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w$T 'I
H In All $2,500,000 Leaves on
HK To-Morrow's Steamers.
KE, litttlo Effect on the Slack Market,
Wirfl 'Which Ih Dull hut btroiiK.
K, x The export movement of koUI contln-
A uei to attract attention In financial clr-H-V
i.cle, but has little effect upon Uip inar-
H', kt for securities, partly for the ren.
K son that hankers generally look for n
H-i jfiessatlon of shipments before lorn? und
l)i partly because of the extraordinary case
H In money.
Kt The balance of trade tieln so largely
K In our favor, the chances nre that he-
KH fore the end of the year the return (Ijw
M of the yellow 'metal will be larser than
1': the present efllux.
Ry Additional shipments for to-morrow
K': Include: Ba.-.nR, Manoun & Co., SUKi.wi;
B! Kessler & Co., (300,000; Zimmerman &
H Foishay, 10O,0W; Hoakler, Wood & Co.,
T $350,000; Kldder.Peabody & Co., of Hon-
R' ton, 1500,000.
B .Laiaru Frercs announce they will not
K ship the tlOO.OOO to-morrow as ex-
B. ceded) This leaves the total to be sent
away, )2,50O,0O0.
lv Perkins & Welsh will export JK.OOO In
K, cold to Cuba to-morrow.
'. The steamer Trnve, which arrived last
" night, brought 1,578.000 francs connlKtiwl
" to Iloskler, Wood & Co.. and 0W,b00
i frnnca to Ileldelliach, lckelhelmer & Co.
', YThie prospect of speedy action by Con-
m7, trtesa on the tariff had an Influence on
IV. the stock market this mornlne. The
''A dealings were, of course, purely profes-
W.t Slflnal..bUt the undertone of speculntlon
R. wa strcng, and the bulls were In con-
Ti) & American SuRar rose 7-8 to 108 3-4; do.
Hi Pref..' 1-2 to 97 1-2; HurllnKton a llulncv.
fr to 73 1-8; Distillers', 3-4 to 2T 1-8, Mis-
W'. sourl Pacific, 3-4 to 30 3-4; Lend, 1 1-4 to
f', 41 1-4'; Chicago Oas. 3-4 to (V, 1-4; t'nlnn
A. Pacific. 5-8 to 18 3-S; Atchison, 3-8 to
K 13 3-8; St. Paul, 1-2 to (2 1-8. and Nnrtli-
K? era Pacific, 3-8 to 16 3-8. Lead subsc-
K qtiently dropped to 39 7-8
j, Honey remains ensy at 1 per cmt on
ffit iCfi" t and forelKti rxrhange linn tit
4:7l- for bankers' sixty-day 1.11K and
KA 4.88 3-4 a 4.89 for demand.
R In Ixndon bar sllvpr declined to 29d.
K,, per ounce. Commercial liar here full to
. 63 3-4, and Mexican dollars to 51 1-4.
VKti Stocks were In the main strong, and
H (till higher quotations were recorded,
K. The special features were Chlcaxo rim,
." Lead, Sugar anil the Orangerx. The
K' volume of business was qulto moderate
K; so far as the Keneral market was run-
BW: corned, and at Intervals speculation was
Wf positively dull. A fair demand prevailed.
V and Lead commanded 1-16 premium and
K New York Central and Louisville 1 -12s.
KI A' The Qnotntlnan.
t Open Illxb Iiw.
, Amir. Tob ' 7 mi
P .filler. Bujir net Hn, loo; io;s
t; Anier. Sutr nf. pf..' 07 U S7'i 87
K; Amir. Cotton Oil 3nt 30 3D';
r Amer. Cotton Oil pt.... 75'i 754 7JS
vv 'Atlintld.Arac IH is IS
l!; in'mVr!P s,nl Ff " 12'' "
CmwH Siulhfm M', tO'i Ml,
HJ) pfitrsl ricUo 14U ltti ltVl
H'. Oiti.,,41 Ohio 1SH U'i H4
K ttlcno Uu 6(1. S(4 em
K Ctili;.1., Dor, Qulncr 7SS 7H4 7li
W' Cnlp,ft Northwit 10H4 lODH lciu;
Kv Cnlc, Mil. A Bt. P em MH 1S
ft CMC nock I. A 1'ic 9U 1914 m
V CoL A Hock. On! 7 7 7
k.' Onmuasttd'OU 119 117 1st
K fliP.'licV.'ii Wait UO't 1D0H 1M14
Hi t OtLn nl.-ar.nd. pt 31V IHi UK
Bi rj- A CattU Ketl 1(14 1(14 2114
Bj Ittlioh tlK'trle III imh 10114 io:t;
K: r, ,
(lrnernl Electric St MS II
Io tntrl pt ll'i IP. ll't
l.clcl. dai 17 17 17
Uk Short 129, 173'i I23S
l.ons !Unl !"", W '!'.
