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Ii 1 u > 1ffi ttJ o t
I Oable Message Received that the Steamer
Korona with Those Who Escaped from
L the Roraima Is on Her Way Here
Early next week the first survlvois
of tho St Plerro disaster will arrive
At the offices of the Qtidici btcam
ehlp Company a cablegram was re
I ceived today saying that thu stpnni
er Korona with survivors of the
Roraima left St Ciolv Tlittrailaj
and will proceed direct to Now Yuri
This will make her due hero on the
afternoon of May HI or tho moininis
of tho 20th
Food Snppllen ln lltiutr
I Provision for 100000 persons for
twenty days or for 50000 persons for I
forty days are now on their way to
1 Martinique
Eruption Mill Omnium
I The Volcanic eruptions at St Vin
I cent st11l continue
I i I The northern end of the 1 land Is
entirely desolated
I At Fort do France Martinique fooil
1 supplies are urgently needed
At St Plerro the exhaustion of the
I supply of disinfectants threatens to
I pread a plague on the whole Island
I Cant Race flctrrc4I
The Cavil Indians have been utterly
destroyed One thousand bodic hive
5j been recovered and rescue parties rue
unable to approach tho volcano
Soldiers engaged In cremating the
dead can work but n tow minutes in
I a time and they may have to abandon
l don their task altogether and leavo
Ul work to time quicklime and the
scavenger birds I
h Tho supplies contributed through
I t The World were allowed liberal apace
on the Dixie but there waR not room
for all that had been contributed
a The surplus has been stored and I
cI will bo forwarded by the next avail 1
able boat Several truckloads reached
the dock too late to bo taken care of
and they will also be stored until
0 they can be shipped
3 The World will continue to receive
b contributions either of cash or sup
plies and will see that such contribu I
tions reach the proper authorities by
which they will be used to relieve
r distress where most needed
The Committee of Sbctyot tho
t + + I
Lewis Nixons Withdrawal Precipitates Tur i
c moil in Tammany Hall I
Opposition has deicloi In Ian
saany Hall to tho proposition of John
F Carroll to do away with a lend r
and leave the affairs of the organiza
tion to the district leaders
When the meeting to select a lead
er la called next Thursday tlumu op
posed to Carroll will endeavor to se
cure a postponement They wont ad
vice from Richard Oroker
It IB not unlikely that a legate
will lie tent to Wantage to explain
the situation and get advice Hio
name of Jcter r Meyer IIIU been I
mentioned In this connection
At least eleven of the district trail
tn are against Ca ri till und lu piopu
iltlon on the ground Umt If put Into
effect It would virtually nrnko Cn
roll the leatle of Titiiimuii1 Hull
u Vnnl IroUrr In ll luin
Of IbOllIl fv are mini in Mi
Groktr ouunnviirt TLf > UII M
that lit will ln < uc ortlm thai vtiu
pwI fcvstt tlif ilinicullln uuu M
htlill If tlivy nun 1111 lite nuudlun
rutnttl1 tu him riib Tu 4u Uii
tilt las1 ertviw bite thai II would Ur
Icst for tlm tu rtN1I W iiw e4
WhNl JbWl 11111 Isihi 4uia
frwn hii 1I1IIrUMllt IU lltr Wl rl
A iurJR Hi UMitiiw k WM ibr
lilt Ot s WHlMHlMl Wttll
HUnM 45 l1eod III
a swjr tu 1111 111111 I w
isdd I MjM IIM tup 1 ws
lillUllur l v 4tk lull M p4p w
1 iu l sai I p
1114 lilt nh lltMliltilUM 4 In
I s Uf UII M HU Mil Wlfc uM t i
jOa J WH j14I I U1
iII tIv Wl lSl
IIIG iii MI4lt44 IU d 1M
< Hyf I Up4 f
kI411 P1u4 J I w IN
4 t i 11 tt
4 lJ4tElI I ko j4i
± 4 I NM It 1
U I u
w l tI iqi I II 1
ii e1401 MlWM44 41 iw
