, onyx
ES, .'"H-WMUrkK M., ldlE. AUthat.,
IMtsIi'i? L",WI"W niarhlnea oTill klotlai
' S"ol soeoiul hand, UH; cwili or credit,
i'u "Al 'H. 'Iftl lave., HHIhat.
W tl'"A'N-aton niturnof'all kind, old'
Uki ow t0". actouat of ratlrlsg. :u Eaat
J Mai V.'' VM ln "n "' 'urullur. . earpetaT
?".iliv '. oiii houvui ar foi sDuti'uali,
a"WI ' '"" ."l ,or VAN. d ave. and Tin.
""uro.,"'1'"!".' ''.'"'j l! musl be remova.l ly
J? K KM Pl.fcft t-Q. , ad Orchard at.
jBC,lllJ.ftH!.TR I'Prlea field for furaltura,
""Ovartromma. A. . 04 Vulvagalky plat
For Sale.
A LA I will pell her rnajtnlftrT,t upright piano"
ai8ft; original coat, 9R50, four mnnibs am. in.
quire at the private residence, 197 Eaat 117th st.
A LOT of braas fenders, andirons. L'rates. tiles.
mjmteJs2ialfpj1cRANT, 306Vrat ri st.
A BANK HaFe, a Jeweller's safe, and Just the
safe you want : see (hem.
W. H. BUTLER. 70 Duane st. . near B' way.
A. -IK YOU WANT cheat? atora Ax'turaa.' all
kinds, new and second hand-rail at i E. 'id St.
ALLthe magnTflceut furniture and elegant up
right piano, flue parlor, bed and dining room
sets, mirrors, curtains, folding-bed, musfc-box,
"peiklnK poll v ; nn account sale of house; bar-
Ealns, suitable for Christmas presents. Private
mine, UK' East flflth st.
ALL KINDS Mora flituras, new and aacond
hand, at lowest prices; bought aad sold. 21S
Eaat 2d sL
ALL KINDS of new and second-hand store fix
tures, showcases, counters, shelving, cigar fig
ures, c. H. LENNIO SONfe, 3.9. 331 Eaat
84th st.
ATTENTIONS Pool table, nearly new, cheap,
teasnn, need of room. FRIED. IAl'2Istave.
ARTISTIC BILLIARD, iiool and combination
tahles. all slses. especial II y deeta-ned forcluns,
hotels, aiiH'ti- and private families; Immense
stock balls, cloth, cues, he. .great reducttous; second-hand
tablea, equal to new . at auction prices.
VV.H. GRIFFITH CO. , lft 4th ave.
BICYCLES- Ramblers, Pneumatics, absolutely
new, 4t.. Ral-eatate office, Iexlngton ave.,
near 44th st.
BICYCLE: Hartiord pneumatic tires; genuine
bargain; 3ft. SHANNON, 778 Bedford ave.,
RIG BARGAINS-All kinds new and second
hand store fixtures, counters, showcases, coffea
mills, mirror-front tea caddies, butter boxes.
Notice n lot new counters and shelving, 0
foot. 237 Broome st.
BILLIARDS and pool: Christmas p-eseuts, 3 by fl
table-,, complete; pool at $65; iomblnatlon at
MB, WIGGINS k CO., HI Schermerhorn at.,
BILLIARD, pool and combination tables; new
and second-hand; prices reduced,
L. DECKER. lOfi Kast 9th St.
BILLIARDS, p(H iL Wagner. Handford Rink,
manii.actiirera, factory 4o Great Jones St., near
Broadway; new tables witb fast cushions; second
hand, all niakars; cheap.
BILLIARD and pool tables, new and second
baud, supplied with the Boxtbnldl quick cush
ion: easy terms. ALFRED B. MARX, l'4 East
1 4th St.
CASH REGISTER. 30-key National, used eignt
months, nTf; coat $0(. 7H Iexltigton ave.
4-ft. solid oak roll-top desk, S19.75; send for
catalogue and price list.
KMHRE DESK CO. , 406 Broadway.
DESKS-Roll-tops, partitions, railings, tables,
counters, shelving, stores, offices fitted. FINN
BBOtkj Ho'ioiv and saleKroomH, 60 a ltd 64 Kim
at,Jl and lxi ltinardat.
DJ A MON in, watches. Jewelry on easy terms;
representative will calf with aaniul.es.
JOHONNQT BROS., fll Maiden lane.
DYNAMO; 2-arc light, or 30 16-caudIe tncan
paaoaatt pajiaot order: a-5; goml chance.
DtJE'S PHaRMACY, corner 3d ave. and 17th
al., Brooklyn.
ELEGANT mahogany lunch-counter, ft (Ml loua,
with a return; suitable for cash or clgar-staua.
Can be MU at llMrty'a Hotel, corner Christopher
and W est ats.
FIXTURES of a butTer and egg store; marble-top
counter, shelving and upright Ice-box. HO
West lHihat.
PI XT U REM and lease oflong establlahepork
store !n good loillty. Apply 3A4 West 8th st.
irURNt.MUNC.S oTflnelr fiirnlsked house. "lld.
for tale; excelleat location for rooming or board
ing, reason, removal from city; leaaa caa bt
ads. Address A. 8. B U East 21st at.
FOR SALE Counter", shuweaaes, abeivliig and
siock tin iu j.i 2A4 i-:i.'-i S9that.
FCItXlTCRE MUST UK sUlVn "famllv levl
thactty; no reaaonablo offer refused;' magnifi
cent upright piano, parlor stilts, dining, bedroom
set, folding bed, mirrors, cabinets, clocks, nigs;
all or separately. 4 Kast ld st. ; also evenings.
FURNITURE Vbjsiclaii absolutely WT.flrei by
leo. entire private house; nnrlor. llbrarj,
chamber, dining furuliure, elegant upright piano,
carpets, East 49th st. , also evening.,
FURNITURE -Newly furnished private bouse,
elegant parlor, bed, dining-room suits; upright
Klano, good condition, mirrors. Ac, will be sacrt-i-cd
this week ; also eveiiiuga. 50 E. 7'id st,
FURNITURE oflanpe flat, nlmoet new: must be
""" -tOBOa, 8oi s 8BdiUi gruiiud floor, leR.
GOLD CHAIRS, wurrauterl leaf, oulv '$.A0;
formerly 7. 10; sacrificing; opou evening'. 3AO
th ave. , near d st.
UOl, strong horse, coal wagon and harocis Tor
aale, ao. HALL. 311 East 106th st.
HAVE several new upright planas.full slue. latest
design. A years' guarautee trom manufactiirer,
yiafttacb. HTORAOg, boa Oa Hartawi World
JERSEY CITY excise license lor sale. Address
G. , box 1I0H Cpumn World.
KUHIC'AL BQC, VI tunes, new xltlter attach
ment; cost fliKi, sell S30; need money. i9
B road ay, room 8.
ON ACCOUNT of departure lor Europe I sell all
my beautiful furniture ut n great sacrifice. 101
East e5th at. . corner Park aye.
OVERCOAT-For sale, cheap, new melfon fur
liro-'l and trimmed overcoat. Address Post
Office box i34 New York.
OVERCOAT, tur lined. 40 bust; will sell at a
great bargain. Call room 19, lU7 Bnmdway.
PRESSES, all kinds type, cutter -everything for
nrlnlers: sold separaielv; easy payments; open
10 to 1 o'clock daily. Printing omoe. 408 Eaat
34th st.
SAFE for house and business; aectxid itaud. $1!
np; new, arA up; catalogue free. 44 Clinton place.
8AFES CHEAP--1 large, medium and small
aafes, second hand. K i yllRK. i3Spriug st.
SAFES, new and second-hand ijewelleis,' pawn
brokers,' office and bouse aafes; cheap.
J. aI.MOtMAN. 7J Maiden lane.
bI'INO-MaT'HTnEs of all kinds: new, 18
up; good si'cuini-lmiiil ouen from 910 for cash
or monthly payments; we exchange, rent and re-
falrall klndW macblna. KRUSE M'F'G CO.,
4 East 14tfas, kjat.rai.dst.
SEW LNG.MACHINK, Domestic make; almost
new; very cheap. WITH. Xfll East 7It st.
TYPEWRITERS All makes sacrlflced; rented, li
month 11 ; kpt repaired fref; largest stock In
erty st.. t root floor; formerly 31 Uroadway.
TVPEWR1TERS. all makes, at prices defying
competition; rentals lower than dsewheie.
MetMqMiiiiitn Typewriter Headquarters. 171
Broadway. ,
TYPEWRITER HarguViV lot oi Remingtons.
CallgTapba. Hamn.onda, Yiwts, t;v. worth
6tl ; guaranteed a year; shippi-i allotting ex
amination: rantals, M monthly. fONKOLI
VIOLIN I'artv having god old violin tosell
cheap can And pun-huaer by addrossing I . (mix
214 World ; stale prce. ,
WsVTTIIES. dlsmaads. Jewelry; eaay terms; tl
l.tv dethered on flrat payment. l-XtTIANUE
WATCH 00., 347 Broadway.
YACHT -Beautiful yacht, Hfi feat long, flulshed
li maliogany ami quartered oak; nutnttlmrs all
new; valued at 10U0; will sail atsncrlf.ee;
owner going abroad. For particulars and pci nilt
to Inspect apply c. U, MOODY C. . Ib5 Mott
taau.sU. Brook ly u,
l WEEKLY-Watches, diamonds, jewelry;
agent calls; entahltshed 1SSO. W. F. afRBK8
V ( . 9 Murray st.
tn' FOR A MUSIC UOXTt alra and'hells; worth
IKO. Many others 60 per rent, leas than regular
Frlc8, -. WITTNER.' 1TR Psrk row.