IaiuIi. A Nithvlilr iS " 41't
I.. N All.. A CUIc. tf ?(H, M'4 SO'i
Mlfsourl . l'clnc Jo', 3d', SI1.
Mo. Kan ft Trt 1'. IK'i II
Mn, Kan. 4 Tn pt 71'k ll'i "'
.Snl Toril Co :t4 7IS It'.
Nat. l.rml Co tl (I1. 3'J'.
Kal. I.Ml Co r' "'I M l1
New Jimry t'ltltrnl I034 H'l'i 103
New Urk r.nlrnl 3'fc 114 H"4
N. V. A Nrw i:nln. 7 7
IN. V, I, i: W 154 IIS I'.'i
N V Suq . W It't 14. '.
Nnrtlirrn Piiclflo t liH If. l'i
1'Mla a KrnillM! 10 111. It
lllch fc W Pt Tfr 9 9H !
PL. I' A rimiilm D'i 3x4 J'i
SI I, SouthwcBlcrn pf 'ji, 'i'. !M.
Poiiltii rn I'acl.lc 30 Sl'4 70S
Texas laclflf- t . IS
Tcnn t'u I A llun IT1, IT, 17'
I'nlou I'aclflo I". IV. 1(1.
Wabaah H H". 14'. I.
Wliri-I A I. 1: IJH U l.i,
I Whorl A I, K r . . . . 4J'. OS' i'i
' A full account of Wall Mtret arTalri Mill U
found In Ilia G U'Clnck LJItlon of "The l:cnlne
lie Will lie i:irnllteil fur CiiIIIiik
David Marks, the ynunir tailor who
slashed IIukIi Duuitherty with a rarvltiK
knife at 11- West One Hundred and
Thirty-fourth street tin' Wednesday
evenltiK. was arrested In Jercy City
last evening, ami Is lieM there to iiuult
the artlon of the New Vurk utlthnrltli-H
I-'rank Marks, David's brother, who had
committed as 11 kuhpIcIouh person by
Justice Bltnins In the lfarlem l'ollce
Court yesterday, was illschnrKeit this
monilnn, there belnn no v Idence to con
nect lil tn with the iiHM.inli uu UouKherty
1 Justice Hlmms Issued a warruut for
. the aiiest of David Marks, who lias ex
pressed his wlllliiKueHS to return without
extradition papers. Dotmherly's con
dition Ih still serious.
Mother 11 lid Hub) IoIiik Well nt
HrllcMie lliixpllul.
Kllen Iondersan, nKed thirty-six, nf
41 Monroe Htreet, kiivu birth to a b ly
b.iby while beltij; returned from the Kur-ty-scrond
street jtatlou uf the Sixth
avenue I.levuti-il Hallmad to llelluuu
Hospital last nlBht. She had been vla-
lltltiK friends In Harlem, and started
I home nlio.a l.Su o'clock this tniirnlnt;.
At Kurt) -second street hIiu became
I very HI, and Mas assisted to the M1II4HK
rooni of the Ktntloii. A hurry call was
Bent to Itoosevelt Hospital, and Dr
1 l.nwrey aijMiiered. He decided to tem.ixu
her tu Itellevue, but the child was born
1 on the uu).
I The uiinmn l.i a housekeeper at the
1 ubovo address. Iloth mother 1111. 1 child
were dolus nir.-ly at the liuspltul this
"ilie Hits llellKliiili. M1111I11,
Elll Hllri, Itilrlr-flia yrara of aKc, of Ct
Howard atrel, Ncark, waa foun.l l.y I'almlmon
Murrla W. Calr, of Ilia Ckurrti .Inet alallon lw.
lia.lin In an Irr.illoiml nrnuu.r -I ,,t ..1',.,,
Ilal. alrccl. about 3 o'clmk j.alrrlaj "a? ,",?
ft" v.r izi hz!"";z :. v- "
ExoiEO Bonrd Reports That Nura
bcr Aro Liconscd.
