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JB r LOST AND FOUND, anrt fj) ' rrU-J1' J vSfvC W,X;7rvK 59'5!?ZV' W V. S Arc Ktpeattd from The Morning World $ ;
-V GOOD WILL AND INTEREST, ftCk k f-WVUWT iCS . M fft-M .flitt' tfOt I N T"D $ fl
VBB In The Morning World, Co on the & (PT 3 I l lf3 EME NHGjMED.1 TT N fti 1 (ft l J I 1 II II 1 8 U Al C Mill I Mil PIIADAWTCC DAPC -Vfl
"jfA & QettltiK the UljcgMt Results Posslbl-, $ , . ( C ,"-. 'VlJ- e-v-X ,) ) r T (t 500,000 INSERTIONS. ft Sfl
sji. " Circulation Books Open to All." - kakJs " Circulation Books Open to All." 6s4&wsfii&si&&&&i ssn&v&i&Q gJJ
IB ' 200,000 Gbi.dren Clamored for
m Admiltance at cl03e of
fk YacaliOD,
M ' Enlarged Buildings Insufficient to
1 Accommodate tho Growing
- , Population,
'fl . c Enforced Truancy Feared with a Law
m Which Makes It a Punish-
9 f able Offense.
M 'X Kvery street and avenue of New York,
K from Battery place to the Yonkers
HKl boundary, nai thronged this morning
flHB?- with children bound for public schools.
Hflrjf Tho figures are stupendous, but theri
Mtl were more than 200.000 children in the
VwU streets of Now York between 8 and !)
M'Vf, ' o'clock A. M all going: to school more
Bmj children than there are people In the
Muff States of Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho,
I',,, Montana and Nevada combined.
i It The doors of 140 schoolhouses stood
' open to them, and 4,000 tutors were
ready to receive them, far It was the
.' first day of the new school year, and
- theco teaah.r and children, all but the
ll'plng toddlers who were Just old
cnougn to blossom out of babyhood
' and begin ar the very beginning of tho
pursuit of knowledge, had been disport
ing thtough a vacation that began with
the ever-glorious Fourth of July, more
j than nine weeks ago.
d- There were 174,423 children In tho pub-
Q , lie schools last May, and It Is estimated
V that by increase of population and by
11 the arrival at the school age of Uttlo
,1 chaps, there will bo 25.000 more appll-
11' cants for admission to-day.
I' Tho Hoard of Education has been ln
,U dustrlous during tho long vacation In
I ,4 repairing and refurnishing tho old
m i e-chools, nnd some have been enlarged
Ut i, ov remodelleJ, while five new nehool-
OilfV' houses were thrown open for tho llrfct
SJ tlmo to-day.
Jm In these ways new sittings were ready
I HLip' for 10,100 pupils, and yet It Is estimated
VflvC's that 40.000 children of school ago will be
flflMVe tiirned away, becauso under tho ham-
IIP perlng laws and red tape rules, the
I .flKuC Board has been unable to provide ade-
quotely for Us charges,, even In the
iWt face of the law of 191, which rates
M habitual absentees from Bchool aB tru-
'Si uritH and malefactors, and provides for
iWm twelve officers In each ward to arrest
Jim ' these Involuntary f.-uants. Uut by Nov.
"Mb 1 there will be sittings for 4,000 more
Kr children, and in another year seven new
B )t; buildings will be ready for 25,000 moic
'Kf.'r youngsters.
JBif There are J39.7.V, children from five to
fjB.ff fourteen years old in New York City.
'B' Tbose from eight to twelve must go to
K' school under the truancy law. There
F w-.o 28,152 children working for their
H living last spring, and C2.45C wcro In
,B" private schools. Then thero were 00,00'J
IBl who were set down as truants, though
Hti the city had provided no accommoda-
jK tlons for them. And yet. we have a
i'K greater school attendance In proportion
BT to population than r.ny other land on
Jlllitary drUl was the first on the pro-
VJ gramme this morning. The boys ac-
quitted themselves credltubly, while tho
) girls.'1 " singing "Hall Columbia."
' IrjT n 10 the city schools ten hive
I con , from the newly annexed district
' of stchester County. These teachers
I will be retained.
IV As added school facilities are needed
,!? the present Hoard of Apportionment
jBttix will be asked to grant t',000,000.
rj4M ureal Improvements have been mado
ffWt tor the further government of night
,oBl scbools.
VBJi .The private schools comprise an en-
K rolment of 62,000 pupils, all of whom
Lbm resumed their studies this morning.
H Some of Thrm Aakrd tu Labor Gra
Sl tultoualy for n Wlillr,
ill Tne PPala of tne School Commls-
l fl doners to the Hoard of Estimate and
UU Apportionment for money to place
tit, two buildings In shape for use
Ml; havo been paclllcd by an agree-
BL ment to use tho money collect-
3B-' , ed to run the First DlstrWt
ft schools and to close the schools In the
Second District until money can be
jB raised In the new budget to run It, or
H until local means for opening It can
be adopted. Commissioners Strauss and
), Vehrum will nsk the teachers to serve
UB without pay until funds to pay them
Mr can be raised under the new budget.
h m
3. . Who " iV Anjlhlnir Almnt ThU
S& "L U"- Mary Dorniuao, of Franklin Furnace, N.
