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Kg tf raUlal.4 bjr ! I"" PiMlahlas Oompaajr.
K ii, U to O PA11K now. Haw York.
Hi J '' ; MONDAY, MAY 21, 1894.
H&V 1 Vl (bwfud.iv potto)!
Bsf ' '''-FEB MONTH.. OOm
Hf I PKK TEAK - es.0
Hl Vol.54 ....No. 11.002
Ejf t Ealerea sU tt Feet-OBoe it New York aa hcod4
Hh Vf natter.
h f , ,
Hfwi , jar branch omcm
BtM i V WoMiJ CTTOWN Omn-tuitloa et Broad-
K . erar tact iUtt are. at ltd at.
K. f WORLD BABLBU.OrrlCB-Uitk at. ul V'-
Bj)' i , law ara.
R' ) BROOKLTN Wt Waaa!a(toa at
H ' "" rmtADELTlIU. Pa. Iiomlrtr Offlea, Cseat-
Hi a .4 " ,t
H WiBHINOTON-m 14 at
B& . I
Br 4 59197
Br' 1 fc
Btflr rsoM Tun WOSXD or lUaon a, 180,
KJ The World's Average Circulation per
Bt ' - -r FlrjtTwo Months of 1894.
Bf ,r "JfarcAJ, 1(0.
KJj'ES;3 .".'itWrottorwfflk eaitt'ni'A firm-
BRW 'i'j-ijt ifritaCboola. praroon rtportt, naO-roon
Hnkr rtportt, paper cwsspanW 6fflJ or amount
flisl - wj)erAnfVrf, ordcrt Ywo "" eompanfei
Kggj.lS' cmdncmdraUrt. KthvWtat Ite ctrtulaltm of
(Ef: s T2IZ WORLD (nunttag and noting tdU
Wtk Hi Ucmt) fiir the mmtt of January and brary.
Bit ,ir- .' MM. onvJ A,U7 coplu per day, and m
K ' tarMAk"
wl il, X JDWASJ sattfoirs.
WfSi VJ-.ii " CAoJrmon.
IhT1 - 4bcratary.
B& '-. ... . X A BXPSURlt,
ft ' ! flaarayctfrTs,
Bk''.i- ' cirjrrr.es w. dattox
jfeV JajBBaaaaMfaaaBiaaaM-MiMf-Ma
Bl '
wLk 4:5 9 19 7
t . May has turned cold and fickle.
B?'f jJ , Gov. Flower Is hoist by his own
HP veto power.
K t
K& '' The Pennsylvania nood news recalls
Hx "' painful memories of Johnstown.
K3- 8t
Ks, With their new green and white
K, jj. lamps the park police might bo known
frite",,l' - as lanterneers.
fcift'" Rain, wind and big breakers, added
Bk!?'" t0 'he tidal wave of reform, made a
Bitot' dreary Sunday for Coney Island.
&1 UJ1 .Greater New York wilt be a home-V-
rUled NoW York' " the Constitutional
B?"'" Convention proves worth convening.
Bi ' ;' Another Anarchist has paid a prompt
EjL ! penalty for a murderous crime In
Kfi; -Vt .France. And Prendergaat Is still un-
m$t U laDEecl ,n Chicago.
yf' i If.v
CteJ . "The Evening World's" veto prophe-
K)f V c'es ' pr" havo been carried out
aEflS to e etter tne Governor who has
aHiM " aleo kopt Brocks aylsm alive.
H iS The Slck Baoles' Fund of "The Even-
Kjfei nK World" offers you a splendid oppor-
wJ" tunlty for the investment of your spare
BvzTt pennies, or dimes, or dollars.
:-T ( It Is not partisan Interests that the
WfJtu "!', best New Yorkers care to better. It la
Bf'l the great municipal Interests which
Kva v are above all parties that good citizens
S-"J" wlih to advance.
aKSffJ gfar It doesn't seem as If the Senators
P&-1" could exactly afford to let that bribery
BMMa Investigation go on In secret. The
B-'iM-1? n charges are public matters. The In
aBtfl ij'fl tereBta at Btke are the public's. The
tfei.1 ' Inquiry should also be public, with all
B&w j , the facts which It brlngB out.
rat''. In 0T&et to make other help more
Wpffi'l-' available and effective. New York must
Ef ' help itself to the utmost of Its ability.
ffS'"t ' wti II cannt do this while working In
tff-v narrow partisan bonds. The Issue of the
mpf- hour Is broadly municipal. It must be
lljtft met by united friends of the municipal-
$? tty.
R?iS ' """" "" " charSs ot gambling In Sugar stock
Hal- tr" ',and conniving with Trusts affect more
Hij rj. than the individual reputations of Bena-
tW1 ir ' t0r at WashlnKton- They are matters
w v of the gravest public Import. The pub
Bk3F ' ' TZ " ' entitled to be present at the In-
HSr j - vestlgatlon of the charges, or to have
Lj ,i Y(- Immediate access to full reports of the
H$ r7 inquiry. The whole affair Is the po
Hk j plo's own business. 1
aHiL' J i
Wtm I 'CX Once more a note of alarm Is sounded
Bji as to the designs of the Metropolitan
k&r j- . Traction Company (controlling the
Wjj 5- Broadway cable road) on 111th avenue
HOvj Constant vigilance must be th- pri' ,i
Wjjwl j- that tho'rouKhfare's pr-sr'atl'vn A
& ( f '"rood first step to thwart th rtijv, s-R,-
" " . men will be the pacaaite of that wSI-
&A J nance, now before the JJuard c. a--
Kjj ! dermen, providing that bttu ceru.10
KJm , i hours In certain rtibon niib neuv
K '' above Twenty-fifth tjut, up ' thi-
W , Park, shall be free from trutks i.ud
BM.'-. ' jother hindrances to pleaaure CriYlue,
BIA ov' Flowtr lumps the late NVm Vurk
Hff&i X 131-Fartlsan Police CommUslotj bill with
B&l three measures affecting other c-ltl.-a an
BV' Plain violations of the principles of
BXff ,"&'v home rule. The fact that the Kluie
B' Legislature has anything to ay about
Bf ttj r-' the direct administration of niunlcipal
BjfiyVi affairs Is a violation of the prlncliiit- to
ft which the Governor refers. Hut since
Bfejl'.! the teljlature does hae the power It
Hffl' 1 shouldn't have, the best thing It can du
Bfcff f ,1 to exercise Its authority In the way
BkVi desired by the majority in the affected
BCrf ' municipality. It did this In passing u
HFkJ'i4rL "' Vork "'r b111 wh'ch made the Bu-
BJ.S1? 7 rlntendent of Police, himself a police
BdlVit! frt.jWf' jpuoh wore of a responsible bead
mtl', ' iWx'ftT tbi'Xsrc than he Is now. 1ht "bl-
Bb is:' . ' r.
partisan" portion of the bill was. of
course, a Piatt joker, and nobody except
the Hepubllcan bos nnd hi pals cared
what became of It. It had been rendered
practically harmless. The provisions In
the bill as to the powers of the Superln
tendent should have been cnouch to In
sure the signing of the measure. They
would have been so with a Governor who
put public duty befora other consideration.
