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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, January 01, 1900, Evening Edition, Image 7

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II I iiF I AIftI1 p
Mrs E J Morgan Locked Up for Jntoxi
I cation and Quarreling in
I I the Street
I 4tn Adelaide rynman Mornan wife
l ef K J Morgan who playi it lendln
role In Ilou Jlur nt the Ilroadway
Theatre was arraltncd In the Wen Hide
Pollen Court thin mornlnif chir ed with
rulnu hen Intoxicated and orderly
last nljrtit In the trect In front of her
huibamli home ot SI ell Thirty
fourth ttrte
The complalnint of reconl wan the po
liceman who made the arrest The retl
t rnmpialnant win Mr M or Kan himself
who wit In court to teitlfy to the Cacti
j t Tho actor returned lout night from a
J day Ilt In Yonkeri At the Or and
i Central Station ho RIVO hit valise In
r charge of a boy to Uke to hU residence
an I ufier a hrt rail Mr Morgan Cot
lowd In a cab
In front of 11IF IIOUe a crowd was col
IrellJ ibnut n woman and a boy who
weri irugtlnf I4I thA possenlon of
Mi Morgan vallre The woman wu
Mm Morsan The boy laid he found
Itrr valtlnR In front of the door when
hi sot thre
ilio tolJ him pile was Mn Morrn
and demanded the bar and wbea he rt
t1 tusrt tn Rive It up trlnl to take It bjr
I ce A vulle eniued and a crowd col
t liil
il SIr Morgan was astonIshed to find his
f > there U they had not lived to
r I dither for more than a jear and hiv
1 counter nultn for divorce pendlnu Mr
Hrgnn took the vallie and tried to enter
th inure but hie wife clung to him
HTtjnIni the while In a half hji > terlcal
T A piillrennn ap > eared nnd tried to
rrllf the llnpiiie but Mr Morcan n
r fuii 10 o away tiulcti and Mr Mor
l Kan iininllnk ocr arrevl all thren rn
lirpil a rat and ncrc driven to the eJt
Thjnyeintli street Station nhrie
Mr1 Morgan wa < pHceil In rharsc vt
I thi matron In glvtni her pullgrep flu
I ild the had nu home
I i CU5HN1
The Morgan met In notion In 1817
Morgan haa teMIHed In court that shi
threatened to kill herwlf unlws he mar
ried her They were married Dc 17
1W but loon jeperated
Ixtut June Morgan was arrenttd on her
charge of non > uppurt and abaidon
ment HU rtfcnjc wn that phe was a
morphine user and habitual drunkard
He wan ordered to pay JI a week for
her support
On Dei i she began Milt for a pepara
Inn arKInK for W a urck alimony and
gui Mim rJ ttm ilorjan tiled a counter
euit nllcglp that itt < waa a drunkard
am that she hid once tried to commit
tulcliie by Jumptn from a fourdory
window whIte under the Influence of
Plays His Own II Fantaisie
Polonaise with Dam
roschs Orchestra
Tho Usual Scenos of Enthus
iasm and Adultatlon at
tho Closo
It MI foriiiutr fir IJIr k thit
1 4 > many nini were it lil mirirt In
Iiriicsli llill loot nIght fir if ihf feint
tune rlcrarnt iud Iirrilanilniinl n It
Inrl nt hli afternoon rrcUil th t New
Vnir might hur < lx Miril nc he waui
till tryIng III MV OoodN KM Ai It was
mm a nil Aonicii curenl m tin font of the
