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Five Bullets Shatter Smith's Win
dows at Different Times.
Three . Fired In Quirk Succession
Came Close to Him.
W. It. Smith, of 112 Rodney street,
visited tho Clymer street station, Wlll
laniBburg", this morning, nnd requested
tho police to nnd out who has been
shooting Into his house of late. Detcc-tlve-Sergt.
Holland Is now working on
the case.
' There Is considerable mystery about
the matter, and Mr.Smlth docs not know
whether to believe he has a secret
enemy or Is simply the victim of some
Idiot who practises shooting but has no
I little control over his revolver that the
balls go wild.
Mr. Smith's residence Is near Bedford
avenue. In the most arlstocratlo and
wealthy section of Williamsburg. All
the bullets which have come Into his
house have come from the direction of
Keap street. In tho rear. There are
no upartment-houses on that part of
Kcap street, and the people living on
the block have always borno the repu
tation of being respectable citizens.
On New Year's eve last Mr. Smith
was sitting In his bedroom on the
second floor of the house, when he
heard several revolver shots, and the
window-glass only a loot or two away
from where ho was sitting was shat
tered. When ho Investigated the next
morning he fonnd one bullet lying on
the carpet and two others In the window-sill.
About three weeks ago, at 0 o'clock
cue evening, another bullet came singing
through the window. This time the fe
male members of the family were In
allied to be hysterical, and Mr. Smith
rnide a vigorous search for the un
krovn who was using his house for a
Last night a bullet went Into the bed
rccm again. Mr. Smith then became
alarmed for fear that somo one of his
family might be killed at any time.
When ho went to the station this morn
li'f, Smith carried thj latest leaden mes
senger with him. It 13 a 32-callbre re
volver bullet.
"The only thing that has surprised me
'Is that none of my people has been
killed," said Mr. Smith, this morning.
"I wont to see this fellow punished, for
'he has worried my wife and myself
- nearly to death during the past few
- months."
But His Right Is Denied by Build
.'ng Association Offioiala
Mnllon After Facts to Use In His
Canvass for President.
It Is estimated that there are 15,000
persons In Brooklyn connected with
building and loan associations. Every
one of them should be Interested In a
test case that came before Justice
l'ratt. In the Supreme Court, this morn
Ins. One of the sections In every set
of building and loan association laws
i states that the members can Inspect the
books of their association whenever
i they desire to do so.
This morning Thomas II. Mallon ask
ed Justice Pratt for a peremptory writ
of mandamus to compel Henry Thorap
( son, President, and W. II. Rawlins,
i Secretary, of the East Brooklyn Co
t operative Building Association, to allow
,i him to Inspect the register of the mem
j bers of the Association. Mallon wants
, to get the names and addresses of the
! 1,400 members of the Association. He
claims that the officers were petitioned
to show (he books, but have refused
t to do so.
Mr. Mnllon Is a candidate for the
Presidency of the Association. The elec
tion Is to be held on April 27. He says
he has examined the accounts of the
Association and has discovered lrregu
$ larltles. lie wants to post the members
at l.me of his discoveries In the Inter-
) Cats of his p.invns.
He was checkmated by the officers
-j this morning. They denied flatly every
.1 fctater.ient made by Mallon. This raised
a qi'vstlon of fact. A Judge cannot de
5; clde on the fncts. They must go to a
Jurj. Mr, Mallon was obliged to be con-
7 tent with an alternative writ of mnnda
w mu'j, which will necessitate a trial of
i.tBthf fai'ts by Jury. In the meanttmo tho
,el(ctlon will he held.
' Mr. Mallon does not want to stop the
"'m. tlon uy injunction pendlg the man-
.IWUnius proceedings, because he fears
. .St will ruin the Association. The action
'n the pan of the officers of the East
' MPr00K-lyn Association will lead to a gen
1 :leral revision of by-laws to overcome the
A altllcuity presented to-day.
Its Parent Were Drunk, and an In-
TFstlentlon Will He Mnde.
j Coroner Kene, of Brooklyn, will to-
lay investigate the death of seven-
t months-old Catherine Powers, at 10
riffany place, yesterday afternoon. Tho
:hllj fell into a pall of water and was
; Irowned. The child's father, Joseph
lowers, a 'longshoreman, was sleeping
' 'IT a drunken debauch at the time, and
fte mother was drinking mixed ale with
he neighbor).
losers and his wife were arrested,
kd In tho Ilutler Street Police Court
., ers was hold for examination
n the charge of intoxication, while her
'Usband was discharged.
f --
Lniiuui Session nf the Grand Coun
cil In llrooniu To-I)n-.
f The annunl meeting of the Grand
e oikii of the Royal Arcanum of the
fate of New- York wan held In the
i- lusi, hall of tho Johnson Building, on
ovlns ttiret. Btooklyn, to-day.
',''', "jeetlntt was tailed to order by
I m,l Iteiretit Justin I'. Price.
cs " h n-i"'nlRl,t for entertainment of
n ,u. 1 .vu,lon- The concert will bo fol-
' r bV,1. "''""option nt tho Pouch Oal-
Qf rj, 011 Clinton avenue.
yT Tlir.iuinir for Drliilcn.
