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JR J6 r:::i would. wmkesi)av mymviNo, may 2.3, isp4l ;
flw' . ttmtinvKt from first ran.
flFti, tht Committee that ht was being shad-
i ! owed by three men. ,
Ki, WniMt ij.qClft.y mBJe his promise
R is lit venter to use all the machinery of
Fv the police force to produce Granger this
l morning, Senator Daniel llradley re-
H marke-dthat If he would fulfil his word
mW ' i' ' Qranfcer could be brought before the
H.f Committee within twenty-four hours.
Ki The Commissioner went Into the court-
F ,, room with a smiling face shortly nf tei 10
k o'clock this morning. He was alone,
Vf and carried In his hand a bundle of bank
r? t book and papers. He said he had
1; '' heard nothing of the result of the ef-
flBffJ , forts made by the police to And Granger.
flEi' i Police Itonklnic for Him.
flBr - "Iwaj,;nt Police, Headquarters late
Hit hlgJvtL'V he said, ''and we were then
Bb making-every effort to locate him. A
tr ' lre number of men had been sent out
'7 h to Took for htm, but when 1 left there
H ; no new had been received." If is suld
7 i thati private detectives hnve also been
K '. out on the track of the missing witness.
&, When, Mr. .Nlqoll arrived t 10,110 he
E V looked anxious and worried as he sat at
K t, tht table and held a whispered conver-
K ' datton with Mr. McClave. He had henrd
mmU nothing from Granger, he said, and It
d t began to look as though his prediction
mmf that the young man would neer again
appear before the Committee as a wit-
mwA. . j'ness would be verined.
kft- At U o'clock, when Chairman Lrxow
LUKY m, called the Committee to order, all the
L members-were present with the exception
H. of 'Senator Saxton. Nothing had let
K. The Wonbeen seen of Granger In the court-room
H,. which was crowded with spectators, just
r, A&y foras'lt had been yesterda).
ft? The two letters, printed In "The World '
K IK to-day, .written by Granger In April, 18S1.
HiV.r fJ" to This "friend- Charles n Lnpham, of
v' ' ' .Cahandalgua, N. Y regarding the np-
,. polntmani of- McDonald to the police
- ' force, for whom Laphana said he fur-
HtH nlthed "the money, Were generally ac-
tf. ' cepted as confirming the testimony f
K' Granger given last Monday In this par-
'' "APeri tlcuUr.
mmwiii ItHon lot Before opening the proceedings Clin I r-
LHVi. w. - nn Lexow announced that If the nu-
rrpon, r dlence applauded or made an demon-
A taper fun atratlon such as was frequent nt )cster-
B. Ciitneuti day's hearing the room would at once
mmwi'6 rrrie U'i ht Cleared There was alHo a short
LTsTsT , conference between the counsel present
K ' f""' or nd e Committee.
Hl'1 ! tf Lawyer Sutherland was on hand again
HY" ji" with Mr. Grasse, his associate, but
', t- - neither took any part In the proceed-
Htf Inrs. The coolness existing between the
NHi Rochester law) or and the present coun-
HSV '' of ,he Committee, as well as the
mVt'r Chairman himself, was again made
'j manifest. He sat at the counsel's table
y. however, and watched Mr. Goff closely,
KvtI occasionally joking with Mr. Nlcoll.who
gnt . ast lust across
T'-" When the Chairman asked Mr. Goft If
B VHHapjpj he was 'ready to pr-iceed. the latter.
b, without making any reference to the
iHL ... absenc.pf .Granger, recalled Comirls-
KL- AVER alotitr Mclare to the witness stand.
Kh. , Uaesllonel About CrniiKrr,
B' . - ' Mr. Goffs 'first question .was:
it.if ny "Have , you heard anything about
sB'i'ru Granger to-day?"
iHiWrlr "No, sir: I have not," was the answer.
V3s "Old you seeiAupt. Byrnes about get-
'V tin him herur r
stv-M 'es-T dd-"
?-JiK "Vas any one present when you saw
mtiw hlmt" "
mlMv "Ytt. air." -
35 "Did the Superintendent ask you
iBS-rfe whether any warrants were out for
sw '-HVf, GrangerT'
Kff." "He did, and I said 'No,' but told him
KuS,'.. that ir he could get him to hold him by
jjpjf all means.-' ;
KvCii' "Didn't-' the 'fluperltrtendent nsk you
,w what -crime Granger was charged
B?a5 "rdon't remember that he did "
u "Was anything said about forgery?"
ft)?! "Perhaps there-wasi"
K 'At "And if thc.-e was, you ssld It?"
K'Vt "I ptobably did. A reporter of 'The
sKJrai' World wag present."
Hj m "Did the Superintendent ask you
R-1S whether any Information was laid or
HlSt complaint made against Granger?"
sssKfMk "J d6n't,thlnk so."
pWfSf "Will you wear that you did not say
nve (hat warrants were out night before
iL3w lt for. Granger?"
? "Positively yes,"
jrt.5' After noma further questioning, the
Haiti witness with great deliberation, and
HV; with much feeling, said:
&. "I want to state right here, Mr. GofT,
sK-i. tt and in, the most solemn manner that
K;i tS any human being can state It, that I
tl 'J. am not in any way a party to keeping
K S Granger away from here, and I will
WjtJ say now .that nothing would gUe me
fi I greater satisfaction than to be able to
HTr T .., him rlcrKt hrj. In Ihtit nltneitii rhnlr
Ki -- i. again.'1
fr'i& This brought the questioning by Mr.
H&kiF GofT on this line to a close, and he
Kj Xh asked Mr. McClave for his bank books,
EAlS which ''the witness produoed from hlB
iW V iS inside pocket.
,?vf ijf, "Were you not rated by -orlous com-
tv? ff merclal agencies In IKS?' asked Mr.
Bi HS Qoff.
W Ills Plnnnrlnl Itntlnir.
wK2l "Yes; t have been rnted for the last
K A ten or fifteen ears by 11 G. Dun & Co
E 'If at ,rot ww.ooo to rw nno "
E'S, i "Were vou not rated by Dun & Co In
gy . 1SS4 nt 200 000'"
Mt'T 'S "I cannot remember."
-' T "Did not Bradstieet's rate sou on jour
fcj"' own statement In 168.1 at JH6 228?"
BJVjf r, "t think thej" gtip me that rating,
fc but I wiote them a letter asking them
HU t to change the rating, as It was not cor-
K. i, rect. nntr got any response I do
B J f not remember ghlng them those fig-
$''i5T ur'r"
tV jM Only Worth Kl-4ll,(KM In iss.'l,
mv 5& Jonn H- Bird, the counsel of Bnd-
Bf' IVf- street's was ctlled as a witness at this
.B1 'il point, Mr McClave yielding the stand
sKi 3S- 'r Hlrd produced a cop) of a state-
IBTf.- ment made by Mr. McClave to Brad-
gi- street's tn 1SS3, lh his onn handwriting.
mfl-Wt In which Mr McCIae claimed that he
sBsl.tSil' w?, j0JLlh .2K-50.
Bt fJ For ts84 ,ne record showed that Mr
k4 'Oft McClae estimated his wealth at 'close
J W to 150JX.V but the Company rated him
?, ' y at only J1W0O1 There was no detailed
B'f'i statement
K. . , In lSSJ.Mr. McClave p-esented a de-
jif 7 tailed statement, the witness said, but
at this-polnt Mr, Nlcoll objected that
Hf4, JJ inose were not tne original documents, '
ty.V t out only copies, and the Committee sus-
K &, talned hlra. Mr Bin) was excused, and 1
K he promised to get th originals
RS M Worth Less Tlmn lit- Tenlltled To.
Kw I Enough had come out. hon e er. to I
A If how that, according to Mr McCla e's
mtk ir own .Ti?1mtnl' hl Property In 1! I
M 16 and 1W did not amount to half what
WiF 1 .! "t"iel yesterday he possessed at I
pn Jf th time
Rs I'Jf -Mr McClae then took the stand
H Fit. again
r U. .i"P1J ?ori make a statement In loj
W i y.?ut.w.CTe compelled to fall In U7J.
,, wt liabilities of IW7.W0" ssked Mr
Ta St. "J d'd nt. because It would not htt
IHsfk K b") iTXXt
BjiWjJfti "J?ld "ou' on Dc " lsM state to R
K ,fef G. Dun & f'o. that lour position as Ij.
H.V SIa lice Commissioner bad. 10 great ex-
l,;.' Jfii tent, aided In your business success'
sBf' m "J """" dld'"
H J?;, Ex(rsH from Dun's llrpnrta.
