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I THE WORLD: Mil DAY EVEiMIlNG, MAY 11, .Si).. tf 99
His Liiing Pictures at Koster &
Bial's Wear No Olothoa at All.
Magelo CIIne ln th0 "tc,lcn-Go88,t
from the Theatres.
Oscir llnninieratcln's living pictures,
recaleJ f t Hie first time ut Koster &.
llialB Thitiri! last nlKht. were hugely
tnjojctl IjS uiiltcis 2" nnd 22, who took
the whok "how In from the terrace of
O 1 Orrhistra." Theie were nineteen
of the ilcturei and only two of the
waiters, but they lined bcnutlfully Intu
the mint pcrspectUe. .Moat of the pic
tures wire sclented with n lew to their
anatomical pollillltloi. ami the lalsh
recklessness with whloh the drapery
wiien't used on them made 20'b ashen
ears twitter mid roused tcvir.il wrinkles
fif in the lion to 'illr cut lnat frucocs the
back of 2-!n netl. When Vtnus, with
I her nrm anunil Tannhuustr 8 neck,
M bi.rt upon the lew, and there wasn't
I enouqh miwiulto bar clothlm; on her to
make an eui muff for a Jctstj irtfllnlp
per, 21 K"' his towtl unfiled
with his coittnils, anil the rlRlit
hand button on tho back of 2.! swallow
tail iiMiiuled wevuul decrees nboe the
line of the left-hand button There weie
other ru tjiils ln the eje-bewllderlns'
Kroupx whine eery last stitch of weu
fiii; .ippirel must hae been In tho wash
tub, for lht had nothing on and the
wealth of unconcealed lines and pink
entitle war umazltiK imil quite Korueous
'When tho last ie elation cinie, and
three gnrmentless dnisleh, l)r ima. Truth
und Aurora, stood revelled on the back
ground of gloom, 22 must hae been In
a frenz of delight, for he tiled to brtak
'Is towel In two oei one of his shoul
ders, and 2U, with h'H hands knotttd be
hind him, wuh to Ins to tlnd the combl-'
nation of hit. thumb nail and rlvliiK
other eUdenec of tho wild tempest of
emotions that was illllnir the space be
neath his (Jerm in silver bailee '1 ho
waiters enjojrd the pltturts, not forget
ting the patriotic tableau nf " Gen.
Grant at the llattlo of the Wilderness,''
which was encored. If 20 and 22 keep up
their enthusiasm, and the pollco hold
off, the living pictures will make a bly;
success ln Thirty-fourth street.
Haggle Cllne, the nr-famed Irish
queen, Is a capital cook She keeps
house with a maid of all work, has com
pany whenever It Is convenient, und
there Is always a cold Joint, a rillsh and
a roll on the little siJeuoard a salad ln
the Ice-box and a pol of coffto on the
kitchen range Tho big dinners so com
moi among fumllles who lle to catlmo
no charm for the musical Maggie. Soup
stock, meat loaves, home-made bread
nnd cakes, patties, preserves and pies are
some of the dietetic Investments th it,
according to her way of thinking, don't
pay the Interest on the money. Maggie
Is a worker. When she has an appetite
anything satisfies her; when she hasn't,
consumption Is material waste and phy
sical damage Miss Cllne has a remtdy
for throat troubles ocal music Singing
lessons are hard on the pocketbook, but
they keep the vocal organs ln a healthy
Adrlenne Dalrolles, of the Kendal
company, who made a lilt In the one-net
piece "A Play ln Little" at the Actors'
Fund beneflt at the Star Theatre re
cently, has been engaged by Charles
Frohman for the Empire Theatre Btock
company. !
Hauptmann's beautiful vision play,
"Hanncle," closes Its season at the Fifth
Avenue Theatre Saturday night.
It has been decided to close the season
at Daly's on May 26, when James A
H Heme and his admirable company will
t m terminate the long and successful run ot
K "Shore Acres" at this house.
I Mr. Cooper Cliff e, who Is this week
with Mr Wllhon Harrett's company In
I n "The Silver King" at the American
Theatre, will next week play Sandy
Dybon, his original Character, ln "SIs-
ter Mary," ln which Leonard Boyne
m nnd Julia Arthur will be starred by
, Manager T. II. French.
ThonmH llaniian mid Henry Slianil
ley Taken to tin ImIhiiiI.
' Two more cases of small-pox were re-
' ported at the Board of Health this morn-
1 lng. The sufferers are Thomas Uannan,
1 thirty-three years old, of 503 West
Thirty-third street, and Henry Shand
I ley, thlrt -eight jears old, of 25 Uovvery.
I Both patients weie taken to North
Brother Island.
I ,
Health Officors Confei With Chi
cago Clothing Manufacturers.
Precaution to Ilo Taken to Prevent
Smull-1'ox from Spreading.
Illy Associated Prtlfl )
CHICAGO, May 11. By tho concerted
actlun of the health officers of Illinois,
Ohio Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana,
Bmall-pox, It Is hoped, will be prevented
from spreading ln Chicago and the
West within i tew das Kxtr.t
phvslclins and extra Inspectors will at
tack the plague ln the sweat-shops dis
tricts. Tnls was decided upon at a con
firence of the health ofllcers and a com
mittee ot clothing manufacturers Tho
wholesale clothing trade will pay the bill.
They ditlire emphatically that no Infect
ed clothing has been Bint from the city,
and under the new conditions such a
thing will be lmposslb e
'Ihcse present at fie conference were
Health Commissioner ltejnolds, of Chi
cago, Secretary J. W. Scott, of the Illi
nois Board of lleillh, Secretao H H.
Baker, nf the Mlchlgen Board, Secretary
C N. Metcalf and Ilr I) V lUmsci, ot
the Indlina Board; Secretary J. T. Iteld,
of Wisconsin: Secretary Probst, of tho
Ohio Boird; Surgeon John II Hamilton,
of the Marine Hospital, and Mrs Flor
ence Kelly, Stnte Factory Inspector.
