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MB?' ' fivu '" 4l l U' YHu. Vviyii.iii: iblUAV tMra, iM.vi ibt4. - M
fii 6TH AVE. 2 1 ST TO 22DST.
Rf la addition to a groat mnny doBirablo lota of goodB from our
HI' Great Fire Underwriters' Sale
Bfi,i fctock, which WU haTo room to display for tho first timo to-morrow,
HL " wiU Ploo on sal ooma ot ibo Srcntost MONEY SAVERS
H&rV' tf boforooffcrod at retail, ovrrj'ono of which will bo found on in-
Hpr,j speotion to be juit as ropresontod.
Hrap f g WAT Astonishing Reductions in
Eafi A ffrcat variety of Figures and
PaHRgf Stripes, on black, navy blue and A snap shot, spot cash purchase of
Pp' light grounds, worth fully nn 200 dozen finest quality imported
Ht&iv 65c. at . Leghorns, in white, navy, brown
v ' .,, and black, every one guaranteed
KtfV 'Chan-eard. Taffetas, Willi woven flimres: Mm- """ ,, . ;, ,,,,,,, j,,,,,,!.!,,
B:,-' iMtionWik.. wiihcf.ntriu.unit floral dr-isms an excellent and unexreptionaUlo
HLv r Black Taffetas, with colored or wlillo stripes, value lit from $1.25 to 1.50 eilch,
H " V " - 3 9 last at
Ktifift At.tochdwibiwrpBuwinieTHi6i iiKituMifc. q0 j0 0f 200 Trimmed Hats,
isbibHbV-XA l Mack and navy blue grounds, with usarletyot , i,4,,f,,n,. nm1 liiuul-
T- different . i strips and polka dot, rq latest styles, tasteful!) aim imiiu
K ;-' i.oo quality i our price v 37 Homely triinincd, marked down from
BLACK SILKS, r.-.... 1.98
niHV - , ... .t-,. One lotof 250 Tr mined Hate.nchiy
Ssessaaaflft - Heavy Imported 32-lnch black Trret, worth , r , . ., i ,i 1
HptC fa.oa trimmed m tho nowest effects, ana
K.f-V "fsB-lnch Daroassa black India, worth 70c, OUr regular SG.00, 87.00 and J QO
BU. sMBe? "nbwl'blt ,ndl wortl1 J, 88.00 tiualities, reduced to . W
K.l',,' 91-lneh Itovcrslblo Bengallne, worlli 7Hc, " ' '
Hr)V ' '90-Inch Heavy Oros da Lyons, worthSSc,, i ! I n llJ. ...
uH x&ss&sio Ladies Summer Underwear.
B .I:- WUhleSHk. at. . . Vcb1h
HK''1 DllHl lIRPQ HfinnQ i Bupcnor quality, low neck and
H DliAUft UnLOO UUUlOi Hlcnvclcss, with silk tapo and lace
Ki A . . . , i Ti i crocheted edge at neck; in
Kl- A wt7 t?P r P UBunlly sold at 35c, at 12
kHI? SuitmgB, Fancy Hon Sackings, J ,, T,ironrt HBlM mvbti v,., ,
aaBI' CasbmerO de OOIC, Wldo Wain KUtft nr ecru, low neck and alvevelcu. hand.
tSertro and Turkish Mohair, Ofl omeiynnhindwith aiiv, oid every- nc
J j (n .H where at W)c., at
km: reduced to J Ijiillos, amira VMMi ,llRl) nK.k .,, rlhbed
PHhfr,,, M-lncb All Wool India Twill Heme, 04-Inch Vic- arm, excellent quality nud muully g Q
Hpf" torUaoth. Bilk Warp Oieioa Cloth. 40-Inch toldatOOa, all ilrei, 28to 88, at '
Hn Caihmero de Cox. Theae are all Imported
H;' ' ix?r-TSjfi .39 parasols and Umbrellas.
PPPkL-; iVlnrti Ttovelty Bultlnir, 40-lncli Cravenette ,., ,. 1
HfH Perje, 40 Inch Silk Warp Huhllme Cloth, 40-Inch LadlCS Coaching 1'araSOlS, CSCCl-
K'.,. VtZpJZ .49 lt quality, splendid colors and
ft1,' mouutod with a ehoico lino of
Colored Dress Goods, xtr:"": .98
Hf;f'' 80-inch Silk - Finished Mohair, in Ladlca Fancy Satin and Wlk Coaching raravl,
Mp ?;- Checks and hairUno Strines. in 'n a beautllul rane of colon, and mounted with
bbbB' v t i ti 1 a very handsome line of Imported 4 rt r?
llv ew Hlmdcs of tan and gray. bn,nM, w,ii,at iet a.Bo,u I.2
K' A Splendid 50c quality fJ IjhII'S' 'J4-lnch niue Wilt (llorla Umhrelloj,
PPPSV ' at CO w" wl'"" entmelled sticks and handles,
PJfY t . . mounted with blue Dresden balls, Just as tise-
LPfcv W Inch Hopsacklnir, In new irreenn, browns, (ul for sun cr rfcln, sold everywhere Q Q
PSlPM r plnmi, hellos, mrtlos, terra rotUvi, tans and at 1.60, at...-, ... ,i0
VM new brown, now green and navy ar Men's GaUZO Or Balbriggan Shir ts
gBK'i bloes. A splendid 00c. qua ty at... (S v .e u , v. Trr i
iHE't' .,,,,, , M . . ' of excellent quahtv, in different
gaTaTaHAt M-lDCh All-wool Double-Chain Storm Seine. In l i i-
ggVl three ihades of navy blu Asolcn- 4 A C?lorB ftnd medium S1ZCB, UBU- IQ
gtgtH&v'' did 76c quaiityat..- . O 7 ally sold at 39c.t our price , . . a 10
K- policeman mine num.