H 3s -,Ir- "off then read extracts from
t X-' Dun'a reports, one containing a state
IB''" PV -ment to that effect regarding Mr Mc
IVr 9K Clave'a business, made on Dec U 1R
H . 2 One dated Dec. 1 rrad "From his
BSn ltff pojltloat tnteestr as Police Commli.
K, mSf aloner he has been brought in contact
KVrSXft s wltB frge demand for lumber, which
U , has undoubtedly Increased his busine- '
-IWk'' Another, dated Oct. H, 1W7. stated that
' m from ilr. McCtae It had been learned
B-,1 ' the c:h "was. doing a vry successful
IS? J& buslniss, nd ,tht the Increase to his
Krf w already large business was due to the
.Hf'4't Wk Influence of.hls political position "
'V m Mr. Bird came back with Mr Mc
H, S Clave .original statements In his o n
Hit K; handwriting, nd signed by him H
C produoed the detailed statement of May
saaW-vYsSS fc. 1SW. In. which Mr. McClave placed his
jVK wealth at K18.000. This statement was
Rs accompanied by a letter written by Mr.
KwK' McClave In December, 15S3, In which he
HA K- ieercaatd this estimate to JMljWO. not
KrH' Hi' HWUdMrg paid-up life insurance policies
C't Pl asnauitlnif tofJW.PW.
Hai'Bi i'elr- tl'tClve h4d been a Police Com
sH.r W ' mWloher : four years In 18S9, and his
sBlloVv w4ltb, "according to these statements,
sW lY'JP- ' id tnrtsd In that interval from about
sB!Svi flj&ea. to; somewhat more than tWO.COO,
mtC Wh t- srMartsui or n&.ooo
answered a number of questions about
his bank accounts, nlth especial refer
ence to his ''personal account" In the
Boer National Hank.
Thft deposits on this account for ten
eurs, .Mr McClave said, amounted to
about $64,000 He always deposited his
salary us Police Commissioner to this ac
count. This was S416CO a month.
Mi. Goff colled nttentlon to a deposit
of $3,000 on June 12, 1691, nnd the wit
ness said that this won tho return of
a previous draft made from his personnl
account to his business account. As to
deposits of 11,000 and (.1333 38, made the
same enr, Mr. McClave could not tell
what they represented.
The t 4 000, the witness said, repre
sented only his salary as Commissioner
nnd $14,01X1 profit which he made In the
sale nf his house nt 156 West Heentj
second strec.
Vnntlier Indlicnnnt Protest
Mr. McClae broke out Into an In
dignant protest as Mr. Ooff continued
to probe into his private account
"It Is unfnir ami unjust," he said,
"that I nm compelled to submit to this
sort of examination You have gone .
Into my family affairs, m grocer s bills,
my butcher's bills It Is n shame The
people of New York are not In fnor of
nn suih thing,"
The witness could onl be restrained
with illfllciilty by Chairman I.exo, nnd
continued In mutter to hluiHelf for some
time afterwards
"Did vou appoint Cnpt. Doherty?" was
Mr (loft's next question
' No, slri I think thnt was Commis
sioner Martin's appointment "
''Hut ou appointed Capt. Martens?"
"Yes "
"On the theory that each Commls
sinner had i right to appoint a captain? '
That's right "
"It js inide on Miy 6 1SJ2' '
"Thnt i don't remember"
Wlint Did the ml, I. "M. Ml Hrprcsenl ' j
' On Mn ID 1892 I "ce n deposit of I
Jft.I'S if, In our personal account Do 1
joii km what that rem clients ' ' ,
Mr. McClave studied tils bank books a
long time nnd llnallv sild he thought It I
miiHt represent a trnnsftr from his busl-
ness nccount
"But vou sav sou never deposited
nn thing lint vour snlnrj In jour per-1
sonal nrcount'"' I
"I ran't explain It nny clearer than I
have," said Air .McClnve, in a tone of
"You don't know In whnt form thnt
deposit of 10 10O was made''
"No, I inn't till It must be a return
to mv personal account of inune) thnt
I previous.) drew from It to put In my
business I see here n voucher for thit
nmniint drnwn about the snme time"
" But here on the sime dite Is a de
posit of IJ202 In our bulni"s ncrount,"
continued Mr. Ooff " How do vou ex
plain that' '
Mr McClnve sild he could not explain
It, ns he had lot nil recollection of the
transactions tin v representid
A tecess was taken at 12 45 to enable j
Mr Ooff to examine the bank books
more thurnughl) I
I Chairman l.exow wis not present when1
the afternoon sisslon was opined, nnd
Senator () Connor preslilid Mr (loff
begin by asking Mr McC'luve whit the
dciiosM of $1 m IS of Nov 7, WD, inennt
He said lie did not know.
' That's n pec ullnr amount " said Mr
doff, "ns It Is Just one-third of tinnoo,
lacking fi rents Doesn't thnt suggest
the source of the deposit" '
"No, It doesn't sugrest nnv thing par
ticular I should sn It showed the
amount was made Up of small sums"
answered Mr McClnve
The witness said ll might have been!
two months' salirv tint was ilepoln 1 .
at thnt time
"Now, here's an entrj which shows I
drew nut 3.(i00 nluut that time Tint
miv expl tin It"
'Oh, vnu've explilned that $3 11OO sev
eral times nlrenilv Cant ou tell
where the monev came from that made j
up the tl 1X1 IS'1' 1
"No, i onnno', except ns I havo ex-1
plained it nlreadv " (
" You appointed Cnpt Price Dec 23.
" Yes "
"I llnd here a deposit In 011r personal
nccount on Nov 17, 1812 little more' than
a month before, of Jin 741 02 Can ou
explain that' '
"Do oti mean to sa that that has
anv thing to do with the appointment of
Cnpt Prlre'" nsked Mr McClave, In
great wrath "If jou do I will sa
right here It Is utterl) false "
"Well, do vou know what that deposit
"No. I don't." snapped the Commis
sioner "And here Is nnother deposit of $1000
made Just nfterwnrds; can jou nccount
for thnt? '
"Not nny more thsn the other, It wns
the risult of a legltlnnte business trans
action "
"Then you mem to sav thit these de
posits, amounting to $11711, nu cannot
account for' '
"You neeln't put It In that vvny I
slmplj don't re -nember. It wnsnllWght,
I cm assure vou "
"You saj vou appointed Cnpt. Strnuss
Dec H 1891?'
" Yes"
"Cm vou explain this depislt nf
Itlir. IS Itl 1 Mil 1-1At-ami.il nnrni.til mnA.
on Oct 2, 1831'"
"Only In the sime vvav ns the others"
"It seems to be intde un of vour
salary for the month, $116 16, and $.1 COO
In addition"
"Yes "
"You don't know where the $1 MV1 came
from' '
"I do not "
Mr McClnve said thnt the hlphest
rheek ever drawn to pay a pensioner
was $7r-o, but thnt checks for n larger
amount were often drawn for bark
pnv He vv ih naked bv Mr (Inff tn
produce rnimn of the Pension I'lind
cherks to-morrow
The Comtnlssioner silil he had never
liennl of rumors nffertlng himself In
connertlon w til pijments of monev for
appointments or promotion on the force
"Didn't ou ever heir that Cint
Stephenson paid for IiIr appointment '
"You nppolnted him' '
"Yes "
"And he was sent up among the
goats' '
"I don't remember "
"Didn t ou know thnt Griffiths nf the
Sixth Avenue Hotel, wns it friend of
Stephenson's "
"No "
"You henrd vour son-in-law's testl
mony about the appointment of Sol
Cohen tn the force nnd thnt he had paid
money for It' '
"I never henrd of Cohen I heard
Granger's testimony, but I don't re
member the names he mentioned "
Mr Goff here pro lured a letter writ
ten to the Commissioner bv Solomon
conen 011 one or c.rnnger s letter-hemis
dated Nov ?1 1WS, npplvlng for n pns.
tlon on the fo--ce 1
Another letter was from Granger hln
self beeinnlntr "Denr Father ' nnd In
troduelng Cohen as the in in who was
No 3" on the eliglhle lint and urclnir
his appointment This Utter wns dated
a far latr
Cohen w a cirtmin In the mplov
of O Jjdl. the produce merchant
Mr Mcflavr ndmt'tM th-t the letters
ha1 been written to him after the hid
b-n read
Mr Voroll Intrrrupted tin examina
tion 10 ln-)ulre of Mr c.off vlun he rot
1 the letters Mr Nlcoli said In a verv
I exrlied rnsnner that the had ber 11 In
his poseKlon vesterdnv and that tin v
lad ben reeie! nt Miller Hendnuir
"rs from Mr MKlave nrderl)
tlnri Kiillroiid Men Mny SlrlUe.
