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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, January 04, 1902, Night Edition, Image 11

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a 1j jij P I J I L1vJ1L IIJiJW1 j J
rubltshed by th Press Publlhlnc ompany N ° U tn CI Park How New Tnrk
Entered at the PeitOITlc at Now York as SecondClam Hall Matter I
1 VOLUME 2 NO 1470 I
Jlr Lows first proclamation ei rvlivor of iiri < 3Ir Nv IorH Is n rn
Interesting ami Important < lo > umcnt It ii a pratt IeiI ippliratlon of Ills pro
feHloas In rarer of Publicity as a corrective agent VIion I IIP pretty < loll
nlto rumors reached him that money was being used to Iniluro Aldermen
elected on the Fusion ticket to stay away from tlie tmottng of the lloanl for
orgnnltatloa ho at once permitted the general public to learn of thn >
rumor acd tho chances nre that unr Aldermen to whom they apply un < l ap
Tortaln will find It expedient to set them At rent by being present It la i
I coxnin 3dBbl reversal of 1t1l predecossora policy of gecrecy and evasion in
dealing with such an emergency
i Tho conduct of the Hoard of Aldermrn ntw an l for till ftitur rmiMit
bo too closely scruUnlze1 The more the white light of publicity tit tiinid
+ upon them the bettor It will b > for all concerned for the city which ban
given them very great po Wri that previous boards larkitl and for tin Al
I dermen theoaelvM In making hazardoui any devjous or nndurhand tin i w
ztenalon of these Dow ri
Van FIvbar up r4fI aJl hU apal tim rlfllne to ths hounja
Yes I heard bo was Kxilrir to tIe doss II
A morry war with many features of Central Amurlean fervor la rnlng
uaonc Brooklyn Police Justices Th poInts nt Irauo which have eaunml the
contentions rise out of the attempt of the Van yell appointees to prevent
the JuiUcnj who were elected last Novrmtmr from taking the otllcea to which
they consider thorczclvo entitlod by tho ilwlaJon of tho people at tho polls
Laat night one corps of tho contending forcos rented alertly on their arms
in bnrrlcaded oourtrooms prepared to repel the Inmslon of the enemy while
tho bwleglnc forces mad tnemiclvei ready with Suproran Court deoJalomi
And other munitions of war to charso on the beluaeurod fortnaaea of the
foe today
Magiitrat4 Dooley In the barricaded Adams Street Courtroom allrgr
In explanation of tils course
Joatlca Uarean rule1 that th election < ttu otter fellowa WaA void ejj1
that the law touching on their faction wa unconstitutional W ire of the
urn > opinion ant believing that we are the r < il Magistrate we det nnin d that
our duty wa to defend our pOM mlone acaiiut usurjwtlnn Turin that tM
other fellowi would try to cot poeeton why ire simply ILl In court defandlnt
our rliht from attack
Similar sentiments were X1IrtlJOeJ hy Maglntratn Furlong behind the
Ofctei Arenuo barrIcade and by Magistrate IllKBlnbotham In hIli 1fJ Avenue
fortress Tho elected Magistrate are dlnpois to maintain their rights with
equAl strrnuouinrr nnd the chanrM aro Rood for a conflict
Tn policeman on our bet had hli photo takan but It was npotUd by betnc
held too lone to the Ilrat
They xnleht have known a policeman cant stand too much eipoaur
The Chlcaeo courts decision In the we of UrrJe Miller who iruni II J
Kenning a rich contractor for breach of promlne of rruirrlnKe will M
aw 1tt11 with Interest Whon H < nnlnK married tho other girt Mlns Mlllor
