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Henry Trving Thinks Its Aotora
i Won't'Bo Drivon to Pugilism.
(" Strong Casts tor "The Blackmailers"
"P" and "A Modern Eve."
8 Juttln Huntley McCarthy Wm the
Adapter of "The Candidate."
JSV fCoryrlr.tated. UN, by th. Associated rreaa )
W '. LONDON. June 2 Henry Irvine gave
r' . morning performance of "Faust" on
"L: Thursday In order to enable him to pre-
. jL ride In the evening at the annual dinner
V- of the Iloyal Theatric Fund. There were
two hundred and fifty notable guests at
i K the dinner. Including Blr Frederick
, Lelghton -nd Darot Leopold de Roth
U$, ' achlld. Mr. Irving made an amusing
Hjy speech In which he ridiculed the prevall
tt' lng Idea that the theatrical depression
Bit was likely to drive actors to the pro
wl " feaslon ot pugilism.
H'3L Lord Carrlngton will present Mr. Irving
HpL,. at the levee ot the Prince and Princess
HfeL of Wales next Monday.
HjK).V .Almost the last public appearance of
Kni the Duchess ot York for some time was
Up. her presence at Daly's Theatre, on Toes
BiIyS day, to witness the performance of
BPwmF Eleonora Duse In "La Dame aux Came
BpAy Has."
U&, The Prince of Wales and the Duke of
fjf York were tmi ng those present at Covent
(j Garden, on Thursday evening, at the
jL Initial performance of "The Hugenots."
Hy Madame Adtnl, from the French opera,
Ujk made her debut as Valentine, but she
HJ hardly reached the expectations of the
Hp audience.
H' The Aquarium management has se-
Hf ctrred for exhibition purposes the cuirass
H Invented by Maxim, the American gun-
H maker, which is said to be a rival of the
K bullet-proof coat Invented by Herr Dowe;
M. , but Maxim's Invention Is only a sheet of
"'" steel which shatters the bullets fired at
B' Charles Thursby Is to give a special
P matinee at the Prince of Wales's Theatre
V next Thursday of a new play by John
M Gray and Andre Roffalovlch, two youth-
m ful members of the Oscar Wilde school.
H In the preliminary announcement the
H v play, which has been given the some-
Bssv'lx what catchpenny title of "The Blnck-
mjm&py Tn'"' i," I described as one "of strong
Ejjmf dramatic Interest." It turns on the va-
QM carles of n young man who blackmails
K" . people when he Is put under hypnotic
W influence. A very strong cast has been
Mt-v. engaged. Including Mrs. Theodore
f Wright, Miss Olga Brandon and Messrs.
W. L. Abingdon, Julian Cross (wh.o
stage-manages the piece), and Harry
Ileerbobm Tree has struck oil with
B I Sydney Grundy's "A Bunch of Violets."
B and "House-Full" I the order of the
Ha I night at the Haymarket.
Bii, Tho rehearsals for the production at a
B'K rr.atlr.ee of Malcolm Salaman's "A Mod-
If ern Eve" arc rapidly approaching con-
Bf c'.uclon. The following are the dramatis
Bi rpe.sonae:
Hg Eardley Hereford, Fred Terry; Vivien
Bi' Hereford (his wife), Mrs. Beerbohm
BlfiV 1 ree; Mrs. Malleson (her mother), Mrs.
Bl i ' '. rion Bouclcault; Mrs. Mowbray Meryon,
Bj KUs Lottie Vrane; Blr Gerald Raeburn,
V,C7rll Maude; Kenyon Wargrave, Beer
bohm Tree.
Bj jtr Ilalcolm Salaman Is the son of Charles
H r Bclaman, tho celebrated composer, who
M . It still hale and hearty, despite his four
I j acoiu and odd years.
fBijinard Shaw's "Arms and the Man"
l-rj slowly but surely made Its way Into
M't popular favor, and Miss Florence Farr
Hj Lao extended her lease of the Avenue to
Hj' the end of July. Last Friday and Sat-
Bk " unJay money was refused In all parts of
K, the house excepting the gallery.
JP: -, In connection with the revival of
C'S "The Candidate" at the Criterion last
Hry Thursday, It may be recalled that when
H'j the play was originally produced at the
H same theatre in November, 1884, Charles
fl Wyndham announced, In reply to the
WffL calls for the "author," that the gentle-
mMk. man In question was In the "House," 1.
Dif ., House of Commons, but otherwise
Hlo-l jj gave no clue as to his Identity. "The
BJt,'' Candidate" was adapted by Justin
BnJ Huntley McCarthy from "Le Depute
Hf De Bomblgnac," by Alexander Blsson,
HIa' which had been played at the Francois
Bk some months previously without con-
Hi aplouous success.
Btjg, The cast for the revival Includes, be-
B.iji sides Wyndham himself as the volatile
BLW 19 Viscount Oldacre, Messrs. William
swm r Blakelcy, George Glddens, C. W. Somer-
KfK f.J set. Miss Fanny Coleman, Miss Pattle
B$; A Browne and Miss Mary Moore.
BjTWj' Miss Lole Fuller, the serpentine
dancer, has Just completed a ten days'
engagement at the Alcasar Music Hall,
In Brussels, where she was paid GO per
cent, of the receipts. During her re
cent visit to London with Mile. Yvette
Guilberjt, a contract was drawn up by
which the two ladles were to be stars
ot a variety entertainment at Daly's
Theatre on the three nights In the week
when Eleonore Duse was not acting.
For their se-vces they were to receive
60 per cent of the profits. The pro
posed rranrement, however, fell
through, and Yvette uullbert went to the
Empire and Lolo Fuller to tho Strand,
Terry's and Trafalgar.
Miss Blanche Massey will probably
play the part of the heroine In the
'"Gaiety Gill," when that play Is taken
to America.
Mr. Wlllard opens nt the Comedy
Theatre with "The Middleman," on June
15. The cast Is being arranged by W.
H. Grimths.
It now appears that Sir Edward Lbw
son did not wish Clement Scott to Ignore
the attack mnde on him by Robert
Buchanan, and that this Is the reason
that the affair will, after all, be fought
out In the law courts.