Slnre Permits Than That Were
Issued, but Sunn" IIiivp Two.
Mayor (lllrny received from the i:xcle
lloitd to-day Its leport for the year end
liiK Apiil 3') '1 he report shows tint
. ti,W!!i llcmsc wire Issued durliur the
twelve months, and that hfiV, licensed
drllikltiK'pl ces nf all kinds ale In ex
istence. The dlsi repmcy between the
number nt l turns and the number of
places Is accuitntfd for by th" fjet tint
tn ue than one license was Issued fir the
same pi ue.
There li a decriase of :ur, In the number
v I'censrs. The total iiuiiiIh r of drlnk-InK-places
other than hotels and ristuu
nints Is 7,217. The 8,'JW are chissllled ns
H31 mi
Hotels 22 2KJ
Liquors C.CH C 7i)
llfftatirant 270 3dA
Alo an I icr...a. r.is r,t7
MorrkiiKr l,l' 1,131
liruitilm v
I A'Mltlonat ... 4
'Total 9,m S.P1I
My "ul lltlonnl" Is meant a Ikenso Is-
sued In a license in addition to his renu-
lar license and under which he has the
extra prlvuene to sell llnuors between the
hours of 1 and 5 A, M,
Sebiullt Aclliills He's Cray mill Is
I'rliiliillleil to llrllestle.
John Schmltt, a Krocery clerk, eUrli-
t teen years old, of 18 Ht. Mark's plsce,
was committed to Itellevue Hospital by
Justice Koch, In the Hssex Market l'o-
' lice Court, lo-diy to be examined as to
his sanity.
I Hihmltt Is crazy about Coxey. Ho Is
constantly wrltliiK Ittters to Coxey, but
team them up agnln.
.Schmltt became violent yesterday and
I rhasul the people out of the house where
'he resides with a cheese knife.
j "I'm mail. Your Honor." said Schmltt
"I am constantly writing letters to
Crxey. hut he does not si nd me any re
ply I don't understand It."
And Vitality
I Ato Uulrkly Oivon lir
I Wlilcli Vitallies inJ
The Blood
Antl tflvei it power to tarry livalth to u very
I art of ttin loib. Itiy ortutltn it reitnrotl
uiul llirt ittotiiuc I one i nil htrviitrtlu'iuvl ;
llif lit lneN nthlltvrr aro rntt'Oil and inif
itrutnl, (he I ir it.u li relrvliei Ami tli
vrliolir inyfeteiu Imtlk ui and rejuvenated by
llooil'HHarra)urlli&, the pui'ullar luvUi luo.
ltoo(lH I'lIU iiri fari'fiilly prcparoJ andn.ro
ina.leol the I tt liihrediciitH, Try h box.
Vt'o communco tho OrcatoRt Solo of
per known, tho cntiro stock of OHHENBERO &, UO.
1,01)0 Lrulk'H' Mid Children's! Straw Hutx, all rolorn 2SCa
2,C00 Ladit'i' anil ChilihcHH Fancy Htruw HtitH, till bhitnes nnd
coif rs, worth 75c., for 35c.
Uentitilul Itoso SprayH and WicttliB 9c, and J5c.
'2,000 ydR All-Silk Moire Hat Iiibbons, worth 20c. yd., for IOC.
A' IV VI SG ffiJ'J ll'A'.
Sun rllra . 4 GG Sun aats... 6 fi9IMoon rlara 4 II
A M. P M
Fanlr llwk M CM
(tmi-rnor'a lal.ind ' '
Hell (lata MJ 9 II
Sinir Hook 1SJJ
llovprnor'a lalani 1 n I
llrll (lata ' " 'W
To nuil Caataru Standard Tlma aublract four
pout or m:w ionic
Orinoco Ilerrnuli
Iroquola Chariot. n
lllo (Iranila Ilruniwlck
llalla Closa Vaaarla Ball
Lucanla. I.lrtrnool... ! 00 A M G ao A M
La lluurKi'Kii II tvre . ...II SO I' M 1 31 A M
rurnea.la. OlaKow . . 2 00 P M 4 00 T M I
Warkrn.lam, lliittcrilam....ll 00 A M 1.00 V M
Ml0alai.liiil, Iimlun .. .. ....
