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F Without Passion or
II Prejudice He Tells
1 Them Decide
i The Evening World herewith
pNsImts a stenographic verbatim
I Nsft of Recorder Gods charge
ttotlie Jury made by reporters for
1eEYtRiIsg World
IferItl of the Jury I will proceed
t4 I to you tW case lo b e cov
V by the rules or law which you
I IINItMar In mind You have ll ten l
t the facts In the case very thoroughly
i lad ably presented by bolh the couni l
for the people and the counsel for the
WBM and the Court will not under
liar circumstances comment on tilt facts
flat the cas or eipress any views con
asrolfut them
t hat remain with you and you alone
Kta decide
I advise you and Instruct you upon
fta rules of law which must apply to
r Jw facts In tie case and upon them i
alit rest your consideration of these
TfactAftaf a very exhaustive xamlnitlpn
< IK clllsens y 01 J were selected as a
IIIIY itUfactory to tho people and to
t tilt defendant ea oh un I every one of
yea was voluntarily chorn by the de
Vfsadant as capable nnd honest mm lo
11 di judgment on the question of hit
t or innocence
inJe trial has bten unusually long and
i1 arduous Kur neatly three calendar
aflths without IntrrmlMlon except a
S rt one made nrcenary by the Illne
ef one of your number you have been
la session and during that time ninety
few wltnesats Iavu trtn examined not
taltll Into account the number ol
r mes that thtso irtttienes err rr
isIeiL and t 1 exhibit nr instruments
4 to writing have br n admlttrd In tII
deice for your coniUlrratlon und III
atrriloi C
It became apparent upon the opening
aMre of Mr wUirne couns l for the
prosecution that the case fur the pe >
pit would rct nn what li popularly
termed clmmutantlivl evUence U must
l W borne In mind that In such a case
iTarDUnien of iritherlng collating and
J WeWIng every detail and rlrcumstanc
4 Jeto a solid mass of proof rest upon tne
And no matter hat your opinion may
i tee of Its convincing force of the proba
tive force of the rare mule out by Iho
prosecutionIt must le recognUfd and
It Is but proper that the Court shoild
Hive tzpmslon to tlut recognition that
the preparation anti presentation of thn
ease rliow res ill > > of an rnonnuus
amount of Ifbor I eril ttnl Industry und
a1 vrry high degree of I lofetilonal fklll
en the pan of the public proiecutor In
kIn 1nr thIs case to ycur ronildrratlon
v Contentions of rountel however even
though Intemperate were and air of
minor Ueratlon In prr tnce of thr > >
awprvmely ImKiitnnt question la be Us
eettnlntd and determined by you and
Of the necessity of affording lu tho
prosecution full and fair opport unity
0 prove It It could Its charge that by
ateiilth and cunning which hat made
detection almost lmi oislblr u murder
had been committed and to iccuro to
the defendant ever fair and reasonable
opportunity lo meet that fluiK1 and
tc contest Inch by Inch which the de
tense has done and lo show the weak
nesses If they existed In the case lithe
the prosecution before ynu and to In
sure at your hinds without pasulon or
prejuillce or dIstraction of UioUglit of
a fair and Impartial trial upon Ihe
BMrtts of the cIt
Before ufiilnt with the particulars ot
the case 1 will Initruct you on tu
ttnrral rules which you must IIb > r
p and by which you muit be guldrj tn
jrour consideration of the evidence And
I Invite your clove attention to tba
rule so that In your roniultatlon you
raty refer to them und br gultlod uuon
t Miy ijueitlon to which thiy may proerly
A nrrOMi llusi ul IsiourrMrr rr
with thr 4efrdaiil thro nab
i hIr of the rasp dll his
s be pravra brioM a rr > ii
1 I Bbl When hli atnlll I so
I the itrreamiilloB of In no
f Is rvrtkrowsi
IIIe lef > JlaBl Is aet railed opo
i sMaMtak his I xrorr The
ks4 f strvvlas his sulit rest
s pr > rr lU ShrihuI
1 la > Bllllr 1 le the Ms e ll l m
t sts abl apse lb > wbnlr
> SW4 If there be s rrstaoMblr
ss > a r saatrrUI sjsmtlei
sw a rslre I a his favor
t > > 4aM sar take tbe wit <
d his w bhsil bet
avail klsM 11 < that
a M be takra t s hi
siuv of each w1tDi mart
Md wtsarttallr consldend and
w jisdgient as to whether
molly or lnt rt other