LaODO CARIS, HI 5,NNi, 4; billhead, state
ments, envelopes, notcheads, labels, k.r. , lmv
KELIAOGG, l3dave.
Good-Will A Interest for Sale.
Cne Time, f.5c. per mV; Semnd Time, ttc. per
line; Third and toihurqiwnt Times, Wr. per Hue;
$e. per line rrfra nn Snndny.
a irihEH si, CAM
offer for any stock of merchandise, store fix tur",
furniture, horses, wagons, fee. ; amount no ob
ject ; communications strictly confidential ; city or
country. STRAUS, 1201 'in ave. , corner 63d st.
ANY MTOKK or erchRiidlse honalii at
nee Tor spot rnaht nn delay; bualneaa
air Icily coiifl I cut in (. toll or ndrirm
II XltlMON. 210 I ni H.ilh l.
bought for cash. GREEN W A LP. ftrtfi!Move.
A (JIHKl'HIU'VI'lt lor ithnle-nle
and retail atneka. JA( Olls.-kW Rieecker -t.
chandlse bought for cash. lOBHN.S.V.d ave.
fectloneries. cigar atcrs, hotels, groceries,
coal yards, restaurants, meat markets.
M ITCH ELL. 4S Church st .
stores, it i in this city, at extraordinary bar-
gains. MIT' HELL. 4SChnrchst.
A CIGAR STORK, oVedoor Iron. Broadway;
BOO; a first class baraaln,
MiPONA LP WIGGINS. 140 Nassau st.
A FINESAIiOON on :d ave. ; first -ciass trade;
elegant fixtures; chance.
A DRY-GOODS STORpr. leading retail avenue,
city; $S,O0O in ne.. selected stock, for sale or
exchange for real estate.
BUM-fKB. 130 Fulton tt.
A. HOTEL and dining-rooms, bar and 30 rooms;
little money and business man only. LlQ
UORS, 390 Or ertwlchal.
cheap: old st imL 7W77thaye.
ATrENTION "Well-known stationery, candy
and toy store; Catholic books, newspaprs
cheap. CUM MB, 3Q7 Bowery.
ATTENTION Promlneut meat market; beat lo
ciiion on 12-th at.; rushing builnaga; ltieruJ
lanaa crM3K, 307 Howery.
BARBER SHOP, cheap rent ; good chance for
young couple; a chance for housekeeper's place ;
good reasonjmrselliug. 177 4d ave. , shoe store.
BREWERY AGENT LANG 14 East H9th st. ,"
offers liquor stores, saloons in good business lo
calities; tare h auras.
BUTTER." Ml i7kA Nil XH. STORE loTsafe:
good localltv; tine busin1ss all the year.
Bl TlKHsniHE. 45Hicksst.. Brooklyn.
BUTTER AN H EGG STORE ;i flrst-claas) loraale,
on account of otherbuness. fi.Vi lit b ave.
CANDY, no. Ion. coal, w(mk! store, only one on
block ; 110 reasonable offer refnseil. M2U E.34tb.
CIGAR STORE," near City Hall ; good business
location ; no agents. 37 t'entre st.
CftiAR STORErfiyears esta7bTlshf,"vvelTpalng;
rent $VV; with lease. 1301 -U ave,
CORNER LIQUOR STORE and bouse for sale,"
A04 Carroll St., south Brooklyn. Owner on
FANCY STnRK, cheap on account of other busi
ness ; no agents. Hihi:si H2tbst.
FIRST-CLASS corner liquor store for sale; down
town corner; good opportunity for right part j.
For paniculate Inquire at office, 907 East 54th st. .
before PI A. M. .
FOR SALE- Old-established corner grocery and
meat market ; stock and fixtures, horse anil
wagon; large trade; owner retiring: literal terms,
letters or cards not not (red. 'all ft to 9 P. M.,
274 Van Brunt st., Bn-oklj u.
FOR S L.E An upholstery store; a good stand.
860 EWi 671 h st. -
FOR SaLK A flrst-clasa butter, egg, tea and
coffee store 1HKH I rk ave. '
FOR SALE -Good will and entire furnishing or
the ft nest licensed hotel of 2ft rooms hi Philnoe!-
pin... 10-1 smith 13th St.. Phlladelplila.
GIvOCERY StVa, Hxtin-es nnd goo.l.lir7or
sale; fresh stok ; sickness cause for selling. 33ft
west asm .
OBOCKRY -triolly Caah traile; tenement block;
reasons, owner going In liquor business. fti7
West lil-l st.
GUARANTEED no debts or mortgages; grocery
store, stock and fixtures; blgsacrlnco; (uveal b
'' HVP-
fi'OTEL In Mount Vernon for sale. Address W.
1. HECK, Mount Vernon. N. .
iloc'sEVT'llNTSlilNi. and hardware store;' rent
paid until iv, 1. 1N94; 9150; no agents. Call
alter 9 A. M , 440 Hudson st.
LADY leaving iho city uishea to sell out thor-
Highly lirst class harUiig- house on the
Heights; Imanlers will remain with desirable
partv; I m mad laU) iraaMaal onj terma reasonable.
Add'reas R. ..box ft44 World, Brooklyn.
LIQUORS ai,(Mkwlll buy one of (he tine. 10th
ave. oatnan;itt.000 will buy flial-claat waaav
Ington Market store, promiiient comer store, mar
one of the principal (errt-H at sacrliioc; gn;ai bar
gains; all jtartt city. oiO.NNOR, SO Centres .
LIQUOR UTUHK, near ibeatre; 3 pool-tables;
space for bowling, cheap, on premise, 461
3d ave.
LIQUOR Good paying dowu town coiner saloon ;
only ai.bOD, no mortgage.
t osTELi 11, ftsth st. and 3d ave.
MEAT MARKET, connected with flsti and oys
tera; goid rea-ou for aelllng. 517 1 KalUave ,
PAYING LIQUOlTstoRE on West St.; tV7IO
-uyato-day. J OK Eat, 3 chambers.
1 . . ik 1 1 . , 1 1 1 . , i - 1 ., -, 1
1 . ' 1 1 1 1 1 pi ' ' ww fwt ifiiTnyi ,-l , --
sale iiini Patersou ; long leas-, cm up rent , good
reason lor selling. Apply A. F. POsfT. corner
"Main and Van Huiiten s.-.. Puterson. N. .1
meiit), doing good bualness. lor bale on uciount
of sickness; price aioo. 11. H., box . World.
TOY, stationery, notions and tocoiid baud book
store, cheap, ftftft 1st ave. . n-ar 32d M.
tITUCKING BUSINESS for sale, ronipriNiug 0
honu'S. 4 trucks, rlggtng, derrick, fcc, , suitable
for moving sales, macbluery. c. , and work of
aalestores. R. , box 140 World.
(Vm WILL BUY butter, cheese and egg store;
Due location in Brooklyn.
GOOD-WILL, box MB World, Brooklyn.
Flats and Apartments to Let.
Unfurnished Cat Side.
LEXISG10N AVE.. 110ft -Choice nrmr. private
house, light housekreptnif, tpqql.fl tamH.
MADISON VVK . 17(12, near 110th st. Klessnt
steam-heated flats, o RKuni fe ualb, '- :o --
WILLIAM ST., UtH Very desirable large It
newlv ilccoint.- 1 1 !; reasonable reut. Ap
ply housekeeper, on prciuls.a.
3D-AVE., 1795-Remember, 1 large room,
mantels, wardrobe, iuaa; heated, uni
hails water closets on every floor; elevated A
cable cars at door; rents SH to H ftO; fronts. SPt
I 8H AVE., I.Y t aiOioai3.6u;.tli 4 naims. lu-
I ipilie In shoe More.
13 TH ST. , 333. ;3ft k 337 K. , lad ween Pt A 2d
iivi- lAaaaat flais.ftroomsa taaaStpaiternaiP
er- decoiate-1 ceilings; all Improvements; uau
bouses; Italls and bath heated , rents 20 to ajtt.
Janitor. , .
2D ST., JtlH K Extra w Ida single flat ,7 rooms
good or4r; ail tmprortiueuu. Apply Jnultur
Flats and Apartmtnts to let.
Unfurnlaha.-taat Side
ftOTH ST.. NO. lid EAST.
oD AND lOI RT1I H.A 1.
Rl Is TROM M4 TO sun A VI All.
Apply ttt Janitor or owuer, SHI W, rtthst.
941'H sl . 1.V2 R. RTtra wMe elegantly dec"
oiateil 7 At S riHim, ; it Impu ciiieiit-. Apply
Hftl II si. , I'atk ave EleKBiit Hats, all im
provement; decorated; 4. ft ft" rooms; 9-L
BsfTfl'RT. , IflPTO'-ft? E Bafl nin. decorated,
range, hotter, tubs, k: 1 small select fiimllles
only; high location , uldestm-t; near Ixlngton
e. Janitor.
1141H hT.,21 EAST (I looms ft hath; hnnd-
on e y decorated ; all Improvemeiitarent alK
i."P si . fi 1.. Fine stiigTe Hnti s I irge rooms 1
k bnth steam healed ; owner lit bin in house. I
rent -(.' . ncur park . extra lodiicementf.
l-.l.i . n r I'LA'ls, if room fc bath; all hk-ht; '
stearn beat k di'conited , solttneaJit rofnar lex
button ava, and ll.'ttli si.: rents lou to small
Kl.i tut. with nil improvaroetiu, lit ptrlrtlv prt-
ate house and blmk. I uqutre 1141 I .. lO'hst.,
ritKi: itr.Nr i'' .i.n. i.
