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OliltV (NW ppwrp ' . :l.-:x. - --' -- - -- -r-zr t -z - Jl jBB
ntu vim w-un. NEV YORK, FRIDAY, MAY II, lH. I'KK.K ()iE CK1NT. Ml
Nellie Ely andjolm Jacob Astor II
The Man-Killing Elephant
Snccnrabed at 419 This
DOSED mh poison.
I Capsules of Oyanide of Potas
sium Mixed with Bran
and Fed to Hiin.
I Men Armed with Rifles Stood by to
Finish Him with Bullets
M if Necessary.
r At 4 19 o'clock this afternoon Tip, the
Vicious elephant In Central Park, died
from the effect of poison administered
to him by Drs. Huntington and Allen,
the oftlclal extcutloneis.
An hour previous to his. death he was
given a dose of bran containing thirteen
small capsules and two large capsules of
canlde of potassium and he an alloys ed
Immediately afterwards he began to
eha!:e and tremble and soon went Into
com ulslons.
Up broke the martingale and also the
clirln on Ills hind legs.
Tnere was the greatest excitement.
31cn stool by with rides ready to shoot
lilm In c.iso he got any more liberty.
Their heiWceb were not requln.il, how-
fever, for the hugo beaut's struggles
quickly ended, and us the poison begin to
work be fell to the ground and died.
At 3 o'clock this afternoon Drs. Hunt
ington and Allen, the official execu
I mora of Tip, the ldous elephunt In
mtrnl Park, announced that the huge
ichjderm was evidently succumbing
the poison administered to him carlj
the day.
Tip had refused to eat a carrot loaded
Ith poison this morning, but he
unched the vegetable bolus with his
ige Jaws und then spat It out. It was
Id at the time that bomo of the poison
id gone down into his stomach, but for
time he showed no effects.
Then suddenly he began to weaken In
Is hind quarters and Dr. Allen nn
junced that paralysis was one of the
mptoms of the poison.
Supt. Smith, of the Menage-le, caused
lino to be drawn about the elephant
JUse, and not even the reporters who
ere present were admitted to the bulld
ig. It was said by the doctors that the
iralysls appeared to be extending, and
lat the huge trunk was affected. Tip
.mid not move It except very little,
hen it seemed as If he had been trjlng
) do o
Dr. Allen said the dose given to the
lephanr In the morning would ultimately
lid his life, and that the end was not
ir off. "He will die In about an hour,"
'as the doctor's prediction, made about
At 0 o'clock this morning Drs. Hunt
:gton and Allen, carrjlng leather bags,
nttred ihe plephant-house. Their
nowledge of toxicology lauscd them to
e singled out by the Park C'ommls
loners to superintend the admlnlstra
'n of the deadly drwj which was to
nake of Tip a pood elephant. They
lad a Uttlo package off cjanlde o
lotaulum, six ounces In all. sufllelent to
Illl a regiment of men.
M A cruevd of ."ully one hundred people
.M. !?a .Bothered around the building. Half
TI ; ,m w?re newspiper men. who had
1 i.n 'letnlled to witness the execution.
I ... Commissioners Clausen, Straus
;'iil Hell HTled shortly fter. and the
I !L . ft. we,t lnto the elephant-houso and
'njt Hie door t'ght. At (13(1 o'clock the
f jcors were opened, and those who had
I """'a were allowed to enter
n I .om"iissloners Ilcll and Straus took
I !.. KZ ot 'hlngs, and soon had a rope
11 I il" .cPed "cross the w Ide asphalt pave-
,1 ncnt In front of Tip's cage.
!T I Win Tl tiiNplrlmiH?
Jln ,,hl? ,lmo T'P t0,l behind his Iron
""ed barrier and swung his trunk
Jf.i "'."! f'"11' ''Is little ejes twin
"glnn.1 hul n knowing look.
WK '"ir Knder looked In and grinned.
... t ,"H ''"-ud onto this scheme," was
" onl comment.
Bn)dUr refused point-blank to be the
S!?nit0 B'' T'n the iiolson, so Otto
r.p's' n old nnlmal trainer, who had
1 EftfE?.0' T'l' ""C "ick in lb!il. was up-
V lolnted executioner,
m lil. i." c;iu o'clock when Assistant
In kii;l,,ir.n8. handed Dr. Horace Allen,
ill Srv At' ,no Museum of Natural Hls
flll !ut .m '5 carrt. which he had scooped
H inotRS? "'tcJ-wlth a plug made from
i.lM if th i. ,n ,)ok from his bag a parkage
'H he uhP. ,Mn nni1 poured two ounces of
Mmrrni "S."01.11 'nt0 ,he hollowed-out
-H ind il.. i tVu" Wtt" neaUy Inserted
Sopii UcU(J:y bolus was handed to
H Up Tnkca the Tnrrot.
I le dPth. ",ePPei up to the bars and
H If comTroLPut o tip with 1 word
h conunand Th great flexible trunk.
w .h Us prehensllo finger, stretched out
and grasped tho carrot gingerly.
.Every one held his breath. Tho men
cr science had said that the sturf would
..'f r!7vcn Tin's stomach before he
would roll over dead.
Slowly and deliberately Tip curled his
trunk under and lifted tho carrot to his
capacious maw. An Instant biter It had
disappeared and tho spectators waited
to see the five tons of flesh fall with a
1 .,"'.avSc,1 st,"ten ,n the agonies of death.
Hut Tip didn't fail worth a cent. He
give the carrot a crunch between his
pow-erful Jaws and then deliberately
spat It out In several pieces. Still, the
spectators thought that enough of the
deadly stuff had found Its wavlnto'Tlp's
Momach to do for him. Thcro was,
however, no perceptible change In the
elephant's demeanor.
Dr. Allen at once called for an apple,
and Mr. Hums prepared one to receive
another quantity ot the poison. Two
nuntes more ot the white powder was
poured Into the hollow apple and plugged
'Wunl.l Not i:nt the Apple.
Mopls took It nnd ngiln held out tho
Instrument of death for Tip's acceptance
The elephant took It, wrapped the end
of his trunk arounl It. crushed It Into a
pulp and delllier.Uelv tossed It away.
Meantime four men, each carrying
a Winchester repelling rifle, filed In and
took a stand opposite Tip's cage
They were there to bo useful In case
of en emergency.
Shortly after their entrance another
man, with a rifle, presented himself, and
ns he had a pass ho was promptly ad
mitted. He had not been In tho elephant house
many moments before he begnn acting
In a very queer manner nnd to handle
his ilflc In a way that the reporteis
and others thought was very careless
and dangerous to the people In the
After watching the stranger's mme
ments for some time several of those
present reported to the authorities that
he was lntoxlcntcd, and he was nskerl
to leae, which he did Immediately.
When outside tho house he grew ery
Indignant nnd said he wns n gentle
man, was not Intoxicated and had been
grossly Insulted.
