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' 4 THU WORLD: lUlUA EVENING, MAY 11, 1894. m- - 'ZJ1IZ T
&. w ' '
wv lllehed by the r-ress Publishing Company,
Jh U to M I'AIlK HOW. New York.
Jl FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1894.
'ft (induiJino; pottagty
of , fKB MONTH.. ..... - - no.
'St' FEBTEAU -.... sjU.So
B Vol. 04 No. 11.952
U TMmt at the Foat-Offlce at New York u aeconl
fe elaes matter.
If , " .r
ijr, WORLD UPTOWN OFFICE Junction cl Broad.
ft way Ud Bllll are. at IM It.
Jp t Isos. at.
it BROOKLTN-SM Wasblngtai it
Si rniLADELFltlA. Fa Inaulrer OBca, la Cheat-
$ ' tat it.
I 45 9 i 9 7
85 Fsou Tub Wonm or Mancti 4, 1B91
W Th World's Average Circulation per
iM-'" day (or First Two Months of 1894,
I 433.17.
R "Monks, im.
& "After a (horrmn examination of the rtrcu-
jj lotion booil, preu-room report, mail-room
?$. reports, paper companies fcttfa for amount of
! paper furnished, orders from newt companies
t ami nxideakrt, utfimt that the circulation of
PUffi WOULD morning and nminq edi
tions) tor thimonthsaf January and tcimiary,
WL, averaged US, ltT copies per day, and so
4 Mrifc"
Si kdwabd smutorn.
; Cuilrman.
Cfl Secretary,
3' a. s. HKrnvittf.
"' ran day fou
L.4 5 9197
$ The air la not surcharged Tilth rumors
v of Piatt's retirement.
' Well, Croker Is out, and all ho told
the boys was, "Ciood-by."
i Coxey's army nt Washington will pre-
Js sent a moving spectacle only as It moves
-& out.
f- "Croker absolutely out." While he was
vl In he was also absolute, lie retired when
'( he saw that the doom of Crokerlstn wan
3 flsed.
is Park police parade day pawed off with
?T the usual eclat, and, as usual, the boys
v In gray made a show that was worth
if seeing.
Jffi '
jjfc Every good mother In the land was
, honored In the honors paid to the mother
jfcf of Washington at Fredericksburg ea-
fi terdsy.
te 1 New York is to have IM permanent
, circus In the Fall. A certain w til-tamed
58 tiger may bo then available for exhibi
ts tlon purposes.
5a Chairman Wilson was back In Wash-
&' Ington for a little while jtsterduy
jS Among nil the fa-nlllnr faces there he
m looked in nln for that of his Tariff bill
j To read about Croker's resignation
j5 yesterday you had to read the lla.tcb.ill
K Extra of "The Kenlng World." The
B'i whole story was printed nouhere elsu
Kw last evening.
t'j' Oen. Harrison had a big reception ut
Kj the Fifth Aenue lust evening Bo
ffj jood a Presbyterian as he should know
Hj- that "It Is more blessed to ghe than to
K receive." Yet he persistently refrains
B-j' from giving some certain blgn of what
b) , his attltt.de Is to be In 'X
m Senators at Washington yestcrda
Wjffi talked two hours on Coxeylsm. Later In
K, the day, with an unexpected burst of en-
mH& ery, they succeeded In disposing of n
MR$i tariff amendment relating to the dut
K'U. on acetic acid. It as really iultu a day
W4- for the United States Senate.
K People who can't enjoy the be-iutles
K4i ' New York parks without Mealing the
Bv& flowers and mutilating the shrubbery
H-, should be made to servo in poller rourt
E examples to other people of their kind
fc' Decent visitors to the parks need no
m& examples. The precepts of thtlr own
HEjfl understanding are sutllolent
IBA , Gov. riower etoed twenty-one bills
WPS yesterday. Most of them were of no
Km peclal moment. A number of them
Hk, never should havu occupied the Lngis-
flra lature's time. New York will not grlev
lCnyS mightily over the fate of the Hl-rartl-
jWKp pan Park Hoard bill, which was one of
$ the vetoed measures. The rlty will,
fcw however, gladly hall that bright day,
!jjsSjj. by and by, when It gels u Park Hoard
Wj4 which can obey the popular will and the
jjjjy3 law In the slmplii rnattei of building a
H) speidwa with two sidewalks
JMrbt Central park's Tip was not quite
a&fjti ready this morning to follow his eight
?$ human victims out of the world. With
tS an elephantine wink of the othtr te
fc he spat out the Ill-tasting poison which
B;f-V a palatable carrot falkd to conceal
Hp; It Is respectfully suggested tint Tip
Kji$ he taken for a wilk about the various
Vr portions of the park upon which sume
Hjw of that 11,000 OX) appromlxllon Is being
Htek Bni for Improvements. When ho sees
-H a laborer working as if In real earnest
V he
p To fire parting shots at Croker Is not
H to "hit a man when he Is down," as an
Mt esteemed contemporary complains. It Is
HKl simply to give notice to a man who has
MK? tirpuht corrupt boss rule to the greatest
f completeness known In modern times that
W t reawrm tor hi sudden retirement are
LBvrw 1 nirrt00'1' Tbo Wple who care to
and to save the wealth Hint he hts maile
out of Ills machine He Ins got out In
time. Hut though Croker Is gone, f'ro
kerlsm remains, an 1 It Is permissible to
holl Us nuthnr before the public mind as
a polltlcil creation (he llku of which
should not again be possible.
