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..-- THE WORLD: WEDNESDA Y ' EV&MiXG, AUGUST 13. 1801 W5 I . , -. 'TOViVJJ
M . - - ' - - - ' -. .- i i ... ., , I., -f- "TTT"Mta--1
li Here's f bit Ibe Income Tai
: leans- to letripolitan
m Millionaires.
I' SlUI! FROM K.rra.
E AsdjohH fcBeokefeller Maj
I Hare to Give Up $152,226 a
I ' -flIB"i. Yew "to Ficl 8am.
t .
K ' I m I
K, , is, -
p JioprfrWtmin, It l Estimated that the
M iitf Cfllleotara Will Be Unkind Enough
i; . ,. .. .to Ask Her fer $40,000.
HI t
Rj If millionaires ever pray, and the most
Bj humble man will admit that men of
Wp- wealth are sometimes suppliant, It la
ml 'xit0JlPe presumed that there nro man)
K 'stent petitions belriff sent forth that
K t Tlfsldent'vCleveland-wUI veto the Tariff
H btlj,' and' thuajklll the provision for the
Br 'levying; o( an Income tax.
Hb ARbucti thrJ per'cent. tax provided
Hj for on Incomes of more than $1,000 will
Hj- be a contribution of but one dollar out
Hj' of fifty to Uncle Bam, It Is generally
Hl believed that In many mansions the
K' wealthy owners look upon the tax as a
B flft hardship
K- Tittax can now be stopped only by
B- President Cleveland's eto, and the
K wealthy, who are praying for that, must
HI; , realize that they are hoping for what
K; other persons consider highly Improb-
Bi "
C j Xcarly Two Years let.
Kb They have until July, 1896, howeer, to
K save the cash that the country de
mands." aad then the I per, cent., tax on
fncomes fn excess' of .1,000 earneil In the
year 1K will be due. Only the excess
of HW0 Is to be taxed, and tf It Is not
paid each year on or before July 1 a
penalty of i pr cent. H Interest at
the rate of 1 pr cent, a month Is to be
It Is eitlmafed b frea exprti
that the rerenJj denied from the lu
cerne tax will be WW.?) a year Other
estimates vary from 15"V.) to tw
OOO.OOO. Of thl" New lorns men of
wealth and others not termed wealth)
but who live comfortabl) on more thin
N.OOO a ear will pay a Urge propor
tion. I'onr llna-Mell nae.
Huss"II Page will contribute about
$0,000, and his tWa-year cierk. If he
has one x. Ill be obliged to do a little
over a da) s work for tiKl Sam
It Is for those who talk of hardships
In the Income tax to determine whether
the clerk will give oxer his 131 or Uncle
KiiMell his !',' lili mwl regret
Th dlitlnctlon of Icing I'm l- Sam a
b9t-palnB IndUldual will beloriR to
UlllUm Waldorf Astor. Uut then his
Income Is alut JMfi.WI a year, k hli
bank account will not suffer to an) nr'nt
extent btcauee of a pn)tnent to th (Ji
ernment of f Uu William W alilorf
Astor, Iluri'll Hhk- and the .In) tloull
eatnto follow In tnr order nami of the
amount of Income lax to paM b) each,
provided, of course, that l'resllent C"l--land
signs th' Tariff bill or allocs It to
become a law.
There will be some fair hands, too,
that will count out Lash to tne Internal
revenue collectors
Anil flic Uumrni Tim.
It will cost Mr Hradle) Murtln, Mrs
Anson Phflim .Htokt. I lementlna Km
nlis and tkiphli II Kumiss about llu
000 eaih If the bill Roes on the Hiatute
books, and If Mrs" Hetty (ireen doesn t
succeed In dodging; the collector It In
estimated that site will have to part wltn
'i he feIliiits of the mllllonnlres who
are to b 'axeil. If Mr I'leM-land save
so, may be partially alletlutel b) the
fact that the net earnings of corpora
tlorui are to )e taxed bofern being ald
out In dividends, so very few rtih men
will be obliged to give over the tntlr
amount of tnelr tax In a tump sum J.Ike
men who buy their cigars singly Instead
of by the box, because It doesn't seem
to cost ho much, they may thus t
kept from believing themselves on the
verge of ba.ikruplo when the Tax Col
lector comes around Just before the
Fourth of July.
The Income tax Is nut a law
yet, however, and as II ma)
be Interesting to know of some
of those whose thoughts are probabl)
concentrated on the single hope that
Tresldcnt Cleveland will veto the Mil.
a list of New York and Hrooklyn million
aires Is appended In the estimation of
the Income lax, no account la taken of
the. H.00O exemption.
Ea t Elllmt4 (o tt Kitlmjlul FlMuittl
Br Nime north Inccm Amt o( tis
H : (
H John D. rtocktftiitr . .1 Sihoooooo t; n :i liu ::s
Bs Aviuum vwidorf Aitor- iraotKiiAi i aoo ma mo.
B Itomll Ctta - NlQunocjO 110. tm 10,000
k Jay Omild nun loo ouO ikv i w w io um
Mi' Corssllus ViDdwMU.,.. (OWO.Ouo 1 0(1 ck.o to 0
C Wllllin K. Vindtrbllt.4. Tit 0i ooo 1 !H M 71 to
Br Iftsrjr It. risglsr -, 0 M w 1 OjO Mo iooo
fc. TrMirlck Wj vandtrblso. oeo ooo i;iooi 3) wo
Ct Jonn Jacob Astor fco ooo w) siooikij bi.ooo
K IjoIi C TIBanr - 31 000 OOO I ;w OO'i !5 I)
a Collls P. HuaUuxtoa..... !0 ooj ti 1 ooo o so ww
K Wlllltm riockefelltr vo o)0 oft) ooo ooo io ooo
K' xIosm Tsrlor.MUtt .... . to ooo ooo 2 suo ooo to ooo
K jmbrt uout . :; ntio.ooo i:moi :sio
K' .oadsn Oolt :o btm.Ooo lono .oooo
K' si. 8tsgr eiuts . looooooo 1 SoO ooti so ooo
H J. ritrpont Uorisa :t ooo ooo i :vi oui ;3 ooo
B 1MT14 JtoWS UUI ro ti00 OOO 1 OHO 01N) 70,400