l si 14H 4H o
p p ued iw
t eifll a U Id Nof 4
I ssi
I w is jj
Cliamljpr of rnmiirrrr to SlpclllltlIll
the rolYtmu and dlslrlbuiion 01
supplies and money for the Mnriln
mile FtilTernrs lit a rnc inn anti
orKinlcd this aftrrnoau Abuni S
Hewitt was tit icl Chairman and
larnrlliiH N IIL1 ticjsurer Mcet
IIIRT will be lirlcl every Thm > ila > ns
tong ni the nc catlty fur iclltf con
llniiri An K cutlio Committee nf
Flftcrn with Mr Hewitt it the h ndl
nn appoint to lake Tircl rlnne
ol the nrK Mr llllds rop Dci oil umt
ho had all pady collided ninitt nu I
Tho Hiibm rlptlmn In tin Xillniil
Mnitlnliiiia AIII VtV St Inllaii IsluiN
toiler Fund nf lilrli iVirnelluii N
lll x Ii tiH itrer ire ns fnllnwu
Mr M i Mm Co r II r h n
J liilxiUi HO Mm A K SiullirrUnl Hi
John 1 1101 12 K II IMII WI Hit I
I dink JJM Hfnrr W kllrh ISi Thn
linger sutntrattitrltiK io > n4ny i IMI M II
1 urtT 1 U J II Her tt lltlll llrMli > Uim
AiiMtiMnou > 1 s nurl V lloiliM J2 llrr
tun lIohr X Co J5H lu Ian S Henriiii JID1
henry A Smllh fi II I V Murrtj 110 K II
Vicy Jr K > NJlhJn Kiuirin IJS lllliin
IYII rl Julin i Igronu JiKl Knilfrkk
M tato Jii
rrmmo gr Ilrjnlicfl cnil rtlllildirm JO 70
I CUrkf jr ti s f Min VI 0 II
I Jahn 1 Z niiirrmaii r Itr H < I Nalliri fi
loninil T Ian S tt 1 lln > 1 i M n Sill
K ill John ti VWiiT Jk hunk f lliunm
II 1 arillM Si i nilm Ki uii irn 131 i II
Illinvoll si Trail l < I > IIP Hll in 12V1
llMin II iluoli HIKI Himunl S II t Ill
Outiip Kliifnun lln llfirlnii MlllUvn JE r
l ithl MnimllJ 1rtnlti i > 1111 1Iwrl lnvll
li H Marion 15 mrrliuti Kxir n
4 niAny I I n I J < W Mrlumin II Co
II IHM o o rlli ill 4 Sou tlHt J I
ii iIrIn JSi riniion Illlifrl JVI
Bmllli Ilikfr A ci J1 n liv rin <
f Ilinriii r Mi 0 fee II II mi 1 n 11 r tl I
4h l Mm W nr E lliillii iiv J i Hir
T hn Icltr lnnlt 1iII I Hi ililll A
I p ID flltirn S llonil llnk II Wit umili
to til HunUarc Itrulpr lrt Jlll Illil
AUnii lprfvH IriMtinn 101 I W S nhl
Ui Jompi II WrlHlrr vlf > in I iKillir tw
f ii riilllni 2 liaikN J hmui i
lirtUth lliti Mcnlnnl tinci nf SI > K
Uk h I i 01 c II i br < 5I
II riftirr > lii JUKI M 0 I Oninliill Jin
Miunr tDtthItI J0 IMi t 1111 JIQ
I I i p2 d II trIiIi
LONDON Mm I rapltnln are
Homnnlint slow In siilnrrlhlii ti the 1
MI mlMI llointe fund Ip I i 4 I > u
unlj LoO iiViOll hud hetn rerelvnl of
wlilili amouir the lIank IIr nKlttml
Inteiftred with me I have not men
tlotl Mr i inker ninie
M tun alh uirnHf wlh nny anti
luinniiiio uti nt lion Mr NKon
nas asked
lirrtit llllllOIIl IllHi
lerlilnl lint hr lepllnd no more
IKilllliH foi me Hereafter I nn KiiliiK
I < ullt nl l III prltiiln lunliim lu UK
> cluKliiu of tt r > tiling mil
HP it n imkcil If II itrrr trot Hint
nn offer nf n liriiii ti tfluilitnii i
Iliniiut tin itpillliniliiiii Fur iii r
Itfl In In iiM1 III lilt niii Mill
liiiii lniili hrliluc him ilntil mi
luiri In lirlnulou him in M ilrtri
I iitliiiiiliiii in rr liii
Nil r tli n M h ioiotOtr It
in i ni ini r 11 is 11 wu
II d i t > I i ra11 bui n
I hI < i S i M 11 1111
1 11 Ji II 1
c3Goi Wuhiifc
lo Alloiifco on
Hu Attitkhion to IlitTlironii
Iiitiur F U 11 I Y I a twiIuI
by tt ti l Enot
41 5 0t1 I u 0
i 45
i I 5l c
sd 4 I J
I ii It
l m I
I 0 ui
1 J 4
I I It
I Mil 101
I IKU Sti a
I aM
i S M 01 1
i j
i 5
III I 1 4 1 I
S t tH
Ir f Mrr Lr i
1 a f t
o U
H a
J 4 ii
I It t
I 51El5t
a4p2 I < = > C >
I 1
OI1t1r rood to
I tjOftrrc
ennlrlhuleil eL 1 1 < ii a nil the C > r
linintlon if Iumlon XT 1OI tS r J
ill Inil H lnth eil rn I mil other
ehnrihei nre pnparlia fir a upoilil m I
