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lfl Mall
Jury Favoru Mrs. Edgeoombe in tho
' Eokford Webb Estate Suit.
Decides that tho Old Shipbuilder
Didn't Pay for Services.
Ills Ex-Housekeeper Brought Suit
for $18,000 Wages.
The Jury In the suit of Mrs. Elliabeth
Edgecombe against the estate of Eck-
ford Webb, to recover 1S,000 for ser-
i'.rvlces rendereil to the millionaire ship
I builder as housekeeper, from 1880 to
I 1889 which has been on trial before
I Justice llartlett. In Supremo Court,
I Brooklyn, brought In a verdict this
morning for Mrs. Edgecombe for the
sum of $8,330.
The Jury retired at 3.40 yesterday
afternoon. They did not reach an
agreement until after 10 o'clock last
night. Then they sealed up their ver
dict and went home. The jury was In
court to-day when the verdict was
opened. Mrs. Edgecombe was absent.
The Jury had these questions of fact
submitted to them:
1. Was It agreed on or about Feb. 1,
1881, between the plaintiff nnd.Eckford
Webb that she would render services to
him until his decease as housekeeper,
and as compensation for such services
that he would In and by his will give
her a life estate In No. 7S Hush street,
In Brooklyn, 5,000 In cash mid $3,000 in
railroad bonds?
To this the Jury answered yes.
2. Did Eckford Webb dismiss the plain
tiff because she had Informed him that
Daniel W. Edgecombe had proposed
marriage to her?
Answer, Yes.
i. Did the marriage of the plaintiff to
Paul W. Edgecombe make It practically
Impossible for her to continue to per
form such services as she had agreed to
perform ns housekeeper for Eckford
Answer No.
i. Did the plaintiff voluntarily leave
and abandon the services of Eckford
Webb upon entering into the marriage
Answer, No.
6. Has the plaintiff been paid for such
services as she rendered to Eckford
Answer. No.
6. What was the fair and reasonable
value per month for such service ns
the plaintiff rendered to Eckford Webb?
Answer, $85 per month.
As soon as the erdlct had been ren
dered the lawyer for the defense asked
tor a new trial. The motion was denied.
Ills) More Itci'inrknlile Capture Lel
to a Cne In Court,
Ernest Busch, a saloon-keeper, of 229
Hopkins street, was before Justice Goet
tlng In the Lee Avenue Court, Williams
burg, to-day on a charge of keeping a
Seacock belonging to Butcher Ernest
(reenberg, at 700 Broadway.
In court, Qreenberg told the Justice
that he had the bird in his show-window
as an advertisement. Yesterday afternoon
a drunken man shoved his fist through
the window, breaking the glass and so
frightening the bird that It new away.
According to Qreenberg, It sailed over
the tenement-houses, and lodged on the
spire of the Hopkins Street Presbyterian
Finally the bird flew down, and while
passing the second story of 229 Hopkins
street Busch, he said, reached out and
grabbed It.
Qreenberg went around to the saloon
keeper and demanded hlei peacock. Busch
refused to deliver up the bird unless he
was given $2 for his trouble in catching
Justice Goettlng wanted time to ponder
over the remarkable story and reserved
his decision.
Hrs. Cronln Suri Ilor llimlinnd nnd
IIIn Cousin Abused liar.
Michael J. Cronln, aged twenty-eight,
a stenographer for Lawyer Englehardt,
of 291 Broadway, and his cousin, Teddy
Cronln, were each sent to Jail for five
days by Justice Walsh, In Brooklyn, to
day, on charges of Intoxication, nnd
wer held for examination on May 17 on
charges of assault.
Michael Cronln was married on Nov.
29. 1891, to a daughter of Contractor John
Walnh. They lived at 23 Tlff.inv place,
an apartment-house, in which Mrs. Cro
nln's parents live. She charges her hus
band with having neglected her. and Inst
night, she asserts, he and his cousin
Teddv went home drunk, and the latter
hit her on the nosj. and her husband
knocked her down. Her screams aroused
her parents, nnd the tno men were arrested.
lira. Weber llnx Mr. Itoseiisolilnt
ter Arretted,
Mrs. Emma Itosenschlntter, of 213
Bcholes street, was hold In the Ewen
Street Court, Williamsburg, on a charge
tof threatening to kill Mnry Weber, who
lives in the same house.
Mrs. Weber told Justice Watson that
Mrs. Itosenschlntter pntrols tho hall at
night, armed with a big knife, and at
frequent Intervals asks Mrs. Weber to
come out and be killed. Mrs. Weber is
afraid Mrs. Hosenschlatter will carry
out her threats.
iThree Men Arrrntt'il In Ilrnokl) n
Trltli n flnnr uf Vnlunlilen.
The police of the Flatbush Precinct,
Brooklyn, at nn early hour this morning,
arrested three men as pusplclous persons.
The prisoners were nobert McOee, of f9
Franklin street; John Muncey and
Thomas Freeman, of Flatlonds.
They were carrying a bag along
Itogers avenue, when the police
storsed then. The ban contained a
quantity of silverware, china and cloth
Iir, which It was found had been stolen
f-n-n Stephen Remsen's barn, nt Flat-lands.
I rddlc 'nirt'li I .ttlotu Itt-orKnillic.
.'R'.VARK, N, J., May 11. The radrts or the
Psdlle Church, which the pastor of tho church
dlslianled, hare reorganized. They are now
known a the New Jeraey Light Infantry. Their
Maiquintri are at 115 Arlington street They
J renltM not to Jfln the church unlesa they
receive an apology.