Tho conference was cille 1 b the Com
missioners of the several States, who
thre itened to forbid the entrance Into
their States of manufactured textile gir
ments Aftir reconnoitring among the
sive it-shops an 1 tenement-houses, they
were convinced that It was not policy to
permit clothing to be shipped out of the
cltv mue h longer.
Thus far there Is no evidence that any
Infected garments have been plated on
the market, since the clothing manufac
turers themselves hive taken every pre
caution to protect their business, and es
ter Ia the reidlly igreed to adopt nny
measure thnt would drive the contagion
out of the cltv, and they cheerfully
agreed to piy the exptnse of a dally in
spection of the tenement-houses and
swe it-shops.
Clinro-cil Tilth Writing nn Improper
Letter lo nn Aetresn.
(Dy Associated Tress )
PHILADnLPHIA, May ll.-Udward O
German, of the Harris in Theatrical
Company, wnB taken Into custody es
terday by Deputy United States Marshal I
Meyers on a warrant Issued by United
Suites Commissioner Bell, charging him
'with mailing an improper letter to Lulu
Sklllman, of the Dlxe "Adonis" Com-
I pan.
A bench warrant for tho arrest of the
'defendant was issued by the United
States Circuit Court ot New York, upon
nn Indictment found there by the Grand
Postal Inspector Holden testified to
lltlng Gorman at the Chestnut Street
I Opera-House on WednesJay of last
week, when he exhibited the letter to the
accused man, who admitted writing It.
Gorman was held In JiOO ball until Tues
day next 'or his appearance J. Tred
Zimmerman, ot the Chestnut Street
Opera-House, became his bondsman.
You Ileu-t Tho Evcnlns World I
Da You Head Tho Huniluy World?
Milton Point Ilealdrnta at War with
Electric Lltcht Coinpun.
POBTCHDSTEB, N. Y., May ll.-The
Consolidated Gas and Electric Light
Company of tills village Is having a
hard time of It ln extending Its plant to
Hilton Point
The American Yacht Club and wealthy
residents of the Point want electric light,
but other wealthy residents between Itye
village and the Point are protesting be
cause the Company Is not erecting more
ornamental poles, especially in front of
their premises
Inlunctlons have been Rervl nn tho
Company by John A Groynie, David S
Cowles, William W. Parsons, Mrs Mary
Parsons and Jasper Corning through
Lawyer Justus A. B Cowles
Tho petitioners say the poles are a
detriment to their property, and that
while they are ln favor of electric lights
they will oppose tho erection of any but
ornamental poles
'I ho Company has a franchise from
tho town to operate Its plant. A number
of tho objectionable poles have been cut
Yon Rend The Eicnlnir World)
Do lou Head The Suutluy World?
v Furniture, Carpets, Everything for Housekeeping,
?! $1 Weekly on $65 Worth.
L $6 Monthly on $100 Worth.
r I Only one visit necessary. Collections made f Requested.
il .
r I
,, m
' H
J I A Swindler Who Laid Plans for Love
1 and Money.
i 1
I II Tho Bun had just dipped beljlnd tho
Il Btctly burface of the frozen river; the
it U c1"" "f coming twilight sent a tremu-
f. H Ius shiver through tho woods, tinkling
" H the lclcles llko a strlns of fairy bells
H (is U vAent.
, H "Good, seasonable weather," thought
W lulro Merrlford, as ho came out to
Iook at tho big thermometer that nl-
I ays hWB' Bl"nnor and Winter, beside
the porch door. "Hallo, Steele I Is
I n."yf"' Bqulre, It Is I," .aid Mllford
, .' Bwele. "J.iamn:.'tn,.-.i ,.v!
"She's at home, but the fact Is
bhe's pretty considerably engaged Just
at picsent."
"That means, I euppose, that Leslie
Wllloughby is calling?"
Bqulre Merrlford made no direct an
swer, but BtaroJ hard at the thermom
eter. Terhaps," went on tho merciless
catechlst, "you could let mo have the
money you promised towards the church
debt thla evening? There la a vestry
meeting the day after to-morrow,
and" .
144 BOWERY 144
Wo havo tho largest Stock of Diamonds and
Watchos In tho World at Extraordinarily Low Pricos.
Thoso aro tho Watchos wo mako a Specialty of:
-llsT' MHIIi (tObl) HPNTINd .
V uu ti, hravr i,wi tm wiml, r vVfl
anj.ticr, 1 iRlnor vv'aliliain muvuuciit s?tU
- MN'Minill'OIN.xlI VKIllVAK It, C
V4 liuiitlnt; i im, iif!rnviit, nlmulni)tr U
ami "iilir, mr - . . .
. MINIS', (11)1 Ikl III.KI) WAirnnw,
l Mun win 1, r un 1 rMIi r, V lulu or l h
V Ilium niovtuiulit, arrmilul lur 21 )mra. l
L. sti tn hull run I - Mi r ) Ikin up nU Clfl
tliam uioveiiitnl, Hunaiileit tut Jl jian . wlU
QUI 11) HII.VI II lit .NTlVd W A It'HI H,
w t.i tiulno Mm ni iui innvt nuiit .l(lnor tQ
Wall) an. lt in liUr 3
A nio u winder unit ,tltr . vu
Wo givo ft writlon Gunrnntoo
with ovory wntch for hix yoarsj if
HUNTING CASE not as roprcsontod monoy will bo
Stem Winder, at $o. Irofuuded.
Solid k Wctldi,,ff
Gold mijr itiuRs,
14 and 18 carats.
