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f 11 P t > Lt W A J IW
i ftt
Frtltohrt bjr the Preu Publishing Company H ta PARK ROW New Tort
Entered at the PottCHBc at New York ai eeondclaM matter
VOL 4O NO 14013
NE ot the jtrtat origin poInU at which man Intelligence rises u
perior to that of mere animals lies In thfl recognition or pasalnR
C time
The difference between day nnd night the manlfmlatlnnn of
darkum and of light nil living things perceive Changing xeannnii
too arc noted Instinctively even by the lowmt members of the nnlmnl
The chipmunk knows when to retreat to his snug hollowedotit tieit
for the Winter He realizes that with the Summer come his time for the
glorious freedom of wood anil field
Hut man alone numbers the lays and the years and sauges hln prepress
aDd prospects by the standard of time past and time to omo Ucnre to
man alone comes the significance of n New Yw aiivrnl
Wo spend our years ns n talc thnt Is told
That Is aa a tale thai wo tell ourselves Every yrnr Is a chapter And
the volume may lo large or small when completed hut Its worth In never
to bo calculated by the numlr of Its chapter
On many a library shelf aland musty tome of countless pages bound
full of drynesa collections of useless verbiage lurren of the power to In
struct or even entertain On oiJior ihelvc or ixrlmp snugly turkM bo
twecn fat bookndghbora arc thin volume In which the bright wisdom nf
aD age It reduced to shining helpful Mmtencta nf wonderful brevity and
Thero Is the same difference between human UVM
Some men live eighty yearn nnd accompllah chiefly the gaining and Ins
Ing of a second set of teeth Others flash brilliantly IhrouKh the world In
a period of Lhm detade and leave a tailing Impress on the mltuU and
destinies of men And lift worn theM extreme aro hosU of ceaseless doers
of deeds and thinker of thoughts all putting nomethlng worth telling Into
their tale that Is told
Well theres a new chapter for omjbaly to4 Aad this Is the
Whati to be In 111
What aro you going to tell In Chap1 1IMT And If you havent told
an > thlng In the earlier part of your roluiaa arc you going to begin now
If you nrcnt It re Ijr Isnt worth your while to make any New Year reso
< 5RKTEK all th Virginia report that education of the negro tins proved
l a failure turns out to ho a restatement of the old trouble over edu
JV ration of the head and not of the hand
I ScJioolIng for n whole lot of black men has failed Iwause the
± 6s pupils were not taught tlie things at which Uioy could bo most mm
ful The teaching of many thousand of white mem has linen at
tended wlih lllHticrotH for precisely tie name renwm
In these days the aluc of manual training of practical Instruction In
outdoor and Indoor Industry la understood aa nerer before The time Is ap
proaching when such training and Instruction will be moat conspicuous fea
tures of public school and colleen course Such a report an that from Vir
ginia will take place among the forcea hurrying that bright educational pe
rioo along
The human hand Is quite as wonderful a thin in IU way aa the brain
which dlrecU Its working It ii well worthy of the attention of any man to
tho end that IU skilful powers mar be well developed and uaefully employed
Nobody is a worso worker with the brain for baring learned a trade which
baa given the hands a capability of their own In fact It Is a pan of great
wisdom so to have learned wisdom even for those who In color clmun
gtancci arc far rcnwed from the struggling blacks of Virginia
Ir Wanlt fo KlM Hrr
I ora jomc liJr 01 IDtl rl rriitr