Gov. Flower has vetoed In a batch the
police bills left In hit hands by the Leg
islature for New York, Albany, Truy
nnd nichmond County. He objects to
them nil as purely partisan measures,
legislating Democrats out of ollicc for
the ndvantnge of ltepubllcnns, nlmed
only at Democratic municipalities, nnd
"bad In principle becnuso they represent
the misuse of legislative power to pro
lific pnrtlsan purposes."
' o New York Ill-Partisan bill claim
1 1 most of the Governor's attention.
' ' it bill comes to him, he says, "satu
rated with political rumors" nnd "bear
ing on Its face the familiar signs of po
litical hunger."
It Is idle now to discuss tho argu
ments advanced by the Governor In vin
dication of his veto. The-bills are (lend,
and that Is the end of them for the
present year.
It Is well to remember that the matter
Is of less consequence, In view of the
fact that the Constitutional Convention
now In session will doubtless ndopt a
definite system for the government of
municipalities, nnd do away with the
pernicious charter tinkering to which
we hnve been subjected In the past.
Ilut It is to bo regretted that the last
Legislature wns so glaringly partisan
as to afford tho Governor a Justification
of many of his criticisms of Its work.
The quarrels of the Piatt and nntl-I'Iatt
factions brought legislation practically
to a deadlock until the majority was
forced by the power of caucus into the
passage of some of the bills regarded as
measures of reform, although not all In
tho shape In which the honest friends
of good government would have desired.
If the Legislature had been nn honest
champion of reform for the good of thi
people, lnstend of a discordant, squab
bling body, fighting for the spoils nnd
quarrelling over their division between
warring fnctlons, the Governor would
have found It a more difficult task to
find reasons for the slaughter of Its
bills. Dut then the bills themselves
would have been different In character.
The suggestions of Mr. Simon Sterne
In relation to special legislation deservo
particular and careful consideration.
They ought to bo a guide to the Consti
tutional Convention In Its treatment of
the subject.
ajiL'uiai irKiBiuuuii una ucvti inn inuin
causa of the evils from which the city
of New York has suffered for years.
Soma time ago It was so prolific of evil
that the people, mainly through the ef
forts of Samuel J. Tllden, rose up
against It and partially remedied it by
amendments to tho Constitution of n
valuable character. Hut It was not
totally eradicated, as It ought to have
been, although the changes were Im
portant as far as they went.
Last session the evil of special legis
lation was made conspicuous, r,vjry
political adventurer had IiIh remedy for
some supposed wrong, und always with
the object of advancing his own Inter
est. This public officer In one place
was to be legislated out of office in or
der that another person might have a
chance to get his place. That alleged
evil In nnother place wnn to be removed
In order that nnother real evil might
have an opportunity of succeeding He
form mcasuies only passed a yenr or
two previously were to be repealed be
cause they had not "reformed" In the
direction tho repenlers desired.
If the sort of legislation favored nt
the last pension wns to pruvnll the
stututcs would have to be changed
every year to meet special objects, or,
at least, aa often ns the political char
acter of the Legislature chanced to
Special legislation Is the hot-house of
corruption. Do nwny with nil special
legislation In the State Legislature, and
the notorious Albany lobby would per
ish finally and be burled beyond resurrection.
The Anarchist Etnlle Henry wis
executed In Paris, and six others met
death In Spain, to-day.
In Paris, where the executions nre
nilntL'Drl In tnlrn .i n ilrnnifllln !.. ..,
ter, the doomed man enjoyed the op
portunity to follow the example of Vail
lant and to shout at the guillotine,
"Courage, comrades! Vive 1'Anarchlu!"
Hut hla diminutive form und a weak,
squeaking voice deprived the defiance
of all force nnd made it appear farcical.
It Is evident that the European au
thorities have made up their minds not
to trifle nny longer with these people,
but to put down ussatalnatlon and bomb
throwing with a strong hind. President
Carnot was subjected to a great deal
of pressure to induce him to commute
Henry's sentence, but he remained firm,
and the law was properly allowed to
take Its course. Henr'a crime was
the dastardly one of exploding a bomb
In the Hotel Terminus.
New Jersey has 430 new law ns the
result of Its Legislature's work. Wo
hae some new law.i ourselves In tills
State, ns many if not more than the
Mosuultnnnn, but we are not going
1 around blowing about them.
It Is cany to muke new J uvs. The sup-
1 ply of this article In much larger than
the demand, in fact, demand has notli-l
Inrf In the world to do with the supply'
f la any more than It lias to do with
tne supply nt headaches or rn.them.
New Yorkers do wA He awake en masse,
ruirriU, lining and priolng for new
lti If they He awjke ut all It Is to
.ny uJ-iii the laws thai are made and
u.a aje tiA wanted
Ju the Lund of Howkumyeao, In "The
J'tMiue hhv," a ttmiiMir luquiies.
1 ' Jlut ou no laws here"' The comic
livio iep.ur " Oh yea, ,ol of laws, but
; net much law " That Is the situation In
1 h t'tupiuti pliun than Jlowkuinyeoo.
' Thtf bowline wnt in Ntw Jeroey and
r'New Yurk und )hehere. Is uure law
. and not so many law
(.oju'frl (o Atl! uuil lluli Olcii,
! A ifcUiplliavburr ruticrrt will U lti,6tr4 to
j Auvltf ft4 Labjr Olv CocLrjb W4becl turn-
.ut at 1U6ioij Hull ouc lluiiUrad arid Tatu:-
llfUl atnrl D1 Mt4tvU tit,u- lliukc l.u.t ut
1 1UI Will t JII4M1U KU, fUi,l!tl t lbl
vrlu) alWI4! Juuu,t !laiUUhD .rn(f li ti i
Lcibaa tcaitrt for tt iM.nvdi of "Tia K'traig
Wbrld'a" Silk Uatjr KiltO at Ua l.oluiuL-u, rt4
Ira liat fiuuner Amota' tU vu,uaur aril j
area ira to aiiar in Hair lorUlf WVoc!jr
araains ara lla S. Akrr, tepraoo, an4 Mli
Abut llavaoica, Ollra tUUuck awl Mill. K.