Garnet, Turquoise, Seal and Initial Kings a Specialty,
opi:n i:vi:mmsn i.ntii. H.ao. wiTintiiAVS iimml 10.30.
loo. nuck Bock Mlshtl ot Or. FnclhK (Jray Minns Hulti.. ennlM Cd.QR
3V, iteunlhlWMliiihliroiir In llnnils Kit. mn, hIiiiiIh lieanl "17'!:"
0(ir.miininBrUii(lftulrt , lie. Jmiialn; In ui. r Btrll m sni n . ffi I QQ
iV While llfinilllihed llnndkirililifs lie. ulnr rnhrli vi urtli 4 .1 imjl ! J I
rjti Rllk siiKnendorH I It. fcprttip Olirioals. i ul lulijf, i In
-vomnsW . ile UnMoMTi, "Me Iti.n ami Kir- ffl o A a
51 ai r L"c I I " Inl IK win r-Hlrli 47 .M.wnrlli 10Mirt If 1 2 .. . '
7V UlilBilhilerul Hllrts, kllchlly not 117,. (.! DUkoiiaM .RtsniJMst, He- CQ QO
$1.00 btar sash esls SMr. Rint nit lorimrl 1H IK) aa,ifO
omcoCoatn, l'aamM, OntlncMilli, Hmlm &.&, at iironorllonato iirlces.
84 NASSAU STREET, between John and Fulton.
Pretty Office Girl's Harrowing Ex
perience on Broadway.
A Defective Sewer nnd 0prflowlng
Iljilrunt tho Ctiusc.
A defects e sewer and the carelessness
of street sprinkling men In drawing
water from a hydrant at the northeast
corner of Mall street and Uroadnay
were responsible for the formation of a
miniature lake at that point this morn
ing. While a crowd gathered, an crowds
generally do when tlnre Is someUilns to
look at, a pretty, blonde-haired blue
eed office girl appeared on the opposite
side of the street, bhe was lite for the
otllce, and ln her haste to get across the
street did not notice that the water ren
dered at least one-quarur of the passage
Impassable without a bildqe.
Gathering up her dainty crinoline, she
mado a dash across the street In front of
a cablo car. She passed the car snfily,
but her Impetus carrlid her to the bor
der of the lake Shu tried to check her
flight and ln so doing slipped and fell
With a couvulihe grasp at nothing
she tumbled full length In the muddy
water, which at that point wan about elx
Inches deep
bhe floundered about, screamed, sput
tered and rollel oer until there was
nothing but a bill of sonked clothing h
ble apparently before an one of those
standing about went to the retcue.
The unfortunate Mrl was then dragged
out of tho water looking like a drowned
A gallant joung man escorted her to
her olllce.
This was one of many Incidents that
happened during the morning tre Hie
Depirtment of Public Works remeditd
tho defects e sewer
Found Ocilll 111 Ilrll
Anton Koelb. forty i-lRht yiara oM and single,
wan found dead in lei at hU home 3(2 Iist
Forti-Dtla street, at 8 15 o clock thli mornlnt.
Comlnsc l!i4litl..
Seventh Reelraent infpcctlon, Armory, thli even,
sixty ninth Pattalfon review anl reception this
einlng at Madison Square (lurdin
Ei Union Prisoners ofthe War, Cotonnado Hotel,
tall evening
Art Students League fancy dress ball, 215 West
Fitly seventh street, this evening
Free admU&lon to the Metropolitan Museum of
Art this enlns
Opening of Hldorado to morrow afternoon and
Oood Government Club II s smnkir to morrow
evening at 70 Weet One Hundred and 1-ourth
Nov, t J McMillan lll address the louns
Mens meeting at the Tuenly.third street I ranch
of the oung Mens Christian Association Sunday
at 3 F M Solo by Fred Stahl
Annual entertal-iments b) tho Raphael Dramatic
nub mit eek In -hipel Hall Tenth aienuo end
1 Fortieth street Monlay Vednitduj and lrllsy
eentns Shsun ronn Tuesday anl Thursday
eenlngs 'A Kettle ot Fish "
Annual insjccllon ot Troop A. Armory, TuisUy
eienlng , ,
Mns wiNsioWsMHiTiiiMiMiu els nn unn
rellod ruBilltliii fur children wlilli teettilui: .'- ,
"Well the fact Is," s ild he, "It ain't
comment Just at pnsent. The
church'll have to wilt. I'm makln' ar
rangements to let out all the cah I ( in
spare now on bonl and mortgage A
man don t get such nn opportunlt) eery
day, Steele ou know "
"I should think not," mil Steile,
drly. "Nine per c nt semis like ft
er nlie little arrangement, but sup
pose the question of uhuiy Is iali.fl"
"It wont U, ' fi'd the Priulre, conlU
dentl "Its between frlen U, ou
know "
"I me not ask who this liber il
hearted fi lend l," slid Jlr Steeb , Mr
Wlllouifhlo, of couise"
"Suppose It Is'" cried the Squire test
ily; "what then''"
"Mr. Merrlford," said Steele, earnest
ly, "you nre an older man than I am,
yet I cannat forbear from entreating
you to pause and reflect before ou In
vest your wholo prgperty In such an
unsafe ipeculatlon as this. What do
you know about this Leslie M'
"I know ho 1 Chief Justice Chapman's
Lew it Ilolnmnn ai elected President of Car
ptntira I nlon No 243 nivi thu rew Bcrctary
Is J 1) Hoifrid
A II I Ij Shaw hno rnncrlerl the demands
nf their striking uphoUterers and tho men are
a .pi 11 &t work
Ixuls finroirmn baa been elected nlklns T)1
FfUu of Tailors Unton No 27 he U ilto a 3)le
gato to the l)nxkln ( iitrnl Iabor Union, hts cq
delegate being Louis Sachs !
Hanker Henry A Mchols la to lecture this
ecnlnK wpon the BUbJect of ' Ths Evils ot
Trusts ' at Webster Hall, One Hundred and
! ortkth ptreet and Thl r 1 a enue, under ths
autUrs of Lrval Assembly 8 CCO K of I-.. Mas
ter Workman J J Klnneally
Tho officers elected 1 Iron Moulders Vnlon No
Rt arc (1 .Seal Pretltlfnt, T I onnelly Vlrs
President, C Echobel lorrenpon lln? beertlary,
II I' Mcfiraw, neconllne Secretary, J Magnus
nen Trennurer W M A lams rinanrt.il Secre
tarj A Oindrol, Inluctor, 3 Carter, Ssrgeant
at ArnB
Machine Wool Workers anl Turners' Union Vo
3S has suspended Its members working at Con
tiactur Hint shop who refuses to recognise
tho union and his men nfusel to comtl him to
do so The differences at richer shop have
ben settled
These officers have been elected by the Journey
men Plumbers and narfltters' Progressive Union
T P Duwnes Pn tl lnt J IIIRlns Ice Presi
dent J I In mil I Financial Secretary P Klernnn
UocordlnK Bocretary, S PlanaRsn Treasurer, I)
Mahrntj Ftatli-tlclan, J Cojney anl M lynch.