PiPt st , near Madison ave.. No. ftO, fl k M . j
flats of tl room; all linpnvenient; in itv tine
order; SP( to $ii per month Apnlv to Janitor or
t H. VOL.ING ASoS. Agents,
A7th st. A U a e.
FREE RENT to January H-ronhi npartnienl.
only ss-fti monthly. K ptith-t.
HANPsuMi: single tlal. 0 rooms I wili; splen
did block; East 2d !, : routs r4. 1527. ftttfl
JanllorBlR 11. O'Hara, ll4Ayd aya.
BLOOMS, well kept teneiin ntliniise. P; rss- I
araaton Immtdlatfl) , free rem Jan. 1. 1 1- I'1
It Jones at.
Unfurnished -Wat Side
AMTERPAM AVE.. 972, adjoining corner!
lOHth st. ChOrOt ft-room apart men t. very
light: Improvements; routs low ; n- 1- I'"" 1 1
first class. J suitress.
Apartment. 4 rooms, ai:i
WATriTaT., 17, 10, 21 "splendid apaitiiients;
rents cheap, location fine. Janitor,
mil 'M, hhi. opnoafte .VMh st 1. station 3d
Mat, 4 large, bamlsoinelv decorated rooma, suit
able for small families; tent . Applytujanl
7"! II AVE". MOO ;Mt4 ,27th st. - Hnndsome itataT
ft rooms k bath, decorated : all bpht new
ii,,ii .- hull h.'.ii.l- 1. n(s S' 1 "it liifinfrM
faiTII ST.. MK 2JW ASH JW W 1 1 .
five all light ' and bath .
Ajiply toJanUreaaln 234 W. 13th t
IrtTil sl,..vsw. Elegant tints. ire light
rooms, newly papered; 10 to 1K Hnusc-
1HT1I sf., S44"W. Mtlgle flat."Jn floor, fi'i.
Janltur.nrWARREN A Si I LL1 N.bfl Broadway.
2lsT ST. . 319 W. I decorated anarlments: nil
Improvements; 4 rooms A bath; rent Bl to
4ft I'll ST. , :UVt-300 W. . between Stli A 91 h aves
Handsome flats. I A ft light notn. decorated.
combination h.ith; balls heated; new liouses; aiH,
(F-4.ft0. Janitor.
4STH ST.. ftl3 W.-Apartment.BKftOto Jl ftO;
8, 4 rooms, nicely papered; wardrobes, closets,
stationary tub..
oPsf.7ft33Tb A37 W. Small ramflles; desir
able 3 room apartments; light, painted; &9.AO
to i i.cA
5p"hT., 413 W, Half month free; 3-room
apartments: so.ftotoall ; improvemenis.
OOTirsT.. 48 W, -43 noma, bath, steam beat,
aft up.
PMITH ST, . 1.3 lh W. Elegant aparments,
4 rooms A baili ; rent cheap.
A.APARTMENTSnr4 nent. handsomely dec-
orated rooms A bath . steam heat ; rents, 92ft to
8-7. R. PEHLEMAN'N, 403 Columhua ave.,
cornerSlth st.
0ES1RAHLE 4 -room data, reduced rents; newly
decorated. A pply to Janltol4H Perry st.
Unfurnished North of iath Street.
ST. NICHOLAS AVK, 393. near 131st st. -
Elegant Mats, 0 ntoms, bath, private halls,
nicely decorated; steam heat; near I station;
fjcio-ficift. Apply on premises.
127T H ST. . lUWi lHata, roini bath ; prl--.'.
heated halls; f20ioa; per month. Ap
ply to manager.
IF YOU WANTacomplete k cosyflat cf ft light
ph m with all Improvements, IncludlnK healed
halls, call at 3.Yi St. Nicholas ave. . adjoining cor-
neM2Mth st ; rents very low. Janttrest-.
TWO UPPER FLOORSIn private "house; alllm-
provementa Southeast corner 109th st. k Rns
ton ave.
7, 12 OVRKLOOKIMa enchanting scfmery;
millionaire neighborhood; no children; hails
heated, reference (MOW. lftd et
Unfurnlahed Brooklyn.
NASSAU ST., 91. Brooklyn Ffral nnd 2d floor;
all Impnn ement. Apply nn premises or imi
Rlate st.
4TH PLACE. OS, between ourt and tTlnton sts.
Second flat, ft roonm At bath. In penact onler;
all Improvements; 4fl; leslrahe nelhhorlnxxl;
lOmlnutes' walk to ferry. Inquire of janitor.
7TH AVE. OS 7 room's fe'hath. fCIJ. GurfleTd
place. 198, 7 room k bath, . Pfoapeet
plate, 86. s rooms A bath. $4"; Union at .. 7.
0 rooms k bath, a2: all Improvements; steam
heat. I'ETER J. BRAPY, agent.
FLATS To LET 3 minute walk from entrance
of Rrooklvn Bridge; all light looms In new
building, lftto els. Apply on premises, KM)
Sands bl., Brooklyn.
see them: 4 grolalrod roqmii range, tubs;
carpeted halls, electrics. Ac, Sit, Ui, :r l 1 .
Tenlent to everything: near Saratoga I. station.
MORRISON, 1 Marion t.. Brooklyn,
To LET To secure choice of gpartmenti In the
Riverside apply 00 1 a few weeks later bun
dredsof people will call lor apartments and can
not le acninmiMlated ; all sunlight rooms: fire
proof staircase ; separate water closet; sink dr
tub for each apartment; large private park. c. .
rents. l.'Otu $3 per week ; send lor illustrated
circular. Agent Riverside, 30 .loialemon i-i.,
Unfurnlahad Mlacaaollanua.
N ELEGANT ft room tlal, hardwood trim
in m . at special low rental during winter
iimhtii-.ni will furnish with everything necessary
for a comfortable home. Including Until, crockery
k kttchenware, at ft per week until pah! for;
parlor in whin- enamel k gold, bedroom In MrOQ,
dlnlug-nMim in oak . ynurown eholca of nlfTereiit
i"-un ; carpets, rug k hnngtngs. MANXES,
429 Sth ave. , between 31st A 32d sts.
Furnlihcd East Side.
BOTH ST.. 233 E. Flat. 3 cosy rooms, hath, ele
gantly furnished, aft.ftti weekly . Stephens.
Furnlahetf-Waat Side.
IliTHST., 14s W. Apartment of 3 roorrs, nicely
tumldied for iiousek-eplng. Outside ben.
14TH in1?! W. A gem, fl rooms, llft weekly;
ground i rtghL H.A00. 242 w. 33d st.
lftlli si'.. 2-s:l W. . ring Glnibt.rs tiell Nicely
f urnlshi'd flat 4 room, married couple for
housekeeping, cheap.
16TH ST.. W. (round floor, (uniislied In white
enamel sift weeklv. FLAGG, 212 W. 23d it,
I7THST., W. Brant new furniture, 0 rooms;
si I weekly, i ''Inn
l-LAGG, 242 W. 23d f
1HIH Wt.. WEsT Neatly-furiiishtMl 4-ruom
flat; $0. At 1 weekly; pOtsalou.
I LAGtl. 212 W. aSdat,
01 H Sl'.,W. -Really ufetty flat; ft rooms , 14
weekly, l'lagg. 343 W, 3d st.
31ST KT., W Neatly furnished ft nxim ground
flat. HBweokly. 1 L VRJ. 343 w. alrt.
SD SI'. , W. A beaut v; 7 rooms; steam lieuted;
-3wa-kly. Flag,, 343 W. 3Bd it,
24THST., W I riHHiiH k liath, ' weekly;
linen. Silver FLAGG. 242 W. Wd st.
fiis'isi'.. w. n-nxnn firrnlshttd flat, linen, alP
ver. SM weekly. FLAtHI. 343 W. 3-d at.
34TH ST.. W. -StiusU room fir ILght houaekM'p-
Irur, si weekly; china. Klagg. 242 W. 23d sl
3ATI1 hi . PH( W., near Rnmdway 4-ioom.
newly furnished Hat, Hfrt. wXa wek
3HTI1 ST., W A fine flat, large rooms. 2l
weekly; possession. FLAGG, 242 W. 23d st.
39T1I BT. ,30 W, Nicely furnished "flat . 4 large
light rooms and ttath . Btaam-baatad. Janitor.
aniril sr . 2A0 W I'art ol furnished flat tolet;
steumlieat. Birt- Harris' bell.
44TH UT..W, Fur.iisbe.l in b;.a k while, swell
.t-roum apacimeiit. f'l.AiHi. 3 It W 33d si.
A4TI1 Si., W. , near Oth a- 7 rotims, 3d tlo-.r,
H10. FLAG!.. 4'1 W 2JM -t.
ftftTH ST. ,'W. -2d rial,"" 7 rooms linen, silver,
ltl weekly. KLAGI..242W 23d St.
6HTHST., U. Richly furiiinhed 7 -room Hat",
t't weekly , possewton Ktug, 242 l' . '2i.i ft.
uo'TH ;i.. w. Kwall tt-tom nut. SHo; richly
fnrulshed ; iwisaeaalou. Fl GG. 242 W. 23d t
ltftl'll -T., H7 W. IbM furnlslieu, last kept
:i- tt.es In (00 illy; -1 light room fz bath ,
steam healed ; soul hern exposure. Itartlult-
Furnlahad Mlacallnaoua.
BARGAIN'S P.'strahle locations. large A small;
also parts of furtiMitil. Meant -heated Hats; all
Price; tmmi'diale ptieweasiou: hIso nnfurulhlied.
artli-ulars BERNlfARP. il3 W. aOthat,
tw.i NKWLY Fl RNisiiKP data, eomplala A
niadj for housekeeping. . p r waek until paid
for. also several otlcrs which I wilt liitni-h with
eervthuig nee isaary fr hoiiakeetiliig, linlinlliig
Jin.-' t -rocker v. Ac , on term of tfet k IS par
. week, (all fnrlM o dots a estlniate-. M ANN Is.
