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RH vsn
1 TnrvFavoraMrs. Edgecombe'intho
Eokford Webb Estate Bull.
Decides that the Old Shipbuilder
B pidn't Pay for Services.
9 HU Ex-Houckcepcr Brought Suit
V for $18,000 Wages.
-H -. lun' In the suit of Mrs. Elizabeth
M The Jun " ' tate of Eck.
fTSrrtS " "cover $18,000 for ser-
'?, KnUrd to the millionaire ship
-KirfJ as housekeeper, from 1S80 to
H builder M n , ,
M 1689, wWh his wen Supreme Court,
BJU,tl?D brought In a verdict this
gSSfifo? Mr Edgecombe for the
"K'lfr''retlred at 3.40 yesterday
.Thei Thev did not reach an
H afternoon. The nm O.clock ,agt
PhfmThen they scaled up their ver
V 5 ?,hnweV home. The Jury was in
court to-day when the verdict was
cSni Mrs Hdgccombe was absent.
R.?he jury had tnese questions of fact
Tsubmltted te ""! or abjut peb
H iui hStween the plaintiff and Eckford
I Webt .that she would render services to
him until his decease a, housekeeper,
SS as compensation for'such services
that he would In and by his will give
her a life estate In No. 78 Rush street,
in Brooklyn, JS.000 In cash and W.OOO in
railroad bonds?
To this the Jury answered yes.
2 Did Eckford Webb dismiss the plain-
tiff because she had Informed him that
Daniel W. Edgecombe had proposed
rnarrlaee tn her?
Answer les.
8. Did the marriage of the plaintiff to
Daniel W. Edgecombe make It practlcal
1 ly Impossible for her to continue to per
I form such services as she had agreed to
M perform as housekeeper for Eckford
t Webb?
Answer No.
4. Did the plaintiff voluntarily leave
and abandon the services of Eckford
Webb upon entering Into the marriage
Answer No.
B. Has the plaintiff been paid for such
services as she rendered to Eckford
Answer No.
6. What was the fair and reasonable
value per month for Buch service as
the plaintiff rendered to Eckford Webb?
Answer $85 per month.
As soon as the verdict had been ren
dered the lawyer for the defense asked
for a new trial. The motion was denied.
Summoned to Explain to Health
Commissioner Emery.
Mrs. Jemima Watklns, of 815 Bergen
! street, Brooklyn, who advertised that
he had four babies for adoption, and
offered to let an "Evening World" re
porter have one on payment of $5, as
4. told In yesterday's edition, was to-day
eummoned by Health Commissioner Em
lery to appear at the office of the De-1
partment to-morrow morning and show
cause why her license should not be re-1
Ivoked. I
( Officer Frank Folk, of the Children's
i1 Society, called at the woman's house
V some time ago, and she made practically
I the same proposition to htm, he alleges,
I that she made to the reporter. She told I
n Folk that the 15 was to reimburse her
II for the expenses of advertising and In
II cldentals.
U Folk has secured from the Myrtle Ave
I nue Police Court a summons from Jus
8 tlce Haggerty requiring her to appear In
court on Monday morning, when Bhe will
be required to explain why she has not
I registered with the Board of Health the
record of children born In her house.
Mre. Cronln Saya Her llnsbnnd and
I Ills Connin Abtincd Her.
I Michael J. Cronln, aged twenty-eight,
a a, stenographer for Lawyer Eriglehardt,
of 291 Broadway, and his cousin, Teddy
w Cronln, were each sent to Jail for five
If days by Justice Walsh, In Brooklyn, to
ff dsy, on charges of Intoxication, and
9 wer held for examination on May 17 on
V charges of assault.
if? Michael Cronln was married on Nov.
fS9, 1893, to a daughter of Contractor John
Walsh. They lived at 23 Tiffany place,
an apartment-house. In which Mrs. Oro
nln's parents live. She charges her hus
band with having neglected her, and last
night, she asserts, he and his cousin
Teddv went home drunk, and the latter
hit her on the nose, and her husband
knocked her down. Her screams orouned
flier parents, and the two men were ar-Keeted.
rts. Weber Has Sirs. Iloaenschlat
i B ter Arrested.
WMrs. Emma Rosenschlatter, of 243
Kholes street, was held In the Ewen
Irtet Court, Williamsburg, on a charge
mpt threatening to kill Mary Weber, who
Hives In the same house.
Mrs. Weber told Justice Watson that
HMrs. Rosenschlatter patrols the hall at
Bnlght, armed with a big knife, and at
i frequent Intervals asks Mrs. Weber to
oome out and be killed. Mrs. Weber Is
afraid Mrs. Rosenschlatter will carry
out her threats.
VHlbJeet to the DrlKliton Ileach Itall
I tm road Franchise.
' B Property-owners on Franklin avenue be
ween Park place and Fulton street,
Brooklyn, waited on Mayor Schleren this
nornlng to protest against the granting
Bf a franchise to the Brighton Beach
'Mjlallroad Company to connect with the
Klnge County "L" road at Franklin ave-
Hnue and Fulton street.
B The Company has been granted the
right by the Aldermen to elevate their
Ktracks from Tark place and run on an
fcMvicllrie to the "I.," road.
The properti'-owners requested the
Cayor, It he signed the resolution, to
Bmpel the Company to deposit 1250,000,
I ftstead of J50.000, to cover the damage to
Uolning property.
' IB6 and Accountant Allen to I.oeik
Into Grnvenend Affairs.
J Blayor Schleren, of Brooklyn, to-day np
Hlnted George F. El'.lott as counsel, and
ank'.in Allen as expert to carry on the
vestlgatlon Into the financial affairs of
Mr. Allen was formerly Secretary to i
x-Mayor Seth Ixiw, and has also been !
IK??Ly?. as . "Pert by the Aldermanle
'K,.mmlt,,ee Investigating the affairs of
I TV ''"Ise Department.
Lawyer Elliott said this morning that
wrK on Graveiend will begin at
m a,
Boycotler Held for Conspiracy.
Dtnnli Lynch, of Its Will Seventeenth street.
F" ' lo ;(0 tH en a chare, ot consplra-y
' J'Bwwu Market Court to-day. II. wae
-Km?,! ,". ,ul1'" Kner, of 4 Umlougall itrrtt,
J',L) 'WK itrllitin bi.wtn to boycott iho
fll""oor 1"1 tunlln f"vi wy from
jllnrt by Falling from n Cnblc-Cnr.