the teeth
> lye or tetmat ytstat
i K li Nr r u ta aajr hew
big Jtility W
falsely In any part ut the cnic you are
not compelled to reject the whole of his
testimony You may illicard lie whole
of It and ony tart of II and you may
of It which
give credit to any portion
commenji Itself to your billet
The true lieu and the only Issue In
thIs trial the KUlll or Innocence of this
defendant and you mum not comjiro
mlie the contention of couniel allow
them to eiithuie your mind or il trict
jour mention from that IIIUI which
fIIu1 tie ilettrmlned by you upon tl1
evidence and the evidence alone
The Indictment found by the hand
Jury of this County charged the de
fendant Itoland II Mollneui with mur
dor In the first drgrer
The first count In the IndIctment
charges that on the twentyeighth day
of December 1WSI simply gentlrmen
give to you the ublanre of the Inulct
ment and Ihe countithal in the day I
have Jiut named the defendant Holand
II llollneux contriving and Intending
wilfully and felonIously to admlnlter lo
Katherlne J Adam twenty grains
weight of II certain deadly 1011110 calleU
cyanide of mercury with Intent that she
ihuuld take the name well knowing that
the cynnlde of mercury was a deadly
nlon Hint the paine Katherlne J
Adams did tike and wallow the ald
doidty wlun 00 given and udrnVititrred
by the aM ItonaU II Mollneux and uy
nioani of which inc became mortally
ilck and of which mortal lcknoi ihu
did then mil there die nnd that thr
said llonald II Molieux In the inunner
and form afureuld und by the iiiejni
afi > rrnld wilfully felonlouily und of hll
malice of forethought did lulion kill
and murder the inie Katherlim J
Adam against the form of Iho tilule
In such CUd nuJc and irovlilml nml
against the 1 ieaie of Ihr leiie ut lilt
luSh of New York and their dignity
The iccnml fount haw tin killing
of Iroi Attains throUKh a ilellltrile utiil
IneJltate lellgn tn fleet tilt ileAtll of
dim lluiry H Cornlih Anti then dub
itantUlly rrpoAK Ihe laiufiuge which I
luive rvid lo you fnm the first count
The third count charges an Qnult nf
Katharine J Adam by udmlnliilorlni
a iuantlly uf oliiii and Ihtn follow
iilittantlslly the amt deicrlpllon and
the fourth count thirties that the do
feiidant with Intrnt III kill Katharine
J Adam Jld slvi and administer ti <
her thin CSILLO lithe of Kjlion referrud lo
und lh fIfth count charge that UM
difendant with the Intent III effect the
death of harry d iV rnl h did give
and ndmlnJitiT the ixihiuii
The lilh count charges that the de
fondant felynlni and with nullfe
aforcthught dll rrnke an nuaull 11 111
KutiiMno J Adum und did give and
administer to her lice wl n
In crlmliml pleadlnic It is the province
of lice pleader to claw the otfon o
li illlfeuil form 11101111 kn < pliig In
mind the main iiuritlun and thirst
vtrlou count In the lldlctmrnt could
all be fondenivd Into Hit chnrgr which
I tint recoil to youllint h that ltd
iltfenOint with mllc uforolljouitht
did give nml idmlnlt to ICtllmrlnr
J Adam u dow of cyanlilo of merriiry
willed ho knew to tw u drndly ixilton
And t ice other prlnrlt feature of the
Indictment li that ho with Intent to kill
hairy H Cotnlili did Kle nnd mltnln
Uter ihl do < of Kilion to ctrs Adam
I will Unite jour attention lo the
very vicar and ronrlc iloflnltlon given
by tho ilatuto HonilrMo III detlnrd
by the law li thr killing of one human
beIng by the act procurement or omlv
don of nnolhor thr act procurement
or oinlmlon of another Homicide I > >
either murder ninrinlnuqhter excute
all nr JuilllUlile hiAnlclile I
Krom the vld < nre In Ihli ci o I am
o opinion that the art plural charged
to have been cammlttid by thr de
fendant would not If commlttoj by him
rumo within the itatutor JitUiltlon
either of manUugitrr In the
rlIH II llrrt or
rcoid Irglrv or of ocuiablr j 1 Ju >
tillable homicide
The liMnied couml for the defendant
In hit argument to you mbiumlaly
saId and If he I of tho tarn opinion I
now ai he eXprrM on that point and
unlri unrclally iueAtrd by him I w 11
not ehanft ou I to the degrees a to
mtniUughlrr or I lo ricuiblr or
Ju tlfUble homlclJo
The Courl llni runnirl fur the