I 429 Wn ni.. between .list At 83d ata. I ollice
iMHiW 9 A. M. KiH P. M,
Furnlahad Jcraay City.
HALLAPW S'l., 218 4 -room floor ,,,.,
for hoiiteUet-ptng, M.nOweekP. Iftminutesio
N'fw York; I'aclrt.-ave. troth atea ttt houc.
(Virllandt M ferry.
Flats snd Apartment Wanted.
Unfit rniahad-
APARTMENT WANTi;i near Madison 'qua re
bv bachelor: 2 upper floors In old-fashioned
Uuuae prelaned. Address Uoa 3hO WwrlO.
Unfurnlshsd Rooms to 1st.
BTi -I., :m W. Room A tM.lnKim. Ir-.Tit k
rear bouse. $7 in fF. itivim K
4ATII s . 117 W. t'liKiruedHst nHtm eanti
ci in itid ; all coil vi'i lie ice-, m si HpiswlfTg) .
Unfurnished Rooms Wanted.
2 IttMi.M III priate boiiseorllitt eat ol 3d a e."
Kes portable, 173 I. Htdh st.
Furnished Rooms to Let.
Oat i", tOe, ptt ut' trasti lYme, .'. pr
Inir HihiI nnd ubeynrnt Jtinrtt, iSi jrr Matt,
A 0 rf ro cAdpi o.i iinodia
N EXTRA rilAHG- HHt li - Adfei ttseiuepta I
for The World may he left at any Amerlaan
TMftrlct MHsengrr Office In the city, wher- tht
rlisrges m the ssmo as tUSW at the tunla
Caat 31da.
LI 'NIMTnN Ml. 1,1 Let ;o 2d-'--v fr-od
n'om.nlceP 1 m m -n. .1 , tunning w slcr : another,
Ll INt.rnN AVE., oi, near 20th st. Final)
iiii'idiiied rooinat will or shiclaj modern lm-
sr H mik plat." 11 Purnisfiad rooms, gen
tleican A win 1. 11 j gentlemen G .rdntr.
9l) AVK, 70, near 14th at. Mceiy furuTthed
hmiseketMiing nsimt, C4. hull rooms lot g ntle
men. aLftti. 2 2ft.
3J AVE, , 173 To let cheap, lartre front nsun,
room fof housekeeping single rutirna.
:tp ave.. 204. corner 21st st. Konse private;
1. H k- a -.ninii room, singly or en suite,
4TH AVK , B77 1 iegrtTtll) furnishe.1." "sunny
nmnis, gas. bath, heati 1 AOltp, Lalonn-aile.
11 1 11 st. , 33 e. Nic. s furnhihari roomVjsults;
gentlemen or married couple; tnei tekeeplng.
11 I'll ST., ft7 It, neni Hroft'iuav Newly tur
llPhisl room , !p.t to fr'i weckM.
14TH BV.. 307 E in let". Bleat) itmiUbarl
rooiu: ste-im hea1 k batbl da ot week, -it-"
unfurnished apartment loi smnlf lamlly. Jani
tor'sbell. 14 T If sT.. 207 I-. Funiiahetl rooms; gentlemen
only: beat k bath, s-.ir.--i weekly. Htnlth.
l.vni sr., Union square, 117 k. 3d floor, front!
0, housekeeping, single, ,At, 2.
17TH sr.. 131 k." Kandsomely furnished parlor
k bednKim . parlor healed . other iwom; reuwn-
ahle. b
1STII ST. ,143 E. Handsomely furnished rooms;
gentlemen 011U
IlU'II sT. . !:( E. , near Broadway iiamKomelv
hiinlslieil large loom . lonitiM1,' water, also hall
BOTH sT., 22 l',. shinny suits, roomi ; parlor k
2 t tluors, also upper romn,
21STST,, 43 E Kleiani roornaj near Uroadway;
all appointment; singly or en suite
32 P sT. . Ift'l E. Nicely furnished reoeptlon-"
ti'-'tn. grate flre. S4 weekly ; also riMims, iJLl.ftO.
24I'II ST . 227 E. 2 large connecting rooms, 1st
flOOl ; housekeeping; I&4.
20111 ST., Ill EC Front square room. front hall
room, back aqliara room ; all convenience; well
27TH ST., lftft r. Haniisomn furnished front
parlor (or gentle men or married couple.
2S1HST. ,221 i: Hull room for 2 aentlemcn;
$1 each; hot water. 1st flight
2STH ST.. 141 E. Laiajai 2d story front A back
room; sepatately or together.
;" l s 1 ht. , S3 K , corner Lefnglon ave. Xafge
corner naim; btgciosiM; gents 01 housekeeping;
hath and closet same flrair; S4.
31ST ST. 3-5 F. Oentlemen; good location, ali
oonvanianoaa; homelike, American family.
33P HT., 222 K lomfortable ball room."
39TII ST.. 211 K. Kurnlshcii rooms; moderate
prjotaj all cntivenleitces, prP ate family.
391 H ST. , 22ft i'".. Large ft small room-.; baatad"
hath k gas: hoard if required.
40THST. . 134 E. . near Lexington ""ave. Viir"
nlshed rooms, withor without hoard; also (tout
41ST ST.. 334 r Furnished front room hir
light houseki-epltig; alsi hall riaim;ffl.ftO
41ST ST.. 324 E. Furnished I rout basement;
light housekeeping , reitsonshle; hall InMlroom,
f 1.2ft.
42PST., 310 E. Furnished front parlor; also
sunny room for light housekeeping; reasonable.
Z!tTVMr IJ-Vt. - t-'nriilnlixil lin.ll heilriiiiiu i,. lot
F. Ilehbel.
45TH tT7T IftO F. , convenient toOrand Central
Peslrahle rooms; closets, huiwatcr; beat; very
49TH ST. , 04 E. . near Madison ave. $2 weekly
upwarl; elegantly furnished rooms, pleasantly
locuted. .
ftlhf ST. 139 E.: NUely furnished room for 2 In
private family , gas; hath.
.'k(i sT. . 217 E. Newly furnished ft comfortable
rooma for gentlemen, private house; near sta
tion ; reasonable,
ftTTH ST. , 92 E. -Nice large rooms, light
hous4keeplng, (tt N to fcfc
69TH ST.". 114 E. Parlor, connecting bedrttom,
hot A cold water, bath; kitchen; houaekocplug;
ground floor.
tUTH ST., mil E. Furnlshefl room to young
hniy going out hy theda. 2d flat.
flftTII st . . HUE. - fjirge. "sunny "alcore room,
stpiare room, ih?wIv lurnlslioil; all conven
iences; moderate; gentlemen.
73P ST -.. 1S1 FT Beautiful furnished rooms to
let ; With or w ithout hoard ; private house.
S2P ST. , 243 E. - Laia A small furnished rooms,
tieated; hoard optlounl; reasouatde; private
s'.nii ST. :: t E. 2 nicely lurnlshcd front
roorns, er comfonahle, a2 week. Bell ft.eat.
1331) ST , K't K. Pleasant nsini; bath, heat, use
of kitchen to business unman. Howling.
BF.AriFI'LI.V furnished rooma for I or 2 gen
tlemen only; Lexington ave., near 54th st. ,1.
M, , H44d ave.
PltVl-ItTAN can have elegantly furnished hack
parlor as oQtOJ in denllst's house. Apply 720
Iexlngton ave . i-orner ftsth st.
TRAFAI.OXIt IPHsE. lift, 117 K 14th st.
New and elegantly furnished rooms, double or
single, by day, week or month ; (Hipular prices.
Want Side.
CLINTON PLACE, 107 furnished rooms for
gentlemen, l.2.. ffl.ftO; housekeeping room,
2.7ft; lady or gent,
HUDSON HT., 409 large trout roum for n 11.11 A
wile or 2 gentlemen ; I'm, 1 mI optional.
NOR1 H MtHiUESI. ,7ft, cor.iireenwlci. -Neatly
fnriilsbeil iM.ith. private house rent reasonable;
pr.RRY S'l . . ft, near 7th ave. i.mi' riamis; also
hall rooms; from 1 .fti up.
WAVEHLF PLACE, 127. near Otli aveT-WeT.
hirnuhed large rooma, ai.fto to $5,
4THST. ,00 w. (Waablngton Hqtiara) Nicely
furnished noms for botuoltaaplllg or gentle
men ; reut ?-" i 1 up.
STII A VF , 413 Neatly furnished-mnmafnT
housekeeping : also rooms fur business purposes;
ajj fcomtnodailon.
STH AVE.. :tS4 Large liiriiWhM nstm, front. 10
let. Ring 2d hell.
OTH AVE , 34ft, 1st door furnished hall loom
lm raip-oiahla person, fl Tftbti week,
urn si., (M W.j naar Oth ave" I'leasanTTur
nlshed rooms; all conveniences; sphuidid lis s
tlun , moderate rent 1
11111 sT. ,i:ih w. Handsomely lrnhuied rnomt
plaOO II desired , 11 1 hall room , n aoiiaMe to
good tenanta
11 l 11 sl . 01 W. Large, haudso'iiie purhit Jold"
log bed, piano, well heated ; also other rooms,
12TH ST , 3S9 w. Nicely furnished front room,
connecting heilnsim, lot housekeeping; allcon
veniences: S3.5Q.
I2TII ST., 4S W. Si. 14 double riMims, also
beautiful jmrlur; vwirin house.
