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Murderer Qeorgo Eoso Hanged
from a Railroad Bridge
A Drop of Ten Feot Broke the
Doomed Man's Neck.
JJtol nt tlic Sheriffs Head Blake
Him Jlo Vp Ue Prisoner.
inr Associated rrM.
1STUOXO CITVi Kim.. May H.-Thc
crent excitement tilth prevailed nil of
J'rlday nluiit ami which nearly culmlti
ntfd In Iho lynchlnt? of George Hose, the
murderer of AmlKlunt l'oatmabter Karl
Kulil. of Ootlnnivooil Rills, but whlth
turn BUbdued fr the time being by the
cooler Juilsmciit of the best citl
leni, broke out afresh UautrUay
night and about 11 o'clock a
mob of llfly masked men mnrched to the
Jail and tailed Sheriff ilurdock to the
An soon as the Sheriff opened the door
he vvai oveiliuvvered by the maskeil
nun, who placed pistols to Ills head,
and conducting him to the dour of the
tell ocuiultd by Hose, he was tom
innndtd to unlock It. The Sin tiff cn
tieated his captors to desist, but to no
)un,0e. and he was llnallj compelled
to unlock the cell door under threats
that the mob would have the man they
nought even If they had to pull the Jail
livery approach to the Jail and court
house was carefully guarded by armed
members of the mob. Kiuytlilng was
done In a quiet, ordeily manner. After
BetuiliiK the prlsunti, the mob marched
'.ml to a railroad bridge. In the mean
time woid had reached the citizens of
tliL town t;encrall, and :t ciowd of fully
u tlioiih.tiul 1'i'jple gatheitd at tliu
brhigo to see the lynching of the mur
detei. A loiiu was plated around the
victim's neix, ami as thts wus being
dine ono of the mob said to Hose: "Lei
jne take off your glasses," referring to
the spectacles worn by the doomed man.
"es," said Itose, "I shall never neeu
them again. 1 Mippohe there is no use
to talk; you aie out here to hang me. I
iihould have liked to have had a trial by
law. I hope Uod will have mercy on m
Ills hands and feet were then tied nnd
he nag givtn a bliove oil the bridge, fall
ing uiout ten feet. Ills neck was broken
nnd death was almo-t Instantaneous. The
Jinchers thtn disappeared, having his
bJdy dangling betwien the bridge and
the waters ot Cottonwood Iliver, where
It remained until D o'clock Sunday morn
ing, when the Coroner held an inquest.
The verdict was "death by hanging by
parties unknown.' The general erdlct
l.ero Is that the lynching was Justifiable,
and It Is understood that the men who
did the work Included with of the best
citizens of Cottonwood Falls.
Indiana Couvlct l'rnv en Too Slirrvvil
fur the Wnnleii.
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JKrrL'HSONVlL.LK, lnd . May 11.
The story of a sensational escape fiom
the Indiana prison, south, has Just
leaked out. Henry Koch was sent down
from Washington, Daviess County,
III arch 23, 1893, to serve three years for
grand larceny. On his nrrival at the
penitentiary he was assigned to the
foundry. Koch alwajs kept up with
his tusk, but ten days ago began to
act very strangely nnd showed nmii
toms of insanity, growing apparently
worse. On one occasion he said to the
prisoners that he had an egg In his
i To fortify his assertion Koch beat his
cranium against the foundry wall for
the purpose, as he expressed It, of open
ing his head and getting the egg out.
This and other queer actions convinced
Warden l'atton nnd Deputy Howard
that Koch was Insane, and he was sent
to the Insane ward. Dr. Peyton, of the
iirlson, was called and examined Koch,
mt pronounced him sane. The doctor
so Informed the otflclnls and recom
mended that ho be bent back to the
Warden Patten thought differently I
and ordered thnt Koch remain In the
Insane ward. The latter Is box-shaped,
olght feet squaip, and Is located on the
floor of one of the shops. In some
manner Koch procured a piece of band
saw, with which he sawed a hole In the
roof of his quarters large enough for
him to crawl through. A few minutes
later Koch was In the yard. He found
a pick-axe and tunnelled a hole under
the board fence, through which he
crawled to liberty. He has not been
seen or heard of since.
NeKro Killed nnd a White Mnn
Mnrtnlly Injured
(Or Asaoclatcd Press )
fHICAQO. May U William lladdox,
colored, was stabbed and almost Instantly
killed yesterday by William Ellington, a
white man, who In turn received a fatal
blow from a hatchet thrown, some say,
by lladdox, and others by a friend of the
lladdox purchased a watch on time,
and had fallen jehlnd In his payment.
Elllnetnn called to demand a settlement,
lladdox attacked him with a hatchet,
and Islington defended himself with a
knife with the above result. Another ne-
Km name! Jackson Is under arrtst,
charged by a friend of Klllngton with
having struck the latter with the hatchet
after lladdox fell.
H Ilrotlier Ilrat IlomaUlv Iclc With m
4L Shoemaker's I.nnt.
. N'EWAIIK, N. J., May 14.-What will
' probablrove, b3 be a murder was com-
l mltted by Michael and Joseph Javlnskt
I at t o'clock this morning.
fl They had been carousing with several
companions since early yesterday morn-
1 Ing, and sot In a fight. The brothers
IJ !fl W William Homsltlvlck and
Mi tUT01. nlm on the head with a shoe
HaV make.r s last with such force as to frac
mW ,u.r.e his skull.
mW hi. ii ln n precarious condition In the
"Ml V, V ,,0Pltal, and tho Javlnskls are ln
tHI jail.
' Krledty Jtut Seutcliccd.
f M JuJ Cotrlm, In Tart III. of tho Court ot Gen-
ral seon,i ,u,penrle. tentenc. Ibis mornlnj
'M upon J0b Friedljr, jaI1itor t the building at T3
"' " Nl,n ,t0, l"rl41r was romlctel ot a
H f"Jrafanor In not rroiierly caring for his thirteen
B i!i X" '""liner Lulu. hom tha Children's Sod
o R,iir.' " b.'m wlth criminally assaultlm: The
H of It ' a "wl Ita object In aecurlng the cuatody
'H fcnlenc ,Iul cgL"'",a la "" auipenalon of
'H i oucjnt with Sneara.
aHf Abraham Brandt, twentr-Bre yeara old, of Ml
Bioonie atrttt u llrman LamberU twenty
jeara oil, of 10 Eaaex atreet, were aentenced
Ml if.r'w.6, 'S'1"1 ,or on mM cl In the Eaaet
Boratn. .n". v10"1,'',. Th' m,n nuarrtiied Ihla
th. .?5n."vJ "" t'ohceman Ilaueh appeared on
. I .hrt ft. he ,'ou"' en 'med with a pair o(
L, m aa done each other an? injury.
