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Kf J JIi fg4 P 11IPW41II I o t t f f jJr k r i I ft4
kT 1 I t > > oti t I m Il i1 JtII
t t J fq A < iLf
< 11 7 1
f UiOW IO IIA88 wm
f it By Mme Louise
ThtEvining World places at the
fdipolaliJit ftminint reader the
terviees of a very competent dun
L mahir who will assist and advise
r them planning new drtssss and
making old ones Addriss all
I littirs on this topic to Mme Louisa
Evtning World Home Dressmaking
Department i
Crirllc LoIIIII I
F1 ll hi a know whit mt b a arll > >
giirt tor n urnliu Im jlthlwn inn alt ml
1 tra nthir ihort rtuit ililu m < tin Cxrut a
dy J
1 I
k Make your null like tbe cut having it
rough material In black with Mrari
if aof black broaddotti nnlnhnl with stitch
r Iliff and buttons Make your vest and
collar of a pretty allovnr Peridan the
4ie v ra of white p MU de ole Htmp
closely with bruadrJoth nnMied around
theedeo with black panne velvet cov
ered quite closely with ny croMtti In
1 f White embroidery oilk Make your aleeve
1 flowimr but cauctit in tight at the wrtel
fi with a pretty little cuff of panne Fol
low tho cut carefully when Join the
Urtnpptnr aa iUa haa a crrat deal to
do j With the atyle MMtt IXJUIBE
KT ors ZIael
Plus Ull mi wtut o UrUl womll h but
tea un tat a lrl of twill j uA with
f aabora 11II1 WAnt It rtrr trlWk WIIr
l ea liP sttnu anl vVt tit ot bit wonlJ
UW14 a blAnk kUTir hu ulmm d
wIts black UBMa rntoa ti yrittrt a U A
Jake your jacket ot black velvet
cO thng about to the hip line half nt
I tlncin the back and with a box front
e Hare three larea pretty enamelled but
tooi on the tront and flniah the top
ft2saOOt with a pretty little cape
irtth vtiltt too applique Have a
milltax collar with a Uttle turnover
ana bar a largo satin bow at the collar
with ends to the bottom of your coat
Ablacfe beaver hat trimmed with larce
roaett borra of black aUn ribbon
would look Terr otyiah with thin coat
Wrtt to any flntclaas pattern com
jpaor tar pattern of a coat ihaped an
isutha above description Toucan cut
JMUJ osat by that but follow out the
trlmmtos aa advised Be aura to rive
both iq and trust measure when vrrlt
Xli B1elJnJ World Daily
Fashion Hint
E 1
i i
rout thnhlrt watt In medium MIQ
f L2yafdatIricIicsv1ile 234 yards T
lrthc3Idc 231 yardi Inches wlilc or
tds4tIchcI wlib nIII lie required
ILitnpottrn tdta 32 to t
CahI Tho World
t tc214Ior 2iOiloLCIty
7 f1c
I I How to Bo Beautiful
1iiTilrr for Dry 4kln
fkiT Jlri Arr
or tr m fimuU far ih1 flo H
Sir lOll or rjth r i L nkln fin mr tit U o
ilrr thil It li Imlbl in vr i i Ir WIthout
In looklnr nlr It It i flat i n to IIT mr
nwlrtK mr mir nl 1 ii 1 In bit rr
> ft ml tmfvith gfrIT I m inly tblrtr tir ml
nr forf hri I II lull of rlnklri ilnr mr kin
hi tom o rnu1 llr t ll C
I arI < 111 II InwilT which Ic rall l
I lanollri jmi > er itnl n r5p cially
I Intcnilil fnr M ry try nklti
Von ho ilil wn i your fac1 thoroughly
At night with a lilinil > oai Inol warm
witrr to r inV all forrlun matter
then apply tho uliln foal
AVoolfat nnhjitrotu 1 ounce ntnrch
I ounce tn cum po iler 20 ounces gnu
mart 24 rralnji oil or roan It drops
The woolfat and the perfume are
gradually mixed nml ten tho tAlcum
and aftew rd the ntarch II a4led
Plnitrr Trrnlmrnt Kntlril
Vsr > lri Arir
bst mM I do fot tiollcv htwi n tit 171
bl T WouM jwi HcJI7 till mi whil to iloT
I 1 the hollow In canned by the con
I formity or the bono Mlruclurp of tim