drfrnilaMl unytblBa la sa I
Mr reksu ale nor tin nr
desire Minrdrr In Ihr second tIe
errr lit br rlmr r4i I is umrilrr
In the ant deCree nr MulbliiB
The ourt1 hall onflne m > ielf In
murder Of course I houll uy In
general trims that the rltrllan uf do
fendsntr caution of inr pirtlcular de
gree of murder to ti hargri to you It
not binding upon Ihi Court or jury
Murder In the nfl digro with which
thin defendant 1 chirred is the kilting
of human being whet committed
a bine 1h1 wmmll from
a deliberate and premt dilated design to
effect the death nf Ih prr on killed or
of another
I do not charge other uhJvitlon of
that section gentlemen htchin my
I I Ihe Cough
lad Work > UaT the CM
l iMeat a ssi U lalM Tsklu ne t < ti ta
a K en l rw rm aw
opinion site not have any application tn
thin iui > e and ny theIr In tu lino
tin leaillni of Ihe nili i ImprlntiO Utn
your niHiiury In Ji brief and ianolie
ternn UK ix > > ll > lf INI that yuu will not
be Hlbject tu pcn > lble confuilun of
Ilea renurdlnK them
Mntiler In lice ior nil drxreii In thin
kliin of n human beln < whuii euimnl I
ted with II 1lln II effect the ileatli
of the porxm kllldl or of III her but
without ilelllieralljn or > riiiedltulloii
I Is IIU Mr utah > nu uliunlil
hear In luliul o rr clearly lIar ilU
Isish Itt lielnrrii list Mrnl nnd xee
acid tlricree i > f uiunler In the Ural
degrri here in nil he n ilrlllitrule
nil pro inedllnlel desist In kill
nlillr In the eeninl ileurre It U
olrnt thnl there lie n ilriluii
lu bill nllhuul iireinrdltHllnii nr
If the design to kill be fancied de
liberated upon and its rxecutluu pro
nodltatisl It I murder In the tint M
urer Hut If tilt deil I1 Ie formed with
out iVlll > rrallon or prrmrdllatioti anil
nunidUtrly carried out I li muider In
he iwcoml degree
A person who has a fixed purpose to
commit a crime iieiierally concenU It
Ill the accomplishment nf his btIrje ho
nuy b > nU uxn Icti reveal the hidden
worklno of hts mind from the inorptlon
of the itrrltn to the final act of Hi ac >
What would con tltul > I determIned
or prem llt teJ dotlcn The Court of
Appeals I ijuoleJ an an authority which
nuit I o tyo l and I is a luv which
Is bindIng ii on courts nnd June The
ca < o of the People against onroy I
nie from thr opinion of Judge John
onI there l > lUfflclenl premeditation
tn form I design to tike life unit tn
put that design Into execution ty i
< tn > ylnK life there li ruftUlenl i > re >
meJItatlon to constitute innnler LV
Loather whether the drrUn If < l
at the Innunl of > llkhl the fatal
blow or whether I was contrmplnlvd
for injnth I b enough that the In
entlon precede the act although that
follow Immediate
It I therefore Incumbent upon you
icentlrmen to carefully weigh nnd con
skier all the fact lurroundlng lice clr
cum < tince > the time ample adopting a
> ltn or method used and Judge there
from whether there was a deUbtrate or
premeditated design la kill A forcible
sni flexible do lgn I luppllod by sup
ialng the roe of a mm who procure
I revolver purchAses ammunition load
It au1 lies In wait to kill hl victim
or of a nun who procure 1111 n pre
pare I adapt It to the form or suit
Mince which is deceptive and cumIn
liter s tr ratie I to be administered
with the Intent to kill
There the Jury may find In the prep
I atatlon the prrciutlotm against deteo
tidiu convincing evidence or dtllbera
lion Into drlitn to kill
I the jury I MtUflH that murdrr has
Wen fammlttrl by the defendant I li
llhln Hi ower to derrmlne which of
the degree he li Kullly of I after a
> arefu ldrratlon nf the evldrncr
hoy ate atl > f1od that lie cornrnlnd
murder In the LUst drgtrr thrr ihauid
I t itn are by thtlr verdict
I list If the > hitve a rresahle
4iinkl a In hi dll I t hat 4rcrrr
HFJ buss aloe him the burlS t
It mat rt > rrr4 In HMrr Ikr sri 1
54 degree tnri U Millar thai his
U pullip In that dirr rrlrr
theIr terillrt reur4lnRlr
Hal the jury IBaw they > as Ikr
M otrr IB Cud a vrrdlrt of IMr Ia
p lass Lageso Iku i w
sin rosti Mild iiiul mil I Hint
PIIIHT 11r jail lehtiussi > nr ndlil
i linrll > linliter enllrl Ihr > II ml
in n > I he In nrrui diinot > llli Hie
proof nf Hie slit Mint itllli their
