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i "' ;7iii3jW mil ii i ; - ii",,i '-ijtt "mpT!Tir,l,'iyWili
H ! Evening World Ordinanoe Would
Deorease Park Aooidents.
R ' AUsrmen Clancy, Wund and
I y O'Brien in Favor of It
I '! I Xjetson from the Central Park
I PoUca Blotter.
VI There were' no less than fifty-five run
' Bl aways In the park drives during April
I HI and May. There were seventeen colll
I Mv ilom between carriages, and eleven bl
m H'a delists were ridden down, their wheels
smashed and the riders Injured. In the
I m collisions of carriages In almost every
B Instance, one or both vehicles suffered
damage, and the occupants were more or
Sl W less hurt.
B H One baby carrlafs waa run down and
Ai smashed by a runaway, and In two ln-
V a stances' pedestrians were Jn.ured.
L 9 It every vehicle carried" on Its dash-
l 'S' board a light that could be seen two hn-
Hl r dred feet ahead, as prescribed In the
ordinance proposed by "The Evening
W " World," collisions might be avoided, the
V B warning light revealing to other drivers
.A the location of the' coming runaway,
wfUf Pedestrians thus warned would have a
W,B chance for'thelr lives, and riders of the
H wheel could steer away from danger,
' Bicyclist- would be warned by the
Bl approaching light against collisions with
I unskilful drivers, too. Had there been
I a llgli- on the buggy in which S. A.
I Howland. of 53 West Eleventh street,
I W was riding In the Seenth avenue drive,
ml II In the park, at One Hundred and Tenth
If street, at 8.40 on the evening of May 13,
i si- William Wheeler, of 223 East Seventy-
' eighth street, could nave located the
' W approaohlng carriage and avoided the
' ' collision that followed In the dark,
smashing, by an Impressive fate, the
shining headlight on Wheeler's bicycle.
bending his steering apparatus and
B knocking the daylights out of Wheeler
S himself.
V' Roundsman Gllnmrtln came up Just as
m Wheeler was recovering his senses, only
i , to hear the magnanimous wheelman
K protest that he did not want to make
i. complaint against the driver.
' On the evening of May 16 Dr. M. C.
Oottstholdt, pr 13 East Forty-sixth
street, was taking his dally exercise on
his wheel when, close by the Metropolis
f tan Museum of Art In the Park, he ran
! Into a carriage In the dark, lie gath
I K. ered himself up out of the dark, and
Ufl' V after an exchange of cards with the
i W man vibo rode him down he went his
L way.
BrlP. F- MeMahon. of 119 Bowery, had an
W . "experience" nt Sixtieth street and Fifth
1 avenue, 1'ark road, nt 9.30 on the even
ing of May 24. It was very dark. His
light was set. He could hear hoofbeats,
but could not tell whether they were
I close by or far away, or which side of
4 the rostil the horse was on.
jf After a moment he found out. His
ssj Jf wheel was "busted," and he learned that
I m he had collided tth an unllghted car
i I rlage, driven by William Eraser, of 812
B I Fifth -'A venue. Of course the carriage
ii was uninjured, but MeMahon had to
mi limn tidly homeward, his broken bike
ffsV ,1 bv his side.
I Ten minutes later, on the east drive,
I Edward Martins, a Itount Vernon man,
'I in a carriage, and C F. flijrmin, of 4
West One Hundred and Thirty-firth
I street, "came together" In the dark,
isTI I with the usual disastrous results to the
9-1 "bike."
Ei I While a Park policeman was trying to
)' I straighten out this tangle, Robert N.
BL II Comthy's "biko" was ridden down by
-' another carriage dilver, who whipped
IV up and escaped In the dark.
I 'ft f These are only samples. The bicycle
S carrlns a llirht that warns all before of
Its approach. The carriage carries
none. "Tho Evening World" ordinanco
would remedy this by making every car
riage carry a llrjht. I
; J. W. Spalding, the Nassau Btreet
1, bicycle man, salu to a reporter:
"It Is a good thing 'The Evening
)l ' World' Is doing. I, like every other
lover of the bicycle, think that It 1
1 eminently proper that the 'bike' should
carry a light.
"But I think It Is Inconsistent to con-
I tend that lights are necessary on one
, vehicle and not on another. They are ns
i ll necessary on the light horsed vehicles
I ' if as they are on the bicycle. I don't see
I I i the distinction In that respect between
I , ' m the bicycle and other vehicles. The law
I V'M " " now stands puts tho wheelman at a
I 5'sT great disadvantage, especially In the
I'ift parks, and I am glad to sea the Park
B- r If Commissioners Indorsing the action of
Mr The Evening World' In championing
V ,W the cause of tho 50,000 or 70,000 whcel-
. men.",
fL r4 Alderman Clancy Is another of the City
Fathers who favors the proposed ordln-
fl'l ance. He says.
I f "I think It is a good Idea and will re-
flll suit In the saving of life, limb and prop-
i 1 t erty. From my own experience In drlv-
Mj I r Ing through the city, I know that It Is
'Jf a most Important measure.
1 Alderman Wund says:
I "I am In favor of such an ordinance
jf for the better safety of everybody. I
I will vote for It. Tin objection to ordln-
ances of this character heretofore pre-
eented has been that they specified two
lights and applied to all vehicles. Lights
f are not necessarj' to business wagons of
the butchers, grocers, truckmen, fac-
torles and milkmen."
Alderman John J. O'Brien was hearty
IV In his approval, saying:
') tL. mi am 'n favor of having all pleasure
plf vehicles carry lights. I am In favor of
VACibT rutttng'a light on every carriage. I do
lnVar not know that I should like to be run
Vla, down by a rubber-tired carriage any
aM better than by a bicycle."
I D Dr. Pratt Knocked from Ills Wheel.
HI Dr. H. Z. Pritt, of 303 Writ Ont Hundrpl
HI sad llztHnth strret, was knocked aeottleEt And
bAdly bruited lut Thundajr by a butcheri
cart IrtTen br a bor. Dr. Pratt iu rldlnc a
! vbtel on UhOi avenu near One Hundred and
j , Flfteenta atreet, wtiea the Accident occurred.
VI " r tAped.
9HJF Woman Injured hy a Jlor Cyclist.
HH A bor on A btcyrla Knocked MrA Mary Nacle, of
gjHfll 10 Franklrn atreet, down 'ate last erenlnr on
BST',1 jr Cantral avenue. Jersor City. Fhe lay uucon-
BB Ymr scloua. The boy dlaippeared. leading hla bicycle.
H ' flf which waa taken to the Sixth Trerlnrt Button.
aLaf Mra. Kagla la In Christ Hospital severely Injured.
Wjt Dr Wheel to Delaivare Water Gap.
I BJB Th' MlOiaux nirycle Club will start to-day nn
a apln to Delaware Water Gap. The party ex-
seuta to reach the flap on Sunday afternoon,
coming back by train to New lork, the same
flttSat Mlka Dltnberger la credited with another sew
Bjjtgl record, made at Fountain Ferry track, Loulsrille.
VH1 Ha rode two-thirds of a mile, with flying atart.
BKI .a paced. In 1.0J 4-5.
HJf fLV" The following runs for June are scheduled by
jn '. M the South Brooklyn Wheelmen, starting from the
jf club-house, 479 Ninth street, Brooklyn June z
K I I Woodbury Falla, N, Y , leave foot of Chambers
HJ I atreet, SO P ,M., June 1 (rost, S3 CO), June 0
Hj I Orant'a Tomb, 9 A. M ; June 14, nrooklyn and
I suburbs, lth L. A. W Milton. 9AM, June
Ml I I ', cy..e p.rlle, MS I', ii ; June 14, Tottentlllr,
l I I with t. A, U. visitors, 8 45 A. M . June. 23,
ml ( M CanArsle. 9 A. M ; June 30, Lang Island Century
nt. g Kun, -Kith ladles, 6 30 A M. All wheelmen are
Hj'Mt) welcome at the club-house and are Invltel to
Hf Join ua In the above runs Business meetings
HI Friday., June 7 and 21, at t V. tl.
Hi '
I Now that the Irvington-MUburn rosd rscs is
VJJ ikaVrer tlt Attantlon of aheelraen In this psrt of
)J a CMMry will be centred on the L A. V.'
" H l ' meet, to take place June 15, and from present In
ASsmllM dlcatlorrs It lll be tha greatest cycling event
fF ever held In tM locality, (should the father be
J m favc-rable the managera expect fully 30,000 peo
! pta at the new Manhattan Beach track to iucs
I tha escellent ll.t of tventa to be run off.
Ill '
I At tha laat meeting of the Eiecuttve Committee
all1! tha reports, received from the varloua comraltlees
! were very aacoursglng. Tht chairman of the
& Reception and Entertainment Committee reported
, mm that Us ork of nilng up tht Thirteenth Regi-
IBn, naat Armarr:at Atlantic and Flatbusb avenues
fS if; a a MbdciuAruri la Brooklyn would be tuned
Wkfi at wua tat avtrytMna wlU be is readlneaa by
BBJiaJA'lissiBaaaBft--iy-y '1 mrm "
BJMfcfcgtm-1p?:-t"' ft - iiiiJiMiasAAASassssai
Saturday, June 1 As Inunenaa bannar wilt Va
atretched across tht front of tha bulldllg. aa
which will be printed In large letters, "Head
quarters Annual Mett. New York 8tale Division,
L. A. W.v Arrangernentt will be raadt to re
pair League membera wheels free, and It la at
peeled that retreihmcnta will be served at a avom
Inal coat. All wheelmen will be cared tor At the
headquarter but separate racka will be provided
for tht esrlutlve uae of League membera.
