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'( All but Mrs. Norton Oboy the
'wf ' NotioeB of the Hoalth Board.
i' I SlieWus Forccil to Leave Her Home
Mmt ,' of Forty Yonro To-Dny.
B' 3 Tlie Henllh Department hm nt taut
Kfcs $ t,en uurcessfiil In illnlodKlnif the nquiit-
'H' i terH wh0 'or tlie la't 'uar,,'r "f n r,'n" I
tfK ' tury or more linve lled In wrelcheil
; jH; ; Blmtitles from J'urk and Miullson uw- j
i jH lines, between One Hundred nnd l'lf-
, 3jB, i teenth Ktreet and One llutnli-fil and .
I aB':' y Nineteenth Htreet. The MumMf wt-ru i
) f lone at?o condemned m u menace to
:-(!', public health, and the tenant hue
1 tBTfil. received repeated notices to MiLate.
VjjK' e Having no place to ko, and feeling a
' mHcJ" Bort ol onnerxhlp to the rocks on which
B L their frail houses were merely huntf-
! KBnf Ins, many of the fU.iilcr.i refused to
f '&'' k Ijiwt Saturday, however, they Je-
UfjW'S: reived a peiemptory onler frrm the
i feP 1, Hoard of Health to vacate within live
('.Kit' t days. Yesterday u the llfth il.'iv,
iPSfHiiKi on" ln's morning Sergeant (.'rulae, of
xi'WrW ne Health Departing nt, sept Ihe pu-
j 5 JjE llcemen to nee Hint Iliuii- that had not I
j J at yet moyil should be made to iln so I
M 1 The policeman found les to do than I
Jft j S they expectel Th- entire bloi k Imniided
f. 1 by Madison and I'lfth mumes ami Om
i zt Hundied and Seventeenth mil tine Hun- I
t h. Ami and HliThteenth streets, nlileli Is
i I "V the roclty bluff some thliU feel iibiiw i
! jil the street leel, was In the imisrulon of
,e Mrs. Norton, an niicl wld'jw, who hail
its lived In lur shanty for fort ens with-1
'M out belnK illaturboil At the ciuninand
i 1 of the policemen she sorriw fully lui keel
ml tti her door and went to look for a room. '
t, (fo All the rest of the miuu'tepi on this
& I At blcck, numberlnu about firtien, hul
fi I '& either moed oi compiled with the I
" 5 'fit Health Donrd orders b ihiiiIiik In
s Kf. eewers.
!J T Kf The rocks between One Hundred nnd '
fit :w Sixteenth and One Hundred ami Hhmmi-1
V A ,jfc teenth streets, along Madison and I'lfih
! Jv avenues, ore ulso nearly hwetit clean of I
J " i (rg the obnoxlouB "hantles, unci the risl-
Jt '' Ulfts of the flats nloni; Madison nve-
iWsi nue are wntclilng the removal with
'' 'BVJ pleasure,
II iKii' The toots that have climbed the
f' lux roclts for years seemed even more loith
j' !!? '" ''ttv6 than their owners, and some of
-'' mlf them that were taken to Wa'ihlnnton
,;K Heights have returned, and were lunch
wfBj,K Inp nt noon to-day on paper and iniis
! ,K left behind by the squatters.
& ' 1ft Krlrurr Also Took n lllrd Out of
i I 'W nn OIlIcer'M nor ll nil U'n Set Free.
ifjS When "Prof." I.. Krlecer, of SI or-
' L Chard street, who whs arrested nt Ihe
, ;if Coleman House for being drunk, wiim
gJi ilfi arraigned ut Jefferson .Market Court
Si Ji Jp to-day Krleger atepped ii before the
X sfr Justice and, reochlni: out his hind,
?,. J lft took a canaty lilnl out of u court old
A I ilf' cer's ear. Then be tiulbd u hiilf-ilnllnr
J I ',w from the end ol Justin .Mi Mahon'.i
f I (it nose, shook his golden curls, leiwt I
1 f; and said:
f tf "I nm a prostldlgllnteur, und I
,- I can"
v "you can't In this court," snld .Tti'i-
r p tlce Mc.Mahon hastily "I'll illsclmrKe
I p you this time. Use jour magic to n-
, fl main sober nfter this." I
. I r . i
jff. HeTlnliiHT Triiflli- Holes. I
! I ;f Tot mtotlnit or th rriri--ci:tiillc of lli
X I ft Bouthtra nallroil, rnmprlsln :tlie ftinlliTn Hall
ji .i wr nd Rlemlilp Aiilullun wlm Inn l.iin In
,v ! R iilon for the lit fp iliya at tha Wullirt
' 1 Hotel, rontlinml Ihilr dlll . rll.,i. tl.u morn
f t h Inff Tba objit nt tbi calhcllnj; ! to dim una
. pf new arrrement fur Bm )-nr Tln report nf
w 7V the tub-oommlttee appnlntct tn rrli tlie tmntr.
