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r I Jury Dooidos that Each Proved
n Ax' Charges Again st tho Oth or.
Kludge Ougro Therefore Cannot Grant
'"-, ; a Decree of Divorce.
h i-
I '
ft Tho Verdict Vindicates Miss Knto
Z, '. Johnson,
Til .
& !
1ti j
S Ths sealed verdict which the Jury In
:th suit of Walter II. Gnntz for an
absolute divorce from Cornelia A. Gnntz
'handed In last night was presented to
f ;judw Dugro In the Buperlor Court this
1 'mumlng.
''. t Tho verdict was that Mrs. Gantx had
I .been guilty of Improper conduct with
I Abner Hayward on April 26, 1831, at
"Sf f 'JM East Twenty-second street, and on
iV U.' number of other occasions between
Iji Jan. 1 nd May 1. 1831, at 317 West
,' ifclfty-elghtb, street, where the Gantzes
mi Jived.
As to the charges of Mrs. Oantz
M 'against her husband, the jury found that
,1a 'lit had not been guilty of undue Intimacy
ju '.with Miss Kate Johnson as charged, but
fjBilhst he had been guilty of Improper con
flO'duct with women unknown to the Jury
Brit divers times and places during the
$BI -years from 1887 to 1891.
tHfr? Neither the plaintiff nor the defendant
lftkI''W In court when the verdict was rend.
if UA Under ithe tlndlng of the Jury, Judge
iM Dugro could grant neither of them a.
tK '.divorce;
ffs E Lawyer Dalley, Mr. Oantz's counsel,
lm"'Mald that he could not say positively
. whether his client would appeal to the
tJ3 i General (Term to have the verdict set
lift aside, but ho thought that he would.
) 'Bhe) Says "be Did Not Knoir Bnodi
'I i Ska necelvcd Wtre Stolen.
1W & AnnIe Helene Vogt, who since Jnnu
tP rjrtha been living with "Dr." Docker,
! jna hotel thief, as his common-law
''M ,irife, and who gave herself up to the
' i Central.'Offlce detectives last night, was
(8Tema.nded to-day In the Jefferson Mar
.jKjket Court.
r LaW? The. woman tells an Interesting story
(Hot how she came to live with Decker
t'fSaV hlslwife, not knowing that he was n
fflK,thlef. She received several trunks
'Esfrom him while he was In St. Augus-!.jBr-tine,
FU containing Jewelry, dresses
tgf-l'Jand doctors' Instruments, but she had
fjKrao Idea they had been stolen.
flB& Bhe aho told the detectives how she
jWfnad, following Decker's written instruc
SrKXUona, concealed some fine sans In the
IJfKsola ot a pair of shoes she was sending
."t'to her- husband's counsel. She tola
j'K-Where she had panned some of the
v? stolen goods, and handed over to the
Jmf' Police a quantity of plunder of which
!Wvhe bad charge after she heard of his
fWTjarrest and criminal record.
iVUiU LUHe Wleder'a Mother Fenn
tm(' "" "" "rcn Stolen.
i jRL Three-year-old Llllle Wleder, of Kos 8
tBi and E Clinton street, has been missing
'.W since yesterday afternoon. Her mother
jlLwas at JPollee Headquarters this morning
. aIHl3and asked that a se'arch be mode for her.
MSCTbe mother fears her child was kid
a Mi napped. A general alarm has been sent
tmf The child Is described as small for her
'fttl, with fair com-lcxlon. dark curly
ft JStoalr and dark eyes She wore a white
-X ,3 Cress, buttoned shoes and wore no hat.
Sjj E "
' ynis Hotlon for a Nesv Trial Is Over-
f f ruled.
,t; t- (Br AiioeUted Pr )
V f; WASHINGTON. April 21 -Judge
U W Bradley to-day overruled the motion of
0 counsel for Representative W. C. P.
, , Breckinridge for a new trial of the cele-
l r brated Brecklnrldgc-I'ollard breach of
' promise suit
' J S?dwa nxed at 1100 for an nppeal.
j jjWhlcli Iirecklnrldi;e's ronn'ol give notice
-7 would be taken to the Court of Appeals
Of the District of Columbia.
' . - -
iV"1"'' 'World'"" Xcvr I'Ptown Offlrr.
"S "Toe iWorld's" Uptown Office on Mon
Sgday will mo've Into Its new quarters at
ifn.the Junction of Broadway and Sixth
juavenue. at Thirty-second street. There
TjjSiWlll be eight entrances, two on Ilroad-
?i way, two on Sixth avenue and four on
: Thirty-second street.
i f -
Beat Her for TiilkiiiR Too Mueli.
, Jtorrli Ulltier, a tailor, ot 42 niMneton itrfet
f 5 was l.Xor trtil on chars' ot assault prt
V jj, tvmi tr,lll wlte, Iloif, in He i:el Market To-
V lite Court to-dar. She ralJ her huibnnl h.t hir
tfi j tor no rraaon whaterer The huMianl ..M ,t
vfl a'n njr taUIng too much about their
; 1 XaaUr affairs to pclghbora
g 't Tnlrteen Women in a now.
' t ntrttu ola women ho hate nj homes aia
V f ka mate a builneaa ot loJalm In nation bouin,
i ft lat a iht In t"io Mulbrrr "treet nation
J list alrtt.. All ert arroetel ml taken to the
" .'TomSo Porlet Court, when .lv n tt rhem erc
v eest to tb laland tor ooa inon'h each anj tvio
" & van allowed to to.
L 1
Yrfr Mnslo Teacher Una the Itenl-Rstnte
r I t Man Arrested for AmuiiII,
( I Baruch ICahn, a real estate dealer, of
J, ; T81 Greenwich street, was held for trial
!h la the Jefferson Market Court to-day on
it' charge ct asault made by Mrs. Lena
tv f Lockwood, a music teacher,
.y i Mrs. Lockwood, who lives at 19 Bcthune
.-'f. street, has been giving lefsons to Kahn's
v $ two sons. Thursday afternoon she was
,." f late In getting to the house, and she sai s
"r. Kahn upbraided her for It.
jl ( Ai she had ben annoyed In this wav
' ' several times, she told Kahn she would
JA f not continue giving lessons to his boy?
V k Thereupon, she alleges, Kahn Jumped
j. t at her and choked her, leaving the prints
Jai iot bis fingers on her throat.
Sp i She went to Jefferson Market Court yes-
ijt' k terdar and secured a warrant, and De-
5 tectlvei Foley and Hunt, of the court
jfgi squad, arrested Kahn on West Twelfth
' street, ntar Seventh avenue, this morn-
Ya&l ng. He denies the charge.
i$JI, Bonda In tbo Sam of fJl.OOO Fiir
M wished by Iter. Mr. Slerrltt.
ijpi Sunlce Devc-e, the pretty cashier who
fgU' was arrested last Saturday night for
ijjjftjji' having robbed her employers, Trutsdell,
'Rfti! PPreter & Co., of Eighth avenue, gaveball
jV ' this afternoon before Judge Martlne, n
)WjJ the sum of 11.000. The bondsman is the
M, X Rev. Stephen Merritt.of '.10 Eighth ave
.ttK nue.
Jsak Miss Devoe looked very much delected.
Sift f, and her appearance Indicated that she has
WM auffered greatly during the week she
a $ bl b"n ln tne Tombs.
-( j. Itonnd About Town.
iy William Caw, a wloovtr, of IIS Second arenoe,
M T b,M ''"' "I1 t""4" la Yorkrtlla Police
Jl U Court on a iharie ot aaattltlnf hia Jourteen-rear.
-" V'i7i " bur Soaaa.
? 'mIk ..T'tST WcCarthr, nineteen raars old. ot It
j Hit?1 DB,',Jrir ,'t. held tor trial In Iks
'Cr& ? M,l,k t?UM Cmrl loar. AI a o-alom
ljKtreel aUUoo. caufkt Mm leaTiarti. aiiwe at
, Hh-Trr-s-luj it kS tt4',fir i
MIbs Maude Alioe Burko Will Not
Bo Prinoes3 PoniatowBki.