It was .aid that the man was a friend
o Assistant Superintendent of Men
ngerle Durns and had secured his
pass from him.
When Mr. Hums wns seen by nn
"nenlng World" reporter he was verv
reticent regnrdlng the matter. He said
tho man was Dr. Wright, of West
nighty-flrst street, but that he did not
know his Initials or exact address.
Mot Drunk, liut tcro.iN.
He said further that Dr. Wright Is
not a drlnklnk mm, but that he hid a
nonous affection that sometimes causes
his movements and actions to reem queer
to people whs don't know him.
Another gintleniin, who claimed to
know Dr. Wright well, said he was a
great student of natural history and
also a collector of guns He also said
Dr. Wright had hunted elephants In
their native Jungles. Dr. Wright him
self promptly left the park nnd could
not be seen.
This caused a little dlierslon for n few
minutes, and then all eyes were turned
on Tip.
HvralloTTPil Home Poison.
It was eiident that the animal had
swallow att a portion of-lhe drug Dr.
Allen thought about an ounce.
He begin to quiet down, and the doc
tors said that the drug a having a
sedative effect. Then Tip lucked up Into
the angle made by the Iron bars und the
side wall of his cage, and stood there
with his haunches resting ngalnst tho
ThlH, according to Dr. Allen, wns nn
f-ct of the cyanide of potassium,
whUh, acting on iho spinal cord, pro
duce", first, a partial paraljsls of the
hind quarters.
Three more attempts were made to In
duce Tip to take the poison. Two more
apples and a half loaf of bread, all
charged with the drug, were taken from
Mojils by the elephant, bqmczed In his
trunk and tossed aside
"It's no use," snld ''upt. Hums; "he
knows too much for us."
Kupt. llanklnon thought that enough
cu.erlmentlng h id l"en done, nnd snld
so. Then It was suggested that the rifles
be brought Into pi.i. bu -Mr. Hankinson
vetoed that in short order.
'lip '-els Sick.
Tip continued to lean nt Intervals
ngalnst the side of his cage, nnd at 7 3J
ber.in to retch ,
lie kept this up at short periods until
nearly s o'clock. Hetwcen the fltR of
retching he apeared to be stupid. Then
he began to rally und seemed more like
At i) o'clock he did not appear to be
suffering much Inconvenience from the
poison he had taken
Dr. Allen, however, Insisted that the
animal had tnktn enough of th cvnnlde
of potnsslum Into his stomach to kill
him eventunllv. The notion of the iiol
son was, however, slower than had been
counted on, he said.
Commissioner Straus was evidently
disgusted, and characterized the at
tempt on Tip's life as an unqualified
Soon I.lirly ns Hrer.
At 10 30 o'clock Tip had resumed his
swavlng motion and looked as If he
didn't feel very bad about anything In
pirtlculir. Supt. Hunklnson went down
town nnd It was said that the Park Com
missioners hud decided to leave It to
the Society for the Prevention of Cru
ilty to Animals as to how Tip should be
put to deith. 1-nl.r it wns said that
Supt. Smith would be nllov. ed to decide
upon the means to be used.
Commissioner Straus assured nn
"Kvenlng World" reporter that no fur
ther ateinpts on Tip's life would be
made to-day.
Dr. Allen llMi.ipolntcd.
Dr. Allen said he whs much disap
pointed ut the want of action of tho
..jHiiide of potassium. In the case of
human beings, the doctor said, the ac
tion of the drug was very quick. Two
grains of It will produce the following
Himptoms In lapid succession.
The fcplnal column Is first affected and
Immiidlalfly almost entlro paral
vss of the lower extremities folluws.
Then the lungs are fiiir.il zed, together
with hte upper extremities, and finally
the heait suddenly stops beating.
In the enho of Tip, Dr. Allen expected
that the same svmptoms would occur.
Tho dose given to the nnlmal. namily
two ounces, was enough to kill four 01
five hundred men nlmost lnstnntly. He
wns sure, he said, that the nnlmal had
swallowed at least an ounce of the
poison which he nnd Dr Huntington
had decided was nmple to kill the ele
phant. They had doubled the qunntltv
ns an ettia precaution.
Dr Allen at noon was still of the
opinion that Tip would dlo from the
elfects of the done given him To a l.i-
mn:i Tip rrepird In be ns lively as ever
Hi'ftiM'tl (iootl Fruit.
William Wnllace, of the Museum of
Natural History, tried to Induce Tip to
eat n potato and an apple, neither of
which contalm d poison, nfter the loi.ded
carrot had been administered. Tip re
fused, however, to eat tho perfectly
hound fruit , ...
Supt Hnnklnson. of the Society for the
Prevention of Crueltv to Animals, re
tuned to his ofllce after the failure to
kill Tin, and at W o'clock sild the vie
lous elephant would live to-di nt least
Vnollier Sohrnu" to lie Tried.
' Theie Is to be n i infeieuce IIiIh uftcr
noon." he sail, "to determine on a
methol of getting the brute o.it of the
way, and until after that, I cannot even
IJ.iHt ns .Murh Ilflrrencr lu (J1U
Hulls as there Is In the torMlhtlltlifm. Bee
what llAcKcrr, Cariubt ,,&""
Cjiai iu and Broadway, can do t Ibat niure. V
express an opinion about what plan will
be adopted "
"Will ton consent to having Tip shot""
Mr Httklnon wus asked
"That depends on who would shoot
him." he refilled
"If the Society ofllcers were allow ed to
do so, would sou ionent?"
"I cannot siy now,"
"Then what do ton bellete would be
tho best method of killing 'Up?"
"Couldn't siv," rcplliil Mr il.inl.lnsnn
"Klenh.int killing Is new business for
Assistant Supt Hums, upon whom de
volved the duty of looking after the de.
tails of the execution, feels viiv inn h
disappointed at the failure to dispose of
'I In bv the means selected He had fill ,
fulls sntlslkd that there would be no
bitch In the piogramme
After his consulti'tlon with Drs Hunt
ington, Allen and l.l.iutanl Mitii lu
he was positive that he hinl selected tin
bent imatiH of killing the anlitml Hi I
had depended upon the exp. rt opinion '
of the toxlcologlsts to find the propel
The use of prusvte nold h id be. n sug
gested, und wns at llrut decided upon,
but this was ubiuilmed for the rem in
that the bndt would be worthless foi
museum purposes If that poison wus
used The drug would so permiate the
animal's flish that It would enu mger
the lives of the taxidermists who cut
up the bods
slifiolliio; Is Favored.