The prltet will be on exhibition la the rooms
of the Executive Committee on June 11 and II,
and the morning of the ISth.
Tha Track and Rare Committee dealrea all
entrlea sent In aa soon as possible, to enable
them to be ready for announcement In tha offi
cial programme.
A favorable report wilt be tent to tht Brook
lyn Board of Aldtrmen by tha Committee on
Parks and Brldgea regarding tha return cycle
path on the Coney taland boulevard. The money
for building the new path will ba raited by
Issuing county bonds.
That Chicago road race haa developed no end
of scandal. About half of the contestants did
not go the dlstsnce, and Is doubtful If anvbody
will ever find out aho did and who didn't.
There was no arrangement for "keeping tab,"
"Show mt vh.r 7b w.nt It, 14 Ay"
howled "Dud" dark t bit "frl-nd" Willi.
Hutch. whl) Willi wt it tht bat yester
djT. Willi h-ld bat out from hit walit.
"Wtll, tUnd up Ultra and hit tt out," 711M
Dad, and ht thot tht aphrrt eiaetlr whtrt Hutch
aaktd (or It Ai tht ball lighted In Btnnon'a
hind a. Dad turntd to Willi and aaldl "Qt out,
you nlnt tpotj you couldn't hit It taft In a
thousand yeara. Get tn tht famt or I'll knock
that ttud out of your ahlrt bosom." Thert wit
decided eootnaaa bttwtta tht two twirl era when
they met after tht came.
After yettttrday'a great showing. Ct.pt. Dartt
hM decided to put "Dad' In aa third pitcher, to
takt regular tuma with Meektn and Ruale.
Aa predicted by 'Tht Evening World" eereral
daya ago, thert will be a ahakt-up among the
Olanta Aa toon as DitIi. Tlernan and Stttfford
are able to again take thtlr placet, Doyle will
be put on short regularly, and Tarke Wllaoa will
cover Brit. Tht change will be an acceptable
e e
Stafford and Tttrnan are both coming around
nicely, and wilt be able to play again In a few
Bverttt and Dahltn were Interviewed last night
t7 the "Cap." Juit what the "Old Man" aald
to hla two Colts can not be chronicled here, but
after It wma all over. Ante ate seven bricks of
Ire cream and drank ever so many glaaats of id
btt Harvey Watklnt ft box of elgart
that Chicago would makt three more hltt off
Clarke, than tht Olants would make off him.
After tha gamt Willie made Harvey promise
that Dad would not be allowed ft "amoke" out
of the box.
Dion Barnett, President of the Seminole Club,
of Jacksonville, has been present at all of thla
week'a games, and has been rooting hard for the
OtantA. Mr. Barnett entertained the boys roy
ally white they were In the South. He will leave
for his home after to-day' a game.
Mike Tlernan' a umpiring yesterday waa far
better than that of many of tht regular on
Nick Young" suit. Not ont of hla decision a was
open to doubt,
That rabbit' foot which waa tent to ftuele
yesterday must be the mascot.
The standing of the 'League club this morn
ing waa aa follows:
Clube. W. L. P.C.l Club W. L. P.C.
Pittsburg .. 23 11 .AS? Doeton 15 13 .558
Clncln'tl .. 20 13 .toe New York... IB IS .&'
Clevet'd ... 1 13 .694 Brooklyn ... 13 IT .414
Chlrago .... 20 14 ,B3 W'ahtngt'n .. 13 11 .287
Thlla 17 12 .584 St. Louis.... 11 33 .333
Baltimore .. II 11 ,S77JL'vllle I 34 .172
Games scheduled for to-day.
St Louta at New York. Chicago at Philadelphia.
Pittsburg At Brooklyn. Cleveland at Baltimore.
Cincinnati at Boston. L'vlIle at Waahlngtoa.
The stewards of the Jocser Club did two very
Important things at a meeting yesterday. One
was to declare themselves In favor of the ap
pointment of s paid steward to act aa the repre
sentative of the Jockey Club at all meeting
licensed by the State Racing Aasoclatlon. The
other was the estibllHhment of a Fund for Dis
abled Jockeys. The Evenlg World haa long urged
the appointment of a paid steward. It would be
better perhaps to have three paid stewards, but
one cannot expect to have all the good thing at
once. All algna point to Joseph J. Burke as the
oOlclal representative of the Jockey Club. He Is
highly recommended and all turfmen know his
reputation for honesty ami fairness.
The Pund for Disabled Jock eye la styled a grab
by aome of the morning papers. This Is certainly
unjust, as the Jockey Club has no selfish motive
In the matter, fifty per cent, of the lines Im
posed on Jockey will go to the fund, white the
other 60 per cent, goes to the Jockey Club to pay
necessary expenses. These expenses. It will read
ily be leeu, are considerably Increased by the
salary of tbe paid steward, whatever It may be.
It la hardly fair to abuse men like August Bel
mont, James R. Keene and others of the stewards
who daily spend many hours in the consideration
of ways and meana for bettering the turf.
e e
The old Board of Control was a body organized
from purely selfish motives, but the same cannot
be said of the Jockey Club. No one can deny
that racing has vastly Improved under the Jockey
Club regime and considerable credit Is due them
for the admirable manner In which they steered
racing out of the difficulties which beset the sport
last winter,
The London "Star" In speaking of Banquet's
ehanoes for the Manchester cup saya that the
horse will be hanp I capped because of hts aver
sion to running to tht right. If the writer re
members correctly, Banquet had no difficulty In
running to the right at Monmouth Park during
the 'ist meeting at that track. In fact none of
the horses showed that Cie reverse running made
any difference to them. Campbell la probably
playing trick with tbe Englishmen In order to
get a price.
Twenty-two horse tn the Baldwin string will
arrive at Oraveaend on Tuesday and their pres
ence should add to the merest n the racing
Baldwin shows a long head In coming East this
season. Gamblers have gotten racing in a bid
way In Chicago and there art many rich prizes
to be run for la tht East.
e e
Jockey Wllllan Corbtey waa instantly killed at
St. Asph yesterday. His mount. Kirk over, stum
bled and the boy broke his neck In tha fall.
Corbley rode on the big tracks some years ago,
being the rider for Henry Schulz, who had and
alllt owns Hal try, Harlem and other.
Joe Choynskl tt training at Ashury Park for
hts twenty-flie round bout with Jim Hall, which
wilt be decided In the Seaside Athletic Club
June 17. Choynskl will be In excellent condi
tion when he meets Hill, and Is rather confi
dent that he will get a decision.
Billy Ahearn. the light-weight, will be matched
to meet a good man at his weight for ten rouils
at 133 pounds at the l-oxlng ahow to be given
by the New London Athletic Club the Utter r-rt
of this month. If Ahearn wins, he will pokt a
forfeit to meet any 113 -pound man, preferring
Stanton Abbott or Jimmy Handler, In a limited
round contest.
Steve O'Donnell. who Is matched tn meet Teter
Maher for twenty-five rounds this month, has
found training quarters at Asbury Park, where
he will begin training at once for the bout
Jack McVey and Billy Delaney will handle him
Bobby Wilson, who recently fought a draw
with Billy Tucker, of New irk, says he would
like to get on a ftxit with a good US-pound nun
n a limited-round bout or to a Until Wilt-m
can get backing for 3250. and will also make
a side bet that be will win.
Tommy Gaffney, of the Scottish-American Ath
letic Club, who was defeated In flit rounds by
Marty McCue In New London. Conn, on Wedns
lay night, claims he was nat In proper condi
tion, r.d would like to arrange a return fight
McCue says he will give Gaffney a chance If he
can get backlog for S.SO or isoo ft side,
Jim Corbet t says ht wltl not atart training
for his light with Bob Pltsslmmons until July
and that hts training quarters will be at Asbuiy
e e
Jack Downey, tbe Brooklyn featherweight, has
been matched to meet a good man In hla dais
far tlx rounds at 127 pounds on June 7 The
u M be pulled off In an uptown club-house,
It It said that an effect was made to bring
Tommy Itan. of Chicago, and Johnny Reagan
together In a six-round bout, but tha negotia
tions fell through.
e e
Bob Cunningham, who haa 350 pouted with the
police Osteite for a bout with any ltt or US
pound boxer, aayt that he would prefer mlch
ltt Jlmsv iUir, of Claiuagj, for a Uutf.d
lumber ef rounds before the Seaside Athletic
e e
Tie National Athletic Club, of Brooklyn, will
hold ft boxing ahow In Its club-house, 11 and 13
Cedar street, to-night. The caVe is as follows,
Eugene Hornbacker and Eugene Garcia, elpht
rounds at US pounds, Billy Ber-nedy and Jim
McVey, eight rounds at K- pounds, and Johnny
Young, of Brooklyn, and Nlrk Collier, of Par
Bock aw ay, tlx rounds at 133 pounds.
Thert It evtry reaaon to believe that Jack
Everhardt and Kid Livltne will meet again In
the ring In a limited round bout before many
months have pawed Ilverhart called at the "Po
lice Gazette" office yesterday and expreeeed his
wltllntnes to fight Kid Lavlan ana In to a filth or
a llmltd number of rounds, and Lavlgne has
agreed to fight him.