Si Tih"'11 UCn' ,,,tr'n" Trold, ot 100 Ent
i m 'ni ","1' I" tPPln off a Tolrd avtnus
rB flu !. "r .! H"7'"cond itrt this ttttrnocn
v fl m- i
n, nVs.?' "'r c'n-' ' ,4111 !.. r kelllng out
lcl: im, '' no while you liae tho cream to
B '""SiJ " thiy atun aiorp to 21 it. V j
Tells How Brothers Bnd Sistors
Eroko Their Promises.
After Ills Mother's Death They
Would Not Shure with Him.
Champion Amateur Athlete Malcolm
W, Ford's suit to compel his brothers,
Worthlngton and Paul Ford, and his four
sisters, to fulfil their promises and give
him a seventh ot the estate of his father,
Gordon 1.. Ford, the publisher, came up
for trial before Justice Oaynor In the Su
preme Court, Brooklyn, this morning.
O. J. Wells represented the plaintiff and
F. A. Wood and ex-Judge Reynolds np-
pearel for the defendants.
Malcolrr was the first witness called
this morning. In telling his story he
said, In substance.
" I now live .it Babylon, L. I. Before
1 my fathe. died I went back to live at
his hous In 'lark street. I was taken
, 111 with typhoid fever. While I was sick
i my father watched over me. I saw more
of him than uny nne except the nurses
and my mother. He was taken sick and
died before I recovered. i
"A day or two after my father's death
I Baw my brothers Paul and Worthing-'
1 ton.
I "Paul said: 'I think you arc left off the
will. 1 would not foe! badly about It If I
were you. So long as you make no
I trouble about It you will be taken care
of. It Is no disgrace to be left off, as In I
some of the other wills father male
other children were not mentioned. We
will make everything all rlsht fur you.
"Worthlngton Bjld the next day that 1
I had been left off the will. He said all ,
the children felt the same way, that If I
did not make any trouble I would get my
share. He said also that the attitude of
my father had changed towards me be
fore he died.
"I went to visit my sister, Mrs. Barr,
at Babylon, for a week after father
died. She told me that she. as well ns
the other children, felt that I should
have my share of the property.
"My sister, Mrs. Skeel, told me the
same thing at another time. My broth
ers, however, Bald that nothing definite
could be done until my sister, Mrs.
Richard May Smith, wife of Prof.
Smith, of Columbia College, returned
from Europe.
"On the assurances of my brothers and
sisters that I should get my share of
the estate, I signed the waiver for the
probate of the will.
"Subsequently I made a loan of $2,600
from the estate, and It was ngreed
thijt the money should be paid back
when I received my share."
After Malcolm's mother died, about
a year ago. and he saw no prospect that
his brothers and sisters would keep
their promises, he brought suit to com
pel them to do so. The case Is still on.
Antopay Shows that Dlaraie, and
ot a IleatluK. CniiNril It.
Dr. Frank Freel, Coroner Creamer's
assistant, announced this morning that
he had made an autopsy on the body of
Harry Huckans, eight years old. The
boy died suddenly at the Brooklyn Or
phaa Asylum on Wednesday last, and It
was alleged by his mother that his
j death was due to a terrible beating re
! celved the night before he died.
Dr Freel declares that the boy died
from congestion of the lungs and kid
ney. As narrated in yesterday's "Evening
WorldJ' Mrs. Huckans told Deputy-Coroner
Kelly that she had seen her son's
body an hour after he died and had no
ticed dlscoloratlons on the limbs. She
heard that he had been whipped, and
she asserted her belief that a brutal
beating had caused his death.
The asylum officials admitted that the
boy had been whipped, but declared that
he had only received a few strokes on
the hand administered with a rattan.
The hoy's brother, who Is also on In
mate of the Institution, denied the story
told by his mother to the effect that
Harry had been Jerked out of bed and
dragged to the bathroom and whipped.
Injunction Asked on Foreclosure
of Hotel Normnnrtlc MortgagMi
A motion restraining the Phoenix Fur
niture Company, the Gorman Manufac
turing Company and the W. & J. Sloane
Compeny from foreclosing a mortgage
1 upon the Hotel Normandle, was made
before Justice Barrett tn the Supreme
Court to-day by Mrs. Ferdinand P. Earlc,
wife of Gen. Earle, the proprietor.
When Gen. Earle started in at the Ho
tel New Nctherland last year he gave
the defendants a mortgage for USO.OOU on
the lease and effects for their bills for
furnishings. When the mortgage fell due
he gave as extra Bccurlty a mortgage
upon the Normandle.
Mrs. Earle asks that the effects of the
New Netherland be sold first. Justice
Barrett reserved hlB decision.
Strange Woman Weeps at the Scene
of the Murder of 1887.
RAHWAY, N. J May ll.-A strange,
well-dressed woman, in mourning, came
here yesterday, engaged a team and
directed the driver to take hr.r to the
spot where the unknown girl was mur
dered seven years ago.
The driver drove the woman to the
spot, and ns the woman was shown
the place she evinced considerable emo
tion. From her conversation It was Inferred
thnt she had never been In Rahway
before, but knew who the murdered girl
was. An attempt on the part of the
driver to glean something from the wo
man as to her Identity proved futile.
She went away as mysteriously as
she came.
Young It mini Sued for Divorce.
ny Astoclattd Trrifl.)
rmtADEI.rillA, Hay 11. It nan IcsniM bfr
yostrrday that a stilt for dtvorcs has bttn brought
by Mra. Green 11. rUum. Jr. Mm, naum was
Mlal Annie Iredell Roger, daughter of the tats
V. D. Hogera. and the wedding occurred here tour
years ago, while the younc buftband's father wsa
at the head of the Pension nureau. The couple
separated a year ago. Desertion Is alleged and
no defense has been Interposed.
To AM'llIt III Wife's Injuries.
John Thornton, aged thirty-four, of SC2 West
Twcnty.slxth street, was held without ball In Jef
ferson Market Court to-day to nwalt tho result
ot Injuries Inflicted on Ma wlfo, Allco. on Tues.
day night. Thornton Is a porter emplo)ed In a
concert hill on Ilchlh aenue. Ufa wife Is In
Pellet ue Hospital and la not expected to live.
In all Bronchial, Throat and Lung
' troubles Dr. Pierco's Golden Medical Dis-
i covtrv brings relief nnd a permanent
I euro. " The way is ojien to t'jo germs of
Consumption if you suffer from Asthma,
DroiicUUis or Catarrh. Begin early with
" Discovery" and a euro is cerium.
Enulish, CocAe Co., Tenn.
