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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, January 01, 1900, Evening Edition, Image 3

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nLMt1irL VfMfit9itflf Bi fl Bf l9Ff E f9l9fifFVFl1PifT f a M M
Uf < J r < Q t i J JtrtiijiJif i yw T > M1gjiTai iJJI MiHr Ti w jg T ig6 I LUT T f n r > f V iir v9lNlgHPf cv 4
II 44L > w 1tf THE WORLp MONDAY jrji JANUAmY f 19tt I c t
u n
1 Wife May Also Testify if
r Her Character Is
With nearly 10 million surds al
Lade attend the tdal of Roland II
Vollncux will tic rriJtntil tomorrow
ornlnjr with Marry K Co nth till
uMtt croairxamltullon h Mr Wrrki
I who has no Urge fund of affection In
felt heart for the athlete
Reek hn better reason for a hxtr < l
t Cornish according to the tullmon >
thug fir adduced thin hat Mollnfii
at II will to the limit In hit xamlnu
That of Friday wai not particular
MVW By Innuendo he trleJ to titan
toh that Cornlihn relation In th
A4Mf at were not ucli IU an con
Ulint with morality but tornMi Mr
nld all auch Invlnuitlunt Imllxnintl
and forcefull and Cornlnh when the
eadon had ended hail mnl a Lund
The Lift two days nt Ore trial bare
been pushed forward with a rapidity
U nurprtitng as It b grit fylng It nan
I thought the direct ixjnilnitlou of
Adami would laM fully 1 dill and the
cross examination null as long Init
Adam nag dltml oil In about halt a
Cornldt It was iiiitliipaled would IIP
m the land altoKetlitr four day but
the direct examination was remarkably
brief and It Ii not thought Ilreka will
ka ve him on tin rack fur mal than
true nr four hours at the must
The greatest Interest ttIt thing to the
trial it present II UK to whrlhtr nr not
the 1 ecu MI will 1Jkn Ina stain in
t Ida awn behalf and Ir hie young wlte
will do UUoAljc
It Is aia > s R tUngrrouf thing fur an
I I accused man to undergo the ordeal of
a crnMtxamtnatluii l > y I lie Ulalrlcl
Attorney even tlioujli he bv Innoient
Thrrsstare m Ilntunerq ti prove the
There are many Irntiinrn to proe the
dangtr of thlk procfdlnt
l Cirlyle Harrii took tin stand In hie
t own behalf and went to lie electric
Dr Htichanan agalnM the prayrrful
appeal of hip cuuiiMl thi loll lulu
i W Urookr unit Dr OHulllxin tciitllled
t J and sealed his nwn fair It n as roncftl
I 1 hy the regular nttrndant upon than
trial that hid Dr lliirliitiin it Iced tu
I MRS rains
10000 CAPE
Wife of the San Francisco Millionaire Gets a
Gorgeous Christmas Present from
j Her Husband
I Me of Run aIM hu Jiut bran
J tmpletH for Mr ChI I Pair It
was a Cliriitma present from her hu
bind The nu Un sable I t th mat
ezpsnly of furs and tbtr Ii one kind
I s e this that exctli all the rest in the
i oftnets and sllklnrrs of Iff fur and In
I tte ftefc chocolate brown nt iti hue
tin Fairs tip In made of thU fur
and It took two > far to roller the
tklrty aaklaa required for the jllllrmPlI1
CSaprhThe Seccur lJe1
Baplrss a f Iarlral
la VlensiB
err Mllloecker compoter of The
1lbr itudtflt and other comic opera
414 yMttrday In Vienna llli greatest
wrt waa played and tins here bt
wsk In this rliy In German
thier te I Was rud fld
III a4G Wn hush
the Tnwrtly
V r TMndere Illetel was found dead In b4
e HI oclock hls nrorahc at his ham
N Bait One Hundred and KrMi stract I
JphjrxlatrU by r I otc agc from A fU
sings UlkairM 1
tin adtkv of the alturnr lir wlulld
hate flllir bcrii uiiiulllrd ul the Jury
nuuld hut illjurciil
totesl Mollneux IIH > I > take the Nand