ti tt tan Hunilav next In aid of the anti
WAHIIINmiN May 151I lIrrl
llnn if the lre lilent Herretnrv lay on
MiiV I1 IIIMI Ihr rnllimltiK inlileKnini lo
Amlm Miiliir Ihonte at Liiiulnn
lx riots I t IIHllHh noieniniiMit the
osvnittat toy < if Ihe IrKlilrnt tutu Otto pcn
lilt of thin iiniiitiy In the aillict toni
wlol10 blot ijottIltit St Vliuent mil our
ileilrr In hue III 111 unrk of aid tutu
INDOX Miy n ln T itlilrmnt in
Ilio lluiifte or CoinnioiiH lodav reg inl
nit the nieisureit proposed hv Otto 110
Tinnent for the relief of the nufferers
trout In toleinlr iiithiciks In the WeM
Indies thi Ooxernnienl lead r A J
Iliilfniil afler a rrferen to Ihc Meps
Inkrn ilded
We IIn not taken a oiinl nr the
Indications Late in Af
ternoon Were that I
a Permanent Order
Would Be Given
ifpii i i ihf KIMHIIC nnrM i
IIAU2TON May uri IlcporU
lain t Ii Ito afternoon fioin 0 lost 0 wiit
HOUHO wheie the stilt lorailit mlnern
Oil ontiooi IH In Hcniiloti me I but all
llio BpM < h nmkliiK fa oiB a perma
nent strike onlur
I be bourn I to g KiMisInn wan culled at
I MliM1 unit ndJiiurniHl at 12 Tin
lifternoon MNKlim coin IMKI l nt 1111
PiilililM Mllohull II IN tiH cllIrllll U
11I11111 toonos4rvt I hut to
Tin Ciiininlllii nn C1IIIMUali
umili i lie lliml reiMtrt w inn 114P IIH > HI
i IIIK iNlllll mitt AllAT H fw MIllW
lust ilot lutiiim IIMC UMMI dliJ4u dd
uf I I Mill HMt MIU < b ll IHlntHlUtMNl t
Miiijti i fiji tlu itM iUrtiiuii ur
ttIuIM Ibv witUKttJUMi soKit DHlM
llf rtmUl U kMRtMUIIIC III 111 tiM
I low14Ut l1Jw1l
I I iiilfi l he l4lil ul lit rspuMl
sill it iiiui Uh4I lilui IM bs lorI
I IIMU > twit 5 ieee 4 t i4 i 4f Ii
I UmI1 itt tutu IMIUI III fM I In
lM > 1 kIU I iMhitt l 4tul
I l CUl uli MMflil i
1 44d4I I 5tjtt44544Sti lieu
HiI ltkautl I
A S II i
oe it ttit tIiJttoI kui a 1
ii 4Ni I I UMdt iii
III J i a 411 tltl I lU MII I
Hot S i i 1M N 1
i I 10 j
e Ii It
s i
ft SI aei 12 > <
II 4 u ri 4 i I
5 4 MM 4 1IIt i4I i
au I Vt 1
i us 5
H 4 5
< i i
wmfl Jau wA
aa Sad4 M I ljiai
i el 4 4SMH ttWf
i Ii I f i se 44
0 i a
a i a a S t6
4 at If et
I a1 eSda 4i Sib
i a I IfFJ
FJ j
LE mrt
I in i i FMit it lollo lI1Inrr In which Iho i
I lt < Snt H liovriitnint hae tn nn
llilriuii liuiKiiiiK toxin scil Unit sit I
NIl ti fi if ill tvi work of aid and
n MMU A t to the milliner In w ilili tills I
Krniioiii < offer inn tsI he uocepi > il the
ilivi n rtviil nf I tit Vlniluini Inlen Ills
lrtiulo In on coniiltcil
j Mr Hilfoiir referrid to the openliiK
f tin relief fund nt he Mansion J Inline
In the Kuril Mivor Sir Joseph Ulmn
ililo In heiilf nf the Miiffrierx of thu
Island nf Si Vliiiont and said lint
Hilda lannkj suit Otto > nthor Went
India botoliitto and Iho 1 mil nf Miur
Itu H UII the tnilliin O eaii had i > rnm
Isol tn help ulili monev and KKOJ
I IniM no diiiiht hi addid Ithnt
I ho nther cnlnnli H will hu einnliv klli
iniif In iddltlnn the liuvornor nf
1 Hi WitKlwniJ InliniU liia tiueii unthiir
I < id In snviii wlnliver SIIIIIH are niceH
cnrv and the Imperial Io eminent Is
hicnnril li > HUpplemeiit tile rnntrlhli
tnns tru out other HULIKCK in hitover I
tx hilt in u ie liermn irv
Ai rsgtiulot the iHliuul nf irtlnluiir I
lird diiune the nrolin MinHlerl
Ia ° U toil litHtriirled MM MalentrH
Aiiialwrailor ti L Ia riot rill liiiiuul
MoiiHon to fiv that It would gIve the I
I I iveninu lit Kreut pleisure to totter its
iHtinre In aiiv ininnir IIIOHI cnnven
ittit in the sufferers from the ealnmltv
mil lo oa thit If lids einintrv c iuli1
heln to tin nun nf dotnr or the