Mm?'-' .
Pr - Coroner Shea Was Not Willing to
HK-V Discharge Him.
V'' Bald tho District-Attorney Would
Hy, Probably Do So.
gggV v ' Policeman Reuben C. Harvey, ot tho
M 3Bast Sixty-seventh street station, who
ggg; fired the shot into a stone-yard at Bev-
Km"'' nty-nlnth street, east of Avenue A,
gKKv v tla' Hd James Carberry, was rc-
ggjgV, manded to the Coroner by Justice
HH-f .'W'elde. in Harlem Police Court, this
K;V tnornlne.
ggHLL Michael Scanlan, to whose home Car-
Kft berry was taken utter being shot, and
Hk John Cannon, John O'Connell and Ed-
gaKgBt ward Nevlna, who took him there, were
gglgBgy also held to uwult tlio nation ot the Cor- i
LaHKtX tDtf-
gKBk5;i In court this mornlnc Charles niau, of
GgKn 4S1 Hust Klghtleth street, the German
gHCBSsV' youth whose cries nttractcd Harvey,
gKK! corroborated tho pollcemun's account ot
gagagaV't' the shootlntf.
gHgK He said that at 9.30 o'clock Saturday
ggBHH BlBbt Carberry met liim at Seventy-
ggfTKw ninth street and Avenue A and bald
HdbHj "Hello!" At the same time, the boy
ggSKHCt- Fa,1' Carberry struck him mi the chin,
BV'BfV:i7 knocklnir him down, and then Krubbed
gaVHE? nls watch chain, to which was attached
ggB, ggK, match box.
;Hb:f "l yelled: 'Police!' and 'Murder!' " said
ggM"raH!if' Blau, "and Harvey came up. He called
BraKt' Carberry to stop, and then fired a
K-'aK,-' not In tho air, Carberry kept on run-
MvaE'-V nine, and the policeman yelled "Halt!"
K' m$ twice more. Then he fired two shots
".;-?:, Just as Carberry disappeared In the
gggf't'H.. darkness of the stone-yard."
gW ggf- The men who took Carberry to Scan-
gssf. 'gST lan's house said he came tin to them
TivK. "' tne toot of Seventy-ninth street and
gBgV-.igKr ald ne waa ,lclc ani1 wanted them to
ggHlgsK'U take him to Scanlan's, offerlnn them a
gggS,'.-fMr"A dollar to do so. They said they icot u
gggKftsK? -waron and did so, and did not know
H&nBf tintll afterwards that he hud been shot.
ggKuTgagVy Policeman Hurvey allcces, however,
Et' lsH'ih at ne afterwards saw O Connell with
ggKtoggKf tho stone-yard ganK.
5.0 (.' Scanlan leneated the story he hns
E'Hb told all along, and then Capt. Strauss
.' Til started with the four men to the Coro-
bBu, ner's omce.
H!?s.l, The (our men and Policeman Harvey
gggK, Mfe-I Were taken before Coroner Shea
ggKKY sbortly before noon. They told the
f B-v unit story that they told to Justice 1
gK,Ktf Wtlde.
mill mWZ .Coroner Shea thought that he had no '
mV-J.-mV authority to dlscharice Harvey, althoUKh
ggV'JgggK he was convinced that he was blameless
ggKV' gt In the matter. He said he would parole
H'?aHtj th policeman and would brine the ,
B& laVi matter to the attention of the District-
HOrvW'V Attornoy, who would undoubtedly order
Vsi-iK the. dlscharee of Harvey as soon as he
gggVi ,' heard the facts.
K'''W ' Nevln. Connor, O'Connell and Scanlan
gKr $? vera dlschanred after Giving their
LHoHS Bamei and addresses,
K Btt Voumr Urundt Hud n Duplicate Key
ggJC?'" Bfli- nnd Helpvil lllmaclf.
HfaHt Charles Brandt, seventeen years old,
c ".WlV , t Tft West, Ninety-ninth street, wus held
ggKiH'gjKV, Dr rial In Yorkvllle Court this morning,
Rr Hrff oarp6 with robbing his employer,
gggV. aPif , Emll Cloppert. Cloppert is a carpenter,
gggVtSs EKKo" ipi has his place of business at S28 East
ggSVVgggWi, TMty.flfth street.
gK'fc asf'V L'- t(nr weeks ago be employed Brandt In
ML' :'."'- ''. office to fill c trustworthy position.
K'.aHr i - ii XPsLweeki ago he began to miss money
gm (VgggT. ; ' WMII his safe. On Two occasions he
BbVraTi' '' BWl-jy o "5 BOne. Yesterday he
gMP ".', ' 'Hf1 more had vanished,
UJ- -y'.mEsi' , -" notified the police at the East
ggfc VMC"' - 'Twenty-second slreet station, and I)e-
, ''sET. ' M-.te'lv nenham was assigned to the case,
l . gggK ' Mlknham. 'questioned Brandt, The boy
sBL flwJ 'r,sm frightened, and finally confessed.
ggK Mil When'searched there was found on him
gggHUggHn W and, a duplicatt key to tho safe.
Held in $6,000 for Larceny and
Publishing False Eoports.