' JRl' j,( hose thirteen-) earoM ion (Jeorgt eacaiMj
.B from ihe Cithollc Horn at Arllnjctun, N. J
j V about (our )tiira ago, la antleui (or nei of bu
p. Ileal rapid transit (or advvrtls-
toH Kpk resulta la the UaU-Slllllon
lBaaWjWavJBB'lrl'ce ''
Wet to hp Skin nnd III rockets
I'ull of ricklrs.
Grocer George Betz, of C3 Sumner ave
nue, Williamsburg, has had his place
robbed four times In as many monthf.
Last week he rigged a lot of. boxes so
they would hide a cot In which he re
clined at night. He armed himself with
a big icvoher and a dark lantern.
At 3 o'clock th!s morning the grocer
heard a noise. He Jumped up and pull
ing baclt the hammer of tho revolver
"Look out, I'm going to shoot."
Tho silence nas oppressive. Finally
tho grocer with revolver In hand went
searching about the stoic. He wa giv
ing up the search when he heard a
choking cough, and turning his search
light on a big barrel of new Spring
plckltw, he saw a ory pale face.
The face belonged to fourteen-year-old
Henry Kill.in. who lives at CI Sumner
avenue. He was net to the fkin nnd
had his pockets full of pickles. The
diminutive thief was taken to a police
This morning he was held by Justice
Oonttlng for examination on a charge of
Cub mil a Lnldi'ii Held for Striking;
Utile I'muk (llrnril.
Several Italian children were annoy
ing Cabman Henry l.cddcn, of Wl Hud
son street, yesterday afternoon, in front
of his employer's, William Hunter's liv
ery stable, at 16.! and 1C4 Hulllau street.
The chlldmi wtro driven away several
times, and retaliated by throwing stones
ut the cab, one of the stones breaking a
window of the vehicle.
Ledden finally selzi'd a whip and lan
after the youngster. They doJged
around the cab. and lie struck at them.
Six-year-old Frank Glrard, of 141 Sulli
van street, "got In the way of the whip,"
according to Lcdden's story, and was
struck across the left cheek. The lash
left u long, livid scar on the child's
Howling with pain, young Glrard ran
across tne street to his mother, who
went to the Macdoucal street Htalluu.
hous". l'oliceman Flaherty arrested
In Jefferson Market Court thN morn
ing the prisoner protested that the boy
had been struck by accident. He said
he Intended merelv to frighten the chil
dren, and young Glrard had unexpected
ly run within his reach as he cracked
the whip. The prisoner's employer,
William Hunter, corroborated tho cab
man's story.
Magistrate Cornell held Ledden In l"M
ball For trial.
To demonstrate It absolute u
nerlorltr the Defender lin to will
two more rui'en. The Half-Million
Guarantee I'aice' llprriurlt
land unquestioned.
The Attorncy-nenernl Make from.
ell (J. Mary n Deputy.
Cromwell G. Macy, who for some
years has been principal legal adviser
of the l'roduco Exchange, received olll
clul notice thl3 morning of his appoint
ment as special deputy State 'Attorney
General, to prose-ute cases for food
adulteration in tho district comprised
by Kings, Queens, Now York, Suffolk,
and the southern half of Westchester
Slnco "Tho Evening World" opened
war upon the sale of Impure and adul
terated milk, the State Agricultural De
partment lias had its hands full dealing
with cases In New York alone.
Tho lioaid of Health handled caics
Independently, and has many that have
not been passed upon by tho courts.
There will be no clash between the local
and State authorities, us Mr. Macy's
tlmo will be principally occupied in
prosecuting producers and handler of
Mr. Macy tald to an "Evening World"
reporter this morning that he owed
his appointment to the Influence of the
Produce Exchange. Heretofore the
Dilry Commission selected Its own
lawyers, but It worked so unsatisfactor
ily that the power was vested in the
There arc thirty-six cases In the handi
of Attorney-General Huncock, and four
teen In the hands of Assistant Commis
sioner of Agriculture Benjamin F. Van
Vulkenburg. About DO per cent, are for
violations of the law regulating the
production and sale of milk.
Mr. Macy will probably have a confer
ence Willi Attorney Henry Stelncrt. of
the local Hoard pf Health, to-day or to
morrow, when an understanding In pros
ecuting cases for violation of the laws
under the si ecial Jurisdiction of their
respective departments will b.i reached.
Doth derailments are determined mat
the sale of Impure and adulterated milk
shHll be prevented, and those engaged
In the business punished.
With this combination of forces, It
would seem that New York's milk sup
ply henceforth should be as close to the
legal standard of purity as could be
reasonably expected.
Dut It Cnuaed Grent Alarm Anionic
Pauengrra on a ('able Cur,
Third avenue was thronged with peo
ple at B o'clock last night, when, at
One Hundred and Twentieth street, a
cable car came to a sudden stop. The
grlpman und conductor Jumped from
tho car and looked under the wheels,
and a woman, who held a child on the
llrst seat, screamed,
Two hundred people or more quickly
surrounded the bar. Most of them were
excited. They tried to talk to the grip
man, but his teeth were hard set and
he waved them back.