I face It will be difficult Imlo much
with IL Try maamiirn A KOOI skin food
should he utgcl
uj In giving tim iniiMtage
moVMtientsi I ah > HII formula for one
While wax I ounce pprmacctl I
ounce lanollne ounces invert almond
oil 4 ounce cocoonut oil 2
cocojiut ounces
tincture of benzoin M drupn nraiin
flower water 2 ounce MiIt the firAt
five Ingredlrnts togptticr Taki off the
fire and beat until nearly cold nddlng
little by little the benzoin it 01 lastly
the oranffeflorrrr wntrr
Concerning Cocoa fuller
Ior JJti Ajti
Klndlr intone mlU wos tmltir li rfcilri In
nlirclnc IbIruOl m If n 1 li 0 utr ho to
r OCOA ntrrrnil will not have any
h effect In my opinion In rnUrK
V IJ he hUll ntul uipj any length
of time nlll make the skin yellow
You Hhiiulil practice correct brcnthlpic I
be very careful to ntaml walk nnil nit
correctly holding the should back I
elicit out
Vocal culture Is excellent alwi for rte
vetoplnR the bunt
ilainnRe with a
akin fond an an accunory Is valuable
but merely rubbing the breast with an
emollent nlll nut rnlATKo It
felling fold In Mpuli
lion Mrs Aorl
I CDt tit ar 014 My balr to un ttitn
ant hUb A m ilmoit a AJ4 Nw n You
till mi ora lute III
A Uiit 12 tnt in no w br
ml itoj tbi oil hilt trim filllni nutt
mIJlr II
OU1P in oa 9 a co by all mean < In
3OIO orute It you cannot get thin
treatment In y iur city you can
give yourjielf a very mitlnfactory ncalp
malone l > y prenilng the niiRurii ot both
hands well Into the caJp nml Eoltic over
the entire head with a brisk rotary
movemiuit aftrrnrord with a lIeu
movement The hair nlll stop ailing
out almont immediately
Ho careful about uslnc ammonia with
the hair Main If ined In late quanti
ties the ammonia will certainly destroy
thte constitution or the hair and cause
1110 fall out
To Darken Hypbrotr
Dur Mri AT T
Will juu klnllf latorra mi ot imhlnr hirm
1 which cia bi mid ti dirkrn it bnowu
uvl tjiliibi MAY Mi
r OU can darken your i > pbrows
Y with a slain such as li nicil ror a
4 hair dye If I wore In your pine
I should RO to a flrstclisi hair Ir r
and have the dye appllnl After the
first application you will prnbibly be
able to apply the stain ymiriclf A
good hair stain li entirely harmless anti
absolutely Imperceptible If proprly ap
Too Long Hour
To tfci niHur of n Rrtnlnc World
A I w tin bea out limiting U cork
Inc tin cf nncr I reaa to leM bonn 0
17 TK nuny orho muM wntk aun or
ten ttn houn Anil is tilt tottlir t
will dri i nut many rrnper In lcrr
mitt work mil lonsfr li tht fur tnl
It b ilnpp i T W I tt on ttnd It li bari
Iht o mt orli 19 h nl for moa7 mil
d n tao a 0 ItUur lmIn hlrh to
preil It OVraiWOIlKKII
Thr Deadly Trout Iloor
To tl njlloc ot Tb Kifnloc World
li It not at > ut tlra foi Ike ttnIIton
Onmptnr to < llo < ontlnu ti a uti of trunt Ocxri
on all llM o > rttMl br thit formaT TTtt
trad dr It uMd lmOlt motl tb Ih tnT
and mioj roMl mult T1KH W
In Hrlrttmr of Tnll I
To Iho Editor ot thu rrtnlnc Wotll
HiTtnc cArffullr nittj ihf ttttrr t r UdlJn
Girt I would hoC to Mf ttllt oh do M tKK ktin
abot li or li not iilUibU Shi IIIPkO till
loan T Will tz oujH u to proul In hue
tb itlrntloii or oat oh > It stift tthrf In
bit ito f 8uI lHr ir rlwiir cl hert
mol cboiii fiorn and n taIlor on > ir
rithir xirc ant out ol thf urillnirr Il hit
ho ntllBM with lh > on ih < OTlpUIni at lit
li not onlf i detndr but li tin nnl oho
cm hold Mi oton ml ha o protector In
cothtr imtrnct the nji iiil nil mm < ir
