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t n wji M L S J p
v r
> c I
i1t IWr i sMtT
ir 1 It I lYJij o
I Joblt l hea by the Press Publishing orapany No M to Q Park How New Ybrk
> 3 Y Entered at tho PostOffice at New York as SecondClass Mall Matter
t X t
c VOLUME 42 NO K 73
iI This Is a day that should bo exclusively the very young clilltlrorf n own
ILI Iti3 theirs by right of tho traditions of twenty centuries They rJone ri
i f Coct tho stainless happiness of the Christ child In the manger about whom
frfUiewholo complicated and elaborate ceremonial pomp of tho JJnircli re
C I 1 Volrea on this moat Important of religious festivals They aloruo ncrpctu
ftto an apostolic succession of purity and Innocence the beltrit In which
makes Christianity possible and Inclines their elders to the com6rt and con
Delation of religion If fr no other reason they nro doRerving of pifts for
the Glimpses they give man of his letter self and the intlinat ons they con
fey of an immortality that their parents sock hard to oonvlncc tbeni
< cclvcs of
X They arc not neslccted but in the modern manner of distributing
fjiollday presents as observed by society they yield place to tlie selfish wants
r of their elders It Is Ernestines act of sables and WllIlcAi automobile that
flrat engage tho parental consideration with rcmemyrances cousin
jjulln and cousin James following and when the long ocquonco of exacted
gUts has been attended to the Janitors expectations saYliflcd the perquloUci
tot elevator boys and Insistent porters yielded up onjly the leavings of tbo
f parental purso remain for gifts prompted by genalno affection and not
ik < called for by a system of sentimental blackmail and tbo obligations of
duty Aa tho giving of gifts obtains today It Is apcrrcrslon of the frank
Incense and myrrh that wore tokens of tho Magis Move of a little child
t Next to tho children tho Indigent poor shoul be borne In mind Few
t4 oro the cnrmba that toll to their uhnru from the tables of the wolltodo
but how their children npprcdato the slightest remembrance from tho rich
1 jlnthla season of good will and good cheer for those who have tho price
i j iltas WlniJlcUty tell me she found a grand jaiano among her Christmas pres
t In the toe of her stocking I suppose
t The erection of a new million dollar theatre at Fiftythird street nnd
1W Broadway aa contemplated by Boston Investors will add another palatial
t playhouse to a city that seems already to have an embarrassment of riches
e i of this sort It will occupy a site which in the not remote period of slow
onrface transit was almost a days Journey from Wallacks then a pioneer
uptown theatre but torn down last spiring bocauso too far In tho rear of the
procession to profitable
1 There arc now fortyfour prominent temples of tho drama In Man
IlInttnn with scats for a vast audienceof 75000 and standing room for many
f more Tho fact that they aro usually well filled elves an Indication of tho
< i < < large sums spent by New Yorkers nnd Now Yorks transient hotel public
k on dramatic amtaementn Even tha extraordinary hotel development In the
f l city has hardly done more than keep pace with the multiplication of play
I houses
i Did you hanc up your tocWnij for ChrUtmatT
No Only my overcoat and watch
Mr James A Bailey oayn that they liked his circus In Europe and that
i his continental tour with tho mastodonlo throering aggregation that was
4 once DarnumB was a great BUCCOSS Tho authorities treated tho showmen
4iitl the greatest consideration dvlng them the use of parade grounds and
j r public parks on which to pitch their tenta and charging them only the
J J cost of tho revenue stamps on tho license It was tho only American in
I vaslon of Europe so far as recorded that ban been received with open arms
r In some towns tho circus people were permitted to erect enormous bill
boards adjoining churches and publlo buildings Tho officials
lenient to us Mr Bailey Faith thl