Sho Doos Not Mourn, but Sings All
the Timo Now.
Col. Tlcliciior Snys Mint Ho IJroItc
the KtiRiiRrnicnt.
At 8 o'clock this morning a pretty
Saxon mnld in CJeV Q. Horace Crpen
tier's home, where Mlsi .Mnude Alice
Burke Is j guet, answered the door. She
was humming the "King of Thule " She
had apple cheeks and jellow hair. She
wore n pink petticoat with a while apron
ai.u a scrap of mull on her glossy heid
S xon uejuty Is not the Ideil tpe In
Prince Tonlntonskl's set, but she was
good to lock upon
A breakfast tray with n pot of coffee
a slice of lemon anil a slice of toast
ornamented the card-tnble.
"Miss Ilurke," she sold, with a court
esy, "is not up so soon. I tnke to her
her coffee. I will speak to her what
you like."
"Please osk Miss Burke when she will
marry Prince Ponlatowskl."
She went upstairs with the tray ln one
hnnd and her pink petticoat In the oth
er, nnd the soft notes of the sweet, sad
loe-song followed her
When she citni" In the urtwlng-room
she was as bright as a Jar of stick
"Mlis Burke si to you she will
marry Prince Ponlatowskl never."
"Was she sorry when sho said It7"
"Oh, no, she was ery happy. She
wn singing. She sings very much
since "
"Since when?"
"Since it Is nil over since the Prince
goes away since the ring goes back
since It Is settled that her mother goes
to Kuropp with her."
There li great rejoicing In the Tichenor
and Cnrpentler families Col. and Mrs
Tlchenor ami Miss Burke sail for Lon
don early In June.
The Prince was at the opera lnt
evening, and after supper was one of
the many merry groups that went to
see the wnrlillng nrtlts set sail at 2
o clock. Up Ik reported to hae snld
ln princely fashion,
"Tho engagement Is hrokon through no
fault of mine Mis Ilurke Is a ery
sweet tiling Inilv. She did not wish to
"u m wlie, but I still think that flic
Is a very nweet young Indy,"
If tho Prince decides to remain Hast
he will have a groat denl of nttentlon
Already lip Inis had "a bushel of Invi
tations from people who nre going to
try to make Newport ns gn ns It n.is
that Summer when the Duke of Marl
borough was the lion"
Col. Tlchenor, Miss Burke's rtepfathr,
called at "The Hvenlng WjrM" oHloe
this afternoon to make a statement In
regtrd to the breaking oft of the en
giKoment. "I hnvo nln been opposed to this
match," he said, "and the engagement
was really broken off some time ago, al
though tho Intention was to keep the
mnttor unlet ns long ns Miss Burke re
mained In Now Vor'c
"It was not until last evening, how
ever, that the matter was definitely set
tled lietwpen myself and Prince Ponla
towskl. We hml on Interview, which
wns perfectly pleasant, nnd we hac
come to an ntnlc.iulH agreement.
"I mav sny that while the engagement
n.is broken nt mv Instance, nnd that of
the relatives of tho young lady, for ret
sons that I do not enre to state, no re
flection whatever Is cast upon the Prince.
So far ns Miss Burke Is concerned she Is
perfectly contented, nnd does not make
the slightest objection to the disposition
which has been mnde of the mitlor.
"There Is nothing more to say about It
except that I regret the publicity which
has been glen to the nffnlr. But this
has come about entirely without the
Instrumentality of any of our friends.
Tho stories were first circulated In Cali
fornia, and when the rumors once got
out there was no uso trying to stop
"It Is a fact, however, that the engage
ment wns nctually broken nnd a mutual
understanding arrUed at some weeks
ago, and It only required an Interview
with the Prince to flnnlly dispose of It
Miss Burke Is free, and I think I can say
there Is no 111 feeling whatever on the
part ot the Trlnce "
"Tlir World's" Atw tlplnvin OlTlec.
"The World's" Uptown Office on Mon
day will move Into Its new quarters at
the Junction of Broadway nnd 81xth
avenue nt Thirty-second street. There
will be eight entrances, two on Broad
wnv, two on Sixth avenue and four on
Thirty-second street.
Von Itrnil Tlir r.vrnlnn; World!
Do You llcnd Tile Sundii) World?
lip Onuses the Arrest of I'nIilUher
Illcliiird Worllilnirtnn.
The examination of Itlehard Worthlng
ton of the Worthlngton Company, pub
lishers, at 717 Broadway, on n charge of
perjury, will be held In tho Tombs
Court on Monday.
Ilx-Congressman Joseph J. Little,
printer, of 8 Astor place. Is the com
plalmnt. He has that Worthlngton
testified at a hea ing before Beferee
Willis, at 11j Broadway, on March II
and 21, that he had discounted ccrtnln
notes in ids by Marguret Worthlnuton
it the East Hfver Bank Cashier '. i:
Nevvnll, of the bank, sajs that no such
notes v.crt c.tr discounted at the Hast
Blver Bank
Worthlngton 1 sflftv-elg'it s ears old and
an Hngllshinan He lives at Sea Cliff,
... I, Samuel btenson. of 1001 l)pnn
street, Brookljn, has furtlihed tl.OOfl
bonds for Worthlngton's appearance on
I'nsaenger Sln io to I'nrdluim for
n sinule Knrr.
The last of the trolley wires are being
strung along West One Hundred and
Thirty-fifth street, and If nothing unfore
seen happens the officials of tho Union
Railway Company say cars will be run
ning to Eighth avenue In a few dnjs
By this extension of the trolley road,
'people may ride from the west side ter
minus to Fordhnm or West Farms, or
return, for a flnglc fare.
The extension connects with the main
line nt One Hundred and Thlrty-clgh'h
street nnd Third avenue, at which point
pasaengers will be transferred, anl
crosses the Harlem lllver over the Madi
son avenue bridge.
Itlehan! C'roker Is sail to have a con
trolling Interest In the rond, nnd the ob
taining of its ch-irter was tho occasion
of a scfU'l.U in last ear's session of the
Tho laying of the tracks In West One
Hundred and Thirty-fifth street a few
months ogo was vigorously but unsuc
cessful opposed b the property-owners
along the street. Their objections have
been partly met by the placing of the
poles in the middle of the street Instead
of along the curb.
Animal Show nt Manhattan.
Cart Ilasenbeck. the famous animal trainer and
dealer, arrived hers laat arenlni on the Auxuita
Victoria, and li tupping at the Hoffman Iloute.
Mr. llatenbeck said lo-dar he would return tr
the same leaner es her neat trip. His object
la making suck a kaatr visit la to look orer the
around at Wenoattau Ueach. when the anew will
fc located to tie'- lunrmer. to determlnJi how
many snlmala' P sand to' Ike Zooloslcal (Mi-den.
lAckj'li'taL'k!it',r l U"" """t lofton.
LVtft7rHlnfytevnW i0Wl"tllWVSf
BfottiwwJMtw '" llinrTaatsSftsV
Sho Is Said to Bo tho Boal Prose
cutor of Polico Oapt. Slevin.
Hills for Investigation of Disorderly
Houses I'nlil by Her.
There Is n deep mvstery surrounding
the moving spirit In the prosecution of
the charges ngalnst Cnpt. Slevin, of the
Oak street station, who was tried yes
terday iH-fore the Police Commissioners.
Although Commissioner MncLeun pre
ferred the charges originally, he stated
ut the time that he know nothing of
the witnesses upon whose testimony the
cumplalnt wns based
It was stiled jesterday by Witness
Thompson that although ho and Detec
tive Soer hnd been emploved to In
vestigate tho nlUgod disorderly houses
In Capt. Plevln's precinct, by Supt.
Wlshart, of the Society for the Preven
tion of Crime, the Superintendent had
distinctly Informed thorn that tho work
wns not to bu done for the Society, bait
for some private Individual.