K Ktiirtsie T. Orrrr sad Mr Utrr..ii :oouooon i ooo oou :o ooo
sj Iditrmithorn t&uts is ooo ooo M-ooi ri w
S Jsbss A. lloitwlck estats. at Ovo ooo I le'MI Oou 2o,00o
k rhtodore A. llsTtmo'cr.. jo ooo ooo 1 ooo ooo 20 ooo
r lltnrr u. lUTcmtytr sad Mri H.vtmrtr o.noo iivi i;oow 20 ooo
m W. Slosne HUti .0 ooo (mi toooooo 4 ro ow
K lltnr Hilton so ooo ooi 1 ooo (i :1(ij0
W& Andrew Ctrovgl 20 0ri0 orjo 1 o ooo .0 ooo
1L Victor twconlta .... . lioooooti HOihki H ooo
H' (Irorti w. VsndtrUII - 10 Ooo coo 1 ;oo ooo 0 ouo
Be wiiUttn C. Wbltnaf :oooonuo imm to ooo
D'llllsm P. 'urnl citat ?0ouO(j0 i ihjo ooi 20000
Btv I. O. Mills ji ooo ooo I froo Ooo :oooo
E Psrcr It. Prns and Mrs. Tru no oco.ouo 1 W) ooo uo
i Alrloa Ixim M.woooo koo.oun 12000
MH ASntn UMlln jr n ooo,o ja fra oft)
Kli WUUac C loolla 2 000 two no OO'i 1 000
ki Ecxcns Ktllr 10 too 000 Uhiovi to 001
fe- cors BM to wo o turn 10 ooj
, Lrt P. Morton 10000 xx 0vo 10000
ft cornolloi N. bum 1 000 000 o,ooo 1000
mfs nr. Ullliin flewsrd Wobb .. :o 000 00? ioo wti JO ftf
U rrsak 8. IWthortxe and Mrs. )Mthtrbc 6 000 000 2I0 000 & 000
Kx JtfflM U. cannabis loftxiovi &00 ouo llooo
K Y. A. Cosiublt . i 000 Mi) :jw .000
w, Itleks Arnold " iooook) 500 000 10O0O
kl Ansoo Pbtlps 8tokei.. M 10,000 urj .00 01") 10 000
f; Thomas stoat i ooo 000 210 i-oo 00O
K Jomso fetoktt . . . . .000.000 260 ft.) I ooo
hi ix-lluun E. Mods Stoats aoooooo ;io oro ooo
Fl'i Antor U. Dodtt . . ... K 'AO.OtO 210 (K) .km
H( Utnrelaiid II. I)odct ..... h 000 000 3i0 o I 000
f .vwman vr itotst tonoooo :nw mo
e Qsorf e C Dodst . ft.) ftV) 2'-0 w-t fOr)
it ' William r. Dnd(e r , ; l 000 27(01 7 (no
K3 ntr. Usttd Muirt Podst 1 ooo oeo tnrrm 1 ooo
s- tiiarloa c. Podgt , ?. i ono oon 200.1 1 t0
' Iltary.llart .... inemooo vo 000 joooo
r .Robert Dosser .. 2 Sort 000 IMO00 2000
"-. fldntf billon tiUla 10 "00 000 fCftO 10 000
3 fiainatl II Ilabcork . 10 evwi o-io MO ooo 1ft 000
' Hlratn Hltch-ock tauto " 2Moni inn &00 2000
Kl Grajton lira. . ,, 2 Of OOO lOOCO 2.000
w3 John tl Inmtn f-o 01 -10 oo iA
lb . 'Col. DeUorejr Kino 2000000 1:1 1 1 UO
I. redtrlr tlronaon . . 2 Vi r 12) 9i 2.000
Ki Ceorga P. Haktr 10 0'4 01 f.ooi 19 000
a Chrtitop.fr :. Daldsln 2 ooo mo lOnt'O 2 OOO
ft tltpian riark . ll"amj IMWl 2 000
K. Iltnrr Htra I 000 OM :!o-o I ono
L Blsalus M, Cheaebrouih : MO 000 1H 0 2 too
H, Oiarlta A rhrattTonih 2 10000 111 'IV 2 too
M. John Vlnthrop chanltr attato 2 M "l 122 fti t.loo
- Auitla Chrbla 10 OOO OOO too NO 10 000
E .Abr.m 3. Iltsltt s ooo o .J, 0,0 1,000
If Xdsard Cooptr . . a lno 000 :iO,u.i tone
U' Oianarer M IP . .. J.i'O 000 22) (o0
H' Jabs C Moort ,,,. 9 000 040 tl" "i ooo
C, ' Bi'hard Uortlm.-r 2 .00 lli fto 2.oi
a Staaltr Mortlmar 2 6 000 12S ooo 20-)
aVm William )atti Mortlmtr 2 Ouo - 1.. owi :.aa
PI Nafbcld Morrla 2 fc Ooo lit 000 2 100
fi lrUBd I). Prtttr Eatatt a aoo OOO :W OOO l.v,v
C. 1 Zmasatl tubman , . Oon,ou 0 COT ii ooo
fl Major Xtbnaa 1 000 ooo Mi 1 ooo
HI Prancls IL Lcstlt ,. ; 000', 1 io 000 .0)0
e . Ckarlta A lUudotUnc :!NM Itt.ovi . y)
fr' . Rer. Cbaiitt P iioffmin ,. .. i. ouo mo i!oftu iw
3 llUr. Eucrot K HoCmaa IW "i t tivO
5 D. Ulllla Jin-... rl'i'pl 12S0OO 1130
laaat Irkalbrlmtr t ioO 1:1 WJ 2 too
r Maaoe Ktnabaw Jt.,i , 1 &00,lvo 7k,te j.00
9. mirer UTinsttcn J&oci 1 JOO two ;:,, 00 tioo
- Ueorgt Joora tilale 2 OOO voo I wo 000 I!)
J ' John J Jooas ,.. I VW 00.1 3H IK)
it - rradeflct: R Jonta ' 1 J00 KM ti t?i) 1 !
t Itobart lioe 3 Mo 0o 10 ffm I
.18 -Eraim J Jtnmaiuitikl t Kw 0rt . loo owl 2 "
l Oilier B. JtsnlSfi ... ,1 2 ie Oft) 11 00.1 2 000
fit 'Morrto K. Jaaus 2T)WW iriow 2 i)
"Jfh Ldaard I JiBrar ea'att 1 000 OO'i ISO.OM J j.10
Aatulua O Jullllatd . J Ooo 000 . Jio 0-0 9 CO
ti Jikra JI Kne .T.5D0 CIW 12) W 2 ji 1
MB A4t-) S HUde lath 2oO-)') l.i ftrt :v.
t ManJI llinlt I ov. om :j ooo imi
A llaarr K. Il)d ... I WO. COO CV) 000 IN
,T rUrtiard train .1 2 KW W l.i,0 11
W'Jt Jaa Jrusn . .... 2 Jft) V) 12) O"0 2 IO
UK i;lb .rn . 1 VWVo Tt oeo IM
iB- ch H In toeMlwo ieoio 2" oon
2. . Ll1" 1 lff "VI I o"n
yti rrfirse Trf.iaien will be nlso tnsed.
ft Mrs. Ht Ori OtOOOO-V) 2.C0"M MOM
W Ml KUlt V Sborard V""!V1 1 000 too JO 000
if Mrs. V. D Sleaoo e.n-'Ol'io l.ftftl Ooo 20 OOO
Ka Mra.lt MrK. Tacmtltr M ) i 100)000 ' 20 ft"
-.1 ' Mra. brale Martls 10 m Oft) too l0 1 ooo
S Kra Riwn Klstkrep ... , . !0.ft t") 1)0.000 H 000
a Mrs. WlllUm Saaard Wobb J W no.) 1 ),o 20 000
' Easu ef Mra Morr Regero Rblntlondtr Sltaarl 001 250 of0 t 0t)
'bS 'Mrs, Abaon Pkalpa sx,kt It, owp wy jno no 10 000
Si ' Mra. Oavrst E. IMdst 1 n 000 TS 000 1,10
S Mra. Ilarntt A. earner l0"OSi 2wjoo a.uoo
"A ldr OordaB'ummlnc 2 000 M 100 OOO 5 t)0
IS Mra. Abram R. HtalU . . .. 2 0"0 ""0 too OOO 2 000
fii Ohium rmriu Stnlu D lto4i 10 000 000 Wt noo 10 000
ft1,! Irathaaa of Marlbora(ri I OOO CM) floV i 000
?it Mra. A. Dum P Inland If1 V 000 I too
MR .Mra. '.ftra Hall Jtsnlaft 2 5'0 0- II Ofti 2 loo
i1 Marr S Jkoes'a .aaata 2 )vo V) 126 CKM) 2 100
Ml MarjT Naaen Janaa a aauit 2 0A 1 00 000 2 000
'M Mra. Marjr .Saaon Jonea a ealata I "" :'() 4 eo.)
