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M l"Circaiatfoa floolrs Open toAlL) . . . r'CircizatfcMi Boolrs Open to jiZI. " IJJmH
eMfMVMfj . . . . . 1 tA j AonMfMfMfl
B For Lack of Witnesses the
M - Trial Is Adjourned to
, Next Friday,
B A Beoond Recess Taken to En-
H foroe the Serving of
H Subpoenas.'
K Ex-Surroate Rollins Promises to
H Produce Him at the Next
H Hearing.
K ' The farcical trial ot Police Justice Dlv-
EX Vr wu continued In the Court of Com-
Hl Bon Pleas this morning.
fjYgHfY At 10.S5 the court was called to order,
fjYgHfJ anil at once Lawyer Hale arose.
m "I have no funds. It the Court please,"
M he laid, "to carry on this case, and I
H ask the Court lo direct the Dlstrlct-At-
-L torney to serve the subpoenas. I served
HT'i the attachment on the Sheriff at 9.10 this
r morning, calling for the body of one of
gMfMR oar witnesses, Terence Kenny (Tekul-
MfJMjk, sky's bartender), but the Sheriff wants
HFl M8T before doing anything. 1"
M "Oh, I'll pay the $4 37," cried ex-Sur-
PjYgftV. rogata Rollins, "and let this faice so
K i Thlm staggered Lawyer Hale, and In
M the midst of It Terence Kenny called out
B S that he wan in court, which caused
BHHV' laughter.
Modelled After Connecticut's Automatic Gallows. Patent Applied for
by John W. Goff.
tlmony had been Introduced to sub
stantiate the charges and to warrant
the re.ncval of Dlvver from olflce. Dlv
ver, he said, did not apparently want
vindication, as he refused to allow evi
dence on the green-goods charge
After a consultation the Judges were
Inclined to adjourn the case for a week.
but Mr. Rollins said he would do all
In his power to have Tekulsky and the
other elusive witnesses on hand at
BaBBVi Lawyer Hale then told about his futile '
BbBH) attempts to serve Tekulsky, and called
BBK3T the tatter's bartender, Edward Bur-1
Bbb roughs, who was present In the saloon
BBBfy last evening. He questioned Burroughs, I
BbbK,i hut the l'tter evaded telling where
BBff Tekulsky was, or, tn fact, anything
BHHn tbout him. I
BbbV V Under cross-examination by Mr. Rol-
MMfJJ Una, Burroughs caused a laugh by Hay-
fJVfJL, . Ins "that Mr, Hale had never scred
BBBB f Kenny with a subpoena at all, but had
BBBV ' Instead served It by mistake on a re-,
BBBS porter who happened to bo In the store.
BBBB Mr. Hale was tired, but looked more '
MMMf , to when the smiling Kenny advanced
BBBI ind said he was willing to be sworn.
BBBy "Is that, the man you served?" asked
BBt Ur. Rollins, der'viveiy. I
BVVlL l 'No," replied the Brooklj n lawyer,
II Slushing. "It l not "
IjYMfJI Kenny at once disappeared In the
BbHbBs. crowded court-room, and an Instant
BBBKr lattr when his name was called, he
pjMM :auld not be found.
BHHH Every one In court roared v. !th laugh-
BBBH ter, while Lawyer Hale got furious, lie
fJMMMj laid a trick had been plcyed on him.
MfJfJfJJ Mr. Rotllnt. replied thut Kenny had a
MfJMj lght to leave the court-room, as he un-
AmBB lexstood Mr. Hale did not want him.
BBBH While Mr. Hale was talking Terry
MMMj Kenny again entered the court. He was
MMMM I. bartender for Tekulsky at the time of
ffJMMw the tatter's row with Dlver, but Is not
BBBK low. He testified that Dlvver occasion-
V illy ftequented Tekulsky's saloon He
L ww him there the day of the alleged
Tt-. issault. but beyond that he knew
BHH: nothing.