Kaalr, llnmen .. . . 00 A M SKIAM
llrkla. I'hrlntlanaan.l 12 00 M 2 00 1" M
s.anlla, Honil.iirK 4 (10 P M
Mullancla, Ilmana 10 30 A M 1 00 P M
Alir, Jamilca 10 (h) A M 12 no M
(liania, Inagiia 1 00 I' It 3 00 I' M
City nf IllrmlnKtiam, itav'ab 3 0) P M
LI Norlf. Nrw Orlran 3 00PM
Comal liahrhlon .1 oil P M
I,oulalana, New Orltan X l0 P M
IVralin Monarch Lonlon April 17
llrrait.n Ilrptnm Airll l
l'irulun illtiriitm April 21
IMhIii ill!,n.ltar April 21
illjninla (Illirallur April IS
Cll of Home lilnKow April 24
Vtlrlnml Illl.rallar April 22
Amain ILinilinrK April IS
llabana llaiuia April 30
urn: To-Moiutow
New York Puulh irnpton April 21
Cnitirla Lherpuul April 2S
,ai Ltaljiiii Airll 20
drtrrr London April 19
.ItrM-y City Siwuiata Apill 21
CltnfuvKoa Nnaaau May 1
KanKja l.'lly Satannah Muy i
Spmilsli Manors IiiiIiIimI.
Jnmoa Arrliltml I Ilia proprietor ()f a rtpitnlah
anllorM IihIkIiik lione. nl 10S Ctierr) alrcct. nnd
finirUiui Ruiala tre urmlgiivd In tlia Tutnlia
Pullia Court llilr mortilnir for aambllnft The
limine waa ralde.1 laat nlalit Archibald waa hefd
In S'.on lull fol trial, and Ihe peraons railaht
wu, dlai liarKwI. Ncarlr U waa fuund In thii
rmim whero Hie men cro uiiiRht
ALL winrili,
Vlf ffi2 45
, tt ijs K'JUAl' TO ANY AT
Vlli-'JIM flTII AVE.,
1IKT. 14TH k lfiDl HI,, XI'.W yonit.
Yinikpra Flrrnirn Mate n llnril nnl
! tlr it Ith tin- FIiiiiii-h.
YONKKHH, N. V Mny i -The ilre
nien of thlH city had a. hnrd battle near
ly nil List nlKht with a lire which broke
out nt li o'clock In the rnopernge and
Jiiir Miiiiirri-iiouse of Callaha Hios., M
Morris street.
Tin- lire rawed until .1 o'clock this
.rnuinlni?, when It was anally subdued.
I A Kencr.il nlarm ns sent out, und
eliilit (Ire eompnnlea responded.
. T.n.e i!11"111?0 to tho stock will amount
to JJ.U00, mid to the building J3,0uo.
Aiicil 1,, iiih Ilrothcr.
LiiIbI N.imia. of 47 Carroll atreat. Prooklyn,
a lent In Jail fur Incut) iU) by Juitlca Tlgha
In the Ilutlcr .Street Pullce Court, this mornlnn
on (I., rlmma of klrklnc Ida hrothcr. Anacllo iri
lha andomen ve.ler.ly afternoon. Angello wa"
obi. to he In iwi thla morning. II. Mid til,
hrolher aa not menially ai.und.
Better use too
much than too
little Pearline
Br ware ol imila tiQM
8TH AUE., BET. 40TH S 418T ST8.
toBBUHBUET LUMP. This Dparlmcnt ia ono of th
k 30 "' h5Bb fineat in Now York, and is oror-
P$ tiaVi l"ow'nr 'witli popular Bargains.
I&s 80I.ID I1HASS. sll-
Shi ver plated I'l'f'IIJ, '
CJP centre draft burner, mTTT,, -nr t. ia t ti -.
A silk shade, lace edge, THIS PERCALE rgj3?-. .