SerKcaitsnt rirB, J bralth, J, Glass T, V
Carnty, Trustees
Several larlirs In Paterson N J are rharlnif
th strtklnc silk rll lion v. t avers Rratultousl) anl
many urocerH lutehcrs takers anl other shop
keepers oru riRularly sen ling contributions ot j ro
vlslons or ensh to the hcalquarters of the strik
ers more than 1 5ho of whom are stltl determine!
not tn resume work until their wages have been
Mass demonstrations ra aprecJ upon by the
Trade anl labor Conference at 267 I- at Tenth
street )tsterliy to urge upon the Constitutional
Convent! n the ntoptlon of the Initiative and ref
T(ndum sstrm of Ug1atlon home rule f . r cities
and other demand made by the conference and
Sam OomperH J Rulllvan Charles II Rtover
anl H White were elected to appear before the
eonvintlun to maxo an apjeat en I eholf of or
panliil lalor Among the ipcnkers at last night a
me i ting if thn crnfertnie wia Ir Parkhurst hn
after having stated fie objects of hts on crusa le
Hga4rst vl e ind eorruntlon dularel himself to
lo In sympathy v.lth the demands ot those present
ssl f ''
Tou IIpihI The livriiinK Wnrlil !
Do uu ltvail Tho Sunday World?
IU'. Dr. John Hull DentI,
TnENTOV N J , May II The Itev I)r John
Hall for fifty jeara jastor and for the past ten
jears pantor emeritus of the Plrst Presbyterian
Church uf this city, dlwl last nlgbt ag eighty
eight He was a native of Ihlladeljhla where
he studied nn 1 practls 1 law At hf age cf
thirty-two bu entered the ministry and haa be
come widely known through his works upn re
ligious topics Ho leaves one non an I five
dniKhters tho former having ben private tecrt)
tary to threo of few Jersey a tinvernora
Hut niKUR'S taken, ly the grand army of
eronomhal people marching under the lanner
of conimon slujo Dally It eat lures all nee led
uplifts of Uruti Mellclnes Doctors Prescrlp
tl ms I liellc Btfcklngs Truwts rut hen Hub
ber tfoods Perfumeries Ac, all of the very beat
quality at a clean saving of 4-j cents tn erery
I dollar
1 Then old Cmeral Pat!tfarton leads his honta
up tu tho famoia lll I llSIDr ' th largest an)
finest Hola Pountaln in the Wurld It a a
Ilo mur sure en iuch and nnler the com
man I of the 1 1 tt soda, expert In America Is
making things bow 1 at
(Hli Ac, Cor. 21M St.
' III t"lK l0 "
"Anl hi. owns t,000 acres of land out
Witt '
"According to Ills own account "
"And hi. mlKlit be u member of Con
Kri 8H if lio illume "
"Hilliir Impiolj iblu that"
And In- una u lot u' iroicrtx In
tlin up)(.r iiirt of tho city of Now
. 'i ork "
MMrdnn mo, but I do not credit all
this I slniircls billiM- that hi li ilu-
oiHIni,' both ou ami our daui'hti r "
i 'I In Ninln1 new tr red In tliu face
'I wasn't born sterdi and it ain't
' for uu to Ml up to dli into to me And
If ,loiplilno fancies him murc'n bhu
dots mi"
'hlii- Is quite wiltome to her prefer
ence." bharply Interrupted Bteelo
Clool eenlni; Mr. Merrlford "
He iMlked qulcklv away down the
snouy road, tho blood bolllnir In his
lolna. Ho loel Josephine Merrlford
heartily he respected the good-hearted
old Bqulro, but now he folt that ho wa
almoit banished from their couiueli.
"It I could but prove, all that I autv
i -" ... bn Mrl 'hlmiiirWillit
Set- our lllne and Mack Scrc Cant and Vthfs ut $S. 40 regular
value $15.
A Well
Dressed Man
bears the earmarks of success. Success begets pros
pcrity. It therefore is politic that all men be well
dressed. Our
Sack Suits,
cut long, nolib) and exclusive rlcsiyii, arc quite the
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I r ? V f?) Z. fpl two j
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cf! SlFiSWfi TO $6, 4 and 3.60 Dross Shoo.
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fM& 4-? XSSIV Boys' $2&l.7BSclmnlSlioe
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i&L QwmSSmlr nSI. ladies'
03tlwwi3Or NjlS3.ffl2.0O,Sa. 8? 1. 70
S 'II&Tr icSiVll ! "tiuaulh. HlTliNlj.l'erlrcl
WF n3T,HfijsAto X'wfcsV FlllliinnilNrrTlcrnlile,llcst
BtJHtS IS THE BpgrAWaates . sC'ipi'iei ui"!j'i1ii,i,i"Vj1,.,'i":
1 jaariP.VTyrfilltf tgtV JirtLv.v . irfj XltA --- Iw, snl price iiiatnprd mi
Hold ni ion. sail. arn. nn. io'iii. i,'jii it m-.i ti.i. m. nsi, i t t.i. it'.
IBIIlidnTP, 1 HIS, .Wit lloVri .llib. OIH, hllK. 1.1117. I 1711. Ill.tll, -Mllll. aim 1.
aS5" JilS".t 1,(11 Ar. A, mil It.. It: i f.J .1 I Air. Hi III I. 211(1, i I A It. Ilmi;- I
ion si.) 3lll.ftnVt.mml I. ISIII mini t..rr llonprvi ... I Q I nnnl l.l IBS llrimil
wn. rnr. LrnniUl IA.IJ HrniiilwnT. rnr. . I.illi -I.I JI7I. ti- lliiil.un l.j 117, fi.