"Is it a man or a boy?" asked one
man In the crowd. "1 know It's my Ma
mie," a woman shrieked. Then two po
licemen came, throwing the people aside
In making their way to the car s side.
"Who is ha?" the llrist policeman
"Who'd who??" retorted the conduc
tor. "Tho dead man?"
The conductor looked disgusted.
"Why," said he, "It's only a hot box;
keep the crowd back."
Weutlier Forecast,
Forecait (or tMrty.stx hours radlai; I p, u.
Tuetdir for New York City And Ttclally: Ftlr
lo-dir nl Tun'Ux. llc'uljr rvMler, wtndi light
to frclh sen, rally loutheaeterlr.
The to.ljMtic recurl ihowe the chtcgei In
the temperature fir the niro!rj: hours, as In
tllcated by the thermometer at Terry's i'hsrmscyi
; A. U.. CM A, M ,CU A. !.. TO!!! A. M, 71
t Ita I tbe Truth .llanf
The other blue boioke akmiualC'iuasiettu. V
Local Forecast Promises a
Fair Southerly Breeze for
Tomorrow's Race.
Trianeular Course Chosen, First
Log to Windward from Sandy
Hook Lightship.
What the Guns and Signals at the
Starting Line Mean to
"Tlie neallirr lo-morrnT will lie
Is t'lif rii II) fair.
"Abnlll the o.il clitinicr, If lli.'re
I liny. M III lir In Hit tenipe rut lire,
Velileh limy lie n trifle cuo1tr. The
wind will iorj from Itfrht to froti
Defender enthusiasts are prajlng for
a breeie, solely, they claim, because
they want to sec how badly the Yankee
craft cm wallop the challenger In real
nchtlng weather. And mnong them are
many who think, despite Designer Wnt
on's claims to balng especially built
n "light-weather" boat, Valkyrie can
make n better showing In u llf teen-knot
wind than In n zephyr.
To-morrow's race will Includo two
broad reaches, and the conservative
people think Valkyile will give a good
account of herself then.
On the other hand, the public knows
little or nothing of Defender's ability
In n long reach. True, Mr. lsclln ex
pressed himself ai being astonished at
her great reaching quulltles after a
trial In Long Inland Hound List week.
Hut the people haven't seen It, and
while they are confident that Defender
will win, still they think to-morrow's
ruco may show some surprises.
In cup races heretofore the honors In
ge-neralshlp and maneuvrliig have been
titkin by the Englishmen. This has
been largely duo to. tho fact that the
American boats hnvo nlwuye. carried
too iruny captains
A sheet couldn't be flatcned or a tack
made until tho captains, amateur and
otherwise, had held a consultation. This
jcar Capt Hank Haft has almost un
disputed sway In the management of tho
Acceirdlng to the arrangement agreed
upon by the Cup Committee nnd linl i
Dunr.ivi-n the preparatory signal will bo
given by the Judges' boat at 10.50, and
the Malting gun will bo llred at 11
o'clock. Another gun wlll.be llr'd two
minutes nflerwardi, making tho limit
of time allowed the yuchts to cross an j
Imaginary line between the Judges' lioat
and tho lightship. Should either or j
both full to cross before the second gun I
Is fired the time of the delinquent will
he officially taken at tho flash of that
MIIS. C. Dl.lM.K Ibl.l.ljv.
"That In to Nil). It may blow from
tx to eltcht mile in. hour und
from the outlient. It I trry
lirobnble- that the ilny will be
haay. There are no tnrni In nIkIiI
and nothing; to Indleute any ill.
tnrbance." Farmer Dunn.
To-rnorrow LorJ Dunraven will reach
out agulrtj for that coveted trophy which
hns stimulated and exasperated British
yachtsmen for so many years the
America Cup
Valkyrie lit. will meet Defender for
a second bout on the high sea over a
course of thirty miles. This time they
will sail over an equilateral triangle, ten
miles to each leg, the first leg to start
to windward It possible, from the Sandy
Hook Lightship.
gun. and all tlmo elapsing before she
actually crosses will be an additional
This Is what excuriljnlats may expect
lo see up-jn their arrival at the starting
The tug Luckenbach, with the Cup
Committee on boaid, will first signal
the cotire In the aodo of thu New
Yerk Yacht Club. The compass signals
are made by three flags, read from the
forwnrd line. Then a cut will be fired
and the "blue Peter" set and a led ball
will bo hoisted lo the spring stay of
the Judges' boat.
Bight here will ensue one Of (he
prettiest scenes of the race. Skippers
Hoff and Cranlleld will Immediately be-
(Contlnued on Second Pago.)
iLjord Duuraien'. Daughters.)
'the l.lltle EnKllt.li Cup t'lmlleniif r
on the Ftildu' Deck.
On board the North German Lloyd
steamer Fulda. which arrled this after
noon from 111 nu n and Southampton,
was J. Arthur Hiand Ills half-niter
Spruce IV. was uli on board the
The little 15-footet was stowed awa
on the port side or the forward dei k
bottom up. The neht was Mcurel
wrapped In earn an.