I t II r frlioji r > r I loll th > 111 1 lDrt
tUallUi I t tiv Mkn I Ilkt icr > mich
111M I think bo Ilkti mt l n br Iurl
il u kin mf t lit I t bin to M and
PIt lit BI lit If It U folr t > In Un tt
f oIr ir If 1 oill ili bin p
t II C V
fen who offer to take ULertlen with
tlrli Iniult them No man with 1 parti
tie of retpect for a woman trie to kin
ktr unU he haji made It plain to her
that he dcrlrt to mirr > her Hut nn
fortunately very many men ron > l < l r It
Ir fair to take advantage of ullly
fI They often teit a trli chanctir
M principle by Just inch attempt
Tbe WonmlpJ Heart Kdltor ht hpant
1k SBM trajr and bout of the numberi of
ftrtt Ihtr hare kteed but the has nuttr
a man expren t der to win
f 1
1 a woman for hla wife
1 < le He Marrle4 r Koiif
j Hunt 10 Butlii if I < Iatro4 > eo4 to
I took iftau taker V > bin til U
r k famt U IIh4 mr t ifo r
I JU f4 kirn u rail fitrjbMr I li
t to nri Iw ti laiilr U a Hrfm
Xrw I Ullcii I mllr IOT < kla
II ot t drl vao title to k ill nil
tot tot not IM Ma u mtk tl
a to MrrlH i > 4 titt II to Ui hi elre
116 oil I III
1 Uillr 4nM tls Wbn
1st Mo Mm UH m tlo IX It V
t way out of your difficulty
lie t tell the geatlenan Juit as
IB the atory that ha been re
ta yw Jou will know by bis
Uer to any truth In It
hand it was a nulrlmn
1IfMa1t1T the tnrcntlon ta
f I bull Ji4r KTI Iklrtr r nf Hi ll
n > i up la ntir r I i Mtitlonillr tut mtflr
far butiMi 01 liir tirilt Urlr I bur n lltM I
itn I fwl i urt of imtirriiiixnt int crnt
UMiln b > n bi li lc l ind illhovth i
bm DM i > pkm la u11 i < htr n miitfri Of > I
illr of titiDfU I tAQII < t mJ I ihlnklnc hit < I
OIcU u > MO uta nh r tn r fri wntlr thin r
J Klsllr b lt mr out 01 mr Jim allj t In
fjuclic Kt btf I 0114 Ininifr to c t on more
TttoJI mrri llh Ihli trnllimin <
It li the mnni place ta mnkp iid
ne < If the attraction I mtitiul the
Rpntlcman Kill rrrtulnl mikp thp utatu
f 1 rnlml known to ou You tun HIP
Ktealpit rlik of lonlnR hl rp ppct If ou
dj not maintain > our o n proper poit
tlon In tli ilia lIr Let thp man nuke
The npH iliuirr > lilol uipd b > thr
Urman iAvatrj l < a Hr > fornildttilp
WUI > on It lll kill up to a dlilanre of
I = I ardi I
I i
I 11tln Tt III I
i Dont lake It so harJ my friend
I your tears cant wake her up aialn
I Te I know thats why 1 cant help
l 1
11 j b j LAURA JEAN LIBBEY j j ji
a l n rbll > I1 011
Now rot WorUI
1MWAHY flej Th ol1 11
with tin til initp < i and palm Its
hOI1r ind dUaptioIiiUnrntu hai l rn
Illh Into the armi rf the ii t and
p hmp croiiPd HIP thrprlmlil or ih
itlad New Vear
With inr whtfil Pirn W try to
ran In boriion wondprtnc what Joy It
vlll btlur ui until lt > tiiui ikv U 10lt
In thr blue haiy mist of futurity
How nirnmro H I that np nrc Iwa >
ro Kind lo inrt wllh itiP 011 1111 nlll
prtnp tbf MPW Tin liart hIlt bud It
jii llti bit tin filtllfp In Koldni with
I ff 1 nntliliitinni l Irlllhll tJ ItJ
roniK and hp < i > tu t lIzI
It Ilij HldKirormuli for On
1 ciirnbtr IIPIIII
101 1 t < I ft oJl 111I I
th In14 r1t r 111 tnr rol II
mocti 4rr lio UK MUI44 lolir n ibonrh
oi r idaji to miki i cjiUrl lM lb 0
iv ln U t1 < xb n oi r thi ft r Cat t OIr
r > t it t ueinii > ii IBM turto 10 r thi >
lotb In lit > not rinnrt ihi l Wbin
th iltnorxd nil Uft la Itlti put H rutum
It In II S < t Uo cuilul borr < o ihi lo < k if
Ih n ir4 If tV n i m nl innrr for I
four ir lit IIOIIM Ktiiln ra ill OUIKM I tf I
InlBI 111IoIU it tnin if > b l > oi cm 1
Iff i triicfit 4nl < out ri tt linalln Hut I i
until lh n ittnnittt ml Uttullt liift i
I mI J Ibta uk i IT th Cr ml tal llh in
H l l r until raU ulllrj durvt ikt lonUI