BBH (Tti dliifpeirlin wltntu )
MS. (rtender Burroughs was then recalled
MS Jk Questioned, but nothing was brought ,
M it. He had seen no tight, only a lit-
:e "shoving match," fust as friends
t. This exhausted alt of Mr. Hale's wlt-
'MVMc nesses. One of them he admitted was
;BMB1 In an Insane asylum. Ho aikrd for 'a
,t postponement In order to summon Te-
MS kulsKv and others
. MMMV' Ex-Surroeale Rollins protested against
MMMM n sdjaurnmenl He said that he had
,MMMEN there In court three of the men for
jMMMK whom Hole claimed to be HCtlng, and
MMMMJk that they knew nothing whatever of the
MMMM1 chargss. They bad simply signed the
MMMMV cbarjrea at Hale'v request.
MMWB Hale, he said, had apparently made no
'MMMMV preparation. It was simply a "flshlng
MMVv Party." and he said the court ought not
MMMtS to have convened "to satisfy this gentle-
MMMMtt mfn Pltasure.'
MM. -, Lawyer Hale Insisted that enough tes-
once In order to have the case closed
to-day. Mr. Ilolllas also said that In
order to save time, and while Mr. Hale
was vflltlng for them, witnesses would
be called for the defense.
Then -Mr. Rollins called John F. Harri
son, one of the Ave who signed the
charges s gainst Dlwer. He testified
that he "signed them under a misappre
hension. In tact by a trick. Lawyer
Hale put the paper In his hand, but It
was never read to him. nor did he know
Its contents.
Churlea E. Sprague, another of the
signers to the chaiges, admitted that
he knew nothing pernonally of the alle
gations He had made the charges be
cause he bellevod It his duty to do eo.
Recess was then taken until 2 o'clock.
After recss Mr. Hale Informed the
Court that he had spent a full hour since
the morning session runnln? hither and
thither marching for Tekulsky. bat
could not find him. As n last resource he
left the uubpocna with his bartender
and asked him to give It to Tekulsky.
Georgo W. Ciegler. clerk of the Mor
rlsinli Court, who testified on Monday,
wus recalled, and again questioned as
to the days I5vvcr attended that court,
but nothing of consequence resulted.
Up to this time there was no sign of
either Morris Tekulsky or Hnry J.
Cimpbell putting In an appearance. It
looked as If thc house of cards erected
1 y Mr. Hale had fallen, and he made a.
pitiful plea to the Court for help.
"If this case Is dismissed," he said, "It
will be the means of preientlns further
action on the part of the people, whom
1 represent"
"What?" almost roared Lawjer I.vy,
"You say you represent the people. Now,
honestly, who do you represent?"
"I say the people will be stultified."
was the reply, "They will have no
remedy If this caso falln. and I ask the
Court to protect the people to take such
steps n will prevent a miscarriage of
"Is Mr. Tekulsky now In court?"
asked Justice Daly,
Tekuky's name was called, and
then Mr. Rollins said he would practi
cally guarantee that Tekulsky would
be In court In a few minutes.
. "All right, then," replied Justice Daly.
"It Is now 2.40 o'clock. This Court will
take a recess until 3 o'clock, and do
roH'.MlC Hale, huo your witness Camp
bell In Court at that hour." r
"I nlll chase him up at once," naa
the reply, and tlio prlre lawyer from tho
City of Churches rushed for the door.
The Judges waited until 3jn o'clock,
and as no witness had appeared up to
that time the case was adjourned nntil
Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock.
Justice Daly wanted It to go over for
a week, but Mr. Rollins positively stat
ed that h would have 'he raiIn wit
nesses Tekulsky and CsmsjlxiU in hand
at the next nearlng. He also fought
hard against an adjournment.
Date Set for Their Trials One
After Another.
Schmittberger Will Lead Off the
First Monday in January.
BiiWafd Man Smith Skips Out and
His Bond Forfeited.
In Judge Martina's room. Part I. ot
the Court of Sessions, this afternoon,
police captains, sergeants and ward men
were In evidence. They were there to
have a day set for their trials.
At 1.10 o'clock Capt. Schmittberger
was colled. District-Attorney Fellows
asked that Bchmlttberger's trial be set
for tho flrst Monday In January.
Lawyer Howe, who, with ex-Surrogate
.(Who Wltneued the TekuUkr-Dlrrer "Shooing
Uu'ch "I
, Rollins, Is to defend Schmittberger, tried
to have the date of the trial postponed,
but District-Attorney Fellows strenuous
ly opposed. The date was set for the
first Monday In January.