cayn they had to be With an astuto
American circus advance agent asking fAvors of them whut oleo could tho
guileless officials dot
1 GOT Shaw ot Iowa furnishes an Interesting example of domestic gal
t bT Ho leaves It to hlo wife to say whether h shall accept tho Presl
< tonta proffer of the Treasury portfolio It U a tempting political honor
abut whether It la preferable to a presidential
but candidacy In prospect Is for
Urn Bhatr to decide
To 47014 future accidents In tho Erlea Hoboken tunnel employees
afrol it night and day with Instructions to
J keep a sharp eye on the
ihrnnrt root Tho possessor of on eyo sharp enough to detect a rook In
I 50 do act of preparing to fall could earn a largo salary In A museum as a
Xray It is a pennyfoolish policy on tho Erloo part
Tho Wall Street Santa Claus la In his most Jovial mood this year Ah
W jBUllfor the office boy who works for a Wall street trust Tho lump sum In
J bla stocking Judiciously Increased by a few straight tips on chnngo will
tf enable him to make gifts to olllco boys of his own
t The indications are that the reverberations of the Brooklyns teainch
pUll at Santiago will bo audlblo in tho next century Tho shot that was
i heard round the world was not a marker In echomaking power to
ntWhen youtc chanted In your churches IVacc un earth good will to men
I Vhcn ole tlnUhed promenading down he street
JVhcn youve t lned and dined In comfnrt will you kindly tell me then
tJi What hungry little beggar llkts to cal1
Though you call him dirty mucker though his language makrs you III
S j tlhoUSlkOIl lilt your dainty nous at his name
iTeres hli mocking by the chimney nnd hli stomach yet to fill
Hell a hungry little beggar all thu name
Uptown downtown tenementhouse and flat
Hordes of hungry little beggar trying hard to lle
Christmas IsJiere oRt will to nun Hut whnt does he know of tint
Show him the meaning of Christmas cheer and ghe give g <
I Perhaps hes cot a mother viorrlnl slcl about the rent
r d Or a daddy In tho garret tying drunk
ip54 Ory pcrhaps a baby rlntor and ttie IIHI red penny spent
Then the hungry llttk beggar slSVM hln spunk
old find ragged selling PaPer bluckliu ho < its nr shovelling snow
Pit IAV I1IVO you lsrut i Imnil to ml him on his fret
a fi > r Snlr4St0 hlm ulat you ow Mm only give Ulc kid a how
And holl BOOH prol > lu thu biby things to cat
i7rt t sft ride cst side working day or night
lV l Child of a grinding pet ty nhnic sins we must fords
htcnilils llfo this Chrlstmastlde alp him to tight the tight
Hhow him the meaning of ChrUtmt cheer and give KUv glvr
i heard his heartstrings answer Pence
nn earth good will to mon
Vtienynuisu lea nnd clotlad and warmed hlmwhcn youve shown
Smo nn ncr to help hlmwlll you kindly tell tun then
TV1 Other greater pleasuru you have known
mother sister gho them nil n little lift
ts them aaaiethliug If Its nothing but a Job
ir 5JrwhH W2 J Ii sweeter for a timely Christmas gift
4 ffThnniijhuigryllttlo begKiir1 U grateful uo
ifg l JW
lennlwdollars aympnthy nnd hops
loving HcSf ulll help his soul to live
rYtrrIp IsnrIirot Btjclthcrca work for us nil so come
PIrIt offChrlatrnaalcheer and gireciveglvcI
I a i
f a
u iP
L 7t
D 0 c
Tommv l going to hne a now ilog
for t arlnlmas Tomiii li six yars old
and he ban one dog alrenh The dog I
on hand li a black > urIy little ipnnlel
At rent It li In th onal < w nt
ward nt romm > H nuiic Hi name In
Mowgll anil 11 lian L broken Jaw and a
badly crunhd front paw
If MowgH hadn run out on the rail I
1l I rIII track line
I I I Ia lal wrk
I I tt5 and dared the Mil
I I i i wtiiikre 1IOr to
lI g i run oxer him It li
L not likely ti it
< Tommy w o u 1 d
I H ilks hae a new dog ni
LJt i Chrlstmai pres
I ent as the Chi
cago Trlbme And
n thereby hnng i a
ntory which In
I nlvei Tommy
Mowgll n lot of
men In brass but
f I tona and the
PreitiUnt of the
Chlcnlto and Northweitern naJlroid
One day recently Tommy took all the
pennies out of his Jpj > hint bank and