theru ls at > i rntl im way lu contra
dict the rt demo uf lltllrn and Mary
YUIIIIK lira Mollnrux nlll not testify
tinlrix II Ix said the pru e iitloii en
diaMiii tu attack liar rmrncttr
Mr Onlninm hu already trle to da
tluit In u mild ort of N way when Mr
llou WHS on tha stand but wintrier he
nil pursuit lib line further or not be
hia Kltrn nu Intimation
In fact Mr Oibnrne Ir eery necrellvs
ni to what he Intends doing mucli
inure so than mere tliu prutvciitors uf
liar riM Buchanan and air > Ilemlnt
ThN t1 probably bfonilf hf dues not
know what defence Viek cud Katlle
proiht to eprlug
le was taut cAiliifUtly In Tin
Ktenlnt Wgrld Hatnrdny the defenn
I will lr > bv PVery ponrlble means with
Mn Itr atoll in pror that Mr Aitanit
did not die of miTciirlal oUoiilii Thul
wile ohonn by the rfUe rxninliialloti nf
I lire Ihllllp and Coffin by Vrks hu
Man iiiaclird bv Or lluinllton
Thcru Is n very cftipriil fiellnit uhuut
tin Il lrlctAttorinj amt that
11reke lu < conic nrpilse tu print
but nlMl It U no uiie uii gar < > II vf
thought John 1 tiatnl would Attire
urge In thl iirprlw > but hi has
nine hilt KIIIII
Uf souse 1rldaun < run be called
iiKiiln Ill rebuttal It iif > r > rarv and It
mnv Iv the ptirpotr of Mr Vek IK
In otni Kay atuik hit credibility Or
In may 10 < Uallagher ur It may bo any
one uf the utter men connected Kith
the Knlrkerhocktr Athletic Club
It U nil pure perLlntlon hut there
Is a feeling of mreit among the prose
cnturi that b > not lu l > r ill Kultiil
It l now llmiiKht thnt HIP trial will
br trrnihiHtiil miirh foonrr than hint
briii looked fur while tin ixirrti were
on tin tend
There In a balrh of other expertu en
gaged but they will be quickly ill >
nilK rd arcnrdlnR to Osbnrne while the
Iny Mtneser will not lake up a i muih
time ns was thought
Vhcrran It wim generally predlclajl a
weep ago that the trial would exTrnd
lu und perhap Into March the end 1s
now looked fur early In Kebruary If
not before
Mollneux will br laltrd In day by
IH wife mother and thv xray old Ren
era but lie New Vriitn Day dinner
will be the mine us thai provided the
nib prisoner In the Tomb
The cape Ii sulinlde for thratte or oar
rlaite wear l 0 twentyl Inches In
lentth with to1r rfarhln to the kntei
and trimmed wllh tall The collar Ii
hkli the revere wide the lining of irrini
nhlte siillii allh a deep flounc ul
turhe < Ire llrJihltic th lower hal
of the llnlnr
The 1110 are cut fnrmlnc a plain
nnlih at the bottom and the upper por
tion of each tiny animals kill disap
pear In the collar where the dark
brofn marklnes are bfiutlfully distinct
lets h the Twraetsrlh Rlrt
Vie It Thrralesird I T Mlile
11 the Ulrrrl
John A Dooner Kunerintendent of
Huildlne with a Gang of thirty labor
frs aDprared this morning at the mint
of the Ompbe V llPap r factory
which was destroyed hy nre Kalurday
munilnx In seat 1 > r aofourili IH
and thr larte IIlory wall which
threatened to fall on the Twentfifth
street Me was pulled down by IUK
It fell with a tremendous thud that
hook the tulMngs In the vicinity The
workmen afterward blew up the parti
tion wall on the weetlie The Interior
walls were then polled down The Bre
men are still playing water on the
smouldering ruins
UHlI iwnsis tar THI WOKU1 will ks n
sated at sr bateau pistnn Jtessngw oa
I rw T tcns 0 ln Is JCtIr Teri Csst al
te IMIa Osi a aMMsaav u fw a a HB
Old year New year
youre f come in
I Youre but a child
Its just as well
Yet what you bring
You brought us
Neither wealth nor We must accept