""octe Him ttn an 0ter Itlock.
William rarroll, twentyaevtn yearn old, a col.
m ored rctuurant proprietor at :Rl Seventh avenue,
M T" Mi '"' Mi ' J"""0" Mrat Court to-.
M ilhiku.,r S?;rlf .llullerl iH w" Twait-
. M Tkm lif Lortlr VSf ,aW't laat UAL
One at Washington and Ono in
His Contoiupt Case.
A Ftirlhrr Apprtil nt I'oiiRhkcepnlo
Goes Over for a Day.
(St Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, May 14 -The nppenl
of John Y. McKane to the United States
Supreme I'ourt was decided against Mc
Kane to-d.lj. Justice Harlan, In de
livering the opinion, quoted the prete
dent established in a Japanese murder
case. McKane. In his appeal, contend
ed that he should have been allowed to
go out on ball pending the appeal, as
the Constitution meant to confer that
right ln all but capital cases.
The Justice held that the matter of
ball In stall a ease was intltely with
in the Jurisdiction of the State Court;
also, thnt the Warden of Sing Sing
had no right to return McKane to the
Sheriff of Kings County pending the ap
peal, as the appeil had no effect upon
his Imprisonment In Sing Sing. McKane
was overruled ntiever.v point, without
n dissenting opinion from any of the
POt'GHKi:i:PSIi:, N. Ym May ll.-The
appeal of John Y. McKane. tho ex-boss of
Onvcsend, fmu the conviction of the
lower court, was to hive been argued be
fore the General Term of the Supiemo
Court In this city to-day, but Justice
Cullen declined to sit, on the ground that
he hail decided tho motion for a stay.
The Court will ak a Judge from some
other district to sit with Justices Iirnwn
and Dvkman, win have thus far hid
no phase of the cnt-e before them. It will
probably be reached to-morrow.
In the appeal of McKane from the son
tence to thirty days In J ill and ti"0 line
for contempt of Court, the Gi nernl Term
atllrms the order of Judge Hamard.
Will Not I.oiiKer lie n Coiintltn
lloiitil Convention Deli-unlr.
tny Associated Tress )
WASHINGTON, May H. Postmaster
Dayton, of New York City, will not oc
cupy a seat In the Constitutional Con
vention In New York State.
He has sent a letter to Postmaster
General Dlssell announcing his resig
nation as a delegate to the Conven
tion. The action Is taken In order to avoid
possible violation of the laws against
Federal ouice-holders being also State
Ilurletl In Greenwood Cemetery
with Mllllnrr Honor.
The funeral of Sergt. Dryant H. I.ynn,
who died of heart disease during the per
formance ot Buffalo UlU's Wild West
Show In South Drooklyn, was held from
Reardon's undertaking rooms, Third ave
nue. Brooklyn, this morning.
The company of Koy.il Irish Lancers,
of which Sergt.. Lynn was a member, at
tended the funeral In a body.
Col. Cody and Nate Balsbury and de
tachments from the Seventh I'nlted
States Cavalry, the German and French
trjopers an! many others connected with
the show followed the body to Green
wood Cemetery, where it was burled
with military honors.
To He Unlit by a Conron-atlon
Without n Creed.
(Ily Associated I'res )
CHICAGO, May 14. The Itev. Jenkln
Lloyd Jones, pastor of the nrlstocratlo
All Souls Unitarian Church, In Oakwood
Uoulevard, has announced that he will
leave his denomination nnd organize n
church of free thought without creed or
The members of his church have signi
fied their Intention to go with the pas
tor, and stock will be Issued for a new
church building. The church will cost
$3l,oou, will be eight stories high and
will contain bath rooms, gymnasium
and reading rooms.
Hut He Ienpen to WllHliliiKtoii He
fore Reporters Can See Him.
United States Senator Murphy stopped
In the city for a few hours this morning
on his way from Troy to Washington.
Several local politicians met him by
llr. Murphy slipped out of the city be
fore the reporters could see htm and ask
him about his reported retirement as
Chairman of the Democratic State Com
mittee. Mr. Murphy might also settle
tho Interesting question as to whom he
recognizes as the Central Power now In
his political relations with Tammany
Ilev. Ilerr' Fnrewell Sermon.
NEWARK. N. .. May 14 Rer. C. T. nerry.
tho waa asked by the congregation of the Call
well Presbyterian Church to resign, preached hla
farewell sermon last night. Ills aubject was,
" While I was musing, the fire burned " He did
not allude to the recent difficulty, with the exctp
tton of the aubject.
Snlolll In Merlden.
(Dy Associated Tress )
MEIUDKN. Conn , Hay 11 Mgr. Satolll yester
day officiated at the consecration cf the new
Italian Roman Catholic Church In this city.
Many priests were present from New York and
round Dend In n Ilnllvmy.
A man named Aldweller, fifty years old, a
laborer, thing In Sevent)nfth street, between
Second and Third avenues, was found dead In n
billwity of 1192 Second arenue at 11 :s o'clock
thla morning It la thought he died of alcoholism
A Mlmilnir. Mute.
Joseph Cohen, forty years old, of Rronxvllle,
X. Y., has been missing from Ms hofae since
May 3 He Is deat and dumb. Hla niece called
at Police Headquarters to-day and asked the po
lice to try and And ber uncle.
Ladles' Oxfords in Russian Tan and
and Patent Leather at
$ j 98.
Lnst week were $2.48 &, $3.50.
08 West 33d Bt.
Inspcotor McLaughlin Says Ho
Was a Systomatic Thief.
Itublird Homos While Working m
un Klcclrlclnu.