Marcatt J Jscaa I ooo 000 10,00 100)
fcj Mr. A. t) JalllUrd 1)00 110 ' I) COO IH
7i Mra. Sank llolra Orrn I Ht f0 ;. ft.i vjo
kV - Mlaa 1nanUs Pornlaa , 1 10 two too mo lO.imo
SW m Mlaa SrkU P. ramla 10 000 OOO biW 10 o.jo
-- Mia l.niat I'.rii ( -M rvi HO (01 .00
V Mta. Ckanaa J PauKini , 2 V ft 1-S ooo j SO,
WX Mra. 'arellao Pramt 1 ton 0) ttoio 1 tan
Mil,' Mra. Roaaell p Plotter ... 2 0.V) Vo 100 Oe) 2 000
V, .Cnalna cn Ui , 2-000 00 100 Mo 2 ooo
14 Mrs t-lUnd lt P Plaid I too 000 : w, , 4
t Oarhaaa paraiea 2 000 00 100 1-1 -ft.)
Hft rtaresna M IHe-t l.MO.ftX "1 OO'I I i 10
. Mrs. Ha'tal of Otlatr . 2 t0 OOO 111') 2 WO
mOf,- afro. Italia J.tOO.OOO IU.O00 2 too
Haf, . MUa )llm ' Ralltf 2(00 000 lit OOO 2 SuO
KjAt Mr. Calbartix UnUrf J lft 0X1 121 00 2 t)1
Sp 'Mrs. Assla M. Iloaa 2 top OOO litftJO 2 100
H? Errs lloaqaltoes Casnplala, I
IPron tit aahlactaa Bur)
asHfer "J'retty bard times," said one mos-.
r ' riuito.
H "Tes." replied the other: "I don't know
when we have present:! our bills so
v itn with o few colltcUons."
If ml AVrlnUles to Spare.
irronTld.nito )
Klder Bister Oh, you fancj )ourself
ver) wise, I dare say, but I could give
you a wrinkle or two.
Younger Sister No doubt-and neer
miss them.
I Found with His Throat Cut in the
1 Broadway Central HoteL
!0ne of the Publishtrs of the Dry
1 Goods Economist.
The Motive for Ills Act .Not Yet
Made Hear.
Albanus II .n)der, ftft) )esr old,
I was found de-art In h's room at the
llroadwa) I llitral Hotel at 10 o clo k
1 this morning
I He hud committed suicide b) cutting
his thioat with a tint
I Mr dri)dei wai concerned In the pub-
I lltatloln of th l)ry Uoods K'-otiumlet,
1st Walker strict and Cortlandt lley.
I Ills room was "II, whUh Is In one of
tht llroadwa) halls of th' feventli
I lloor tuid opens upon an Interior court
As Mr. Mi) (It r was an t arl) riser, lli
clMmbcrrnaid on that hour grew curLmn
J a. lien it rtached P) u cIock una he fulled
I tu appear.
She procured a strpladder and looked
orr 1lc transom Sne saw Mr. dti)dci
I) lnr i).oii nls bed, wntch wiu reu-(iL-nt-J
iwlli blood
1 he maid rushel downetulrs and told
a hat Shi saw to Manager trout, wnu
nan iliarb'.. ol tne Hotel in tni utr!eut.t.
of. rrurivtor llii) Jiainu, Mr rrost
sent woril to II11 .'lTU oireei station,
and l'otlctman Aneetiaii waa sent to tu
iii door u lolteJ on the Inat'lc, und
a ilu, U)y was pasaed turoUa,n tut: llati
ouiii itj pe,i it.
.r. oiiuii iay ujun the ted ilud oni)
111 ion ii.rt aim uiitiersu.i t, witn a riii'ot
urawu ovvr 111s lomr 1111104 jtin tnroai
was cut Uuepi) and cltamy II0111 tar tu
vhat at tlrst iii)at!nert lln policeman
was UK' presence in n-,tli parts 01 lli
loom oi irait aim pois 01 uioou fmu
wait i!ub.nu expiuiitril b) luo uia
covrry 01 an open iaoi in tne oowl of
tliu itatlonary nafhtiaiid In a lar cornel
01 lh 100111.
It would seem thai Mr. Sn)der bad
cut his tnroat at the imsiii uiiu nad man
aged to stugt(t.r back to the u?d unu lie
clown, us tnojgh lot sleep
I here Is no iopsil)le wy of determin
ing ut wnat nour All ttnydtt committed
tne act and tn' hot'l people are ex
ceedingly reticent 111 tne mutter It is
said tnat Mr. Bn)drr had a brothn In
the huli.i. but ht 1 oil Id not be. found.
I'oliceinuu rfneenan looked cateiully
uver the room iur nil) imsrage wmcu
the dead man might nave left to Indi
cate his motive, but none was found.
Mr. anydtr was in receipt of a com
fortable imome lroiu the trade Journal
wltn whlcn lie was connected lie was
of a milu temperament, very courteous
In his nemeunur to all, alio v.aj quite
tDpuiar ainum, nls acuualntani.ea.
II is said thit he was given to occa
sional i'xeexsca of drink, and at
buch limes uiooietl deepl) over the deatn
of his wife ami the cuiiso'iuent breaking
up of his home a fn years ago.
Mr. Sn)dcr lud tirce grown ihlldrcn,
said to ue living In I'hllatlclpniu. He
had lived for ttte past three )ean ai
the Hroailnu) Central
The tlttlngs of his loom show his at
tachment lot memories of lilt domestic
life '1 he wullti were hung with pic
tures of his wtft and children, and
there were everywhere little ornamental
souvenirs savttl from his broken Home.
11. U. l.evlno, the uctlug manager of
The l)r)-tiooils Kconomlst, sail tnat Mi
MlDder had not been at the utllce for
several da), but is he chose his own
time of coming an 1 going nothing wai
thought of It
Undertaker Wlnterbottom look charge
of the boil)
Mr. Bn) dcr ai at one time proprietor
of a large dry-goods establishment In
Philadelphia, He has lived In New lork
for the past five years.
MupHseil luinor lsn Trletl to
Tliron llliusrlf I niler a tnr.
A gloom) -looking Individual, who de
scribed himself as William (J Hope,
thirt)-sW )ears old, of 61 lailght stteet,
was committed to the Insane pavilion
at llellr-vue Ho'pltal to-day b) Justice
Talntor for examination
rulleemin lirltlln, of the West Hlxt)
eighth Mrc't station, who brought him
to toiirt, sabl that ho hail been In
formed that the man had tried tu mm.
mil sub tile bv throwing himself under
the whtels of a Mirface tar
Kail) this morning (Irlffln had his
atteutl6n called to Hope h) a crowd of
people standing nround him at the
t orT of Beventv-first and Western
Iloiilfvsrd n making Inquiries he
learned thllt the) had prevented Hope
from tommlttlng aulclde.
Iloiie would nut speak, but looked sad
Orlfnn plared him on a car to take him
to ourt The car hail proceeded but a
short dlstatvT when Hope suddenl)
brie from (irlfiln and dove head
first from the pisiform Orlffln recap
tured lilm after a ".hort dhase.
