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Kmihg for jjte mmp.
K$ flrotBU, Will Be Opened-,
BN y , J i n...
b Nation. OuSSiKBgl3r York .nJ
' Brooklyn r fclMwrTreparatlons for
B tblr sojourn at the State Camp, at
HHBi PeektlJlU, Jtha 'aasltnnient-havlliB bn
KJ made li-stntfafdjMJt-S6?-:
MB Porter.
RL- The camp opens a week from to-day,
BltC June It. and continues until Auk. 4.
UwMWf Gen. Louis Fitzgerald and Hart, of the
MMii JSIrit Drtsradiu.pnd Gn. McAleer and
HHt Itaff. of the Second Brigade, will go Into
RL camp Juno and remain till lt close.
HHaW There will be one or more of the New
1K., York an Brooklyn commands In camp
H' at all tlmel, and the State will furnish
HI'. "JfV'lm'lnto camp June 1.
B .feco'Sd6. ffi& Twelfh! gK
HwW Forty-eighth separate companies1 will be
HSU k The Ninth Iteglment will go to Peeks-
9, Vlll July 7 for a week, and will have for
K? I Suip mates the Thirty-second, Thirty.
HB H. .fourth. Thlrtv-seventh and Forty-llrst
Mm' S.a,UhU.PllBamllon. of this city
B;j Major Chaunc.y. and the Thirteenth
HEp ReslmenC 'Brooklyn. wUl camp July
Wi From'July 21 to Aug., V Brooklyn's
Sf Fourteenth Regiment will hold forth
Kk The First Battery. Capt. Wendell. Is
St detailed tothrer weeks' camp duty, from
W-l June 16 to July 7. Inclusive. The Second
&& Bauery, Cap' Wilson, relieves Capt.
KS't '-.' Wendell' txienztan two weeks, from
& July 7 to V Sid JfUsqpln'a Third Bat-
R'4' tery. Brooklyn. goea Into camp July
H i. XI and remains till Aug. 4.
'r Commander Miller, of the Naval ne-
.'. aerve. has Issued orders to the First
KB& Battalion to go on a week's cruise, for
KM which a United States warship will be
K assigned July 21. They must prepare
HfS-'i for rifle practice also: the ofllcers. stuff
Bdv: and First and Second Divisions to visit
HKi Creedmoor for practice June 19, and the
HK chief petty officers. Third and Fourth
Hit Divisions June 21
K' Seaman B. Sehgrave has been ap-
BW- pointed chief boatswain's mate.
pjjjjjjBshV p
BflEft Ono Horse Kills Another.
BjBjKf Jwoa Kaiser, ot 121 West On Hundred nl
BB, 7 ' lwtr-ascon4 street, wti drlrlcj a Ucht waon
MmiS last trenlnf wh.n the hortt became unmanaie-
HBMtv able at 8.TntltaTeiiu. and On. Hundred nJ
H Fortr-aaoond'' street, and ran Into a horse owned
p.H and drien br Mstlhew Itelllr. o( 1WI Msdlscm
KA bm. killing lltlllr'a horaa.
BflF'' Erery One Likes It, nnd the Maker
B Offers) Colli to Customers.
BBi, One. hears of nothing these dnys but
BUBr-f' Buttercup Soap. The magnificent offer
BflEsli ' tbe Buttercup Soap Company to ill-
BBKVL' vide tGOO ,ln gold among Its customers
nBiLi.-' for the solving of a. 'simple puzzle has
H;l , taken the town by storm, -nnd storu-
Hi keepers havi-hard work tu eutiiily the
fiC- demand. According to conditions, the
HB,r first person -who. correctly names the
HVSv authors of the quotations published In
K. Uie advertisement ot Buttercup Soap In
H;J "The Evening1 Wqrid'Vot June 6 will re-
H celve tlOO In gold. This Is a game where
SF,i one has everything to gain and nothing
KKtV to lose. Even If one falls for the prize,
HgKfVL he still hss a cake ot what Is guaran-
Hb? i teed to be the purest soap manufac-
HtSn&' tured. Butte "cup Soap will Una Instant
HHBsfivor with the fair sex, for It Is unex
BBfl$; h celled as a beautlfler. ,
, r. . '.; ji rf '"i : j j
Thnt Is AX'lint '"Tlie World" Clinrirea,
nml It Is n Pulr llrlrr.