Spruce IV. has sailed In i-el.il Eng
lish race, and was brought over to com
pete for the International Cup offered
b the Hcawuuhiikn laelu Club, wlnne
acht Kthclw.win was picked out III the
recent trlnl races to defend the cup
against the English Spruce IV.
ci. ton Hides n I'liiNa A Mile In
'-'.II.-, 11 llellel linn Miiriilii.
tSpCiUI lo The KlenltiK WotM
llAltTFOltl). Conn, Sept. Oiur
t oiW people gieeted the ejcle elirull
chasets Hill afternoon at Chuitei Oak
Park, and they saw some excellent
lacing on the fast mile Hack. In the
llrst heat of the class A late, thu route
h.ih ll a veiled In idTiS-u b the winner.
C It Newton, of Stafford Springs, Conn ,
and the llgures are m new loeord for the
class In this State.
Much liitcicit was centted hi the
i lass H mile open llald won the llrst
beat, followed by Titus, f 'iibniiue nnd
llrown In the uiilei named Itay Mc
Donald, llelfert, HIlis mid Cooper quall
i llnd In the second beat, without riding.
In the final a itiailruple, miium-d b
Hutler, McDiilTef, Pierce mill Huggerty,
did the pacing. Murphy got the place
behind It, with llald following The
others, Cooper lnt luded, ran ahead and
then fell back, but did not suoo.-eil In
displacing the Hiooklynlte. On the buck
stri-teh the field became a stiaggllng
proci tttlnn, and nt the head of the
straight Murphy nnd llald were ynids
ill front of the others. The Ulion easily
beat out his only remaining rtmipetlior
a hundred nnls from home, winning
bv length"
line mile, ppen, ,Un. II Wuii la 1' ( IUM,
lliITali. r M Murphi llnn.MMi, ne. un.l I.
II ('stimuie. St Ixiule. thli I. rum f'.mer !
irolt. fourth J; I' llllee, Chhagu ntlh Time
line mile iUm A Wnn l (' It Newton,
SUffuril S rlDKe, Conn riine2 07 I C,
ItitpliU mid llurel, nt Ii I Oild,
Wlu Ihe Heeond unit Third llnee.
The races inn on this truck this after
noon resulted us follows.
First Race Five fill longs. Won by
P.ii venue, S to B and 1 to 2, Velti I Rose
s.roinl. 2 to :. for pluie, Prosper third.
Time 1 .114.
S omul Race i'oui und n half fui
liuigs Won bj Rapids, r, to 1 and e-von,
oiing Grirfo second. 4 to f, foi place,
Cadiz tl.ii .1 Time iiss
Third Race-Six and a half furlongs.
Won by Hazel, 20 to I und H lo 1,
Tear Dtop sceond, 2 to f, for place
.Major McNiilt. third Time I 21 1-4.
'I brown from Her 1 1 unhand' Ynelil
b Collision.
A hall yacht belonging to Christian
Mck of 121 Thirty-third street, llrook.
l)ii, was struek by N. Y.. N. 11. and Jl.
transpott No. 3, while passing under
HiooklMi Uridge ut 3.2j o'clock tills
Tne yacht careened, and -Mrs. Myck
was thrown overboard an 1 piobably
di owned.
M)ck, his wife and baby had been
spending the day with friends at Port
Chester, und wero delayed In coining
home. Another man, one of Myck's
friends, completed the crew of thu boat
Just as they reached the bridge the)
saw the Transport bearing down on
them, 'and tried lo get out oi the way.
The tldo was loo strung, however, mil
thu light boat was struck on the port
side. Myck rushed to the cabin to ert
Ills child, w I i was asleep, and on te
liirnlng to Die deck he could not llnd
Ills wife. A long and careful seatch
failed, and the police were notified.
Myck says he had the regular ed and
green lights m his boat, and that when
hu saw the Transport he signalled her.
The latter, ha alleges, paid no attention
to his hail.
More Spanish Troop rrlte nl
HAVANA, Sept. J. Tim steamer
Luzon has arrived here with iJ ul
dlcrs of the Knglneeis' Corps. The
steamers Montevideo and Hiienos Ayres
have also arrived, having on board bat
talions of the Sorla, Alava, Barcelona
an 1 (lallela Regiments, comprising 140
officers and 4,100 men. They wero given
i splendid reception by the people of
Siiblinliirliiii Aitnluat Sullit iiiiIIi-n.
The Mb heel J Sutlllau Also lation. ut ling
l.Uul 'lt. hiJ a (ilihlo je.ttritay st Cruna
l I Ua tin nay William lleaiferty frll uieler
ilie h,els of one of the 'oaihee anl i.sa ktllel
the illllTanltes henever. rnt on llh Ihelr
,u'ing as It nothing hal haienej t, mar lhi
l.n The IIUiers ere Imlltiuiut ut the
U.e ration of Ihe S.hh.th They eoun.lel the
tlru helle anl 'he Intiatltanrs m.r he I uut lth
the Fire Uepamnent ayalnet the piititikera
There ere several ettlrmlshes anl numerous
hlaik ryes rwsuttel A general flithl 4 avertel
ly a clerayman, anl the Sullllaoitea repalrt.l to
a salocn
I iiiislilerliiu I'.leelrlell) for the
a me eting uf the itrokl)ii llri tyi. triolees
this arterno-in Mr i'axe of New oik Intrnouret
a resoluilin referring to I'luef Kllflneer Martin
Ihe question of ete trl ay as the motlse power
tor the prupulstoti anl swltihing of trains on
thi hrl Ige The reso.utlon ,ki .srr.ej In.lru'
II mi Ii tjroilje plane anl e e In atloni lie es
nary f.ir the u.e of elt tril tor .Klt'lun
Flrr.neu to Hide IIU')ele.