prur ii I uu Mifuli uf > Hfttir f t rtroln
For Loss of Hair
J I liAt thlrt tlini you liu
biml nhouM rettnlnly not lop ill nf
hl > hair Try thli lotion but lis liould
cA New
Year Sacrifice
II r OH you rtptr Kile he ror tn
Folt her I
I I now re olvp In < lo much bet
THI me I pnv what In ptrhrw
And Ill obey PPII to trie letter
If It be pip irtioe odor ulronr I
Clinic ruund me pvpry 1iprp Ill do lt <
Or lip Ihp imrd whole tubtle ua >
Unchanllhu11 no though much I I
rue It
The Ilu th I > owl tht frothlnn 1ln
Ill neer r lv Iu my DPI again j
The futlvp ooe mlnr nnclent frnud
Ill pan ilrulght by with cold dlilaln
8hP 1UIrd Dear youre Iut too
nwp e
To U > oull dive up ill your vlcpi
TU juil ouch aarrincltiK tote
The heart of ppry maid inllcp
Of pourip thpytp rone nnrt ibouM be
That I am urr I do ilhu
Hut IU riii utop tliPiu nny tlmp
Ilpap 1111 up Mir Mnrtln Ihll
I 11I1 IUI
If > our ixnplp arp Xrrn i U and
btr pip it ken on II nbrpf lt <
routii JIIr u k hpr MraUhtnKii
Si f rttali to art ou
nnfuiiJ It1 That JUDI what 111
fiUblpird ofluncVi > AlnntucV
i i OF TWO ivn
IllxAto jnu ittl troublpj with rheu
DIxSo but Im troubled nlth thp
di > ctor and hl < bill
I tll lR IJ
OM Ijn > pr How art you cpltlnlf
Yirunc IAwn1 han one client
Old lawyerla h wo llhyT
You n it IwiK > er lie wti
IIIM nr imrtT r IIT
Her P > P ar an ternlpr
Am her Uninnir in ternp
Her walrt In julle alender
Hut ilai x n her pune
Hlmkln rhprr up oil man Therpf
Juot ai coo1 n h In the 11 I n ter err
Tlmkln lerhip the < arc but
whata a fellow to do warn aes out of
Now ultli Iho New Y ir l < in snark
out n nvv llnp of action fur urelvii
Ipivn thp old hildlii nti4 old nuv for
unhaptitneiM behind in If we can
Our llrei af unit w inaKe them
I TIP dan that are illppliu pilat u >
Ilkp th Bmln of njnd In the bntir ln I
remind ui If nt lIot > to think n I rout It
how ratddlv the pendulum nf tme II
nwlnrln n1 ttiat we inuit linprovp
Ihp nrp enl If Wf wlih for a happy
Mnkf fomp rranil re olvn with the l >
xlnnlnc of tlit ulaiUome New Year and
l > nn thp rtrrnxlh nf wilt to keep II
t nirh n tlmp rpriipmlMT the poor
cparrh nut thrmo 1110 hnve no fire
Iclitpil on tlHr bpurthftoii on thi
div which iliould brlnR nohln but
aln h rnlp ma iRp Colnene 8 i
I ounren nlrlu of rani > liur iiuncru
tlnctiiro at catfhirlilp I OUIIP Ap
ply to the roolii of the hair ppr > othrr
For a Hairy Mole
Charlotte 011 Your ht plAIi woull
It to hur tti halt mole rppiveil br
Treating Cliiltlrcns Hair II
A nTlterr li no proper n or un
I njorlnii mvlhhl nf krtplru liildren
hair it < hl If ynu WII tlnlr hair onc n
w k nxlpfi HIP MIII nhimpo if > inula I
for which I Kin It will runoM ic nil
haulIIII to all of Ooili chlllrr ihare
lth them flip good thlnm tmm Jour
film overladen board leach tu in
this mv the fall metnlnf o the word
ind fee how hippy tJietr Jny will make
I you Let the day be full of pleasure tn
every on about you I t no cloud ob
cure tti minnhlne Do not make U a
lone d y of prayer to wwry thp Hill
on M and IIIt them to think It a lonjt
drawnout Hundny
Ilpmpmli 1 OJ nDfireclatpii a hort
nravr If It comes direct from nn earn
ot heart quite ni much ai He II
thofp of mnny hour duration
lip kliide and mor cowldprnlp of th
loipj one at bomp you may not tm
thpm nt > our flifsldp when another N w
nprpsrary oil and thin nl ai maker
the lulr IlKhler futtlni children hair
acconllnK In the bllefn of mnny pc
rhllut cniiif Iht hair to grow darker
rormula for nhampoo
II t tii of t > < irt oln oil ui U < quirt nf
N > lllr ilrr WhID tit Mip li Jiwlifl thi
mult III I tInMt i Mir Tiki of tbti > llr
i > l n liri ULIfr Milali id t mill amp