Vt'lrc- Scm-h In Brief,
'' traction car Jumped tho track near Ashland,
Welca venlnB, killing th. motorman, John
At.ii ' 1,r,1r,l the larva tarn owned liy A. C
jj"f ni th uo-a'ory factory oeruplol hy the
m... .' " Meara Pump Company In Chleopeo,
l..V.'"'" ""I 0 the atave factory nt n S
da. .. in'slly deetroed ly rre ) eater
Th. ik"."r " tie1" rollltou ivm la alotk,
'" l0, IJS.090, with JS.010 Insurance,
m A"."'1""",)1 of Kaa occuricd at Memoln Colliery
knir. ,ni ' Jesterday atlern.in. Inst.ir.tlr
tra u,mn Motley, a miner. IMnc at Cen-Jr"-
Ilia tody was ttrotsn a considerable
... ... ' li minglc.1 the gas vui Ignlttd
A lrrat th1 t:"" b,c: ""' l a nelghlwring
I C JK'.lllnK' ei-rathler and President of the
I i. ".''!" "'' of llruwnwood. Te.. vrho
1 Quitted It Vv '" '''" daya. waa y-itirJay ac-
1 n , "' th,r of erobenlement.
I nleifj. S1?0 (0 Talaphono Ejceange waa com.
I U jL,"'',r2,a b' B" "' '''- ST"' '
ai ' '"' amployMa aa4 Ttry nanow ca-
Brooklyn Graiid Jury Looking
Into tho Subjoct,
They Aro I'mlcr Control of tho
Police Department.
There was a stir among police offi
cials at Headquarters, In Brooklyn, this
morning, when It became known that
members of the Grand Jury had visited
the building early In the day to get
certain Information regarding the work
ings of the Department,
I It was discovered later that the Grand
Jury had begun Investigating the du-'
ties Imposed upon the bridge-keepers, i
Under a law passed last year, these
employees of the cfly were placed un-1
dcr the Jurisdiction of the Police De
partment. I
The members of the Grand Jury were
Introduced to Inspector Mackeltar, who
gave them a great deal of Information
concerning the subject under Investiga
tion. The Grand Juri learned that there
were thirty-eight brldgekeepers em
ployed to look after six bridges. Six
men were detailed to each bridge, three
remaining on duty from 4 A. M. to noon
and the other three from noon till S
P. M.
The Grand Jury discovered that there
was one bridge which Is aperated by
steam, and that the men employed there
have easy berths.
The Grand Jury will probably go
further into the matter next week, and
the result of their Investigation will
probably furnish the basis of a presentment.
Autopxj- Shown thnt llliraie, anal
Not n IlentltiB, Canard It.
Dr. Frank Freel. Coroner Creamer's
assistant, announced this morning that
he had made nn autopsy on the body of
Harry Huckans, eight years, old. The
boy died suddenly at the Brooklyn Or
phan Asylum on Wednesday last, and It
wns alleged by his mother that his
death was due to a terrible beating re
ceived the night before he died.
Dr Freel declares that the boy died
fr r congestion of the lungs and kid
neys. . narrated In yesterday's "Evening
World," Mrs. Huckans told Deputy Cor
oner Kelly that she had seen her son's
body an hour after he died nnd hail no
ticed dlscoloratlons on the limbs. She
heard that he had been whipped, ami
she asserted her belief that a brutal
beating had caused his death.
The asylum olllclals admitted that the
boy had been whipped, but declared that
he had only received a few strokes on
the hand administered with a rattan.
The boy's brother, who Is also nn In
mate of the Institution, denied the story
told by his mother to the effect that
Harry had been Jerked out of bed nnd
dragged to the bathroom and whipped.
Mrmlirra or Many Socletlea to Par
I Their I.nat Tribute To-Nlnht.
I The funeral of the late Fred W. Iteb
hann will be held at the Nostrand Ave
nue Methodist Episcopal Church, Nos
trand avenue and Qulncy street, Brook
lyn, at 8 o'clock this evening.
Mr. Itebhann was a member of the
well-known law firm of Ilarnum Iteb
hann, and a prominent Free Mason. He
wns a member of Commonwealth Lodge
No. 100, F. and A. M.; Aurora Gruta
Lodge of Perfection, Council of Princes,
llo-ie Croix Chapter, Consistory of 8. P.
P.. S., A. S. K.; Kismet Temple, A. A. O.
N. M. S.; Winona Council No. IWG, A. L.
of H.: Itidgewood Council No. C78, It. A.,
and Franklin Lodge No. 2,147, K. of H,
Representatives of all these organiza
tions will be present at the funeral services.
Had to Lit hbo the Canine Itefore
't Arrmtliiff Itn minuter.
It is the opinion of the Liberty avenue
station police, Brooklyn, that David
Dicker's fox-terrier has more sense than
his master.
Dicker was found dead drunk at Sack
man street and L a stern Parkway by the
police yesterday, but when the police
men of the patrol wagon uent to arrest
him the dogr made a ferocious resistance,
r.nd kept the policemen back half nn
Finally one officer lassoed the Utile
canine with a piece of rope and tied him
to a pobt.
Another Chmc of Nniii.l-l"...
Mr. Ann Finnerty, twrnt)en cars eM. of
US West Ninth street. Urooklyn, uan (.ken 111
this morning, md at rhe hui no money to pay
for tho sertlc8 of a rhjfllcljji, tl.t Health De
partment Mas notlflf'i An lim-ctur mm to
tUteM her reported that rhe wv Buffering from
smallpox. Phe wan remove., to the hcfp'ul
oral the house aa quarantine!. ,
CelcbrntliiK the Cenfcniilul
(By Auoclall I'rcsa )
SOMGRS CENTKE. N. V , May II. The sec
anl day of the c)kbratlon of the centennial annl-
ter-iiary of the old Mount Zlon M E. Church began
thli roorr.lne In the ancient ellne. Ancient hymns
vtere sung and tidclreMitt made by prominent cler
Kmen The celebration will clote Sunday nliht.
The church It Rftld to be the olden! of the Metho
dist denomination In the United Mates
aa p
DamnffCil hy Fire.
WEST .NEW BRIGHTON. 8. I. Fire broke out
at S 05 this morning In the dwelling-house opened
anl occupied by John Donovan, a contractor, on
HrnJerxon atenue. At one time it looked as
though the house would be consumed, but Fore
man Month, of Wyandotte Truck, ani the other
fireman soon had the flames under control. The
damage Is only 1150.
City Chiinihcrlnln'n Ileport
City Chamberlain O'Donohue to-day made bta
report to State Comptroller Roberts of the amount
of money received by him for the year ending
Jan. 1 last. This amounts to J3.G63.UtJ 40. Mr.