Casper Leon fays he wilt fight Tom O'Bourke'a
105-pound unkown 'He haa a forfet at the Tollce
Gazette office, and rcAdy to do bus! new.
Eddie Macklln, of the Banquet A. C, of Jersey
City wilt cover Casper Leon a J50, or if he will
i not accept will post a forfeit of 3f.O within ten
I das for a match with any gool man, weigh In
st 105 pounds.
They Oltjrrt to it Hoof finmlYii.
The proposed Colonist Roof Garden at One
Hundred and First street and Columbus avenue,
Is raising a storm of dlent amine the resi
dents of the upper west side. Itev Dr. Shi an
uptown Presbyterian elerg) man. protoflM iiulunt
the garden and aked the 1 of Go--1 Gutrrn
ment Club B The young men of the Club, how
ever, were Inclined to favor the garden.
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IIUTII hT.. 15i to 167 E. 3ft 4 rv)m7. deco
rated, halls heated; langea, boilers, tubs, Ac.
138TH ST. 113 E Brown-atone flata, fi targe
rooms, tub, range, $13, $14 monthly
fl4TH ST, ii K Elegant, "improved, 'stiMni
heated single flat, private bous, $17; worth
JlTril ST . 1 V. -1st. 2d flat, fi rooms. Lain, $17.
I1H. free till July I
lUTII ST , 74 E Newly decorated flata, a rooms,
115, $17, one month rent free.
116TII ST, 447 K. June free; elegant flits, beau
t.fui loiUon, ( light rooms, bath; all Improve
ment, $71. $23.
120TH ST 14 TO M E.- Elegant rooms ft bath,
impro emenis. deorstel , moderate
J20TH ST., 12J E , near Mount Morris Park 3 ft
4 rooma painted, papered; neat, quiet; $7.54 t
$11, J-nltor
1-0TH ST. HI E, 21 flat 5 rooms, complete
order. Improvements, month free ta good tenant:
124TI! ST. Z0 E Klegtnt flats;"alt Improve
ii.ents, rt'nts $17 lu $.0. Owner.
A THREE rholte suits of 7 rooms A bTth, with
all modern linprot enseals, rt be hl. if ap
palvJ lor ion, to the tun.enleutly located
: Ti:itit.ci; ,MAitTii.T-iioi;g'cV
t t
fronting on I'AIIK AVK, between 7.V1II ft
7UT1I STS ,Inqulre lor superintendent, base-
nientoioi 78th U
flUMTIUli: MtlVl.fl VUV.K.
303 E. 11th St., 4 rooms $18 00
$03 E. nth st., 2 rooms , , , g oy
307 E. 1111 st , 4 rooms .,,,,,,.,,,,, Ii 00
304 E, Kth it, 4 rooms , ,,, HO,
308 E, 12th st , 4 rooms . , vO
Apply omce, 809 E 11th at., near 21 at.
KAN!ALE, Madison are , corner tilth tt.
Klevntcr, s'esm heat, coal ft wtod furnlabed.
Agent on premises.
6TH AVENUE spartmrnts; only $22 1 t rooms ft
Jth. Apply Melrose, 78 Madison ave.
Unfurnished West SId.
BARROW st.., 7T New flat. J. 4 all-IUht roomi
no high building near; decorated, improvements;
quiet, select nei h bor hood; ssnltary plumbing;
3H io Ht
i!.Ml &!.. &$ 8i lu llt&J; sefJy
flsed upviartmeatsj eall aol . janltresa. Vi
MOUTOVfiT.. 1-Nlc aparuaata.v2 A 3 rvoit,
119 4 M. T n 1
Alt House, Room and Apartment
Advertisements printed In The
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the Evening World. IV Words 30
Cents. Over 500,000 Circulation.
Fief end Apartments to Let.
UnfurnUhed-Wtit Side.
TTII AVK, 734 1st whole fljor, suit dresimsker
or small family, very central; $16.
STII AVE, Jlil, near 117th Hsnlsome ncw"flattl
with dlDing-room, all improvements. $17.
3TII AVK, 44, near 30th sL 4 largt decorated
rooma bath, all light; low rents.
ITII AVE., 393, corner 10th tt. Floor of 6 roomt
to let. ,
8TH AVE 49, Junction of 4lh tt large rooms '
A bathriHim, $ i
Til AVE. 311 Apartment to rent. In perfect
order, rooms, rent $30.
ITU AVE.. "05. near 4ltth at. 1 ft 4 largt rwrni,
all llph decorated. $11 "P-
9T1I AVE., 2343 X. 4 room-, $12 to $17, 243 W
4fth sL, 4 rooms A bath, 121. Jsnltor, on prm-
luca or Jt I.IAN, 451 Amsterdam ae.
10T1I AVE, 77E- 5ronm flats, lu good condition,
tt.esp rent Apply Janitor,
I1TII AVVU 414. 4H, 602. 4. $v, sAi Thret ft
4 rooms, with tuba. $ to $19.
17TII ST i 330 to 340 W. Flats, all Improve
ments, $10 to J18.
19TI1 ST., 40 V. Private netghborhuod; 3d flat,
6 rooms, bsth, $.'9. nduiments, see owner
Jsnltren " -
21ST ST, 330 "'.Elegant light flat, perfectly
kept house, quiet; genteel; $17, $18. Janitor.
ENTIHK 2H Vl.4Mlt lor lUKI,MNfl or
llirnl.M.N IMIIlPO fs low rrtiit Iriua,
17TH ST., "124 W.i-Few apartments. 3, 4 ft 7
large rooma. wlthlmprevtnaenu ; rent low.
27TII ST.T"ll$rlT V'-tP4 room ftuartmfnts.
all Improvtoienu; cheap rent,
$0Tif 8T 244 W. $ ft 4 targe rsema, newly
painted light $10 to $13.
9&TH ST., 120-114 W, Apartment all Improve
ments, select tens ot. I rooms. $33 to $50. A.
O. MKUKMAN A CO., 1131 Broadway.
auTii T.. nio anii aiH w. "
Four desirable room ft bathroom. $21 A $23;
also basement, $', all imptovementa. Janitor.
38TH ST., 233 W. 3 unfurnished rooms ft use of
bath; private house; rent reasonable. Owner.
waST ST., 337 W. Pine largt apartment a. IS to
$20. Mr. HARR S.
44TH ST., 117 W, $13. $17: new brown-stone
apartmenta. 3 ft 4 light rooms; Improvements.
44TH ST . 324 W. 3 pleaaint. targe, front rooms,
painted, $ 80. Housekeeper.
44TII ST.7 541 wT Free to June 15; 8 very large
rooms, two-window kitchen, newly painted A
papered walla, tuba, bells, Jl-upward.
4STM ST., $51-360 W. Elegant decorated flata. "4
st rooms, bath, all Improvement;
48TH ST,, 224 W. Floor, ft rooma, good order;
pr I v ate house ;reaaqnabl e.
49TH ST.. S14 TO 320 W. 3 4 large rooma.
newlypalnted,Jlglt, $$.M to 111.
49TH ST., 232 W. Apartments,' tight. Improved,
4 rooms, $14; neat, qulet bouse, summer roof.
I2D ST . 825. 537 W. Apartments 3 fin rooma
all painted; Improvements; well managed;
$9 $0, $1L
131) ST. 41ft W. 3, 4 roomt; tree half month;
IU, $14; mall famillea.
631) ST.. -13 3 ft 4 light rooms; two weeks
rrei, $9 50. $14. Janitor.
66TII ST., 406, 409 W. 3, 4 rooma. fret halt
month; $10. $14
60TH ST., 203 W, Four-room apartmenta, all
light; all luipruvetneuts; elegance, comfort;
teen Sunday. Janitor.
60TH ST., 101 W Outside flat, newly papered, no
children, steam neat, rent $22
SOT 1 1 ST. 43 W, Newly decorated apartments, 4
rooms ft bath; steam heated. Janitor.
40TH ST., 123 W Flat, 4 large, light, newly
decorated rooms; adjoining park, $13
STII ST.. ft AMSTERDAM AVE", corner flats
Khe rooma, all Improvements, $23 to 25.
r4TIl"8T., 212, 214 W. Nicely decorated, steam-
heated flats, 4 rooms ft bath, $17 to $20, large
lighted rooms. See Janitor In 214, or MARTIN ft
PALMEHJM Columbus ave
I4TII ST., 2u, 210 W. Nicely decorated, steam
heated flats, 6 rooms ft bath, all light, rente
low. See Janitor at 214, or MARTIN ft 1 ALU hit.
194 Columbus ave , near 69th st.
90TH ST., 113 Elegant new flats, 6 rooms.
bath, heated; select lenanrs, rent1 moderate,
100TI! ST.. t W. Elegant 3 ft 4 room flata,
tubs, ranges; $10 to $14. .. , ,
1021) ST. 74 W . 7 ro.ms. bath, all llgtil,
steam beat, near L station, ring 111.
1031) ST., 201 W. Single flats, 6 moms ft bath,
private hall, good condition, $29. Janitor.
112TII ST.," 109 W cornt'r fit. Nicholas ave
Choice sll-llglit flat, 6 rooms, all Improvements.
cllAPKaT FLATS on Columbus ae , Lo,. I...
