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1 6 O'CLOCK E. vs fl O'CLOCK I
EXTRA. tw iiif 6fe 'felted (U ?(w lil I M II I L pvtra !
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Flfl? 90 Words for 10 Cents 6ach W"1v'?-?aI,s 1 1
; or Girl A SITUATION WANTED ADVERTISEMENT not exceeding "UlUC' 1VJ1 iV VC1ILO or Sundaj) WORbD. I 1
" To-Day Given Up to Five Min
ute Speeches on Amendments
Mr. Payne Comments on Election
News from New York.
Whiskey Tnx Ainpiiilnictils Come In
for Much Discussion.
(fie Aasociatetl 1'rem )
WASHINGTON. .Inn. 11 When the
House went Into Committee of the Whole
to-day the time, ncrniillnir, to the p-
clal order, wns devoted io dilute uider
3 the five-minute rule, I he whole Internal
revenue ntner.dmeiit hin.r open to
Mr. McMillan ntte.npied to rcarh an
agreement to vote upon hucIi amendment
01 as might be p-ndlng at o'clock this
afternoon, but Mr. Htirtows objected
temporarllv until he could confer with
hiB Colleagues
The first amendment offered was one
by Mr. Tate (Ga.), to Mrlke out sections
29, 30 and 31. relatlrg to the tax on whis-
Ikey, the increase of the bonded period
and manner of collecting the ta.
Mr. Tate explained thut If this amend
ment were adopted the law would remain
as It Is He wos opposed to the
Increase of the tax on vvhlskev. He was
opposed to the pro!son which pos iwned
) the lmposlton of the Increased tax on
whiskey one month, which would give th
big distillers an opportunity to get their
whiskey out of bond at 90 cents a gallon,
while the small distillers, unable to take
S their whiskey out of bond Immediately
would be forced to pav $1 a gallon It
I would drive small dealers out of bul-
' ness.
cb. He also objected to the Increase of
nt the bonded period, which permitted a loss
k' of eleven gallons In forty.
, Mr. Payne (Rep , "tf: Y.), who got the
floor ostensibly to oppose the amend-
ment, took the opportunity to hae read
181 ome resolutions passed by the New York
Congressional delegation to vole against
tha Wilson bill. He did not suppose the
resolution would be heeded nor that the
) election of a Republican In the Four
teenth Congressional election dis
trict In New York jesterday
i would be heeded, but he wanted the
I 1 Democrats to know that the first
ie. I fruit? of the tariff reform ha 1 h"n the
I election of a Republican In the Gibraltar
of Democracy
Mr. Outhwalte offered an amendment
tS. to the amendment to Increase the tax
; on -vhlskey from W cents to :i when in
bond one jear, $1.10 for two ear and
' ".0 for three jears, tne bonded period
1 1 (.eise at the end of that time. II. ha I
. ) Intention, he said, of pressing the
amendment. The provisions of the b.ll
were v, rait?.
In the Intete-t of icf-itni n few dns
ago the bouiiij on s igar In 1 been abol-
lshed, now it wis prr.po-.ed to ghe a
p bounty to the whiskey Itidi.stiy of this
Iit- eountrj'. It was pioposed to increase I
the bondei perlc 1 from three to eight I
in years, at a cost of in cents i gallon
"!' "Do I understand this bill Increases
rg the bonded period to eight jears?" ask"d
"0,. Mr. Dockery.
f? "It does."
171 "Then It should be otel down"
Mr. Outhwalte went on to hotli In
veigh against the proposed extension.
-3 There were, he said, 147,000,000 gallons In
!bond on June 1 last, K.WO.OOu gallons of
which ought to be taken out of bond In
one year, We were now to have an ex
tension of five j ears. He demanded to
know why this extension has been pro
posed and what Influences were behind It.
The Outhtvalto substitute vai lost 4."
. to 57.
Mr. Dlngle's amendment to restote
the provisions cf existing liw with ref
erence to the bonded period (making it
three Instead of eight years) was car-
ried 103 to 80.
TO This leaes the bonlcd perlol an It Is
and Increases the tax from P0 cents to
a The Bland substitute to w mlt the ex-
H tension of the bonded period Viond three
8 fears by paying Into the I'.-.ited States
treasury the cost of exporta'l'n and re--.
Importation of tuch whiske wa; lost
The Tate amendment was lost This
Increases the whiskey tax to Jl and the
bonded period remains three jears as In
the present law. the House refiiHlns nn
extension to eight years.
" Minister to Sweden nnil orsrii.
(Tlr Aslate 1 PreM )
WASHINGTON, Jan. 31.-The Presl
dent to-day nominated Thomas II. Ter
guson, of Marjdand, to be Hnvoy Kx
traordinarj' and Minister Plenipotentiary
of the United States to Sweden and
Ho Wanted the Senatorial Row Sub
mitted to Judges.
TRENTON, N. J., Jan. 31. The pi op.
I nsltlon which Gov. WertB made to Sena
tor Rogers, and which Is referred to on
the Becond page of "The Evening
World," was made public late this after
noon. It waH In effect that the matter be re
Jerrred to Justice Hensley and thrte
itepubllcan Justices. Senator Rogers re
jused to accept the Governor's propohl-
The Republicans decided that the oulv
way out of the difficult) was In if on
and paRs bills. This was done, unit III. 11
"nth Houses adjourned for the week
lr , Gov, Wcrta later held a conference with
,u Lnltcd btatcs Senator James Smith, Jr.
UA1.T.O! Hro tbl week's IIAI.l.O!
Of Jt'ehly Illustrated Only 0 reins,
Ji iuduceiaoLU for buGscrttuw. V
Mr. Saxton's Committee of Invc
tigation Is Named.