(t Uonohue Is still pufferlng from the eflrcta of
the surigil operation he recently underwent. He
- 111 now so to Elberon for the Bummer.
In nil Bronchial, Throat and Lung
trouble Dr. l'lorco's Golden Helical Dis
covery brings reliof nnd a ixjrnmnent
cure. Tho way Is ojen to tho germs of
Consumption if you suffer from Asthnin,
Bronchitis or Catarrh. Begin early with
" Discovery" and a euro is cerlain.
English; Cache Co., Ttnn.
oi. Mr. 11. V. l'lEnasi
V. Dtar Sir-My wife
i A- cffiuXV was ninictcil with
u v.H'a artliBHi fcr t7ety
B m J ears; us she nre7
S ti4 olGonhcurcwworso.
fK fifefi llerenaovftstrciilol
d i) IrEii Tin '' threo eminent
H -W-i) 'I" AJ unrtnrs, but all
B . fVJ fnl!eil:tliry tcld mo
tn" KM theiv was no cure
-f- fJ tf 'I-
wM AfS Dlsconrajfrd ns I
TT wns I rcwilveJ to
V SZA try Poetor 1'ljrec's
JS rK Onlileii Mctllral 1I-
MelCSi5a coveryifleiiaoil llfl
no a r Kricpn lHjUlesandtwovl.il
Mns. 8. M. a.KEU. of ,lr ..pWMnt
relleU." which has mucfo n rrmancnt
iitra 8!io to BUlncd tw-nr P""" "
weight Unce tho euro cMjaaL
Tolls How Brother nnd Sistors
Broko Their Promises.
After Ills Jlother'H Dcnth They
Would Not Slmro with Mini.
Champion Amiteur Athlete Malcolm
V. Kord'a fult to compel his brothers,
Worthlngton an 1 Paul Told. anJ his four
alters, to fulfil their promises and ulve
him a seventh of the estate of his father,
Gonlon I.. Kord, the publisher, came up
for trial before Justice Oaynor In the Su
preme Court, Brooklyn, this mornlnrc.
1 O. J. Wells represented the plaintiff and
P. A. Wo 3d and ex-Judse Reno!ds np
pearel fir the dffendints.
I Malcolm was the first witness called
I this morning. I ntelllng his story ha
I said. In substance.
I ." I now live at Babylon, I. I. Before
my fathei died I went back to live nt
his house In Clark street. I was taken
111 with typhoid fever. While 1 was sick
my father watched over me. I saw more
i of him than any one except the nurses
nnd my mother. He wns taken sick and
died before 1 recovered.
I A day or two after my father's death
I I saw my brothers rauf and Worthlng--ton.
1'aul said: "I think you are lfft off the
I will. I would not feel badly about It It 1
were you. So long ns you make no
trouble about It you will be taken care
of. It Is no disgrace to be lefttrt, ns In
1 some of the other wills father made
other children were not mentioned. We
will make everything all right for you."
"Worthlngton said the next day that
I had been left off the will. He said alt
the children felt the same way, that If I
did not make any trouble I would get my
share. He said also that the attitude of
my father had changed towards me be
fore he died."
"I went to visit my sister, Mrs. Harr,
i at Babylon, for a week after father
died. 8he told me that she. ns well as
the other children, felt that I should
have my share of the property.
I "My sister, Mrs. Skeel, told me the
same thing at another time. My broth
ers, however, said that nothing definite
could be done until my sister, Mrs.
Richard May Smith, wife of Prof.
Sndth. of Columbia College, returned
from Europa.
I On the assurances of my brothers and
sisters that I should get my share of
the estate, I signed tho waiver for the
.probate of the bill.
I "Subsequently I made a loan of J2.W0
from the estate, and It was agreed
that the money should be paid back
.when I received my share.
I After Malcolm's mother dleil, about
a year ago, and he snw no prospect of
his brothers and sisters would keep
I their promises, he brought suit to com
pel them to do so. The case Is still on.
Contractor Caatalona Terribly In
Jnretl nt Penrl Rlvrr, N. J.
HILLSDALE, N. J., May 11. James
Castalona. an Italian contractor, forty
five years of age, who had both eyen
blown out and one leg torn off whllo
blnstlng rocks yesterday at Pearl River.
Is being attended by Dr. St. John at
his home In WoodcllfTe.
Dr. St. John says that as Castalona
la a man of strong physique there Is n
chance of his recovery. Castalona was
sitting on .he rock when a dynamite
cartridge exploded prematurely. He
was blown Into the air several feet.
Mnde Port for Ilrpnlra.
The tlrttlah schooner Pf.rhlll ajTlfM here thla
momlnc from Araraju. via Barbados, wi'h auiar.
Capt. Cleveland reports that on Feb. 20. wall,
crossing the bar at Araraju, the heerhlll
fcroundfi and sprang a leak. He put Into Car
badoa for repairs.
Expired from the Injuries She Re
ceived In n Ilnnnwny
RED BANK, N. J May 11. Mrs.
Charlotte Jessen, of New York, who was
Injured In a runaway at Falrhaven,
yesterday afternoon, died at 7 o'clock
this morning without having regained
consciousness. She was sixty-nine years
old. The body will be taken to the res
iJence of her son-ln-lnw, William H.
Hotjer. at 331 West Forty-sixth street.
New lork, to-day.
Some of the family of Mr. Botjer, who
Is n wholesale provision merchant at 727
Seventh avenue, went to Atlantic High
lands a few days ago, where they have
a Summer cottage. Yesterday afternoon
Mrs. .lessen and her nineteen-year-old
granddaughter, Miss Ilertha Botjer,
btat ted to drive to Red Bank to visit
the family of J, II. Farquhar, also New
Thtlr horse ran away and both were
thrown out, Mrs. Jessen receiving a bad
cut In the head. Miss Botjer escaped
with slight bruises.
Mrnnare Woman Wrens at the Scene
I of the Murder of 1S8T.