I.j-uch Cannot r'urce the Plapina; af
Ills Vninr tin HrooLI) n's ra-Ilnll,
Itrookl)n's Inspector of Streets 1'eter
C l.)iich, must sue for $M0 back pa) In
the regular vva) If he desires to recover
the amount he alleges Is due him from
the Clt Works Department Buch Is
the ruling mude by Justlee Ilartlett In a
dei'lslon handed down In the Hupreme
I'ourt UrookI)n, this morning.
lotah became connected with the City
Works Department In October, 1W2. as
an Inipoctor of streets ut a salarv of $100
per month Hhortl) after Commissioner
Mfretl r White took charge of the
Department Keb 1 last, 1.) nch was
asked to llll out a blank resignation.
I.Mirh sajs he did so under pressure.
Anrll 21 thn n situation was accented.
I.Micli was suspendeil until June 2Z.
when, aftei n hard struggle, he -was rs
Instuted bv Commissioner White 1,) nch
navi. he asked Commissioner White to
Rut his mime on the pay-roll so that
e tohll get his bark pav Commis
sioner White refused to tlo this
1.) nch then brought mandamus pro
feedings to compel him to do It The
application for a writ has been denied
l Juttlce Ilartlett
Mlsnunrl Iteniiltllrnns.
IB) Aaaoriated Trtaa I
A fight over the tempornr) thalrman
shlp dtli)ed the opening of the Itepuh
lleau Htate Convention until noon to
da) The Kansas Clt delegation went
Into caucus and i.dnptrtl a resolution
declaring for Col I.. H Waters fof
temporar) thalrman, Major William
Warner's name not being mentioned
After a wrangle In Convention Hall,
Major Warner won Col Waters will
be permanent chairman.
Weak and Weary
Oifrr-oma t th hal or extraordinary
ifrtlon, Ihf ph af-al rattm ltkf a ma
fhltif, nJ lo b fnuvalt-l an4 repatrrd
The I t.it nda to l pnritA $m Intlso
Hood's 8arsam
1 ! parilla
rated and in in . .
and muarlas alranKth f " si sjj a-Cad2
mri by llnod'o Saraa j
parilla nhlth rreat.. fc eJjfVeVV
an appftllo rtmoiaa w-- w
tbat tired frtllns and slvoa aaaat, aound, rtfrtah
loi alttp. Da aurt to sot Hood a
UOOJJ'tJYjJX!! curt all Uror Ills. 53c. .
I a
Grace Smith, with a Male Coin-'
panion, Had Stolen a Sloop
Found in Male Attire When Run
I Down by a Sheriff.
' She Took Her Arrest Coolly anil Is
Now Languishing In Prison.
I ItlVKIMIKAD I, I . Aug 15 -After a
long and stern chase the pirates who
on Monday morning, stole the sloop le
longlng to .1 I' Welsh, nhlih had been I
anchored In the In.) have been captured '
I Th Intelligence reached here late last
I night but the greatest surprise was cm
caslone 1 when It bniw known that
one of the pirates was a woman who
for rom' time- has been masquerading
I In male attire
I (Jrace .Smith was the name she give
when capture I, and she sail she livel
at Houthampton. She Is nineteen )ears
i old and prett). The other pirate !
Frank Harker, twenty-live )ears old, of
i Itrookllnr, Mass. They would not give
! much account of themselves The girl
was smoking a cigarette when caugit
The belief Is that the couple Intended to
I When the )acht was stolen on Mon
da), search was made In ever) direc
tion, but without succe-t Then Mr
Welch offered a reward for the sloop
as well as the capture of the men who
stole It Stories were toltl about the ap
pearam e or two young men strangeri
here, and the belief became general mat
the) were irt ihlever
Deput) Hherlrr Itobert J Nugent of
this village, was detailed on the tare
land after cruising about all tlav )rst'-r-
day he got tidings of th. sloop at big
I Harbor Proceeding In that direction he
succeeded In overnuilllng the plratne 'If
Cedar Island No resistance wns made,
and only the two were on board fn
woman was under irrest over an hour
before she laughing!) admitted ht-r
' The pair were taken to (Jrcenport an J
(after a short examination there were
I brought hro and lodged In Jail
I The girl told the Warden that he was
out riding with Darker on Stinda), and
i both had a good deal to drink When
the) returned she said they took a walk
. along the beat h
"I saw the )acht l)lng out In the ba),
i she added, "an! proposed to HarKer that
we should take a sail. This he agreed lo
do, ard we started at once We got imol
Hag Harbor on Monday night '
This morning both the girl and Parker
were arraigned beiore Htiulre Uriffln at
yuogue They were held to awa't the
action of the Grand Jury
I . '
i .
I VIeIIiibI llrllnnnln Match Post
, poneil On Inn to n t.nle.
(Dr Aasw-latad Prtrl )
FUKSHW.VTKIl, Isle of Wight. Aug
1j. The private match arranged be
tween Mr. fieorge J Could und the
Prlnee of Wales, to snll Vigilant and
Ilrltannlu fifteen inlle to windward and
( return, for a tup offered by Lord
I Wolverton, was postponed Indefinitely
j this morning, owing to the fact thit a
gale of Hind was blowing, making ll Im
possible for the )achts to put lo set
The Times saya It Is probable that
the decision of the Gould brothers not
to contest In )estcrday's regatta lost
Vigilant a race.
'Die failure of the Messrs Gould to
race Vigilant )estcrday Is still adversely
lommented upon on all tides. One
newspaper snjs' "We hear so much
alwut what Vigilant can do In a hard
wind that It would have be'n only
sportsmanlike to give Batanlta a chance
of provlnc her. The excuse that Vigi
lant was preparing for to-day does not
hold. It must be noted that Britannia
does not need to go Into training."
Annrehlst Mnll an Infernal lies let
In Una-land.
tBr Aiaorlaled rrtaa )
LONDON, Aug 15 An explosion oc
currcd last night In a small stationer s
store to which the New I'ross Post
Ofllce Is attached. It svas caused bv a
quantlt) of gunpowder and nltro-gl)-cerlne
wrapped In hea) paper
The explosive package was Inserted
Into the letter-box silt. On a portion of
the paper was written "In memorv of
Havaehol, Dourdln, Valllant and banto."
I'nsltlata Appeared lleforr Hint at
Alderahtit Cnnii l ratrrdny.
(Br Aaaoclatad Prtaa.)
LONDON, Aug. 15 Emperor Wlltam
left Oravesend on the Imperial )aclit
Ilohenzollern last evening for home.
At Aldershot Camp yesterday after
noon the Emperor was entertained by
a boxing and fencing display at the Al
dershot djmnaslum In addition to
bouts between troopers, a spirited rep
resentation of prUe-rlng fighting was
given by two heavy-weight and two
light-weight champions. The Emperor
seemed to heartily enjoy th exhibition.
Cnllnpse of a nntldlnar May llTe
Killed Klevrn.
(Bj Aaaorlatad Prooa.)
BUDAPEST, Aug. 15. The new Han
dlesbank building at ftiathmar-Nemeth
rollapsett yesterda), bur)lng sixteen
workmen In the ruins.
Five of them were extricated. They
were severely Injured. It is feared that
the others are dead.
The Duke of York. Slandered.