This person Thompson said was "Mrs.
JonoH," nnd when the work hid been
complete 1 the bills of the detective?
were sent to her. Neither of them had
ever seen thin mysterious woman, who
was st much Interested In hiving the
Onk street Captain Investigated, nor was
nny further Information regirdlng her
vouchnfed to them by Supt. Wlhirt
"Of course that is only n blind," slid
liwer Howe, who appeared for Capt.
Slevin at tne trill. "The Parkhurst So
ciety was really the proecutlng agent,
but it didn't want to be known ns such.
This 'Mr Jones' Is only a dummy, and a
very poor subterfuge it that."
This li not tho story, however, that
was told this morning nt tho headquar
ters of Dr. Pnrkhurst's Society.
"Wha" the witnesses testified to jes
terday," said Supt. Wlshart to an
"Hvenlnr World" reporter. "Is abso
lutely true There Is a 'Mrs Jones.'
and It wn at her request that the In
vestigation of these plices In Capt
Slev In's precinct was made.
"The supposition that she Is n myth
ical personage Is entirely wrong. The
Soclet hail nothing whntever to do
with the charges ngalnst Cnpt. Slevin,
beyond emplnving the two private de
tectives, Thompson nnd Soyer, for this
p rnn
"Have I seen her? Certnlnly. She has
been In this nftloe several times I am
not at liberty to give any further Infor
mation about this buly, or about her
motives for Instituting the Investigation
which led In tho chnrgps being preferred
ngalnst the Captain. Sho does not enre
for publicity In the matter, and It Is
useless to nttempt to find out who she
"Is Mrs Jones her roil name?" the
Superintendent was asked.
"Positive' v, you must excuse me from
answering nnv more questions." he re
p'led. "I have told you all I can about
tho lady "
"Tlie World's" Xivt Vptnnn Oilier.
"Tho World's" Uptown Office on Mon
day will move Into Its new quarters at
the Junction of Brondwny nnd Sixth
avenue, nt Thirty-second street. There
will be eight entrances, two on Brond
wny, two on Sixth avenue and four on
Thirty-second street.
ISdirnrd Kerelt Hole's Account of
n Buttle Jrnr llrrniudn Hundred.
Edward Everett Hale has written a
short account of a curious battle of the
war which occurred when Oen Butler
was camped at Bermuda Hundred The
tiring was terrific on both sides. Not a
human being was hurt.
r.wvAnn isviwett iiai.b
The newspipors of Hlihmoiid sild the
Northern forces we-e mowed down In
very direction 1 he New York papers
svld the rebel forces, were declm ited
Mr Hale tills whnt really happenel
aid whv "The Sundty World" Is
worth buvlng for this story nlone, for
ofter thlit jears Mr Hule sets history
rvT Ilnlnnd l.lner Wllleklnd Ar
rlm from ltremrn.
The new steamship Wltteklnd, which
nrrlved this morning from Bremen, Is
the latest addition to the fleet of the
new Boland line, a branch of the North
llermnn I,Iod Steamship Company She
Is from the yard of Blohm & Voss, of
Hnmburg, nnd Is of 4,Sfn tons gross
and 3,183 tons net. She his two pole
masts, twin screws nnd triple expinslon
engines nnd Is specially constructed for
enrrlng emigrants hiving aciommo
datlons for 1,T5"1 persons
Capt. Cuppers, formerly chief officer
of the Havel, Is In comm md of the
Wltteklnd, nnd Otto Vnlger Is her chief
I. Ill (iocs lii I. mi for rt Jul.
Jonvn Irilt formerly R meat Inepertnr n fnf
Hi-alth Pepjirtment llrr-ihtyn thli m rnlna ake1
JuMIr i ollen through counsel In the Supreme
Cour! JirwMyn, fr an order oomr-elllna Health
CemraliMoner T Tailor Kmery to relrr-tate Llrr
In hie poMllon In the Health Department t lit
claim lhat he aa remove! after the t'ommle.
eloner had teen In nflW more than thirty dae
He eeeht protection from the etatntea which
llmlte Ibe poser of head of deoartm nt to re
mo aobonltoatf n lthli thirty day fftir taking
omee without Rlilna a hearing to the tereon re
moved Itt-cUloii sai re, rc
w .
lledllKilld ilcn for Ilia Interest.
Joeeph II lhate Irouaht suit t lay H the
I'nlted Ftate I Ircutt lourt , na vttorney for
John P Itelmond cf thl - ty iint Unro
MaiVlanue, Tbomaa MacViinu. anl t. II ftttt
of Chihuahua Veko Itelmind 1-ilrni tl at he
purrhaaet a quarter Internet In a pfperr tn
Meilco In parlnerehlp with 'he iirfen id it tni
that aubeequentu the protertv Mh . in f r cir
te 000 but that he haa nicr re,.lr1 hta re
of the proceed ot the aale He ai f tr lltt.u
alth Intercat from Oct 1 .'51
The World's" rr Uplnnrn tllltre.
"The World's" Uptown Oftlce on Mon
day will move Into Its new quarters at
tho Junction of Broadway and Sixth
avenue, at Thirty-second street. There
will be eight entrances, two on Broad
way, two on Sixth avenue and four or!
Thirty-second street.
Yoa Read The Rvenlns; World)
"71 itlJLk ' ifii " P ""j'mlmm
Thoy Will Blaokon Their Faco3
and Wear Mon's Dross Goats.
All Amateurs, "Who Will Make Fun
for Charity's Suite.
A number of the members of the
Voting Ladles' Charitable Society will
give a negro minstrel performance to
night at th .Lexington Avenue Opera
House. The proceeds of the entertain
ment will be devoted to the charitable
work of 'he Society.
This, the jonng women say, will be the
first attempt aver made by women nma
teurs In this city to give a negro min
strel show, Some Brookln girls re
cently tried the experiment with more
or less success, but the New York girls
declare that they will do much better
than their sisters across the brldRi'.
All of tho young women who tnke
part In the performance will have their
fares and hands blackened with burnt
ctrk. The costumes will be men's full
dress conts, white valsicoat, cuffs and
stnndlng inllnr and black skirts The
Interlocutrix's dresi coat will be liyender
colored, anil that of the end performers
will bo cardinal red.
The Interlocutrix will he Mlx Clemen
tine Apftl. The end performers will be
Misses ulla Kolst. Millie Apfel, M. T.
Jacobs nnd Sirah Michaels, with the
bones, nnd Misses Essie Moore, Hannah
Itjgers Henrietta Mooro, Clara Kegenri
berg, Elli Newman, Mnlvlna Newman,
Bay Marks and Fannie Arndt, with tam
bourines No professionals or even semi-professionals
will take part In the perform
ance. There will be a double row prohablv
thirty-five In nil of black-faced girls on
the stage, nnd there will be two or
chestras, one on nnd one ln front of
the stnge,
The petformnnce will begin with the
regulation minstrel flist piece singing,
dancing, dialogues, music and all After
that there will be a general variety pei
formnnce. The Voting Lndles' Charitable Society
has about 150 members, nnd was or
ganized a enr ago. The member
ship Is made up entirely of single wo
men. They make no donations of
I money, but when a case Is reported oa
deserving some of the members Investi
gate, nnd If found to be really deseiv
I l.ig, supplies of food and fuel are pur-
chased In cases of sickness physlcnns
nnd medclnes nre furnished. Much good
work has heen done by the members of
this Society during the past Winter,
when there wns so much suffering und
destitution ln the city.
"The World's" 'ew Upton n Oftlce.
"The World's" Uptown Ofllce on Men
day will move Into Its new quarters at
tho Junction of Broadway and Sixth
avenue, at Thirty-second street. There
will be eight entrances, two on Droad
way. two on Blxth avenue nnd four on
Thirty-second street.