RAHWAY, N. J May 11. A strange,
well-dressed woman, In mourning, came
here yesterday, engaged a team and
, directed the driver to take her to the
spot where the unknown girl was mur
dered Bcven years ago.
The driver drove the woman to the
spot, and as the woman was shown
the place she evlnoed considerable emo
tion. From her conversation It was inferred
that she had never been in Rahway
before, but knew who the murdered girl
was. An attempt on the part of tho
driver to clean something from the wo
man as to her Identity proved futile.
I She went away aa mysteriously as
she came.
Iter. Fntlicr Krrrcln Dead.
NCWARK, N J., Mar It. Itar. M. J, Kerwln,
pastor of the Church of Our Ladr of Christian
Help, at Ksf-t Orange, died this morning In fit
Mlchael'a Hoaplul He had been a patient In
the hoipltal for all montha Buffeting from paral-yala.
Do You Cough?
It is a sure Jtgn of zveanncss.
You need more than a tonic. You
the Crrsm of Cod-Liver Oil and
Hpophosphites, not only to cure
the Cough but to give your system
real strenst'.i. Physicians, the world
over, indorse it.
Coi't be fese'tad by ScbsWotejl
I-repsr br Soolt Desraa. K. T. All Druggists.
i 'jj&ittt&tihVi Vj-frftf fftl'fil ft uaflaaaaflfalaa1
(Stlt Ave, UOth to 121 fit St.
Special Sale
2.98 ;
Formerly 4,50 and s-3o. ;
SUITS, 4 to 10 years,
Formerly 6,00 to 10.00.
to 19 years,
Reduced from x .00 anil 12.7),.
Worth l.no.
Bluo Flannel and Mixed
Cheviot KNEE PANTS, 4 to 15 ,
Worth 08c.
One-Half Former Fricea.
Boys' Clothing, Hats
and Furuishings.
Otli Ave. 20th to 21nt St.
Speculation on 'Change Waa Al
most at a Standstill
Advices from Wnahlnfrton Dlacour
nee the null Pool.
The character of the dealings at tho
Stock Exchange this morning did not
differ materially from yesterday's opera
tions. The bull pool In Sucar appeared
a little dlkcouraged by the tenor of ad
vices from Washington, Indicative of great
1 hostility in the House u the proporcd
I exactions of the Trust. The stock sold
! down from 107 3-8 to 100 1-2.
I ChlcaKO Gas was strong and rose 3-4, t
(1-2; General Electric sold at IG 1-i a 36 1-2
1 Distillers at 24, Lead at 39 1-2 a 39 3 4, St.
1 Paul at 60 7-8 a 01. HurllnRton at 78 5-8 a
78 7-8. Louisville at 47 3-8, and Western
Union at 85.
The transactions were uncommonly
small, and confined almost entirely to the
trading element In the Hoard. The op
erations for foreign account were light.
The Quotations.
Orn. 1U-h. Low,
Amer. Sucar Hat 107 107 S IMS
Atch.. Top. B.nt'i Pa US 11H UH
Chea. I Oblo l ItH m
CoIc-mo Gas K'i H C'i
Chic. nur. Qulnr 1 7 7S
Cole. & Northwest IMS 1MV. loss
chic, mil t el r (oh tis eo't
Chic, no. k Is Pac (9 Ci C9
Del. A Iludaon 139U 9H U9H
Ills. & Catlla Foil Si !! !!S
Genera! Electrlo 15 S Si, 1('4
Iowa Central 10H MS I0S
Iowa Central p( 57 . 37V, SJ
Lake Shore 1314 131M HIS
Long Ulan.) 90 99 90
Louis fc NashTlll 7N 7S Vi
Missouri I'aeiae 30 30 30
foUle 6 Ohio It HVi 18
Mo, Kan. A Te !4 2t 2l
Nat Cord Co J5Vi 23H MS,
Nat !'l Co 39 33V 35 W
Nat. Lead Co. ( ll'i .'.. HVs
New Jeraejr Central 109 109 109
N. Y. k New KniUn.l 'i C C
N. T L. K. W H 14 ll't
N. V, 8ll & V H4 IS II",
Northern Pacllle .f ll't l't US
Ontario I Western U' 131; IS",
recl.1c Mill I6H U't I5'i
Phlla A Itr-Kllnr: IT IT K
Ft I' Ik Omaha '. IIS t'l
Southern Tactile 10 U :o
Tol, Ann Arb. 4 N. U I'i S4 'H
I'nlon ratine II It ' II
W.Msh TH T't TH
Wabath '( UH KH KH
' Union Trl 93 IS M'i
vi-iirci i i. n i:s its its
Wis. Crnlral t ?J
A full fuNiocnt of Wall atrett affaire will be
found In the ( O'C'ork Kdltlon of 'The Rrentns
WorU "
Special Notices.
ttiin-iiNWi.mrTttintoAi. an.
nnunooa ilie mliowiuv aiternitixis in acl.eiluio of
trulnaaoutlii Ileslmlnc hiintfay. Maris. Allan.
tloLVMut Line) pn-M Iralna now (Mln New
Yortc vl I'ennlvana lullrruul at U80A. it.
rMidnir. M. wlllbfiuinrtito laars at IIA,
it. audi 1". it., mctlrcl.
6tli Ave., 2Cth to 2 1st St.
To-Morrow, Saturday,
Fast Black Cotton
j.ooo Doz.
Pull rogulnr mrtilu, Extra
Longtb, Douhlo HcoIh iuuI
21 4-Pair;
Regular value, 45c.
6th Ave,, 20!h to 21st St,
Saturday, May 12th,
4 Button White Kid
with black points
buttons and welVs
5 cts.
Lord& Taylor,
Broadway & 20th St
McIeOUUTIMN.-On ThurMav, Mat 1, 1WI
at GIO Wmt 1!UM t . New York City, An
Vernr JfiflKrii. ran of Lnmnnt nnd tIla
Klernan Mctxiiighlln, RgtHl'Jl months.
llMallvpfl nni. fnemts nr np'clfull)r In-
vttrd lo Attfnd the ftinml on ntu1AJ. May
12, 1804, Ml I. M. Interment ItillolyCroKi
ter of th; laic Tbomai A. Cooper, of Ilrlitol,
I'a., on Thiinvlay- fTenlng Mir 10.