A tleyrle league male up entirely of firemen
tas Leeo tormet In thts rlty About 10) members
ate elresty enrollel. snl many more sre ei
per'el ui )jin rue men lll rlJe to ant from
their rk. anl there Is talk of a chemical
engine ta be iropellrl by faur blrvlea
Injured In it . HiilldliiK.
John llesm, a vcrkman emplayed on Ihe John
iin llullalng, being erectej st Hiebange place
aul Ilroait street, fell two etorles lO'dsy anl re.
celvej Internal Injuries, lie aa rciuoiel to
Uulaoa Duett Hospital.
Buck Eiiog, Artie Latham
and Their Troops at
Polo Grounds.
Eddio Burko Was Invited to
"Soak It Hard," but Ho
Couldn't Land Well.
Rhincs's Wildncss and Hoy's Fum-
hlc to Blame for the First
Run Scored.
i , ' la, lo The Kleulna Woll.1 I
POLO IIHOIWDS, Sept H-Cluelll-nail's
eullectlun of "has In ens" nnd
) tiling nu n from "oer the Rhine"
again tinned up line tills after noun and
foi a couple of hours endeavored to en
tertain thu local crunks. It was the
P ikopnlltau eiowd's last appi nrance
heie this season
To-ii' game wa, puhapa, the
most luipoilant of all, fot, unless the
local stills were Hist at the linlsh, the)
would again drop Into the second divi
sion. New York, Plttsluug anl Cincin
nati wele all separated b) a eiy n.ir
tow margin, and ta remain In the first
division Hie Giants would have to win
It was "Pn" Clark's till li to smile
upon the ohloaur from the rubber. He
fore tho game "Aille" Litham was In
olio of his very funny moods. He In
formed "Pa" that he nnd his romrades
"wouldn't do a thing' 'to his turves,
Huck Kwlng selected Rhlnes to take
c'ire of the Interests of bis crowd.
Them wile flowirs for Eddln Hurke,
but they came along later In a big
nosegay, the donor of width could not
he Iduntlllcd.
About 2,0u0 persons were present when
phy was railed ,
The nutting- Order.
New Yolk. Cincinnati.
Fuller, nu. Hurke, IT.
Tlcrtinn. rf. Latham, 3b.
Van llnltlen, cf. .Mi'Phee, 2b.
Do)le, lb. Ening, lb,
Davis, .lb. Miller, if.
Hums, If Smith, ss.
RtafToid, 2b. Hoy. cf.
Wilson, c. Vuiighu, c.
Clarke, i, Ithlius p.
I'niplre Mr Keefe
First limine;.
"Actor At lie" announeed that Eddie,
Eddie, Oh' Oil' was going lo swipe It
clean out of thu lot labile didn't, how
ever The lust be could do was to tup
a high bounder In fiont of the plate, in
which he was lellred at Hist Atlle
then Invited the minks to watcli him
do II, and he 'did It" for a slngli
" Hlibly " Mol'hee fanned out. Huck
Evving shoved one iiUmg the ground
and "l.utb" seurrled lo third Van took
es"-- of Millet's Iniisr fl) No runs
Kulli r singled and took second on a
wild pitch lie ilnlshed the circuit on
Tlerimn's single Mike went lo second
on llov's fumble Van hoisted a II v for
Hoy l)o)le's out, llhlues ta Ewlng, put
Tlerriau on third, and he came home on
Dovls's single Davis was forced at
secund by Hums. Two runs.
Meeoud llinllifg.
Smith singled, but was forced nt sec.
ninl by Hoy Fuller gathered Vnughn's
bounder, and with SlHfTonl und Do)e
niHile a double play No inns.
Smith and Ewlng disposed of Stafford
F.wlng made u beitiitirul slop or Wil
son's low liner. Ithliies hit Clarke and
"P.i" iiiiibled. Fuller fnicrd him nt
si eoiid. No tuns
Third In nl.iat.
Rlilnro popped up an easy one for
HO)le Hutkii liase on balls ami stole
MTvund Latham's nut. Davis to Dovle,
put Hurkr on third. McPheu died, Ful
ler to Doyle No runs.
aiulnnsll- . o II I' -
.Nee. York 'J II
pi i.i, np.TAii.'t tF 'i hi: m:
lOlllt-f INCIW TI iMi: WILL HE
iiitnv i mi: Miiirr i:tii .
Dr. llnrnrtte 11 I iild, I'onlriicted
the Mnlllil) In Till Mnnner.