Jeremiah S. Levy, who was tried In the
Court of General Sessions some months
ago for bribery, ind who got a mistrial,
was called. His case was put down to
follow Schmittberger,
The tr:a of Hi.muei Campbell was put
down to follow that of Levy,
Detective- Sergt. Frlnk was put down
to follow Campbell on trial.
8ergonnt O'Toole was represented by
ex-Judge George M. Curtis, who wanted
It set for the first Monday In February,
It was finally put down to follow the
trUI of Frlnk
Kx-Capt. Doherty's trial was set after
O'Toolo's. and then ex-Serct. Hugh
Clarke's followed In regular order.
The following were set in regular or
der as thy appear: Ex-Sergts. George
C. Llebers. James W. Jordan. Charles
A. Parkerson, ex-Ward Man John Hock,
Bernard Meehan and Edward Ulennon.
When ex-Ward Man George Smith's
name was called, no one answered
Lawyer House volunteered the Informa
tion that he had heard Smith was out
of town. On Col. Fellowa's motion his
bond was ordered forfeited and a bench
warrant Issued for his arrest.
1'amuel Kahn. of T? Seventh street,
was Smith's bondsman Smith was for
merly ward man for Capt. Cross. Ills
absence occasional surprise. It was
said by those In the court-room that
hn had skipped He was under In
dictment to bribery. Ills ball was
Chsrles A. Hess Is Smith's lawyer.
31,000 aswABB Ut be ptla for Information
tndlagta arrest sad ooavktloa of is ptrua or
Mnew nsMMlklf i for Mm raroor recsnttne
lb. miIt wr ul lb drygtoda bauu or Uksmard
3AYXoi,ofAiiui!iUaiaT.andr-siM. Joscru
U b,BAKK.L'oiuiMUor-st.Lair, LMNwtausb V
i "lntsssiViitr '--- "-- J s':-"'-'-f
At tinod (ldila Takes Hie First Ilnce
from rim,
(Special to The Ertnlns WorM I
Dec 19 Splendid neat her again greeted
the large crowd attending the races here
to-day. The going coula not have been
better, as the (ml time made In the
various events shows.
At tho drawing for irttnds to-day
eleven bookmakers weightd In.
rmsT .(ACE
.For to-MfoU! a lurlcmjl..
Sutura. - Biumz sL Hit Fin
lo&mion. lit (H Wlltluai) .Tie-it jit iu
Plu. io (UiiSI..- . J-i 8-5 3 i)tm
Loir Pi.wlu. I (IItr3ld)....lfl (I 6 I 3 V,
Eva u. 1W1J OjrJotr).... l-leitii t 4(i
Marina arlfflo. lot iL'alni .Jv-J 9-1 l 1
Imp Pomtsranit. 101 IH.anllH -( 7 S'
lr Joi.n, 111 ia CUrioul,.,.13-Si3 3 17
Adah For. 10.1 lUtrsenl ...ilUO-l U-l 1(1
Eva L., Plsu and dlr Joun were, the
first away, but Martha OrltOn in the
ilrst furlong took the lead, followed b
I'lsa, Eva L. mid pommlnn. Martha
Grltlln, I'lsa und Dominion viere the
I leaders entering the stretch, but Do
minion outrun his field anj won cleverly
by half a length (rem Pisa, who beat
1 Lou Prewltt fur the place Time 1.01 3-4
RelUn;, a'x fLrloajf
Kurtt.a llftllni St II, f Fin
Herman lit (J III, II 4U -s ( iu
Djj Ililr.iin 107 (Mone) ... 3-1 7-5 3 : :
Muumiiu 107 (OjrJnen... :o-l 10-1 J J
Slt.lllle, 107 (R Jonis) . . s-1 3.1 a 4b
Chirllf n , 107 (J. Saita) 4-1 t-z I 4k jt
Anna K, 11: (Harold) I&-1 6-1 H s
Advocate, 107 (A Carton), ...Jf-I 5-1 1 1 7
IUnjbe. 107 (Ltlfn) ,,.,3-1 II 5 10 8
(lilena, 107 (Heo.itliy),.... 5-1 10-1 7 S S
.Norvln. It: (C. JnMlun).. -li-l 6.1 " 10 10
The big field (jot away well hunched.