pined away until she had lost thirty pounds My frlnmlB told mil I ought
to make hIm pay for every pound she tayii atid she estimator UjH loot
Cosh et SiOOOO
This Is at the rato of 333 33 a pound and at lots valuation of tho
bvlorexl In the early tlIl08 of iurtnhlp I I f not Var Vet the avolrdupoji
estimatll leaves iiornethine to be destrod Ai uttrh a ratIng of thn P H K
charmer of normnl weght say HO pounds would be worth ICOOOO not an
i oxceas vo figure But how are aocountn to he nvernsoil no that a coy little I
creator at 95 pounds will lie worth us much an a morn n hut nw fUii > ar1 I
whOM embonpoint tips the tIe at ISO It Is In this contingency that the I
2w will be found lacklnc I
He deriYe Us tnoom b x raialn murtjrnonj In hta cttltr f JT the Tn > rkrta
Llvm lwve bt income riT
In his homily to hli staC yesterday r BtrlctAtt rney Joromn nald j
ut to Impren upon you tin patience and courtesy you should manifest nt
oil time to the public It Is nwoflsary to the succefn of thin omc that wo
f huv tIle public support and to attain It we must bo very careful how wu
treat the public
With publicity the watchword In the Mnyor oIHco and nt 1ollco Head
quarter and courtesy controlling th DhtrirtAttnrneyR olflco admlnUtra
live manners and methods have chanRHl mlRhUly In less than a week
The luckiest hero of the pri nt tlmo Is Capt Shaw of till 111fntoii I
Walla Wall After bravely sticking to his post end going down with his
hip he roee to the surface and watt rescued He 1 n brnvo man whom
Fate has cone out of her way to reward with an unexampled ntt of Kood
Golf link are dolnp much to gotten the rlRorn of > lto for Mr Crokor
It he keeps on ejcpcrtonclns the Joy of foozling and slicing nnd gNttll
btymled the Boss may not care whether or not that popular uprising two
years hence restores Tammany to povtr
Fusion Aldermen nt JBOOO n bead would bo too rldlctiloimly rheap
Tammany with It sources of supply cut olf IB tryinB to buy at bargain
counter prices
Mr Klpllnns mu c I < still on friendly terms with him Thor am lineA
In hta latit poem that rut like a whip Plftnnelrt fools at the wlckKx
muddled onfs at the oMewbat a characteiIzation of Idle Athletic gporm
la a time of national crisis
I Letters from the People
IJ Ch ZM IroniiniHrtl KM
G 12 ilter of 1i > Kttaltu V x
1t14I icfrm u bt til e rrw t I rf niitfl > n t
ot tbi worl crnni Ii lit ei t I
IL er Uh fc 1 t < tiIr U L
d 4t slnlri T Irrllnrli I
tt tkt mitai if Tl K vrr Wt
Jtbtl IDfarni 194 t rr ty Ku t ifHl TrT
trlM tit > i aitti ti tth > R
Go lo Mnnr V 11 f < iiiliiKliirn
tt tt JMllw of Tie K Unj W14
Im S lount nun Ltfltfl 7 n ell n0 m I
Tirf rmnl > hotildeTt4 t iu4 I on i rbAt te
e nt eoa adrlc 1ut to ilo I ti t rw4 ou I
tin Jlis I
Her SIIMK illilmti
t To ttt DJltcr 01 T6 role Nari4
Mr llu oa wu Mat tor loaf et 11 t4
i tie Ma vti Ift A V < dftx juinp < t otk th Itttl
tillaws lick itiroMni him ua i ixokin tniik
ju Will wfclcti tae on SuJ ttirvwn OQ lh l
trait cuttlct Us lla la t 3 flicn tuicmdi 10
j 1b > mtb slu norIr tunlnj hli c N off It
< tHO illltbi to aiw up bli cut II U
eIiIicf tor in u turi no ogy ts hop don
CUM strict ar4 10 blip ftopl Iron 010
> sw M VU sUmikT Wi ftt la Orator K w
1 fl
0O t Ot o j4
ii toOo u i HVDis
Ihi J L I
iiVtiullift I liiillf lor n < ilil
T tho etiar of n riali Woi4
Th Utnaitua t iVntanr ri i u B th
> 4r fur o 014 on iOw t HAT tiiy TI t
to tRht I ttdato ttit a oora n ty TV