tag whrn the oonnrt wis orr clamor
Ing fnr niiirr mil yt marc unit after thi
rrai plnnMl hai1 TaclouMy ii > rl hOll
cxln pliron ntlll fhoutnl crrnlll
llrivi1 ami I until t uuuuasl iliiid turlr
hand In iVp < ft iiiy > f fnrtlur fior
in ronic
tit night fur the firm tl1n this sa
n lliIHwkl aihirivl with an rr
Iliiilri anti Hit house tvj < pirkid from
op In Imttuni Irolulil It ha ner
hfll n IOn 0 poipio nt I mutcnl 1 Ir
lilnmcnt At IIrO thrro 1Ito rump in
tlip Ihlt > iliii I > rli ip < to 1 ilolri1 lu
pr < rrv < n frmliinc of nbrldr tu
npprrclil lout but drKltmily rr lrnlnl
gas r O ay tn nnbrloli inllumliim The
iirchi t rut wa unilcr I hi > dlrrrtlmi nf
Vnllir tinrouh a prlnrr of ncrnnipin
ln nho < c pympathrtc rrnlInK < sr >
A for IsilriVAsM I I Imilitful If hf
Iits ben licarj In brttrr inlvantaBP
Ills rpmlrliK III IUcihovin < Kinpirnr
miircrln In K llit mnjor In uv lilii In
llrit ipppiriil was Iliiulnltf fniilful in
tplrliiK This In fnlUmrd with tic <
niiil of Clioplii for tlii nvllul Inxri
the bnlhili In A flat majar IhV vni < r III
rhirp mlmir Hi priluilf In I Mat mi
Jiir Ihe ftudi in I maj > r ami tlip pilo
nilsc In A Mil irnjur n all of which lit
hit lncn hcanl tefore Into tin polu
rilfi he InfiiM such a tlooil nf c > lor unit
uch lrllllv an 10 rrMnin liii tnt
Tlic lust prDRMinmr miintr tune Iail
rnvfKlj IIHII ciimpofllltin thi JintAl
C t > IilomlM1 hlh lie uv rot iftir hln
O Miirn tu Kurnpi from It rut rIcuts
lour In KM It II a work of sat JlKll y
tutu I ra t tte nf IMIInh national eti a ran it
ilr and 1llrUlln alltl full nf mrloIy
In which tho piano part It nlmirl < ubor
limits to tar orchmtu In thlx nftt hi
fairly rrvrllrtl KvInK Iho fulli > t pliy In
MB rrmarkablr puwrrn and rlrctrlfylnic
what hail Len his rapt nuUUnct nt the I
lir ffpirntf orcuritril numNrt were
the hcnvrlr prelude at the begin
fling and Ovorakn SUvIo Dances tIf
tone tin Iidtrtwskl piece both very
well plajrd
There win an txccKent prenentitlnn o
flue MuMah by the Oratorio flode y
at Carnrglc Kail on Saturday rvenlrR
fly the wctdlne out of Ineffective mMf
nat the society hap Rained In volume
while toeing In number Th choruara
IIr sung with rever nuth precision and
mine and man Frank Iamro ch ron
durtnl nlth all his accustomed lympilhy
and enorcy Tlf fololnln were Uniltkl
jrncn IrrMop lllpliim and fUorm
Hamin lhr house IIn > irowded
II Trovatore at the Metropolitan
Operallotur Siturilay evenlnr had an
audience that vhowtd dlicrtmlnitv ap
I I 1t1 lion ot the fine work of the cst
in the popular old or < r4
Mme iljnielll III Hie character nt
Aturciu recnvnl the tnt rnlhuflanllc
applaune t filch her mil ip ndd trii
ilLii ilfercd Mine N irdlM un
t1 lot ln ilrlnc In ttc pi I i
nori h e III hr iiml r i ii sI 11
SiKiur Campanirl 11 Couiu lit iuni
hared favor with Mini Mulc k liit
M DlpM1 is MnntlM wn rnth ili ip
IMIHIIU cpecUlly In i lit cirllri t vnes
IJItr he iliuwnl irii U 1I1f r > rini ii
iriubrlrh Snlluimi nilukit niil
iMpatiPirl llrlluhl n lnrpir
It was rVmtnlrh nUhl at Mn Metro