Charles P. fiarfney, the young elec
trician, who I In the Tombs Prison
awultliiK examination on a charge of
havlliK roblmd Mrs. 11. C. I.) all, of 3fl
West I'lftv -seventh stieet, of diamonds
vnluod ut Svio, and Whti also was iic
(iisfd of rolililtiK William Hoc), son
ot the late John lloe, of a pocltetbook
tontiilnlnir SJV., may have to nnwcr for
M-veia! other InirKl tries In tho event
of n failure to convict on Mrs. l.yall's
Iti'petttir Mpl.iiiRhlln this morning
staled to an "Inciting World" lepurlir
that he Ji.nl recovciel several wimble
pin-ts nf ievvrlr) whlih tiiiffncy Is ac
nisei of having stolci fiom a resldente
which ho hid visited ft.r the purpose of
I ep tiring the elect- e hell
Sometime ng" )ulfne hud some work
lo do at the lesldtine of n , Klrlii, !KS
1'lftli avenue. Dining Ills sta In the
house a diamond and sapphire brooch
whm mix od fr-,m ,e lewii uiie In Mis.
Klibs's room Suspicion n ntiil tu (iafT
nev ns tin- thief but lie dPiiliil nil
knowledge nf the uiKsliig levvil and hft
tile house Aftet 111 ilf-pnrtlirc hi llf'll of
the house wns made mil the missing '
brooch, tngdlni with svi'tnl pnwn
t i Kets and tvvu letli is itddrc-t'ed to tiiifl
n v. was found undir a sofa.
The tl( Kets tepresented u j;old luce
pin, sit with n large iuh, diamond nnd
pearl A tapplilre and ill iinimd ling,
which n ttviverrd is now In p m
sesslon nf Inspector McLaughlin, await
ing mi ow tier
Inspector Mel. lughtln declared that he
expnted to trace otliei tobberlm to
UalfntV. The loung thief Is the son of
Hlchird (fiiffnev, a tetlrtd lentlur mei
il ml. of 1.7 West Ono ltuiiilii.il and
Twenly-nlnth street.
Clieek-ltnlseris llelleveil In llnve
Obtained lU.,INKI.
(Py Associated TreM )
MII.WAHKHM, May H.-The gang of
expert bank swindlers which has been
operating so extensively In the West nnd
Northwest has succeded In getting at
least ?3,C0O out of the Milwaukee banks,
besides the raised draft of $1,800, which
was passed on the National JJxchnnge
Dank April 2(.
It has been discovered that a similar
draft wns passed on the Wisconsin Na
tional Hank. It was purchased at Apple
ton, and was originally for J18, but when
presented for pasment It wns for Jl.sou.
The signature ot the cashier of the Ap
pleton bank was genuine, but there was
a forged Indorsement of the cashier
on the bnck of tne check to p&y It to
the hearer.
The lolice here claim to have good de
scriptions of all of the members ot the
gang, which they say numbem five, In
cluding an expert forger and a paper
maker, who skilfully fills tho perforated
holes mude to designate the amount of
the draf with woad pulp, and then per
forates the draft again with the amount
to which It had been raised. The gang
hus drafts In small towns on hanks In
large cities, and In the Inst month hns
swindled banks In this city, Minneap
olis. Pes Melius. Sioux City, Dubuque
and Atlantic, la., out of $23,000.
VlrKlnln I'nrniei'ai Wife Duped lij
Her .Soii'h Alleceil I'riend.
(Ry Associated Tre'S )
AMIXANDHIA, Vu., May 11. Joseph
ftpecht. a wealthv farmer ot Palrfax
County, was swindled out of Jli.OOO on
Saturday last by a joung man giving
the name of George S. Howard, who
claimed to be a class-mate of Hpecht's
son, who Is at a theological seminar).
Howarl hrought a letter purpoitlng to
come from young Spccht, and succteled
ln inducing the farmer's wife to give him
JTi.tss) which was ln the house to carry to
the son.
1 he pollc; are en the lookout for the
swindler, who Is supposed to have made
his way to Washington.
Wimld-Ile Safe llurglnrs I'rlght
eueil from evviiiiin' .Store.
Some time between Saturday night and
this morning burglnrs forced an en
trance to L. A. & T. A. Newman's dry
goods store, 301 Fulton street, Ilrooklyn,
and attempted to open the safe.
They drilled a hole In the safe and
were supposedly In the act of prying off
tho lock when they were! frightened
away. They took nothing except an old
Tried to Steal on n Hrondvvay Cnr.
James Ryrnes, alias the "Rabbi," of 397 Cast
Eleventh street, made an attempt to ste.it a
woman's pocketbook In a llroadway c-bti-car,
near rift)nlntb atreet. last night, wae but pre
Mnted by Detective McClusk), who was on the
car. The woman who refused to make a com
plaint, because she bad lost nothing, wae Hit
ting near the door. Ujrnce started out nf the
car In a hurry ad aa lie did so be grabbed the
purse, but dropped It. Detectlie McClusky chase I
htm two bloiks In the Tombs Police Court this
morning Justice Talntor disc barged hlin for laik
of evidence.
Itolibed on n Htrret-Cnr.
Valentine Speck, thirty yeara old, ot It Pes
brossea strict, waa held f"r trial at Jefferson
Market Court to-day charged by John NlemanD, a
baker, ot 2S31 Klghth avenue, with stealing his
watch while the latter was on the rlatform of a
Cnrlstopbei atreet car Roundsman McOuIre waa
near by, and arrested, Speck.
For Tnaslng n Counterfeit.
NKWARK, N. J , May 11 Charlet Rosenswelg.
a grocer ot Warren street, waa before United
Males Commissioner Whitehead this morning
charged with glilng Arthur Thornton a EO-cent
counterfeit In change. He waa balled for a hear
ing . .
lliirglnra on Curl ton Avennr.
Thieves broke Into the home of Theodore 1,
l.utklns E07 Carlton avenue, Ilrooklyn, early to
day and stole Jewelry worth 1375.
Coming Kvrntl.
At the regular meeting of the Society for Re.