irlft < if nndlril tiiinforts and nnuliliiw
we weie prepare tn let forthwith
The Krench I auc rio ntin I replied no
eeiillni ullli irrjtltude the offer nf ibis
AliUHMM InierivniMt lroni the m
ture nf the case Inert must lop a ills
llnetun between our nwnjrolnnks mid
I lotus nf another pnnir In Ihe extiemtl
tiirt of IIIIIMN Hilt the 0 Invernmetit
us si Hi d Is orepired li BVC iMinfnrlH
inI nrnxlulons In uffen III Martin
lime I
John Dillon rlrlsh Nat allnnall I nho
I llrl Used the qutit lInll In tho louse
1iirfdi and u ggest tot that the au
H v
President Roosevelt Sends Letter Regretting
His Inability to Be Present
I Mlm llleii rjnuliln hnnilnnni build
InK In Sainl mrrrl lliuokljn 1It for
iialH prjieiili < l to the I Intern lena I
u niimlltre of Hie V M C A to tiny I
us Hu future liimie of the Naval Mraneh
if I In orrnilr itlun TOte exerrlJieM at
lenilliiK 1111 I > rrMiitatlon l > cin At H
1rnlkf fur > IU > linulil
i ir Km Ii h i Wimr the ihilrmin
nf l ic InUTiiitlnn il Coniniltti e jirv
Klilnl AIII mini In oil Itto Neneil
ImUht Illlllx nlm itmi n iliipt1 iron
tin Illlilr JUi ThiiMliiri I fuyler
Urn ultnfil u imijir iifirr Khlrli il
ilmMm ser inailp IM HrAilmlrnl
111111111 II Millpi i ii Jiiini J Iok
ItKdiAilnilrnl M lurkoi Mild t4eiu
turj tit tlit > Nun Mouth
All of I limn i > tout r In jlulrll I quill nf
Hi wrl nf Ihe M C A nimmil III
lilurj ilii I S unit I 54 00 ISIIJ Mini UotllJ I ul
llrl Kill
rri > liliin lnir ll > llfulrli
lit l HinM u 411 IlltllUllOU ttl 4tl
be 4n41s ada to t srisit I I ut4u1w000
II MIIV II hoOt > k foiliMI lu W II
kiiilM tin iir i us r >
I slpupp > rtvn ilui u MIII IMI IM
I > r lilt I tr 5 10 Uf prtutt III fvsNse
I tMu 1111111 wtl 1501i5Ittt
05t000 iiuutt4 IM tiltrli in situ iMl l IM4
atsJI I u lltt up 10 lltr stilt t Ml St
tbir ulltM maul I ts o utiastutS
1St 40 at rlitlOit Itll < fU0ii t iij in Iutut
a I < i > i u u I ti intuit r in
fl 01 41 l 1 itIt utifllu
S i a a I fat ui p m
S > I or ilh ota j
i CLOSE TO 10000
y1 CJllly aoo M4
4t4l 4t t u j4itMl S
U <
S at t4 S S h Ibot °
0 S 55 j t
a stjdib 14 pS1b
4 III ttItIf
Cu 4 m 1Ma
1 5 14 4 4 s 4
utSt 0 i till ot
bs ds S 55 4tuu
ut 5 e mI 04 Su
5 I utli be
a 1
tuju Igit m4
t1I I I I
a jlilrvlliJ tYW
tlinrlziit to tlio topinor of the I
UliirtWHnl Islamla to 8ioii money
otiotlit to ho IMllllllI so tout ttl pn > VllI I
for tht relief nf tin alit rtliiioiote silt
frr us lu niiHlilcrel II Miulil be
nioii tO Ii tort unat If n 1 istitoet Ion was
I in Hit trliit tn in mo nn luljouriimeiu
of tlip Inu < i > nn thin jiulnt but the
motion MH reject
PriHliluit itunotcvtts offor nf relief
hns ertut I out II ti ili > cnit grit Li t Utle here
The tet hats not yet l > een iiUitillshrd In
Innilon hut all tlv nlllelila are io +
to loin III nf Its terniB lo reign uiul colonial
olltilulH ileclare that no nc nrrence of
inoiMit ve IN hn to lirouRht home to
them the ile > i mil material filomUlilp
xlqllll lieltten tilt tvn ivinmniita
CASTRIES Island of St Lucia
May iA line drawn across tho
iHlaiul of St Vincent from Chateau
llclnlio to Gpor etottn would divide
It into two nearly equal portions
There Is no chance that there is a
living human beIng north of that line
South of the line fencr fatalities have
occurred i
Mori than one thousand bodies
have already been recovered al
though searching parties liavo been
unable to go far Into the devastated
district Estimates of the number
dcnil are largely guesswork but the
previous statements that the number
will exceed 2000 Is probably too con
The Carlb Indians have been almost