-y --"; Dr. H. V. PlKKCEt
tfjC?S Jar Sir-My wlfo
yji- Ssjs.Tl was afflicted with
B tlvl asthma tor twenty
ff VtA years; es (he grew
B W older shegrewworce.
I "5 ff JM2 Hercaso wastreuleil
rl WS 'fw2 l5 by thro eminent
H . ym fnlled; they told me
" aw' tn0, was no curo
"a" MP Discouraged as I
V yr4 wni I resolved to
1- I -s try Doctor l'icrce'
xfesiS Golden Medical Dto-
"IWSErK covery ; HUeurod tlvo
.' a M trvurrt. bottles and two vials
.ins. 8. 31. KYKEn. of r pienwnt
Pellets," which has rnado a permanent
euro. Sho has gained twenty pounds In
weight since the cure waj ellccfcd.
Evelyn Granville Had Abandoned
Little Burton 0. Webster, jr.
Dr. Pnrklmrst Aided Her In nil At
tempt to Itcgiilu Ittm.
Evelyn Granville, wife of Burton C.
Webster, now In Sing Sing for killing
Charles E. Goodwin on her account,
has again achieved notoriety.
She appeared In Jefferson Market Court
to-day to demanl her two-year-o'.J son,
Burton C. Webster. Jr.. from the Gerry
Society backed by ltev. Dr. Parkhurst's
lawyers Tyler, Pritt .t Hubbard.
Mrs. Webster, since the time when she
figured iti the Webster trials, has lived
in various uptown tenements, nnd has
raised disturbances several times, which
have necessitated the presence of the
The boy, Burton Webster, has been In
her possession, and, It is alleged by the
Gerry agents, has not been as carefully
cared for us he might have been.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Webster
took the child out for an airing In Madi
son Square Park. After carrying him
up and down the walks for a while she
went to William Rosevear, of 258 Seventh
avenue, a waiter, who was sitting on n
She knew Rosevear by sight and he
knew her, having lived near her at one
She asked Rosevear to hold the baby
a few minutes. Rosevear consented nnd
little Burton was deposited in Rose
vear s lap.
At .8 o'clock Rosevear walked Into the
Gerry Society's rooms with the baby,
and said he had been holding It since i
Rosevear said that he had become
finite nervous and had Fpoken to a
purk policeman, who had advised him
to take little Burton to the Children's
About 9 o'clock Mrs. Webster ap
peared at the Gerry Society's rooms.
She was Intoxlcnted, and bo was a
man who accompanied her, according
to the Gerry agents. She demanded the
child, and when she was refused be
came excited and angry, nnd said she
I would "see about It In the morning."
"I will go to Dr. Parkhurst and see
j If he won't help me," she said as she
i flounced out of the door.
In 'ourt this morning little Burton,
; who was In the arms of Gerry Agent
Grler did not seem to be very anxious to
return to the parental arms.
I Mrs Webster was represented by I.aw
1 yer C. A. B. Pratt, of Tyler, Pratt &
, illhbard. of 111 Broadw.ty. Both Mr.
Pratt and Mrs. Webster asked that the
child be returned to Its mother, but Jus
tice McMnhon would not hear of It.
"The only question in my mind," said
the Justice, " Is whether It Is best to lock
you up for cruelty to children."
The child was committed to the Asso
ciation for Befriending Children and
Young Girls. Mrs. Webster was not held.
Lawyer Pratt said that he was a friend
of Dr. Parkhurst, nnd that he appeared
for Evelyn Oranvllle Webster nt the
Doctor's request,
"I received a note from Dr. Parkhurst
this morning, and complied with his
wishes, that is all.
"No; I am not counsel for the Park
hurst Society, nor Is any member of
mv firm. This Is purely a matter of
friendly feeling on the Doctor's part and
mine. We feel sorry for the woman."
The fact that Dr. Parkhurst is aiding
Evelyn Granville recalls his recent state
ment In public that he had received
startling Information from a woman re
i gardlng her alleged criminal Ill-treatment
i by a former high county official.
Wife of the Theatrical Mniinecr
Snililenlj- Explrrs.
Mrs. Henry C. Miner, wife of the
well-known theatrical manager, died at
2 o'clock this morning at her home, 27
Madison avenue. Although Mrs. Miner
had been In bad health for n year, she
had been confined to her hed but six
days, and her end was sudden and
unexpected when It came. Congestion
of the liver Is named by her physicians
as the Immediate cause of death.
Mrs. Miner was fifty-one years of age.
She was a native of this city, and her
maiden name was Julia L,. Moore.
Her parents were professional people, I
but she never had any connection with
the stage. She was married to Mr. ,
Miner about thirty years ago. I
Fourteen children were born to her,
of which five grown sons survive. She
lapsod Into unconsciousness last even
ing and never revived. The entire fam
ily was at her bedside when she
breathed her last. Funeral services
will be held at the house at 8 o'clock
Saturday evening and .none but mem
bers of the family will be present.
The body will be placed In a vault at
Greenwood until the tomb which Mr.
Miner Is about to build In the cemetery
Is finished.
The theatres In this city owned by Mr.
Miner will be closed until after the funeral.
Member of Many Societies to Pay
Their I.a.t Tribute To-Mcht.
The funeral of- the late Fred W, Reb-
hann will be held at the Nostrand Ave
nue Methodist Episcopal Church, Nos-
i trand avenue and Qulncy street, Brook-
I lyn, at 8 o'clock this evening.
Mr. Rebhann was a member of the
will-known law firm of Barnum & Reb
hann, and a prominent Free Mason. He
was a member of Commonwealth Lodge
No. 109, F. and A. M.; Aurora Grata
Lodge of Perfection, Council of Princes,
Roee Croix Chapter, Consistory of S. P.
R. S A. S. R.; Klimet Temple, A. A. O.
N. M. S.; Winona Council No. WIG. A, L.
of II.; Ridgewood Council No. 078, It. A.,
and Franklin Lodge No. 2.147, K. of H.
Representatives of all these organisa
tions will be present at the funeral services.
Charles D. Wnlcott Nominated.
(Dy Associated Trees )
WASHINGTON', May 11, The Presl
dent to-day sent to the Senate the nomi
nation of Charles D. Walcott, of New
York, to be director of the Geological
Survey, vice John XV. Powell, resigned.
llcv. Fntlier Kertvln Dentl.
NRWARK. N. J., May 11. Iter II. J. Kerwln.
pastor ot the Church of Our I.ady of Christian
Help, at Kalt Orange, died this morning In gt
Mlrhael's Hospital. He had been a patient In
the hospital for six months suffering from para!-vi.1.