politan Operi > lloue lint tllcht MOIl
Jlarcella was never In bellfr nlt nor
mom unlalilo mood She ranx like a
tutu and responded tn encore like an
The bit audience was well repaid for
lu temporary rvnuncUllon of lulldi
mrrrlmuil The ln liu IIr Hemhrln
nlont Hai worth whuewr Mcrlfler wan
tntile In addition therr was M
Hilunac nho li 1 crrit itul end Mile
Man Olitiki who If A ver > nlxtmillal
iul it It lout and hIs Campirurl nioi mm
In ill rnmjvitiy
A urniiRrr bill could rircrly Imi
bon oUtred and the music lovers turn
ed nut h fnrce
GslUn1 C number an aril Jf Iu
serits opened the performing after
the excellent oxfrturp by Jlr Iinr nr
rliffra All the tUnrerp appeared III h
ot their best anil Sallftnac rilrly rnrrle
It audlen lor form tie > M tutU flcui
b > Ollllka mill unpanarl IIhOM tlrc
lion Mrre irfiil > uiiUuilpil itt I the
aulIen 11 u < In j muukt thnrmicl If i
appreciate the briutllnl vnlfr of ftm
brlfh when she sang hut lirrt nuiihir
Ah Kom IJ Iul She won tier triumph
The work of Mr IMtirt ate olri
cam In for a hati nf HIP Krnpr it up
Ji eII I lie IIi II unil rrliinlr
Milll lni Tlnlr Irtirl
In llili ii
IlldAftO Jan I drik ihli > ipr rti
Irrr l Ih < boirilln hiuro nf Mrr i tie
Hli wnrt In Michigan nvfnu lucre iut
nlcht mil took jiHilry vtliuil 11 flci
Mnii of I UIK nu nnl li Jn rjihlti
llnll ami iirlrudp VhlU > urinal
Ill log hrrr wlli Th < llr fruit
Unnnarr Unil li > llrlnnlnlr Miin Mr
Ilrnl null lMr n lllB Ilni
up Wrll
Manlier of IMitew ihfarr In ihl
fit > will br itrnnely Ireful from no A
on In ihlr rn a it ncr of nddroliii ihilr
Thr miniger of the IVopI s Theatre
llcharrrd I tlolditrln the ieay Iri
jtdlui lid Saturday for taiklnit back
The whole company luvhic recently
been formed Into u union struck
The auiiUnre woe nlllujt for the play
The Kai > l Side thrill in hefln gnu
the manager ud no allernativr left hut
tn rlnltllll OoMitHn a > oloir1i to him
and PV a Ine of Stun The pi ly then
vent on
rkIytqs Hull Lked Alter
kr Dr Black Who laaara
1 o r4en
No more rtfrlrerator I ears In
llrty knl At leant Dr Robert A IlUck
Hl tnnt Ranltnry Bup Hnt < ndent for
tint borough hap declared tnal tin rr
ptall Iw heated
If a plnrl car U unhet tomor
row he said today I rrlll Inue nii
order that no car hall ie pent out un
Imu warmed I ihaJI rive but twenty
four hour tar the enforcement of the
order If It tent obeyed then namethin
more ptrloup than an order will happen
The cold can are a dprrace lo tin
AttnlMPitP far TPT wont VUI U n
ttliH it nr AratHrtn Iiirrlci Umutur ott o
II Poul TIIri Oem la Nt > Tirk nr it
Ole mIss Ooll a BMMnf u 7I bit i Ui
r II
1 5k r
sTorvs ip Inrr11 IIIT13
II1 h ui 1
lf He it t Ii1i III a 4i 3 I
r 1 it c 4riltii bee titbir FLift
lIoc a al 0 r I Ilia sJ ra
I lir Jwin ifii ii f lriiw OIIIIIM wI
rllu btr in mirir Ffce e f lli I < Bi4
defirij Iho 1U b < r MP is Inlrrtyijit br 0
li nun bn j5 1 k > i r la k i
ttnii tin Her
Ire li Trill Kerikil i bi Crra tl T llk
Icu Ite Id il > llnt l ul III I th I
irrl IB e era
