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1 5
i Jt I
now To1I WUl
Hr By Mmo Louise
The Evening World places at tile
lisposal of its feminine readers the
services of a very competent drts
maker who will tssiat and advise
them in planning new dresses and
miiTlingolJtr old antI Address all
litters on this topic to time Louise
Evening World Homo Dressmaking
lly Dtar Mme luti
1 hu a Ttfjr han > me bak slr1 mIr
Ilk tklrt with aKfin tore whlclt I tiir nu rr
worn I would like to mh It our la Ih pro
Tillliic tyl for hom fr I tint are jiM
icibIUk Ytlftt Could 1 rrnbtiF th to
JThe combination ot moire and velvet
trill be decidedly ntyllih molrei nre
a Rain In vogue It U an easy matter to
make n revctiKorcd skirt up to date l > y
taking In tIm nonim Crni the bias nldn
only from the hip linn to Just helotv the
knees sloplriK out nt thn tmttom to Rtxe
fiflouncc effect Add the desired lencth
to the oklrt at the bottom with your
velvet at the bottom of Dm skirt cut
Irfecularly nn In the sketch Finish with
black silk braid MMH IQUISIl
Dtp Unit U Jltll
Klnllf ailTl m4 how M trait a drrn of
Wick rut I bivi a utrnjinl tluV tiStU
skirt CouU It tx mol for a tray iklrt
You may ute your taffeta skirt for a
lip very nicely Make jour nklrt wlti
a circular flounce and cover the llounco
entirely with rufllcs IBM Inches wide
Thin will make your klrt billowy
around the bottom ni all ho tit
dresses are mode You may edse the
ruffles with velvet rlb > on or a ruchlnR
If It will not bo too expensive IAko
your waist with acordid yoke and cal
tar which li Oone b > maklni iiuarter
Inch tucks one lilch npirt ahd shlrrlnc
them on black piping cord iliVo the
body of your walit very full tif ihr
net tucked In clusters with or without
Chantllly lace Inrcrtlnn bclnrvn Make
your upper sleeve llkr tat body of the
waist with email circular ritlllo around
the elbow llnltlicil to match DIP bottom
of tho sklr The lower i > leeve shouM be
like the yoke with tiny ruilles over Iho
hand Cut a cltctibr nhapnl pCt of
net edsctl with nichlrn to star nt the
foot of the yoke nnd fall gracefully over
tlleldt shoulder Over the other
shoulder draw n piece of dainty flsun
ribbon about four Inchta wId crushol
like a belt and continue It ncrois the
front at tho foot of the yoke Finish
It with a full rosette bow a little to the
left of the centre ilaku the ultillo to
correspond MMK I3UISK
Oil HOj > lE O
a 1
rbo Evening Worlds Dally
Ianhion Hint
To cut this blouio waist In medium
Else t 4m jyards 21 Inches wide 1t
yards 27 Inches wide or I 12 yards 41
VTldo will 10 required with 1 13
arda Ilnchwgi wide for full front and
dfliSlynrdaiof lace In
nl9nynnd9ynrila of velvetribbon to
r1m ilt UBtratcd
tcrriNb 3JTJ sizes 32to1 < 0
I wIhhilieccnCtcir10 cenlii
nirtoney toiCnshlers The TVorW
I IIllAIEJ llllDllD flYER
11 Hints to the Housewife
MlufTril IVptirri and Toannfnr
Drtt MrL Aytr
Kindly Inform m how to stuff grn
peirpprt nnd tomatoes Mrs II
mI iMpfr or maiiRoe are
G stuffe1 ni follows Select firm
sound green peppers ind ftdd a
few red ones as they are ornamrntil to
thn table With n rharp knife remove
the top take out the jiriil oik over
night In salt nitrr then nil with
choppH Co biK nnd green tnmitoes
reasoned with silt muManl renl and
ground cloves Sew on the top loll vln
egar stifllclcnt to cover them with n cup
of brown sugar and pour over the man
goes Do thli three mornlngi then seal
Or thl t e green sweet peppers of
uniform lie Cut a piety off the end
whrrn the stem li or cut them In two
lengthnlso nnd remove the seeds unit