Ilglous Study this evening, at the Snagogue
I lumbers. hlst flfih street and Madison avenue,
Trot A V Williams Jsikson of Columbia Col
lege, will lecture on ' The Tarsee Religion "
Klnt of the annual entertainments of the
Raphael lirannllc I lull Ihlt evening In lhaiiet
Hall Tenlh avmue and Korll tu Hreei Tonight,
WednesJay and Friday evenings bhaun An.m '
tomorrow and Thurslay evenings. -A Keltlo of
Klsh "
At th "HlrcrftlJ" tti Unfit and flneit SoU
Fountain Id the world A tuijr In Odjtx and
Sllrer embowered ta gromlnc palma
While ilaklnK your Iblret ivjtb one of the de
llcioua new Frippe. Krult Smaibea and "Hapld
Transit" Ambroalaa, aerved at IUKKH'8 undtr
the command o( the flneU Soda Water expert In
In the world, take a look around and make a
note ot the fact that sou ran buy alt your
Drura Medlclpca. Doctor' Prescriptions, Rubber
Cloodt, Surgical Apptlanrra, Trunea, Klaatlc
Stockinet. Toilet Jtequtiltta, rerfumea, Ac, at a
clean aavUi oC 40 centa on ever dollar at
Notorious Outlaw Killed by Elec
tricity at Auburn Prison.
Was Condemned for tho Murder of
a Syracuso Detective.
l'lnkerton Men Lour SiiiikIiI Him In
Visln for Train KolililnR.
(My Associate I Press )
Al'lU'It.V, N. Y., Miy 14 -"Pink" Wll-
fon, the iiiiinlerer of Detective J.inieH
II live), of Hvr.icuse, illoil In llic elertrlc
clmlr at Atlliurn Prhcm at l: 13 tliii
nf In noon.
He left it nt.itcnient with hla l.tvvjora,
wliloh N not jet to lie Riven out. llli
hut request vv.ii for n bottle ot bur,
which he sreintil In rellli HeltiK tiskeil
If he wishcil to e.ce it Bplrltu.it a.l
vloer lie itravvleil. "No; I riicii not.'
The exi cull m occiureil without n
tilti.li. The time nt vvhlth the I'tiiteut
was nppllnl w.ui 1.' 11 I'. M., .unl It vv.m
iiintliiueil with ill ciimsIhk fone for .i
minute. To-ila's rvecutlon vvai the
lMh bv eleetrlilly that has nccutieil In
Auburn prlKm.
Iletectlve Jtnes Harvey, Ihe ohlnst
ami licit known nlllrer on the SvrnCirn
police force, an ex-('hlof nf Polk e, was
ilmt iIimiI within a sioni''i tnrow nf the
Cltv Hall, which alhii enuliliiR tho heiul
nu irtera of the 1'ollce Ii'ii.irtmcnt, on
July HI. Wi
Hail In the lirrceillnK month a bur
Kl.irlv h.ul been coiuinltteil In H mi use,
In wlilth nboul f!t hail been tieetlieil,
and two men Hiippnueil to hive bien
entrance! In the iitTalr were located In
an Kant Water Htreet restaurunt on the
date trtven nbove.
netcctlve Harvey took the men Into
custody nnd was wnlklni; between them,
hnlillnK Mih by an Rrm on the way to
the Klatlon when one man Jcrkul batk I
and, takliiR n bii revolver fiom hlb '
IKicket, struck the detective on the head. '
The other man Jerked uvv ty and there
wiiH a cry, "Let 'or go!" Then upon one,
of the men took aim at the head of the
detective, who was JuHt then recovering
from the effects of the blow, and llred, i
and the detective fell dead In his trnckB. i
The man with the pistol was arrested
Boon nfter the HhootlnK. He Rave the ,
name of GeorRe A. narnes, but wnH
Identified later ns Lucius I. Wilson, j
known as "Dink" Wilson. His broth
er, CharlcH Wilson, wan nrrentcd In I
( Ilufi'.ilo Hlxteen days nfter the inunlei,
I and Is now under Indictment for murdei '
I In the IlrHt degree at Sracuse
"Ulnk" Wit-on wan a notorious out
liw. With foui others he robbed a train
'at (ilend.ile, Mo, two y nrs befoie tha
affair In Sjraeuse by bo irdlng an ex
press car and blowing It up with dyna
mite, l'orty thousand dollars were ob
tained. Of the other three members of
the Rung Slvi, the dynamite expert, and
Hedspeth, the leaders are serving twen
ty and twenty-live eirs In n .Missouri
prison. The l'lnki rtons had for two
vp.irs hunted Wilson all over the coun
try, and he had been htnnl of sevir.il
times In liermuiln nnd Central America,
but until the tragedy In Svrncuse he
wus never s itlsf.ictorlly placed.
W.iuld-lle sliiMlier In Hie TtilU.
Vtartl Carll, an Italian as;.. twent.one jears
of 9vC Eleventh avenue, was htlil tor trial In Ibe
Vorkvltle police (onrt this mernlni; on a charge
of assaulting Thomas D-vlne. a horse dealer, of
S West nn'l avenue Devlne was escortlnR eome
frlcndii lo the Hlevateit station at suty. sixth
rlreet, nl.mt 10 odfult last nUht when I aril,
whom he ilhl not knuA sprsnK out ot a ihor
way He struck llevfne In Ihe fuie ImrxklnK him
iluwn The llsllan then ilri w a rirnr an I ul
tempteil In cut llev In I nt the Islter kept blui
off until the arrival of a pollcrirati
FouKlit on n I'nney Ixliinil 'I'm In.
la the Mirtlo Avenue Police Court, Pronklvn
this tcornlnK, Prnnlt Harr, .chn lloyie anl Will,
lam James nil or south Ilrooklvn were hi 1 1 for
trial, charged wllh assaulting a iiollciman on a
Coney Island train nt t o clock last nlnht They
were lnlolcate an when they heican flaMlns
omrer Purvis, of the llronWvn jkiIicc who was
on the train alteinnlel to arrest ihem Ills hat
wss Ihrown from the train ami his toal nearly
torn off.
"The World" I'oreesi Coal Denier
to Cut How n Price.
"The World" has revsons for congrat
ulating itself on the success of Its efforts
to demonstrate that tho coal iminites
were charging exorbitant prices for fuel,
and although many of the dealers hava
already surrendered and are suppljlnrf
coil at a considerable reduction from tho
"schedule" prices, tne people's paper Is
continuing the good tight, firm In the in
t ntlon to force un otllcinl surrender nnd
a general reduction In prices by the com
bine. It seems too plain for nrgument thnt
If the dealers can afford to tontnet for,
nay 10i) tons of coil, for a public Instltii
ilcn nt J1.1C less than the ire charging
householders for the same article, they
mimt bo making the enormous pruflt of
not less thin 11 W) u ton, or more than 13
per cent, on the capital Invested.