belief nf ll > furor
ltefof ptKnillMK to I ioiul ltlttitl JI1
I of any of the Lost < ny and In or Ier
tn H1 rinfuill of thus it U lirfet
nary that you miould hil Ito ilellnlto
tin > w un kiuuliilKe of fiu4i or grJu
uf fu11 wit It 11111111 U proven lo your
rsi hsfett ian mil lieyond 1 rrai tnss tile
ilmlii forl I Icrdlrt of Kiillty aKalnit
hue defendant an lx < reLderrd rhtesu
flirt i ale
Ilrl Hull Hie ilefetuliiiil dIrect
ril tutu I neiii tn CnrnUli tlirnuub
Hit niiill I Mielaiur vthloli lie
kliru In enliluln n ilendl > iiUiin
teennil Hint In illreelrd mid
send 1 tin tinekimr tilth Hie ilrllli
erille nml iireineillliileil drluii In
rnii > e Hit sIrs Lii uf nrnlili
Tlilrd Hint CiirnUli reeelteil Ihe
pneknue und ulneiiienll > In e n
IMirtlnn nf Hi eoiilenl In r
Knthrrlnr 1 Xilnin > >
Inurlli Hint Ur Knllieilne J
Admin ilrnnk In n illlulrd form the
liortlnn so alert Hint I ennlnlHril
poIson nntelrnt tn ile lni > liuiimn
life IhHl she died friilil Ihr etTrrt
of mrh poison nnd Ihm her tenth
flu due Il nu nlhrr ennr that
hrr death nun nut due tn nn > sat
oral raise
It Ihee four projvf lllnn W proven
In your natlpfartlon jty the nrovcutlon
beyond a niiwnitilr donut you nre t ii
render 1 enllct nf rullty JI murder
In the fIrst dotcriv nmlnut tub defied
lint Hut If they U not pmv n to your
satIsfaction and IxyonO II iraonnble
doubt you are tn irnler n vrrdtct of
not millty In his favor
tier It 1 qulto natural that you ciii
which I will Into
nik Ilh que tim IIUI
form for you In order that ray InMruc
tlooi will 11 insult more clean
AMimlnR thai the frndani tent the
polKon In Corrlih with the Inti tit tn
kill him there In no rtldeni tlut ho
Intended I tn b Riven tu Mn Adam
for the purpose of taklnu her Itt > how
then can he be held retptmilblo for no
death of Mr dar whom I dl not
intend to kill nhlo the man a haUt he
till Intend lo kill U living
N in to that ijuoton whlh I think I
ran fairly aiUtne is In the min of eath
and every one of ynu centlcrt and 1
II a men Important one In this rife I
ulll an wm
That If tite defendant ent the Illon
in CornUh with Intent to kill him and
Conil h Rave the I > bon to Mr Adam
In the manner diMrllxd and as a re
dull he died of that 1011 the de
fiyiUnt Ir rr Mini lk le for her death thr
game I If he had originally sent Ihr
poison to her and Intended to kilt her
and Itimakr < dinirence whither ocr
outs be living or not The Intent of thr
ronttltuir Ihr
rAC am ufnclent tJ tmtlllP
The test gentlemen t thn criminal
Intent at the time the art la doe And
If that Intent was In r1 t the life
of a human being by a rtlcultr mrann
and that mean afterward caused the
drtUh of nnothrr 1 rr > on than the urn
Intended moldier Is committed Ilir
Mimi an It this Intended victim hail
taken the polon Intended or adoptnl
the mear lni mlrd to le applied I
The drUn O effect the death uf some
into U essential There are ether ro
ts4I of tbe statute which I have not
mi lUffa 1 i s I t pAi of tlr
privity nnd dlorrgird nf human lift or
while In the ioininlliin nf felony bill
III either of thine ra ex m Illlrilt lo lake
i llfo I e not neiviiMry Iholl1 nun rdt r
nmy be commitUd
There U 01 great iimlrnlllni itties
linn 1111111 whlrh tiltnce thin wind cue
i Did alIt defeliihint direct out end
thi pViron package to Cornlili 7
I he did not Hat dlKii ol al iii bier
I tiled Ions und ho tiouId I M > sect ultlod
but If with criminal Intent In ill
Irdulllll Mnl I lit package of liul son In
Iortilsh and Mr < Adiin 1lrlIII uf It
jind died from It e Teeth liun he should
lie convicted
i U u man with Intent lo kill H partlcu
lir man Urn at him nnd bj otis bike
j tiiu bullet rlrlkei rnl kill nmtlicr pin
KOII again hum he ha > no III will he
commit murder
So I a tILe is lint S potion lulu fruit eli hi
the Intent that a parttcuUi rOI
itouiut whom lie nuy have enmity hall
ejt 1 and another persons ihould fit
the fruIt mid die uealnil clOut de ha <
no iinnlly und whom ho looi not Intend
to kill tic person who pljieJ the KiUun
in that fruit Is KUlliy of muidrr toe I ho
I lnlenJil to kill the person 1 lio actually
did rat I
And itotiiid that controlllm question