Ml CSould In prenfntlni the building
lo the liitinnilloiml fonimlltee said
An Ctiilrniiiii ot the Didlcntlon Com
mill of tilt omen Auxiliary
It I a
my ilessaitt duty In formally pri rnt
ihlM nuu Niual llrjiiLli Iliilldlinf and
fiinilstilngs tn the Internnllonal Coni
mllKe of thu Young oitiia ChrlitUn
inidl thut the men of thu IIlIn I
I nil i always find here It curillil wel
cnni and a mil fiinluiiPi limtKutlon
III whlli then will IM durrniindeil by
n > ml HIM whnliBiime Inniieiiitr 1 ivti
01 lu tin ks 4tid the Inilldlim U henc
forlh In our rrr
t iti uli li llttirj
linlrul tutu 1 Mr Ui > K > y dlvldtd titit
to Uune HUH Minn Unuld Tim Adi
Ito itto ha i Mvptliii toss Li hi ri I its I lint
KlIliKlHmlliiK iota earl > refmal he nmde
n hurt ssiuIrumut lie Miij Hi build
wit ih nn1 In the wurid fur It i > ur I
tot It ttSls b rllr Hut tin liuultl br
o lout mldfl hetMUM Hi 11I11 ni ha
tIts SIiIT ar thr beet 11 hut
taStl tl > tslt III lou ttittput lull
S dlIt oseut I Out hllln1 Jlllrlll
tile I IN Iltut u eutIt oust ii willitr lu
tli < 4 Ui MU
uui utvy I III II
iutIwotl Mill In I lot ii ciii bar I tiIu
iiui Iita nuwlMr if
1 bUUd4itac tss Ok n 11 I un
usId lu lh Iiultiuuuusl tuatltoI
iii I I4N554ttutt5 iV til mil S
A13IIjOSJtt tOf r 11
to M t A muiui IU
ittiKi 10 I W rir Vh
0 hl oasd h j11 I S 1 M
5itAtuti3 J < TI
1 otis
SMwilWM iti
5IStisIsitot ttt ISMfl spi Lutsi
0 4 3e
t M 11e
a aiti lMoi4d
sba I
4tg5 iia Md s ietht I
045 ii iiti44 t 55i fi U bi I
S it tit d siao Msta biu i
4 5 ta41 05 hop
S I 5 aiis i h ii
Si 5 4i dIHo e eM 44
f M 1 sa
0 SiMut diet Mti 4
0 tutSei Msait ft Id
Iutu3 1 i a
p u st
4s eoeotie
19 S 145 uottoise
14i1 e 4pa 51
I i l j iii f ilMiel 5s
S d w
MieiotW 4 f It
o P 45 1
NitutdA MSi
tu u
dl t
riSdfl Ib
a to t ISit 4
4 a ut P dt1 lg
0 E
z1 r 4W
Provisions Sufficient for 100000 Persons for
Twenty Days Are Now on Their Way to
Fort de FranceEruptions at
St Vincent Continue
wiped out A few Individuals of the
racefound by Columbus when he lira
discovered St Vincent live here and
on Dominica but the majority of the
faribs remained on St Vincent In 1
village near the base of IM Soufrlero
This village has been totally de
nut leittiiil of Doom
The Indians hae long hart I belle
that they were to bo wiped out by lire
and prophesies of the disaster Unit his
overtaken them hoc been handed down
for Kcnerntlons
I The explosion which lore the entire top
off Ia Bnnftlere wns distinctly seen from
thin point fortylive mils way I mute
dlatcly after the llrct eruption I dozen
separate craters were visible from polnti
nearer the volcano
From there new craters streams at
lava Mowed down the mountain sides
milan the valleys and drying up the
Showers nf stones and ashes fill and
sulphurous gases enveloped the island
siiffocatliiff those who escaped the lava
strenmn For three days the iruptlor
continued accompanied by fearful ulec
neal dlaturUaiicoB
Lightning lUHheil almost constantly
the thunder was deafening and earth
quake Hhocks followed each other with
short Interruptions
One stream of lava flowed down the
bed of a river and plunged hissing into
tho Po within a few hundred yards ol
Georgetown Other streams of lava
reached the sea by other water courses
Biid the entire northern end of the Islnm
was covered by a networkof KH tcnlns
lava Escape of the Inhabitants was im
Suffrr fram Thirst
I Sufrr
All vcKelntlon a nd all live stock In
the ilevRstated region Is ilend Then
Is little drinking water except at Kingstown
t Itlu