(D; Aaaoclattd Prooa )
LONDON, Aug 15. A letter, signed
by Blr Francis Knoll) s. K. CM. Q one
of the Grooms In Waiting upon the
Prince of Wales, Is republished to-day,
sa)lng that the Prince of Wales directs
him to say that there Is not a shadow
of foundation for the report, that the
Duke of York tius married previous
tu his union with Princess May of Teck.
The letter adds thnt the report of a
previous marriage was obviously In
vented o cause pain and annoyance to
the )oung couple.
I'lnsrd, l'lff j-One. f.ameaj at Once.
ID) Ataoetattd rrtaa.)
NUIir.MllKIta, Aug. 15,-Walbrodt,
the cliBsa-pla) er, )eaterday evening
played against fifty-one competitors, all
together. He won forty-two gemes. lost
ft)) and four were drawn. Walbrodt
waa greatly applauded.
v Yea read The ISventnrf Worldl
Do iron read tUe nday World t
k I jjl
Bonded Warehousoa Will Ee
Eapidly Emptied Now.
$168,000 Paid in Duty on Whiskey
Alone Yesterday.
larlfT Legislation Has Spurretl hn-I
porters Into Specily Action.
Th pa--lng of th" tariff bill has
breilghl a runh of business, tj the Cils '
torn House, wbi-h Is kei pin j the otllclals (
It tid tiitks there on the Jump, and foi
the ner,t four weeks all th Ooveinment
emplo.vees expect to work eail) and
Jiuslnees has been at a standstill for
so man) months," ball one ot the eus
toms olllctr thU morning that mti
ehatits through lack of eu-li und eus
toimrs for their goods havt allowed all
tht-ir Importations to t,o Into the bonded
warehouses until th latlci are so
trainmeu with t,oous thai tnelr wans
art- almost bulging.
Fir inuntna uoods havt only been
nlt.i lraw'n on a nan i-to-moutn svslem
and tne aceumu ution Is t ia) gteattr
man has ever ben ki jw n in tne nistor.,
uf tnls port
In tne warthouse division A lie ( us-tom-liouse
ever) empio)ee Is burleJ 111
work Deputy Collector Dur)i, wno In
In charge of this illusion, was founl it
hl es, coat off, and signing permits
.is fast as he could wrt.e lo an even
ing World repjrtcr he fjunu time to
I he runh to vvlthlraw goods has be
e,un ve have In thl tlntrlct which
inclu lea New 'iork, Jerrev tit) an J
lirookbn, alout Wi bonuj wan nouses
unu any number oi free wale houses, me
Utter bejng eneJll) used tor tne
storage id ojkji In he bonued ware
notists to-da) there ire a mil. Ion and u
l.a.r packages ot cools ol ail tlcscr.p
lluns tin the 1st of luly the reeords showcl
llul we had in bonded wartnouscs
7'''1 proof KalloiiH of wfufke) est'-r-da)
iht amount of dut) pau Into the
cishbr's ortiKs on Mii'h") withuruwais
alone was lbstO), the uirgenl amount ol
dut) I believe, .vi receive 1 hen In
on da) tor withdrawals of whlsaev
lion tn re ie a kiut tiuanlit) ot to
baci o in ilorai,t' but as ine new 'inrlff
bill Is more favorable to lobicco In the
vva) ot dut) tiian the prent one, 1
imagine thai the owners v.ln let all tne)
can le.naili In bond until the new 1 iw
hues into effect
t-roni anuihci soure it vas learned
that 3 near as can be estimated, the
tj)Ve'rniniit would reeelve t llUi) about
jut")iw ir ull the goons n) in ponorti
watehouses at this purt weie withdrawn
uimtr tho prtivnt larlff law.
Hegardlng the vai lolls relic rls about
tin great amount ut sugar .stoicd Ik re
a prjnunent sugai Importer Jiul brokei
who was at the ' ustom-iioiixe tliU
morning, tald thai the truth of the mat
ter Is tnat theie Is not n much iaw au-gaj-
at tills port to-da) at has been
diored here at times ins!
' A crop la onl a crop said he "and
high tarliT or none at ml theic will .it II I
bi ihe year's crop of Fiifca. no more no
less The yearly production about iijuals
ibe consumption, and theie Is but utile
leu oer. '
Tne customs officials anticipate a
heav) withdrawal ol ull goods now In
bonued warchou-ies on w nieh the new
inrlff increases the uu but tli-) also
expect heuv) and Immediate impoita
tlons in tne same line It It thought
tnat merchandlrc now In bontl on which
the duty v ill be lowired by the new
measure will be allov.ed lo remain there
to bemtlt by the reduction In dutv
There will b heaV) withdrawals of
champagnes uud winia of all kin Is, the
cjsiums ottlcers fca) , but as vet tne
business lias not begun to an) great ex
tent Jhl8 morning the- Appraiser's of
fice and the Cu-ttoni-IIouye was llljed
v.lth brokers an J repiesentitlves of big
dr) -goods importing houres, ananglng
for the taking out of goods from bond,
fhi brokers are happ), foi the) see
plenty of business and mone) lo be
made after manv, many months ot dull
Five Policemen Iteqnlred to lie
strrtlii n litloun-Kcepcr.
KKAHNV, N. J, Aug. 15 -Patrick
Malitr, a saloon-keeper, caused a small
riot at the meeting of the Tosvnhl.
Commlltec last night. The trouble was
over the granting of a lb enfe, and ll
became so serious that live pollctmen
were requlrtd lo restrain Maher Ills
applii ailon lor a license wap opposed
li the P(ev li. t." Pre)er, of the Kno
Presbytirtan Lhurch, and the License
Committee reported ag-ilnst the saloon
kicper Maher sas not allowed lu addtess the
i ommlttes and then be began to jell
and curse. He was three times tarried
bodll) out of Ihe ipom b) the five po
licemen, but each time he returned. II"
threatened the Committee with the
direst vengeance, and said he would run
his saloon with armed Italians for bar
keepers and bouueer? The Committee
final!) adjourned.
Iteturn of the Children Who llnve
Hern Hntrrtnlnrd l) Miss (iimlil.
The children belonging to Mrs George
J. Gould's Kindergarten and Potted
Plant Association returned to-da) from
a two weiks' outing at Woody Crest,
They were a sunburned, happ) lot of
little ones und attracted much uttentlon
on their arrival at the Grand Central
Depot. Each one had a huge package
of to)n, presented by Miss Helen 11.
They were met at tho station by Col.
A. li. Ue l'rcce. director of the Associa
tion, and Miss l'rankle A, King, the
m m
Itouud About Tosvn.