Four of the Seven Members Arc
from the Metropolitan Vicinity.
Hut Mr. Cantor Is the Only Out-nncl-Oiit
Wr AisoHivi Pru I
A I.KAN Y, Jan 31 -Senator Paxton has
it pointed Senators I.exow, o Connor
Itibertson. Pound, Saxton, Cantor and
Ilridley to !netlgat the New Yo'k
folic Depirtm'tit and Senators Mullln
I'11-sons and OSullHan -o look up fraud
i' nt eI"etlons ir cities and lllaes
Vh.- nw. apoli.tni jmmlttee t0 i
'tl,-ate the w York I'ollce D-patt-iiMnt
rat in tie -nat- Pbnrs lut
rtr -h- adjoirnm-r.t of th enucu.
and con-.ud. to tnet at the Hotel Mel
r pol in New Wrk Krlda afteniuuii
u ":i o cUj. k
..nirourii.-atkins r- ordered tvni to
Me -S-i York Chamber -,! iJommTo-.
'n- itani ,t Trade an! Tran-portutlun,
tn- I cion IvMzue Club and Ur. 1'ark
h'irt nnour.-tns this r!eterml:nth.n,
inl ailn? tnra to preent Io the Com
mit" a I c v,f counel from wnlch to
,J!"-t 'awers to proecute the lnet.
- ictlsatkn itself will bncln mi
sa;urda rscrnin? ne.ct at m utlotk at
th- Hotel Metropo-"
Aftr :h idjonrnm-ut of the Senat
ih- Rpubli. an S-nat r m-t In ciluis
a-1 ac:reej to ote to-murrow to unseat
.-enatjr McC.mt and to pass the
rmendments to tli- liuifa o an I l.nn
smburg chartf.s I
The mtropMitan di-trlet a- d the Re
publicans are well represented on this I
committee Fout of the committee are'
from thW lclnltv, n.imel I.ow, of
Nack. ROberton, of V'eftrhster,
Dradlej. of UrooMn and f'into of
this city
The only out-and-out Democrat on th'
Committee is Cantor, the Democntlci
leader la the Sentte. l;rnc)le wn elLt- 1
ed as an Indepe-den" Iitmocrat with the
aid of KepjMlcsns and hi do. IUd
leanings to the Repi.bli. n,i. He It toIiijj
to ote in faior of nns'atlns Mefirtx
Dm , and Is jnr'eri;3id to be pi J, d to
supnoi the hole Repiili'i -an fio
gramme Tie "irr fve Snat r aie
Repi.bllcans !
Sena'or Sim n of 1.0 kp r 1 li.le
himself a .n.n) .r ..f 1I1 iVmmlt... b
cau the rosutlun prv, des tlat i..p ,
Pre-IJer.t prj te-n .' th rmte n
be on the Committee t) Connor, cf H1'ik-
hamuli, and Batin tre -he pfrs ..nal
rcpre'-entitlx s .f eN- nit ' i'l.il a" 1 '
Pound and Rore-tson la1 e orJei from
Piatt, so that Piatt ha fwr men n "h- t
Committee who can be relid -.n u carrv
out his wishes
Itnpiil 'I rnnslt Iclrn lloi . Puv.rr 10 I
Mas or mid I'nlit.' vui(rIiit.Miilfiil.
n. a iiip.1 r-f )
l.li.Y Jan 31 - Rap'J Transit
bill for 'he ctt of N . ork liuro
di.ceil b Mi liutts to-I n In the As m-1
bl. nro!des for in unlerrtornd sjct,-.m
'pillar to that described In lat cirs,
till introduced b.- r.ator I'.row 1 Aj
Commlss'on of thtee Is to be ap
pointed b the Major, and the people 1
are to ote ut the No eu.be elect'on
whether or not the cltv siull pi for
the load's construction The present ,
eleiated sjstem may build a third truk
on the Third aenue line north of Mut.i!
strict, on the Second avenue line noith
of I Irst nenue, and on the Ntn.h ae-
, nue Hue north of P.ector street
I A bill introduced b Mr heffleld pro
lldis that the Maor of New orlt ma '
remoe within sixts das the head of
anj Department and appoint at his
pleasure Terms ot ofiice of hends of
depurmients are to erpire with th ex
plintlon of th term of the Major ap
, poll ting them
I Mr bhefilelri Introduced a Police bill
gllng the Superintendent of Police
powei to impose an I collect tlns an 1 to 1
re.noe captains and men from one pre
cinct to another without conulting the
I'ollce Commissioners The bill does not
I Interfere with the Piatt Commission bill,
but gives greatei power to the bup.i-Intendent
BUI In State Semite to Pre rut I'se
of feoft Coul in UU Cities.
(Dr AitKU(Kl Vrttt )
ALII A NY, Jan 31. Amonp the bills In
troiluced It tno Senate to-da wer?. i
Il Senator Chlldt Forhlidlng th ti c tl
tumlnou coal ta all clils of ottr 2K).0j-i m
hibilanti By Mr 0fii Prold!nE that a lork ut an4
an assistant shall te xtatlonisl on th front plat
form of try eletr!c or cablt car in Urookln
Mr H rati It;) forhlditng urfac rnlln J rn
i Oaten a.enue rinH.kljn
Mr (iuj allofrtnic v ork t'tty to traniftr
property tn the Ilflptlt Mlwiuii
Mr O t onnor llll flxinit tho M'ary of th
lurrltt of .Now or at li -0u
'IriiolieiN send 1)1)1, mill HKI.ihlli
III Hi DUlillnile.l.