Ship Robert Dixon Returns from
a Disastrous Voyage.
Blet Yellow Fever at Rio nntl Ilur
r.i'iiuc Cuming Hack.
That the rain and wind storms which
played arojnd the vicinity A New York
for the past two weeks were not con
fined to this Bectlon Is evident from the
stories told by the captain and crew
of Incoming vessels. Far out at sea,
the roughest kind of wether was en
countered, and a certain amount ot un
easiness Is felt for the smaller craft
that are known to have been In the
storm's path.
Capt. Langdon brought In the ship
Robert Dixon, from Itlo Janeiro this
morning, having been fifty-four days on
the voyage. The ship Is in ballast to D.
B. Dearborn. The captain reports fair
weather up to May 26. He was then
south of the Gulf stream and a heavy
westerly gale sprang up and lasted with
hurricane force for three hours.
The lower foretop gallant yard was
carried away, while the fore and mlztcn
upper topsails and main stuysull were
blown clear out of the bolt ropes.
The experience of the Robert Dixon
was unfortunate In many ways. The
vessel sailed from this port for Rio Ja
neiro Sept. 7, In command of Capt. Cush
in?. with a cargo of general merchan
dise. She arrived at the port named on
Nov. 73, but owing to the troubled stato
of affairs she had much difficulty In un
loading her cargo.
She was compelled to remain In the
harbor about four months, and during
that time Capt, Cushlng was taken sick
with yellow fever. He was removed to
a hospital, where he died later. His
young wife, who was with him, re
turned home on the steamer Dclcomyn,
which arrived here April 21.
The cook's boy was alio taken sick
with yellow fever about the same time
as the captain, and he also died. Then,
Capt. Langdon'took command. No other
cases of sickness were reported after the
ship left Rto.
Tne Norwegian bark, C. Tobias, from
Padang, also got Into port this morning
In charge ot Capt. Flaystadt. She was
one hundred and fourteen days making
the voyage. It took Capt, Flaystadt
fourteen clays to round the Cape of Good
Hope so strong were the gales. The bark
Is consigned to Tobias & Co.
Quickest on Record Over the Louk
Course from Southampton.
The American Line Steamship Paris ar
rived at her dock at 8 oclock this morn
ing, after another fast trip from South
ampton. She came over the, long course
in six days, eleven hours and thirty
three minutes not quite two hours be
hind the fastest trip ever made. She,
however, travelled sixty-eight knots fur
ther this time. If this was deducted the
trip would have been the quickest on
record, as It was she made the fastest
trip over the long course.
The distance covered each day was
239, 604. WO, 600 knots. She left the Quay
May 26 at 2:13 P. M. and reached Sandy
Hook Lightship last night at 8:46. Tne
average speed on the trip was 20:01 knots
an hour.
On Memorial Day the vessel passed an
Iceberg In lat. 42, long, 49, fifteen miles
Purser Horace Stokes denied the state
ment that the Paris had crossed the bows
of the Majestic on the catsward trip.
He said the ships were never closer to
each other tnan half a mile, and that the
Majestic crossed the bows of the Paris a
mile ahead of her. It was no race at all,
he said. The Paris soon overhauled the
Majestic and passed out of sight.
The Paris brought over a large number
of passengers, among whom were W. II.
Eaton and Mrs. Elene B. Eaton, the well
known English vocalists; Mrs. William
Walter Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hoop
er, Rev. C. C. Hall, M. R, Moyer, Dr.
T. G. Lyon and others.
nemoveA the Admlnlatrntrlx.
Clarm BUIwdu. widow of Jacob BtvlwetM,
faai btD removal as admlnlitratrli ot U)c latter!
auu by Rurroxat FtUcorald. Tho application
ai made on tbe affidavit of noaa DlclwtlM, a
t aliter of toe deceated, through her lawyer, Louts
Sleekier, ot 271. Uroadwar. Mlia DlelweUa
I charged ber iliter-ln.law with dlepoilng of the
personal property and moneys without regard to
the rights ot relaUvoa.
, '
L- Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
BE He Informed on Tivo Jbady Smugglers,
HE hut They Were JReivarded.
HK In the city of Brussels a great deal of
EBs very pretty lace Is exposed fbr sale.
iBBj English women admire this lace and
fftBBfg,) buy it If they go straight from Bel-
BjPJ glum to England they can take It home
HjBKr without having Jo pay any duty, but If,
K? tlie'y pass through FranesTthey have to
BBBk, pay on all their hew BrusseU lace at,
BBBflr the French Custom-House "-Ami many'
JHv English women pass through France on
tHPE thtlr way from Belgium to England,
BVf because they,, prefer the short passage
B T?J from Calais to Dover to the longer one
BViwv 'rom ,tend-
EaJJ. The Misses' Wylle were charming, mid-
BBTr dle-agsd ladles, fond of travel, fond of
BBKS drew, fond of lace and very bad sailors.
Kit, They bad been entcurslonlng In Germany.
v. bad come down the Rhine snd,bftd,JfnJ
a week In Brussels. More attractive
than the field of Waterloo and more fas
cinating than the Musee Wtertz was
the Galerie St. Hubert. Miss Melissa
Wylle 'could not resist the white Brus
sels lace Tglss ,Annoj Wylle couM not
resist tbe black. Each of the ladles
boUghr.Med -orl by the'tempter, In the
shape of a seductive shop woman, the
Misses Wylle bought lace fichus, lace
collarettes, lace by the meter. Day by
day they added to their stock.
At length It was necessary to make for
England and to pass through that dread
ful France, with Its protective duties.
Then they realized their position. How
about tha laceT
"Wo cannot conscientiously say," re
marked Miss Melissa, ''that .we have
'xlen a declarer' (nothing to declare),- be
Bjuaa yils lace is dutiable." .
-,- .
Somebody Impersonated a Well
Known Lawyer at Pastor's.
And Mado an Alleged Speech Pare
trolling Vesta Tlllcy.
