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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, May 22, 1902, Night Edition, Image 8

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ri > r VJLimiQJJ r J
He Was First to Answer Correctly Evening
1 World Turf iuzzle No 2j rrfl v
F F aicElror of No 380 Grand street 2Tcv York H
the winner of The Evening Worlds Turf Puxxlc Xo 2 Prizo
w < V >
c Among the liusliols of sinswcrs tlioro wore rnTnrV giving
the correct nnnie of till nmn in llio picture wlikli is John K
t jrndclen But illKirovs niisurr was first to rciuli tIll Sport
t ihgEditor3 and lie was nwimlud tlw prizo ofi
Xcxt Xondny when Ilizxli Xo a is printed those vlio
were lute for Xo 2 will have nnothcr cliiincc I
ContlniHsl from First Pngc
perhaps we will lie jible to nt thofu
champions to wondering what they have
Ilrntm AVrrc a Mini Iiit
1 It would surely have to be jomcthln
or the unexpected tu fool tin Pirate
What they ilo not know about hamlull
nobody haa found out yet Hut nay
werent they a mad et whn they
g came on the grounds drcsted In ultn
c that looked like lumps of hardiiied
mud Why they have not tlKiim nut
yet how It happened ycfltrrday Tin
bent excuse they could make was In
blame It nIl on the poor and nbuiMd
umpire A babyart play true iMiougli
from a tnam whUti iiipeiirH lu hiv >
such a strong hoid mi the year Ihani
> pl6nstilp
i Their predictions of course polniid lo
a session this nCteriionn which wnulil
f even matters for them The Plriles
try to make OIH believe that they an
nil teers by their twanKn of q tnkl
iyou BO
But 8uch talk did not feaze the niniila
They went Into Iho Kami till afler
noon determined win again and thuu
make It the Pirates llrst double defeat
I in two conoecutlve days
4 1 rnim Viirinnl tI Well
Their hopes were built high when Man
4ger FoRel save It as hit opinion at 315
oclock that ItO y Evans would pitrh
The boy have sreat faith In the twirler
and work with n niiKh ton Ilden ci br
ijlnd him IB though Mutliiwunn or Tay
e lor were slated for the Job III the bix
Thats scmethlns striiRe In tin New
York club It In mil hard to rerall In
lances when the team would work like
a machine back of one pltrher and the
next day play like a lot or ilKhtyvur
t old boys behind another fillow
Kvins certainly wnrinad uii mluhly
floe to use his own rxprepHinn H
had the speed of an rxprein train and
curves that were Puzzlers lie looked
good enough to fool even I onus WIIK
1 lprlut there wait no bettine on that
L proposition
IlrtlliiB on the innii
Hy the way there was plenty or
speculation Zulus on In tile stand Hut
no such odds as 100 to iL or vi > < i IW to JO i
wan offered asulnst the Giants i
TlttihurK fan know n good bull tram
w Hen they set line mind that I IHI
they class the New Yorkers now Many
or them supported Doylep men and
durlnfir the 1I1me the routing for tinin i
Wan almost enough to make hum think
they were at home on tile old I1 CS
The Pirates were Ihp favnrlti < though
Hlld thoilKiiils or dollars hln > rd on Ihe
result of the Kami at oddr of ubout
ManaKtr Freil flarln hud iulte a few
pitchers to look nvei befnri he madi
hiM choice Ihilllpp wn inn who I
warmed up well anti no did ho Olinln
L old mate Eddie Dulivuy There wire
OhCHbro and leevtr too but of the lot
Thllllppl lookiil the beat
Klrm linilim
Van tried hard to nil tin ball but
failed three tlmrv llurki gut Huylfs
bard tmi L HIUIU T and ini it in II ram
I JoneH was a mrlkiuui victim too No
t Smith Juggled Davlss Kroumler for a
while but gut It to Hrs nil rlKhi Con
1 robs knock went hv Hean and wn
good for a haft Ileannionia knoeli
rolled to Smith und lliufKe retired
Conroy on nix way lo sei < md anil then
threw Beaumont mu No run >
Srviinil Innliiu
i Bonerman rolled the iiall In 0 in lily
i frd was out Burke und Dransllild
i Wla the pair that retired Lander Jack <
sinx bunnce in piillllin ua < his 111 i
I al llrsi Nu inns
Iiiinlir ill 1 thi > lUhl tlilnv with Wag
j ners lirnuVr Smith did 1I11Ie wlih
NraiiMlelds rturke eI1 I lii mum way
us lli V imr Ni IIIIIF
Tlilrd I NII Inn
Unrnit tliriw of Sniilh s hit was It
first ahead f till Jan Wusner nud
I a IIIMI eatrli of IIIMIIH itty foul II
Three balls IIVIT I In ilnli that U can
did not sec retired the pitcher No run
Jiieknin was when loarhs llv r1
I Oullllllr knnrlc between Hliuri nfl
Ihllt earned hint a tone Ihlltlnh
I foul Ilte tiiniblfil II Iliiiverman Davis