477. fl,7. 7711, N77 Nlh sir.l 211. Illl. 22 1. .17-1 llrri'iiw Irli l.l "iJl, 7I Hill
nrp.i 7kY l' li ml'im nVr.l :illi. 72(1.551. IIMII Kllh nir.t Hi Mn.lrriln'u mr.i
I 111 Vrl. Ill I 77 l" llr.indayt 2(Vnltiiii C.l HI! -...nil M.i I:H I llirrlr t
III I. ifrriT it. r.?r. lllUm .t.i in. jVrniln .l.i 1 77 Ilk, , ,., II 1 II. I ISM, ,t
Jl.ltl.V ( ll-l: III, 2011, II I I .NlvnrU nvr. Ilnnlmiiilrrr .1.1 172 liriiTff wt
Mm. Klrlnkoff Wilis KxilllllnlliK Her
lliiKluiliil llctiiltcr.
Mrs Annie Klilnknff, nRCil thlrty-ilx,
of 22 Cherry street. Is In a crltlml con
dition at Chambers Street llospltnl to
day, as the result of Kliootlm? herself In
the abdomen hint night with her bun
band's reoler. She claims the shoot
ing vim accidental
Polleemnn Ihomim Unci)', of the Oik
street station, was iianh!R nlom' Cherry
street last nlKht whin he hi anl lh
irles of Mrs Klelnloff s son, who was
screaming for help He found that Mrs
Klelnknff had fallen unconscious on the
bed after haliiK carefully replaced thn
rtoler ln tho spot from which It had
! been taken , .
1 Mrs Klelnkoff was In the room with
her son Joseph, ned fourteen, when
she took the we ipon from lur husband's
coat which was hanging on the wall
She remmed tho lase nnd nsked the
boy what kind of a reolver It was.
lie was telllnc her when It was dis
charged, woundlnR her In the nbdomen.
1 he boy ran out for help, nnd the
neighbors responded to his call Hoth
the boy and his mother Insisted that
tho shootlnn was accidental
I A report that the boy had done the
I shooting was circulated, but It Is dis
credited bv tht police Mrs Klelnkoff
Insists that the weapon wns In hir own
hands Her rtcoery Is not txpeLted.
I'our Ilromicil In ArlcmiHnri.
ON Assoclalcl Press)
I.ITTU: HOCK Ark War 11 -John Porter
prnfr rous farmtr In ImM fountj with his wlf
anl flo chlllren, atttmrU-,! lo fori htrawlorry
Hlier near llarrin 1 nrks Wo.lmli The team
became unmanat. aM tn mil stream an I nn Int i
deep water M Toner anl thrert ot the chil
dren were drowni !
A Bfinn ns n lirlalit ttlrn III luen'n lieuil
nrur cmnct lu tbe friim, bin It U.
Tlin lutcst U a nmUi llnlih
J7 irnif Alpllie, Hltli lln wlilli
litiuit, Ihe iiiallt Is ILulto
US bi si, the rlci 8 J. I(.
,H Othi-r Alpines In pearl,
Hyl bronn, blink, 11.00 to
MJi IK rt. s SI, IK), 82.3.1,
Fl J- 8-,,K)' '"r w,,ul1 ''"UTS
' A Cliarke $! (1) (o .r 01 In-
i fUlslte snadoi of brawn.
Men's rurnliihlnyx.
1 Ine worsted Hweaters, ylOH, mfn snniptes
worth H (XI Pajamas clie lot, 1, III i mail
ru.i, 2.UH silk, S.'i.OH.
lnfst hilliitner wrol hlilru and braucrs,
DI.lt), wurtli2.(l tori 'ill
hanltur) wuiilhlilrtsAtid l)ruwn, OSr., Mortli
I t-nndi llalbrlKRali hlilru anl llruuers, -ll)c
73c, OHc.
Miu's llAndkprchtpfflJienistltctied linen, 2,1c,
worth WJc
Men's Shoes.
Hiuli-nrnilo niinemitkiiijr In nil lliiHe
imlrnt ltatlnr nvmr uml lliriidlll lots llirtu
ra,1is S2.D7, 83.1)8, ft I.HI.
Colond cull hlii e-i rarorld wlntl and n
tenHlnn wi'es Inn ur I ulli n M2. 07 I" 8. 1. IIS,
lll.n k cult 2.07, S.I. US, !4 I.OS.
The anliiA 1m ul II ust 8l,IM)iill i lu 11 pair.
ciossid the little brlilse that rpanncil a
brawlliiK rhukt
A hnml fill on his shoul ler at the
sima Instant
"llull.i hpronlc! I'm punctual to the
suond ou see '
Slttk htand around, without Iniiiudl
ntidy answirlnic to this uiu ii tul
I "Well, then, Mr I.isllo WillouKhb.
epij If oii like th it bitter, irled (he
mr.wiMr. with u bin si uf laiiKhd i
"Hum- iii rnlsid tint sum of itiuih
yil' lhat i what 1 wint In ktrnw lie
cause old Samuels Is kettliiK ciust .in 1
- The ib m i
Just ut tint moment, looking full lulu
his fice, the stnuiKtr dlsoowrid his
'I am not Leslie Vlllnurhb " Hill
Steeli, composedlj, ' but 1 can tell ou
nhcro he Is Just at present he Is male
lnif loe to Squire Merrlford's daughter
ami tryliiR to Induce the old man to lend
him money."
"That won't do, you know!" cried tho
man, who wan evidently a little the
worse tor liquor. v Nohow you can fix It,
SPEOIAt sale
English Clay Serge.
In Nat; Blue and Black,
I utbloimlily ul nml Jour
uotuun Tullorrd,
$ 1 0 oo.
1 Jm
V.rry one f Hiono SuIIm npriMitilM a
ri Kill fir ri mil M.tiM' ot JIS.IK). nur
moiirr lat k for iiiiiIi!uk 1hmi1ii til us
iIiuI'h not i xnt llj un ri pn m iiI il.