added to bibs slot a illme which hli
UrtcJn Torn his namesake had given
him Thin prepared he went down
lon to do his Chrlstmai chopping He
got xtramled for a long time In the toy
depirtment of one of the bl ihop and
hn wai strongly tempteil to lay out his
funds In the purchase of seine anmmJ
with real hair nnd let the Christmas
pronents for his friends go by the board
Hut he resisted the temptation and by
> oclock he had ij > ent all hl < money
and nan loadol up with bundles He
had only yielded to A slntfe weaknesi
Tint Included the jitirch fe of 3 beau
tiful noisily sheep an a pri > ont for his
mother It may be that Tommy otter
Idhed the thnticht that hN mother mIght
he wllllne to let him > ay with her
present now and then Hut otherwise I
do Wit decidedly eJfMcrlOlnR He
bought a hair rlWinii for Annie the I
cook and a book tnark for his lrml I
mntlier and a 10crnt collar for Mowgfl
things that no iioy could possibly have
any personal use for
When ha got homo It wan dark nnd
he found the fajnlly In n hleti tate uf
excitement lila mother brok tha new
to htm
You tee Tommy she said Mowsll
ran out of the homo after you had
none downtown and w B couldnt llnd
him Then about An hour ago I heard
him whining outnldo the kitchen door
and I went out He was all covered
with dirt And blood I cut tho lot
doctor over ai toon Ia I cnttld and lien
her now Ho ssya Mowglls jaw In
broken and one of his paw crushed
Hut the doctor Lisa hnll get well all
that happened to hlm7 asked
Johnny Staples nan In Just now and
he nay IOKII was struck by n train
on the Northweatorn tracks Ha aw
Where Is Mowcll now Tommy
broke In Ill silo the railroad com
pany for dnmaees
Then he nuliid through the hall Into
the ulttlng room where the doctor had
MOWR on a couch with a pan of water
an1 a lotot bandage tly the time
the doctor had finished MowKll wan a
nnillooktnir little lor Hln head nan
tied up In n bandage and his right fore
C P Ilocklon who has been Identified
with Mr Hothnrn for so many ears Is
thin season with Mn Carter In the lu
Harry pin Mr Klork
ic ton Is often mistaken
5 f fur Sir Henry Irving
ii wlinm he strongly re
I semble Flock ni
I his friends ciii him ii
I on of the most iunlnl
of men and U equally
at home with a chaf
Ingdlih or a zither
A nweet sympathetic
olce that moil ex
cellent thing In wom
an In one nf hi gifts
of Uie gods bestowed
on Cleorgla Valdron
who It pliylng In tn
York State MIss Valdron 11 the wife
of Invld lllgclnn the author nf thin
pli and the daughter of Mabel Val
simon A wellknown actress Mlii Val
Iron hat many rho nut is g altrlbutei of
mind and person bill her voice li of the
most striking quality
I met IIsle Leigh nn the avenue the I
other day cum Ing from a rehcirnl nf
tp York State Mlj Ielgh nan In
nne fettle mid much pca ccii with her
pnveiit etKiigcnicrit She Is an actress
of experience a rid hai had excellent
bra I ni si m In sorts of tlui bra stoik com I
panies In the countr
Nnra I itt ItLIII no who lila ye jtm Wood
There was an old nllnw with fair
diucluers three
She wan poor hut she married the lot
One wnlJed a plumber anti liven ro
they na >
In It liiiune that costs mlllloni rIght
oxer the n
On murrled a coal man for whom
nthent yearn
And mm thin fair lit mccl hm tutu 05051115
tu burn
The third liar suitor with riches dd
lack I
For she took n hold Jockey who burned
up the track
Louisville Time
iV f
If i
leg was held out stiff by i ipllnt
Tommy fid him out f a spoon in <
put him to sleep In a L el by his bed
ille Yhen his father came home for
dinner Tommy had nothing to say i
about the accident
Next morning Tomma mother no
Itfd that hr con was extreme tiLls y
it Itis little table In the nurnery He
sls working with a re l lend pencil jf 1
a pile uf while pap r She concluded
tliat Tummy had suddenly become ntu I
dloiin and rejolceii tICCrl lOg i
On the next afternoon but one there
rinn i rIng at thus bell and the maid
admitted un Imprwlvelooklru man In