ut common nblni > t < Ji ihoit Ihi AI ef
ftU tl lint ot lito btlr lhoroj blr llh ti <
u > r ibrn nib thi ihimrm mliure ull Inti
Itx Mod Mlrn Ikorojfhli In utinl ittri
Thrn nrrfullf iff
I KnlnrKcd Iores
Mr A C llroollvn It Ink 1 lon
Hcene Country police itillon Younjr oulllr man aiptrlnc to become a membpr of
tliP fori P li belns rimlnpd
nfp < vtorUf count1 01 aip IIU o > jll ha n i lot of nlchl work to do You
srI not nfrall of belnn nut late 1 uppvs 7
iountrnianN Motli r lirpaklnK nlThnllI bp all rlcht lr IIUi old crainl
tnotlieiii Keltic round nlth him the 111 two or liter night until he RI ti ured to It
I y I IN
r Tri C i Aio 7i oTtkYi7ioilBNoir7triBiBiotv > ottl7iTVZ > Zy7iV ZiKi i ii Tk i iTi i rk c
ii iwi3i3vCT < I O vzI C = zv
1411 irljlml romin r irjrct 4 i rib nrw ni
uor r 1 > 0
horitp carrtir at I 1
OR J hs e my > n
tbe itiMir III twtntv nilnpli Jlr I
fJ vnnt lo Jlu hl ml tri M I
IlII i brown U Kolng fir nrlile In lIe
pirk I wll Irlt hi il p li Ilk an hp
tUiuli tbero rpuly rr tie carrlaup She
dont know hnt a utlful plcturp kite
aiakri itan > linic ihte In the tun lUat
uhltli hat biaullfiii IIrn lulr jjllvulnic
In Ihp un then rr tilup ejp an
rotilp rpd chreki in ripe pink ilpi OJ
iinpeat nn imlllni thU li what her lor
U t j to asiul her from hi hldlni
plarp hp mouupJ the ip tn In a
mompt ai In th trrhIlP ohlrllnr a
bnc IP hlrti r011 lo the lark Juit at
hp 4 relPArtilni to fU hJtne a lenm
ran a way un run In ladli catrlaRe an
ii iet It an m IoIJ sUJIn out an bruk I
her itm r ik d hT UMIC u when ihe
amt to the KH n her white bed an her I
lorr b > her tide ahc lojkeJ up In Mi
raCt and nlJ where am I at b raid at
= = =
homo INr an In bp l yiu ha v bpi
Marciely hurt hen all PBHIP luck to her
rHlne nhf pi ked me up when I not thin id
mil of tho carUge I did my deu I M
you nhen you Ipft home nn I follow nt
Jou I tw you nhpn you t1I1 npary 101
my llfp tninc to mp you I run In the
rek and plckpd yoj up an carrlrd you
out JXMC to A Iarraep ordered U drove
home yuii npnr r deud tnan a lIe o
thete par il > that I h > v tchMl
by jon horw up on har that you would
ct better but It iroinrU u thou you
nould d > p In plc of ui all but at lut
our day my hart a > triadJned by your
tpcowr It M a hard nte for lift 11IIth
thU he took both of hn little hands In
hti an Jd no 10 to Iep an dont talk
enel morp or you nil1 ctt worf 0 ahp
cot el an they werp nurrlr1 an live In
bciautlful little cottage with A txuutlfu
Oowvr irden la frunt of the MUle
who the chtldtpn play an racket a
round but the mother an father la proud
of them Juit the ame
jHHKKH I I I I I t I II I I I Illlllllllllll I I I I I I IIIIII
It due your tuMtem to act aa If you were delighted to be her gueat to
IT appear bored It an outrage upon hospitality t
No matter what arguments arlte In social gathering dont IoN your
temper I
t o
loOn who outruce conventionalities In order to tpoon will not be I
I e1ofd of toclal crnor J
0 0 +
Dont ripUlnat a rule nolhlnt matten enough In txvlety to warrant
lengthy ptptanatUmo elongated apologlet are equally teUioui
o o
Kads are all right If one can keep them harnecaed at home but to
mount our bobblet and prance around our friends drawingrooms la lo
to ronfpi our he the reverse of aarreable
t i
lo trltlclir our < hoiieioa manner of intertalnlni hun we have not
learned IIIP alphabet of good breeding
HHH iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
= co I
V dawni and thp iliten and brulh
rti toI lhpy may b married and tone
n thankful while you are all together
with the street and dfar home Iin the