iMl All N UH I ! I
J KT IJl IF M.) V. !l .-I 1 1. .. n --I
iKlnei. f t. S lxi.i l)iir-n if tht- Vlu ,1U
. n3 Ohio I iImi Tt-i-ter-Hr t,r .Jrd mi 10 ir .tt
ihe r1ii'vlno f H t-r 111 hi ib ir nifi-i
Irfll S01.1 I Xwrt. hi I -n kklcel fi r itfrrirl
If Ru-I li-lc ih 11 14 rrfuti 1 rrrinl tp rlr
I the mm tty lh- UI irli Tb Jirlnnrlllr
1 dlrltlon bt lakcti ilrnilur villa
I ItocbeMer HIIII lilts a KI11111I
(Dr Aifcu- 1d4 I rm 1
llOCHtSTKR V Uilll-Ikinrf iiri
141-r rlilog Til Eli rhopi am lurrounilei nl
,lbv trcki In tho yard at uhinirt,-1 Al Kl 11
1 burgh alrirt OS hichangr iumI nt fi-llr
fl nvlM ro the diptb cf all (iri anil 'I.- famtl)
Daa moYHl out On frotit alrrH ibr vairr Lai
overdo! tb banki aol a ftltlnc ibr nilari
3luy He Punished for iiiifeinif,
Juatlra Patttraon Id lha Surremt rnurt Iitar4
arcumvnta lo-dajr vn irioilua to iiuulrh I.ayer
Joel Kroov for aenlns ropy of an ordar ulitrh
was naiar obtained (ranting a rlient an eiten
lion of lime to put In an anawer Krone ex
plained tbat hie rlerk had algned and served the
tlta eopr, believing that Ihe Judge would elan
is original sa s sutler of connt Jultlce yl
itnoia rvjKrrtd tug scIiIdd.
Shorts Rush to Oovor and Final
Pricos Arc Higher.
lirporta from tho West Strcngtlicii
tlm OrniiRtrs.
The bulls were quite confident again
to-day. Thev gnve the shorts no oppor
tunity to cover, but went right ulitud
and marked up prices 1-2 to permit,
on cotnparntlvel) light transactions
At the start Manhattan dropped 3 3-t
to 113 on the signing of the Itapld Tran
sit bill by Oo I'liiwrr. and Oemrtl
Klertrlc was knocked down a point to
32 1:, but these movements failed to
theck the rising tendency of the gmirat
The belief that the rnllrnid and Inbor
troubles will soon be adjusted Imparts
colifldtuce to speculators nnd thev are
disposed to liu morn f rei ly for the long
account. Monover, whenever a de
mand springs up the fnct Is Impresse 1
upon the shorts thnt the floating supply
of stocks Is unusually small
Amirlcan Hugar rose 112, to 100 7-8,
Chit igo (Ins 1-2. to 0)1-1, Ht I'nul 3-4,
to M 1 2, Hock Island 7-S. to G7 1 8, I.ick
nwnmin 1 1-t. tt Urn, Dilavvnre A Hudson
I I, to ll'tl-2, Iiike! Rhore 2. to 112, I, &
S 1. to 4"., Cordage 114 to 21 1-2, Ind
1-R. to J7 5-8, Trie 1-2 to 116-8, New Kng
land 12 to 4, Northrn I'lciflc preferred
1-2 in 14 1-4, Kindlng 1-2, to 117 8. t'liinn
Tiiclflc f. 8 to 1'iVS Western Pnlon 3 8
In M 1-1, nnd llurllngtnn At Qulnry 3 8.
to 77 1 8 In the specialties llrle preferred
rose 11-4, 10 2SI 4 while IlllnolH Central
broke 11-1 to "J 1-2. I'nltnl States Hub
ber preferred 1 to S3, and Metropolitan
Traction 3, to 112
.Mnnhuttnn rallied to 1151 .. and Gen
eral Kleurlc to 311 S
Htocks continued strong nnd further
ndvniires were estnlillslieil In a nuiiibi r
of Instances The bulls linil no illlll
culty In lifting prices, the offerings hav
ing been light The special ft attires
were liulsvllle & Nashville, lias. Sugar.
Telegraph and Manhattan The last
mentioned got link to 110 f,-R
As the ilnv advanced the huvlng be
enme general and speculation assumed
almost a buoviint tone The dialings
wer belter distributed tlmn for some
time ptHt, and the commission houses
reported niime mils out-of-town orders
'Ihe shorts became thorir.mh'.v alarmed
this nftirnnn nnl In their haste to
nuer bi 1 pilces up on themsilves Sugar
sold at 1H3 and Chicago (las at 7il 1-4, 11
rise from the lowest of Jri-8 and 2 re
spectlvelv The Cranrars were In sharp demand
on ndvlcis that tin- meeting of the repre
sentatives of the Western roods nt Chl
caco wiiH fullv nlteiiilid, and that Inll
cutloiis point te 11 pptiMi adjustment nf
the rate dieftrrnces At the clost New
crk Central developed weikness and
declined to 1-J
l.mdon wns n lllieral bluer of stocks
nnl the bills mule ngainst Its purcliani s
tended to weiken the tone of the ex
change mnrkit If the foreign demand
for our sirurltles continues the export
movement of coll will soon end
The sales of storks were 2J1 Vail llsteil
In the unlisted eieinrtinent 78,'iHO shnres
of Sugar rind 4 TOO lenil were traded In
The Closing; tlmiliitluiis.
Ori-n lllrh Ixiw Cloe
Vrair Toll . . (I H SI St,
I Amer Toll. ( ... v Sl S1" HH
Amer lugar lift J9 101 93 1024
Amer F igar Itff If 112 M , 92 92'.
Amer totion Oil 2 27 27 27
Amer Cotton Oil f . C7W 7i C7'i 67H
Alrh Top A sanla Te Pfc 111 9a 10
Canallan 1 arlfli- r;v4 e"vt r-,4 ci
Tana la sou tern ro'4 61'4 &0 60
fhea 1 Ohio 17V, i;ij i;i, )7ij
Thliagn t,aa ri, 7n, ei 70v.
thlr, Ilur t Qilnry 7? 7S1, 77 "i.
IMP Norlhweat 1071, 1011, 1071, 10$
(hie, Mil t St ' 67', T9t4 67', 6S",
( Mc , llork la A I'a. 07 OS 87 C7
1 Mc taalxrn 111 if 91 91 93 91
f C , C & S I, -hi, ;,J j,jit j;it
Col A Hock ullej 17 17 17 17
(ol tt llmk nlliij pf f7', K't S1 67S
( unaohlalel r.aa 13V IT, I3a 115
I if I l.u k li Wii.1 in li)!, nia igo
Pel & Hula in mil, llli, U9i, nn,
lien A Itlo Oranl- pf 21, 111, 2S, 3)4
Dla. A Intlto Keel i4 ; u 211,
l,rnrral Heilrlc 31 3i, 32i 33",
dreen Hay A Win 1-11 6 6 6 6
(reat Snrlhrn it ml 101 103 101
Illinois Central ... 13 it, 91 SJi, 91
losa (fiitral , , 10 10', 10 101,
loa I rntral pr ,., 3ji, ;lo', 31', 31',
take Shori . 1301, J2 i;oi, 131',
1. K A VV.alern 15 15 IS 1.
lung lalanl Traction Hi, 151, H 15,
liuln a. Nahlllc te, (.,', ill, 451,
I. S All A I hlc 71, 71, 74 714
Manhitlnn I onmol Hi, nil, in nnl.