brain button Tommyu mother came
donn to receive him
I com from the nmri of the Presi
dent of the Chicago and Northwealorn
flatiron Compruiy he said to In
estlKatu the damage done to your pet
log by one of our trains
Why how did you hear otltTaskfd
the surprised woman
The President sot a letter Mil tho
man In uniform
I cant understand that said
Torriroa mother I wrote no I tt r
and Im certain my husband did not
1vo got the letter In my pocket he
said nnd pulled out a badly rumpled
and somewhat dirty envelope Tommy
mother looked at It Then he pulled
nut thus sheet of paper It was also
rumpled and dirty and showed that
somebody had labored hard with It
Why Tommy his written this him
self she nald as she glanced at It
HambllnR nil over the sheet In queer
little characters laboriously traced with
a red pencil was a message which read
something like this
fore President of the Chicago arid
northwestern railroad company Yore
train run over Mowxll yesterday Mow
gll li my doc I like him veer much
and I think 5011 otto pay the doctor tiilt
Yurca affectionately TOMMY
No GTS street
The President sent mo up to Investi
gate the case said the railroad ofllclal
lie was taken Into Tommy room
where the small boy and his ditapltated
dog nero xpendtnx V
the afternoon to
gether and after I
fxprrln his sor
row at the acci
dent and aiklng a
good many ques
tions he left the
After another
ibis > of two day
a large and for
midable letter ar
rhed addreMed to
Tommy It wa i
r ham a i fY
I Dear Tom
my I nm sorry that one of our trains
ran over Moncll and I hope he wax
not badly hurt I like dogs tnuoh m
elt and I take a great deal of pleasure
III Inclosing s check for HO which I
hope will be enough to l y tho dootors
bill You must let me know how Mow
Kll got along
I Men Inclose a dollar Mil with which
I wish voui would buy you rsei t a Christ
mis prtiient
lly the way I have a good many
nzn of my nnn Tiey arc of L good
tinny different kinds and If you will let
me know Just what kind of a dog ou
like beet I will see If I cant send you one
to play with Mowglt on Chrlitmu IlL y
bridge In UnerV I inc In a pretty
woman with thoughtful earnest eyes
which fccm tu be looking straight Into
lifes problems innead of at its frlvnll
tIes It Is Impossible tu Imagine Mis
Dunblane frhuliu
Ada Lewis In u ruglan and a fetching
white hat with blick scl vet ends ib mop
fr Irut over her black
I hair wai doing her
l Clrlstmn shapplnc
whn I nw hT
line day last week
rtiero was nothlm
S In MlM Iewis np
I pearance to jnigiftit
0 iht tough girl of the
L II t r r I X n n pliv
which nhe mide fi
moui You could
not Imaglni her
j chewing gum and
r M a r y Hampton
and Irorgi Hunt
face Jr are off on
a Joint twinkle this
nenon The clevrt
people arc co
t start nlhe road
rnil seem to Tie
nTnklng fiocxl llla
Hampton I a pretty
7 lImn all ciirxes
and dimples She was born In Lnu
villo where the pretty girls cone from
JANK aonnoN
Tin rniiinm VTATH
The fur the soft warm fur nround her
Anil riitcned I > the edjje of her coat
Mn > bun served well to keep a poleciTl
As once it pondered from mens haunt I
Ierlmps the cloves upon her hands one
Wern part of sonic poor yellow dog
llify muy I
blare been the spot from which some
WlllKim goat
Was wont to lick the tickling hair i
away J
Chicago RecordHerald
M aWt J44 8 44xe > > I < M W 4 NM1 M + YM1 +
j 1 i
r L I
1d 1r1 i
f J
+ t
C < < <
+ L i
No1 Mr Hnrdacrc Yes I told mother that I wasnt a goln t No 2 Stranger meeting Mr Hnrdacre Friend can you tell Die
carry this dinged carpet bag bout teown and that I was a goln to stop where can purchase a travelling bag Im a stranger In these parts z
In tho first place and buy a citylike bag Yes that oncll do In great Mr Hnrdacrc Certainly right round that corner where I Just
shape Ten dollars All right Heres the coin Ill Just put mo bought this one for SlO
v traps nnd cash In the now bal C 4
4s J
ii 4l I
1fl b
4 = i = t = it
J 1 1
0 > I
= j
I s