The teachers In the emploj of the cltj
suit SHU to the Major" Relief I'und to
day 'I ho fund now amounts to about
J.U),0Ci (if this turn JH.im) has b-en il'n-
r. mr'i'tlng i' Hie Relief Comnilte. , -
he held li the Mavoi's otllti at nun
lii-mnrrow to dlhpuse of the ba.nii'
'I'lirj IiikI Iti'imilii Slurried.
.lllil l.o lli I r tine In li " ir.yo .urt
lnil,l)ii, ihla mninint ulirli I ih mil fir
Ih. iinjlmnl .r iiii inanlJEr .( i ili Jl
Kriul mil Tlsar.l licr.iw Tli. .rpl.lninl
mi. llwt er .Soi 1 IW1 b ' J'fct l
liMiifa HiiJ married to tlm ltliJLtlbr con.
Mill. St i.j nil) iilnilK" )' i'J Y"a m"'
rlciL J
LjwMjMHlmpWBpsjrfsfsy LiIiTiii iin
3ity Credit Shon'd Not Be Used
for Rapid Transit.
Report of the Commissioners Sent
to Him To-Day.
The Wilson 1'ndrrjirouiid IMan Knr
nestl) ConiiiictKlcd.
The Rapll Transit Commissioners this
afternoon sent o Major tillroj a reixirt
on the proposed lli-on underKround
dan, with favorable reconim-ndatlons
The Commissioners sav the offei of
!! T Wilson S. Co to deposit tinmen-)
v Ith a trust companj as a guarantee of
voo I faith to carrv out their plan. If ap
lovcd bj the authorities, and bj vote
if ' peoiile, "gives such substantia
ruranie of the performance of their
ndtrtakinbs as to Jintlfj the most
borough vonsllerat'on of the project
m si.bniit '
To- rcpatt kos on to snj
Ih u j,. oli'. hi is not offered as a
"id titute for anv other plans now be
on th- ('omnili hi nu is it desired
that lie w.irk of the Commission In ma
tun.ic siicn pans shill 1 In anj wise
Jeferied Tlie tie v proposition is s aled
i b' In harnionj with existing plans and
n .tldltlon Hereto
Tne Inuhliltv to .-ll the franchls" of
.ere.1 bv the Commission, and the f.u t
itiat ill ettnrls to liiiinr- prival" capital
to liiM'i, In tli intcriirl'e nn anv terms
have fall"! 1 .-i .s the Commission to be
..eve that no imd. tground road will be
b.ill 1 1 the nea- future bv private capHal
iln e
1 h ilsun roposltlon for an under
pin .lid r ail being the cnlv one ver
ue ite I l,j pri" Ht en'erprle and li.
ir stio-tantl Iv liaekel the proposition
should l siibnii ,e 1 to the Constitution ll
i 'oi '. entlon i id to populir vol"
The Commissi inert suggest certain de
tus to mil e the forfeltiue of the guur
antep mon. j more binding, f.u a line
(Mending to th. Annexed District, for
flv-cent faies between nil points en
Manhattnn Island an I a Ui-cent far to
all polns within th- citv limits
If prvate cjiiltil shoul I offer to bulll
an undergroun 1 rjnd before t.i- Con
F.ltutianii urneml.iiem 's mliptel the
existing fienchlfe wl! asaln lie offered
foi sile on sv wteks' lutkt
Vt er reaulns tlie r.ort Msvor Gllroj
' I am umltrablj opposed to nnv plan
which con cmnlatcs the lending of th
rltv' c edit to a private eiuerorise. and
to anj mnstltulional provision author
I'lrr the l"'id(ng of the rltj's cieillt
'After e-rv eTort t) indu-e private
cppiml to buiH th" rid hs ben r
heiMted I 'ninr the eonstruetlo.i o' the
icad bj th" t mil le' ti.e l j be the
fo owner cf it.
' n obstirle against the VII-on plan
I- an iaie"rr!it t. cltv has v ith the
UrcTiv. iv nhie Compinv nok to .illov
env rood to b built either ov r ot tin
ier its trarks I belW.e the Wilson plan
'cn'Hmp'aits th conetrurtlon of I ne
.r !er I'.roa lwav.
T13 Itriidwav Cabl Compinv pivs
t'i eitv no' Ms than SIjo.iW a veir for
th nrlvllTes It enjojs and the cltv
should not be deprlvel of that icvenue
.Itisthc iilleii llJs flip Voters Must
elict Kehoe's Successor.
I.awver Ilreckenrldge to-dav aiinlied
to lustke I'ull'n, of the Hupreme Court,
Urookljn for n i.Miidunus to compel
ClT1. f'mrcll of ;1... Hoard of S lper
vinrs to substitute the nime of C K.
l.itule in place of ICehoe
Jitn.ee Cullen fill that as the vacancj
hi I njt ben ereavl bj death the onlv
vsi ti appoint a representative na to
pplj tj Gov 'lower to call a speciil
e'.ec.l jn
The Republican members of the Hoard
of Sipervlsors rret this afternoon and
.idjouri.e 1 until Monday. In th mean
while, It is said, SuperviFor-at-I-arge
Fltchle will applj to Go,' Flower to cal'
the specinl election. As the KIghth
Watd Is sol'dlj Democratic th proba
bilities are that KeHe will be chosen If
the e'"tion is called
He ViM'llsch IIIm Fnnill .f liseent
lui: Hint
John Cohn a son of a millionaire, and
for manv jcars a member of the firm
of Jacob Cohn & Sans, underwriters, at
S.l Pearl stret, was placed on trial be
fore Judge Marline, In Par' I of the
General Sessions, th'-s afternoon, on an
Indictment chargitm him with forgerj In
the second degree The complaint alleges
that he forged his brother's nnme to two
Cohen, t 'trough I-awjer John R
Helntzelman recentlv entered a piea of
gulltj He was allowed to v. ith Ira v. the
charye and accuses the lawjer of act
ing In bad f 'Ith
Cohen claims that he Is being per
secuted bj his famllv because he mar
riel In opposltljn to their wishes.