Mil Trarllon II 1131, 112 1131,
Minn A M I. pi 21 -1 3 j
Vllaaoirl I aclftc , , 2jl, -fi, -ji, ;g
Millie A Ohio H 4 1,
Mo Ivar A Tei 13S 1 1, I"', l"S
Mo Kan A Tea (f 2Ji, 21 22i, 23
Nat lirl 10 21 -I', 2. 23
Nit I oil I o 371, 3t 171. 37i,
Nat leal 10 pi (.,', 151, Mi, s'
New Jera..y c enlril 101 1 03 109 Idj
Nes ork Penlrat 9', ii, 11,1, 9(1',
N A Ne Fnitlanl 4 t', I 4',
N V. Chic A SI I, 111, li, 1414 ia
N V I. 1 A VV 111, 11 u, 11
N 1 I r A W, pf 21', "Si, 2l, 20,
N 1 , Su.q A VV IH, 141, 141, 141,
N V Subt A V pf 31 vy 39 31
N irfolli A VNealtrn if 21', 201, 20i, 20',
Northern Pacific 3T, 4 3', 4
Northern I arlfle pf 14', 1,1, n 15
North American 3', 4 3', 4
Ontario A Western 15 151, 15 131,
"ii"i"i iir.irni IT, 1 1A1,
Thlla A tleilinK IJi, 17 ij, jji,
Tina I' f AM I. pf 4 4.', 4, 4',
I nil lal UrU l2 111 1C 161
RAW ! t T 4th pr 10 11 10i, 11
lllrh A Wen It Ter it ir 10 10 IH
l P A Omiha S61, 37 3i 3C,
-1 P A I ml ith 21 M 21 23
PI I. MinthsiMern pf M, ii, S, d,
sonhern Pacific 14 ii, is IS',
leiai Pacine R s R h
I Tenn (oalA Iron 16i, 171, lfiB 171,
!Til Ann rli A N M 61, 31, 5 ji,
t nlnn Parldc jl, i.i( JJI, eji,
I S I orilane 11, ji, jji, i
I S Itliliher pf M SHI, S3 III,
Walia.h pf 15', IV lev, JM,
VeM I nton Tel v2', M K2, d3i,
Wheel A U h 10', Hi, 101, 1,
Wheel A 1. h If 43 41, 41 15
j C miiiu Is llluln-r, mill Hois mui
turn V.1I1 iiiiee- In I'rlre.
f" nt in ndvinrnl about 10 points on
, flrrt cull hali, lune nelllng at r ii u 7 1I
Jul 7 i". nnl August 7 in n 7 10 A tie
i line so in follow iil lmwivir Trading
1 was local I'liu md l.lverHMi reports
weri eiicuiiracln
. Win il was ver unaettliil and prie i s
'inliiiiil here i-w , with In at j! 1-Jc i
anl t'lilriKj 1-L'c lower lull sil.lng at
il I ke 1'ilces rnillel ,i mie In liofi
li nike-is Utef on acllvi trt linti
lorn was alioit lie hlrlier. selling!
I ere ut 43 l-.t for Jiilv, ,iii 1 3i l-4r at '
t'hlruKj on rrop damage 4) its were like
win higher
11 A full discussion of the Mxtv ila trad
ing il.in hie developed mm h cppositlon
, to the scheme
l.evliiselll Ailmlls llllli'l.iiuill,
Krank beiinaon tvientyfiur )eara oil o( 94
VVeat Nlnel) third alreet sho la ch.irc.il ellh al
temptlnc to Hftlerl miner from an alleie'l dla
oroerlr houae keeper In April pleaded lulllc to
Ihe Indictment tbia mornlnc In Part III ol the
(ourt of General Seaalona
Ha will tx sentence! Mondav.
atlaimAi'A'ArillfiatST'" lM
Selection of Jurors to Try Mrs.
Fitzgerald Rosumed.
Slnjcr of Sirs. I'curinll Appears Un
conscious of Hit Position.
The trial of Mrs. Catherine M. Kltz
gerall, who shot nnd klllel Mrs Carrie
l'etrsiill In n lit of Insunlt) cnuseil b
Jeilousy of Ihe handsome Mrs I'eirsill,
wns continue 1 before Judge Cowing In
Part II. of the Court of (Imeral Sessions
to day.
The defense will offer tcstlmonv to
prove that displte the clean reputation
of Mrs I'eursiU among hei acquaint
ances, there had been a secret alliance i
between her nnl the husband of the oc-1
cused woninli, that Mis I'lt7genll lnd
striven f illhfully to reclaim her husband, I
nnl that It had so worked nnd worn
upon her that It became a mania with
her, culmlnitlng In the killing of her
rival In the affections of her husbind i
Mrs Fltrgerild In coin t to-div ill 1 not)
sppeer to roill7c her position There
w is no expression of emotion of nnv sort
on her face while the liwers examined
Her sister, Mrs Mary Mcfiinan, n
comely, klnlly faced woman, sit neir
bv nnd kept a close and anxious w ttcn
over the prisoner, for though the com
mission selected b) Judge Marline linil
reported thnt the poor woman his re
covered her mental balince It is finrel
thnt the strain nnd excitement of this
trial mav upset her and unseit her rea
son ngiln
There were four Jurors In the box when
the proceellnrs were risjinel tills morn
Ing, nil! sslstmt District - Attornevs
Davis nnd Townsend nnd I red II House,
nninnuel Trlend nnd James V Mc
I.iug'illn returned to the work of exam
ining citizens as to their iiiullllcntlins
to sit ns Jurirs to trv Mr rlt7girall
Here nnd there n cltlsen wis disquali
fied for conscientious sen pies ngnlnst
capital punishment, distrust of experts,
svmpathv for woman or acquaintance
with some of the parties to the pro
ceedings, Tacoh Snyder, the proprleior of tht
Hotel Arllngtin ft West Twentv-fourth
street, was one of the panel of Jurors
from which the Jurv li trv Mrs ritz
geral I Is "being se'rctej He was nr
reslenl ns he left the Cmrt-Hnnse Mnnlny
evening, on n warrant rharglng that the
Holil Arlington Is a disorder!) house
the arrest growing out of the romp'alnt
of n man who claimed that two voting
women rabbM him of his diamond pin In
he room occupied hs one of them In the
lustlre Tlvnn, In Jefferson Mnrket
Court, yesterdnv held Shvder In $'O0 ball
for trlnl In the court where he had
been sitting ns n Juror, nnd this morning
when he answered to the roll-call of
Jurors, Judge Cowing excustd him for
the term
Policeman Tohn W. Prarsall of the
r.lghtv -eighth stret squad the husbnnd
of the woman who was shot bv Mrs
ritrgeinld was an Inconspicuous spec
tntnr nt the proceedings sitting In the
linrk row of sents
John I rit7gerBld, husbind of Ihe un
fortunate prisoner, was not III i-ou't
Tile four children of the rilrgernlds nre
In a retrmt In New Jer'-ev. I"lt7t,er il 1
was nn examiner 'n the Corporitlon
Counsel's ctTlce, lint is no ion-ir rnn
necleel wit'' thnt office. He has nn olilce
In the Stew trt building, and Is engaged
In Iqoklng up witnesses for litigants
Aaron HlrsrhtleM salcsinnn for n
clothing estnbllshmont at 11 Waverlev
place and living nt 211 Hast l'ortv
eighth street, wns accepted ns the llftli
Th sixth seat In the box wns given
to rreeman r Huntington, an lneur
ance agent, nt 1)11 Sixth avenue), and
then a recess was taken
After recess John Sexton, an nrchl
tect ,ln business nt 20el West Port. -second
street, nnd living nt One Hundred
and Forty-sixth street, and tllrard ave
nue, was given the seventh chnlr in the
North t.i-riiinii l.lniil 4 milium Will
I'roliiililv Ilnllil '1 liem.
With regnrd to the cable despatch
from llremen esterdiv stating that the
North German l.lojd Steamship Com
panv would build four new steamships,
Oustnv, Schwnh, agent for the line In
this city, said to.dnv tint the mutter
hnd not been finnllv settled Such ,i
jirocicdlng I as been In cantrmplnllnn fo
the past veir, and the home utile e has
la i n in ccrtespondencc with several l!u
ropenu shipbuilders
Mr Schw ib who hns recently leturncl
fro ii n Kuiopcan trip sild that when he
wns on tlii other side the subject vv is
v crv free.v discussed
'The Notth (itrmnn llovd line," snld
Mr Schwnb. Ms now tin largest In the
w rld, and we must keen pace with the
times In the construction of tin new
vcsiels speed will be one of tin nnln
points lonsldered, and we hope to have
the fnstest sti-amers ,n the vvoill
I'rnhibl) onlv two will be built to In gin
'I in re will be a meeting of the stock
holders to-morrow nt the main otllce In
I llremen Lint ds will pinlu'ilv be Issued,
or some other method adopted to carr
out tho plan as soon as possible
riirnlslilriK? Firm Wants e17n for
Ilecoriitltier Her Apartments,
An action of Trederlck Iteck & Co. to
recover I17S from Mrs. Prank Leslie for
tho furnishing nnl decorating of her
apartments In the Oerlnch In IKS', came
up before Justice Conlan, of the Cltv
Court, to-dav
She claimed that the firm was to take
the amount out In advertising In her i
publication). As she hid not set up this
di fense in hci nnswer the ense whs id
Journel until this afternoon to allow her
to .amend ht r pie i ling hlie mnv take
lie witness stand then
When tho ct-se was called thin nftir-l
noun l.awver Oakej Hall Mrs I.es'le's .