P > I > bad ti c u vmli tat mttrrun tibo irt
1 IN ondwtttod oth CsuoIr 110 o
Ioio Ioft 01 io4 n f3 it m o < ob
fnjim hro < < h ill it V7 Io 10 Ti Sot tri
lo IK inu IT UlniJot of AUI It 004
tent ncrt in t4v tu mrk X Vr trs Dr
ItlMU lull D 1 tO 15041 it Wfll
tills I IflI5OIflIt5 1111
To IB Ullor of 1110 IblM Wit
Tojr rhro ro t osoot qMloIo
J p 1 os r Uw I HI in 1 rjt In rimr
I n StirS Ytirl nfl barn 0 flq bat Sri vI
4 ii i I 5 c 1500 III 0 frI
t iii skik 0 If be tiara 1 dun I I5
15w fl g toy Is s 4r no 1lri It
h nn los Ilk WIIM I > tr lit I 1 a
I Iftlrrl In ill i it tIlt I s is n mi i
A > ° 311 lit nii nt i d la U onoj Let
I Im ret 0 Cai n 4v IIK a > l lill ii i it cut
f the lirrjiii fomrinore
it D 1 JUMO J Il
l r1 II
CTlik Lrt r0nf lf
UllbIlblU U j
tle i7
t D V C r r + v
q t dO C 1 lflC r
flPy I s it ttt I IC
I hrr 1
1 tt 0t rg
o i I t k 1
0 < 01
I r tnllI
lt I t I i II nn Lii
1t 0tVtC ln > oil
C i rt Ir inlllliv m 1
5 I I nnv itary 1a1
° k Jr nl th
I 1 i i > larn <
t 0 II
= L = i4 < III j lwr
j rIgiLi
ern 0111
tliiifll ° I 1Ii h 111 rg
hlJJo olY lit
Iifrfc 60 omt1c
frfc mrk wat 10 IIrwhood
l on tjj tormy edt
Jo Wra1 t17 Often
i a tar wind blew
and tho danuel hIred to prod over
nk and rang prol J l what Oeorn
I LO pleased to term fair rrub In
th ormand tresi portods between
amI > thy rub lst il aa beat thy
I ooulJ on th baker oiiput and vari
ous iannrd Ooh
j IRSI m nUt ilnrVp rook finally ev
er l ncr onn rtlon with th firm rr
r < a inn o her own ond ira ptazsre
to irparf t th rcrya hart
pvtlEliiL dinner of salmon arri cnnned
acht Ifle usually had aJnnn b
rouse the nnn thlntr he knew al > > ut
klrc was to tOok salmon out of the
ron Thn Wlcjirlj Uy on the kltch
n table ana the waa ready to wtart for
1 hur club ntI irtien a mall boy ap
l rd with a larc and molt dlacour
niclrj not
Mi nr r niri Uncl John ant
Aunt Mnnrnt are hr anti are conilns
out to dinner Ior heavens sake lour
your jr tUfjrt Ge1 rnoihir to help I
hnin put my tmmortv fuml In Jeopanly
lnR aboi h drr vrn > thltx > ou ian
cook and tnol J nnntj to vxinpU
t1m I t > tlivi > 101 11rnt mis If ha
fourul you cotilda cook inoilfin
Orc > at Iun to itkn off tier irloiei
ard oonnMer She won In fur It In ear
nrot Ihh tUne and Inker fooda wouitn t
to And mothers cmm In the north
sIde for tii < > du > otto sbt Tlut it
ran t t4 po hird alter all and tt 1U loo
IIIY utrrtf In tIle oodUbook
Tie a trrn xm tasi4 skit too quickly
and Omce tatti iot iravQ nut anil the
kitchen wiui n wreck but the huuli or
t clock Store relentl and 110 Uncl
John waull tIe tPta heroloally noddl
on through that menu b itnlru npattr
tax antI iltvitiptntr rylhlnc cIte touched
When Ira nextttiow hum ICate
flrearor o iin In 11t tr aha found the Ore
coW hy tertrnJIy laiirhliuc and crylne
u the mMftt of IfIl rill niln The ll > > ui
Tma daut > 1 irh V > ur and xrrtif A
heavy rak and a Uarnt ale rat rvk
lahly on the table III the > x > ty rot IL pal
hut dnUnnliuKl and vlclouolooictng pie
whllo on the tox vom < iystnni nut iU
rMily tn th uubU > rmy of marUra were
N > r mind I cen tva your life
z = r
The 4ti5Pt IIHr1 14r0 tn te rum
atj t ato 2s ho rnerrt wo
Ir u t t n n inntt
ilrisit Fit it sI1 tnn
t gI Wn poied
= f ttti thrill limit
1f fri 1 In Other
> 1I4ii It Irl 1I 11
A b J t m A < l mtleman
h Priue flvlnc
> tlllOlll of 111
t gt Ms IVntlopn
gRist t 111111 Ih
° Iltlr rngttt Pt t Ipti a fw hh et
In IJor < t r al eolimm Mr I