(filXiMti regular Jo goods. DKESS AfuTft''
cuspadore' W 98C Wm)
a- "fflSp'K Yoko nnd sleeves WrH .J
ffiftst&ziFbr A tr',nm5(1 with I j VV
full hizc. ifcio?.31'nG.nRham.75c. I V
neatly deco- JRiRfiySfc Wy Dot" floni 4 to jf t H 1
intcd, worth qjyjp 14 years. 'ttd!!!tsfefct3
Willow n or PROCESSION
epecial at j fc Lawn, ombroid-
I vif ft I sloves ut
1 h, l i J l AQ
fourllj-inch wicks, worth! QQ
3.00, as a loador at . . . . J D
Nickel Platotl, with (5 iiiniuin nnrno iSif&MAs.
feet best tubing, worth I Q MOHAIR DHES8, (JW0
S2.GU, special id irom 4to 14 years, kMWJj
SETS, SPADES,. to.. m 4 V j W
I 7Q i li
oval, best willow Ulf Yoko and Blcovea 1
SOAP POWDER, lb. 0 cSBoietiablue,I ill J Jill
packago;groaostcloanr. . j , brown und red. ti4ijLJiiJ)
llroker A. JhcoIimoii FiiIIn.
Tha failure of A. Jacohaon. a amall trader at
the Conaolldated Exchange, waa announced tbla
momlnic Tha Ilabllltlea are underitood to be
You nend The ICvenlnnj Worlilt
Do Ycrti Iteml The Nuitilny Wi.rl.l?
Weall.tr Koretnat.
Thejreathertorecaatforttiethlrtyali houra
endlna; 8 P. !d. tu-morrow la aiT foltowaVFalr:
warmer; wlnda becotnlng aouthweaterly.
Tho following retord ahowa the ehangea In tha
temperature during tha morning houra, at Indi
cated by the thermometer at Perry'a pharmacy:
3AM. 5T A. H. ..MID A. M....MI11 M....6J
Baturdnr. May G.
Clothing Dept.
All Wool $ in
Miiod 4;25
Cheviot Suits, A QC
Imported $1 ?
Galatea or
suits, 2.50
Imported Striped $"3 Cft
Cheviot Suite, J,aul
Gingham $j 7C
Sailor L58
Kilts, L85
Best Quality Laundered CftC
Percale Shirt Waists,
18th St., 19th St. and Sixth,Ave.'
(18th Mrtet Station Elevated Road.)
KSTAni.IHIIHI) 1807.
Everything for Honsekeeplng.
Best Goods, Largest Stotk,
Lowest Prices.
$1.00 weekly or 4 monthly on $63.
$1.25 weekly or 8 monthly on f 80.
$1.50 weekly or 16 monthly on (100.
Any amount on tas liberal term.
Onlj one Tlalt nrctMary a eolleetlane
I vrlll be made IP UlSQUEriTlID.
193 to 205 PARK ROW,
1 Near Chatham Sou are.
I r r.-"."! ffiJCmOiJCLLg OkHC I C? Q&kjkJ, "IH ol.
I inn m h u each - - Ic. I case Hair Cloth, yard 6c. Rrttrwiin tmn
1 '5 tSnHJ c0r!harld5C- " T- 5.000 Ladies' Ribbed Vests. 39c. quaiity. at . - .9c. S2&2SL
I 100 pieces French Organdy,' regular prtce 3o"and" 9'000 Wtndr Ties. 25c. kind. - - - . - 94o. lbo Pu Soap
P 35c, at, yard (7c. 1,200 Gent's 25c. Tecks - 2ic. you fair blonde
50 pieces Dotted Swiss at, yard 5c 375 Umbrellas. 1.98 kind, at 1.48 'ZlXZli
MX It-,, Pe89 of eItin thot yu,L Slories in,
K ' Uf ran J--L WO Cnlntf'l Willi llitQ flCt mlnrQ ' M ift Atfe& & if you will. Howt There is some-
m A ti9 nn (HP HP f "nnnTl iidicd vdMi mius, last unurs, -afp -m itbn vgmw tL thin& now-a supremo gift to
m niVJe en h h ( 1 hHHH deep sailor collars, with embroid- Illbi 32 & IR f4Mk ?lld0Bor wo,kine tho mirocle!
MANS SUIT, k)aUu M lllilll. crcd anchors, lanyard and whistle, H i0ffW fi JSm hHI Buttercup Toilet Soap'
m I regular $1.50 kind, at lU VM . Jy! swX'Jxk Si Tryit Thenyue.