Advocate, liob Holman and Anna K.
were tho lenders Up the backstrPtch
Advocate, llob Holman and Herman
was the order. Advocate leading around
to the lower turn Into the stretch In
the last furlong there was a general
closing up. Bob Holman looked ull over
n winner to the last Jlf ty yardx, where
Herman came with a rush and neat
him half a length in a drive Two
lengths back Nlcaiagua finished third
Time 1.15 3-4.
THIRD rucn
Sflllni. ili lurlonc.
siartere n(tlm St lilt Fin
LoMn Jr. 113 (J. lillll... .13-1 b-1 3 J I'
Dick While, no (ncrser)....10-l ,4-1 1' 3'
Sui'e Anleraon. 107 (Caealn)oven 3 S 1 4" 3'
Silver Trlnce 113 (Qin!ner)..40-l U-l : I i,
Lyndhurat. 113 (R. Ilarrl),.10-1 4.1 11 S S
Turentr-three, 110 (Ltlfh)., -l 3-1 s 7
Zeke Hardy, 113 J. SmllM.,30-1 l-t I 10 7
JUtt While. 107 (L. Srotlh).20-1 7-1 9
Mlaaourl Lou 111 (Mot.4). . ..)-( t-l 4 31. I
Lank, 113 (McCue) 13-1 4-1 7 6 10
Uadden. 110 (llangh) U-l (.1 10 11 (1
Tetaa Slar, 113 (II. Shlldi)..is-i -l 13 13 i:
Susie Anderson got the best of the
start, with Silver Prince second and
Loftln. Jr.. third. Dick White soon took
the lead, followed by StUsourl Lou. This
order held to the stetch. where Loftln,
Jr., closed and won cleverly by a length
from Dick White, who was the same
t-'istance before Susie Anderson. Time
1 16 1-2.
For two-re&r-olda; alx furlongs.
Starteri, weljnta and Jockeys, Stralfbt. place
Cora I Una II (A Darratt) (01 lol
Ta Ta, s (J. Gardner) & : 45
Raaper, 13 (Caaaln) 31 710
Clara Dauer, lot (Uerger) , 11 t 4
Ueaala Nlchola, lot (C. Johnaon) .. 111 51
Frank atyle. 113 (J. Hill) i 1 31
Prince Imperial. 11) (A. Clayton) .. 71 tv s
Ta Ta won.
Frank Gayle was second.
Prince Imperial was third.
TIme-1.13 1-2.
races on this track 'to-day resulted
as follows:
First Race Four and one-half fur
longs. Won by Couronne d'pr, 2 to 1
and to 6; La Grippe second, 2 to 1
place; My Hibe third. Time OtS.
Second Race Mile and a furlong.
Won by Klrkover. t to 1 and 2 to 1;
Powers second, 2 to 1 place; Long Ten
third. Tlme-2 03 3-4.
Third Race Four and one-half fur
longs. Won by Tom Hare, 5 to 1 and
2 to 1; Walkover srrond, 4 to & place;
Cattaraugus third. Time 0(1
1 a.
For en trios and other sportlnir
neim see sixth pugr,
He Was Subpoenaed to Appear lie
fore the Uewow Comrulttee,
Inspector McLaughHn, Chief cf detec
tives, was subpoenaed by the Lexow
Comnlttee to-day.
The Inspector did not appear at Police
Headquurivrs to-day, ana It nan iiatd
that he had reported 111.
The Inspector was at Headquarters)
yesterday. actlely engaged In business,
and In the apparent enjoyment of his
usual excellent health,
When an "Evening World" reporter
called at inspector McLaughlin's house.
at U West Tweoty-Moond street, this
morning, he was. Informed that the In.
spector was In bed sick.
t r '
The Captain Says He Never
Received Money Collected
for Protection.
He Owns a House Worth $27,000
and Has $4,000 in the Bahk
Byrnes Accused of Bulldozing.
Police Capt. Allaire, who has been ac
cused of receiving blackmail money, as
placed on the witness stand before the
Lexow Committee this afternoon.