TfcfoJoro Duroney, ot Meropolltn avrnus. wn
"l to (all for ten dais by Justice Ooettlni, In
OS '" Avenue (.Vun, Williamsburg, to-ds, on a
a IE "' lh",.'n n,cl' claar.llrttir at Alfred
r'it J.'?T.I,,,MIr' "1 Norit Second
IV' wk Uk "'" to 'rust ''" for
HtnliliiMl n NrlRlilior.
:m rnqaai, ntttti nlnclMll rtm 0ll of ,t7
eS. la,"'f,r """ Brooklrn. was plic(J ua4r
,mr ' li thiLii1 .rj,r,lll, Jttitlc. Conn.llr.
r v 'SSSSSS"' Jol", ru,'r14-
; -mm
.... I wbciiiVlSlnil.YS?iih,t'',bn ltir.
Garbed as a Woman It Frightens
People at tho Graveyard.
Even Spoke to a Young Man Who
Offered to Act as Escort.
CANAIISIE, L. I , April 24.-A11 of the
people of Canarslo are as much excited
over the repeated announcement that
there Is a ghost In town as were their
neighbors of Itockaway Beach a year
or so ago by the wild man of the woods.
Bay men and boat-house keepers talk
of little else than the apparition that Is
said to nightly haunt the Church road
that runs past the graveyard, while all
citizens agree In the conclusion that the
spectre must be caught or the delusion,
If It Is a delusion, dissolved before the
Summer Beason opens, or else Canarsle
Is doomed to be the dullest shore resort
on Ionir Islanu.
For the Bake of Canansle'B future Capt.
Brown, the life-saver, has commissioned
himself to run the mystery to earth or
thin nlr, and believing that publicity may
lead somo other community to lay claim
to the ghost as an escaped attraction
he told an Evening World" reporter
of the terror It has created.
1'nllke most ghosts, Canarsle's appa
rition appears in the black apparel of a
mourning widow. It was discovered, so
Capt. Brown said, by Will Hlder, a Sal
vation Army hero, who was returning
home from a meeting the other night
whistling "Gates Ajar." When Just at
the entrance to the village graveyard
the spectre appeared and raised a hand
of warning.
Itlder Is a temperance man, a thor
ough soldier among the Salvationists
and believing that the time had come
for him to solve his theory that ghosts
are material he reached out his hand
to grasp tho spectre. As he did so It
disappeared, vanishing into the grave
yard atmosphere Just as Riders hat
rose several Inches, and every hair of
his head pointed directly towards the
Milky Way.
Thoroughly frightened, Rider ran
along the Church road and frantically
begged Policeman Miller, whom he met,
to take him home.
The experience of Richard Quyler, as
related by Capt. Brown, was even more
exciting than that of Rider. Quyler
Is not gifted with the peculiar ability
of discernment that enables a man
to recognize a ghost when he sees
one, and when he met the apparition
and was asked by it In anything but
a graveyard tone to point the way to
a neighboring farm-house, Cuyler gal
lantly offered to act as escort. When
It was necessary to leap over a brook
he Jumped first and then turned to give
the ghost hts hand. It had disappeared,
however, and only the fact that there
was water near saved the young man
from fainting.
Even Policeman Frank Ford claims
he met the figure near a lumber yard,
but when he went to arrest it as a
suspicious character. It vanished. He
related his experience to Judge Ford,
but the latter Is an extremely practical
man, and told an "Evening World" re
porter that It Is his opinion the spectre
Is a suspicious husband impersonating
a ghost for the purpose of getting evi
dence that may be used In a possible
divorce suit.
Canarsle Is thoroughly excited, how
ever, and detectives are now more pop
ular than the owners of oyster beds.
Thnt'a Why Conklln Conldn't Take
n Second Wife In SayvlHe.
SAYVILL.E. L. I., April 24.-The young
folks of this village have enough to
busy their minds and tongues for weeks.
The majority of them had received Invi
tations to the marriage of Miss Leo Gins
cow to William Conklln last night. But
tho wedding didn't take place.
Instead the crestfallen pair had to ex-
fdaln that the Jury selected to try the
ntended bridegroom's suit for divorce
from his wife, who was a Mrs. Glover,
had weakly failed to perform the work
expected of them and had decided
against htm. As they wouldn't take one
wife nway from him he couldn't take
another wife, and the ceremony was In
definitely postponed.
Mr. Conklln nnd Miss Glascow were
certain that the divorce would be
granted, for Mr. Conklln's wife ran
away from him a few weeks after their
marriage several years nto.
He Warn Expected to Reach Brook
lyn, a Prisoner, To-Dnj
Superintendent of Police Campbell, of
Brooklyn, said this morning that Detec
tive Zundt, who went to Toronto for
William G. Lohmann, the ex-Caahler of
the Excise Department, had not yet
started for home with his prisoner.
Chief Campbell said lie had expected to
see Lohmann this morning, and could
not account for the delay.
Lohmann has ne-'er been Indicted.
He was arrested on complaint of two
saloon-keepers, who swear that he never
turned over to the city the $100 that they
each paid him for a license.