Mtrmicrnifettn rurpntfru will hold t cnnrfntlon
tn conilder the ihort-bour noTem?nt In Hotton
J una 4
The foiirtntl. unnuil picnic of nnt1rTMak?rV
fnlcn No :i will ttk jjUct at Suiter Tork
on Mnr ii
Knlppftchtr A Um M Pfttfrnon, N J , rtster
t1r ftUnril lbs union icile of ttelr striking illk
ttmuel Jnbnion wti dmtttfil to h Itoirt of
Walking PrlMitM yeterJr rprjntaTTo
of tn Elevator Co tin true tori' Union
Cincinnati Kbit minufarturen bare combined.
making an ajtrotmtnt not to employ aor one wbo
li a member of a labor oreanliatlon
For the benefit of the unking brewery work
men an entertainment will be alien In the
Urooklyn Labor Kyreum this erenlng
Sftra1 memb-ra of the Moult anl F.nrantli
Tile Laveri Vnloi.. ho bad 1 een working on a
trlka Job, were fined SSO each by tbelr orfcitiUa
tlon Tbe newly elected President rf Ftectrlful Work
era Union .No 7 Is I C Kttipatilck, anl 3 F
Cameron waa elert ed Financial Secretary. The
Corresponding Secretary Is II 9 Atone
For the benlflt of the ofTlclat or pan of the Cul
inary Trada Counell an entertainment will be
(tln at the International lnbor Exchange. 257
Eat TeTMh elreet this evening
Fifteen msnufacturera. fifteen butlneat men and
fifteen striking silk wearers of Pntemon will
confer at the hall or the V. M C A In that city
neit Monday at 3 I. M, ln regard to settling the
Chief Factory Impector Ttobrrt Watcborn. of
Pennsylvania, and his aMlstants made 3 432 In
spections last ear. finding 177,&3S men K9 903
women and 27,161 children over twelve anl uxder
sixteen years ard li children under twehe ?,
employed i
The Iowell Literary Svlety hna fballenRed
a number of lahor unions to a debate upon the
ai.liJM.t of "The Trades Union Mnvement la n
Pander ta the Welfire or the People" The de
bate ( tn take place on May S at the Ilrookhn
Labor Lyceum
DUtrlet Awmllr :i K of T Qtetjer. Cannda
his rotlfletl (leneral 5erctary-Treaurcr John W
llnjen that the st itement telepriphel to eerral
papers that 10 000 mn wltl lne lh Order In
Canada Is fntrr. and thnt the KnlpMs In the
Dominion are and lll remain to be lojal mem
bers of the organisation
CanaU Utor inl ms demnnd of the Dominion
f.oiernmnt laws compelling railway to carry
pianenKcrn fir 2 cnts p-r mil, pimcnt of union
Maces o.i (Internment ton tracts making the firM
londay In eptemb! Lal.r Day, nnd pvtllng a
at( p to hlnee Immigration
The nnrunl Convention of the International
nnihrhfn1 ot HookblnVri will ssemM In Al
tmnv S V next Tuelay May 1 Thlrty-fle
lotal tranches have electel delegates. Charters
re recently rrante. to ne branches In Cle.e
larl, O . HalelBh. .S C Denver. Col. j San
Franeiaco Cal , Tironto, OnL
laefttirts 'or worklngmen to morrow, S P. M ,
at s Union a.iiare ' Flnil Flemlt of Competition "
by Mrs Imoerne C Pales at the Mudeon Hulld
liu ' The 1 eon nf the Irnrlan Colonies In
America ty Charles Solheran at 1MI Second
avenue "Who Pays the Taxes hv Daniel De
1 eon at MS Fulton street, Ilroiklrn "Mnner "
by C II Mstchett at io ljt Tenth street, "In
dustrial Fxchang " by T. II Wakeman
Iliatrl't Amnemblr 4J K of L has requested
.ta 'r tl aaaembllea to take part tn the para la on
May 1 Maati Workman McCadlln was adled
tn the Hat of speakers The A ma tun mat el Aav
ilailin of Clothing-Cutlers and Trimmers also
vsolved last nlgbt to tatv part In the demon
stration A conference of delegate frnm the Inlernatlons)
Itakers I nlon In this rlty anl Mclnttv la to be
held at the Internatlcnal I.almr Kxchange ?f7
Fast Tenth atrect thla evenlrK for the purpose
of rnr,Mrlnr a itan how to crganlie the men
orklnr In the large breal factories all of
h".m ere In tbe union aetrral jcara ago.
Jeerv worker are tn be rrorganlnel next
WtnewliT evrnlnn May I at 4t I rtnee etreet
Newark. N J Tejie yirs ago oer 5 000 nf
them were. Knights of Labor anl they came
over tn this rf nix pt R IRS tn take part
n 'he fr! Labor Day parade organliM by Matt
Magulra Ven bt n Secrttar) of the Central
Laiwr I filir
Tjs death of A'lguat Merkel waa announce 1 at
it rights meetlpg of the Unltel Won.1 Carvers
Aaaorlatlon Tre delegates to the rnnferenie for
spltatlnK agatn-u imirted derstlnna will be
conttnurl At the neat meetm the rim for a
, ! S Blltl K MAM a I !.... VB. - J . .
tenent tunn win coni ierei The d iea are
to te 25 rentB per week anl the out-of wrtrk tene
nt 14 s aion as tb fund amointa to J1O0 Uoe
flta wtll bo 'tld.
Ixval Assembly I 7?l K of I, haa written
an open letter to Senator Dall li n hlch
his wronitun to the Wilson bill and the Income
tax tt dttlgnatet aa t rai n effrontry anl pre
sumptuous condu' t ' The letter concludes wih
the pretiitun tt-at Mr Hill anl all otber ' trurk
ling aulaerMent agencies of plutmraiti rule m
merlra will U carried down with a grand craih
to political oblivion and disgrace
Thla week the Trtaaurer of the Journeymen
Tallo-V I'rot. the and IIenr dent Urlm depoa
tel an additional $J0o in the Union s bank
feral shops ar dlnatUAed with the 3 ier rent
assessment leUed to eatabJUh a rrutecthe fund
but the Prealdint ruled the matter out of order
anl hs wa autttlned by a majority of the dele
rate, to the tenlra! body a motion of the
drtegatt representing Red fern's ihop to organlie
the Fifth awnue ahor was laid owr until times
will be more facrablf to auch action. For thi
striking sllk-rlb&on weavers l!4 40 was collactwl
Maatet Workman Charles Sotheran, of t A.
1 61 K cf U, will lecture to morrow afternoon
at Urtdgeport Conn., on "Why A re So Many Peo
ple Idle la Thl Country TWjay ? Tot follow.
Ing evening. April Bu he win apeak at the Mar
Day Demonstration at Turn 1111. tUllea point 11
l.i m w.ll as on Mar &. at tb May Day OtAoD.
stratton oa L'n1oi Sauarf, and on fl4trasyJnMar
l. st Unloa IU1L. K. IaIi honor ttUr?Z
On Bttnaay, Hit Uttrsl Hall, KmriN.
v .
Much-Discussed "HaDnolo" to Eo
Soen at tho Fifth Avonuo.
M. IJ. Curtis rJefflna nn Knr,np;cmciit
nt tho Stnmlnrtl.
The Messrs. Itosenfeld Announce thnt
the very widely discussed "Hnnnele" will
positively hv iiirnt-ntrd nl llic Fifth Av
enue Thntre Monday night. There will
he no one-net curtHln-riil.er, ss orlu
Innlly Intended, "owlnR to the peculiar
nature of "Hnnnele." The cast, as It
mauds nt present, will Include Annie
Illanckc, Clnrles J, Itlchman, Alice Hut
Ier, Alice I.eljth, llattlc KerBUson, Jthn
i: Ince, Tre.1 Lotto. V. 1. Shelden,
I,arenco Kdilloger, Dald Klmer, 1-.
Cheater tic Vance, Maude Hanks, M.
HastlnRs, M.inilc Ityan, M. l'axton nnd
Cora Mncy. The Ilnsllsh translation has
heen made by C. Harry MeURer.