That the peopje nrrrfc11'9 "The
World's" 'efforts Id UrlhK the coal com'
bine to reason Is shown In mnny letters
from readers. Some'of the conl dealers
nre secretly selling to olJ ciiHtomcrs nt
larger reductions from the prices set
up arbitrarily byj the comblni, urul.nra
as declroiis as the.r customers that the
combine withdraw the scaejnle ami per
mit open competition .,, ,,, , ,
i-TUU this Is done "The orlil
WJiontlnue to deliver coal anywhere In
NfftaJVork of Brooklyn at UA a tpn.
and people who hnvc been unable to Mm!
a dealer ho will sell at rensonal)le
flgurei can leave their orvli-rs at The
.Wju-ld's" New Yo:k or Brooklyn ofllcc.
Then Pfclffer Fell Down n Fllulit
of Stnlrs, anil l IJend.
Charles Pfeirfer, a machinist, fifty
four yenrs old. fell down n lllght of
stairs nt his home. 30J Ilost Seventy
fourth street, lust night. His skull wan
fractured, nnd he died In a few mo-
monSthe second floor of the house there
are two doors close together. One lends
to u pantrv. the other opens on a flight
of stairs. I'felffer got mixed In the doors
and. believing he was walking Into the
closet, fell headlong down the stairs.
, - ,' , wi
No Ktntement Will Up Itenily Ile
forr Monilii) Aflrrnooll or I.ntrr.
William W. Ooodrlch. the auxiliary
recalvcr for KUnard II. llartlett A
Co. anil the Union Warehouse Com
pany, which assigned' etenlhy, bus n
number of aecountunts at work on the
books ot the concerns, endeavoring to
cutniille n auitetiiculB of the ussets nml
liabilities . ,.
Mr Ooodrlch told nn "I'vonlng World '
I reporter to-day It would be linposstblu
to get at any llgures before .Monday,
nnd he feared that the meeting of
creditors called for Monday afternoon
would hnvo to be postponed, as It was
very doubtful whether a stutemtut
would be reudy.
A. U. Hi nilerson. Secretary of Hip
I'nlon Warehouse Company said his
force was doing everything It could In
the statement Work would go on to
morrow, nnd things would be In shape
by Monday afternoon. If possible.
The heaviest creditors nie said to be
banks, from wboin llartlett & Co. bor
mwed money to put Into the Union
Warehouse Company.
Con hoy HorseN linked lo )ntli.
IPr AuorlMtn I'r.n )
CIIAtlHON, Nrli , June 9 Much Indignation
hai br.n arou.-il hare bjr the knowlnlge that four
of th nine borata tbat warn atarlcJ In tha hun
drv mlla rowtior rare are dral from lha .ITrrta
ot uaaga rtrelveJ On dropptd neAO on the laat
mll. An afTort waa made by tha manac.ra to
corar np Ihla fart. Warranta have lean I. an. I for
the arreat of eeveral peraona connected with the
Cures- which Conclusively Prove Its Merft,
Testimonials, which stand Investigation,
Ways and Means, always Up to Date,
In Everything;,"" other Medicine has ever so
thoroughly Won the People's Confidence as
Bq sure to.gct HOOD'S and only HOOD'S.
' A Noted Sicilian Roiugce is Seek-'
ing Fighters Hero. !
Monti'lcon Hns u Hnvolt Anlnst the
KI113: Is KIpculiiR In Italy. j
There arrived In New York two weeks
ago one of the few leaders of the late
Blclllan revolution who scaped Italian
1 prlroiis, In the person of l'rof. Antonio
Muittuleun. The I'rufessor Is accom
panied by his wife nnd two tnllors of
! Sicily, who may also be described us
I refUKCPH, Tor the present they have
taken quarters nt 303 Kast Tenth street.
To a number of friends who symi
thlto with the InborliiK (.lasses In Italy,
the l'rofessor stated that the object of
his visit to America .was to organize n
1'hbcIo del Lnvoratorl, a union of labor,
under the nusplrcs of the New York
section of the Socialists. The first
steps In this direction will bo taken to
mono w iiBt ut C Spring street.