A more wretched attempt at Imperson
ating Abe Hummel than was made at
Tony Pastor's Theatre last night was
never seen before on the stage or oft.
There was a shower of big and little
floral tributes at the end of Vesta Tllley's
song about "Tha Man that Broke the
Brokers Down In Wall Street," and
from the midst of It, like a simmered
down rainbow ot smiles, emerged a little
iran with a little red box under one arm
and a lot of orifice beneath his cuddling
mustache. Before him stood Miss Tlllcy,
genuine tears dlmmlrg her ces and big
sobs fluttering up and down In her
The little man had a epeech with him
not In the little red box, but In his
shining brain box, no part of which was
concealed from view by hair. Ills name
did not appear on the programme, but
some people sold he was Abe Hummel.
They didn't say whether he was the local
lawyer or "The Passing Show's" Abe
Hummel, so he started out to speak with
his Identity In a most wobblesome con
dition In the minds of most ot the audi
ence. He tried to be the regular and
real Abe Hummel, but oh, what a fright
ful failure he made of the role! He had
no conception of the character. The genu
ine Abe Is a flowing fount of eloquence,
but this base Imitation tied his sentences
into slip-knots, and was as Incoherent as
a handful of vlchy. He wasn't even pleas
ant In his mlscellanetty as Sam Ber
nard Is at the Imperial. He fell over his
adjectives too often, and may have sus
tained Internal Injuries for all anybody
In the audience knew.
He tried to tell Miss Tllley that he was
there to represent Tony Pastor, who Is
representing himself very successfully
out In Chicago, and on behalf of Tony to
present her with a slight evidence of the
high regard In which that " prince of
good fellows" held her as an artist;
also, that she had won the splendid ap
preciation of Pastor's patrons with a
clean repertoire. In which there was not
the slightest suggestion ot vulgarity.
But If you take these words and a few
more and shake them up In a hat and
toss them out one by one, they will as
sume the tangled condition In which the
audaclous'vaudevlller. who made hla de
but on Tony Pastors stage, presented
What was meant to be an Abe Hummel
speech. The attempt was awful. The
result was excruciating. The real Abe
Hummel should have been there to hear
and see It all. Maybe he wouldn't be
mad. It Is to be hoped that he will
take steps to find out who It was that
thus so ruthlessly misrepresented him.
Miss Tllley was taken by surprise.
Why shouldn't she be? She had heard
of the great Abe Hummel, and knew
that this couldn't be he. She took the
red box, though, and looked with Joy-lit
optics on the Jewelled medal It con
tained. She thanked Mr. Pastor and
the bogus Abe, and then, moving
towards the footlights, told the Amer
ican public how much she loved It, and
how she honed everybody present would
remember her after she was gone, as
she would remember them. Then she
smiled and went In behind the scenes.
There was the wildest kind of applause,
and Miss Tlllcy came forward again,
but the alleged Abe Hummel did not re
spond to the encore.
It was a great night for Miss Tllley.
She sails for England to-day, so a rous
ing farewell had been arranged for last
night. Tony Pastor's Theatre was so
crowded at 8 o'clock that Manager Harry
Sanderson had to Instruct the man In
the box-otneo not to sell any more ad
mission tlokets. The crowd was no
greater than the enthuslanm and both
were In honor of the popular little Eng
lish burlesque actress, whoic specialties
In male attire had made her the vaude-
Aak for .llllliau's Cnllnat n reliable
tonic niidnpprllMT. Jtevtareuf u-cAtleMl CalKi)u.s
wortblossRolutlonof clrjcbuhlQe. lftl It'uay,
"And we dare not risk packing It," re
turned 'Miss- Annora, "because they
might take It Into their heads to examine
our boxes."
"How can we get It through?" mused
the elder sister.
"We must get It through," declared
the younger sister.
Presently Annora exclaimed: "I have
HI We will wea. It I No duty Is paid
on what one Is wearing."
"Yes, yes." said .Melissa, "but how
can we v. oar It? The white w. Ill get
soiled and the black torn In travelling,
Resides, If It looks unnatural, as It
would on our dresses and mantles, the
ofQaUW jvlll be sure to notice It."
''It would not look unnatural on our
bonnets," said Annora.
They set to work to decorate their
bonnets with the lace. They mingled
white and black, nchu and flounce, In the
most skilful manner, and though the
bonnets looked somewhat overdone, yet
they carried the lace, and It was proba
ble that the male eyes of the Custom
House officials would not notice anything
The Misses Wylle rejoiced In their clev
erness. They sat In the train on their
way to Franco with clear conscience
and light hearts. They had rien a de.
clarer nothing dutiable. In the compart
ment with them was only one other pa.
senger, a stout man, of good-humored
vllle sensation of the metropolis for
seven weeks.
She not only sang well and carried
herself with a mngnctlc grace nil
through the engagement, but she wore
the masculine raiment with Bitch fault
less ease that she was during her stay
as much the wonder and admiration of
the men as of the women. The accom
panying sketch shows her In one of her
costumes wearing the straw "sailor"
whloh she made fumous and fashion
able here. On the street she dressed
very plainly, almost Inexpensively, and
nobody -who saw her and did not know
her calling would for a moment have ms
pected her of being thentrlrnl She has
a three-yenr contract In England at
JM0 n week, which she goes back to nil.
Tho manager of "The Skating Rink," at
the BIJou Theatre, ottered her JT00 a
week for three weeks, but she wanted
Jl.ooo. Pastor paid her J.W0 a week
The medal Is a large gold affair In
several parts, with medallion photo
graphs of Mr. Pastor and Mis Tllley,
a large American eagle, several prcclout
stones and an Inscription setting forth
that It Is Intended to pleasantly remind
her of the fine American triumph she
had made.
Seven Crowded Ooean Fliers Leave
This Port To-Day.
Some of the Prominent People Who
Are Bound, for Europe.