Tnat tho dealers a.e surrendering Is
evidenced by 'ha gradually decreasing
business of "The World's" coal trade.
Onlv sixteen tons vvete sold at the .N'ew
York and Ilrooklyn olllces Saturday,
bringing the total sales up to 5, H13 tons
Tho sile at $1 W per ton. iv hlch yields u
fair, honest profit, will be continued,
however, ho th.t any consumer who Is
unable to Unci a dealer willing to iccept
a reasonable profit may still buy fuel of
"Tha World" at JI.W per ton.
Hatllte to lie Distributed Aiiioiik
III Wife nnd Children.
The will of the late John Jay, who
died ill the Hotel H ivo on .May u, wus
filed for probate in the Surrogate's olllee
this afternoon The will Is peculiarly
constructed In the (lrst pirt Mt Jay
htlpulates that his funeial shall be very
simple He said he rcfirded big fun r
uls and mournlg ns uuceml) and bur
densome His personal property Is valued at
$.",t), but the teul cannot In. valunl
until an Inventory Is taken To his wife,
lllennor K. Jay, he leaves a life Interest
In the Jay home at Iledford, N. V At
her death this rcvertH to his son, Will
iam Jay. The residue Is to be divided
among Lena J Chapman, William Jav,
Anna Jay Von Sehvvelnitz, .Mnry J.
Schleflleln nnd Llennor, -Moncure and
Augusta llnblnson, the grandchildren.
'The World's" .ew I'ptovvn Oniee.
"The World's" Uptown OfUce hns
moved Irto Its new quarters at tho Junc
tion of llrnadway and Sixth avenue, at
Thirty-second street. There are eight
entrances, two on Uroadway, two on
Sixth avenue) and four on Thirty-second
Ms, WmeLow'iSooTHixo 8tcf for children
UeUilaj aottiBi Im (umimdallajriail pauVJSa i
TOOItlll.ll v
Wr (hr n trrttlrn sunrntitrr In Itrrp
nil nnrmriilh In rrtmlr lor our jrnr frT.
nmptrH rulrn lr m lliui iiiurriiicnt
iiin.lrrf Trrr.
Leading Aierclunt Tailors,
232 & 234 Bowery, cor. Prince St.
A Brilliant Night, but a Long
Entortainiiieiil'at tho Casino.
".Slsler 'Viiir.v" Postponed I'lttll Tu
Miiirow l.v 1'iiln,;.
The fault fuuinl with "1 he risslng
Show," produied at the I'aslno S.itutda)
nUht wu that II tiioU too lung to pivi
n glvin pi lilt It hid btin rivlmv
Kiisenfeldt d Into toouitn linesH 'llnie
W.1S 11 IllllllStlf pllHl'HMlotl Of (.llttl'llllg
pli.i' mtrles of the vaudeville kind
sitting togitlur on a thlead of bin
lesipie, and pi nple injojid It m long a
tin j (.mild and tin u wi lit uvvny In avoid
blng tit cd mil ikit.ie never siw tin
i ud of the mi i l.v i oluiini of i nti it.tim i t
Unit iiiow.il thtougli the kiiiih , the
niijniilj of tlue pitsiut viittin 1
tlnough the ItiisenfeM biillliuul'S and
wiie spasniodli .illv then oil up b III"
v.ulety "turns" which were the motif.
hn to sptak, of the i iiteitaltiiiii nt
Tin re Is u perfei 1 av.ilani'lie of tills
v allot) intirliilntnent, nnd iiiolunl who
goes In "The l'liHHliiB Show" soklv for
etijiiyim nt that doisn I leipilre an elTort
of the iiiIihI, and who will banish all
Idol of the Tails llev lie lllnl that Mil t
of business fiiiui Ills brain, will get mole
than bis monev's wol th
.MessiH i'an.ii iv. l.edeier have
Iressiil the exti.ivagauzi with lavish
lkhntss of hp.ingle and tulor It Is a
most iredltniile iitodiutiou so far .is
thev nt c tonteined, and It should
make a popuiui Suiuinur-nlghts' It itl
vul of fiulu nftir It Is nil down mill
twisted Into "hape. wlihli Is m t.my
thing to do with it The author has
pleasantly enough hit off the Hiamn's
Hiiri'cssfs, like "Sowing the Wind,
"I'h.ulej's Aunt, I'he Snond .Mis.
Taniiucra" nnd so on, nnd Paul Ai
Ihui's Imllntlons of llcnr Mllhi as
Mr llr.ib.izon nnd of He Kt-azku as
.M(pllMoiheles, .di le Itlti'hle's fnc-slmlle-lng
of loin Alh n as the virtu
ous, swiet-vokeil itosninunil, nnd ilrnee
I'llklns's piping Imllutlon nf Cilvi wire
the riully good and utonlng things nt
the evening Jiffurson 1)" Angells. na
the boy "lilectlve, with a v.ulety of
make-ups, wan also r;oo'l. nnd Mabel
, Stephenson's reciting and whistling
I llanni le, Imc lmlv's dancing, mil
i Henshaw and Ten Hroetk's eoiitribu
ttons to the programme were most en
'jovable featurrs. "The l'ass'"ir Show"
will no doubt git n move on this vveik,
and when It doesn't take so long t.i
piss it will lie a bitter show. The inii
1 sic Is viry pri tty
The llfth pl.i of the Kmplre Tin nl re
st iii-oii will l ptodiiiid tin re tii-nUht
It Is the UireL-ai I loniedv lUdgenns."
Willi h made a hit In London 'The
I.utk of lto.it Iim I' imp," a one-. ut
drama by the Lite Dion Iloiu liiiult. will
precede It. On May -u I'harles l'roh
man's Mock iouiiau will leive the
Empire nnd go to I'hlc.igo for twilve
weeks. Then It will nuke a tour to
I'nllfornla nnd bail,, letuinlng heie tu
November to resume the siunssful run
of ".Sowing the Wind," and tu pit -Mill
new plas upon whlili the most I'liilnint
AmeiltMii nnd -iiropeaa dniiiaillspi
tie now nt wink Wlien llm stoi k tom
Pinv aipiars In N w nik ufc.ilu It will
li imposed of the follow liw, ini'inbiis
Hoiiiv Mlllu, lola All' ll, William
I'avershniii. .1 II liodson II. Tlinmp
Min, W II ('rumpton Hubert II It son
W. J rerguson, .Insiph Iluiuphirj s, I.
Y H-iikuH, J. I!. Whitman, Wlllliiin
Snrent., Annie Ilussell Odette Tv It i
Adrlenne Dnlrolles. May Itobson, Mat
Ilaniptnn Kltt Ihialhnni, (JllveM.ij,
Uenevlevo Itejnolils Margaret Craven.