nttorncs, pnld the S171 the amount of1
the claim He snld Mrs Leslie wns
going to snll for r.urope to-morrow nnd
paid the monev In order to avoid beliie,
Or I mes H Ta lor, of Hast- Twelfth i
street, gave n farewell dinner last even
Ing tn Mrs Leslie, who sails for l!u
I rope Hatuid i i
V Mere-limit mill n I'lrst ( emsln of
4 liniine-e al, 1
ltcbert A Pepivv n tlrst cousin of
Chtuncev M Dtpew, cllfd Inst evening
nf pneumonia at his home, IS Hist One
Hundred and IwcnD-lifth stieet aged I
seventv yenis
Ie was tal.in 111 last l'rldij eveilng,
but his eoiidliion was ii it tonalderrd
serious until Mondiv nlglit, when piieu
mouln developed
He !eiv w a widow and one son lMwail
1) lie, e w i 11 l ,i a s . i lie I w in inlil
lii tne wholcMile trocerv it inj anl liu
Murm stuet Mr lK-pevv Marti il his
tuslnisi career witn c' i. anion s fithir
nt Peeksklll Later he was a member
of the firm of Porner & Co, vv holes tie
tl mi illille ih
The funeral services will be held at his
lite resUence? to-morrow evening and
Interment will be rnde In Van Cortlandt
Ceiin ter at Peeksklll
Dnllreie un flu I'lrt'-Kxm ir.
Jamea florlon sho III, al 1 Slni-lclen alreet
W llllamlum aa hell In the lee Alcnue Court
lo dar on a tharie of dleorlerly conduct before
tbt caaa cornea up be e.111 he eiaralned aa lo hla
eanllr .Nelthbora complain thai Gordon la In the
habit of dolns ear dancea on the Sr eacape ehlle
InauQclenllr clJ.
Newton Not tho Culprit Kings
Go'Tity Qrand Jury Wants.
Eight or Nino Indictments to Be
Filed for Him on Friday.
Newton ICscnprs Itccuiisc of Ills For
mer IMrn of liulltj.
Il I'rlda morning Ihe Mny Orind
lurv of Kings Countv will pmbdbl Hie
eight or nine additional Indie tinenis
against Kenneth F. Sutherland, the
fugitive ex-lustlce, who was convicted
of being Implicated In the Oravesend
e lee tlon conspiracy. i
'I lie Orind ,lur met at the Ilrookl.n
Court-House nt 10 o'clock this morning
to complete Its vvulk in connection with
the riiavesend troubles, which It took ;
up veittrdi), as was first announced In
list night's "Kvenlng World" i
It had In en expected that Deputv Attorney-lie
nernl Tdward M Shepard
would applv for another extrnordlnarv
(li mil lurj, and would not onlv secure
other Indictments ngilnst Sutherland,
chirglng him with a felonv, for which
he might bo extradited If found, but
would also nsk for the indictment of
othi r persons who advised the Oraves
endi rs during the trouble with the Onv
nni copvlsts
The public has nlso been waiting to
sec w lethe r Mr .Shepnrd woull proceed
against the peisous who tried to bribe
the Jurors on the McKane nnd Sutheiland
trhls Hut It Is apparent thnt the prose
cuting authorities hnve no present Inten
tion of probing these nutters
The Grind lur had n long session jes
terday afternoon, nnl met agiln nt S
o'clock list night That session lastel
un'il nearlv midnight It was letrnel
to-dnv thnt the onlv business trnnsacted
wns the securing of addltlonnl Indict
ments ngainst Mithi rlnn 1
A morning paper to-dav published a
story thnt ex-Justice Itlchard V. H
New ton. hnd been brought down from
the penltentlnrj In custodv of Warden
Haies and two deputies, nnd had given
testlmonj The stori was founded on
the? fact that at n late hour, a carriage
drove up to the Court-IIouse and War
den Hnves .alighted with three compan
ions In spite of the denial by Dlstrlct-At-tornev
Itidgwnv, to-dav, an " livening
I W irld ' reporter learned that Warden
I la j ess companions wire Trtd Hader
Tax Cillector Morris nnd School Prlncf
pnl Hjnn, who nre snvlng sen
I fences In the penitentiary for their
share In the firavesend crimes The
I trla nppeared before the grand Inquisi
tors nnd gave testlmonv upon which the
I ne.ee Imllrtmpntn nirfilnsl Siilhppliml nrp
Ihe evidence, It is snld, Implicated
.Justice Newton with Sutherland, but
I Mr Slii'pinl elld not nsk for Indictments
i against the former Mr Shepard re- '
f mined from so doing, it Is believed, be
lli use of the bnigaln Into which he en
tered with the culprit when the latter I
pleaded guilt) to a charge of mlsde
I men nor
'Ihe jurors spent some time last night
I In considering the cases and then voted
to Indict Sutherland on a number of I
i other chnrges One stoij which leaked I
out to-dns placed the number of new
Indictments at five, but another author
Itv sild there were tlijht or nine
Thi, Indictments will probnblv be
drawn up to-dnv, signed to-moirovv nnd
handed up in the Court of Sessions I'rl
i tlnv morning
Ibis, it Is nld, will prnctlcnllv end
the prosecutions of the Grnvesend cases
unless Sutherland Is cultured
District-Attorney Kldgwuv, who has
had nothing to elo with prosecuting the
Mi Kntie gnng gave out nn Inteivlew
this morning. In which lie denied that
more Indlctmi nts hnd been found
ngainst Sutherland or his pals Mr
ltidgvvav made the extrniiullnai) decl i
ritlon thnt the appointment of Mr
Shepard as nn Assistant Dlstrlct-Attor-nev
was made to enable the latter to
"close iiii the records of the convic
tions" According to Mr ltidgvvav, Mr
Shepiril concluded his work before 3
o clork last night nnd he then hnnded
In his resignation, which was accepted
The trotting laces ndvcitlseii to be
held at Lons, N l , visterdnj had to
be postponed, the track being flooded
and the stables suriounili d bv venter.
The trlnl of Domlnlck O Mnlley for
pnitlclpntlon In the Hobs prlre -lighting
c "e will not be concluded for it ilnv or
two It Is expected thnt O'Mallev will
either be acquitted or tho Jur will dis
agree Tie Harvard i rlcket team will leave
Cimbrldge foi this cltv tomorrow night
on their spring trip Thev meet the
Matin Island te un 'Ihursilij and the
I'nlversltv of Pennsilvnnln at Mann
helm on "ilda hnturln the team
plivs the crack Haverfonl eleven TIip
mike-mi of the llarv ird team will be
P. H Clark (cnptnln). It II Pool, I:
Iu Pont v. P .Mrile. 1 n Kennv, 11
C S Kaulluck ll It Matthews, i K
Adams ll n Itlchardsnn II Logan nnd
H A Davis
Men who saw Jnck Pnlvev, of Provi
dence, flht In this cits, will from this
time on hnve a good deal of reepect for
Tommj ltjan's abllltj as a boxer. Pal
vc had no chance with the welter
weight chnmplon last night, and was
knocked out In the third round of their
knocked out in tne third round of their
" go" at l'ootgu ird Hall Hartford Kal
ae was unconscious nenrls thlrtj min
utes, nnd was outpointed from the start
Judging from the wnv he performed here
l'nlvej is a cool, clever tighter, but not
much of a puncher He had no trouble
in miking mlncc meat nut of that nwk
w ird customer, Owen Zelgler, although
manv a good man failed In the same un
deitiklng Hvan Is probablv at his best
Just now, and It is rither linrd on him
thnt the lighting game should be In such
i mix th it fair-size purses are almost .
Impossible to get
About (-event) of the best shots In
Aim lit n took pirt In the trap shooting I
tournament of the Know Ilk- Gun Club, i
neni Know Hie. Tenn, vesterdav The
average money for the da went to,
Hollo He Ikes, on ll 2' per e ent H I)
rulfeird of 1 tie u. It Gn of Louisville,
una c .M llrlnun of Clear Luke, In
divided sit nnd nverage on 94 each, thlid
vvint to r Parmiloc of (lnnhn, and P
a. uiigljiler, of Knuxvllle, "i2 75 eich, IM
Hike, of Invlon. t) . won fouith on
Dl 6il. tilth was divided bv It A Itartlett, i
of lluITtlo, ltiilvvlng of Clevelind I'.