II II iieS cxn Ib fni ef I tu lOr
A1hr aid hut > utq IkMi iloJIx IW rio t
llcolir llr > ih < r ailtfl ii Wr nfonl In
nitrr Krlj iK VITIH I n it > thr
nttt diir put I set ft Irlo h tf IXtf ii = I
tii tniu iltfT nirrt l t I
Jrtlui UK 5Z t > V haue k rr mu I
Psi ntil use sat mtr nftn Is UiwjH
lttrtl1l IIfl b UI rrrs l1b5iiC cc
pin X Yerk lVH I
The llann of lliiiliir
10 Urauhartii Colnr IHlel hit
IK ms admiration when he llfeu rd
the luetlonr re with Ihe 11
RchmMt hit Ittmlir on their return
from th rmf carrtrn would hl JuU
fed the yaitnr malt Mill mor In ex I
clilmlnr TaiKer whit an actor you
Plucking at his hair IIn1 lrard and
rtnillrg his sarticntp tie rtp and I
mostinl and cried nlnud I
Im ruined Im nilnid Oh my ptnn1
My Hood moiy ilnx Mix Im
runedl Your father IP a rulnrri man
In vain the two mea OhI > hud ac cia
panted the raunrtf home from the
roof garden tried lo ecnarle him
Why purely oure Irsrurrd uhl t
on of them
Ten > ep but hon dor the luur I
nre come even near catering my tons 1
walled Clrauljt Oh Im a rulnrJ
3 j A o1leTiaii saId lomethlr lout a
womin and her child hun been burn
4 ej to death
Max who hid not betrayed any MIlO
lion of any kind until then started at
the pollctmani word
laN to 4c liar be Ml4 wtU a
hniioA rli s 11 hl < nlce Kather
art UII you knit a nnman and her
tun y wr liiirnil to tViih1
The rldir liaiiliart lookril at hll non
hI alarm Th > ouns mint rud refmrd
In In snarling frnm 11111 nocket hi
lli > ii RfheI HIMU 11 let uiU liU lio < l >
Ncam < rlchl like that nf i corpse
Cime um Faa from here 4ld hloo
I Uthir Thi IF too much for our
I riripK
Cure my nerves hrlrkfl the
I yotinK man UII you hear a woman
and ttt tahy were liurnnl In Jealh
Hi tit I ran hear them calling out for
Criulnr now that 111 ron naj apt to
rnnki mirieilnmiKlnr fIH stun If cet
tool irlni was miufrrd now was the
My las it lists turned hh brain h
all o the rurroundlns people Hell
be an right atnln lomorrnnr omr
Mnv roll away from hers My IYlJf
bI ne It Us sn
I > ont ynu touch rre ctcUlmed Mab
Tl rei > lilool nn your handihe lito > d
of the woman and Mr aby
HeV crazy cotilHil iraiilurt My
px > r nor Uiy Ie craiy I
One of trie byilandtrs touched the poJ
Herman on the arm i
Ill bet that oll fellow pet the place
afire he raid The rnllrcman noJ Jed I
asCent j
Uhal lime did you l Aie titte irer 1
hr < lrminde jhari ejiliK IIrulHlrtl
with the mien nf a Jlmfnoil Iniih I
It wasnt hitfpi nine nhri so
went away rrpllel Jraubirt with an
Injurtii air You dont juppxii I jet
flr > In rry ptore dJ you
iOSftsit who wua In the froI ex
Mr Irauhirt It relit It win only a
little after > oli k hon he left the I
store I aw him hAIr and piwke to I
And lit uerj In hip rou jinj nfter
that nnl now spoke up mp of the
men liaTi lieu hid bntushU alone from
the coot garden
Ita you TMt M to turn la M 11
Un i tai iikil ttie tiollceniiiii now
rornughl cnnvlncr1 of nraubann In
It rn and thu MH f lninlt >
U lirt the a nbulance iirrUcd they had
u Rriit Mil if truublr KcllliiK Mux In