Funrrat ncrvlcf at br Uit rt?l(1ficp, 121
Kt 19th t , Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock,
Mir n flelatlves and friend reopecttultr
liflttM. Tbltadtlphla paprra ptt.it crtT
MINER On Friday, May 11th. at 2 A. M..JITMA
U, wift rtf Henry C. Miner, In the fiftieth
year of her ae.
None hut relatlrea and Immediate frlendi
will attend the funeral nervlrei at her late
reildenre, J" Madtaon ave., on Saturday even
ing. May 12, at 8 o'clock. Toiltlvely no
Was Oregon and Transcontinental
Only a Fiscal Agont?
Queer Cash Transactions Told Of
at To-Day's Hearing.
The InvestlBatlon Into the nllpgert Ir
ren'atltles of tlie Vlllnrd maniifteinont
of th Northern Pacific Hallro.id Com
pany wns rnumrrt this mornlns; lffor
Muster In Chancery Cary, In the llltl,
olllce In the Mills nullillnff.
The first witness to-ilny waa W. P.
Se.irles, Vlce-I'rerldent of the runners' ,
Loan anJ Trust Company, who was re
calleil, ami asked hy Mr. IVttlt If the
Trust Compnny had nny record of a
rerolutlon passed hy the directors of the '
Itocky Fork and Cook City Ilallroid,
j Increaslnif its capital stock from 17I0,CV)
to 12,000,000.
"None whatever," replied the wit-
I nesn.
Col. McNaiiRht took occasion to deny
1 that the stock uf the railroad had lie"n
raised from JSIO.000 to 12,00,00 without
authority. He produced a minute hook .
I containing resolutions orderltiK the In- I
I crease
I Mr. 8"arles was eeusiJ and Mr. Kies
resumed the witness stind. He had l.t-en
, asked yesterday to producp ce-taln took.s
nnd records of the Or.-Kon Tr'ina
continental Company, of which he was
once Asslstnnt Secretnry
He had brought the trooknn Journal,
minute book and ledtter roverlng th
J ear 1SS..
I Mr. Kles, who Is also SeTetnrv and
Trensunr of the Ncrth American t mi
pany, ldentllled an entrj' In the ledcer
3howlnK the rece'.i-t rt the rnnslderntl'ii
fjr the flcncrul mortcat-e honds "f the
.Northern I'aclllc C'omp.my, delivirel lo
the OriTon nnd Trnnseontlnenial by thr
Farmers' Iosn and Trut Company In
aMv and iiJne, 1-J. This woti'd seem
to 'sul.itantlite Mr. Tettlt's statement
that the millions nllef-i-d t i lian- b "ii
s'.'en from the Northern I'aeltle f i.id
their way Into Orr-pin Trinsemitlnemal I
1 nnd th North American emipnnlfH,
I which were ll'.urd's two pet tnt'T-
Otl the other hand. It Is claimed that '
1 the o, T wan merely nctlnit as t'
tllsenl nrent of tl.e Not them I'lii-lfle In
these tninnnctlons, and that nil the Ir.t
Iter Company rer dveil was the regular I
conmlsslcn for Pitch norilces
r'i'nets nm the minutes of the H-jce-utlve
Committee of the (Irennii sn 1 Train- ,
rontliifntil were t:e-i reid by Mr J' t-1
til. hy which It apn-nel thtt that Cnin-,
piny was seeitel hi the Wist' insln Cen-1
tral anl Northern Paclfe compinles to
acl as flnsnclsl nK,-nt In siciirln1; the
terminal faclllt rs In Chlcs.To. re, resented
by the thn conso'.di'el r ads
The minutes of this mctlnfr, which
was held on Jan. 18. I8S0, In New York,
authorised Mr. Vlllard to make an
agreement with the Wisconsin Central
to carry out this consolidation of the
Chicago Terminal lines, and gave him
large discretionary powera.
Mr. Ptttlt read extract from tho
if M
Cutawav Stilts 8IU.00
Saik Mills Jl.itO
O. A It. hit ts 1(.00
Ladlca' Suits & Dry Goods.
Ol'KN HAll'llDAV r.Vr.MN(l-TII.I,ll II!).
263 6th Ave.
ami 1:1.11 I'i.aci:.
Portfolio No. 5
or the
Portrait Types
of the ' r?v
Midway Plaisance.
OREJM GUY. HO. 1-17,
olTrri Ihr IMIKTItAIT T PI:h
nt 10 rr-nln for tnrli Portfolio, nnd
tills runrm-ttoii titll hold fur llift
ttliotr arflrfs for those irlio nrcure
Porlfulloa tlurlnu tbn trrrk of
OBTA'MrrM nil mU tn Till: WOULD
liUtiroI.Kl DDrAlllMKNr, Wottt.ii
Urn itiNn. Include no otiier biislnoM In
l'urilollr. ordi-n.
Art Portfolio Department,
Junction lt'wuj, UJ t. h Otli are.,
Or IIartni Offlrt. IZMh Pt. nnd M'1tnn
Ave. ; I.iook)tt (KTlPf,:uO WitMhtnston
M. , I1niokt))i. entral Ofllce. lti'eH'n
JkM.k Mnrc, fitU Ate, corner lMth hi , I
1 New Vor '
q e
Real Estate.
Hjnte-t of acrem from Itt r.tntt?n tatloni of
nr iiiburb of New York.
Moft rfttjnaM", tllriirtbe hom sltri within
U mlnutra of City Halt
I Five mtlea of Iliitt-on Itlrrr front opposite
the rallaadrv
Ixiwrat comrautalloii of anr auburb of New
NotM for the cxrellenre of Ita putille arboola.
IS.ivwi popuUtlon, bin dout.IM In ten jrara
Tha healtbleat eltr In New York State.
Kireptlonal mar.ufariurtnn: farltitlea
A'IJdIpi Ne York Dt on tbe north.
Ita mot bt-aiilltul etiburb.
Independrnt water an; ply.