V Vindvko of Newark, and Win Wav
ner, of Wishlngton, on vi There were
K.i blue lock targets shot at In the
regular events, and III Ikes broke 101
J I. Itrevver the vvorl l's e hauiplnu live
bliel shot, nnd J A It Hlllott. the
American Held ihimplun, shot in all Ihe
events but fnllid to get In on the aver
nge monev
M re hinges hive been made In the
Harvard Va'slt) crew an 1 beginning lo
dav inot of tie men will row In the new
po-ltlois far n time nt least Kilis m
stroke sieve nson vt No 1 md Lewie nt
Ni ! nre men who rctal'i their ol) setts
I llullarl who his been nut of the bait
for scvinl dir will now rat at No 2
I'lonnsend Is movel to No 4 whl'e I.
I Davis li- icturnel to Ills oil position nt
No S Kenne s goes to tin other si le
of the bant at N'a 7 mil Purdan, who
his been nt No 7, returns to how where
he rowed until ten dnvs ago Tne new
order Is How Purdon : llullarl, 1.
Lewis 4 TownsenI, S, Stevenson o,
I. Davis, 7 rennes) , stroke Kales
n Improvement In the work of the crew
Is expected
liisiirnne-e sue-nt lleinlrr Held.
Adam bender an aires! of Ihe rrildentlal Mfe
tnattrance Companr aa In the flalea Aienue To
lice Court llrnoklin, tbla raornlns held for trial
on a charse of etatMne. John T Harnea of 414
IlitLib avenue In the ealoon of John Kbnn, on
t'tlea avenue near St- Mark'l avenue The aa.
aau' vaa cotnraltlel over a month a(o, snd
Dirnea taa Urn la the hoiplul tier ilnca.
Uoard of Health Amends tho Sani
tary Code for tho Summer.
Hirrcls Tinier Windows Llnblc to
ltrecil Dlsrnsi .
A public hearing was given at 2 o'clock
this nfttriu n by the Hoard of Hea.th
In the matter of n petition to nmend the
Simitars Code sj ns to permit Ihe p ac- j
Ins; of (.urbane Imrre'.s at the curb line
Alderman Mull nnd a delegation of
Iiropertj-owneis were present nnd iidvo
cuttd the adoption of the amendment '
It wnH opposed b) n repiesentatlvf of
Sine t-CIeanlng Commissioner Anelrews,
who declaied thut the placlnh of the
barrels on the curb line would undoiibt-
i edlv greatly Inciea'e the labors of the
Department, as the barrels would lie
within leach of mlchlevous bojs, who
would scatter the contents
The rropcrt) owners declared thut
I during the warm season the keening of
girbnge barrels within the building
line limits tisimll) under open windows,
I w is a menace to public, health
The Hoard decided to amend the colu
and directed ihe Serretury to notify
the police ir permit, the pi icing of g.ll
gai,e barrels on the curli line for two
hours previous to the usual time for
collection ilurlng the next four months.
The dclnvs nt the post have been so
tedious of late thai osterday the stew
ards thought It high time to take a
hand In the game and trv to reined)
mnttrrs So after the fifth race the)
pounced on Taral, who had been break
ing out with Hoey, nnd wnrned him
that a repetition of the offense would
result In suspension Starter Howe and
Col Hall, the starting Judge, wire
alio Informed that Ttral, Sims and
other hlgh-clnss Jocke) were Just ns
nmennble to discipline as the green
stable bo)s Said Philip Dw)er ufter
tills little breeze was over:
"The eleln) In the fifth race wos entlre
1) due to Taral. He broke frequently
nnd the field broke with him. Hverv
one knows Tnrol's n good Jockey and Is
going to get awav well The result Is
thnt when Inexperienced bovs are sent
to the post their masters Instruct them
to "wntch Taral' or "watch Slm," or
some other rood Jockev In the race
No attention Is paid to the stnrter, nnd
every time Tnrnl's horse moves Ihe field
breaks out Tnra, of course, reins up
his horse qulcklv, but the other bovs
nre scnttered nil over the track Thus
the real offender escapes notice "
There Is n good deal of hard common
sense In Mr Dwjer's words If. the
high-class bo)s would trv to help the
stnrter, much be'ter stnrts would be
made and the tedious delnjs spared
Tarnl, tlms Lamlv ard one or two
others could work wonders In this re
spect If the) tried
It Is snld that after the Hrookl)n
meeting ends the mutuel machines will
be abolished The reason for this Is
thnt the mutuel scheme Is more of a
lotterv than the simple making of n
book bet A man bets in the mutuels
on knowledge nnd Information lust ns
he does In the books, and it is dlfllcult i
to see where the lotterv element figures
nnv more stronglv than In the books. If
)OU except the uncertnlntv ns to the
amount to be won It would be far bet
ter for rutins If mutuel machines vverei
used exclusively. The 1 2 1 branch of
the machines should, hawever, be dis
continued There Is nothing In the rules
which compels riding out for third
monev, though the ssoclations offer a I
prl7e to the third horse Either the rules
should be amended or the 123 betting
entire!) eliminated
It Is to lie hoped that Kngene Leigh
will bring Chant, the fast so l of Tal
setto nnd Aeldlt C , Hast this season
This colt appears to have the three
v ear-olds In the West cinched and Hast
erners would he glad to see him measure
strides with Dobblrs, Sir Excess, Horn
pipe and n few other good three-) ear
o'ds In this section
HMtzen Is certalnl) a great horse In the
mud and with anv thing like 1W poun Is
up he can bat most nnvhodv s hore
lfiiriv Jones pursued different tactics
with the Iron Horse vesierday. He let
him rate along tinder n pull for ix
furlongs Then when Ihe tnr tuin was
retched, he ski led ana), and Plcknlcker
nnd Ciunt tied themselves In doulW
knots In their efforts to catch him He
won gal iplng
My Lad) wns a sore disappointment
to man) vesterdav. She had vvorl. cd
fast at Monmouth and wns bi ought
over especiallv to win the Garelle St ikes
Hlle) Grannan was icorched Indlv. He
took In nil the mone) lie could get on
Nnhmn, nnd sent It out to be bit on
Mv Ladv Ho wns whipsnwed to the
tune of a couple of thousanu .Mv Lad)
was heavll) backed and will nbout do
next time
Alfev Lakeland's face, after Hoey had
betn offered n auction without- a bid
beamed io brtghtlv with smiles that for
a moment iunn thought the sun
had struggled through the leaden
clouds Alfi) nnd Purser have pntched
i up a truce nnd no one else has nn)
grudge ngainst the genial, talkative
owner of Hoey
The wonderful tales anent the big
winnings of the Straus party on Ap
plause will hnrdl) go In the face of the
fact that 5 to 1 was fieely offered
ngnlnst the fill) nt the close
The Inhabitants of Conev Island nnd
Ornvesend tumbled out In a hurr) )rs
terdav afternoon Just nbout the time
tho horses In the third race wore finish
ing at the track They thought thnt
I the "Siren" wns sounding a fire nlnrm
I It was onlv Jnck Jovner clving vent to
I his triumphant )ell over Tnncred s vic
tory. The first time Speculation starts In a
mile dash get oboard He 19 getting
It Is too bad Howe will nat take a va
cation and let some stable hoy try his
hand nt starting It could not be much
worse) thnn It is
Ilncegoers might get a little confidence
In the Stewnrds If thev were nssurod
that there wns one of those gentlemen
Who knew a bad tvvent) -live-cent piece
from a bull-necked porcupine, but they
lose respect for the pompoun trio when
the tin r mnndnrjns show themselves to
be nfrald of n popular Jockev, Taral,
I w ho has perhars spo led as many stars
I as an) Jockev In America, was simply
nprlmanlel vesterdav. Hut he In sly
while at the imst, ran pull h(s horse up
quickly, "Jollies" the starter, nnd last
but nit least, he rides for Mr. lames
Alwn)s Tavs His Forfeits Krone.
If Tai.al wns riding for Chnrlov Oxn,
nnd hi skin was black the Stewards
would prnbabl) suspend him for life,
line htm cniiuhh to pn) snlarles for three
i or four more Anglo-maniacs, and then
hnve the Jockev Club, (n half a doren
"wherensee." nnd a 'resolved." announce
that It mil) be dead but It Isn't burled
A conference between Hngemnn, v ol
bauii. and the representatives of the
Western Associations that have not
, Joined the American Turf Congress will
be held III a few days nnd the Jockev
, Club s ultimatum will be discussed If
' nrringe ments cannot be made with the
Jorkov Club for the nbrngatlon of the
ol io lot's rules a free circuit made up
i nf UrlBhton. Saratogn Wnshlngton
Pnrk llniithorne nnd St Louis will
pinbably be formed
I The Jockey Club with Its rule or ruin
nolle v will force horsemen to open on.
position race tracks In this neighbor
hood should the Court of Appeals up.
hold the Ives law, nnd the probahlllt)
Is that, regardless of whnt notion Wnl
bnuiTi and Engemsn take, there will be
plent) nf lacing for "free horse
owners" In the vicinity of New York.