Lohmann, It Is said, threatens to
" make It exceedingly wrm" for some
body when he returns.
He Is quoted as Intimating that oth
ers, and not himself, benefited by the
frauds of which he is accused.
Yon rend the Evenlnir "WorlilJ
Do ron read 'he Sunday World!
Police Sny tlint Mn. Kelly's Dentil
Was Accidental.
The police of the Seventeenth Pre
cinct, Brooklyn, have Investigated the
death of Mrs. Annie Kelly, of Christo
pher street nnd Hellmont avenue, and
are satisfied that her death was due to
occidental causes. Her body was found
yesterday morning on her own stoop
with the neck broken. It has now trans
pi red that Mrs. Kelly attended a mixed
ale party the night before and that after
1 returning homo she wanted to go out for
a drink, but her husband locked the
door. The police believe she fell from
the second-story window while attempt
ing to get out.
Unrnli Thieve nt the Tlrcu.
Fnook thlcvH repJ btrvrrt of Bold wtrhn
Uit nlrbt t lh clrciu, Hrh ! located al Hal.
Mf "'"''t anl Saratoga arenue, lirooklrn. Amor.
tbe lrtlma ero Dr. II. II. fbattuck, of th
llrooklin Hoinltal. ho lout a timepiece woith
$100, eud John T. Sl(inl, of 511 leraren
avenue, whoaa chronometer, valued at 150, waa
alao stokn.
For pimples and all other
conditions resulting from
constipation, fjo by the
book on Beecham's pills.
Book free, pills 25c At drug
stores; or write to B F Allen
Co, 365 Canal st. New York.
Four Gravesanders Eoloased from
Jail in Brooklyn To-Day.
Favored Above Other Prisoners by
Sheriff nuttltng.
The first of the Qravescnd election In
spectors to gain their liberty, walked
out of Raymond Street Jail, In Brook
lyn, shortly before 8 o'clock this morn
ing. The released men are W. II, Stewart,
W, I. Tuthlll, John L. Cunllffe and Oar
rcttson Morris. They arose at 8 o'clock
this morning, took their last cup of
coffee In the prison nnd then waited
for Sheriff William J. Buttling to give
the word for their release.
They had all served twenty-nine days
In the Jail for the part they played
with John Y. McKane In the Oravesend
election frauds.
The men had not been treated as com
mon prisoners, and It Is an open secret
that many rules of the Jail were vio
lated In their favor. Sheriff Buttling
this morning departed from the rule
generally observed by allowing the In
spectors to be released at 7.S0 o'clock,
while ordinary prisoners are never re
leased from the Jail before 8 o'clock.
For this reason several of the Inspec
tors' friends from Gravesend missed
The four Inspectors went straight to
Coney Island after gaining their free
dom. There aro still three Inspectors in
Jail. They are James H. Cropsey. N.
J. Johnson and Harlan Crandall. These
men were sentenced by Judge Brown
to serve thirty days In Jail and pay a
fine of 1250. They will be released to
morrow morning, providing the fines
are paid,
All the other Oravesend offenders, ex
cept. John Y. McKane, are serving their
time at the Kings County Penitentiary.
Cnnirlit an Overcoat Thief.
A rounj nan wbo described blmaelt aa Albert
Miller, a waiter, of SO Eait Tenth atreet. New
York, waa arreated tbla mornlnc br the brook
lrn police and locked ui In tbe Adama atreet
elatton-houM on a cbarse of larwnr. Dr. Cnarlea
P. Dubola, ot 20 Galea avenue; R. C. McCartney,
of 133 Waahlnaton arenue, and Tbomaa II. Dale,
o( 113 Eait Rlitr-olntb airret. allege tbat Die
prisoner ineaked Into the lodge-room In the
Johnton building on Flalbuah arenue. and atole
their orercoata.
Flynn's Syndicate May Be
Blooked by an Injunction.
Work Under " Cold Thirteen" Fran
chises to lie Contested.
It was announced In Brooklyn on the
best authority this morning that the
signing of the contract for the construc
tion of 100 miles of new trolley lines for
the Nassau Electric Railroad Company
will reopen the fight against the P. II.
Flynn syndicate begun by William J.
Gaynor and Edward M. Orout, and that
all the old allegations of scandal will
again be aired.
Lawyer Edward M. Grout Is watching
the Railroad Company, with a view of
beginning an action In court as soon as
ground Is broken on certain portions of
the proposed loute. Work has already
been begun on the Thirty-ninth street
branch, and next week It Is expected
that 000 men will be put to work on the
other lines.
As soon as this Is done by the Nassau
Company application will be made for
an Injunction restraining the Flynn syn
dicate from constructing the roads. The
Injunction will be asked on the ground
that the thirteen members of the old
Board of Aldermen Illegally granted the
When the franchises were given away
by the Aldermen to their friends, Law
yer Grout, In behalf of his client, John
Adamaon, offered J235.000 for the same
privileges. The Aldermen refused the
offer, and gave Flynn, the friend of Sen
ator Coffey, who was then President of
the Board, the right to construct roads
on nearly every available street.