Tha axaloaicD of a coal oil lamp atartad a amall
flra it til o clock this tuurnl&s in tha rooma
ot Joaa Dumrntco. oa tha second flour ut SO
llooaevclt atrtrl, Tho damoco ai nominal
Jeirmlah IcClralh onrrn )D eld. ot 1T0
Chorr) otretl, a hold In Iht Pai Market
Pollca Court to da) on a charga of tna.culnc a
curao roatalnlot fl from tho hanJj of Mra. Mary
Abramaon. ot is tun Uroiluar, m nliht
Jinui Swrrerj- a crlntor, ihlrt-flt rears old,
no homo, hold tor trial In tha fii-i Markot
Police Court to-a) Uhllo drunk rrutnlar, it
la aliased ha otolo a tiundlo ot lamp wltkt val
ued at 16 coma, from iho nor uf Hrnun
Bchwarti, at i7 QhryoUa atrttt
In tho fUaox Uarael I'ollca Court tc-dar. Juo
tlea ttitnms held Philip r.rnot. twentr-ona rtara
old, of loo bleaker atroti, for trial on a charia
of approirtallnc lo his own boo tl& balonslOK
lo hla eiuploycr. Anion rjchlffman, a dralor la
picture frainaa and rallsloua fliurva, at 7M Eaal
Ihlrtetnth atrvwt. ,
Autonla Itacea, an Italian, mho kocpa a fruit
aland at Fourth alreal and AvooSa II waa torn
milted to await tha action of United gutea Coin
mlaalcnor rhl)da. by Juallca 8lmma. la tba
Haaoi, Marktt Tollra Court to-day. lla i c.
cuaod. ol paaalnx a i-ounterfclt I! bill
Uoka Sunaalno, atty-alt' xan old foil doan.
atalra at 111 W Twauty-nlnih atrcci at a 10
o i lock thla morning aad waa kill!
Prancla JC Ztlltr, a aaloon keeper, ir CZh
ntlh atreee, ID ado a' vliarso of aatault actio. t
Joaaph fV,hunak. torty-thraa yaara old of th
aama address. In tho rtaaax Markot rollro Court
to-day. Putins, an arcunuul laal niche, tha
d.fcndant cut tha itsnplalnaBI'a a-alp with a
Mer gtaaa. Ha rlalniad lal ho acto4 la stlf
deftnaa, II ay held for trial.
Philip Uoo-rqt l tUal Kourlh ttrrol, was
hold tor eiaialiuium on a rhano of re.kl.pi
drltlng la th Raaax Market Tollce Coart lo-da).
lit la charcod ,wlth rsnnlnz ecr liou- ear-old
ttoiuamln UttwnxuR, if l Chryttlt atrrct, yci
tonlay, braaklsk hla rttht leg
Thar waa a ouarrtl la tha tosomont at lo
Dry Hock strati at sight, and Mra. Marr Uc
clulllan waa arraated and la tha lUaci Market
rollca Court ta-day waa fined tx,
John Sulltiaa. of ZM Avonua A. was hold for
trial la Kaau uaxket Court lo-dar for aalllng
llasor slur brntrs., U gm bua4s for trial.
Heory Qracorre alitat'n years old, of SM Kaal
Ona ItundraO anAtHxtb stmt, waa hold lor Irlat
at tha Yofkrllla CasH lo-Uy for ataallog a rabbtr
sptva frfa a,VUo4,Mataa mall wagon.
uiimmWfmimWfmnir'l l n "i tuTX '&tL2$&
Crowds of Tailors Hear Arguments
in tho Injunction Case.
Lawyer Sleekier Submits More Than
100 Affidavits.
No Intimidation, but Qule, Peace
ful Protest.
bupremc Court, Chambers, waa crowdeJ
to-da) with merchant tailor, members
of tne Jojrne)man Tall rs' Union anJ
iwople Interested In ,ibor matters when
Julge lieicn heird arguments upon the
motion male by counsel for John Pat
tersan . Co and other merchant tal.or
Ing tlrms to make permanent tne tem
porar) i.ijunc.lon Issued b) Judgt Djgro,
uf the Huperl.r CoJn, last ween restrain-In,-
the members of the t'nion from even
1 going In the vicinity of the stores of the
I t.ntlrt.
It Is doifblful If such a sweeping In
junction was ever beiore Issued by a
I court In a labor eontroer), and the
Interest taken In the matter by those
Interested In labor matters was evident
fiom the large attendance to-day.
Lawyer Hastings, of Hastings & Glea
son, counsel lor the merchant tailors,
opened the argument. Ills statements
were much th- same as tnose on wnlcn
Judge Dugro granted tne temporary In
junction. He claimed that tne members
of the I'nlon had entered Into a con
spirac) to Injure the business of the
firms who were the plaintiffs In the ac
tion and who embraced marly all the
tailors on Fifth avenue and the Imme
diate neighborhood between Twentieth
and rhlrtiem streets
I it) uiiegei mat tne t'nion had e-
tuuilshesi pickets, whici he uescnued as
I a sianulng arm), wno went on uut)
i as eari) as o o clock in the morning,
lor tne purpose ut Hindering am) intei
ferlng witn me iiusinet-.. ot tne piaintifts
ami intimidating tanors not members
of the I nlon trom working for plaln
nrfs I lie also charged that the members of
I the I nion nan violated inr law oy pub
llsnlng in tne newspapers and in cir
culars requests to oilier tanors not tu
work for tne plaintiffs.
i Linjtr t naties cjtecKler. of the Pu
litzer tiullaiiig, replied, ne agreed wltn
.in Hastings mat it was a m-uer ot re
gret mat iiili-i ot tne Supreme Court
justice were out of town wneti the ap
plication lor tne temporary injunction
was made, so tnat tne mailer was taken
lo ihe bjperijr (.ourt.
1 uu not oelleve. said Mr. Steckler,
"that there is a justice of tnS supreme
Count wi,o wouiu have gtanteu tne
temporary Injunction. '
' nerc are i,tAj men." continued Mr.
ateckler, who are actually restrained
Horn walking along certain streets of
i this clt) simply on general allegations
tnu are baseu, not on actual Knowl-c-u,e,
but on information and belief,
ine allegations against these men
do not contain a statement of a single
i -speclil oveit act tne name of a sin
gle man wno was intimidated to quit
vork, ot tne name of a single man as
raulted, 'the amuavlts of ail the plain
tins art tne same, except the name of
tne maker, and are simpiy a tut of gen
et al charges that must nave been based
un Information und Delict '
Mr Steckler denied that the union was
for the puipose of hindering tne bus
iness of the plaintiffs, rte cnarged that I
1 thf plaintiff nan entered Into a con
splrac) to break up the tailors' union,
and that the plaintiffs had bound tnem-
iw"elves to imy l,eyy it they violated tnelr
conspiracy agreement -ana paid the mem
bers of the unlun the wages asked,
't'hls Is a case-, salu Mr. ateckler.
i "vv litre a body of men with CuOj.ivj
capital have banded together to deprive
I these men of their rlgnts.
"if the charges maue by tho plefntlffs
I were true, they could proceed against
the defenuants b) a criminal action and
I have them punished much inure se-
1 verely than tor violating an Injunction
I Issued b) a court of equit). The) know
their charges are false, and for that
teason tney do not go to the criminal
1 court."
Mr. Steckler then called Judge Bead's
attention to the fact that he submitted,
attached tc his papers, the affidavits of
more than one hundred members of the
, I nli n den)lng that the) had Intimidated
1 an) men from going to work for the
plaintiffs, or that tney had assaulted
any of the men who wished to go to
' Ihe makers of these affidavits ad
mitted that they had In a peaceable and
oiderly mannei presented to the men
who went to work for the plaintiffs the
I grievances of the members of the Union,"
but denied violating any law.
Mr Bteckler also submitted about fifty
affidavits from men not formerly mem
bers of the Union, who swore that they
had not been In an) wa Intimidated by
the 1 nlon, but. after hearing the wa)
the members of the Union had been
tieated, had voluntarily quit working
for the plaintiffs and Joined the Union.
Affidavits were also Introduced by Mr.