Dr, Roland D. Jones, of 30 West
Flfty-nliilh stieet, asserts that in the
eise of Dr. Edwanl W, Hiirnetle, of
115 West Thlrt) -fourth street, who Is
now lu a dangerous condition with can
cer, there Is the first positive, proof that
this dreadful malady is Inoculable.
Dr. Hurnette, It Is believed, contracted
the disease by an acclJent while treat
ing a woman alllleted Willi cancer, eight
months ag .
This wotaan complilited of an Irrita
Hon of tho tongue. Dr. Hurnetto np
piled nitrate of silver to the toimue
with his linger. A little later, while
shaving himself, he cut his cheek. To
stop the flow of blood he applied a
powder with the same finger. A swell
ing came on the chei k and a cancer de
veloped Thu Irrltatlin on h:s patient's
tongue proved lo bu from a cancer,
which, It : sail, she contracted by using
a su aklng tube belonging to a man
who has elnce died of ..nicer
l)r Hurnette has l en subjected to an
operation by Dr. M. Ilurney, of 2S West
Thirty-seventh str.et, a part of his
Jaw bone being removed und the cheek
cut away almost tu the" left e)c. The
doctor Is tlfiv )eaia old and his recov
ery Is doubtful.
Mvth Avenue I'liilericroiiuil Trolle,
The Slita aeenue eurfa.e tare sill. In all
probability, eoon bo run by electricity. The
t.e ir ue, it l. sala, iit be unriergnmnu
snl the slot t io nirro to Interfere with the
sbeels ut tehi .
Don't full lo Kit (inir llourdrrs
Won led und Henl-EatHte Wuut on
Ihe lUlf-Mllllou Uuaranlce Page.
"Pop" tne.Mii' On lilt Piny n Fare
well EiiuiiKeiiient.
fspeitsl to The K.enlnic W'orM )
0. Adrian C Anson and his aggrega
tion of ball fiends from the Windy City
were on hand enrly this afternoon to i
cross bats with the Hrldegrooms for tin
last time this season.
t'mplre Murray clled. "Play ball!"
and the game wan started with about
1,W0 persons present
The Hotting Order,
Hrooklvn. Chicago.
Grlflln. cf Eveielt, 3b.
Shlndle. 3b. Decker, if.
f'oicnrun. Lauge, cf.
Anderson, If Anson, lb.
Dalv. 2I liihlen, ss.
m chance, lb. Ilynn, tf.
St'lioch. rr Tiubv, 2b.
tSrltn. c Ten), p.
Stein, p Honolulu, c.
1'mplre- Mr .Murray
I'lrnf luiiliiu".
Evetett lifted the llrst ball pitched
to Anderson for ail out Decker und
l.angu both fanned No runs.
GilfTlu singled. Shliidln foiced him at
second. Coreotan Ilie el lo Decker. All
del son out, Trilby lo Anson, No runs,
Meeoud Innlliu.
Pap.t Anson bunted safel) Dahleti
his to Dal), and he and Anion were
doubled up Ity.iti was the third victim
on stilkes. No runs.
M'tllti: MY lNN'INl,.
fhlcstn ..HO
llruoklyiuM.. ,. ii
lrocl-taleiulnii t ommlsNloner Vnr
lug IsMiie (i MillllfeNlii.
Commissioner of Street-Cleaning Geo
E. Waring, Jr., I.ssncd the following to
il a :
"The time has come when the people
of this town must be persuaded, or com
pilled, to stop lltleilug tho sidewalks
and the strict.
"This Department, wllh the hearty
support of the Police Department, has
the powci, und Is going to exercise It, to
put a stop to thu present Intolerable
CHielessiiess lu this legard. Those who
violate the law relating to this subject,
will be at rested and duly punished.
"This warning Is Intended especially
for those, who throw things Into the
streets wilfully or through wilful negli
gence. It Is bellcvid that the majority
of cltlzoii need only tu have tin Ir at
tention actively called to tho subject,
nnd It Is hoped that these will soon be
come mlsslonarlis and useful aids In
behalf of the Intended reformation.
"The 'Consolidation net,' which Is Ihe
organic law of the ilty, says:
"'No pei sou or persons shall throw,
cast or lay, or direct, suffer, or permit
any servant, agent or employee to
throw, cast or lay any nshrs, offal,
vegetables, garbage, dross, cinders,
sheds, straw, shavings, paper, dirt, filth
or rubbish of any kind whatever. In any
gutter, street, lano or alley, or In any
public place in the city.
"'The wilful violation of any of the
foregoing provisions of this section shall
be and Is hereby declared to be a mis
demeanor, and shall bo punished by a
tine not less than tl nor more than Ho.
or by Imprisonment for a term of not
less thnn one nor more than tlvo flays.'
riaiinialed into plain English, this
means thut any pel son who throws a bit
of paper or anything else Into the
street, or who sweeps a sidewalk Into
the gutter. Is guilty of a misdemeanor,
and is subject to a flue. The sweepings
of sidewalks must be taken up, and peo
ple who want to get rll of bits of paper
must curry them to some place where
they cun dlsposu of them in a lawful
"It Is made the duly of every sweeper,
under penalty of dismissal, to see that
the offenses leferred to ute at once
laki n 111 hand by the police. The super
ntendents and foremen of thu Dep.rt
nietit of Street Cleaning have them
selves the right of arrest, and they will
exerclso It.
