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if YACHT RACE fflllf EWw SSfrtf Ifl YACHT RACF 1
H EX, RA NO. 9. " Circulation Books Open to Aivj 00-OOSBlu2UC " Circulation Books Open to All" EXTRA NO, Q. H
I Valkyrie Beat Defender, but
E the American Has
m. Protested.
H Dun raven's Yacht Led to Wind
r ward, but Was Outsailed on
'' " Two Other Legs.
(Spatial to The Etenlnc World ) I
XVQ, Sept. 10. Valkyrio finished lint In
II the second race for the America Cup,
ailed over a triangular couiae of thirty
miles, with start and finish ut Bandy
Hook Lightship.
The official tlmei at the linlili were'
Valkyrie 25u2l'
Defen-,r 257.10
I Thus Valkyrie wins the second race
, of the eerie, but subjoin to'the pio-
Jg, test which Defender signalled at the
I art.
'The Evening World" tuj steamed
over to the Judges' boat, but no Informa-
Ptlon could be Rained as to the Cup Com
mittee's probable action In the matter.
Tlw protest will hae to be filed In
writing, and probably gome testimony
may be taken from those on board bat;
racers before a decision pan be ren
de:ed. The scene as the yachts appioached
the finish line begg&ts description. There
was a haggaid look of ouspense on tlie
face of evsry man, woman and child
4tchng the (wo ravers.
Would Valkxle eel oer the line with
tnougll time tu enable her to defeat
the American?
As they drew near the line the silence
, was Intense. ' No one dale stir for fear '
the dlstuibance might cteute some rup
ture In the atmosphere which would
tend to defeat the pride of America.
When the yachts came down to the
' line, both cairying" a good-sized bone in
their teeth, there was not that terrific
disturbance of the water about Val-
Ikyrlo's bow which critics have harped
upon so much. If anything, Defender
wns making mora of a fuss.
Valkyrie came along Ilk' a graceful
man. Every line suggested poetry, and
she waa certainly a beautiful picture,
Her cream-colored sails swelled to the
breeze, and there was riot a wrinkle to
be seen.
They wero as fair and as round and
smooth as a maiden's cheek, eery cloth
suggesting power.
t Behind her came Defender. She was
fust as fall. As soor as they were
Within a quarter of a mils from the
. wire it became evident that Defender
. was beaten.
It was known that it would be a
close thing, and jet It seemed as sure
for Valkrle u though sho were miles
In front. Tho sll-nen which hung oer
the fleet a as maintained until the long,
shapely nose of the British cup hunter
cleft the air in an Imaglnhry lino be
tween the Handy Hook Lightship and
the Luckenbat.li.
The. i a ter.'lnc din burst forth, cheers
tingled with screeching of steam whit
tles, the clarglng of bells and the blow
ing pf fog horns. All of thq Americans
paid homage to the first boat, even
though it might threaten the be!oed
When Defender ciosped the line, the
din bioke loose again. Thlfi time It was
prolonged. It seemed as If there w is .1
note of encouragement In the noise ant
' Both yachts after crossing the Una
stood up to the Hook under ball with the
excursion fleet behind and befoie them.
P The whole affair disappeared in the
meat until it looked like a eltj In mid-
ocean and finally dropped out of sight
altogether, leaUng only a memory of a
' great race,
ajf A Beautiful FUUU.
'' A beautiful picture was presented at
t the finish of the great race The jacht
v Nevahoe, almost ss large as Defender
' and Valkyrie, looked glorious as her
pollened black hull cut Its way clearly
f through the water.
There were hundreds of sailing craft
coming in with their wnlte sails up at
elffe. nt points. Tney resembled a flock
of gulls as they came dancing over the
light green waters.
Far behind could be seen Vaikjrle
and Defender, the Utters while topsail
making her an unmistakable mark in
the rear of the English cup-hunter.
