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g 2 THE WORLD: FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 11. ' 1894. ' .
tCmlimifrt from Hrtl Ti1f. )
not a ilrlnklnk mm, Imt thiit Hi" '""' a
, nervou arfertlon that aomptliii- rauiB
his niovi-mnnlH nivl actions) to n iui-er
to people lu ilon't kn.m him
Another RiMitl"iiian. who ilulimM to
know Dr. WrlKlit wll. H'llil !; win u
ureal rtunVnt nf natural hlntnry unil
iilao a i-ollPL'tot of Knx. Up nisei i-.il'l
Ur. Wrlcht hml hiintnl ilrplmiif In
their nntivi- JiiiibIci. l Wrlitht lilm
Hi'lf promptly loft the park unit coiilil
.W not be seen,
" This cnnfM a Utile diversion for n few
I minutes, nml then all eei were turned
on Tip.
NMnlloMTll !Olllf I'iiIkm".
It wai evident that the animal hail
Bwiillowcil u purtlon of the ilriiK-Dr.
Allen thollKlit nliout an ounce,
lie began to quiet iliiwn, unit the doc
tore. phIiI that the ilniK uh h.iMiin u
sedative effect. Thin Tip backed lip Into
the angle made lv the Iron luirt anil the
tide wall of III" nine, and stood th'T"
with his haunchen restlnK mtnlnnt the
WThl. ncPonVni: to IT. Allen, wiih an
Hu effect of the cyanide nf pcit.iiliim.
F which, urtliif on the spinal cinl.pr.J-
L duc. first, n pnitlul p.iinlysla nf the
t 'T.iree'moVe attempt were made to In-
I dnce Tip to take the p"ln l vrn ini.ii;
J apples and n half loaf of bread, all
( c'liirned with the ilim:. weiu taken from
1 Moplt liy the eh pliant, s.pieeed In lilt
i, trunk and U.i.-.l ii"!'!''- . ,, ,
"It'll no use." sild Sunt. Hums; "!."
knows too mu. h fur u."
Ps Hupt. Ilmklnson thounht that rnointh
1 ' exporlnientlnB had I n dune, and said
L fo. Then It was sui:i;eteil that the rllhM
', be broUKhl Into pl.i, bu' Mr. Knnltlnsoii
lj vetoed that In short order.
Tip !" SIpU.
. Tip continued to lean nt Intervals
t ntalnst the side of Ills cane, and at 7.W
h began to retell. ,
f He kept this up at short periods until
,1 . nearly k o'clock, lletween the Ills of
I f retching lie apeared to he stupid. 'Ihen
( he. beiran to rally and seennil more like
, ..himself- ,. , .
At 'J o'clock lie did not appear to be
. BUfferlnK much lnconenlehce from the
, . poison he had tnken.
Dr. Allen, however. Insisted that the
J nnlmal had taken enoiiKh of the cvmilde
of IKJtasslnm Into his stomaeh to kill
f i lilm eventually. The action of the pol
k . on was, however, slower than had been
j.-' counted on, he said.
g. Commissioner Straus won evidently
V dlsRUsteil, and characterized the ill
s' tempt on Tip's lire as an uniualllled
I failure,
j Noun I,l - lis Kter.
At 10.10 o'clock Tip had resumed his
, ' nwnylnij motion and looked n If he
h didn't feel very bad nbout iiiitliliiK In
f particular. Hupt. Iliinklirsun went down-
!i town and It was said that the Park Cum-
f mlssloners had decided to leave It to
t the Hocli'ty- for the Prevention of I'ru-
ft eltv. to Animals as to how Tip should be
' put to death. Later It was said that
flj tiupt. Smith would he allowed to decide
f Upon the imans to bo used.
fe Commissioner Htraus assured an
"KvcnltiB World" reporter that no fur-
' ther atempts on Tip's life would be
made to-day.
Dr. Allen Disappointed.
Dr. Allen said he wa' much disap
pointed at the want uf action of the
cyanide of potassium. In the rase of
human belnKH, the doctor said, the ac
tion of the druk' was very ipilck. Two
Itrnlns of It will piodiice the follow Inn
-n;' symptoms In rapid succession;
j jA The spinal column Is llrst alTerted and
I if- Immediately almost entire patal-
' Vh ysls of the lower extremities follows.
Jf Then the Iuiiks lire iiaralyed. together
ft with lite upper extremities, and dually
g the heart suddenly ntops I.eatlnR.