nip al Inn Imi rr lleaiimont II ban
I ill linl It n < ie > an a rillmle Intir
wide iiiitK give Iunroy a walk anI
iveiv bu was illliil Heuiiiiioni was
iiiual in the iircaslon IH knocked mil
a pretty nm that sent < iinnnr and
Daila luuiu WHKIIHI Its then with
hiM Irit in s nd 1 HliiKli Hint miiriil
i oniviy ami lleuiiiiniii llriiiHtUlii
Kipeil III In iru air and the wind
inrrlld It lint nf IIIIISN ITlrh s < i II IH
recnrdld tlS t t ttObOKger VVtlKnPJ
scnreil Klve runs nn it Iamlir lieiid llurke out
finirlli Iii iii lM
Vans life went ii WaKnir Doyled
rillK lt > a ia Ilivllllliilltl nil IIH desCKtll
Jones N runs fir Ihe uiTond lime Htruuk nut
leiih war helped nut bv Lander
oVumiir utit n tilL Ihllllpii not tn
lust nn Ids rap Van HOI under Da
vis hoot IonroyM roller to Iauder
was OCnnnnis undoing nt third Nn I
11I iniiiiiK i
Ilowerrnnn cut to llrm Hfler rnlllJ
the nil ly Ililtllpiil und IJurUv ITIII
I ders inller funil Kriink al sernml
lnniler madi n mreeeMHrtil Meal of SIT
i 11 arkMnn wnW Klven n free IKIKI
Sinilh hllnl tin ball M DiviH limler
aid 1ielnn exieuied a neit double
HIII II did nn Kiiil thiiuKh Inr l aii
threw llenn nil No runs
lleauninnt HltiHhfd nut a hit for hair
th < Irenlt of baSiH Warners rait In
Mnn was i1tauiniutM Hnlnh at third
fl iwevrnun by a Koid 1how fiumht
llnnus trvltiKT to Hleal Nerond llranti
I i driv was for i liise Ileun
I finnlill llnrirex iiouilcr LIII lout sn
th > Ilrati uiit tn tlirit laikfon pulled
ttiiwii IeochH My Vo run
Nltth linilnH
KVIIDK wan lilt und walked Vnir I
rut I icr lo flu rki put Ivnnti mil At Lie
nnd Van niili n steal n 111 but
In lining NP pnibaMy ended bin playlne I
day r1 this tiiMiuii at leitl A rriiU
11 nf n lionii breaking wan dlsllnellv
iiiinl In rll Hand mid as Van stretrheil
nnt nn his Inik Tnt ol re 101 Tniel le
slmutetl I lii brike his let sure A
doctor wis summoned and the great
ltd < mtlUilur was enrrletl off time Held
The diiPtor nHfortrd that Vims right
lei WIIH broken lust above the anrle
hirlt was sent In tn take slit NinM
I plan When Jlniki threw Ijnyle out
ilirk well nn I third Iliaiiniiint Kilt
Junes fit Xn runs
t Vriinnnr X I i < i llmt nn Ills hit Plill
IIUii bunt wns pnHneil In Dnyle In
KMH lu tlmi IlivlM kniiekivl the bull
tt II in and O < inniir wns iiit
nul between second and third Unvle
alone retlrd Innrov Nn rump
Seventh Ilnllll
lljwcnnun tILLS thrown nut hi Burke
I LiiuilT rii in a single and went tn mp
nnil vlih a wild throw by Leiih He I
WHH fiiught tr > lnir tn reach hurl Ion
r1 ret huCI nrkJ 1 rune
IiLnttluitILlts iI w11 In latlFII u 1
mti iIanIHll hlr lal svis 1111
thrll 11 litii luigglluig Lilt IIIlc1 Lll
thiiie 11111 lit r11 lark link
Ilrk Irl N n ii I
rlltlitli I mi iluic
Smith 11 thr hl ii llraiinnnit t4i
did lien KVUIIM fa lined Nn run
Jackson got l aehH fly OVinnor gut
In uinlher snfi rap Phi llpt gut a linn
his which limit I
KII nn rail nn iDily
humid iivr KmlihH head After Uivls
tlliil to loniM Oinnnnr iKoied Innroy
fnniifil 011 run
Mlllll lllllllIK
llrruillilil nllnd ink ILiyle fanned
j did Inn H N > run
New Virk I 0 0 0 t 0 1 0 H 0 I
ritttbuif II ii 5 I il 0 0 1 l >
i I
gI Continued from Flint Huge
filed to Kecler Crawford singled over
Uahlena hoacl Maffoon walkfd 4uur
furunB gruHncr went through rood
a jJUqbbB und Iruwfurd Kiored nn tin er
ror Corcorui vu caught In a trap
ct between the IJIIHH oil the throw In but
Jlukoon drew r throw home mull nan
r railed ftfd at tin gitte Curenin KIII
j iccond anj mii third Hh Infi Ill
1 1 walked and Bloln suond Icltz fanned
i 1 Three run
I Broon InnlllK
Irn ti Ingleul paNt Htelnfelill ILurreil
< Iiopfllil iolitcklLy iionovan wuii fi1
Ion ilagoonn fumble Unlan fanned
t k z TIUCK WOUTH May iJ
u olluwing tuFt the remit of rail Hlml
eL u sued to ho run hern loilny
Vint JUco 8lx phi a half furlongH
5yIon13y IM K tu 1 and IS m 11 lain >
iu 1 lLlelOi for place t to I wnx Hccund mill
q Maalm third Tlme131
o cond Race Klvocliflilhii of a mil
I VeBlt y Vaxy Kane 5 to 5 mid 1 In 2
V Uctchlewi for tlBce 4 to 1 wai
I anti MlraiRit iiilnl Tlnii > <
j tetiOile mile a nil nnoelKlitli
by ITurrntr lieunvlt V lu 10 und I
V lk6nlmiv tor place to 2 win
a and Guy JI third Time207 3t
p L u ay 22
Iti Irun bitu to
I pJ1 1
KIIIT Ill in Muff > n furilnir Dnnnvi
HI c niI No rmii I
IlnlHiiM Hiilllnl I i Irwln liy I
110 il n Hlnnle In ienler lliy utile
HPMil lnlliH falllied Ilivltley walk
fil Iliwrnrd lained Nn riniH wule1