I? r, anj tranaporlatlon nuitruita haa trtiii adoptr!
' jr . nt th1 aurwinifnt et laat fflr. wlilrh ixilria
v l Aug. 1, waa renrwed
Brooklyn Aldermen Begin Inves
tigating Eiciso Accounts.
How Cnshler I.ohmnn Mannffnl to
Stenl $11),4()0.
The Aldermanlc cnmmlllee, of Ilrook
hn, appointed to liivestlKat) the affairs
of the "orlous department" under the
old mlnilnMnilluh, met to-da In the
I i'lt Hall and bigati un lni;ult Into the
Imslness inilhods of the old llxi Ise
Hoard, under whose regime It wits pin-1
slble for ex-Cnsliler William It l-ohman
to systematically steal amounts agi;re- ,
gating $I3,4(X) j
Aldermer Hnubert, Hee and Clark1
were present, the lattii piesldlng l'o-'
Ibemati rhailes II Tllden, of the Cen
tral Olllee sipud, was (be llrst witness
called. He produced books of the I te
purtment k pt bv ex-Seeretnry Hhoit,
Michael Clurk and Application Clerk
Chief Accountant llruwn. of the Hoard
1 of Audit, t stilled to havlii,; 111 id an
I examlmitlou of ex C.ishkt lihtnan's
ncc mints aftet bis sernt ilipariiin to
Ciitwdii llf found 11 di licit or U'Huu
I o'i llruwn sll It was tin uisti.ni of
the I'.xi Is.- Cumml'Nlnnei" lo sign II
hi'W" and hand them to l.nhm.iu, who
nlliHMd them to nci'umulali" A buleli of
slgtnd llci nes was pioduenl In el
di nee
C il llruwn aal 1 tint bilwien Iieieni
ber, ISU, and I'ebruar), It'll, l.oitiian
filled tu account fitr i llrst-cl iss b
tenses at $10i each, 10 "i c 01 l-il isi li
censes at I7." em It, and tvo third ill's at
$'ii enc h.
This made 11 deficit of tiO.lO), but sub
seonentlv u 1 hi ik whs fuun 1 In the
sire which reduced Pie 11 mount to
tl'i.lun Col llinwn riooiilnii 11, mI that
the pte'ent iiishlil be itinllxdled to keep
a ttv cash in. ml and to entu up
null llieuse as It was Issuid
Gllt 11 Unit i'lieeU fur 11 llltaelinll.
A man ilfllil II A Kin s pmrtltnc rouls
atori JIS rultffi cltfit tlriMiklln let ilnr anl
Uiiiuht n lififMnll fur II II rale a rli.ck f r
$ 1 & anl dtmrlfl Ph tlie rlnnrr Tbe rlie k
liruvet to t vAirtlitciia
Put It Off
If tlionieninir of the wnrinpr wpatlicr llmli
)im all run tlunn frmn lhn net Ik of the win
ter, mernurk, wurr mid ( lo-et nntttiotnt nx
Ifyimr ufptftll is pntr, ami )tu fel dull
mitl rliitrKtlj, dtui't run th rifk nf iIhIhv,
liriuTn HurtfipnrllU tit ntutt joii neeil. It
wu 1 repureil ei) remh fr Jtut m l. a un.
ililiun. It will pur if jour MihhI, ciphhi
u niipftlte, Inu riT your ihxo" tttii nn I
nirke joii wi'll. llilftl wlmt tt liriM ilurr l-i
the post, lidolntf to-tlaj and nil) Uti for )ou,
laknltuow. and lo nvitieol ttit
-'VsV'V'vV'sV -.
llnuiPn nils eurn nausea, alck Imailarlifl, la
ilUeitlun, lillliiil'lien Holdb) nil ilniKKlita.