Fire In Col, HfiHUell'M House.
(11 Aeisvtaled Prreia )
M:vT(i Maae Viae :j Hre broke out teat
night In the fine manelon of Lol K 11 llaakell,
one ol the proprietors of the floalon lli-rall, al
Auburn tale It la auppoaed to have been rauaed
by a a.riant'a candle aettlns lire to the tahleclolb
The valuable r'tntlnse allverieare and eitenalve
library were renioied to a plaru of aafetv The
damate la 110 000 Inaurance 121 000 Mr llaakell
returned home UJl evening from a trip around the
(fTon'fiiin frim Pint tior. )
son thnt such Injuries were caused by
the act or negligence of a co-etnplo)ec
Mr. Sprlngwelle r, nntl conspiracy
amendment to'nrtlcle 1, section 0
Mr Lincoln, amending section 2, nrtl
tle It, mnklng the Constitutional Con
vention Judge of the election of Its own
Also, amending section 1, article 2
providing for educational qualifications of
Mr, Lauterbach, amending nrtlcle 4,
relative If the lullciarv of the State,
nnd mnklng the Court of Appeals to cou
sin of a l alef Judiie mil ten associate
Also, amending artlc'c 12 providing un
oath of olilce for public oflloers
Alo, amending article 4, amending the
pnver nnd duties of the Governor nnd
other public ofllcers The Governor nnd
Lleutetiant-Govcrniir shall be elected for
two )ears, and slfill be e'ected nt the
time of the election of Senitors Hills
nfter passage shill be sent to the Gov
ernor, nnd If dlsapprovel by him shnll
bo returned to the Legislature. Hills not
returned within ten on)s after passage
snll become laws No bill slnll become
a law nfter the adjournment of the Leg
islature Also, amending nrtlcle 1, relative to
Judgments on uppeul and protection of
Also, nmendlng section I, nrtlcle G,
ptovldlng for the election of State Hn
glneer nnd Surve)oi nt the time of the
i lection of Governor. No person shnll
be elected who Is not a practical engi
neer Also, amending article 10, In relation
to the charters of cities nnd the elec
tion of olilcers the rein
1 Aiso a new nrtlcle relative to elec-
! tlon of Presidential elrotois and provid
ing that the) shall be elected bv general
, ticket
I Mr Hollls, adding n section to nrtlcle
11, providing that the mllltln of the
State shall comprise all the able-bodied
male Inhabitants between the nges of
eighteen nnd fort) -live )enrs, nnd shall
be divided Into three classes, the ac
tives, Inartlves nnd reserves
Mr Mabee, amending section l"i of
nrtlcle C so ns to enl irge the Jurisdic
tion of Count) Courts
.Mr. Moore amending section 2, nrtlcle
I C making the Court of Appeals consist
of a Chief ludgt and fourteen Associate
Also amending section 1, article 4 b
providing for the appointment b) the
Governor of the Secretnry of State and
other State olilcers, now elected
Also, to substitute for section 13, nrtl
cle fi an article nbollshlng Count) and
Surrogates Courts, all their duties and
pivvers to devolve upon the Supreme
Alo, amending section 1, article 2, bv
permlttlng female citizens to vote on
questions relating to schools, excise and
Also nmendlng section 1, nrtlcle R by
giving the right of fm transportation
to all Stite olilcers, Judges and Dlstrlct-
, Attornevs on nil lines In the St ite
The President resented u petition
from Chniles L Hiilllnstndt contesting
I tho seit now held bv Leonard A
iGligerlch, from tho Kl?hth District
I Referred
I Mr Hcirhc railed from tho table his
resolutions offered Tursilav, directing
eli.i K.irntnn tn rnrresonnil with the
Mnv or of ench clt) ill the Stnte nnd ob
tain 'nformatlon from him
Mr. Itirhlte presented a petition signed
by 24 (WO citizens of the cltv of Rochester
roiU"stln'r that the word "male' be
stricken from artlrle 2 of the constitu
tion Referred to the Committee on Suf
fracr Mr Rodman presontel a petition rep
resenting SOW cltl7rnsof Mom or Countv,
outside the clt) of Hochrster, pra)lng for
femile MifTrnge Refetrred
Mr Alvorl presentel a pre'on slcnel
bv Mrs Charles Andrews, Mrs Frank I
Hlscock Mrs Inmes J Hoi ion, Mrs
George H Spudding, Mrs Hllen Hutler
nnd elghtv-seven other women of Svra
ctise arainst striking out the vvorl
"male" from tie ronatitutlon -Referred
Adiaurned to Thursda) nt 10 o'clock
A. Jf.
Kx-Illrt-ianr Ilulle-lt'M Testlmona
beiiil .eil-tlierll I'lie-llle.
The first witness called to-d ty In the
Northern Pacific Inqulr) wis Logan JI
Hullett, President of tho Northern Pa
cific' Cool Companv In lft7
He snld tint tho stock of the Coal
Compnnv belonged to the Northern Pa
cific Rtllroad The coal lands lay In the
Stnte of Washington and were worth
from J10 to $20 an acre
lie urged the purchase of the Rock)
Pork proprrt), and thought that n road
built thoie would cost about HO 000 n
mile It was his Impression thnt nt nn
I estlmnte of $2 10 per ton It would cost
lesi to mine nt Rockv Cork than nt
lllosl)n. Wash, where the Northern Pn-
iclflc coil mines nre. Witness resigned
.March 1. 1SSS
Thlt witness wns succeeded bv his
1 fnther, John C. Hullott. a widely known
railroad lavv)ir und formci Director of
the Northern Pnc Itic In 13 when he
resigned, ho had been Informed that the
road had itrrnnged lo see ure the Chicago
i termlnnhi of the Wisconsin Centril Jle
hnd opposed this mcii'ii'-p In the Hoard
i He had frequent disc ii'slons on the mat
' tor with Henrv Vlllnrd, Col Mc Naught
nnd others In oontrnl Ho v as often
I nbout to rosirn but rem lined nt the so
' llcltntlons of his friend, Anthonv J,
Drexol Ho thought thit millions of dol
Inrs had been lost b) tho Northern Pa
cific b allowing so man outsiders to
build Its branches He knew nothing
about nn) feature of the matter except
tho legal points Involved, and he was
sure that nothing had been done rela
tive to Chicago terminals until nfter
careful examination by .Mr. Henman.
Col. JIcNaught nnd himself. He com
nllmented Mr. Oakes.
lllirtrclleirii ItecoLvnlri'M 41ie Mini
lie II ml Kiltie- Itlipp's llte-h.
If circumstantial evUence was neeJed
to oonvlct Ilornhardt Altcnberger, the
self-confessed murderer of Katie Rupp, j
. his sweetlieait, it would not be lacking I
H II Hartshorn, it Jeweller of 77
I Pulton street, New York, called at the
Jot so) Clt) Jail list night and Identified
i Altonbrrger ns a man who visited h's
I store n week ago )oslerday and asked to
' havo a gol 1 case of a watch bearing the
name "Kntle Rupp," exchanged for n
cheaper one ns told exclusively In ' Tho
Evening World' recently,
I Jeweller Hnrtshoin thought nothing
of the matter until ho read In the news
papers of the eloath of Kittle Rupp
'I wo ali-n tMin (llilnliie-il 1 liem Held
for hituiloiiiiitMi4.
Jacob Goldman, of 7 Norfolk street,
'and Samuel Jlnrcus, of 111 Porsvth
street, were chingod with nbandonlng
their respective wives In the Essex Jlar-
I ket Po rp Court to-ela) Hoth wives
1 voro resent nnl stitol thnt their hus-
I bands wore living vv th other women
I Ihe nccused men stated that they
I had each obtained a divorce from n rabbi
i Justice HoKun, however, nail that such
divorces were worthless and held them
In default of bonds to pn) their wives
(4 n week.
Seised GoiielN "old.
A apeclal aale waa hell thla morning at the
atlriire room of Ihe Cuatora llouae Only perlah
al le sooda principally frulta anl planta from
Italy mere dlapoaed of The entlro lot naa Bold
for leaa than $100
lll from the Second Stor.