utuillr broXi llllfn GUI hu two root
cuiiiii ml It wool area that oh bn not
hid much tiptrltnc olib iv e r of the vi > t ilir
MI I Mr Ooldcti lint ho nilbl n1
tfont Iblnk jour grunt who li iltfr < ttbi
ll too till tot you to to with II < Ii not
All hill Ihi tall mm II li to promlnrnt
tn Inlllll In Ilir i > r uf tic liivr
To tb > MMot at The rirnlnc Ulll
IlMit iI mi Inc if to Ut nlota ro
ll not a tJlllJ AIUfHT M
The X roY home for I In limniir
To Iht ijllor or nt ircjln < Vtutlt I
I would Ilk to 111 rropt who or rccnpliln
lag ot Ihi removal ot the taut If Ih NulI
prt 1111 lifiutllul pUt th Intiti hire at
Ontnl Illlp thq ocKili nil wjili Ihm luck
an WniTi aol Illiikurlli lilmfli Tlirrt li
i frocilom thorn which I iou lure sic ih
poor luau ran In a way mlof I know mans
oift kiifiri ma thi dacvori in our cool
I IJlL CyiIIIIa Iwwdc1
t cr t
t 4 jit t 1 Li i
s1rffJIrI f rn j I
VOLUME ° u Afii NO 14703 4
Publlihd by the Preti Publlihlnr Company 1ID f o Entered at the Postomce at New York u
No U to 03 PAHIC now Nuw Tork SecondClass Mall Matter
A womans dun Just like a mans hut with
out a miiokliiBroom or a room whore the doors
can he locftc when a player IB detected fllllnj a
MiiHli HiirrPiitlUoiifily Its a little different nftw
all What would the House Committee do with
a UiiHsInn jirincvas or an BnKlldi society wotnnn
as a sliest when shin product her nionocratnniccl
sold cigarette case
Mrs llonlne Is the IntAtlt icciiFcil person to set
tho pliyfdoBnonilslh and the Iimbroso character
fxpertll a hanl problem AH HIO appears In tho
I UmhltiRtnn < nit rtroOflifl iiipt dumtirn oheer
ful little woman with femliilno fnlllnc for
I tnlormndp gowns and now Ixmmitn aho IH tho
Incarnation of lntn > cencc Hut Bomotlmna tho
Hmallor tin woman the moro Inpenitnblo film IH
and It IH to lie observed that Justice blind her
self InslHti that Uio Jury shall be composed of
mnrrlcd men 1th eyes Masoned to the conUm
IllJltlon of woman charms
What land would you live In dearest If
you could have your cholc
Lapland I think darling
Mrs Osborn nugBeata on Inclomire for the box
holding society Indies at the Horse Show so that
they need not rub elbows with the jootllnK crowd
so that the dellcato fabric of their drossen will
not he fnllel or tholr plumage ruffled The
sujrccfltlon is not now It has been made before
by humorlste and cartoonist Tho prevalence
of the InqulirtUvo masculine eye may yet norm
sUate the erection of haromllko latticework
around the boxes but never with tho consent
of the boxoffice
Tho prospective Commissioner of Police Ifl
troubled with dyspepsia It IB a dlscane with
panes peculiarly Its own Intt a bad cold con
tiacbd In Jersey primctlmcH makes a man feel
One of my prize hen art on an axe
nl1 she hatchet
Udltnr Stead snys that the Stars and Strlpea
have displaced the Union Jack at the masthead
of progress lirltlnli coimuln report that the
demand for American iondrf In Turkey and the
far Hast Increases every carrhe American
drummer they find briiiRH artlvlca that Oriental
buyere are likely to want and do H not attempt
to force unsalable goods on unwilling customers
So It appears that trade follows the drummer
thn one with tho uzirnphecaseantl the flag
nornra third In tho procession In lliis Ihlllp
piw here the flay led the way Undo was left
nt the polo
Chrtetlnn Cook reached Syracuse with two
cflntj which he eventually multiplied Into 700