l'rof. Mouteleon hopes ultimately tg
chntih'e his proposed 1'ascio del Luvora
torl into u band of revolutionists who
will bo to Sicily, nnd under his leader
ship participate In an uprising against
Hie Italian Government, which he con
fidently expects will tnko place In about
a year. He has expressed himself free
ly since his urrlval on the Sicilian trou
bles. 1
1 ho people, he says, are oppressed by1
the Ituliun Government beond the 1
power of endurance. The loose tlnnnclal
methods of the Government, which re
sulted In the bank scunduls and the
looting of the State Treasury, left a de
ficit which the new Ministry under
Crlspl has alnly tried to meet. The
lust outbreak, which wus a protest
ugalnst tuxutlou, was led by some of
the ablest men In Sicily, members of
rarllumeut ami several professors In
State (.olIigeB being among those who
were subsequently sent to prison for
long terms because of their avowed
sympathy with the movement. Over
200 two men took part In the demonstra
tion. The rebelliun nprtud so rupldly
that as a laot retort the Government
was forced to send for Crlspl as the
only man In Italy cupablc of coping with
the dlflluultles of the situation. Hut
een Crlspl, the Illsmarck of Italy,
will, In l'rof. Monteleon'K opinion, be
unable to stem the tide which has set
nknlnot the King and the present form
of government
Italy Is bankrupt, he declares, nnd In
creased tnvatlon is an absolute neces
sity. Increased taxation, he says, will
ptcelpltute another outbreak. It Is to
prepare for this expected uprising that
lie will seek to organize an American
band of volunteers.
l'rof. Monteleon was formerly con
nected with n college nt Genoa ns l'ro
fessor of Languages, ills escape from
Italy was due mainly to the stupidity
of the police, who were watching for
him nt the steamship pier when he
walked by them without any attempt
at roncealment nnd wns not recognized.
2ftwSrl4 Street.
jr&ty$K NEW Yomc
rnnsENTs, also iitnr nucKi.Ks and other
Mnnlno O'Connor Tlinneht a llnr
rieroua Woman Wns After Hint.
The doctors at Ilellevue Hospital are
trying this morning to discover exact
ly what Is the matter with Thomas l
O'Connor, who says his relatives live .
at HG6 Third avf nue.
O'Connor created no little excitement '
Inst nlpjht by chasing mndly down
1 Madison avenue. He had pulled his
li.it well over his ears and seemed to
I run for dear life. Now and then he
I would cast a frightened glance behind
to ee If he was pursued. He did this
at Twenty-seventh street, and ran
plump Into the arms of Policeman
The policeman held the man, who
1 began to struggle.
"Let me gol Let me go! She Is com
ing after mo with a gun!" O'Connor
. Policeman Gllllgan appeased him by
promising to arrest the Imaginary pur
suer, and sent his charge to the hospital.
Ho Prayed fur the Snlvntlon of the
i Ambntanue AnrKeon'n Sntil.
While going through Eleventh street,
nenr First avenue, at 3 o'clock this
morning, Policeman Carroll came upon
i a man praying In front of the Old Cal
vary Cemetery. When the man saw the
I policeman he shouted: "The 1-ord Is
here." nnd threw his arms around the
I policeman's neck.
At the rifth straet station the man
snld he was Thomas Lannlgan, a laborer.
i forty-two years old, of 633 East Tlilr-
, teenth street.
"In the presence of the Lord," said he
to the sergeant, "vve are going to
The sergeant telephoned for on nmbu-,
lance, and Di. Ferrell pronounced the I
man Insane. On the way to the tnsano
pnvllllon nt Dcllcvue Hospital Lannlgan
prayed that the soul of the ambulance
surgeon might be saved.
The man's brother says Lannlgan has
been nctlng strangely for several weeks.
Ilnkotn County, Nrlirnskn, Itepnlill
enns Allcfio Fraud.
(nr Aaaoclated Praai )
OMAHA, Neb., June 9. The Democrats
elected all the officers of Dakota Coun
ty, Neb,, last Kail. It occasioned much
surprise, as the county had alvv.tvs
been ovcrwnclmlngly Republican. Suit
has been filed In the Supreme Court by
the Republican Central Committee con-
i testing the whole election.
i It Is alleged that numerous gross
frnuds have btcn discovered by which
the Democrats carried the election. Sen
sational developments are looked for.
Horace Dlsstun's. Ilont CnpaUed.
njr Aaaoctatail Tre' )
KLKTON, Mi! , Juna 9 Horace Dlaaton, of If.
Dlaaton'a Sona, Philadelphia, who In the Summer
raaldea at Seneca Point. In eompnnr with hla
wife and three other ladlea eas cut Balling on
Thursday laat on the Korlheait Rher. When over
a mile from shore tbe boat capalied, throwing
the oecupanta Inln the ater. Another boat res
cued the enllre party.
More 'Wcnlerai Sentenced.
flly Associated Press )
HELENA, ston , June 9 N'lneteen Common
wealera from the State ot Washlncton were sen
tenced to ninety days In Jail yesterday by Juice
Knowlea ot the United Statea District Court.