The resignation of Mr. Itlchard
Croker ns lender of the Tummnny l)e
mocrnc) wns formally tendered and nc
c(pttd yesttnlay, nnd 110111I11 illy the or
ganization is to-day as headless ns lelia
boil ('nine's horsimnn. Indeed, to mnke
thu vlinlle more exact, It muv be sihl
that It bus 11 pumpkin at present to rep
resent a hind
The resignation, n most Important
movement for the organl7atlou, was nut
attended bv much exiltemtnt Kulo
glstlc ppeeches were made nnd one
member of the Committee, I'lre Com
missioner SciiurII, tcfuseil to consult
to Its ai'ceptniKo, mid tnst the single
vote recorded In the negative. Hut
from the general fo ling manifested so
different from what It would have been
two or three cars ago, It In evident
that there Is a want of harmony In the
body, and that thu retirement of the
leader Is not wholly unacceptable
The selection of Contractor McQuade
ns Cbalrmnn of the Finance Committee
In .Mr. Croker's place seems on tho sur
face to create a doubt of the actual ab
dication of the old chief. Mr McQuade
Is regarded ns simply a dummy for Mr
Croker, nnd his selection Is not accept
able to the 13ecutlve Committee Hut
It is conceded thnt it was not mnde nt
Mr Croker's dictation, but Is, In fact, n
sort of compromise or bridging over of
the question of n real successor, and
was favored by all the aspirants until
tho tight for the leadership can be
fought out.
The real contest Is between Mnyor Oil
roy nnd Police Commissioner Mnrtln.
and It Is likely to be a severe one. Mr.
Ollroy possesses conrlderuble capacity
Clllroy possesses cnnRldcrnbU capacity, but
some persons regard him ns too Impetu
ous for n leader, and In that respect
consider Commissioner Mnrtln the bet
ter qualified fot tho position. Mr.
Croker is understood to favor the Mny
or's nsplratlons.
It Is not probable thnt the question of
a leader will be settled until after the
next election It Is now believed thnt
Tammany will go to defeat next No
vember, If It should be beaten, with a
disorganised army, which will be used
as the excuse for Its overthrow.
Mayor Hchleren, of Hrooklyn, yester
day lighted his lantern nnd went on an
exploring expedition to his new baili
wick of Coney Island He has m.ide
some discoveries that have doubtless ex
cited his wonder, and has noted some
matters requiring prompt remedial at
tention. Hut what n change will come
over old Coney's dream If the Mayoralty
Intentions nre carried out.
One startling fact was developed. A
visit to the new police station, which
hns already cost a great deal of money,
dticlosLd to Mayor Bchlercn that no
provision whatever hns boon made In
the structure for prisoners. Under the
virtuous rule of Mr. McICnne, now of
Sing Hlng, It wns evidently the belief
thnt It would not bo necessary to de
prive anybody of his liberty.
In the old police station a cell wns
found In which Col. Hucon had been
confined, nnd Its condition reminded the
Major of " medlaevalrtlmes," nnd made
him sigh to think of the Bufferings the
gallant Colonel must have undergone.
The Mayor was shocked at the How
ery He had never been there before',
and he came to the conclusion that It
" should be obliterated as soon nH pos
sible,' since " there Is no feature to com
mend It to nny one who loves law and
decency." So the How ery must go, nnd
so must the prize-fights nt the Casino
Alas, poor, knocked-out Coney Island!
How arc its glories departed!
Mr. Frank H. Stockton, who mnkes
his living by humor, In the iciurse of
an ndilress at the annual dinner of the
Authors' Club Inst night got off noth
ing new except the old Joke about
authors not having to read euch other's
books, and how sweet life was to the
mnn of letters who could own n library
and look at Its beautiful bindings with
n delightful consciousness that he did
not huve to soil them for the purpose
of getting nt their contents
Of course, we understand that Mr.
Stockton sells all tils fun-It Is pretty
good fun, too anil It Is rather unreason
able to expect him to give away Jokes
to fellow -authors who pay him nothing
for his annuil dinner remarks, but whin
u man of genius nsplies to appear pleas
ant and happy in his prandial patter, It
heems foolish and unfeeling for him to
go back to the Hercuiancum of Jokery
und dig up such 1111 old lava-inn listed
gag as Unit which Is here quoled W hj
didn't he try to disguise the dear old
niummj of merriment, by giving a tln-de-slecle
twist to Its togi,erv " Antique
J ikes have to bo up-to-dated now or
the y dun t go
It was reallj a shame for Mr. Stockton
to disturb n debilitated bit of plensantrv
like tills It puts him on a pir with the
Journalist nt the 1'resi Association din
ner who ruthlcssl) drags out the with
ered, time-grimed 1 hunk of ptflllngr
about newspiper meu living without eit
ing, an I buffeting their way through 1'fe
uu borrowed money.
What n travtsty on municipal homo
rule ves pn seated when the member
from tlie liKaiieateli s region got a
chance to vote nt Albanj on the ques
tion of while New ok City shoul I or
should not build Its Ct Hull, Will
the C01iRt11utlon.il Convention do any
thing to reined) this state of things''
Ciiiiatltiitliiiiiil Convention Deli
Klite, lint Cunt l.eunll) (Jo.
Postmaster Da) ton will leive for
Washington within a few daj s to consult
with Postmastir-Ceneril Hlssell vboat
the prunilety of nltc nJlnq the Constitu
tional Convention us a delicate
Vi orJei l-ci.l in 1871 bj Prel lent
lirint which has been Incorporate! In
tlie rtgiljlim of tie Department, pio-
hlb'ts postmasters from dlscnurr lug the
duties ot unj other Federal, State or
munlclpil olllce
Postmaster Ujjton Is at a los to know
whether or not he should resign as dele-.
tV.te ,t0, tnc Constitutional Convention.
His desire to attend the Convention is
sutllclently strong to overcome a Spartan
like resolution to resign, and he will
leave the declilon with his superiors.
"Tlie World's" ev Uptown Olllce.
The World'" Uptown Olllce ha
moved Into lu new quarter at the Junc
tion of HroaUwcy and Sixth avenue, at
Thlrtyecond tret. , There are eight
entrance, two on Oroadway. to on
Politicians Say That Is tho Seorot
of His Roirignation.
Forced Into the Step to Save
Waning Tammany.
Kx-JucIro McQiintlc 1 1 Ho Kleetcd
This Kw'iiluir.
The Tammany programme, as cxrlu
slvely announced lu "The Kvdilng
World" vistetday, will be cirrl'd out at
the meeting of the Tammany dim nil
Committee this i venlng The form of
accepting Crokir'M n scgiiatlon, whleh
hns nliindj been accepted b the Exec
utive Committee and the Cimintttee on
Orginlzttlon, will be gone through with
ugaln nnd bis suenssor ns ('hull man of
the Finance Committee mined In the
person of .lohn McQuade.
