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F- TAKEADVANTAIKOJ.-THBSrKCIAL IT F?TN3 I'lVf fflM&fa' B"Y1 Tf7 I fM ' f If H . f ?
Nellie Bly and John Jacob Asior.SnrJ'T$SZ'' Next SundaysWorld. f
Heidrick Hanged Himself in a
Cellar Where He Couldn't Stand.
Had Left His Family and Gone to
Live with a Friend.
Several Days. Vnsseel Tlcforctho Ilotly
Whs Found.
Adolph Heidrick nit founl dead In
the cellar of the tenement-house In the
Tear of COT Uasl Ninth street nt 7.30
o'clock this morning He had committed
suicide by h inglng himself with a rope
The body was found In n sitting position
by Mrs. Catherine WnlzM, who occupies
the apartments overheard. The cellar
was so low that he had to sit down to
ffect his purpoo. Death resulted from
slow strangulation.
Helilrn k was fortv-three ears old uni
a carpenter by trnde. t'p to a week nK"
he lived with his wife nnl faintlj of
growi-up children nt ISO Ilist Second
street. There, It is slid, ho bad a quar
rel and left home
He spent Saturday nnd Sundiv with ti
bachelor, named Joseph Cobler, In rooms
adjoining those of Mrs. Wnlrel Monday
morning Cobler left the house earls, nnl
did not return until evening Hellrl k
did not nppenr that morning and his
friend thought ho had returned to his
Heidrick was not seen ar.iln until his
body was found this morning He hid
evldentlv been dead for several dais
Policeman Chnrle3 Smith, of the Union
JIarkct station, cut down the holy and
notified the Coroner and tho dead man's
Mystery na to tho Identity of n
Hotel Sillelclr.
A man who was nt flrrt believed to
be William C. Slpellmin, of the firm of
Spellman Bros, of SGI Broadway, was
found dead this morning In a room In
the Hotel Albert, corner of University
plnce nnd Eleventh street.
He was registered as William C. Spel
.. man, spelling the name with one "I."
He was found dead In bed, with n
rubber tube running from the gis Jet
to his mouth. The gas was turned on.
A woman who unld she amis the dead
man's widow called nt the hotel and
Identified the body early to-day. She
Was undorntood to sav thit the eleceased
had been a special partner In the firm
of Bpellmnn Hros.
A nephew of the W. C. Spellman of
that firm, however, acocmpanled an
"ftvenln'r World" reporter to the hotel
nnd nftcr looking at the body declared
positively that It was not that of his
Gottltcti I'rltiich Asphyxiated In a
I'ort lliimllton Hotel.
A man believed from papers found on
his person to be Gottlieb Frltrch, forty
years old, of 41 Avenue C, New York,
was found dead In bed late jesterdny
afternoon, at the Brooklyn Hotel, Tort
Hamilton. He had been asphyxiated
by gas, which was turned on In his
room. The man was found fully dressed
and lying on the bed.
Tour years ago he was a cook nt the
Inebriates' Home, Fort Hamilton. He
had been out of work for some time,
and It Is thought he grew despondent
and turned on the gas with suicidal In
tent. The Coroner was notified.
Ward Accord of Attempted Snlclde
net Petty Larceny.
Abraham I,. Ward, of Wyona and At
lantic avenues, Brooklyn, was this
morning arraigned In the Gates Avenue
Police Court, charged with attempting
suicide and also with petty larceny,
On April 15 Ward was arrested for lnr
i cjny on the complaint of G. A. Somers,
) a. neighbor. He was locked up In the
Liberty avenue station. That night he
l ahot himself In the head. He was taken
I to St. Mary's Hospital, and was not able
I to be taken to court until this morning.
In default of ball, he was sent to Jull
to await trial.
Mr. llutler Karnped from Her
Ilunlmnd, Probnlily to Die.
TONKEnS, N. Y May H-Mrs. Mar
garet Butler, of Centre street, this
city, la lying nt the point of death In St.
John's Hospital from Injuries received
early this morning caused from jumping
Into the street from a second-story win
dow of her house.
Her husband returned home Intoxi
cated at 3 o'clock, and threatened to
hoot her. The woman, fearing that
Butler would carry out his threat, ran
to the window and sprang out.
Ehe sustained Internal Injuries from
, which Bhe died.
1 Uutler was arrested nnd this morning
ne was remanded for further examtna
1 won by city Judge Donoghue,
N 'nloxlcated Servant Girl Ilrcelveu
IB Fntnl Injuries.
J Elf"1 PI-AINS' N- May 11.-
I ni SIorr1"' a middle-aged woman, em-
I n it a" a Bervant by V, T. Hopkins,
I ,., HaiUton avenue, la dying from In.
I a. thfUn3.ur' received by Jumping from
I night ,tor5r window of the bouse last
I tar 'hVt,3tuF,1 h0"1 In the even
luvf lntoxlctel. & bacame disorderly,
nnd Mr. Hopkins locked her In her
room. She raised the window and
sprang out, landing on her head.
Indue Clldc-rslccvr Decides In Kn
vor of Illi-lc A, l'ltKrrnld.
Judge Qlldcrslcevc, of the Superlo
Court, to-dny handed down a decision
refusing to grant Pugilist .Charley
Mitchell nn Injunction resJtinlnlng
Dick &. Kltrgerald, publishers, of IS
Ann street, from publishing n book
called "Mitchell's Art of Boxing, by
Prof. Charley Mitchell."