000 Probably ho wan the original OScent de
partmentstore man
Why do you su > poae Hen Adhema name
led nil the rest
Probably the Hit wo arranged alphabeti
Mr Ilatt ban started out at a lively clip on
bin fourlnhnnd but the chances eecm good for
him to Ret the sate
President Roosevelt In his annual mOlmc
will handle exclusion without gloves This will
excite the admiration of Prof Mike Donovan
who has testified to the hardness of the Prosl
donfn blows with them It will be remembered
I that tho unclovcd Presidential fist once nearly
split die table In the presence of tho Kentucky
Yes iMvf Is It now
And I nuppovs Van Wyck Is tx1t
Whenever a rich Uoaton woman fceln like
buying something that her neighbors will envy
she InvoxtH In a Venetian palace and has It
brought bodily across tho seas and set up In the
decorous Back Hay district Mrs Sprague has
Just spent more than a million for this purpose
which Is as much as Mrs BradleyMartin paid
for her diamond tiara The fltncsn of things de
mands gondolas and swarthy gentlemen sing
Ing barcaroles around a Venetian palace
New York styles arc said to reach Denver and
other far Western dries almost WI soon OH they
leave Fifth avenue Tho community of Inter
est of the Governors of Minnesota and Mon
tana against the railway trust Is a good caao In
I hare had more ups and dorms in my life
than any other man I know
Ive had itlll more Im an elevator man
Reginald Hives IH defeatedfor reelection aa
Supervisor at Wapplngers Falls his successful
opponent being a poor storekeeper and Alfred
Vanderbilt falls to wlnn Horee Show prize
Truly the rich have troubles their own
That epidemic lockjaw In Jersey Is almost
as serious ax Tammanys attack of tetanus Just
before election In the latter case the serum < of
defeat has unlocked tho most loquacious of the
H 1 > M + t + 2 + > t b > H < < + w S1 < H + o1 0 H + NH1
r f
T iF I
t I
+ +
z No 1 No 2
Clnran 1apn Yo Gods If there Isnt that George Frfshmnn after Claras Papa In an angry OlceIII there You rascal Didnt i
I told him never to let his face bo seen around hero again I tell you never to allow your taco to be seen around hero again
I ciiimiii1ir ill 1
Vz 1Y 1IZ S
4 No3 Xo 4
George turning nround WfIt I am not showing my face around ClarVfl Papa Talce It off young man A man who Is sharp enough
here am I Whnt have you to say to this to play a trick like that Is sharp enough to take good caro of my
daughter Ulsas you my children bless ouT Ftc
l I
Ii I +
3 = gw t
i f fi
S i
i t
i The Squlrn Ha ha Thou must Indeed bo The Knight Thou nrt wise worthy hqulre I now ascend
full to say thltf In thy elevator TIs but a mag but thou art not too wise to learn Z
net and a rope 0
ru n flsunnnna
i >
m NI I l Ip + Z if >
y Let me try those Htllta Confound It ThercH the Aul G ood morning Im just trying ns you To amuao the boys
y my boy I used to walk on ministers wife muani ree
cm flno i < >
m + t swf tH W < > Sf H t < i is 44i ° 444 w4 tc43 wt t
S 4 i ii >
f jt 1ii loi I
yi 0 IIJ
1tr J811iiU1
Illaw Cecelia Ix > lui In a iwcll shop
on the avenue yesterday trying on tiata
Oh blcss d relief I
Df count we know
her old one wnuM
be entirely too
mall Hut It U a
jcomfort to know
e he Mill warn
hats Under the clr
cumatancei we al
most expected to
hear that Miss
Iof tu had dis
carded thli form ot
head Coveting ai
quite Inadequate to
bar need and
taken to lomethini nice and volumlnoun
like shawl and icarfi