The selection of McQuade Is said to
be a maki shift In the Interest of the
dilrojM'roker djnusty Mi ljuade has
no qualifications for the leadirhlp of
Tammany Hall, and will merely be
placed in the position of Chairman of
the Finance Committee to guard the
tlnunel ll secrets of the bosses
Croker's abdication Is regarded to be
In Mayor dllrov's favor, and although
he bos It Is voliintnrj. it Is believed
tint he was forced out. thrown over
board, In the tiopc of saving the ship
from sinking
In the opinion of shrewd polltlcil ob
servers, Cnker's retirement, forced or
otherwise, Is a virtual acknowledgement
that Tntnmnny sees defent nheid,
1 lio Mnn MI10 Ihits nnil llreiitlirs
TlirmiRli Tiities dues tu siiiliii.
Cs.pt. CJncllian Hair, whose extradi
tion for forgery was requested hy Spin
Ish Consul, Arturo Ilildnsinoy Topetl,
was turned over to Cahlsto Cantalln, a
Spanish otllcla, nt the Pennsylvania
Itallroad depot In Jersey City nt 10
o'clock this morning.
Halz was formcirly nn officer In the
Spanish service stitloned nt Hivani,
Cuba, Ho forged his superior's otllcer's
nairo to a warrant for $ir,000. Ills case
has ntrncted consldeiable attention be
cause of his physlcil peculiarities and the
danger consequent upon his removal from
the hospital In which he has been con
fined for several months He had been
afflicted with cancerous sores in his
mouth and throat, which made necessary
two surglcil operations As a result,
llalz breathes through n silver tube ami
takes nourishment through a small rub
ber hoie which communicates with his
stomach, through an aperature In his
Hal will lie taken to Tampa, Florida,
where he will bo placed on board 11
steamer for Havuna.
Show thnt They llnir lleen Oiiernt
Iiik Since April, I KMT.
Percy 8. Mailed, denernl Adjuster of
the Norwich Union Fire Insurance
Society, called on Inspector McLaugh
lin this morning nnd turned over to
him the bills for horse, Hi:, which the
firebugs, Patrick Mullen, M. Carroll,
Jr., and Tim Itaffert who were ar
rested with two others on April 28 for
conspiring to burn a stable, submitted
to the Company.
The bills date back to April. 1SS7,
showing that the gang had been In
cendliirlcH mnnj jears Mr Mnllett
also showed the Inspector a paid pojlev
on a stable whleh was burned 11 1 1
West Thlity-elghth Httoet on Sept. IB.
1RSS, together with seven horses, on
whleh ltnffertv leielved ( 1 -.",7 nut of 11
J2 0O0 policy. Mullln, Donnelly, Tlernnn,
Sharkey. Carroll and ltnfferty are now
In Jail The llrst two nre awaiting sen
tence, they Inning pleaded guilty. The
others nie awaiting trial
The Vou 11 if I'iimnit of Hud Cheeks
Him Mini ledum.
IlenJnmln Dahlmnu, twenty-one years
old, sou of the well-known turfman, and
nephew of Isaac Dihlmaii, the dealer In
horses, was arraigned In the Tombs
Court this morning on tho charge of
passing worthless checks
JiiRtlce T.ilntor lemanded him for
further examination 11 Is believed that
he has swindled at least u,0 people He
was arrested on the same charge over 11
J ear ago, but Ills wealthy n lathes paid
his victims nnd he wns not prosecuted
The cheeks nil purported to be signed
bv his uncle That relative honored
severnl of them, but whin thev got so
numerous he refused to honor thi m and
the people who had cashed them placed
the mutter lu the hands of the police
Two Mori ."lillluin to lli KhIiiIi.
Ilslied In Tills Cllj.
Instructions were received h Pcwtmns
ter Haston from the Postmaster Gen
eral it Washington to-day to establish
two additional branch post-otlices In New
York Station I, a full-Jollier) station, will
be opened nt Hudson and Franklin
streets on July 1 llrinch post-otlhes
will b opened at Slxt) -seventh street
ami Third avenue Jul) This olllce Is
Intended n n sub station to telleve tilt
east side brunch olllce
The olllceis who will be placed 111
charge of the new stations will he se
lected at 11 later dale
dDllllltl VI.I, I'll'.
"on Itiikkell Siim otlilnu.
I Thar the- moil rtnrtUnr; future of th llarrl
pin linom I ihf i-lun 1 ot s m Ituivll Washing.
Itn I'oit
Three W lir WiinU nf ,,,.,..
WV hlw thrf worts of inHlr,, ti of r it ihe
irriwttnc i-U. rt tho.t win trrlnlr-. ur rraiki
'lank In i,iernm,iu nhotiM .1,, rfr)ih in 1,1 tt
vork cuseyo Tlm.i
Consistent- In Ivimsiis.
Mr l,m In tl I. mil In uu i-ipI J.rrr glnin
M In finr Tin i pulmta of Ibn Pn.iuh
Kamu rent lour M lutl.t tint l,lr rrprcvnu
tile aNall t KirklrM Clnrlrnitl Tlrara iar
The Vi'oniiin Surrriife Mliiiidnn,
It la ijult i-on-llnll iTtblr.1 thai tni- New
V jrl. worun lo ilo not nt to into Mill K
in i-nrnoarf-iil Uiimoii ll.rahl
Sensoiinl.le Wnrnlnit In H11IT11I11,
It la Injurloua to one a Naltb to carry an over
coat on itw arm tbrnt ilaia anj nlgtta They
touM lis tiucs on tb ti k -llulalo Tlmea
If nrnutura Could t'nderatiiud.
If tnt VnlteJ tenia Saoatora couIJ only under
alinl how the pwule feel nh reganl to their
Inaction, their Initrralnable talk their apparent
Indifference to the nrccaalilea nt trade and In
dualry the country ever, they would arouie and
do aoffletblnf. Such bllnitncaa and dcafacaa It
iBCMnprehenalbla. Boatoa Fwt,
2jYg,id ,Tfia .TiaalajKcria tll
Threo Out of Fivo American
Union Delogatcs OhoEon.