1BTH ST.. 240 W. Nicely lm nlshed nnunsr
ri B0tos-1 noma oomt-fui(oiUlnatil rafar
em at
lftlli s'',, Ift2 W. Peslrahb- back parlor w Ith
extension; southern evisun , iihi table hoard.
lftlli sr., ift:i w. Bunny rooma, nicely lur-
nlshftd, sj p. Sft, heated , uiod looaltoil.
i prrn si., 14H W. front hall room, heat, gas,
bath, Hilllahle for two Oalvill
17111 sl. , 14SW H elegant large light rooms."
front, -1th improvements, i
ltiril HT.tklW Newlv hiruNiied' risuus. larga
ft small; house well fiiriiisla-'l A well a apt,
101 II sT . !WW.- Small, clean bail nsnu; hot
ft cold water, gaa: j
I LOTH ST., 270 W. Large, aunny room pantry,
houaakeepl ng, si. hath, gaa,
ll-III SI., 438 W SLftO, neatly fnur-'b-d
altiKle n mil 1 to quiet, r-Speotablg permiu. icier-
19111 ST.. TO k 72 W large ft small rooms,
nicely furolahed : ntudert tenna,
2ivr st. , 2ft w. 1 uruUbad from room, 4 per
week: othora for house kavplnf, singly ur au
Mill a r-'. '" I'l fpT par week.
3lHTlT. 410 W. Nicely ftiruMied front room;
running water, mui L statluu; priv-e nvigti -norhoo
318T tft. , 807 W. iirsmi. private liouae Amt-r-
icjiii family ; i-onvenieiices; cheap, J, 2 gents.
I Ayn-s. m
93P SI..200W. Newly furnished tis.niv large
k Miiali ; al -o parlor, gav bulb, In at.
' 32 P si". . ;mi7 w. 3 t -uneclliif rooms lor 3 or'1
i gentleman, including tire and gaa, lr rljpcr
araaU . also oilier - n aammtile &'
, 2.IP si. , ;.ihi w. kfauTry ti.uk room, afiw hall
rooms; sti-am lie.tted. gentlemen
23P st . , lftft w. Furnished rooma, large ft
I small , heated ; all nosvaslanoa; moderate ,
I hath , liroaklaiii if desired.
, 21 1 11 MT. . 3s w. EJegautly iuini-io-i n-jmsto
let ; every isitivenlenie, also hull rtsjms . byaalt
faal If desired.
I34TH sr., ft4 W. , Hotel Arlington. lKtw 1
Hfiasdaraj ft Out ave. latid-..u. . new!) fur-m-h-d
rooma, alnaly ni en suite; haraia enl or
transteid . rooms froni tt up pei w t
34TII ST. . 323 W. Hall rooms" hi ile-l ;fdeiied
1 2ft 111 STV. 233 W. u-W lumlapefj rooms lor
geiillemen . -entral lotmtlOU , e'-' 3.N. I. el
I wkl)
2ftTH sl'.. 210 W. Urge and Kma'l. furbished
room at very low price,
2ft''H SI ., 204 W. Private house; handsomely
f turnislnsl rom,fJ, ga-.bath Ani'ii .m famll.
! 2ftTH ST. , 07 W fmniOied rooms." fiouM-
kvuiiuj, f3, alto fui uivu, , fto. f2, al a
Furnished Rooms to Let.
Want Side.
2ftTH st. ,373 W. lartre mnm.nlrelr ftifnlshed, 1
for 1 Urn 1 housekeeping; reference exchanged. '
ofilsl ,i.f W, Nlclv7iirnl'.hei irom 1 se
keeping room-, nc. ftO I'a'l room-. l ml
21111 ST., 113 W, (II p f day. large, band
aomel) lurnlsued room, best attendauct; rel
r.-in-i '.
J7III aT . i:s w. ai.fto. hirnlshed room In
French family, ppiy A, t'aron,
3TTH sl . tow , near Brtiadwa) MatTdsomel
(in ni ).. ii pariof Itoor; other rooms , tnoileriite
'.srilsl ..r.TW Eleitant. large. id-ey furnl-lie-l i
back narloi ; abundant eloaatitaaoairantareom
mod at Ion t; houarkeepltigi hall room,
39THHT.. Pow. Nicelyfiirnlshod igrfC room '
lit private family, foi yentteman onl
.riiisi , ;tn av.At), itaiiii lor light hotte
keeplni , alan hall t 0 n
iwtl'll si.. : 111 w reels (uintsbed large fmnl
n oin . 2d ilooi , ctnaetsj eonvnnlancari for hous I
keeplliR . term' mode rate
(!1 P"sT . IW3 V .t 2ft rt ii fort Ably furnished
in. ut room, Iioiii Let ping, hail room, 1.2ft.
n.7... r-
SlfsTST .307 W. ai. ,vi. neatly fiinilshed sunny
fronl hiio'nient.hmisekc, -pin, , liont hull fOOmii
H (10
34iisi , i,h., near Uroadway Handsomely 1
furnished hoge ft small rooms; moderate rales. I
34111 sr , 212 W Pontile A single room. nlt j
able married couple 01 gentlemen; reasonable, I
ftTTH, 107 W. 1 nrnfurlable Targe ft small nsim"
parlor tlooi . meats serxeil by tli5t-clas r.iteier.
:uvni t. . Dan w NliT.lante, heat, front rnomi
2 gent or housekeeping; oraerty people only,
3t 111 sr., .ill w. Beautiful, clean hall room In 1
llrst-clas house; i3.3ft weekly
371 H Bl'..2-"il W, 2 large wclLiurulShrn!, COtt
ni- 11.1 : rooma, ' Hoof, iron; , ni stove
healer , 7.
39lllsr. , 230 W -Nicely lurnlshed room A
t'iMrooni, housekeeping, also single rooms; rent
3Jrril s)., 2:14 v Nicely lurnished roonui
heated . reaoiiahle.
4n It ST. , 23: t W. Klevrantly lurtilitied room.
houti-keeplng, IfCl.ftO to (17; also pArlOI-i IpU,
tOTH sp ,:t0 W. STcely (urnllnl room ft b. d
room, ga 1atli A: use of laundiv; respiM-table
part 'a.
43P s T . 232 NV . ticai Uroadway nawfr, e'e-
gantl: turntshed mmuiis, e-cj eonv nlein ,
ternix rrasnnahle: pleaaanl home.
44TII s . 1I7W. , near rirondway FurnUnnd
rooms, permanent or transient; prices reason
a ile.
4V1H ST.. 321 W." Hnnilsome flsr or lootni
singly, convtnlencea, with home comforts
ittlll HI' , 217 W'. near Broadway l-ftrta k
small 1 -M in-hid rooms, heated , ga. hath, light
40TH ST . I4H W 2 large, warm, nicely tur
nishetl rooms, with ample cloaets, to rent cheap
40TH ST. . 240 W Nicely furulhhed rrmms. all
conveniences; pilvate tamll ; price rediicud.
Mltll ST.. 33ft" W Hall room, private family";
all conveniences; weekly.
ftOTH sT , B03W, square front room, f3: sin
gle room, with CjnMt, 1 7ft weekly.
ifclp st , 1 l:t W. Ijrge. newly 1 i-imi rooms;
private house, bath, all con rtnlailoaa,
dfti H st . pi w. Lady has hantlabmaTy fur
ntahad parlor k DSdfOOBll man ft wife or gentle
men. Foster.
13BP ST.. 210 W. Large, heated, deiiiraled.
comfortably furnished nninis; hot ft cold water.
BEA V TIFI'LLY furnished rooms, central ha a
lion; fp3 up For particulars apply smith. 1293
Broadway, room 1. ,
To LET, n front mom, fiirnWied. suitable for 2
gentlemen. Apply to Janitor at 412 Western
B'Milevard, hftweeti Slst a S2d sts.
North of tafth StraaU
EA'tLEST. . fjflA, near Westchester sve.-Fmnt
ft back parlor, handsomely furnished ; hot k
cold water, bath , omen lent to cars; suitable for
doctor or dentist.
GENTLEMAN can have heated room, with bed
room, reasonable rate ,2 flights. Holt7.,22S W,
17th at.
HANDSOMELY furnished room. wltlTor with
nut board, for one or two irenlh men. Address
1712 3d ave.
TWO nAUdaomely furnished nms; bath. furnace,
heat , together or fepiirale; prlvale famllv; no
other rtKinis rented. Address A. , mx 821 World,
Ft'LTON ST.. 121. flrooklyn-A comfortable,
ue hiafrd jimiiii lor 2 friends, only a?
weeklv; near biidge.
uoi.P st . 410 large room: lias not cold
water, heal, gas; to geutl-man ; references.
Furnished Rooms Wanted.
BY LAPV. boci-pled daily, inmfnrtahlo naim
with private family: references exchanged.
Address 11., QoO-tl ave.
laiiToB wants oflice. furnished or tmfurnlshel,
to jh Harrow ft Kle cker st.. Applv Pi. Kellv,
4tl W. 42d st . . heiweeu 9ft 10 mornitig, or by
letter. RESPONSIBLE WOMAN wants large basement
to cater, will pav -..'I price cab or meals, can
bring Sort) roomers H , 117 W, 22ls(.
Boarders Wanted.
One aSfi Hal per line; .vcomf Time, ife. per
line. Third and BanfNi Timet, 15c. per line.
JYo extrtt charty mi Sunday.
So EXTRA I1AI91E folt 11 Advert laeni-aia
for The World tuny be left at any American
District Messenger Ofhe In the city, where the j
cborgea will b the ruie as ibosa at the mala
Caat Sid.
LEX I NtiTON A V F . . 71 7, near ftsi li at. Pleasant
1 ur room, heated; all conveniences; excellent
table, moderate
3P AVE . Ift4. NEAR 101 H. Heated parlor?
wlthlsiapl. if); 3, $10; home comforts.