Sfi In the case of Tip. Hr. Allen expected
thnt the name symptoms would occur.
'Bf The dose Klven to the unlinul. namely
jSt- two ounces, was etunnjli to kill four or
five hundred men almost Instantly. Me
was sure, lu said, that the animal had
swallowed nt least nn ounce of the
poison whleh he nml Di lliintlnitton
had decided was ample to kill the le
phiint. They had doubled the (inutility
as an extra precaution
Or Allen at noon wus still of the
opinion that Tip would die from the
effee Is nf the dose kIVcu lilm. To u lay
man Tip sccme.' to be es lively us eer.
Itrfnsiil (Inml l.'rnlt,
Wllllntn Wall'ice, of the Museum of
Natural lllstorv, tried to Induci. Tip t"
eat a potato tin. I uu I pple, uelthir of
whh h i ontaliii-d iml(.n. after the loi di .1
cut ml had been admllilsteied. Tin re
fused, however, to ent the perfectly
"oiiinl frull
Hupt llniinlnsnn. nf the H icP-tv f.r the
I'reventloii of C'rueltx it, Anlinils. re-
i tur-ied to his olllre nfter the fillure In
kill Tl'i. and at in o'clock -ild the lc-
l Ions eliphant would Ihe to-l i at leit
linlllrr cdit!!! to llr Tried.
I "There Is to be U conference tills nfter-
noon." he sjld, "to deli rinlne on a
.methol nf Rettlnu the brule out of thol
1 way, and until after thit. 1 cannot even
I express nn opinion nbout what pi in will
be ndoptel."
"Will you cinent to Invlm; Tip shot'"
I Mr Hal klii'on was ,ikeil
, "That depends on who would "boot
' lilm." he replied
I "If the Sillily nlllcrs were nllove.l to
I do ro, Wf.iiM .iu consent?"
"I cannot siy now "
"Then what do mu believe would be
i the I.et method of klllliiK Tip"" i
I "Couldn't nv " reiled Mr lliinklnnn
' "r.lenlnnt klllliiK Is new business for
I me " I
Voiiiik Itfliliil lileil for Dtvurei1. I
lllv AKmiMll. I IT. i' j
"r'llll.Mirl l'lll Mv II - ll IrlfUfl tirrf
rplirliy II, it n mil f.r !U.,rr l.a li.n tmi'icht
l.y Mrs (irirn II Ujilm. Jr Mr pnun wa
Ml Annli- Tr-1.-11 l!op, r .lomlil.r rr the lilr
V i ttorr ont llii- n l.llni; e-iirrel hi-rr fmr
jisrs in, sMI t Tic Viiiiik lin.liH-1 i fuller sa
fet Ihe leal of t lie Pen"l in lliirenu Ttie rmtrle
ipnmlel a yeiir auu Ikeertlin In qIIirpI an 1
no iMrnpe liali tein Inlfrpfiw.t
ICeiilncIO' Ciirpenlers Slrll.r.
till ApOfllel Prpf 1
IMNVISN'ATI II May tl -Three humlr. I union
enrp,nler of Nesport ati.1 I'ulnrli.n Ki . trii.k
Imt nlRht leraiiie of ihe refnil of eniiloirs
it. i.ii ihe unt.iti a ale Twn hninlre.1 m..re nro
evp,. lej lo enma out
,.' lllni-ra Mlrll.e In 'fllssniirl.
lllv Aiaoilali.t Prra )
Ni:VAIIA, Mo, M II The nilfr In Vernon
ant Hates fonrtlea .leel.tea t.i alrlU.. Ii-i nlRht,
nn.l Z.ttVi men laia ilonn tlflr l.la
Put It Off
If lhfioittninr of tlie warmer wnthfr flu U
yin all nui ilomt fruiu the (lerth of the win
lr, uern(irk. worry ami i lo.e rounnpincit;
If your appotltp m nor, kik! uu teel I'ull
nil MhiKtflnli, ilon't run the rink uf tMiiy,
IIoodN HarHapnrllU Is what jmi iipo'1. It
wnn prepared eipresly for Jiint mirtiaron
tilt Ion. It mil purify juiir MuimI. jrie you
an apitltf, Iuijron our tUirv Ion w
iimkojou wi'll, 'Ililn h what it hnMtono In
the print. It ilottitr -Inj- nrnl will ilo for on.
TaLn It now. .iuJ hit t onxhit eil tint
IImhI's Pills rnrn utaaoa, atck hcsilirlie, la
(tlxpatloo. LIMounti Haul by all tlniirxlt'i.