Third ililuhimu I
rliieilutrd MnneU MIKUIII handed
IIMT JIKrxiyK Rriiwer Dahlen wan
rdr nn llejkleyn error Me win ensy
nn 1 at I NI rilllK
Mii < iiin Krnundivl Ii Dihlen llon
haiili over Ccin nrani shin Knirner
I Me < reery made a InrkliiK top of Hteln
eldtK hot LOLL PIll fur one uul No IIIIIH
tiny remilfril as nllMWK
limit liWCIKllUI HIII i ult flllliJMK
Won bj ihliiinlni I in n ninl iui
nihran fur iliur 11 in I itLul veenmi
nml Inlil OrniniPiit third riin flW jj
HiHoinl lilr Threiiiiirler nf 1
nrlp Won hy Chuiterilee
111on lhlllrll I ID f linl
nut Hlntrr Hanli fur pliur i II I nat
Ntfqiiit 111 und Illuu 111 ifilnl Tlim
Third Unco HiVuiirlKllili of a inlUv
Wnn hy Niarcul VJ In 1 niul S 11I1 t
llounillni fur nliict 3 tot wan neriinii
ami < en nor Ih rd Time lk
FSArFIl Va ltM May KDul llaw
Ulin ihg clever HxlltwrlKht IlKlilur
l hlwI11 IKhtur of
l ullfinnlu nuttciecl unothiT knuckuilt
heru jam nliiht Tlio ilg8Iuur win KUVU
Ilawklim him auetUi win IVrry Quennan
ttiu ruguoil niditip tif MllwiiuHcn Tin
were jo liuvr fought I tw nty > raund
Ixiuj but In the iilntu round Jueviun
landrdy trrfna right wFnrc on nl
kin jaw which druppod him to tbi
floor whirl ho WM ooum 4 ut
1 I
1 jJ
i l < y
tif jIL J <
eAi J
I y C
1 u p i
1 df a ec
I p I C l t1iK
4 I 4 Yk
1 c 5 7
J l
I if < 1 + 1
r A
Ja i ±
Lltlle lrank Krnuer whi halls from
Orange N 1 and Is Jnsi a lulu to vote
Is one if tin most remirkibli ujvle
riders this country ever pmJurid T i
I Jay lie stands In a class by himself
He beirs the lltli nf ilillnnil rita IIIOII
and Is wlthnni leI Lill the fastest rider
ua 11 AniHicm Iontliuiit
Kramer his won almost every event
I n
t i
Jnik Skit me sixteen veirx old has
hein Ihe inik slmrlMlnp if Ihe Dipper
A C for three years V Walfr HX
tivn years nld Is eainiln mid shortstop
nf the Itid Slurs nf SiMiletnn S I
The iron Athlitlc rini mul1 Ilk lo jrrinsf
samca with team front flfliii tu HlilMn ytara
Alin would Ilki in hrr trap > n IIIIIUT mit 1
ts allarouiil i l4 > ir AIJniw I 4tilljVIjry
Xi Ml nu Imirlrditli ti rt Iii
Tie MliplojiVli it 1 till lljanl of IMuutlltl lidvt
iirgtinUiiit 4 iniftiill Ujm IM ilii iuiiliu in
aiul 114 mivluiib ti liour liiiri rftiy ur Hit IIIT
Illlr Ul3ttlll1IIIH VUll H I lW III IllrlllU Xllllf
Til iilliiiiliu Li ihlC IiL I r pla > trn J upU
a tier Jr lallicr lA > iinir Till ut u I
J nTumuir tin IIHHH I KIM t fiuit ti
II IJiii ililnl bH M iMtioviin iliiirtKiii I
llfcUll rlnil fliM I IJi8ni lllrr Ilil M
LIeu Lii Irfl tilL AitlrilK Jiwrpll 111 It
ire Ilnarl I lUuraiiun Talk aiitiuu nnt rit
t > iilnili Mrvtft Maniiiian
1lic IIIIIHII < ur lliirliin tuv < n rtiiiril it AMI
tiiij tutu iiiini 1111 if line itii HMnu T f 1
li lic iILfl ii ila > nl ii HUIIK Ji
Wjilniijlon Jli KIll Clii uuar iuw H ird J II
hoai tleru lotlusiifl Ciivin lLi hull unil
lliilAu ire Tin Imeun U an rIo IIi
Wini p M Vrainir r J Sne > il lii b I
VIIIIIIK IM li I t Hlle I I fr Urnnr uP r
inlim If i lliran it i K tlrjliam tl
Tim rrankllll I I woilll tltu to 010 llio
Kamfn Mllli IIMJIU iiltTapliu llfllrll hues lid
Hi l > otilli lii Alt nlil Vinuia P n Ili
tetirl Allf Ii uI A llanly Ni M V icY
111 cw ui
A iiuol alluniuiil iilJur ouKI tlte m uln u
LT ella uiilurini tiuui airraitlni viiiiiiJi yiara
iI situ Aililri s II 1 Mark tn li IlrnMlll
vlllf S V
Tho llin Iark Ifsuel Ill Illvall ot WMl
Our lliimlriHl jml TviriiKililnl irnt mi Hun
Ja Li tl olf r VI i I Til iilll irrailrj
uisiulpu Ih uiaiufl a tragi I a h I1
ai Allups uiiuili 111 Nu oI
tn r llllllllll alt I SlVflllll f
fn Arrox llunil iilr 11 II ILI i
rc iiiiuanUliiK aiil mull III > lii > ar froth
a 111 her and our ullariiunl iilnrri uv46uii
riniuiii vrai A lull Sanirli i cl ijliniUy
JKIV Alilrix Jiillli 1 t > l > mr NI I IS UuJgii
xniur IIUli llrlUc N Cs Y i ii >
I it vabitf Jr IUi4i4ll riuJ 4vntii In 1
l 1 ir I Af IMIIlM III IK IHV III ttltll
luinu ilL Hriiii1iH Cad SunJa in Jiliv June
inJ July LuItrpu a J K Ilimian Nu 11S Kan
i 1 r Hunlril ill Trr > 4ltil i Kt
ailiiniim r r woull like to irranic uaaiN
I lh iiMtni trim tltlon I alitcen rnri aid
ririr Kriii nk 10 Jirir lent mo piti > r4
Thi line ii P f fLOGs i II M All tilt rlh
Avid J SrliHUtiK let HelJi W lUrillf relllri
field J Himill Cnu huc II Drake nTmil
ate II WIlMti iilrl m > e W llrland nlmrl
to P AJdtr Vlitiaiu I lila iii 55 Whlnjim
purist llriioklvn
I ti Ill 11 > kuin aulIM like lu h ar
I heul inn 0001 > ll u slit in iiiiv lii Uiui