Bulla, BuOallaiiU.
Aotors Will Sing and Danco for
tho Freo Dootora Fund.
Four Pretty Girls to Manage the
Good Work IlrliiR Done by the Free
Two benefits for tho Sick Hubles'
Fund are on tho carpet.
One Is n vaudeville show, to be given
Saturday e filing ut the Central Opera
House, under the management of Miss
Ma LUshcrg, Miss Nathan ami the
Misses Diamond. This pretty quartet
bus arranged a first-class entertain
ment. Tho programme has length,
variety and excellence to recommend It
livery performer Is a specialist, nnd
every ticket holder will find something
particularly Interesting.
The young ladles have arranged
things after the stylo of the big Vaude
ville Club, and those who don't enre for
singing, dnnclng, skits, sketches nnd
footllght fun will have a chance to visit
and chatter before, after nnd nil through
the performance without disturbing
anybody or being disturbed. Flower
girls will sell buttonhole bouquets nt
wholesale prices In the lobby; there are
to be girl uidicrs, girl Gntiymedes and
glrla In charge of the programmes and
opem-glasses. Girls will sell the tick
ets and taku very good care that they
are paid for at tegular rates, to help the
babies of the New York poor.
The Central Opern-Houso Is In Sixty
seventh street, near Third nvenue, and
those who hnve no engagement for next
Saturday evening nnd wnnt to be
amused are advised to sea the show,
Tho May party of Prof. Steinlnger's
pupils will occur May 29 at Itenwlck
Hall, nnd promises to be one of the suc
cesses of the Academy, socially, finan
cially and artistically.
A graceful and bewitching army of
100 Is In prnctlco for the carnivnl. New
dresses are being made up with ribbons
and Btinngles, gold lneu Is being put up
nnd down little satin breeches nnd
round about dress coats nnd Eton
Jackets, and every afternoon ns
soon ns school Is out, there
are rehearsals. One the solo dances
will be given by Haby Sadie
Marks. She Is to be dressed like n
sailor-boy and will dance the Highland
fling. llaby Sadie is a quarter to six
years of age. It is nil she enn do to
keep on her feet, and her steps und
gestures nre very winsome.
Whit these children nre doing to help
the Sick rinbles' Fund must be some
thing of nn Inspiration to other well-disposed
boys and girls.
The fund Is two months ahead of Its
beautiful self this year, the Idea being
to -Ive the free doctors an opportunity
to check the diseases known ua Summer
conitililnts, so common nhd so fatal to
child life, and also to give the lucky lit
tle Ne.v Yorkers a chance to subscribe
beforp leaving town. Private schools will
close In 11 few weeks nnd there Is talk of
dismissing the public schools earlier than
usual This will cause an exodus of
pleisure-seekers nnd the city babies will
lie forgotten. They don't go out of town.
Many of them never leave the stiffing
rooms where they were born until the
little white hearse nppears. Lnst week
"The World" doctors nnde 4, MX) visits
and prescribed for nearly 410 tots. Many
of the parents did not even suspect that
their children were unuell, yet on ex
amination cise of diphtheria, measles,
scarlet fever and pneumonia were (lis-1
covered, together with the physical dis
tress attending the period of teething.
Thern were 210 cases of diphtheria Inst
week, and seventy proved fatal. Perhaps
the most pitiful sufferers were the bl -s
found to be nettiilly starving In the nil 1st
of ,lnty through the Ignorance of de
voted parents. In 11 city like New York
there Is no time of yeir when the ser
vices of Intelligent doctors nre not needed
to save the new-born from well-meaning,
hut misguided nurses. If you wnnt to
Insurr some midget's life send n dollar
In the cashier of "The World" nnd mark
It for the Sick llables' Fund.
llellliih Coniirlt'n ('nnrcrt.
To the Kdltnr.
lne-Rcl tlriiso fln'l cherk for 920, lame ItplnR
'bo nt I rocrMd of a roncert Riven by fleutah
Council No. Cfl7, A I, cf If , for thn lienor.t
of your most worthy rau.. the Hick llabtfa' runt
Slnerrly rccrrttlntc oir efforta tlld not provo a
more financial aucctu, A. (1. 1'AIIKS, Trraaurcr.
Another Dollnr.
To the IMItor
InrlosM ole-we ftnl It, tho asm to be uM for
tne Mck IUUIiV Fun I. W. A SIILKUY.
II. l..' Due Dollnr.
To the HJItor'
Inrloe-l pirate ftnl U for the Elck llahlci'
KunJ. II. U
"The World" Continue Itn I'lglit
Auniiist the lliirims.
Because there nre still ome consumers
of coal who have bem unable to find a
dealer who has cotie down to reibon and
fair prices for fuel. "Tne World" con
tinues Its offer of coal at H 50 rer ton,
which nets a saving of 73 cents per ton
tp the buyer, and will ontlrue to do so.
If "The World" can fell at $IV per
ton, the dealers certainly must confess
that CS gives them an exorbitant profit,
especially In view of the fact that dealers
are glad to supply coal on large con
tracts, vhere competition Is sh irp. at
ns low a figure as 13 79, un 1 nu man is
foolish enough to supposu that these
dealers lil 1 al a fU'iire that buws them
no .lront. If $1.70 per ton 1cMh a protlt.
f."2Ti must U1 1 I1.4H more profit en 1 vety
ton. hlch Is little less than robl ery
Alreid one In'ge ooi.l coneern has
come to the support of "The World" In
its tight ngnliist the coil mcnopollsts, ns
told In these columns anl the largest
mining nnd whole'.ie llim In the land Is
pn paring to r.dl Itp product In the me
tropoll? nt prices tnnt will make tho
burons hindle to meet.
IVmrtery for Demi Hooiiin.
Tre rack jarl of Fall le a lmrlal sroun.1 fir
political l.oir that wrrr r maturely hatched In
ttti Fprlrc liocfcmur liemocr.il
'o.v Pet II Ions to He lluotli-NM.
One of the Coiey "annte" hai i!t-cifl to ienl
Iti itltlnn to Contreal by tnall "I'rtttlona with
ls,oti 01, ar nit ua 1'iputir aa thry vere.
Ttry cm ou tht Kra.a Syracuse Stananl
1 I.ihkoii for Kflel.- Kiirope
I VandarMIt yaxtt tirecbol a Itrblhouto at Fan
Maicti, Italy TLae trVlt forety-i corrrnirrnte
'kill tit tUl lUy oiuil tale their canty Utile
1 lljrtituuuara lb at ckdi worn the trail tl Ameri
can million liee fco buiri'iig along tbe rovXy
' boltoraa Wlurteapulla Joint al
A loni Ul nil .