A Witness Jr. He !ave False Tes
tliminj Against Meilerlmnil.
l i lte.1 htatis Commissioner Marie to
dav took the evidence of Alo.s Fent
r.i in. In the cas" of Ausust Nlederland,
who Is charged with counterfeiting
j IVntman denied his former statements
' that he had n n the prisoner make co jn-
. tcrfelt mrr'i'
, He said it v as a brother of the pris
oner h ha I n-en doing that, and that
i 7.iire ogiintt the prisoner as he did
on a forme" Jicaflon became he wis
nsry at him, and because Detect've
I'rllahin ha 1 .hreatened to shoot him
if he did n fwear as he did
The aiithirlties think the witness has
been timrered ivbh
lo SrII Hlinirr Ket.
I Ju(l,t. lromb. lo-iU)r grantM KRslui.in In
IKccciver Tfc.rtra t! Street tu kII Iti oSte fgral
tora and btlNi(lB:i of Uc SHiu Compaj, tow
It I UoMmaj.
tk itfcizx hfcik.Afl'1 I. -iij. . A
Koerner Shoots Him?olf in lb
Ohapel of St. George's Chinch.
His Relatives Opposed His Marrian
to Miss Simoiicil).
Ill' Wus n f lerk In I lil.mj's oiini
Maj He 1'ittnl.
llecati'e of tie obje lions ,f his ar
ent u the ; rl ulKm ne . ni man
his bride lleiirj Ko rnr, nliiete i v i
old, empliived as i clttk .n liffinv .
Co "s Jevelrv toi- h)t and pr bi
falallj uoiinlel himself tli's in rn
while in 'li.. cupel of H' t oige
Church at -V7 Kist Mtem h tee
oung lje r.er .las long l.. n a nn m
ber of the chinch of which 111 'a u' i
Is recloi. He waj, also a inttnbei if
Young Men's Club
'Jhls mottling ahiiu' 9 o click he w
lo the chapel, anu from thr. t i i
club-room on the tup lloor Then- vv
no one In in. loom except himself i
that time
A few minutes later one of the tn n
tiers on the lowet door heard the i.
port of a plslol and hastind upstairs
In the club-room, Ivlng iirross a ctiali
but still conscious, was Koerner. u 1.
calibre revolver In I. Is right ban 1 inul
blood flowing from a wound In his lri
breast In his left hand was a lettu
addiessed to .Miss Millie Mtiiuiullj i ,i
letter read
unit, turllnc
V" I am Romir lo take a Itb Jonrrf. I i i
say go.l-br toi th L.t Dm, fr,,
Ai vitr.v
lour ? .tttf-rt
An ambiilanee was siimmore.1 fn,m
Relltvue Hospital, nnd wltli It cam.
Dr. Hart and I'ollemnn Roliert O Ravi
of the Last 'I vvntj -second treet st i
t'on The ambulance surgeon at otu.
aid Koerners wound was verv daimei
ous, and he wa hnstllv remove 1 to the
.risplt.il The police took ciintge of Int.
llj this time there wos great exclt
ment In the c lapel There were a good
manj poor people tin re iiivepilnt.
j charltv at the hinds of members of M
cieurge s unurcr.
. oung Koerner llvi 1 with his fathu
i retired tailor, at 'Ml Kust Kourteen'l
street hnd been emploj ed bv ' if.
j fan A. Co for a long time Tnr divs
ago 1-e ijult work, and since, then v.ns
jerj desp-ndenl, the oau-e no doubt
, bclns the e.bj.ellon'. v hleh his parents
cpntlnuill; brought up against his mm-
' rlage with Miss Slmnne Iv
i 'in Is u prettv (,n riniteen jear nld
nnd lives th her intents at u". Hist
Thirteenth street .She Is a number of
St Georges Church, an I a jear ago at
,a social met joung Koernr Th be
came engaged to b m irrled
I l'r m th.s time on, aeiiinling to M s
S.mo.iellv hl3 r allies line conll'iuallv
b en trying to break the engagement
i Itnv iv at Uetiiv's lo.e at: ut li nl
tn-nle him shirtless and unable to attend
to business Theie was no arparent rea-
sen v hj tiny should olilect to the mar-
I r lg. .
Friday nl;ht llenrj lal'ed on Miss
' fclmonellv an 1 toid her It would be his
, last visit I.nst .light -ihe ai.d he
i mother went ta Henrv a house to leatn
j the ciuse of the oppaMtlon and a diBa
groeible scene took pi ice between Airs
i blmon"llj anl Koerners mother
When a leporter of 'The Ilve-lng
World" broke th news of Koerners
attempted suicide to Mrs j-ni nellj she
j v ept bltterlj and recused Ih" Koerners
I of tel IB the cause of all the tro lhle
Mls Slmoreiw had just uft the house
In se-irch of her lover I..i"t night sh
had a dream In vvhb'h she saw Koerner
In great ierll She v.ent out to satlsfv i
herself tli-' tier dream wa not true I
I The voting v Oman's grief wis 'tlfiil
to v Itness whin she leirned what had i
I occurred
At Koernei s house all Infirm ttlon
concernini, the nif.)tuna. affilt was
I'ni'oiiliiineil Kepoit Unit W. I. I.oh
ntnii Ilns ( oi.iinltli'd Milciile.