"It Is hoped that the severe discipline
Indicated herein need not be ri sorted to.
It Is, however, a determination which
will, If necessary, bo carried out re
lentlessly, that the Uttering of tho
streets is to be stopped, If the law and
the police ran slop It."
it.luu.H-r 111. In. Lrt II I in iii, ImiC
Hi Wrnl J ii I tin Nuiim.
Sinu uxrltvmeni waa ca uteri on Utoari
am. Wall ntivetM i Uttlo aflfi iw
Stork KxflmnKe iloseri this ..fin noon
by the antlca of a runaway hors(,
Tho nnlmul liltchml to a Iuk' uvw.cri
by a man numri UullaghtM, watt left
Mtanrilni? on lowrei llro.ul Htmt. With
out warning the horse suddenly broke
out of lit liurnnt-) uiul dabbed up to
WhII mreet, turning the corner and
roiiUnuint; his Kallop up to Ilroadvtay.
where a Jum of wagons blocked further
Portunately no one was Injured, but
a Mlieeman who tried to stup tho
frightened horde had a narrow enoape.
The lion-- wmh lacerated about the rlln
In the eollUlcn with the other wagon.
Pniml lllrNalnic on n Trot e-i tan t
I'n n l r.
CHICAOO, Pfpt 1 There li crtat exclttroent
In Hri I'trlc MetlioJlH cirri crtr tho report
tint Iter. IIrtrt U. L irwrJ liU yiitnUy rt
.il tht Pipit U-in from Mr Sitolll.
It I. MM lh4 Vr AtUctte tilfsscj ths Iter
l.rjuir1 lu Ui mine n! tti I'upe a fut!oo at
(lie ('(.litem of the 4 re Heart to wbUb U
Mptdoslttt nitntiti-r tuJ teen InttteJ Mr
Lfjara u3iuttte4 tbt n haJ rcelel thu
Metiinn arj'l tail h at jrouJ ot it ll f
pUliiet 1 1 hi riearone, hoerr. tht tut h4
Cjnu to tin conwnt ttli n Mlas lUrrUan, k
f rmr member ct the Catholic Crtun.li. out ut
jure curnalty to iee a rfi nua, tnd thi
Mrr Sxlolll hul blv4 the euttrv ionjrsitua,
ut whuh ho met inembvr.
1't.eil 'I hilr llo l.lko nu .iilnml.
Kl M.KllToV. Neb . Sept 9 This fommttnU
It Kreitly estltej over a ca ot re.olttni:
cruelty brou!tt to ll'it by bberllT SnjJwr, A
family tumeJ Knplk, la tht rolli'i colon), ht
kept an 111 in boy, nlio 1 lo lurtltlly p4r
lyzJ, ptikeiel out like u s.onieiiu' atilnul it
aii .nit -of Lhe-ay Uv tlurlus the liy nat it
nUll kept li. A atlbte with the rive 41.I othr
Ihv vtiKk. It itM AAoerutoi-i that he
miprouJeJ lih clothliix uf -ny klnI dunn the
bummer, but 4t mile to Co lu 1 mte of ab
solute nu4liy. Tbe tnfortuntte boy wn taken
chirixe of by the authjrltlt aa-1 hit pirratl
Kill be proseeutel.
HuiiitYtay of a Wedding Tarty,
At Mr Miry pemes ntl ber lUtU daushter
ner fiettloc into a cirri axe la front of their
b..m-, it 3it Cit Oue llun-lretl And PourtU
vreet. jr.trnUy on tbe y to a eJ4Inj, 1
.!! Uhtiiii neighbor threw a fhover ot rice,
inly anl oU i'io from a lndov at tliern
riil frifhteLeJ the hrie in4 they rn a ay.
tnklnjt rfk.sttt a'i "IV roil iot in tnejr
fliiht, tfcey miahJ tbe rarrUge. in I tin
i-uunlnz tJirJa Central Tark ben a polleetnan
.top pe4 them. Mr. Pern received a eer
ifAly wouaJ. and u oiarle UJly trulMi.
... - jH
Politicians Had Poll Enough
to Save Friends from 9
Being Prosecuted
The Prosecutions Were for Mur- H
do-, Forgery and All Sort H
of Orimec. fH
A List of Names That Recalls the 'M
Ward Heelers of the Days of H
Tammany Rule. ;H
The discovery of neaily two thousand1 .B
old liidlctments last Saturday in the 'f
ofllce of the Dlnti let-Attorney, the ex- , H
Istence of which was not known I'efore, j
has created a big stir In certain rruart.Vk ' H
In this 'a
Thero Is n disposition, apparently, upon 'H
the part or the District-Attorney to treat ?
