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M I i
P < wi Wri rt iI i r tr 1 THE WORi m uRSDYEiTENJNGo tL iTS T I 1901 d L I A > i I
t 11
r I j fl
f f iI IL t
t I i
i ft > LOVE
< A
HJ f
t lC PTfIllm fcr Dir Sfrr rub txi
f iUBT had all gone to Covlngtnm
Cl1l for the winter and were enjoylnz
the February sunshine on the soutn
h gallery when the Man from Mlfrtsnlppl
i strode up the steps a big broadshout
I dereJ fellow with hightossed head nnd
tfelentlesrfy honest eyes
t Is Miss Erome boarding here they
Ikeard him uk
t 1 Tes sir shall I take your card
I Give me a room
r Am he passed the ladles he railed hls
r1 hat and then upOn second thought
t hung on his heel I
h Miss Bromt I believe I
g Ye
He proffered his card I am Just from
Mississippi he said
Tho your Udy Introduced liltn to tho
if r t of them You were In the army
t with Jme she remarked leaning back
to look up at him He has told us
much about you
Yet he salfl Jack and I weit up
San Jvan together
Lets iro for a walk sussested he a
i week later
The Man from Mississippi sat upon the
baluster and Miss Drome again II
V i opposite him In her favorite chilr She
t did not reply at once They had been
J i for so many walks together recently
ft that Ui folks were beginning In jokn
if tier siryly about the bg Mississippi
t 1He was Julltbelnlr nice to her for
JackI sake she Insisted Hut still
Havent we explored the country
pretty thoroughly already
YM but there Is ore little dell Mill
to be Investigated It I where the flrpl
Tltd violets come Dont > oii like lo
Yes Indeed
Lets go then
They started off as alwhe taking
three steps to each of his slow trldi > n
ifiut eonverrntlon e med at a discount
rAt last the man remarked It
Wo both appear to l > e In a rsthnr
1 isllrnt mocd this evenlnr
Do weZ I hadnt noticed It
Von hadnt lie bejrm Impetu
f ouly Ah here Is a lolet
Ifnt It lovely It In the first I have
n ien
p cnIi
t Ii it He plucked It meriianlall
and handed It tn her Til larrc hand
wns not only cold now but absurdly mi
iticndy A wnt of ureanlnei surged
through the Klrl < pittas nnl uminn
lTle she surjirested the very UlnJC she
n lyost cnreil to do return tn the l > ord
4 As you like be replied quietly I
vTf9 i 30lntf away early In the niornlnv
r t Wont you my good j to me here Ami
fXauwlII tell Jack thut I kcJt iny prnm
> v iUe about treating bin little clrl whlli
There wna a long moirent nf unctr
July wUll they stood there smonrhe
r G fljne Llcoklnir anywhere Miner than Into
f leochnothers eyes The girls pride wa
l aJtrjIllj hard to doubt tile hnt sty of the
UK fellow nt her side DM hrrally
beHevp that ctie was cnpaned tn Jack or
t Xwaslie only trylnc to retire gracefully
t a frm a He had fpoken Jack fre
b qutntly during the lost fen day < t almo t
1 joVilhouph hewer trylniT to keep the
Ifaot of his existence Inlilnntly before
him The mentor of tint cold ur ti > ni1 >
t lund set doubt unrvrrmnrlously nnldi
i Who Is Jack little girl stie aUil
Is he engaged
The Mm from Mlsslsrlppl lunit < l utnn
her sternly 1 underMooJ that lie HH
t1 tovyoti
U Nonsense He In my Hrnt cousin
t Ho U not ergsged to 0111
Vpsn Ofcourse not
jgT Sorer var
t i l No She lauirhed n trifle nervously
ilm afraid you have been treating the
tiIwron girl white
Do you think so 1110 sled Quietly
iJIl strons flngeM clotei over hers bin
J they were no longer cold Will It be i
f necessary for mo to flee from Paracllie
tomorrOTV mornlnir 7
Where la Paradlic she ak1 flip
Wherever you ar he returned e
1 ou17
Ahahe answered unJer her breath
but If you were not there wouUnt
< be
c 0
7 J < OR HO E
i t Evening World Dally
Funliioa Hint
1cutthlucke1 drm for n child
ofjfour years of age Hires yards of ina
Verlal twentycven Inches wide or two
I 4 m b f i i 1ffi
I j lit ml
ti lJ I WI
i fl Will f
JJ lIIi 1 t W
sjfyardsthirtytwo inchts wide
lttWnrNoJ OJ one two four
Mnt for 10 cents
The World
York City
SH41 > > ts < W > i H1 < M11 Mw oH
1 t I
t JI > > h P I t
ir5i iS rkRt
JJ A l S VWr 1
SJI V1 I 1 j
i r
QJrr i 1
r tf 1 bt flJt f I
1J i 1 li 15 I f j
i f r Vt 1
f 1 17
1 I 0
1 7Ji f W I
fe h Etii A aW Vi
UL ii c
+ I r7
= fJirJf 1 i
0 >
0 t 1 I