William Wallace, Superintendent of
the Museum of Natural ."Ilstorv, snld
this afternoon that he fnvott-d shooting
ns n means of death for Tip Th it
would be what he would do, he said,
If the elephant wns turned over tn
blm When Tip Is llnalls killed, Ml
Wallace will set a corps of ten men at
work getting the body ready for the
titvldci mists
This will be superintended bv John
How ley, chief taxidermist of tho Mu
seum of Natural Hlstorv. It will take
two dns at least to get the hoilv In
condition to remove fiom the ehphnnt
house. Tip's skin will be stuffed by Mr
Howies', who Ins studied tile big fellow
In life ns enrefulls' ns a sculptor studies
Ills model
The skeleton will be set up In the
Museum of Natural History belile thosp
of Sninpson, the ilephant who was
burned at Hildgeport In lis., and Jum
bo, who was killed bv tho cars at St.
Thomas. Ont . In 1SS".
Hoth the skeleton nnd the skin will be
on exhibition within n few months
President Clausen, of the Pnrk Hoard,
said this afternoon that Commissioner
Hell had been appointed ns a committee
of one with power to net In Tip's ense
Mr Hell will consult Director Smith
and experts, after which another ef
fort will be made to destroy Tip, prob
ably bs' a new method.
Unci u Qunrrel vtltli Witness Cities
Assistant Pnlted States District-Attorney
Mott and Deputy Collector of
Internal nevenue Giles Wnnn.amaker,
of tho Third New York District, had
u lively quarrel In Vnlted States Com
missioner Sbjelds's ofllce thlr afternoon.
Mrs. Trances S. J, Thorns, the Chinese
missionary was being tried before the
Commissioner on a charge of perjuiy
In connection with the nppllcntlon of
Hong Too for a certificate of registra
tion. Mr Thorns In Identlfslng Hong
I'"oo had signed nn affidavit which the
Government cl limed wns fqle
Tho first flltntM'H was Deputy Col
lector Giles Wannamaker. He said that
before signing the nflldavlt Mrs. Thorns
made a stitement to him that she hid
known Hong Poo about tw cuts -two
months In New v.ork and had known
of him about three months bv corre
spondence while he lived In Port Hobln
son, Neb To this statement the De
puty Collector swore her She did not
take the onth on the Hlble, nor could
he remeniLer that she had raised her
ha nd.
Subsequently Wannamaker filled out
the atllilnvlt, which set forth that Mrs
Thorns knew of her own knowledge and
bollef that Hong Ton hid IIipiI In Ib
United States since Mav I". 1S1; Mrs.
Thorns signed the nflldavlt without read
ing It.
"V, hy did vou swear her to one thing
nnd then fill up the nflldavlt with some
thing entirely different? ' asked Mr. Mott
"1 dll ro such thing air, und sou can't
si ow that I did."
Mi. .Milt muttered something about
prosecuting deputy collectors for failure
to properly attend to their business.
"Vou cm prosecute me Just as soon as
S'ou get reads-," exclaimed Wnnnn
mnker, "and we will see who comes out
ahead I'm not afraid of 5011 and you
can't rnttle me."
"Well, s'ou had better be careful
Don't vou make nny threats here, or I
mns" take s'ou up," answered Mr Mott.
Then he added: "Mr. Commissioner, I
slmpls will not prosecute this woman
on that mini's testimony."
"Mrs. Thorns, s'ou are discharged,"
snld Commissioner Shields.
Decision of the I'nrk Ilonrd Which
Mn lln.l C'onrt Proceedings.
There will be two frldew.ilks on the
Harlem Ttlver Speedway. The Park Com
missioners have decided to comply with
the law, President Clausen said so to
day. "We shall bul.d two sidewalks the en
tire length of the speedway," said he,
"nnd the walks will be the same width
all the way "
Because of this decision, reached n'nce
the seMdon of the Pnrk Hoard Wednes
day, but flrst made known to-dns. Jus
tice Iiirrett, In the Supreme Court, to
day adjourned for one week the argu
ment as to win the Injunction obtained
bv I.awver A ! Parker, restraining tho
Park Commissioners and contractors
from constructing the speelwas with one
sidewalk, should not be mude permanent.
The Commissioners asked for the ad
journment, and court proceedings will
probably end now.
Mrs. I, niello Would Nut '-eftle 11 Ith
the iille-ue for Kl.r.UO.
The act! in ..f the Col'ege of Sr Princls
Xavler to compel Mary Lavelle to accept
$l,"uu In s'ttlenient of her .-Ijinis against
pi.'perty on Wooster street, c'ulmed bs
the Co.Iege, came up before Justice In
gralnm, In the Supreme C urt t i-diy
Mrs. Lnvelle and her counsel were nit
present, and the Judge onlerel an Inquest
Col Ullsi. In lichalf of the College, was
coniuctlng the Inquest when Mw bv
velle appiMrtd and said her counsel did not
know that the case would come up so
earls, and were engage I In Hrooklsn
Justice Imtrnliain to'd her to take the
st.inl, nnd she testlllel that her firmer
counsel. W Tiswel Pox. Iudadilel her
u accept Sl.W'i In settlement She lud
at first iciiilesc?d but uliscouen'ly dc
eldel not t r .niproinlse on tint InMs
ludse Ingrahni adjourned the ease
until Monli)
ou llou'l Itrully Knott
The value of lu till sou see what kind of a Hilt
IIackktt. CAKUAjiTkc'o mOI at that pru. It.
E. corut Canal it, and Uroadwajr, V
Promises to Ha?e His Opinion
Heady for Schieren Tc-Moirow.
Kih'Iii 1'cn SeeliiR llookui.iUcr lr
Alioiit Ills (.use.
Corporation Cnu.iscl McDonald, of
1 ti ool.lv 11. nmijuiicel this i.ioniini: th it
his e.pluloii on the dcclsUn of the (!e 11
eii 1 Te 1111 of the Couit of Common Pleas
relating to the Itis Poll liw, which Is,
.mxloiKh be lug iwnltelbs ipaitlng nun
'1 Klnts Couutv, 'tooll not be riiiib'ed 1
to Mijor Sililitin until to-inmrott
1111 tiling
Nolwlthstan ling the st.1t1r.11ut niiide
bv Hcctetait Mclntsie Sivteidiv that
there would be letting nt the tr.ie'c, Ju' t
as If Judgu Pror never bid lendiiid a
decision In the c ise, bin c utl bnee wax
not share I by those limn men who were
at the llrookltn Jockey Club ofllce this
morning. 'I hey look to Corpoi.itlein
Counsel McDnn ild's opinion mis'. nn
lousls. If he advises Mavor SehliKii to
Intel fere thc expect a lot of legal
trouble. x
Mas or Schleieii refuses to express
himself upon the subject until he le
eches Mi McDonald' ucK lie
Hookmuker "Hob" In lug, whose suit
ngalnst llilttnn hns caused all the
tiouble, has had talks with Philip J
Dwver, llenrs Stedeker nu.1 others re
garding the situation
l.eroy II Crane, Irvlng's counsel, sild
this morning thit no move had been
made ns jet to appeal the case
"I believe Mr. Irving was requested tn
be at the meeting 111 l.iwver Howore's
otflce sesterdHV afternoon," said he, "nnd
to have me with him That was when
the racing olllclals hnd u conference
with their counsel regarding the posi
tion of affairs I wns not formally In
vited and I understand Irving did not
go We are not hunting for them these
dnv s
"If they want nny relief through get
ting nn appeal In this case they can
come to this ofllce. If they consider
they lire all rig.it without us that Is
their business The persons who have
been to seo Mr. Irving have been re
ferred to me One thing Is plain, how
ever Those Jockey Club men are be
gin ilng to renll7e whnt fools they were
when we went to them nnd gave a
clnnce to them to hnve this case set
tled In their fnvor for a few hundred
dollars. They treated us most dlseoui
teously then. Now things have
.luilire Ollilerslrrt e Ileeldrs In F11
inr of Dick fc ritsKcTiild.