They are part or the gang which atole a Northera
raclflc train a few weeka aco
m a
Wenlrra After n Lnkc Vessel.
(I)y Associated Press )
WEST EUPEUIOR, Wis. Juna 9 Harry
uaehra who represents the 'Wealers travelling
Eaat from the raclflc coast. Is here trying to
..barter a renal lo take 1,000 men to Ilutlalo.
"I the Oreat Lakes. Ills credentials are signed
by the A. n. TJ. of Seattle.
A Way Fount! to Ilnre Their Deci
sion llespected.
Umpires hnve a hard tlmo of It. If
they decide ngulnst a populnr player or
the popular club everybody begins to
hoot nnd howl. Secretury Starkhouse,
of the New York Club, has devised n
wny by which the umpire's decisions
will be respected,
It seems Incredible that n plnn has
been found after all these years of
bickering, and friends of the came will
read "The World" to-morrow with hope
and doubt. If Mr, Stackhotise has made
a safe hit he will be congratulated.
11 Working uiiis.
"Are you troubled yith
Backache, Frxintncss, Dizzi
ness, Irregularity?
" Are your cheeks pale ?
"Your oyes dull and step
heavy? Does
your back
and side ache
terribly ?
" Are you at
times faint
with pain in
thf lnwpr
part of your stomacn i
"If so, listen ! Slanding all
day, week in and week out,
you have slowly drifted into
woman's great enemy, dis
placement of the womb.
"That or some other de
rangement of the organ, caus
ing irregularity and other
" Take warning in time !
Lydia E. Pinkhavis Vegetable
Compound is the surest and
safest remedy in the world for
you.'' Miss Sallie Palmer,
Juniata St., Nicetown, Pa.
A Young Far Rookaway Matron
Commits Suicide.
She Wns Sirs. Atluni Mornn, Afflicted
with Hopeless Inebriety.
The corpse of Mrs. Annls Moran, the
young wife of Adam Moran, son of a
wealthy builder of Far Itockaway, Ilea
at the Morgue this morning, awaiting
Instructions from Mr. Moran.
Mrs. Moran was removed to Ilellevue
Hospital from 217 East Thirty-eighth
street, at 10 20 I'. M. yesterday, suffer
ing from the effects of carbolic acid,
taken with suicidal Intent. She died In
less than an hour.
The woman lud been a confirmed
dipsomaniac for some time. Her husband
was compelled to separate from her
about six months ago. He made her a
reasonable weekly allowance, however,
and she Increased this stipend by work
ing In a cigarette factory.
Mrs. Moran frequented the saloon of
Adam Uarth In Thirty-eighth street.
Iast night she tnlj Harth that she In
tended to stop drinking. She left the
saloon and bou'ht at a drug store i
neary a pint of carbolic ncld. She took
n large part of It sojn after, and when
discovered by the neighbors waa beyond
medical skill.
rt San
Protests Against Ills Delnir Invited
to Colletre Commencement.
(Dy Associated Trees )
1 CHICAGO, June 9. The Invitation to
Gov. Altgeld to be present ut the com
mencement exercises of Northwestern
University haB raised a storm of pro
1 tests from friends of the college, and tho
' Invitation may be withdrawn. Judge O.
II. llorton has announced that he will
not sit on the platform with the Gover
nor, and other prominent people have de
cided on a similar course.
Judge Horton says that while he does
not know that Gov. Altgeld Is an Anar
chist, tbe fact remains, according to the
Judge, that the Governor Is generally be
lieved to be one, and ' not a fit man to
i attend the Commencement exercises as
i nn honored gue3t. The Commencement
will tnke place at the Auditorium next
Eczema. Turning to Blood Polaoa.
Trontctl by Specialist Seven Months
Without One l'artlcloof Succeta. -
Condition Terrible. I4fe a Hurdea
Tried Ctiticurn. In Three Days At , J "
tondBtonunlncs8.CuroPcrinan.ent, w
Ta the sprint of ltll I took that dreadful afcta
disease Ecirn-s, which turaed Into blood poison.
I consulted the test-known 'specialists Is this
kit The treated me for Mian months; I sere
dcrireil a particle ot xood from anr of them.