rout It
I Im not enczr hr ulirlfkrd trying
lo fur hlmtdf rom hr gnu < p nf the IK
HoniHii in nuririvn anil Ihr ambu
lann ilrlvir
I knot what Im talklnj about I
poured the oil oir tIn niock and that
I nun tier that lrn < l In human form
I iit tin fun > Hi net It > o u liould not
gui off until n hour otter wr Wets
j uJfll
And nnw Ihfrrr that muther and tier
ilxb liuirid ourni t Iornsel and jP for
I tiul
iiuUirt was inuenlly iiri > lrd
laid charrct with hiring nt the ton
illrr liii K then WIU MI ex Idem
u strain him uasul the lejtlmony of hU
Kin hr wni ijulck rricifed for tl < 1
IxTlP In llrili Hi lliiptll ilelarril that
I Max sn hciMliixly Inune and hh tet
tltnnny WI rrefarp Aorilileii
Krili Krnkrl f life 11 In thin balance I
merit wr K I
I He nap dellrhui a crca part of the I
Satiric its > iwllf of Jtttrlum hr a nlill
Improilre thv riibllmrt ort of music
I Th t t ol th time h Vtti nn rnr
Oh my oHrii my briutlful opn I
I Unie ejp ililrinali Jon
I lIe lf iinrird him Any and nlpht i
iNVer had there I rent Rratir deiullon I
I If 11 u her
The niurey ir h1 sCsI wan wwnj
lexhauled nit A KurHt > clv to hlcli
i Frltr vrlfiruid upi i li a nck 1011 out I
if this lie tijgit mrjlclnv n spit
IP 01001
Sie wuulJ lln iirulf In cnrr to IT
abe la jive Krlll tb but of riery
thine I
At UF r using drv9tUn ass re
wnrdi1 KICI ban in ncivir An
lolhrr Illl nI 111 I ar able to5
H uj fold ft III ih armchair
llemlr ha 4 al rmus tm uipor i
neat tin liirtil hiiiifx nnil ha I lit
nl > hrj ttni o IJP InMiltrrnt plan
fiiiij lutt with 3 ti w tn Jlltx
I orator
I rue ihre rti ten tt area hat
nr eint gu in 1 1 > ad Krilx I
few H n tn1 Vrrun lo u 1
UI I thoieht lit rn tftr irer the i
lo of 4 he opens 51 wh a I Ihnk lisa
claM Ua h III ipue Irn 3eI 11 tne
It help me C KIM > 1 to ter my
Well n ah f u can hrnr in
ppak uf Ihr uVC wll > lIla ilnntrr In
jour health I wl I tell you ora lhlnr
MIl uncle I llinx th loti can M
alit rrjlacrJ
Prill liKikrd lit her In optnejtd won
You know > nii timclit me lo sing
thi par nf Ililolic VVrll I I III Ilk I i Ai
repeat not mil that but the Hhult
upira i > far IK mi tininhel It1
And brKlnnlnr at th tint tine Inulr
wrnt Ilirnuxh tin uholr prfDrmuiue
down to tile point where Irltx had left
An I not ooh Hut IHV rhe 1110 f
HIlt < ll till4 IIIIKN III IlKl KKK III his
delirium songs of > urli nlted ruli
limit that Irnxi tyn falrl j linlril
C rwn he heard IhHii
In le > > than Inlet seek Irltx hal
I again written 0111 the work wnrj and
I mud and In Via seeks more Ktin
Hllh the mutlr lleolc hm ciucht fr in
hin rljui lly li nh ilr uiwra w i
ii All that t dn no nsjeuI was an Hi
prxarln who would like II
Tlil Ior f Ine prmirHmn1 protiil
lmo t mire trnubli ome Ihai anvlh
rlf < Krli went mom ins mmnper t <
I Tie othrt but wan rxrynhin ud tu
cill omr other lime
Often hr s a lid I thAt If he TIhI
he mlthl iae the minnrrpi Hut hr
had iKen esrnsI Hut ihl inly mram
a iKillli way ot rtttlne rid of him inl
I lit hi rifti nniil pity IINlInlllIl
du iil II h tulle I lor II again