partitions Put In boiling niter for
Ova mtnutM to parboil Fill each one
with A stuffing nmdo of eqliil parts of
naftened broad crumb and mlnct meat
well fca n1 with salt butter nnd a
few drops of onion Juice Ilaco them In
n baking dish With natT half nn Inch
lnt > ant bake In a modert oven for
iilf nil hour If ultnb > lljh Is not used
for the stumng remove them carefully
to a more attrnctUu one for the table
The ned Ant Veil
Dar lira Afar
Will you plea > publish a recipe ror
killing little ml unts They nr In my
refrigerator and cloiets and are aw
fully annolng M H II
I 1ASE a plate with lard and set
GIU1ASE the Insects abound They
are much more fond of lard than
inythlng else and will forsake sugar
for It ilve them one or two mlckn
to climb on and when the pate li
lull lurn It over the fire and thn ants
will drop with tlin melted lard Its
set thn plate and In a short time the
ant4 will all b caught
To Irrarrve Ginger
nr Sirs Ayrr
Will you kindly glvn m4 n recipe for
preserved ginger and staIn whether It
must be green Mrs T
Altl the roots of green ginger nnd
rAIII In cold water for nbout fifteen
mInutes 11011 three different
times changing thn hot water for cold
until very tender
Drain and lay In Ice water For the
syrup allow a pound and a quarter of
sugar for every pound of Ringer and a
cupful of water for each pound of sugar
11011 nnd skim until the scum censes to
rise When the syrup Is < lwllothe
ginger off perfectly dry and drop It In
It this stand twentyfour hours Drnln
off nnd reheat the synip putting In thn
gInger when the syrup Is lukewarm It
must bn green
To lunch Plnnn ICeyaj
flu lira Apse
How can I bleach the while keys of a
piano L JeT
1 O whiten the white keys of your
T plnno 1eroxldn of hydrogen will
K blench Ivory keys
Hrilnco CSnrfnrr
Tolho fvtlr of Ttia Vtmlni WorM
Mra land Sulllfan lurxaata lowar carfarra
f < > r Hlrt School rirla
I would lib to sap that any mothtr that ran
seal hrr daughter te hlcl tttvoal ntn irrr It
iftuil to par the uaml rarfar Ai I am a
orklnc itrl aol luCy to totr IS rant tar
a liar on > Tfrr email aalar I think that If
then hul1 I ay rtJW road Ia srtar
II iiouU It fw ilia worklnc guts n II
1rurk Suit Ilefnrp II I1 M After
flint lion Hrenlna Dreo
Tn the IWItor of Tf Krentnt World
I wvjll like to toe aJtlifl vhleh la titter fort
a trM erooTi I > sear far hIs nrldlnr a frwk
salt tr a fitrn aaltT II n s
Mure Complaint at Ilrninrnl of
TI lha KJIlor of Tb Ktfnlnt Worll
I aa v dauctitvr of on of ths Irato titlrtti
who haT lice rimar 4 to Crntral Iillp tram
Ward lllioJ wtii ta tlraar tha attrntloa of
U public to that ramoral TOs UilUlnia on
itri sad DIIkull hlo1a r rtll
fur lha UM of ts poor ratlcitl whot flmlltt
could nX afford ID sin 1 ttiatn ta a rrlata aanl
tilliim lip ibis rrmoril ta Crntral tallilia
ralatlifa oho vtilt tham nin alf lia ta ray
Ir the rUa fart wblrfl la toil a a m Ii
I hardwrktnr paeplr Tiut tiny aba lota the
stun fjr tt tlua lhaf Icia la matIng this
nut sal that la too rub for acaaitoar
six 11 aa I am rajaalf Who emIts bf thIs ro
= lalt Not th < poor piipl It ptwnti bun
drr la from Tlltlcc da patients thtf ban tan
iud to ibis rJuln ofTlclati at IbIs
IrMltut ouet to mak ta asrro 3i sub the
long lilanj Hallway > = acy to lal rrlatlraa of
t linti tutu to Ontral lallp fry of rharia
oar a month Im aura Shin ro > pl old ba
larr grateful A DAUOIITUJl
All Iilrnl Conductor
To lb niltor of Tha Eralgf WorM
Tila tsomlnc I had railoa to usual ostowo
03 an Hlfhlh arena car 0011 attanttoa was