The only line not covered In Mr. Adam
son's petition Is the Thirty-ninth street
route, where work has begun. James C.
Church, counsel for Flynn, stated to
day that the Adamson people had
warned his clients that as soon as work
was begun on the other routes they
would apply for an Injunction on the
same grounds which they argued be
fore the Aldermen.
P. H. Flynn, when seen by an "Even
ing World reporter, said:
"We are getting In Iron for the other
routes, but as yet we have only be
gun work on the Thirty-ninth street
route. The other routes are, or may
be, In litigation If we begin work now.
We have not decided upon our plan
of action yet."
The most peculiar part of the news
that a contract has been signed for tho
construction of tbe new roads Is the
announcement that Flynn now only
holds a minority of the stock of the
Mr. Flynn has always dented the
transfer of the stock, and now well
poBted persons think the action proves
beyond all doubt that there Is a plckan
nlny In the woodpile.
It Is expected that when the Injunc
tion proceedings are taken Into court
they will be attended by more sensa
tional evidence than has been hereto
fore revealed.
Held for Strnlltiir Pool Balls.
Doralnlek RJrhtrbl, of Union atreet,, wai held
for examination on April 24 tola morning br Jua
tlce Tlgbe In the Ilutler Street Tollce Court.
Brooklyn. Itlehlcbl la charged br Malteo Segrl,
a ealoon-keeper,, of 3 Union atreet, with break.
Ing Into bla aatoon on tbe morning of April 23,
anl .teallng 190 worth of pool balls. Detectlre
Farrell. of the Amltr street station, says he
found tbe balla In Itlcblchi'a trunk.
Is made from ell tho diseases that come
from tainted blood if tho liver Is roused
to vigorous action, tho blood purified
and thosystom braced up with Dr.I'iorco'j
Goklon Medical Discovery, Languor and
loss of appotite, with or without Indiges
tion, warn you that graver ilia ore close
bohlnd. The "Discovery" will sharpen
tho appetite, lmprovo digestion and re
store health. A positive euro for " Liv
er Complaint," Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
and Biliousness.
of Elnn CnVtji. N.O.
writes: "A few of
my symptotni wero
heart-burn and full
noss after eating,
sometimes pain In ray
bowels, hoartaoue.
poor appetite and bad
taste la my mouth.
At nlgbtl was fever
ish, with hot flusbos
overtkla, After Uk
Imr Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Drsoorerr
1 was relieved ot all
ibeae symptoms and I
Three lots of fine qual
ity Pt. de Venise, butter
color. Same being best
values offered this sea
son, Lot 1. Value 50c. (Q EC.
to SI. OO yd. nt..( J
Lot 2. Vnlno sOEEC.
to 52.00 yd. ut..( J J
Lot 3. Value $2 )))(.
to $3.00 yd. nt..(y Q
But a Dastardly Attempt Was
Made to Wreok It at fielmar.
Saved by a Belated Freight, Which
Struck the Pile of Tics.
ASBUItY PAIIK. N. J April 21.
Early this morning a deliberate attempt
was made to wreck the "Theatre
Train" from New Yorlc on the New
Yoik and I.ons Branch Railroad, be
tween Belmnr nnd Como.
The train arrives at Anbury Turk at
1.12 A. M. The next stop Is Belmnr,
after which no stops are made except
on signal.
The miscreants piled tits on both
The local freight train, which was be
hind time, and running Just ahead of
the "theatre train," ran Into the pile
of ties, and came to a stop, with the
engine's nose burled In the ties.
Had the train been runnlnjr nt a hlRh
rate of speed It would have been a total
wreck. As It was, the enKlnc was
much damaRed, and the rails were torn
nnd twisted by the force of the blow.
Supt. Blodnett refuses to talk of the
wreck. The mr-tter Is now In the
hands of the Company's detectives.
m m
Jerser Cltr Children III from Hnt
Innr "Unulile-llendetl Dutchmen."
Katie Gleason, six years old, of 40
Jackson avenue, Jersey City, and her
cousin are 111 from eating poisoned
candy, which she bought last Friday
afternoon at the store of Mrs. Galla
gher, C03 Communlpaw avenue.
The confection Is known as "double
headed Dutchmen." It Is made of Choc
olate In the shape of two male figures
standing back to back.
Katie shared her enndy with her
cousin, the daughter of Mortimer Glea
Bon, of 53 Jackson avenue. Shortly after
eating It both children were taken vio
lently 111. Dr. Muttart, who was called
tp attend them, said they were suffer
ing from poisoning. After several hours'
work and the administration of nntl
doles the doctor pronounced the chil
dren out of danger.
Mrs. Gallagher said the "double
headed Dutchmen" were very popular
with children, and that she had sold a
large quantity, but had never before
heard any complaint. She said that a
Bhort time ago she stopped selling a
candy of similar design culled the "New
York Alderman" because It was found
to be unwholesome.
The wholesale dealer of whom Mrs.
Gallagher bought the candy said he had
never before had a complaint of the
"double-headed Dutchmen."
"Joe" Iielleved Stron.ao neaponal
blc tor Ills IllNclinrjre.