i town and the reseini parties that have
penetrated the vicinity of tho volcano
have suffered teriluly from thirst
URI bodies hnM hUn found In the
sea mill some have floated lout dls
nnl I
lances IM Houfrlere In still active bu
It Is doliiK little iljimaRC There Is noth
InK llvlnt within men of its polnonou
Has and molten lava and evin If the
north end of the Island should lit en
gulfed by the pea no great lore would
Icuiit W I
It Is sail that the British government
Is MtialiHrlnp the ndvlsabllltv of ban
donlnr the Island and taking the ur
vlxlng liilinhltiint to other localltleo
The explosions of Ia Soufrlere can he
heard at I dlxutnce of one hundrei
miles and the columns or smoke thai
follow the eruptions ascend nvllcs Inn
the air binge hills of lire are thrown
upward makIng the fteht at nlclij one
I of awful grandeur nljb
May 15As the danger of starva
tion lessens the fear of an ppldemk
due to the unsanitary conditions pr >
falling In and around St Pierre 1
anl arOllt
creases Though hundreds of drart
bodies have been burned there an
thotiBanilR still uncared for and each
day under the broiling sun they be
come INter menaces to life and
United Suites Consul Ayme who
I came here from Guadaloupc hw
I mndo appealH for otltt of quick
lime The small quantities of disin
fectants that have hem retelved here
have made no Impression whatever
Mr A vino tmllevp that enormous
quantities of quicklime will he of
grur value than food In saving the
hives of thou 8unlor of tie catas
Tliln low n is tilled with refugees
It lit hi riiil lu Iu itt ll 1Utr
The nlinrliiiHs of hut meal IIUIOIII
and i tin Iii gb lirlii of leak Is not UI
iiniiiltl ntiil evil On I lie rontrarjr I
U u probable bUHklny ° kayH hoc
vIUII 11111
If Jiiint could Iw r Ueil In H Price
0 list I Miiuld lit N kts I iurolt I bit br I
mlKlit null bus of liiioit rtiiill l rcuu cIt
I lull Iruill house who di > llU1 ttl
11I11 riitlrfly UIMIII I to widen their
illriury und Itiargi lu enjoy lumi ioin
IhliiKf ut which tlic uro now Is
iiornut T l inmiv i > MTlBlly In Hi
rltlM tlicro srto but I III fit food
inimt il tow situ lirrm Tlic
scary it unulnny II bolt jiroograbulits
toe tiiiMklitthMl Inn I uttufl ii list bit ri ii gs
lot I YIInll ot It Mflwt 11111
Hid nuitlr f1 nurll Mtid iuimi r
Plot 1 UlKiirl 111 lu liii Murk tilled
I liii nn MI U > UIIM situ tiriut AI
lutiesU II nint w1 ilistiti siitl liesti IU
hll IhHIrt1 RM1 ill Illitlx tin U
I lHIP h losal mill lltll
i IUt 34IiSI4IIV MlllJIU Mllll
I Weee 111 hiiii it pui4h blue 111
iIoMMiud 1111
I 11 t kll4 sI Itlf pills lull IMII ID
ii hll PhM I I MHIU luti paulul lo
I hll IIuiieieli Ii ulisuusub SIIII
a Iub1t4id eit UI I ills
Istiig 1 hiaiiia iud ill
1 SlIM I 11i4 1514 tush Otis
Si ajtHIsItSMM A lI l list i litut iii
Uil1l W C 0 4u 4etl Niutl I O
S Ii4S4 a i Iii sas
4 l eS4 I 4H
I o1O l 444 ls4
I H le4I I
Ma si Mi SM l4Ia Sf Stash
ea as siti frs4iiliub td Md H
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g 4 4 Il i Mt tisb ta See
ksai uot 6ebI
Mi jJ aJ M lur t54 Itidilus 4t
ataiia L Ii IulSbMi aieiti44 MS
iM 1iut i iutil 11
Ssiit51 1 iutitod I 45g h 5
J HI ii4 ia IAid54e IIasJ u
pI51dS4tbPi Adl list utitUilM4 ssotapIf
t I1biI S I fti4 iLi I 1
1lspj1satiah4 Iti 4
and all are mounicrs Some of them
have discovered that their families
have been practically wiped out and
there Is not one who has not lost a
Monster Mrninrlttl
Twenty thousand men and women
assembled In and around the Cathe
dral when the memorial services for
the victims of Mount Pelce were held