Intended to Su.ll for Kurope To-Day
with Ills Lawyer.
Gustav A. Gronlund, President of the
Scandinavian nnd Flnlnnders' Emi
grant Company, now In the hands of a
receiver, was held in SG.OOO bail for ex
amination to-morrow by Justice Martin
in the Tombs Police Court this morning.
Urondluml was held In ball on two
charges, one of falling to forward to
Finland In February last $30, which
had been Intrusted to him by Andreas
Fosman, a Philadelphia enrpenter, con
stituting grand larceny; the other, thnt
the defendant published a false report
relative to the financial condition of tho
forwarding company, by which Fosman
nllcges that he was Induced to place his
money with Orondlund's company.
The last orfense Is a misdemeanor,
punishable with a fine of J500, or Im
prisonment, or both.
Tho charge of grand larceny was
made yesterday, and a warrant was
served on Gronlund at his ofllce, 21 Statu
street, lute yesterday nfternoon. He
was locked up In the Elizabeth street
police station, where he remained ull
He was held In J5 000 ball on the
charge of grand larceny, to which Im
pleaded not guilty.
The second complaint was not sworn
out until nearly noon. Oronltinil also
Pleaded not guilty to this etinrKe and
Justice Martin held him In Jl.Ouu for ex
uinlnatlon the mrae tlim- to-morrow
lands belmel nnd 1.. lllchanls. In tho
banking business ut CI Hroadwuy, weiu
tho bondsmen.
Gronlund Intended to sail for Flnlnnd
on the Bremen line steamer. He was go
ing with l.oueyn Mosvs, counsel for the
firms assignee, to straighten out the
buHlness troubles on the oilier side.
Gronlund said this morning that hf
nau not lntemipn tn run nunv n n,.!. .v;
jmv, i.ub imeuueu tu run aw ay, as nau been
said. He wus simply going to FlnlanJ at
the request of Assignee l.urla.
"I received the money charged In the
larceny complaint," he said, ''and If It
never reached Its destination on the
other side, our ugents there arc respon
sible for It.
"Relative to tho published report, It
was conect ut the time. Certain notes
due, which were uted as usscls, failed
to mateiiullie, nnd they were thrown
out by the assignee, That brought down
the amount of the nsHOts,"
Fosmun's luwyer alleges that he knows
at least IOO persons who have been swin
dled bv Gronlund, amounting In ull to
about S10.0O0.
Order of Solon (Ifllcrrs Held.
Uljr AlsorUted I'r'is )
riTTSDUrtO, Ms, 2S Th chsrses of erabei.
iltment preferred bjr Ulenn 1.. Kclsom, President
ot tb SLprims Lodt ot tb Order of Solon,
gainst tns Suprems Secrrlarjr. Ilonjtmln K
Dsatty. and tbe former bupreroe Trtasurtr y V,
Over, came up berort Alderman Orlpp yesterday
I Deatty and Ortr were bound oer to tbe
Criminal Court la bonds ot tt.QM.
When Baby was s!ci, wt gate her Caatorta,
When she was a Child, she cried for Coatorla,
When sho became Mlas, she duns to Caatorta,
iVben she had Clill Jreo, she gave them Caitorut
Has Ihrui for your Hummer Homes.
One Osk Settee, 1 m - rx o
fins Arm Chair, J"S iTI OO
One Ij-tk- Itoclier, " 4a ''
One small Hoik er, l
One Small Chair, '
Another Great Feature Is an
Itett, Iltiremu nnd Vuhv
On. Woven Wire Hprlim, S ffl A OO
Two riailicr I'HIoni (4 film
JK HI (Mil PftCil), llVl
One i hair. Oun Ilocktrl
trnil One Talila,
Of Light Furniture, Porch ana
Lawn Rockors, Settees and Chairs,
Children's Rockers and Chairs,
Reed Tea Tables.
Kiirnlture, Carpets, Mattings. Iliilillnp, rineVs.
Cutlery. I.nms, 'lollelMta, Pictures, llaliyfar
rfafies, llelrljjerators, lie liuxes, tlas btoves,
Itunses, &c
258. 260, 262 6th Ave., near 1 7th St.
Ist siili- tho Htrort, llr-monibfr.
Oivn hHtiinlfty ,fiilniS tmlll II n'tinrk.
NOl'i: -In Out-i)('Iiiv.M ituypM. My Hi-mllriK
KtcpiiLi In eMiiim tnoiir Mall Onlf I epnrlini-rit
for lh" New Illutlrntnl ('ut.iltrfim j'i will come
Into iwum-'VsIiiii of an Piitiilvfly cuttin up hihI
tiAnfiifihli- work tn a honk of rclen nrt- when In
iHfltrf Kuriiitiirf or IIoiim'IioI'I OuosM, And can
lnriirn nnylhltnj di-nlrfl from no tn thnt way
without the trouble unl nut of a I-IU
Ureal (.nroclven to packhiff mi I Ahlpplriff.
nt;u ti:kim
fl.00p-rnek oa T.'i $'2 Wlpprwwknn f20
1 Mljior wi-fk on Iiki, :MHt wpfkon r2frt
a.(M-" w--k on 1M It Wiperu.'Pknti ;j(K
Seven stores full of FURNI
Household Goods, at lowest
prices and on the easiest weekly
or monthly terms.
Collection. Made II' ItEQUIiHTHI).
Till: I'UICIJ.