"Sister Mnry," which vvns.to have been
produced nt the Ameili.in Theatre to
night, with 1. 1 on.H d lio.vne and Julia
Arthur In tho star parts, has been post
poned until to-mottow night This
evening theie will bj u dress rehearsal
of the pin.
e e e
llerr 13. von Kilinsl, the excitable
Hungarian artist w ho projictiil the
lie.iutiful living pliluie In "H"J ' at the
titrdt-'ti, nut wltli u pilnful neildent the
other night. He illml.c! up to adjust
the drnperle' of Cupid and l'sjcli", and
loit his bulinii. falling from the lulnsl
platform Ills left leg was thought tu
be broken but was only t.-vin-ly
tspralntd Heir Kllnnvl sjld soui-thlng
In Polish which sounded like Iiimh,IJI-
i ucinruizogtitskl, with h wns Intupretcl
to mean a call for a dm tor and u t ib
11 got lioth and was eonllinil In hi' In I
.for Un m xt three davs 'I he till.- of
i nil plcliiin Is now ilisp'aved In legible
litters on the frame rids is u good
I lih n. as the ilnrkined. house makes It
impossible for people to tifci lo their
progi amines.
1 e e
Nut Goodwin wns taking a lung bath
the other afternoon In gland style, lie
bowled up I'lfth avenue nbout the time
the crowd was going home. There was
not n better looking rig In the Park
than his victor! i, nor a moie iilitur
erqup idler 111 the dreis parade He w is
, ns can fully posed ns the I'renih h un
ties tint Uavld loved to pilot In ehaisi
lotiMlis, and the gilllle 7iihrj lojed
Willi his lovtl, villovv tresi", s
! ...
' Vota Tilles. the inttlest, Jdllc"!.
.most natural and umst bvJl'h speilillst
on the vaudeville -!.!.' whose soii,-s
are dean, whose fun Is liiuoi eiit and
whose Hlle of weurlng li's tlotlns
h lives untiling to lie dislriil, Ins u Ill
tie h.ilr-h-iru brown wig that imuiey
louldn't buy She got It twenty i.us
ago lu Nottingham town, thin she wis
u slip of a Kill, not half a d at n vmrs
of ni,e, doing skits In kilts and m It
lilted her rather Ioom1, but !ie rrevv
i i'o it. ud she bin b. i n vvi arlug It vi r
1 line Tin re are no i oris o-i li an 1 viiv
Utile h.ilr I.Ike the wig of 'a inckit'
minikin.' bnv ' It Is n up 1 vl"i "'
ri nrd' of hlotidles v li I H w 'li Iv
1. I.- and ninths i n il m pull a. 1 1
false hair dc v n nv -r Inr fac tin Iin
h tilil.lt ii li lirw-iilng In i nv.ii blown
tresbi s ovi r th wi
Innnirer sillier AVIII ot lltivo
lliinle SellKlililli nt Ills 'lltrntre.
At the I'lfth Avinue Thenlre this
mort.lng It was said bv Proprietor II l"
Miner's agent Uul unlejs "llanni'le '
was phvel to-night the Ihettro will re
mrln t Used Missis fail mil Thud r
i lb si .'ill, who linu'd th l'.'ih mii n
Thcntic ft n Air Miller, have h : t u,
' the have the right to p'lt on whirivt'
they vv lt.li Ml Mlnei npplleil fnr an In
Junction to comp-l them lo put on tho
plays In tho order named In the arrange
ment signed.
The Hotenfelds desire to put on to
l.ight "Lady Gladys," with Minnie Hellg
iran In the tltlo role. This Mr. Miner
will not permit.
ntiil prltTN ii ul i tun ! till nn rnn IT
m lttl iinr nit rr. Thin i hoiih piillrrnn
un Mil' lntii'Utinirt thnt limr vvr lirrn
lurniil mil 1m mir ((miiim niul tin1 inir
lire Ibi IovwmI at nlilfh ciirprtri lia' rrr
brrii nold.
Till' II ITTIMIM Hint tirr lirhm ulil m
law nrr all hiUlil, un, inttlrrnn.
,-! m f
I D'Ml I
l0FFISf. I
X 32f' ST.
VHP i.mn. i .i'iiii vi i.i i ii itu
t.Sivv Votl. tmli I vvlili Ii ih t f,wt ot VWilliliull
stns t, llnlltr.
Iiccliailj, IliiiaorSliiiio.LmlS.III'.i
I (Mipt ojm'ii nt I iuisI W. I."! I1
aAiliuKMnii :m hh, ( lilI.lriMi Imir prlc
(intra! ilrnnl htttul ( hilts 7 ttnu mil tl.
now to dirr nii.nr:
.'.I'tliKt. Ifrrj, Whltilmll H . th- most cHrwt
n uti frtiiii Itattrrj ltM,uui ifnlot, U h i nls
i Hut iHiicMMi' (nun .ill pfilnti tu aiKlaroiiml Now
nrk, ln llillrrs nil I . rrh mid llr..-.WIn
, ItrlU iiikI I t iiirlnthl Miritu-tr (mi cutiiuiiiii
thru wtlhiii trn(iM)n,
I l'tipuUr ifiii.uinml it f nturt.