Emily florid the clever actrejs who
orlJn ted the part of Sibyl In The
Sorrows of Satan has lately become a
twinkling star Inlhe dramatic firma
ment Miss D < lil In on tour with the
mvlbdrama Through the reak n
and II making a nucccss She Is a
Brooklyn sir and began her career In
thnt wonderful little moneymaker
rcl > pt Jane which cleared WOC the
linn year for Its manager Charles
Frank Norcross looking Ilk nvidy
inorcy In a familiar ngurc on Ilroad
way Just now ilr Norcrojs b busier
than the tradition
nt bee Rettlac
things into shape
n for thn tour if his
7 new star Joseph
Humphreys who
ban bough from
Julia Arthur the
lay More Than
Queen Mr Hum
phreys will be
h n In Ills old
a part that of Na
poleon and Miss
Itoselle Knott is to be the Josephine
It is pleasant to see Charlie Kent
I 4 i
1oolcEcr ulFan
Vliy did you nil up so late last night
Joseph asked the amateur polltlclana
1 Wlll busy fixing up a lot of anec
dotes ahout m > Telf and TIling out
itories of mu when I was a boy no that
I ont have to be bothered with these
thlncii when I become great Chicago
mi cjioicn
He wan trnlner In the gym
And she felll In love with him
Ulsht on sight
So she schemed tn don the clove
Punch the t > nR and win his love
By her mlirht
So It was she left her hok
Took n courfi In Jab arii hook
In the rinK
Swung the heavy clubs with real
Till her miMClei stood like steel
When ahod awlnc
But Ih1 hour ped away
Anil altlioUKli must ctrry tiny
lie wouM xnille
As lie buttoned Oil hrr clove
He had never simkcu love
All the c tulle
And one day lie almost died
When lie came and told with pride
That hed taken for a bride
Sally Cray
Who had never seen a cym
Couldnt box or row or MWlni
But could cook n meal for him
Thrice a diy Chicago News
v V4S 4
A fall openlne Clilcaso Journal
strolllnc alone the Illalto these brlRlit
nftcmoons Mr Kent Is one of the
llMlnfrulhcdlooklnf men of the pro
cab A few years ago ho ran away
and left It ITo WAR tracked to his lair
In Portland Oregon where ho bail
quietly net up In business ox flr r
but and ht was finally Induced to re
turn to his first love the stage Mr
Kent Is a brilliant writer when ho
cares to take up n pen
Fauvctte Elsie De Wolfe French
bulldog now appaarhic In the Way or a
the World has an understudy Fatty
ette has developed some of the vagaries
of the grand opera prtma donna and ab
solutely refuses to to on for her part
unless she happens toti quit In the
humor for It Consequently her under
study a little Skye residing at tho Dun
more 1s often sent for at the last mo
° tnent to take Fnuvettea place In the
liraneel Robln
oM nonDiifT t h 8
Z pretty girl who
playa Mrs FnrI Y
In the WAY of the
0 1 World an for
L merlv Paris corres
pondent of the
C Washington Post
She Is a daught
tzc er of the well
known vocal teach
er Mrs Boblnson
When Adele Uelsarde was playlne
Hamlet Uirouch the South a Louis
ville critic cored her performance
merclleJily Micro Ilelcarde did not
rave or tear her hair Sl eet about
the Ink ot dlscoverlnr the critics
weakness Two days after she pre
1C1I1r1 herself before the gentleman
md laid a hue mince pie on bin desk
The critic wan disarmed antI Miss Del
Kardc could have played anything In
lyoulsvllle from that on without the
Icist fear JANK GORDON
7 K
Onc upon a time a country cat that
was also a hayseed cat visited the city
and learned many new UHnia about
life that she never dreamed of be
fore and put some of them Into prac