He began nls statement by saying he
was made roundsman four dsya after
his appointment, and four days later
nns made Sergeant.
Mr. Goff paid particular attention to
Capt. Allaire's real estate Investments.
He owns a house at present worth $27.
000, he said, and has about ,OO0 In the
bank. ,
When questioned about the collection
of money paid for protection, the Cap
tain flatly denied all knowledge ot such
proceedings. In fact, -he said, he did
not know that such money "was col
lected, save from rumors Tyhlch he had
heard since he has been on the force.
His entire testimony was simply a
flat repudiation of all the charges made
airalnst him by other witnesses.
Ex-Inspector Steers, nha lias been ac
cused ot receiving blackmail money, ap
peared In the Committee's room Ho
had not b-en subpoenaed, but was will
ing, he said, to go on the stand ta
John Marrttt, a former agent of the
SocIet for the Prevention of Crime, tes
tified to-day that Supt. nyrnes had com
pelled him. by threats, to tell all he
know about the Gardner cas:.
Gardner, who was Superintendent ot
the Society, was accused and convicted
of having extorted money from Lillle
Clifton, for protection from arrest,
Mairett said he had never complained
of the Superintendent because he feared
he would be arrested on a manufactured
charge, which, he raid, was the case
with Gurd' v.
Three Insprrtnr Subiionnne.l.
Inspectrrs Williams, McAvoy and Mo
Laughlln wero bUbpoenaed to testify
to-day. Williams was the only one to
appear and after a consultation he
was excused for the day.
Sergt. Taylor, who testified )esterday
that he gave the money collected from
policemen to Inspector 8teers, was re
called to the stand. He denied the state
ments made by the ex-Inrpector to the
effect that he made the allegations
through spite.
Another day of sensational disclosures
In the Senate police Investigation was
promised 'his morning, and there were
abundant Indications that Mr, Goff In
tended to bring the line of ln estimation
which he so successfully began yester
day, Implicating the hlgher-up officials
of the Department, to a -still more star
tling climax.
Mn)' Ramon Afloat.
There were 'more rumors and reports
to circulation about the prospective 'wit
nesses than ever before, and nhtle tvery
one waa In the dork oj to the exact
t T, lata ii "(' JaUar-T""" "-- .."
plans ot the counsel to the Committee,
there was a general and confident ex
pectation that iome of the responsible
otllrlals of the Department would at last
be called upon to explain the testimony
which has been given during the past
tno days directly Implicating them In
irfsrBiriun wiiu,iamb.
the universal system of blackmail and
Inspector 'A llllunm Apprnrs.
The first Incident of the day to at
tract attention was the arrival of In
spector Alexander S. Wlltlims tn tho
full uniform of his rank. He showed a
subpoena to the doorkeeper. Officer
Smith, who respectfully allowed his su
perior to pass.
The Inspector showed no signs of anx
iety or nervousners, but quietly went
over Into the cornir, and drawing out a
nonspaper fiom his pocket put on his
eyeglasses and began to read Industri
ously. Later It was learned that Inspector
McLaughlin had also been subpoenaed.
He had not appeared In the room, how
ever, up to a late hour.
Then came the further Information
that Inspector McAvoy hid also bee i
subpoenaed. '
Several newkpaper men went over and I
chatted with Williams. He talked cheer
fully about the weather and various
other topics, buv would not say any
thing about his relations with the Com
mittee, excep' to admit that he at
trfrHtfd In obedience to a niDpoena
Capt, Genrue Wnshhurn came In at
the sam lime end tool; a sent next
to tne Jnvector and the) were the
centre of rUerotloo
l.eioiv Illilu'l tvnovr W 1 1 lilt mi.
Chairman Lexovi came In Just before
11 o'clock und passed inspector Williams
without recognising him. The latter,
however, knew the little Chairman by
sight, although he had never before at
tended a hearing of the Committee, and
he put down his paper an eyed him
nvnMNG wntiMi" will ur, is-
mit run.
curiously as he buMled about and finally
took his seat on flic bench with Sena
tors llradle and Robertson, who had
iilrmri arrived
llx-CapL Cross and Capt. Westervelt
wuitj In iltlsenV dress They greeted
Inspector Williams effusively and Cross
Kit donn and chatted guy.y with his
fnrmoi xuperlor. Not long afterwards
Capt. Crerden. also In clt lien's dress.