Complt-tc Ser Siatfm.
"Yorker! JUpIti Tra mil" tralna leave USth
St Blatltn fith Aw. "I. every half Imur
N Y t'eni A II II Hit " tralna (3J In all)
leava draM Central Htatlon at fr.vi.ienl in
triala L'tneon 7 oi A M ami It 4S V M
'Atbany Uay Ioata" Icare ft c.try St. at
Sir ,,CraienaV lrar ft Fprltia; Ft. at
3 ,, I' M . "aturilayn, : 30 1' M
Sir 'C A I'eene' mt ft Tranktln St at
1 V M
!topii at t-'l Pt U nilnuei later
PAY VOMil U.h A y IS1T.
IJeti-efn, and nverWiUlnn New York City anl
Ynnhi r- Frnntln the llu Ison Ither and tbe
ratl-Aafa. ( ,inplre In emy appointment te
.eloped and for mIq the
American Real Esiite Inve-.trmnt Uilcn,
STBWAHT nfll.tiixn. tvl linOAIlWAV
minute-hook, which Ineluded n loni? list
of fulisi r.iiprs to the fli'tfOmo consoli
dated iiiortrape I.0111I3 of the (.'hlcapo
ami Northern I'aclllc (me of the Indi
vidual pithserlliers was llrnyton Ives,
who snl.se 1 ll.ed for lli(V, and another
was Henry Vlllard. who took aliout
tl,U"U.(i"0 In various lots, hut always In
tho name of pome other peienn This
syndicate. It Is said was organized hy
Mr. Vlllnrd.
1 in th." Itdtter wis an account with I).
P. Wi'Kf, which h icl a dehlt of Ji.lH
uo., whlV he was creiitel ivlh a similar
amount In cash and bills rccelv.hle.
Mr Ties si 1 i tint thrsn rejiresented
payments, ma le tn ler the ryndlcate sub
pcrlnttoi 1 j th smumt of f.7 per cent.
'What tecaine of the balance of the
DO p-r cent of the JlS.fi0,frt suhscrlii
tlcini." iif'ieil Mr Tettlt
"I don't know "
"Did the oreKon & Transcontinental
ever Bet If"
"Not that I know."
"As a matter of fnct, wasn't It under
stool that this tiala ce should he re
tained l.y one of the syndicate sub
scrlliers'"" " 1 don't know I only acciunted for
the moneys that pnised throuch my
Tl.p World's" Aa'sv t'lituirn (iriler.
"Tho World's" fptr.wn Olllco has
moieil Irto Its new quart, r nt the Junc
tion of llroadivay and Sixth nicmie, nt
Thirty-second htreet There are e'irlit
e'ltrarees, two on llroadway, two on
Suth nvenit9 and four on Thirty sicond
iTAiii,isnrii nvi it .! 1 n -.
Manufacturing: Jeweller,
231 8TH AVE.,
IIT.T. a I T AMI Sill Ms.
':- SollJ Gold Graduating-
rrmm$to class fil!,p
sS4IKinKlBl1) .Pendforourlllu'tratrdrsts.
B77S1JmI 'ogueof bolM cold (Iraduat
IlST"'ai4K'C?;,,Vl 'nf-elsas Mints. Pins sud
T?Jrait!TiJM' MMalas seal Ires.
is unsurpassed for style and beauty, cspecial'y our $10 "B
nnd J 1 2. 50 suits. 1
There isn't mucli in them for us, but they give a heap '
of satisfaction and make trade. ,
It will pay you to see them. A full line of confirmation '
suits. Our 5 c. and $ 1 underwear is unexceptionable value
We keep goods purchased of us in repair free of charge. jh
Open Saturday evening until 9 o clock.
... - . '!5gv
Jut rffflrrd br tb. IVf.t Fhnr, lutlroail. tur. '
oltur. from ir.at IV.n.rn factory, mad. .a- i
prf.slj tor
" The Alonarchs of the Trade,"
ludwis uam s gompv
ri.MNlll'.lfi IMIMIWOllll (JOOIIM, IMJ.
m(;.m;d ron .simlmiik iici.iii:n.
rurnltiir.. rarppts, Mattlmcs. Dlsbfa and .trrr
-irtlcle po.Blul. to nrvl la kefplng uous.. or tor
liom. living
Sfnl for tllustratM ratalosa.. Ton can ordsr
from Its pact. 100 postags. Trie. Hat (rta.
Mall onlfr n.partmfat
No Monev Asked Down on Deposit.
Country Ira1 carcfstly attfnll to. Klprs-S-iaf
palj. ItallroaJ tar. ilvca to oul.of.tows
120 wnrtb, II drpo.lt s bal.nc Mo. w.fk.
110 woitb, It deposit, balanc. 71c. wf.k.
ISO sorth IS d.poslt halanr. It wr.a.
111 oottb. II to drposll, bslsnr. II :S w.ak.
1100 orlh, 110 drjinflt, btlsnc. It 10 w.fk.
And M on or by special srranacmfnL
Tin: i.itsiiiMi ti.iii: rAwintNT
IIOI'NK Of Till! woiti.n.
o(H), Aa, aoi, 60(1, ooh, aio, aia, oi i
8TH AVE., Bet. 35TH & 36JH STS.
Tiiuoriiii to Tin: two annkxkn,
87 1 w. 3.1TH nt. ami ans XV. IM'TII ST.,
Tbf M'lllVia IIAtlMANN A CO.'S BOUn I1!)CK
i.AK;r.HT noi'Ni: in any coii.ntuv
Olf ITM KI 1).
DR. 0. W. HALL'S
T'flb titrirttd poilUrclr ptnlfB utout Qat,
Qjlototnrra or Kther (
Ur pirmlMion w r-f-r to th fntlowlnit wrI i
Jtnoftn New ork fltlifni, t.bo bftT ben npr- .
ale J uivon. nnd ill i(rrt In anfrilns, without th 1
Irani pain or tMrtt-rloui f(Tct Dr C. II Toil, 1
14 ftth iTf, Newark, N J., mti. "I bad 14
teeth itrarle4 at (r. llall'a IenUl Tirlora wtk
out ih Uapt parllel ut pain and without low of
conrlouan-M "
Mra John Tornell, S5S Kit Ilfth it.