arraitai br tha unuair Of polltrnna act tie
Illtf on lbs part a the conductor In rharc
Savaral taI on the ear bat larsa patkajrl aJ
upan rrachlnc thatr 1ritlnatlon ha wojM carrr
their paeliar fn > m thttr stall to lbs rlatarro
arid aftar they bad allchtrt from tta car wojlj
bond aaaia to them IJkwl ta anlitat ehl
rtu la cattlni oa aal ol tho ar aa earatullr
aa though be war thatr father iiu being qqaa
tlon > l be ojU llatan atttnllrf aa aciwrr
corrcctlr Such conlntora ar h < r an1 fr ba >
twam and lho compaoy ahoiill hot him up ai
an tamplr to thflr rraplorrrr
Plirncitlriv llMOIttTIC
to 40 rin ruirort Street
Talk II Orrr rrltli Inrrnta
To tie Ktltor of Th lltalnK Worl
I hat noted tha Inltr trim JT th
twantryrar ild boy who aaya hla pariah lak
hla waiaa gluing him anti CS cents a wish
apanflloit sue 1 K 0 r J T why tfaat you
hat a confUantlal talk with our r rrnta mud
tell them Just what roe want 4Ihlnktbl
will listen to you at any rIte Your paraata
may bUt retinal fur treating you Ibu Your
uothar perhaps but ao moth to sliced to thai
bcaDot Ond time to attend to nil pour
nnla l alln wart you J T I would our
Uleiy conait la say pareali I am aura they
iIIlzphaiu to jou theirssac for trrttlii
yovstQuj 1t 1J1nTlIA1IAn
i i IJ
1 I it
r PI1
VOLUME ° ° NO U007
Published by the Press Publishing Company jJJf 0 Entered at the PostOffice at Xew Tork ii
No S3 to tI IAniC ROW > Aork EecondClau Mall Matter
Diplomatic negotiations with tho Bllharhm
bandits reduced tlio ransom demanded to
JCOOOO Arbitration Is tho th1ngecn for the
recover of a precious Stone
I expect to find my assistant among thin
friends of the movement that hns been success
ful says Mr Low Somehow IL sounds like v
colleRo presidents polite way of saying To
the victors belong the spoils
Dirt you ever pity the horses
No Hut theyve often plnye1 melor a
ExGov made tried hard to take the starch
olltof Kxfiov nils nrCTtnent In tho Moll
noiix case Dill a Hill Is not so easy a proposition
ns a bill
There arc sections the State of New York
tvhero an admission by the writer a letter
that he favored the Chicago platform wnn a
member ol Tammany Hall would clearly make
tho letter prejudldnl raid ExGov Hill In tho
Mollncitx argument On this point at least tho
Senator has tho weight of tho evidence on his
It Is probably as hard for a king to give up
smoking as for any of his subjects perhaps
harder considering tho choice flavor of his
threeshilling dcam Tho Pall Mall Gazette
notes a thenCe In tho smoking habits of the
British worMntrman vrhohos almost abandoned
his clay pipe in favor of the twopenny packet
of clgarettea with a portrait of o favorite actress
or kliilUrlnd general thrown In An acqualnt
nnrp with thu miniature masterpieces which
cigarette rnanufucturvrs me to attract their
hoylflh patrons may cultivate the lirlllsh work
liiKmnns appreciation of art but he will find
the piper cylinder a poor fiilistlttito for tho
pipe When he onllsts for South Africa he wont
find the liners smoking them
I henr your part of WcslchcMer County In
to Ix aruriexel some day to ruw Vorl City
Im awfully glad They ray New York City
Kir In no much l > tter than ours nnil wo can set
It lien without moving
Mrs IlloortKood says that luck has had much
to do with her advancement on the stage How
ever site adds I worked hard to deserve It
Work work work If you would rise The ad
vice that the successful give to the aspiring
nearly always contains n disagreeable qualify
ing clause about the necessity of work
The ladles of the Emma Willard Association