In his complaint, the former "boxing
champion of Hnglnnd" alleged that he
was not the nuthor of the book, or nnj
C?,rt. ".r " 1'esldes the Injunction,
Mitchell wanted a Judgment for ll.mw
damages because he said n contract he
hail to supnlv material for a book hint
been cancelled on account of the publi
cation by Dick & Fltrgernld. He iilsn
wanted all the prnllts the publishers
had secured from the sale of the book
The defendants entered the plea that
they had bought the plates for the book
from Street ft Smith, or 2V31 Hose
strent. nnd that they had been duly
corn-righted In the latter.
Judge Glldendecve denied the motion
on the ground that tho United States
coin right protected Dick & ntzpernld,
nnd no Injunction could be obtnlned
ngnlnst them until Mitchell. In the reg
ular wnv, hid the copyright set nslde
nnd declared Invalid bj the proper authorities.
Peter llrci'ti mill M llllnni Dohrrlj
II.'lil for Trlnl.
Peter Tireen. twenty years old, of 122
Hist Twentv-ecnnil street, nnd Wllllnm
Doherty, aged twentv-three, of 141 Hast
Tvvcntj'-nlnth street, said to be mem
ber.? of the "Hock Gang," were ar
raigned In Yorkvllle Couit this morning
on the clnrge of nssnultlng Patrick
Brennan, bartender In Steedman's liquor
store, at Twenty-second street nnd Sec
ond aenuc.
As Policeman Burns, of the Hast
Twenty-second street station, wns pu
trolling Heconil avenue at 7 30 n clock
this morning he heard cries of "Police1"
nnd "Murder!" He found n crowd In
front of btecdm.m's snloon surrounding
the bartender, who was bleeding from
tin uglv gash on the right side of his
he id. He snld that he had been ns
saulted with n stone mntehbox liv Do
hirtv, and that llrei-n had attempted to
use n knife on him The trouble arose
when Ilrennnn tried to eject the pris
oners from the saloon
llreen and Doherty flf.l beforo the nffl
cer appeared on the sceno They were
caught trying to start a fight In the sa
loon at Twenty-first stmt nnd rirst
avenue nnd nrrosted Justice Voorhls
committed them for trial.
Honey, Mnrfej- nnd Other Crnrkn
After Wen tern Prlicn.
A party of crack shots from the East
w 111 leave New York for CI icage next
Monday afternoon to take part In the
trap-shooting tournament to be given In
Chicago on May 17, IS nnd 19, under the
auspices of the Prairie Gun Club. In tho
p-irty will be Jncoli Bentz, Xew York,
W. M. Thomas, Bridgeport, Conn.; T. W.
Morfey, Paterson, JJ. J ; Noel n Money,
Oakland. X I.. .7 A II Dresse, New
York, William Woohiencrnft, Pennyln
nla, Mr. Van Dike, New York, and H
A Penrose, of New London, Conn.
Among the contcotnns will also be a
strong delegttlon from Pittsburg con
sisting of the King brothers )enin,
bhayner, Tellls nnd Cruzer There will
nlso be reiirert ntathes fruni Iowa, No
brnBka and Kansas.
The prizes will amount to SSO"0 Among
the eents will be the contest for the
American championship at t irgets and
the pomerwon of "The I.nke Street El
evated Gold Cup." The shootln? will be
at Hie birds and lnnnlmato targets.
To He Tried for ClnhliliiR Iloot
blnelfN, Wlm tny He ()ed Tliem.
In Yorkvllle Police Court this morn
ing Justice Voorhls held Patrolman Ed
word Grennel, of the Hast Sixty-seventh
street station, for trial for alleged as
sault on Joseph Pctro, of 242 Hast Se-enty-flfth
street, and Frank Martin, of
331 East Eleventh street, two bootblacks
who have a stand at Sixty-seventh Btrett
nn Third avenue.
The bootblacks claim that Orlnnell
owed ePtro, the proprietor of the stand,
money for shoes for one month. Pctro
nuked Grlnnell for the mone and the
pllceman refused to pay him. When
Petro Insisted, Grlnnell, It Is alleged,
clubbed him and then locked him up
Muitln nlso took a hand In the argu
ment, atid Grlnnell called Policeman
Frank Looney, who took charge of
Justice Voorhls decided that Ironey
had nothing to do with the clubbing
Grlnnell was paroled In the custody of
Copt. Strauss.
General Approprlutlnna IIIII nnil
Many tOher lHVannrrx.
(Dy Associated Vrtsn )
ALBANY, May 11, Tho Governor this
mornlns signed thirty - se en bllK
among them being the General Ap
propriation bill and the following:
Authorising th construction of a new bridge
between Pelhm Daj Park and City Island
Forbidding the operation ot railroads on Cen
tre avenue or Main street. New llochelle
Intending the time for the psyment of as
sesimenl for local lmproTement In the Twenty
third and Twenty-fourth Wards, Ne York
Hepeallng the act relative tJ public highways
In Hast on South Hampton
Making the Judinent of the Court of fperla)
EeoHlons In iass of couvktlon of a OUorderl)
erson final
M&klng tho glni; of libellous IrfumaMon to
newspapers or newpapn writer a mlsileanor
AUAln le trlf light rcmpnle to estiibllhh
cr run elwtrtc railroads, after ryniflylnc with
the geneil laws
Amending the tharttr of Teeksktll.
Gahln InduHtrluU 31ul Walk.