Mr. S. Mappttt, 201, P!,it 49th at.
!r. J Tyn. o Went 4th rt.
Mr Wrn P Harrj-. 20 l"t 't.. Hohnlcen, N. J
Mr .N'orman Maltlenn. 2bJ Writ I16th iL
Dr. M. Bchlroislnc-pr, 240 Kist llfllh tL.
And bundreJi of other.
J5nS8& ithoutpiATEs
Gold crown i anl tttb wlthoot plate In-MrU,
toaltlrelr palnteia, at rtaaonablt ratoi.
Kllltnis los.rtH palntfssly and warranted I yars.
I Ifcior. n.low :3d St.. NKW TORK.
Ilouri A M 111 T H Pundaya. 10 to 1
sr-lrcilbiiafS'lillshrs, Sp York llolt)l,tmaily.
holdrra ot th. fnltrd Staffs Sportsmen's (lda
Coropam this day hnld. It was unanimously
rrsolT.1 lo dlscontliiu. the bu.lnffs of the
cor ration ARNOLD SES3I.ER.
Haled .Sw York, May , 1881
sun pi xg hews.
Sua riffs 4 tt'Sun arts 7 OelMoon sets ..13 O
limit WATER ro-piv,
I a m. r it
Sanly Ho.k 11 ' IS M
Oo.ernora lal.nd 1J It I! ,t
Hell (late 1W J"
Sandy Hook 10 6 IS
Governor's Island T "
Hell (late 15 IM
To (In I Eastern Standard Time, aultract (our
i-oiiT oi' m:w yniiit
Ftot. ft California Ola.fow
.Mltomjln JsclaODTIII.
1 City ot San Mitonto Ilrunsslrk
Mai's close. Vessels alt)
I'mbrla. Llie-pocl ....... M s M II 5" A M
La 1'tampai.n.. llar 5 II A M S l A t
Ft.Ma i.enoa t J A M 10 00 A M
i;ib Southanp'' l .... 7 JO A M SWAM
Ar-sterlsm llottcrdin ....llcOASI I 00 P M
IVbemla. llanbura I 00 I' M
Mnbask. lnl' .. .
Alsfka l.lvrrnol IIJiJ
S-n.ra llavani 10 10 A M 1 00 T M
i Vm"iue' l.t ilion .... 10 "0 A M 1 w I' M
lli-ile Prlrc. C-enill 1! 00 M :00 1"M
Tallhsf-e ssvaonab 100PM
KI lllo Ne crlcsna 3 00PM
i'"mal llslvestos a 00 P M
llu.l-.ra. Niw Orleans J 00 P M
' ntlK TO-IUV.
l.l.nl Ctrlrtlanf.nl April 17
linpinla I.Herp.v.1 May!
Mailfhl 1isdoj !a- S
Llfsdot-. Olbraltar April :0
nn: t i-MOUii'iw
I'j-ts uthampton Mav a
Kninrrlni I' Wilkil's MplesArlS
I l.ieter I'll) Asanas April
Diivr it ltn.1 t'l.r.'k for n llnNrl.ull.
I A ran t..lt-l II A Klf-s stxirllni (tola
atre SIS Tultm ftr.ft. tiriikl.n. to -la) and
t-iujM a IsM'la'l t..r II He at. a check for
rs anl drp'M'l sltb tte change Tt. check
. riM'd to le ortl.lf",
us w
'In I. en to Ills DM lloinr.
Th. reml'ns of the late fluerdon W Hull, of
Walllnalord, Ct who died at tb. cllteey Itoufo
last nl(hl ot apoplexy were liken to Walllasforl
to-day They were aocompanled by the wlft and
dauibtera rf tbe deeaaeO. Tb. funeral wilt lakt
plac. In Wallln.foM on Sunday,
Oa. C. YL1XT (.".. of U'b.lt. r Klllna; otit
T)o not tlelart ft. wlillaj roa hT ih cream to
jicJt irem, utiitjrtovtt mora to-GMsu w
fHfitlsJMl 1ltiffo7t ir iii'Si'iitstia.
ConsiBtinj; of Sofo, Aim Chnir, w
Diviin aud two Sido Cliairsi plaja '
i popular itirs; novel, beautiful, in
oilk brocntcllc. well up- ff B
holatrrod, best web- SEE Hll j
bing nud springs uJlUU
fj.onrierwe.knnn: J'-'. OO per week ontlfla , S
I2!st St. and 3d An., Harlem. 1
Tho Imprrn oil Klastlc Trnaa la the only troai la 2o
cilatrnretbal lnrn wlthahsoluto romtort olsThl
and day. m It ri-talns th rupture under the hard. ?
eat eierrlao nr aeveroat strain, anil will Bect a Tt,
pennant nt and speedy cure without re-janl to Uw (V
no uf ihr patloni, i-iaiiiltiatlon free. Ladr la J
attendance Inrlaillo.. honrt for pamphlet. ft
8M anil H'J4Ilrimday,ronifr 121 li at.. NewTotfc ' ' J
For Sale. . p
If too hn.r. send ua a postal and our npfa
aenlntlv lll call wltii a full selection of tUi 'fi
season's latest novelties. j
IIAmtlH, ISO Bowwrn, w
tit A TT fl.OII WEKKLY bur ' -V
BDmUBB,: !
50D.DOWN.SJS '. 1
J. E. ARXOLD. I Maiden Ian.. Take .l.rator, fj
t t m sT I amw WATCHES. DIAMONDS h
1 II I 1 1 1 1 on easy paymenta, Lowsat -,
I . K T 1 1 1 I f'"' IltiJneH eonOdea. Jf
" ' 'World llulldina. room tit! .