Connecticut Division uf ('nie)'a
Aiio llestimcs lis .Mnrcli.
The C'uinectlciit dlvWon of the Coxey
nrmv left this city en ruiite for Waeh
ItiKton to-dn
Tip re w.re sixty men In this dhlslnn
whui It iiril.l here l.it Welnr..ny,
hill MllV Ilf'-SN Of Ihi'lll ne'lllli'l t'lM
mar. 'i lo-i.i This l on In; lo the fut
tint two in. -ii. an lion in .older an I ,i
Uto. .V-, he pi r. have .'i lire I wmk, one
I l"i - deerte., and "I'.ltliel Tllin" I.I.Nd,
who Joined the artnv ai New ltnchtl,
Iwl'l n-tur ii t.i Ins farm, uhlili he l-ft. like
I'lm 'nn,itii of ',11 ciHtuif aw i his
IiIoiikIi to answer "dul' call" ,
The unnv has it.ruii.'l .ln.eiis of appll- I
citlons from tile inplo. il men. who
wl"hed lo iriinni with tli'in to WiIiIhk-
I ton. Uii" of th" ,iip c mis wn- at the
nrmj's b. adipiarlers, 5') Cist Tenth stnet,
this inornhiK. Me nave his n inie us
Arthur (1. Mdiitnliine, of 2V, ('inn strett,
llrookljn. and said Unit he w is n c .in-
iiost.r. beluiiKltiK lo IIIk "O" Typntcr.iphl-,
! cil I'lilm I
He was u lirlRht, liile'MKent-Kiokliijr
;yoim,' nun, nn I a. that when he ,m
isv.er, I an aiheltlseun nt for a c nup.i. i
I 'or thl.s niirnliiir he foiin 1 lle hutidred
I men ahead ,t lilm
I It Is rumored that n larie number of I
miemplojisl printers In thin ilt win Kft I
llnKcth. r Altfilu a few days and nurrh
to Wiishliutun under tin; Coxey banner
i The ' nineeticii' arms ,111 nil Met tt
bn-akfast until after 10 o'clock this mom.
Iiilf All'niiiKh Hie men wcr i.iiniijusiy
I litiiiKrj they did nut citnp'uln ahmt the
l 1 -,11V ilelnv
Tw i otlnr contliiKenls from Conneetl.
lent are exported here In a few d.i. i
I Ni:V.HK. N I. Miv II IMlrlck
Connors, the a halice a.'iiit of the ('in-'
nee'lcn c nt'liuenl of Coxe's army, un
der romt-ind if "C,l" Hneetlml. Is In
this city, prcpatliiK fjr the c unlm; of
the army lliN afternoon i
While In New uk th nrmv will stop
In the Socialists' headiiiirt'rs, on I'rlnce I
Vim llenil Tlir llelilnie World 1
Do Von Item! Tin fllltiilii) Wurlil?
U'llllnliislniru Coxejlle llrllriril to
llr Insiinc,
William Tletney, of 321 Orecnpolnt
uveuue, was held In the Cwen Htreet
Court, WllllutnfburK, to-day, for Inquiry
Into his mental condition, i
Tlerney ileinaniled a free drink In
John Kluy's saloon, S2S (lieenpolnt ave
nue, jesterday, su)lni; lie was KoInK
to Washington to Join Coxey. I
When the barkeeper lefused to treat
the Commonweal .recruit, Tlerney broke
all the windows In the place with .
pivhn' stones It took four policemen '
to convey him to the (Ircenpoliit ave-
tine station house
as .
Sen red 11(1 lij Winchesters.
tlly Also, latrj Preas )
I'AIIIIOI.I.TUN, 0., May II -tvnty file eoal
nilntra bi itej by a ilrum rorpa from Mineral
Point, mirrhoil Into Malmn yeatorOay to Orha
mltiers from the mints Th Mayor, marshal and ,
ileptWlm met Ihe alrllitri Sixty Wlnclieatera In
the lnn.!h of iletartnlnel men asaltisl am aa
aillt noon Ihe mines. Aflir a raueiia the htrtkera
tied t J huncsarj
i i
liiii'i I, coder Jullril In Tenia.