Open Saturday Night Until 9 O'clock.
Old Herald Building,
iiiii)4in r i i .n sr.
"iiic Wiii-iii'' iiiiiiiiu oiiii ,..
'The World's" I plow n Ollko hna
movid Into Its new iiuarti rs nt tin. Junc
tion of llrondwio and Sixth ni mu at
Thlro-sicond street 'Ihcio ale iti,ht
cntrancis, two on liroadway. two nn
BlMh umiiuu und four on Th!rt -second
Ijiuilinuin, Cocnliiu mil similar habits
Prrumiitnt, s.nl imliili -u. i uri l-o tiiiui 1, i
una ias In tin tun lfi.it putkiits inn uliiln In
th, lr Kh4tslu iliirlin; triiitim ut tin ilrui, to
which tli) )me tint n I in In! mil at no
tlino will thi (ul mi mfi null i in ni.li tu
lild tu thu Hn utlc.ii .r) n - rilii,' tu It II i
ri me 1 Is nut nun 1 un uutl li ti fur i plum i r tu
1 ri paratlous hut li um a Kiwirful ilisii.irnf
tin inllre sHttni (iturei ,ln p, Inipr visllu
ftciu ral In illh, Inin a h aiitiiu million imt
Interlin iitli liu-.lnii. or houm iluili s no
n liip-i.iiusutli rink u it u ri luitn u i uri Irylt
en n II uiu hao iiiiKiitn vifnih trti d i tin r i uri
All tiiihliitis anil lurri-joi aim si rli tl
runlldfutial Prtiat, Iriattuuit ylien an I i.ii il
n n Intnii ntH iiiiuli at ulbiu or nsllilici. lir
(till partli lUars i ill on or m dn i
National Health Co. 125 W. 34th St.
ppnoi pc 'mi sTiti.
"isJrl-k O Hum Mimr Inp'r
ltlt (.1 SI It I HIS.
NiliWi.k llll HI MiiMI Hill Vkl It
'he's m irl 1 to tn Mstir I lla l'i ti t I
Sprowli n-' 1 don t I 1 line him foi lu I
IKIiih with .i "lu s hot a t ni 1 1
I 111 i Im i, ir but h, bint uu bu-'liu s t i
m.i 'te Iiim tu aiuithit rill -nut wlub I m
.iroiind '
' oii hiM' .nriM'd Jut In time tlnn I
I'erhnps ion wouldn t mini Uttint. Hie
mjii n i,- lady know that uut filial Is,
alrmd m.irrlid '
' 1 d Just lIKe to i ut a spoki In 1'iti
SprowlLS win el' 1 1 1 Him In honor
nmotitt thliMs, but 1 m Iuiiiki 1 If 11
don t think 1'ito uu uia tn do uu this'
time '
Jiuephlne Murifm 1 w is i m ry pn t
t Kill i lu 1 1 J I 111 i ivi 1 .in I lliupli I
I with Innocint li.ixil dark ies nd n
I ml, laiihhliu,' iiinu'h in I tin Hn lUht
link a filr i in of lur .is slu sat
b the Krtat ul I fubhli n J h irtlu't in,
with Leslie llloushb suspb louslj
close to her
"It's uibll) done, ' coaxed Mr Wll
loUKhby, stroking his lonir, waxed mus
tache. "Just to step down to the iur
est parson s und, whew I e're oft to
New Ypik, man axvX wife, by Uje even.
Let the foitun.Uc few who
have money to hum, betake
tlicm to a tailor and gel
fleeced Wc'ie after the
avenge man, of fewer dol
lars and more sense, with
whom the solid sum vc save
him tuts of a figure.
Sel youisclf up, in clothes
bought here, against the
tailoi'.s vietim, and if you're
not as well dressed, every
bit, and better satisfied, bring
back the goods and get your
Sale at our wholesale prem
ises on Blcccker St., cor
ner Gicene just west of
liroadway ;
and at our BRANCH RE
Strictly wholosalo pricos
nt both storos.
Upon ya(itt(lii nitdit till '..
Bloockor St., cor. Croono.
Broadway, cor. Roctor.
SAtW.. riders of the world
MAY 12, 3 P. M.,
AIUIII.MMI .lliril Mill I I l'i IIUY
(Nnv 'iork iihlnt whliti Is nt (not of Whitehall
Uriel, llutlir))
400 JII..N III All. 11ACI.S
Twice Dailj, Iliiiii or Sliino, ,1 and 8.15 P. 1
AdtiiUslon ftf) cent (Mltlrti Imtf price
Contnii druul tim 1 tlnJru 71 cents an J $X,
.U HHJ un ereil Main
HOW lo ni.TTIIlvIti:'
niMUM. Hrr, Ulilli'lmll Mt , ih mou direct
route (mm Itutti ry (u ciiinp if iltR. fort ft cents.
Hut (Ctv.liilc frumult iKlniN tiiaaJuroundow
nik, la Iluttirj, ull lurrUs uiul Itrooltlyn
l.rltltfc uixl le nl 1 and surfucu cars conneclluy
tliert within HrnoLI)t).
I'uim.Ar rcstaunuit u feature.
lUtlimlnK unlay Lviiili.K May 13ih
1 llf-M 1'KtMII im: ( OM j.(l )!'
sousas mm
oa Its return from a triumphant tour to tho
l'a lfl roust
Almlaslon COi ItiHtnel ivats ;:. anJ $100
On nale at Wax office tbU morning
MA!1mCN st( KI. (AItlI.N.
nu'iuijw Miiirr, juv iaf
nlll sttpmit tu train and vinculo
, Illh lllul i .mil M ll.N
'i i i ins UUT.
Beats too II no anl 11 SO On s.ils tbL morn
Ins alHox OrHco
nnvr hi km i or
, l "IM1 AllMI -IllN rnn
1 O-l ll I I 11 tlunii e "iluri'Hj , Mnr 1J
hVi l.V!A'i .Tl"' i'I'-imi "iiiiw.