I rest It may be joy or death
You added only to perhaps lour
We have choice
our cares no i
That you should die It must be kept i
Was for the best We only pray
Weve older grown And anxious wait
And wiser too Toknrwwhat maybe
So heres a toast Ourfnew fate
A bas
to you t C B C
Steamship Tordenskjolt
Was Fast in the Sand
for Six Hours
Whlll attempting 10 cn > rp Into purl
rn < morning durlnc the hidxht of t
htlndliiK pianMorni the Narnrulm
unship Totdenfkjold rapt Thorn
turn lot hrr Wnrlreii and n it driven
abore at Jars Inlet Jim this sldr ol
Klrt Ulind
A noon as the captain readied hh
po ltln hr mill kly jrnl up < lrni > of
illntrrM but It naii a lone lime te <
tore the tent of the Oak Mnnd llfv
IUlrr Station ionM Eel out to render
lily iMl tinc <
The Tordcn Woll l a large frdzlit
clramer plying brtwcrn rn In Mex
ico anj NCR fork She wa laden
nllli 1 villbl ciriti of general
nirriliiiill < > and hid un board a re w
et ilifnyfltx men diludliiK otTlcern
She wile < nly making her If Inti
port early thl murnlnit all hand <
aboard happy In the thoitKht of spend
Inc the first day art the new jesr on
A snowstorm hud been preHlllnc for
half an hoar or more when the lire
Island Light was nlxhtiil and nJllrlnr
his dlaAncep sler TitkltiR hi ampuo
calciilatluns Cnpt Thonhirrrn ft liH
four r
The snow InreanrJ until It had shut
off the entire rill of Itivl
llnslnri trtrP loned down arid the
Xomrehn craft rrrpt along lu ly
with lookouts 11 numerous n It a his
foe hid shut iloMi
Snuridlnc weep 1 > lnc made m regular
lnleral < and al the usual prrrititlon
I taken Hut ruddrnly lh < rr was a rrunih
Inr sound forward nf the tel A
I iulrf1ii2 and 1 olden shaking tI
There vie hurried orders to buck
water but It was Inn Ur Tlir frtlkht
er was well ni on the land and In a
dangerous ptXtton
Quite 1 sea wee rurnlnv and th
watrs da hoI acilnst Ih ntft
fides ending heft pray iiUh up In the
air Men weir cent below la make an
I examlnitlon They found a slight leak
i forward lirrr the > Cams had port1 bj
the first Impact Kith the haul earth
I The pumns were pet to work hut the
dancer was only slklit In this dlrrtlon
The re c l look the sand In curb n
position flat she lay brnadHe on to IhC
pea and the great vsrrs struck her with
tr < m < ndous force
The Norwegian flar was at one pet
upside down and rokri exploded la
I the ilr et1 Tnumassrn > aa that he
ass In a ptrllnui position and that
unle < i irlstance came hi lesrel ace
likely to pound to pieces
The signals were oSsened by the men
of the life earing station at Oak Island
some mile distant and thiy prepared
t > render whet aid they could A tre
mendous high surf was on making It
Impossible to launch any of the life
At It clock the steamer came nR
without assistance and pwtredrt to
this city She Is apparently not badly
The Tord n kV > ll Is a steel teeppl of
m toni grjss W tons act built at
Sorth 1AItlch In IW She measure
I KI feet long Jig fet beam and liJ
t dp ll1 halllnt port U Tome 1
wg Norwa
1 tvkw
J r
I Daughters Body Lies
There and Old Mother
Is Penniless
With the coinlni of the nca > rr tin
lat nickel of Mr Amunda Wright <
life of litM
inline wn pens and the
blliiil daughter wlilcli hud Ixrn Mick
I crlhg Inuit like the caulk In Hi
rclliir where they Ihid at hail went out
I The body of Ada ll > ren her daughter
Urn in the Mnrgue and unless come kind
prrnms gore It burial It will KO to iot
trrK IlJld
And the molder who h rlchtjnnf
rl rrr s room