Illy Ahs). Utel Preaa )
llilt SMS. Ten , May II "deneral" Pallrr
run of Hit Teiat In.ldalrlal Arny. la In Ju II for ,
B.lnll'ni; the KnlrhK of I'jtlilaa tel(e at Kal
isr.sli ' I'ol " llrosn has assnm.1 eoutrol of Hit ,
nrmv an.l f.linla Iht men li-ijjn Ihelr tnneJi I
afoot the railroad rrfimmjr to furnish tht trans,
tortallnn I
Sliiilliton tillers Hnll'l SlrlKe.
Illy Asroilltel Prrns )
STM'NTllS III, May 11 At Ihe meitlng lni.1
nlsht miners etn,loyi-0 In ahafta No 6 nn.l Nu 7
vol,.) not to strike
I'orlloliil Ami) Dulndlcs Anns-.
Illy Ams-laleil I'naa )
PIIItTI.ANIJ, tire Mm II -I'orthn.l'a Corey
army, shlrh n wiek aco niimliere-1 ali hinelro.)
men has ilnlnilleil mil to less limn folly
Weil-Wade Clothing.
ilni Sullt of
MrhislYB t atlerns, J
'.rsiO, I2,5I5 o $28.
loti Vlninat nn1 1
' YonthV Puli at Proportionate Trlcea.
Pms' 1,1 cht anl
Park Ml.e.l Ch...
lot ami Worate.1 Jfl Jh Jljj to U.
KllltS BRI'I I 10 I ' '
II yvara.
Boys' fine Sulta J
of Casslmerea Wor- f
at atu Che.- $0 $Q $10 t0 $1(1
lota ascalStell I Ul ,UI ' ,U
(Clothing, Hats, Shoes and I'urninhinlti),
8th Ave., Gar. 42d St.
fprelal. SDtclal.
a. A It Inttvm Sulla. OPP.N I',VRM(1H, Meii'a Itusstt Stioea.
liiaJn of the well knosn lland-Sewrd Welt,
Ulna MI.MIesel, III 00. rptrlal at 1100.
A Shoe that combines wear, style
and fit, an J possesses t!ic advantage,
of having; no wax threads, nails,
&c, to wear out stock'ngn or spoil
tempers Is what most parents and
guardians arc In search of.
I olfcr the fulluu Imk styles, pos
csslnj: the above attributes at
prices lower than sold by any other
HANI.hI.Vi.!) WTIl".
In uliltlis A, II, (', II) i:, sles 'Ji-j lo ,1.
Youths' Calf Eluchers,
iiani).si.w:i M,ir.
In uliltlis A, II, ( , II, I!, sles 1 1 In 'J.
Kisses' Soolma Kid Button,
iiaki.hi.wi:i wi:lt..si'hin(i uv.v.l.
In m Mills A. II, ', I), i:, sles 1 1 lii '.'.
Children's Soolma Kid Button,
HANn.sr.wi'.D vi:ir, si'iuxc, nr.nr..
In lilllis A, II, t I), I), sli (1 in )L.
livery pair of the above arc
warranted to give satisfaction in
every instance.
I IIWi: Ml AtiHNC'IlX (lit 11UANC1I
sT(l!l. .11 VMKIIN CANNOT HI) 't .
ciiam:i) or amy otiii:ii ii:ai,i:ii.
6th Ave., cor. 20th 5t.
New York anl Long Branch SteamboaTcT
bteumer Mnrv rnttell leave! fm,l nf Jane at.
N. It., ilally (exrent miihIusi, II a. M. l'relcbt
leciHtMl for aenlirlxht. .Mnntiiotith llrucli, utile
lallvur, Lunar Itrnnili aim ltriinrtitiort.
Kxcnralau Tlrltels, 00 ceiils.
will olfer Saturday
Misses' Reefers
' of Plain Kerseys and !.
1 Imported Mixed Cloths, Z2 jK
handromely trimmed, QuJ o tr J'
, sizes 3 to 14 years, at
1 formerly $5.98 to $8.00.
Onlfing Suits
I English Serges,
4 and 1 6 years, at J Ik 11 o a IS ,
Formerly $12.90 &$ J 6.50
of English $1 (Tj) S(TI)
Covert Cloths, at v Jl VJf a Oj AJ
Formerly $17.50.
M3sses' Suits
I of Fine Duck $(.1.0(11,
and Matural Linen, at v j) o V VJ
West 23d St.
UOO NEW J150 SrKTir.3 AT
S?50 each.
1.000 NEW J1C0 SAKKT1K3 AT
S60 Each.
soo H50 safi:tii:s sikii'-wokn and some
S35.00 to $40.00.
11(1 nml 114 . I2.5TII MT.,
A: 32 l'AKK llACi:.