Nearly all of the men wore in tears
and many of the women T hys
orlcal during tho services
There Is little likelihood that any ef
fort will ever be mnde to lobnlld St
Pierre Extensive change have taken
place In the coast line and the fertile
valloys In the neighborhood have been
Irretrievably ruined
The French soldiers who hnve been
exploring the ruins of the town and
hurnliiKand burring the dead say that
they must soon quit work because of
tho conditions prevailing there They
can work hut a few minutes at 0 time
at the awful tAsk and many o the
men have had to abandon their posts
There la sonic talk ot stopping the
work at St Pierre for a time an It Is
certain that there are no living person
In the ruins anti no particular good can
come from tho Immediate excavation
of the ruins Physicians say that If
large quantities of disinfectants were
scattered over the town and If quick
lime were used liberally the place could
be left alone for months and then res
cue parties could work with safety and
I Should this bo done the site of tile
town would be guarded by French
troopo and no one would be permitted
to enter the channel house until time
anti scavenger birds have done their
Mr and Mrs frank Jay Gould and
a few friends will start for Martinique
tomorrow erornlnc on board Mr
Goulds now yatlit Helenltu The boat
was formally placed In commission
veaterday and made 1 short trip down
the biy with the owner on board
The Jlelenlta Is a fast boat and
should reach Kurt de France almost as
soon as the Dixie which left last night
Mr Oould arranged for a cruise In the
West Indies Beveril weeks ago He
oxpeotcd to start In about ten days
but when new of the volcanic eruption
nmo ho hurried preparations and will
be readv to sill tomorrow
An Unequalled Record I
The Only Medicine That Can r L
Point with Pride to True i I
and Marvellous Cures
A Spring Medicine That Quickly Purifies
the Blood and Banishes Disease j
Palnos Celery Compound can with
pride point to a long and wonderful 1
list of cures effected in this and
other lands In fully ninety cases
out of hundred it has been
every hundre suc
cessful In overcoming and banishing
treacherous and longstanding die N
eases and ailments
The great work of disease banish
ing and life saving so happily accom
plished by Paines Celery Compound
has not been confined to any particu
lar class of people All ranks and
conditions of our population
amongst which are found city toilers
hardworking farmers business men
capitalists clergymen lawyers physi
cians and legislators owe their Uve
and present good health t the curing
virtues of Palnes Celery Compound
No other medicine in the world
today has been BO much talked of so
highly recommended by medical men
so generally indorsed by our bet
people as Painos Celery Compound
It truly deserves all the o words
spoken in its favor
May is the great month for recu
perating and building up the weak
ened and diseased system A this
time wo prcgF upon the ailing the
nervous the rheumatic the neural
gic the dyspeptic old and young 4
the necessity of using Paines Celery t
Compound To those who are suffer
ing and despondent owing t the
rapid progress of blood troubles kid
ney disease and liver complaint we
Ray use the great health giver a
once if you would be speedily r j
stored to health The virtues pe j
ctillor to Palnos Celery Compound 4
are as potent and true for you to ti to
day as they proved powerful and
effective for your friends and neigh i
bors weeks and months ago l