$21, stesm beat, hall boy sll Improvements,
perfect order. Wm, C KUnag.n, 63 Llond st.
Newly decorated apartment; all Improvements
653 to 66S W. 4M sl Janitor or
PITS.dlMO.Sd SMITH, 1477 llroadway.
ONE Mn.STII FREE- Ite lured r-nts, 6 rooms ft
bsth. 124 ti $-10, hair bl t-k from stMlon
park, sll Improvements. Apply 44 W Coth sL
1444 AMSTEKIMM Wl. ,
between 1J.M ft 1JH ls
elegsnt 4-ioom fli s, with sll Improvements,
113, $16, one month s rent fr.
Inquire Jdiilt r.
""" tiik vu hi;n4:i:
6Rlh st , 101 V corner Clh ave Elegsnt arrt
mfttts, & ft 4 roums. bath. rieLoratt-d, steam lent
j tlectrlc light ft ba.t boys Auly on prtinlGes
S ft 4 ROOMS, wllh sll lmprnemtntn. -liept
bath, rent ill to $1. tree until June 13, 3.7
V 43d St., 44i W 3:th st. 455 9th ave., 4J5
W. 32d at., 423 A 423 . 31s st
Unfurnished North of lajth Street.
htii avj:., .ii.j, m:aic i:t4Tu m.
1ST VltATt
123TII ST , 73, 75 77 W Elegant single Call,
steam heat, tine location. Janitor.
T?4TII ST, 109 E-Four elegant rooms bath.
gss, range, Improv. ments, lov rents Jan. tor.
1331) ST.. 14 W -
6 room a, bsth. In flrst-claas orler, rents tow
lojleslrable tr.ant-
134TII &T.. 109 V Out month free," floeflst. $
rooms ft bath. 119
134TH ST, 14 W -$15 5 rooms, bath, all Im
provements, mintii free, par ors redecorate!
12 TH ST., 142 L. corner uro u mUv --winer
flate, five rooms ft batb. 112 l $18
13sTH ST . OS E 3 roomt ft bath, all Im
provements, toQivnient location, station s;et;
$15 Janitor
I'LATS of 6 Urge, well ventilated rooms, atl In
flrst'dass con It Hon, 1 block from 14-th st L
station, rents IU :0 lo $13 60 Janitor. 101
Ilradfturs.. sve.
A A 121 ft 123 W ln FT New model apart
ments, 1 ft 5iooni ft bith, $U to $.3, only 4
left Jsnltor
$7, U. $A SIS'OLE FIJORH Improvements 2
Is4th st bV k east of M ave.
$7 50. 3 ROOMS, $11 4 rootns; bathing Ashing,
-i-halls deeoratedi sdults, reference 64 W I52d
UnfurnUhtd Irooklyn.
SIXTH ST.. 292-Flne sIMlgbt flats. 4 to 4 rooms
ft bath. $14 to $18
TILLART6T, U. nrokl)tApartmentt of 4
rooms, $13 t rooms, $9
AWAY OOWN-Singlt oats. I rooms ft bsth. $12;
Janitors services. CHARLES HART. 1369 31
ve., liruoklyn.
DASEMK.S'T ft ARUHt, 7 rooms. VpaTueTm-
Iprovements, civ, decorated; 45J Uerstur tt.,
$11 Uelubridge L owocrd upataiia; rtat $34 4k
FUt and) ApartmcnU to Lit.
UnfurnUhcsJ Irooklyn.
Ft'E-ROOt FL.T". $14 ft $17, downtown nrook
lyn, Immediate possesalon. Jsnltor, 92 Wash
ington st., Ilrooklyn. I
FIATS IN XmoKI.YN-ft ft $10 h'r4 large. Mglt .
rooms 1 1 Mp k e'evitet stitloi, 3 lln't carsf
Jsnltor, 203 4th ave., cer Union sL
THE niVKItmF. M Jorslenion st., jTV V
rooms, l.provei(Vntt sll sun lighted. It 20 to
$1 40 weekly for eietka nerhenlca, prttstt park; ,
free baths, 2 minutes to South ft Wall st. ferries .
Furnished-West Sldo.
COLl'MnV AVE, 322. corner 75th st. 4 room. ,
bathi furnished, houufkeeplng, newly decorited;
X7TII ST, 312 W Nettle furnlshe. parlor flat;,
4 ro-jma ft bsth, rl'ig Ketler I ell. t m ti
tlAT ST . 339 V tVmpletelv tiirnUhed flat, 3.
a 4 room, rent $17 A 11. Jsnltor.
KTH iXr. 3I1W 4 HgbU . iiv mom"A bith;
dvorated ex,ensitl (iirnlstud; rcfereucen re 4
quired Jimllt,r 1
.liil II V -'. Nfrtiy. i.Mnt'lettlTuriiilie"(,
t rnoiii It.tti. K'ni.n tlivu tliirfiirS hrll.
31TII RT , 239 V Nkely furnlehel flatu, $ A
$10 weekly respectable psrtleii onlv. Janltor
4) TH ST, 271 V Klegant furnlshe! flat. 6
rooma, bath, kes with janitor, No 2(5,
431) ST . 384 W Nice furnlshei 4-nom 1st fist,
2 beds. H f , .
UTHST., 3r.ft W-Nelv furnfshed", 7 rooms,
bath; complete fur housekeeping; 1 HUM
67TH ST., 343 W. (utatlon. ft3th et ; rirosdwav
cable) Knrniwhad corner bir-wlnli flats 6 7
UrM roomn. iinefi silver, china, kltchrnwar. 131
upward JOHSSON
10STH ST , 107 W Comfortably furntshed 4
nonv flat, light, cool, $30 for summer , owcer'e
reatdence (lartlett. m m
126TH ST., 643 W. ft rooms, bsth, newly, com
pletely furnished; china, silver, everything, $7
kly. m ....-...,
ANlCtOt-T rurnlthtd net V rooms, bath; $30
monthly, ring 1st flat, $56 V.' 39th st.
$16 WEEKLY Cool, large, beautifully furnished
apartment; elevator hot water! U cablt. Marl
borough. 360 W 68th at. . '
Furntfthsd Mlacllanou,
8F.VERAL newlr fi.rnl.hel flats deslrabls Iocs
tlsn; Immediate poMeulon; slmS tine bachelor
apartment. HENRY MANNES ft 80.S8.-.4Z-. 414.
tth ave , 31st ft 32d ate.
FlaU and Apartmtnta to Ut.
Unfurnlfth.d-Wftftt Stdsr.
HANDSOME 6 rcom decorated Bats; all Improve
ments; quiet street; rents $21 ft $25, only I left.
Janitor, 26 King st.
Unfurnished Rooms to Let.
1JTH ST.. I E Desirable room, for btslnett;
tit) IsrgeJMstment for retiaursntreftrtncts.
UTlfST., 310 W. Unfurnished largt front room"
2 fllghta; convenient housekeeping; t.slet, prl
vste bouse; adults , $1$.
77TH ftj., 213 E Handsome, large front, room for
ledyor gentleman ;ln private house.
84TH ST., 344 E. 2 rooms, unfurnished, 2d floor;
closets; rujnlng water; bath; convtnlencct;
private .Vu.e.
LA ROE 2D-STORT convenient front room, large
cloreta, tjulet, private, house, adults only. 243 .
w, nth su
Furnished Rooms to Let
Ort Tims, 90c vrr tkm: .saoiv Tint, pe. pm
in; Tw i aml BubmrqueH Tiwm, le. pur Uuft
,o exfra cAary twt tkuhuant
AI.I. A.U. Ulnr. Tlih. nmoee .rill re
celTradn. lor Tilfc WOHI.ii. Itlug fjf
anueaaoiijrer. rhi will i gjtxe WUltl.H
ilviu tat uldt rw.t'sJ.
East Side.
UROAD ST., 101, corner Fetrl Light rooma, new
ly furnished. $1 50 ft $2 a week. Fraunce's
C LI N TON PLACE. 24 Furnished roomt for 1 or t
gentlemen, $2 ft $2 50.
ELDRIDOE ST., 139 Furnished roomt for house
keeping, $2 50; rcom for 2 gentlemen, $2.
OR HAT JONES ST., 17 Front room, furnished.
lot 1 or 2 gentlemen. Mrs. Iuvls.
IRVING PLACE. 21 Number comfortsbly fur
nished rooms, let In floors or singly, reasonable;
refer net. '
IRVINO PLACE. 33-Newly furnished, $4 A$5 '
weekly; single $2 50, $3, first class.
LEXINGTON AVE, 6t,t, btlween t5th ft ith ttsT j
Nicety furnished front ft back parlor; piano, i
all conveniences. I
LEXINGTON AVE., 443. near Qrsnd Centrsl !
Iarge 100ms, nlrcly furnished; bsth; sll con-
venleiue.., reasonable.
LFXINGTOS AVE.r 425 Nicely furnished rooms,
1 large ft small, suitable for gentlemen.
1 LEXINGTON AVE, 623, near 53d t. Large
1 front room, also ball room, private family,
' Furnished rooma.
! RIVINGTON ST . 75 Nicely furnlshed'room
front, for housekeeping, gentlemen, couple,
bulh, $1, $3.
. STANTiiS T , 37 FunUhed front room; light
hoiifwkeeplng, married couple or gentlemen;
j II 50 til $3 ft 1
I ST A. S TON ST, 47 -TurnUhel room o"let for 2
gentlemen or hutuand ft wife, atrb tly re
spectable .