M. 11. Curtis will begin an enRiKemcnt
nt the Standard Theatre Monday nluht
In n new idltlon of "Sam'l of I'osen," In
which ho will play the pirt of Samuel
I'lastrlck. Mr. Curtis will be nupported
by Georsc llonlfncc, Orrln Johnson, Will
iam CourllelRh, Charles V. Se.mion, 1M
ward I. Wnlion, Gerald Chandos, Her
tram lludtl, Uobcrt M. i:berle, John
rinn, i;iennor llirry, Merrl Osborne,
Ada .Marie Valleau, Clara Knott nnd
Laura Chtlstlun
Mlis Vestn Tllley continues In her
cessful caret r nt lony Pastor's Tneatre
She hah won nil heart., and nobody need
sneer when she i iy she loes dear Amer
ica and the dear Arnerlcins MI13 Tllley
will be seen aR.iln next week. The other
artlits will be Weber and fields, James
r. lloe, I!usiell brothers, Annie Hart,
I.lllle Western, the llrunn-lles, Klssell
and John It. Hartz, the "JubbMiis waiter."
Treilerlc de Belleville, who blossomed
forth nn a star a tfiw weeks ago at the
Fourteenth Street Theatre, will be seen
next weeK at the People's Taeatre ln the
populai meiodrami, 'lloodman llllnd," ln
which he plajs the heroic role of Jack
Yetilett Mr. deHellevllle Is a picturesque
anl forceful ncor, .and he has a ery
Bood company. The lemllne feminine role
will be Interpreted by Miss Fanny Gil
lette "lllvtl Cnndlilates" will enter upon the
last week of Its enKJitenient at the Mad
ison Squire Theatre Monday nlcht. The
jlay is an Interesting one and It con
,nl,is a Rood miny of the elements of a
popular success It has been well re
ceived at the Mmllaon Square Theitre,
and It Ins won the coveted "metropollfiti
lndorsemnt." That, of course, will help
It on 'he roid.
Miss Marie Jansen will end her first
season as a star nt Hnmmcrsteln's Har-lemTOpcra-House,
wheie she will be
seen next ncv-t In Glen MncDonoiiRh's
fnrce, "Delmonlco's at C " The company
will be the same iih that which appeand
with her during her engagements nt the
HIJou Theatre this season Miss Jansen
will sins htr popular songs, and the
fnrce will have a number of bright
Ch tries Dickson v. ill enter upon the
second und last wetk of his engagement
at the HIJou Theutre Monday night.
"Willie" Is nmuslng In Its wnv, but the
tremendous suciess of "Incog." last sea
son dims the lustre of this later farce
Dickson dots ery good work Indeed,
nnd he has 1111 enviable future as n star.
Miss Grace Fllklns, Thomas A. Wipe,
12 J. Connelly and Gertrude Whltty
must also be congratulated.
The dual performance of "Itory of the
Illll" will take place nt the Fourteenth
Street Theatre next Saturdny night.
James C Hoach. the Irlph nuthor-actnr,
has bten very well received, and the
Play will undoubtedly return to Nevy
Vork. One of Its attractive features Is
the Hlnglne; of Irish melodic by a very
well-trained chorus. A theatre party of
prominent Ilomnn Catholic clergymen
attended the performance Wednesday
"Unlimited Utopia" remains at the
Imperial Music Hall. The management
announces the engagement of Helle
Itlaek, the well-known London bur
lesque nrtlst, who will make her np
PtMrime In one of the principal roles
on Monday night. The vaudeville por
tion of next week's hill will Include
Ktinlc" Vnnce, Alice Raymond, Thomns
12. Glvnn, Kokln, Joe rinn, Topatk
nnd Steele nnd others.
Hugene O'ltourke, In "The Wlcklow
Postman," will be next week's attrac
tion at H II Jacobs' Theatre The play
wns written for him bv the well-known
actor nnd dramatist, Mark Price. Mr,
O'Houike plas the part of l.any Don
lln, the mall carrier. He will be sup
ported by MIbs I'ollv Holmes, late of
Tony Pastor's company, nnd bv other
clevei people. The play will bo hand
somely mounted.
Th. Inut iiprfnrmnnpii nf Hi spnsnn
The last performance of the season
will be given nt the Irving Place Then
tre Mondav night, when Von Moser's
comedy, "Das Stlftungsfest." will be
produced. The principal roles of the
play will be acted by Mmes Du
rand Sfhluter and Uraga and Messrs,
Link, c'tMnsaTi, Housch. Zelsler,
Strohl !" I Ascher. Souvenirs will be
distributed. Kngllsh attractions will
probably play at this house during the
months of Mny nnd June.
Lillian ltushull will end her profit
able engagement nt the Casino to
night, und next week tho house will be
I'lond for reh"nrsals of "The Passing
Show," which will open there Mny 8
At ICoster & lllal's Concert Hall next
weik the attractions will be Little Cnrl
sen, "the living caricature," the De
Foiests, whirlwind dancers; Jaciiuex
Inaudl, the mathematical nlgma; Mil.
Adrlenno Larlve, Astarte, Mile. Hna
llertoldl, Conroy anl Fox, the Zanettl
troupe of Japanese Jugglers Jessica, the
llhnntz brothers, Rezone and Goldlnl, and
Ada Walker.
"Fptopla Limited," the latest Gilbert
nnd Sullivnn opera, will stay but two
wei'ks loi ger lit the Uroudwny Theatre
D'OjIv Carte has determined to send
tho company to Iloston befoie thi
weather gets too warm The opera Is
going very moothl, nnd It Is certnlnly
pri'siMited In n nugnltlcent manner
Iloston will undoubtedly like It, for th
Iloston ndmlrers of Gilbert nnd Sulli
van nte numerous
At the Giiden Theatre "1192" and the
Kllanl picture nre doing nn enormous
business There nre twenty pictures In
the new seiles Introduced Inst Monday
night, and two more c tiled "The Night
ingale" and "The Double Star," will be
shown next Monday night. The three
hundred and llftleth performance Is nl
ready talke I of, and Is set down for
Momlaj, June '.
"The Amizons," Plnero's fantastic
comedy, has been running for netrlj
four months at the l.H'eum Theatre, und
It Is still doing splendidly This comedy
has mil with more success In New
ork than London though it was much
discussed there It Is light, breezy nnd
dUtluctly ouil New York loves oddities,
mil It Und something very refreshing In
thla quaint Plneto story.
A M Palmer's stock company begins
a two weeks' engagement nt the Grand
Opera-House Monday night. 'lhe first
week will be devoted to Gus Thomns's
famous play "Alabama " ln the cast
will be J 11 Stoddnrt. H M Holland.
Owen Fnwcett, Miss Kustucc, Miss Con
quest, Mls Heron. Wilton Lackae,
den ltnmsev, Ldwnrd Hell and Mr. Fax,
The following week will be given over
to a ripertolre of successes.
"Sowing the Wind" will positively end
Its season at the Umpire Theatre Mny
l. and It will be followed by n new
I la culled ' Gudgeons" and Dion Houcl
iiull's one-net piece known ns "The
Luck of Iloarlns Camp" "Sowing th
Wind" has had n wonderful enreer,
and Sdney Grundy will probably pre
fer New York nudlences to the London
gatherings Few people expected thai
the piny would run ns long as It has
"rtuttertiles" Is already Baying good
by to lis New York friends at Palmer's
Theatrw. It will end Its run thtro next
Saturday night, when It will have made
a record of over one hundred perform
ances In this city. John Drew's sec
ond starring season has been a very
triumphant nffnlr so far, "llutterflles''
could not be withdrawn, although a re
vival, of "The Masked Ball' had been
"The Qlrl I Left Xlehlnd Me." Helasoo
nnd Fyles' ktd-iclove Indian drams, re
mains 'ut the Academy ot Music,- No
accident on the state haa beejn-chron-Icled
Jlurlna; the past tiTek, which la
9Blt )a'"nAA0.'18t- Th-hjBrte4 tra
a v.
deed. They have grown used to their
work nr.d nave ceased protesting, lhe
uctnrs are consequently happy.