4TH AVK., P). opposite (ooper t'nlon fur
ulsbefl rooms: gisMl MMUuttnU board , English
cooking . 4 .fttiup.
121 11 iT.. ill r:. Private boardlnf housa; large
A vmail room. od table, labht iMianlers ai
rnwinnt ttmt,
21Hr ST. . :w F Handsomely lurnlshed rooms,
with hoard : reaaouable rate, reiorencea.
33H st. . 3-SK Board, room si.fto. fA gaa,
I'ln-'iif hatli, enrl.v breakfast; t-omforiable
3TH ST., 114 K. , near 4th ave. Room, with I
taiard : table board.
'iliTH l , PMt, 13ME. large ft mall room, ivelL j
furnished, with hoard, at reasonable rate.
:tl st., loft E. a large ffoul parlor Itimlsbed i ,
nKn ailjotnlng lMirisim. boa id If desired ; ring I
41RT ST., 4ft E . Ifadtton se. Large 100m, '
con enlences, supetior Imat'd, -ll double, 7 j
41 si ST.. 341 K. Double ft -Ingle rooms. With
hoard 1 gents oi table boardan aautad; early
4ftTH SI' . llftE. Luge. pleuaant 2d-toiy nsun . ,
fable board : relerenee.
401 H st, 314 L . naar 3d ve Pnrnlahtd
room, vvtthoi without board homelike
BOTH KT." 3ut K Purnlabed, h-.itci 1-.
..Pii board, lu reaiiactablg teviti lainily, all
ftOTrl st.. 2,17 E. FunilsTied rooms, with or
w It lion t boa 10 ; table boarders taken.
oollls'l.. ioU I- Rooms h.nhd, wiiu " iiri" '
dans board; term moderate
830 HVT, ftnfli E. Nicely furnish. j room-., with
hoard; raAued Jewlali family ; 'rmn a tollable. '
78D sr.. !. E, large moms. furuUbrtlautt
able for c,iiile. and hoard , .) w . h tamlly.
PMTH HT., 22s K. ( oinfoitaHe room; hoijl
table; private famllj . 1 01 2 getltlemeu 1 lfor-
iiftiii ivtTI ' 1 S'lea large mum; board for
2, Jewlah lamjly; private btrtiae.
j 13 to 19 k lltbst., naar oth ava; cumfortabie
famii 1. nn-.-, rary modarata tarma
I MEI ItOsE. 7s MAIHSUS AVf sej,, 1 ft n."
I "iii;.i..r. dtsirabl,. to permanent ft transients
who dial Ike public hotels.
Went Side.
BROADWAY, I Mis Now ft handsomely fur
t nlshed bark parhu; , tiu-r room, with superior
j board : pm ale family.
w sin ni. ton pi.Ai 1 , 1114 Warm rooms
with or without hoard, l. fto. t ibh lMMtnl,V3ftU
WAVKHLriY I'Lai f . 120, 'aahlngton Ho.uare
I ii. obit- and single looms, with tir-tt claH
hoani . moderate.
. 41 II sT., 19s W. 1. riilhmn. ." to t, ladles
l ; large ft si. mil rooma,
I 1TI II ST.. OB W, Haii'I-H.inely furui-hed al 1
com-, otlnr dc-lraMc loom, ixc,eiil boaid,
famlllooi MciitU'meu, . . ., . ..
! 14TH sT. . .Ilti v! lm ft small well fur
, ntobed ruoms; nn derate farms; ricwllcnt tatiie.
14TH sp., 237 W. 2 large looms. nnlherii 101
Haura, handaomeh furnlahad; also single
1 room , c vceileiii iHiaiil.
lftTH ST. , 32 W. Dealranle moma: parlor, other 1
: Moor; homecomfotta; parlor dining loom, eg
(Vllenl table; moderate
101 II s . 40 W Lhu- bciAd room for 3; very
moderate, with excellent taou biiard,
I9T1I st. itl ft 03 w . offers largo ft small
room; dtmiigrtsim on parlor (hair, auperlur
11 I'll si . ftft. ft7 w Largs ft irimall rooms;
i . -1 1 lii'-n-. parlor dlnlna looin.
I'.M'H sT. .0W, 2d stun trout. y hack
parlor , superior hoc tabic, trau-ieiit-.
21 S'l al . 212 W. I ai gv loom, Mum e pour
evi'ctleut tahh. term moderate; taole hoai 1
'Jbi s , (iw. sun rooms parjur Ruor: pbnl
iau 01 family; otJbar rooma; udiiw board, rtiar '
91T sr., 147 W IVslrable 6 a 'le. sunny
rooms references
1 32 P sT. , 313 w. . tliaiaaa i7oa Uoonas, wltK
iHi.ud, kiugiy ur 90 suite, prrmauent or uau
Boarders Wanted.
Eaat Side.
psr. H7 iV, rrce trout room, handsomely
furnished; ruiiuuu wale;-; superior board; flJ
for 2
3H11 s, ;,(-, u tiood iMiani: large double,
sunny lurmthi'd nsun, with iioard for 2; fM
ft Hi.
23P si , 4tKi U. WtihiNiard handsomely fur
iiKIimI lerge t: hall mom' tnble ft accommoda
tion excellent; lerm-t RtoderSUl , table boarder
in n'.lll I:, i- ll,
-Bltisl . 21MI n I.'irge ft snmlf comforlable
riMims. talile first la -. term moderate . tatde
301 1 ST . Bf.7 W Large ft nmall, warm, nNely
lurnUhcd rooms, hnme-i 00k e I table laard;
reference required.
24111 ST. , Al . llmimt heated room, with
bord table iihu'c dinner, .'tic. . gentlemen,
rheidniai tterlngt'o
21111 v I I 7 W "ipi tn ,V m lull looms; ult,
with hath, b'.atd; rolesiuuaK permnnnnt or
irnnsh nt,
241 If s 1 , .Mt w, s,imm front, single room.
lm 0!) furnished, with suenor laiatd, 90. bath.
MTI1 -t . 31 W, Double ami sTngTe heated
room, with gtrlctly tirt.elu table, also table
20111 st. ft2 V Nicely tiiriilshed. heated
room., ax COl lent imiml, ftlao table hoard . icas, 1
fisTH lT . 321 W forge and snmll nKm7
ni.lv lmnllied. with exiclUlit tnbleboatd.
3RTII si., :;iHI W. sunny room. a heateil; su
icrloi tabic. 2 o-;l fib nd, niodorate.
Q3D h 1 . . 30 w. rietcatit roontV nasrly futv.
nlshed. French or merican cuisine, new pro- ,
prletorahlp; reaaonahle rata, (
33PT. . 317 W . SO; tlrat-ilaa room, and
board: heated; fJU for 2.
34III s . t.H W. HnndHotmh furnished large '
and small louu. ev.ellenl table, tattle board.
311 if si. . 129 ft iffi w Vers dedrahle, large
rooma; naridaomaly furniainii; suierior tabic;
home comiorti referanoea.
;iftTHsT. . ftl TJ THE ARUYLE.
Hnndsoiiir suits, double and single rooms; pri
vate hatha ehs-trlc hell, ho'el accummodatlons
at boa ft! I llg house price-. J
3ftTH st. , :::hi W. - l,ieaaut heated rooms, enii-
venlcncrs J aood Iwiard. 4.ft0, ; tnhle tMiard,
I 3MTH ST.. 214 W. Large A small 'roonui, wlfh
1 hoard , heated , all Improvements!
1 ilKTil sp , 231 W. Elegant IsrgeAslrurieorcon
UOfilnasUnny rooms, excellent tinard. near I.
I tatlon ; Broadway,
j.'tsill sp., 229 W. lomfortable riMtnts; profeC
slonalsft , hUilreu taken; day board reasonablat
1 tratuuonu, n par day;
HHI II s.,2ftft W. -Nice, large heated roomT
ample riowl room; good board; terms reason
I able.
1 .'lorn st ,n w . foon's "bell 2 elegant rooma,
With board, suitable for 2 tadl",
4ftl II s'l., 207 W. Pealrahlc rtaitns; superhir
tahle; terms moderate; table rstant.
40TH sp., 371 W. With twianl, handsomely lur-
nlanad large and hall rooms, atvotnmodatlon
eici-lltuit; table fsiard.
401 II si. , ;tt;i v, Wlth"b."mrd,handatimely fur
ntshfsl large ft hall rooms, accommodation ex
cellent; table hoarders.
IHT1I ST. 14ft W Room, newly furnished ;
excellent table; lable Imsni, reference.
4HT1I ST. . ;t!3 W timid board, alngie t dnunia
PNims; Kentleuien, aft; ladles, reasouahla;
house tieated.
49ITI sT. . 3ft4 W. I'oiiilorlahle room for re-"
spectahlt working man; hoard A washing, fft
week l.i
ftflllf sr , 3ft4 WTIT ansomely tumisneir33
Hoor. front, other nams; piano If deatnsl.
ft7TH "I ,:m W Handsomely fiinilshed sunny
rooms, superior hoard ; near L statiou, Broai
wa cars, references.
ftS'l II ST. . :tl7 ft I9 W. "Handanm"ely"HrrnVhea
single room: French cuisine; moderate; table
board. ,
02P sT.140W.1 wo voting girls " "i iTbtMinlTlil iii
MoHIII'h liell.
HHTH ST., 101 W. Handsomely" furnished
rooms, with or without, board, very reasonable.
941 II st. . 71 W. large 3d -story room, band"
aoniely furnished, lu select house; references.