The had fltco It up as a hopeless cure. I waa -VD
corered with sorts from head lo foot) I had
running aures all orer me. some of them a. largej
aa a bo of jour CUTICURA. It coat me hundreds
of dollars with these to-called specialists, Ut
condition sa terrible; life was almost a hnrdea
lo me. I couid not tat, drink or sleep) I waa '"
unable to walk and bad ilun myself up as dead, "
I trlecT all medicines Ima.lnabla, until a frln4 d) .
who had tot relief adelsed me to trr CUTICURA
REMEDIES. I sent out and got them, and whea . i
I took the first dose of your CUTICURA RESOb-
VENT I felt little better. With three botes ot
your mw taluable CUTICURA and one bottle ot
CUTICURA RESOLVENT I was a new man. la ' i
three day I waa up walking around ami attend
!?.?l.!..m D0ln". and It Is the CUTICURA ana
CUTICIIRA ItKSOi.VBNT Hist sated me from the) ,.
Jawt of death. Thla Is two years ago. I wasted
to ae. If It bad been drleen out of my system.
end I can say I hare oarer bad any trouble sine)
for two eara. GEO. p. BRIGHT,
I2S Pens are.. Pittsburg, Pa.
Tnt Instantaneous relief and speedy eurt af. iVsV
'oriled by the CUTICURA REMEDIES In tha most !tV
torturing and dlssgurlna of Itching, burning .,
and scalr skin and scalp diseases prort then M
to be beyond all comparison tha most wondsrfal t ' "JM
skin cures, blood purifiers and humor remedies ... j
of modern times. w IB
Bold throughout the world Price. CUTtCtlRA. 111
0c: SOAP. 25c: RKSOLVr.S'T. II. POTTE If J
DRUG AND CliniL CORP., Sols Props . Doatoa. V)
aTar"llow to Cure skin Dheasea," mailed tree. mf
rtiiipLnH. blackheads, red. roiighTcbappeoI ' W
rlin andollyaklacurMbyCPTicUBA 80Ar.
f'-nfiSP Tlnd ln Cutlrura Antl-Pnln rias ' I
(Va'fl ,er ,nsUnt ana gfa'eful relief. II ' I
lZV 's too first and only pala-kllllac, f'
T " ' strengthening plaster. 'U
Oil Stove Vpaetl sJl.OOO Fire.
Fire at t o'clock this morning In a three-story i'SM
brick apartment-house at SIT Smith street. Brook ll&M-.
lyn, caused tl 000 damage Tbe blase was cauaaal t.fjr
by the upsetting ot an oil atova. fw'
REFERENCE: 3 Generations of Qistomers. m41
Park Row & Chatham Square, N.Y. 9
Furniture, Carpets, Everything for Housekeeping. 19
SI Weekly on $65 Worth. j
$6 Monthly on $100 Worth. jffl
only one visit neckssary. COLLECTIONS MADE IF REQUE8TEO J fll
l..---H. rt a- t She Spends a Week Among the Colony of J
B Nellie tJly lakeS w w Unfortunate Women at the White Plains .'J
W ml mk Keeley Institute Who Are Trying to' I
B the ICeeleV Clire. Free Themselves from the florphine and I
II Liquor Habits. : 1
I Boss McKane ttf A Tale of
i in Sing Sing. ) The Jungle. 4
staasB nI'H
B A World Reporter Makes the Interesting jQi BY o .if
B, Discovery that the ex-King of Coney S
Wm- Island Is a MuchFavored Prisoner 5C DlinVADH ITI13I IMfi -I
W- and Is Having a Very Easy Time. 4 HUlJlAnU fVir-JllNV.
mt ReuleuJ of Ibe Notable Book Secretary Stackhotise, ot the One Hundred of the Leading fl ' World Reporter Visits J
HU ot Exploration and fld- Neu) York Club, Writes A Very Striking Page of Illustrations Showing Coroner Justin Herold Writes a Most Inter- Women of England and His Home and Has a jrfM
H' uenllire by the Ulce- Hou) to Hake the Om- u ..T- tt- t, a it estin Article Givin& His Observations flmerica to Ulslt Euery Ha- Most Interesting Chat uJlth U
! President of the fllptne plre's Decisions Re- the "Living Pictures Which Are Now and studies to Why People KiU lion on the Globe in the the Distinguished Prek JM
k; ClUb. spected. Drawing Crowds to Certain Theatres. Themselves. Interest of Temperance. ate.
MmmMjMgMMMwMHMMMMWMWHBMM mGt6tr- mjk&,',l...lu. ul-.. - ..-,-,..v..... vy .,.,.vv.....,t . , t ,,-.., ',...J.- . M M
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