Illltlard and Arthur may still be seen
nt tlnrrlgan' Theatre with the funny
fnrce "The Sleepwalker," In which Hll
llard nppears as Jack Pointer, the gentle
man aflllctcd with Imsglnnry somnambu
lism, and Arthur ns the Rev, Hntlev
Hylo. Fred D. Marks, the mninger of
the companv, sails for England Mav !).
with Jules Keller, "the hdnmn enlgnu.
He wtll take thnt rentlcman through
At the American Theure little Miss Co.
rlnne will scintillate next week In the
spectacular burl-sque " Hendrlck llul
son," which wns recently preented nt
the Columbus nnd Fourteenth Stre.t the
atres In this city. Corlnne Is n clever lit
tle nclrcss. and she Introduces some
bright specialties Into the burlesque She
will be surrounded bv a good company
nnd some gorgeous scenery.
At Proctor's Thentr -lext week th list
of nttrnctlon will Include llessle Ilone
lilll, the Nntlonal tr:o. Marlus Luclen De
laiir, nnd Vlctorme llocquet lietrlmont,
the Sansorl sisters, the three Wilson
brothers Tim Cronln, the Ills Four, Ar
nott and Milton, Charles Fostelle. Mnv
T Lnvrence, Unn Mason, Sparks nnd
Diles. McDonald nnd Harvey, Ward and
Wnrd, nnd others.
"Olndetelln," the I,ondon Lyceum pan
tnnilme, has "eitlel down for a cosy run
nt Abbey's Theatre. Some of the tedious
features thnt caused the performance to
ding on the llrst night have been elim
inated. More gorgeous costumes
have rarely been Seen In this city.
They simply dazzle the eVe. A swtet
llttlu wo.nan Is Mls Limine Terrlss,
who plas the pnrt of Clnd-nlla.
The engagembent of Nlzarras and
Thora .at the Hden Musee hn been ex
tended, 'ihese clever trapeie artists
hive mnde a great hit nt this hiuse
Other features next week will be Miss
Ituth Dnvenport, Powell, the wlmrl,
Tortujada nnd her Spanish troupe, Lola
Yberrl, whose dnnces nre extremely
ginceful nnl nrtlstlc, and Danko tlabur
with his ndmlrnble Hungnrlin bind
Coxey's urmy members Dr. C clone
Klrkland, enmp physician nnd nstrolj
ger: Weary Mill Her, chief commissary;
Jasper Johnson, the colored standard
bearer, nnd the dog , Hunker Hill, have
been re-engnged for the coming week at
Hiiber's Fourteenth Street Museum
Tho vnudevllle company will Include
Harry nnd Ilonnon, Clint Wilson,
Charles II, Duncan, Murray und Rogers
and others.
A ctt convfntlon will be the main at
traction nt Doris's Klghth Avenue Mu
seum next week, and prizes will be
given for the best specimens. There
will nlso be n prize benuty show for pet
tnbbles who will not perform. In fact,
the feline beauties at JJoris's will 'be
very numerous A vaudeville company
nnd n play entitled "Peck's Had lioy,"
will be sern In the theotorlum
"Tho AVorid Against Her" will be the
piny nt Nlblo's Gnrden next week. It
wns first presented In this country by
Miss Knto Claxton. The play Is a. melo
drama "telllnp n story common to nil
communities, nnd Its characters nre
those mit with In our city streets every
day." "The Wot Id Agnlnst. Her" should
do well nt Nlblo's, where melodrama Is
nlvvnvH popular.
They are very busy nt the Oermanla
Theatre, rehenrs'.n ' Dr. Dnrkhorst,"
which will have Its first production
Tuesday, May 1. It will be a sort of a
polsglot performance nnd n very curious
one Jinx Flgmnn will play the lending
role, nnd Miss Minnie Renwood will np
peor In nil her serpentine finery. "Dr.
Dnrkhorst" Is snld to contain some sur
prises "Shore Acres" Is going nlong smooth
ly nt Dalv's Theatre. The other at
tractions In the city do not seem to In
terfere with the continued success of
this delightful piny. James A. Heme
flnjs his part ns- conscientiously ns
though he had not already won his lau
rels In It. His Impersonation Is clean
cut, legitimate and nrtlstlc throughout.
There Is no weak spot ln the perform
ance. "Tlie Crust of Society" -will be pre
sented next week at the Star Theatre.
This Is th- play that made so much of
a sensation Inst season, when there was
not only "The Crust" but "The Froth"
and "The Hdge." Tho present revival
wl',1 be nn Intoiestlng one Lvdln Thomp
son will be In the cat,' nnd so will her
charming dnughter, Zeffle Tilbury, and
Arthur Lewis.
John II Campbell, the treasurer of the
HIJou Theatre, will have o benefit nt
thnt houe to-morrow night, nt which
Ada Lewis, Gus Pxle, Charles Ward,
David Wnrflcld, William MoLnughlln
and others will appear. Alfred r'ollln,
nn nctoi who has been 111 for three
years, t 111 have n benefit nt the Oniilen
Theatre nlso to-morrow night. The list
of volunteers will Include Adelo Ritchie,
Hesso Honehlll. Rob Hllllnrd, Walter
Jones, James Thornton and others.
The programme for next week nt the
Central Opera-House Music Hall will
Include Trojo, the magnetic spark; Mme.
Cnrllnl, with her dogs nnd mnnkovs;
Sheehnn nnd Llnbrnrs, the Taylor sis
ters, dancing 'oubrettes; Knmoehl, the
feminine mngnlclan; Louis the flexible
wonder; Zognrn. the eoultlbrlst; the
Gerords nnd Nellie Trnnklyn.
"The Wurlil's" ev Uptown Ofllce.
"The World's" Uptown Office on Mon
lay will move Into Its new quitters at
the junction of Brondwny and Sixth
avenue, nt Thirty-second street. There
will be eight entrances, two on Broad
way, two on Sixth avenue and four on
Thirty-second street.
Special Trnln Ileiirlnsr Them to the
Cans t-nllou In Allnnln.
A special train of Pullman cars left
Jtnsey city this morning over tho Penn
sylvania by courtesy of Tlrst Assistant
General Passenger Agent Georg V.
Bosd and General Manager F. Wolcotl
Jackson, bearing tho 100 delegates
some with their wives to the Interna
tional League of Press Clubs Conven
tion, to be held nt Atlanta, Ga May
I nnd 2. ,
The trip Is over the Pennsylvnnl
route, through the Conemaugh Valley,
around the Horseshoe Bend, over the
Allegheny Mountains to Pittsburg, nnd
then to Cincinnati and South.
I". M. Hnrksdnle nnd Thomns Purdy,
ot the Pennslvnnln, went In nttend
anco to see thnt every comfort obtain
able Is afrorded to the delegates.
The ofllcern of the League nre: Col
John A. Cockerlll, President; Vlce-Presl-dents,
Clark Howell William Herri, W
A Connor, Fred L Whiting, A. R
Chnntler, Mrs. Snllle Joy White, Presl
dent of the New England Woman's
Press Club, of Boston, Treasurer, C. W
Price, Secretary, Harry D. Vought: Rx
ecutlve Commute? M. H. Dp Young. T
J Keenan, Jr., Dr. John Frlederlch,
Wllllnm V, Alexnnder, P. C. Bole,
l T Thomn, Terence V. Powderly,
Charles H Grasty, Mrs. E A. Conner,
New York Woman s I'ress Club,
At Philadelphia Mayor Stuart will
welcome the delegates at City Holl, ana
In nil the cities banquets, receptions
and entertnlnments will be given.
Ordered tn Mnrrh In Vnn Cnrtlnndt
Inrlc nn Snfnrdiiy.