dearest In all Die wM wide world u
et unbroken
Make Ibis > ear on epoch In your life
i look back to
Trv ami ncjompllrh lomethlric thit
111I entile on to rl1 a nappf clow In
lour hpjrt when you recall tbe
y ar 1W
> lo lltiljpr trrlte lWp p rtlI
for HIP IVPHlaB Vnrlil nrla
olvrl li HrraliBPiiiiiil tllli Ib
11I11 lor >
nhllc to cure mlirccj porc They hut
iipcn form us for rnr IVp thn crub
Mnc brii b anil II pun hyji ro p
UuziiiR in the hari
A llpiilir IluizlnR in thp < u miy I
l > p raun i 1 b the jiviKiuiUiloii uf wax
or by Hino ramrrhil troubl 1ou
xhould Iiv < or itrn examined one a
by n iiklful aurlat
1 II This U ihi formuU for Fo < ntl
lanolin t rnmi > I ilirinl Ml I r r
Ml r r flrllHr4 I riT 1 otlc B rlni > t
tr > 3l iloltt ruricl ram Itiei th ill
I bur ml iln r t li > tu moitir thru ill inr
> lm > a < 1 ill i illlr tl t Imf unl i > til
t l > braii l rut 01 d lanollnr ml < Ifl
iltiet Krrp In o nixrnt Kin 1 a i < rr
111k ol th > ilntnitnt lo n i ilirlt li ur
nllfillou i night mi In itir rrim rimin
CQ Qiul mortlnf
n > KituT 111iiiiAitD VK
f + +
I 1m
1 + jj J AUV fair and ypt nrpre i
I TII mr at thy leisure
1 + L With thy hunibl > pf +
J vim hprp
Wilt III in trpid a mp urPT +
lipntlp lr ono InuPi li >
For vhtf < iKr I kipt It
f YP m rp tnv iilttr I f
I briniit Im 1rtfI1 II
i I +
Nn 17 our imiur I think
Ili7 Im u roils ni ilciiln e
e NVver mind Ill liiu a drink e
Wlillp you nit U out II
Walt Dry inn to I i Ion I
+ If he doiA tun u I
And hp Kiciild liivc if 110 i
+ Tuke iro ilunn In dl
lllu trjP < l luidiin X <
H + HH + H + HH + H
illi OldJIe Itii aurullv wpet of you
Mr Cunlui ewiup lih pniup Impey
tr > k mp to mtrr you Of courcp I
know Oll top me but I hope that peo
ple wont My that > otl marrM me for
m rmnp
Mr Imppy Cunlui Un a Mule of utter I
rollnpup aflpr an plabomtely forced pro
po alM ilpir Mln fJIddk < T Klo
lr I arture > ou that I fhill never men
lion It Punch Almanack
nixrii < rma
Th Widow Why w Mlnena called
the lloodfn of l IomT
Th Ilarliriorlrobably bprauit ah
never mwlpil
I TTi Widow Thpn why naa Solomon
rho had i rml hundred wc ctliil
tho Ur man
ilhUI arirumrnU eera to hare con >
alarrable wlcht
nof courne thy hare He tip h
ralpi at 3M pound
Are you urp you love that girl
Well I cant work In the mornlns
until I nt Iftlrr from her and after
I irel It I cant work
How mUh Hodnpy Jnnpi IF
Yei he Ukpf It III ptrvonal If you
pt off a street car whin he U u
I Vft
I liS
l r i4
IUI l 0Ye r li lru that I
mint be claMed with old mal
My mirror hili al > l to me He
lfn > our clf and I nhull da in I
nho would hatr lued to nell could
have detotPd my life to the hipplnim
of one olhrr nunt do n my huirt and
remain in tho nolltuJo of my llttlp
room Isolatfl In the mkl i of thli cay
Iarlt whoip pteaiurfuppklnir throng
are oblUloun of an old mildii lonely
Uctoixr IWIurlnK thc lait week
new linn com to m which nan
changed my wtiule life ln t > car I hat
laird up H little mom 5 and bought
oome ex > jon Mock aa an Investment
It lias Hun mmellntuly and I tmr
rrallied iii J franc Think of It t
am rkh I who have had barely enough
In III n on all try llfel
AftPr ihe KOOX 1 npwt came IM bad
Sorrow will alunji follow close upin
my happlnrsi My ilitcr Antoinette a
wlJo nho live In the country town
whtre we wcro born hat Jut died
raln two little children PIPITP anJ
Jeanne without meant of supporting
I htnorllu
January 1USU li In liadoni liter
my natlvp place that I wrii tlicff UIIPI
I founil my nppliew end nlpce In A piti
ful iltuutltm i
Jcnnc li a charming girl of eghtcen
in 1lprrc n flnv ad nf iilxlcen 1 love