Queen's Former Marshal, Wilson,
Arrested on a (iruvo Chnrjzc.
(Ily Aa.oclatrd Preaa )
HONOLULU, May 3. per stenmer Ala
tneila. via San Frunclsi o. M-vy II The
1 lection for delegutes to the Constitu
tional Convention was held )csterdny
and passed off In 11 viry quiet innnner.
No lto)iillst c nndldates Were lu the Held
The American Union party had live
candid itis and six others ran Inde
pendent!) of the regular ticket three
wire 1 lei-ti'd, one of whom, A Kunula
ken, Is n discetidant of the old reigning
faiull), the Knmelmmelias, nnd the last
of his tin e
The Portuguese voted solidly for their
two candidates and elected both.
d II Wilson, the ex-Queen's M irshal,
has In en arrested on a charge of being
accessory before tlie fact In a mayhem
case WllsHii, who wns present nt n
barroom light In which 11 "tough" ltoy
nllst and an Annexationist were the
principals. Is paid to hat- encouraged
Ills Koiallst friend, ndllslng him to
"kill the Annexationist " During the
fracas the ItovnllHt, It I' charged bit n
pine out of ills opponent's ear. WINnn
is susp cted or having Incited the light
lie w is released nn $l,i"J ball and Ills
trial comes up to-dav
Admiral Wnlker and his stuff have
been spending considerable time at
I'eirl Harbor reeentl) making sound
ings and Inspecting the surrounding
country No definite location has jet
been decided upon for the naval sta
tion, lu spite of reports to the con
trary A number of prominent Ito)nllsts have
set June 1 as restoration day It Is
statu! they expect to be fullv nrmed
bv that time nnd If no help Is re
ceived from the United Stnti s tlioy In
tend to make nn nttack on the Pro
visional (inv eminent The Govern
ment officials take nn Btnck in the
rumor, however 'I he sand bags which
have surrounded the Uxecutlve building
ever since last December have been re
moved nnd the military force Is being
gradually reduced.
Proprietor, His Wife and Four
teen Inmates Caught.
Cnpt. Uronks Wntclicil tlio Place
After n Coinpliilnt of Hobbcry.
Police Captain Hrooks, of the East
One Hundred and Twenty-sixth street
station, with Detectives McCnbe and
Prlie and a dozen patrolmen, raided the
Waverley Hotel, at Third avenue and
One Hundred and lllghtcenth street, at
11 30 last night und arrested the proprie
tor, Paul Rosenthal, nllas McCarthy,
his wife, Susan, and fourteen men nnd
women who were in the place nt the
Tho raid was made on warrants Is
sued yesterduy ehurglng Rosenthal with
maintaining a disorderly house.
Justice hlmms, in the Harlem Follce
Court, this morning held Rosenthal III
tl.ttsl ball for examination, nnd his wife
for JloO ball for violation of the Kxclse
law by selling liquor Inst Sunday. Fight
of tho prisoners were lined 53 each and
the test were discharged.
The raid on the hotel was the result
of a compl tint made to Capt. Hrooks a
week ago by William Ourner, who said
he lived nt the Morton House darner
said that he had been robbed of J70 by
Aithur Volker while In the hotel.
Volker was arrested at the time, but
darner did not appear to prosecute
hliti liTon Cnpt HrookB put tho
place under surveillance und the ruld
was the lesult.
This Mil) (iinse Dunn to Art Like n
M111I1111111 When Drunk.
Hugh Dunn, a driver, twenty-four
old, of 1111 Avenue A, suMnlnol n frac
ture of tlie skull some time ago and It
was trvjnnned with a sllvir plate This
may be the cause of his being so violent
when he is under the Inline nee of liquor.
When lu als cups he Is said to net as If
hi was 1 r 1)
Polkem in O'Connor, of the Hast Sixty
seventh street station, found Dunn act
ing like a wild man nt the corner of
St venty-suvenlh stieet nnd Avenue A
)isterluv afternoon He had evidently
bun drinking At the policeman's np
1 rnch he ll"d into a tenement house and
climbed to the roof, anil then fled down
through the adjoining building O'Con
nor llnallv c.apttued luni and placed him
under lit rest
lie was veiy quiet this morning when
arraigned before Justice VnorhU, In
Yorkvllle Court lie wns lines! Jj
ll-TruMli-e Pearson, of the Colr
lllllll HcillHi, Dellle-s Ite-NpiillHllilllt ) .
In Cltv Court Chambers, this morn
ing, Justice New lunger gave n final
prillmlnai) hearing to nrgumeuts In
the suit of Von Heal tc Co , Philadel
phia liquor dealers, against Henry 11
IVirson, one of the funnel trustees of
the Coleman House The suit was
brought to lecovir n whiskey bill of
The debt wns acquired prior to No
vembet. lvlt und the defendant un
swcied that In that month the hotel
passed out of the hinds of himself and
assiii lates, and that he vvns not re
qulnd to file an annual report of the
hoti I coiporatlon In January of this
The plaintiff demurred to this nnsvver
but Justice New bin n r decided that It
vvns a valid line of defense, nnd the
eii-a- now goes on the calendar for trial
He Siiv din) III Victims Kicked
llli. 1.
Samuel Uvert. nt.nl llftien of 10 Fsex
street, was held for I! Ml in Lssex Mar
ket Coin t to-day on tho charge of
felonious assault It Is allegnl that he
stabbed Alitnbam I'Mur, of 171 Division
stieet, In the abdomen, and William
Mikn, of 'it Hssex stiiot, lu the hen 1
The bo said he stabbed th. m because
the mm Mi ked him The victims dnj
this Imr'ug the tumble between hti m
and the bov Joseph Windows!.) sixteen
vinis old of .'1 p.i.tt-cis pa i, it Is ul-hki-d,
picked the pocket of Max La
vendn, of ol Onhnril street Klalowsk)
was nirestej The stultn propi rt was
found In Ids possession, lie was hild
for trial.
Ilrldsli Ship Dlsulilril n Hen.