The Seventy-first Regiment will march
to Van Cortlandt Park next Snturdaj
for Instruction In extended order. The
general order calls Tor fatigue uniform
with haversacks nnd one day's rations.
There will be companv drill In the
morning nnd battalion drill In the nfter
noon Field nnd staff will be mounted
und twenty rounds of blank cartridges
for the men will be Issued.
Immigrant Authorities Told to
I.oolc Ont far Hint. '
The Department at Washington has no
tified the Immigration authorities at Ellis
laland to keep a sharp lookout for one
Mowbry, who Is supposed to be an An
archist editor and agitator! v v
' It Is not stated, when be la expected or
on what vesnel. Dr. Senner says If h
arrive. a( MvpvUlanl he. will pe-pul
tt,icugU,av,mofttrald eytufllnadaglyjy
Veo Read TV Uremia World!
fJSW'SyM' f ... M V tafrfc a nlliFl Mf.tJiei
Wilson Barrett in Sovoral Plays
at tho Park Next Weok.
Kcmlnls nt tho Columbia Attrac
tions nt Other Houses.
Wilson Barrett, the well-known English
author, nctor and wnnagcr, will be
nt Col Slmi'a IMik Theatre, In Brook
ljn. during the coming week. He will
appear In 11 seiles of plns selected from
Ills rcpirtolre by written ballots of the
pnliuns of the tin alio. This new way
of ascertaining the desires of Mr. H11
rett s nilmlieis Is n veiy novel one nnd
lis oulconiu will be wntLhcd with great
Intel st. .Monday nnd Thursday even
ings, "Hen M Chrce," a love story of
the Isle uf Man, will be the attraction.
Tuesday night will bo devoted to
"OtlHlIo," idnesdny afternoon nnd
night the groat spectacular romance,
"Clnudlan," will be given, with Mr.
R.11 rett In the title role, and "Hamlet"
will be the play on Friday night. On
Saturday afternoon nnd evening he will
piesetit "The Silver Klnc"
Mr. and Mrs. Kendal will piny a re
turn engngement nt the Columbia Thea
tre, beginning .Monday evening. The
repertulru will be ns follows: Monday
evening and Saturday matinee, "The
Ironmaster," luesduy nnd Thursday
nights, "Tho Second Mrs. Tanqueray;"
Wednesday evening (only time), "Still
Waters Run Deep;" Friday (only time),
"A White Lie," and on Saturdny night,
"A Scrap of Pnper." No Wednesday
matinee will be given during the Ken
dal engagement.
t the Amphlon next week Mm.
Janausehek and Kate Claxton will play
"The Two Orphans." Janausehek will
fill the lole of the Countess de Llnleres,
nnd hei inmpanlon will pluy her old
role of Iouise. In the company are
Murle CI fton, Clarn Law Glsiko, Alice
Potter, William Harcourt, Eugene Rob
erts, Vlda Croly, Hoi ace Filbert and
Lydla Yenmans-Tltus and her husband,
Freder civ Titus, will make their tlrst np
pearance with lhe Ilallen and Hart com
pany at tho Grand-Opera House en Moi
diy night. So also will Mnrk Murphy
and Julie Macke, of tomlc opeia fame
ThU whl be the last time they wM
presant this farce, "The Ide 1," to a
Brooklyn audience. They will bring for
ward a new entertainment next season
Manager Sanford v. Ill present to his
pitrons at the Star next week a
dramatic story of ante-bellum dii In
the sunny South when all was minshlne
and happlnes-i, when the binjo wns nl
w.vas tuned, the Umbo ready to the hand,
and the fiddle and the bow hung on the
wall of eveiy o'd slue's cabin on the
old p', intatljn. The production Is called
"The South Before the War." A mam
moth and genuine cake-walk will close
the entertninment.
One of the moat weird stories of th
last few ytirs is undoubtedly Hal Calne'e.
dramulc novel. "Th- Bondman." which
has been done over ln dramatic form
by Edwin Btrbour and called 'The
Land of the MldnUtu Sun." This n'.iy
will be seen at Manager Sanford's Em
pire Thea're next week, and will be pre
sented by the same company thit ap
peared In the piece at the American
Theltie In New York
Joseph Hi IIa7leton will nppear
ln "Old Kentuck" at the Novelty
llwatio next week. The cast will
Irclude Kathetlne Walsh, Lvdln
Clark, Jennie Kay, Add Rynian, Harry
Travr. Frederic De Vere, the "Old
Kentuck" Quartet nnd tho dancing
Mcinnlnles. Tho race scene between
Belle Carter and Heart's Delight,
thoroushbrvu Kentucky horses, will be a
feature of the show. On Saturday, a
chlldi-en's matinee will be given at which
.1 J10 gold piece will be presented to the
child who builds the greatest number of
words Irom the letters contained In the
nnme "Hizleton."
Hyle's Speciality Companv will hold
the b-iards at the Gavctv' Theatre next
week, Helene Mora, the female baritone;
MjKu'e Cllne, the "Irish Queen;" falke
and Semons, comedians; the Allisons,
song and dince.John and Emma Ray.
comedian; Katie Roonev, daughter of
Pat Ro'nev; Gtivcr and Goodwin, tho
"two kids," McCcle nnd Mac, comedl
niis; Ilajdon nnd Hetherton, ln n sketch,
are some of the features of the bill that
will be given.
Divenport Brothers, acrobits; Dojle
brothers, dancers; Oakland and Thomp
son, vocalists; Ray Burton, Juggler;
Thomis Burnett, tenor; Tanny Reynolds
and Minnie Schult, voc?llts, will com
pose the programme at Huber & Geb
hardt's Casino.
Yon IlfMiil The Evening; World!
Do Yon lteail The Miiiduy World?
Well tTiiilerNlniii niv Hint n Catn
Iirnnilse Illll Is to Come.
(Hy Associated rre )
WASHINGTON, April 23 In tho Sen
ate to-day, after the Vice-President an
nounced that the rojtlne morning busi
ness wns concluded, Mr. Harris, at 11.30
o'clock, moved to take up the Tariff bill.
Mr. Allen nsked permission to consider
the calendar, but Mr, Harris stated that
the Tarft bill was more Important than
all the hills on the calendar rut together,
and he therefore felt Impelled to Insist
on his motion.
The yeas nnd nays were demanded,
and the motion was agreed to 31 to 10
Before the actual consideration of the
bill begun Mr. Stev art gave notice thnt
next Monday he wiuld adJress the Sen
ate on the pending hill.
The fact tnnt many amendments were
to be proposed to the Tariff dill, making
n compromise measme, was again the
piomlnent feature of the larly hours of
the session and was brought out by Mr,
Hule, of Maine.
Vorlli DnUnln Iiemoernts Wnnt
Tariff Question Settled.
(fly Asnoclated Trea )
lFARGO. N. D April 28. At a meeting
of tho Democratic State Central Com
mlttio last evening resolutions were
ndopted rebuking the Democratic ma
Joilty In Congrtiis for Its Inactivity nt
this time, whe-i Fie country so much
needs prompt leglslntlve notion. They
close by asking the majority In the Sen
ate to forte a vote on the Wilson bill,
even nt the expense of Senntorlal tradi
tion "Wo believe," the resolutions sny,
"that every day of delay Is fraught with
disaster 10 our purtv. The traditions of
tho Senate nre but forms, tho rights of
Americans only nre nacred We call upon
every Democrat In Congress tn nbandon
the scufllo of local Interests nnd to re
gard the Interests of the whole country
and their pledges to tho people."
Five Tlionsniid People (inlii,- to the
ltnln l.nlie Hegrlnn,
(lly Aasrclatod Trras
FORT ARTHUR, Ont., April 28.
Unlted States Consular Agent Wiley re
ports groat excitement In the Lake
Superior regions over the Jtilny River
gold discoveries. Five thousand people
are waiting for tho Ico to break up In
order to go In. Nearly all tho new
claims taken upon tho American side
are contested.