Do You Cough?
It is a sure u$n of u:cai;ntss.
You need more than a tonic. You
the Cream of Cod-Liver Oil and
Hypophosphites, not only to cure
the Cough but to give your system
real strength. Physicians, the world
over, indorse it.
Don't be deceived by Substitutes!
TttfUti by hell ft Utwsa, N. T. Alt DniillaU.
otii Ave, 20th to mm St.
Special Sale
Formcrty 4.50 and 5.50.
SUITS, -i to lfi years,
Formerly 6.00 to 10.00.
to 10 years,
Reduced from 10.00 and 12.75.
Worth l.KO.
Bluo Flannel and Mixed
Cheviot KNEE PANTS, 4 to 15
Worth 98c.
1.98, 2.98, 3.98, 4.98;
One-Half Former Prlce3.
Boys' Clothing, Hats
and Furnishings.
H. 0'NEBLL & CO.,
Oth Ave, 20th to 21st St.
Expired from the Injurlea She lie
reived In a Itnnnvrnj-.
RED BANK. N. J May ll.-Mrs.
Charlotte Jessen, of New York, who was
! Injured In a runaway at Falrhaven,
yesterday afternoon, died at 7 o'clock
this morning without having regained
I consciousness. She was sixty-nine years
old. The body will be taken to the res
idence of her son-in-law, William II.
' Botjer, at 331 West Forty-sixth street.
New York, to-day.
Some of the family of Mr. Botjer, who
Is a wholesale provision merchant at 727
Seventh avenue, went to Atlantic High
lands a few days ago, where they have
a Summer cottage. Yesterday afternoon
Mrs. Jessen and her nineteen-year-old
granddaughter, Miss Bertha Botjer,
started to drive td Bed Bank to visit
the family of J. H. Farquhar, also New
Yorkers. .,,.,
Their horse ran away nnd both wore
thrown out, Mrs. Jessen receiving a bad
cut In the head. Miss Botjer escaped
with slight bruises
Leirlsi llnd n I.eir Broken While
Drlvlnu; on Thlril Avenne.
Charles Lewis, of 107 Hester street,
was to-day appointed guardian nd litem
of his son, Harry Lewis, eighteen years
old, for the purpose of bringing a suit
for $20,000 damage against the Third
Avenue Cable Ballroad,
Young Lewis, alleges that on May 1
last, he was driving a horte attached to
n load of furniture, near the corner of
Ninety-eighth street, when ft cable-car
collldvl with the wagon and knocked It
ovtr against on of the Iron supports of
the Elevated railroad.
Young Lewis says his left leg was
broken and his right foot badly crushed.
His right ankle was als.i sprained by be
ing caught between thj wagon ami the
iron support. He charges carelessness
on the part of the Company's employees.
Hut n IfSliO Timepiece lie Took Vn
Punned lo 111m Clillfrd-l-ll ten,
William Lee, nineteen years old, of SO
Grand street, was held for trial In Jef
fenson Market Court to-day. Leo was
one of a gang of a dozen men who fol
lowed the parade of the Sumner Tost,
G. A. R., colored, up Seventh avenue
labt night snatching watches from the
pockets of spectators as they passed.
He grabbed the watch of Frank W.
Hordes,, of 1S7 Seventh nvenue. Hordes
held Lee In spite of a spirited attack
from other members of the gang. Po
liceman Stewart took him Into custody.
The watch wus patsed to a confederate
and wus not recovered.
Tho I.nnnintrlnn Floated.
(Br Associated Pnu )
1IULU Mass . May 11 Ttie frelcbl steamer
Lancastrian, bouti! for I.tterpool, was pulled
off George's Island this mornlsr., bavlnc teen
aground tbirty-slx hours. Over 1.000 tons of her
cargo bad to be lightered. It Is believed tbst she
has escaped serious Injury.
Special Notices.
"TUTTr f.N NnY i, vxmf a"i nroAh'A s.
nounre Die following- alU'ratljua In schedule, oi
train south: lloglunliic Sunday, May 13. Atlan
tic Coast Line azpresa tralna now leavlnr Nee.
York Tla l'enn.ylvan'a ltallroa -1 at n.30 A. M,
ml 8. 3u r. M. wilt be i banged to leave at OA.
M. and 0 P. M. , reapecllfl7.
6th Ave., 20th to 2 1st St.
To-Morrow, Saturday,
Fast Black Cotton
j.ooo Doz.
Full rogulnr made, Extra
Length, Doublo Heels and
2 4-' Pair;
Regular value, 45c
6th Ave., 20th to 21st St,
Sattirday, May 12th,
4 Button White Kid
with black points
buttons and wells
95 cts
Lord& Taylor,
Broadway & 20th St
MrLOCmiLIN.-Oi. ThunM.ar, May 10, 1P04,
nt MO Wt 1KM fct , New York flty, Ait
VEnNit Joskpii, aon of I.nmont nnd DMla
KlerPftii Mcl-oticlilln, pM!l month.
Hflntlv-Pr. nnd (nonrin lire rMieci fully In-
vllril toMtrnrt tnt- f.infrrnl on (-ntunlny, Mny
12, lHtu, nt l , M. Interment In Holy Crofts
OOOrER -LOiriSA FLAVIAin COOPRn, dftuch-
tcr of the t Thom.H A. Cooper, of Hrlftol,
Ta. on Thiifewlay evntnt Mr 10
F111.fr.1l mi vice at hfr late rfiMnri 128 j
East 16th et., flunflay afternoon, at 3 o'flork,
tfiy 13. nMattvfH and frltnils respectfully
IflYltal. rblla'lelpkla papers please copy.
INi:n On Frllir, May l.th. at 2 A. M..JTMA
I.., wife of llonry C. Miner. In the fiftieth
year of her age.
None but relatlfea and Immediate frtenda
-till attend the funeral rentcta at her late
reddens, Zl Madlnon ae., on Saturday tnen
Ing, May 12, at 6 o'eloik. ro-UUely no
" The World" linn Forced Mimr to
I.osrer Their I'rlcen.
Mnriy heads of families with forp
slght arn tnkltiR advantage of the situ
ation In the retail coal market, broiiKht
about by the detfrmlneil flRht of "The
World," and are laylntr In a supply of
coal for next Winter nt the low prices
resultlr.a, from the practical methods
adopted by " Th- World" in its battle
with the maKn.tes.