do attrr June I Alt are wiuni H turnliti ann
IirAliui unlloriii Iiirisa I Ooli i1 haul Strict I
Tue liruduir l UI I ucur iiiu ipgluii
4uuruliL Ulien In u itiru yijri nl age
aine lo l > > < placed on M iu < tly jfterniioril roil
vipy io yipiemlNT Triwt i hlnx lu play maui
ftinit li ullalili KUIIJIII u Addreva 111 <
nleuede filalll No UT WiM Ilirtyriurili 1ret
Tin AIls A I iull like lu liook vnnn4 wllli
II4I1H Ulll llf los ii IIIVIIU tllll ufcll KUIUIII nll1
ttllllnK i u i jr ri t > rn r > aipranlijc uvriitirii in
Uliltll Jtiln Aillil C41l I iliiiilli SIll
Kl I lyIIIHtl Mr 1
llii Yur I IllS II I I luau 1 Hit In fur
Juiif Julv out AuaiiM aim ooull Ilki Ii lnik
Kimt I ultll Iraiuit almtll fuururu In Aflivn I Ate
oIL All i iM tlktf tu liiir fruiit a iilt lin
Allln Irink I IL kfr N > IH KIM PSiguii
iMUIIIl ilrrll
Tli Kivrf llfafVir llnliill < hub IIAI I All 4
nuriiitii slut ilirn in alll 41 I ijiul i an I
uiiU o Hi ill iul I usii 1 cMu ml mil l b
l > I1 0 I I II Mlll n at 4411 lot > M OffMUM > llt
4iilr linlue nHit AU ttftt Tliwlbi J iirtin
ii li 1411 iris lluituihrl uul Thltn LnM 1
Tile 1 0011 111 iIt suil II 11 lIlt
S rw uMn iati < Mill unlfuritirl tvinu afrriji
Iri alurrn iar of is r Ailllrtd Alllilki
I f4u HG Isu hIouuebuu 1
A KUI SrIlu OwL Itkr li Iltn a euii I in >
toilui > i VI1K44 Wltllaiii IltiU ij
t I thhuilun s ccii us
A UeoI l > taauulil IIIU 4UUI4 like la hem
train a Oral SI in un pill tuu4 4ll4romtt
ila > ar a 1 suit iinlnvu trail I Mutt to oIls lu
plI nil Hilil i iii I il Jill 05 4M 1
lurniali ttirlr use unlurii Ilitw all HunJtM
hi Juu July and Auaun OP la uoui I MJ ei
fill aautf IU Islet ararailllic tutlrlMin fit
l nn inn Sdireu i J IlinUy 1 nt ThlrJ it
nutTKi Bovine flir Ilii Wlndior Tot nilj Club
et liiitiikliii auu iIi U al 110 7jn Iy
July e tint 1 tuiAuiuM 10 11 tuftl ou
bleb lhm y ttuuU ills lu All nllli turn Hi
flail U rmliiit pu 014 tar itdt uu tut
jjAifcaMP Bp ff Mlpi y
ste stautel 1 a tie Ih f1pnln of t h
raliiK SK i I Inler the new N t1
A liw wnili iirnuiH team work the
II 11irllll i
iulrtlutu lonk ti have n flnieiire for all
iii li lIZ > < M1 IllL rltVUI kr tiLt
1111 nf the year
Mctirturit Is 1 veteran For many
I Ir uuittl Kivuner tiinud prnlssiiiiiiai
Mn1 was 1 Ihl hIII kltug
Mi IKIS n sjriat slefl n lhII1I1n1 rinhir
uruav gonLcs to if pUyoO on our own urimniln
anl Suinliv oIua no opjiiiprith1 ftniiiiil At
I jr S HitlfM iiiiii ill 0 2T Hnwd in < 1
tiLe iiilutn > u vuuM Ilk lu 4rraiuc K nm n
with pins aiiranlnir ilicn rn thliifn > jii
A < dir I Sthilitli IitJlitU Kjrl Oil I 111 II
dd aol Smemti Bint
Fruit Mud maux mm lil llko tu lilY flnL taif
foi a trail ftuin ruuunLu In flftfii vear uf itgv
Attn n P MolyiirHiu K att One Itunlntl
silL Klftli rtrttt city
iLLS iiifirl Junior uoitlJ llko to arransj
giHNt Mith IPBIIIC MVpniKlriK fit ten to fix l ten j
y Mrfc Mlii hr jiUvcl Hnml iy I hilt tiillil4 > a UBVU i j
all ttuf iijcit HI he plrtVfit on i > ur own gruunJ I
If 0 Mull tMVflfH too I MAfU lltltl Iltll I I
In 0 l a nrMll 11 Ut Mit ghunts
Dallfi llt Zabil kl Otrsti Jeiif > Oily Ill hld
TJa Mnnxiiii A C wiMilJ like to orru hAul Rim as
wllli tttin nver KltiK fn > ni flfiffn to n vtitfiii
year nl < A rir > i J M rirmmk LtlJt Nai
pan iiviiiii llroikKii
Th N I WU SllL A i liav HII iati lu
Juiir and Julv i > I iii for llrau I ujm wilhln
211 mik if x a vii off IIB Ititnitt In
lu ifliicil t Tilt1 fll II irti i m I i oj ft
oiruu ultn T I in vtuiiftl i9 Wvnr Iifi fuihitu
0 Pj
Wt IiI
k IiJ
t f
CP q0QA0l2
I alit Ulelil elHlileen years hI iii
KiililliiK MriviHH Iiniiklvn llimlncKM
1iillcRi leiim ilirnitKli a full nelieilule
liranl MuiK Dorey him been 111
mar plielier f the Vlnln I II Chili for
Ilinr > ers
The IarK 11 rlumiiloni uf WlimiiiitiurK tour
Ifili In iuu1ii tot ill tvoilll iik > Ii tirrtinv1
gluts ivltli rlubH luvlim inilMniiH iumfi Hi I
IniJ mi Ike IM Wimin > l > iiin iiruiiiili for rUl
turin HunIi 1 uuI linllliK hlo so MuiiBr
S S II hAuler LM ltd liiiritnoli liril lln > iililn
Till V M i r Oil u f llm SSa llJfMII
IlHli iijiill lk > lo uiuiiKf i Pll 4 with mil
rnmil ii iii < 1 Suiiliy inurnliiiii mule Iluuc
ill At liilluni tl n 01 iatitior j riiinrlly
Liii hum 1 lioiiiivin horldiiji r Iliitii rlri
Irl II r
liai 1 la ll rint U 0 4 I 1 Ii li l
bim W Iwiiojr ctrmr felt M Olltri rlrhl
llill I I llanv Ill IIf 11 lluv hnv HI 10 ii
lilr mi MJ LO Uci NilLii Hail sill Knull
liki to rnii a fliii I ii mlii oil tli Iaraflt llroniil