of whom tho wife of Yales president Is one
add tho weight of their testimony to the prop
osition that college girl makes an affectionate
R wlfo as ono untaught In Greek or mathe
matics She Is apt however to marry later In
lIfe than other drls and she may bo more
critical In the choice of a husband It would
bo Interesting to know where the Idea orig
inated that trumlng Is antagonistic to love A
celebrated woman writer proved to tho natlffnc
tlon of her readers a few years ago that men of
brains are more romantic In their attachments
for women than less cultivated men and its a
poor rule that wont work both wn1A girl
who has been a member of a Greek letter so
ciety Is likely to be indulgent to a husband on
lodge nights while her knowledge of mathe
matics ought to excuse him when ho stays out
late to balance his books
We ore tiavln beautiful weather at West
Jolnt nowadays
Yes I heard that there tvas no more haze
here now
Deputy Commissioner Scully says that fire
men who excel In personal bravery aro the
hardest drinkers in the department I have
fOllndbe says that almost invariably tho
men who como up boforo mo for trial on
charges of Intoxication arc the men who risk
their lives most In the discharge their duty
Perhaps they need a little liquor to wash tho
Btnakc out of their throats A fireman has also
been known to swear aa fluently as a Santiago
bosun but when man is breathing hot air
he may be pardoned for letting some out
How can a poor man gel to Jutland
Better go by boat Union youre a pretty lOad
In London they ° boo ° our plays turn the
name of our great original bandmaster into
Boosa and oven venture to boo the great
Bobs himself nut there are booera down
in South Africa who can boat them at their own
c iH + > > + HHf4 + + > MH 1 > 3 + +
Z Jt 00k
L k
it ifj f
+ I
t +
tt 1 IxnidenBlagor I get mo a pulHoR vot vas hotter dan dot tog of 2 Casey with envious hntredXo dom Dootehmln kin have a
CtBcya nccxt door dog bettern molno and that dog live
= =
II w >
J t
I f
+ T I
3 Casey Whin ho ate this pace av mat hell be n Jhor 4 Casey There yea Dootch brute ate that an lICe how yez like it
6 Caceyfl PupThata what 1 call o downright outrage Hero hes 6 Caseys Pup after jumping fenceIfe aint cot no right to give
been atarrin mo fcr a week and then com an throws a big hunk of to others and let bls own starve A
meat over to that dog next door Z
t f
+ < r
Z +
1 g l
7 LoudenslacerB PupGreat Bones I never otxA a doc do noth S Mr Loudonalaser Gott In Hlmmell Oaaoy It you dont keep
e r In hike dat before your top ofer In your own yardt Ten doy rant to gonrmlt eolddo I on
you Ucr law vJll hnf f
ts 7 tLJtflJtCIP JtnJrYLnCLCVtflCUtr flrtrUtflJflflflflJtflJ1J1flJ1JLJtftttJtflJtrLflJJJJLJtJJ4 JJThflflJtJLflJ
+ < >
t >
4 Ono more pull and Over the summit And if every Goes right well or At tOo hotel In Ume tea dinner
well be thing rive I IJfw
i a
1 r n
J jw
r e
T r 0 >
zfr When Cholly Gasoline started on lila crosacountry tour his admlr But os ho struck section country in which < the railroads had la w >
< tug friends were afraid be might be little lonesome oucd a ban on free transportation bill return trip was quite unconvcn
I tlonally sociable flont ou know to j
v i 3 > 44H > 344 < 3 m h W i m I
> > w J t V
1J f tlirl i W ii 1i t j 1 > iJ b Iiil i k1i1Lf j t
cd 1
i 1 Bc2ou
I riO grow old nt any limo is from
l 1 my point of view a most unneces
i sary blunder on the part of the
Uiitto deliberately set nut on a mis
sion which has for Its ultimate object
the diabolical of cultivating decay