" Tho World" has sold 5.3.12 tons of
coal at the uniform price of Jl.50 per ton,
which is 73 cents ips.i than the price
i fixed t the Coal Exchange, nnd which
I 'he maRiiutrn insist Is the lowest figure
that would yield u profit.
Hut the Exchange cannot hold the re
tailers. They realize that something has
struck the market, and they are fleeing
to cover. The prudent buyer, by " shop
ping" a little, cjii llnd dealers who are
bowing before the ftorm, and nre
1 placing coal at prices far below the es
tablished J.' 15 per ton. That Is what
, "The World" has been fighting for.
There was an attempt made to shut
1 off " The Wnrld'a" supply, but the peo
ple's paper Is able to announce a ran
t tlnuance Indefinitely of the present Jt.M
, rate, and ordeis may be left nt either of
I the Nw York or Hrooklyn office for
1 coal delivered nnywhero in either city.
When dealers nro able to deliver coal
nt $3,79 per ton, ns one dealer did In the
case of a contract for fuel for a public
Institution last week, It Is Hlly for them
i to Insist thnt there Is no profit nt less
than J."..2f. Of course, this dealer makes
a profit at J3.7S), and that Is $1.41 less
A profit' of $1.40 on the ton of coal de
livered tu the family of ,i worklngman
Is cruelly exorbitant, and only porsil.lo
throuch a close monopoly. It Is that
1 monopoly "The World" Is flghtlng.
Trouble, ultli Troops In lliillu.
(Ily Ai"rlated I'rens )
LONDON, Mny 11. News of mutinous
behavior In the Seventeenth Bengnl
Native Infanto, stationed In the 1'iov-
Ince of Agra, llrltlsh India, caused
considerable anxiety here In view of
the alarming reports circulated na to
j tho possibility of trouble In India.
I Tho Viceroy lelegraphs to '.ho Indian
1 Ofllee, however, that the '.nsubor llna-
tlon waa routined to to 'companies,
am! that It was not of a (--prions nature,
' beln? entirely unconnected with carte
' Jealousies or religious feeling.
ltllaaln's MhlllMlo Students.
Illy Associate,! Press )
LONDON, May JI.--A despatch to The
Chrcnlcle from St IVtersburg s.is
that a number of students who have
been arresled on smplclin of being
Nihilists, are believed to hive been en-
' gaged In a plot to destroy the Kazan
and other cathedrals on Easter.
The World'" ."eY I ptosrii OHlce.
"The World's" Uptown OHlce has
I moved Into Its new quarters at the Junc
tion of Ilroadwny and Sixth avenue, nt
Thirty-second street. There are eight
entrances, two on Hroadway, two on
Sixth avenue and four on Thirty-second
street. , . . ...
ill W w
Cutaway Suits 81i. OO
Sack .suits 11.00
O. A. K. Suits 10.01)
La-lea' Suits & Dry Goods.
Ji o Afew JLf if 2 j
263 6th Ave.
liiiooiii.iN mtohi:. roii. iti.toxst.
am i:i..ii i'i.aci:.
Q - .-1.
Portfolio No. 5 j
Portrait Types Jz,
of the TTF
Midway Plaisancc.
DREAM iff. 1 17,
on mai.i: acain.
Lnrrnilir " lMIUTK.UT TYPES "
' nt lO rrnln for rnrb Portfolio, nnd
, iliU ronrrnOon hold for ttm
ulioW' nrrlfr for tttoir who m-riirr
I .. ". I tiaa. llltclnif tils eers. a f
' IMiir.
a'Ar.rlM"fi.1 mall f Till: Wnni.I
jU'ii.MNr. Include no ui tier Uu-lne-4 In
Portlolln orders.
Art Portfolio Department,
rprnwN oitii'k.
Junction lt'wiiy, tt'iil st. & tit la ave. .
Or Harlem IXIlce, 1'J.MhPt. anil Madtnon
Ave. : hronklyn onlc.a n Wnshlngton
m., Brooklyn, t initral utllce. ltrteir
Hnnlc More, Call Ave., comer loth M.,
New York.
o m
Real Estate.
Kclpft of act-Mi from Iti nineteen itattoni of
any i-iiburh of Nw York.
Mon rftwcabl, aitractlvn taomt iltea within
U minute, of City Hill,
ri.t mile of Hulaon Rlrer front orr"lta
thn PalUa'lM.
IowfBt commutation of any uburb of New
Note, for the excellence- cf Ui public school!.
35, WM population; hi douHM In ten years.
The healthlCBt city tn New York, Etate.
l.xni'ttnnal manufacturing facilities.
Adjoins New York City on lbs north.
Ha most beau'.lful iulurb.
Independent water aupply.
Compltti Server System,
"Yf-rkers Haplu Transit" trains leata 15Mh
Ft Sialkn, 9th Aw "I," every half hour.
1 N. V t'er.t. L II. 11 ItR " truln iS3 In all)
lea. f.ranl Penirnl Station at frequent In-t-nal
hetvecn 7 01 A M and 115 P M
' AHjatiy Day Moat a" leaa ft. Vostry St. at
8 V, A. M.
' Str. "Cryatenah" leaven ft. Spring St. at
3 41 V M . FatuMaja. 2 30 V M.
tr. 'C A I'renc" learea ft. Franklin St. at
V. M.
Stops r.t 2M St 16 minutes later-
PA". Y MiEl t A VI SIT;
reten, an1 norlfnklnc, New York City anl
Yonkers rrontlnx the lfu)!-in Hher and the
rallnles. Complete In ttry appointment. De-
elope,i and for aale hy the
. American Real Estate line!nint Union,
ficiifTnl Apiiroiirlutlonn IIII1 nnd
Miuiy Othrr Mrimurrai.
I(Py Afsoclated Prrsa )
AMJANY. Mny 11 The Governor this
, morning Fli?n"l thirty - toen bill,
fitnonK them living tho (jcneral Ap
1 proprlntton bill nnd the following
j AuthorUlns the conatru'tlon of a new brldgo
I leteen 1'elha'n Da.- Park and City Inland
Fori Iddlntt the peratlon of railrtafda on Cen
Itre 4euie or Main ftieet, New llochflle.
r.tendlni! the time for the p)nirnt of ae
e'snttM for local Imj roenif nt in the Twenty
third and Twenty-fourth Ward. Ne Yrrk
! Ke.tPAl'nc the art rflatl to putdlc hUhwaya
tn KaKi 'r 5 nitli llnmpion
Maklna: thr- Judgment if the Court rf Special
Seoftiniu In ciikei cf conviction uf a dlaordtrly
pirivin. final
MuktnK the fthlnv ff I'hrllnm Information to
nrptiera or newspaper nrltera a mladeannr
All'ifiliR olertr- llR.it vOtnpntea to etatllh
I or run elerirt rallroada. after complying with
the grneial la
I AmeaJlng thu charter cf Peekikill.