tZ r tP
i = X
5 f
+ +
of +
Of ill LJio fooln allow n to lIe ami ovor BO afloat 1
+ The blRRCst of tlmm surely IH the fool who rocks DIP lioat
The fool who nklils th iinlonilcd pin and kills a child or goit
Is a cheerful lillot btililc the fool who nxks the bnat r
Vouro only pafo to stay nt home Ilu clofft not < ire a Kront
Your llfoH not worth fnrthltir with the fil who rocka the boat r
So whenever you io snlllnK or anywhrrr afloat
lie nuro and Irave I ho fool behlndtlle fool who rocks tho bont
H Cos Cob Conn
51 > i H 11 1 + 1 > i
i Drawn frwn a model t
H4HH + H H + HHi + i i + H + H + H + H + H +
A Pncp lnllnii nnil n Tonlli Inmler I
D r > lr < Am
Kindly Klve rnn r > me rfmrd > lore
movu plmilc from the face mul tell
me how to avoid them 10111 ritnedy
to cleanse the UOth MUs II V
TH1lhttormuJa for tho pimples
Avoid ply or cretiny food anil
nlso sweet of uny kind TaVe
plenty ot outdoor cxerclie acid rleop In a
llvcntllilfl rouni Unv nUu the tuutli
powder t which I e > oii formula
Excellent Itemed for Ordinary Ilm
plea Carbolic acid 15 dto > liorax M
grains glyrerlne 4 drama tunnln si
grains alcohol 1 ounce rose water
1 3 13 ounces Mix nnd dissolve ana ap
ply night and morning
Tooth rowdcr lreclpltated chalk
utincoi imnilcrcd orrla root S ounce
punereU ciniiihor > ouno Iteducs tho
cnmphir to n fine ponder In u mortar
m < i4lenlnc It with n verv llyle nlcnhnl
Adi other Ingredient Mix horouilil >
an I sift throucli n nne bolting cloth
For Thin KlnstnrXnlU
Petr irr Arr
How can a purfon train his rtnuer
nail to Ixvnme thick an1 hard nhen
they nra thin and bend very easily
nl AKi the pnMe for nhlfh I xln
Nt s u formula and upread upon the
V nail at nleht frimetlmes this
paste nlll nourish the nails and make
thmi much stronger
o VOI = NO IGil
Publlsh 9 by tho Prtni Publishing Company U lo M TAItK HOW New York
Entered nt thr 1ultOnlco at New 1rk as HcccmdClaaf Mall Matter
A costume war is brewing along our Atlantic coast line from
Xarragansctt to Capo layJhe vital questions at issue are
First What la the lino of propriety a bath
WHAT 11 IU InK fcult for R man What tho line In a bathing
siiCCTtiuK suit for a woman
I lII1
Second What Is the dead line of respectability
IIATHIM In the wearing of a lathing suit 1 Is It at tho line
11Im r i of tho bathhojisos Is it aa far inland aa the sound
of the eurf can bo heard 1
Third How many minute before and how many minutes after a sea
bath in respectable to bo noon Ina bathlnc suit 1
There cbrtainly fitness to time and place in costume
A woman who wore tho ordinary dinner gown or ball gown for
n walk down Fifth avenue in daylight or even at night would cer
tainly nnd very properly be arrested if she refused to obey the
order to withdraw from tho public view
A woman or a man who appeared in the streets of New York
in tho most offensively and indecently modest bathing dress ever
devised by tho Anbury Park Puritans would be promptly and prop
erly haled to a polices court
But while it is easy enough sec that there arc solid grounds
for complaint in this matter of the improper use and improper make
of bathing suits how In u rational remedy to be applied
Public opinion as to what is proper ami what improper is dif
ferent for diffcient places different on different days nt the same
place And probably no two people could be found who would ugrcn
as to the exact line of propriety 1inally who is fit to bo trusted
with the most dilicatc task of drawing the 1illein matters so
directly touching tho nncrod rights of personal liberty
The safest course in nil these matters tho letalone course
is it not t Persons who offend in costume or in other personal
respects will soon be brought to hook by social cstraciMii And if
in any place the manners nnd cu toms that win the approval of the
majority do not suit one he or she hits tho inalienable right to
urnoe on
Tho other parts of tho country are watching these outbreaks
of savagery against the negro in the South with horror and amaze
ment What kind of people are these who burn their fellows at
the stake after soaking them with oill Why do wo never hear of