Sleekier to show that certain of the
tilalntlffs had offered work to the mem
ers of the union, at the old rate, pro
vided the) would resign from the or
ganization, and had said that the mer
chant tailors were determined to break
up the union
At the conclusion of Mr. Bteckler's
argument, 1-awyer Hastings asked that
he be furnished with copies of the affi
davits submitted by Mr. Steckler, and
be given three or four days to answer
Judge Ileach denied the application, and
told Mr. Hastings that If he had any
answering affidavits to file he could do
so to-morrow. Judge Ileach then took the
papers and reserved decision.
Uut Vouiiar Hall Saa He Did ot
Iloh Ilia t'ncle'a Safe,
Henry Hull, twenty-three years old,
a grocer)' clerk, was arraigned In the
Jefferson Market Police Court this morn
ing, charged with robbing his uncle,
Hcnr) Hull, a grocer, at 153 Seventh ave
nue, of about noo In cash, and with forg
ing his name to a check for M25.
Young Hull was arrested In Baltimore
jesterilay b) Central Onjce Detectives
McCatferty and Price as he was .about
to board the steamship Weimar, en
route to Germany. Until six months ago
he worked for his uncle.
On July 19 Hull's grocery store was
burglarized, entrance being effected
through a rear window. The safe was
opened, evidently by some one who waa
acquainted with the combination, as no
force had been used. Twentyflve dollars
was taken. Un Aug. 6 the house was
entered, the safe again opened, and an
other aum of money and Hull's bank
book on the Bleecker Htreet Bank were
The next morning the burglar went
to the bank and forged a check for
iS, all the money Hull had on deposit,
which was cashed. Then Hull -notified
Inspector McLaughlin, and Headquarters
detectives were placed upon the case.
They at once suspected young Hull but
could not find any trace of him, until
he recently wrote, to his uncle from
Baltimore, sa) In that he Intended to go
buck to Germany. The detectives went
there and arrested him.
Young Hull admltn the forgery, but
denies, in burglary. In court 1ms morn
ing he waa held for trial.
Split In a Commons Committee.
lily Attoclaled Prtaa.)
LONDON. Aug. 15.-A split' has oc
curred among the members of-the. IJouso
of Commons Commltee, which (a con.
slderlng tha Irish Land acta. A. minor
ity, represent)!!- the view, ot landlords,
have seceded. t ,
Yean read Tat Erenlsuf WtiIdt
Do yon rcd 'he aaaday World.!
5 . ,
- ,r V " t Ji S t A f. V?r 1 ; JJV J ,
Riot in tfie Stock Exohango on
Account of His Shirt.
Ha Went on the Floor Without
His Coat On.
No Written Rule Against If, But He
Sa Hustleel Out. I
Mr. W. Howard Carnes Is a gentle
man of culture, anl as such, of course,
be.ongs in Boston He also belongs to
the stoca brokersge firm of Barnes &
Lunningham, and r.ttrnda to the busi
ness cf nls Urn on the floor of the Slock
Kxchange In this city.
Mr Barnes Is more than twenty-one
)eans old, and has received the thorough
educatlan which all cultured Bostonlans
are supposed by those outside of that
hallow e-J circle to receive. Including the
art of dressing properly upon all occa
sions. From the example set by Mr.
Bar.ies here. Wall street thinks that In
Boston It Is the correct capei to t,o on
the Hour at the Stock Exchange In that
city in one a snlrt sleeves.
Whether there are an) rules govern
ing tne particular kind of shirt to be
worn uu those occasions, whether the
said shirt must be cheviot or madras,
cuiored or plain wnlte, with detacnable
collar and cults, or with these necessar)
articles firmly and lorever attached to
the shirt, is a matter ot grave uncer
tainty to the street, as Mr. Barnes, of
uoston, has not )ci elucluated mis point
of Boston etiquette, lo be sure, a great
many brokers have gazed to-day upon
tne maiuy lorm of Barnes, of Boston, of
me sihrt Mecca, out mere w-re so many
otner circumstances connccioi witn ms
appearance uihi tne oroneia lecollec
i.ou ot tne particular Kniii ot shirt worn
oy ui. Lariic is inuisiinei
1'nere u no ruie ol me Btock Ex
change wnlcu absolutely loibius u mem
irr irom appearing on tne lloor tuiuus
ills hat, coai or waistcoat, uui ever s.ncc
tne raxcnaige has been in existence, no
matter how- varm tne weather, Its mem
bers have always nad the idea that it
was not exactly the proper thing for a
member to go on the oor wltnout a
eoat of some sort.
Out of respect tor this unwritten rule
coats are always worn, some being made
of pongee silk, some of linen and various
other ilgnt materials. I'p to to-day It
was unheard of tor a member to appeal
In his shirt sleeves.
But It was left to Mr. Barnes, of Bos
tan, to break the record, and ne did It
with unexepcted results lo himself.
hen the Exchange opened for business
at 10 o clock the crod of brokers around
the Atchison post had their hands full.
Trading was wisk, and the casual on
looker would have thought the bskens
too busy lo gaze at gentlemen of cul
ture, even though they were In their
shirt sleeves But when Mr. Barnes, of
Boston, suddenly appeared In the crowd
In all tne glory of a cultured shirt, with
no coat to hide any of Its glories, they
were so shocked that trading was tem
pyrarll) suspended. Atchison and Its
troubles were forgotten, and the vision
of Mr. Barnes, of Boston, and his shirt
was all the half hundred brokers could
It took the brokers about thirty sec
onds to make up their minds tnat If
that was the Boston caper It didn't go
here, and with a whoop and a rush the) i
surrounded the snlrt with Mr. Barnes, ot
Boston, In It, and In the small-sized riot
which followed culture and Mr. Barnes
had little show.
The latter found himself out In the
street, his offending shirt sadly rumpled
and soiled, but uf the transition trom
the Stock Exchange floor to the asphalt
pavement In the street Mr. Barnes, of
Boston, has a mighty indistinct recollec
tion. The last seen of him he -was making a
bee-line for his office, at a pace that
would have made Nancy Hanks turn
green with envy.
Harried Jnlv US, bat Announcement
.Nut Made I'ntll To-Ds),
The marriage of l'hotographer Moreno,
of 4:0 Fifth avenue, with Miss Clara
I-aengrr was announced to-da). The
marriage took place July 28 last In St.
Ijiwrence's Roman Catholic Church, In
West Eight) -fourth street, but was not
made public before to-da). owing to the
fact that the couple had been too happy,
Mrs Moreno sa)s, to think of an) thing
else but their hone) moon, mo-t of which
was passed In the Highlands,
Mrs. Moreno Is a tall and gracefu'
)oung blonde, with golden hair and
pearl) teeth, and whose "chle" captured
Princess Eulallu during her visit to
Moreno's studio
At that time Miss Laencer waa in
Mr. Moreno's employ. The Princess pre
sented ir with an ornamental steel
dagger, Ir.lalt. with gold, as a souvenir.
Notwithstanding the fact that only
ver) few even of the bride's nearest kin
were present at the marriage ceremony,
which was performed by Rev. Father
F. Massl, her dress on that occasion Is
said to have been the acme of nrtlstlc
taste. It was a light gray chiffon,
trimmed with pearl passementerie and
gold satin. She also wore, a very becom
ing Leghorn hat of generous proportion,
Mr. Moreno was always looked upon
by friends as so deeply absorbed In his
art as to preclude the likelihood of hla
donning the matrimonial harness. It
was, therefore, a pleasant surprise to
those who had regarded Mr. Moreno as
a preordained bachelor to learn of his
The bride's mother Is living In New
York. Mr. Moreno's mother Is In Mex
ico, which Is his native country.
rreferrncea for ftKHI.BO, Assets Jfat
Solomon Frank, a dealer In clothing
and furnishing goods at Z6G2 Eighth ave
nue, made an assignment to-day to Jo
seph Baruch, giving preferences for
too M.