AccuBcd of Fraud by Mount Ver
non Carpenters.
He Is I.oclieil tip In Dcfiiult of
8d,r.oo iiuii.
(leorge II Vejer, n real estate dealer
ol this 1 Uy w is iirieste.l late ;,csl Hi 15
iif'.eniuoii by ltepui Sherirf V.'algi ring,
und In ilefault ,,! 1', ,,vi lull w.is lodgiil
In l.udUm Httiet Jail on an oiler
sl-iid b Justin- Inkin.in. ol the H11
ih me Couit In Wisp hester County
The 1 nmpl ilnnuts iigilust Wcer
are Siblno (luailno anil l'.isiUalla
c.irf.nigus 1 irpentiis ami builders nf
.Mount 1r1mn, who iliiuge hlln with
friudulent misiepM sMitutlniis in mik
ing u 1 untrai t with them
1 '111- nimble necoiillng tu the allldi
lts, resiillid from a contract the nir
lieiitiis made to build sli lnmi 1 for
Will 1.1 at Cnliiinlius avenue and Hlxth
slreit, Mount Vernon, fur $'1 (tn
The eoiiiid iluaiits allege NVjer was
InsulMiil nhen be made the iiiiiti.ut
and if prescnii., nmt h was weilth
'I hev state that hi iissiml them tint
he ouui'il the lots on whlih the houses
wire tu 1 iv (..ret ted and seventeen pits
adjoining, and that theie was onl.i. a
mortgage of 11 ;i on the whole
in these reiresentatlous. the pliln
tlffs allege, tiny ireiteil Hie houses iml
fnrnlsbeil mui h of the miileil.il Tbe
eliilm tb.it they him slnie disc ni red
Hint whin Weei obi lined title to th
proper tv It was miblei I to a moittjugu
of JlJlfin nnd In lietobtr preinlltiR t'n
making of Ihe (ouliaits with the plain
tins thit Vcer ex ei 11 led ainither tnort
t,iiB on the properlv for '""I, and In
a f v mouths altir the conttiu t Veer
pl 11 ed another mortgage of Jl.l'ilnii the
The plalnlirfs allege that Weer his
nulv iHld them on uccuuut tlt.1 anl
th'it theie Is still due them KU', for
which they bring suit
I !
Brooklyn GraDd Jury Looking
Into the Subject
They Arp tlmlor Control of the
Police Department.
There wnn a stir umnni; police nfll
' In Is nt Ileiul'iuaiters, In lirooklin, this
moinlug, when It bet.imi known that
inembets of the (Srand July hud visited
the building curb In the day to get
lertalu Information regarding thu work
lui;s of the Department.
It was dlsiovered later that the Gland
'Jury had begun Investlgatliig the lu-tli-H
linpo-ed U(ion the brl Ige-kiepeis
I'nder u law passed last year, these
(inploifes of the 1 Ity were plated un
di 1 the Jurisdiction of the Pulke Ue
purtini nt.
1 The immbirt of the Orand Jury were
Intiodiked to Inspector Madtellut, who
gave thuin a gnat deal of Information
lonietniiig the subjict under linestlga
tlou The (It 11111I Jury lcnned thut there
wele thlill-clghl bildge-keepers em
ploiid to look aflfi six bridges Six'
11 1 n v ere detailed to each bridge, thru
leuulnlug 011 duty from 4 A M tu noon
and thu other (line from noun till Is !
I' M
The drand Juri dlscoeieil that th'rui
was one brldg whlih la oiier.tted b
steam, and that the men employid theie
have eati beiths
The (Irand Jury will probably go
fin Hit Into the matlir next weik, and
the risult of thilr l.ivc stlg.itlon will
I probably furnish the basis of a ptesent-
I Von lleiltt Tin- i:venliiir World I
I Hit lull llellil 'I llf Mliuilur World?
Weil-Marie Clothing.
Hen's Sulla of
tain Ininas and I
oiilrm' n1 at I'rnortlonatt PrlcM.
flnW l.tahl anl
lot anl nrnll $A $5, $() to 5Q,
Rulta ncei 4 to I '
11 rtara.
Hoy Fln Suits J
leu 1J to 17 I "J ,ul ,U
jeara. J
mm. mmmm
Clothmii, Huts, Shoes anil I'uriiiHhitifta),
Slli Ave,, Cor. 42il St,
Ppcrlal Sfaclat.