J(n llAiirk In hii ilffttl walklnft JlCte
lb) Hi in it (TKinlrt 1 Iiihm I utnii
j It In untiiint-l thnt dntraii.r (-lm Hirte
I Ar.nii'i A ear TTith rlnrt bit it lo 1 tlu
iKf ut ihtir lainitri from U j to t- o'i r
Irnil Hart an! Willi im Wirnrr vtrv rloi ( 1
ill Ir-K UiH lo Ih. ut I ill's! hi! or 1 i Irnti t) lli
WlNlNlllaUlh I Mr llr r I ll lull itinU
Wnilirit t nn-it .ti l lit,. ..I i.r. 1 a. ktriht I Un
intiniirH i-mi.K )itl M l.lim I ir! a- Hit jm prici r
U U dtunl ndiit tu uliili l.) union nil h
J i rttukrt itnl i: phinflltr will npnot it Iiml
Ai hi i i 4 hjs, K nt I. , im ml KimTn.ia t ,
lr. tAMtvirn, nt Hit tttitua I bi.jmIuii of .atliial
Titili WiinMy kjJ
l.fol Awunt tj ikt K of I., c trh .Irlvfrx,
lifcn V.DII a htrilku for hliai-rr vaix ut llainilii.n
mat Im lU'drorJ avtnuu .ml .North I'lfth itrtil,
(anally Atll r n Iron mniiMtrn rrr nt work
ngaiii fitr mrlhc tf tt.r vruki duratiu'i
tin; caiin-1 an imrtitiv of u itr niu in ihur
I lirlrkl lyt-m t'nlon No 9 Is timing t'lfTprfnrii
m!1i Hiidh - i;.i in., iu.il.jn, ll tutm, I Irii ti
Maimr uthl IiUl KoulKtli
Tht K if I. urnlniur rrrwrt thnt non-urilnn
tnt n un (iiipUivc ,ti uriiUtitns In ine iur etiopn
uf Un I.h 1k Ualli Avtuuo uul llrujl)l)ii City
il.lillUl I lill.r
Lo I tnllv 12t2 K of I, KpjrmnkcM,
hat rhanrr-l lu Im nil piartt rn unl will imif hrtn
oftir iti Ainiriiua Hull di.inl ntuti an 1 H(Uunl
Itttunit lliut.i.lii( uu Hi IhlrJ MuiiJay ut tutU
mt if i Hi
Th'i Mjumtloii nf Hhithtr to nrnl .Ichgitci to
tin biiniiil l out ntlon of thilr Nttilutiat orsiniri -(Inn
In tu Im dtikil by tl.u I'rucriH Auri.ttutlun
of h'tium 1 UUra 1 1 tlj ra tu morrow ttt-nlnK
IHfirlLt AnHenlly 71. K uf I. Iiua a.loptf.l
rfwitnilnim In memi.rv f t t h tato il. hf,Ai
Tho ma a lUmit liu lunt Mi life Hirrtif;h an Km-
i li nl on n trijllty iar. IIj m a irtfinLtr of
l Iah-p Ai mblv .11
j lit nrv It Miiriln, of the flontrnl Kitvutlrt
Itiui I nf (ho Knlfthiii of UiIhit w.ik In ihij ilty
trturilat ui ItU vvii) iu l,ton, hro hv will
utlcnl the annual fciKHlun of tho Mm It AtsrraM
I Of MHH"L.1()ll"t ttN
I I'rof Hamlilo, firmer lx on of in orcnnltfrn of
thf t'lorkiiMker I nioii Jurliic lit fit ht fur hlfber
na.iM 1 niH In I'tKi-inl, uiiltu; ah frnral or
(anlifr of the In lepfinlfiil Ijibor rty Hi m
jlltrtFil to Hat piirtlltou li the nct'Dl ConVflitlun
, oil I ut Mancl emtr
Iittph W i'autir Un tt-m elrrtel Orsanlur
I thti NfH irr. Ssniion f tht Sm !,i Ut l..iT. r
MrU Tin nttitr inn utl th art Mm I Mitiiu
II drlfllri Tri jiiirr It tjluier rmrn lal v., re.
ti fht Witt Milt' lajliitr I.M'tiin In loin no J
out a It Is Inlmltl tu liciiti tht- nan tint
Miitri 11" r If i ai tit I'm "lit 1 dor
I, uin ilurtiiat ll Urt Ihne n Tin amouultj
ta JJ 7:3 n, unJ ja ItO 17 in;. '.-J
Vuu ItiMiil 'Ilir i:cnlnu: Wnrltl !
Do ou Ht'Utl 'I In Miiitlit) World?
IIIfaMtiiK (lie Cliiirch uf S. Illlra
hmth. TIi lmiKlnR rtrtmnny of tlrsslnf- th Catho
I'r rimrrh of Kllalfth if tlmnrirr Zi', Cat
1'oiirtli trfet. a celtbralt I tbti infrninji by
AnhHnhop ( urrlLati nulnnl b a lnrk Hum
b " of tlrrgym n Th rrotlon of ihu rrt-mt
fill o m romnir'nret In lsl tv rmhir Jam
i tifk thf lit it r ar) rnn I ifI ht ihe
prfatnt I iftnr Kathrr NuhnUn M Itfinhnri
uhv lm aliHKir i. Hi trtl n I pi I tic joj of
tlir 33 0'J Mtil h It.w lyiMiuj; rout
"It will all come out
in the wash,"
it yon use Pear ine.
Furniture and Carpets.
srKriAL isak;ains
IMrrtt from furtorj1'
PrIlil crtdlt ultt'ii.
flanges Bros.
I 143 nnd I 5Q Wost 23d st.
9',y.",,,,.0.u.SE K l u W lair i IUM3
MUSIC HALL, llltl. vnrlllo KveryKv
l7llil.& 3d vrlii. VJliQSIllie airt.11.
Hot Ssats. 11; ItsstrvsJ S.sls.lOc., AJmla. JJc
AlVLUU, MallnfMTtunidaj'aimfcaturta.
lirKcp ram
Your last opportunity
occurs this week to ob
tain a Refrigerator at
less than cost.
207, 209, 211 AI 213
Near Chatham Square, N. Y.
Worth at least SI 9.00.
- ' -- C A S
n i J"
Tills harf-wo3d UprigM Relrlgarator,
warranted Charcoal Fuiej-
One substantial 6-foot
Oak Extension - Table
given away free with
every purchase of S40.
Spec'al attention given lo all out-of-town
orders. No extra charge tor freight
or packlm of gooJs.
Price-List Mailed ou AnnHcation.