..' ,".'i ,,,h "ruin" I urn V. -ni-i lui le.
MM li llsnjN im si mu; iiaj
IIA1II, M lljira Hnil-H hi Ml sut MaU
MAT v1 "Vllft "aMiTVkVnIIAL.
P IOII " w MAit.ioniM
DldUU, MtllMIl,ll A Mil.
i iti until r Uiioili-Oiit M Sm 1 1 s.i
LOI I Mill - Ihiiitri 1 e,Kl& MiiIs.imI sjU
Thatcher's Africa.
l'i pnl tr tiliithiluv Mut I lift J. .rth
Ni i nk thaimi.) oiiuit. Muvuurtifi'n
"( IH.tl IH'Ms(, 1-liliM A.Inlncl'f
I'rn -s 51 i TV , Thi j h
Mkls. U i.l -.ut t 2, im nlnts nt H lli.
m ti ii i rum 11 tu tl
i Grand Concerts, Vaudeville Performances.
(l J J (llllhU II 'Hi. I tf X '
I.I1.Un, T HUM it 8 15 Mat fciitToiilT '
, A ttilil Way, ot iuj KlutiHt it itiut -uiiiss. 1
I t-. I mi Wunli-rfiil Imltatloa ot Irvlnt
BROADWAt ii hi u i-. 'i i i.i n s
i hum v 1,111111:11
Ml RI 0' iilnriuiliiril, l.r.ir A Uur. I
-, ?., "' :"' '"' -"" !. A ..III.
yi&VJi?. John L. Sullivan.T,',!,; ll,,!:v.'.,.
-1 AMiMlli llll A MIL I M llll I M.i-7
,M.B. Curtis in 'W.N.V3 1
iSamM of Posen. ir:xv
I I IIIMHJ 'I III 1 III . In-iM-i in eiliirlnj
l,- I .' Ml. II I .
M n Mu;. 11
l.iiiljxrniii. uiul I 111 ! ill Jtunrinit I ninp.
PRQGTOirS " " " '"'"- ;;i-";:n!
I II UU I Ull U. , v i 1, 1 , luii m 0
in 1 I M - I 11 . I in 111 M - iii
lit M ISU I ill vll I To M iilT
1 I VilKll 1 T
I it p ir 1 111 1 Mr Wllloiislibj '"
Hi vvi 11 t mini unit' 11 a ovtl 1
i in i iilv ttliM 11 Ii to lilm fiom New
iK li J ivi vvi n t t) it imlillliiB
ill Ilmu uf j jiui, ritt ile In hW iiiimo,
lull t II ' St lit '
Ami I i ill. llliiuiih' y InUuli.'iM In .i
linrtv IhiikIi nt ihi Ilia, tint Jusojihlue
ci.loii I unit thvn i-rnv jule
Don't l.rlu,' Khi' lopllej, ".Mllforil
Sii'du In i nlvv i ln.ui K0'1 ami tiuo
trit n I Iti nn
'I ilin hiv 1 ilun fti Well, Joule,
Just uii til vim f 1 1 lu r I i inlwi.ua
Hut J" m.1 tv ull ni nn ill tho slip
Willi ,Ki iln " tr ilu '
I ..i uu vvun t nut It 1 l.iioi It" In-
, tiruiliti I u Krulf volrt "Pur m ltor
1 11 i Mivir livvful v, Mil vvlfi' li to
S, luvvk u Im i i-li ulnt neltln r
It 1 1 ii i ili in I Ami sou'u no muio
i .Itiut t h ipni in lii'plii'w than 1 m
atopfuth. r to yiu-on letvirla nnil our
nnnie uln t HloUkThby anil you're a
confouiulptl scounilrol nml n villain. I'ete
Bprovilo- that's what you be,"
Anil Illo Wllloushby, utrugBllna to
his rtetNwItli faceiof WTftth andOMi-
Tim l.iii-vr.l Ini Ii in Hip I.nvrr.t Prices. iBl H
'I i ruin In Null l.cryliitly. TM'B
( uili nr I ri ilil. JiHMsfl
cm fonep. mM
or oiidizeo 'mm
4.50 i
Carpets at One-Half Former Prices. mm
tiriivv MiiIiIiiki, irr roll, 10 jnrd,82,0 VB 1
Ui)l and 1)1)5 IU Ato. $m M
It'twcrn AOth nnd AOth Htm, JJM VM
. ,sJiH ilH
Amusements. iM
i- HMa kUbbI IsbbV
1 iinniln nI' Vfl.ll'wsyicoraaat, ?M iH
AnKrY 1-M-nlnvs nt H lo M.tlnM ''iflfl
HUULI U w tines lay anil BaliirtUy. Asslrssl
Mr, Oscar Barrett's Fairy Eitraragama, vfl m
I in UTII ASM Ad I irMC "'! Rummer-nlgtif VM Mm
t i ill if Hi oil Irllnw lloran and Orpluls- H -ssssi
UK V fntl n f KlniiH I rninly, for toe beneflt mWMM
lit il ti irnn iim lillim s Home nml Orphsaan. XssBBiiiH
Ml V V Ii In lifll nt Dirkflmsnn's ltld(- ''tHiH
m.l I n I lr I. I nn Hundsr Mir 11, llll. fMftM
Miiii ly I r t K llfr tn ivimmence It 3 P, Iff. tessBt'H
II kits if o lmlm n 2'c ench Hesr tha Od4 pH''sbbbbI
I ,11 w 1 liotuijtrai li In operation at headquartera IbbbbbIi'bbbI
only Till! LOMU1TT1.C 'iflB'llssI
I AST I'l.ltl OUHM'hH. . t'jH
A. tl. I'M. H It's sl'lll K ( mi PANT. 'fl 'mm
'" ,"'5!;.l,MKt ' ' Jim the Penman. dM M
mCiWIIK Till 1-I.A.N Thlt'H WIFB. O-W, B
I4III huh hr llll Allll. erOthATfc lH-fl
, upuinr rj,. Vi N( -s7(sT mm