(fiy Associated Prers )
SEST NEWTON, Pa, May U Oalvln's rom
noDweal Army camped here last night Galvln
has given up all hope of transportation by tbu Halt-more
and Ohio Itallsoad, and has decided to try
Ms ilk on the Pennsylvania road Ills men will
march from here to Rrrensburg tbence to Jcfars
town, Altoona and llsrrlsUrg following the main
line of the Penns)lvanla road m nearly as pes-slll.
Just hi Much Mrtrrrnrp la 810
Bulta m t lie re Is In tbe stores Ituit sell tbem. Pee
whiUllAtKrrT, CAKiuivr k tu. N. K corner
CansJ ik nd Xlrolway, cau do at that Dfure.
You Head Tb Krenlnaf World !
Do Ye Jad Tla flundar Vorldt
Brooklyn Aldermen Begin Inves
tigating Excise Accounts.
IIuw C'nslilor Ijtilittuin MniinRril to
.stenl $10,400.
The Aldormanlp commlttpo of llrook
ln, appointed to lnrHtl;utc the nffulls
of tho Mirluut ilppartiuvnts undrr tlio
olt uilinlulstrntlon, met to-dny In tho
City Hull nnd liocnn tin Imiulry Into the
liusliipst mpthmls of tin1 old Kxile
Ilonrd, undir whose roKlmi1 It wns pen
hlhlo for cx-Cuihlcr llllnm D l.ohm in
to Hjiti m.itlcally steal utuouutM nugre
K.itltiK 19,4ii0
Aldirmni' llnubert, Heivo nnd Clnrk
were picspnt, the latter prcldilifr. l'o
llceiniin I hnrles 11 Tlldpii, of the ("tn
trnl lilllee xijund, wns the first witness
iMlled. lie produced hooks of the De
partment kept by ex-Seeret.il v Short,
MUhnel Chirk nnd Application Clerk
Chief Acountnnt llrown, of the ltonrd
of Audit, tc stilled to ImUiiK mule an
examination of ex-Cashier Ijohmnnn't
accounts after hi secret dcpnrtuie to
Camdn lie found a dellclt of ri,4i
Co'. Cruwii sill It was the custom of
th" Ilxclse Commissioners to s'kii li
ce i'"ei nnd hind them to Ijohman, who
allowed them to neeumulnte A hatch of
slirned licenses were pioduced In el
ckme Col Drown sail that between Decem
ber, 1NH, and 1'eln inr,t 1S'I, l.ohm in
failed to account for ill llrst-clasH II
censc nt lli ench, 10 setonil-cliss li
censes nt I7j inch, nnd two thlrd-eliss at
JV) each
This made a dellclt of $20 97), but sub
sequently n check wns tound In the
safe which reduced the nmcmnt to
$11,4000 Col. llrown recommended that
the present cashier he comicIIed to keep
a petty ensh account and to enter up
each license as It was Issued.
I.eivU lllld n I. ok llrolcen AVIllle
DrltlliBr on Tlilril Axenne.
Charles Lewis, of 107 Hester street,
was to-day appointed guardian nd litem,
of his son, Uarry Lewis, elshteen years
old, for the purpose of brlnBlntr a suit
for $20,001 dnma,7M nitalnst the Third
Aenue Cable Itullroad.
Young Lewis alleges that on May 1
last, he was driving a horre attached to
a load of furniture, near the corner of
Ninety-eighth sttcet, when a cable-car
collhljd with thi wauon and knocked It
oer aifnlnst one of the Iron suppcrts of
the Klevnted railroad
YouiiR Lewis s lys his left leK was
biokcn and his right foot badly crushed.
His rh;ht ankle was nlso sprained by be
ing cniiRht between tha wagon and the
Iron rupport. He chirges carelessness
on the part of the Coinpanj's emplojees.
To-)Iorron' SIpiiiiutn AV11I (,'nrr
There Is no let-up In the export move
ment of told, nnd ns the Sub-Treasury
here Is supljlnc the demands of ship
pers, the Treasury resero Is steadily
dwindling down to the $0,000 000 mark
This Is the only feature of the mene
ment that excites attention, as It re
les illsciihslon about the possibility of
another (Icneinmcnt loan
Had the drain to Europe come nt a
time when the home demand for money
wus large, the effect In Wall street
would hne been clecldely unfaorable,
but ns the locil market is glutted with
funds, the financial communis con
cerns Itself mainly with the Treasury
matter Just alluded to
The engagements thus far reportPil
for to-morrow's steamers follow:
Lirnrd I'reres, Sl,2noouu, Heldillmch.
lckelhelmer & Co, $700 000. Lndenburi;,
Thnlman & Co.. !W),ooo, and Hoskler.
Wood . Co , $J00.0iO, a total of $2,"o0 Ocj
Some bankers pmfcbs to believe tint
the foreign demand Is about sntlslled,
but there Is more or less conjecture
about this, and eerythlng depends upon
the amount of bills that will bo mtule
against shipments of produce or securi
ties during the next couple of weeks.
nnnla'i Mhlllatle .Stiiilenli..
(Hr AsioclatcJ Prets )
LONDON, May 11 A despatch to The
Chronicle from St l'etersburg sis
that a number of students who have
been arrested on suspicion of bplng
Nihilists, are belleed to have been en
gaged In a plot to destroi. the Kazan
and other cathedrals on Haster
llriUI)!i Ilrt-ltii-a.