tho better element in any of those communities trying to prevent
such hideous assaults upon liberty and humanity are the questions
most often kcd
There is a lesson in the state of affairs in the South for all ngi
1 p tutors for all those who shout for a violent
1 IIrUI rlnl xiiuIVo I ndilg ° f abuses social or political
t IMYKOII IT Civiliation is a very delicate flower of
lnG1II J very slow growth and very easily destroyed
0 yet Up0n jt wo arc lopondunt for all that we
have education comfort luxury our daily broad and peaceful
Tho spirit of barbarism istil1 strong in the race There is
not one of tin who docs not fonl it within him or her and strongly
at timop
Release tlii spirit and civilization it destroyed
The orderly processes of educating public opinion are exasperat
ingly slow Hut only in that way can we correct any abuses what
sotvor Any other course means the release of tho bruto in man
And mice that released how is it to bn chained
Think along these lines and you soon see why it is not merely
a duly but a vital necessity stonily to put down the first show of
thn spirit of violence You may pity you may find excuses for
those who forgot themsclve 5 foigot their obligationsto civilization
in anger over somo wrong Hut you cannot let sympathy interfere
to prevent tho averting of the awful peril to all that civilized man
Jf the first time thoro had been a lynching in the South the
mob had been shot down by tho outraged law tho South today
would not bo face to face with the situation of mob rule and decay
ing civilization and furious race hatred which its lynchera have
Tu an interview in Colliers Weekly next Saturday Sir Thomas
Lipton will ilisciiys his prospects of lifting tho cup in the coining
yacht race
Sir Thomass remarkably sanguine cheery and amiable tem
perament is tho striking thing in this interview lie gays he hopes
u o to win tho cup and during the recent trials of
t Ills nnw 10lt on tlic G1yI < tl10 hope grew nt
i fiiiTAix t moments into expectation But lie quickly
rt o adds If there was certainty that I should
win or that I should lose thorn would be no sport Only ono thing
ia quite lIlrothot the heAt boat will win and I am sportsman
enough to wish that it should
Sow that admirably said and sincerely no doubt for Sir
Thomas has already lost once and took his defeat philosophically
But ho shows himself a diplomat as well nil a dead gamo sport
when he goes on to compliment his American competitors express
ing the fullest confidence that he will have fair play and that if ho
fails to lift thn cup he shall at least increase the good will that
cxista between the sportloving people of both countries
Tt pays to cultivate good temper simply as a business asset
quite apart from tho personal happiness them is in being able to
I taken hard knock without wincing and to keop your eye steadily on
tho sunnv shieD life
I tho irlyrerlne If the salts will not en I
tirely illeiolvc filter anJ thrmv nwiy
Ihu residue Label the bottle and ap
ply with a soft sponge several times a
day If this U not elllcaclous you nlll
probably have to use a mercury blench
or a mild preparation of tallollc acid
or something that will produce a rough
ness of llic skin which will peel off and
leave < i new fresh skin underneath
llrmrdr for C llon pots
I Unr Mr Jr
Ploase give me a cure for callous fnct
I T AKB a warm foot baUlrer
I night for four or five weeks IAter
i drying Ihfeel thoroughly each
Ight > rape off caflm tissue U
i < J
J 1
ir II
Suggestion byF11f Howarth
> >
+ u 1
i Drown irecn J WIlv hCIIU old man grind tome ct Ou
Brown Im irilnj up Hiln street I
Urccncll RooJty Im golns on Etralsht ilown
w < i
R w II
ireon That W aK a narrow cflpc Now Ill Jus slip In her <
t IV
I Brown I Hello WhyprhuiycH certainly Come lake one 1
> Grwn j with me +
> > S i
pe <
J HAHB have imlr fiinctlonil duty
G Bcrompllili IIknory other
lluld of th body ITVI tho Dlotlc
and llyclenlc Caz tt and tho Inrliry
mal slntiJ Is not placed behind the eye
simply to till spicc or to tilvo expremlon
ta emotion
The chemical properties of teaM con
sist phosphate of lime nnd soda mak
ing them very salty but never bitter