Seven ocean liners will leave this har
bor to-day bound for various European
ports. Every stateroom has been en
gaged and the steamship companies have
been hard pressed to find accommoda
tions for the great number of passen
gers. To-day's outgoing fleet conslsls of the
Lucanla, of the Cunard line, for Liver
pool; the French line La Burgogne, for
Havre; the Saale, of the North German
Lloyd line, for Bremen; the Werra, of
the North German Lloyd ltne, for Genoa;
the Anchor line's Ethiopia for Glasgow;
the Spaarndam, of the Netherlands
American line, for Rotterdam; tho Mas
sachusetts, of the American Transport
Company, for London.
Among the passengers otj the Lucanla
, Ur ".Mra- r- W- HMMlaaatr. Miss nhlne
lander. Miss A. Hhlnelander, Hiss Christine Ar
buckle. Thomas Crlmmlns, Miss Katherlno I)
Crlmmtni. Mr. and Mrs George E. Dodge. Miss
Dodge. Capt. O It Harris. Capt. v II tVheelor.
Maior and Mrs. W. c. Cappelle, William Item
mlngwajr, Mr. and Mrs. A. D Jullard. Capt
McLeod. W. D. Howells, Miss Itoolls. Mr and
Mrs Douglas Alesander, Ilev. Henry P Allen.
T. Delanc.y Agar. Mrs Marx Agar. Mr. and
Mrs George II Dird, O. Biscay Clsrk, Charles
P. Chandler. Mr end Mrs Joeenh A flonohue.
John Dickson, Miss Dickson. Miss Harriet N
Dutton. Cleorge L. Drev., Mr. and Mrs. H. T
Everett and family. Mr. and Mrs V. I, Eames,
John J. Otbbons, Duncan Qlsss. Iter, and Mrs
J. K. Lloid and family, Ernest ritinan and
llenrr Sheldon.
Some of thoe on La Bourgogne nre:
C. de arendprey. military atlarhe ot the French
Embassy to the United Sulci; Dr. (Jlbler. Trot.
KIJ end Ilsroneis II. da Laurent, M. Verslrsete,
French Consul-General at rhliago; Dr. Morton
I'unce. Mr. and Mrs W. B lleldlns. Mr. and
Mrs Edward IlertauH, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis
Ilullard. Mr. and Mm. W T llacon. O w.
Iloolh. Mrs. D. D. nell. Miss Clara nell, F L.
Garcia, Gen. Tosta Garrls, Knnrla Toma Teres,
Vgnaclo Pardo. E. C. Sterns. William II. Under
hill and Jose Ilarandesrsn.
On the Saale are:
W. r. Nledrlnghaue, Albert W. Nledrlngbsns
and Oliver II Nledrlnghaus, all of St. Louis; Mrs.
Marlon S. Weed, II, y. Glade. Charge d'AHalrcs
and Consul-General at Hawaii; Mrs. Ilasll Hall.
Dr. Itobert II. Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. Philip
Aronpon. r. C. Uldwell, William Codman, Arthur
W, Hooper. Mrs. John L. Hammond, Mr. and
Mrs. John F. Kerr. Mr. and Mrs C n. Psndford,
Miss Susan Ssndford, Mr. and Mrs V L. Win
chester and Dr. and Mrs. F. r Anderson.
Among those on the Werra nre:
W. J. Attlas, Mr. and Mrs n. F. noyts Justlro
Drown, Mrs. Henry r. mount, s. P. Illagden.
Mr. and Mrs. n. Cunnlnghsm, Mr. and Mrs John
Jsjr Chapman, Mrs. and Mrs William
II. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. I) Webster Edgerley, G.
Fnulke. Prof 11 C O. Hues, J. Eians I.lpplnrott,
J. N. Neff. Mr. and Mrs O. II Perkham. K. P.
Parker, Iley and Mrs It V Hatlerlee, W, M.
Traek, Mr. and Mrs. Henry V, Vail and Hev. M.
Among those on the Spaarndam are:
Dr f) II, Ilabcock, D. Ilauder. ('. E Coombs.
Carl Cropp. Mrs. Wlnfleld T. Durbln, Mr snd
Mra. Mortimer Lawson Earl. Robert C. Earl.
I A. mell. Prof. S Camlllo Engel, It. L.
Hllderbrand and the Iter. Mr. Oggel.
On the Massachusetts are:
Charles II. Aloock, Mr and Mrs. Percy Brooke,
Mr. and Mrs J. Cockerton. Mrs. E. W. Csffall.
Dr J S 11. Hodges. J II Johnston, llev and
Mrs T. E. Paulson and the Itev. J. W. Williams.
The Ethiopia carries:
Col. Fred. Cornwall, Itev. J. J. Cormier, Dr.
A. It, Hahn, Dr. Ilobert Langraulr. Lieut -Col
Maglnnls, C M. Dardwell, John L, Hughes, M
8. Sutherland, E. R. Shaw and George M, Thomson.
m - .
To-Morrow' I'nrk Concert.
There will be music at the Malt, Central Park,
to-morrow at I P. M. by the Serenth Regiment
hand. Following Is tbe programme:
Star-flpangled Ilsnner.
1. March "Xavler Club" Van naar
t. Overture "Jubel" Weber
t Song for Tromboae,, ."Come to Me".. .Denra
A. Geroge.
4. S:enes from ,. "Carmen" fillet
f. Humoreaque. . . . "Salvation Army" ....Herman
ft Etsa Entering tbe Cathedral (Ixhengrln) Wagner
7 Solo for Cornet, "For All Eternity" Maecheronl
W II Rogers
5. Spanlah Review .. Huldlng
I. Oems from "Robin Hood" De Koen
I IndotMd b eminent Physicians everrwhers. J
I aotaBTDBuoflUfsisDoeociaa, .
I Ot.ll. riBB, Album, 75 PORTRAITS V
; and AUTOGRAPHS of Celebrities:
Q MAtlUM A CO.. tl W.illilh 8L, Wsw ro. Q
aspect, evidently from his extreme flabby
stoutness and his extreme good humor,
a middle-class German. Now, Germans
who understand English are very socia
ble with their Engllih fellow-travellers.