Illy Aaaoclate.1 I'rifa )
I'IIILAI)CI.rillA, May 11 -The large lirltleh
tour-maated aleel a nip I'algrave, Capt Jonea,
which wiled frota Urndon on April SI tor thla
port, with l,tXI0 tone ot etalh, was apoken at
an almost totally dleablel and In a telpleu
condition, drifting eouthwret at the mercy of the
elemental It la thought that Capt. Jonea ear to
oniallaa to abandon hie ewt. The fatgrat la
em pi ! t lwgjat ah I pa aSoaL.aiid waa built, la
EattLaitHtWlllf.m. browned Ja.aigi
Polico Scarohing for Kopf. Hi
Last Known Companion.
Picked lrp nriink, with a Fractured
Skull and No Money.
Detective Kehoo, of the Leonard
street station, is this morning scann
ing for the man Kopf, who was seen last
Saturday night In the company of Otto
Van llugen, of 22 River street, l'aterson,
N J., nnd who dlrd In Ilelllevue Hospital
Wednesday afternoon of a fractured
Van Hugen came to this city Seturday
afternoon to visit n brother living on
Hist Tenth street He remained there
un hour or two and then left, saying he
was going ti visit a friend mimed
Miller, living In Avenue C, near
Ulgtith street
He did not get there, however, until
Sunday night about 8 o'clock, when he
111 rived with Kopf Two hours luter
they both left the house, and that vvus
the last seen of Kopf
At 10 o'cloi k Sunday night Van Hagen
was found lvlng on the pnvement ap
parently drunk, nt Washington and
Vestry streets. He was nrrested, and
Mondu) morning arraigned In the
Tombs Police Court.
Justice Talntor sentenced him to five
ilns Imprisonment for Intoxication nnd
he wns locked up In the Tombs Dur
ing this time Van Hagen appeared to be
dayed, and Tuesday night was taken ill
He wns sent to the hospital, wheie It
was discovered ho had sustained a frac
tured skull
Van Hugen's brother, who lives In
Newnrk, said thnt his brother had $10
lu money and a geld watch when he
came to New York. There wns nothing
of any value found on him, the police
His relatives believe that Van Hagen
was foully dealt with.
Little Is known of Kopf, but it Is said
that he was In the employ of a saloon-keeper
named Miller In Avenue C,
near Klghth street.
Deputy Coroner Weston, who made
the nutopsy on the body, believes thnt
Van Hagen met death through a fall.
Ills body wns removed from the
Morgue to nn undertaker's nt 82 Stanton
street nt !i o'clock this morning and will
be burled In evergreen Cemetery at the
expense of relatives.
Supt. Byrnes's Crank Calls Again
and Is Promptly Locked Up,
Held nt tho Tombs for nn Examina
tion Into Ills Sanity.
John Sayllo, the Italian crank, who
for the past two days has been annoy
ing the otneers about Police' Headquar
ters In his efforts to see Supt. Byrnes,
was arrested by Detectives Perazio and
Tessnro this morning, arraigned In the
Tombs and remanded for an examina
tion as to his sanity.
As told exclusively In Wednesday's
"livening World," Sh)-1Io mnde his llrst
attempt to get nt the Superintendent
early on that day. He succeeded In
running the gauntlet of doorkeepers un
til be struck Sergt. Trank Mangln.
When asked what he wanted Sayllo
said that he had lately fallen heir to
several hundred thousand dollars, which
Supt Uyrnes was keeping for him. He
wantod to get a check for a few thou
sand to tide him over. He was told to
call ngnln, and went nway quietly.
Yesterday he repeated the same per
formance, and orders were given that
If he called again to arrest him.
Fairly this morning he presented him
self again at Headquarters and de
manded some money, whereupon he was
arrested . . .
He Is about medium height and hns
gray hair and 11 short, grayish mus
tache. Ho was roughly dressed, and
his cycB wandered about restlessly.
When arraigned Sayllo told Justice
Talntor his Btory, adding that he needed
a few thousand dollars, and would like
Supt. Hvrnes to hurry up nnd give It to
him. When asked where he lived he
replied thnt his Summer house was In
New Haven, but he spent his Winters
In this city.
Tills One Wnnla llnnrj with Which
to He-turn to Ireland.
John llooley, who Is supposed to be
a crank, called nt Police Headquarters
to-day and demanded to see Supt.
He said he wnnted to get money to get
back to Ireland, and he expected Hyrnes
to give It to htm He caused a lot of
disturbance, nnd had to be forcibly
If he bothers the Police Headquarters
people again he will be prosecuted ns
Crnnk No. 1 vvus, the Superintendent
Please tigers on tin- Kxrter City Saw
1111 Ice l'lelil Alao.
The Hrltlsh steamer Fxeter City, from
Hrlsnl April 23, and Swansea April 21,
arrived at the bar nt 5 o'clock this morn
Irr Cipt Rarctny reports that they had
inolnnte weather luring the voyage
On Mny 6, lat IJ .'2, long 41,40, the
sttiiliur passed seve-al Icebergs, sur
roiindid by a II 'Id of solid tee
The Ilxitr Cltv Is load-d with mer
ehnndlsi to Jumei Arkell Co. Two
cabin pat si tigers were on board
Could Miovs .No Wounds.
Mix lac, 1 . n, a tailor nt 259 Chrjalle atrcet.
a ills ha il In r.i.t Market I nurt today
shtn .irralioi, I in tbo muplilnt ot Annie
tMiwar'i iwntr )evr. oM, of M Pitt atrct
I'M Kill be 1U1I I ti r f 11 llmei In tbo rlht
hail wlih 11 pair f abiara Iho iclrl coul I rhow
no ftnunda, aithoush her hanl vcaa bandaged
Puritan ut Auction tin) ",,
(Ily AeKOilatM Prc-aa )
IIOSTON- May II May 31 haa been act hy
rommodoro Fnrbej for the aale of the Puritan at
auction At 4 o'clock In the atterooon the m I tl
be put under the hammer
"The World'" Sew Uptown Ofllce.
"The World'" Uptown Ofllce has
moved Into It now quarter at the Junc
tion of Uroadway and Sixth uvenje, at
Thirty-second street. There are eight
entrance, two on Broadway, two 011
Sixth ftVMtie etneJ totf, on Thirty-second
HiB LaBt Statement ShowB His
Murdor WaB a Cowardly Ono.