> ran old weeps In her
and eay the errs In the sere of the un
fotunit > n and the unnamed her own
last reting plirr
Thlx Is proilbly one of the saddest New
fear Morlm thai has been ever written
In It are nnnElnl bare deceit poverty i
and iillllcllon but running through It
all lilo u Koldi thread U the wonderful
mother love
sire Wrights hair Is snow white and i
hrr form brut with the stress of age I
nnd misfortune She Is the widow nf I
a hntelkrrprr who was on of the I
heel known alone lip IloMon road
year RIO
rrum her molhir ihr Inherited M
cniifldernblr fortune That caa thirty
> enis ago A year later her husbifid 1
dirt Adi MIP then three year old
She was pretty and Intelligent Hite
a i > l > teen yearn old when she met
irurKr IIPn a travelling ale < mu
anti her me Infatuated with him
Hrr mother protested hut In vain
The utudo wa that Ada and Mjren
and re mu
ran awe > to Philadelphia were
Ada hipplnrs Was of brief duration
Ilrfnre the hoileYmlaln aa 11 r trrr
dr irtrd hH
llrr mother not only forgave her but
es nl to PlilUdrlphla and pstd all lie
debt the 111110 husband had Incurred
rod buiulit Ada home
Thr RlMs Imr tnrnid to her mother
anti Ihy lived together ever after that
Hut Ads Tap not the ssmt girl Slr
hid bnl tranformed Into a s rliis
mrdllllc aims II
Shr jrean IU ill too and ten years
Sri brnime totally blind
Tlir money that md Mrs Wright tw
s srr < l van lowly melting away for it
took A pretty penny U pay doctors hills
and a consumptive nel constant At
teiitlun They Ue < amt I > xirrr anr1I > jorr I
e Ih year 1
rtli n > rk ago they nio el from
Titrntyflirhlh street to the hasfnunt I
It 34 Karl Twentynfin street where
they hlrnl tau rom The rent as
M a month
Tht blind consumptive was In a bad
way IHtt night there Vies just One
nltkrl III the old Kolnan s o esdon
With that he bought tome coal 1
ilon t ant > iui to tttrir to death ih
s old to her Jauthtrr
Then they went to tad When Mrs
nrlght awoke at 1 oclock this miming
Ma lay dead beside her
When netghtxirs came and asked what
iliould tie done Kit the body she call
lelplesfly Im ten toot In bury her
d daughter must gn to Potter1 Kird
bar I must go inn when my Urn
eeeea 1 wla I wen Lien now
1I y
1rlahl lie4 of the Huftld Transit
cnlray at RI lleorare lie
Irny1 This Porrsionsi
1 Tae freight shed of the Staten Island
llapld Transit Company at HI George
104M dcslmyrd by Are at 11 thl fore
IIIMII Hit earn IOMM iwlth grocer
iinirciinJIr were hutned up
1 The cntirie of the dru has not been
iiocertilnrd Ianengrr traffic wall In
terfered with for threequartan of nn
hour on account nf the hose laid across
thr trarks
Nobod gas hurt end there was cam
pirnthfly Illllr excitement lly noon
I the nIP wa under control
I The damage Amounts to til to the
< tad and llort to the cars The dam
IKI to the rnrrrhsndlsr has not yet hen
I r
Mr 1flnicU1 gr Itet theJtrliit MII I i i lag hanging lin by tl 1o In th
rr iiurliiK her rr ml eeaenn In LUll In Si riiind The tutu ot the two dig
don wile III I llttll llTICl play llV afway MlriM airs iJingtryn auillencef
Cliarlr llnnktlrll Balled IumrulM III ii t irviiiindutH pltnli nf fiilhu > U ni
ICIiiM the plot itnl arlUn Ringing Mr 1iiiKlry a role In the play Was
iiion the ntr In South Afrii Slater heart a Imipltal nur r Mr
1 i > uln raili nf the 11101 stirring lUnnurt lltully pU > rd Arthur Drl
tllf In thr plat win ni1i perinliy illitir A wiu tied loldlrr and Mr Kd
for Tin 1Yrrli In lulls II Vrr a iiiunl Mailrirr > hri1 Juk Howling 1