OlrliriitlnK (lit (t utentitnl.
I (ny AaaortatM Preai )
' SOMi:rvR CKNTHK X. Y, May H The ieo
cnl t!a of the relehraMon if tho centennial anr.l
vernr of the old Mount SHun M K ffcurch te(tjn
this mf-nniB in i'c ait tent edtUe Ancient htnns
were tunic onl adlren-j made l.v prumlntnt cler
g.rrn The celetratim MI ! e Sundaj nUht
Th- rhurr-h ta nil t- . it Ideft f the Metho
Mat dent-mtna'ton i ibe t n iel Statf
i:nt.mi,imu:i) ovi:h 20 i:uh.
Manufacturing Jeweller.
231 3TH AVE.,
hi:t. aifT m as i) st.
OCi5 A 1R buys
v R i 0 a
Solid Gold Graduating
O Class RING.
,Hnd forourllliHtratedrata
'oiru of fMilltl tloht tlradual
tif oiaa. Hluca. Pina aud
MwlMls, !m fre
2if ''''- - I Vt.ft&Xl-V--Jl
is unsurpassed for style and beauty, especially our $10 fjlM
nnd $12.50 suits. WM
There isn't much in them for ue, but they give a heap 1LM
of satisfaction and make trade. ai'4
It will pay you to sec them. A full line of confirmation J M I
suits. Our 5c. and $i underwear is unexceptionable value. fi M J
We keep goods purchased of us in repair free of charge. J m
Open Saturday evening until 9 0 clock. M -4
JTLillTrr",----J'"-lllla-lll -"" Kl 1
, ,tJH -!
I Jnt rn'flnl ly tLo West Shir. HallrnH. (ur
1 nltnr. fnim a irfat Wrst.rn tsrior, mi.l. ai
I nri-.hly Tor
" The Alonnrchs of the Trade,"
ll'MMJ KlinU M'lls ATIMVO(ll)
n.MMir.m iiAintwoiin (iooi), in:.
r.i(i.M.D i'ou t'.u.ii-:it Hour:.-..
Purnlnirs. Csrp.ls. Matllnm. Hlsl.s an.l .t.rr
nriirle po.r.itjio ia nscj In kc pine Lou,., or (fir
noni. living.
S-nl tor llluitral.l cstalonus. m csn orl.r
from Hi r's 10c osta3. Trie, list tr...
1 Mali ord.r Departmcat
! No Money Asked Down on Deposit.
Vintr- Irad. c.inlullr allrnl.l to. nxprr-s.
sa. pl.l. llallroa1 (jre biwm lo out-of-tuHQ
I :1 worlh. IJ ii posit. I.alsnce. Me. wrrk.
J' oolth, SI ilrposlt. bslanio Til werk.
IS'i orlh. Is .l.pn.lt. t.ilnr,, Jl pk
T5 prlt. 17 '.0 il. osll, hal.-in. 11 :s ..k.
1100 crlb, tU drpn.lt; llsnr. II Si .fk.
An I so rn. or Ljr .prl.tl arrancrmrnt.
A3ii;nic.s iiu:ati:st cash and
TIIH l.r.ADIMl tihi: l'AV.1ll:T
norm: ok thi: wiiiti.ii.
aN), aoa, sm, muu mis, siu. ois, .11 1
BTH AVE., Bet. 35TH & 36TH STS.
Tininrnii ti thi: two a.nm:xi:m,
27 I W. 3.1TII ST. AND '.'(IS XV. 3I1TI1 ST.,
DR. 0. W. HALL'S !
T-eth extrai-tnl roslthely (talnleas without Gas. I
Cbtoroform or Kther.
Hy permission e refer to the following- -rell-Unonn
New York cltlirna, who have teen iier- '
ateil un, and all agree tn asserting, without the
least pain or delete Mom tffct: Dr C H Tost, 1
54 fth are, Nerark, N. J. eata "I Jul H
teeth aitracted at Or, Hall's Dental Parlors with
out the lest particle ot pain and , thorn loaa uf
conacloueneas. '
Mrs. John Cornell. (. Kut i;ith su
Mr. 3. Marpett, tv r.ast iHh su
Mr. J. Tn :i0 West Mlh st,
Mr. Wm V narrr, 2W 1st at.. HohoVen. N. J.
Mr. Norman Matt Iron. SW Weat IWth sL
Dr. II. ch!faalnrer. 210 V.nU HMh at.,
Ad4 LunJreJs of others.
Oold frowns an1 teeth without plates Inserts 1,
yoaltlTely painters, at reasonablf rate.
SII.VKH Fll.l.lSr.S 75r ITWATltl
rilllncs Ins.rtl palnl.sslj- and wsrraotl 6 jr.srs.
1 Doors Dflow !ld St.. NKW YORK
Hours- I A. M. tt I P. 11. Sundais. 10 to a
TA HI. KD'noTr.. MX-., InclmllnEwlnP.ll ci ,u rr e.,
arlertlon OI3I1 llah',NW York llnt.l.ltflftnw ay.
hoM.rs of th. 1'Tlt.d states Sportsmen. r,o,t.1s
Conipany, this da, li.ld, It ss nnsnlmo'lslr
r.solT.d to dlF.-ontlnue th. t.nsln.ss "( the
rgrp.irallon ARNOLD fKSSLKR.
1'at.l Nrw York, Mar 9, ls9.
IIIm More neiunrknlilc Cnittnre Led
to a Cnne? In Court.
nmPt Htuch, a i-aloon-keeper, of 2C3
Hopkins street, was before Justice Go?t-
Ung Jn til I-ee Avenue Court, WlUiams
' burff, to-day on n charK of keeping a
ppacock belonglnx to Hutcher lamest
Greenberf?, at 00 I.roaidway.
In court, GreenberE toM the Justice
that hp h.it1 th-? bird In hH show-window
j as an advertisement. YeMenlay aftemion
a drunken man snivel his Hat through
I the win lov.-, brwikinff the gla- nnd so
frlRhtenlnff the bird tint It Mew away.
Accirdlnu to (Jrcenbers, It 5il!ed over
! the trn?rm'nt-hou-es, and lilKed on the
t Kplre of the Hopkins Street i'reshytcrlan
1 Finally the bird flew down, and while
p:ii-lnK the .eennl Mury Of 22.1 llopkln
strett Iltitich. he hald, reached out and
, grabbed It.