I SUFFOLK ST. 40, near Orsnd st Largt fnt
roin, furnished, for housekeeping, $3, base
ment $2 25
21) AVE, 84 Two nl'-ely ftirnlshM hslt ro-Mns,
Isrve ft email, alt conveniences
2D AVE, 90S, between 4Sth ft 4)th SU Neatly
furnished room tu let Sables til.
3D AVE . 493Kurnli.liel front room, running
1 water, evtry convenience for housekeeping,
$2 to.
1 $D HT , 89 E Large rooms. Sit table for 2 or $
gentlemen, 13, small rooms $1 21
3D AVE. 264-Mrely furnlshe! front ft Uck
rooms for working girls or men
3D AXE 5152 connecting rooms, furnished for
bousfkeeplng, $3 tO a week.
4TII ST. 71 K -Wetl-furnithel large room for
1 gentHmen or respectable married couple; prlvatt
house. i
10 HI ST. 124 E -Cosily furnlsfed large ft small
ruoms. convenience., reatvonable, private house
I JPTH KT 101 E, private house-Large ft small
1 furtilrlied rooma, ladles, gentlemen or couple
10TI1 ST 124 II -Neatly furnished single ft
double rooms lo let
HTII ST 222 E -Nicely furnished rooms for
Kentlcmen hou-ekeep.ng slloij,
11TH ST. 17 j; , i.eir Rroadwey Mcely furnlshtd
rwm, $1.25 to 35 wetkly.
11TH ST 232 E Vomfortably furnlshel tsrge ft
cool room, bath, genlleaieii only.
ISTH ST . Ill K t-rge front room, running
water 2 gentlemen alv bell rjm
SSTII PT . 1&7 E Front pirlor. elegaatly fur
nished ft det-nrated near tlnwdway, only $3 60
I2TII KT 34 K Klegsnily furnished parlor, $7,
r.sndaome rooms, $3 W to $i weekly
1 ;4TH ST 232 E , near 21 ave Private house;
furnlshel rMm 12 to 14, all conveniences
17TII PT 113 i: Front rooms gas. bath, run
ning water, doubln 4. single Canon
HT)I M . 233 K Coi.riei.iini; large cool rooms,
I parlor fl-or, running water, fine prlvatt house,
reduce! rates
, l&TII ST , 1.3 E. Newly furnished front room.
" 34 50. pital.f It.Je.lreJ. r,
I 1ITII ST, 314 F. targe, airy roomt. suitable" for
two, housekeeping; private house; slth owner,
IlTfll ST.. 239 E. Frontpsrlor hr 3 geatltmsn
or married cnupte; ,$4.
831) ST 17 E Three nl'eIy"furn(tSiMnomt
fnr housekeeplngl sutUbit for fur halt rooan,
tlU' A, - 'n-,-
Furnlihed Rooms to Let.
Eftt Side.
221) ST., 151 IC-Elegant mom.
t $2 23 per week.
221) MCt K, ft ft K. 12TH ST.-Urgt ft email
desirable rooms, summer prices, references,
f.TII HT., 122 K ltom, boueekeeplng, "3 50
weekiy; room, 1st flwr, $3 weekly.
27T1I FT , Z.1 E-Large. tlteerfitl room, Uouss. 1
keeping, $2 all convenience, private tinTlre j
SITU .rr., 20 E -Nicely furnished, large, 2.
ejtorv front rooms, together or separately; rea'
eonsbte, I
9TH ST, 15S E Nicely furnish! front room; 21
(Ciilleturn or housekeeping,- gas, bath.
22I PT , 212 E Private rnviee, new!r handsome-
ly furi'lstied rooiiia; 1 or 2 gentlerueu, moderate,
33D FT, H F -Desirable, cool, tarae ft emsll
room. pirce'aln lubi, mideiate; boert optional j
33D KT , 244 E Front parlor, alcjve rum,
suitable for giMknu'nj rertt $2. .
3SD S7., 247 K Large front nmm for houe-
keeplnr, $3; olhr tmnt nrnis ,
41ST ST P.. 113 rnvspect plareK SI A 1st arr '
Furnished room, bcuekeejlng. $2, hall rooms,
11 to ,
4lT ST , 311 E VunUhed rmma, tidies cr
Kentlemm; al-o light housekeeping, $1 23 up
41ST ST., 534 A 336 11 S'lcely furnlsV. hOtns
for nc-usekeeilng or ftntlet,.en, reMiVnUdf. 1
42P ST, 32" K Nicely fiirnlhi-1 rnotns. tlit 1
luusekeeplng; others for gentlemen, na chll- I
42D ST. 316 E Slce1 furnished rmnvs, ladles.
gentlemen; lUbt housekeeping t yaa, bath,
reajwnsMe. ---. .
43TH ST. 311 R Elegant light rooma, balh.
close la, private hiuse, $1 50 up
4ITH FT, 214 B Furnished foems, $2 up; evtry
convenience; ladles or gentlemen; homelike
420 ST , 204 K Two nicely furnlshtd rooms,
l singly or together burnt cimfort; running
water, prlvatt Abuts
MTII HT . U4 K Furnished room,' gtntlemsn,
breakfast If desired; convenient Central Park,
refereiuea 1
S1ST RT , 310 R , near 2d ave. Furntshed rooms
I for houtekeeflnt. private house
'llST ST., 212 K. Furnished or unfurnished noms; '
til ronvenlentes, private house ,
35TII T , 119 IS. Furnished room, $1. C Hof-
msnn. , jm '
'ftTTtlTTi 171 K. Large room, front, fi-rnlshed
for housekeeping; alert room, 1st floor, fl.fcO j
per week, 1
ISTH ST., 103 K Nicely furnished connecting
rooms, piano conveniences, private American
family Fhllman
110TH ST. B9 E Nicety furnished 'rooms, $123
up, bouerkeeftng If desired, private bouse,
near park. Inquire basement.
114TII ST. 143 E Elegantly furnHhel parlor;
als.v double rooms, $1; bath, gss, private.
llftTII ST,, Sit E Eleganlly furnished front par-
lor ft bedroom; ground flat, near 3d ave, Mrs
Psrker. ,
lltTII ST., 143. corner Leilngton ave Neatly
furnished roomt, with or without board.
HltBT ST.. Ill E Large, airy front room; pfl-
vate house, jKsrd 0 ionst; tennsinoderate.
!MtuatlonaWantad. 20 Worda- Oo. - r
Help Wanted, 14 Words ago. .- Watk Day I
Boarders, Houaaa, Roomtor ApartmcnUto Ut, : aSli.rat'JlJi !
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" aia.aaasaijia mmmmmmmmmfmm ssnNasa,a1BaaTsBBnsaBBaBmMsaa.sHaaa. ajwava.isBaHaaaiaHaaaaHBHii.aiMaasMBaaaMBB
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M y ? rar tTertst,saes,t en shore Mut smd seed to Tsrw WettA aw Usts at Tw yssirfi ... rm ,a .w.
fAmef aswsidllSTsnDes4Tblrtv.sDdtiret: TWoij7s lUrtec. m ?-"---FMuiiVFC2&
Kftdison sretiuei laWoau' s Brooklyn citUot SOO Wuhlnsa stmt. B roe k Irs ttmar BrlmrhfSSSi W
NICELT FUrtNlSltED hall room, with window;
prlvatt family; rant $2. Address B, 1439 Lei
Ington sve.
Ww.t Slsfs).
CAnMINB ST., 2ft Furnlshtd hslt room. Iron
bed. gat.2 fllghta, ftl.fto. Apply Isnttoi1.
CLINTON TLACE, 107 ft 111-Furnlthed roomt
for housekeeping, $4.ft0 4k $$ ftO; small room,
$1 SO
GREENWICH AVE., ftt Furnished front rooms
gentlemen, light housekeeping; wilt rent cheap
for summer. , , ...
OHEENTVIOH AVE., Ill Nicely furnished reomt
for housekeeping, all conveniences.
VAHICK ST., 101-Largt. nicely furnlthtd front
room for housekeeping. Inqulrt in ftney ttore.
WASHINGTON I'LACE, 73 Handsomely furnished
ault, 2 or 3 gentlemen, running water, bath,
foldtngbed, also hall room.
WAVKMLEY I'LACE. 108, nttr 6th "svt." Fur
nished room, 3 windows, water ft gaa, 1 flight.
4TII ST., 272 W. Light rooma, $1 ftO un; privilege
housekeeping; parlor, piano; eonnecilng rooms.
TH AVE. 173 Large, nicely furnlihed rooms;
transients accommdattd during tummer months,
7TII AVK. 51. MMH 14TII BT.-rtr-
manent ft transient.
7TM AVE, 162-5 elegantly furnished front
rooms, modern conveniences; 2 others for house
lOTH ST., 191 W. Square frost roots te I
or 3 gentlemen; quiet.
12TH ST., 64 W. Elagant ptrlor ft alcove; gas,
bath, piano; also single rooma.
12T1I RT , 291 W Large front A bark rooms;
light housekeeping or gentlemen, closets; run
ning aster.
imfsT. 212 W. Very large cool front room,
gentlemen or housekeeping; conveniences; res
sonable ,, . ,
UTII ST., 10$ W. Nicely furnished large, cool
room, suitable for 2, terms moderate.