Ex-Policeman Mastcrson Fired After
Thoy Were Separated.
Victim While Ojinjr Kxprcsscs Pity
for Ills Slayer.
John rarreil, who was shot In his sa
loon, at 1C0 Purk Row, alout 1 o'clock j-es-terd.ay
morning by ex-Policeman and ex
Keeper Patrick Masterson, died at 2
o'clock this morning In the Chambers
Street Hospital.
During his last hours he made an ante
mortem statement, which shows that
Masterson wus guilty of a cowardly mur
der, Inasmuch as the men had been sep
arated and Mnsterson was In n) dan
ger when he fired the bullet which blot
ted out his friend's life.
Policeman Dentils McCrohan, when he
nrrolgned Masterson before Justice
Talntor In the Tombs Police Court this
morning, told the Justice thnt when he
asked the Superintendent of the Cham
bers Stnet Hospital f-r a certificate of
rarrell's death this morning he was
"Ah, that's not necessary. Just tell
the Justice that Farnll's dead."
Justice Talntor looked surprised. Then
he frowned, but he didn't comment on
the Superintendent's breach of duty.
The Justice told Mnsterson, who was
accompanied by Lawyer II. M. Friend,
that Farrell was dead, nnd that he
would hole1 him without ball for the
Coroner's Jury.
Then Mnsterson, his face still fright
fully swollen from the beating Farrell
gave him, was taken back to his cell
In Murderers' Row, Tombs Prison, In
which until two months ago he was a
When Farrell regained consciousness
at 10 30 o'clock yesterday morning the
Chambers Street Hospital surgeons
thought he had a chance of life. He
conversed cheerily with his wife, who
spent much of the dny nnd evening at
his bedside.
As the day waned Farrell grew weaker
and Coroner Shea hastened to take his
ante-mortem statement.
A priest, who had twice called on
Tarrell during the duy, shrived the dying
man, who, still conscious, calmly
awnited the end. Almost Tarrell s
last words were nn expression of pity
for Masterson, whom he had known for
years, and who wns his Intimate friend.
"He was In a drunken, mad rage," said
Fnrrell, "else he never would have done
Farrell dictated his ante-mortem state
ment. It Is ns follows-
"About 3 1'. M. of May 0 I met Pat
rick Masterson. whom I knew well, nnd
visited neveral drinking places with
him. About 5 o'clock we parted, and
met again at 186 Park Row about 7
o'clock. We walked around and came
back about 9 30 o'clock.
"We remained together at 100 Park
Row until about 12 o'clock. Mas
terson and I were fooling with regard
to some money. I think I snatched a
bill from Masterson's hand. This led to
an altercation between us, and blows
were exchanged Wc were separated In
our quarrel by Francis Herren and Rob
ert Sullivan.
"When we were separated I went to
the end of the bar near the Ice box and
Mnsterson was lying on the floor. I
heard a pistol shot and felt that I was
hurt In the abdomen. When I felt the
pain I sat down. Herren took a pistol
avvny from Masterson. I was then
brought to the Chambers Street Hos
pital." Farrell signed the statement In a firm
Hampton to Die Dnrlntr die Week
HeKlntitiiflr Jane Sft.
David Hampton, the colored man who
was convicted on May 1 of the murder
of Mrs. Ahrens In December, 1892, was
sentenced to death by Judge Martlne In
Part III. of the General Sessions this
Judge Mnrtlnu directed that he be
electrocuted some time during the week
beginning Monday. June 25, at Sing
Mlem Ilooiies AVun Accnseil of 8hop
UftlllK, hut Promptly Dtm-lutrireil
Miss Kmma C5. Hoopes, who lives with
her parents at 172 West Ninety-fourth
street, Is quite III, the result of having
been nrrested Tuesday charged with
shoplifting by Miss Louise Alexander,
the female detective enmloyed at 900
Hroadway. Miss Hoopes Is an emi
nently respectable young lady. She
visited the store at 909 Hroadway, and
while looking at some goods felt a
tug at her dress. She turned nnd saw
a woman In white back of her. A mo
ment or two later Mies Alexander ac
cused her of p'eallng some rings.
Miss Hoopes was arraigned in the
Jefferson Market Court Wednesday and
wns discharged by Justice McMahon.
Mrs. Hoopes, mother of the young wo
man, says that when she called at 909
Hroadway the proprietor of the store
volunteered to settle the case for $12,
while the value of the goods nlleged to
have been lost were not one-third that
Tears Flesh from Ills Limit In n
Pnrox)in of Agnii).
(Py Aaroclated Treaa )
WF-STMINSTKR, Mil.. May ll.-Two
heifers and a valuable horse belonging
to Mr. Philip Flater. of Snndyville,
were bitten by a rabid dog about five
weeks ngo. Tin heifers went mad on
tho twenty-second day after they wore
bitten. The horse showed no symp
toms of the disease, but was Bent to the
livery stables of Mr Jacob Thomson,
In this city, for treatment.
Yesterday morning the animal be
came frantic with hydrophobia. He
was barrep In his stall, to prevent In
Jurlng nny person or other animal, nnd
so, In the parox)sm of the disease, bit
furiously into the timber of his stall
nnd tore the nosh from his own II M
nnd body by mouthfuls. He was kb.ed
to end his sufferings
She Miuli- 11 Quick Trip 11 ml llrouicht
BIO PnNMriitfer.
The Hamburg-American Company's
big liner, Fuerst Bismarck, arrived thlH
morning from Southampton after a quick
run of 1; dn)n, la hours and T.S minutes
She hid pleasant wenther with light
wludo nil the trip. She hud 220 cabin
nn.l 290 steei age passengers
Amuic In- cabin passengers were
Th mills Huttir, the New lurk banktr,
H Cramp, tho Philadelphia shipbuilder;
den .Merrill, I' S A , Lieut von Hohn
horst, Mr nnd Mrs Wiiur Ntef, .Mr.
and Mrs Howard Potter. Melville K.
Stone, Lieut. S. D. Sturgls, Col. J, 8.
Wells, Mr nnd Mrs Percy a. Williams.