Their octlnnonlho eye Is vers1 bene
flolal washing thoroughly that neniltlvn
organ which allows no foreign fluid to I
do the same work I
Nothing cleanse the eye like a good
salty shower bath and medics art has
followed nstnroH law In this rcspeot
advocating Invigorating solution for
any distressed condition of the optics I
Tears do not weaken the sight but
Improve It They ict tuI a tonic on
the muscular vision keeping the eye
loft and limpid nnd It will be noticed
that women In whoso eyes sympathetic
tears gather quickly have brighter
tenderer orbs than other When tho 1
pupils are hard and cold the world at
Take equal parts of refined pitch nd
m > rrh or of turoentln nul myrrh
moltctl and mix tojtcurr and sprrsd
upon the noils at nlxht Itemove In the
mnrnlng with a little nllvu oil
Tu Hemurr IHnlo on Ihr Throat
fMjir Mra Ayer
Kindly Inform me If there In anything
that will rtmno a dark ln left on the
neck due lo n raring tlKht ribbons
J ii a
T > HY this formula for removing the
I Jark Ktiilim liorax 60 Kraln
4 chlorate of potiuli 240 wralnn al
cohol dram glycerine dMin rose
water enough to make three ounce
Dissolve tho potash and borax In the
alcohol and add the rose water
L t
Drown ° S
Gr n Confound It Hero comes DroW1lJust M I WM 1
t going In to Kt a drink and Ill be hanged If Im going to treat him
broa oosslble and then apply tho
following remedy
Hsllcyllc ncldZIO urrtlns extract of
IrHllan hemp 4u gralnn alcohol 0
drams flexible collodion sufficient
Dissolve the Indian hemp In the nlco
hondltt Mlvo the mllcjllr acid In about
3 I ounces of the llrxlble collodion
then ndJ the alcohol nnd extract nnd
finally add CIIOUKI mol flexible cv
loilloti to make five ounces I
Apply to tli > callous npotj after thn I
fcxjl bath Ciiru should be taken to
protect thnt part of thu foot which Is
not ta receive the treatment This lo
tion Is also excellent rnr corns hut Uic
corns should bo Isolated
fnr IJmiiMim l Krrllds
Dttr Mrs Aren
nIIIJOln t me know what It good
tributes It to ones disposition which Is
j a mere IlKtire of speech Implying th I
lark of balmy tears that nre to thr
cornea wCint ralve s to the skin or
nourlMlimcnt tu the tiUxxi
Tho reaion vomn weep more enilly
limn others and nil more reidlly than
the sterner sex linn tot Its difference
In thestrength of the tear gland but
In the p ne > on t n more dellcnto
nerve system The nerxn IHurs about
tho go4ids vibrate more easily cuualng
a downpour from the watery ssc
Men BrO not nearly sensitive to
emotion their sympathetic nature that
term In usrd In a medical aense Is less
developed and the eyi gland Is there
fore protected from shocks Conse
quently n man should think of the for
mation of his nerve nature when he
contemptuously scorns tears as a
womans practice
Hetwcen man and monkey there I this
ejsrn il difference of tearr An ape
cannut weep not so much because Its
mollnnil rxwrrs are undeveloped as of
the fact that the lachrymal gland was
omitted In his optical makeup
for granulated e > llds nSI
T KJOATMBNT if Granulated bids
T Make a pmte by rurxilng a piece
III nlum into tho whltn of an egg
until a curd Is farmed Bandage tho
cunl on the oyes at irlght and remove
In the murning You should consult an
eye specialist It Is a Krent mistake to
ilclny iicurlnjf the proper treatment for
uny illieuKi of the ores nr eyelids
Wrltr and Kxplnlsi Farther
Detr Mr Artrt
Please state the amount of hydrosone
and glyroxone to be takon and the pro
portions 8UrF12RUn
I DO not know what you wish to take
1DO hydroxone t rlhal be happy to I
o oblige you If you win eiplaln further
I r
1 lin Imnortnnc of oossesslns
J Qnii knnwletliro of how to render
4 asshlllncotn thn apparently
drowned Is of direct personal Interest
j to every Individual The knonledce of I
reiuscltutlon only dales back for about
one hundred and fifty years
The flrM attempts at restoration were
crude and to us In these advanced
days seemingly barbarous sa > s Major
Claughton In the Chicago Tribune the
ilrsl ind favorite method being to In
flate the lungs with a pair of bellows
and loup l the air by pressure and
In addition to this rubbing the body