Mr. Kate rttllllp ot S39 MUh ilreet, ho l
tempted eulrlcle on Mar i liy taking a qiuntlt)
of rat pol'on, dletl at the It tmner palhtc ltrxpltal
tbli morning She haj bovn iiifffrlnc from ner
ioui pruKtralloQ
ClltTord snlth, captain of the nrhooncr William
Corer 1 Inc at Ihe foot ot Uanhlimton Mrel,
reporlel to the police to rley thai he haa been
robbed of 150 while a.teep In Joseph hraltb'a la
loon !'l)moulh and Main ttrerti
DurlnK the r.lfcht a thief entered John lump
pe a liable ll Fifth Btleet and .tile u turneii
urtn co
Itcinnd Almnt Tumi.
A ullKht fire occurred In the I'orlal Telenrirh
oPinpan) e Lull line 33 Droadaa) at 10 3S
o clock lhl mcrnlnc No alarm ue cent cut
Policeman Devlin, of the Ktliabelh atreel sta
tion reported that at 12 2& o'rlrxk Ihla mornlnc
he (nnd On door of Ihe Trnniflguratlon (hurth.
at Mott and Para etreeti unlocked Janitor lie
lane) .aid that it i onlr the atnrm-door that
pevlln found unlorkel anl not the IniHe door
Meyer Cohen a tulrtie- vt C9 Acenue t' u
hell ror trial nn the charge of aelllnK U
ch cVeni ullhuul a permit In lU&ex Market I'olbe
Court to di
Tailor llarrli Wendnrl ol II Mirket rlreel
icai held In 1'irix Mrrjel e'-iurt todtc on the
chari: of eiolatliK the I'actory law In not keep
Inn til pli clem
While drunk lait rtaht ThHrai Cleim t.r ke
a iho ta.e tn1j In front f eitto Mu hauir
itore at IS llier la i:iset Market lourl to
day ho V.JI acntenced to tbe lilaii tor one
Alexander Moch -ai lentenced to the I.Ian 1
for all roontbi in Ki.ex Market Court to day Me
v,aa drunk and dliorderiy yeeterdiy In Tompklm
Park Mocb laid that bl u I deaerter Ircm
Coxiy'a army
Joiepb Keliy, tweuty-three yeara old, of tl4
Eait Twenty sixth street wai sent to the Island
for oce month In Lues Market ( ourt to day
Kelly amusej himself at tbe Orinl itreet Third
Atenue I, station list nltfbt by snat.blns the
paper from the binds of passengers
William W Power an I llonry W Jobna.n,
Tbo say they lite In Monlciair. N J were
Hned t( each In Tombs Police tcurt this morn
Inn for flrbllni last r.tabt In Ihe restaurant of
the Northwestern Hotel at West and cbirobers
Yoa Don't Itcally Know
TbejTalueot (10 till you set what klnil of Soil
llacu-rrT, OBnaarkoa aell at that prloe, H.
IC sorMiCWaltV w4IUad-7. V ,
Evidenoo Against Allegod Poi
sonor Meyer All In.
Counsellor Brooke's Motion to
Acquit Promptly Denied.
I.uwjor Chimin- Opens for the De
fense. This Afternoon.
There were only i-ome odds nnd ends
to dear up III the case for the prosecu
tion lu the Meer trial this moinlng.
A diagram of the flat 3'M Last Thli
licntli stieut, wheie the ulleged poison
ing occurred, was put In clilenee.
Prank Stnder, Pnder'aker Kip's as
sistant, was i c called to the witness
stand. He hnd testlfliMl that the name
on the curds glwn tu him when ho went
nftcr the body 111 Kwrgreens Cemetety,
was Ludwlg llrnndt, although the body
was supposed to be that ot (' 11. M. J.
Ilaum nnd was hurled under that mime
This moinlng he liVntllled the ends
themseUfs a transit permit and a Ne.w
town burial permit fo- the body of U
11 M .1 Ilaum.
Jlurnr ("Inrli s (Irossp, nt the oiciung of
court, Ininlcil to the ltecoidir a letter
th tt hud bun adlrcscd to him, hut
which he sild he hatln't read The lit
lord?, read the letter, but made no com
lllent While the transit permit nnd burial
permit were under iIIscuhhIoii, and tho
llecorder was looking over his minutes
of Hnder'H testlmonv, Mr. Wellinan,
leaning on the rail berore thp Jury-box,
made some comment on the documents
to the Jury.
Mr. Hrooke rebuked him A tilt fol
lowed lu which Mr. llrooke said, In
dlgnantl :
"You are the most unfair man thnt
I ever tried a case with, Mr. Wellmnn,
Sou know that vou have no right to
comment before the Jury "
Mr. Hrooke asked the witness to look
nt the documents nnd tell by what
point he had Identified them.
"Hv the name Oustav Hrnndt," replied
the muddled witness, helplessly.
Mr. Hrooke went at finvder with en
ergy. He got Snvder to say he identified
the papers by their colors Of course,
all these pipers are alike In color. Then
Snjder, when asked when he first saw
the papers, said he never saw them be
fore to-day. He was glid to get away.
"The people rest," said Mr. Mclntyre
nt 11.40 o'clock.