UlCVCI.ns. Frcm Sheriffs sale. W't can srll
tou new liartforili, Columbia rneumatlc Tlrei,
Columbia Saddtt never before sold for leu than
S 1 25. for K9. complete with lamp anJ bell. New
CuHcentH, Morsan A Wrlbt Pneumatic tires. Hi.
New Junon (3. New Premieres, Whippet tires,
rrlce tiro, our price (65 SecnnJ-hnnl Cushion anJ
'neumntlr whfl, all makes, from $15 to 135.
OU nbvels taken In trade llcralJ Cycle Co.
(th ?pot each House). 114 Nassau st . near P. O.
1 000 to Helr-n from
I IlirvrLKS. new, Ht lei than coU of soconJ-hsnl
ones, ZQO WtHtrrn crUn, Murnn u Wrlgbt
llr.x nevpr soU Ins than $100, our price $49,
I with lamp and -ll , inn m minsters, never soil
len-. than tZZ, ntteJ wlib v.6) rims, Morgan A
v'rlRht tires, our price $60; C00 barnalns in
seron 1 bnnil rhnp.v,(irn, cushion nnj pneumatics,
all mnkit, $15 to $ A. O C. Co., 10 Barclay
St n.f Hmmlway, Nw York
UK.NTLnMKN'S MATS, latest Ilroatlway styles,
I retullvtl at eiactly holesals prices. Danbury
Hat Co,, 22 Itirows st.
7. KA Sacks. Frocks,
J:aV Cutaways.
I Our Guarantee with Every Suit.
Ilo' Dniilili-.lliriistiil suli,i mn.
ni'U i'ulorH. till Izrn. , I A&fl
1111111I tiilur at SIMM), j HTV
ofkx i:ii.,mmih.
The Beauty of a
Mantel Cabinet
lien in tlio covering of much wall
space in n way that is not ex-
wita. namental, af-
jfcgnL fording a plac o
IftrSi W Jl wt "c " a " rac
Afe'p'iv- Jaaj Hero is a san -
plo cabinet.
Noto its graceful outlines and
stvlish ufl'oct. The price is only
"Wo liavo others scores of
them at other prices; some as
low ns $D.00.
You can " bco yourself as
othoiB seoyou" in our Pior Mir
rors with bric-a-brac bases for
$12.00 and up to $00.00.
Business Opportunities.
SJ775-T. E."siiif WALL P. GO.
Capers a room lth line glareJ patwr. S3 fitlt and
orders to match Tulntlnx and kalsomlDlng At
lowest ratss. 107 Essex at., 39 Carmine st.
DANMMlY HAT O. retails Oentlemen's latrst
sllc Hats at strictly wholesale prices. 22 Des
brosses, near Green Ich.
Snturiliiy, May 12,
Misses' Suit Depi
Gingham Dresses.
4 to 14
;enr H G8
sizes, IUU
with (rilt casing nml buttonB
4 to 111
yonr $ 7R
sizes, U,1U
14 mid 10
year $f 7R
sizes, UitJ
Covert Cloth Coats & Skirtj
12 to 10 .
S $J2.75
A complete stock of High Novel
tics in Dresses for Hisses an
Children, including Dotte
Swiss, Taffeta, and Qlnce Sllkj
Wool and Cotton Crepons, Dircl
ties, Duck, Percale, Denli
Cloth, etc.
18th St., 19th St and Sixth Art
(iStli St. Station Elevated Road.)
uoui ow oii:n i-on ENOAUiuiiiara
1011 iMillVALH.ita,
- 3:
DANIIURY HAT CO., 22 D.abmmea at. Ml
Ureen. Ifh, retail, lateab styled bata ai txacQ
wholeaat. prlcea.
I Qtu ru'Vfc" TBI lEQfliEl I Q IDBITTE'B jP ff otttfot"
' n I tl II if T 3 Km m S m 1 3 m B B iTB Bm S tf" FT I E .m m I I U VI
I Qjn hvl. I iSULOULLL OifiL I L.H QjUa "In 51.
m" 1,000 dozen Hnmlkcrrluofu, Lailies', embroiJoioil, worth 10c., if A nn. an-mm -. . n , . - j. .-. ,...