There .. is an uncontlrniej r.imor cur
r. nt In Rrooklvn to-d i . ih)t Wiidir.i1
D IjOhman, of .173 Douglass street eash-j
le- of th Hro'cljn !xcle Depaitmetu
had conimltt-1 r ie le in I'.nltlmorc
Color was given to this rumor by Mrs i
Iihinaii the cashier's wife calling on i
Kvrise Comtnls'loner John W Cahlll to i
lean If possible, th" n hereabouts of
hir husband
Mr I.ohmen left for I'hllidelp) la ten
I'ajs ago to attend the Conventioi of the
N'ortlieas'ern Saenge-bund anl was es
pecte i home sevcrnl livs ago
Mrs ljohninn had not heird of the
sulci !e rumor urn1! she called at th
Commissioner's otlke
Mr Uhmin his i Pen cah!et of the
Hxcise Hoard for seven .vears
Mrs. Idll Jolllls.ill Held for V I templ
Imk nl'l.lf.
Ida Johoson. the voung womin whi
attempt-1 suicide bv tak'ng carlxillc
acid en Jan CO was releaed from the
Hrooklvn Homoropithlc Hprl si tolaj
and was taken tj the Grand street sta
tion is a prUoner on a charge of at
tempting kiili'Ue
Liter she was analgned In Mjrlle Ave.
nue Police Court nnd committed pend
ing an examination Into her mental con
dition. The woman s husband got out
of work some time atrj and thej wert
to live In a cellir at S.V) Atlantic avenue
Phe became desptind'tit and. It In al
leged, tried to end her life
i i
. .1. Tnte Mn lit" Mi perl n ten .1. u t
of Itr.H.Ll. ti tr.'(s liist.'o.l.
John Thatiher whe vvs ntvuinte 1
Sape-lnter. lent of 'r.ets In Ilrookl n,
his wilttin a btler 'o Cltj Work I om
inlssloner Whll. who asunie o'H' e to
morrow In vvhlih lit declines lo takj
the iiosltlon
It Is reported that Mr While has if
fered the position to V 1 Tate, w ho
held th3 same ottlce under Major Ijw
Mr 'lute is a member ol the Montauk
Club, and a brother of Major 'late who
has leen appclntel Re-lster of Water
Rotes In tin same depiitmint
W.'tithi'r I'lirt't'tiM.
I Tbs rathr forvrait for lb. thin .i hr i-i
j ra4ii al f P M to norr. w ta at tul.osa tar
tn-Ja anl en Thursday coot.r. scrihwiaicriy
TA. tolloln( irrord abowi the ehiftcra In Ih.
temperature during; the nornlni, tou- aa Indicated
by lb. ihermoBeier at Kirrra tharmaeyi
x a. u..,.nu a. u w. a. u. .y.t: U...JJ
We. "
. -
.r.i r ffiy 4 2 J k LA J i ' .itjti. JWty ----
Uncle Sam in Wall Street.
Causing Lota of Trouble to Three
Park Commissioner!?,
C mipti idler Fitch Wants I.ent A1
v!i e on Its Validity.
Movements anl counter movements of
the mot curious and complicaltrd eh tr
ader, bj the opposing factions In the
PurK lijnrd are to-daj' the fentttres of
Ihe sieedwaj eoturoversj
Messrs Terpen, Clans, n and Stiaus,
who favorel the awarding of the con
tract for the firs: (-cctlo.n to John D
I.enrj. under the oid condition', tills
morning had a secret conf.ience in the
Hoard room to map out a plan of action
Thej conferred together for fifteen min
utes and then s'arted ont lo Mini Rev
Dr Siantjn Coll of the I nlvendtj feltle
rnent who b. Interested In giving work
ti the unetnilijed Hiving found Dr
1 1 o.t MesMs i'appen I la isen ,u d Mraus
paid a visit to tlie othce jf Cotjioratioti
Counsel t lark to riqu t him to hurrv
up his upinloii on the vaddltj of tile
c mi net nut Mr Clark was not In
e'otnmissionet l'ana who opposes the
award of th contract f r the one ?IJe
walk plan, sajs the on'j vv iv o u of tn
dlllicultj Is to lejecl l.earj's bid mil to
l-advettlse foi new bids on the atne
plan as the second section ol tlie sp.sl
waj. In which the uestion of sidewalks
was left as an ifter consideration
Mr Dana sijs If the olhei Commis
sioners will adi'i t this plan for ihe tlrst
section work e m lie begun at once, and
thej would therebj prove that thej are
sincere In their talk about giving work
to the uneiuploj ed
.Mr Dana learned this morring of the
aitlvltj of his colleagues, to he, ton
staited on the huhilc to counteract their
st hemes A soon as one partj disap
pear 1 from 1 ertaln otnet tne other
made his appearance, aid the old argu
ments, domed In ne-vv form, wert ie
hiiud over anl ovei ugaln
I'inipiroller F ten wll not approve the
emtnet until h Ins received the Coi
pora'.Ion t mnret oplnl in Dr Col: mil
.he two i .ml"onern pa.d a lit ti the
itMceof the C t:i.itollr wi'h whom .'n
o.reroonferencea nhel I 'I nt ' tried bar I
to secure from Mr Fitih u promise of
-ome HnJ, In" the Cotnpti jlfer refused
abiolittelj to tommlt h nsel' hefor. be
'ng auvisel bv the Co-tioiatiin ( oun-itl
Dr i olt was n't at ill plet. 1 bv Ih
e -ept -in rflvi" him bj Mr l'l'. h s0 h"
s.gn'tlel his Indention "f Imnie ilatelj
j.iocerditig to call on Rlchnrd CroUer
Major t.ilroj whom he I, a I seen i few
daja ago. belrt, 'nlisxisel to n f-r'ere
In a matter so . t tnii'lt'ated
Copratlon Counsel "lark IH after
nion recel.el 1 statement if the pe.sl
wuj eiuestim from Mr Filch and et once
went u .virk Ci examine Into It
'This is a matter of gnat interest to
th puhl.c and pariUularlj tn the tin -cmplojed"
sail Mr Clark and I .vlll
prauablj have mj declsljn rea Ij ie
tnorrTB Cjntractir l.eurj is cotitlJ.nt that his
b'd w !l be helo vnl'd If It 1 work on
the spenlwuv mij b" begun thla or
eartv next week
I'nder the law for iv si I. walks the
plins will have In b amend. I and a
s ippiemenlary cinlrai I fir the addi
tional sldeivalk will have lo In given out
Fresh ll.'ti.irl ii ll Will lie
viiir. (I I oiin.-ll.