An jiclilmt it it hsii1 hni on1 a I
the ilITIrolly
VMV chime In K rr tn nr ale
noon FrlU huniirH re if the m a
HxatHul mrlni nf 1 h owri A cr i
II men v h it nrrl I ° him iiflfk d ir
nl i ml llViH nienlvrv I
Ianlon me lr dM Pnill In ur
mart hut may f Inns i hii oiu hal
wul tllS Set just liumIninc
IXH e I wnp < n rnurh III humr
In Crrman as s In I nil ih told hint nul
s5 Id old him of thi trtiuallnn iii w if
enlurlnj rlI > i fluid an imfurstt
niti i tuuth ft Klllr lii his work
I think lit i iel1 fIt In In o er
liriult raid III jUranor If MI
will rnrr tl m > lintr thin v nfin H
ens unit yr ic < tnv thi1 I rMt1 frini
llelln irr will liilk Ihr Innllr ser
Rid I think I rin large If for > 0 w
And tie nandril IVlti n rant tit It
war Infcrl nl
Han isin uncle
Krtlf cheek werr 11 aulin ulifn
lie Rut liorrr 11 lute hi IIHI clrn lIe
< v < ri tlr ijnorir > klm li rx
rUlT I
The rrw > lrft murlcal drerlor Ililnr
m < iirorHwJ lo take an Inlerrpt In nur
lltlIL Now llrrile kin nnd rontralu
hate mtl
Tn leo CIIUnueJ i
ACTfcSB SHOCKED WOIN LOST A bTniout ikrn the bag n In feM the of eruih TI
The 1111 walked through TtJoIIIat
a p I aired in Klshlh avenue Ibfn Math Ltd I
CDJBMENS WIVES Twentieth fltreet At the litter esrasr C
I d C I p J nin nr niliHfliinnMi I < Luhulan tunnel 10 her mother sM
V JIt ljc daihtliK Mn k 11 n kill
Mill tn Iln bo1 IliUr > rt III1 111111
iw of UrIIn InliMi I otiie Inii
iti h rOtS 1 I rrrojli of iheir fm
I uihIul > III hr Illlllal tuitltt lit sluuti
Similj night
I III > nl II is I us I lib i ntsnihts
wi > nItII nnl i V < Oi Inn u a C Ct r lea
Ih IT hun Hilt I ihi tit ininitx > it tin
uric rs nttns Vlolrl Halt a urn
Imi a la1 KIp from un1 II C wlieii
Ml l Site itlplKd out Mi sstttlttP
MI ua at Iho tutu anti inh U lllr
lii 5u t Inn Si Itur ci
n uUuiirr Hi Irlnii liuututi I
Iii ntntm it mull i nil In a
lhuut llrkM MpiTiildlnr B ml prliilnl In
I II Miliinin linn druwn in anr frnnij
I Mnri KlHM of Ihr nun of Ivlnw A lr
1I1I cr Him ii r i Inking aitUf inrnMiir
ID In nuay nllh tile KlHuliK < if ttts
I I lrMiard Tlif > prcuuti > r III iUitlmi
rnllnl icalnM iitiuiiiKrri fur it > MiviliiK
It i M nil liKlllmuti Mxilliiii ami hint
id Hint III I ililiiiiri iilrhl IN III
> k1 In h < iip inlriM Tit Uil Mr
Ivlnw npllrp
rill nun I i unldlnr h iniln 1105
inlltcly Vp 1 nit kiiun Hlut rut her
IhralK thInk hut < n far I u we ire roll
ivrnrd with nur pro lurll n of Hen llur
it the llroadtviy and ChrU ind tin
Wonderful I imp al I he Vlclurli Ie till
dolnj rierythlnK we ran In Hop ticket
Htculatliiic benu It Uerami a nu
i We da nat deny tit > ixatlt > < > f ttten
mena calling and we kniw tint the
public should protect lUelf In uch fiat
Ira and nqt il prnd upon the minniicta
to do to The trouble Is lint managilt
are being eternally accused of ManJIng
In with iha ipeculatur and thin li not
the only objection to It
The sreattut trouble tIes In thi art
that ticket pprculalnri at lines make
inemielvti a niilsincr ibiut the runt
of 4 theatre Tor veral evenlno after