I - Saturday Sa e BUTTERCUP SOAP. x'0Tmm
Bi 25 dozen Ladies' Fast Black Sateen S'2.00 Skirts, nt 79c. J mu W W " B CHALLIES
H 100 dozen Lndios' mark shopping nags 25c. Vi& Qrecit OeaLity Soap, Recognized bv Skin Special- AND
M 200 49c. card cwh i9c. ists as Very Beneficial to tlie Skin. SHIRTINC PRINTS,
J .MOdjakBeiK OelebratedSoapTo-Morrow at 25c. Box; 1 0c. Cake. From 9 to 13 a. m 21$,
I s.iooSPQi; O rnrr Cloaks, jfr 8atur6av ; mlunerY Infants' Wear Dept. SATURDAY
I ivn m O.tlu. LmJ rntti t- TT BARGAIN DAY IN SHOE DEFT. RflRftfliM M -''" -JAlUJUiAl.
It WBb m. W.WW, ! )jj CaoeS. XI enormous sacrifice. DHBbAIN. j GHILDREH'S l000 W'T"' ,,;os' T"
jvAX ,'wi.jL4j7aj tsftlfi'&iL uwir v ""ii-uiii.li u slinpcil boclieH, Mnco yarn,
In .-),, a A BARGAIN Mm aN Jlv oXTiK'dKon Jmk msRQ BINGHAM or
9 all wool, in ery neat ?7 ,.,, Y 1' ( Wk ,XIora ,cs J"a O-'ttOn JV-BWC.-'-V V "fA- )(') .-.. OlB
-.WncWkH, Mixtnn, J$L .-- A C HJLl ft 3L Shoes, bought from a Mz3fWl$t MM$ltJ DRESSES, 3 cobob Mon'a Undenre
Q f-A and other neat dcM,.ns ) j VllTlMU MTU 1 -bllltS fesl nianutacturcr rctirillfl SfM-) IRW ,.".' Shirts nml Drawom, soft whih
M ' LUm worth in eory LA IUUllUHlIlf IV Ml SlW W business, Will be F HIllKli6 f 1VA Tl m, "l morino, sold usually at 43c; ott
:i Laymoo, forthsoU ' W ilUI1 jM W sold at about 50c. on &0S3IIW III Ml rm"ned prico
f y LJ . . . . it fi 14 to 10 vpnrsi n. I , s l If y 3 lm f li j ii ... L'7r- K llHrA I U witluinbroidery
MW,lo only, with. 82.00 V3 nlrlotav AlVool . . . h U UqIiIII sS. i I J- dollar, aniOIlC, which 1:-41- f I and hraid, sizo OQf
I l e' lzr Hmt. WPii ,,i,,,io. in jj i 3 ValllBi rm are ' I I lJ- 'Hir'0"11 &2?.0 each
O fllT Sill tonlrnVf"11 10,V51,.,!'cr S"ilH' "r,0 200 C-jipea In various Htyles ami PHn feivirfllfil PSlllHrOn'O HllfO lT jfr C in XutoloaT0net3
Ik UH J 'Ol).fortlSKal0 of l,m, Cheviot In 1 n 1 sl,ad,s, n, ado of fine ladies' KM ' J mW bill till till 0 fldlOl V !JSsl 4 I-
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A GREAT BARGAIN ! " ' 1 -r m sZsffi - 25c. JET qqp mA aqp
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WW 6?.PyB.':?0U.blegA M.lnl9M . JmtrocelTed a froBh lot of Boys' Confirmation Proe-A 200 Childrena' Waah Dresses in tipped, nmnnfactm-S 07 r' S L Zn n'Z Sv OO
B breasted CI ev JU i' W,ltb 0Xta 1ftn,s' mnJe of bruse,, la line lawn tt wMyot patterns, all neatly or's prico 1.60,nt. . $ .01 ygj. . Ll1 ' '' S -Vfl Yard.
B iot Suits worth ff f00d 8tro",Cioriots, neat pat- tucked skirt also tucked A "e, with rumes and leg of mut- 0no lot MiBSCs1 nml rnH Snnfod"t 1 150 two.ho, .loui.la.flom.
B SATUIUAY" f JM mm t7 Z'n,u ei t0 '? ovp l,ttir 07 worth $3.95, lor ' print, three plaits, front and la'ity, boat covered tubing
t'. ,MpN.INGNnnpr n n . Jf'!mL' tuv. i. y jin5S,S?Y '-. m&mfm. orth $1.501 ) ,01 ' - back, romo with jabot, worth ooiaploto,
.'psnM( onep.o.D. .. CiliVlV wth la, wort aos,l, J t?-i n'r r.;i i ,;,ii n, cu nl , i i QQ eoc, to b sold at J fC
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