Herman Plneberx nine yeara old of 140 Iiroome
alreet. waj removed to (louverneur Iloapltal thla
morning In ft danceroua condition. Ihe rrault of a
fall from a aecond atory window al 43 Attorney
trttt. It la believed the bo a skull la fractured
Strikers Resort to Violence in Chi
cago and Other Placo
Non-Union Man Shot and Others
Brutally Beaten.
Ohio Troops Ordered to Bo Ready
to Go to Akron.
(Lly Aaaoclated tVeae )
CIIICAflO, Jla) 23 Three hundred
men, armed with clubs, coupllng-plns
and revolvers, marched jpon the docks I
of the Western Transit Company last
night, whore n gang of men were at
work for O'Connor & Co, of nuffalo,
N. Y. Tor some time there was everjr
prospect of a genernl riot, and .veapona
of all kinds wore freolv used Joe Wlll
lams, one of O'Connor's men, wns shot
through the oar, and a number of others
were badly beaten
The police flnnll) stoppd the row. Tha
mob wns composed of ttevedores, who e
objected to O'Connor's men because they ,
unload vessels by the ton, and the union
demands that thev be paid by the hour. 1
All of tho assailants were union men, I
LA SALLH. Ill, Jlay 21 -A serloua 1
riot occurred here )esterd.ay. In which
several men were Injured Hver slnca I
the mines closed the Union Coal Com- I
pary has kept some men nt work to
clean up. When the workmen left he i
mine last evening they were attacked
and hrnt.allv beaten b) a mob of at least
a thousand strikers Some sought shel
ter In the Company's office and bnrrl- ,
caded Ihe eliors and windows with offlca f
furniture This only ndded to the fury I
of the strikers, and the doors were bat-
terod in nnd tho victims set upon. I
Henjnmln Hetherineton was pounded a
Into Insennlblllty, Edward Cummlnga I
was fatally beaten and several other I
men roughly handled The SherlfT nr- I
rived list evening, nnd after swearing In I
I deputies went to the mines nnd dls- 1
persed the mob I
AKRON, o. Jfiv 'I Serious trouble I
Is apprehended nmong the conl miners 1
.of Tusrarawan Countv. Yesterday men I
were driven out of one mine bv strikers,
I nnl to-da) the same fate Is threatened
other woikors The Sheriff has tele-
graphed Major Hrvan, of the Eighth
Regiment for all, und the latter Imme
diate!) ieft for the seat of trouble, nsk-
lntr Adjt -Oen Howe to meet him. nnd
ordennc his comoinv lo hold themselves
, In readiness The strikers are belllge- '
i rent nnd determined not work shall '
not bo continue
LATROHH Pa . JInv 23 One miner i
wa b atcn bv strikers last nlsht whlla I
on his wnv to the I.ntrobe Company's) I
works, and another was attacked at this I
pliico Hnnlrods of rtrlkers all foreign- I )
er?, marine 1 througi here last night. It I I
wns impossible to loan where they worn iA
going, hut It was either ta Llppincott, DH
ihrpp mllpa west, nr In the Derrv- works. !!
two miles east Sheriff McCnm wns at t'efl
Whltnov last night, nnl Is preparing for Ifl
an attack 1
Ti.ro Is much anxletv felt her, as It H
Is hird o tell where tho Impending at- i Mm
tack Is to bo made JInnv deputies are !
on duty, nnd If tho .attack Is made it II
elthei p'n-e mentioned there will ba f
bloodshed I
INDrPHNDoNCn Jlo. .Miv 23 Two
hunlrel strlkla" nlnor, heaiel bv Capt.
1 E Rvan, irrlvel her" last night from
Lexington Richmond Camden nnd Na B
poleon Mo on their vvav to Leaven
worth Kan where thov will try to In-
rtuce tho minors at wo-k there to strike,
The li m o a commlssir demrtment and
are wc'l pravlled with fool They dla- vsj
claim on) Intention to use force.
The telegraphic story of the game In
last night's Snorting Extra of "The I
Evening World" told of Duffv's spiking
rnrrell unintentionally. Duffv's spikes
did not touch rnrrell, but the little out
fielder for lloston hnd his knee raised
hlah In Jumping for the plate and it
collide d with crushing force with Duka
Chvrlos's left thlcli Ho limped bndlr
thereafter, nnd Pnre Wilson v 111 catch
In this nfternoon's game. j
It will not elo to Jimp on Now York I
for not vi allying nv-n' with that gams
cither Tho Olnnts outbatted nnd out
, fielded the llnstons vldo the score of '
1 11 hits nnd 1 errors ns against the Hub
i lies' 6 hits and C errors C all It what
I vou will, but tho old saw "hard lurk"
I must stand for tho defeat this time.
John 'Ward would have exhibited keen f
1 fotosight had he Jumped Tlernan Into
I tho game in the ninth inning to tnko
, .Stafford s place at the bit, when Van,
1 Ilnltren was at third and Dovle on
second Stafford had struck out once
I before, nnd Tlernan, who hnd rested on ,
th" bench would snrelv have done no
vvor'o than S'nfford did Mike might
have ramie .a hit, which mant n vie- .
torv for Dovle was off second far I
' enough to havo plnved n tattoo on Vnn's
heels If the latter ever got to the plate
. nllve
' Hint was one v av the game might
hnve been won
Excuses, hnvvevo-, will not odd to tho
percentage of ramos won
A rrono of Poatonlans returning front '
1 the Congress street grounds la that
cltv vesterdav, Willi one vole" referred
to the gnme ns "tho best exhibition of
the greatest of Amerlnjn pastimes that .
i had been seen In Rostnn In mnnv sea- '
sons" Hv that the critical Rostonese
mennt more than a compliment for the i
!pla)lng Itself of both teams Thev re
i ferred to the Inopronohable rondurt of
lever) player who participated In the
game It was true Hi" contest was ah
, solutolv free from all bolsterousnoss, nil
niacKguarciism an nuestminuie inrKS. .
There was plent) of coaching and It
wns. lively nnd snnrpy ond devoid of alt
ball) ragging nnd hurrah tactics Such
decorously conducted enmes will e'evnte
th sport Immeasurably and place It on
Its former high plane of excellence.
Connor Is becoming quite export In his
new role of ' Sentinel at tho Oat r ante.'
He ktcps tnbs nlcel).
Ihe New York Club occupied boxes at
tho Park Theatre lloston last night,
nnd enlo)cd "The Private Serrtnr)."
Jlcekln will undoubted!) go Into tha ,
box this nfternoon
Hut lor Westorvclt was rntortnlped at
tho Boston Athletic Asiotlntlon club
house last night bv Jlnns.fer Paul Keith,
of II r. Keith's new UIJou Theatre. e
Suliw; lo Ilet-cMiT ii Iliilmie-e of
sM.il.lt) for Vlle-nilliiu airs. Ilntilvv In.
trial of Dl. Emil Scliopen's suit against
Homer R Hildwln nnl his wife, Ger
trude, of Yonkers, lo recover J1.333 bal
unco for medical services rendered to
.Mrs linldwln w.as continued to-day In
the Supreme Court before Judge Hrown.
.Mrs Hnldwln Is the wnmnn who wan so I
horrlbl) nlured In tho railroad occl- I
.dent at Hustings on the Hudson River I
road on Dec 21 1S0. As a result of the
I accident Mrs Ilaldwlii Is totally blind
. nnd lost her left nrm and part of lier
right hind lr richopen's case grew out
of this accident !
Jlrs Iliiiiivvln was the firm witness H
thin nioiiiliig m,o testified that she! fl
?ini'it.r!,1 ".'e 'loolo.r ,'"','l Out Mrs.
Hnldwln hud agreed to pa him 10 forAl
ir;mih.,,..rlt '"", Vor n'Kht vllts
l nnd the bill amounted to J3 (WO AfterflH
for b? Mr l,'ll."'T't the amount suecfljl
"'A I)r Scliopen. Mr llaldwln refli
fused tn pn) any more mono), clalmlnnH
the bill was exorbitant. vraimin
.Miss Elvira Moore, a sister of MrtB
nnldw In. corroborated Mrs lialdwInfoH
statement Hint she did not make arlfli
agreement with thn doctor l"rs. J 1 fll
Iorteu and AC flonodlct were put I
the stand to show thnt tho charge wl
excessive The case is still T
Lost, Foundjind Reward sJ (
A rtEWAnn (or return ol poelcethonk"conial Ifl
lK7f l0" ""' n,.r"""1 " IMlTVh,VJ
till and Lenox area. Mm. Baot, M vy. IHul fl
ffiififWilfi'fnrr'-"' "' IH

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