(iitAi.NM. MArriN(i.ac,,8iionri.KNtnna,
KUOM 1 TO 10 YD-.,
IH1VT I'AII. TO lll'.AIt AMI Sl!i: OUR
.lIU-ilCAI.l'AUI.OItHI'lT, (INI.Y85S.UO.
t'A.sii nit ti.'ii:.
JLOOperweekon 7.' , J.ls per eel: on $1.V)
1.60 per wees cnluo iADUper neelc on tAK)
Ludwig Baumann & Comp'y.
I21sl St, and 3d Ave., Harlem.
ours COMMIT lifts.
No Benefits on tho Chester to Dis
turb tho Tired People,
A Chorus Girl Talks or the Great
Hit in London.
"Mr. Daly's company is half here," to
quote one of his Cockney chorus Klrls.
It arrived nt 10 o'clock on the Chester,
that mude the trip from Southampton
to Quarantine in l days, & hours and 3
Of the sixty-four cabin passengers,
nineteen were thcatrlcul people. There
wus the centle jrs. Gilbert, the gifted
Sir. Lewis, the lovely Miss Loralne, and
Mies Uryunt, Miss Harry Miss Conron,
Miss Hoffman, Miss Nelson, Miss Young,
Miss Stirling, Mr. and Mrs. llobart llos
worth, Mr. and Mrs. George Clark, Mr.
George Li'solr, Mr. Charles l.eclercii and
Mr. Charles wharnock,
.Mr. Dorney, tho manager of Mr.
Daly's Theatre, was on tho pier, thirst
ing for particulars of the Loudon sea
son Any anxiety about the voyagers was
ymnathy misapplied. The Cheater lud
lovjly weather and a se.i like a Summer
pooi til the way over. Kven Sunday and
yesterday were not bad.
Tnere was no entertainment. The peo
ple were very tired and "umused thorn
selves getting rested," to quote again tho
chatterbox In the chorus, who called the
weather beastly because she wanted a
i swIiil up Hroudvsay or any other New
, York street to get the London damp out
of he' bones.
I When asked If Miss Tlehan was on
board she said:
"Tor lietveu's sake, where nre you
from-Mlaml, Ind., or Oeonoinowoe,
"Miss Hehan Is a star, and stars don't
I travel In tubs like the Chester. They
tucfer something about the size of the
1 Majestic, with deck cabins and hot
.Mitjesuc. svnn ticca ruinns and not
water, minors nnd perfumed soup In
tbe bath."
. "Mado n great hit In London, didn't
"You bet,"
"Want to go back?"
"No, slree! I'm glad I went, but I'm
gladder I'm home."
"Where Is Mr. Daly?"
"Travelling. Clone to Switzerland In '
! look over the scenery for Ideas. 1
"How did you pass thu time on
"Head 'Dodo' nnd the 'Heavenly
Twins,' threw them overboard nnd. like
the rest of the people, amused myself
getting rested.
"There was nothing going on. At the
Sunday service we had some good music.
Miss llryant. Miss Hurry, MBs Conron, i
Miss Nelhon and Mr Wharnock sang" '
The Customs ofllcers went through the 1
luggage, but one of the Inspector said
" These people never have anything In '
their boxes,"
, Among other Chester passengers was
1 nn American lady, eighty-live years of
'age, who never missed a meal during thai
I whole oynge. and Miss Minnie cinrk
known as "the New York Ulrl," the I
model for all Artist Gibson's superb I
society girls.
A llohrmlmi ClKiir-MlnUer Com.
inltted Suicide This Mnrnlnu.
Matras Fenccl, a Iiohemlan cigar
maker, forty-nine years old, married,
committed suicide at 8 o'clock this morn
ing at his horns. 323 Kast Seventy. third
street, by shooting himself In the left
itft7iiijt-.s1tJi1aJ.'jtaA'V!.'f8iltila.'ii.. ,
iv si5 flpecai o -
' A 5aBlliaM 1 navy blue cheviot
.SUITS, 14 and 1G EARb; vere, , , back
WORTH, 2.25 nv""' ff.P I"
7 M t nnd full skirt;
11 mT9k M '" to 42;
TaCsO'sj M value J3.00, only
Special CO dozen Ulttc nnd I'lnk (II Q QO
Dotted Lawn Uulmpo Dresses, I QO - fJ sfc a is' J
to It years; worth 1.49, at HO spufDuck Tuxedo Suit,,
fjrsssQk white grounds, with neat pattern, J "7Q
W-'J worth COS, at I.fu
Jgy S Special lot of Ladles' Jackets, in
xrfjSJfiSSjSiSv. f black, navy, tobacco and tnn,
$&f!jZxiJ)yy of the most approved style, I) QQ
f if $10.00 Watches, $5.98
ill I llllW M0 r'lIiy's Solld Sl,vcr Cases,
nfiij lll'liiiii' w"h seven-Jewel nickel-plated
btKT American movement, stem-
i winucr ana setter, rcguianjr sola C QQ
r,0 dozen nnblcs'lBoys' I'ercnle Kilt, 10.W, special at.... U.uO
Gingham Dresses, '
fc"f"i:;r;::I $12.50 Watches, $6.98
A affe f Gt m Fnhy's Solid Silver Cases,
Zl J B 4jk with scvch-Jewel Elgin or Walt-
) ' r Jr J ham movements, stem-winder
nnd setter, regularly sold for D QQ
M J12.W. Bpecial at Us 00
UlOCKCryi Continuation of the great Parasols
Special offering of White English Tor- and Sun Umbrellas salo nil this week,
celaln ut less than halt tho usual prices.