I2T1I ST.. 163 W Pleasant square room, coot ft
omfortshtej terms reasonsb.s .
12TH 8T . "t7 W neeirahle double" ft tingle
rooms; location central, reasonable, Southerners
IITII ST.. 240 W Nicely furnished, large ft
small rooms, $1 SO to $4, home cleanliness.
13TH ST , 221 W Neatly furnished front room
for light housekeeping, $3 60.
14TH ST , I 0 W , corner 7th ave Choke rooms,
large A small, summrr prlres
l&TH ST, 30C V Large front perlor, folding-bed,
tenilemen, $4 f0, isrge front hall rooms $1 30,
12 Isrge room, hmisekerpliig, $3 10 Mtrgulre
HTII SI HS W-Nicely furnished, airy rooms,
bath, every ronvnlente, $2 up, central location.
UTII ST., IS! W Largo ft smalt moras, $2 to $3,
meals served Mlelrfd
KTH RT . 324 W Desirable lurnlihed, neat, cool
hsil rooms, with bsth, $1 to O llrlen
1TTII ST. 211 W Nicely furnished room for
light housekeeilng; geJaihloerent
IITH ST . 13 W SuperlM", large nicely fur
nlthed rooms, abundant closets, nesr L sta
Hon moderate
S9TII ST. 244 W -3 ronneriing, well-tlghted
rooms house eeplng, running water, washing
1UII ST . 26 W -Nicely fjrnlshed rooms, large,
small, hl ft cold waler, gss, ftc
IJTH RT. 327-neautlfut. llgM rnurns. In private
house, at reasonable prices, a call collctted.
HTII ST 3(3 W $3, gentlemen only, very large
ball room, but, coM water
13TII RT . 329 W Front room, tight "ft airy,
newly furnished, summer price.
70TH ST . 329 W Hsndt..mtly farnlshedTTarge
rooms rusnlng water, cloasts, suitable for 2
;0ni ST . 327 W -Nicely furrlshed rooms. It &0,
3 M bslh running ster, IfVird optional
2IST PT 49 W (looms for hosseketplng, $3;
bsth gas 1 um tf laundry.
22H RT 342 W. Tholce tf wl furnished rooms'
iieialeinen, or pihllege of housekeeping, mod
22H ST. 14$ V - 1,-vrge square roomr'altv) ba.t
r-ira, nicely furnlshel all condolences
221) KT 472 N -l.sriic eleisntly furnt-hcl cool
nnmi sll tm.ir'utmrntB, rutting water $3
2-.l ST 264 W -Single room, bath, gruunj flcorl
grntlemtn, $2 to
231) ST., 3.'4 W 21 story front, 3d story Ufk
hall rooms Isrge rooni for 213
24TH tT, 323W s" sdlolnlng rooms, fst floor,
with kitchen room, light housekeeping. 13.
2.T1I ST., 161 W. Rlegtnt fjrn'shel mom,' hot
cold water, comforts, convvaleaces, vry
23111 ST,. Ul W. Nicely furnished Isrge front
room, cleea; light housekeeping; $4; refer
ences. t
I' tlfil ST., 101 tV. Nicely N ml shed frost corner
rooms, sulUblt llt-t vsttkteplsg;, gtsd trlt
Furnlihed Rooms to Let
West Side.
KTH RT , 3r6 W. 2 front rooms, bathroom floor,
gss dishes, cooking utensils; housekeeping, $4.
2STH ST., 204 W. Private bonst, tingle. $2;
.doulilp, $., American fsmlly.
27TH ST. i W.-Largf. smalt rtn; ctiltref
house renovstedi new furniture; tinltsry plumb
ing CeiVrcnre, reaaM.able. ..
I 27TII ST 40 W Heat m Me rooms; lowest summer
i rates, back ptrlor, with private bill,
::THtl ",aTt"4S UT 'Wilion-lhndwmely fur-1
nlshel quarc A hall rooms, prhtte bati,
I everv arr.molstlon; reatnrwhle.
I 2UII RT 127 W -lloiisekieplng'ronms from $1
Jo $3 hall rooms. It u $2. ,
29ril r . m v Fnrmthel rooms1)in't In
private 'arally; gentlemeo only, reference
5ril RT, 321 w Nestle furnished large front
1 itnm f . r llirhi hoiiftrkrepinR or gentlemen.
S9TII RT . 327 V -$4 rbely furnlshel rooms,)
mmfiirtshle for 11a.tit housekeeping I
JOTII RT . 3U W. NJi ly Inrnlshed cool room A
I edr'iom. evety convenience, housikeeidng If
31T HT . 327 W $4, nh-flv furnlsheit front
ba-enient, tunvrnlrnt hcu.ckteplng, also con- I
nc tlngfront tarlors
31ST .TT"lTn V iperlrr. Istve? nicely-7uf- '
nishel romis abundant clouts, near L'statlout (
niuJtrtfe, ,
-- - - 1 UJJ 1 w
$1ST ST, 362 W Large- room nlfely Turnlthel; '
every convenience, housekeeping, front hall '
room, J2
31RT ar 3n4V-"McHyTuTnlshet target rooms,
tight hounfaiceping, Jttio hftll room, gjs, Lath.
aRT 1ST 3(0 W fonnectlng. fmrtt roumt lor
houhrkeeplng, hall room", $1 to $2.
321 ST. Sftl W -Nicely furnlahed 4Ure21flolvr
rrtmi room, ete'ent 'closets, also tmatl room
for housekeeping 4Mtiable.-
32P ST , 324 W Nicely furnished Isrge ft small
rooms, eilngly or to.jft.her, housekeeping
33H ST., 211 W. Nice Jurnlahed roomf use of
alUttig,jrum,;A$2 wtftLSlddgtv
34TII ST.. 'lfio W. Connecting A other root..:
sll conreiiencet; newly furnished; transients
HTM ST , 137 W, l.srge. small handsomtly fur
nished rooms; doctor's pjflot will bt rtnied low
for summer.
I4TII ST. 131 tr -Tholce of nandsomely fnr
n'shel rooms, $1 per wtek upward.
34TII ST. fttt'W.-tisrge'furnliihtd rooms.' -with
bAth; ajialler fwm. sdjolalog. 11; prlvato
JfTII ST., 921 W lsrge airy north roorraT;
gents or housektepltag, 43 ftO up, station con
venient. .ttTH ST. 837 XV. Urge ft small roomt. $3 8o"
$1 M, light houaekeeplng If desired.
ISTH ST . 19 W. Two handaomtlyfurnlt3td
rooms; moderatt ttrma far summer.
JSTII ST. 343 W. Largt furnished room for 1
genllemrn or light housekeeping; priests bouse.
36TH BT , 1E3 W.. nesr II road way Handsomely
furnished large ft small rooma, reasonable.
S4TH ST., 240 W. I.srge sscond-floor front ' rooin
$4, hall rooms. II SO. 11.76; bsth, gss.
3JTII 3T.. 131 V fust off tlrosdway llsndsomely
furnished rooms, privet bathi; also tingle
roomt; breakfast.
IITH ST., 214 W. NlTely furnished hall room;
good mattress ft clean house. Owner.
I9TH ST., 232 W. I connecting rooms for houtt-
keeping, $4j rsspeeuble (ssruesi bsll roontA
mil ST., ft:W.wGhdics rooms; wtAkiy or en. n its';
.prlvsttjisibt; summer rat ft. ,,,
42D ST., 123" W. la"rge, pleasant room for 3
gentlemen or light housekeeping.
430 ST., 139 W. llsndsomely furnished bsck
psrlorijsleo single room. - A,.r..
41 P ST.. 424 W. Large, cool, -steely furnished
front basement .room. Jlgh housekeeping. 4
44TH IT., 21e W., near Oroadway Detlrsblt
roomt, alt sites; house thoroughly renovated,
newly furnished; elegsnt bsck parlor (bar win
dow), doctor, dentist; 'jreakfast optlonaa
44T1I ST., 110 W.Hsridsoms cool suits ft Yngle
rooms; permanent t irantlenL
MTII ST., 334 W. Ftont parlor 12 60; two 13;
some ruoms light housekeeping. Sullivan.
4ITH ST., 224 W. Square room, Veil furnlahed;
closets ft sons a ; etjeep.
49TH ST.. 71 W. New ft"neatly furnlahed rooms;
location best ft eentraL
lOTIl'tT., l-3TvT-Charm(ng large, clean, coot
rooms; bst broom floor; $4 weekly; board op-
ttonsl , , j
(7Tlt ST. 410 W. 2 furnished rooms, bathroom
tttaejied: houaekeeplng pr genlleinen. Smith.
Ttlf ST.. 863 W. (station Mtl, sO-Furnlsbed
ctol rooma. singly or ho ussk taping suits; $3
ypwsrd. Johnson.
sTTH ST., 133 TV.. Bear Doulevard -Elegantly
furnlthtd rooms. Isrge ft small; summer
KTH ST., 341 W. Furnished largs front bsll
room $1.7. fur one. $2 ftp for two.
96TH ST., 43 W. ChMce rooms, elegant loca
tion; private bath; board optional; near L ft
csbls, reisrences.
ttTH ST.. 134 W. Two hsndsomtly furntshed
rooma. back parlor; one flight up; private fam
ily; ebtap.
99TH ST.. 101 W. Nice front room; bath 4
gas; $2.Itobtrts't bell.