III Hi" I Imriiilnr lrl.li I'll)' Hissssl
NixtVNetk llnls 'Virtu in I hlnatown." ''BSfll
1,1 1,uul KruX J nixroi vt.i oamcs. fl
Mlurrtar, May 20 1 1' ,vl , ., . rlmmlMM
AlnlsHlon 1100 llmerTed sials toe anaiLW iWiasssi
eilra pilliatlm ! r reserved seats toI M , !Bl asssl
",l in I W AI.I.I.V, 23 West 4ltbst; , VoSS
tiATitu. iroja: Van Ma k Yeiitllt. 'HH
Opera Ilmion ,mm Ml BairllltOL 'SH
iin.it- iinii, iuii Vaiirfpvllln "oTk CS.H
llTlhsl Huvn lln ValltteilllBI t8jl- mmmM
llni st mi 1 im Ui"i rvwt M-ai fjQoiAam. joa. i'MWMmWt
AMI llll v IlU'Vl'Ilt- MatTne Haturday. rtpaHaaH
llr.prveil -eats iircli. slrac Ircle 3S&2Jlif$k aaaassH
lo.ninrruw nlrlil TIIH M I.VEIt IUMJ. SiMmfmm
tl WnaWI-piiiuril Hu) iib rml Julia Art tuny flBNaassi
unvTie i'AU sij. 1111 Aiuii. isHI
HUT I O i:Vl. K Jll, MAT. SAT. a.i, dHH
Monln Vnv 14. " Forget Mfot." wijH
(JAItlIi:VTlllJATIaTB li Mat.WL8a HH
nlUL U IT'jZi mure yw Earl. ?B
ninTnnin Statlntes ruesday and Friday i-Hlfl
irrrcJlfinVlnn. , , $&& Bl
iii'riNi!i: TO.IUY, - .o.H -JH
ITU is l!Jr., 30r., 73r tjl. 81.50. Hlfl
,-l,uVwM2,,,i.S,u- THE AMAZONS. WM
Aic.li) Mutinies TliumU andBataraay. HIaH
5th m7riwT"A&t$& mM
I inli rtlioillrtillnn ill I arl Mhwxlor Uosenfeld. i.VB'-H
nAi vC J rn:s a. UEiiMs JSIfl
UnLI O. inhlHUeiutlful play. JMmrmt
I ncloo o and ALiiAMiiuA count. mm'Jmm
111 and III Ka.t Illh st near Mill u assl
i in: iiiiNsimt out iii.sTitiofi HtS
las every afternoon and evening s!bbbbbu lassl
tmAkn ast. the pay traih. 'Mm
"ivrttll" MY AI'NT HIUllOETi. Mil
UIIDCDIO 'lullelll's Munkpy Circus. wBH
HllnrK .l,l''l,ll""ri lwentyNew 'Sifl
I I U U LlljJ i . ntnrts. lluurb statetiliow. rjHI
IMI'I 1UA1, Ml IK UAH. ll''iy.l'-",. JHSH
Mat Mon . Ihun.ial ,2 M) tlrcatvaudj- H!fW
v llle. I ast cek. t nlliiiltwl L'IQila, Eunice Vanca. ,'(Mmlmm
Brooklyn Amusements. IsMiS
Vl'nsV Wiihv UIA MO fl
tsVlLUUW OllllA, IB fl II U 'fl'V
A M P H I O N . E WSSP55" iill
MR. and MRS. KENDAL nrpitimmr MM
I er itiilnc Slntlntet ul and Sat. -Hrifll
JOHN DREW Tm: in-T'TCBFiviaM. vmM
nTHn VLH It sMOHH, IweSfla. -rsB?M
IArl irifi ii 2-, nuzoc Sm'-M
Ulllll. dill i.oikI lliservrd Meats. r-l'Vl
FrYiPIHF Wivis&'&SSs''" mm
LlllrlllL. lOTi.oiitlllis.rvetlsoaUatilSoi, l !tB
I!,:,,r'i:,,,n THE PAYMASTER flj28ffi mM
AU-'Lt-f'T' ... J"' W 1 lUMvM.EolaMlt, S'S
Hit atiTtHlafl M illuits luti , lliurs. iBau 'J..M
BB. Xl'f'f'sTKi Vl' ilinwiil. I ruuH Cnslimao'i vSiVI
jgw-MaProgresslve Minstrels. -MmW
na VTTV IIMH. : 111 UMAX, Mm" "iHI
GAY tl I T . Milt-. Moil . luurs.,baL 'tKmm
Ills ntjic ul luothi'i-ln law and co jliS
pi tur nn I Mllfonl Mull. . , l9H
Minn I. ut' this ii our workr ;J M
is, ,. I lu ulmliis n blind Wow at th vH 'MM
Int i IX'fl
I nl I .im iimud of It,' declared , frnm
Stuli, 'in r.ulur, I Khali be. when jn9
lie KUki" I sou out nf thli houie." U -jM
'on nu I doe I wen. Blmultaneous, 'lfl'1
I nml In another peioml Jo30iihlne '9'!
i atoole wire tlune it .he rtfiir B'fiB
Oh. Illlltiirl' the fulterel. "can thla vB !fl
bo tut ur am I ilriMininu;''" BIH
"It l tiue Jole, that on nre saved 'JH -SJ
th.it joiiler miscreant Ib a married HllS
man n well us nn unprincipled ad- slU
M I VtsHjiB.
'Hun Mllfonl how can I ever thank HSl
v 1 t-hu mui mured, 111'ttiiK her soft iKfl
In ivvn ijes lo Ills fa, e 'STiHl
'1 will tell ou, Joslo 0110 of these) 'tSaXa
Siiulie Mcirlford could hardly be- timmMWM
lleve his own cara when he heard tho HHBfl
tale BtB
"I came preclou near belntr nn old - 8hH
fool," observed he ancely, and there) ,,'XABB1
was aoin,o-(icth ilp; fflmmllteSlliffcsI&mmmmmt

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