which I have sail the whole caste hlngiJ
upon centre I Ihr evidence all the
cirounotuncos all the subordInate or
volluleti facts or Incident filch may
hat tlun ruilUte
lonientrile upon iue or tlal
from I I all turns upon that
Tho main proiKnltlon udranrrd by
the proiocutlon are lirM he did onJ
the pdlrun to Ccrnl h and mond that
itt Adam took the l ilfun und died
from Ik
Tn prove the tInt proportion I grout
ni tee of testimony hu lurch Inlmdunsl
t hlh may In general bo termed rlrcum
I rtinllal evidence nnd In prove the sue
nnd direct evidence hits been given
II Whether either or both of 1100 propo
plllun Mue h1 lrIII is a iur tlon
vhlh you alone ran gnidwer
lief ore pr coidliiK further upm this
Uetlon I wUn lo cay pnmrlhlng lu
you about clrrum tnntUI evidence
Thorn ha lon K > imHi irald iibout I
Ihut It b iuivtNiry you nhould have a
> car and proivr unilti landlng as lo
Iho rule 1111r which govern I A
KTe1t hal hat Itrr heard by ynu weeks
and wrekn havi Utn taken up here In
the Introduction nf tetlmony neces
sary works
Hire the Kerzrder reviewed tbe evl
ilenoe of the qtiarrelH between Cornish
nnd Mullnetii and the circumstances
of their troubles In the Knickerbocker
Athletic Jluu
In the Pall of tn Midlmux presented
Harnot lo > iies Cherbrou In Ihe
namr part of the eir Ju rnh il Kire
tack a note uf Illanchr hei rouih at
1 vV cit Bevnuirnfih Street tram tIn
nn JefitiUant and written by the defend
DI OoloIxT of thr came ear the ie
nan Millnrux jJ la John D
Ailam tlut OornUh cr ho would have
lu leivr the rth 1
MMInrux had lodgings In the club tire
vlau lo thIs lime Un Cot 15 I Is teeth
he > l that from this day to May 1
William Williams wa with the defend
ant several time In the house of t
hsny Hell SI Wrt Bevrnt > rUth ctrrrt
On Xov Z II Mls Chr fbrou h was
living at SI writ BevrniyIUth street
when Rachel drern firI entered the rn
1oy of Ur Hell and In January Ui
1 CheMbriHigh left the housr Bho
mod h thc hoot of Mrs Bellinger In
Vest Had avenue
In Drrrmrier of said year the defend
ant mlcnrd from the Knickerbocker
Athlrllr flub During tIes months of
lsInbet anA Jut > this defendant
mM Cornish co the stair some time
during Ihr month and Cornish catled
the defendant a Vlrr name whkh It is
not nrcr ary fur me to reprat I IhJnk
1fnNr JI
v > rnil < tnrn ra i saber lied saM 1h1
ln tflknnttbr iriag to Moll
arias a efforl lo Mel htm out of ib
lil Mollrwui mMt No IBM wall
On Jan 1 im JJhWi few ryil
I ifcii lliiiii
3 eUM WM tkK Oiim
brounh came to live with Mrs llelllnccr
nn thIs iiitr On Jan I 19 Jooph J
Koch received People Inhibit 41 Irlme
with tnvclope brarlnx the postmark
Jan 71 la lV 1 1M
Thin Recorder read tho exhibit let
tint Bent to medical companion and
accurately described tho raoanuro
inenU at the real II C Hornet for
comparison with those given In the
famous diagnosis loiter
In Augnii of the fame year Mantle
Jlflando tInt 20 piKr similar to Plo
pic1 exhibit U U h and 1 In the de
fondants room In Newurk I presume
you will remember that refers to the
fggblue paper with the trlcrcjttunt
In the Jar of LIce Paine yiyr the
defrndant studied slngtiiR with itumell
In Newiirk
I In the dme caon Juno July and
August MM Ilvlllnstr und Mles these
brought went nwuy together Ip to that
Mile Miss thotobrough had occupied the
rcoiiJMory back room
Jivme J ltnl50ik 1 IIN that I
package ouno uddriK cd lo II C liar
Suet it llarnet let III the IrodiiJc
KxeJiatiKc with tho colored
Irhallt will clor1 wrapper
thni or four incites Ion und an inch
op two wOle And lludnon uw Harriet
upon If UfkiiKo and I ccntnlned in 1
Inner JI with Ole cotton und pink 1
und roj capAUlrt In one of the bOXes
In September of the sine year 111
neux InC4in encased lo Mm Chcie
In October of the same year Mamie
Jleljmlo tintlfloil that ihe saw half a
iVjieii sheets of the crrfcont paper In
ilollneiixi room In the factory Hho
look three sheets leaving three sheets
From Oct I to Oct 5 of the same year i
Hello visited Mollnrux at the New York
Athletic Club and had a conversation
about Ilsrpter Ieoples Kxhlblt <
Thit ii the Jacob letter which was
written itt Ihr request of the drfondint