"What! Aren't ou going to call Coro
ner 8chultze7 He was one of vour
leading witnesses on the formet trial,
and I shall ask. to have! his testimony
given on that trial read to the Jury'
asked Mr. llrooke. He claimed this as
a right, and a discussion followed
In the midst of the discussion of the
subject by Mr. Hurke, Mr Wcllman
withdrew nil objections to rending the
testlmonv of the Coroner, and ltirorder
Stnjthe inude haste to strike "all this
talk" from the reconls. Then Mr Well
min read D Schult7e's direct testimony,
.Mr llurke following w.... the cross-examination
Mr llrooke's delre to get the Coroner's
testimony before the Jury was to how
that that ulliclal ordered the exhuming
of llrandt's holy at the Insttnce of the
Mulinl Llfp Insurance Compiny, not at
the Instance of the New York District
Attorney, an 1 that the legal nuthnrllv
tcr resurrect the body was obtained from
District-Attorney Nieoll nfterw irds
The defense clilm thnt the bodv was
exhumed illegall) nnd thnt the peiform
ance showed It was the Mutual Life thnt
ever) body was v orklng lor, rather than
for the State Mr llrooke wanted to
bring out nlso th it the Coroner had not
held an lnciie"t, as the law directs. In
steid, he nccopti-d the nttiduvlts of
Mr .lull-in nnd Mr Olllette, of the Mu
linl Life Insurance Company, and held
his loiigue
The lawyer read tho minutes of the
cross-examination with telling dramatic
effect. He was followed by Mr Mc
Intvre with a rending of the re
direct testimony. Thru Mr. llrooke de
manded that the pto'ccutlon produce
the capsule picked out of it number of
samples on the former trial by Mullei
as the h70 Idled by Dr. Mejer with
pure arsenic for doping llramlt.
Muller testified that lu Mever -nvo
Ilrindt these nrsenlc np-mlcs every day
for four or five davs till lirandt died
Mr. llrooke contends that capsules filled
with pure arsenic would have killed
llrnndt within the hour.
lloth Mclntvre and Weltman declared
that they didn't know what had become
of the capsule, although by Mr. Hrooke-'s
request, Clerk Welsh had sealed It In
the envelope nnd given It Into the cus
tody of the prosecution, ut the close of
the former trial,
Mr Wullmnn said flippantly:
" Select any size capsule you like, Mr
Hrooke, and we will concede that that Is
the size Muller Identified ns the size used
by Dr. Mevr "
"Well, Mr Weliman. we will conduct
the defense It I jour plain duty, and
5011 know It, to product the cupsule
Identified by Muller "
Ther was more sparring nnd Mr. Well
mnn said he was trvlng to save time,
while Mr. Hrooke hull been waatlng time
nil morning.
"Now, whnt Is this? Is this a public
censor of the nets of ever) body else In
this court' I will not submit, I but
there, I will not sn anv thing The In
terruptions ami Interfere noes of this
man are beneath even contemiptuous
notice "
It was finally agreed that a No 3
cupsule should be uvt epted ah the size
A No 1 Is about as big as a thimble
fot a lady's little linger might be
The Itecordcr pulled a dollar out of his
pocket, handed It to a messenger nnd
sab!, with disgust expressed in face und
"(Jo out and buy u lot of sample cap
sules." Mr Hrooke move tint the Jury be In
structed to uceiult Dr .Mever, because of
a.leged variations of the proof with the
charge, First, the Indictment charged
Dr Mever with poisoning ' (Just iv II M
It nun" and sugieeteil no allisc-, while
tne proof wis ih.it "Lulwlg Ilrindt"
was the man win dlel the Indictment
ehergid pulMinhu! hv antlm ny vvhl.e
the evideace show t d 'hat arsenic and an
I i.tt jo W Die can lltluns Dr
tlinonv were used, If It Is believe I
thit mil. r the Constitution, Di
Mi-v.r wn entlllel n kn nv the
whole nature of the e barge ngHlnat him,
and the report of 1'iof Doremus, re ti
llered In May, and the stitement of
Muller, made In June, Informed the
District-Attorney that Ihe use of both
arsenlo and antlmotiv was charged, and
Is was his duty to submit all these facts
to the Grand Jury, so that they might
be Incorporated In the Indictment to
Inform tne defendant of what accusa
tion he had to meet nnd because the
testlmonv of nceoinpllce Muller had not
been corroborated In nce-ordance with
the law.
This formal motion wus denied and
a lecess was ordered prior to Mr
Chanler'H openlc address
Don't pay fa 00 for Boyi' Double Drawled
Bulta when you can get them at 1.41) to-dar
and to-morrow at the London & uverpool, HO
net 08 Bowery, eorntr Ututr .ty.tf . , ,
n teJafc fJStih ' s rt' lfifceffcefcliriilfr 1
And when the breezes blow
I generally go below." Sir Joseph Croker, K. C. B.
Evelyn Granville Had Abandonod
Littlo Burton 0. Webster, jr.
Dr. rnrlcliurst Aided Hor In mi At
tempt to Krgnin Illm.
Hveljn CJnnvllle, who chlrns to be tho
wife of Hurton C. Webster, now In Blng
Sing for killing Dookmaker Ooodwln on
her account, Ins again achieved noto
riety. She appeared In Jefferson Market Court
to-day to demand her two-jeir-old son,
Hurton C Webster, Jr , from the Oerry
Society, backed by Itev. Dr l'arkhurst's
lawyers, Tvler, l'rntt & Hubbanl
Mrs Webster, since tho time when she
figure lu the Webster trills, has lived
In vatlous uptown tenements, and has
raised disturbances several times, which
have necessitated the presence of the
police to iUlet.