I I, V. h a"- I r . .
MINVUAI'Dl.l! inn 1 The biutnil
t.i-di.v prints an ai'i li ii"senl'i m t
Mr ci Conned of it.e nnrl. nn ii I.
lege at Roire al I m.i Vrchb'shop 1-e-laud
Is lo beiome Pirul Ab.sat. In
America on the apptoaehlng e. v.i'ii.i of
Hitolll to ih Canllnalale
The Journal sajs that litters of i w
ntul nature wer rectlvd 1 1-1 ij f m
vv'thln ihe Am. 1 1, .in Coli . it Hun.
stitlng that Mtolll Is to r. .'. lie i. i
hat at the March ir.nslstjrv Inn hat
ihe Is l renia'n In ibis i ontrv fi a
time m itle up several Ini.sir ant mat
ters now In his hajids ttefore turnln
the Irgacy over to o Conneli
The new legate Is a liberal of the Ire.
land school, and hla appointment will tie
entirely satisfactory to the Ht. Paul Arch
bishop as well as to Cardinal Ulbbons.
whoic protest be U.
Likely to Be Disclose! by an
Action at Law.
Wealthy Retired Merchant's Two
Daughters Leave Home.
Seek. Hcfti",!' will. Do 111 Mn)er nnil
Ai't'lise Their Father. ,
The daughters of Isaac Calm a retired
merchant, living ut 1015 Fifth avenue,
will shortlj begin suit in the cltj courts
to establish certain properij rights
I which they claim lo possess
I It Is sjki tnat .luring the progress of
their case i familj rld'leton will be dis
closed and Us hlstorj told with manj
disagreeable details
The diughters of Mr Calm are voung
and beautiful '1 he are reptcllcl
nineteen nnd Iwent'-sl; jears of agt
At pr.stnt thv at. leslllng with Dull
Majer the wealtbj brewer, who lives
next door to the Cahns
The joung women told a 'orj of in
dignities which th.v all-jed thej had
suffeteii ni the hauls of their father
and it Is .xpected Hut the d laila 'vlll
be full- eire.l at the coming trill
The st rj ulatt I to the J'ajers wis
so hoirlule and iiui.nl, Joing Oscar
Mav.t said this morning thai It wis
an a't cf humtnllj to taKe ihem 111 and
prntict them '
The joung women bav.. It is siid,
been with tne Mavers slnee Wednesdaj
last Thej le it their fathers house late
In the afternoon afie the allet,eil Indlg
nllv hMl been offer. l
Mr Calm Is reputed to be wealtbj
He" is all eMelldv.. bill let nf reil estate
in Lincoln .N.b, mil In Colorado He
also owu stocks anl bonds of conl lr
able vili. and Is a retired member of
th" 'Irri of It II Woir u. Co. wire
wo'kers ut the foot nf Hist ejne Hun
died urd I'ighteenth strett lie is s.dii
lo be alKiiit llftv-iight jiars old
His wife, w no was his trt . oii.ln l
fortv-Ilve venri. of a.e inning their
mmrled life twelve children live h. en
I crn to their, live of whom are now liv
ing 'lliere have been strange hirinlns n
the t'nhti fumllj rec nth mi 1 ad sorts
of terrible stories are Mo .ting ibmu
lonienilng the oil gentlem in s actlmis
towards hn daughters
one of the ci.illd.ints of the daughters
Is nld to b' ti-e j..., its. i) Vinhev,
vh), ll Is fail, has beam the terrlbie
tnrv repeitel to the Majtrs
A nn 'ter'nus oo'iirrrnce, an I on, a!i ch
tvignbors have not vet unravelled was
th stabli'ng of l.nard Cahu Ihe pi
I'ce were oilletl to PHa Fifth avenue tlie
night of Dec G list and the story le
bit I lo tlirm vv is that Iiztnl hid been
nltatke.1 bv a beggar .vno drove a dag
ger through his th.ek i
The dagger dan("li 1 from the tlesh
when l)arl s aggere.1 Intj the house,
A lencrtptlin of the b.ggar was given,
b. t no uuee n! him n s evi r f aim 1
I.as.rl Cahu Is n mineralogist and
le tur- anj li wis ad m i' .. time of
,'ie s'.il.t.lTic thit he ha 1 rein,l re
turn. I fro l Kinsas after -i M-irch for
i s, ec.mens
It l sild bv certain Height r that
the disclosiir'H made bv tht diugbte-s
mi. init a I iff. rent runpUxlon . .. I'.at
liux'llng iiot bing j7mi
The Miij.ns thU momlit, stradf..s'lv
I fi icd to glv. unv 'Mill of th si ri
In' I th.tll bv M I' 'tn dlllghteis
M Mr i i'i i s h.. isi ii F.ven ng
W oritl ' reporter was lufminrd b the
servant tha Mr I'ahi v ut rn.l she
did not krow when I c vv.uld be home
tslills l'r 111. I! I..M1IMI with
l'ri.fir.'ii. f
Ji.htl "' i ii i , u I : N 1 I . I.