O A It t nlfn,m Sulla. OI'HJf UVlIMINtJS. Man'a linsart Shofi,
mate nf (h well knnvin ltaml-sorl Well.
lllua lllilllrael, IK 0U anvclal at (3 00.
A Shoe that combines near, style
and fit, and possesses tlie advantage
of Imvinj; no' wr.x tlircfld., nall.s,
&C to wear out stock'ngs or .poll
tempers is what most parents and
guardians arc In search of.
I offer the following styles, pos
rcstlng the above attributes at
prices lower than sold by any other
HANi;-r.wr.i) wi:ir.
In Mlilllis A, II, (', II, I', sles '.' In 't.
' '2.50
Youths' Calf Bluchers,
nNi.si;u M:r,T,
In nlillhs A, II, (', It, I), Flrs II In '2.
isses' Soolma Kid Button-
rATr.NT li:athi:u ri ri.
iiANn-fii:wi:i) wnr.T.M'itiKt. uv.r.u.
Ill lilt lis A. II, C, II, I.', sles II lo i.
Children's Soolma Kid Button,
In wlilllis A, II, (', I), i:, lc. II tu ll)l-j.
livery pair of the above arc
warranted to ftivc satisfaction in
every instance.
I IIWi: Nil Af!i:M'II.S OK HltAM II
htoiiks, .ivsii(ii:scAMiTiii:irit.
iiAsiiii i' any utiii:k iii:ai.i:k.
6th Ave., cor. 20th St.
New York enl Long Branch SteamboiTCoT
Heinnrr Mftry I'litten lenei feel of Jhiio at.,
N II., ilallj (excel.! miiiJiijsi, II A. M. Inlsln
recrlMnl lur nitluUM. Muniiiuiitli lleuLli, Lulls
bllvvr, Ixius Ilrsiuli unn UriinrliiKirt.
l.'xrnralun TIcUctK, Hi reins.
will olfer Saturday
Misses' Reefers
of Plain Kerseys and
Imported M xed Cloths, ; 2 (H) S
liandrrmely trimmed, &J a Jr QJ'
rlzi-. 3 to 14 yeirs, at
formerly $5.95 to $8.00.
Outmg Suits
1?bu 1 $8,90
English Serges,
Siz-:" I $ I 1 IE
4 and 16 years, at J II 11 o 0
Formerly $22.90 &$16.50
Coven Cloths, at Jl V a cD V
Formerly $17.50.
Milsses' Suits
of Fine Duck K (T)(f
and Natural Linen, at v 1 a ZX XJ
West 23d St.
I Sporting.
mmm deal.
i. coo ni:v i;o sArcnns at
Si50 Each.
1.000 new jiso sAruriKS at
SBO Each.
S35.00 to S40.00.
lilt am) Ilh . 125TII sT
a :t, i'auk ri, i:.
' ltICCI I.S 1'rtm Slierin s sale can irlt
ciu new iUrtfunlK, Columliln. I nrumatlc Tires,
Colunli'a Si ),' nrver Lefuru sol J for li thai
Wl't fr 33 cm( lf( wllli lump anl boll New
l rrirtiitu Moruiiii WrUM t'livtirimite ttrrs IP
Niw Juuui $19 New I'n inlerfu Whlpptt tire,
irU SlJ'i, our prict 15 iroin hanl Cushion tij
'.ituinutlf whe-vN, all makes fiom $15 to J ."
(Jtl nlietflR taken Id trj le llf rail Cvcle Co
i (the v ot ih Ilnunel, 1H Nauuiu sL nt-ar 1. O
3 WJ lo Mlect (mm
IHC CIjI nt w at lcin tlun cost of it-conl hnni
oi et too Vat(rii t)iln lorcln rlKht
tire nc or not I len Hun JiQ our price Ht,
ltli la mti nn 1 Uli K vximtnptcrfl, i.er noil
) us thuti J121 rtli 1 with ,o.il ilnu, .Morirun &
rlH lirm. our prlcu J5) &i lirKiirm In
icml hanl liup worn, oiMhlon and pneumRtlos
ill miVe JH to n't A O C Co 10 Ilirclaf
Pt near tiro) Iwir New York
(inNTLRMUN' F UK!. Umi nmilwaj ulylen.
retRtled Ht emrtt) wholettlo pricu-t Dan bury
IUt Co , 22 DiPliroaKca bL
( iil IN
?j ' a Cutawas'
, Our Guarantee with Every Suit.
llii) IIimiIiI) .llrrn.lifl Suit,) mg
urn I'oldra, nil I('H. ' JIM
Hiioil l nine nl SIMM), j lTV
86 & 88 Bower; , or. Hester st.
oniN i:i,.MM..