Wandered 111 and as he passed Inspector
Williams made a slight Inclination of
Ms head The Inspector looked him
full in the face with n stony glance,
nnd never moed a muscle. Capt.
Ciecden sat down In the row further on.
Killer dipt. Elrnnsa nnil His Wife.
The next arrival of note as Capt.
Strauss, nho was put on the stand yes
trrday, but soon dismissed and told to
be on hand this m'rnlng with hl wife.
Mm. Strauss, a stout noman with dark
brown hair, wearing a broad brimmed
felt hat surmounted nllh a bunch of
nojdln; black plumes, accompanied her
tSiiff nnd Fellows Consult,,
When Mr. GofT ar-lved Col, Fellows
sought him nut, nnd they had a lonu
whispered conversation. In which both
showed great earnestness by their man
lier Mid gestures.
Assistant District-Attorney Lindsay
Joined the group at the counsels' table,
and there was evidently a serious mat
ter under discussion.
It was then after 11.30. and every one
In the crowded room was on tiptoe with
' The Committee Is ready as -soon as
)cu are. Mr. GofT." said the Chairman,
a rjuartor of n hour from nortn. Sena
torn u Connor and Pound had mean
whlle Joined the Committee.
WIIHama tx.-ased,
"In a moment," replied the chief coun
sel, 'and at the same time one Ot the at
tendant of the Committee went over
and whlsnered to Inspector WHUama.
He nodded, and then picked 'up We over
coat and hat, shook hands -w(th lateral
T" ' .
ICoatinued ea Second Page.)
"'" k m1
Fim Choices Fail to Landia W ' JM
First .Three Events. ' -'ImH
Lakeview, Ontari and 'Ecllpt ft. '';if
tumid the Wlnnert. ?H
Increased ratronajre mi the oelt 'lH
at Alexander. Aiflssssss!
. .JmB
t .'..IiMMmI
(Rpeclal to The Evening VorM.t 'MMM
AND. Dec. 19.-The Weather was tta,c'1H
the track rood, the crowd (large ana tfca V;'5bB
beting lively at Alexander Island to-'a-:H
day. Not a suspicion of Winter kM"sw''7'H
far Interfered with the racing, and ' V igMM
result the patronage Increases daHy. -t H
Sixteen bookmakers weighed In, tW T deMB
fields being large and' well matekeC' ''vssssi
with but few scratches; "Je 'WM
nnsT itAta JafaMM
silling; four aod , half tnrlohga. ssssH
uV - ...ttstiyj- srB
Vloodchopner. no ilioylai ,,0-t l- '.'jasssssl
Mttua. no IDalehantyl ..lJ-l -J-l I I -m , MMM
'"llng Charllo. 110 IK'r.4) t-l U-l l w" ' " vlstssMl
Iiobolink. no Miami ,,.,..3-1 l. ('j ,IMMJb1
Pulch Lou lit (J Moorei. .100-1 4-l r I 1 , 'sMM
Kaian. 110 (Neari 00.1 W-t I t T ' -' 'gMB
Reysard. no (Csrbley) ....t-l (-1 I '.JUS .-r J7 MMM
C. O D HO (A Moor.) ,::.0.I J1 I ? " hWB