' Orerberf went nnunl to the siloon
, keeper and demanied hlrt p-ucoek. Uuse'i
'refused li deliver up the l)Ir1 un.es he
wis Riven J2 fjr hli trouble In catching
Justice Ooett.r.s wanted time to pon ler
over the remarkable story and reserved
his dfclslon.
Hotintl About Tottii.
A allirhl Are (v.-unel In the Poattl Telegraph
rompmy s bjillln. ibi Hrfdit, at S
o lork tble morntnK. No alarm as ient cut
rol.enan I'evttn of the KlUar-eth street sta
tion rprt.t tnat at 135 o do. k this mornins
b founl the A or of the Tranifliinratlon t'tur h,
st Mott anl I'arV atrer's unlo-"ke.l Janitor !
l4nv eall irat a dnly the -torn lojr that
lelln t'iuii'1 unloriiM ami not th Iralde dvir.
Meer Cohen but.'her, of C Aenue , ws
he.il for trl.l on the ihara of st.llng live
,t kena without a rfH'-'t tn V.stvx. Market police
Cd-rt t.-1.
Tal'or Harris ' Vendor ff. of 14 N.-rket atreet.
win tell In Kaaex Market Court to-Jay en the
'ir. (f Wolattmc ibe Factor) la in n.t keep.
na ria ( lace ctwn.
bit ilrunlt last nlcht TtPrnas Cieary troke
irh cate window in front of Otto Mulbauser s
ture at 17 Dow-en tn Kwen Markit Court tu
,i ho vi as er.'e:iccd to the IslanJ for one
nu r,i h
UiD4r Iivh nu sentence, to the I aland
for sis evnthr ir l.ex Market Court to-day He
i dru.in. ar.l d'frderly )taterday In Tompkins
I Park Mo ali that he aa a deserter from
ine a arniv
Joierh Ke.ly. twtnt) -three ears old. cf 314
Hail Tei) sixth street. a sent to the Island
nt one month tn Enei Market Court today.
K'l amused himself at the Umnd street Third
A.eni.e 'I' station last night by mat bins th
1 pape-a f-om the banla of rsseners.
UlUlam W poer anl Henry W. Johnson,
i who ay tbey live in Montclalr, N J . were
1 fined V eaeh In Tombs Police Court this morn-
r for flrbtlcs last nlfbt In the rsstaurant of
the Northwestern llotst at West and Chambers
at re its, . . . .
i jii, i
Consistinj; of Hoio, Aim Chair, 'Ha'. 4
Divnii iiml two Sitlo Clmira; playa B1'?
Ioptilur nil's; novel, beautiful, in '&
Kilk lirocntcllo. well up- . 4H' -'
holstcKMl. best web- 5CC Aft ;B, ':
. bin- mid hprings JJlUU B!I
I (AMI oit -run:. iHJ''
Jl.oorprpituiSTr, .) pprnrck nnfllUX ll)
' l-r " i; i ii cum, i::ui .rr w,t Ic on "OU, Hi '$
I2ist SI. and 3d Ave.. Harlem. 'fli
i'i:n sati-kiiay t::,i, io. ';!
rOpture cured, m
1 ly Imrrt.vcl Miu.il,. Tmi H ttic nnlr tru'a la ;BH
(xhlPtifothjtl IswiiriinltliuliMiliiti-rnniTartnlght it!
ml ilny n.lt ii-inln. Ihi. rililiiri' unilir IhMiard- )' V
.i pi..-o. r ,reri"t -Irnln. anil lll rffpet a ' J
iariiuiiini nn, i,Hly run- nlllmut reanl to thai '
ten Hi : ttl- tniticut, nuinltliltlnu llr. Ijuir In .4i
allpiiJp-ii i inr IiiiIIp.. hpiul lor luimiihtpi. '.? ii
t., 1,M1",,VK" KUM'll YllfrU CO,, '''
n.JniHJtllnamwy,coriuT lttlli.l..Kesy Votfc 'VflB K
For Sale. 1W !
wool. ti'.ijl-i.i:m fou ifs.oot SmM f
If Inn hu.y, .prul ii. a tv't.il anil our rcpre- jHji!
scninilvn lll mil with u lull jeloctlon of tut V ft
p.lsol Inti-.t novpltlp., ll $
HAnnts inn nowpry. H
ITI i TS ?' " WKKKI.Y bayi 9!
lira h Dnrmi wntchw, Ulumonds .1tr
, i li inllTil :",',";y- , Delivered ;fll 3
Vi U HIE 'Jil SI Wi.-h Jewelry Co.. W
I VI H II 10 il Muimk-pr, :iO Kast 14U Bi .
(..-,-U'U (I il St. -lnku elevator. '., "
50c.MWM.fg 1
J H. AHNOLD. 3 MaUcn lanr. Take el.rator. K''
nrtl"PMI V.'ATrilKS. DIAMOND? ,Sfi-
I 0 fj ll t I H t "" ""' I'aym.nta. Lowest .''-.
l.rCirBRH N rrlr.s. Iiu.ln.is conndaa- SHi
Ul8!LL?B I C ''"l 'll-oriK WATCH CO.. :'K:
yy ii-w u a Wor,,, jludnf room HI. irV ,
W1I.I,I.-'X 1:1111,11-., AutoRiallc. Honie.Uc.New '"
llnmc Whin-, Mil,',. Iliiu"-l.i)!il. the w.U. Oi'Hp''
i known K"rnp. 318op: uood hcoinl-haml sewlae; J1'VJ
umililnrs roni frni m, lur cii.sh ornionthly pay. MKJ
inpnt h cxrhitncp. rpiit nml repair all klr,aa -Jf
oi miirlilnp.. Km-' M'I'B Co., 121 li 14th at I iSB
'.'n:i iiriinii i. "B
i.,r.-i TTa".N,i nAl.l. racTory pncea; 200 to .?
lip nolrl; mv tprm. Atldres. Factory, box -ls
8W l't'H. li Worlil olllw. HI
IiIAMi.-n li-. WHtnip.inrtJprtelry sold on credit' ;R
tn rppi slhlo I'tirlU Henri hctiunp, Al-63 -v?BB.'