the beginning of our rnxnecment III Ihe
I llrnadway Theilre Kltli Urn hut tiny
llrxd up eight en a lit flu illy nb
trucllnc people on the > ldcn < ilk intiX
leptntrd Uillm from their evorli In
their frantic uideavorn tu tell tickets
mlnrepnientcd th Incjtlon at > iti anJ I
reatcJ Kenrral leillam alnjt ih hva
Ire which iiauNdnl llkv nothing In the
oirlil so much its a link iiland roilll4
I n big union dipjt
That l lh1 c 6hJet ID and him
M nhul s r rare lr > lns 10 annul Wu
nut UlPputlnK the Ui4lliy of the < MIIIII
d laf u mm becaUse Iho urn Hcrlu < U
bit s < i art suinK to proie tIn triple
tI hj conic to see our intrrtitimrn r <
much an puisaiiir from sin ii nvnte m
h Ve iuett tetliliiJlih irmnd Mime 11 Ihi
heatrri dulnx the uua 3rr Alert
popular tuceppe wrre r Isnii
A Olimrr Ulllmiit Inlnllllr
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Dinlil Pn hm n i whlili In nll titlix MEDICINAL TOIL
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TEMPERANCE MAN DRUNK Red Rough Hands Itching Burning flffj
Palms and Painful Finger Ends
l or I niiii IMikril I i nu Ik I
MoKvr unil Imil llcnil Ii Im Ihr orlil I oms riGHT CURE
An un v > ii I nir man van pi Lnl n i m Soak the hands on retiring in a strong hot creamy lather
i in IIjn < r < nmr Mullirirj stir 411 CUTICURA SOAP Dry and anoint freely with CUTICURA
Illfo1 Iluo Illonlnx till 1lkn to liuidaocu the prcat skin cure and purest of emollients Wear during to
IjnU AIT fiiind in lit pi kei nlhi night old loose kid gloves with the finger end cut off and ak
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nice lrurr In lis tucket wrrr 111 Ilured Itching feverish palms with shapeless nails and pateni
ifood plnci work frjm the nin II piprri ijnr < vu Icll lalnjf nj uf In tin hit1 finger ends this treatment U limply wonderful
nifjdf icalnil turn I Com P It litmrrml anti Internal Treatment for Ivery Humer
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Jane street I aIDlaUbIIwDtW
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I a l t
WA II A Political Bister of Full Vie Seitlemcnt of the
Wonlh Information Upon All Samoan Question
1 I Statistical Facts and 0 0 U J
IIMINI FtQUKS The Great Trusts and I
AlMAnA 0 Their Capitalization PAIF l
War > J rnA
South crriedn Wir J
AND War in the Philippines The cNzv Congress FA t I
OF 4
I S The Paris Exposition I A J
11 H Our Naval and u J
FNJlO = Slfiitfjry Esta blishmcn tz A Complete History of Each A I
Li st tC of the Ships in the Amt
p I
nDIA The Internziictnl PJCt ican Nal y rl uK
P tEl C CCtlras and Its Results I1 I rJsir s N SI i in Mjir Ilt0111 U l
Jt J S nsnJJant trJdJurLrJttnJtnJn ttt J a C
In every fed of human endeavor some one enterprise has been a 4
the Laurel Wreath of Publi Approval of which i said It Is Best T
uniqu position has bcn held for years by the WORLD ALMANAC I It j
known around the worU as the standard American Annul I
ttnv from lIWdt 25 Cents or Order ty Moil iSi
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