C. Rough!. n, io (McKanilt) lbe-. u-l II i . . ' MMM
Fwlra,. Iio (Ham ,m-i ea-i H 11 H 4" MMM
comt Home. 110 (Miirphvl. .100-1 W-l 7 II II 'H
The start was prompt, the horses TjeiM V 'IftV
sent away In good shahe. lAktvIr ,' M
cutsprlnted the others iirojti the stfrr, f -v'gMl
winning easily by a length' and a MClH
with Uoodehopper'second. a Beck before)' 1 .gMl
Sextus. Time 060. v -VVai
SECON'D 'RAfcE. ("'itH
Balling; alt and a hall (urlongl, ", MMVJ
starun. IJettlag, Btrt, Hlf fra. j MM
Ontario. 101 (Johnaon) t-l ( 1' X'tU , MMI
pine Dint, 107 (Carter), .-... M i-1 4 9 ( MMjl
Fluahlng. 104 Id Taylor) -.15-1 f.1 I I a ., MMVJ
Detroit 04 (Murphy) .1.. C- i-3 I 4 j MMVJ
Mia One. 101 (Itam) ..,. :-l enran M I ,..' MMI
Hlackfoot, m (Nearr).. .t-i t-I t !' -)MMjl
miiiard, 107 (E. Trttw) ..K)-l JO-1 I ' , v' MMfJ
ny Jove. 107 (A Moon) i.is-l f-i ,T f t) .MbMI
Bert, lit (CoBgdonl ..... 1 00-1 l-l il .tf, f MjMVJ
L'adet. 1M istfnaburyl .., COD. I loo-l 3 Jl',1 ' 'JMMVJ
llulf brewd, I14H (Parity) .. 100-1 10-1 , S U ' gagB
Camilla. '104 (Olauon) ...'.lOO-l 40-1 i If if v'V 'H
The start was in favor of r)(irte,7f. 'jMMI
who had a length advantage, but JBeah MVM
foot showed In front at the qUsrter.-aljr.'.' ;MMVJ
to .he headed y Ontario, Tho flatter , . -MMM
stalling oft Blue' Bird's (.'ballenife ralSa ' L
stretch and -winning by a neck. MiMtW JssMI
B rd waa three lengths before FliMhra. H
Tlme-1.2i. ' ''g- jj-Jw H
sailing; stilt tad a slxleenlh. . -Jr. J- a MMVJ
Otarura. , nitllss III .MMBsir MwfJ
Eollpat. 113 fW.Horftel ,. W.T'-lkj p A ;MMJ
Tenacloui. 103 (Joknthn).,.,. frleTn a,t ? W MMI
Mirage,' 101 (O Vayl)-.i...err ,J-rt :--.l.3MfM
Uncle Jim. 1M (Ta(tM), t-lh i-1 1 1 4 t . MM
Frlnes Klamath, in lsrl)W-t't-i -t 4 1;.' MM
Pasot, lOgijMnTphir),, ...,vi.M-l -4MVS ,l I JrS iMMfJ
Helena f , 103 (ArKrrtr....tt-l'4S-f' T'jT'1- "JfMM
" :tsrnJrJtflt. in K tWaltO. .140-1 4-l I ISp5efjMl
t?!&3?l!&13SSS: &!&''
to the .far turn, fwrtere) BcllnM elMtss. j f M
and taking the lead In the stretea )?,; pJPjjM
liandlly; by two lengths from Tsm irlstjo, ; , MfM
who wis four letfgths before MinathV ' Ml
TTime-i.61 3-4. "' f -MM
fotjbtii race. i ! JjrJjal
ISellacTlvt faflpngt ) " iTMvfJ
surt'rt, Detilng. girt. Httrisu ,:' H
Con Lucer. HI Htan) 1M 1-4 1. 1;1 -7r'MMi
rrankR.Hart. 110 Tllaalova).. C-l l-I t xU 3 .' SMMi
Fro.lnome Last 110 (Koorad)tM 4-11 Hi ' MfM
Walooti. Ill H Uwta),.,. 7-3 even 1 I, , -' .MMI
lntlmlaai. n(E. Tribe). ...X-l 30-t 4' 4:-4 , 4,.,.Mfjj
Traitor. 104 (a Jatmton)...,M 15-1 4 T-J.T-;nMM!