Judge Glldersleeve, of the Superior
Court, to-das handed clown 11 decision
lefuslng to grunt Pugilist Charley
Mitchell an Injunction restraining
Dick ev. Flt7gcruld, publishers, of IS
Arn street, from publishing n book
called "Mitchell's Art of Hoxlng, bs
Prof. Charley Mitchell."
Ill his complaint, the former "boxing
champion ot Kngland" alleged that he
was not the author of thu book, or nns
part of It. Heildis tho Injunction
Mitchell wanted a Judgment feu Jl.irno
damages because, he said a contract he
hud to supply mi'terlal foi a bonk hail
bien cancelled on account of tho publi
cation by Dlek . Plt7gerald He also
wanted all the profits the publishers
had seemed from the sile of the book.
The iWcnd Hits entered the plea that
they had bought the plates for the book
from Street & Smith, of 2V.11 Hose
street, and tint tliej bad been cluls
copyrighted In the latter
Judge Glldeislceve denied the motion
on the ground that the I'nlted States
cops light protected Dick & Fitzgerald,
and no Injunction could be obtained
against them until Mitchell, In the reg
ular way, had the copyright set aside
nnd declnred Invalid by the proper authorities.
SIR. Iloiniiluc Think He Cnn Make
it sil.oiv of Snn.lotv.
A new strong man Is In town, nnd
Judging from descriptions of his mus
cular developments, Sandow, Sampson
and other adepts In the art of lifting
tenms of horses, grand pianos and other
dellcatx objects are not In his clans.
The new-comer is an Italian, and nrrlved
In this country three days ago. He Is n
pupil of Prof. Attlla. and Is under tho en
gagement of thut gentleman.
This Hercules Is known as Romulus,
though It Is not known that he Is a de
scendant ot that gentleman who Is said
to have founded Home Prof. Attlla
wants to match Homulus ngalnst San
dow. He thinks the Italian cnn make n
show of the German. Homulus Is said
to be nble to toy with 100-pound weights
as a Juggler would with rubber balls
He visited Arthur I.umley's ofllce this
afternoon. While there he stripped, nnd
Lumley descrlbts his development ns
Homulus Is twenty-four sears of age,
l abiut 5 feel 7, and weighs 100 pounds
He was n llutenant In the Italian arms,
and talks In live languages.
Hones. Morfey unci Otl.rr rrnrkrc
fler Western I'rlaes,
A pirty of crnrk shots from the Hast
will leave New York for Chicago next
Monday afternoon to toko part In the
trap-shooting tournament to be given In
Chicago on May 17, IS nnd 19, under the
auspices of the Prairie Gun Club In tho
pirty will bo Jacob Ilentz New irl. ,
W M. T'lomns, Hrldgepirt, Conn , T V
Morfey, Paterson, J . Noel i: Mooes
iMklind N J.I A II. Dresscl New
York William Uo ilstencraft, Pmnssha
iila Mr Van Inke, New York and II
A Peiii ise of .s'ett London Conn
-monr the contmlans will also be a
sti'ing dibgitlcin from Pittsburg. 1011
slsting of the King hr thers Dennt.
Shasnir, Pellls and Crurei There will
also be representatives from Iowa, Ne
braska and Kiinsns
The prizes will amount to JSOOO. Among
the events will be the contest for the
American championship at tnrgets, and
the possession of "The Lake Street III
ovated Gold Cup." The shooting will be
nt lite birds nnd Inanimate tnrgets
"Milncr" iirii I'lirnn i-JO.
TVnl'.VTHtVS S' V. Vijr 11 llciyt Ofir ulio
nlarlel out 10 ille fn m Mi-w Tork to Fan I'raa
Cisco on a ta ye-ln isnme'l llirouzb her at 11
.! tlrar wtu If In v rondlltein tci.pl
linn cnoiiRli In Tarrytown to mak 1:0 by lilac.
lot boot. Hi rectlTis! by a big erod.
rtovAL Itvs WmsKKr, in yean old, (1 quart.
flOc pint, c, l'rtuo, 'J7WhT. V
Meotin? of Freo Horso Ovmors'
Committee iu Dwyor's Offic?.
Formal 1'rutovt lu He l.mlp-rcl vtltli
the .Icic'kc.v ('lull.
The Coniti'lllce of Five consisting 01
Jeter Waldeti, Clurlis llole William
Jeunlni's, ,1 H;u It 1 anil II t.
Clarke, iippnliiiid ut the m.itl-ig of
File- Horse lit. 111 111 In iSinveseiiil Tuv .1
Hull Inst night, h. Id 11 ccuifeieiu e tils
morning In the citlli of. lent Wiriitni-;
III lehltl.lll to tin plotcst tn be- llllnle to
the .loekc-s Club against the st etem of
finis an 1 fie 1 piomulrat"d bs the
nn lug tiust
-rtir the confiieiii-e the Commute
In Id a fin 111. cl inn Hug In the utile nf
the Hiooklsii Jock's Club, oppoi lie the
lliookltn t'ltt Hall, 'Iheic wile iimnv
lac lug men pie sent
It was dc tetiuliied nt this meeting
that a full list of olijie Hems be draw 11
up ngilnst Ihe iiiles and teriil itlmis
1 ilit down In tin Killing C 1I1 ndm. This
list. It was dee lilt d, will be presinted
tn the Jen ln-t club nt Its nest mictlnr,
vtblih will p111l.1l.lt be 011 Momlat
The wholi turf question was fulls dls
cii'.scil Iu an Intel t lew after the meet
lug adjourned Mr Wnlden snld'
"Wii are not In 11 position to sat Just
what we propose to piesent to tbe
J111 kev Club, or will we be foi senile
das s to c ome The principal feature w 111
be against Ihe heuvs license fee now
Imposed upon Jockets and trainers Vt e
are not tttuktng against the Jockes
Club, but we are seeking to re mc-ily
serlous ev lis "
The races run nt this track to-diy re
sulted as follows:
First llnce Six furlongs. Won by Lit
tle Waller, 6 to 1 and 2 to 1, John Herk
les', C to r. for place, was second, Cur
Hamilton third Time 1 18
Secon 1 Knee One mile Won bv Tw
cjueon. f. to i nnd 4 to r, Pomfret 5 to I
for nl 1 'e, w,is second. Interior third
Time 1 411-2
Third H ice rive furlongs -Won by
lillle Histnii 1 to 2 nnl out. F. rile, S to
" for place, was second. Caulwood third.