11 inwi I i toui Iur cniuii aMrrw Jhii lon
V4ii rniialii club luiinu Iukutt anJ Court
niul u liiiiklvn
ilrniitt 1 I C t usa ly circa uutmid tic tot inul
IIMIII Al oiM like In tiinr tram I iiiilfanin1
imiK in > riiiiiK rinhiri1 vrtn ilfimri to ii
playei on cpiiiiuitu rounil Tnnn ouliM
it I Vtnhi 1111 a I It nunranlne ur firrri
HITII ililra In Jiini July Aueuil an I IlL Ill 11114
1 4 I ems Jiihn Kliinlii io 1 ini MriMHinKli irni
I lnui II
Tlw irafc I > Mhniii A r ur York Ull ili i
I lie MTVnif uf 4 t < Ln m4lltir Oilj ui
NIL lll h1 I rlii I uuril 11
They ttuuU IIU I play MHHIK itiUinyriruM
irauiR lhll flm in n i Nra Vork 1 ultrr
HiiThiHi itiiliifiiT i in T NVvui ruuiii
Nn Itil Iturl stun tllj
The iulIJitl V t i lUv Mjilr wull lu
II riMiu tJiif S lin all uiillormnl imni OV
> r < clng 1 l ir i > l > 1 ilnv Iii r a 1 lurJa lie in
Ma Jim iinJ July < v bit < Uy will pit fji
jilt < lets slut will uiiarantw lie I I riptntrn i <
uul of lorn irm Ad hIre Joiuplr Jtvairaii
Jr s o Ml HltrnUI atcxu Yunkt > r V V
TIll Lucia P f I I II 4lL MDtlM Dk til
irraus laiiiri wlih irimi fn I ifn u ttilf
iciti users fur tufi1iv MdiiiioiiiB Thry liiir
Uii MR Mlu i IVnnttli if lgou ft Iei
MI rf Wcnrtif 3t > Kiiitiinf h inntnc
liint lb thIs us I lvvu e MrStitkrr p
Id help I Lou n IVu 2rt Sri 1111 i Il
Tltt I u Uttii ha f I > r > raLLil pay inornlliR
4ltd 4trrituoit nn t j flrr a Triti wffcr
ln < M WlUSlit KHiiuUr t e Kk finl > i of
II island prtftrn l tI I rinv T I ID
S u 3jf II il KfVfulrrnili allrM
Tlf lllinoiii Junljri KiuM Ilk r ni bout iron
ilili Inin airrailrit nfion ePics nil hiS Im
l > m A O hit Vtfriiita I < firtairM Tlir tl
Ui at follows U iai na fvftlra Til II
u llrlm rIght Drl4 I u IMinur left rm 4 J
OiHiri tlilrJ I I CS i J dHilrn troonl IUM W
Ku flrki tullE r hubs hurui I
I i Illliri 1 Dliaoli si hn AJIlli I
liamifia In Itiirlll llflirr No > j Wil
lit h a NIK york
Tin AniUuM A r tin Juiif iJ > ii4l 1 Bun
data In Julf Annual and tlaptSiuht uii tar
HMlforni uaniu avrraifliiK nhirtiiii I POtS huh
II 11511 1511111 nff rln knitaliU luarauirra I nv >
frrifl Adlrri It J Uitjralh Nn HI TWrl
fJUMIi ninl llrHllin N V
Itii HiiJiuur C I1 rf ltlI5 ai ttity I u li SIb
nmrl 1111 tMina grueL ounrin 10 lilrrn 1 lira
lot Hui iia tut linlUaia Iliiy itiuu itt am fat
luwai < l4l hr JuMrlfYflli purSer W seem
Dial b < w II HoliMOi txwDil U C Tlmuui
Ifclnt iut XV tourIst otwrialuii T Vrtrurri
rbL A I Ti 0 < uu4k 111 lUM T I JtlUa f
LLLIitt 111 IIt II 111101 10 I L
i II L l I ui I 111 f S I I
urr r it I
I Ii II tlihtZgitItZ 11 Ih lei tim
Rli til ui I lr H1ILI ptilll
11 Ip Lp Il 1111 Wil litg
I ttlitii Ih 11 I I a iutuuchtui 11 the itliluli
line 19 In tttVtit 11 chalilill UIS luo
u uuuui < 1 hl lInrlll Sunlit r J iu
hilt LlaZnilflg t lOLL 11 11 utile I
tuhuLut v IIIII1 I 111 whl
1 lh 1
tCriinit ItIP ti mile a hl1 II I
iCfitire fell K Morton AJiv > Tliinu SUCTUJv
Xi ltb IhrI I I
TlU MrMt t > I f Miiild like to IIIUIB littOn
oil tliIf own 1 Mill lx P r ul rojl wiii cjin m >
uxliit sitiLi i iiir u Ii Sun 1i > t 31 t titilMut
Atiruooo KMI Iliimrr Nu I iii uruk is iuf
ilintIltuil 1 lIt
The folinntiiM A I 1 a niAly nr aii l club
bias fornicI 1 liiNctMU IIMIII urul > I i t Jr
THiice 1 Lipid Will Ill I tutL1li tfuniK At CT iii I rig
Phnlcul I I of i I t ii ru I C u P In
ajilrc all urtiiuuiiK Jtiuim in KIMuk Imilnii
Nn ll lbs avcnur lan Ilormuli
The tlrum tic wouM like to iirranttw ROIH wM
iunJ aviTHslnn tilrlfiii tn fonvinr l vrn Ti <
Jill up UK fiiaa n SUulmaii < mnr t
I ll iifllvr hrinnl Our M YH > it itt Ht I ll
ml ti il LILt In K Ito i iMnl tie A
ill 1 rKhi hI ii IhiJiMi llrit UJM K
Ilikiii i < > rtHh > > A Sinn ililfc Held dIrt w
It riirtiiiiv No SJJI Mpnii avrnil
A KI i 1 tiiit > > itihliiii < i i 11 wl I
pili ur iniitTl > t I I ItsIt uih anl i ut Inr
i Ti S I i I art I I
ftitlt ii n IM fur iulp Iiin TIB i iwi li lui
vn1 r iiijii lliiniurw TIter f lttrvm
M i I Miirr f Park A 1 r A i
I i 1 < it like ttn is rlin pa
0 fllII I I t JIuil H ru till
Ad fjiil Tuiiifr NI J11K Sfiiit sIr WI
11 I
milk VVulHli elghiir cli VIMIH M IH
iliiiiln niul raliliri i Ilif llilbiTI PIIi
ohl IU > Is j viry turin liuipi JIIM
Vilsiin Ihllkll jiars nlil IM ilii IiI
illaromitl iilayii lt tin Vuuim 101 M
il Houtli llmiklyii
11 Nt Ii ItuiLi I Ill LI h ii trollu liuilN
u iliruilull lLfuiniu is 1 11 i iiouiro S uiioi
01 1 llIIiS L tilt Lus I hanson I LiU