and decrepitude If candidly paklnff
Hvcry one knows the Poe of the
woman who Is said by her friends 10
have grown old before her time poor
The women trtio snake a business of
crowing old before their time usually
succeed In this undertaking though they
are associated with failure In most of
the affair of life
Growing old before ones lime ems
I to necesflltato speaking In suppressed
roans with a down
I ward Inflection
stooping shoulders
14 W1C Ill fitting corsets
I4ey 5rtU battered bonnets
i ° gil sn I ok e d looking
° e shoes and squeak
Inllugly Ilons
Now this world Is
a busy place and
1YeIWF sane men and wom
I ligIIwJq en like bright clean
I7yqJ u atmospheres men
5 tal and physical to I
perform their al I
lotted tasks in
would rather personally attend to my
work In a cheerful boiler factory with
every pound of steam on than In a vel
vetcurtained library In the company of
two or three ladles who havo crown
old before their time
I dont think myself that superficially
speaking benefits and blessings have
been equally divided
I cannot to Rive my life mink the
wlked get nil their comeups so to
speak while their victims are on the
scene because I have borne too fre
quent withers to the lonR < ontlnued
prosperity of the villain In soma poor
creatures life tragedy
But eventually we get what we de
The woman who keep the fire of eter
nal youth brightly burning In her soul Is
she who radiates
good fellowship
works cheerfully j
looks her prettiest
and Just lovea
everybody on gen
eral principles
Tho secret of
health and beauty I
anl y o 11th an
a v e r y t h I ng else
wortfi while Is In
loving your neigh
bor as yourself
This philosophy
doesnot mean that
the world wodld be
benefited by being
peopled by a race of
gtgglers or buffoons or maudlin senti
It does not mean that we are to have
no chosen friends of our souls or that
wo aro to bo abnormally salntllko or
vulgarize our IIneelest most sacred
It means thst we are to help build up
F ¼ btH
4 rocUw
Goon rOlolT5 OF FOOTnUI
Foptball sayS President Thwlne of
Vesitern ncscire UnUMrslty further
embodies the process of selfdiscovery
Chicago Tribune
The first Impression to t > a made Is
that you are wen bred A ready nmllo
a gracious manner but with a hint of
reserve BUEcest It and give assurance
that you arc a lady Do not try to
flirt at a first Interview Polly the
otdfaahloned ffiat most winsome of
MIllS Alcotts heroines saya that on a
certain oocaeton alto did not mean to
flirt but1tJwrt flirted Itself It
must always flirt lUrtf to ba at
tractive Boston Globe
now HI icxnw
1 iho does bleve In ghosts aId
the old man I eeen my ol roaster
once after lie done dead en bury
What did he look like
Well sub ter tell do Gods truth
I wui too ske red ter tell but I know
ed hit TTUZ him
Howd did you know ItT
ICaae I had a JlmmyJobn luller
licker In my two hans en I drapped
kerblaom En he say right off
John did you spill all dot good
licker Atlanta ConztltuUon
A min litHE I
The let the horse take his hrtdi
ChicAgo Tribune
now CAM
A pufflllst who malice his pile
And then to Congress eoes
Would bo rlcht In his dory when
Uo strikes the ayes and noes
u Pbiladclpbia Press
to rtrcnctlion to beautify life and thzt
ni > srr never to idly destroy even a
childs hopes or Joys or happiness
it means that youth smiles and sine
and nmkcs Unlit burdens and that If
we keen our spirits young ana sweat
nnd even joyous wo need not worry
about our looks
Wo shall never Join the flabby stoop
shouldered dr drooplnsmouthcd old
beforfhortlme11 proccsMon IIlIwoet