Time 1 04 1-1.
Fourth Knee Seven and n half furlongs
Won by La J0511, 3 to 1 nnd 1 to u.
Charity, out for place, was second. Lulu
S. third. Tmle 1.35 3-4.
The results of to-das 's races are as fol
lows: First Knee Six and one-hnlf furlongs.
Won til Mnrhle Hock, I". to D und 1 to 2;
Hivnmp Fox, 4 to 1 for place, was sec
ond, Jessica, third Time 1 26 1-4.
Second Kacc Six and one-half fur
longs Won bt Prince Leon, 7 to 1 nnd
2 to 1, Francis Pope 7 to 5 for pi ice,
was second, Ilnrnard, third. Time 1.25.
Ill ri elf trarks are tulns 1'Ullt In at nut thirty
I4 A W RfTuIrn Boem Id vrr) par fable Jimt
nt ii-iht Atinit nil l lie Itu Ing Iioarl I ilulng
la einLtloiitns inn in
FrI Tltim ih Ithfrsl ! crn'kt hni Roni to
prliifitlrM to tnln lie will ilo til it Aril r acini ut
Akbiir) I'ark Mav 10
Tho Ithfrplde Wheflmn will slvs a dlntirr
Ma) IS tu rtlebrale the firtth anntvprary of
thu club.
A hpI rnnrern rf thin rltj r rill lo te MllnK
tin nrran0 f.f in nnhtnes a i!a at a profit, of
about (jO per m-utilnt. ,
Atiout rx bundreil rrlutt are expeftM to pora.
I cti- hi the ronniry run f the New Jersey Am
rlitcil CjCllnc ilubf Junv 23
The Orinwlrh hlm4n pipeet to te liberally
renreMenteil In .he lriugtin-Mlltiurn road race
The ryrlit of tho Tenty-lith Ward cf IlrooV.
lyn tire preparing for a ten mile win) rhamplon
ihlp raco amo time during the preint montb
Hilly Murphy l'l do hli tratnlns for the Irv
Ington MUburn road raco on the couno. He 1
begin neit week.
The Ulrerilde bee I men bare a pair of dark
hora under cover for tha Inlnrton-Mllbnrn rual
races No nam-a are Klvea out leu the handl
capper ftta In bla work.
Tha raemherihlp of tha Harlem Wheelmen la
nearlnc the one bun Ired mark Tha rlub ta
huatllnc In the Intrreit of Ita race rnfet to be
held epl 1&
N'ath Itutlrr, winner of the !,lnrott rtad rare
lrt baiurda) It dfHrrlled aa a nmooth fareil,
mtxleat voting man a moulder t) trade lie la
S ic?i 8 1-2 welnha 141 pound ! twenty three
jeara old an I did not legln riling until a )car
ago hat April '
Following; are the club runa of the Itheralde
Wheelmen for the month of May Ma IMtda
Ferry May 11 th Oranfrea, Ma W Tntienvllle
May Z Nyark May 23 Delaware Water rap
May 30, Irlngton MUburn roil rare
Th t llarlhitimew Athletic Hub hnx ornin
(zed a ) Una: dl.talnn, an) (he follow ns r-n era
him Inn elertwi Fred litikmnn rnptntn an I
trcamtrer Fred Flora flrwi llfiitennnt . lib hird
Itun, k ond lieutenant
l-rfl Tltua the fraik relit of lh. Ilhenille
Whi fXtrtn teltKrai ht 1 PreM lent Inure of
ti (irtmwlch hlt Imrn to d tia t he ha 1
a' tin tc1 the rhallenge ut Outerbrl lge the
i hamplon of Mermtid f r a match race Tltua
a,reit to race thn Ikrmula for one mile at tne
rare meet of the Greenwich Wheelmen to te hall
t Manhattan I lebl on June 21 Tllux an 1
OuttfrbrldKe met In liirmu1a a few montt-! a no
nnd the former wnn, nnfertrllfv ttatrna ttijt
ha waa nut nf condition when 1 met thn 'i
orkr and be baa inin h lha wav tt m
lUrmuta to a' ira am l her ric with Tltua
Th Club will R;e a han Irome irf hy to ir
wlturr lint b mti art ex Hlent rtltra and
lae rltltn a mile in 2 12 t t thit a ih1 rar
I pr mlxel In adlUfui tt lli evmt ihirf will
ii a m otrer c.ir't-ia o, en tn i lat A nni
i Iak4 It rldert Th. full ll-t . f ewnla la aa
f. Ii wr
ijtsu rldera nm mile tn I t e one
mile hanlirap r e half mll 1 1 en fit milt
t andl ap
t laita II rllera One rnllo om n, rim mllu ban
The eienla will be held un ler the unction of
the I eaRue of A merit ill Uheolrneti
2IIrIrt for SpIIIiik ()!rtno Hotiks,
Klclnrl Wi'e.lon, fnrty-twu oar oil,
of lti LUIriKMon utrcft. proprietor of n
book and paper loro nt 22 tvnttr trrct
v.ih )i.M 111 sCVaj tiall for trial In tho
Court of Hi't'Clal HfHIniH In tie Tomlm
i'niicp Court thin nfiom on on a rliirw
of ki-pp.n? f r Htlt- ' i-MsM-no Uterat ire
The compU'iiatit wan Anrio.n Co'nto.lt
imivt ov no IT.
Don't pay i-iUM for Ito' Double Urewted
Suits when )ou can get them at $1 -IHUvilay
and to-morrow at tho london A, LUerpooJ, bO
and &3 JJowcry, corner Hester it. V
Gartwriglit Lands on One of
Wsslervelt's Curves for
a Home Run,
Giants Forgot How to Bat and
the Senators Jump Away
iu the Lead.
Thrco Runs In the Sixth and Two
More in the Seventh, by Good,
Skilful Playing.
(Fpect.l lo Tli Kernlne Worll)
I'OI.O ailOUNDS. NCW YCmiv. May
11. A Kruy elny niiel n e'llow Kunio li
mi olil baseball ruw. The "'' iln nn
with us fast 'limiKli nml the ili'tnlls of
flip Kunio that follow will show- whi-tlwr
or no It mi of nn ochre- simile, (.'apt.
Ware. toM the- writer that ho elliln't
llltp thepp eloinl, le-ailin iiftHniuonH, for
It lnur!nhly inakpi. tho lni. heuvy utul
stcainless In their movement.