111 1 I Ltuiiuiuti IlIiLLIliuiI I ttuUl I
blul lii I WII out I Iiuruhturr ltrurrso
iv i Jhl it 115 LVu I lie lieu tnt utul
ull tiltflu 1 I
A K < K1 ulliir < iiltl l piiyi uiula like lu I iJii 4
I rtuu I I in 1 r iirufii in illirtn I tiir ill
fruilnhtt 1 tn attn Jr Ad2iss JUt
uiao loII < oe 1 j Iuioipi rroiiifii ix
t hal Annci
Tlio 1oiiit A r of lljru Uliiii Ill In Oar
j jnl lr nrjllu ioI tUfrnon 5Cti for t
n lrUi aOL Stein li > Jl wllllnu In plav fir fid
Kii < rt ii ru IH inli jlillralilrihl At
Lric I I SprhiK Mdiiior u 115 Hitman
MIT I ru I Ui I P
Tif Vnutii li < 1 11 011 llki tj arrange
IL situ Mlih Item ai rgLua twelve in tar
iven yiar of uu I I I have UUPK lar
I iivr lttin list 11ito 1ermanikv an < l JOb
itu rntrric Thv llllf up at roll La c A Iahn
> I lie ru ril without nnitli suciess
JiliiiijiiHli IK tin ifltut faltlifully Iltl
nls ivlirn lie vi > u tlu 1 A v ham
iiiui < liii lie won iiKiiln the amateur
iliiiiiiliiiHhli in ISd Tlii folliiwlns
lviir he turned professional anti since
11 hns iraetlMllv swept ant tuol tnt
in I events iii tu live miles
Kriniers supceu ls ilue lo lils phe
nomenal sprint anil clover generalship
fur lIlarl MM eirlnranee Is nnt above toe or
I W I 1 I
I e
I 4 h
Iy2pp k2LLA0Y
Charley 1 Harper eventecn years
11 la Ihl iriek pitcher ant niini ir
pit the CrtHiint A C 1 has won
mal Iwlll1g battleB l urns 1ollak
elKhieon yiirs nlil Is captain anJ
iitehcr of Jl Clayton I 11 Club
Iri IIIJ L WallMlm maitre Mil A Fchonf
ilisi Lull 1 itnuiihirit nmt bore J Lila tu
b t ic ij h4 II IuuiLz tlilrl base J
Jlnr > iirt lon I 1ermannkv pitcher
1 llav sot bLur Thiy h > vn hAy lune and
lul jnii ru Kinm hIm no Jrin f Hay
NIL Wt itatI imp IhlnI1 ml slnth Street
NUV vrli
1 linn iu AlUii II II i wmil bin I hj
inn ltil jvrdElu twelv t I LlLlrtuiILL nr
ri I t it ut 40 tul I A i let ilurl r I f
M Ilr y rit iIi JlllsK Illlrl lull llrill
let HII Malavnu iiij tuft MNilly
I Ih t11 tt mult tliorl ulup MrKn llriu lain
A I rinliH field AMrem K Aln mJ < r N
II UY t 1 ry ciHlil reel
1 1 VIe lii Ilnb oiil IIW t arnnji
i I ijir i nveriulti triO Hlxlepn I
etjiui I Ar uf nrf 11 jilav Out lay inv
1 lu tuttoil a 1 llreo I AKVirl
I S I ilurnlru otrnAi 1kl c
The liulvntis unul1 llliH lu iiuit any tiam In
lit hy jveniuliu ili ttci 1 ttli old fjr auv
siinlay ur Sitnrili > trio now on uanifii 1 h
ulivttii Oi u i > uii > lilh truuiil4 They would llkf
In lear from lou BHI I playirn alnrit ihlrr n
I earS ulJ AilIn cu Juk Smith No Xi KJtl
TliI tuutuL t ti FCP1
Tin HTKITI llill ChiLl liitilfnrmrai In dI
y uriuuliit plo Ll with 1111114 fnnn tout Lea n to
nfL nen Via Iii bavlnx thrlr own Krniiniln an
ulTeiln < silt uba hilitritniitii Tli Went Site
A f of Xf Itiiihelli Ilerip I I C lMni
ijlllbf ALl I Not rlk A l IMIfmeil run
lut Junriri K KI anl all Sundiyt Iii Juultt
AMnim It 1imti Nu Tl Oil root avvlltio
The Walnut A I of Siillli llrouklyll r
nti li nik ltiilua nlttl 1 Itiuia avrrafilnx
flttm clittiieili lu nilily tail riinitn A
C 10 Wo IIHF iirlFtitii T > rrnr or 51 I
iiniiim 1rrrll Aildrmi Iii Walnill A P
r tIlt HI lurt and Waltolt Nrepli > South
TILII llultfilrh bamlill nlnv I arranging vamM
StIlL till ItaJltiK ftCinliirofriMonal tcmra
lliroUhMH Mew York tjUtf and lonnKllcu
They luii 1 f w upcn iltva an I would like lo
loS 141111 with tfima hln < IncloneU jeruunda
and fTirliiR coil IndlcfmrntM Atldrfa John
V lcorb nuiiasii llulletlrk I I C No 152
I HIM llirtidnit and Twrntylhlrd tied
The llllvn woull Ilkr lo hook Iinm with
untrimncd l atni operatIng HlxtfCll near Id
du ti II Kil n No m Kail line HundrrJ an <
IVnvHr sIred
Are in many respects like other ulcers
11 rR < ir sores ami thin resemblance often proves
i 11 r fatal Valuable time is lost in fruitless
efforts to heal the sore with washes nntl salves because the germs of Can
cel that are multiplying in tin blood and the new Cancer cells which are
constantly developing keep up the irritation ami discharge nnd nt last
sharp shooting pains announce the approach of the eating nnd slough
ing stage and a hideous sick nnt
ening cancerous sore begins its In JVobruary 1000 I noticed a imiil
destructive work lump on my lowor lip Tho doctor osu
deltrcte terizod It but onotlior como nnd broke
co tllcei or sore can CMht out luto nn upon oro I boa tC ink
without flome predisposing inter H BO inrtprtor I hal Ukon auvon bot
mil cause that has poisoned Ihe tlos lliopluco ii nlod on tl rely and no