In llelle anti Icnrd by Cliirlon Jacob
Itemember that Jacob teller gentlemen
cHr Krd Hlearns 8 Co
Detroit Mich 10
flcntlrmen We are about to employ
one of your former tulr mrn Sir A J
llarplrr In u very ponlblo posItion
whore 1 will U necessary for ollon
handle cub and as he refers us to you
wi would euneller It n great favor If
you will glvr u what Information you
run iihout him You may rest assured
that I will U kept Mrlclly tuntlcknt Ia I
ThusnkIn you II mlvnnce for your reply
Your truly CIIAH JACOI18 A CO
p 8 Whenever tho optKirtunlty offer
to reolprncutr 1114kr command us
On May IHThs Jaroli testified that
on that day ho lgn ii People Kxhlblt
just read tn you at the rniuent of Mr
On th oiamo dale tho letter which hints
just bren Mild lo you win inullid to
HUariiH To On Oct 21 Krolerluk
r lllcl
Slorn Co rrrrlvd It letter through
thu milN and on IM jj llellv rvttlved
un IIIKWIT from Iroilerlfk titomn A Co
IhMiit Charles Juvti fc Co till hn
look I to tho defendant who mM
Just krep It for IIIK awhile that h
mull hat rend ll just then he wan
too tni r
M a Dr VnJrll C Ihllllps tea
rillHl t rr Uintv C llanirt nt tho
Knickorliockrr AthUlli Club Oct M
Dr Dounlan sos IilleJ III On the
nine city Dr Dual found hut lIlt
iiit tes Mtirfprlnr runt diphtheria On
Niv I Dr Kllli > n n vhomltt nnulygnl
Mill pAiler Ivin la Mm and lttit1
that oyanlilt of niotvury was eonlilniij
thoiiln And on tin rinie day hr
DoiiKlan tlrxt illionvcrrj Ihd cyanIde nf
mrrcii v
On Nor 10 Dr Dougla renortefl lo
the Iliuird of ellnlth that Itarnel wan
oicr hl > dlihtlierlii and on that dny
Unmet died On this Mine day Dr
Smith iu culled Into consultation and
found hut Itirnet had no uvldenco of
illuhtherlu vxcoiit 1 curtness of the ton
nilOn Nov 10 Harfnel died und on thn
Mini ilav u death lertltlrate was ent
to Hie IbiHard of Health bv Dr DJIIK
Ian with n dlaKiioiIn of tim rare On
the aim dav Nov 10 the dofenlanl
heard of llarnol ilrath im ihown In
III tontlmony > iNfor the Coroner
On Nov i thf ilefriilani loll Arthur
Lout lUiffell of Nonnrk N J that he
wn all to U marled
On Dei lu the Urfindant wrote to
MorrU lUrrinnn about thrJnanufuctiirr
of enmnrl On the tame tiny the tlrrn
who manufactured
e 14IUIrUIJ ryanldiof nirrcury
reiflved nxhtlill I In < coiiie < iuonrr of
which llitlr naloiniun ifllloil on the de
fendant ul the factory of Morrl Herr
rnan Io wvcral they titter the n
rolpt nf t liii letter and had a convori >
tlon with thIs defendant nbjut the min i
ufiiiiiin of thIs enamel Hen Is thin
Itntlrmen Will you nllow one of
your > IImtl to cull on mo at Ihu
factory of Morris llrrrman I Co New
ark N 37 I wouU like to see him In
reference to enamel and can give him u
mail order
Durlni the week of Doc i ISM Mr
Kewh nrl wOW the defrndmit at MM
plan 16 iiroidway between 9 and 10S
hi the morning
On Dec 1 Joseph Karrell mv Mot
Ilieux on Market treel Newark N J
going lonarl the factory between 33
and MS 1 M
in Dee 1 Ktnma Miller says that she
cold the pllvtr iMitlloholdor to n mini nt
the slum of llartilogan A Co Newark
N J and the man to whom she raid
I Mistake to J
OverEat I
GrapeNuts I
letters are coming frota all over
the country saying that the writers
have been led to eat double or more
than double the allowAnce of Grape
Nuts because of tbe fascinating
The result of overeating tbla food
Is the saints D In overeating randy
or a other delicacy toe system
gets more than ll requires and there
follows a iplcenlng against It for a
CofiSne your allowance o Grape
Nut to threeheaping teaspoons for
the cereal part of your meal and the
food will be a dally delight to you
I you Lave been overrating try
UrapeNuti In the proper quantity
aa4 our word for I you will stick tu
then and obtain < Uy by day the
valuable eletuenta or particles which
nature uses to rebuild and nourish
the brain and leo realm all
over the body A detalte feel lag o
streafta and reserve power comes
with UM nee of this feast Have the
eeek dry I In a paa I the ovea If It
haa bet eipoaesl ta a4 gitberatl I
aeleisre fres the ar o Qfa aMait
r u 1
t d a V h
that silver bottleholder was not the de
On the came duty Doc ii Mollncux