The bov, Hurton Webster, now three
ears old, has been In her possession,
und. It Is alleged by the Oerry agents,
has not been as cnrefully cared for as
he might hnve been
Yesterday afternoon Mrs Webster
took the. child out for tin airing In Madi
son Hquare After cnrrvlug him up nnd
down the walks for a while she went to
William Ilosoveir, of ;f,S Seventh ave
nue, a waiter, who was sitting on a
She knew Hosevear h sight and he
knew her, having lived near her nt one
Hhe asked Hosevear to hold the baby
a few mnlutes Hosevear consented and
littlo Hurton was deposited lu Hose
vear's lap.
At o'clock Roseveon walked Into the
Gerry 8ocletv's rooms with the baby,
and snld he had been holding It since
3 30.
Itoseveos said that ho had become
quite nervous and had spoken to a
park policeman, who had advised him
to take little Hurton to the Children's
About 9 o'clock Mrs. Webster ap
peared at the Oerry Society rooms
.She was Intoxicated, and so was a
man who accompanied her, according
to the Oerry agents Hhe ilemieuded the
child, and when she was refused be
came excited and angry, and said she
would "see about It in the morning "
"I will go to Dr l'nrkhurst nnd see
If he won't help me," she said as she
flounced out of the door.
In rourt this morning little Hurton,
who was In the arms of Oerry Agent
Oiler, did not seem to be verv anxious to
retui n to the parental arms
Mrs Webster was represented by Liu
jit C A 11 Pratt, cf Tler, Pratt &
lllbbirl. of 111 Hroadwiv lloth Mr
Pritt and Mrs Webster askel nit the
child be returned to Its mother but Jus
tice Mc.Mahoii wool! not heir of It
"The onlj question In my mind," said
the Justice, " Is whether It Is ben to lock
vou up for cruelty to cnlllren"
Tho child was committed to the Asso
clitlon for llefrlendlng Children nnd
Young Olrls. Mrs Webster w u not he! I
Liwver Pratt said thit he was a frlnid
of Dr IHrkhurst, anl that he appein-d
for Hvelyn Granville Webster at the doc
tor's request
"I received a n )'. from Dr Parkhurst
this morning, anl compile! with his
wishes, that l ill "
"No, I am nit counsel for the Park
htirnt Socletv, nor la nn member f
mi linn This Is purelv a matter of
frDndly feehu I m tbe durtir -art, md
mine We fie! surrj for the woman
The fict that Dr Paikhurst Is aiding
IJvelyn Granville neills hl recent stite
mnt In public thu he had received
startling Information from a woman re
garding her Allege! criminal Ill-treatment
by a former hlg'i counts official.
Countess of (iliisuetn In TrUcei,
(liy Asw llle.1 I'ri.l )
1VN mASrlS 1 Mil- II ninir the p..
lenxere on the steamship Alrmeda hlh arrived
here )ester.1ay from .Sen 7eslani Is tbe rountres
ot lllasfos wife of I.or.1 (I i(o tlovtrnor of
N'ew 7eslin. Hie Coiinteei is maklnc a sli
fteesi visit to InflsD anj will return to New
Zealani la Auiciit-
es tt
880 AND 0K3 SUITS AT 10.
If you went e handsome aull In Cheviot or
Cualmere, o to the London & Liverpool,1 80
Acoused of Fraud by Mount Ver
non Oarpentors.
Ho Is Locked t'p In Default of
30,500 Hall.
George H. Wejer, a real estate dealer
of this city, wus arrested late i sterility
afternoon by Deputv Sheriff Wulgerlng,
nnd In defnult of JCS'W ball wns lodged
In Liiillovv Street Jail on an order
signed by Justice Dskman, of the Hu
preme Court In Westchester County
The complulnant'i ngalnst Wi'ser
are Siblno Ouarlnu und Pasqualla
Carfniigus, cirpenters and builders, of
Mount Vernon, who charge him with
fraudulent misrepresentations In tnuU
Ing a contract with them
The trouble-, lie. ordlng to the ntildn
vlt.s, resulted from a contiuct the car
penters made to bullil six houses for
Wee.r nt Columbus avenue and Sixth
street, Mount Vernon, for V C")
The complainants nlleire cyer was
Insolvent when he made the contract
and represented that be was wealthv
Thes state that he assured them that
he owned the lots on which the houses
were to be erected and seventeen lots
ndjolnlng, and that there was onls a
mortgage of Jl.aw on the whole
On these re presentations, the plain-1
tiffs allege, thev erected the houses and
furnished much of the material They
claim thnt tlie have since ilKcovi-red
tint when Wejer obtained title to tho
property it was subject to n mortgage
of Jl2,'). nnd In October pre cedlnr the
making of the contracts with the plain
tiffs that Wts'er executed another mort
gage on the property for Jfc.ooa. and In
a few months aft.r the contract Wejer
placed another mortgage of 1,V on tho
The plaintiffs allege that Wejer has
only paid them on account II Sin and
that there Is still due them Jii.lSO, for
which they bring suit.
evT Workmen Arrlv- nt n l'liintf
iillel fits Attnrlf l'niirrtl.
(Ily Am.s-lale.1 preet )
PNIONTOWN. Pa . Maj 11 -There
wns great excitement In this region
Inst nighf, owing tu the Intro luctlon of
outsiders to take the place of the strik
ing coke workers Ihe Mrlkcrs, es
peclallj tho Slavs and Poles, wer
i simply furious over the npiiearnm e of
an advance gu ird of workmen ccm
ilstlug of two carloids of forelgne-ri.
who were run Into the .Murewond plant
of the II i Prbk Coke Compnuj
The men are engaged li go
to w TK at the nil rates nnd
most of them are reported ns Inexpert-
t need men Tluiu wtie p ) men in the .