As this German did not address the
Misses Wylle, they felt sure that he did
not understand English, and they talked
freely to etch other,
"I suppose," said Melissa, "that my
bonnet looks all rUht? It does not strike
the eyes as being too much trimmed, eh,
" Well," said Annora, laughing, " It Is
too much trimmed for good taste, but
then on this occasion you have bad taste.
What about mine?"
"Oh, quite artistic, 'a study In black
and white,' as the artists say."
The ladles laughed together, full of
glee at their coming triumph over the
Customhouse officers The German wore
the fatuous grin affected by people who
listen to a language which they do not
At last the train slowed Into Blandaln
station, the frontier. Out jumped the
Misses Wylle with their hand baggage.
They calmly awaited the approach of
the officers. Out lumbered the Oerman
Willi his fatuous smile. He sauntered up
to one of the chiefs of the douane.
" men a declarer," said both ladles.
" Eau de cologne, dentelles, tabac,
rltuux;,M(.col6sn water, lace, to
i&r 4.. i t.t. ''''Ti'Tfrii'rYii M
Tho Siok Eabios' Fund Has Ovor
1,4C0 Pationts on tho List.
Vesta Tillcy Pays tor tho Health
Insurnnco of Five.
Poor Child rcn N'rctl T.oolilnjr After
tSOv for Obvious Itrusuns.
The ftiibnerliitlons.
Previously acknowledged tT.Stt 3t
Trot Stelnlger's entertainment si 00
csta Tllley, Pastor's Thcstre C W
Suite Klrwln, rroclor's Thtatre too
Ihe Little One lull
A Young Mother 100
II. II. II 100
Kmma Diamond .2S
Visitors to Dome, Pulltier Ilulldlnf 15 00
It only takes a dollar to euro a sick
baby. When pretty Vesta. Tlllcy heard
this yestctday, she put her hand In her
vest pocket, pulled out a bill, and said:
"I'll pay for five cures. I sail to-morrow,
and I want to do something to
bring me luck."
Miss Tllley believes In luck! and Is
willing to pay for It. Bhe didn't know
that thero were any people In America
too poor to buy medicines and food for
their sick children, until "The Evening
World" Fund wns opened. It may as
tonish her to be told that the free doc
tors made 1,478 visits last month, found
1,472 sick children, many of whom were
so very, very poor that the physicians
had to fill their own prescriptions.
The charming little singer does a great
deal In the way of ohnrlty when she Is
at home. Whenever she plays at Christ
mas time she distributes 1,000 tickets
among the poor children of the sur
rounding towns and gives each of them
a piping hot plum-pudding dinner.
There nre thousands of little ones In
England who bless Vesta Tllley's name
and look upon her as a fairy godmother.
Cnn't the render who Is perfectly
familiar with the workings of the Sick
llubl.i' Fund nnil the ever-swelling tide
of (JUtri'm that washes the Hhores of
our city contribute! enough to pay for
one cuie or losa? Hubscrllie a few dimes
Just for luck, and In brightening your
own fortune help to better some one
who Is v,orse iiff. Poverty Isn't as had
or as hard to endure us pain. Man only
needs a few clothes, a few pounds of
food and a roof that doesn't leak to bo
comfortable, and with health and a little
philosophy thrown In to be happy. Hut
If he lacks heulth, If his body is pain
racked, he can enjoy nothing. And that
Is the condition of the pensioners of the
Hick Babies' Fund.
When the doctors call at the wretched
homes along the rivers' edges and ask
It they Is unythlng they can do, the
lnevitnlile reply of the mother Is:
"Only get my child well."
With good henlth the possibilities of
man are nil but limitless. One of the
staff doctors hits the null squarely on
the head when he writes to the Chief
of Corps:
"There has never, I venture to say,
been a year In the history of the Fund
when the children needed looking after
ns they do this year. The reason Is
plain enough. Every one knows what
n hard Winter the past has been for the
poor. The men have been out of work.
Credit Is hard to get; the pawnbrokers
will lend nothing on furniture and
clothes, nnd the results show on the chil
dren, as a case I had uptown Saturday
will Illustrate. I found a child with fol-llcular-tonsllltls,
but very much sicker
than she would usually be. OnHnqulry
It rame out that owing to lack of work
tho children had been on short com
mons for some time, and the mother, tho
Katlent and tha other child were de
llltated and anaemia In consequence.
The results Is that the poor little ones
wero not In even their usual state
to resist sickness, and If we would save
the children now Is the time. And we
must work sharply to do It."
Just send nny change vou can spare
to the cashier of "The World" and the
Sick Babies' Fund will put It to hte best
possible use.
Any clothing, bedding or perambula
tors not needed may be sent to Mrs.
Boberts, 228 East Twenty-first street.
Criu-efnl t'nrrle Irnttss,
Little Carrie Strauss Is only eleven
years of age, b.it she Is one of thp free
pupils In rro,f. atclnlger's school for
dancing. She Is such a pretty dancer
thnt the Professor Is happy to have her
attend nil the Imsons and every recep
tion. At the carnival for the Sick Babies'
Fund she danced the "Tyrolean." She
was dressed In crimson llk, with polka
dots, accordion plaited, and when she
took the voluminous skirt In her fingers
and kept step with the rollicking music
bacco, spirits), the officer ran off,
" Blen, rlen," said the .Misses Wylle.
Tho man said nothing more, and the
ladles, expecting the cry of " Et vol
ture, s'll vous plait!" felt extremely
But at that moment the official to
wl'om tte German had been speaking
came up to them and said. In very fair
English: "The ladles are fond of lace?'
Their hearts sank within them.
" Bather," they conceded.
' And to carry It on the bonnet Is a
convenient minner of avoiding the
They were undonel
" But we are wearing It," screeched
Arnora. Melissa panted.
" Mesdames, I admire your Ingenuity,
but such an amount of new lace cannot
be passed even on your bonnets. Two
three, five meters," he went on, meas
uring the unlucky lace with his eye,
" fichu, flounce, &c. So many francs or
I confiscate It."