i went on his way from Nuaiirk that I >
the usual Little for hb loavlnu for N nr
1 tack was about I or tJ nVUwK In the
afternoon Then nine I wit traltx
I ho loft Newark ut < he fjtd jet to
Now I curl at 13 If ho left it I5J he
would 111 < 0 New York at i I Is only
u ets minute walk from tlv rorKiinit
street ferry lo tho Sixth avrnuo illation
The ilcfrndants Thereabouts would e
Saturday thu name on that da rvint Friday and
On Irliljiy he Mould go ovor lo thr
ulllcc on IVarl striit tutu mako up the
pay loll anti on Ha t India he nouM
loavo a little earlier
On the name day Doc si alKitit IS
or > 1 M a man railed on Jiw > h Knell
nt 1CT Ilroadwiiy i < nd rentEd A Irllorlxix
III tho nanio of I Cornlwh nnd wIts
insUnej box 10 On ftc 2 Kxhlblt I
written I egg blue pupcr Mltli thrv <
lntrrimil ereMcrnlH wan rervlviil ut the
nlllcu of Kiilnow Ilros MI Itroadvvay
Thin Is tho letter
lontri Ilrano mid m n simple of
mill lo lilM Ilrondtvuy and oblige jotiri
II Cnrnlih
Tin Iiritevu i him contends that ito
routine of lice Irltrrbox on Doc SI at
Id llronlway by dm nun under thn
name of I Conil unl that on the
next day exhibit I which huts lust
lice n ronl to iota written on csirbluo
lisper with ciocentx IU rocelvd at
Iho ofllce of Kiitnow llros 511 llroid
wuy And remomlior that Ibid letter of
resIlieNt Iluit I Hample of pulls be wnt
to t tie 111 mint Ionitd In Ihu name of
II Cornl
I Iornllh
IornUli wcss downtown from 3 until
Hourly c on that I
On 0cc 2 Cornlxh received I pack
ago the pulion paiktiite Uironjih the
mull On lira day anil utter rocvlvliiK
It CornlMi howo It to Iitrlok J Finn
noron In liii ofllco niu you will remember
member what ho riald when ho rocilvvd
It I wnmlor what Ihlo cull Ics
On tic amo tALc llinry A Kins uw
In trnlh c room a boltl hnldcr which
Ci < rnl n Imd just rrolviHi h > mall 11 i
iilnj 1ie wmpper On Ihu itjitni dav
luster on In ill KnlckoiKKkiT Athli > llc
Club Cooric A Halmun Milled Cornlnh
Hhowril him n r I frloml I rllvor IKIIIO
holler anti liotllo which hu mild he 11 i
just received by mIl
Hrnry I athorr iooii Jr leliliv
thut itwoon lit and 12 on lh amo
IHC Deo I he Pa 1 a Ixilijrholdir
11On und lottlr In Cornltha room ut the
On the Cain day Dec 51 Frederick
Htnrnn A iTo iif Dtfroli SHch re
colvtil IVopli1 Kxhlblt j Irlmo fir ex
iimlnntlon This letter grntlemeii Was
rrrolvinl bj Kridorlck btearim < Co
neiillemen Air A A lurptcr has
anplle to mo fot I i sltlun as collector
lie did not rhr tl you but ho men
tinned IIwlli lutE enittnI by you
A line from you will lie ionilJered
tUII 1ln 111 and greatly 11IIII1
Voiir truly I roitNIHII
iGoJ Itroadway S V CUy
Moth thU ixhlhlt and IVuplnN Kx
lit uI t 2 for itlrii I ltli4 huh the Jacob let
ter wen answered Ieopl1 Kxhlblt r
for llenlUliMtloii vtn ons In answer Ii
Kxhlblt 4 tint Kxhlblt i wan ixnt In
answer to Kxhlblt 5 Vou remember
tliono letter nentliinni
On DC 21 n letter wa received from
I lit Von Jlohl Jlomeily Iompuny nt
1C5 llrcidwiiv aililriS il to II Cur
iilh and aliui I yamplo Iwttle Ieoples
Kxhlblt i Irlmo I truijt s > JO nentlo
iiini rtmember tan Von Mohl letter
which wan received and aftrmurd ulvrti
to the tout
On Dec Cornish lint Hpoke to Mrs
Adam and Mr linger about I present
he had received On Dor U Joseph J
Koch saw Itoples Kxhlblt M prime fur i
IdMitlllcatlon In his place of business
That Is one of the litters which he re
relvt l III lila pliotf amid gave to the Io
lIce Departmolil I senta directed o
J Cornlih 1C5 I irciad study
On tvi r Curnlsh iilayrd bIlliards
with Hurry A King In the evening until
wih Int Iln
halfpi ten at Iho Knickerbocker Alh
lollu Club On the fume diy later Cor
nlili look the boltlehoUer Illhe Al
utn Mai where he roljeil
On Deo r Mrs llogrra Ilrst saw the
silver hot I liholder on that nIght In hr
ulmrlmeiiK Cornlsli showrJ the Iollf
IlallhII 4 lie lcut tie bunt I con tilttedl
to hrr and her rnnihor II < jlio showed
the million on the jncknce i
The next day Doc M Cornlh gave
from the bottle
a heiplng touipoonful lrm IIt
which Itnl he had received by mail to Mrs
Ur Illtchrnk oallnl it th homo I
Mr Adam nbout 9S A 1 on that
dty He found Mr Adini on th > > > fa