Col Chase, Mr. and Mrs, A. W, Hutter
worth, Mr. nnd .Mrs. Henry Hates, Jr.,
and Mr, jack Pope. .
a a 1
Itiild on Alleuril dumblern.
Pusqutle Vcnturlere, a saloon-keeper at IM
Heater atrcet waa held In IM0 In Toaiba Court
thla morning on the charge ot permitting gambling
In hla place. Detecttvaa Tnrley and Sullivan, ot
the Uulberry street Walton, raided the place laat
night and captured all ajleitdfaahlar.-, The
A Scotch Lnddle.
Hero Is n Scotch Bult for a little boy.
It Is absolutely correct In every de
tail; ta skill Is of a Gordon plaid, the
coat nnd vvalstcoat of velvet. The
"Prince Charlie" hat has a velvet brim
and plaid band, while the shoulder scarf
Is fixed with a Jewelled brooch; the
skcan dhu Is Inserted In the short stock
ing, the sporran hangs In the front, the
dirk und claymore are at the sides; all
appliances and means to be a Scotch
man nre there, and remarkably smart
they are, this being the full "dress suit"
of tho Highlander.
Illnckhcrry Contlnl.
This home-made drink Is valuable In
hot-wenther disorders of the stomach.
Squeeze blackberries enough to make a
quart of Juice, add to It a pound of loaf
sugar und let It dissolve, heating It
slowly. Add to It one teaspoonful of
cloves, cinnamon nnd nutmeg. Roll nil
together twenty minutes. On removing
from the fire add a wineglass of brandy
Put In bottles while hot and seal. Use
a teaspoonful for a glass of Iced water.
The Olil-Fnshloned Sofn.
Real old-fashioned sofas, with deep
seats and rolling arms, are again seen,
nnd are a genuine delight to those who
are looking for rest. The pretty little
divans and settees that are Just big
enough to hold two have had their place,
and are charming In their way; but
these delightful hospitable sofas suggest
a long rest and the possibility of curling
up for a protracted hour's reading that
Is fascinating. The hair-cloth that han
so Justly fallen Into dlrepute Is happily
not seen. In Its place are rich corduroys
and delightful -elours, that have all the
advantage of warm color and agreeable
surface. Like many another thing that
our grandmothers used, the sofa needed
This column it open to everybody ioho ho a
complaint to ma, a grievance to ventilate, inor
motion to give, a nbfed of general interest to dih
cvs or a pxMie tcrvke to acknowledge, and who
can put the idea into Un than 100 word, long
Uttcrt cannot be printed,
A Il pororitlc Anemerctl.
To the Editor;
Weik crltlea magnify trilling errors. They ttio
often Imagine they iee erron hcre none citit
If 1 were to seriously discuss the honor that
clings to tUe name of Washington for hla di?
covery of America, thla would be a historical rala
Uko, If I were to tpeak of Iloaton aa the
capital an! tnetropolla of Connecticut, thla would
he a Geographical mistake. If I were to say
that Slrlus la the largest and most conspicuous
Manet of the solar system, this would be an
astronomical mistake, and If I were to aay that
mice la rodents, this would he a grammatical
mistake. Do you see? A mistake In history la a
historical mistake; a mistake In geography la
a geographical mistake, a mistake In astronomy
la an astronomical mlstske; and, by a parity
of reasoning a. mistake In jtrammar Is a gram
matlcal mistake. STELLA, Horrklyn.
A Myaterloim Ilustbnnil.
To thi Editor:
I am one of your constant readers, and would
like "Evening World" readers opinions at to what
Is fair and right concerning a husband's duty.
We have been married Un )ears He earns 120
per week and allows me 113 per week for house
hold supplies, Including clothing, rent, ti per
week, church ard school money. Now, thla leaves
him 17 for his own amusement. We have a
pleasant home, music and books, and dress well.
Vet te neer takes the children or mself any
where He says he cares er much for us, yet
spends his evenings away from home, usually
returning at 12 to 3 In the morning, and never
telling where or with whom he spends his time
He thinks be could manage to rrn the hojse
with less than IIS per week, he ms
HniK Clerka Art AH Illfflit.
To the Editor
Although disinterested, I could not help notice
th relentless attack on the drug clerk made by
' Iteglna V ' I feel that I must attempt to vin
dicate this uncalled for ahune I pride myself on
being an eicellent Judr of human nature and
although I do not Indulge In flirtation always
flnl pleas iro In an Intelligent conversation I
have alwaa found aernr,e drug clerks a healthy,
apt plcln and ttudlous cless of j ruing men not
awas founl In other callings Uclng possessed
with the knowledge of hygiene, they, with but
little care, msnage to Iftnk an)thlng but 'lemon
colorel ' I fear this was an attack on one In
dividual who waa not charmed and protel deceit
ful Moral Think bifore jou write, on I do not
J idge a class by one, JESS 111 J,
In There .Money In Mllllner T
I To the Editor
I am a young girl dcstrouB of learning a trade,
.one which requlrts gnat skill, for which a, fair
, comrentntlon will be recehed It haa been sug-
1 glutei to me that If I In rone thoroughly profl-
cltnt In the line of millinery, I can command a
silary of 2& p-r wttk Now ns I am very much
In doubt ns to the correctness of this, Information,
I would some of jour readers kindly glo me their
opInluA In (he matter u J am a girl of more
than ordinary capacity anl would not like to
waste rreMous tmt In anjulrlng klll anl then
not find It very remunerative FANCV.
The lliirteiulcr'n Ilnril Lot.
To the Edltori
Drug Clerk "Ergo" wUhes to know who has
harder times than be and such small compensation,
! would aay a bartender baa He must open at
3 In the morning, stand all klla of abuse from
people with big and little heads and work until
I or o'clock In the night, for which he gets
ft a week and board, aa It Is called, and ! in
an American at that Another thing he has to
latbls mtalsjn the saloon and)b kit irrupted
4iMtM,lkkMg tajatAtv 1ULtoi' kvflat,&)tafcasi
only to become slightly modernize
, moU """""'bio piece of
furniture. Our ancestors may not have
talked decoration, nor uaed that i.
fortunate word artistic so freely ns .
do. but they understood comfort and Zl
worth, and built their furniture to en
dure. en"
LnurU. the Dairy.