Slxih n e ni. in 1 1 i il sifciin i
tj-dav to F ank K iewen
I ( oil ns Divvnlng .. .. 1 lirovvu
i Draper A to are nude preftrroii cre.1
llors, but the amounts arc no' mentioned ,
1IlAiLH.iii)riiilojei"dl lielleve in luu lluu. fc
Coiouavsce, the old tisuOUi y. V I
Mother Testifies Against Daugh
ter in the Uhland Divorce Suit.
Inilsi Tonus It the Must I'ee'iillnr
Case lli Kver Henril.
In one of the most remarkable divorce
suits ev.r known in court annals was
heard bi fore lodge McAdam, In the hu
ll, rior Court, to-da
The plaintltl In the case was Charles
I hlerd, .i, palmer, of (-) Hast Fifth
s'reet, and the defend int Is his wife
Hester The c juple were mirritd in 1.S!
They lived lo,;eih.r until Teb 1". ll.'t!
whin after liavlng heard of bis wife's
alleged intimacj wltii the co-r-sHindent,
l.eorce Fieeman thej separntid
In his complaint I bland i-ajs that his
v Ife wus guiltv nf impiopei Intimacj
v.lth Freeman nt the lioni of hei brolh
i js ltuington stnet on lulv :. lSI
Also on dilfeient ncc islons nt t'j. Wv the
nveniii and IX- Xonh 1 irta slieet Will
iamsburg on i uiiilu.ii on lie ssid Ih it he was
lirst luforni'd uf his vvlfes Intide.itj bj
lier ri.o'her Mr i.iuis. (Jee bill did
Hot at first b.I'eve it I ihjh Investiga
tion he found It was true
Ai cording to Ihe le'llrionj of the de
fendaii; s tniiher brother and plters,
Mr i hlan I lookFre man to her
brother lnue and there Int-odticed
li in bj the u inie of mlth This and all
.th. I al eain ns wen at tlrst ubsolutelj
denied bj both Fieeman and Mrs. Fhl
aii I
Mrs tier then li HMed that Freeman
had udinlit-d to In i that he hid been
lnllin.it.' with hei daughter Mie said
that she ha 1 met Freenun and Mrs
I hland at her on s hoine
" Dm't vou know thit vou are giving
evidence that will result In jour daugh
ter' disgiace ' ask d luilge Mc Vilam
e 1 do rep ied the witness
' That man (pointing at Freeman has
1 roki n up inv famllv and has ruined mj
daughter I had a notion to break my
ntnhr. Hi ovr lilm when I met him at
my son hou an 1 feel like doing it
lit n
I ii lK M Vdim then ca ltd Mrs Fh
land nnd Fr.enian before him and oues
lloned th in closeh Neither coulj denj
Ihe lestlninnv Fre man br ike down and
tltiallv i.ald he did not know the woman
was tnarrlt I
Hid. Mi Vdam thin ill to FreeniBn
1 am going t) taki Ih. pipers and look
o r Ihem and If 1 nil" that jou have
perjured vourself I will .fi- that jou ire
punished -everelv 1 think tint when a
moth, r broth, r and ls'er testlfj
against a daughtet there s s. meihing
radio illv vv rung This s the most pe
cullu bear.)
lulgi v..!am. re-ervej his decision
After the ttlal bub Mrs I i ' md and
Freeman niiulv akel if thej could
be put In Jill
Mrs. M.irv I, win 1'al.illv Injured In
I a lla Faetorv.
I Mm Mi v I.vnn foriv live vear old
of 17 Mannas'-. I (l.c ilnxkljn, had h-r
left arm lorn ir m th. Ilx.v. i D v
Vinwarlngi. b g fact i . M From
i'i.t, tti-da'. and Is din at l Vln
tr' s H ibpltsl
If i i r -s t i .hi on a ma!l tjvvhe !
btiienh ihe ir chine en which sh . i
s wing lugs he i it under the table t n
width ih maehiiie stsnd, and at'-mpiel
in free ti. fcartreni lu so doing she
i uifcht tht roun 1 b-.iii.g 'vhith ope.-ales
ihe !ljwiee' und lie malnv.h el, vvhiih
w a- , I g et a i'i i if.f ra' of spc 1
1 II. r 'eft arm was dragged upward to
h tab! and tvreiuliel off about two
tin hs tielo.v Ihe elb ivv
1 s filn,. I vvaj ns di I several of
h i i so, i.i..., wli.n ihe hepl vv is pica. I
i I. i i ' the w it km u Ml a'ti-
W I ' ! ' VV k
'lis iiii n i lukn to hamiiei)
, M i t .' n liter transferre 1
i V iis Hospl al Mie U a
nn. il 1 .s fjur children
Ilrpiirtuic of Minister ilc cngh.
i Marne MaeVeara. tbe recentlr appointed An
I haaaadr to llalr. aalled tn-day tor Kuropo en tbe
I'aria. II. a accoinpaaleil b Mrs. B4 lliaa
I JJicVcatV.
Miss Emma Steiner Said to Haf I
Actually Clinched Her Fiatl I
Then Mrs. Fernandez Stepped IM
Save Mrs. Macauley.
l.lvelj Scene at an "As You Like W
Kelietaraal. '-B
'1 here Is trouble brewing again, !t?B
aid In the Professional Woman
League M
When ih" League decided to prod
As You I.Ike It" with an entirely AdsS
l.ss cast. Miss Emma Steiner, a mm
ircompllshed musician, who vi tfi
onnected with the Standard TheftS
ind various operatic comiianles, was A
agel to lad the female orchestra, am
lie the chorus and act generally!