"(!lu u Niinshlnc ami plriity of It,"
salil C.ipt. John, "anet we'll st rlcht In
tho Katun uml stay there."
The iinliiui'ly inlfonneil. WaahliiKtons
Bot out Into the lleM earl) for practice,
ami they frlske-1 atiout the illauuiiiil In a
way that allow el they wante-il ever ho
much to whip off one Rime to their
creellt lielore tlie-y Join ne) eel biLlt tu the
Wnnl anil lilt fellow (lliiita hail a Uni
on llicni, thoiiKli, mill illiln't propose to
let the Honatnn Ket awa) with any more
than the law the baeuj!I law al
low i'i
It was Milch eiiHy work fur the filants
to polish off the l-iltorx jeste-nlay that
tin local plier hael u whole lot of
eunllilencii that tn-ilay wouM onlj hc'
a repetition of the BlniiKhter That 1
what the New York ruotern Inoke 1 for.
anil tho Cilinls e-annot will .inj too many
Kaincs to j-ult the talent Just at this
htnKu of the Beason The utte. tula nee
wiih ini ill
Next wi-ek the Olants will hive a Imnl
nut to crack when they tackle tho l'hll
lulelphlts In (Juakervllle, anl xlctorlen
nuw mean much to the pels of .Manhat
tnnvllle Wunl ihclleil to Ble Wester
elt a show at the henntors, ami he .lis)
took Wilson from his seat on the benili
anl nnile him p'a) ImkMip
The teams were thus .iHfMgncil:
Vnhlnffton NV lork.
nalfnrtl ... Murihy ...
Joyr. 3b W.rl 2'i
lliiKlalo r ni H.ltrrn. cf
Allij If Tl.rn.n rf
suimn :ti luitln 3b
Tlnii cf e'ennor lb
Mlla h rf llulkr If
eartwrlnht lb MlMn c
I'.tty, p We.tervell, p.
I mplrc Mr Hurst
Mi. Hurst ua, as usual, eprnl mln
uteH lie-hlnil time, liut after he llxe.l hla
rollar ami ni'cktle nleel he trotteil Into
thf flelil, anl In staccato notes. elle-il,
"I'laj "
The WashliiKtons went to Ihe bat anil
the Knme whh on.
I'lrpt InnliiK Uailfnril cauitht one of
Westerv elt's full In (he nose nml
roasteil It to Diuls onl lo finish
iKiiobly at llrst Juce went his frleiul
one better, ami baiiKi'il one over Jeihuii)
WkpI'h lii-ul to Hhurt rliiht for a base
DiiKilale hinl iierliil asplinlloiis. but tlu-j
were nlppeil In the hud when Tlernan
Sobbleil his aw allow to ilcep rluht
oce Iin.fl a lot of luck 111 Hteallnif
aei oml, but there he "tajeil like a stem,,
plllai, for Van Ilultren wouml the thliiK
up when he burleil Alil fine llj In
hla ImlcliiK palniM No runs
"Tot Muiphy nilliil one on the one
two, three liouni e to Sulllnn, anil the
mite was not nt nil lu eWileme at llrsi
.1-..M.I ....e....l .. ,. I,.... Hi ,.. C II. n li ntnl
W'anl pokeil a wlno fi to K. Ihn'ji, aiul
Ini Is coek mire of anich else thInKs as
John nent to him in llalirin Iuh'pI
one t i Il.iilforil anil w is out it Hist No
Kecornl lniihut lulll.in iimr.mti! to
shoii one to liavt but It hail leail
welKhts un ali.l In . ik" hail It liiunllh
The battir uianiiful to Ki'I about half
way eliiwn to tlrl when Itoser h.ul tli
ball Tebeau xlltl one tn the rlKht up
above the plate mul I'nrke Wilson illiln t
dare- to let 11 sneak throuKh his KlowM
h iiiiIh
Selbaeh put a roarer to lmls It
Jiiini" d up unit hit him III the toro a
terrllle wh.ll K, but IJlorKe iM'lleil thllins
up b slamniliiK It to Connor llki a
ttish, ami Helbai h run rlKlil out Intu
Ills ponltlon In the lleM No runs
Tlirnan I ie ed a looluo pist l-etl
Into eentre uimI ha1 iiinpl' time l
think It all over at III Ht I ' i Is ripped
up il l-aut I-" left that lnoknl Ilk- a
make utir o.n book beltinc that Abbi e
never In the ilde wile worl I woul I
Kit under It. but Kr.ielous how tint Imj
did run'
Un i-nui:ht the ball, too, and It was a
crnckaj.-uk I'lUli at tint Connor It It-1
to Tebt an. and the brother of 1'ntm'v
the I'lnrnacluu", nf Cleveland, looked se
renely hnppy Hurke fly to Imck of
third was Kithend In b IludfoiJ No
Third Innlns -CartwrlKht with lilnSI;
IHiunls of lnef landed one of Wenter
v -It K tewei tent anl aufferlnir H.illor the
pi let Hew thruis-h tin ambient as If it
was -uire lo i bn b up ml k.t-M i fi of
the llieev cl ii. Is tli it were dirtlim
Ihriiuiih the Hr It fed Into the' S tent
blene-her ai I nil Cnrn had to do
n,ii to w i.k around the bases Jt was a
BorKe'Mis home run,
I'ett fouled out to Wilton lladford
out. ward to Connor. Jo)ce lilt lo
Connor, who was oft llrut. and It
puiile-d him to tht "Bcrappy" waa
aa-fo una aound t tbe Ort corner.
A '
ird s tinner wire verv buttery In
lni'i Minn liUKluIeK mrv grounder ond
tin- bat ms.ii wi,e p-ife Abbey hit to
( iiniir who thiew him nut to Wester
v-lt, who eiiv timI th, base One run
ll-nii f t ml In t lift nn) wlnvs on his
hit to P i Ifo-il and he ili'd n painfull)
-Ion di ith ill his il,'h to llrut Wcs
tm m It work.d his optics to Kiiod pur
po e ml In w isn't deeelMd bv a slncb
.III' of l'-tlv s in.-Jprs He not his
bus,, in nils Muiphy forced Westy
nit on his shoit roller to Hulllv.m
Muipliv w is i hi unit oat UJir-f to sti'iil
H' I Hill Nil Mills
Pouilh InnliiK Kiilllvin made a mnd
il ihh foi first on Ids hit to Win I but he
never K'U Ihr. lebe.iu pill one rlnlit
Into li Im M uitKUiien's lists and Te
b in tii. Joined Hulllvnn on the lunch
Me'.ucli poppi-l a sift tl to 'llornun,
and u'alti It was u in-e of liu runs
Thev elldii t rattle Diujd.ilii at nil when
lluv shunt, , U him to muff Ward's hlnh
foul "iin,i!v" Just clampid III dlKltB
on the lu'l, mil tin re It wiih Killed for
kiens Yiiii It il t l.-li hit the ball fast
n until and Imnl i iioiikIi but It went
Into the tti iii.lv ilanistru territory
oir whlili Mr S.-lbach holds kvviiv lln
ilKht He IJ and Van Ilultren slid never
a w 'Pi 'I n man in ointnodatiil Catcher
lnitf'l.ile with inilher hlsh llj, a la
Wind and "Urn," hell II No runs
fifth Inn hi; CartwrlKht secured llrst
b ! lit putt nt and w iltliiK for Wester
,lt lo tos i In siime inlet! Dili s Petty
Mirllleid Waul to Connor, but Hint
i:n it, hli ehap Cartwrlnht, was safe
nl third Home he num. too, on llnd
fi id s little wcnkllni to Dnvhi, who trltd
bird inniiKli lo cateh him nt the iilate
Invec fiiK.il Itailfurd at aecond, nnd was
lu turn caui'ht uapplm; off first. One
lavs Just lipped a roly poly one to
Pi tlv and never ic.it as far as within
sp. ikliu, illstaiup of Cartwrlitlit'H base
Connor was unite as muy u mark on
bis hi to Sullivan nnd lie too retired.