The amount of assets and liabilities Ir
not Btated
Arreated, for Choklmc Ilia Mother.
PEIITH AMBOV, N. J.. Aur. K.-Fred
Keeler, who lias a reputation of being a
bad boy, was arrested to-day upon a
charge pf assaulting and nearly chok
ing nls aged mother to death. He has
served several terms In Jail for various
offences. Ill mother la In a critical
ti- am. iiJ.C -ii v fc.
Detectives Surprise Two Burglari
in a Lawyer's Honee.
They Were About to Change Thiir
Clothing for Better Suits.
Had Valuables Packed Heady to
Cart Array.
Mr. John Ha)es, a 'awytr, of lit jfai.
sau street, v ho lives at 217 East Fiftieth
street, went to Monticello, N y, for lhi
Summer two months ago, and notified
Capt. Belli), of the East Flft)-nrt
street station, before going.
Slnte the family went away Ward
Detectives Lang and Campbell hava
been extra careful In looking after that
house. About S 30 o'clock yesterday
morning, the detectives were walking
through the street, when they noticed
that the window -shades, on the second
floor, were naif way up, for the flm
time since the family went away.
They tried the front door and the art4
door, but found them both locked. Thw
they tried the areaway of the housa
219, next door, whose occupants are also
away. jhls they found open. Thor
went up through the house to the roof
and then climbed over on the roof ot aj
Here they found the scuttle open, it
had been wrenched completely off and'
lay to one side of the hole. They clam
bered softly down Into the hquse, and
as the) approached the second floor
the) heard the sound of voices. They
opened a door quietly, and found two
naked men sorting over a lot of fin.
clothing belonging to Mr. Hayes'i
brother, some of which they evidently
expected to don In place of their out
clothing, which was thrown on a. bed.
The men were Intoxicated, and flvt
empty quart whiskey bottles were sen.
tered a ound the room. Evidently tho
strangers had made a night of It. The;
looked around coolly as the detectlrt
entered, and when Lang spoke and atkej
what they were doing there, one of thesj
"Oh, we are watchmen."
"Oh, eome off. What are you glvlrn
us? I'll bet )ou are up to the sani
game ne are," Long replied.
"What? Arc you se fellows burglari,
"Cert. What do you suppose we an
doing here?"
Good enough," returned one ot tin
genuine crooks. "We will clean this
ranch out from top to bottom. Wait
till we get some of the gentlemen!
clothes on us "
Just here Lang thought It time to tj.
deceive the burglars, and he and Cax.
bell drew forth handcuffs for the thiertt.
One of them, John Conlln, thirty-foot
)ears old, of 317 Bower)', made a bolt,
and "lipping paat the detectives dasaei
upstairs. Campbell pursued him ul
caught him by the legs Just as he vu
disappearing through the scuttle. Ho
was taken back and handcuffed to cli
partner, who gave his name as Jotept
McConnell. thlrt) -seven years old, ofO
Bowery. Both addresses are chui
The detectives took their prisoners tt
Torkvllle Police Court, and had thea
remanded until to-day. Upon examls
lng the house afterwards, the detectira '
found about $1,000 worth of clothing anl
Jewelry packed up. ready for remonl
and Conlln said that It had been Ux
Intention cf himself and his pal to hln
a truck and strip the dwelling of ever;.
thing It contained.
A no'e which McDonnell jdmittel
having written, was found by the de
tectives. It was as follows:
Mr Ilayra
I knon you will ba the loaor, but I hot tea
year, niton Cleveland rvti out, I will be able a
ropay )tu Mr I am a burzlar, )ou are a ca
tleman I am a bum. aa I ahould claaa myatS
It lo Ibe first time I eier did the like.
Iho men were arraigned again In tho
Yorkvllle Police Court this mornlnt
ard Justice Talntor held them for trial
Prior to their arraignment they wen
taken to Police Headttarters, where the
pictures were taken for the Rogues' Gil
lcry, Conllu Ik Fald to have served I
term In State Prison.
Ilold IlrooUIyn Bicyclists Are 01
lour MindosTy Trail.
The corps of blc)cle spectre-huntefl
organized to run down the ghost, whlci
manv persons claim to have seen si
Mapleton, rising from the spot when
Margaret Darning committed suicide,
will begin their work at 15 o'clock to
night, the hour when "church )ardl
)awn and graves give up their dead."
The novel Idea of hunting a ghost
blc.vcles originated with A. D. Maple
doram. of 170 Montague street, Brooklyn,
who Is alleged to have neen the mid
night apparition while 01 his way front
Coney Island. , .,
The bold knights will number eight
men, led by Mr. Mapledoram, and mostU
picked from Company K, of the Thlf
teenth Regiment
The nien are rirst-Sergt. Case, Quirt
termaster-Sergt. A. L. t'onklln, Serrt.
Frank Case. Corpl. A. Boden, Corpl. w
W. Woderfleld. A. N. Davis and Joha
M)ers. proprietor of the Sea Beach Fie
ace, at Coney Island,
The wheelmen will meet at Mr
M) ers'a hotel, at Coney Island, about I
o'clock, and then ride to Mapleton,
where they will wait for the appeir
ance of the aerial wanderer.
Mr. Mapledoram pa) 3 that If the ghoJt
shows Itself above ground the wheelmel
will surely run It down The men hayi
been picked from the Thirteenth Begt
ment because of their nerve, and eacl
one Is anxious to Interview the spool
They are afraid of nothing, and say that
not even the appearance of his Satanlo
majesty can prevent the hunt.
Apartments Twice Searched on Al"!
lea-ed Klrtltlona Complaints.
Mrs. Qreenburg. who lives with her
husband and four children at 170 Forsyt'i
street, nan recently been anno)ed b) de
tective', who have searched her room!
upon the authority of complaints re
reived at the police station and at th
Boanl of Health. . ,,. I
On Saturday a call was received fro
a police officer, who Investigated a coroj
plaint tbat Mrs Greenburg malntainea
a dlsorderl) house. Again, on Monday;
an officer from thn Board of Heani
searched the apartments for an allege
case of Infectious disease.
Mrs. Greenburg alleges that the cor
plaints emanate from a tenant In t"
house who haj been ordered out as s
nuisance. She haa Invoked police pro
Police Won't Permit Mowbray !
French -Anarchism Again.
NEWA1UC. N. J Aug. 15.-Capt Co.m
bett. of the First Frecnct, says that w If
Anarchist Mowbray returns to this cltf
and attempts to make another of tu!
characteristic speeches he will be if
rested. .....
Capt. Corbett says that If the AajJ
chlsta hold another meeting he will"
tend himself and make notes of wW
the speakers say. He would use t
as evidence against the speakers wneajjL
they were arrested.
1 a oi aa
lior, Flower's ToarlnaT- 1
(Dy Aaaoctated Preaa.)
BUFFALO, Aur. 15.-GOV. Flower IB I
arrive here at 4.15 this afternoon fro 1
the Thousand Islands. He will W J
here over night, and depart Irr the mor" M
lng for Chautauqua, where he wIlM- 1
liver an address at S P. M. to-morrow. J
the. occasion being Grange Day.

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