Then in the background was the excur
sion fiet, the Ml earners of smoke trail
ing across the horizon in ribbons that
arlcd In hue fiom deep black to a
light bray, and a big tramp steamer
. ploughed majestically through the fleet.
est The still 'air about the cable steamer
ka began to wnken with the shrill ton of
L whistles and tne halls of excursionists
L from one boat to another
H The excursion boats began to take up
B positions at the finish. The Luckenbach
V had no( yet arrived to mark the finish,
L she comrol'ten probably Lain lntrM.t4
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastjii..'c.i. A Jq vj'? ., .. t". i 2? ,,
and wanting to see as much of the glor
ious contest us was possible.
On came the Englishman, grim and
determined, and speeding after her was
Defender, as saucy as a boy with a chip
on his shoulder.
Now Defender appeared to gain
and then thi. Urlton appealed to pull
away again. It was very close and ex
citing They did not seem to be two
minutes apart and whichever boat won
would do so b" seconds.
At z U o'clock the Luckenbach arrived
at the finish and took up a position. A
vigorous tootlnr pon cleated the tlnlsh
line, and soon an open sea lane, hedged
and fringed by steamers, tugs and
jachts, was formed for the beautiful
racers to pass through.
Yalkirle Carried An sir Defender's
Backstay at the Start.
(Sp.clal U Tin Evtnlaf World )
81111', Sept. lO.-Valkyrle III. crossed
the starting line ahead in her second
race with Defender for the America
The jachts were timed officially as
II. M. B.
Valkyrie 11 00 11
Defender 11 PI IS
The prepa-alory gun was fired prompt
lv at 10 .Vi, and the jachts began Jockey
ing mar the line.
Tho coin at signalled was a follows:
First leg tue south, second N.K. by
I!., third N.W. bv XV. i XV.
In Jockeying for the start Valkyrie
fouled Defender and carried away the
latler's ttai board topmast back nwoy.
This caused Defender's topmast to heel
far over, giving it the appearance of
belin? sprung.
Defender ralsej a protest flag and It
wns acknowledge I by the committee.
The race Is being sailed, nevertheless.
Defender lost over a minute by the
The foul did not seem to be Valkyrie's
fault. Doth boats were coming dead on
to the Luckenbach with sheets to port.
Thete was not a length's difference
between them. Defender was appar
ently crowding Valkrle, and in self
defunse Valkyrie began to crowd De
fender, otherwise the English yacht
would have run Into the Luckenbach or
been forced across the line before the
Very Class Jocko Ihk.
When the preparatory gun was ftreil
at 10 DO. Vulkrla was on the starboard
tack and Defender was standing south
on the port tack.
The yachts came class totethsr, and
It was soon seen that the Englishmen
had again outwitted the Americans.
Defender was compelled to give way
to Valkjrle, and passed to leeward. Like
a flash, Valkyrie wheeled. It seemed
Incredible that a yacht pf her slzo could
wheel so quickly.
In less time than one could realize It
Valkyrie was on Defender's weather
quarter. The pair then raced to the
southward, Defender pinching hard to
get out of her dangerous position.
It was of no use, however, the Eng
lishmen had outwlttted the Americans
once more. The racers stood south for
about an eighth, of a mile.
Then suddenly Capt. Haff threw De
fender's head off and she spun around
as on a pivot, gybing her sails to port.
Quick as Defender was, Valkyrie was
quicker, and before Defender was fairly
straightened out, Valkyrie was at her
side, blanketing her.
By this time, nearly sight minutes t
the time befors the starting gun .hid
elapsed, and the yachts then stood for
the line. Valkyrie to windward.
Valkyrie Foul Defender.
As they ntarej the line, Valkyrie be
gan to force Defender to leeward.
lQt ly IrWtrjphlc cot signal from rlli''t drafting miJt Bd on the ipji 1
Further and further she shoved her
American rival off, and then it was
that the foul occurred
Valkyrie's boom iMt caught the
end of tli starboard topmast, backstay
on Defender and it snapped.
Defender's topmast, deprived of its
support, leaned far over and appeared
about to snap. No one knew then what
hd happened and it secmd as though
the topmast had completely carried
Defender then veered to leeward ami
Valkyrie, close hauled, stood tor tho
The echo of the gun hsd scarcely died
away before the English acht was
Defender to Leeward.