Itidford made a 'Kliliir llre-wurkH stop
-mil c.iti h of ItiiilceiR bllsterlutc bounder
to short, but Hurke xut tho base hy
Just nn e) i -lash No more Wilson
didn't rive the rooters nny encouniKe
tuelit, for he foul-filed to Helbacii back
of the first bane No runs.
KUth InnliiK DUKdnle hit like a San
dow to centre foi n base, but then came
n real old hard-link pla for WushlnK
lon Alibev lifted n tlv plumb Into Kokit
Connor's hands nt first und nil Ho-ter
had to do wns to step on lo the canvua
and put nut-dale out ns well aa Abbey.
It wus the softest of "double " Sulli
van n-ould't atrlke nt any Westervelt
slum In, und he took his base. Tebeau
tiled to Connor No runs
Now It was nbout time for the Olants
to take a reef In their bleep ntuj net
their hnttlni lampes trimmed. Wester
velt becn be-niitlfullv, and planted a
elashlntc one fur a slni-le Into short right
field Murphy capped tho Rood tmnic
nlotuc by shootliih' a slow bounder to
Petty, who threw bndly to second, nml
1 1 us I it was f.lfc ut thut baK,
Hut what a plt Wtstervelt was
cauuht slick as a whistle trvInK to steal
third, nnd Ward tupped n real old fuimo
tlv vvhli li w is pie Wnshlni'ton pie. for
CurtwrlKht. Van Ilaltrcn did the elesnnt
on his safer pist first, which shoved
Murphy over to third nnd landed Van
himself nt llrst.
The (Hants were m-iklnir a dead set to
riUee that run of Murphy's In, nnd SB
mnnv more ns they could conveniently
handle. It nil depended on Michael Tler
nan now Coul I he el" the trick' Well,
he did a little towards It, He waited and
was presented with Ilr.t, nnd a Cllant
sto id at every hllloik,
I i.iv Is was the lad that scooped the
linkers H-- pelted the pellet far, far
awn, Into i entre, end Murph", nnd Van
llnllren both scampered home like reul
Mood bojs. Tlernan ralloppd nroiind to
third on the hit and (leoricle himself
listed onlv when he reached second
Then up came Itoter Connor, nnd his
hit tn CartwrlKht off llrst was so b ullv
handled that Tlemnn seoreel and lnls
nn on 'o thlil Hurke filed to Abbey,
but that was forpven Three runa
Seventh Inntiu Selhneh Ins.. on balls
CirtwrlKlit lulvnncel him nn his bnfe hit
to Connor, who threw to Murphy to nip
Silhieh but falle-l It was a (.lose de
cision, thoiiKli, Petti sacrlllced, Wester
velt to Conn ir
Itadfonl lilt lo short centre field nnd
Ncoreil Helbach and CartwrlKht That
was bad Hadford pit to n-iond on Vnn
llaltrcn's tluow to the piste Jojce out
to Conno at llrst unusslste-il. Hadford
v ns canrht betw en the plate anl home
b Wilson and Imvls Two runs
Wilson had rare lurk renchlnic llrst on
lovce's rank muff of his easy hit to
third Westervelt ripptd a beautv by
llrst Into riKht Held, nnl shove Wilson
rlicht nloni; to fecond und Kettlnu llrst
hlmstlf nlce
Murphy hit a poft oiip betni'en Hr.t and
spinnl and nibolj was there to nab It,
and so Wlls in scored hands down Wes
tervi'lt koIiik iver to thirl, anl Murphy,
hlmse f, trotthiK aloiiK to second.
An I nobody out Hoora '
W.arl aacrlllcel and Westervelt scored,
Murphy rev nine thlnl Tie man out,
Vnn Ililiren filed to Hadford Tlernan
out Sullivan ti CartwrlKht. Two run.
PJKhth InnlnK-PaiiKdnle out. Wnrd to
Connor. Alibev foul-tiled to Wilson
Sullivan filed lo Hurke-. No Huns.
Davis filed to Hadford
Connor hit to hhort eentre for two
Ilurkn sacrlllced. Hadford to Cirtw right
and Connor sooted nlontr to third.
Wilson out, Jovce to Carta right. No
Nln'h InnliiK Tebeau sinaled to short.
Prsii'v Ward to the bat In place of
Ward struck out
Tebeau nut trlnK to steal second.
CartwrUht Hie I out.
Wnslilti-iton. 0 O 1 () 10200-1
New York. 0 O O 0 .'J U O ."
Other spurting news will be found
on 1'iij-e (I.
I'nlt ire i i n s n a n -
Phil i lilnhta .' II ii o J I 1 -
liitlirlo Horner nnd Hoblnsonj Car
si v anl Cli mints Lmplrc-Mr Lynch
A I' PITTHlll Hi!
i livid in I IM ii 1 O O 1
PiMstmri ii u ii o 0 1 4
Hatterles-Cuppv and O'Connor; Khret
and Mack I'mplre Mr, McQunde.
( l.lra-.ii. il I u -
1 . u s v 1 1 ! ,. II II ll
llitterles - fiilllith and KlttrldKe;
Stiattou and ilnm I'mplre-Mr I.ius-
.-.. re.l (Hi ! W liiclu'sterN,
Illy If), lalr-I Pre.. )
CAIIKOI I.TilS 11 Mi) 11 nnt fit. cut
ntiticr. bi.Jcl l a drum corp. fmni Mineral
1 Hit m Mbit Into M.leurn )t.rUy to tlriv.
mlnrr. friim lb. inlrc 1bK Mayor m..hal aait
i. puilea m. t tt-i .irlkT- suty Winchcier tn
ihp hand, of dvt.rmlnc-t nifa asaltct any a.