with salt or strong spirit rolling It on
the ground or over n cask holding up
by the heels a method still adopted In
some remote parts bleeding Injecting
tobacco smoke and various other ways
oT trying to gain tho object aimed at
But with advancing science these ob
jectionable methods were dropped aod
oho present system which Is more In
line with humane feellnz has taken
their place In many Instances life was
undoubtedly saved
Our society has Itself adopted and re
commend the use of nhat unlvtrsaJ
ly known a the Silvester method of
restoring the apparently drowned this
being In Its opinion the most efflcacleun
I nnlmnllnlIlYl1ppllfdIt Is quite
simple You place the patient on his
bark the rhoulders being slightly railed
by anything tmndy then cleanse the
month and nostrils IIOtlalatree air
passage may exist then raise the arms
upward by the vide of the head gently
but stvadlly This will ttilarca the
chest and Induce on Indrousht of air h
Next lower tlm arms and preja them
firmly against the aide thus contracting
the cntdt and expelling the air Con 1
tlnue these movements deliberately aod
ItersevnrlnRly llfteen mo each minute I
or until naurnl breathing restored
Xo apparatus whatever Is needed
Unfortunately tha knowledge of this
nyiitem Is not ery widespread tore en
now te rind that the first action taken
1Aoa 1 have mid to hold a body upside
down or to hung It over a wall faic
downward but we are doing what wej
can to render such treatment Impossible
flcorr DuBnr Street E
To ilu Editor of The Exslni WorU I
The Dunne Street Employer t i
makes a kick against giving bis
plo > ces a weeks vacation U Indeed Isck
Ing In common snnse A man working j
faithfully from sumncr to sum jj
mer deserves at least a weeks i
vacation After returning to his
work he can begin with a clear mind 1
I and a good will and again be thankful
in his wiployer for the courtesy showy
I him Down with the Duane Btretf
Employer or any that may have tbif
same Idea E P J V HarlenUlaf
The Police ftcaMdal t11
To t hoD Mor of Tee B ealm WerMl
So arrents have actually been mad
the police scandal Now that a few tin t
branches nre loppeJ off I suppose r
formers will lean back In the glad bej
lIt thai the whole tree has been OUt I
down It would be laughable were 1
not no sad O K JJt
Thr Land Tulker
To tbf riltlor of Th tr nloi Worllt ilw
Scarcely a public conveyance but 0
rle nt leant one loud talker He oftfcai l
complaining but sometimes U merfi 1
telling thn story of his life In elthi a
case he Is 01 nulsanco Men who cant
modulate their voices should be inusl
zlnd or else stay at home VICTIMH I
IMrn for Atrnw Hat
Ta tht BJItur of Tb Kt Inc VVorM
Hlnce we have shut out the shirt wttlstj I
Ut u nt least keep up one comfortablfAj
custom and refuse to obey fashions silly ft
dictate to abandon the cool prelt v t
straw hat on Sept 15 Let us wear qt
till October nt the very least Who
will Join mo In doing this EDWARD th
Same Old Starr
Tn lli > Eitllor 01 Th K nlni Worllt
The Mime old story with the Police 1
Department We all know that the po f i
livn force Is corrupt This rofjrm + en r
In mo all a farce The politicians are
Allt atmln Let tu hae thn leal irform
and wipe the old corruption Jilt of > a J
In Hnsjlaiii I
To It K4ltor of Tli t > nloi W 0 141
In uhat country nan tie poet Willltas
Wordsworth born
Borne people think the star above
Have nothing more to do
Thnn seq that Dimple Ham In love
Shall fall with Hlmplc Hue I
Sam mny be at one side the world
And Sue may be at tother
And yet the stars contrive that they
Bhatl meet somehow or otlrer f
Hut chance deals In the game of I
And some draw high some low l
You may think that the cards aro
But It simply happens to
The slara hoe something more lo
Than run tno earths affairs
They never heard of Sam or Sue I I
And not one of them cares I
This world which looks so bis to
Bo far beyond your reach
IB not the only pebble on
Too universes tiMch
Chance alwa > dcnls the liandlt or
And some draw lilirh some low I
Vou may think that the cardi
But It simply happens to l
The Ezpt I
i 11 i
i r J
s i n a w ij i

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