HILTON, N. J., April 24.-Everybody
In town Is In a state of feverish ex
citement to-day over the brutal at
tempt of a discharged farm-hand to
murder Philip Strousso at Becker's
Yoods, a short distance from here.
Stroussc, who works on tho furm of
William Becker, went to the barn at
4 o'clock yesterday morning. "Joe,"
who had recently been discharged from
Becker's employ, and who believed that
Strousso was responsible for It, sprang
from behind an obstruction In the barn
which had concealed him, and aimed
a furious blow with nn nxe nt Stroushe's
hend. It was a glancing blow, and
cut the flesh from the top of the hend
to the right ear. Btrousse grabbed tho
axe, when "Joe" whlped out a knife
anil plunged It Into Strousse's side.
Strousso fell unconscious nnd "Joe"
The whole neighborhood was aroused
nnd gave pursuit. "Joe" wes tracked
as far as Kllr.abeth, where every trace
of him was lost. He was raptured In
South Orange lust evening and will be
given a heirlni; thl afternoon.
StrouHse's wounds were attended to
by a physician nt Irvlngton, where
he wna tnken In n rarringe. It Is
thought that he will recover.
Yon rend tin? Rvenlni; World!
Do u read flio Sunday Worldt
An Unknown Blnu Found In I.ln
t'olu Pnrlf, Xrvrnrk.
NHWAItK. N. J., April H.-An un
known man, about forty-tlvo years of
age, bareheaded and In his shirt sleeves,
was found unconscious In Lincoln Park,
this city, last nlfht.
Investigation showed that the man
had attempted to take his life by drink
ing laudanum. A half-ompty bottlo ot
the poison lay by his side. He was re
moved to the City Hospital, and has not
yet regained consciousness. There wu
nothlne on tho body tbat would lead to
his identltr. ,
,j rt. . v tvr1tL4.' !,,,. .. -r- - itf r. . 'r n."7
Oth Ave. 20th to 21st St.,
To-Morrow, Wednesday,
Spring -Dress
Consisting of All Wool, Two
Tone Crepons, Stripes,
Checks, Plain and Fancy
Jacquards, Seed Spots and
Armure Effects, 50 and 52
Inches wide; all at
g8c, x.ig, 1.39.
Oth Ave., 20th to 21st St.
Militiamen Snr Hie Srnthlnff Ser
mon Wnn t'ncnlled For.
ELIZABETH. N. J., April 24.-The
members of Company F, Third Regi
ment, of Itnhway, aro greatly Incensed
over the severe pulpit attack made on
the command last Sunday by Rev. T.
C. Mnyham, pastor of the Second
Methodist Church, of Rahway, nnd the
matter on the subject of an animated
discussion last night at the Regimental
Headquarters In this city.
Col. l.ee and the Btaff were all at the
opening of the new armory of Com
pany F last week, nnd they declare
that burring a slight quarrel between
two civilians, which was quickly sup
pressed, there was nothing about thb
reception to find fault with except by
cranks. They say Rev.Mayham's re
marks were wholly uncoiled for.
It Is likely a committee from the
compnny will cnll on Rev. Mr. Mayham
nnd ask him to make a retraction of the
part of his language where he called
for the indictment by the Grand Jurj
of the promoters of the reception.
Rev. Mr. Mayham Is known ns the
soldier-preacher of Rahway, being a
veteran of the civil war and a mem
ber of the Grand Army. He Is at times
very quick-tempered and rather hasty,
a year ago obtaining unpleasant
notoriety In the newspapers by severely
kicking a boy In the church whom he
found walking over the carpet with mud
on his boots.
The bnv's father went before Police
Justice Frazce and had the clergyman
arrested for the assault, but through
the influence ot some of his parlshoners
the matter was compromised and did
not come to a trial. Rev. Mayham
claimed nt first that he was Justified In
his action.
In a Flnlit Over Mrs. Tnrl'a Intru
nlon He Stnl.s n Guest.
WEST NEW YORK, N. J., April 24.
Carmen Tori, Joseph Gesto and Mllo
Jegledorl encaged In a game of cards
Saturday night nt the home of the lat
ter, In King street.
Mrs. Tori waited until n late hour for
her husband to return home. As he did
not put In nn appearance she went to
Jegledorl's house and, forclnc her way
into the room where the game was in
progress stopped the play.
Jegledorl resented Mrs. Tori's Intru
sion. Tori took his wife's part and a
fight followed. Neither Tori nor Gesto
was armed, and were, therefore, nt a
great disadvantage, as Jegledorl drew a
long stiletto and plunged It Into Tori's
side. Inflicting a wound which, it Is
thought, will prove fatal,
Gesto seized Jagledorl to prevent his
unlnu' the stiletto further on Tori, and
got a wound six Inches long In the
Jegledorl wns arrested and held to
await the result of Tori's Injuries.
- mm
Police Think Mrs. tichnell Ksons
Her Woman Assailant.
UNION HILL, N. J April 2l.-The
police here aro looking for a woman
Who threw a large quantity of cayenne
pepper Into the eyes of Mrs. Louis
Schnell, of 121 Humboldt street.