1 1
1 Amusements. I
I nnrU'P tm thk iihav int smi st ,
AlliJtl i "W.'mV". tV,Ti,W':D '
1 uurtli UiPkuf Mr (itar llarrclt i
I IV) y Lsitruj:aii i
I to? u Li u fifcif Enu u &a Isa Itsi erfli D
1 A h., mjli n in Uizht
1 ' lly f it thf n "t tii i Mill fit i"ic tai It eur
inn ln Npa k
I itiinuii a nl be nil 1 Ji . rllilne all the
1 tfi!iU ritleri
It In re kli-rl tnapnlfiTiil "
link by lli-ifl.1 nut ItiUf n b Mmt Knll
I.inmr S "'in r I j ihtirv 1 in Un ( ntumc by
Wlllitlin Mii-i nrranF,l 1 nnr flurrttt
f ,t unit fir Mti uitk 1 ei, ns llmrs'ljy
hoita mai Ip rtir I tu ma'l
I ittlru fainll ir . n-ira at i
th henlr Si '"J out J. iw Uul un It 00 anJ
" I4lli St. TiTeatre. i
in ii m si Ait inn vvi .
J. VVPM 1 V I" ii Mil 1I Maliaccr
I'OI'I I. VI! Pltlt'lN. Acini ri'irvitl nut
In tln'iirrholriii1rili nr llaluuiv fur roriMiti.
I.vitj nlirlii. Matlii'.t Wiiliii-iliiv.t ntur.luy.
Ah 11(1 M M I 11 W
1IOVT s MAIUH -'' Vltl.Tlir.ATIli:
1' It I HUM I VII-.
i .. IM l.llll.MI
lUII'n lilt nil ami III -Ml I1AV1X1V
Br lip. i Irul.i 11 toll
I UranrJ Con:ert;, Vaudevilb Performances.
fi HI Itnlssluii " ) KM.
M. ti. Curtis ini 'Mr.K.y
Sam'l of Posen. I HVi'iTv
K0ST ER & Bl AL'S. Jmission 50c.
riiiT 'run nr
II Vl'.ltV i. vi v
IN V I. v .li IH. in i TIHN OF I
' i: i'i v. 1 1. it w in:
N.vl . k vil i p I vr ii a i Viali an Nlaht. I
V vl'l MV "1 VI II 'i il anl Irvlnj I'I
The Girl TLeft 'Behind fvle.
i . ! 'v r w a-
Mali V I mil .-.it jt J Eva. I IS
niOTntVO ,IV1- UlallAMHilllAV.
Till .' i I 11'1'KllS V t IIONAI TUIO,
I i 1 1 II i 11 -iN M til VM ANNA
llli; M "MOW KI-MI1IIT.
H. n. JACOBS' THEATRF. iM .i'.V. ,luJ
VI V - 'vtilN I ll' II .1 VV Vli N till- H
nil It --VI I M 1 NT liilllK.l.r. i
Ni M VV k V s ANU V, iN It... i 1 .lr
III I M vu ij iillvitil I I vi math ni
I litNK v i m i m .in-, r I vi it MH ill
llllltM'W M.i IT I'I il VAnH-INi.m.N
tSlULPIU, JUI- Wrl. AM1-A1-.
I.i.t ! tt.it' pviihIiiu'1 tuniiv fare.
nnnrTnn' p J'"- "m, ni iimiMiin.
V n tini-rliiilivu Hi.ioni.ls.Mu.
: T 11 UL 1 U 11 J li- i.Vr!iiiiitl4.ilirruoacl.
' 1 I A VI I. Ill .HI V MUl'llVV .' l"lii. MM' M.
Via .1 VV 1 urilp.r C mianj vvltti V illitlev 111'.
NFRTf.'5? W i" r . m' nwa VIKr
IDLiU iJ. I'ri ( ,', 'Iv, -i niul , Vic !
lie . it I tl If. ill i pi I MIT lteervel
ijnnr ) I'lv flvU "r I 111" I ..vimi: "St '
ii tin. i: u dim. it v-iioisi . tiiIh wrt'k.
To-Nlgtil Tbt Ironmaatar.
KMl'IUK I'll tiA'nTf SliTs. W1. aad BaU
Till! I.l'CU OK ItOAKl.NM CA.1H'
IIi Inr purchMM from lUntr Importer htn ft
fntin htnet nf ( hlimo nn1 Jftnancfintmvr nut- h'
tinci up oITit nni a follow' Z-
JolntlcM, .' IfH, $.1 f, 4.J.i, $. 00 ft roll of 40 t
nrN lu nllnlorlni;. t
I'iriir -u.t-. $i.(t(t. f-;aoo, fis-iaOO, fano,
V' ,hl ft'i'I ujnnl, ?J
It ilrnomii.l, U'.(H, If 1 1 nl. HIS. CO, JltOO,
fl 141 ,.!MiO "pj ItitAii'lupnnrl
l-l.tninl Ixunslon rnlilc. Chain, Tolrtlnr- 5'
Um1 inlot.f, Moukra'CH. Hr&st ami Whit $
t tirrliK' V-V nnixutir formpr prUe. 5s
in rnih nt Acnti'i ar't ono orl vvljp ) OQft U
v il r vi-r-iLlc. nl . . ...jAUlii .
Aiiiullsul IHl MriiHsrls al . . .... SOO. )'
vMI OU CltinilT. jg
l'n iiii'inn m suit Ciislnnirrs. ij
.llilll (Irilrrn rrninptty .Vtlruilnl To. I:
mr.i nnd i)i.'5 :(t Ave.,
llitvvrrn vViitli nml (ioih Hta. j'
Portfolio No. 6
or Tin: ?'
Portrait Types Z,
of the (V H
Midway Plaisancc. '
AI.MI f!
BBEMil HIT. NO. 1-17, 1
on nam: acain. , I
nrr (hr rOHTHAIT TVPE'
ut IO rrnu Tor cnrli Port To 1 1 ot and J,
llilt runrtMoti lll hold for tho V
uhnlc trric. lor Ifmnr bo arcare ',
rnrtlollo-t iliiriiig tho wrrk of ?.
Uu. $
I aw- Adilrpnn Ml mall to TIIK WOULD
r m 1 1 in. ii i iii.riui.iirsi ubld tu
liiru nrjit. lucluUu noother buslDesla usL-
rortlollo unl(;ti i iS.
Art Portfolio Department, 1
I I'lOW N (iri'Il'K, .w
Jlllirtlon ll'vva, i.';ll, ftUtliaTft, "
Or llarlpin llfllrr, I'i'.th SI. and Madlron ti
Avi. lirniikljiiOiiliv.ililiVViuililiifUm fi
M llriikln itiulikl (illliv, Itpvell'a wi
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Brooklyn Amusements. f
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HitlnlilflNlM GUARDS' BALL 1
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