The FSeauty of a
Mantel Cabinet
Hun in tho covering o( much wnll
Hjiaco in u way that is not ex-
wjw iiiuncntal, iif-
Jfik. frtlin u pine o
M Wfy r& or the mtibtiu
ltel u i s p l n y of
W Jj fHw ')r'c ' n ' ul'nCi
JljJitsJikJlJii Iloro is a sun -
)lu cnbituit.
Noto its grnceful outlines and
stvhsh ell'oct. Tho prico is only
Wo hnvo others scored of
them nt other prices; soino as
I low I1R !?.U)0.
j 1'ou can " see yonrsolf as
othoia see you" in our PiorMir-
lors vith bric-a-brac bnses for
5-12.00 (mil up to (,0.00.
mwiu: Yor woi'i.n i,n;r. ,x K.vnw
)ll)V I .H,I ON I lll'llll OIMt I.ITTl.1:
.III H IK Hi I.I ll'l. I, MIL. II CAN Hi: 1IA1I
I lilt rill' ASMMI.
Business Opportunities.
8175-7. EfOE WAITPTCO.
p!rr a room with line glazed paper. 12 Kilt and
In rJers tu matrh raliitlnc an 1 kal3tTtntng at
lowest rafB. 107 Kx"ex at , 39 Carmine at.
1 ANMiritY HAT nd retatla Oentlemen's latest
Bt)lc Hats at strictly wboleaale prloes 22 Dta
. troj(, mar (Jrtenwkh,
Sntimlny, May 12,
Misses' Suit Dept.
Gingham Dresses.
Size.M, "WO
with gilt edging nntl buttons.
4 to 111 . v
sizes, U,iJ I
14 mill 1 t
year $ff 7R
sizes, Il.itJ
Covert Cloth Coats & Skirts-
12 to 10
year $9 7R
A complete stock of High Novel,
tiss in Dresses for Hisses and
Children, including Dotted
Swiss, Taffeta, and Glace Silks,
Wool and Cotton Crepons, Dimi
ties, Duck, Percale, Denial
Cloth, etc.
18th St., 19th St. and Sixth At
(iSth St. Station Elevated Road.) J
ion li cm a I.--, to.
orpirF. lai'in M'mi,i:T b gn avr.
DASMU'RY HAT CO , 22 Dnbroiael at. MMT
llrecnwlrh rptalla lateal at) Ira bata at Utlfj
wbotraale prices. J
j, .,oa::::n:, 5o Saturd 8 BUTTERCUP SOAP. haTiIm'0
I 25 dozen Lnilies' Fa.l Mnck Slcon S2.00 Hklila, nt 790. -fy. kmr Tar m a a . WrlALLIba
If' mo d Liaiiaf Black suoppiagitaga 25c. Tlie (Jretit Beauty Soap, Recognized by Skin Special- -..-..-. 20 :
I H 200 we cra c... ,9o. ists as Very Beneficial to the Skin. SHIRTING PRINTS,
i 250 ,!.,. im im iifHsjm.k.., aqo1lo,ooo Boxes of this Celebrated Boap Tomorrow at25cBox ; 1 Oc. Cake. From 9 to 12 A. M 286,1111.
II siaooSDQi: rS enrr W Cloaks, A, Saturday MuNERY " Infants' Wear DeptA A TIM AY
ll mi f'm D SO 4ml rHtti TA W BARGAIN DAY IN ShQE DEPT. nflDRflm iff'AlliJlUAI.