Mrs. Schnell says that when she re
turned home from a walk last Sunday
night she was confronted at the door
by a thickly veiled woman, who, with
out a word, threw the pepper straight
at her face, anl then seizing her around
the unlut flung her Into the hallway.
The strange woman escaped.
Town Physician Byrnes administered
lotions that alleviated Mrs. Schnell's
The police believe that the woman
who threw the pepper Is known to Mrs.
Schnell and her husband.
You rend the EvrnlnR Worldl
Do yon read the Suniluy World?
He Wns Gunriled by Ilia Donr When
Hlsnicreil nt Illnfrors.
FLEMINGTON, N, J., April 21 -Thtre
Is greut rejoicing In Stockton, near this
plnce, over the restoration yesterday
afternoon to his ,iarents of Hobby Dale,
the eight-year-old ton of James Dale,
nlio wns lost In the woods Sunday af
ternoon. Mr. Dilo stepped Into a neighbor's
to mnko n call while out walking with
Ills buy and u dog. The child ami the
animal were gone when he came out,
and no trace of them could be found,
fc'curch parties went through the woods
all night without success.
William Burd, of Hlngoes, ten miles
from bete, found the boy yesterday
guarded by thu dog on the roadside. It
la believed some fanner s boy picked up
the ohlld to give him a drive while the
father was Indoors.
When Baby wa? alifc, we care her Ccstorla,
When (he was a ClillJ, iho cried for Cas torts.
When alia became Ulna, the duns t" Caatorla,
Whea ah had Children, the cr.vo them Cartorta
llrtneen loth snit lTtli street,.
Extraordinary Values
In l.nillrs'
fNCV MIXTl lit:. CllKCK r IS III.A
AI'PltOAt'HAIII.i: MI'Kt'lAI. I'lllfllH.
XL, S4.98 worth 7.9B,
V jMV ' tfor,h 8'50,
yf$vf S6.98 worth 9.00.
II S7.98 worth 10.50.
Ij $8.98 worth 12.50.
S( Iltghfr c!m niiir Suits
h i"5 Al equally attractive prlcet.
Tight Fitting Suits
In Corrrt t'littlis nnd other lanhloiinble
ranlrrlnls. hpcclnls for WrdnrMlny nt
S4.98.S5.98, S6.98to $13.98.
$8.98, worth $12 JLtL
$9.98, w:rth 14 Vjlf j
$10.98, worth 15 fVf
$11.98, worth 16 I I W
$12.98, worth 177 A
All oar htcrifr eliuw Tad-
dock Hnlta lo offered at VI L
prrlal prlcr thlnurtlc smSfmmffmfP
W shall alio place on u.I tmral BPKCIAI
at Greatly Reduced Prices.
fJrtO TltlMMRD
HATS (itytt ot cut).
In a variety of de
signs, trlmtnM with
best msurlals, at tbe
special prices.
Worth double
tt Ilata trlmmril Tor 50c. In tbe brut
and mnm Myllnti mnunrr when mnlxrlala
arr pircliaril In our Allllliirrr Drpt. "
Sltth Are., between ISth and I7tn Sis,
Mra Sohmidt Shrieked and a Snake
Wriggled to the Floor.
Then n Brnvo Grlpmnn Killed the
Serpent In a CnWo Car.
Quite recovered from tier thrilling ex
perience. Mm. Iteclna Schmidt Is re
ceiving the admiration of ahudderlng
bevies of women friends to-day for her
rare presence of mind nnd marked hero
Ism ns she tells of how her slmpely ankle
wns squeezed by a colling reptile Inst
evening In a crowded Third avenue cable
car, nnd how she calmly lifted her
skirts nnd shook off the serpent's clasp
so that the grlpman of car IG could kill
The people In the car tell It differ
entlv. They say that us car 48 stopped
at Twenty-ninth st.-eet on the way up
town there was a piercing shriek, fol
lowed by agonizing cries for help, nnd a '
plump nnd prtty oung womnn suddenly
threw one dainty shoe out before her, '
pulled up her skirts nnd then yelled.
There was n live garter Just nbove her
shoe top. The young womnn cried: j
"Take It off, some fine!"
Hefore the oldest man in the car could
reuch the frightened Mrs. Schmidt, the
gnrtcr had nrlggled oft to the tloor of
the car.
The grlpman had heard some one yell
that a loa constrictor wns loose In the
cnr. Ho rushed In with one of hi levers
and crushed the life out of the serpent.
It wns a gartpr snake, probably Just
In from the country In a farmer's
basket of garden truck. It wns a foot
long and ns thlrk ns Mrs. Iteglna
Schmidt's dimpled lltle finger, but It was
big enough to create a sensation.
Trolley Curs In .Nrnnrk Will Non
Compete with Trui'lts,
NGWAIIK, N. J, April I) -New Jer
sey Is about to di rnonslrnttf the freight
carrying possibilities of the trolley. A
I recent act of thu Legislature permits
' street ear companies to handle freight '
Ins well as jmssengers The Consoli
I dnteil Traction Company, of N'euark, Is
1 about to enter Into a contract for the
I delivery of beer to saloons
Most of the brewerbs nnd Mloons are
I on their lines and the cost of dellcrln;
(the beer nt present Ib very htiy. The
South Orange Company will make thei-
rlrt test on coal, and nre having cats
built with that er.d In view.