Milk butter and egg, are tal)le ,
rles Dealers take advantage of eve
spell of bad weather to force up pricc.
and consumers have the cilolce of ,
ferior projicts or extortion. For th.
second week In April the following prlcej
prevailed among Vow York dealers
Pure milk, 6 cents; bottled milk, 8 ctnti
per quart; light weight cieam, 20 cent
heavy crea n, 40 cents per quart; butter'
SO cents; fresh butter, 40 cents; choice
butter. SO cents; gilt-edge butter; Ji p,r
pound; eggt. 23 cents per dozen; fresh
tggs, 40 cents; fresh leghorn eggs, u
IVomnr'n Political Tact.
Mr. Starr Nlcholls, who addressed
Mrs. Havden's drawing room suffrage,
meeting tho other clay, said that women
were natural politicians. "Look at th,
opposition, the nntl-petltlon element,
for lnsttJnce. Isn't that thoroughly po.
lltlcnl? Look at the way the Assembly
Districts nro being canvassed, nnd tbt
way those two petitions nre being clrcu.
lated. Women have the very instincts
thnt make political success." And th
ladles clapped their gloved hands, car,
One Ifod eif f'onl n Day.
Vhen I hear that pieces of bread can
not be toasted, nor the cup of soup b
warmed because the fire has Just be
"fixed," writes a woman In HousehoH
News, I know thnt the cook has let the.
fire burn down to the last bar of the
grate, and then It Is necessary to put la
a bundle of kindling and empty a whole,
scuttle of coal on the living embers. Bj
such management much time Is lost
nnd much coal wasted. One hod of cotl
Is sufficient to do the cooking for a good
sized family In one day. If hot water
Is required sometimes a second hod li
necessary to heat the water for the
house. Ono thing must be remembered
the fire should be raked morning and
night and the stove kept closed whei
using nnd the upper draughts open whet
the stove Is not In use, so thnt tho cold
air striking the coals may prevent Uu
rapid burning.
Apple Snow.
Prepare eight medium-slied tart apples
In every particular as for apple saucn
Aftet the sauce is quite cold the coldet
the better break the whites of two egp
In an earthen dish, turn the sauce ovo
the whites and whip the whole with 1
silver fork for thirty minutes. The white
ness of the snow depends on the an
with which every blemish Is remoree!
when preparing the sauce. Nice nai
delicate for invalids and a delicious dlat
for tea or dessert.
what a warm meal Is Still people will s,
That a annp a bartender haa WOOLLBK.
Thin In for the Health Hoard.
To the IMItor:
There la an alley betwixt numbers 18 and 1
Kenwlck atrec-t, which la, I am Informed, th
property of the city. It leads into atablee 1
tho rear, which am surrounded by no leas tha
six large tpnempnt-houaea, and la the receptacl
for all kinds ot nulaance. which menace th
health ot the people who live adjacent to It
During the past months of Winter there waa ai
odor rialnsr from there which waa In Itself
meana of eaualng a great deal of sickness
lleapa ot dirt and filth of all kinda abound hen
Now that the warm days of the Summer month
aro rapidly approaching, all aucb placea shoul
be attended to I have already communicate
the bad sanitary condition of this place to th
Doard of Health, but to no purpoae
Henwick street, ottyv
Sunday a Catholic Holiday.
To the Ed.tor:
"Which Is right to keep, the seventh day s
Suntay?" If you accept the Plble na your sot
guide and rule, ro other day than Saturday, th
seventh day, can be kept. If you are wllllnr t
acknon ledge the authorl-.y of the Catholic Chure
th-n Sunda) Is right History proves that th
Catholic Church chanred the day, and In keepln
It all Proteatunts acknowledge the power of tl
Popes of Home Ignored or denied, the facta n
main If "Willing to Levrn" -w 111 appl) to row
100, ntble Hojse, New York City, he villi recelv
gratis a little book cilled The Sabbath Questlo
from the llaman Catholic Standpoint, aa State
by the Cathollo Mirror," with remarks by A. 1
Lewis. D. D, that will thoroughly answer h
question. A SAI1DATH KEEPEB.
And lt'a Not Delinonlco', Elthei
To the Editor-
I ahould like to ak v,hy a prlaoner conllni
In Jefferson Market, awaiting trial, has to pa
two centa for "The Evening World," ie een
for the morning "World" and 10 eenta for U
Sunday edition; 10 centa for a tlve-cent packai
of tobacco, three centa for a common bos '
matches five cents for a stamp and sheet
paper and envelcpr,- two cents for a one-cei
poatal card 10 centa for an egg end a ama
allco ot bread Thla la only one of many on
rageoua charges made by some oGlclal there, tl
whole business being tromacted through a prl
oner, who Is knonn as the "runner" Probabl
they think the above a fair charge, but sura
all fair-minded people IU deem It an outrage.
(ilrln Who Art- Amhltlou.
To the Ldltor-
Will none of jour rendere pleaae odilae tv
glrla already dlasutted with life? Although th
loie their parents and nre Milling to work f
them they ate un-iuppi They are not contc
with their lot They think their lives are emp
and shallow. Trey want to have aome aim In II
-something to Ilia for And they hope to II
a different lite from the majority ot girls, wl
live and die. leaving the world' no Utter 1
tnan It was before they enterel It
TMH-nrUern '"r Wives.
To the IMItor
I nm In the some poiltlon m "Amicus," h
Inilcid of being In love with a freseraaker
am In loie llh one ot thoao moat fatal creatur
a typewriter, and am ilealroua ot making her t
wile Will soma of our readers alvlao ma
thsy think a tprrltcr would make a good wl
for a man In moderate clrcimsiunres or If she
too flckla to bo true to any on, msn? A 8.
Life on the Ocean Wan,
To th Edltori
II young msn wishes to b a sailor let W
ship as an apprentice and take advautage or t
15.000 education that the (loTernmenl gives kb
and alter ha It twwty-on, years o4 b, will I
Ban.. If.ta la a foreigner let him o, l ll

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