Covered Vegetable Dishes Set
Lnrgc size Salad Howls Oi jrrri7sJnr' r CT73 JCD - -
Hread und Cako'pia'tVs.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' ,'jo FFjl Vtpr f jl yfll
Oatmeal or'ijre'ad' and Milk iiowii !o3 wTAf J Ji J ' JiL Fik C v N
Frosted Salad Howls a I m J ; fl 2 r JQ fi&'jffl
Large vurlety Carlsbad China I (1 ft & 9 JJ i j S c ff &
Decorated Custard Cups . IU Trn "l 111 TT rT
Decorated Carlsbad China Cuspa- QQ Ll 1 III 1 1 1 1 I I
J12.no, special nt UU ,T 1 1 1 1 I I I II I II III j
FIno China Handled Olive Trays, JQ ""
nicely decorated . ij m . nn .. . s. Ai nI
e:t7sV:tjvz:z n S4.00 Umbrellas, $1.9.
ous designs and decorations, at. ,0 1)000 Flne Knelish silk Umbrellas.
OIIDTO w"h 1)C'9' hardwood handles,
aSnln I tS. cases and tassels to match, i Q7
,. . u worth J 1.00. special nt I.UI
100 dozen Gingham --
STTrra Skirts, worth 73c, . ,, , ., A-
1 .39. S5.00 Cane Umbrellas, $2.88.
m ljl COO Pure English Silk, nlso Taf
II 100 dozen Fast !etll silk, tlght-rolllng Cane Ura-
milm Black Sateen Skirts. brellaj, steel rod. finest Imported
filfjlji 8 Pinked ryllles, frame, will roll up us Fmall as a
11 II A wor"1 "' cane, c.iho and tassel to match,
II HJN aTari w"n a nno seIectlon of handles, Q QQ
. OO. worth K.W, special at C,uO
Bloomingdale Bros.
no i mm; wati.h oit .milk.
CAMritE.-L SutSdfnlr on MonJay mornlnjt;. May
21, 1894. at till lata rrnldence. 208 Kait 11611.
t New York, nODKRT CAMPtlULU of the
firm ot I'onell A. Campbtll, In t&t 651b car of
hi age.
Funeral aerrlces at the Trinity M. E.
Church, USth at., between lit and 2d avea , on
Wlnfs0.iy, May 23, at 4 o'clock. Interment
at Nfwburc on Tburalajr, Tleafce omit Howiti.
Twonty-fivo Hundred Houbqs
Burned at Soliuoh Eng.
Itcllcf Wltlihclrl from Stnrvlng 1'co
plo tu Kxtort TaxcB.
(tlr Asioclat.J -rresa )
SAN FUANC1SCO, May 22. The steam
ship Gaelic, which arrived from Hong
Kong and Yokohama yesterday, brings
news up to April 18 from China. A great
fire broke out at Schuch Kng on April 11
In Annlnl Province. Fully 2,f00 houses
: wer burned. A correspondent writes
from Schenal that the officials of thu
tirrtt'lnna tin ai fssutiA.1 nrAnlitri'illnnai traa
mlttlng taxes and sanctioning relief from
the provincial granaries. This was not
done, however, until most cruel tortures
had been inilicted upon the thousands ot
starving people In tho efrort to extort
from lliem the taxes remitted by tin-,
lhuperor eight months ago.
The relief glvn now is Inadequate, as I
great distress prevails. There has been I
no rain for five months. '
Lluboruto preparations arc being
inadu for the celebration of the
Kmprrra Duwnger's blrthdny. l'lgh
leeu million tuels have already been
collected for ne purpose, and a0,0.m,f
w ill bo required to pay for the proposed
festivities The sane! Duke of Ylen, n
lineal dcecendant ot the great sige, Con
fucius, will go to l'ekln In honor of the
Advices from Korea say the holy of
Kim Ok Kytin, who was assassinated in
I Jupin by order of the Kurean Govern
ment, was taken to Seoul, where it was
shockingly mutilated ugtlnsi the protests
ot foreign representatives. It Is said
Kim's aesassin will bo made commander
, of an army corps In recognition of his
Merita tJ,-,,0(0 fur Ilia Sou's Ilrntli,
. Samuel Net. man, of ill W'.it Kort).apconJ
street, baa beta appoint! aJmlnlitrator br the ,
hurrog.t., Mlb (lie right la brine suit lor th. ,
UsAta ot bis sob Henry, ukM ten years, who 1
.as run our ana klllej by a hors. irlondns)
to Mlthael J Harrington Throuch bis lavtrrr. !
Iuls tekler. of 171 llrnslsu lull hss been I
bruuictit lo recits.r ts.000 lamaRv In th. Sup.rlcr '
Court, tin M.r 5 last. hU th. . hlM waa trrlnt I
to cros. tb. atritt la front o his house la r'or-tr-second
street ,b was run ovrr ani killed, aa Is '
alined I. tb. complaint, throuab lb. carsl.aan.i.
and negll(ssie. of th. drli.r ot lb. wagon. Tb.
dtf.nitaiit Hirrlsgton ts th. our if Uw Colum
bia Carpet CWanlig Works at IN Wast TUIrlj
fourth airrM,
From flrand Central Station. 424 St.
8 !1( A. !. Kxcepl Sunday. Kmpl-. Btst.
i'spreas. Fastest train In tho wurtd.