Htnlihnl with n I'orI;et-Knlfe.
Pasiusts Kfllc, tt til Ho-kiy sv.nu.
Iirooktn. wis a r-rlsnnrr loJ). chsrcrl !th
ataliblnc John riticvrsld, ot )tocksar nl St.
M.rkt avtnu. In th. sM. with a potktk.ltfe
Tt. rorn qusrrellM on l)en str.et last nlabt an.t
Mrbanxftl blows. Then tbrr a.rapplt.1 nnj rolM
orr upon to (round. In tn. mU. FlmeraM
waa atabbad.
Snntcliril n ?.1 11111 nnit Itnii Annr.
Mlcna.l Iturphjr. ot U Carroll atrnt. Prooklxn,
was arraat.4 tola morning oa complaint of Oscar
Scholar, ot It Cllntoa atml. who ai-cuw him of
soaicatag a tt Mil from htm oa Carroll strt ao4
raising away. Murph " caught la a kallwar
6tUv.Xi7Mt. T.RELL
Wc sell goods cheaper than any house in our line. ''"0-jjH
Ladies' Suits. Dry Goods. Clothing ,, H
Covert Suits.. $13.00 ' silks and satins, Spring Overcoats'$l0 ir" sB
Dress (loods, 1
Blazer Suits . . . 7.50 Housekeeping Goods, Cutaway Suits . . $12 vjH
Hosiery, Underwear, iH
Capes 3.00 Corsets, oioves. Sack Suits $9 " :H
Furniture, Carpets, Curtains, Baby Carriages. 'H
TIM i: TO PAY. I'llll'liS .MAKKi:il IN I PLAIN FICiUUCH. , "gB
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Yonr rholrr of mi Immenne nannrlmeit of 1'iirnlture. C'nrpeta, Ilus. Cnrtalna. Odd VVI
Fnnry 1'nrlor 1'ierri. nnd arotVa of pretty thins that moke a home Inviting. WB
429-431 Eighth Ave., bet. 31st and 3 2d St. ' N '
IinCH'I.AIt PRIl'KS. .ir-H
at i.ovr.sT piticiM icvint NA.iir.n. ? VjLm
180, 128 mill 130 Writ 1 His Ku, netvreen Oth and 7th ATe. ' j W
' - - """ "" ;H
Auction Sa Icsl Auction Sales. . w .J
Auction Sale of Unredeemed Pledges fl
TO-MOIlltOW. WKliNKMIAY, at 11 A. M.. at 8 Bory, hyS. FIItUHKI & SON. AnctlunasH. 'B
anrt Mlvellaimma Articles, br on'er B. CloodstelQ k Hon, OTO llrlila. Ht, Brooklyn. '--M
Ooortsou EXHIIMTION li to 11 A. M. baleof DlAMONUH beslni at I P. It. 'M
. . i1 a '
Real-Estate. Real Ette. f, ';W
"tfHERM KN"P ARK, fl
nioiri: sitii. f lai 'm e". eay payji iinth titt.ks ouaranteed.
ilarlemuuiilun, Oraim ifiitral l?nnt nml imm Mutt Itaxrnhtatjuii 10 mlaiutea later. S
231 8"' Ave., bciwrru 2lal mid 2.'d bin.
. a QA H FYS
2mX$53n H ""YOI.,A
KnMflWsAeiQv II tinnciHomu
taKlQG-lft N.IMtlulil
IMfflfvotra Initial lllnfr. Tlien-ero
lMffli'ftvwl4?llr9''tl'r esiialiy (J"' !"lr-
K(IUl56lV5KjalV ln. Mull nrili'rs BlM-il
ICWSHftlBrvS pmmnt attention, w-nil
ti'B"'Js-i'fe lor llluMritnl catalone.
gZ Open Evenings.
Donie3 that She Spent tho Stolen
Money on Him.
Says lie Dili Not Go Cnrrlngo Riding
at Her Expense.
Alone In her cell In Jefferson Market
Prison this tnornlns Kunlce Devoe, the
pretty dark-eyeu usslstant cashier of
Truesdell, Spreter & Co., the Eighth ave
nue ilry-.TOods ilenlers, wept bitterly
and admitted the truth ot the charges
against her.
The young woman was held yesterday
In Jl.uuu ball by Justice McMalion for
trial In the Court of General Sessions nn
a. charge preferred by J. II. Truesdell.
In her confession of guilt ."flNs Utue
stated thnt she had been stealing from
tier employers since October last. Tho
specific complaint chaws tne larceny of
J0, but the young woiiiuu says that she
I has taken fully Jl.Omj.
i The exact amount ilie does not know,
according to her story.