97TH ST.", 72 W. Table hrianl ;gentlemen"only;
giHMi 1 urni dining rtsim. lainoi.
prii s'l., pgi W. IargeT(omft gTod hoard 7o
2 workhigmen, Ring Olffnrd's hell.
storth or ith Street,
RFrETARLF WIPoW would like children
to board , go! home; experienced with bottle
baby. Mrs. t amp, W. 170th st. A Audubon ava,
HEATF.P, furnlshHl, smiare rooms for 3; hoard
If ii'-irid home comforts. Refined, box S19
I plow n World.
PINEAPPLE ST. , 93 Pleasant rooms, excellent
blind , ;t inlnuli - f nun bridge , 9ft to $ft.
1HTH ST., 204, near At h'aveT Kiirnlsbed rooms;
Herman table; terms reasonable.
Board Wancd
ItoARPWANTEP by a rertned lady In a small
mlvate family or with a widow; gtsal room,
wl;h fin1 A table; alatve Mitn at., eaat side.
Addiess stating term A IOCS Hon, M. Mont
gomery, box 230 World.
R( IA RP for 1 or 2 couple between I IHth" A l3Hth
st. , Madison and Stli aves. ; a.13 to $14. Board,
b..i 014 Harlem World.
iTeNTLKMAN desires board within ablocol
ftlh'ave. ; state lowest terms. R. S, , box 133
OEN1LEMAN wauta comfortable Itoardtng
place; will pay will fur good accommodatlona.
Addreas King lm 432 World.
WAN I I-:!', furulsiied Iront. warm room, for two,
wlthladv Iniviiig iiootner boarders: loard lady
only: I flight , wan side, between 22d ft 43d st,
Mra. P. Hirshberg, fkl3(Nhst., t'hlago, 111.
"' Inne, f.ic. ttcr tinr; .Vroad Time, t$r. per
fine, fktrit nnd iwfsMJIIIWf Timet. 0 per line,
jhutti mui Sunday.
To merchant, manufartunr imd reliable par-
fie. New York, New .lew and Bnaiklyju
redlts aioo to fi.iNMi. household accepted as
collateral I'onfideutlal.
i.OANst ON r ri.NiTi'Hi: IN l si:, toi:
I it OH -.. TO shlll tl HI ON IKIIsi:
HOI. II l I KM U'ltKiTEK His HlAstlN
AOOKEstN PHIIM .HO 437 WOK 1.1).
1433 iblCiiAl.WA . 1 oil. 40TII NT.
i.iiioi- on lorn 1 1 ore. Ac.: t'onddeathal.
AliVANt l 011 lurultun without removal. 110
n-ferences leipilred, easiest Instalments 1 private
office. couthleutlal WEBS'IEK, 10s Montaguf
at., Brooklyn.
A. IAIANS pn.linil 00 furniture In W wltlioui
p'moval at it"-,eics haymaata; lonaaal time;
Strictly cuiiti'lclillal. IN ION M.f'ARF. LOAN
011 . Lincoln HidK. .roomOOl.Pnlonan, i4ii. t.
.P AN Rn made on furniture, pianos. Ac.
wlthoiii removal or Inconvenience; aableiii
eaav Instalments NEW MUtK ft HlttMlKLVN
Loan CO., room 44 World Itutldmx
A ' ANi'Ks on lurrittiire, storace receipts; easy
p) nn tila, Risim T.Jederson Mulldlug, Boerum
pi.ee. near FuMou al . ltrookln
l.OANs uN IT UNI 11 HE without removal;
,.i. naj meuta; 1 onfldeiitlaL 37ft Fulton at.,
risuii 2.1. oermania ituHdiug. Brooklyn,
Mi IN V.X to loan on furniture, pianos, ax. ; legal
lutereal . easy paymaiita i huafneas conrtdenttal.
PA II I N ft 10., 3tt44 Attanth: ave,, Eaat New
ork. Hank ltutdiin, roomao and 0. Itrogklyn;
entrance Penna. I v. in la ave
MONEY I.OANIli 011 fnridture In uaa without
removal; loweai ratea, opan evenings. Terry,
154 KaalD3d 1
AN TEP Uiaiiof aoO.tS-Olora period of years,
to ts arcund b first iuortage oil AsUrlaas real
etati . wiith ai least a 1. "a M Hi, for further par
lioulars. addreF. II Pl.t EM Ai'HER, ONurtb
Mli st . Richmond Va.
Colleges, Schools, Ac.
Lone; Island Business College.
14ft to i4i ouih sth si. , Brooklyn, K i
fm- mid evening aaslona, Indii iduai instruc
lion bUidenls 'au begin "- tune. special
Studies 1 ounui-K l.il "(eiio.'iaphic, typewriting,
a. ..ile.uu . n 1. m hun ha I and aichiteclurul drawing,
tiermau and Freucti r or catalogusa call or ud
dre HKNH 1 u RHPH I , I'mn ipal.
and rypawrttlnsMshool, Ah ave., near 83d
st. ' uiimin Exchange) HUM I rrlsh, Miss
ronl.llu k riti r oi uiiv svsiem smedtHt ; evening
Instruction luedaya, Vndaya;rfrctilara,
nriyip Han1". Mandolin and tiultar Sehool,
UlmM J m; M ac . near 411 l. ; $ course ,
tuiti n Ihurougbi pra-tloal and strictly private;
1 irculars .
Diklli) tUlltar, Miiudoltu taught; private lea-
DAnjU, vin,, Hrculan I.evert VooT,
t ; . ave HAth st.
. t 1 1 Nn pabi 1 tvusarvatory of Music, elocu
tion language, piano, organ, comet, all string
Instr mi uis, sitigiug, shjnt ragnlng hamujiiy
tail, it . lm I lieu t mailers and author,. Icaoiis.ftt'.
l., .'at p-rniej-iv r-t and ft 12H West 2.11 t.
A I .Kit i'i h banJu, mandolin, v injtn, guitar
iiiliege.tl private keaaona A2. ojoinh ave. .ftttth.
rJAN'Jtl f-ira laMrncUona to ntw biinurs Jolo
pl i.nji, rcUi Lhrh ih torn, ml H.-'ti-
w 1 miitf tfili t.
HAN.Mi' MaudolliiTTTuftar airiipols! private las
Mirui b ihf great plaver. JaiRE RRt CHI I IP.
nuiOih ave. , ilStb st..iit, sl Hate. ih ave. .
ii, k lyn; preliminary term, '
RANJO, mandohn. guitar , ft le-ons. f3; note or
kimpliHed, llarman itHud ,3U3d ave. .AOthat,
BANJo, maudolin and tage-daiur'ug taught; cir
culars mailed,
J. iKHiA.N, -KiJdavs. neai UihtU
Cellagaa. Schoola, go. . j
IHXiKKKKl'lxu, n-ipnr of acronnt. grammar, j
roadlm. apalllnt. Ilr riling, arithmetic, I
Inhtfiing,, olr.ciltlnn. arrhltertural. meohanloal j
flrawlng; (wnmannhln, htialnew .vir -ponrt.nr ; i
BO Iplaolia. fill, llAIIL'H. 1!W WaatM !
CANAAN AI'AtlBMY. I'anaan. Conn. HmS 'J
lor twenty lioya. t'ollpgp or lm.ln.-a, prapwm- . I
lory. Individual training. Ha.-kvarrl fWiya - I
von.-wl. Two opening, at the holiday. Adilra I 1
KIXTTION AM. AITINd p iking' Tolei '
mi I . irn.lliig.geMlrnlatlon and acting thnr -3
niislil. nnd iirai-tlrvllvtaiight at the I.AWRFNC J
"i ninii . urn Wpat tM at. I'nllv ennlpr-d 1
Mn ' In nlam on applliallnn to KDWIIf
IllltllHlN iawkkncrT
rvenlnga; .peeling rlafMea. Iaaao Pitman'.
MclrtiMilllan Mrhonl, IX nth ave. ; i Inula-.
si KNiMIIIAi'll Vand lyp.a riling, neakufriSi
ir.-e- ier,.inal Inatnictloti given each atudent; .-
day and evening rlaawa: terms teaminabla. ' L
llninklyn Collexe, 1 If) Hroad ay, F. MOmC I
Principal. j
BTKNI Ml It A I'll Y and Typewriting School, 1
H1H Hmanway. N. V. j wrtk. Callorwrlta.
Business Opportunities. i
A WANTPD TO nt'V lor apot ra.W ereaa- ,
dls, uf all kind.; amount no object. Call ag ;
ddren FlllKIlMAN. II Walker ., New York, f
AliVKHTIMKR wanta 1 1 hny grocery at.ire; moaj ,
he cheap for ca.h. Addrea . T.I. UK, hoi V I
World. Ifarlero nfflcv. f
agn.el bii.liiea, man nlth M.(W0to(A,a00o-a4- I
tniaa pnriner In good e.lahlNhed fancy. mllllner .
and ,liy giKyl, .tore nptnn-n, fld ave. : the owner
.annot attend loll alone. Addreea M. iIIP.R,
'.IIIKaat 74lhal.
BflNNA I a lv wltii established, prolltahle ero
Itnil.hry liiieliie.e, tvant. partner; lady or gen.
tleman. little capital required. Addren bus-
NAZ, World llranch. l7Jf-
ITHAll STORE, furniture complete. 3 lltlngl
rntiniH; rent fll; no reaiuahle offer refuae.. i.
HTB Hale, ave. ,
iiiRNKlf l.lquiin MTOREOId. reliable alan
Bi.-ai.-uli required; good location. Particular.
TiH Washington .1. , corner Hethuue at.
KOH SA I J-. Klnt-cla- cigar .lore and pool- j
room; good hu.luesa: cheap rent. 782 lirand
t. . Rrooklyn. - ' '
KI'I.I.S' equipped. pr'perou, real eatate offlc.
doltigaplendl.l bualneaa; muat aell. JQBTATS. -hoi
Mr.! flrooklyn World.