" En vulture, s'll vous plait!" was
The sum denuded by the officer added
to what they had paid In purchase would
have made the lace the dearest that ever
was bought. They tore off their bonnets,
pulled out Innumerable pins, set free the
fichus, flounces, 4c, put them Into the
Officer's hands and ran to their seats.
Out of breath and out of pocket, they'
Park Row & Chatham Square, H3. Y.
Furniture, Carpets, Everything for Housekeeping.
$. Weekly on S5 Worth.
6 Misty on $100 Worth.
opknhatu..iavkv.:n,n0s. C0LLECTQNS MAQE p REQUESTED.
alio nns bewitching, brilliant ami beauti
ful. Proctor'n Prlmn-Donnn.
To th KJIIor
I he not I red with much r .future tha nucrMt
nf jour efforts tn hha.f of tha id It tikblai of
this city, anl on tha principle tint nrrj little
htlpa I ttlflh to contribute my mite tnwardi al
IfvUtlnic the mlTtrlnc of the fleur little onf
The rharlty work In which yon are ftijtMM u a
moat worthy rje, and If every one ahnuM rnn
tribute arrorislna to hla mean. ou wnuM noon
have more money than yon rouM writ eipend in
behalf of Ihe juvir Infanta of New York Ionn
life to "The l.vrnlntt World' and the flick Ha
blea Fund. I lncloae check for $8. Youra truly.
Hl'Sli: KIRW1N,
Wilbur Opera Company, Troctor'a Theatre.
rrom a Little One.
To tha Kdltnr:
Pleaaa find Ineloatd II for the Pick Hab1ea
A Younir Mothers
To tha Editor:
Inclosed pleaaa find II for the Kick TUhlea'
Fund to help to reltere enme poor ItttU aulTerer.
A VOllNO MOTH EH. Brooklyn.
Another Tlrkrt Hcnnl Front.
To the IMttor-
tncloaed pltata find 25 renta In atampa received
for a ticket fmn. the Central Operatlouae affair
held Saturday DlgUt. May SI
A Honk In Wlilrli I'limrll nnil Otlivr
I,eniler Are Arousril,
P. J. V. Tynan, Cnptnln of tho Irish
Invincible, litis written a hook. lie
says that I'arnell and the Irish Nation
alist leiirtcrs In Parliament planned the
assassination of Lord Cuvendlsh and
Bccretaiy Ilurke.
He Bays that the Irish leaders au
thorized the crime and afterwards de
serted the men who executed It. "Tho
World" will publish the Btory to-morrow.
II. II. llnnjn CI nil's Hntrrtnlninrnt.
Tbe II It. P.snn Club, rnmposed of members
of the Seventh IlcKlment, with the nsslstsnee of
three rouns ladles, presented the fnrre.comedr,
"Ileardlng Ibe I.Ian," br Daniel R. Mercetn, at
the fWrkeler l.rreum last nljcht for the lieneflt
of the Trnement-llouse fhapter of the Kind's
DsuRhters Mlhs MsikI PtirnlM. In Ihe lea tins
role of Ikirnlhy Fairfax, wbn "beards the linn,"
raptlvatM the audience The entire company of
amateurs did excellent work and tbe performance
waa a success Id every iiartlcular.
He Wlllite'il So More,
tFrom the Chicago Poet )
" I tell you, sir," sa.d the solemn man,
" wotnun's suffrnce Is bound to como
snon. Women will have all the political
rights and privileges of men."
" Possibly, poHlily," slRhed the bald
headed man, wearily. "Hut when they
do you will never find me worklns In u
Convention city."
" Indeed! Pray what ds your busi
ness?" " I am a hotel clerk. Just from Philadelphia."
within ctlt of 1 Hjrtngenu every bottle of
l'J l.lCOl I. (a sur- cure for llles, llectal
Ulcers, KUIuIa ami t'intliatl( a). miinilfacttirtHt
by W. J, Unearsr Co . West f.Tttl St., '. V.
bold ou cuuruuty at l, by all DrUKtlstl
Venetian Linimenl,
l'oln. In tlir llinba. back or rlir.t. HOUR
Til HO AT, COLDS or IltlDIl.V PAINS of
nny kind, ou will Dm! It WOltTII Its
Wi:i(illT In (1(11,11. Price Hi and SO
rents, hold by all IrrtlffKlVte.
I were moit unhappy. Successful eheat
I Ink' Is one thins, but unsuccessful cheat
ing Is another, and causes sharp pangs
i of conscience.
"Too ImiUI" cried Melissa as the train
moved on. "We wire entitled to what
we ttoje."
"It was that Oerman," said Annora.
"Ho understood llnirllih. H heard
what we said. He told the otnclal. Oh,
a man may grin anil tftin and be a vil
lain'" They Broanetl over their misfortune.
The fltst tlmo tho train stopped the vil
lain entered their compartments still
grinning. They dared ut him, but he
still ifrlnned, They took refugo In si
lence. He bcxan to speak:
"Ladles," he said In I.ondonese Eng
lish, "I was very sorry to have to Incur
your displeasure, but I felt that It was
my duty to report you at the douane
You had Innocently told me all about
the lace en your bonnets, and for tha
credit of our country, for the sake of
ISnglUh honesty, I was constrained to
point out your bonnets to that official.
Can you forgive me?"
"No," said Annora.
nut Melissa thought that, notwith
standing his wicked cruelty, ther was
something very pleasant In hi smile.
" I entreat your forgiveness, Udles j
more, I humbly ask a favor,"
"Sir?" exclaimed Annora, I
One, nn llnllnn Who (Jot (lie SinsJI
Pox n( I, nine Iilnnd (,'lty.
Domlnlco Mahon, an Italian twenty
seven years old, was removed to North
llrolher Island, troin Uellevuo Hospital,
this morning suffering from small-pox.
Million halls from Paterson. N. J., but
had been employed at sewer building In
Long Island City up to a few days ago.
It Is believed he contracted tho disease
The only other ense removed to-day
was Adam Dell, thirty-five years old, of
753 1' Igth street.
Business Notices.