out of Joint with life and forget how
much them Is of good and beauty on
every aide and upend our precious hours
remembering other peoples shortcom
Ings anti our own failures
This reads hike a sermon dear
friends doesnt It
And you all know that I am last of til
hen to preaching But to tell you the
truth I have Just escaped from a lady
who has told me sixteen times at least
Ap In an hours con
versation all con
a ducted from her
end of the line
that she has
crown old before
1 II her time
jigI Li She said It In
irii S i u o h a spiteful
way and shook
it her poor head at
it me and hut her
c 1 t teeth with such a
t 4 t snap that I wan
1 dered If ther
were anything
personal Intended
and fell to speculating It nnot my fam
ily had done anything horrid to any of
When she left aba cold Well Jr8 an
awful thins to grow old before your
time the way I have done and I men
tally said Amen II II
Don t let us crow old before or after
our time
There Is no sense or reason and ctr I
talnly there Is no satisfaction In It
Now Is there
7e Jearlefjfan i
o ana Me
PT i
oi i1 r
They otrolled alone the meadow path
And she looked up and he looked
Her cheeks were red her brow was fair
Her eyes were Wp and soft and brown
They pa r M along tho meadow path
Her laughter echoed In the air
Far off the smoke htmir oer the town
And they wen all atone out there s
They strolled along the meadow path
Until they reached the fence when
Exclaimed Alas I cannot climb
Then let me help you pleas uaJfl
he 1
He helped her up rail after rat
And looked upon her ociousfacetf
She leaded against him trustingly I I
Ho had an arm around her waist
At last they reached the topund while S
She suit there trembling and afraid I
He jumped and turning with a smllo j
noached upward for the lovely maid
She tumbled In his arrni somehow
Her lips touched Ills as she coma
Away across the level fields
Tho smoke still hung above tho town
Ah had he but the day before
Been safely hidden nomovrhere near
He might have seen her leaping oer
That fence as lightly aa a deer
Chicago ItccordHcrald
0 t
Their husband called them the
Cinch Tabbies because they organ
ized an afternoon card club But ai
they were brides
with dimples and
bright hair and a
tendency to stop
between < h trium
r phant presentation I
of fivespots to re 4
cite their hetag
bouts Wth their
Ii domineering cooks
I they merely amllei
i The question of
refreshments cam J1I
a up early The us
ual sandwiches and
C coffee or ice And
cake palled upon
them They werent
German enough to
11 ko sweetened
SrcK HEADACHES twist besprinkled
with pink sugar os
poppy seeds and without tho men rye
bread and cheese seemed a trifle
naughty Finally the most Inventive
young natron of the crowd suggested
that each hostess ecrvoonly something
represented by her Initials As result i
the husbands declare that tho nightS
following the Tabbies meetings their
households are tho rcenrs of enough stole
headaches uneasy stomachs and nlght
mares to stock a hospital
The first day that the young matrons
tried the experiment Kathcrlno Foster
served kraut and float Mabel Myrtle
Patterson followed with mush and milk
and pickles Kllzabcth Norah Weston
Brown put them all to shame with
English muffins noodle soup wafnea
and beets Last week Clara Martha
Oliver gave them cream puffs mackerel
and olives and It tho members rccovee
In time they will bo regaled next Tues t
day with the awful possibilities hidden ar
In ZoeJarhon d Crays lovely ua
i I

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