Tta Strata uti Ui cool Urlko ale rlvala for
the booor of hltum; it burliuaa cf th roublry
the moat J. maeiiiy Mum a be,w the tell Ismla
illle CotirtcrJoiltal
' Ciinrll li Ail) Oilier Nume.
tr the 'lly of I iv tni tbln.a rin Ital. the
rlv U l.er KatJ.I ku htouiuh' fi.ulto lxi u
A i f -, ' abe la olf . .oil ,.k Hole
aorta.,! tia tr bcbwab.evhn I ut.reluuutifc'
irraio I lub, while Ociuhati ai.tauc..a Ihvm
Ibolb Kllb Ler IIUlo TjBft MKloa itaijar Tot
Ileus Kealyto i:)ll Uaaaieltal fcveuty. Cla
tlontl Junta -lw.
An English Actrosn Who Will
Play Juliet Here.
News PnriiRrnphs TlintWIll Interest
Locnl Thciitre-ocrs.
Here Is the latest budget of "1492" gos
sip fiom the Gulden: Musical Director
Pcrleb has been presented by his or
chestra with a laurel wrealh. His
"Love, Sweet Love." composed for
Theresa Vaughn, la being sung with
gifiit suet ess In Lelpslc. Comedlnns
Walter Jones nnd W. II. Sloan npent
Sunday nt West Point Military Acad
emy as guests of the cadets, und were
Inoculutcd with locnl Jokes to be Inter
polated when the young warriors go to
see "llW" nn June 12. Herr Kllanyl Is
hnrd nt work on tho third series of liv
ing plcturca to be shown n week from
to-night, He promises the most jUnr
tllng nnd senwitlonul examples of nnl
mate art ever shown. There will be one
group, a semi-nude, of n dozen figures.
A funny new hit In the Madison Squnre
scene is n spirited conversation between
tho Irish policeman, a pretty nurseglrl
and n precocious small child, the latter
personated by little Doris, a Juvenile
prodigy nged five, who knows tho en
tire role of Juliet.
e e e
Augitstin Daly has made a contract
to stur Olgn Nethersole, an Lngllsh 11c
tiens, In this country next season. She
will appear chiflly In the role of Juliet.
Mr. Daly gives her this senson litre
principally that he may build her up
as an attraction for his London Theatre
the following season. She has recently
pluycd In "The Transgressor," which did
not please London theatre-goers. Pre
vious to that she was the adventuress
In "The Silent Unttle." She made her
earliest hit In Sydney Grundy's "Mouse
Trap," which failed here nt Wallack's
some time ago.
A one-night stnnd manager recently
wrote Comedian Thomas Q. Seabrooke's
representative font date for "Tabasco,"
his new comic opera, and added In his
letter that he hoped the new opera was
"full of tropical songs." Seabrooke's
business manager sent the following
reply "I hnve referred your communi
cation to Mr, Seabrooke, who begs me to
state that the songs will be more tropl-
1 cal later In the season, when the mer
cury rises In the thermometer."
1 . . .
This evening Mr. Sousa will give a
Fousa programme nt the Madison Square
Gulden, comprising the popular composi
tions of the fnmniis leniler The hnnd
will play "The Washington March,"
" The Ileau Ideal," " Liberty Hell," &c,
ns Sousa alone can hnve them" played.
I'dward K. Klco gives employment to
22S nctors, singers nnd dancers, and the
saint y sheets of his three companies
" 1412," Dlxey nnd " Venus" nmotint to
iC',hrji) per week, or considerably over a
quarter of n million for a season of forty
llrmson Howard's "Shen imloih" will
be seen ngaln at the beginning of next
season. Charles Krnhmnn has signed a
contract with the management of the
Aui'lemv of Music to present with spec
tacular lllustritlons of Its principal scenes
beginning Sept. 1 the populir w ir play
whl li ran for over 3il nights In this city.
A suggestion of the srnle upon which
this will be done Is furnished by the
present big production nt the Academy
of "Tho Girl I Left Ilchlnd Me " Ilron
son Hownrl, who is In this country now,
will give hla personnl supervision to the
pre'iiratlnns anl the production. A big
cist will he engaged, which will Include
many of the actors llentlfled with Its
flist great New York success.
On Mondny, May 2S, Miss Minnie Sellg.
man-Cutting will open at Hoyt's Mndl
son Squnre Tluatre In n new play, en
titled "Lmly Gladys."
Ida Vernon, n sterling nctress, has
been engaged for the eompany which
will support Jnlnihtone Dennett In "The
Amnions" next season, Mlaa Vernon
will have the pitt which Mrs. Walcott
Is now plnlng at the Lyceum.
Paul Arthur nnd Jefferson De Angells
have been engignil by Manager Nat
ltoth as principal comedians for the
Delia Kox Opeiu Company, which be
gins Ita senson In this city next Septem
ber ut the Casino,
CTmrwil tilth fM'tidliij-; Obscene
I,etters to nn At'trcss.
TMward J. Gorman, nn actor, pleaded
not guilty to the charge of sending ob
scene letters through the ninll, before
Judge Itenedlct, In the United Stntes
Circuit Court, this morning. Subse
quently I'nlted Stntes Commissioner
Shields admitted him to ball In $l,OX) to
upenr for trial next November.
Gorman, who was formerly a member
of Harrlgnn's compnnv, Is accused of
A. I.... Ml..- I ..I.. Cl.llln.nn n .. n
iiiiiiuiiih .'ii" i.uiu uniiiii.t.iii .., , .li
tres, bv sending her letters that are
"unfit for publication."
Went Aivay ht First Time When
Vbtiitt to lie Triinsfrrreil.