Srrtlml Ilia ward Kyr Is on the label, also
nnr name tu label, HiluntcorL nnil topot iapule
None other Is trtiuhii'. It Ii Kirk k Co., Kew
toik, stile aguuls furUld Cruw ,'.
Bill's lWest
And Congress of Rough Riders ol Ihe World.
mot limner r.ntrTR primi ni:v york
tnrmmp (Mrs till) .lUlh St. ferry, tool of While
hull st., Ilatttry.
I'A un 0 CUNT.
rnice Pailj. Ham or Sik 3anJ8.l5P.JI
All roads Tin Itatiery. Ilruoklyn llrldire. Ilam
lllnii, Wall. Hlltn'i, L'J.I st nnd ulher l'errlos
inuke emit! fetlous iliritl to itutoi
AUitiWiliin M leim. i hlhiron halt prp.
Central tinu.il Blnnd T.'i cvnts nnl l to, 00)
foTenvl seats. Popular resluurnnt i feat lire.
Accessible br (M, llth and 1'ranklln PL Ferries.
OlI.llOlir'N j TO VOttlltlW
ZBI 1IKI1I.11LNT Arni;lt.M)ti.' AT 4.
yictou iiKiiniYic'KViitnrroit".""
Sli-nor Vit'TDIt CUimo, Tenor
Miss ANNA FILM'S. Contralto.
TICKETS SRr ""'SHsiWr,1'
IIUILIU. UUUs, 43d and Vroliklln at.
On sale st tirsnch UcVet orr.cts, Klo.k llth st
anil IrrhiK rises; ferry Entrance. :i t j it.ln-
fler's clair Mar., oppo.lt. rranklln St. Kerry.
SATURDAY, JUNE 9, n"fi8.,ViUSC,,n',
TKItltArtJ flAltnEN. LEXINGTON nninA.
Illltl.lli. Mth st , 3.1 are. At I. M.
lieneflt Concert and I'erformance for the
The two excellent plsys,
Gtren by members of the In In rise, and Cer.
mania Theatres.
foals loc.. Tig.. II, hot 110.
P A Q TNft "" AdauWin to
UrlOinu. Ilool (Inrden and TJientre, Cor.
i hi: I'AMiixo MiowflBViswiiiiniiu.
ltO Chorus e.n.1 llallel. tAUiment. to IS. CJon
Irert. Mlnilrir, fitol'i.
Pcat'f perform.!. ntorkpyii, Wool'i orlum Joint,
l.Uzlv rUiirtrvm iiftlrMiMi inarm. 1)lo, I m in
dUn rIbus dancer. Aslmry an-. Roblnaoc. Queen
and (I ray, mini reader. 100 niher new feature;
i theatre. Whippier Twin j. Mlni-r.a l.ee, Jennie
1 I'kkcrt, Jm Natim, the Hurt fit-ore FlalW. the
Macklntont.es Orind fiunduy Concert.
C It AMI (IPI:MN(2 Ol' Tllll NI'.W
Tho Kiisiitlh Hungarian Mmitlinnv Orohi'strn.
.MAIHMt.N Ml'Alts7sT4Hflfi;N.
luMghl ttiiiiilar Nlfflil.
SlMlrtA'M HANI).
IlefrnVmieiit wrxil. Ailinl'Klnn. Wirr-nla.
itooc iiAitiniN on..- .ii.'.m: 1,
Itosenti't MlM and ,1J hoxt a nuw nucule,
Onrrn.Ilnti.rlllNTIlAV, Till! KVNM,
Jlu.lr Hull, TlKIJa, KI.M-M:it-.
(17 1 "Ml. mill IIIrIi W.,i,4aU, l.trry 1'.'m
Thlril Air. (limn YJtl'JBTIIIJ nt rl.lA.
Ilot tteats Hi Iteserved Seats &0c , Admission tie.
141 II HTiinCT '1 II I.A I'lIK Nonr h ave."
rupillsr I'rlri-. CAM -NDi:il"OUIi;lNAL
'eit Wek A no i ay. t'iiiiiH.ee'H I'nnlner.
TlieiaCI& UTIIhT. MU-tr HAM.
1M4 an-l l.lfl Ks' 14th at , near IM kvi-.
plays iviry afternoon amlveiiluir.
KATE CI.AXTO.V-i Kmntliiiinl Drums.
Till! TV() Oltl'IIA.VM.
AC'ADCMV 01' Ml 'sir. nth. A Irvlntplace.
The Girl "Left Behind Me.
Imi Mat. '1 u-ilay at 'J. 1 c. at K IS.
' "Miss Wylle, Miss Annora Wylle"
the presumlnK wretch hnd seen their
names on their luc-mBC, even their
Christian names "you will confer a
Brent favo- on me If you will tell me
your address,"
Annora reddened ; Melissa blushed.
Ferhnps lie was ashamed of the cruel
part he had played and wns about to
ofTer un npolot;y, perhaps their brave
ami senile endurance of misfortune had
touchi.il lilm, perhaps their charms had
so vo.i upon him that he wished to see
more of them, with a view to their
suppositions broke off rapidly,
Annora loolced at Melissa, and Melissa
looked at Annora. Then tho elder sister
spoke. "We live at 113 Angelina gar
dens, Hdwln square, South Kensington,
8 W."
The strantrer made s. note of the ad
dress. Mellsia was on the point of ask
ing his name when ha said abruptly,
"Vou shall hear from me." Then he
discoursed en the country through
whloh they were passing, after which
he burled himself In a Klgaro nnd
talked no more. At the next stoppage
he said i brusque " Good morning,
ladles," and left tbe compartment, and
they saw no more of him.