them both alrpaiSy and ttf taat my
ml ilon In lift lit to rnre for item to
if af much 1 mother at an runt can
bo Aunt thnt U bttlrr tnan old
K ncr Dullftif If Mil hpri > Whpi I
an him nguln nftpr all thr p tar > my
hriirt bent in It oflm uicl I i whtn I
> ai a girl 01111 caw him oflm I
thutight that thli foulliIinciJi boil left
mo but hv tntf uleht of aim Mt me
irimbllne nnd I flt that I > luihcd
I lime boiicht a lltile liiuccrlmple
I but mipii HII lioinc lh We rill II ourl
little nri > t In h tfti
lvin inn v I cjii hnnllv CPP 10
rill > iml inv han ircmlilti iMlh pmn
on KUMMT IIIK jllI Ixcn hero HP
round nil dloiif mil mil ntv win in > 1
Riirt lui ached to lirar all thr yimr
Mr mi K ha > aUui t > < me that
n I iuer for utttn mi ilurlnp all
tV VIIM lIt IIhnp mit thU in > ri
lurn 1111 mad Jlm hiij II wants
tm in rurrj him In liv tlnciro I
fdI i t fr
< cililiuilrr It
T h > tcr nl T Er > iiU < Wor 1
V u Itir r r fuel xhmiiuxr 1 Ir i It
tw i nliM t > r firuatuu lftnli
mtnilnc th trtln irrltf f 0ti Qir mlnutri to
til 1Iv inf in < S In tbr wnli4 It It nften t
cit f il llni run 10 ranutu t < 4 l xir ml
1 titll h li < u > t > ror > Ihr < 1Iu ta
url inl ir iwJ i tin Urn n i ac
la t > li Ir IIIId < w r04 > lle > r4 l
roin t u iftt lib t turn al MYltlBf In tht rari
1 in tvx illnj bl t t r r n 1 ktl but
i reqii t1 lo J o 11 bf tbrrr eibtrt f bo lto
IAn lo rul uf Hb bi tuttif > K U
> > mlrMr I
T 1 b Efcr at Thi nt ito < 14
I rmrlblt 1th Ibf orJtrr lOohnl
o hi rirrrhtrt iutc1 t wool M cocail
14 Ir bi Tff It Ibrrt t ftVrt lc rogJ
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have tearched mr heart for aa U
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Marei 1JMI return to my
where the teerrts it my heart AM eto
nreulon to write of this MV awvow
that JIM come to me
Jeanne confiw > e l tu me dIat
do til In love with a young ttffloar I
an I liP n In love with her
It rrrrrn that the Jourr man la 1
too oor tn marry unleM Me wtt
n little money Jeanne he know ha
none and hp hat reiolv to 1M Oi
novice h loe and try to make a far
tune eliMirpre to be able to marry fcar
She I In deipalr for be knows tta
full weight of hit tacrlfloe
VJien I trial to concofo her ah ntedl
Oh If vou knev how I love hJ r
1 made uu ny mind then to gtr bar
Ot franc an I had to rierre It U
a larce um but I thought I would not
n oi It to much now that I Wall to mar
r Kaper
Thai inKht I told him and aw Vl
face suddciil chatise wcomc hard anl
cruel When I had finished he erM
It I abMird1 You hat no right to
11 P votir money IIIY In this man
I told him that I had already glren
to Plerrp n like rum and bo cnd out
uciln tnt It waa folly After roany
rJi ht Jpft HIP homo In ansr Mid
MVlnc < it DIP door
w hrn > nii romp to your ten s I will
return uml then Koudbyl
I Iff hs nip lovpil mel It was my
ix r lilt fortiirp hp na < after Ood
lirlii tn < I rnn krnn tbl und still bve
hint A rtl I I tnap my cliilon ant
n mv hpir I brolen my con
< pnoe t 11 PPIT
Jf nn u fuvp Of hnppy that I try
I in find m own comfort In frellnir that r
un the i avu of hr li
j Ylttrliv I met Kasi < r on the utreM
ml hf Jill mt lnuk ut me The f
fill IIP li o tnirrv n rlfh < lou oler
ev n man I
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her bilslunil linc Ir toliif to c io
If next > pxr nrnl I nhnll once nvfllj
I < t > shn Alone an old maid trlth bW
lar rr < inorlj ind l eavy hour i4
nnClIlh From HIP Trench
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tulm IU C E riKR
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1lnlf 1
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