It Is feared that the strikers will at
tack deputle s In such force that the
guard will be swept nway Ten thou
sand men aro exppcted at tirnttdnlr,
and the lenders' may not be able to keep
them within bounds
WIfo uf the 'I lientrlfjil Miinuitcr
Mtileli'tilj l'.pli.s
Mrs Ilnirj Miner wife if the theat
rical matuiBT, dlel mi ldenlv nt her
home, on Madison uveuue at J A M tu
dav The Fifth Avenue Theatre will be
closed until Monday In consequence.
Truppiiit Hluteri llurlrtl.
(Ily Arsortaeed Press )
VIP.NNA. May 11, Tho strike nt
Ostrau, Mornvlii, has spread to th
Huge!) Pit The victims of the Troppnu I
lot on May 'J were burled to-daj at
daybreak without any disorder I pop
the elate mentioned striking miners at
tacked itendarmes who were guarding
a colliery, and nine rioters were killed
and twenty wounded.
Tlile It True.
A drunken huabeod la cure to hU famllr.
The rtnulno liitLir treatment will euro him.
All but Mrs. Norton Obey the
Notices of the Health Board.
She Wns Forced to Lcnvo Her Home
of Forty Yenra To-Dny.
The Health Department has at last
been successful In dislodging, the squat
ters who for the last quarter of a cen
tury or morn have lived In wretched
shanties from Park and Madison ave
nues, between One Hundred and Flf
tenth street tad One Hundred and
Nineteenth streets. The shanties were
long ago condemned as a menace to
public health, and the tenants have
reielvrd repeated notices to vacate.
Having no plnce to go, and feeling a
sort of ownership to the rocks on which
their frail houses were merely hang
ing, many of the squatters refused to
laist Saturday, however, they re
ceived a peremptory order from the
Hoard of Health to vacate within live
dujs Yesterday was the fifth day,
and thels morning Sergeant Cruise, of
the Health Department, sent live po
lleehen to see that those that had not
yet moved should be made to do so
The policemen found less to do then
they expected The entire block bounded
hv Mndlon and Plfth avenues and One
Hundred and Seventeenth an! One Hun
dred nnd Hlghteenth streets, which Is
the rockj bluff some thlrtv feet above
the street level, wus In the possession of
Mrs Norton, an aged wldjw, who had
lived In her shantj for forty years wlth
cut being disturbed. At the command
of the (Kjllcemen she awrrawfiilly locked
her eioor and went to look for a room
All the rest of the squattors on this
blcck, numbering about fifteen, have
either moved or complied with the
Health Hoard orders by putting In
The rocks between One Hundred and
Sixteenth and One Hundred and Seven
teenth streets, ulong Madison nnd Plfth
uvemies, are also nearly swept clean of
the obnoxious shanties, ami the resi
dents uf the flats along .Madison ave
nue nre watching the removal with
Thei go-its that hnvo climbed the
rocks for sears seeni"d even more loath
to leave than their owners, and some of
them that were taken to Washington
Heights have returned, nnd were lunch
ing at noon to-day on paper and rage
left behind by the squatters.
The Wurld" Hun I'orreel Vlnny lis
l.uvvrr 'I heir Prlee-i.
M-iny heads of fimllles with fore
sight are t'iking advantage of the situ
ation In the retail rial market, brought
nbi'iit bj the determined light of "The
U orl 1 " nnl are Hying In a supplj of
i'iil fi,r luxt Winter at the low prices
reoultliiK fiom the practical methods
ml 'ide 1 bj Th- World" In Its battle
with the mngmtes
' The World his solJ 5,33: tons of
coal at the uniform price of jt 50 per ton,
which Is 7S cents less than the price
llxed bj the Coal Hxchange, and which
ihe miguates in"l3t Is the lowest figure
thnt vi mil I vleld a profit
I ut the exchange cannot hold the re
tailers They realize that somethlhg has
Mruek the mirket and they are fleeing
to civer The prudent bujer, bj "shop
ping" a little can llu I deilers who are
btwlng b fjre tbe sturm, and are
plucla,; e nl at prbes far below the es
tablished $.'"." per ton Thnt Is what
" Ihe World' his been fighting for.
There was nn nttemtt made to shut
off "The World's" supplj, but the peo
ple's paper Is able to announce n con
tinuance Indefinitely of the present JIM
rate, und orders may be left at either of
thu New York or IJrooklyn offices for
coal delivered anj where In either city.
When elcalers are able to deliver coal
nt J.I 7;' per ton, ns one dealer did In the
case ef a contract for fuel for n public
Institution Inst week. It Is silly for them
to Insist thnt there is no profit at less
than 13 i1. Of course, this dealer makes
u profit at J3T9, and that is $1.40 less
than V ii.
A profit of 51.10 on the ton of coal de
livered to the family of a worklngman
Is cruelly exorbitant, and only possible
through a close monopoly. It la that
monopoly " The World'1 la fighting.
' ' Rot ai, Ktb WkjkiTjIO Of ,a fi vvmrt, I
' I
The Yicions Elephant Spat 1
Oat a Carrot Loaded I
with Poison. I
Some of the Poison, However, m
Found Its Way to HIb
Stomach. :W
Supposed Drunken Man with a 1
Rifle Creates a Small- Mm
Sized Panic '!