nrllr j r t t t tCt Ujout n soil
t1 re 01 Ii iff hi hd men
In e el r ts 11 IM jou > vcr
ttnIr I I ipei if ths vtl
lAin oh mi 1 K i gtY om nlchl and kill
the hero II i thing < K > ciir frequently
In mal ilfe fj cnw Rut nlem tit
the etiga hrn h > o nuthns to feir V
cept bd rarand the erteVets
UllUn nurkhnrdt la with u ain
1119 tlurkh Mt ws Ute lint rf the
long lln < of etreee1 from the lecttl
m it atge t 1 ijipenr in vauiliin
theatre a II ttu hi bren ti
not Voiln hr ftttalnty gate
the varlfiy igx ml booM nnd wo
uv C I Itr M t fk for j ho neat httlo
JItdtI I > i > i A i uve become ollh
a fcitre 1tkIiI noniito
Sitsa Murkixtl 1 nover idle She n
l 4OTter net n piiv inched nnil run
iltif nKnthly than alit In reheirNlnr
anther Shr spam neither unto nor
l11Y and he snip i will not rtut on
her u irn
I met Eleai r ar > y of the Pu tiirry
° IIMII t > > lng a brUk walk down
liroodwaj thl murnnc The jears
have boIJoI i kind to thin handtime
woman rho > nettle for prnnl
youui contain bt two word dont
narr > Hut M u > rvy ht Uait other
fteopomt sKalnft m irnun i url ffe
nrlnk > llrr h 01 hurt htr broad
Ai rte you itn never Inlii a wo
man nt her word tx > ulivllle wonrMi
unJ tier husband WetIt on ia > for rt
> ijieratlon It ns their lnt itlon of ln
tcrvlfwii n Iradlnt phyniolnn brfor
tOry oem batk In rder to sit HU opin
ion of the Hlfiia illC4h She had bern
far from well iu I InaJly raiiLlidel
iiith IK cull aif > nr but the vet
dli t > t uii mi jitil ilijrt
t rd1r1t tnii jnl a tf ille1
0 > uii > uiliiiriit J0fl this njucLilUt
I Vow lit tar nild ihe wotnin I
want rout honioi pinion L like can
dor and dun t wUh to make the trlv
r1f 11 tl f 1 rr7
ti i t KV ttOl n1 al IpoSllil
i M nt K s C me pir 11
mm i i ilUiiiT > niifli it tie
1 FI ia th V Ki t disn
t I It II eieiilir rn > J J 11 iliV my
1 rt °
I ir ty rnat lr l II it nho <
1 t iml i ill > t in > wI < iiori
It 1 h I I l t
ie Ijre was et < enttv crftt1 worried
but his wlffti arnno miwnired him
omowhnL fill he fnuirml wbnn oup
I ifipenr < I and then rn trw I hlmixdf
m urrJ I i him Usa ip Is to be
< ita nul In < tm
Aunt MarKurr n fwnoM fn k was
rir > xtng rae it the mlllni Orace
Hut what 21 thu Iuaar flavor
Iniulrwl th elder lady wtii always
hid to knW how rtfrythlrir woe made
hIoh do > ou mean the tnus
ItuitanS Do you put mustard In
Oh yes a CiMenpoonful
Aunt Marir lookxl lurprlse but
Uncle John wao teaiiilnit Orac never
was so entertaining Bhe faIrlY cln
tlllftted except when the vlnrvla were
the topic and then her apeeoh limped
At lat Am he denser
What iiely prune souffle said
Auif Marparet I > > you make yours
AV h > oh en I vikol tt an hour
It 100 tiite like a biked one and
5 l
I I j
I thouirh mon than twenty minutes
would ruin thrni
WrI 1 didnt hate the oven Yrrr
hot uo1 Oracp cornptoolly
DInner over they had a merry even
I dont see why you n ed to hurry
away Wont you aajr over Sunday
irfid Oixirne In ci e f several warn
In xlinc from hn > iner half but his
ilhttion Witi n h t and ha escorted
bus relatIve to tIe cr
Uiu nt It a r teoi dinner Grace de
mit led aa ha returns
It was a praii tVhere did yoa rate
lit turrinl the hroil of the house
and Ihereuimn howled at the tropic
atory I
Uut I start to oooklrurinhool to 1
morrow flnlhed Mm Ovori firm y 1I
ami ill Ill I
0mpsthIe IC f gdtICrOtiu mrulop al
of wt > er seI known to th jirom
ion tIeh ae ill rim may have helped
tn wrrl iifr the tiinv ant to krrp I1i