There- wss a considerable flutter In the
breast of Melissa, who was of a Toman-1
tic turn W mind, and who could onlyl
Imagine Ms) reason why this trnser I
ifvia. AClt m
It Is our Velvet. Wc nre tbe niij msius-. ( fl
Inclnrrr. r!in lin e sucrruilrtl In prodsif 'fl
Ins ft snllafaclory solid color" Velvet . fl
Cnrprt. nnd vc sell n threeslioot stt ifco fM
.nine price others nsk for a tsvo-sbootr -H
2 East 14th St. ' m
Only a short time rcmnlaa in
which -efl
World Readers M
can take ad van tan nt th ' " B
whereb reader o( Horning E41Uoa H
mar uni tha -W
world's'fair , I
Tlit offer will poaltltfly bt wlthrJrawn , (fl
nccurB tha Lett aouvenlr of tb Qrt&i H
l!sioaltlon. rt
ISna. 1 fo I? ran bo lini. nt vnco,
No nhltijr nn drlnya or nny klpd 4H
1'orlrait Typo No. I to 8 n'so
rrnd). nt 10 CKNTS tor cacb ;fl
roillnllo. 'fl
01- AiMrcMi all malt to THR WORLD 9
Iiullilins. Includa no other bualntua la m
1'urtruUa order, S
Art Portfolio Department, W
uitown opncE. :U
Junction It ndr 324 kt A 6th ST.. 'tH
Or Ilnrlvm n.llm i:itii Hi. and Madlsoa ''
' Ave, , Urooklyn nnire, so) w'aslilnctoa
Ft.. Ilnxiklin Central Uffice. ItaT.U'i ,S
Hook Store, fitli Ao., corner ISLts 8t, H
Nesr urk.
Q rj) I
,. .. f
Amusements', ' M
Now on ltally (Incliifllns Ktmilay) Kxulbltloa tor U
tli-flmtll'iie. ifl
I If llltOADWAY, N11AR S7TII 8T. , ;J
sTAHnAnn tOkihk. )Tu. iiilu Hanustv ""-"
Evening at S Is. Hat, Sit. al X.U. ''
Ki.iiiTTiiic iiAmiiAi.i. a.:oTiasp. v.
Ni:v youk '.. ht. Muni in:. in& fcase. i'
Xn'nTS'n Tia'ATllf:. Uata. Wel.'tat'Mk 1
COLUMllUn'thealn-. Kv.f. K. Mats. WeoUkSsek i
Great-VENDETTA-Oast -:
Nutweek-MlUoiiNohlnlu'lIIKriHESHC ':
IIAIIIIIIN TIlllATIfK a.15. Mot.Wel.aifliT
sill) tU I TU L .Tflptli Hour. Mondtr.
lvcki'm 'HiicVriiU THE AMA2QNS.
4tliBi.-,nia.i.Ut. VU M?'?wj!' i
At K'Jti. Matliwws fliiirviar mid Bsiurdsy.
Hnyfs Mad. Sq. Theatre. I ,iS.StfSSf
KltANK M'Ki:i:. llanauer. afiJA J
eui:n tBB.fioinllIDll- ,y
CHAM) OOM'liUTS. - 5
AFTintXOtl.N I Al)Mlrn-loN.uuc.l KVKNINO ':
paocTOB's H$$(ZWi i
litttcvti ttc'iounil 10nw nieltles. KiA.M.to ,
hi.,.ui'.m. ., A.vic Humijiy. atomaor.aa.
rT0 Alir. orHKA-IHIUSK. , . ". - j
larCAIMU i.M;i.HtH. MatvU'eiBt :
iUll.TO.N Mlltl.IX IN
NIRI II'V! Waiipr'sanfurrt, Leasee Mr. ' '' J
gfiS. tg,S I MY AUKTBaiDB -T tSsfSSBg'. u
Liixt'KIlT ft VAUnKVILi,!:. TUB Pn.nni3J S
Onhe-lrlon plays dally, 10 A. M. till OI'.JI. iS
IMPERIALI"T,1'""r & I""- moo..''. V
litirtniHl. ,lul oj,,!,, Timr.. Batata M
Tbe Rreat Utlnc Pictures Hlsh-Claa. Vanderttl 2M
" - "TT""""!T "oa
Brooklyn Amusements. ,3
J"i'.VijyKtv THti PLANTER'S WlfE. M
.llmiurrs Wnlnrailoj' nnd Xntnrdar. .fl
COI. mS.N'H M'.tt' 1.HK TllKATIUi.
JL.'..- MATIXhIM lilt TM
I. very Kenlux. Mntn. Weu. and HtkL M
Kery i:oulne;. Mats. WcJ. an I fat -S
shoulJ want her atlilress. Sbe still bo- -!jl
llcvpd that he was a German who spolc .9
Enellsh remarkably well, and she had M
, seen that he was not a gentleman; she 'S
therefore made up her mind to refuss I;fl
tho offer of marriage which no doubt no M
would shortly make. ''m
Arrived In Angelina gardens, the Mlfjses M
Wylle were occupied tn arranging tha ifl
, household, and a couple of busy days iS
were spent by tncm. On the third day -)H
after their home-coming they received 'r!H
by tho same post a parcel and a letter, H
Annora opened the carefully tied and 'jfl
sealed parcel, while Melissa read tho ,vS
letur. Having read It once to herself fl
she next read it aloud to her sister: 'VjM
Mesdames; 1 felt myself under a very fraat 'IpH
obllcatloif to yea the other day at Blandaln. I " i-H
am a very thin nun, but I was stained rasaa fl
ltu hundreda ot yards ot fin. Urusa.ll taco,
and I Ihouiht tbst tbe best way ot drawing the i"
attention of tb custom.bous. ofllc.rt troas H
myself was to draw It 'o you. It waa purely la H
self-defense tbst I directed tbe rail yattf '' H
bonnets Hailnc bea tb. cause of lb. loss of H
your Ise I wish to mak. you du. comsaiutloo, H
and I f lear. to s.ndyou aom.fjner iae H
than tbst ahlcb you lost I am obedieotly yws,1 ''''j
Melissa took possession of a black laco' iH
flounce and Annora of a dozen yard of H
white lace and a lace-cdsed handkercbUf, , 'H
and they qolte forgavo the atouk'panMtfj,; JiH
for his cruelty and tor till ptoutnosov-, .-VjM
Bayard Harrison iai atray Jim't -: l', -JaB

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