The ofnclsl times are as fallows:
Valkyrie "
Defender , ,,., ll.0i.1s
Defender lost more than the mere
flapped time between the start of tier
rival and herself. Sho was away to lee
ward when she finally came for ths line
and In bad position.
She displayed a red flag. Indicating
that she was protesting the race. The
Committee acknowledged the signal,
but did not recall the racen
1 The second race In the scries for ths
America Cup was then on.
The reuse seemed to freshen after the
jachts crossed tho line and both racotsl
heeled almost to their scuppers under
the force of the south wind. They were
on port taok, standing In for the High
lands a.id both were slipping through
the water very fast.
1 Defender's aby Jlbtopsall, which had
been partly lowered during the excite
ment occasioned by the foul, was again
hoisted into position, and the fact that
the yachts ware on .he port tack en
ablcd the sailors to repair the star
board topmast backstay promptly.
The yachts held on to the stretch
Into the Highlands for a full two miles.
During this taok Defender undoubtedly
footed faster than Valkyrie, but the
latter was eating her way up Into the
rye of the south wind in a way that
was disheartening to patriot.
Her f-anie Topmast Seriously. lla
atlrappcd Her otr the First Leg.
Wr Cirrlar 1'lises to The CTinlOf World.)
TUa COMMNpER, Sept. 10. When
the preparatory cannon boomed, the
yachts were half a mile to eastward of
the lightship, and on the port 'nek.
Vglkyrle made close up under Defend
er's lee, and both yachts ran off west
within thirty yards of each other.
They Htood oft a quarter of a mile and
wore around to the starboard tack like
two birds.
An Old Dominion steamer was In the
way, and Defender .had to go to lee
ward of her, while Valkyrie took the
weather berth.
Both then broke out No. 1 Jlb-topsalls.
Valkjile had pi e loudly set her fJre
staMialls Then both made for the line, with
Vulk 1 1 In thn weather beith 011 the
starboard tack.
The slatting gun III I'd, and at 11.O0I1
Valkyrie was alnioHt on the line and
Defender was two seconds behln
KorrrlartflnK All ftlttrkmrd.
No Kooner was the American boat on
her way than her Jlhtnpsall was seen
to flutter in the wind, end the JlbstJ
Anolliar stance, showed something was
tho matter with her topmast. It ap
peared to luo broken right at the mast
held. It did. not break short off, but
buckled until It splintered. I
Her Jlbtnpall was promptly brought I
to the deck, and the jacht eered off
from the wind like n blid that had hesn
wounded In the wing.
Valkyrie, as soon as she rrossad, tame
close up to the wind, came about, and
(leaded about southwest by west on the
ten mile beat to windward, the first leg.
Half a minute after Defender's JU
topsail was on the deck she came
about and "Jt after the Britisher 011 the
port tack, Defender's (ojiniast sttalghti
enwl Itself, and a half dozen mon were
sent aloft to do what they cuuld. to, llx
the Injured limb. They tried, to Ush
wood to the topmast In order that when
the boat came about on the other taok
the topmast would stand.
But many au old mariner shook his
head and dreaded the moment whan
Defender would be forced to tack. No
one except Uioju 01 board Defender
could tell Ju.t how badly the topmast
was Injured.
What the Mishap Cost.
When, finally, Dofender wss straight
sued out and headed fur Seabrlght Val
kyrie had established a lead Pi about an
eighth of a mile to windward.
Defender fell off a hit and headed the
same as Valkyrie.
At 11 !5 Defender's headsalls were seen
to tremble and she came about on the
port tack. There was a moment of sus
pense, especially aa the yacht was very
slow In tacking, but everybody drew a
long sigh of relief when It was seen
thut Defender's topmast mi straight
The six sailors had In the tncaa time
shinned down from aloft, but soon after
tho tack was made one man was sent
up to the spreaders, where he busied
himself for u long time In the starboard
As soon os Defender came about, as
relate. 1 above, Valkyrie put her tiller
up ami tacked also. Then for fle min
utes the yachts stood on the starboard
tack. Defender's people kept their eyee
aloft constantly, as f they feared the
topmast might snap at any minute.