A woman about thirty years old, who
raid her name was Mnud Hulso, the wife
of the captain ot a canal-boat lying at
the foot of L'.ist Fifth street, was found
In front of C9 llroudway, about D.30
o'clock this morning, by Policeman
Shanshan. of the Church street station,
She said she was about to become a
mother An ambulance wns called from
Chambers Street Hospital and the wom
an wns sent there
Yeaterdnv morning, nt 3.15 o'clock. Po
liceman Woolley, of the snme station,
found the woman under similar circum
stances In front of 20 Washington
street. The name she gave then was
Maud II Kaso. The policeman sum
moned nu ambulance nnd sent her to
Chnnibirs Street Hospital
There tho physicians said she must be
transferred to ltollevue Hospital. The
woman fi reamed nnd declared that she
would not go, nnd when It was insisted
that i-he must she rushed out of the
Nothing was seen of her ngaln until I
she was picked up on the street this
Co 111 1 II K Ktdifx. ,
ronttricillcnal Club mceltni?. St Denla Hotel,
thta eveulni:
Wow an ruffrKe bcuk'uo ncetlns, 43 Hand
atreel, this civiilni?
touni: Men'a Chrl.tlan A.foctation enterta'n
ment, Affto lallon 1 1 1 1 1. thle crt,lu,r
Phl beta Kappa Alumni nnnunl meeting, Clarlt'a
2: Wist lwinl-thlril Mri.it. IhU eietilUK
Kiiinmer-nlrbl'a fo.lhal ef the Jnmia l: Hast
lnPH A-MHIatlun, WilI'Ms) ernlr.1;, at laou
N'ew York Aceoi latlon fur the Protei lion of
Uarit. ntllvtti anillleraiiry, the (IcrUch, tbla
Yum Woinrn'a Chrtt Ian Association, com
men c'll fit of Industrial tla, 7 l.ast Fifteenth
air .1 tl Is evi iiltik.
The mcon annual Futnmer nl.hl'e festival of
1, inhulilna mn1oi-v tiimrrow cieuInK, at
Culler a Jlsrlem Casino uttil Aiiiuf
lha UiluKl. 1. vlal I'luo it the Sixth Assem
bly plsirlct lll bolt lu lis'.IUtloti ot i.n. r.
ibis etenln.. al tbor clu', bouse, 172 Klanlotl
sllvel 'I'be lively elQ' i 1 cri er aro Max ltoth
I'ri.Mtri I) li II i liUr I' Tinl Jinl . Max
K'J u Kluancul Se rttury M Ktil'l'nsrn lie-I'jriliii-;
he r. a ; lleur Wvlnvr Irvasurer. anil
J J l.vneuul, Mi.il. tr' a Aims
nwInK " die uunr . VVeahlnrton Park, lite
JVn. boi-i t Club a ann.al bummer uubl'a pti nlo
tllt be held al tlie .'Ural lip re-House Sixty
aei.nlb street and Third attnue A fiature that
I'MI take otace belaein tlie lateruitaaloj In the
flaudna ml! ie Utile I'jnsy Wlllard'a lerpsl.
cbcrear aae.uUuiia. ha islll artva her Tuxedo
d-viwa Ibal baa iwda lior ao ivpvttr.
LouifM Bundy Carried Unconsoious
from a Burning Building.
Other Tenants, Rescued by Means
of Ladders.
Narrow Kscnpo of Two Women In
' One of Several Fires.
Hctween midnight nnd 4 o'clock this
morning the firemen hud to cope with
four fires. One of the Ilrcs created a
panic; one woman was overcome by
smoke nnd heroically rescued by a lire
man, nnd nn entire family narrowdy
escaped suffocation,
Tho fire which did the most damage
occurred In the three-story brick build
ing nt 233 Third nvenue. On tho ground
floor Martin Vnrnuff keeps a clgnr store
and lives with his family on the top
Dnvld Itoss and his wife and several
children live on the second floor. Peter
Itoss, David's father, lives with them.
Ho la seventy-five yeara old.
At 3.30 o'clock Hannah Ross, eighteen
years old, was awakened by u crackling
sound as ofthe burning of wood. She
went downstairs and found tho cigar
store on fire.
She ran back and awakened her fam
ily. At the same time the Ilames were
discovered by a passing policeman, who
sent out an alarm.
The Itoss family got out of tho build
ing In Bufety, but old Mr. Uosa Insisted
on going back for his will. Ho came
near losing his life, for when ho re
turned with a tin box In his fyind, the
smoke filled tho hulls and ho could
scurocly stagger to the street.
Peter Ilundy, his daughter Louisa,
forty years old, and nephew, Henry,
live also on the second floor. The two
men were aroused by the cries, and
Iumped out of n rear window, leaving
.oulsn In her room.
When the firemen arrived Louisa was
standing at a hall window In the front
of the house, screaming for help. Fire
man Colter, of Truck No. 3, dashed
through the wall of llame at the front
of the house and up the narrow stairs.
The second floor was full of smoke,
but the -woman was no longer nt the
window, the casement of which wus
burning fiercely.
In n nenr-by room he found her un
conscious on the floor. Taking her on
his back, he carried her through the
smoke nnd flames and got her safely to
tho street. She was curried Into a
neighboring house nnd an nmbulanco
telephoned for. She soon recovered, and
would not go to tho hospital.
In the mean time the fnmllles of Tom
Foul and Martin Varnuff were hemmed
In on the top floor. There were live of
these people. They were carried down
The firemen were not long In ex
tinguishing the flames. The damage was
At midnight there was a tiro In the
cellnr of the flve-otory tenement. D3
Stanton street, A lot of waste paper
was Ignited from a furnnce. The dam
age was not more thnn J23.
Otto Rauchfuss Is the proprietor of a
drug store on the ground floor of the
three-story Iron-front building at 108
Avenue C.
At 2 o'clock this morning Itnuchfuss
nnd two friends, were playing cards In
nit it in ui iiic ncuit. iiit juuprit'iur
hnd Just won u game when there wns a i
slight explosion, nnd In an Instant the ,
prescription counter wns In flames.
The three men got Into the street by
a side door, und l'ollceman Mnyer sent
out un alarm The flames, which had
been paused by exploding chemicals,
were extinguished nfter $150 damage
was done.
The three-story frame dwelling, 135
West Washington Place, was afire at 2
o'clock thl'i moinlng. It Is a curlous
looltiug, triangular building, and a land
mark. Ilelle McCue, who lives with her fam
ily on the second floor, smelled smoke.
She nwnkenefl her own family, and that
of Augustus llennttl, on tho top floor.
All left the house without nny excite
ment. The firemen found the flames in
the nttlc, cnused in some manner un
known, and extinguished them quickly.
The damage was JW.
An exploding lamp cnused a (Ire which
did 50 damage to the two-story brick
dwelling 70 Market street at 3 o'clock
this morning. The lamp exploded In the
apartments of Mrs. I.llen Crane. She
lives with her two sons and n daughter.
The sons ran out of the house and
sent out nn alarm. Tho mother und
daughter did not know the house wns
nflro until they were awakened by tho
firemen. The flnmea wero confined to
one room.
Fortunately, the door between that
room and the sleeping room of the
women wns tightly closed. Hud It been
open the smoke might have suffocated
MlaKlnxr Sedilllli Hunker Accused of
Prnilil on the Clt).