Bf A tn- -i a-L VSrK sfflm u'ifx A r) wllwPr MILK AND ROSES
K (5 1S Q? il BARGAIN I fi3& Just rccciv011 f for satur if . IWS slmi f IK FOR "'stress brunette
B W ly all wool, iu very K , fj iifioili lot of VV DAY O N LY w I I IllVVSi -)liffe( H IM with .8kin daintily flno and velvety
K rTQ neat Pinohecks, Mix- k T?Pi!I3Tr5 mnii Jfch li.ivn' Knik -iil, ?S. will clearoutabout MLJt BlliJ 6?MA ill IWWW ?! All this may bo hers till
K U . ,t, a ) y U nllMr MCI! f? UoJsbmlhW" Pr-A nvt. il U W U xty BbouUhcnycn keep her alive
m 9 Jktjdeflipns, ami worth Ma IU"U: LUffiZ&ux-xtaatuooA h' ' DlGOOD U-- 4 I II B W l toJflkJ aVT will form rar Aa6M and uso-
Wooifl STKOsN TriT: u U3 BnteSfn Toilet Soao
ft for this Baloonly.with lt I f Suit, w.-ll mud. in' IMf ,,,,,, nlim-, W?rF4 SUITS Those buiU nre double VOTdbwa 300 fine air-wool Serge DUUCILUp lOlld 50dP
m a $2.00 hat J I Wuc dark gr y 'a, d f WW L ' ' ' that have been breasted, with large pcurl V and Plain Cloth o Ch.ldr.n--w.h Dr... IN TEN DAYS
m a f 2.00 hat froo, (an ctu.viotl. 'wn," VM'i WO,lh ll' tov JJ HI nrr i" -"buttons, rolling collar, 200 Capes in various AOI7T ?, Var"'y ' "T' S" Your hftndB Mfty bo mndo Boft M
Rl '" ' A -. X 11 -0. fr thw .nlo M A this halo il S, "g "5, richly trimmed with Btylo8 and all shades, made JACKfcT, " "" with rufflei .. down from eidir'n neat" nnd oi- J
m ' U ft CtK H HHa I I P at br aid Tnliio Sat) For of fine ' doth .largo tight fitting, large re- a"d ' of 7"on '"" quisitely white. No mystery about
R$ mJp'O ObwCJ LL iSfOliK W l rfU B - . MsMMs I IA raid, value 8. JO. For rU(jhi round nock worth voi os, suitable for any " """ w"" braid. it. JUBt ,vash tho hands night and
UJp x -w, . gu QlH JL "O n! I dSJ $3.90, at size, value $6.90, this sale worth jus. at morning with a generous lather of
hi. i K8M8MSM " 2 95 I AQ O AO &Qin Buttercup Toilet Soap
iKlAPQ flt f(0 ATI ih( HaIIov, r ,:r &&J ...JsTZ A OSC. and warm wLr. Then bathe them
klilUCiO CLL U)), ) Lin Jfl UfiV Ur 'I HAVE YOU WAIQtT in hot wator.again in cold.dry with
LHP J iU VillU.! lnf-7 A WAI&Tb. IUIniiiilii..,0.Hl- l:M--tlTTlfaTltC, t a soft towel, and rub vigorously.
rl AiBosBOE AiBOTK h W fleard ' a Hfe iH ManufaBturers Sanipl L ne of InlantS Ar -tel-.--
I rV Sf i Jfll Jffc lllDinnCDP Mml Untnmmetl Straw Hats. Long ydk Buttercup Toilet Soap
H' ' X r-1 -frw 'frftMGfx atiQp.' Jill wl If w nmro- np 6i.iP, i-inflr w .f,n?.lly ,
y, II lK flmzS fey 1 aiUUUll M 1 Wllm W "anncturod to soil at 79c, for (J X For.BoftenmK-. whjtemng and pre-
V a, ST 3'25 l"1'18 ladies' Hand- No. 45 A White and (Noncco.d.) fflMff luM KtW-T gL W OOrt P il On US U Ul ai l)les-black heads and every form of
Hi V , " """ Turned Oxlord Ties, m Drab Corsets irn(t- nf fmr liLlliJiill vwln I vl W Zulli Wl 4-illf. ' 1 xl cutaneous disease; for shampooing
M$ ,50 Ladies' Fino Button doKola and nihHet. nold Qfl (,nilu- o Prwh Tn I IOO doz. Merrimack Print 1 IM WTUUp -1 y and cleansing the scalp from dan- s
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