At lU'l both yachts went about on the
poit tack Then a line nt men ran
out on Defender's bowspilt and It was
soon ssen that she would try to set
her Jib topsail again,
The sail was broken out at 11:2, It
was 4 large piece qf canvas than the
one sho had first. U was a Jib topsail.
taisloua lor the Ttpmnal,
Hardly had the piece of cluck began
to draw when the halyards were let
run unit the sail was haulad to the
deck again. The strain on the topmast
was evidently too great. The Britisher
linn all thin time been making new
gains. Th,ey were not very great ones,
hut s)io stead,!lv drew away from De
tender which was not to be wondered
at, as she wns able tu carry more sail.
The wind hauled bit to the south
ward and the yachts pinched up until
they were headed, about southwest. All
this tlrno Valkjrlu reamed to be speed
ing fusler and pointing higher. She In
creased her lead to a good half mle.
At 11.57 I he 'yachts came about on (he
stuihaaid, tack and headed nearly southi
east by east. In the leg that followed.
lsTe,lidr seeniec to be picking up. The
fleet of excursion boats didn't bother
thu yachts a bl( to-day,
Hate Then a Clear Coarse.
The patrol service waa great, and the
yachts had a clear field. No vessel was
within a quarter of a mils of them,
The base, had set in ag'ln, and the
shore became indistinct.
At 12.11 the yachts came about on the
port tack. Ity this time they had oo
ered oer half the distance to the first
mill k.
Away to leeward Royal Thtlps Car
ioU'h big black sloop Navahoe sped out
from Bandy Hook and made for a point,
which would bring her to the
jachts when they got, on tht second leg,
Defender Made a lain 'Without
I'nrrilnir Balloon Sail.
(Ilr Cittlar riston Tli. Kvfalnf World )
TL'O. Sept. 10 At 1,10, alter rounding
the Hint mark, with bnh yachts on the
second leg, Valkyrie had a lead of at
least a mil". Mho was parrying main
sail, club-topsail, Jib and fore-staysail,
but she soon furled the Jib and opened
the folds of her big balloon Jlb-topsall,
and Defender for once got a good view
of an English boat's stern.
The hitter's top rigging wns to? ten
der for her to attempt anything like a
balloon snll, so she had to be content
I with a baby Jlb-topsall. In addition to
- ., ., 1., ssssaV- -. ..- . . ,-.. .. y;mu -, 't.'jj&fjfc , ,.'i-ji2iuii
H. Jf. B. ?jM
Valkjrl U OO 18 M
Defender 11 01 15 'H
Valkyrie ia OT 48 H
Defender 1 01 95 iH
Valkyrie's gain to wladwsrd .'H
anlaatrs and SO seconds. H
Valkyrio 1 G8 IO H
Defender 01 45 JM
Defender's train 17 seoonds. H
Valkyrie 2 55 2'J jH
Defender, ,,. 57 40 H
Defender's gain 1 snlnnta IT see)- -''sH
OndS. ..'SBaBBBBl
Velkrjle II M OH M
Defender 85 H
Valkyrio 8 M W t-'eBSafl
Defender , AS 66 ;H
Valkirlo Tflns hr 47 see, H
corrertcd time. "
hel- Jib and staysail, the white olub-toB- ,M
sail still showed above the maiasmU. -'H
A better day could not have been made -H
to order as It appeared at US, The fH
wind, which was twelve or fourteen IH
knots, might have been stronger, but bo ,H
finer sea could be desired. There were H
long swells and 110 heavy water ( My, SsbbI
kind. H
Defender's 81 era Ohatse. 'JH
At this time Valkyrie. In spite ef the H
Influence of her big head-sail. ceui,d net , H
lose Defender. The American heat her '.H
hsr own, and, If anything, eppeareei t ,H
be chopping down the lead. 'gasl
Valkyrie's balloon bellied W wH in ?H
front and appeared almost to be the sail ,H