No3 Stranger What only 10 for that No 4 Mr Hnrdacre Say whats tho use of No 5 Mr Hardacrc returning with the s
hag You have all your things in It oh workln down on n farm when you can make grip WliorrH that Iluncoed by gosh
r Well Ill hold your ling and you go and buy money like this Five dollars In five min t
another to prove what you say is true and Ill utes That feller must be one of them Jays i J
+ buy It from you for 15 Z
1 JRYt1Ii I
7 iit Iii ii itt
t I <
Poultry Dealer Now I wonder why I
± cant get the swell trade of this town
V nnJ t Lflfltflrfl j V
< 1
1 f t 1
r The Itarker Here you are good people
H + H H + HHi N H
I lObe lvenms mJorlds mome fflepartrnent v i
I I By Mine Louise
Thf Evening World places at the
disposal of its feminine reader the
service of a very competent dress
maker who will assist and advise
them in planning new dresses and
making over old ones Address all
letters on this topic to time Louise
Evening World Homo Dressmaking I
Department I
Peg Mmt oult
KlaJlr aiiI m hi to oak a liner or
rlrairt4 ahlrt esi > t or c4tt blue cloth with a
whltt illl roltrrl > lrt I > ni till ant
Ivndrr llr BJ olnc r > u wilt jtrtitlr collet
Mil coir
t I
The above cut represents one of the
prettiest of this season trimmed shirt
waists It Is tucked dtp tucks itch
tuck stitched twice near Uio edge In
the yoKit the tuclu go omit way but In
the Inner part of the wntst they turn
lunard the centre Finish with little
enamelled button and loops of narrow
military braid of the same shade nn the
material tdejio loops button noross the
wajst to the button next below the one
they are sewed to over a vest of white
accordion plaited Liberty sUkTho
waved bands ncroM tho waist aunt tha
d f 1 y iiCi
Come to think of it I can Shooshoo
Step up and allow how hard
y t v < M v + t < b + H + HHN
top of the Ieevrs arc made nf taffeta
a chado darker than the material and
are stitched solidly In white the Inniln
are Joined together with a featherstitch
of white embroidery silk
The cuff and collar are made of half I
Inch band of the taffeta Joined with
I white frithertltchng the upper sleeves
are lucked like the body of the waist
well below the elbow and finished with
slight puffi above the cuffs
lIeu Mm t mti
I i aill like la 1st i pmlr black skirt lit I
doat know tin to make It sn4 bat Mn4 ct
matlrUl In bus I noel a skIrt tittleat loclm
lone Klndlf odeS mt
roUt IlKICmUl
I You will flint a skirt of zlbeltnn very
I serviceable and a richlooking skirt can
be made up nt a molderato coat Cut
your skirt fivegored the two ride
front seam being lapped seams hav
ing three rows of stitching on each I
ream It requlrei a circular flounce
which doe not cross the front gore but
marts at the oldcfront f earns finish the I
bottom of the flounce with a twoInch
hem having the row of stitching at
the head nf hem Trim the llounce with
two rows of broadcloth circles If
broadcloth Is heavy enough you will put
m Id to turn In the edge place them
eight Inches apart on the nm row they
should be as large on a silver dollar
The second row an large as fiftycent
pieces Hhould be placed so that they
will come between those of the first
row and about four Inches above them
The second row of circle will not be
nt far apart ns the first row the
llounco being circular will be narrower
at the top Mme LOUISE
lltar Mm IAUh
I IdGw a mallt a waIst ration Will iou
klndlr a < ttli ln SOW I vtiall mak U I hat
thro and a ball yorbi al twrntrtour inches
Id I tin a < 0 bust
Tuck your waist In cluntois of three
and have u black chantllly Insertion one
Inch wide down thn centre front to the
bottom of the waist between the next
two cluster place another row of In
sertion ending It two Inches above the
waist line the next two inches short
t c so that there will bo threw rows
on each side of the front bctilde the
centre front row Fish In the wnUt a
little in the front under the collar al
lowing a slight blouse nnd finish wIth
a black Liberty satin belt with a long