I MANS SUIT, U.UU, vy CapeS, O enormous sacrifice. " m Mn d & S8'"
1 ;::rrrt.s Q kumm mh ANI) A 0aa;8 Xmh ' wfofa mm 8c.
ll -s, PinclTckH, M,Mn, JL ."- 1 ' d A. 4Cl I H 1L ' 1" " 3M fnAtf) DRESSES, 3 cases Men's Umlormr,
W H Q M "! other, .rat drsiKns ) T VfllfMf! MUIT .SlJIT JiS nidliufdcturcr retiring WW- HlmW ,.r . Shirts and Drawers, soft white
ill m ' A-'1 -'' v U iUOHU MtNi UiL2) r --Tf from business, will be W M SS e0 Zla riuo' sokl ally' at 43c; our
t W 'JXyBnleouly.witUnSiOO Hf f 1 P .t ' M'nTJ fi C lll..Mlr Wj ) thedollar, among which V-'t " fl ' 'n and braid, b.7.03 OQtf
I w rniimtfico' Vif :-.i.w! (--! At s Value. TfeSUr arc: H t-i)tcToiih c. Each.
M Sif ' , I 1)hlp' ,1,l,k ,!l-v liml ' lV5 nrtJ Rf rt I J - 1,000 boxos Fancy Stationery,
fer Wti O ftF L, l t f'l''Viots, vorth 100 mnvor Suits, mndn 200 Cnpcs in various styles nnd Ml In Mill.. .ifUil PnllnrOll'O UQtO "3iF"$J & M in n11 tl10 nowost colors.
H H ll OK '(ill -OD, lor tins Hal., of lino chouot, hill) all sbades, , undo of f.no ladies' KU1 J Ull.lUlul. 0 lldlOl fl3S i BZ .
fk K: L7 iiBnl ' Ik IT & F umbri'llH kiitH, bal-' Qq doth, Wo i niching around neck, .1.1 lUllW A lino nssortmont for Children .. w Jf , liljfi 7
ll VV U.yU f 55 voslarKre. 95 rtk $.190, at UUUj 1 in tawy Straw Hats, all colors, n..rlflrVod fAvwv CAPS ,ftl L
II H' A PHP AT r A r7 a ixTii ofHiliiiiiliboii,i.rth - rfIWl j4l m&&m also solid colored wreaths ami p Frnmos,
I H A GREAT BARGAIN! '1 ; HL cdlW -. w 25c 91p qqn andAQn
II BOYS'RII'P Vl riil f Ladies' Dongola Tip) RC- A (i.ent Huryaln, - JJbl ailU J'
m k SLATcR TRICOT W m&SS( V-lllllUi Lii 5 4$M$M& faoturert p,ico , at S ,J0 PnPlRiyiflTBOy .Vnni".,!?1.:-4' nil wool, 38 Inrho. wide, in dl
I W tfvJ PMHrmn sM ? (S'Mlw O nn llUrir nlHfl I luK ' -ST 1 colors, worth 59c, at
I t Pj) SUITS, ifm W Rrrwrc SR vf R7p WREATHS fe 39ca
M ! BTTil hidu with douhle-bi pasted Jack- 'PiA!i "f-l-Xl wlu m,. nt A xL novur Bokl at tno Pnco unt"
f Hi VV' otsm the bent posMbl,. mm.r. tt&Ltfri W fa-'.' ffiv'TO V C iWiMfl
M 7 m MM . ' -uir n'lW' lMV V MA I i. b . WMzGln NnVJM Yard.
Ht' IS 1 && (LfB3 11 A ; VA !' ','llw V ir2-. I flrilOQ' HatQ IS iSW 200 piocos 45-inch Emhroid-
II .s'a jLft bost or manufacture, w La,.ic.'Buons "r oat
k LifH'i rnnn , t ... 1 " .-l f a C 07 Toques, walking shupoa nnd lisfl 0 "
sUH' 50?i3.?yB !D0U.ble Q A M In 19 M , '7 rocoirnd a fresh lot of Hoys' Combination Dresses.-, , 20 ) Children' Wash Dresses in tippoi i inanu nctur-S j ial0 imtfll l,b LillL Rus- fts 25Cnv a
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m 8195 Tor) W(MB u'raBwrtu 84.00, for this sale, a.st, with rulllo over 95 ?1 1 u ii'ic t"mml1 wlth Youths' Shoos, 11 ( colorod crapes and ilowcrs COO "Waists of bost Merrimao G,ls . Stovc. with six foot boat
nFlH! SATURDAvl r Jf fl "houlder, full sleeves j- uram, worth 51..)8, at to o ovnr7 puir Q7 worth $3.95, for print, thrco plaits, front nnd quality, host covered tubingJ
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