lirtrilhlnir lerntloiilv Si I ud I p
liar pillor a dirkblue roar i flicker
IIIK pulne ni vomit He Kivr her a
hyp < idfrmlc Injection nnd uird nrtltlcUl
re ilratlon IrJlbll
IatiT on In about an luur Mrx
1 Ailam died while Ir hitchcock was I
i jvorklnc uHr her At tint same tlm
Ur Hitchcock itiv that Cornlih 1
I Iri
i furnl h gas Dr Illtchcufk the bottle
I out of which tnv lironioKltuT bud been
tik n ihe thnilofuliler uvl tho original I 4
li itt llr lowers placed the glass
ami iion in he top ill of the china t
oJoitt III 1 u > dinlnxroom nnd < > ckod this
i ilnor of ha ioct ant the lokl1 and
I iuon wtie not tukiti out until Jai i
wrni She UM dcllvertil to llcteclUu
Oar I
I OarCiirnljih
r Ciirnljih Uter on that day Dof K mw
Mr McIntyre at the Crlmlnul Court I
liillns WlKren I anil 13 oclock
I lujcr nn Curnlnh rl lte < l the olllce of
J tin I Tixiim a > aril 3 > i Fri a Vtiert
ilxut nllo it 1 ft sftcrnoon Then I
I IIM IMi oaliiit fii iihs II Cjjlm at hva
nfllv J II wa very iale I 1
Liter on 11 nlxmt IX A M Howard
ilimn tlip son sit the dtccdmil woman
uti t nn the Mdcbiiard nf the linIng
I room u > Min inl In n glut Ta ort I
I thine HI IIMK laU The tiias and
spoon wore put In 11 closet Jnd wcr <
i ikoi nay tiy Ocer Cary Ont or
I dir 1lya later
I rn f John II Kilmer went to Dr
I Illnji xUi house anj Knt exhIbIt A r
I svivh I thc iiihon packngp the Ixittle t
I hhdh I lie > bolllolioliltr ami Rave It to
Ur Velni the Utiuty Coroner About I
I r oelrxk on the evening of thin chat
I Mr Vocum 121 Cornlh In bo < l sick In I
Ywiims rioni at the Knickerbocker
I Athletli Chub Henry A Klin nlio yaw
I lurnl1 nick In Lc I In Vooutne room In J
j the diibhnuie Patrick J Klimenm also
I saw Cornlrh lick In bnl 11 Vncum
room In tht clubhouse and rat up with
lilm that night and the following nlcht i
Dr Vetulrll C Ihidlpx attended Cor
nlfh nt the Knickerbocker Athletic Club I
Ile nay that Cornlih nai niKTertnif
from on Irritant poUnn Un Ibo same r
ilay Dr Iouli A totllu treated Cornlih
nt the Knickerbocker Athletic Club On
that 11 Jiihti 1 jlclnlyri saw and
lilentllled the dead bout > or ilr Adam
ut bt ttat Klehlyrlxth ttreit On tho
aCUmen day Andrew llunlnnoby uleward
of the Knickerbocker Athletic Club
fumiirod Iho defendantii huulwrltlhff
WIth Kxhlblt 13 a facslmlle of the pol
iii packaKe You remember that
Then lie wont to John n Adami the r
secretary of tint club and Identified
nutty vrltliiKS an nude by Mollncux
On Df if the rc eml > Jancn between
llxhlhl 12 unl the defendant wrltlns
Ire struck John I Adimn He hid
not I lien feiii tho nrlKlnal potion tick
neo aililreyn exhibit A 011 me defen
ilmtit Cxhllill It Thin I n cut from I j
ttesSshiaiucr which I linvei just rrtrr1
to It I n copy of the address on thus
pnlon paekjto lre
On Dec 7 > time day following Capt
McClmky ant a stenoKniplifr went to
Ie Inrnlsh und took hi statement
Ol tho name dale Officer Palmer rave
lr VMon Kxhlbit A the nolfon uck
nee nddrei nml also th bOttle holder t
and tlmt mull blue bromo ell r bot
tIc The hotlle wa then nearly filled
with a vihlllMi powder On Ihl sain
thee Dr tIn gave Capt JcClu ky
the tMildin atlilivss and Die Imttlo holder
On the fame div Dr Vtston tT
fnrmeil nn autopsy on Sim Adam mil
took tha Honied JUI containing Ir
Ailamni nrSn to 51 Vct Flftylhlnl
street rind placed them In a refrigerator
there and the refrigerator was PIt4
III Dr Wentnni opinion Mrs AJamas
tooth romiltel In iiolson from hydrocy
anic acli < or ones of Its falls I
On thn rOll day Vc > ton saw Corn
In Vocums room loiter on th same
iliiy Cipt AlrClui > ky gate Dotecttv
Cny the iKttlPholdcr with Instruc
tion to llnd out where ll had besot put
clianitd and on the same day Ca > t Me
rinnky wiiit with Carey to ComliriS
loom and look CornlshM statement
On Dec at the day following l Pt
Mhuntky went Ione and paw donnish
ittilth ltd anti alI down to hull
olllrn In the KnlcJ < ertiocl > r AthlWC
Club John D Aimis came In with tbe
Continued on Third Itgs
i tnflflflfltt 4 a
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Stomach and Distress
After Eating
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