RANDSOIIKt.V KITTED paying aaleoaj
Blocked; ll.-enee; exchatige for reataurant Off
fi.rniahodhou-.i-. Room 13T Arbuckle Buildlag.
Hrouklyn. " ,
H AVK ai,oiii,,i7Soi, to Invern In dry-goo
atore. Addreaa P. B. , Worlo Harl.m Omc
HtlNEHT "YOIIKO MANwithjioO; half IntereH
butler .tore; exierlence unneceaaarr. Room . ;
HIT A rtiiickle Hutlrllng, Brooklyn.
I II .1. invi I f.'.vi. with mtv,-,u partner ' !
In reliable hualneea. M. , aOB Kaat 4mh al.
MEOHANK AI.KNillNK.:Rwhodmafir
wllh a company already Incorporated and Ut
hegliinlrig to do hualneea. and wno baa S9,000 at
hlacummand.ahouldwldreHal', ll. .h,,. l7 vv'orli.
I'A llTNlciT" vvlth" SROH aud service,, tolaeMeS .
estnbllahed hnslnese; largo proHta; In veatBMnl
secure; tin achem-.; golden opiioitiinltv lor right
party. OPPORTUNITY, hoeniw Wor'ri.uptoie-.
PA RTNfcR "WANTKh good'paj'fng, ntcelr AtteJ
liquor sal. h, n. wry little caah required; will
aell. MH Bowery.
RXXC BlrTXTr" and general bualneaa awtmcrei
Utile capital required If sold quick. ""Tiing. -St..
room 47.
Tl DOI.LA S5 will pay for a flve'llne-advertlai.' '
in. -ni. four weeks, In 1IW flntt claaa IUlDOM
neaiapei-, having llMlOfioclrculallon per "eeK -
guarantee.!; this Is one-third leas thao regular
rates. Addreea ( 'hlcag. New spai-r uawa, 1
lpruceal.t 'ew York, for catalogue.
W NTK.Ii -A firm to aell on nmmleelon th.lMt .
Hleatn and hot water hi, use heating steel holler;
ii-- brick required; no Hues to clog; carefnlbr
iiMtiiiihic i.r.'-l and every boiler guaranteed; a
penentage nu each holler sold will D. allowed for
advertising. Addreea room 47, Bullitt Building.
Philadelphia, Pa.
WANTED One man with capital of eVeoo. or tw.
wllh 12. SOJ each, to Uke Int. rot aad oclal
slilon Id loauratlre corporation; flret-claa ceaaee
tlon and unusual opportunity for good retgraB.
wllh absolute safety. Ad4resa, with reference, or
call on 0. J. rRANTZBN. I Ualo. agaaga,
WANTED -Yming man or reliable brokerage, fl rg.
who Inc. an eilenalve acquaintance with tb.
flrst-claaa retail grocery houses of New York. M
anme know ledge of the provision business to eeu
our goods on mm mission to the retail gioct. , ;. ,.
trade In New- York k adjacent towns. Addreea,
with reference. W. A. Heltiaberg. (secretary,
Kilwnrd Reltreherg Packlug A PnivTston Co., St.
Louis. Mo. ' -
YliINd MAN wishes tnlDveettltoSMO. SB
services, in some legitimate taislneas. Addrea.
H. R, .
8To,nrBT TO gin. 000- Partner to m.nfEtn.
staple Ac. and 10c. article, ust patented: eTety
peraon over 6 years of age, rich or poor, miiKoa. 1 .
It . the ni"--! us, till article ever Invented; nverW I
iw-r cent, imifll to manufacturer; legitimate bus!- 1
nees and sure Invesl ment. Addreea B. R. . In- ' ,
ventor, box 312 World, uptown. t 1
Dancing Academies.
7Mf, 1 6r. a fine , Sunday, tOc. .
HI. Kaat Mtb st.. hauk building: prices reduce. I
cleasee now fortnicg; private lessons, any bony.
91 ; walls and all the new dances taught raptdlff
receptlon every Tuesday evening. .
UMlKKtT WALTZ guanuitawd: S atrlctly prj.
vale leaaona, S3; any hour, with music; poal- .
lively no failures; class, fl monthly. LENOX .
I -ONHERV ATOR V. 146B Broadway, below taW '
Ill'MAR'B classes, with private leseosw: wafts
Kuaranteed , Isdv assistants; open Hundays; lea- . .
aons 1 . 342 West aftth st
IiilMAH'ri clauses, with private leaaone; walU I
guaranteed ; lady aaaUtants; open Hundays; lea -
sunsl. 342 West 38th St.
r.mh st. -Four claaa leaaona, tl : 24 leaaona, i
correct waltz, guaranteed In 6 private leeeong.
wllh music, fo: afternoon class, children and ''
latllee, Tuesdaye and Saturdays, same prior,
3. 3U to ,1. 311 I'. M. ; lady and gentleman teat-iiers: - -heat
place In the city at popular prices. Bend
address for circular. Private leaaona In tb. wall,
our specialty; reception TO-MORROW evening;
.lam iiutKililt.i 12 P.M. Admission, genller
and Inil.v. 40c.
" i
MltwtKM MO.VTUOMKRY. 318 Weet 17th at,
teach serpentine, Spanish. fan, butterfly,
aklrt Hint all stBge dances.
'i2W-eet 12flth St. and 16ft Kaat 72d sL
BTAliB llANTINIl of every style; i'rof. (..
st.uline-l'arpenter. 20 Weet 27th sl.. hashdfi ,
years' experience; satlafaartlou guaranteed : utaB
hack kick. back rmnd.toe uiiivenieuts. Mr puplHI
Bessie t "lay ton, Heleoe. Fleurette. Msbelrlaike. ''
llattle Wells. AleobellnNim darning. ....
. . ..
WALT, and all fashionable dancea taught: pet. .
vale and class leaaona: circulars. Knickerbocker .
(.'omervetory, 44 West 1 4th et.
Tuee.andTliurs. ,8.S0,S.8 teed In ,lx private
LAflV AHSslRTANTM. lessons. with muelcflB
lRtl4(i WKBT aSD HT. . ntmr th ae.
station. $i mnntblv. claaaai MON., Tt ,,
ntt It- and FltlOAY, ?3t tn ln.:ai; prtral
Icaauus. 91 , thkata used at pupils' convvatonca:
hcKlnncrs' claaam. 4 Isaons. 91; miarti-r. Va
r-s4in .,$.'.. n, I'lutim- w.mIs ,sat. , nrstlaaaoaa
urlvate. opvn every day. HA. M. to 11 P. M.
Hn-i it ItiKKins Is probably as well known a any
man In New York, and ih fame of the institu
tion over which ha pu sides has spread allovr
tin country, 'nit'lnvarlahleanit prnniiunrrao
cesflthat hashiiloveedblsniethiHls hi teai-blna: tb
art uf ii.'tmliiK haH made It the 'arsest MiMHtaV
ment of the kind In the world. To the betiar
claaa uf people "Our own" Is an Ideal institution;
Its f.o iliiii iuh uneqiiallad, tba floor space la
i-noi inous, the music provldm la above crtitflam,
while his -inii of lady and irentlemau teacbaia
stand at the head of their profeaatou.
MK. iiosh.-v HIOOINS, In his claaa lesaoqt.
Rives :iiili iduai instruction In a room separata
trom ih-Reueral class-room. Ilflldii pupils find
this method a mat advantage HE tUTARAX
HANI INO A AHF.MY; classes now forming a
' i I i i ."t li hi. . between Oth ava, and Broadway.
L'lnHPsrvry afternoon said -veulng; private laa
ons, any hour, $1 . waltz guaranteed In six pri
vate leasona. $A; 4 lessons, fj ; quarter, 4 Urn
sons, A. ladv and Rutletnan aavlstanta,
Hctflmiers at any time. I -ay or eveniuc.
I Hpectal and Individual attention given to thnaa
I learnlme the uallz. also tle new and fuhlouabfa
dancisi, iiiclu.llmr stage, fa; '.' 4 harcter.
i 100 West :tnii st corner Broadway, makes a
1 speclaitvof tetviihiff persona to dance who hava
i attempted and Iitiici) to learn at ot her academies;
j waits and latest fajhiona. dan cos thoroughly
tatiKbt; afternoon aud evening classes, claaa
rsi-hiilun rcivive strictly private lessotw without
. 'i.. '1..I.'. open daily. 10 A. M to 11 P. at.
Purchase and Exchange
I Our Time, J.V. pet lime; Serotid Tiuu, tte. pm
lint. Thtnl d Svhtrqvent 7'mi'i. toe. per U&:
' fit: r tmrestra on unanvt.
ROLLER K ATl- Parties having quanthy of
!' i i skutes to diNpnaeof please comtnunkata
with WM F. MARTIN, New R-chal.e,N. Y.
I Plll.t-HT PlANn WAXTKIJ toluirctwe; atati
pine, hum Im urn. HENRY. boJt sWJVortd.
WAME!' A one-seat cutter and ponyalelgb,
giKkd order. Address M. . box 134. agency,
U M ave.
WANTED--A small retail milk mute In Jeraef.
Address MILK, tan 11, World.
I BANJO, ruandullii,' vlulTn aud guitar lesauoai
thorough, practical, private; B9. wjuree; clrcu
Isr- l.KAVfs. HJJIMavr.
V tl tl.l N aud iiisodnlln thoroughly UUJgbt br ex. .
perlenced profeesloaalj leeefshosV. I pupils' 1Mb
deuce. 1'tAl NIC. ata) West lllh gt, .

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