crows from n ilMrjr around her PM
nt lraini thrlr ii ry otprlntii
TVn fn 1w Hmirhorn FKI jroi <
on tcur horty tut few f the ortKlnal
alt t 11l be s on Several of the rtrln
Ml Including Alii Ixltfh Will Jlrny
tnt Tom Uiirti nit of whom hive
I made hllo In lilK ilrre will bo out Mr
Mclntoali 11 mid ti have retired volun
1 nM i If MiV 11 iiiott ntll bi
nenrtni > hat xf > sho walk JAn
the SJKU plink t i r mtlNr ltn1 I
nhould say tint a btmlhox would bo the
onl tiling In the nunnery Un that
tvoilid fit over Mrr mpilour If she
ser < > not the > enMb nclihrpJ lovl
headed woman that ho l < IinchlnR
with the Klni st Mnrltxirouch llouxi
ts uiiHl hu lnr m artorn cay Hut
It would tale mnr lInn or crounitl
head to llstirh Mini lillt poise
Frank Xornfoat hu ioitbt J up serene
l > on h lllalto man haIOC treigned
from the manuitf K 4 tv More Thi
ytiifn < > mpoUlr Mr Sro l iiuvv
lvlnc his trillion 11 3 new musical
rafjy in Campbell and Sklnnir which
will hortly hlIo in read
Com Tann wt In her eiiient rtun
iaj < nnc plukln tirhtman present
off trres and slvlnx them to the children
f tin olag ThiTe were three treei In
T mmany Hall Sundiy nIght laden with
KiHn far tw llttla fill who einbleil
ui full fore inj cnul was rrniom
bnd Miss Tinner tys she woulJ
rather play Sanu Ilam for the ntisf
children than any part fhe hw ever
eoteh Thow who know Mis Tanner
ncll aid n Ih1 any iIt with thl
statiui nt JANK liOJtDON
here I i > tJ nv faliiohooJ about
i Thli niiimled very open nnd courage
ous to the expert Rent to work Ili <
I looktM at iiir neil asked quMilonn
mado a mlnui examination of lh < > cuie
and tlnill Inqulrid lll any doctor
ever tell you voi hal co nnd ce
Onl > om fie horn I brut was the
repl > 1 hitie bin lo tin or twelve
ainl In HJI > mi uiiy niir nho nag so
Unoiaiit nnd lull in ID tell me surh a
Ihine ind d illicharKnl him at onti
phtrEeil him i iclalmed the ex
t pert Why tnulim hi woe the only
one of the lot who told you the truthn
loulj > IIIc Tlnicu
T fl 1
IH + H + HI H + H H H + H + Hoo + a + HH HHtHH Ww > + t + MNW + tH
Suggestion by F M Howarth
t t I I
1 1 a S
n 10
I fly n r c9H
r j r 0
1 1 a L U > I It5 A
C r 4S M tfL J rc < 1 4
lt Lcv
J t 8j lJ2I r
T i 1 J
I V J i
T rL l1m I abr r r = 1
f It J J ruO i
z < sA9 i c 1 S t
j Jt iJi n 1 jIiIf
+ II s I 4
c = r
i Dreary DigginsSee Ragsey here comei a kid wld a bundle Rassey Say alssy dilL ere bundles too heavy for you ter carry
+ Bomethln waluablo In It too by tho way ehes carrying It Well Well Just relieve you of It Whats In It anyway
swIpe it The Little Girl Oh aIr me fathers a tailor and
i S NOWr
T II 1 I r
I nwt
Do you tlll 1l1uul with tha neigh I
p bor of yourx Jink
Mnnd Dont you think MIca Pomade No w hiMnt quarrrllfj sInCe the
ta a try native klnj a t fharaitrrT in of May i
Jonu I und < ralOind hf hni re Why not e
f fused right proposals this rva > on Its some work Oh he moved away
I w w w n
< 0 U U
ae ° °
z I
+ Strong tanThls crord of raMOs Is too sting TtrT The Crowfl tB r mltter yer forgot one nf yet 153 pounJ
rtont Bcern to think Its any trfk to hold out n hundredpound srs
cKbt 111 move on
IH + HH + e 114 1 HHH + HNSH + + + HH
IDhe IJvenins Eforlds Some Department
I I By MJIO Louise
The Eitnng World places at the
disposal of ifs feminine rcatlfrs the
url ies of n vtrj comfetint drcst
maker who Rii assist ami ailitte
thrm in planning nets dresses ani
mailing over old ones Address nil