(lly An30c!atcl Freaa )
SKDALIA. Mo., May 21. The rioard of
Education Issued 40,000 of C per cent,
bonds In 1883. Inter calling them In nnd
putting out others In their stend. Tho
old bonds were not destroyed nnd
Cashier Thompson, of the defunct First
National Hank, In whose hands they
were placed, put them among his pri
vate papers'. When the opportunity ar
rived Thompson, It la claimed, hypothe
cated them with Kansas City, Newnrk,
N. J nnd West Chester, Pa , capitalists
and bankers. The cashier kept all
knowledge of the transaction from the
public by paying the Interest on the
coupons as It fell due. Holders of the
bonds will not lose anything, It Is said,
as they will bo nble to recover the full
amount. It Is said thnt Government de
tectives nre close on defaulter Thomp
son's trail, nnd that his arrest Is only
a question of a few days.
Guilty of Contempt for l'lllim a
1'ixIno Answer to n Mult.
Justice Lawrence, in the Supreme
Court, to-day lined Lawyer Jnmes Tay
lor and his client, Jnmes Campbell, 1.10
each for contempt of court In filing a
fnlse anawer In n lawsuit before him.
11. Koehler & Co. sued Cnmpbell for
C13 for merchandise. In answer to
the suit. Campbell, through his lawyer,
denied the debt und denied miking cer
tain notes which he had given In pay
ment. Justice Lawrence told Campbell that
he was convinced he was trying to de
feat tho ends of Justice, and, In addition
to fining both him and his lawyer, he
entered Judgment against Campbell for
the amount of the debt, with Interest.
Aid for the (ioldberg; Family.
"The Evening World" fcaa recclre-l an addition
cf 13 ka for the Cloldberr family. Mho were turned
out ot their home al 13 Allen street last Wednea
day Tho amount eiaa siren to Mia. tlollberg
at her new home, (3 Orchard atrcet. Uoth the
mother anl rhildrcn have iccoiered from ibe ef
fecta ot having rasrr! two nUbta In the rtreet
lu front of tbetr Lone.
1 N
Army Worms nt Albion, . Y.
(Ity Associated Prcaa )
AI.IHOr.'. N Y , Msy 51 Th- army worm has
made Ita appearance in the fruit treca In tbla o
tallty, and many apple orcharda already have lha
appearance of hat ins been swept by fire So
far as notlel nreharda which were thorouahly
1 aprayed have eociped tho dr.lrustWe vle'tallon
W, K. Vuliderhllt'x ItnvTliort I'nlnce.
(lly Aasoclatad Press.)
NnwrORT. U. I., May Il.-W, K. Vanderhlll
will opes hla marble palace aome tl-na In Jul,
f77l eotumn U open to twrybofly who ha a
rfmt)Uiint to ma, a grievance to vmMate. inor
mttioii to pive n mbjtct of gentrQt intrrrst to c(7.
at$ or a public tenia to aclnoxcUdge, and vtu
can put the idea tnlo tat than 100 uvrtU. Lang
letter caunU he printed. )
The Wnlter'n I-ot.
To th IMItor 1
AUowtnR that itreral -"walttrs r too flab tr
and are i-porti," yet It docn not nceeMirlly fol
low that all ara bo. There ara "nool, Mra.tjr
anl saving men" among them, Juat aa there are
more honest men and tlrtuoua jjrlrla In thla orld
than thlcrca and libertines would hue ua Imag
ine. Thla la verified In the large number of
Micron-kee pert In thla cltf who were once wait
era Nevertheless, It la a poaltlre fact, inch la
the general aversion of the fair se tetania
them th.it It la almoat Impomlblo for them to
Ijet aensible glrla of any refinement They can
get lota of Illiterate,, only too glad to join them
In wedlock, not for loe (a thing that has an-li-hcd
from their 1-carta for years), but for the
love of the money they bring home, so that they
could have enough ut beer to drink with the
neighbors These are the only glrla that have
any use for them or any Idea of their worth,
while other useless Imitations of what they
should be look down upon them with scorn I
can appreciate any girl for rejecting the atten
tions of thof-o men who cannot give them a de
cent Ihlng, tut when a man's Income (even If he
bo a waiter) amounts to $23 or $30 a week, hon
eatly but not ao easily earned, I think he Is
entitled to seek the comforts of a home Insteal
of being mtaerably Isolated In a furnished room,
subject to the temptations of the "gln-mlll,"
and should command aa much respect and atten
tion from the fair sex aa those whose tncomei
ara but half or one-third of his.
TIipnp Wn tor Shark. Not Guleniiri.
To the Editor:
I ll'e the way ene of the New York morning
paper c .ills us names It was hard to swallow
when at Klre Islanl t.o were called "clam-dlg-girs."
Now when the 'Perslan Monarch" goei
ashore we are spoken of as "shell-backs " It was
also elated that the old water sharks laughed and
seemed disappointed when they Rot the vessel
off. That Is nbaolutely raise. Have the people of
New York an Idea that we are a lot of aavagea
anl delight In shipwreck and loss of life and
ptoperty? Let me tell you that shell-backa nr
clam-dlggera aa we ore, some of our "old water
r hark a" ran gtto the New York land sharks carda
and spades and then beat them out. We don't
buy green-goods, and we aro never rtono up
A SIinLUDACK ci.AM-mr.GEn,
Kast Mortchea, L. I.
I'nntfnl Iiuiirovciiictitu Needed.
To the Kdltor:
Many objects have been discussed, advices
oskt-d and given, and many complaints made, but
why don't we hear something about why thert Is
no writing material on the lower floor of the Gen
eral PoM-om.ce, New York City, so that a person
may be able to address a letter or wrtte a, postal
card? Why don't they push the matter of having
postal savings banks so the people may have an
APitwirthnllv r9 aacialntv tVieat tittle. vh Ann. Wtjik
they are Able to lay over once In & while?
Why not let the letter-carriers have the same
privileges as police and firemen, and allow them
a fr ride on Elevated and surface cars?
H. da V.
Nnttnnnl Nomenclature Again.
To the Cdltor:
In "The Evening World" May 16 Mr. O'llrlen,
In the Utter headed "Queer Things In Natural
Names," showa an exceedingly unusual knowledge
of Uruguay, jet he seems to have fallen tnto
some errors Uruguay gets the term "Oriental,'
not from Us having been the easternmost of the
colonies of Spain but, from Its situation with
reference to tho Uruguay Hirer. In Uruguay
and the Arrentlne. Urutway la known as the
Ilanda Oriental (literally, tha eastern bank or
shore), which haa come down as Mr. O'Urlen
says, from generation to generation. The full
official title of Uruguay Is "HepubHca Oriental
del Uruguay," the republic east of the Uruguay
Oliver), and Is found on all coins, &c, of that
salubrious country. When I was In Montevideo
and Duenos Aires, 1SP3-5, they were beginning to
call us the United States of North America, and
North Americans. EX-NAVY.