the find ns of little or no Importance. H
This -w Is not shared by others In the jH
Criminal Court HiilMIng, particularly by H
those who know what tho old Indict- '1
menu contain. I
It Is known that the names of some "
prominent men are mentioned In these 'l
indictments, and U. is said tliareVery' ''JH
Influence will he exerted by these men H
to have the mutter huhed up aa lH
speedily ns possible. H
"That box of Indictments is not the Lr
only one," said a man of tho highest . '.J
position this morning. "Thete are or jH
wero other boxes of them. Where are -al
they? l'crhaps they ate not lu exist- H
ence now. Perhaps they have been L-
destroyed You know nn lndlotment Is -M
never outlawed. It always stands good Jt
until dlspostnl of by the court. Per- M
haps some of the men against whom the
discovered indictments were found years fH
ago may )et be brought to trial." hJH
1'rom another source It was learned -'1
that tho total amount represented by !jH
th ball In the discovered Indictment 'jH
Is between $1,UUU,000 and :.OW,000. -'H
A vigorous prosecution of the men ''1
charged in the old indictments might
not only, lu the opinion of one of '.h. f
Dlstrlct-Atotrney's staff, bring the cle-
fendauts to acount, but might also 'H
turn Into the county treasury several 'IH
hundred thousands of dollars. -vaH
One of the assistant District-A ttor- H
nes said this morn ng that one of th. 7H
dlscovere-1 Indictments was against a Bj
man for murder, and that the defendant 'fH
had never been called upon to plead. :jM
This defendant lives In New York to- '?H
day. -HU
The list of 2.0n) Indictments found in S
the Distrlct-Attrney'b ottlce on Satur-
day, was made public by District-At- 'H
torney 1-Vllows this afternoon. They are ",M
In alphabetical order. Here are some of jH
" - ,
the missing papers. H
The" Allen, indbtel Met .'t, tII, for vljl. 't
lM if the samMlng la anj still unJer bonis. ft
Jaiob Abarle. formerly .of eberle's Theatra, JSaal
belter knonn as the "Tlroli." la niihth streel. 4
InJIeleJ May 17, IsTI. for cruelty lo children; iH
April ::. I'il. lor admlltlnx children under "11
fourteen jears o( ae to Ms ttiatre three tlrasa .iPfl
on Nov 1 Issl, for mlslemeaaor. rl
J l lute I tV) , and Taylor aV Co formerly JjiH
haln "banWlnK" aBalrs In Wall street, In- Tfl
Jlrtel for maintaining a lottery, on March :l. AS
1877 The members cf these firms er. Georg. TB
lutley, John lllshop. Charlea V Shea, Jama.
(luger, joaepri Pecker and Annie Be,ker. They $ fl
ere Indicted and are "out on ball." S
Michael Uarone, alias Fautclehla, Indicted aa - fl
Feb !J, 1IS1. for "homicide." anl ueeer 'JB
brought lo trial. t 1.1
Los" Ourtls. Indicted Feb. 1J, 1SS9, for ae- '
ing a dlaordsrly house .1 '
ajlteter brush, former owner ot the property ,;
where the Jlnrotrtlltsn Opera-Houaa stands. In- 'if S
dlctei Sept. Z, 1SSJ, for keeping a disorderly . .'
Johii .vu-iherrr. InJIcted Jlsrc'a 11, 17. for 'J-"B
insnslaughier ,,.,... , s'-ial
Jeremiah llartlgan, an old-tlma politician. In-
dlctei for assault April :0. 1175. Me Is dead 3;
IVter Urlm. altaa "Peter Delocy." Indlcte -'B
for aambllng on May :t. 1ST i '1'JM
On Mar h 30. 18J1, Felli nooney, Julia RAney,
Prldg-t llooner and Catherine llolloran. In- -nt ,jga
tin ted for murder .. aJH
John Koster and Albert Ulal. Indkted by th;
November llranJ Jury In 1S77 for violation ot ,!
'"rrancla AUPag, InJIcted March 51. Hit. for 'l;M
manslaughter, and fatrbk spelman and Martin "ShM
I'.ejnolds, for homicide May S. 1476. An Indict- j3 m
ment Ur the asms crime found against Edward jlual
Perfect and Charles ltepenblng. e)ot :J.1I.S. -J M
Hlaard A S.annel. a hrutehr of John Svannel. 4.fl
ex tire fommlssloner. Indlcled for assault Janu- A'W
ary ?il. lko. t sfl
Mli heel .Norton, known aa the "Thunder Poll " -!?''
ev-Slate Senator. en-Pollc Ju.tlce. ludlcled for HJ
brIUr) June 111 1S7J Norton Is dead. hiiM
Michael qulna InJKtet for msnslaughter Aug 'ffM
SI 1V71. JL'.J
In one of the disorderly house cases StLM
tho lndlotment Is Indors.d "1'arolled in SVJ
the custody of Capt. Thomas Il rnea." J,r
No ball wus given. ... . 9nm
Anthony Comstock may bo Interestea J1,B
that the Indictments against John John- M
son. found In the Spring of ltel, hav. nj-J
e-ome to light. Jtr. Comstock has been jjl
after every Dlitrict-Attorney about tm
these Indictments for fourteen ejra. ', M
He can sec them now. ,' '
America ha aualu driiinnalruleil fSefl
her uperlopty In aarbl bullilliiir, ifH
untl tho llnlf-Mllllou Ciuarantea 'elm
I'aace baa .leiuountriitrU It uy- J
rlorlty In Wnnt adrertlsUf;, !;

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