Wll.LitJX at (limp,, AutomatiF.Doice.tlcNew bi
Home. While. Mlneer. Household, the well- 2?
known Kruse. lift up: pood seconrt-hanrt aewlna; ."s;
machine! irom $111 up, for rneh or ninnthlr par. ' 1 "v
n.ema We exrbanae, rent and rrpalrall klDUA A?
ntninrhlnes. Kruse Ttf'i'r; Co., J2 E. KU at! T1! ul
ynt nr.ii.l a'. " i
i.i.i i ,, A.x; hAl,h-i-atiory pnrea; 200 to Q
be aolil. ea.v tern).. Atldrtal Factory, box ,7
2.VI ITMown World ofllre.
lilA.Mu.sJir-. S alrlie, and Jewelry eolil on credit vV
tn reppoualblo parties. Ileurl fechaap, 616J I
Maiden l.tne. ty
FOR SALE San taorna, wholesaia and retail. t
Nles, LnrkhutTsnd Co. Hi W Ilth si '
FOR SALE N'e coupe, harness, band-madav j s ft
rheap. 437 Washington at. ' ' pt
: I b J
Excursions. ,
leave foot of Jane Strtet. N R.L at T,
U A. .11. AMI : V. M. IJAIL.Y. ?f.
(Sondaya excepte-l ) Frelxbt received for III(k- )
land Il.iacb, SeabrlKht, Rumson. Monnoatll rc
Ilcscb. Llttl. Silver, Look llrsnch and IJranclr. Si
port, &
Kzruralnn tlrkrla ISO pent. tk
First Mnniluy I'.xruralnu May SO. f
ReaT Estate.
PETER F. MEYER, Auctionaer. ! J
Tuesday, Ala- 1, 1894.,
at li o'clock, at th. New York Real Estate lUlssj -j
rooms, HI nroadway, N.w York. Jf
or ' &
137 Choice and Valuable Lots li j
the New Ward of Brooklyn, i I
21) AM) HI' ATES., ! ft
8aTII, hOl'll AMI S7'1II HTS 'J
CO ter csat. can remain on bond and mortgage)
for on., two or three yiars at I per cent
Titles suaraaleed by th. Title Quarantea aa4: ,
Truit Company fr. ot char. lo each purcbaaar. f
, Acceea may b. haj by the new 3th aL terry J
.and electrical railroad hlcb passes th. prop.rU!
I bv brl'J. via II ave. electric lara. by boat dlrMt f
from the Cattery or 6th are, branch of th. Drook JM
lyn Elerst.d Railroad VfM
For buoka. napa or further particulars apply at A;M
tbo Auclloneer'a one. PETEIl F ME.EIt 'jM
CO., Ill P.roalway, basement. New York City.. K
' ' a im
Legal Notices.
COUNTY OF NF.W OHK The New ork Ira- -jm
proved Real r'slate Company, plalntirf. afalnat Vm
the rime Stamp Company, defendant, eumr-oaa, fJ
Tllal desired In Ne York County
To tte atovenameJ defenlantt ou era) 3pm
herebv aummon! to anaser lb. cmaplalat tfm
i tn this sctlon anJ to ear. a copy of JJ
your answr ot. the plaint!'! attorneya wlthla W
tmenty daya alter the eervlc. of thla summons. am
eiriualt. of the dsy ot service, and In raae of H
your failure to atpear. nr answer. Judtinent will j
t taken uiln,t you by default, for th. relief WW
demsnJed In theronplalnt. fffM
PARuisll "' PENDLETON Plaintiff's Attorneym, "
1 Omce anl p.u.l-oOio address. No. II. Broalway, Wm
To the' Time Flamp Con-rany. the defendaa jH
I aboe named 1
I The foreao nc summons Is served upon yon by 22m
ruMlcatl'tn pursuit t to an order of Honorable j2""a
Alrsham It Lirenc.. a Jutlre of th. Supreme EM
Court if the S-le of New York datrd Arrll Hth. M
13( anl tiled with a copy of tb. complaint, tn Am
the once ot the i.itk of the city and coua'.y ef '
New York at tl Co inty Court lfou. In th. city ,m
i Nra York altli "i ..mplalnt aa nrlnlnally Steel 1SB
tln't on the It'h ill) "f Mrch ps sm
lMIIIIIill A p;v"LV'"iS "'I'll' " . M .rneja. il
I OO e anl r '' ". i 'i-m 'I k n.4- ftM
way N Yi rk Pin N ., K$M
NKW ,ORK "irn. : i" 1 ." N tm
CllfNTY OF V i'tl. ' "' wk ': ,"
proi.d Ileal F. t i tfi.-.'.j i if M-'" (AiB
Th. Pnlen 'In, i"' ':'" ' 'SSSTP1, M
Summons T'ljl . ' if. N. " W -JM
To the shove " I '.ui.i u a- tfieby rf
aiintifjned tn an-' ' "- ' '' " 'I" t-iW
anl to serve ii. i'i u"v ' " f'uln- j?J
tiT a Mfrtlf.s w t'i 'v rt .1 i " le aer- fl
vice of Ihls sut'in is i-luilri . 1 o, ar. nM
tics anl In jio 'f your f,p tr t. p , or aj
a iser lulrrirnt will le taken t.x l vim by '!;
default foe the tellcf lenanded In the . unp tint. M
P i-rTlSll ri'i:sm.r.rON llamtiS t Attorneva,'! J, !
OCre and Posl-OTice udjiesa. No II Droalway, !
Ne lork City . .u a 1 -'H
To the Lln'm Mini ficturlns Col-ipany. th. de- m
fendant alve mmej fH
The foriaolnn summons ts served upon you by ?rm
' publication, pursuant lo an order of lion Abra. fM
ram R Uwrenc. Ju.Mc. of th. Supr.m. Court AfJ
of lb. Stata ot New York, dated April tl. tilt. yJM
and Hied with a copy ot the complaint In the !m
, rmr. of th. Clerk of th. clly and courtly of New
'York, at the County Conrt-lloua. In the cHty ef JH
New York, which complaint waa originally Ma4 fl
there on Ibe Hth dav of March. lll. tjfU
rARRIFIl FBNn'-ETON. PUIalltTa Altoraay
Office and Poat-OOce addreae. ti ant 41 fine. IMm
way, Haw York City, N. I. . . SSH

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