niuslejl director. At the two bemtl
elveii bj the League Miss Hfelner gafl
eumplete satisfaction. ,'iM
When It was decided to pr.t the- pVl
n at ihe Harden Theatre to fill lnJ
die week Miss Steiner understood 1m
iv as to continue ns leader of the orchaj
ra and take charge of the music, asjjj
die lienefltr. While she was conilucti'B
he rehearsal of ihe chorus last FrtdB
it the Garden Theatre, she was tS
ironched on the stage by Mrs. Macai'lS
halrman of the Kxecutlvc CommlttX
who told her that the female orcheifl
vould not b needed, as Mr. A. J I. Pad
r would let only his own renulir""
hestra perform. , jM
Miss Stelnei, staggered at thin sudJB
lea 111 of her plans She spolcc vrariSJ
lo Mrs Macaulej, who retort'd In klw
Tnen, overcome b) her Indignation, M
st ,, that Miss Steiner clenched Mj
1st drew back her arm and was idB
jarlng to rush at Mrsx Macauley- vyH
Mrs i: ,. Fernandez, a lady of heroB
figure and weight, go: between pern e
.irevented a clinch. j!M
After chasing Mrs. Macauley 'lroulfl
Mrs Fernandez a few laps Miss HleindB
'r Is rejorted. wns quieted down. 3
hurried council of war wan held'b
the leaders. Mrs Fernandez, Mrs. iMa
emlej and Mrs. Curry, the stage taniS
ger It was decided to hush the trouV
ip at any cost. Those present. It ta.M
leged. were told If they even whisper
' word about It they would be dismiss
from the !.ngue. It was also reDCrfg
A M Palmer seid he would no lonao
recognize the League, but would lot It ft
to plcs, f the news leaked out. !i
The chorus protested, but not mlHi
he-d was given to that, and then. lt'3i
said, Miss Steiner resigned. im
The League's version of the squabs
varies somewhat from the other rennrfl
Mis i: Fernandez, of 25 Wet Thffl
tleth street, told an " Kvenlng Wor'iS
reporter this morning that the repots!)
had been exaggerated. uil
" hat, a blow threatened 7" she askaX
" Vever. emphatlcallj' never I It ijW
on.v a slight misunderstanding uneflj
which Ml"s Steiner labored lest FrM
at the Harden Theatre. She la a perfaX
ladj and nude no such silly display i
vou paj Is attributed to her. This Is tvJB,
It happened ,
"Miss steiner conducted our frraaW
circhestra at our two benefits. Thcti'iM
made a contract with A. M. PalmerJw
plaj on shares at his Oarien TIieatH
Just as anj' other theatrical comafl
does I'ndet Mr Palmer"? ralHo K
Piovldes tin- orchestra. We told Vl'M
Steiner of this rule, but wc, p;rhaB
laid io great stress on It. In facJH,
and the othirs In the nmiucin1
thought we migit inJuc Mr. Pal.iB'
In reclnd this part of his reTuLitlaS
and retain cur female o-chostri irM!
Miss Stiner ft Ieadr, but we did TiS
succeed I admit that they were quW
a fea'i.re of the plav. -ji
' Last Friday Miss Steiner was elrniMJB,
ihe chorus on the stage with t phraW
To me It seemed as If the elect wH
not ns good as usual, and 1 believe snitJE
ether ladles remarked aDout It to Hhsw1
Steiner nnd the chorus. Anyhow, Jlrsj
Mncaulev took the occasion tj lnfonn
Miss S'-inei- 0r jjr l'.iimr'a ultima fjdH
"It seemed to affect Mlsi Steiner cE
tremelj I thought she took the n mt
nouncement as a reflection on her miMH
cal ability . whereas It was nothing nH
the kind It was only what Mr. PalmaV,
said about the orchestra. Then MhsK
Steiner became somewhat excited stdf
fact, hjsterlcal; but she said or did ruthj!
Ing that was In the least unladylike. Aw
to Miss Steiner resigning that's all nofiM:
sense " Bi
Mrs Macauley also Indignantly denls9
the storj that Miss Steiner had cltncheX,
her list at her She said all the trouW!
was due to the trouble women have hw
getting business Ideas Into their heads.'
' Miss Steiner was absent In BrooklyieS
to-dav. At A. M Palmer's ottlce It waslt
stated that nothing was known of mBK
trouble between Miss Steiner and MrsSr
Macaulev It was said that Miss Stelnen'
was Mill in the company of "As VeHM
Like It ' m
I sl
l.le.'siinir Takes the rirt Race To)
liny, HIL (tic See'i.u.I.
Jau "1 -Following are the results of IhVjJ
racing at this course to-day: S
First Race Six furlongs, Won byjj
C.lt-t some. 6 to 1 and 8 to o, Ronnie ICate,:J
t. to a place, was second, and Jim Henrys
thlid Time 1 16 1-i ji
S -"ond Race Five furlongs. Won hjrM
Risk ". to 2 and even: Hobby Bench. j
t i 1 place was second, und DiinlauJI
thlid Time 1 02 Li J
Thrl Race Seven furlong! Won hB
I in b ti a and i to 6: l.ockport, 6 lotHl
ni ice. was second, and Verbena thlreLnU
Time I i. .-TJ
. m. I'M
i " iiInP.
Clnreiiiotil, nt IO to 1, Capture. tliftBl
I Opening Kvent. jjB
Jau :i To-daj's racing here reaul(etS
us fallows S
F.rsl Race Six and one-hilf furtonffujH
Won by Claremont. 10 to 1 and 3 to liHi
Montella. S to 1 place, was second, aivlHI'
Gazette third. Time LI5 3-1. .4H1
Second Race Five furlongs. Won tHHsf'
Luke P.. 12 to 1 and 4 to I; WoodauiaajjBj
10 to 1 place, was second, and QtMtisH
tor third. Time LOS 1-X. , . ,. iMmm
-ls...Ape i4- -". 5ijiigjiasialsHnSBBM

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