tice Her city cousin showed her
about and Improved her mind and man
ners In many ways
Finally the country cat was taken
lo a manicure establishment nhoro
her nalLi were carefully trimmed rub
bed with orrisroot powder and polish
iil to a high JcErre
When tho country cat returned to her
rural home she expected to cause a ncn
As she approached her homo she met
her hereditary enemy the fox terrier
and thfl don from forco of habit emitted
a bark and gave chase
The cat also from force of habit mails
for the nearest Ireo and tried to climb
to Its topmost branches
Ilut her claws were so short that ohe
could not adhere to the tree trunk and
the dot crabbed her thorax and choke
the life out of her all tho lives In fact
Moral Of what use Is bathtub In a
country house where there Is no water
Amup that hart seen blnls 11 Ins
about the farm yard concluded that he
too ought to be able to navIgate the
It 18 all In RettltiR the right eort of
a start he saul If I were only tip
In lilt air once where those birds
are I could keop going my moving my
legs vigorously and by Happing my ears
ns well
Ho the mule climbed to the top of a
strawclack after much difficulty and
then jumped off on the opposite side
wnere the descent was steep He work
ed lila legs as rapidly as possible during
the ono and oneeighth seconds that th
he was falling to the ground but hla
fall was not Impeded thereby
lie struck the ground ao hard that he Ii
bounded eight feet Into the air a
Moral Wlien you start to soar start
from the ground Judge I
How to Make a Cup of Coffee
Hy Mm Rarer Cooking Expert 1
There lire two ways to make coffee
by percolating balling If your cof
fee Is to Ira boiled mix the ground cof
fee with a little white of egg and water
Then pour over It the boiling water
bring quickly to the boiling point and
lIft the gt from the fire orthn
econd and third lime return It to the
Ire bringing It lo the boiling point
The last tlmn throw In a little coM
water 14t It tatnt a moment settle
and pour oIl tho grouniYt Allow n
oiimllng tablcspoonfu coffee to each
halt pint of water
To make Turkish coffee UPC tIll > regu
Inr Turkish coffro put over nn alcohol
amp Allow three nftcrdlnner spoon
uiB of coffoc and thu narmt of sugar
to rnch hulf pint of aster Mix the
sugar nnd coffee together Pour over
the boiling water IJrlnff three times
to the holt and serve This lanot
atralnrd or drained
tJ jci ij bJ
h7 iw Mil4 ftci Jrntd
Should you with to flavor your cot y
fee Oriental fashion take an orange
turn back tho skin put In A little
sugar hum a Illtlo alcohol and put
n small part of this mixture Into your
coffee It gives n delicious flavor Cot
lee should he served with hot inllk
l for breakfast Aftcrillnnur coffee with
I Hiigar only If cronm l > o uiwl It must H
I ho whipped nail put on tilt top You
will have < ly > vpsli If the cream bo
pill In tho cup und the boiling cofeu
IKiuivd on II
As to teI1t should be mnile ta
I china pot It should not onmo In con
tact with metal nnd should ho made
on the table from rrrJlItI tmlleil water f
A oozy Is nccosinry the Jhlnese cosj f
being Ilir best It In hellerouon
tia lull If ho lull ado constructed im
the right irlnclplos Tea Is > spoiled If >
I the tea litiviM nru allowed to remain 1
In the tea pot after the tea hA4 Men f
looped 0 F
r Ltt
hl jj j i < P i
T c < iitifJX
ItkI > ioil < dH d = I Co h i

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