of another vessel. lie boom was nearer B
her stern than Defender's and It stoed -H
out as straight as n board, while the H
Herroshofcer'e curved to the wind. Agassi
The fleet pf excursion steamers were "H
en th,lr beet pahaytar nd there was H
net the slightest cause for oesnplatnt i'H
un ths leg. The rs,rs had all the vM -M
they wanted, as ,h iteamerf were H
strung out In a long Una (a leeward. H
At 1,1) Valkyrie had a lead ef ..bout ,H
three-quartera ef a mile. Wlt the H
sail she carried Valkyrie appeared to H
be a boat of twice Defender's else. The 'JH
balloon Jib made her look so. The crews M
of ths yachts were lying flat against "H
the windward rail and there waa noth- ;H
Ing o da but spaed for the second mark. H
Hearing- the Second Mark. H
At LIS this mark was abut two miles jH
from YalKlTle and she was heading for M
It as straight 'a die. Both yachts , H
were bowling along at a breakneck pace .sH
and many of the steam craft fell behind H
the procession. There was no apparent M
change In the relative posltlotta ef the ,H
jachts. M
At 1.47 Valkyrie sent a dozen hands jH
up to the bow and tho balloon Jib was -iH
hauled to the deck and sUwed. She JB
ran nothing up In Its place, but all ''jH
hands stood ready to make any needed ;IH
sail when the mark was rounded. The ,J
little red flag waa only a mile away. HH
At J.H Valkyrie ran up a No. 2 JWotes- 'fmM
sail. At 1.M.10 she gybed around the flfl
stake and headed for home. Half the. 'gH
steamers gave her a long blast and the 'M
others remained silent. It Is different H
when tb,e Britisher is ahead. '.Jssssb!
Valkyrie mado no new sail, but bowled ggggg
along for Sandy Hook Lightship. H
Defender wis not so far behind, after jLsssI
all. She seemed to fly for the little red IH
flair, and passed around nt Z.S1.43. ''sssssl
The wholo fleet gave her a rousing '.'gH
salute. She waa only 3 mnutes and t 'gl
seconds behind Valkyrie. M
The Hnlf-Mllllon Guarantee Page H
means that the "Want" an It each .!gfl
get Into oyer DOO.ooo actnal nasra "H
and are seen by fonr times that Igsaafl
ninny readers. H
Defender Kept Paining, but Could ggggggj
t Orerhaul Her Itlsal. 'Igggel
ih r-.rrkr rign to Ertnlng Worlif ) ssannl
TL'G, Sept. 10. Tim race home wan a ")gggg
hot one. Cuuld Defender cut down "'-H
I hat lead of over three minutes, counting (IH
her time allowance? Tggggj
Perhaps she would like the wind bet- '. leases!
ter over her port quarter. Every Amcr- H
Iran prayed that it might be so. 'essss!
Tho sun shone fully on the yellow isaaaai
sails, and the sight was one to be long gH
remembered. igesl
As the miles sped, Defender appeared gggH
to gain, but not enough to recover the ,H
lost ground. Jssbbbs
The wind continued strong at from 11 sjj))))fl
to II knots and the yachts held to their "H
The excursion steamers were spread .B
out over a radius of three miles or 'Jsessl
more. 'iaasss!
Some had cut corners and wero speed- 'gggg
Ing for the Lightship, others were con- I
tent to keep pace with the jachts, while ?jgg
the slow ones were Kfl far behind. assssl
Defender Still Oalnlng. 'H
It wen Impossible to keep from feeling 'H
that Defender had gained a good bit by ggggfl
. ' fgfnjsjBJ
I'se Uerssaa Laundry Heap. It's the Best. M
ta g.nulua tu colortt nomas ea vntaa". " fH
St. H
De Yen asnket jl
est are Muse. aPKJBAb Clitrsttss, 'sgssai

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