I) HO A. SI. Dally faat Mall. Xdl DuSalo Ni
agara Falls. Chicago
1(1 III! A, M. Kxrept Surday. Day Kipresa.
l.(K) f .11 Dally for Cincinnati, St. Duls and
Il.lltl 1'. M. rji. Sunday. For Albany and
4,:i( I. M. Dally. New York and Chicago
Limited Due Cleveland 7.40 A. 11.,
Detroit i:U. M.. Chlrago S 30 I' M.
O 0(1 I'. M. Dally. For Cleveland. Detroit,
Chicago, Cincinnati and fit. Louts.
O an V. M Da ly. For Durllngton, Platta-
burg and Montreal.
7..10 I'. M. Dally. For Duffalo and Niagara
Falls Saranao Lake, Malon. and Mon
treal. D.OO P. M. Dsllv. Only Sleeplnt: Car Fau.a-
gers for Rochester rarrl.d on this train,
D.lr. 1' M. Dally for Chicago and Ogd.nsburg.
and except Sunday for Cape Vincent.
D.OI A. M and It 40 P. M. Dally caept Sun
day ritlstleld via Harlem Division.
Wagner Palace Cars on all through trains.
Trains Illuminated by Flntsch Light.
Ticket and Wagner offices at urand Central
Station. 113, t. 413, 7S5 Broadway, 31 Kast 14th
at., Lincoln llulldlng. 4! nrosdway, 233 Columbus
av. , (3 West 12Stn st. and 138th st. station. New
York; 138 and 72t Fulton at., and It Broadway,
K. 1). Drooklyn.
Ilaggago checked from hotel or realdenca by th.
Westrotl Kirress Co.
Oeneral Manager. Pen. Paaa. Agent.
Mile. Syinon, n Kreneh Dancer, AI
letreK at llrokrn Contrisct,
Mile. Jennno Symon, of Paris, a fam
ous dnncer, hns brought suit in the
United States Circuit Court against
Koster & Dial for W.200 for breach of
contract, She nlleges that she entered
Into nn eight-week engagement with the
firm's representative In Tarls Oct. 6,
1S11, to appear at their New York thea
tre at a salary of $200 per week. Koster
& Dial, she says, also agreed to furnish
her with a first-class steamer passage
from Havre to New York.
Mile. Symon says sho went to great
expense and pergonal Inconvenience to
prepare for her engagement, which was
to begin Dec. 11, 1P93. Kor borne reason,
to her unknown and unexplained by
Koster A Hlal, they refused to allow her
to gu on the stage and broke their con
tract. In ndltlon to the eight weeks originally
contracted for the French dnncer claims
she was to have the privilege of pro
longing the engagement for eight weeks
longer If she desired. Suit is acordlngly
brought to recover salary for the entire
period of sixteen Weeks.
Koster & Dial In their answer make a
general denial.
S. V. Wlilte a (lift to a Collme.
(Py Aesoclated Tress )
OAU:nt!lUl, 111 , May :. President Flnlsy,
of Knoi College, last night snnounced tbs re
ceipt of gifts during th. day for th. college
amounting to 113,000. of this 33,000 cam. from
S V White, of Brooklyn. N. Y.
m ss
Vlrulnln I'list-nmco Itobbc.l.
tnr Aisoctsi4 rresa )
I NORFOLK. Vs., May 11. A apeclal ante, tbst
tb post office st SufTold, Va., was robbed laat
1 nlgbt aw. 11,300 worth of stamps aad 1150 la
cask carried on. Tbs burglars left tbslr tools.
You read "Tbe Uvenlnsr World "
Do s-rla rend tbe Suudus' Worldf
offer on their third floor to-morrow,
May 23, a large and very de
slrafile collection of JAPANESE
RUaS, suitable for summer cot
tages and country houses.
Antique Rugs,
which they have marked at VERY
UU 1 s some of which, on account
of slight imperfections, are marked
150 Q 50.
1U and! .
varying In sizes from 3x5 feet to
5x8 feet
Real Estate.
WM. E. TAiLOR, Auctioneer.
Owing to rain the auction sals of these mag
nificent lota was adjourned to
on the prcm.Kt. ThfM loti are til located on the
belt avenuo In Hackensack; all Improvement!.
Some of the flneit houiei In the city are to be
ten on Cue lid avenue, and many more under way.
Trolley lines to cross this property within one
Terms unequalled I $10 down nn day of ale on
each lot, 110 per month. NO IM'KHUST, and
10 per cent, off for canh.
For free tickets, maps and particulars, call on or
address WM. H. TAYLOR, Hackensack, N. J., or
SS Park row, room 117, Potter n ull d Inf.
Train leaves at 1 o'clock from Chambers it,
1,500 BICYCLES l500
Hale of tboso S1SO New Safeties
AT S50 and S60 EACH.
Also, 260 shop- worn Hate ties,
31! l'Altlt. l'l.AUE.
tSPKINd itlKKTINt., MAV 16 TO 80.
noata leave loot EASl' 34TIt hr,, N. Y (Tla
L. I. int.), 1V.40, 13.60 (1.00 Parlor Car
Train), 1,'JO l. M.
Iloats li-ave foot of WltlTKIIAI.li ST.. N. Y.
(Culver Itouto). 10.10. 11.10, 11.40 A. M.
12.10, H.aO, LIO. l.-M, IU, J. 10 I'. M.
DIPVPI EC seraml-hand. all makes, $Oto
DIuluLuOirJA. Old wheels taken In trade.