liiilon pliut gOpar t trmirUjlM warded lllor
future nf Mi > cO tlili li is iown In 3Ilw linilry In nln on her way to
lilt plrutr arc tlo Ainrniii and Eng are mall r
The Emma Jr Kennedy s
Want Down in 3O Feet
of Water r
The tugboat Emma J Kenntdy awk
uititrouily At her moorings at per II
East Hirer about 4 oclock this morning
She lies In thirty feet of water wtlk e
only lu top lit tin mui c tvt shuwlnjt
abjr the surface
Tau imTiilxr of the crew hoI a nat
ruearls from going down with the
slnWng loat
Tory were the llrr nun Frank Smith
and a deckhand Ilernunl Otn whi
were asleep In their berths when the
gulf iir < HK Itallho has 1101 yet been
explilnH nd slowly settled toward
th bottom
The watchman on the pier dm noticed
that the tug had settled and that lhs
rails were nearly level with the surface i
f the water
II jumped on board and shouted to tk
slMtaBg man who climbed on deck dUet
and half dressed r
They scrambled out on the pier sad a 1
few minute later the water clots with
a fwlrl user the croft
Cat VikifI uho carnnninded the
tug wan at his home In Hrookl > n when I
flip boat Mink
Ilr waa notified and has started an 111
tlgatlon He U nut lutlslleil thai tk >
tiu could have sprung alrak without
the aid nf oiilrldn hands
so nxTRA cturiB volt IT
A4itnlMBtiits to Tilt umiI will M M V
< tlr M si air Antrlcsn IHMrlti Yuueaef Oftaa
r iMMal TUirtpJi Oar 0 u X Tws Cut at
Oles ratn rail s st swsNr It n hn t SSI
+ Hix + xxixKi + + + + + 1 + n 111 mnfriM 1III1 t
1 1
I Pree Book
I P for Weak Men
Drop in at my cilice for free consultation or
write for my little hook sent free by mail in plain
staled envelope It tells all about the Dr Sandin
f 11 llectric Belt with suspensory a sure and harmless
remedy for weaknesses of men which result from youth
fill errors or later excesses With the Dr Sanden Elec r
+ t lr tric Belt I cured 7000 last year and give in Health
f j rr t World sent sealed with book over 400 voluntary
t J
+ A testimonials new every month Soothing currents ap
i plied through weakened parts at night It cures you 1
x t L while you deep l
1 No charge for advice either given at my office or
ICdPYRI through the mail Write 01 call today
If DR W ESAINDENBroadway Corner 2ihStrcetNew York CityN
rj OFFICE HOURS 9 A M to 9 P M Dally Swidyt 9 A M to 12 M
I li li + I + H + HH + Hl 1 + H + IHH MHlHHi III II i 11 I I 11 111 111 I i 1 Hl M 1111
R 11
I i
I I r Ir l I
= t IIII II 111I1h ll lll II I 11
I lllll I II IIIIll1 I l
i 1899 Hll
111 INT was The Worlds Hi r i
1111l Greatest Year r l J
I nnnnnnnnn r I
I Total Columns of Advertising Printed by 24 7t32X I I I
and World
ViI Daily Sunday
l I 34884 III I l y
Gain Over Last Year I
iii II Total Evening Columns Edition of Advertising Printed by 7 r 254X I I I II Ii I
II ii 1 I I III
I I Gain Over Last Year 1 2294 1
i 10
Hi Columns
III Greatest Advertising Record Ever Made by Any Newspaper i I
Paid Advertisements II 4r
II Il I Printing i tutu
I NI Number of Advertisements Printed by the 906 243 iliiKll
f lf I i Daily and Sunday World Illiltli 1
b 03583
I Gain Over Last Year J
ยต 1I 1111
i The total number of Advertisements printed in 1899 was over TEN TIMES I
ta l I greater than in 1883 the initial year of The Worlds recreation as a newspaper when the t
but 86577 I t
total number was
l Ii
I I J1111 = = n r
u = = = = r = = = =
= = I
= = L o
I 4 e
IJl lI i I 171 rlIlfJt t ll p

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