Consequently tho greatest ran of the
mining work and attention of capitalists
will be attracted to the Canadian side
of Rainy Lake and up tho Seine niver,
where, quarts veins 'utrrylng free gold
Jiave been discovered.
, Sam; Oilman, a. soa of the Governor of
Mtrinespta, .tuia sold a. half Interest In n
CartaMIan claim for St,M0 cash. Capital
lt 'from New lork, Idaho , and XlaU-BHMMilpjyylmuv;
A. Naturalized Citizen Says Ho
Was Imprisoned in Poland,
Alleges His Family Is Now Held by
Russian Authorities.
Ho Demands Damages nml tho 1T '
turn of Money nnd Valuables. .
in an affidavit forwarded yesterday to
Secretary- of State Gresham at Washing
ton, Andrew KumoroskI, thlrty-slx yean
'f ise, of 135 Avenue A, a naturalized
citizen, who waB born ln Poland and Is
an honorably dlrcharged United Statea ' .
sailor, details serious grievances against
tho Russian Government.
He states that he, his wife and four
children, when they returned to Poland .
last year on n visit, were Imprisoned, ' a
despite tho production of his papers at,'l
and the certlflcntes of the Russian ' jfchi I
Consul ln this city, nnd that he wa, ry'i M
kept In prison for many days, Alt of u-V
his property was confiscated, he alleges t IM "
nnd his money was taken away from 1, i'ki
him ns lines. For about five months k ,-,,
he was under the surveillance of the '"'
Russian police, and only by bribery did I W.
he succeed In escaping across the fron- ,
tier to Austria, leaving his wife and
children in the hands of the police.
KumoroskI asks the United States '
Government to secure from the Russian ,r ,n'
Government the relense nnd the restora- IM
Hon to him of his family; damages for i
hl and their Imprisonment nnd the re- . ,
turn of his money and goods. '
Kumcroskl sets forth in his affidavit 1 ble
that he was naturalized Oct. 8, 1888, ln hal
tho Court of Common Pleas, Cumber- 1.
land County, N. J. In July. 18S0. 1
he enlisted at Gravesend, Rngland. as a IHl
sailor on the United States steamer 1 1 0
W.vomlng. He was transferred and 1 ,
served on the United States man-of-war J,p
Nlpslc, Qulnnebaug and Lincoln. He ,ks,
was honorably discharged from tho 1 ' 'Ba
I'nlted Stnte steamer Lancaster ln 1 V
Jnlv. 1SS3, at Hamburg, Germany.
In Augnst, 1S83. he married his present 1
wile, :m Italian girl, In Nice, and secured '
emplo ment us an edei trlcian at th" Nice . I
Exhibition. With his wife he returned ' I
to Amerlci, nnd up to April, 1893. worked ' I
for lending electrical companies In New 1
1 ork, the Edison Company Inlying him In .
Its employ ninny years. When he de- f
elded to go with 'lis wife nnd children on I V
n visit to his mother In Poland, the Rus- -o
slan Consul here told him nil that waa I
necessary for him to take to Russia was
his citizenship papers and n pnssport. '
'1 ho Russian Consul also corresponded
with his Government about the ense.
The" reply wns that. If Kumor- ',,.
oskl defiled to visit Poland, he could do '
sn If he went there within six months
from the date of the letter, but If h
went there later he would be arrested m
and sent to Siberia. H
Kumoro-kl stated that he accepted the M
conditions, was given a certificate and 77F
told he was all safe. , '
In September, 1S93 he sailed with his
family for Poland, taking with him MOO
and a quantity of electrical machinery
valued nt several thousand dollars. On 1
Sept. 18. Just at the Polish frontier nt
Alexandrowna, he states that he and his '
family were arrested and thrown Into
dirty prison cells and his papers declared
tn be of no value. The prisoners wera
transferred to Petrikow, and examined) ,
by the hend Government otHclal there. 1
On various pretexts his money, he al- - 1
leges, wan seized and confiscated as fin , I
money. His property was also taken and , ,
Inst to him on the same grounds. H 1 I
nnd his family, nfter many weeks' deten- 1 I
tlon. were finally released, but he was not 4 , j
allowed to work or engage In any bull- " H
ness But for his brother's help, he hnd -jH
his family would, he says, have starved. vmL
He managed to go unobserved to War- , , jjTB
taw, nnd there nppealcd to the Amerl- " eT
can Consul. The Consul spoke only Ira- , mm
perfect English. KumoroskI told hla , ' 91
story nnd nsked for nsslstance. Th t fCB
Consul, he alleges, replied: "American WM
clti7enshlp papers are no good In Rus- Mm
By bribery KumoroskI obtained a H
false pass nnd escaped to KracoW ' M
Austria. There the police were going to Jl
return htm to Russia, but the prouuc- -V'sU
tlon of his American papers saved him. ) , -"
He left Austria on March 20, 1801, and ,
mnnaged to reach New York on April 12. MM
His wife and famllv sre still In Poland, 1
nt Kaslmlr, State of Petiokow, depend- Sm
eut 'n rhirltv for subsistence. The Rus- j' KM
slan Government. KumoroskI says re- ' &
fuses to give them permission to leavo ' ,
the countrv, and has warned them If they 'Iflfl
attempt to do so thev will be Imprisoned fl
nd severely punished. IH
KumoroskI exhibits his discharge pi- H
nor. frnm ll,rt ni.i' hla n MirUm tlnn SVaSBBl
pers from the navv, his naturalization , mW
piprs and many letters of recommenda- i . MM
tlnn j to character and ability from the jM
firms he worked for in thl i city. He l"J a jH
now employed as an electrician at Man- - M
hnttin Beach. I H
His attorney, A. P. Wagener. of 59 ' H
Second avenue, stated th at he believes ' MM
Kumoroskl's affidavit Is true, and that mM
he has good gro inds of action against tha t m
Russiin Government. H
Ynn Rend The Evcnlnc World) MW
Do Yon Hend The Sunilny WorldT '' mm
Helms nnd ICrnmer t'nder Ilnll on h' MMm
Ilnlpln's Clinrsres. H
Morris Helms, twenty-four years old, H
of 721 Sixth street, and Charles Kramer, , JH
twenty-six years old, of 296 Broome !fl
street, vvre held for examination In th !
Esex Market Police Court to-day. . . tL
Cl.arles Halpln, n tailor, of 146 For- ll
nth street, eatd that while he was tn a
a taloon In Forsyth street he was
knocked down by the two men, who, ,
kicked him and struck him with a chair, j M
Kramer Is one of the men who was aTtsH
nrrested for assaulting the Parkhurst aal
agents nt Broome street nnd Bowery, afsH
nnd was dlschnrged because Dr. Park- M
hurst refused to allow his men to prose- , , H
cute hlm. v'l H
Justice Hogan held the two men In 4 aaH
default of .'00 ball pending nn examlna- B
Hon on Mondav next, and Snloon-Keeper -isifl
Timothy P Sullivan, of the Bowerye' mU
went on their bond. ' I M
Severe lllovv nt l.nlie Merchants and I LM
Speculntors. Mmm
Twenty -fivu thousand pounds ot fish '' Aafl
seized by Ifspector Moran, ot the Health ' MM
Departmert at the New York Central ' L
freight depot, St. John's Park, yesterday M
afternoon were removed to the offal dock M
at the foot of West Thirtieth street this H
morning. M
Two large truckloads were condemned M
nnl seized In various markets along the ' M
South street witer front this morning. f
This Is another severe blow at the at- - LH
tempt of the whole-iae merchant and , M
tpeculators in Lakes Huron and Erie - H
fish to corner the market. The fish have Amu
liln li the depot for several days, and ' H
spoiled fot lack of Ice, ' M
1 ) ' asH
I SI " 1$ f I
J l OfTONi 1 jl
X 32d 8T sJr ' II
2i2ljSMmimWm5 1 1'-t v-u,'JJ'l 1 H

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