-Anil utsn th. nunc. After a caucu- the atrlli.r.
r.al.a liLiniwanl
Cuiri I.c.mI.t Julleil In Trxn.,
It r A"so tatf I Pr--t )
Itnl STiW T.v May 11 li.n.ral" Palter
on ol t'l. li- i. Inlu.trlal Klny I. In fail for
,litlln .1, Knl.M. of Dlbl.i lidac at 3i.
i.rtlo i ' brosn ba. jaaiime-i cnnlrol ef Pi.
anm ml mcrdav th. men ti can their m.nh
tf t ite railroal refu.inx to furolah tbt Inn.
I-srlat m M
t-'.'O AMI 1 MU1TS AT 010.
II vou Hint a hatuliomti tult la CUcrlot or
Cajlrarre, ro to the London A. Liverpool, B(I
and bS 130 werT, corner Htr tt. V
' CM :JH
Eaa am rBSsa a-ca-a-a. aa. I 3tlH
X 9 KA 11
Garlacti Says a Stranger fflfl
Knocked Him Down and M fl
Started a Blaze. MM
Found UnconsoioiiB in Hia Shop,
and Rescued from Fire aB fM
Just in Time. l
Tho Brooklyn Police Send Out u HBI
Alarm for tho Mysterious B H
Stranger. jK jH
A remarltalite story was told this after. MaaT-Fal
noon nbout the orlsln of a fire In th 'ifft'H
three-story dwelling-house at 1000 Brood- "jK.JJal
way, Ilrnokl-n, which caured consider- H'al
able dumnr-e and nearly last one man tHH
his :MK!rM
The lower part of the building Is occu- UK'JI
pled by (iiirllcli & Son, butchers. Dur- 'H1'I
Inir the tire, Ramuel Onrllch, the eighteen- -T-Ja6 al
yea-ol.f son ot the proprietor, was EBSaai
draiired out of the store In an uncon- l-t-9arlaal
clous condition by some of the persons 'HHaKH
who give the alarm. 4aaRllLal
When he came to he said that while tjKrafl
In the storo this afternoon an tut- HLaB'ai
known man came In to buy a pound of JJB' H
meat. He turned his back to cut tha Maai' -aB
steak and the man, he alleges, struck 'fjB' 'H
him over the head with whnt Oarllcb liB
thinks wns n sindbni. He fell to tha 'I'B B
floor half unconscious nnd felt the man ijaaBl-'tjlaH
rltle his pockets, tnklnc his -old watch lB Isal
and to In money. 'isaH i
The man then, he states, set fire to llsEi"!
the store Ah the flame started, Oar- ilaaff -JJJM
llch came to niniclcntly to raise himself fB j -41
on one arm HB! lvBl
The man then, he says, rushed at him Bl'Hl
nnd strucii him another blow, and then sV''H
ran out of the store. 'f'Sl H
The lire had -falneil con-s derahle head- ffla 91
way before the engines arrived. tflM r1Vl
The d.iiui-e to the building Is est I- 'B' 'BJ
mated at IhoX), and Oarllch's loss Is --flR B
tM The building Is ovvnesl by Dr. Henry iflii BI
TruKer, of 757 Qulncy 8tret, Urookljn. B BJ
A general alarm hns been sent out fflB' ""?
from Hrookln Police Headquarters for C'33l ?B
the apprehension of the unknown man. '.jWal jfl
1 Man Mill, n stlto Hill Works (ha i'B JS
.sSJfsf YWM
('i.Nt.iin-lli.UNe llosdi.irnnl. EflsiVafl
A fllm-llammer pilJ a visit lo tho rev -BaV fafl
mutant lu the Custom-House to-day and iiBi lH
"workel" the cas'iler out of (10. Just feaBl 1B
when the restaurant was filled with ''fli,' ilB
clerks and other Custon-House employee" J1W I'iBI
at lunch, the man entered hurriedly and CSV B
lilnt; a M bill on the cashier's desk, 'IK JJW
nslted to hive It changed. The cashier i8 OB
was busy at the time, and handed out a '-,'IM. 'B
ten nnd two live dollar bills. limmi -iH
The stranger shoved the two fives back. ''3B sH
silng, "Klve me some smaller ones," but H iM
the next Instant he apparently changed '''tm iH
his mind, and remarking, "no matter. ,U yM
Uils will do," he picked up the twenty irifiB 'tH
which he had prevlousl laid down, to- H Ifl
KHther ulth the liu handed out by the 'JH SB
cjs.nler, und left iVefm SH
Ten minutes Hter the cashier dlscov- (YJlftV 9
erel the ginie A hurried search vva iTl' ,"-
made foi the lllm-flnmmer, but he tral iiJH' ie'fl
not to be found. i"!aBl B
Ilovvuril Ilinvklns, Acil 14, n Vlo '.m fl
tint Uifuro the Unite Wus Killed. 3 i'M
A mid dos w-as s"iot nnd killed by Po- 'i M ;
llcemin .1 J Connolly, In front of 119 "i m SB
Hist eighty-fourth street, at 140 o'clock '.U, '1B
this nftcrnoon. '' 'jB
The nnlnul had severely bitten Howard EaBk fll
Hawkins, flfc-t-.l fourteen, of 150 East -'vBjl'iai
l-lght-rourth s'reet teHr vJ
Th- bo's vv nm 1 was cauterized at tat vaB. JaH
l'resbyterl-in Hospital, aB'B
l.urge Slilpnieiils Now on Their Wnj tK B
fiom Korclsn I'orts. fiBV 1
Owing to the big strike In the coal ro xJJmS
plons, h. i order-i for coil for this port 4B'
have been placed In Nova Scotia and Is mm I
Wales Already thousanls of tons hav 'IfPI'i
bsin shipped, and are now on theli sfir V
way. JflmJ
Hjim) of the I truest orders have beat ;
made by the Herwlnd White Coal Com- j$ff 3
pany It has ordered ll.tvw tons of bltn- ' !
mlnous coal from Carellff and 5.CWJ from 'A.wj''
Nova Scotia. 'Bi l
CjclUt Hit liy u Cnblo Cnr. jB' '
Trink smutt elahtem jcarf old, of Voo4faan. BB V
I I ahUs rldliiK bl tdryrlt on lh car-track -JBtl!
jt ttie llosery anl Pell -tract tt - IS o'clocli this sBl '
afl.rconn collided illh rr.tl. car 41 Tha bleyola -SB I
,a. srcekHi .na Miaih . t. nado Inlurcsl. Uf -mhH I
at UWen to Ch.mt.r. Street lloapltat. '.faHl
sa OrJaB
Tlils la True j iB '
A drunken husband IsacurMlohli' family. '!9Bb IB
The renulna KutET tretlrneot Hill cur bis. HB 'H
C X. l'IMOjet, 30ncatUtUtt. V .1
-flaB -H

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