I t ti I hmo ot tho dliuouui hAVO been noon
Wood and tittt open discharging allco V 1 Drown 1011nllo a DOln
ulcer or thu festering sore on the
lip cheek or other part of the body will continue to spread nml cat
deeper Into the flesh unless the blood is purified nnd the CnncergcrniH
or morbid matter eliminated from the circulation
H S s1 cleanses the blood of all decaying effete matter It has
great antidotal and Ptlrit ills proplie that soon destroy the gcnim nml
lkhihcll5 nml restore the blood to Us natural condition And when pure
blood in carried to the ulcer or sore the healing
process begins tliu discharge ceases mill the
place heals over nnd new skin forum H H H is
a strictly vegetable blood purifier containing
no mercury or minerals any description
If you have an ulcer or chronic rjpre of any kind write UH about itl
medical advice will cost you nothing Uooka on Cancer nnd other
illwate of the blood will be tentfree <
I t
Apoplexy Suddenly Ends the
Strenuous Career of Vet
eran Turf Official at His
Saratoga Home
fpelal lo Tin Crtnlnn World
SATtATOOA N Y May 22 Jnmpg F
< 1111 the famous rncp horse starter
anti a man prominent In turf circles
UiiiniKhoui I lit country dlrd suddenly
or npoplexy at his Xelson avenue cot
time ut S oclock this morning lie
miffred from sciatic since last Novem
her iut lit late appeared to he greatly
Improved and was attn to take dally
outdoor exercise Yesterday afternoon
In WHS out riding with his wife
He wits born In Danville Ky sixty
live years 11110 anil enjoyed robust
health until last fall During his long
cuircr on the turf he outdated as starter
on almost all the proinlnent running
trucks In the United SIn Irs Sir Call
welt was twice married and Mrs Ilzzlu I
Walker of Danville Ky Is hU dough
tii by his first wife Ills second wife
who survive him was Mrs Grace
I Churh Footer a widow of Now York
City when she marrliJ him
I Is not many years ago that Caltl
wi11 the Prince iif Sttirters was I
thought to be the only starter worthy
the namu In this country Ills starts
t were often so jjerfect that the crowd
forgot to choer u winner while they np
pliinOPd the work of the huuryhenilcd
till mini with lilt red nag His lioinu
ui > ttnrter say tin yeurp ugh was cstl
iiutid td from JLHOOU to srJUI a ynr
talilwfll lastid Ions Ills tern hue u was
qukk mid llery and he was almost al
i ways In hot water He had not n few
hiuraoiiai Mioiiuntrra jirowlntf out ul grit
iltm of his work which was erratic
I ormtlmes HK life and work vvAni
strenuous but his n rvo wan of the kind
I that does no weaken easily
i The Gnu LI I It Litu rg days tumn to hltn and
Ihroinh all the winds sleits a lilt snows
or winter he started the skates on the
I nlil hill Then ho bewail to show signs
His work frayed iu the edges nnd peo
ple said unkind tilings about him After
I UuttenburK waa closed by law Caldwell
i worked as starter but oocaslonally and
iot on Metropolitan tracks
I Cald well bore n striking resemblance
to Kxplorcr Stanley COil like Stanley
jiossessed virility and force to a marked
deisree His Htulwart frame bronzed
face snowwhite hair and keen bril
liant eyes were outward characteristics
of n strong Individuality He helped to
111 many lntere tlns pages of niclnir
hIstory und will Ions be remembered ns
one of the unique figures of the turf
fomlmuil from First Page
slr < anil money tn Mr Itelmnntn jmr 4
It wus n nolil day for the Uclmonl
colors The sliirt IIS ball In the big
Rtnkii ninl It vras mafla worse by the
uiiexiitxlid wtrvlnK of Compute who
IntorfpriMl With both Whiskey ICing and
iKtiltpr Mnsterman wont away wIth a
llylns start and this advantage mate
rially tOll I ml lou nil to Mr victory for
Ii hail nothing In bother him He
miuli nil tilt running ami won easily
nt ti < tid Klnir Hanover and Com I
lUll lalil close UI > tu the top of the
hill where Ronald Joined them Tumor
maple 1 determined bid with Ronald
hut coulil not gel III In time Master
man winning his two lenirth from Hon
ald who bitS six leiiRlha In front of
Ulnc Hanover Compute broke down
and wan pulled un
Kirril RACK
For ihrreye rold ant uo mIle and > fur
SUMor liii link 8tlltrFla StrPlace
Ailvinrt Guard ILJIlurns 1 I1 In 13D 710
HMO 109 OConnor 3 3 2t 710
UUIe Line IW IMom 2 2u 3 JS5 710
Start tail Won hIving Time 155 11
Ailvnncn CJunnl won thin Jockey Club
SMakcH In lirllllnht fihli Ileno had
nl tin tuiimt of the weight but he had
that brilliant jldir OConnor on his