point In the centre front Vcar a shirt
waist alcove fulled Into a cuff trlmmtd
wIth rows of Insertion
t c r
It P IjJ I fc
I 11
i r
1 I i
Ah theres nothing like appealing to the I
popular fnncy f I
r9 1
f y 4 t 1
w < 4 > ti t
1 I I I it
A blow you cm strlko I
+ < C + > v 0 + iw 1
1 1 The Woes of v
II Hare Nut Tell liii lnvo
IVir its yr
I am a jesse > n nt aa icellfot flmllf ml
Ilk a Ilrl irrr mont and what rnrouracev
nt Iuly li thtt th tin f M mnl r eopie
that f ic li err fast 01 me V 11 rub
nttifr a great teal ml can nfrrr trine our
rlT < > In trll rach other Wit as both lute Ail
rli m sirs DVVK J
I im Kliiil to hear nordx nf approval
an to my ndvlce although when It
elton tn the clans you describe I nm
ufrild I siircely deserve such com
It b your place to tell the girl you
lovn her Ilrice up and act a inani
hart You mint eco that no ills can
do lisle for > ou A modem gIrt waits
for the man to make ndvmccs You
hac no Idea how easy It U until you
have Inert
VnnlH Until Iovr nnil Jlnnrr
lint Mr AKT
I mln lot with ailllanJ know the lorn
m iltnouch iht ntrtr toi ro a i 5nt hu a
guardian aba valtiiblt lot of ptocxnr but
In ihi olll It ruJ II bbs Klrl marrIed agsiat
Itifl uarillana tilthri who If her aunt ibt
reelS not claim the fTvptrtTi Now I ama not
vrry brlcbi ant dont set cnouih iita to kicp
a wIfe tjii am not the kln of jouni man that
nr uirtllan wlfhrt htr to marrr and ih
voult not think sf ror mltrjlnj hit At Ilia
am time I lou lbs girt and could not lIe
without her SVbmt wouM jon unit m to 40T
Aihli mr ptaM Could lh Klrl marrr acalnit
hut xutrJIana wlibri bring the cam td court
nJ claim the property The will ra4i that
tho cant set tile property until bt II twenty
flrf Could not hot hi flxel M ih could get
It at the ax ol tlltUtn O II II
You arc certainly Ina neck of trouble
From your own statement of the case
It appeurn to mo you are not a very
desirable match for thin ollnllnrl1 but
theN la no accounting for a womans
taslc However 1 were In your place
I should not bit too presumptuous It
lakes a fairly bright man to know It a
woman loves him Hvcn then he < houl
not t > e too mire In most cases
I am not u I W > IT and I think It
would take a very clever one to miniver
the legal point which appear to mucn
to concern you
I am Inclined to disagree with you as
to your not being able to live without
this sir
It Is nn notorilihlnR fact that so many
men nntl women will InsUt uponlt that
c ti 4 j
they cannot live without the love IIn < l
ire ence of nomc other man or unman I 5
and that notnlthitindlnR this Mate of
things so far none of them have died s
And matt of theno candidate1 for early j
Kraven arC enjoying rare health
I wish ou eery uccesi for It seems
to moo as you drscrlbo yourself you
ought to set a wife with money enough
to lake rare of both It you nre the <
art of man this girl h sathdcd with
14h1 Is iMilly pteused You must think ao
you reel f
A min who Is not lirlsht and who I
doesnt tn line your own words get
enmich wages to keep a wits In justl j
lled from one point uf lcw In trying to r
acquire one who can lake care of both
An tn a girls marrying against her j
wishe I believe the feat has been ac
complhed In noei and truth Is as l i
you know a running mate with fiction tjil
In the time nn the
Tho Evcutnfi Worlds Daily j
Jaahlon hint 1f
To cut these leggings full length for fJt
mlfjoa of fourteen years of age 1 1J S
yards 21 or 7 Indies wide 34 yard 41
or 02 inches solute will be required For r I
girls eight year 1 18 yards 21 or 17 J
Incite wide 5S of a yard 41 or IS Inches fJ
wide For children four years 78 of a f I Ii
yard 21 nr 27 Indus wide 12 yard 41 or f I 1
52 hughes wide will bo required t
rise piutcrii No oio size mines J
girl and children will bo sent for 10
cent < s
Bend money to Caahler Ito Wislfl
PulltxcrBulWlnff New York City I
a I lJ
I c <
1 iir J 1
> Ii >
> 5 J 5 J Ii
S 3 <
S t

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