Mnutpn chip. .('
roil PALH- Kati'laoms; vhol.sale anil rotalU
NIPS, l.n klinflall'l L'o . J'.t W 19th St. )F "
Vi R PM.V -pw rm; harness, hand-mat. )K i
rh.sp. .37 Washington at B '
Excursions. - -' '
Straners MAUV PATTKN and riXASUnH DAT f'lWm'-
Ir.w runt of Jan. Siren. N It., at -' ,'!
I) A. M. AMI .'I '. M. IlAII.r. HA
, (Sitnilavs (xip,ilpit Kr.laht rpreheil for Illth '.'Bij
llati llearti. KeahrlKht Htimson, Monmoutk iiff'-
I 1). a h. l.lttlo Sllter, Long Ilranch anJ Draach- 1 " !
i port H'
i r.arnrlnn llrlii-l no erntn. '.-:' S
I Kir.t Snmliiy i:inrBion Mn- SO. Lm' ';
j ' ---S! W-j!
Real Estate. flK
Tuesday, (VlavJ 22, 1894.
at 12 o'clock, at the New Ycrk Rral Kstata Sale. ':' 8
room. Ill Droalvar, Ne York. ?-; i
137 Choice and Valuable Lots In M
His New Ward of Brooklyn.1 ;
ON US .vs i
an ami an ayi's., ; !?
K.'.TII, HOI II AM) HTl II TM litB; '!
m:ai: rouT iia.iih.to, i.. i. "-,;, $
&i) r renu can reiuala (11 LoS'l anJ roortrafaj K '
I lor one. two or tore. -ara at I per cent. '&( $
Tit. i. i!'Mro:ite. tj the Till. Ouatante. sud ZmM
Trust Ci inpHii) frwo of ckars. lo each purchaser. f
I Arc-res u.iy l.e b. l) the new .3th at. f.rry
I sml rlprirlf .1 rjilroail uhkh pas3.s the propertr; !m '
b br .! via ?. are electric rars; hjr boat dlrMt , ?B ,C
Iron th. Mattery ur ith ae. hranch ot th. Urwk- "
I ln nteiitril llallnail . IfSJi.V
, For honks, map. or further particulars apply at SSBiT1
tl. Alirllone.r. oBlre. PKTKIl F. MnVEIt iil
'CO. Ill llroa.lwar, ha.emcnt. New York City. ,9H-
i 1 iM
j Legal Notices. JH j
NI-W YtlltK si rniiMi: COl RT-CITY AND 4aB' x
I i-Ol'NTl ui' NEW VUIIK Th. New York Im- K'M, S
' p'jipj Ite-i! E.taie li.mpanr. plalnlirf, aa-alnat -4V
. the rim btamp Company, difendant, lumcona, ''i'
I Tllal u.alreit In N' York County. ik fj
To tb ahove-nameJ defendant: lou aro Ma
hereby sumim ts1 u anaer th. cotnplalat B, -V
, in thi. a.'tlon. anl to sens a copy ot r.H, ,,
j.ur an.vxr en the plaintiffs attorneys wlthla S.
I tenty dan alter th. .ervl.'e of this summons, rm s
et.lu.lie ot Hi. da of .prl.-e snd In cas. of iva a,
ur failure to .Pl-.ir. or a.iser. Juditni.nt will $M
t.e tshrli a.iim.t i oi 1,, default, for th. relief -.
dmaiid. In t'lP.c.imilalnt. VWM t-
rAlll'iaiV I-KNIM.ETON. rlalntlfra Attorn.7. O. $
nsi.-r ai.1 piftom.c address. No. 14 liroadwey, P-fl i
I Ne Viik l"iv . . . Vvl '
i, i, Tim- Stamp Company, th. defendaat '?
ao e i.ainp I .aH-, '
I Th, fr.r,.oin4 summons Is served upon you by 'Yar
piilll.a'inn purauait lo an order ot Honorable BIB;-
Vlirah.m K lareii.-e a Ju.tt,-e of the Supreme AtV '
Court if th. St.-e .'f New York, djted April 2Stb, v '. ;
Iiih nl fled lih a , opv or tho complaint, la "JR '
I tr. 'oir . of the clerk of ih city and county of '
S'e. York at th C"'intv Court-House In the city VBT '
if New York. lih ..untlalnt as originally Died
there on the lir.tli d. -f March 194. vJH
I'Mllllfll PFS'l'I.FTiiN I'lalntirra Attorney. im .
I OO.'. and po'l o"1'p aldri-se, 41 and 41 Broad.
l!. Ne York I'.n. N Y s3i
nfw viir.K Ji-i'itrMi: coniT city and '' '
IMINTY UF N'lW il'.K The New York Im- iVrt
rru.rd Ileal 1'jt.ue l', in, anr. plolntirf. er.lnst f !
'Th. Llnlrii Manila turliis foripan. defendaut. j .
Sumnioin, Trial ,.lrel In Ne York County. viV '
, To tint aM.. named ilefendHnt You ar. h.rcby VV '
siimlnon.d lo answer llic c. mplilnt In thla artloa -MSJ" "
'and to eene o,' of "r aniier en th. risln- Jt'Sfil' ll
'tiffs ttorntos within tv,rtit ,lavs after th. r. kdH, .'
vie. cf this sutiiiiiin ex IuhIv. of th. day of aer ttT $
1 ,lce and In r.i of ,("ir failure fo appear, op r 't
'an.aer. julatneiit wttl be taken aaalnst you by viB
.default for lh rell.f il, man led In th. complaint. faMB"'
Oaiel Mar, h :: 14 ' ,
FMI'tlsil .. I'rNPl.rvov P'-'lrtlffs ttom.ys. ,
i Offl.'e anl P. 'i I'tlc, adl-tss. No. 41 Hroadway, Wfllf
To the 1. Intel! Manufa-turlnr. Company, th. dV JVi
1 fendsrt abme nam-' jH 4
T. fir.oinr ."" rn.ns Is served upon you by oT
' rutllca-.i.in pur.uT.t lo on order ot lion. Abra. l ,
ham It l-awrri' Justli. of the Rupi.mo Court nL:
of the PI te cf New York, dated April 15, l',4, 'tl
aad f.l.d Hh a -cpy of th. complaint In the vfl
loin.', ot th. Clerk of th. clt an.l county ol N.w 'fsmw'l
York at th. County Court Mouse In th city of t
; N.w York, which romplalnt was orlclrully f.l.d .
lh.r. on th. lth dvv of March. 1991. ''
IrAHRISIt FENDLETON PlslntlSa Atlora.ya itiBT
I ORlr. and PMt-Omce addraaa, 41 and il Brol- !-ji
eray, Kw York City, li. Z. . .. . ,. . '.JflB "

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