back timid OConnor mteeeti the race
away Ailvnnei Guard tarrYing 129
pounds ivint to the front with Dixie
Line 111111 made the running to the bank
elrctrh In tin run around the turn
OConnor who hail bwn taking obser
vation of the weather suddenly awoke
to IIml himself three IcnRtlw bock lie
tint to a drive at once lie made up
Kronnd ami Uild In belli ml the others to
the ytrotch where he came through nnJ
eiuiKht Advance finnnl Hums went ttt
the whip and Advance Ounrd camp
away In Kaimu fashion winning a brill
iant rave by n head Hero was eight
loot us In from of Dixie Line The
It I pr was Inlerforeil with by Ileno nt
the henl of the utretch and Heno was
Mx and a half furlongs
uarter chic Jock fitllltl1n StrPlare
Merer lOt Itrdfern 2 In I 32 3T
dArt Mrninnln 91 Chrn 7 2 2h fi 2
Kftnr 101 Stlpa S 51 Sn 72 1
PUrllnicr S4 Slllburn fl 4n 41 10 1
TriMitham S9 Wlkrun 4 fii 5i1 15 S
ltnap ack 94 Martin 3 I1 llh li 3
OnJurilli M Crramcr 1 71S 7 W 20
llonsk M Ollrlen S R S 10 3D
Start poor Won radlj Time 121 34
Mercer went In the front at flagfill
and was never headed winning easily by
three lengths from lack McGlnnls who
was H length and a hair In front of
Ks ene
Stllllllnp of tlir Cliilin
Club W I PC Club W L PC
PIIIbllrlt 25 5 833 Urooklrn 11 IS 379
Chiiogo 17 9 UM CincInnati 11 13 379
Sew York15 12 tM PltlldlplI10 17 370 i
loston 11 14 11 7 Sl Lola 9 16 SM
Club W L PCj Club W L PO
Detroit n S 619 St Lool11 9 660
thlcdRO 35 8 C19ll ltlmore 9 IS 109
Philadelphia 13 11 OJllWaiMnttail 10 IS US
Hoton 1310 OCotCIetelanil 6 18 KO
Bankrupt Stock of Clothing
AT LESS THAN 50c Dollar
Off W W
And Offer Same at
V Former Prices
Sale Thursday Friday and Saturday
I 0 Mens Fancy AllWool Suits Iri Oxford gray 500 Now
strlHs nml plaiilH English Navy Serge
I 0 Mens AllWool Suits black blue Oxford Now
I stripes pin checks c satin linedi 750
Mens AllWool Worsted Suits all upto a
S date the latest black Oxford plaid stripes
a fancy also
I 0 English Serge Stilts single and double ooo
p breasted rolor and wear guaranteed full Now
I I satin lined 1000
I vaooo
t Coats and Vests Thibet worsted vicuna and Now
undressed cloths full satin lined 1500
I Mens AllWool Flannel also Wool Crash Suite
double and single breasted In gray Oxford Navy
fanry strlflca and plaids
W ii W price 11100 1200 11100
Sale price 500 600 750
l 2f OU EnRllsh Cravenctto Waterproof Coat
for 1250
COO AllWool and Worsted Fancy StrIpe Trousers 300 400 and 600
sratlt KO until Raturdny ISO 200 and 300
Gents Furnislm Hats Shoes at Less than 50c on the Dollar
I 0 r 235 BROADWAY Opposite PostOffice I 10
Sportsmens Goods Sportsmans Good
Biggest Bicycle SaEeof the Year Now On
t iult JO CentS on Ih dollar TIre 1111 01 Wik 01 11 ONFIL ljlcych I1tparllllolJ14
mu OlS u1ttItM liAltluLVAIlb eo t 1lIbre hu wIn lcsi reuuuly O out ot lb
IlIrri hhuhiucu < npIllf lAlhP 1115115 Tlir Iihi4 AAIHUI9 TIR1 PNlI a
101 trul etiuihIrd IIpdl guelu jiudi eL
it uuiuhuirilet priree No
3 Majestic Gas lamps 99c 3 Arch TII8S 9ge J50 Eclipse Saddles 39o
55 Humber Tires S75 Newark Special 49c
20th Jsnki Sosithligtils etc lIarUord Tiles Palmer Tires Oak Saddles 7 c I
at shot half auilprlta Goodrich etc hall Isual prices Wheeler Extra Saddles 89c
S1500illamos9c 515JPedas49c j2js75c WIoihJiuU9 Garfcrds 69c
f I iVV VII imnf w MV b n rw TT ir > vv V > VIUI VI UW VwU t 1
KeIy Adu tible IUr llmiey AdJuiUblt R EUlar AdjujUbli and Uldd liar Ille A ui I
IliAIll NBVV Cliainlcss Harnes Stearns Bicycles P WITh 111111 rWlynNf t19 50
IlIiANf N tiL CIIAI Iunc 1 JL jVKrKl T I lllVTlllN Ii Ira
iilIhY MLIIuhi ilhUII Motor
IIIIK Mil IITllTTIIf BioyclBS 1 120 to 200
Willis Park Row Bicycle Co 23 Park Row cpa CPOJOlftcI
SpprtlnS 1
17th Day ThUMdoy May 22
1MB KlUIHt Till litfUWONT JulKHV iVl
oitiirt HACIM I
7tk u x tr I t W1IIU 5v5 theist
lpli Trite alrm to 51zile paik
YT 1 Ol Zl N 8IoD Q CENT
3s reriuiu t iiovuiut III uiMaict of uitu und u
UUI VII UlllHlJlKi Omillf iruimiat Liui
auJ Ma G1usu Alu > lu II Loo la4
sure ihrnn sLid nuulh ulra iiniah lIrlI
IdIILIt aulul bisUcr fauflpIliitl snuldlag IblIsili
IIJlllOll lll Li a ru sgoIi tui4
IIId rlJ rld tuJ JJ JpituuJ
I multi nltuHti huopreri do not wusi
p rtIIiD jjr ikUfvl pbDlrIUi ltIapaubs OIIJ
lift ORINtll ban i nmtt lot mirfl5 llf
OKTIUH nVEIt M tKU at 111 Wool fl ft
MIWMO Clh and Th CCSL 14 rlc
lim li Houia i tilt t leLkiilet

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