BEWAREol Imitation ot Diamond DTI
Ak for and take only maUad
room AdTeitiso In the HTTP8m I
World HI
8 AUrlf LSKI r I
Soft White Hands Luxuriant
I Hair Produced by
w 7fILLIONS of Women use CUTICURA SOAP assisted 11
MILLIONS OINTMENT preserving purifying and
YL beautifying the skin for cleansing the scalp of crustl
scales and dandruff and the stopping of falling hair for I
softening whitening and soothing red rough and sore had
for baby rashes itchings and dialings in the form of baths fo
annoying irritations and inflammations or too free or offensive
perspiration in the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses and 1
for many antiseptic purposes which readily suggest themselves
to women especially mothers and for all the purposes of the
toilet bath and nursery CUTICURA SOAP combines delicate r ri
emollient properties derived from CUTICURA OINTMENT j
the great skin cure with the purest of cleansing ingredients ana 1
the most refreshing of flower odours No other medicated toap
ever compounded is to b compared with It for preserving purify
ing and beautifying the skin scalp hair and hands No olhw
foreign or domestic toilet soap is to b compared with it for aU the
purposes of the toilet bath and nursery Thus it combines In
ONE SOAP at ONE PRICE the BET skin and compUxtea
SAP and the JJEST toilet and BEST baby op in the world
GOHII IO rilrriml unrt Inloriml Tri tuiont for Every Humour Io
Owleto Ci > i ltllniif IIITU Ul ttiiltX MI ittDkv Ut aUn ol uiM t
sui n la suul tuluiu Uir Ill icead curf Ir ITIHIU O III IH Mir
tl 1 1
C ura lo I InIIlr ailitf I butt 1 itlstioua soul seoUts sil It I I
isiul UTlll N4 HMlltVHMr llIla He Ui saul sail caM SM
litotid A illkiil r srr l lint tuKruul loruif I ami lor
Tl10 at iltifliiurlui liumuuri null I > M ul litli vllU IH will tJi
Wtlouleoittt slur wiil1 llrluili Dtwil t 1 Is < IlmiUrliiUM l Uoitcw EicA HiMiti
Iroullplll til ash > 1nniM liHiU sell 1111 IM kui tsul1 Hi > MaalHAI
CUTIOURA AI80LVINT ILLlln l4 lle1Ki tieS IdwIsaItuader I
1 Uuosta4i rIIITult rlio 1111 1 I biLttlssjiys I a
SotlutiKi flit 4 l4tAilltI4l3Stiul4tUMe lU tU411 i 1111 > IU IlsI 11 vltttMIiJ
iI2uRIkIc I in tlir tllil nf vriy I
Parents ilillil tu tK Mill IMIII pitilt i
I fl O lliiiuiniU u nuul iMik br
hull Mini j
RespeIsIIIJ 1111 4
tlII tl
S ouuI Iuit liii
11111 11111111 IIIIIII tl
W CI sill litlil I litti 111 tiiil fi IlM4 is
ill in llti IiIisI Iii 1lllh Iii UIP hrhlf J
G 111 t1 111111 1111 Ilt tllllil J
Ilt IseR i 1 tJIiesiit e4is I tllll wr Jw I tm Iluittiti H
5 15 fIIIIII 1111 in Ii hut IMIIU MMU vkt4linD iuii4 dIUJ
Ii u i ucli I ii Isjs4 WU ll llllll > 101 IlitI I5tIM4 Ii
IIuittil a Jei luilitilHK M H Mi4 ItilMt IMif Ik ouiW t jf
Kilt lt51to julIuli I sisAl SiblMi Ieut tti ssiot i 1 t1I ds IuolfsI
t11 uill 011 ulllt IlIIIM > t4li Iebi j MMMI riUtl Jmlltl till ItIiI Ii
I itil 40 1 ii4 41111 htMl w ai iItip S liuta Ik fIUUIII t
I14104ws4i w lila 4II I d ul4 th I sslsilIp ui I h
lie steit 1h1144 111 iiui beellloew MIW t
11 kl ai asit4 Iiel st Htii4 iieselsii litI tIIII4IIIII
41 UtHilHM ttf ll Ii I II suIlt twI i
i Isitoiilitip IiedSlIP iii4 4h4 liW titi i f J
IllS Ititd oti4 kW I ikut hid Iti 4
itt I1 tf tUI 1
I e4ia4l I 11515Mb IS t 41 WM N 1 f
I 1 I D IWee i si4ii14s 1aJ IusisIiIi 1 ha ad144 t
t 04 ulfil at iw i Ia th Md titI sIiieelAl W tJ I Im4iwuEta
Mlld LIP IN1 psuil u hIM 1i4 sill 1 oihia I
I 1 sill isoit iaV kiglaliW eitilissffl 111019 asMil im
W iUi iUatiaisii 1 oWf ttf bI MDM b

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