New Columbia I'neu.,fl12u: llartfunls, only
fni) complete: New M, 4 W. pneu., (IOO;
Crescents, only (40 complete t 1, Ouo other
bargains; we can save you money. Herald
Oo. (Th. f pot Cash House). 114 Nassau st.
New bluYuLto nt .ecoml-lianil price..
1 IKK) High rad Pneu. tired ladles' or gents'.
We have just bought for cash. Never before sold
forle-stlmiial'io. Three kinds oltlree. Our prices
4o. S4U and f-W. Insiiectlon Invited. Terms,
cash. A. O. 0. Up.. 10 llarclay au , uearB'vtay.
He Sna He Waa Arrcatcd na n Mat
ter of Spite.
Maurice 13. Ault, a bookkeeper, em
ployed by S. L. Pokes, wholesale liquor
dealer, of 220 Fourth avenue, was held
In 11,500 ball for examination In the
Jefferson Market Police Court this morn
ing, charged with falilfylng hli em
ployer'! booka.
Pakea charges Ault with making n false
entry in the ledger on May 18 and steal
ing 110. Ault pleaded not guilty, and said
that Pakea caused his arrest because he
was sulnr: him in the City Court to re
cover 114.75, which he says Pakea owes
llniniiK-raloucli Urn.' New Dunn
l.nvn Store.
A new clothing store has been opened
In almost the heart of the banking dis
trict of the city corner of Broadway
and Hector street thnt will undoubtedly
be looked upon very kindly, and consid
ered a most valuable acquisition as well
us a convenience by tho thousands of
business men who pass the spot dally.
It Is tho firm of Uammerslough Ilros.,
the wholesale clothing manufacturers of
Hlcccker and dreetie streets, who have
undertaken this downtown venture, and
from tho success of their main business
there Is no doubt the selection of a store
In this district will provo wise. As usual,
both at tho Hector street store and at
their wholesale premltes on Bleecker
street they retail goods at wholesale
The firm handle only the best and
most carefully selected of foreign and
domestic novelties, the finish ana make
of every garment ara perfect and the
styles and cuts are of the latest
Hprlng and Summer pattern, tipeclaltles
art made In serge business suits, dov.tall
frock coats, and covert nnd paddock
coats, at prices that would suit any one.
Garments are also fashioned for stout
and lean men.
hlttf '1 ,triiaSasssal,''1aJsssfssaw'r'lMiil Vi
Broadway, between 9t" " 1 0ti Sts. 1
Sacrificing averthing to our unalterable decision not tb M
carry any of our present stock to our new buildings on H
Sixth are., southwest corner 18th st., wo are giving ox- H
traordinory values in our great sH
Cloaks and Suits BLACK I
Coats and Capes DreSS GOOQS. U
J Rl0 7Pr 16.000 Yards. " ,'
KjT Dld.t.V1 Silk nnd Wool Seaside CarmellU ,
JSgL Nuns' Veiling, 48 Inches, wide, for
TtJjf) C!l1 irC dresses, non-crushnblc and not affected l
VAoTyrT" 11 3111 LvJs ,)y dampness or tea. air, reduced from lmt
lj -'o:n Serse. Blacks and Bias. . - H
! $4.98. 48c-
tL i-A New (tvle Jnrkel and Skirt, ... (lfl
C--Z- porfectlittlngjulltallorflnlsh, fc-. Vlliy -mM
? worth M,ju. Qx: dfc OllK. M
Imported Jf W - , f.
Cheviot W M, W "IB
CAaV3i fl?Fiy 'f WVV Waists. Dlack and
iir.ryr f'y lA'J (( t Jk 3X r White and Navy AH
aJtvi 5 V (Ki'MfJ V it? AA Hlue. lahot front.
V """" C fAiLI?' )jl5s'4'VO " vi?L 7 throughout, worth V
s3ullMA I sa- v,::5taV- : ,umov1 J
Hip seam Cutaway LjiaL' KM ft .. .
Coat. fu:i skirt In lllacks VWT ll V " J V 4 Oil 1
audniuea. ft' ft, VTl B ?4 I
$12W V I
Value IO.OO. CX 2 vJIOVCSa VsH
tPk PtlQuOCK Ladies' Paris-Made Glace Gloves, 4 ll
YV button, light hellobutotn, light hetwdyq H
x' button, light heliotrope, pearl and whits),
y""& e i black embroidered, lurge pearl button, H
f "WA 1111" value 11.33, guaranteed perfect fit, at M
M: $7 QS I
mjUlJ lOj White BouretU fl
Jji'l modeofflneqnallty.tan rJjrQ-, P'Pe(" Crgndle '
' I color, Knjllsh Covert PILJ( u Ih
tf , clolh, alho Illack and -vwA-Jsx I I Allltl sl
NiL;. lllue shades of Cheviot, Sfr(ftfYV- I I sTsWll iH
SH northfltiOO. V'lW RvJ stall Bill M
Handkerchiefs. WlS Wnnnoro 1
Ladles' All-Linen, Hemstitched, ffluUUulu
Hand Embroidered Initial, I 1 1 I r V M w
worth 2Ec, at 12V4 t "
Plain Hemstitched, worth 2Sc, at .10 ,1 (fli OC. I
Embroidered Hdkfs., worth He, 4ff I V r W
it 13 V I V O Jfk
Embroidered Hdkfs., worth tOc., I I ' aaastl
Gents' All-Linen, Tape border, w W V Worth S2.00. tW
vorth 23c, at 10 ,ifl tw M I
Plain Hemstitched Hdkfs, worth fctrl0 or cut. ol. tea- WM I
23c- ttt laV4 son able nnd washable, Wm I
777 Broadway, between 8th and 60th Sts, m
Auction Sales. Auction Sales m M
TO-MOnnoW (Wednesday) at 11 A. M. at Salesroom or FIitilMKI HON'. Auetlnnean. m BlllH
Also a Oeneral Astortmenl of Choice Wllrerss-nrr, Opera fJlasae., t.tira, Krvolvera. sSBBV
... . ......, ... ,ai,"il'al. In'triimi-nta and numerous other oo.I. ' "CTO,vers Wk
PIAMONDH will uo oflerwl at 1 u' clock. (Somls on KXIIIIIITION U lo 11 A. M. isilH
Iave foot ot Whitehall st., N.Y.. hourly from
7.10 A. M. to 11.10 P. M. Kxtra boats race data
11.40 A. M., 1U.40, LUOP. M. Haturdays 7.10
1. M. HUNUAYH, hourly from U. IU A. U. to
7.10P. M.