letters on this lopc iVMmr Louise
Evening World Home issmnliing
t ttir tm hti I
r 1 iv hi i hi > rot h f t tft t
I MOtlM 11 o n < re Mfvlrr4t > 5 I ill I ttfqll
rico nq 0 t ui t I Iuillbt 01 0140 t1Ilflt
01 slOth n a S t4 te ot r r 5 rtir
Iot I Oln i n a hot I Ixt 4 > i ts < e
I o helfhl ill > Dl dllk IflpIIu0i M 1
You n II lint a camel hair loth
vrv i > eriiiribl itnd a Is very fashion
able iow Make your iklrt with a
tlauncc eraJuAted ijull deep In thll
buck h1I krep It shallow In front 10
that it will not luke trom your height
Trim the llouniw wIth band of bnck
sUip taha or pr fLu JL pele and the
i l < rer Krt to tnauh where the llounce
join It
Vny not have 1 natty mtli coat mall
to wonr nlth tin sKIrt A htylUli
moilrl nould bn one with an J toll Jick
luck uth Additional itinoiit
Jolnel on unjir i belt of silk like the
Xlrt beetle the belt is loot In the from i
Jnl and the front of the coat Is a
threequarter double brenstrd twx lIlt
tith with Inn 1 roundul rnti The
ret em mid trnlKht collar lire of cm
broS < l < ry MbLIl 10UUn
Pew Mm toIe
A > I hlO torrhMl I tollW1 pIer o trait
rr1 tlIX ant oull Ilki to hlfl II cult Iota
a > liAII fame trill I UiJUhl tttopa lao
nnill 0T Inc rJ o4ttP I am onir < girl at
nln tint co to a irxt moist lartln I sin
quit ttll ItT mr its I1 I R
You < 111 not aiititlon rliat kIel if
nth your material IK but at o u
sIre it for pvonltiB wear I prr um < > It u
light n < > leht A oklrt mill with a
bund of llUMlan laco Insertion down
tile rontru front with a cluster of
plaits each aide of 1U would lie very
l WJJ Itfi
r r 1
irim Tv i 4 iI tai
nt il ttelw Hi k < I n oi < > wed
111 to I i i t < ir your
tnu atnit j s v i Iltlte indite your
oit T t 55 I 1 5 1 t n tI it
ui nIt It s 1 I i i t 1 1 1 ti
I I Iallo k1 S I a nlnII bieii
wtj iI itiatr if In tt KS uhove ttu
hIII Miki tli > r is I tK mini of
plntuckM nr I tioiv1 all around blot Ii
nt the bottom aith a t ik hlfton ish
A triiijpinu tcke of XtidCtItfl lace tin
el with u Uuth inK worn with
u IIIk vilvit rilsious rn ind iho neck
wlin 1 nritili of lilnk hilton at ti
IIt i > l < lp Mike the rlfivn to the ilboix
r if a lone leee la clistre uvi
tho lower > Iivo of HUIIaoIn lacf male
transhotIit to math lIlt yoke i
DNr Ma Iqll
I1s alt4 me tn ntVlnc vr I tw > pl
rcjlit rtlft ehi15 loll 0 fri iUit in II
k I la lew a faiB rl t mt trxttrli Tilt
atit U 504 ii > ltH t toit ul cot iota caitll
wtb tpiBciKi ret > 1 A r
Meat of tin twople < U ilrrulir nnlrtJ
vre rather Wide rticjarly through
the middle of tin krt H you Like
imvaniiKi of the loIIoa ltj iCROtlor
> ou will hale an uplutlatf xiurt Tuck
ii in Kruiluatd tucka trout hit hip
line down about twenty Inclnn 1111 >
Inc tuck ttirr and nllo the ulncn
to form a llotmcc effect Invert tho hex
plait In the centre huh and It tho skirt
Ii lor tho fashionable length It tin
be lenetheiiKl by u kep mtlllnerH oM
of black satin WIh a green plllni of
the same had is the Iliturc In your
The body of the wl at oould be
irlmmcU with norruw slacX sMIn nitlll
lIra folds with green pIplriK Ho not
remove the while satIn yoke but
I vhnngi Un RIHonc l > > moseying ihe
jannlil MI and rierliiK It with httty
oreantrolorctl allover IA O tie c i lace
with a decided tlRtirr which rin Iw cut
out and aiinllquid at the fool of the
yukI UU IdLlSi
lies Mnr touio
I 1StS 4 IUIn bIsek 015 > tlrt 10100
gored It u amiMi T4W but It tMut tht4
intit ui iMri I m yii4 lltr tu hoc > a > ir > i > u