124Tlf ST.. 217 W. Light, airy, clean rooma for
1 er 2 gentlemen, pear elevated ft cable.
124T1I HT.. 10( W corner. Lenos sve Parlor
ft bedmnm. light, siry; ruoolpg wster; 1st
" f-Wlens r. n
North sf tasth Sir,
IKTII ST., 32 W., near station Nicely fur-
nlshed second floor, front ft back rooms.
143D ST, 609' r Elegant, large furnished room;
sll Improvements; bsth; garden new; $1.-0;
private house.
COFFKT ST., 129, near Erie Basin Blngte fnr
nlshad rooms, $1 34 per week. Mrs. Wolf.
GOLD ST., 41t-Hsll room, nicely furnished;
good location, 10 minutes wslk bridge; gentle
men i
GOLD ST., 34!. Brooklyn Lsrgs list, well fur
pished; flist clsss In ver7spectjtop flst
GOLD ST.. 241. Brooklyn Small furnished room,
with or wlthoulDosrd. Mrs.Wood.
HENUT ST ,.92, ft minutes from bridge Large
ft smsll rooms; geotlemen or housekeeping
HENFIT RT., 10$. nesr bridge Two large, elegsnt
lv furnished rooms; sll Imorovements; refer
tnett required.
NASStU ST., 912 large rooma, connected, fur
nished for v.ssekttp!ng,$! weekly, lor 1.
STAT. ST., 1S1, near Clinton Roomt reduced te
gentlemen; ft mlnutct Bridge ft ferries.
ID ST., 317, Brooklyn Young woman to room
with English family; $1 M; tcird optional.
Furnished Rooms Wanted.
FIHINISHED ROOMS wanted; $10 per month.
Address Married Couple. bo 271 World.
GHNTLRMAN ft niece went 2 furnished rooms ft
hath In quiet house; give site A location of
rooms, terms moderate, A. M J., bos 40 World.
All " Situations Wanted " Female
Advertisements In The World are
repeated FREE tn the Evening
World. 20 Words IO Cents. Over
500,000 Circulation.
Situations Wanted Female,
Chambermaid, Waitresses, Ac
CHAMlii:itMAHMlddle-aged woman for chtm-
berwork A care of children; beat city refer
. ante 14SL 1st ave.. 1st floor
riCwMIUCnMAirv-Young girl aa chambermaid ft
I Ksltresi in private family eity or oruntry;
good referencea. 114 W 43d at.
1 CHAMHEHMAin-Retpecuble girl at chamber
i mal ft waitress or general housework In small
fa mil). 36 67th st . Ist floor.
.rHAMlicit-UMD esjfrcsa American glrlj best
t ett) refereme?, country preferred. 142 W, Slst
tU, basement
1 riUMnCHMAinColnred girt as chambermaid
or general houMsnrk ft rook, rood reference.
Fall, Z days. Anna Woodford, 271 V 144th st
WMTHE'SS . Isdy mlshes to place s young girl
. ss waitress A rhainbermald, 17 mcnlhs In pres-I
ent place Tall at present employer s. 449 Vark .
ave beten ft 11; no cards saswered.
. WAITRESS ft rharobcrmaldLady going to Eu
rope desires to place her 2 girls as store , to
gel her or singly, city or cosntry, strictly flr-l-class
servants. Seen dally till June 8, 64 W.
WAITuVs Vning Udy wl-heTTn"pG1T(un In si1
J Ice-cream saloon 93 Amsterdam v , top floor.
Dressmakers, Seamstresses, ftc
' BUTTONHOLES fpr dressmakers or private fami
lies flrat class bsnd made, ressonahle, plain
'" rnendlng. 3T Vih ave. ,3th st.
jni(h'4SMKKn. first diss; excellent Alter, good.
I style, desires cna-gemnti by the day; terms,
32. 34 Taylor st Brooklyn.
f nr.FSSMKKFR Evperienced; good Alter; latest
1 tklrta, remodetllLg; rblldrcn'a dresses s tp
e a.iv.. $L3 .per day,, prvsi. fs-tj. Vrt
maker. 310 W. 21st st.
pISSSUtKINQ Lateat siyle ullor-mide salts,
sl.k wststs. bicycle tults, Il.ftO ptr day; $1 en.
m-s Hs vjn M V. lath str .
DHKIAhkH wip-i work at' her ' rtsideoce;'
irl 's'yHsk-uimittej; gt4rtitv Msa,
swasrtss. n W. lfU 44 . n t .
All " Situations Wanted PsilMaSS y4 i
Advertlsomenta In Tha World asns ? ijl'sssl
repontod FREE In the EvanilW' t ?
World. 20 Words IO Cents. Ovsf J
600,000 Circulation. V" '3M
: . 'J : $
i Situations Wanted Female. ' IbrnW
- c i , .--c , 'T'JBTal
I Dressmakers, Sesmstrsss.s, aa, . X ' :mM
I FHAI?T1U:1 vnuM like f.w mora plan, br a ' i " ,4H
' Ait or wr.k. .Mr.. II. Wllllsms. U W. tis si. , V ,H
I ai:MSTHKRCat Vane or ladleV bomes: klaja1' . 'm
I flresimiktnc & repairs:' ntat meact. Mra'asVi . ' i 9M
tare ul lira. Smith, H lh are. i 'J tJH
General Houecwerk.rs. '. ; "''V, ;jl
linrmvoui-nesprciable woman for tnatml Vj- :t9
liotiaibrk In nitrate family; country; t rr SH
rrferrnre. 113 V. lath St., 2 nights up. 'f tVH
I l'OlffKWnllK Young woman to 1o housewarwt . BBKlBasl
r xi wasner a uuuer. lull to dajr 1M,, ft. -. iBMssssl
i", Slth 4 36th ats, 24 Blent, .back. ',(.; nsloBBsi
IKH'SKWOIIK-Youns niri. ' latel lanilaa, ai , 'IsTssl
llllu liouienork. (.'all J1S P. Tath st. v 'ajBBsl
llousKWollK-HerfettaMe clrl for hnusawork sr ?!TH
care f rhlllren, Killing at otillglng. IK St ; '!'
ap , lt floor 4iratSsi
llDl'sr.WlinK-lleTelalile girl at general houaa. V vW'iaBas'
wotH In small lerpcctable privat. (ajnllfl i ' fSsa
veil rcommanUeJ. 112 K. 117th at,; iiaavr. ivl4BBl
Homier a bsll. - "'r"'. jV'SbsI
HOUSr.WorvK Voung slrl f rliou rework IB small .siatsai
I.unllr .! adulu, silling obliging. IU BV FUssal
ueih st A ',11
lloi'flKWOKK Voung-"girl, latelr lanae. tat I flgH
general buuie.orki make haraalf uaetuL, Oatl n -i iVtaTaal
21 Manlilt'st., stor, 'HiiS cfgisH
HOI SKWOIIK-Olrl for housework In prtTSH '1 Aaaaagai
family ; nn cards. Can ba aa.n at praa.nl aaav 'gaaal
ployera. 31 W 127th st. 'Jlaagl
MOt'inwotlK-Mlddle att! woman aa general i f'SBgsl
hnu.sKorker, cook, nsstl. Iron In small famllfl V fnaassni
referencrs, m idersts wsges. Katl, Mnrtay. tit 1 IbbbbbbbI
7th avs , 4th floor, back. , fJaanaaBBS
HOt'SBWOIlK ttespecuble girl , to do general 'tBbbI
housonorv, good .cook, lsundraaa; goad rat VflBsi
ences. 2:n v. 121th st., Walsh's ball. JgarJ
1IOUSKW011K rtespeclshle, middle-aged wonaatt ttPD
ss lltht hauieworker for lone gentlemen or gaa BBbbI
erel housework for a smsll family. 113 W. Z71S ' SbbbbI
st , front t Baagsai
lint'sKVfni Voun"g American woman, capable 'Stga
trustwoithy, light housowork of any kin. sf i 'Bgkm
.the dsy, canning, preserving of all kinds. As i f'lHggal
dress, for 2 daya, Adg, 111 Gates are., Uk'lra. i"KH
IKIUiKwollK Vtrnng soman to Jo gsneral hos '.' "Sam
ork ir. smsll famlly. J3J E. ICth at. Ugasaal
fintSi:wonK Young girl, lately landed, to IbiS
housework, no objection to tha countrr. tli ! Jm)km
W. 48th st., ring Norton's bell. ( BSgagsi
IIOUSKWOHK YouhaT girl. II, lately laadaa, gagasl
wishes situation at housework la amall taasiLr. w ABaaBBBl
'i 11 ",'"' Jtjrln i!!t 'f 'erlgsgai
ilousilwtiliK-ltr.pectable woman for honaaw i 'bbbbI
work In small family; good plain cook at brem.1 bbbbbbbI
willing to go In country: 10 yeara' refereno,: Is aTaaBBai
capable of doing any kind of work. SOS W. .Its. j XaTBBgraBi
HiniSKWOItK-Iteepectahla young glrL latelr i 'bbbbbvI
landed, to do general housssork In amall CaaBj. i agaBBBBi
lly 203 E. 33d at. A 'BSBBBasI
HOUSEWORK Young glrlTlS, to do lighrhoaut tgBBgl
work or m'nd children. 227 E. 121st aL,M Sat, J VlgasBi
eaat, front I Mgaaal
IIOUSEWORK-Llght houseworkby young girt, 1 'Issbbbb!