Boats br DAY IUDCjE KEnRT leavs FOOT OP
RAILIIOADS, HOUttLY PROM 7.10 A. M. to 8.10
P. U. : HATUnUAYa and BUNDAY3 T10 P. M.
UtlCKhHl', fllBAl'Krs'l'. HKWT.
Itsam.r. MAtlT FATTICN ant PLEAtlUnE OAT
l.av. toot of Jan. Street. N It. at
O A. 31. AND : V. M. DAILY.
rsondajs escspte'l.) Kr.libt received tor lilts
land Peach, SeabrltBl. Itumsoo. Monmoulk
Peach, Llttl. Silver. Lons Branca and rtranca- 1
port. SUNDAYS, leavs Jsns L A. M BsUerr
Pl.r, near Bart. omc. 1 15 A. XI
Kxraralon ticket OO cents.
Help Wanted Female;
rORKLADY Wantsd, a thoroughly competent
foreladr for neckwear manufactory atate ex
perience, sslsrx sspeeted, A nam. references;
must assume position by Juns 10. Randall, Foster
a) nanJall. Rochester. N. Y.
Canitlit Two Allrneil Illver I'lrntea,
but Tliey Were Dlai-linrReil.
Two alleged river pirates, named John
Leonard, alias "Qrlpes," nineteen years
old, of 5T.2 East Fifty-fifth street, and
Thomas Lynch, the same age, ot 333
East Forty-sixth street, were discharged
in Yorkvllle Court to-day for lack of
evidence. They were anested by Police
man Kettle, of the East Fifty-first street
station, yesterday afternoon,
Leonard and Lynch, In company with
a third' man, whs managed to escape,
were seen In a row boat on the East
Illver trying to make a landing. When
they saw the policeman they pulled out In
tho stream and mado another landing.
The policeman noticed at the time that
I hey liad a large bale In the boat.
Half an hour later the policeman ran
across the two prisoner at Forty-sixth
street and First avenue and placed them
under arrest. Kettle told the Justice
that Leonard was a graduate of the
Elmlra Iteformatory, and that Lynch had
serted time In tbe panttentlarv. Justice
Feitner, however, discharged the prison
ers, as there waa no evidence on which
bt could bold them.
. For Sale. B
CI flTHINR "?"'ciffl5s. a szr. I
ULU I II I III "to order. Ladles' and Mlssa
Wraps, Jackets. Capes and bB
ON Bulls, all the latest style, aad
designs, on easy w.eklr tr WM
PnrniT monthly psrments. SH
I Kr I I Dlnnhnltan L'lntlilnir Co., WM
UIILUMl 1H d av... beL (Sth etth sta.
... ., . ...VouUrra llrauch .llutual steal
C'lnlblnr anil Cluak Co., HIN, llmadnar isIIbS
t)lieiil.enlns iiniHl); Hainrilay. 10.30.
d) t T ,f.,'.uu WKKh.i,v"tiYr
1 U U 11 11 "iitKr ftis fl
VAtar, t)wn H'it. t o M
a tlinin Wstehes from flu tin. Airent calls. 1 saaaal
J. K. AHNOI.l), ;i Hnhlen lnn. Tnk? elevator. A AWE
nnpniv watchks uiamomos v xH
III) I 111 I " " r-armanta. Lo.rat WM
I . K I" 1 1 1 I I"""- """' eonllsa- MM
UllLUl I iiaini.rmi: watch 00.. ,
" s " World nulldlns. room lit! MM
WILI.COX 4 (II1IIH, Aulomaiir.linmestlcN.w H
Home, White, Hinder, lloti.elmid, th. well
known Kruse, (IHupt food second hand sewtnc H
machines Irom $-10 up, for riuh orutoiiihly pay.
mciits. We exrhRwre, rent mid reiialrall klaoa WM
nl mnchlues. Kruse M'l't Co., J'JI li 14th tbl WM
'JOM tlrnntl si. H
Furnished Jooms to Let B
11TII 1st. , lt)I WKn r. Hell 4 Tl'iciefnniiioim H
foreentUnittii, Willi irivut family; rettranoas.
TAIlMCI)'m)Ti:.ir7,lnrliiillBwlnainejiiraest H
KlectlaiioiaililUlir. NewYorli Hotel, iklft 11 way.
t ... ' f WM
jl NEW o a jft
I l UrTOWH I fl
.v 32d ST. T fjt
,1! ;u..'i.-. .uslb ,'i

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