ik rt n < J < ul II hi tiUik nut 0111 ruM in
able MMIU itvtNviiii
I would 111 t Its > oi tu con 11st molt
with pllr itn If I nu put an clBht
invii iiuur llouiiiv mi your kill it will
niKthcn it cillll Irutl to illuw you III
huvo u tluMiT of turki In tint sailis
Ii aHe the Itouncv Then above tho
I tuck luuo circle of tho moire TliU
will make your skirt stylish nn1 upto
I 1 How to Be Beautiful
To ImilniT fluff r llnlr
tir Un SOOT
I ol Ilki Oil to glis ohs I teelto for
o n the Virr In curl mt mtklac tt SoRr
Hero k the formuli you wish Curling
Kluid Own arable dissolved to the con
hlnteney if muclUKe 3t ounce jrlyo
oslo 31 ounc carbonate of polish 11
ounce rote aler I pint vlo > t extract
3 ounces UInl the carbonate of
loll h In the roee water and add the
glycerIne and vIolet extract Shike
thirotichly and let tand A week before
using Mol ton the hair with Ihlo slight
ly befire putting up In papers or tiling
thtl Iron
Trr tlrrlclilns lirrrltr
Ilsor tir Ar
Klrvlty i 4 U Inc cot I stouti 44 Ie ym
shirt I am cbtft rvm o4 t4 sos rth r
fun 1M fnr Ibt hit coup of yes rt I hu
cja city Hlll AN ANXlOfd VI ft
There are tihisteal exercises which
ore called mretchlns exerciser and nre
Mid to increai growth If II Is poi
vlblu you > ha id tako it course of such
niorr lit 5
Alii you xhoiid keep out of doom PS
mith 11 pnlble In order to get all he
rr h air > oti can Bat plenty of nour
lining wholenome food avoid ullmulantu
and excitement get tonic hours of sleep
In a will ventilated room and conform
strictly to the rule of hygiene
A llnriulr lyrllrOV 5tnln I
fist Mri Ater
What Ii the bert tarmuU far a iwewlul sal
huml ttbro 004 yeIaah 47t A Z W
The bent eyebrow ant eyelash dye Is
a good hair stain The Orientals use a
preparation called kohol male ns tot
oiws Kyelash tKaln Oum arable 1
dram India Ink 12 dram rose water
I S ounce Powder thu Ink and Bum
land triturate small quantities of the
ponder with the rtyie water until you
I get a uniform black liquid In a powder
j then odd the remainder of the rao o
I nater to It It should be applcd with
a very tiny camel hair brush
To Itrraova Main
flir Mr Arrt
lice tut I rain jioii tat tackles
IL A n
Tou can remove tho molts by the
1ir 1 ir
oillritlon of nn ilt or eiuntle alkali
he changer Ii lint when one Attempts
do thin a rir itiltr no illsflRurlnt
a the ortelnnl btemlHli may be the rt
The let wa to remove a mole Ii by
< IcIroIyaIo a h h if properly per
formed 1 etrs ni mark
Next to this I think the lunar cauitlo
pinctl Is the most atfsfacory You
can get thee pencils nt any drug store
The molo 10 to be lourhM with the
rwncll lsliy for three or four day It
nlll turn blirk and a cah will form on
It whUh will com away lint remove
tile mole at the same time
Tn Cure Cnlnrrh
Post Mr 4Ot
will r ° i rl IOU tO 5 curt fer ctttrrat
Mia U MK
tonal address and
Tell me > our perron31
refer 10 thin letter
Tho Evening Warlda Dally
IttHltton Wat
To cut this outfit for niloll 15 tnoh4
In height 7b yuril of material n Inchc4 1
nrlde or 31 ynrd 41 Inches wide will b4
required for the frock with 14 yard
for bertha I yard M Inches wide tot
the undrrclatlilnR 11 yard 34 inch l
wide nnd 1S > trd ul lace H Inches wldl J
for culmpo It I
The pattern No Wt slits 14 II aol
r Inches will be MoIst for 10 centa
Bend money to Cashier Thu Wo14 I
PuUUer Uulldlnp New York City ° J
l 1

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