I Whilii .Mlsi Devoi. v.as In prison 111-
I lam ll.ildnln, a bMrdloss youth, not yet
I out of his teens, and employed us a
time-keeper In TrueJell'B stoie, was
I lighting, he claimed, a tierce battle with
I Young lliildnln wns engaged to bo
'married to Miss Devoe. It sthu
gift of n gold w.ilelt which ho received
Ironi Mli l'eoe that aroused the sus.
plelons of Tii.esdell, Spretir . Co., nnd
led to her downfall, liesides this gift,
It Is alleged, she uccu.lonully took liald
win for u carriage rlile.
"Shall 1 give Miss Devop up?" Inter
rogatively replied ll.ildnln to a ques
tion put to him by a reporter, "hhall
I give the girl up whom 1 expected tu
in.ury? Don't iial; me, please.
I "Whit has happened li disgraceful
and him! to bear I could not at tlrst
billee It, but Eunice has acknowledged
I her wrongdoing.
"Ewnlwdv knew thit I w.i l'eejilni;
I com any with her and t iy will pity
me if 1 eltn - to her In In r trouble. I
cin't s.i wmt I wU t. I n iv g" and
see her t,i-d.i). It ci nn hard to uttert
her now."
1 The outh said Unit he had paid Miss
leoe eierv cent that sho had eer
glen him, and tli.it the repoits that
he had gone cartlaso rMIng with her
frequently at her epense was untrue.
Mr Truesdell said this morning that
he should press the chaige against the
joiiik worn in.
"It will tike pome time to nscertnln
the exact anunint of Miss Devoe's steal-
i Ing.i," Mr. Truesdell said to-day. "We
I are going through our books now."
I Miss Devoe llifd with lier mother
Mrs. Taylor, married for the second
time, nt 3U West Eighteenth street.
Sn the Uur Tried In Illte Illm.
tuls llodmrlstsr, tUrtr-sli rs oM, .
viltcr, ot i:o Chrjrstl. stmt, mas UXi for trlsl
by Ju.tlc. Ilossn la Kssti Mirktt Court to-lir
oa lis charts of rruslty to animals. Foltceinsn
Ebtn. of ib. PilsMsy i'.wI stsilcn, saya I loll
m.lil.r struck a doa lls a case at llroouu anl
Clinton slrtcKUsl nltat. ltoitm.l.lcr (lalna
tut iaa..o aitnij)ts4 ta tits Matt... . -
14SSt. 1
150 pieces Figured China Silks, 'ffi
exclusive designs, over 40 colors,- ?!
in small, noat effects,
25c- 1
300 piocos Buporb Figured aSi
China Bilks, extra wide, bestqual- t
itj, choice designs, black and col' jS
orcd grounds, never before sold ,. .
less than 81.00, at . -4J
FourteetUh St. j
Yon rend the Erenlntr World! .JTJ
Do you rend the Snudnr AVorldt n
P. M. .,)"
Bin rises.. .,t.09!Sun sets. ...6 UlMooa rlses..M.(I n '
limit WATER TO-DAY. , t'-P
a. it. r. it. i
' Sir.ir Hook 10.11 10. 1 J w."l
lloveinor's liltnj 10 5 110 ,K
11.11 Ulte U.II l.M -fe
Suilr Hook US 4.71 ,A
(,jierQor s l.Und (.10 6.oa vjk'
Hell Ule 6. 3S (.14 V
To fiiA Eastern StsodiM Time, subtract four r
ntoutes. 'i
1'OUT OI NEW Yonic -ijj
TO SAIL TO-!) VY. ' ' 1pJ
I.stin Dremen 'jjl
I Iroquois Jirk.onrlll. -liiM
Tillsln.ieo Ssvsaaxa , .
l'ilUJflpMl hx Qntrra ,;SB
TO SAIt. TO-l!OmtOW. '"Tim
Hills close. Vessels sail. , tM
Tsrls Southamrton ! 30 A M IHAII AiM
(..rnunlL-. I.Hi-iwcl JHA1I .00 A M ' VM
llhynUni Anloerp 3.30 AM .30 A It M
SQ-l. Ilium t:,30 t M 100 1'Xt ,&
Kl SjI .Nc Urlesni I.WPU TS
I Itn'r'I.erbn.-ker Now Orletos April IT TmM
frln. u Krvl llmJrKk. . . .rorl-su-l'rluc. April It . ??
l.eon.1 Uslvestoa April IT , . 'ami
Wo.ternUnl -Antwerp April 14 ...ital
l.'.int.rt city Swansea April , J i"AM
liermula Uermuda April Jl " ..(
I'sntna llavant April tt
Chertkeo JicWionrtll. April 11 'B
i t'leiient rara April It 'M
Cltr of Augusta Barsnaati April 21 'x, K
dub To-uonnow. ''
Teutonic Liverpool April II ,.! vH
IUi.1 , UrMua April IT -CtW
Usssacbusetts Loadoa April 11 .. . twt
ll.renio.., ,,,, .....NevcsiUs April It ; f-,5M
Seuninca. , ,i..,.llarau April Jl .jj TM
Colorado., .,..,. ...IluU April MKjfl
Von rend the BrenUw, World tv Jwji&M
TfTi'mmV ""elllslflTr"r TyiUfstf i IsMaMM

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