Clmstira.. in flfurphy) 40-t u-l left st ptet. ; "jMMJ
Con. Lucey and Frolicsome Lass wert) '"MaM
the leaders at the start. Frank R. Hart ?. MfM
taking second place at the turn late) C afjMl
the stretch, but he could never oulte s MVM
reach Con Lucey, who Won by a half -MfM
length, Harf a length and a half befor ,' MfM
Frolicsome Lass. Elmstone waa left ,c, MfM
at the polt. Time 1.02. ' JtMB
Selling; alx and s halt fnrtonga. p MfM
Hatting. -MfM
Starteri, welghtt and Jockeyt. Straight. Flaes. :vJMH
The C own, 13 (Stulct) 3001 I , -.'MfJM
Paul. 101 (Cornley) 31 eves ,-t..MfJM
Prlnceu Marie (I tC Smith). ....... too 1 I t'MMfJ
Qormaa. J (Ham) , s 1 I -tMMfJ
Irene, too (Murphy) ,,,. 41 I I ''jVMMfJ
Beauretard, M (DnSy) ,. 4-1 I MMfJ
Adven.ama. lo5 (Oodtrty) .1001 t . j jlfjMM
Ile'grtrla. 0 (Neary)....i 1 14 t MM1
Uen. IS (Donnell) , a I "'' JgMfjl
Gorman Won. '-r rlVJBM
Pattl was second. t- A'jJMfM
Reauregard was third. ':MMfJ
Time-1.25. -laMM
It la Cllmblnsr Up (o the GUtht -ii"H
and Dollar Marie -IgMfjl
The latest subscribers to the Parathure. H MfJJ
Testimonial Fund are Anson Phelps) ,'!
Stokes. ISM; Edward D. Adams. Hackett, --MfeM
Carhart & Co. and Mrs. Cooper, VM -"jjrJH
each; Joshep H. Choate. Charles Bt "L'MfM
Harschali, M. Allan, Starr. Le Orand VtMfM
II. Cannon. Hamilton 8. Gordon, Mrm. ' MfjfJ
William Bryce and H. M. Murphy., If. , jMMl
each; Richard Watson Gilder, -Ana C i-MfM
Alden, Dr. G. A. Sabln and Dr. O. C JMM
Wheelock. t25 each: IL H. Scholle, Me. 'MfJai
ert Pardon, Thomas EL BatterthwaMa 'MfM
and Rev. Dr. S. H. Virgin, 110 each. VaMfJ
The grand total now amounts sa jMfM
S7.C0S.75. MfJ
. 4Mfj1
Aldertuaa Snelth Will Hart ta StaaH JM
Trial (or llabblatr. 'fjai
"Silver Dollar" Smith waa Indicted by ;H
the Grand Jury to-day for assault ta ;
the second degree, committed on Deo, gfjWgl
4 on, August J. Glotsteln. the goiooa- -."'
keeper. HtMB
Smith stabbed Glotsteln In the aaa ,'MfJjl
after breaking into his barroom. .MMI
Glolsteln was very much put out fee- vrMMfJ
cause he was In a measure forced to f ifMfJ
before the Grand Jury and teatlfr, 'MfJM
against the psntata's friend. t MMfJ
A bench warrant was Issued for , . MMfJ
Smith's arrest and he will probably k MMM
taken In this afternoon. iMMfJ
- '-MfMl
Dot He Drnlea Lexow Witness Max.. MJM
rett'a Story. .t'JaMfl
Supt. Byrnes heard of the testimony ?'.H
given against him by John Marrett be- ,' 'H
fore the Lexow Committee to-day a few 1 WM
minutes after that witness testified. . . V 3MfJ
The Superintendent Immediately locked KsSMM
the door of his room at Police Head- "" 'MMfJ
quarters, and together with Roundsmaa MMfJ
Flood commenced the examination of i , MfM
papers In connection with the affair. . IfMM
Mr Byrnes nss thus closeted for aq , MM
hour. When finally seen he said, re- MMM
ferrlng to Marrett: Z-Jilfi JaMfJ
"All he cays Is untrue except that ht ;'; jMMfJ
did come to my home under false pre- -JMMa
tense. I have the proof of It In my poa-' fJMfM
session, and have Just looked It ua.- -- fJIB
When the proper time cornea I shal( teat 'MMfJ
my story n the proper place." " . JMMfJ
At this Juncture Supt. Byrnes aba. JMfJM
lutely refused to say anything) ft ' JMfMM
In the entire Interview he skMastL MMMfJ
edly. selecting Ma worda "wnksla.-ft (MfMM
reply to an question he mfrrAm MfJMfJ
was not W thne m aeeeli y nf JjMfJM
a l-v " J ,X ' j-.,1JMMMi
Mall III MflfiaMMMl I I aMMMMfMaMfB

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