Tip still lives. The most deadly poison
known to sclenc; hat failed to lay blm 'f-M
low. Man's knowledge has proved In- 'if'tB
effectual against tho innate cunnlnff ot jJ
the big pachyderm. '
At 6 o'clock this morning Dr. Hunt (9
It Kton and Allen, carrying leather bags, B
entired the elephant-house. Their ?U
knowledfro of toxicology caused them tt
be tin-led out by the Park Commit- '(
loners to superintend the admlnlstra- ',vU
tlon of the deadly drug which woa to vfl
make o( Tip a good elephant. They Jfl
had a little package off. cyanide o ffl
potassium, six ounces In all, sufficient to lM
kill a regiment of men. "JH
A crowd of fully one 'hundred people fM
hnd gathered around the building. 'Half 'im
of them were newspaper men, who bad ?JM
been detailed to witness tha execution. ifl
Park Commissioners Clausen, Straus ';
nnd Dell arrived shortly after, arid the VB
quintet went Into the elephant-house and H
shut the door t'ght. At CM o'clock the jM
dcors were opened, nnd those who bad itlfl
passes were allowed to enter, JH
Commissioners Hell and Straus took jM
charge of things, und soon bad a rope -".
stretched across the wide asphalt pave- jM
ment In front of Tip's cage.
AVns Tip SnsplrJous? rM
All this time Tip stood behind his Iron- B
barred barrier and swung his trunk: yM
back and forth. Ills little eyes twin- ,?.
kled and had a knowing look. 'W
Keeper Snj-eler looked In and grinned. EH
"Whj", he's dead onto this scheme," wasj hU
his only comment.
Hnjder refused point-blank to be the JH
one to give Tip the poison, so Otto
Mopls, an old animal trainer, who had sUU
charge of Tip way back In 1581, was ap- SJ
pointed executioner.
It was fi.50 o'clock when Assistant vfll
Supt. RuniB handed Dr. Horace Allen, rflj
curator of the Museum of Natural His- e.'fll
tory, a big carrot, which he had scooped 1
out and fitted with a plug made from -Mm
another carrot. Ul
Dr. Allen took from his bag a package ?.Mt
of the poison and poured two ounces of ;
the white powder Into the hollowed-out jV
carrot. The plu- was neatly Inserted Vm
and tho svadly bolus was handed to ',!
Mopls. -3M
He Takes the? Cnrrot. titM
Mopls stepped up to the bars and tjqfl
held the "arrot out to Tip with a word Mm
ot command. The great flexible trunk, ,aj
w th Its prehensile linger, stretched out ''9m
and grasped the carrot gingerly. ,Wt
Kvery one held his breath. The men ,Mu
ot science had said that the stuff would A
hardly reach Tip's stomach before be JM
would roll over dead. -f9I
Slowly and deliberately Tip curled his Mil
trunk under and lifted the carrot to his -B
capacious maw. An Instant later It hnd qwM
disappeared and the spectators waited fflj
to see the rive tons or flesh fall with a Jmt
thud and stiffen In the agonies of death. jH
Hut Tip didn't fall worth a cent. Ha '2flJ
gave the carrot a crunch between bis ''
powerful Jans and then deliberately ?A1
apat It out In several pieces. Still, the m
spectntoia thought that enough of the !Mt
deadly stuff had found Us vvav into Tip's 9
stomach to do for htm. There was, BHJ
however, no perceptible change In the wl
elephant's demeanor
Ur Allen at once called for nn apple, i'fM
and Mr Hums prepared one to receive uH
another eiuantltv of the poison. Two iU
ounces more of the white powder was PMt
poured Into the hollow apple and plugged -
up. :tiMt
AVoultl ot lint tlip Apple. hUW
Mopls took It and again held out the 'iJM
Instrument of dea h for Tip's acceptance. tcHI
The elephant tojk It, wrapped tne end .ijHjl
of his trunk aroui! It. crushed It Into a -Sfl
pulp anl deliberately tossed It away, '4H1
lleantlme four men, each carrying ?K
a Winchester repeating rifle, filed In ana fil
took a stand opposite Tip's cage. c?Ut
They were there to be useful In case
of an emerpencj t"Hjl
Shortly after their entrance another MW
man, with a ride, presented himself, and 'W
ns he had a pnss he was promptly ad- iMU
mltted mm
He had not been In the elephant house HH
many moments before he began acting ',.!,
in a vvrj queer manner and to handle
his tllle In a waj that the reporters ijjHjl
and others thought was very careless v9
an 1 dangerous to the people In the -Xmrn
room Z4H
After watching the strangers move- wmm
ments for some time several of those 7HI
firesent reported to the authorities that fljl
le was Intoxicated, and he was asked 'WM
to leave, which he did Immediately. JjHl
When outside the house he grew very jWM
Indignant and said he was a gentle- JmW
man, was not Intoxicated and had been .
grossly Insulted ,WM
It was said tint the man was a friend .MM
of Assistant Superintendent of Men- fmm
agerle Hums and had secured his 'SUM
pass from him iHB
When Mr. Hums was seen by an $
"Evening World" reporter he was very fmm
reticent regardlmr the matter. He said H1
the man was Dr. Wright,, of West mmm
ICIghty-flrst street, but that he did not immt
know his Initials or exact address. flmm.
I st Drnmlc, bat Jferroos, JliBH
I He said further that Dr, Wright to , JLM
lifti 'ii-j(Pl41kXk'i-jlsMB

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