1; rare for children. Call 111 WyckoS arek. VB
neir Greene ave , 2d floor, left, Brooklyn. I "ll
r1.uska)rs and Janllrwasaa. ,l-j 3
IinuSKKECI'ICIl Usrrlsd womaar thoroogkl.- -.A !tH
-perleired, cspsble.a raRpeoiabla. Is farnlahstU 'asagal
room bouse, or attyw'htr'e'it tiers' 'bom. tkaV'W "3 Cbbbbbbi
bsJ.Wood. SM.Iiewary, oppoaUa-ttli at, ... -..i t tsgaagl
;lnUXKKi:ErElt Young wldow,b.at ratenseaa, J :B
aa housekeeper, or take care of club or baca. ft JM
elnra apartmenta. Edwarda, 2S1 W. Mth at., 1 i faBsBB
tiight,bsi!k. j M Ttmm
Iini'SKKnEI'ER-Mlddl.-aged woman aa twera. ,Ji "TrnM
Ing housekeeper; la a good cook a laundraeaw .1 'gani
neat aeer; good reference. Inqulr. t 4sa jl gaasi
413 Columbus ave.,alore, aBBasi
HOUSEKEEPER Ample woman, possessing fjsas l , !'mU
references, ss housekeeper; cltr or oottstrr. a mBbbbbI
Betsonlk, 173 K. 8lh St. "" 3 VH
IIOl'SEKREFER-Flrst-elaM Swedish lady. as. A .JgagBsl
derstsndlng sll departmenta In hotel; eovntajr . J 'H
nr seashors. 271 Atlantlo ar... Brooklyn, tn gtsta 'U FH
store. ' t j 'j
JANITRESS-ny rsspectakl widow: Uka ear fl iA 'H
one or more flats; beat raferenea. Caldwaav A. '-asBsBl
lanltor, 111 B. I0th at. t ' J -JmW
Laundr.ss.s, Day'a W.rk, Aa. . $ H
OAT'S WORK Respectable womaa to work J,,aS, JM
the day washing or cleaning. Mrs. Warner. Is. f 'fJMWM
th avs , bstween 131 a lid ate. . 't VB
DAY'S WORK Womantgo .nt try th. iss. '5 'MbbbsI
L.vlnga, 12tE. 1UU at. - af IH
DAY'S" WORK Reepacubl. young woman waaaB", JH
waahlng. Ironing or any work by th, dar. Jt. fti mm
Elllst st., 3d floor. J '"MM
LAUNDRESS Young -girl aa laundreaa: ana v 4aBBsl
gUe beet reference. Call Saturday aatarnoea IS "inagsl
or Sunday, 311 E. Mlh St., janitor. '3mM
LAUNDRESS: good referencea. Call Saturday tt -bBBsi
Bundsy, 313 E. Hth St., 3d floor. 1 jjH
LAUNnnnSS Womtn'to go by day or Uka wnak- 'A vBBsl
Ing home: good laundreaa 441 W. Mta at, 'Bal
ring 2J bell. A xMm
LAUNDRESS-Respeetabl. woman at day'a aratta ,) MasBsi
lsan excellent laundresa.s31 ttld at St1 bbbbb!
Hurs.s, Udlea- Maids, Ic ft
MAID Danish girl, 21, to travel or accontaaar i &L
family In country aa maid or companion. L. 1 u'laaBkBi
721 Tomeroy st. Astoria. L. 1. J -mU
MAID Young girl aa maid a aeaautreaa, Cafl M lgasi
at preeent employer'e,243 W,72d at bbbbbI
NURSE Young French'glrl aa nurie or aaaJi jtj bbbbI
evCellent eeamstresa, to wait on lady aa 4SaH
groan children; very kind tn arary war. CnBartl bbBbbI
at Mil. Nual'a, 213 W. 25,1, J' H
NURSES: refined young ladire.aietera, ntnOfi if H
srrlvrd from Germany, poaitlona la good Ba- 'Jf bbbb1
brew fsmlly aa nurses for children above t years tBBkai
old. good home a opportunity to lean. tie. f.J 3jgarl
English Isnguage rather than high wagea. ICaaaL ,j tmwM
411 E. Md st. 1 '
NURSE Irish "girl. II. aa nurse a a llaji 4 'VH
housework: city or rountry. Call fatirtafj tf MB
Itosenthsl, 117 Ajre. A. 'H
NURSE German trained hoepltal auraei sg 1 '..H
cases of sickness; physlclana' referencea. & , ikSI
N 140 K. 71th at 1 J
NURSE Reapectsble German woman. tkoreejaaalT i& '4bbI
experienced A truetwortby, aa nnraa. ftii, i '"SBel
Heuiler, 111 E. 11th st, dsllcataaaan ntora. M wr"!
NI'IISE Grrmso girl to mind children A te a 1 " '"!
little waahlng. Mary Bltberger, II K, H A, 1 VM
Brooklyn. J 3
WET NURSE Young woman, tl yean old. la, I i-a
rhlll, aa wet nursa. Mra. Ida Miller. Ut . -;vB
Prlnre at. Newark. N. J. A JmH
Jt'ET-NURSn Strong, able woman aa wet asu & lH
or houeekeeper; amall family; city er coencn. A . l
Myer, 404 W, 13d at fj IvfU
Miscellaneous. v "SS
CLEAN, tidy womaa, to work city er esusUat i ' Jmm
flooV"" " " wo" E,,,fi,n.'ir,3L.iS km
DISHWASHER, kltrhen or napklna or te be tea- Jti
erally userul In rssuurant or hotel by woasM. H
Anderson, boa 311 World, uptown. at ?!
MinDLE'AOED. cultured woman daalrea taaev B 'fll
diets employment; la a thorough lady. soo. f Nfll
housekeeper, trslnei nurss; efficient aecretaiT. . SH
Mrs La ncaater. llewl.tta. L. 1. fM
lOl'NO (1II1U altuatloa of any kind; aalaalaS A ,)JbI
or ruhlsr preferred: wllUns, obUeias! kl I &MWM
references. L. Z., Ill Id sva. MW
YOUN'O LADY wishes position at eome kind at I ,ji
work, willing to learn. Mlaa tilhr, 11 Sehelaa .
St. Brooklyn. ' 'JH
Profssslonsl Situations Wants- i S
Female. 1 j'H
A LADY, spesklng English, French A Oernn, 4 MM
will accompany family to Europe for paaaaaa, , hH
Useful, 200 Wlllam at. restsursnt 4 H
ARTIST wishes position painting klglllataew l r,eHl
estry, panela, plllowa. chair aeata, Ae, Oaw, n9BI
benaL box 227 World, uptown. . , HL
COMPANION By lady; experleccad favajles, fi isaJH
rnuslcal. massage nurse; understand, Oenfaai 4 a
rrferensea Mra lull, 131 Fra-klla ave., ?aaasl -
N ' t JB
COlirANIOK to or atletdint upon Invalid aay. ,j H
elderly Scotch Isdy of elucatlon accustrm as t ffSH
tratelllng; would uke entire charge ot baly; eg. M ammm
perjenced. Nurse, box It Hartford. Coan. cat !
COMPANION Bright, reined, educated womaa' W 11
n companion, travel any place: email tees tjL fM
pensxtlon, best references given. Marcar. " fi'
World, uptoa n. a iJBM
COPYINO Young lady deelrea altuatlon at at. ',' ("H
most anything; capable ot doing pylng. Bales, 'it ?!
lady, Ac. haa gooj aehool .ducatlon. A nlaVK , WM
Kruetlrfcrlro. 73 Norfolk at f I VH
COPYIST 1-dy to do copying at borne. Kra ( 5 H
Msrten. 311 W -:d st 1 JvH
Ml'SICUN Violinist A panlst wlahes engage-sal J t4l
at summer hotel; small compensation. Maaka, ;
Pillion W box 7, anrooklyn ' " j1
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moderate aaUry, references. O. W, D., US 1 I ,B
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PMNIST Y.ung ladr wIT'cs r.vngasamaat ,i.iy2 J Mm
met hotel aa pianist: Arsl-cUnt plsysr of foe). i B
ulsr. classical A dance music; will assist 18, )-!
sQcs If requlrtd. Experience, boi 107 World. v I "IH
HKSriXTAHLU "l.ADY to do copying A addxses r
envelopes at home. Fauly, 241 W. HU at. q -J VMrnJ
ground floor. , f ' "l
, hi ittPUKi; at typewriter, employe! I days iJaMm
In the ocek, owning her own machine, daelree i ,
encagrmrat for the balance of week or per das I, VVB
on.y, highest lelerenraa; long experience, fleaof- 3, U'B
rapner. box .00 World, uptian 7 l''H
STDXOnmrHKH A typewriter; wllllag to aa-M j- fflH
ivlth pfllce ork; good pea man. EicpUoaal, ! '
157 ttu ave. , 4 Ue,'IW
STENOGRAPHER A typewriter by day ar weak I fi St II
will doeopylng at Home at very reasonable retee! "''(. M4B
owns machine. Typewriter boa toe World, sstmr ft 7,'il
TEACHER-A young Isdy'tsachsr weull'llk. pa- 3 I f&H
sltlon to travel July A August X.. Ue. V 1 Iig
World. Thlladelpkla. ,- ' -Jl ':
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