Thi I.ord'n Day.
To the Editor'
I would like to suggest to "A Sabbath Keeper"
tho propriety of reading more closely church his
tory, and particularly the New Testament scrip
tures, for I am persuaded that h or ahe, will
And that the primitive Christians observed the
first day of the wiek (Lord's day) to commemor
ate the death and rcsurroctlon of the Christ, and
on that day they partook of bread and wine.
This practice of the Apostles and disciples ante
dates the Ho man Catholic Sunday holiday. Tho
Jews, according to their law, observed the
seventh day until Christ, by his death, abolished
the law. The divine command to reBt after labor
ing nix days Is just as binding to day aa ever.
and all Christiana obey the law by abstaining from
lalor every seventh day. For convenience of
Christians all observe the first day of the week.
A SclitMil-IIoiiMe Tuiiilillnijr Down.
To tho i.lltor.
I would like to know If you or any of the
many readers of the "Evening World" could In
form me why It Is that something Isn't done U
the school-house on the corner ot Ninth street
and First avenue. We people have been com
plaining of Insufficient school accommodation,
Anl jet this building has been out of use for a
long time, and la seemingly In a falling-down
condition. We are constantly put In mind of thla
by two large props that keep the building from
tumbling down. TraPlc on Ninth street Is Inter
fered with on account of one ot the props, which
takes up part of the roadway. It some one could
impart to me why this shout be so It would be
thankfully received INQUIUER.
Typewriter Are I'artlcnlnr
To the Editor:
The w rlter Inulres as to the advisability
of marrying a typewriter evldtntly means the In
strument Itself, or he would be able to decide
the question without universal assistance. First
clais typewriters are not to be had for the asking,
although, as In other pursuits, there are those
who can be procured at a reduced rate. I should
like to know If this person Is sure the "fatal
creature" would accept his proposal. 2 predict
that he will pet a decided "No" for the simple
reason that his bump of self-conceit (as in the ma
jority of the sex) Is too fully developed.
Wealth mill I'lirchuHliiK Power,
To the Editor
Mr ThoTia-i J, PanJford says, "Wealth Is any
thing which confers on Iti owner purchasing
I-ower," but the question Immediately arises,
"rlkhtful" ur "wrongful" owner, end thla Mr
fitndford does not specify Poi be then contend
that slavery Is wealth, for the owner could con
vert his slaves Into cah, and thua purchaso any
thing be needed? Let Mr. Band ford try again be
fore ho attempts to controvert what he la pleased
to term "a single-tax absurdity " The absurdity
It In Mr Sandford's axiom, and not In the single
The Mulit In tho lNirlor.
To the Editor;
"I) M 0 " aoks If It Is the correct thing for
his girl to have a light In the parlor when he
calls on her. It "I. M 0," called to see my
daughter and objected to a light In the parlor I
woull kick him out. lias he paresis? I would
advise him to go soak his head and then move to
either Illoomlngdala Asylum or the land of the
midnight sun. 1. D. Q.
No Vmv fur SufTriifflHtN,
To tho Editor
Fy heaven's sake, suppress this "woman's
rlr.hu ' business. We are already ataves enough
without giving them the right to still further
govern us. The women who are out hustling on
this question ought to be at home, sewing buttons
on thslr husbanda' or brothers or fathers' clothe!.
; I am going around now with cut ail my buttons on
account ot IL rniSUIB.
A Ilontlnfx Coatnmp,
This Is a boatlni; costume par excel
lence, though the same notion could be (
adapted for n tennis costume or a
cricket costume, or a Rolf suit. It con
sists of a coat and skirt, threaded with
club ribbons, these being brought
through buttonholed ullts right all the
way down the skirt, nnd terminating
with loose ends, while the Jacket has a
collar of excellent shape treated In tho
same fashion, with ends hanging
loosely. The whole Btyle, while It Is ex
tremely smart, adapts Itself alike to the
requirements of the slim and the stout,
the long lines of the ribbon undoubtedly
giving a good effect to tho figure: and
the coat can be completed either with a
shirt, which should, of course, boast a
tie to match the ribbons, and may be
finished with an Inner vest of the cloth
striped again with these ribbons, as It
appears in, the picture.
I'nIiih: Ulnar million.
The latest fad In fancy work is to
make tabic covers out of cigar ribbons.
They are made like a crazy quilt, using
the ribbons for the patches. Of course,
tho ribbons are cut so that when they
are sewed together they make an Irreg
ular design. The Idea is a pretty one,
and you can have no conception of the
beauty of a cover so made until you
have seen one.
Wild Slrnivbcrrlcn.
To the Juice of half a lemon add one
cup of wild berries. Hub through a
setve and add one pint of thick cream,
one cup of sugar. Whip to a stlflft froth
a id pour the mixture Into an Ice cave,
piling on top one quart of berries.
Cover carelessly with their own vines
and leaves, after sprinkling with sugar.
Tuck th red berries and vines Into all
pussiuie criiCKH miu urevii:3 ui tin
crystal "cave," which Is simply a square ,
block of Ico hollowed out with heated
Irons Into the size and shape needed.
Oyster caves have long been the fashion,
but fruit Is a most beautiful decoration.
Serve with a silver fruit knife or ladle ,
the frozen fruit creams on small cream :
plates with cakos,
Mlnchlcvotiit Footwear.
It Isn't all the shoes' fault that people
have sore feet. Stockings that are too big
and stockings with thick seams and
clumsy darnings do tender soles a lot of
T)i-bllltnlliiK Hot nntlm.
Don't take a hot bath in the morning,
girls. It Is tho very worst thing you can
do to tho complexion, digestion and In
terior departments generally. Instead of
stimulating the digestive organs they are
debilitated by the exhaustive hot water.
A big breakfast taken soon after Is an
added injury, and a step in the direction
of dyspepdla. Cold water, that's what
you want before breakfast. Pull on an
oiled silk cap, turn on the shower, stand
In the tub and take the shock one or two
minutes. Never mind the soap or sponge.
Then dry up and drink a cup of hot milk,
water or clear tea or coffee. That's the
way to tone up the nervous system and
send the blood coursing through thd veins.
That's the way to get an appetite for
breakfast and a clear view of the day's
duties. That's what the doctors say,
and they ought to know what they are
talking about.
alrnt Meat tor Children.
The following represent the best meats
for children In the order of their digesti
bility: Cold mutton, mutton chops, veni
son, tenderloin, sirloin steak, lamb chops,
rost beef, rabbit meat and chicken.
Veal, pork, turkey, goose and duck
should be excluded from the children's
bill of fare.
The Art of OettlnK On.
The best equipment that either men
or women could have Is definite knowl
edge. If It be only of one thing. The first
question I ask those who come to me
for advice, says a writer In Llppln
cott's, Is: "What can you do7" If tho
answer Is as It almost Invariably
proves to be "Anything," my heart
fills with despair for the applicant. In
thp m,oney-mak!ng world "anything"
means "nothing." It Is'overrun with a
vast army of lncnpables ready to rush
In nnd undertako "anything." What la
needed Is some one who can do some
thing as opposed to any one who can
do nnythlng. Competency Is the only
equipment thnt Is worth anything nowadays.
Krnnnmicul IIi'iulKt'nr.
If you have an old straw hat that you
want to mako do until you can get a
new Bummer hat. take the trimming
oft the hat and dust tho straw per
fectly. Take a half cup of clear cpffee
and a clean black cloth and wash the
Etraw, rubbing It vigorously until It
seems to be pretty wet through, Then
lay the hat on a flat surface, with a
dark cloth under It and another over
the brim, and with a moderntely hot
Iron press It till It Is dry, For the
crown Belect a tin pan or bucket that
Is about the same size as the crown nnd
press It over that. Then put your who
back In the edge of the rim If It bad
oneand bend the hat In the shape that
you desire to hnve It.
You can chance the shape entirely If
you like. If tho crown Is too high take)
out a few rows of straw close to the
brim, where the trimming will cover It.
And If the brim Is too low for the pres
ent fashion, put In a few row of.
straw taken from nnother hnt, or a '
piece of buckrnm: It will be covered by ,
the trln- ,ing. Then ge -:.-..e good shoe
polls, i ihnt Is nil the average polish Is
good for and give the hat three coati
of the liquid blacking, waiting for each
to dry. You will be nstonlshed to sea
that your straw loolis llko now. This Is
.1 good way to freshen oTd hatB during
the Summer. Brush and apply the pol
ish without removing the trimming.
The I'lrxt Wo m nu Typesetter.
Chicago has tho first woman setter of
tyte In the peiion of Mrs. L. S. Jones.
Mrs, Jones Is said to be the pioneer of
her sex In this work In this country,
She thinks It n valuble and very suita
ble trade for women.
A Sweeper for Mnttlnir. ;
For sweeping matting or hard wood, JL
make a broom cover of canton flannel t "
exactly nt the broom. Edge with box- (
plaiting and tie at top nnd bottom with '" j
tapes, so that It may be taken oft nnd
washed whenever this becomes neces
sary. To go with tlie broom-cover one j
might make a -vveeplng-cap. Tlalt a -.
width of pale blue cheese-cloth thirty
Inches long at both ends, confining one
with n small bow of blue ribbon. Lay
the other end over Just above this, so
that It will torm a large cap to com
pletely cover the hajr and keep it from
all dust.
Demoralising nUect. ot "Ten."
A society woman has what her hus
band calls "a tea Jag" every Wednes
day night after an afternoon at home.
She finds tho effcts to disastrous that
now sho no longer takes a cup of tea
with each guest, but slpa hot water and
milk Instead.
Worry mill Imllireatlon,
Worry la a baneful curse and source v
of untold evils. It scams the faco with
lines nnd furrows nnd hns a most de
pressing effect upon that hyper-sensl-tlve
organ, the stomach. The physio
logical explanation of this Is tho closo
alliance of the great sympathetic nerves,
which nre worse than tho telegraph for
carrying bad news; the worry and anx
iety which depress the brain produce,
simultaneously a semi-paralysis of the
nerves of the stomach, gastric Juices will AH
not flow, and presto! there la lndlges- B
tton. One sign of mental health is se- Bjl
renlty of temper nnd n self-control that BjVI
enables us to bear with equanimity and BMI
unrufTled temper the petty trials and JrVJI
Jars of life, especially those arising I V
from contact with scolding, Irascible, S
irritating folk. It is well to remember
at such times that these unfortunate
are their own worst enemies, and a cul
tivation of the art ot not hearing will
help us very much. It Is a very useful
art nil through life, and well .worth, i
some trouble to acquire.
"I.ndy Inmiectora of Nninnces.-s I
Nine ladles passed the April examlna-
tlon nt the Sanitary Institute, of Lon
don, for positions ns inspectors of nui
sances. Are our ladles coming to thlat
nonst Sturgeon,
Remove the skin from a thick piece
of the fish weighing about three or four ,
pounds, lay some thin slices of larding
pork over It, and season It with salt and
pepper. Put a slice of onion, half a car--U
a bay leaf and a spray of parsley
In a dripping pan with a little water.
Set the fish on a rack in the dripping
nan In a hot oven, and let It roast till
thoroughly done, basting It every tea
minutes with the liquid in the pan. Serve j,
It with rich sauce like espagnol. Smok- ft
ed sturgeon, which comes at a low rnee,'T''J
Is good. Split the slices, broil them 1
lightly and serve them with a little but-,' '
ter sprinkled over them. r
An Oven Clinlr. I
A low chair, made by sawing oft una
legs of n common kitchen chair untfl It
Is low enough to suit one, with a cushion
of dnrk calico. Is a useful adjunct to the
work to sit In while wnltlng a few min
utes for the biscuit or cake to bake. One
can open the oven door without stopping
to examine the article cooking. ,,
Tho Chnmolai Glove.
The warm weather will force some of
the kid gloves Into retirement and bring
the chamois glove to hand. Although
chamois Is much thicker than kid or
goat skin, it makes a cooler gloye, be
cause It Is more porous. In many of th
glove shops these Summer gloves are
Bold for 90 cents. They are not always
a good shape, being short-fingered and
clumsy wrlsted, but they are well mad
and wash and wear like sailcloth.
Stocks Worn In lied.
There is no knowing what the de
signers of French lingerie are about.
Formerly they had regulation models,
wffdgg t i iViKW 1
j?5. A-7j7Ski-Tv---.'!.'cr a
Tkiii -;
--r" I ) .
now every Innovation In dressmaking
Is appropriated. I3ven the nightdresses
have stocks, balloon sleeves and shoulder
capes. '
A Cover for the Trnnlt.
If ycur trunk must be In your room
It will bo Improved In appearance by a
cover. This may be of dark blue
duck, the exact shape but a trifle larger
than the box. Trim the bottom with
two rullles of dark-blue silk. At the
sides make pockets, It desired, of the
shirred silk nnd have a thin cushion of
tho duck for the tor-

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